Tomb of the Mask: Color

Tomb of the Mask: Color [Games] App Description & Overview

This time the mystic mask and your passion for adventure led you into a new kind of maze.

Moving from wall to wall, you need to paint over every corner of the labyrinth to make your way to the next one. But beware: some of them are not as safe as they seem to be...

We Love You! Enjoy!


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2. Monthly Premium for $19.99 offers a monthly subscription. The subscription includes 15 unique masks, 5 revives + 2 level skips on a daily basis and non-optional ads removal.

3. Yearly Premium for $99.99 offers a yearly subscription. The subscription includes 15 unique masks, 5 revives + 2 level skips on a daily basis and non-optional ads removal.

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Tomb of the Mask: Color Comments & Reviews

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- Idea

This is an absolutely addicting and fun game, however i have noticed that most of the later levels are just the same ones repeating at different angles! this is not a good use of levels and should probably be fixed soon. Also I have an idea for a feature that would be amazing. Maybe sometime in the future there could be a sort of “make your own level” kind of thing where you could customize and build a level of your own! This would be extremely fun to do and would be cool to see how much goes into one of these levels. Thank you for reading.

- It’s amazing but...! A few suggestions!!.

I think it’s really good BT maybe they could add more things or maybe try harder to do better. For example the could may use more characters, I know they can make this game a popular game of the week or even month. Anyways maybe they could add unique powers to each character. Like maybe you reach a rare level and you could get a new character you could get to another rare level on and on lock their unique power or skill and do that for every character they unlock that my second suggestion. And my third one is you could add a fever to when the beat a level to be more interesting. Again for example like the game stack fall... every time you don’t stop or if you keep holding the button to go down without hitting the black lines you’re able have a sparking glow before you go down faster and go down being able to go through the black lines. What I’m trying to say is if we go through enough levels and not die we could have a rainbow color when we play instead of the random colors. Then we could be able to take a lot of hot and slow down time and be able to move faster. Although of course there’s a catch to that the game gets 4x harder and the better you do without dying it get 2x harder every level you beat without dying that my third and final suggestion, anyways besides all those suggestion the game is really addicting a can’t lie. Even though I just started I can’t wait to get far in the game!

- Honestly pathetic with ads

This is an unoriginal but interesting concept for a game that I think TOTMC pulls off alright. Look, I do hate it when people get angry with games that have so many ads that generating revenue seems to be the actual purpose of the game. However, you can get around this with this thing called airplane mode. The reason I’m angry is because there is one level (242) I’ve come across so far that is impossible to complete without watching an ad. This is either because it was a simple error, or they literally just want one more ad view from you as a player that badly. Say the latter is the case- that is honestly pathetic and immature to screw your own app over so people have to view ads. You’re childish and greedy and I’m done feeding into it. Say it’s a simple mistake- fix your game, the least you can do is play your own crap to make sure it works nimrod. Outside of this, some ads are still way too long anyway. I’m still getting 25 second “no skips” that I should literally have to ask to watch.

- Amazing Game, but not a 5

Please read if you are a beginner to TotM! I think this game is amazing, I overall would give it a good review, but, it’s a strong 4 weak 5. This is the reason. Concept: I overall am a fan of the concept of filling in a box with colors, but it kinda bothers me and so many other people this concept since it’s used very commonly by a lot of companies. Levels: This game consists two or three levels that are impossible without skipping, it kind of bothers me. Coins: I think we should use the coins for more than continuing levels when you die, I would like to use them for skins or shields like the original TotM. Skins: Like I already mentioned I wish we had skins to play around with. Going back: I wished we could go back to levels to have fun with them, usually people like to make videos about how to get past TotM, but if you accidentally forget to make the video, you can’t make it at all. Arcade: I think that the arcade was a fun way to practice, I would like it to be here in TotM Color. Not that hard in beginning: In the beginning all the levels’s stage 1 begins with no shooting stuff or anything, it’s just blank. Thank you for taking some of your time out to read this!

- Disgusting how monetized and ad-ridden this game has become.

Feels really great, sounds great, and has lovely pixel art and animations. That’s what drew me to the first one. But now there are so many IAPs it’s not even worth playing to me. I get ad monetization, and I’m ok with it, but playing an ad every 2nd level is too much, and on top of that, get ready ladies and gentlemen, they want $7.99 A WEEK FOR THIS GAME. For a cute once-indie mobile game. Let’s do some arithmetic folks, if you subscribe to this garbage for one single year, you are paying THREE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY FOUR DOLLARS. If I sound frustrated I am. Whoever thought this was a good idea is seriously mistaken. If you take your game so seriously, put more budget into it, and make the app cost money. Once. Once. Not a subscription to a tiny mobile game. And chill out with the adds. So, so many adds of all different shapes and sizes. In closing, I am disgusted.

- Too many ads

Normally I love pixel art simplistic style games or just time killer to have on my phone but the amount of ads is very frustrating. I get it you need to make money, but compared to the last game there are way more ads. Every three small levels is just to short of an amount of time with ads, and every time you die too? The end of three levels I guess could be fine, but the death ad ruins the point of the price to pay to get a continue. Normally in a mobile game you can choose to get a ad with the Beni fit of getting the continue when you do so. This is just, I get a ad anyways might as well get my free continue I deserve. The other thing is with the ads is that it’s these bad ads for other mobile games that misrepresent their own apps so it’s torture to watch them for me. Please tone it down on the ads and I will consider redownloading

- Some issues

Great game. The original (TotM) was my favorite, but I’m currently playing this because I beat all the levels on TotM. The concept is great, but like other reviews I wish there were more uses for the coins. Additionally I have found two levels so far, I’m on level 250, that are literally impossible to beat. You have to skip them in order to proceed because the path in the game does not allow for you to successfully complete. This is tad frustrating. Further it feels like some of the levels are rather repetitive. The original game was also more challenging with increasing difficulty in the levels. Overall this is a 3. However, if you haven’t already check out the original TotM game. It’s definitely a 5 star game.

- App Suggestions !!

I also agree with another review on here I really liked! Like one level you’d be able to customize your own & build one yourself, just thought that’d be a fun & creative idea. Although one issue I have with the game for some reason is I can’t seem to get past a certain level. It may sound ridiculous but it’s been quite some time now and I can’t seem to figure it out, seems almost impossible to do. Like you can’t move your character to those certain areas in the game. Very frustrating because I just remain on the same level and end up just switching to another game because I can’t seem to get past this. Maybe it’s just me, but hopefully I get a helpful explanation to this.

- Pretty good game

So before I even got this game 4 weeks ago I just looked at the ratings to see if there were people who liked it. When I first saw the ratings, they were pretty hateful. But I decided to download this game. There were some ads popping up out of nowhere, but you can just turn off your wifi and you can play ad-free. This game is really satisfying to me, to be honest. So for all the people who said that there’s too many ads, you’re just lying so you can encourage people not to get this great game.

- Amazing game with even better potential

This game is amazing! I love how so much can fit into one level and how it’s so satisfying to fill in all the blocks! I like how you can try as long as possible to beat a level and have to wait for the energy to refill. Though I love the game, there are many things I think could help the game: 1. Masks. I think you should be able to unlock masks around every 30 levels, and this would give the player more of an assentive to play. 2. Powers. I think if you did add mask you could do things like have a mask that double coins, or can have a random chance to not die when hit by an oppsticle. 3. A make your own level. This would add more content to the game without much work. Also, you could make it cost coins to make a level and more or less depending on the traps they desire to use, giving them more of an assentive to buy coins. If you did these things I’m sure you would have an amazing game in no time! Thanks for reading!

- Fun, but LOADED with ads!

I had fun playing TotM temple, and decided to get this game to see which one I liked more. The game is really enjoyable, and provides a similar level of challenge to TotM temple. The biggest complaint I have, however, is the amount of ads. I’m usually okay with ads, but the amount that this game has is INSANE. They’re not all normal ads, either, some of them are news articles with timers. It’s incredibly annoying, and it seems as through the game is trying to force you into buying no ads for $2.99. All in all, I would skip getting this game and download TotM temple instead. That one is more fun, and has less ads (but still has a lot.)

- Impossible levels/tedious gameplay

First off, I love this game. It’s addicting and colorful, and all in all I think the developers did a good job. However, I have stumbled across two impossible levels so far, and I haven’t even completed the game. Also, I would like there to be a menu page where you could see your progress, because sometimes I want to go back and redo previous levels. Also, some of the maps repeat just tilted at different angles, which can make the game feel tedious. My last thought is that I would like the maps to be a bit longer, as they are in TotM.

- Paid for ad-free, still forced to watch ads

The game’s free version is nearly unplayable. Ads appear very frequently. So I decided to pay for the ad-free version. The ads disappeared, but they still pester you to watch ads to skip levels (or to revive yourself if you don’t have enough coins). What is unacceptable, however, is that they have a level that can’t be beaten that shows up every now and then that forces you to press the “SKIP” button to move past, which then plays an un-skippable AD. This also has the added feature of forcing you to be online when you play in case you encounter this level. I’ve purchased way better games on my iPhone and PC for the same amount of money I did for this game that don’t pull this garbage. Money is a corrupting force.


To be honest, this new game is nothing like the original. The size of this new game is too small and the game is too easy. I have tried this game and played about 30 levels and I already despised myself for downloading this app. I like the original game better. The size of the board is huge and the game itself is more engaging and challenging(somewhat). This new app is beyond boring. P.S. on the old game, can you change the color of the level number on the map when you missed a star or two in a level. There was one level I couldn’t pass and I can’t find it. It would be helpful if I can see what level I didn’t master when I’m scrolling through the map.

- Is it just me or..

Do I play this too much? I am level 500.. 😅 5 stars this is a real time killer and when your upset maybe come here and beat some levels to forget about it! (If its little) But maybe remove the ad after every like 3 levels, because you know lots of people ad revive, so why even have normal pop ups? Overall very clean game, a lot better than the original! You don’t have you wait if you die 5 times. 😀😁🙃

- Okay so...

this game is really fun (if you play on airplane mode so you don't have to deal with the insane amount of ads they run). i'm currently on level 536 and i have yet to run into a problem with this game besides one very annoying level; in the level it is physically impossible to get into this one area and you are forced to watch an ad to skip it. i've experienced this level 3 times so far and i've played this game for a while i know how it works so they need to fix that and then the game will be a really good game with no issues

- Ads ruin an otherwise great game

I loved the previous tomb of the mask game because of its addicting nonstop gameplay, and now they’re asking me to pay $3 a month so I don’t have to see a 15-20 second ad every 3 levels. This game will make you watch ads even when you’re doing well. Don’t make ads part of the gameplay, keep them as optional punishments that benefit the player, like a quick revive from the last game. Stop trying to push auto-renewing subscriptions onto consumers to grab as much cash as possible before you have to churn out your next cookie cutter mobile game.

- Fun! But one major problem...

I really love this game! Very addicting and a good game to pass the time. I would like to see an addition of more levels because they become repetitive after a while. I also think being able to buy characters, backgrounds, or new “enemies” with coins could make it more interesting because coins easily build up. One major problem with this game is that there are a few levels which are impossible to complete if you start in a certain position.


I love this game so much it’s a time killer it’s fun it’s different it’s hard sometimes Nd easy sometimes it just a really great game to download like I said it’s a really good time killer it works off WiFi or on WiFi it’s just great really is but the down side is there are way to many ads like wayyyyyyyyy to manny I can’t even believe how many ads there are but my trick is to turn of my WiFi Nd cellar data Nd play ad free hope this help Nd I personally say download the game 😊. Also thanks for taking the time to read this 🖤.

- Really good

Visually satisfying and stimulating but a good way to get your mind off of stuff or listen to music during. One thing is that there is one level that cannot be beat. I always end up skipping it (which I never do) but there is literally no possible way to beat it with how the rules are. It’s frustrating because I want to get past this and I can’t. But other than that this is a good game.

- Do not recommend

I just started playing this game and I give it a 0/5 it’s completely trash. I am on the blue level and I got a commercial, the commercial is over and I click the X, it was a fake X that lead to the App Store it didn't let me click off until I bought the app, it was 20 dollars. Not only that but one time when I was playing I don’t know what to call it but those skull things that shoot you, so I was playing and I accidentally stayed on top of one for to long and since it was the last level I didn’t want to restart. So I click the add, finish it and after I click the X it shoots me again. That happened over 10 times. Do not recommend

- Minor Issue and Q

I have had an issue with the game quite often where the screen will freeze when the snake/dragon starts to cross the board. Each time it happens, my only option is to completely close the app and let it refresh. Otherwise, I find the game entertaining and a good way to pass time. I’m also really curious about how many levels there are to the game. I’ve gotten to level 1,006 and want to know if the levels repeat infinitely, or if there is a stopping point.

- Unsolvable Level

Ok I loooove the concept of this game. I played TotM a few years ago and I was obsessed so finding this game was cool. With that said it sort of feels like there’s no progression here. There are a bunch of levels available but the difficulty of each of them feels about the same. The 3rd part of level 242 is unsolvable too. I looked up walkthroughs for that specific level and every single one of them just said to skip the level by watching a video. I hope this can be fixed because it can be irritating

- Pls read

ALL STARTERS OF TOTM PLS READ. Ok this game is pretty ridiculous I mean the developers might be millionaires. Maybe even billionaires. If you’re thinking about downloading this,my opinion is please don’t waste you’re tablet storage on a game that’s making money of of you This goes for all games by the developer like: KickTheBuddy or Bowmasters. If the developer is reading this please do a better job at making games. If it’s money you want Be like Toca Boca and make people happy ok? Also I’ve gotten pretty far into this game but I’ve stopped playing it beacause of the adds. Sure it’s usual for a free game to have adds,but you shouldn’t put in too many ok?

- Decent

I was really enjoying this game until I noticed something. There’s nothing to do with the coins other than save yourself from dying. Perhaps we could get different characters to buy? Also, and this is a technical issue, when I hit the continue button and it plays an ad, I can’t always continue playing. I would say that at least 8/10 times, the screen goes black after I close out the ad and I have to restart the game and the level I was playing. Very annoying!!

- No distracting

There’s way to many ads there 3 rounds in 1 level and within that one level you’ll probably watch three ads if not more if you die you’ll probably watch maybe eight if you click watch the video to respawn you could respawn right where you die as soon as you respawn you will die again and then if you click you don’t want to watch the video to continue it’ll show you another video when you click not to watch a video and restart the entire level over sometimes you watch the videos and watch the videos are over you still have to start over there’s way too many ads

- Lagging since update.

Fun hint. If you turn off the data on the app and you’re not connected to a WiFi source the ads won’t play. There are still unplayable levels but I assume those exist to force ads. But the game has been lagging a lot since the update. It doesn’t move the way it used to. The swipes don’t register correctly and the character doesn’t do what it’s told.

- Fix things please

Please lessen the ads, its insane how many you get. And please get rid of the levels that can’t be beaten so you’re forced to watch an ad, its quite annoying. I would give this game 5 stars but the ads really take it down, and please update the leaderboards, I’m on level 1000 and the highest still says 270. But I digress, this game is really great; its crazy fun and very good for passing time. I’ve played this game for a month or so and I’m still gonna play it.

- Suggestion.

It’s a great game and I have an idea, if you do it where every 20 levels there’s a giant room and a timer at the top and the place is full of coins and the timer would be 5 - 15 seconds and when times up you can watch an ad for +10 seconds and if you don’t then you get sent back to levels. I hope you use it have a good day

- Nice game <3 Also a level error?

I wanted to let you about levels 124 and 169, which are currently impossible to beat without skipping. Idk it it's a design error, but there's a tunnel in the middle you can't get to. Other than that, the level designs along with the colors and sounds are gorgeous. The ads, though tedious, are no surprise as all free mobile games have and rely on them.

- Great Fun!

I absolutely love playing this game. It’s so colorful and bright, and it kind of reminds me of a super retro arcade game! 😃 I would recommend this game to any age, and any type of person. It works with your brain and probably improves some sort of mental skill. It is extremely time consuming and I have found myself playing for hours on end without even noticing!

- Too many ads

At first it was a fun game but it honestly started just getting boring. It’s just like the other hundreds of these “color fill” games except you get a “danger” every so often, which are incredibly easy to get buy and i feel like they just wasted time while you had to wait for the right chance to go through them. Another thing is the ads. Every level you’d get an ad. At first i wasn’t bothered by it, but gosh it got annoying real quick.

- Great, but...

Honestly I love this game and almost everything about it. It’s super straightforward, it’s fun to play too. However, I’ll play one portion of a level and then have to sit through a 30 second ad with no skip. After every few short levels I complete, I have to sit again for 30 more seconds for the same ad. If this continues, I’ll probably stop playing, 20 seconds of gameplay and 30 seconds of ads gets annoying after a few minutes

- Fun, but needs work

This game is very fun, but there are multiple levels that you can only pass by watching an ad to skip it. Every tutorial I watch on how to get past them either watches the ad or has a completely different layout for that level. Multiple levels are also repeats of older levels, including the ones that require an ad. I’m finally writing this review after seeing the same impassable level for the fifth time (level 913, part 3).

- I really love the game it’s addicting but

This game is really fun I think kids that are like 9 and up would really enjoy this it’s super addicting but the ads they can be very annoying and stuff. Here’s the problem there is this one ad for paper io 2 and when the ad is done playing there is no exit button. And that seems to be a problem but other than that I think this game is very fun and that’s my only concern.

- Four stars

I download this game the second I saw it. It looked so fun in the ads so I decided why not. When I first played the game it was a little boring but as you level up, the game gets progressively harder and more fun. But I do have to admit, the dragons that come in are a little extra very hard but fun I understand that it would get boring quickly without them. I am addicted to this game would recommend.

- It’s ok

Well, it’s pretty good for the most part but when you get to some of the higher levels the makers kinda put the same levels again, again, and again. So that was a little frustrating just having the same levels. Also, other people in the reviews say that there was way too many ads in the game but there actually isn’t that many for the most part. So the game wasn’t that bad just a few little bugs.

- Way to many ads

So I have played Totm and it was a really fun game so I got this. This one on the other hand could be better... First off, I get ads right after I complete a level and when I die :/ It gets annoying when you finally beat a level and you have to watch a 30 second ad that you can’t skip Second, $7.99 a WEEK? Seriously? Whoever thought of that is crazy! That’s a stupid amount of money per week just for some extra masks, a few skips a day, and no ads! Lastly, there are to many levels that are unbeatable without skips. Levels should always be possible without a skip because then it might cause people to have to spend money and it just seems idiotic to make levels impossible Thank you for taking your time to read this review <3

- Inception of Ads

I can understand that you gotta run ads to make money. I honestly don’t mind ads, however... in this game there are waaaaaaaaaaaay to many ads. To the point where they have an advertisement of their own game..IN THE GAME! Literally, as I played, it had me play their ad then led me to download itself. It honestly tripped me out and I thought I was playing another level for a bit. The game concept is cool but I honestly can’t enjoy the game when the ads come off as spam. One ad even had me close the whole game because there was not “x” button after 30 seconds. For the game concept and playability WITHOUT spammy ads. I give this game 10/10. But because this game comes off more as spam and just drills you with garbage.” I had to leave a 2 star. I wouldn’t mind buying the game but after this whole thing I’ll just skip it.

- Game is worth

I’ve gotten to level 4800 and I’ve enjoyed every one. I’ve seen this game progress and all of the feedback from the community change it. The developers actually listen to the reviews and keep making this game better. I am exited to see where it goes in the future.

- Version is not good

The newest version came with updates with more levels and enemy types which are good. However it is buggy. It lags and is not responsive. I die regularly because the man won’t move according to my input (it’s slow). I’ve also encountered levels that have no solution and require a skip to pass. There was one before which now looks corrected. Please update this soon. I find myself not playing because of the issues. I will wait until another update occurs.

- Some things to say...

It’s pretty good actually, but a lot (if not all) of the ads are of the original tomb of the mask. Nothing wrong with that? Not at all? Also, the advertisement of this game in other apps is clickbait. And one last thing: this concept is used by a lot of other companies, making games like this over used/made. Other than that, I really like this game and the original tomb of the mask.

- Absolute joke of a game.

Every few seconds you get a 30 second ad. There is an ad at the bottom of the screen at all times. The first thing that happened when I opened the app was you immediately trying to market your “subscription service” for a time waster game. It looks like you didn’t learn your lesson the first time around and didn’t make any money off of the subscription service in the original tomb of the mask, huh. Please don’t do this. For the love of god just make your game cost money instead of pulling this kind of thing. So unprofessional.

- The levels repeat themselves. Literally

Love the game! Exactly the kind of puzzle game I love. But the same levels come up again. Feel kind of cheated that I’m just playing the same levels over again even though the numbers show I’m playing more challenging levels. I guess the creators didn’t want to invest more time into the levels since it’s ultimately a free game. Still feels kinda lame

- Level 124?

I really do love this game. I played the first one and completed all the levels, but in this one there is one level that is currently impossible to complete. That is level 124, and the only way to complete it is with a skip and I don’t want to skip. Developers if you do read this, I love your game but can you fix that level so all the people that play the game can get passed it. Thank you.

- Not bad 👍

I didn’t bother to play it, until now. Its very enjoyable. From the creators of kick the buddy, I'm sure once you try this, you will regret ignoring this game. It’s not too easy, or too hard. It just takes practice to get it right. And not to mention, the retro like graphics make it way more interesting.


I gave them five stars because I could not give them negative five stars they say u can draw your puzzle it even says it in the name but it is a big lie u cant draw it and the puzzles that they give you are not challenging at all way to easy totally bad app do not download it unless you like to be lied to!

- Great beginners game

I got Tomb of The Mask like 3 months ago and loved it andCompleted the game, after I completed the game I had nothing left to play so I would go back and replay all the levels. I was replaying what are the levels and I saw an ad for Tomb of The Mask Color, after playing it for a while I’ve come to the conclusion that Tomb of The Mask Color should be played first before downloading Tomb of The Mask.

- Too many ads

The point is to have fun but there is too many ads and it takes slower to play because every time you die or go to a different level there is a ad and personally there shouldn’t be ads that much honestly I love this game but I also hate it because there is too much ads I get that you want to make money but also 7.99 a week to not have ads or something like that no how about the other apps that cost 1 or 2 dollars to get rid of ads completely this is my honest opinion

- Addicting but..

At first, I was pretty wary of this game and thought it was like any other game. But after a few days, I kept going to this app and playing. It was pretty addicting and fun. This game will live up the it’s expectations and maybe even more. I can’t rate it 5 because after you got threw a lot of them like past Level 90 and above, I noticed that the levels would be the same ones from before, but just altered a bit. Also, Level 124 - Part 2. How the hell can you beat that without skipping with an ad? It’s impossible. So please fix that stage. This is a pretty good game, just needs a little bit of fixing to do. So, they actually fixed level 124!

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- Coolest game

If you are wondering why the tittle is called the coolest game ( that’s because it is 🙄) because it is a colour ToMotm and it is a colour one not the basic one, and if you don’t have this app you should get two of them because their is two of them so yeah that is the app review. Don’t forget write a review if you have the both of the so just basically this review is about the basic one( which is the first one) and the new one ( which is the second one ) PLEASE GET THE APP NOW!!!! WHILE YOU READ THE REVIEW PLEASE JUST GET THE APP AFTER YOU READ THE REVIEW BECAUSE I AM WATCHING YOU!!!!!!!

- One impossible level

I really need help. I’m up to level 908 and I’ve found an impossible level. Please help me devs, or at least get back to me (that would be greatly appreciated) apart from that, an incredible game and super well made, as you can probably tell (considering I’m up to level 908) I can’t stop playing!

- The ads are annoying

When ever you finish a level there is always a ad every single time! And when I was on level eight I went out of the app to put on some music and came back to the app and I was on level three and I’m still on level three and Im still on level 3 and it happens a week ago of the level I was talking about and the ads pop up every time you will under stand when you download it!

- Tomb Of The Mask; Colour

The game ‘Tomb Of The Mask;Colour’ is a game full of challenges and fun. I know that everyone else (that I know of) would like this game because of how it is really fun and challenging (as I said at the start). I know that everyone who reads this review will want to download the game to have a try. Thank you for allowing me to write this review, and.....well......just to get the chance to do this review, I am happy! I hope it gives you lots of feedback on your game. Thanks again, Savannah 😁

- I love it

I read a review say that u have to pay a subscription, u don’t it just comes up ruining the tutorial there is a cross button to click on u don’t have to pay

- Awesome game

I just can’t stop playing it. I am not going to stop playing it. I’m already up to level 105. So can you please send me a message and update the game.

- Great Game, but just some issues.

Guys all round this is a great game fun and relaxing with a hint of puzzle solving for the mind. But the amount of ads is a problem you get about five ads a minute and it gets very annoying, but still this a good game.

- Hcychvhbgzgbuchnhch!!!!

That’s why love it so much let’s play it together play play play play play play play play blah blue poo poo poo poo poo I don’t care I mean I don’t like it that’s so good this game I love it

- Impossible levels?

Epic game but after playing for a while you come across some impossible levels, levels that you can’t complete.

- Game was good but the ads and price?!?

I loved the game, it was fun to play even though it was challenging sometimes but all the ads were so infuriating I gave up on playing it, big turn off! You have to pay HEAPS to get it add free and your player runs out of energy so quickly. In conclusion, good game but they are ruining it with the ads and in game purchases.

- Tomb of the mask

This game is very enjoyable and very fun to play also something to play when there's no internet

- Awesome game, lags too much

I love this game, it’s simple yet effective and also highly addictive. Did I also mention it makes you think? Unfortunately for me, as I’ve updated IOS over the years it has significantly affected this game in the way of lagging. It lags so badly I can’t play it anymore which is a shame. It could be my iPhone 6S but I have done everything apart from factory reset to fix this. Fingers crossed it won’t be like this forever

- ADS!

I heart this game but, there is just TOO MANY ADS for me! Could you please fix this issue, it would be nice to have experience with this game for once!

- It’s good

I really like this game but I was wondering when they were putting level 300 on the old game

- I think it’s a amazing game

This game just helps me relax I recommend downloading it

- I love it

I don’t want to be stupid but there’s too many adds!!! I can’t take it but the game is kinda fun but it gets super tricky from time to time. It’s not the best game but it’s ok tho!

- Oh god I’m living in the matrix

There was an ad in this game for literally the same game. It was playable, too, so I had a moment before I realised I was playing an ad instead of the real game. This is terrifying. Help. Also there’s a subscription for $13 a week! Who would pay $13 a week for any game, let along this is a mystery to me.

- Good game with a few issues

I love the game play but I’m on an impossible level (242) as well as somethings, when a snake? appears, my game crashes

- Love it

I love this game a lot and it entertains me when I’m bored, or unhappy thank you so much!

- This game is the best

This game is really good but it is a little too easy my friend introduced me to this game and it was addictive.🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

- Loooove it !

I loved this game instantly, BUT I’m stuck on Level 124 Stage 2 There is nothing to help me get on the vertical track... HELP !!!


This is the best game I’ve ever played!!! (other than Roblox) I don’t know how but this game never glitches amazblogs So yay!

- Hard but challenging. I like it!

I have the original game but I like it!

- Amazing

This is the best game ever and have got both of them I love it so much


I love this app and I have both and the app is amazing please make a another app like this

- Nik

There is one generated map that is impossible

- It’s fun it’s awesome

Pretty good I mean it’s just like the normal Version but just in colour

- Loving it!!!❤️❤️

I love this game I play it all the time after school!!!

- Excellent app

Not one thing I would egnore

- 💋💋💋

Thank you for all this colour I love it Your Sincerely a 9 year old kid

- Terrible

False advertisement in the it says you get to draw your own course but you don’t and way too many ads I don’t recommend it

- Amazing

I love this game so please make another tomb mask based game

- Tomb of mask is Spectacular

Tpmb of mask the normal one was amazing how it was and Tomb Of Mask couler is way better

- I accidentally tomb of the mask color

roloc ksam eht fo bmot yllatnedicca I


Really good but, it’s basically just the original tomb of the mask, and it’s very laggy

- Hi this fun

No reason to hate it ;) 😉🤩😜🥳🤩😜🥳

- Bum hole game

Sexy game wonderful bum hole and it was just really fun


Horrible, not good and a RIP OFF THE ADS ARE FAKE you just advertise the TotM (not colour) and exit it and make it colourful BOOOOOO I hate this game like 4 seconds after downloading I GOT BORED AND DELETED DA GAME!?!!!!!!!!!!

- Ok

It’s very laggy but it’s a good game

- Best game ever

Pls sponsor me

- it’s fun but really guy ?

level 124 stage 2 wtaf ?????

- Wow

Awesome game!!!

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- I don’t actually like the game

The reason I don’t like it is it’s a bit too difficult I don’t really like the graphics the reason why I love the five stars is the review because I know how challenging it is to make these kinds of games and I just want to support the developers because they need to support I think

- It’s exactly what it looks like

Yea it’s exsactly what it looks like

- Bruh.

Why not just add this mode to the original game\app

- Level 242 impossible

Level 242 is literally impossible to pass and I don’t see a skip button. I like the game but how am I supposed to play any more levels.

- Very fun and good

It’s great and very fun and easy in every way

- Love it

I love this game and it’s new graphics are AWESOME there are a little too many ads but I just turn my wifi off so I love this game it’s good if your bored and to pass time.

- Level 124??

Big bug level 124. It’s impossible.

- Awesome game

I enjoy playing this game but I wish it would have less adds, also this I just noticed this is kind of glitching every 2 mins it glitches, But other then that I love this game, I am wondering how do I change my character in the pictures for this game each character is different soo byee!

- Like but…

In the ad the guy make is one level but it’s not that😢

- very great

i love this gane it is so bad

- It’s not what the add said it is

I downloaded the app and you were not able to draw your box from what I saw. If you want to download it you may.

- Too many adds but great game

If I’m bored I’ll turn on my phone and play this it’s almost like a fidget for me! It’s actually really hard though but that’s ok. Too many adds but still 5 stars ⭐️

- I love this game so much but I won’t pay


- PAYlegendary at it again...

Greed model. Quick simple levels followed by several ads and a monthly billing plan that is completely asinine. This isn’t Netflix! I may have rated the game better if it wasn’t surrounded by the greed model.

- Ok

Where’s the “draw map” feature

- Developers

Developers my game is loading and loading and it won’t stop loading and it won’t let me play please fix

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Best game ever!

- Thanks for fixing level 242

I like this game keep up the good work

- Bad

Whenever I tried to play the game it would automatically go to a black screen. So I never got play

- World

This is the best Game ever

- ????

I hate this game way too many adds and the add for it said you could actually get to draw the mazes. If you’re reading this and you haven’t gotten the app yet don’t get it.

- No easy not good

it’s fun butttttt when your at lvl 3 the 2or3 stage it’s so so hard I cant do it don’t get this app it’s hard I gave it one star because it is hard never getting back ever

- Ads

There are so many ads 😕

- hi

if u like a game that glitches causing u to loose then this is the game for u.

- ?

What is the difference between this game and the original?

- It’s so great I love it so much

I think it is a really good game because it easy to do

- Hard

The first 50 levels are easy then they get sooooo hard like jeez fix it. Also hard to get money ahhh 😱

- You lied

You can't draw your maze.

- awesome

5 stars

- Game is basic - you do not need in-app purchases.

Please don’t buy the subscriptions that this app offers, there are TONS of games that use this slide mechanic that will provide what the subscription does for FREE. It’s extremely overpriced for what it offers and 100% not worth it. The only explanation I have for why they’re charging this much is that it’s an attempt to exploit kids that don’t know any better.

- Hello

I love the original so this is awesome =3

- Oof

It’s cool

- Love it

This game is so much fun!

- Stage broken?

Stage 242 part 3. I believe it is unfollow. Maybe missing a block?

- Fun but…

I like it but there is a lot of adds

- Tomb

Tomb of the mask is a great game. There is absolutely no reason that anyone should have a problem with the content provided on this game!

- Boring

It’s so boring and if you die it restarts the whole level and it’s a money grab so they get twice the money for the first one and the second one

- Should be banned

You Can’t Draw it Like The Ad

- I love this game

The best game ever

- NS-103


- Cool

So on level 242 and 414 they have a bug where you can’t reach a certain spot making it impossible but other than that I have passed level 504

- Great game but repetitive

It’s a great game. I downloaded it after finishing the original but after 200-300 levels I started noticing some levels being repeated over and over again. I’d rather the game stop if there’s no original ideas instead of making people repeat the same thing over and over again. That and the levels that no one can get past that have been pointed out by other people as well are the negatives otherwise I’d be giving 5 stars

- It’s a great game

It’s a great game I pretty much play it everyday but level 242 is just impossible to get pass

- Ads

After every goddamn level, but a fairly good game to kill some time

- ummmm....

I really enjoy the game but after I got into levels in the 200s the levels were the exact same as some I’ve already done?.?. Idk if I’m the only person that noticed it but... yeah lol

- Ads everywhere.

The ads are unbearable sometimes. There’s ads on the screen while you’re playing and sometimes you swipe near one and it opens an ad in App Store or safari. Then on top of that, there’s an add after every level. To remove ads it’s $7. Also once you reach a certain point, all the levels just repeat themselves.

- LvL 242

I like the game but as other reviews we cannot pass LvL 242 please reply and fix this if it is not a mistake then please tell.

- Wrong format

Lvl 242 in third step how to cross that level. Bcoz there is no way to move

- The guy sounds like he’s sneezing

I’m only on lv4 but it’s better then the other one there’s WAAAY less ads the only thing about it is that there’s no other game modes but it’s funny cause u know it’s sounds like he’s sneezing when he moves lol

- Ads keep popping up

I don’t really like it every single level I get to there is an ad I have to watch. I’m watching ads more than actually playing the game

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- Great but add more😍🤨

I think they should have added more then colors and music and they could have added a tunnel where you could really go through but the rest is great But the music should be the player’s choice to chose what song they want and it should be free but the rest of the things ok great

- Impossible level

I love this game I really do. I’m more than 200 levels in. It’s just like the main game but satisfying in a different way. One problem though: Level 242 is impossible to complete. I’ve looked at it from every angle and even took a screenshot as proof. There’s no way to finish this level. Please fix! Otherwise it’s one of my favorite games.

- Great game but

There are so much ads If I get a dollar for every ad I get I will be rich by now when I die and I don’t have enough coins I’d rather start over so I press the X but either way I will still get a ad...It kinda lags too if I’m on one of those little pop out spikes I’ll swipe but nothing happens so then I die just because it would not let me move Great game! Mega 4 eh 5...

- Great but one request

I realize there no way to get past the level in an easier way when we struggle on a level, so I was thinking what if you added power ups like the last game TotM, like maybe a shield, or a skip level for like 100 coins? That would be nice 🙃

- Amazing but..

Is there a level error? I forgot level it was but I just downloaded this game it’s really good but I feel like that I had to give it three stars, so my brother doesn’t like it that much he gave it two stars sometimes the adds crash my game this is why I gave it three stars like there’s a mega hard level in 200 something so if you would like to respond please respond thank you!

- How fun is it?

This game is really fun I already told all my friends about it but they didn’t like it. They all thought it was really boring and bad. But I would consider it really or very good. I would also show it to my new friends at church and I hope they like it because it is really fun and awesome.😎

- totm:is 1 of my favorite games

it shouldn’t be taken off the internet or App Store I was thinking about how amazing it is would be if you made zombies that would follow you through the maze and tried to get you until it got you or you finished the level and if you finished the level a boulder would come out of nowhere and destroy the zombie and it would give you points for destroying it.

- This is the most greedy game i’ve ever encountered

Honestly what is the creator of this game thinking. $7.99 A WEEK!!???? I pay $9.99 a MONTH for my music app that i use on a daily basis meaning that it actually has a purpose. You can’t seriously expect people to pay $7.99 a WEEK for an app that they’ll use barely ever. Speaking of which, the player gets an ad after EVERY LEVEL. I guarantee that you get enough money from the amount of ads you show in one day. Stop being greedy and creating games that are purely monetised

- Developing Issue

I thoroughly enjoy this game, adding the color aspect to the classic ToTM made this game more addicting. Only issue I have and I’m not sure if others have this problem but on level 124 the second stage there is a portion that can not be reached based on the starting position of the character. I have tried every possible outcome and I’m certain this is a problem that can easily be fixed if asked for nicely. So please developers fix this minor bug so I may go on about my mindless gameplay

- Certain Impossible levels.

I get ad revenue. But DONT make a level extremely impossible where you have to use a skip to get through it (which seems to be the case for some of the levels.) I refuse to continue to play this game if those levels exist. Why not do the same thing you did before and make the market a big part of the game.

- Great Game

Ok so this game is actually addicting, but sometimes when I’m playing and I move then it moves again and sometimes I end up dead. Also there’s a lot of ads and sometimes I say I don’t want to watch an ad and then one pops up. Otherwise this is SUCH A GREAT GAME and it’s just like amaze but I like it better bc there’s obstacles. Keep up the GREAT work!!

- Great game

I was looking for a game to keep me busy when having a short break and this is just the game! I can play this game for 5 minutes between class, or for 30 minutes while waiting after school. I recommend this game for all ages

- Super fun

When I saw this game I thought it would be the normal tomb of the mask with color. But no! It is like a painting thing! This keeps me busy for hours and plus you don’t need WiFi to use it. By the way don’t say the “t” word. Tiny gets mad when you use his name as an adjective

- Fun but impossible

I have had a blast playing this game currently on level 1272 and just thought I should make sure that people know that there are a few levels that are impossible to do. That’s okay because there is a skip button but I thought people should know!

- Has More Potential than most

Honestly, I’ve played most of playgendary’s games, and they all force you into ads all the time. This one doesn’t though. It’s good enough to where I would play it on a daily basis. Can’t get enough of this game!

- ridiculous

this game have easily gotten a 5 star rate.. but, the adds are a bit excessive. every 2 levels there is a add and it is very annoying. I am currently on level 404 and meaning i have sent plenty of adds. it makes me not want to play anymore. it would be amazing if you could at least play different add every time because watching the same add over and over is ridiculous.

- To expensive

I really like this game, but I think the revives are a little to expensive. I would really like it if they were 30 coins instead of 50 . I’d also like to be able to create my own levels. I hope you can fix this in the next update. Thank you for reading my review.😀

- Pretty Good!

This game is really good for people with fast reflexes and people who can think ahead of time. But if you don’t have these things, you may get frustrated. So make sure that you either are willing to use an extremely frustrating game or have fast reflexes and can think ahead of time.

- Ok....

Alright so ummmm, this game is not what was advertised. The thing on the add was where you actually faraway your own course and I thought that sounded cool and fun. I do have the original game and I think it’s fun and enjoyable. This game is not bad. Honestly their are so many games like this out there that it just kinda makes both these games boring. There are lots of adds and I just think they should maybe add something to the concept of this game.

- Repetitive & Ad riddled.

WAY too many ads. A ridiculous amount, sometimes you have to sit through a 30 second ad just between levels. It gets old and kills the experience, which is already decent at best. The levels repeat themselves often and lack creativity. After a few levels they’re the same one over and over again and it’s obvious. It would be entertaining if it wasn’t so full of ads and so repetitive.

- I am ready to play

I have been seeing this new game and I thought it would be great. I really like how it shows coloring when you go on the steps. It kinda looks like the game Roller Splat! I have been playing TotM a lot. I really like your games and I am ready to try this one.

- Slow

I love the game but it glitches at least three times every level resulting in me having to use coins to revive myself or watch an ad which is pretty annoying since it’s not me that’s bad at the game it just glitches.

- False advertisement

I got this game because I saw an ad for it and in the ad you could draw your own level. I was disappointed when I found out all this game was is levels to pass. It’s too similar to the original game. Otherwise I really enjoy this game but will probably delete it and play the original instead.

- I’m addicted

I love this app, but I have a few problems. Sometimes, the ads can get bad. They are every 3 seconds and it’s annoying. Also, the only thing you can spend coins on is to revive yourself. You can’t buy skins like shown in the ad. Also I HATE the article ads. They get SO annoying.

- Good but

I love this game but I actually think you can add a bonus level to some like getting coins and watch a ad to collect 2x this is what I think that will help this game become better thank you for taking your time reading this.

- ADDS!!

Overall this app is great! Although there are way to many adds!! Other then that the app is great! For anybody that has not downloaded this yet I'm not really going to spoil the game for. I think this application would we a great game for when it's a rainy day and you're stuck inside boured with nothing to do!(relatable)lol 😳

- glitches on certain levels

love the game, there’s just a few certain levels that are completely not possible to beat, and I’ve tried every possible way to get them in my 5,500 level of playing g maybe check into that

- A must have for any mobile device

It’s a great game. No wifi needed, perfect puzzle game with its similarities and differences to the original game. It keeps me occupied and it’s satisfying to fill the whole thing with paint. 10/10 great graphics, keep up the good work plagendery

- Fun Gameplay, Terrible Ads.

The gameplay is fun and the controls are simple and intuitive. The one thing that completely ruins the experience however, is the constant bombardment of ads while you are playing. At least half of the ads are thirty seconds in length AND unskippable as well. 4/10, would play for two minutes and delete after watching five ads.

- A great sequel to Tomb of the Mask

I was a huge fan of the first TotM and am so happy they made such a fun, entertaining, hard, and very satisfying sequel. This is just as, if not more, fun that the original game. Download the first, then get this game as soon as you can! A big success in my opinion. 10/10

- Copyrighted characters in advertisement

Well I’m a big fan of TOTM, but I saw your most recent ad ant want to ask: why are copyrighted characters in the ad? Not altered forms like in bow masters, straight up PIKACHU here. The game is good no mater what, but please remove the copyrighted characters in the ad.

- Lvl 242 is impossible

There are a lot of ads but all you have to do is turn off the use of data in the app settings. My problem is I’m stuck on part 3 of level 242 and it is completely impossible to do. It’s insolvent. You cannot position yourself in anyway to get to the left half of the map to complete the level. Apparently, this has been an issue for almost a year according to a Google search. Deleting the app.

- Great but one flaw

I love this app I am on level 61 and it is great. There is one flaw though it just has too many adds I get that they want people to get adds but that much is way to many that is why I would give it 4 stars ⭐️ instead of 5. Just too many adds.

- Minor problem that ruin the fun

If you die and respawn you have 1 second to move or you will die from the same object and you better hope that when u move you don’t hit a bat...waaaay too many ads give me like 1 ad after I beat the level not the round...why is level 124 impossible to beat don’t get me wrong I absolutely love this game however those problems ruin it for me and are the main reasons why I have not tried the other TotM games

- It’s fun but, too many ads.

I enjoy playing this game. I used to play the original about a year ago and loved it. However, I feel like with this game, I’m getting flooded with ads. Oh did you die on a level? Ad. Oh did you want to customize your character? Ad. Oh you want to move onto the next part of the level? Ad. Please remove the frequent ad spamming and I will leave a better review. Thank you.

- Too MANY ads!!

Honestly, this game is great game and very fun to play. The only thing that really annoys me is that there are so many ads, when you beat a level or when you die a couple of times, There are too many ads! Please fix this. At least lessen the amount of ads.😐 Thank you.

- Nonstop annoying long lame ads

After every level (not the set of 3), there is a 30 second ad about a really annoying lame useless game. The ads are so bad that I get a headache just looking at those ads, and I would never open or download any of those pathetic ‘games.’ Also the ads are intended to prevent from closing even after the 30 seconds end. Make the game have ONLY ONE AD PER SET OF 3 Levels in TotM, or something more reasonable than it is right now.

- 3 stars

Personally I like this this game, but I hate how many ads there are, every 2nd game there’s always and ad, it annoys me, because it always ads about HIV or AIDS or Breast Cancer and heat strokes, and it’s always 3 ads that are each 30 seconds long. I try reporting the ads but they don’t go away, I see other complaints about ads so please take them away

- Some levels actually impossible. 125

Excellent game. Very well done, some new obstacles after progressing would be cool. But the fact that there are levels that you can only skip and not actually beat is frustrating. Level 125 being a prime example.


I love this game a lot but in between almost every level there is an add! I respect the fact that you are getting paid to put adds up but there are still way way too many! This is just my opinion but I’m sure many people agree and I highly request less adds. Thank you a lot for reading.

- Problems of game

While the game is fun and indicting, some levels are impossible. The creators should take more time thinking about the levels and how they are payed out. If they want to keep the impossible levels than add more skips. Great game! I recommend this to everyone!

- The game

The game is so good and it gives you good compliments about when you win and it gives you skip ideas and you don’t even have to start over sometimes

- It can be better

So it says u can draw a map but you can’t if you can pls update me on a comment also i i wish there could be players in it cause the games pretty boring also about the draw a map thing if it’s not true please stop putting adds and saying cool stuff that’s not true but if the creator sees this i want you to know if it’s not true can you update it


I love this game because it has so much creativity! Like, the puzzles they come up with, it’s just so creative, I also like what you did with the skins, I LOVE THIS SO MUCHHHH I am currently on level 200 within like 20 minutes of this game! OMG, this is just so gooddd. —Kittensworldofcats

- Deleted immediately

There was WAY too many ads in this game and they made you watch them every three or so levels. If you don’t want ads you need to pay like 8 dollars or something a month. DO NOT GET THIS GAME!!!

- Great Game But 1 Level Is Impossible to get Past

This is a great and really fun game but level 242 part 3 there is no absolute way to get past it. I have spent all of my coins reviving to get past it is impossible so if you get really good at this game don’t spend any coins on level 242 part 3.

- Impossible levels

I love this game don’t get me wrong but there on levels in this game that are impossible to beat. I’ve googled the levels and all of them say the levels are impossible to beat too. You have to watch a video to skip the level and half the time the video doesn’t work.

- To many adds

I love this game but the thing is that it can do without the adds other than that it is really fun,nice,and easy so if it had did not have that much adds I would rate it a five star game but because of the adds I rated it a four

- Impossible level

I absolutely love this game but I got to level 124 and the second part is completely impossible. The only way to pass it is to skip it. Why would you go in and create a completely impossible?!

- Too many adds

I don’t know if it’s just me but I got soo many adds. I got it as a fun way to kill time but I just got frustrated and deleted the game. Although I like the game it’s just got too many adds and I’m not going to wait after every other level and sit through and add to play the next level.

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Tomb of the Mask: Color 1.0.12 Screenshots & Images

Tomb of the Mask: Color iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Tomb of the Mask: Color iphone images
Tomb of the Mask: Color iphone images
Tomb of the Mask: Color iphone images
Tomb of the Mask: Color iphone images
Tomb of the Mask: Color iphone images
Tomb of the Mask: Color iphone images
Tomb of the Mask: Color iphone images
Tomb of the Mask: Color iphone images
Tomb of the Mask: Color iphone images
Tomb of the Mask: Color iphone images

Tomb of the Mask: Color (Version 1.0.12) Install & Download

The applications Tomb of the Mask: Color was published in the category Games on 2019-10-23 and was developed by Playgendary Limited [Developer ID: 1487320337]. This application file size is 161.16 MB. Tomb of the Mask: Color - Games app posted on 2020-10-27 current version is 1.0.12 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.happymagenta.totm2

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