Rope Rescue! - Unique Puzzle

Rope Rescue! - Unique Puzzle [Games] App Description & Overview

Rope Rescue will keep you hooked for hours!
Puzzle game with one finger control. Easy to play, hard to master.
Features unlimited gameplay.
Build your newest addiction!

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- Ads

When I saw the ad for this I thought why not let’s give it a try but then I saw the title for the game and I was 100% sure that I would get it but it lied it had a boy playing and winning the game with a title saying “Finally a game without Ads 😎” and second stage in I get a jigsaw puzzle ad and you have to pay for no ads like everything else I recommend you don’t get this game if you see that ad pop up

- Inappropriate ads shown during the game

I had to delete this from my son’s IPad due to ads for games that were inappropriate for the age range of this game. Ads were for games that are 17+while the game is for 9+

- It’s okay

Fun game for a while. But after a certain point the levels start over. The little people you can unlock are cool but the game is kind of boring overall.

- Kinda fun, but...

This game was fun for the first 50 levels or so, then it just started to get boring. All the levels are the same, and there are way too many adds. Also, I had just gotten the game and I was on level 62 then I exited out of it and when I opened the app again all my gems were gone, but it kept my level. The game is kinda fun, but I wouldn’t wast my time and get it, it’s not worth it.

- Still ads

I paid for no ads and they still pop up.

- Full of ads. Not fun at all

Game is full of ads for angry birds and whatnot after each level. Levels are not hard enough to stay engaged. Duped into thinking this would be fun. Would give zero stars if I could.

- Too many ads!

Too many ads!

- Sell outs

The game is fun but there is at least one 30 second add every two levels. You spend more times watching adds than playing the game.


I downloaded this game 10 minutes ago, it’s a fun game but there’s an ad between every level and the levels are super easy only taking like 2 minutes at the absolute longest. Very disappointed in all the ads

- To much BLOOD!!!’

There is so much blood

- Like the game

Decent game but it robs you every time you watch an add to get any bonus and freezes

- Bad. Boring.waste of my time

I do not like this game in my opinion. All it does is kill me and makes me mad this game is a waste

- Good game needs more diversity

It is all white people and white emojis Ain’t a broth’a in sight

- Fun, but plenty glitches

Too many adds and it won’t let me send the people.😒

- S2 e1 morning fun

It’s morning! Time to have fun with beanos me: beanos want to try RopeRescue? Beanos: yes trying the game I rhechd level 100 Me and beanos:reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Beanos: Drinking my water bottle me:beanos 😡😡😡😡😡

- Too many advertisements

Easier to close the app then watch/listen to the 99% of commercials that is in the game. Too many. Almost after every stage.

- Overwhelming Ads!!!

The game could be interesting by every 5-10 seconds of game play was followed by ads that took at least double that time. Let me at least see if I like it. Deleted it. Not worth the effort.

- Loved this game butttt...

Now with the new update.... lost all my diamonds and any that i gain doesn’t credit to my account .... I deleted and reloaded the game.... but it didn’t restore my no ads purchase and wants me to purchase it again.... I refuse to do that ... I’m sad.... I loved this game but unless things get fixed i won’t play it... though I’m thinking i won’t get a response to this.... as I’m just in person

- Ads!

In app ads = I delete the app...

- What’s wrong with you people? Why don’t you understand PEOPLE DON’T LIKE ADS!

Immediately deleted due to number of ads.

- Just an endless repetitive loop

Don’t buy the ad free version! This game repeats rather quickly. I’m on level 1001 and it seems to have recycled at least 10 times. Maybe the ads slow you down, and maybe that makes them more money. But I have wasted too much time playing the same levels over and over.

- Too many ads

This is a great game to pass time. Just do not have internet connected when playing or you get an ad after every level. It is major over kill with ads.

- Great game but...

I love this game but I am at level beyond 500 and I have realized that after you finish all the levels it just starts you over and still say level 600 but over all it is a great game and I don’t have and problem with the adds thx for reading have fun playing rope rescue🥳🥳🥳

- The levels are down right impossible

When I got this I thought it was good,

- Go stream BTS Map of the Soul: 7

Go stream BTS Map of the Soul: 7 also the game was chill

- Still seeing ads after paying

The game is good for something to pass the time. If you go with the free version, there are ads after every single level. If you pay to remove them, guess what? YOU STILL SEE ADS. Whenever you unlock anything, you can’t go to the next level without having to watch an ad. The whole idea of paying to remove the ads is to not have to watch them AT ALL, not just cut back to once every 4-5 levels. I want my $2.99 back.

- Higher levels are just repeats.

Fun quick game. The only problem is that the levels repeat after you get to a certain level. Should not have spent my money on it.

- Not challenging and too many ads!

You have to watch long ads between every level. As you play, the game doesn’t get harder. This has to be the most boring game I’ve ever played.

- Glitchy and too many ads

Every level you pass, you’re forced to watch 1-2 ads. It’s distracting and not enjoyable. I ended up deleting it.

- Play for 5 sec for 60 sec of ads. Nah.

Play for 5 seconds for 60 seconds of ads. Nah.

- Asset flip infested with ads

Literally an ad after every level with microscopic close buttons designed to trigger more ad clicks.

- Too many ads

There are 2 ads after every other level. The ads take more time than the levels.

- Lvl 351

It seems that at level 351 it starts you back on level 1. Tutorial on how the game is played and all 😂. For those complaining about the ads, close the app and reopen it. Literally takes like 5 seconds for it to start you over. As for the diamonds, don’t waste your time. Won’t keep a running tally...ever!

- Would be fun but too many ads

I get playing ads when a level is lost, but I don’t want to deal with 30 seconds of ads for every level. Played for 5 min and deleted just because of this.

- Super fun game

I turned off my internet and it worked great

- Good game but not complete

This is a really good game, I even paid for no ads. But after about level 350 it’s starts back to the tutorial and the levels start over. Hopefully they add more levels but until then I’m done with this game.

- To many ads

Understand having ads but the ads last longer than the rounds, ridiculous.


I play a 5 second round and every single time I get bombarded with three 10 second ads that I have to log out of to go back to the game. When did free version of games become this annoying?


Literally spent more time watching ads than playing the game, which was not challenging and disappointing. Deleted it!


Look there is this game called Zip line valley created 7 mounths age and a month later this game showed up its completely the same except Zip line doesn’t have half as many ads. Don’t believe me play it for yourself. And check the version history.

- Pathetic cash grab

The title says it all.

- All commercials

A 30 second ad after every level. EVERY SINGLE LEVEL. How about a little more gameplay?

- Works now

After I reviewed the game it worked

- Too many ads

One spends more time getting rid of the ads than playing. The game is entertaining but it gets tiring just trying to navigate thru the ads.

- Do not pay to go ad free

Loved the game, but I deleted it after I paid to go ad free and still have ads. Rip off deluxe. Keep trying to contact them to get my money back and the email address given doesn’t seem to work. Oh well, lesson learned. Too bad a good game is ruined by bad business practices.

- ☠️Blood & Gore!???

How do you put blood and gore in a game supposedly made for a 9 year old. Nobody’s paying attention to what their kids are actually being submitted to! #Oblivious

- It is not fun nor is it at all as advertised

Me no like

- Fun Game Bit Buggy

Game is a lot of fun , unfortunately even with the paid version you have to watch adds to collect points. The most recent update is buggy and points disappear and when watching adds I get errors and are never awarded points or character skins.

- Boring & toooooo many adds

At first I thought the game was really fun I used to play it all the time, but then adds just kept popping up and the levels were to hard or to easy, or had a glitch. If you don’t like any of these things in a game this game is not for you.

- Good Game

I think this is a good game but, I would have done 5 stars if the Ad wasn't so misleading. So in counclusion this a great game just the ad is a little misleading

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- It lies

Showed up as an add in another game. Advertised as “finally a game without adds”. It lied, it’s full of adds

- Too many ads

It’s generally a fun time-wasting game, but there’s an ad between literally every level. When a level takes fifteen seconds to complete and then you have to wait 30 seconds to get to the next level, it just becomes unplayable and irritating. Doubly so because the ads stop whatever you’re listening to.

- Play 10 seconds, watch 30 seconds add...

Another ploys to get you to watch adds for game that make you watch more adds... The snakes eat his own tail...

- Nice

Not to many adds but it is a little boring. And it hurts my hands a lot

- Great game but

Hi, so the game is great except I sometimes have trouble on levels which is normal but it’s frustrating. Really it’s just an awesome game that I love. -ROPE RESCUE

- Good game ruined by excessive ads!

You have to turn off BOTH your WIFI and data in order to stop the ads. I would give this 5 stars, but whoever programmed this game seriously has an unquenchable fetish for advertisements! Also, the game resets itself after level 200. So it’s a short-lived game.

- So cool !

It’s very a cool game you can play it every day

- Ads!!!!!

Way too many ads!

- Wayyyy tooo many ads

For every second level I play. I have to watch a 30 second video followed by another 10 second video. Waste of time.

- Too many ads!!!!!

The game is kind of cool but after each level there are bunch of ads!!! It's very annoying. Don't install if you don't want to pay.

- Lots of ads with a little bit of game

Would have been a great game if it were not for an in-skippable ad after every level.

- Ads to a new level

Completed a level. Got an ad. Waited for ad to load. Had to close out and go back in for ad to play. Waited for ad. Finally back to ga- nope, clicked “continue” and the same ad. Again. That didn’t load. Instantly deleted the app. It’s one thing to make money off constant ads, it’s another to make customers annoyed that playing your game isn’t worth their time. Rethink your marketing strategies.

- Advice this

Nothing but advertising. A constant banner and a 30 second video advertisement every other level.

- Endless ads

Played for 5 minutes. Fun game. ENDLESS ads!!

- Needs More Levels

Downloaded this and in less than 48 hours, once we hit level 350, all the levels after this restarted at level 1. Had all the skins by then as well. There is no where to go after this. Was very addictive and fun but is a very short lived game

- Way too many ads

This game is only here to force you to watch ads. It doesn’t get anymore challenging For every level I play that lasts 5 seconds I have to watch 2 ads this game isn’t worth wasting that much of my time

- Ad pops over game every 30 seconds

Horrible game! It literally has an ad pop up over the game almost after every second or third level!! An ad for other games! U can’t close it out! U click the X at top and it still there! U click on game anywhere and it takes u to App Store page to download that game!! Deleted this game after 5 minutes!!!!

- Waaaaayyyy too many ads

deleted within 5 min of playing

- Garbage

Played 4 levels got 3 30 second video ads. Total garbage.

- Far too many ads.

Every two levels you have to wait for ads. Deleted the app after level 8. Do not install.

- Too many ads

So many ads it was intolerable to play

- Crap

It as a publicity every match ... no way for me , more publicity than the game

- More advertising than gaming.

For every 10 seconds of gaming, you’ll have to sit through at at least 10 seconds of advertisements. Lame af.

- Great game BUT...

WAY too many ads! A 30 second ad after every level is way too many! I don’t care how good the game is, it’s not worth that many ads. Waste of time.

- I like it but.....

I like it but I don’t like how the girls have big red lips and the boys have beards

- One level = One 30 seconds ad

Need I say more? I don’t mind for a free game to have ads every 5 or 10 levels. But every single one? It makes the game unplayable

- 🛎🛎Scam Alert🛎🛎

So, I was doing this quite hard level and when I failed it said at the bottom, “Watch ad to skip level” so I watched an ad, when it was done, I go back to playing and it didn’t skip the level!!!!! That is a scam of wasted time!!! Not happy!!!

- Game review

Not bad

- If to menu adds are shown read this

If there are to many adds showing turn of the wifi and it will still work and no adds (:

- Won’t work

I just got the game and it won’t let me draw the rope. I wanna give no stars but it won’t let me

- Way too many ads

The game is like 30 seconds and the ad is for every game and lasts 30 secs. Haven't seen any game with so many ads. Kind of annoying...uninstalling.

- Ads

Good game but the ads are way too much.

- it's great

it's a really fun app, however there are a few problems - there are way too many ads. i don't mind watching ads to support different apps, but when there is a 15 second add after EVERY level, now that's excessive. also, the game freezes. you can barely play it! for the time i was playing, the game is great. please fix this!!!

- Can’t draw a rope 😡

I’m stuck in the first level because the rope drawing mechanics are on break apparently


I can Evan play this game! And I want my money 💰 back!!!!!!!!!!! This game is like sh💩t because it is 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😩😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠🥵😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😱😱😱😱🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 I see that other people sent crap 💩 to you because this stupid game can’t freaking work I hate it and always will No one likes it

- Here you go

All you have to do is turn off your wifi no ads.

- Way to many ads!!

Seriously there is a new ad every 2nd level. This game is fun and has potential but omg put an ad every 10 levels but every two is way to excessive.

- Crashes

Nonstop crashing can’t even play the game

- Game glitch

I didn’t get any ads I just kept getting kicked out of the game anytime I touched the screen. Not fun

- Crash

The game crashes every 2 minutes it’s getting on my nerves!

- Fun but easy

It’s a really fun game! ..but it’s quite easy. Made it to level 300 and then it just repeats all over.

- Bug

This game bugs literally all the time like I can’t even play for 2 minutes without a bug

- Terrible

your game suks after 200+ levels

- Crashes A Lot

I have volunteered QC check on the game, Graphics are so good, user friendly design and very addictive. Few problems i found, game level got passed even before everyone has reached destination along with that i have been experiencing a lots of crash randomly.

- Stupid

Your game is making me angry. All it does it freezes and quits. What the hell is wrong with it. I’m level 213???

- Terrible implementation

Game crashed in the first 30 seconds and every time it was opened the same happened. Don’t download.

- Freeze

The game always freeze. Can’t finish level 2. Pretty strange. Doesn’t look serious. Made to show ads.

- Freezes

This game literally freezes every 2 seconds it’s unplayable

- Freezing

App freezes all of the time when you are playing.

- Too much ads and game has no challenge

The game is dummy easy and has an ad after every level, so you complete like a 20 second level and have to watch an 1 minute ad. Stupid game

- It’s really fun

For me this game is really addicting and fun, I can really play this games all day long. I love the different characters there is ( the characters are really cute). It’s a very fascinating game and doesn’t bore me at all I really enjoyed it.

- Ads are too invasive

You spend 30-60 seconds per level, then have to watch a 15-30sec ad. Also half the time if you fail a level you get an ad. $5 for an idle game is too much for ad removal. Shame.

- Umm idk

Hey creator of this game make the blood realistic or die

- Don’t download 😂😂

So many adds, found I was waiting for the adds to load before I even got to play the game, instant delete 👎👎👎👎

- Deleted because of the ads

Guys, when a level takes 5-15 seconds to solve, but between each level is a 30 second ad, you have a major problem. Added to that the fact that the X to close the ads is buggy and just keeps sending you to the App Store instead of shutting the ads down, and you wind up annoying your users to the point where deleting the game is their best option. You have a bit of work to do to fix this if you want happy users. See ya later.

- Too many ads

The game itself would be okay but it is inundated with ads. After almost every level. You can tell this game is geared to profit from ads or people trying to remove them. The game would be better if it focused more on the gameplay itself.


Plz I love this game but plz no more adds it is driving ME ANd UTHER PEOPLE NUTS like plz fix this game no adds plz from hallie and pls do not rost my righting I am only grade 3 and I am only 8

- Repeats

I’m with Brooke. Im past level 400 and now playing all the levels again.

- To many ads

What ever you do don’t pay for this game. I paid and I still get ads. I collect pink diamonds and it’s for no reason. I’ve played the same puzzle at different levels. I’m now deleting as I can’t find anything worthwhile in this game to keep it.

- There are bugs

There is a bug in level 336

- Level 54 is not possible and is zoomed in too far to actually work on iPhone.

I would send a screen shot. But only after YouTubing the walk through did I realise the screen in the iPhone didn’t fit the whole level.

- So many ads!

Fun game but so many ads... all the time, and they are the sort of ads you have to watch for up to 30 seconds before the ‘x’ appears. You spend about half the time waiting for the repetitive annoying adds to finish between levels and when you need to restart levels. If there were no ads this would have been a 5 but as I played it only half the time, it gets 3.

- Buggy

This game is quite fun and addictive when it works. I have had my gems balance disappear, shown ads after paid for them to be removed (incidentally why do I have to wait for the next level if I paid!?) and the rope sometimes goes offset from my finger which makes it hard to route. It’s like it’s detecting my finger somewhere else on my screen (iPhone X, iOS 13.3) Fix these bugs and you’d have a 5 star game, also maybe add some sound effects?

- Fun, but too many adds

Adds after almost every level

- Too many ads

Otherwise I’d keep this game

- Don’t get no adds

I got this app and paid for the no adds version. Still get adds for other games. I feel ripped off.

- Can you disable ad sounds

Good game but can you please disable ad sounds???? Even if my phone is on silent the ads are SO LOUD and I can’t play at all in public!

- Still getting adds

Paid $4.99 to remove adds. Still getting adds....

- Still seeing ads

This game is very addictive and I went a week using the free version until I decided I could take seeing the same ads Over and over again so I purchase the app but even after purchasing I’m still getting adds. Why ????

- Ads

The game is ok, but the advertisements are relentless. Played for a bit but am deleting now.

- I love this game!

I love this game and I'm already on level 200 not because it's easy because it's fun so I keep on playing also I already have played for 2 days. From lylah.

- Ads! Ads! Ads!

Same few levels that repeat over and over and over with A LOT of ads! Fun for the first 10mins then it’s like Groundhog Day in-dispersed with ads

- Okay but a bit laggy and too much adds

You can see from te stars and the title that I don’t really like this game. It’s really glitchy and there’s to much adds. I recommend you turn your internet off and then play the game.It removes your adds but not advertisements. If the developers see this I just want them to know! But it’s a nice game🥳

- Al a bit easy

I got board as the puzzles were getting too easy. Lots and lots of adds too. Can’t help but feel this app is really about the adds and less about the game.

- If you don’t mike adds do this

If you don’t like adds and they are annoying to you turn off mobile data and wifi and no adds

- Great concept but gameplay lacking

I really like the concept of the game and the challenge of setting up a rope around obstacles to save people. The game is generally responsive and you can control how many people you send down the rope at once with a tap/long press. However, there are a range of issues with the way the game plays. For starters, the levels don’t seem to increase in complexity the higher you go. Some challenges are super easy and some are difficult, but overall most fell on the easy side and you can complete them in seconds. Also, I got up to level 300+ and it started to feel like the challenges were repeating. This is because the game doesn’t really grow with you and add new obstacles. You can also move the rope between sending people down it, which to me feels like cheating and although I tried to solve each without doing this, sometimes I had to because I couldn’t find another way. I would have liked to see the rope fixed in place for that turn. The game allows you to sacrifice people in order to save others and in some levels, requires you to do so because there is no other way to solve it. There are also a couple of glitches in levels where it appears either the map is overdrawn on the screen or there is no actual way to solve it with the map provided and you have to skip it and are forced to watch a video. There is no menu to restart the game, move back and forth through levels or customise it in any way. I paid for the “no ads” option but you are still forced to watch ads in certain circumstances, which is a bit misleading. Plenty of potential, but needs a free upgrade to solve some of these issues.

- Ads

If you play this game for 20 mins you will watch 15 mins of ads, what a joke!

- So many adds

Deleted the game ! So many adds you can’t play game or enjoy it. Don’t download it waste of time !

- Waste of time

Every time you pass a level a ad comes on and even when you try and push the x in the corner to close it, it takes you to the App Store to download the advertised app!! Zero patience and can’t friggen play the damn game!!

- To many adds

To many adds, it’s really frustrating to try and get into the game with so many adds.

- Toooo many adverts.

An add for another game shows up between nearly every level. Then an ad for TikTok. Basically there’s an ad for something between EVERY level. I’ve spent more time waiting for the timers on ads to count down than I have playing the game. Spamming me with ads will not get me to pay $4.49 for what is essentially a simple game. And yes I get it’s also challenging which is what I liked about it.

- Easy way to avoid ads

So like everyone else that’s reviewed this game, I am incredibly annoyed by the amount of ads. So instead of wasting 25 seconds of my life, I just kill the app on my phone and reopen it. Takes 5 seconds. It’s still annoying having to do that but it sure saves time and I feel like I’m winning somehow.

- Potential is there but

So many adds whilst playing sometimes appear half way through you playing a section.

- I’m sure it’s great!🙂🙂🙂

Well I haven’t played it yet but from a few reviews it tells me the game is great but other tell me there’s something wrong well my complain is that the game takes up too much storage. Look if you made this game too get money then make the storage lower so more people get the app and you get the more money sound good? I would like too see a few changes when I try getting the app again thanks for doing the best you can though and please listen to what other people tell you to do

- Needs update

If the ads don’t run you off then the amount of times the game freezes will. I love this game! I just can’t play it more than a minute at a time because the game will freeze up and need restarting. Then when it restarts you get another. I get why apps have ads and totally not a problem if the game worked better

- Wack

The puzzles are repeated over and over and over, only problem is that they aren’t challenging at all, plonk it down in front of a 3 year old would probably take 2 minutes to figure it out.

- ruined by intrusive ads

the people artwork inspired by keith haring is compelling, the lemmings-like gameplay is great.... but the abrupt intrusive advertising made me uninstall it rapidly

- Crashes

Crashes every level

- Freezing!

It’s a good game but freezes every now and then. Gets very frustrating.

- Wasted potential

This game has lots of potential, but doesn’t quite get there. Paid for ad free play, because there were ads too frequently. But now I realised I shouldn’t have wasted my money. Lots of levels are repeated, and on the levels where gems are earned, it never gives me as many as I actually collected, only 66. Bit of a shame for an expensive game.

- No

I guess it’s a fairly good game but the game keeps crashing and freezing it’s awful.

- Keep freezing

App keep shutting down

- Ridiculous amount of ads

When you look at more ads than game it’s time to give up. This is a cute game but the ads are just out of will be deleted

- Fix your game

Keeps crashing

- Crashing

It keeps crashing. I can only do 2 or so levels and it either freezes or shuts down.

- Unstable

Keeps hanging/crashing even after IOS was updated.

- Freezes

Game constantly freezes. Have to restart the app all the time.

- Good game poorly executed

Game is fun but effectively s platform for ads, which is nothing new but couple this with constant freezes and crashes makes the experience pretty poor

- Fun game

This is a good game but it freezes and crashes occasionally

- Wouldn’t bother

Unless you want to pay for this game it is riddled with adds (I was lucky to get through 2 levels before being stung with a 30sec add) and it crashes more often than a 90yr old whose trying to reverse park.... A zero star for me

Payoneer 💰

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- Too many ads

Cute game, but two ads between very short levels is a bit much.

- Great game, too many ads

In 20 minutes spent playing the game 15 minutes of them were spent watching ads for other games. Not worth the time.

- Ads. Ads everywhere.

This game and all the games affiliated are just click bait to get you to watch nonstop ads after each level.

- Don’t waste your time.

Way too many advertisements to deal with.

- Ads every other level

Don't get this. You will spend more time waiting for ads to finish than playing.

- Too many ads

I’m fine with ad’s, but there’s an unskippable 20-30 second ad between every minute of actual gameplay. Some ad’s say they can be skipped at the cost of forfeiting rewards, but choosing that option still gives an ad, you just don’t get a reward. As a software developer, this is one of my biggest pet peeves, it’s intentionally misleading, and it’s aim is to steal the users time. If you’re going to show an ad anyway, just show it, don’t trick the user into thinking they have an option. There’s a fine line between trying to get fair compensation for ones work, and gouging the user for every second you can, and the devs crossed that line miles ago.

- Too many in app purchase offers

I love these kinds of puzzle games, but this one has too many “commercials”! It gets really frustrating. I find myself shutting it down after one or two levels because it seems like all I’m doing is watching ads for other games. I get it that they need to make money.

- Good but adds

Me personally hated adds I get people need money but theirs to many adds I have to put it on airplane mode in order to play without having to have adds

- Fun

Games fun but the ads are super excessive. Play a round, ad. Finish the next round, ad. Failed the round and go to try again, guess what? Ad!

- Clunky and glitchy

As with any game, this one draws you in and gets you to keeping playing. However, I got to level 166, and it started glitching around one of the circles. It will also sometimes be zoomed in for some reason, and you cannot finish the course. Makes the game unplayable. Unfortunately, I will not be playing this game anymore.

- Too many ads

I get it- it’s a free game. It is cute and could keep me occupied for a while but after every level there are not just one ad, but two or three. So if a level takes you ten seconds to complete it, you are waiting for double and triple that time to get to the next level. Nope. Delete.

- Very limited

They only have a very limited amount of levels they just keep restarting them. Not worth the money at all.

- I can’t get passed level 89?

There is literally no way to complete this level please help

- So many adds

Literally played for 30 mins and must have watched an add for every level that I played. 40 something levels, with 40 something g adds. Might as well be spam! Bye c o c k s u c k e r s!

- Fun times


- Fun, but run out of levels pretty quick.

This game is fun. Nothing too challenging that you won’t get past it. I’m up to level 400 and around level 350 the game literally went back to what looks like level 1. So basically it’s fun for about a day or so before you run out of new levels.

- Just like everyone else

The levels are not hard whatsoever. You’re just like every other company, you put no effort in to the quality and or difficulty of the game, all you care about is ad revenue. The first 5 seconds in to the game an ad popped up and I’ve already turned cellular data use off. Disappointment just like everyone else 👎.

- Unplayable with Ads

The ads after practically every level makes this game virtually unplayable. Incredibly annoying. I

- Fun, fast, addicting, some bugs

This game is so much fun. Each level is just puzzling enough to be entertaining while still being easy enough to quickly move through levels. I’ve had this game for a while now and have had a lot of fun with it. The rumble is really nice and the skins you can unlock are funky and fun and *somewhat* diverse. A few things: at some levels (only like 3 out of the 350 I’ve played), the rope cuts through a circular wall instead of wrapping around it, which clearly should not be happening and is just a little bug. Second, there are LOTS of ads but I find this common in games and generally play on airplane mode to avoid this. Last and most importantly, the levels START OVER at level 350. I mean like, it goes right back to the first tutorial level while calling itself “level 351.” That stinks. I felt like levels were beginning to repeat a little bit but it was necessary to save more people in those levels so I let it slide. Now they are just all back to the easy beginning levels and it’s like it started over. It was fun while it lasted.

- Garbage ad click bait

Can't play the game for more than two levels before it locks onto an ad that you can't get out of. SCAMMER TRASH!

- Advertisement every 15 seconds

Who the hell wants to watch an ad every 15 seconds.

- Fun game when you actually play.

Way to many ads. Cannot enjoy the game.

- Great Game, Lots of Ads

This is such a fun game, but there is a long advertisement for other games after every single level. It makes it kind of hard to binge on and get into a groove because the ads are about 50% of the time spent on this app.

- Beware

Tons of fake reviews that can’t acknowledge the constant pop up of ads.

- Deleted!

In 8 levels I watched 6 or 7 ads, shortest one about 7-8 seconds! No thanks!

- Ads

Way to many ads. Fun for 3 minutes then erased because of ads. I spent more time watching ads then playing.

- Game=great ..ADS=HORRIBLE

You have to watch 2 ads for every one level you complete. So Annoying and makes the game worthless!

- Could be fun but...

Waaaaaasy too many really irritating try-out-the-video-game ads. So many it seems fishy. Too bad.

- Bad! Endless ads. Boring game


- Fun, but slightly annoying

It’s a really captivating game. I played quite a few levels (around 100), but I couldn’t deal with how choppy it played. Much larger, complicated, and detailed games on my phone don’t lag as bad at this one does. Also, the ads are a bit much. I understand having to watch an ad or two here and there, but this is a level: watch an ad. Restart a level: watch an ad. Skip a level: watch an ad. Claim a prize you’ve won: watch an ad. There’s really nothing else you can do in the game but those things. Be prepared to watch more ads than play the game.

- Fun game... too short

The game is fun. Addicting. Intuitive. I even paid the 2.99 to get rid of the ads. But I am on level 717 and I’ve been playing the same 150 levels over and over again. I mean, at least get rid of the training level - I wish there were more levels. I wish some were more challenging. The only crazy challenge I’ve come across is on the second or third turn, I came across the game improperly formatted onto my phone on some levels - making it impossible loop around the circles on the sides - which lead me to watch the stupid ad I paid to opt out of to skip the level

- Fun but WAY too many ads!

Every level you complete (which takes 10 seconds) you have to watch an ad.

- ads ugh!

Way too many ads that take too long to get through.

- Crippling Ads

Entertaining game but so many ads playing is a miserable experience.

- Ads

Way too many ads

- Good game too many ads

Great game. Very addictive but the fun is ruined by too many ads.

- Too many ads

Every 2-3 levels so every minute practically you get ads for tother games, game is unenjoyable due to the bombardment of ads

- Adds

I love the game but it has to much adds but I love it still don’t buy it 🦄🍬🍤🍪

- More ads than game.

The concept behind this game is really cool and I would love to play it. However it’s clearly just a cash grab by a developer who is more interested in a quick buck than entertaining an audience. There are at least 30 seconds of unskippable ads after every single level, and the levels only take about 5 seconds to beat. You will spend far more time watching ads than actually having any fun.

- So many in game ads its not worth it

The game looks fun. Puzzle games are great. But theres an ad after almost every level and it blows. Byeee

- Holy pop ups

Game could have been fun but I was overwhelmed with ads before even doing 3 lvls. Too bad won't ever look at it again.


There are way too many adds. Every other level you have to watch 15 seconds of advertising. It’s way too much.

- Boring and loaded with ads.

A middle school kid could code this game. It’s a platform for advertisements.

- Too many ads

Game is fun, but the ads make it super annoying. Every few seconds there is an ad. 🤦🏻‍♂️

- Bummed I can’t save gems

Addictive game and fairly straightforward, it is fun to stretch my mind and try to think outside the box to solve the puzzles. But every time I close the game I lose all the gems from the previous day. I can’t save them to buy a new skin.

- Fun game but wayyy too many ads

You can barely finish one level without there being an ad and even if you fail the level there’s an ad before you can play again. Can’t deal with it anymore

- Nice game too many ads

The game was really good. But after every level there is at least one or two ads. So you’re having to wait 10 to 30 seconds for them go away. When you try to skip/exit the ad another one pops up. Decided to delete due to the overwhelming amount of adds.

- Waste of time

Not much to this game at all. No sound to it. Each level is simple, does not challenge the player. There levels that give the player to get gems to use on skins, but you can never use them unless you purchase gems with real money. The one thing that stands out above all is the amount of ads that occur. DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER TO DOWNLOAD THIS SAD EXCUSE OF A GAME.

- Ads

Paid to have ads removed, but still show up every 5 minutes. What did i pay for?

- Too many adds

Their is an add at almost every level. Like the in the beginning. It’s just tutorial levels like of look what you can do and what is bad. Adds at like every one. Retry a level add, skip a level, add, beat one add. It Ruins the game. Removed

- Lags and quits

While playing the game it randomly quits midgame

- Crashes

One game or just opening and it just freezes and you have to completely shut it down and try again sine times a few tries.

- Way to many ads

This game has way to many ads, it makes gameplay take forever and way to tedious and I enjoyable.

- Buggy

Crashed too many times in the first few minutes of use. Uninstalled.

- Crash crash crash.....

From the first time I started playing it it would crash after every single level. Too bad. I thought it looked like a fun game.

- Try this then

Guys if there’s “too many ads” as you guys say try turning off your internet maybe that’ll work AND STOP COMPLAINING THE GAME IS GREAT

- A simple solution

I’ve noticed that all the reviews are complaining about the ads. Well, all you really have to do is turn off Wi-Fi, since this game doesn’t need it. You’re welcome! :3


Way to many adds! Stop this please it would make more people like and want to the the game more

- Loads of ads Synnovê Oct. 13

Most games usually already have lots of ads. It’s a common issue. Please cut back on the ads a little Thanks so much, Niko 👍

- Ads

Beaucoup trop de pub, vraiment beaucoup trop

- WAAAAAAY too many ads

Fun game but when well over 50% of the time is ads?

- Jason

Really like the game but it keeps lagging the farther I get

- Too many ads and very repetitive

This game is pretty fun but there’s way too many ads appearing after you complete a level. Also very repetitive, levels are the same after like level 30... Good game, just not enough levels and ruined by ads

- Bad

This game started off fine in concept as a great way to kill time but the endless amount of ads plus a lot of level being close to impossible or just nerve racking, makes it a horrible game.

- Ads


- Too many ads

Too many ads, disgusting!

- Too many ads

Ok game. Too many repetitive ads. 15 second game - 1 min of ads. Deleted.

- Awesome Game... When you can Play

Love the game, it’s very addictive and easy to get hooked... when you can play. Every. Single. Level that is completed (about 30sec) is accompanied by 2 screens of ads that are about 15 seconds. I have no problem watching ads to support free programs however there needs to be a balance on how much gameplay you have vs. The unending barrage of ads you get. May redo a load this game again once the ads go down however I have better things to do with my time than to download adware.

- Unreal crap

If you love playing 5 seconds of a game then watching 30 seconds of a ad, then 5 seconds of a game and another 30 seconds of a ad then go ahead and download this crap. Or if your a advent ad watcher then this game is for you.

- Bad

Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad sooooooo bad

- Ad Storm

I don't know who is rating this app but this is a an awful ad trap, play a level, watch a video, play a 10 second demo of some other game, launch the app store, navigate back to the app, play for 10 seconds and repeat. This is an example of the absolute worst behaviors of today's garbage clogging up the app store.

- Just a money grab for ads

Really not that hard but on the level where you collect gems you only get 66 even though you can collect over 100. Only allowed 66. No point to this game. Lots of ads.

- Nice game but ads after each 1-2 levels!!

Great game but so much ads I uninstalled it...

- Cool game too many ads

The game is really cool but all the ads ruining it. I will desinstall this game because of that it's very enoying!

- Another way to watch ads

As with so many games all this game is, is advertising with some gameplay around it. Much more time watching ads than playing the game.

- Meh

It’s an awesome game if like an ad popping up every second level. Another garbage ad based game

- Terrible Ad time

Just downloaded the game. 3 level watched a 30second ad. Clicked the ‘X’ and then continue and another 30 second ad. Deleted app.

- Glitch

I loved the game I couldn’t get enough until level 153 you can’t beat it. You have to collect 30 people but there is only 2 people you have to collect on your way, no matter what you are short 2 people by the end but you can’t collect anybody else

- More level

I played to lv 100 and it just repeats

- Every two levels is an ad

No thx

- Advertisement after advertisement

Well it is good but advertisements are crazy

- Nice little game, but it’s death by advertising...sooooo many ads

You’ll spend more time watching ads than playing.

- Welcome to the ad game!!!

Unplayable with so many adds

- Too many pub.....

All these pubs makes this funny game enoying....

- 👎🏻

À Nice game, but sooooooooo much publicity

- So many ads

Makes no sense, the game is rated 4.6 stars and all the reviews are 1 to 2 stars. They must have a bot army or there didn’t use to be that many ads. There is a ridiculous amount of ads and no way to pay to remove them. The game is practically unplayable unless you want to spend 30 seconds watching an ad between 15 second levels.

- Just a platform for ads

The actual game play is good, but having to watch two ads after each level is BS. Then I couldn’t find an option to pay to get rid of ads

- OMG the Ads

This game is not worth the trouble. After you complete 2 or 3 levels you are subjected to Ads. Game deleted!

- Ads ruin it

Fun game. But not worth the amount of ads! Deleted it

- Ridiculous amount of ads!!

Pointless downloading this as you play a level and have to wait on two long ads... holy #%&$! And sometimes opens App Store to download app that I never even clicked on... simmer down the ads now


Should have read the reviews first. The first levels are easy you literally spend more time waiting for ads than actually playing. Do not bother.

- Short term

If you turn wifi off while playing you dont get ads. But the levels repeat too often and no way to select the more challenging levels.

- Too many ads

Can’t even play it there’s so many ads.

- J

How tf is this game 9+ there’s so much blood it’s ridiculous and there’s too many ads

- Ads

Deleted due to so many ads.

- Garbage

20 sec of adds for every 5 sec of play.

- Is it a game or a commercial?

Really fun and addictive game but it is overloaded with ads and no way to turn them or there sound off.

- Forces ads a few second of gameplay

Forced 30 sec ads after litterally the first 20 sec of gameplay. Deleted, beu-bye

- 4 ads per minute! Disgusting!

4 ads per minute, disgusting!

- Ads????

Ads, ads, ads.... too many

Libertex 📈

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- A tip

Too many ads? Turn on airplane mode.

- Minor grievances

I don’t mind the ads, but I’ve noticed that after Level 350 the levels seem to become piss easy. I don’t know if this is intentional, but otherwise a great game for periodically playing while in quarantine!

- Good

It isa very good game something u will enjoy

- But....

It’s great but.. it froze And I got it like 5 minutes ago. Ok And TOO MUCH ADS!!!!! FIx these I’ve been reading LuckyLooters reviews it said things like TO MUCH ADS!! And to much ads Fix it BBBBBBYYYYYYYEEEEEE

- More ads than game

Ads after EVERY level. Deleted.

- It ok. Fun at first then samey

Concept is awesome, creativity lacking. 350 ‘levels’ before it restarts back to the most basic and calls it 351 Also some of those ‘levels are clearly repeats of previous ones.

- Da

It’s a really good game and I can not believe I never download it when I had the chance

- Good game too many adds

This is a good game and I would play it but after every single round ended I had 1-5 adds to skip though before I could continue playing. I would love the game with out the adds.

- ???

U have three lives when u can only die once, pirates don’t exist anymore and... why can they be saved by a helicopter???


If you like Ads, you’ll love this App because there is more Ad time than game time!

- Good

Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood gameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

- Ads

Far far far too much ads.if there were no ads I’d love it.but because of ads I hate it. Total let down 😕😕😕😕😡😡😡👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👍👎

- Do not pay for no ads

Paid £2.99 to have no ads and there are still ads. Total con

- It’s fun and addictive

So many ads even if you die after 2 seconds you have to wait and watch another 30 seconds of ads. I ended up paying the 2.99 for no add and then I started flying through the levels. Then they started repeating the selves, think I would of rather complete the game than replay them all at level 400 The first couple of thundered levels are good fun

- Good game ruined by ads

Can’t blame them for sticking ads in - but 10 secs watching an ad when you hit “retry” is too much. Otherwise, good fun

- Toooo many ads

Too many ads and it’s nothing brilliant that I’d pay to stop them... delete

- My Thoughts :)

So I saw about 2 reviews one saying it was quite bad (A) and another saying it was quite good (B). I agree with (A) saying there’s a lot of ads and the levels are quite easy, Though (B) said it was a good addictive game and that it cures your boredom😁So I would suggest this game to you and give it a 4.5♥️

- Good game too many ads

Spent more time watching ads than playing the game

- Inappropriate ads unsuitable age rating

This game looks fun, but the fact it is showing 17+ ads every level is frightening given it’s age 9 rating. I also think because people are “dying/not being saved” in this game the age rating should be higher. Really disappointed by this developers morals and care over young children’s minds.

- Ads every 15 seconds

I spent more time waiting for a mini game ad to timeout than I did actually playing it. Way to kill it!

- This game is an ad

With the sheer amount of ad’s, I feel like this game itself is an ad for other games. The frequency and length of ad’s makes this game unbearable.

- Good game, FAR TOO MANY ADS!

The idea of the game is good, and would be addictive if there wasn’t ads after every level. Ruins it, you can’t skip them, and each one of 30 seconds.

- Far too many adds

Literally a advert after every level, thanks but no thanks. I get it’s a free app but really don’t think it has to be that frequent, uninstalled due to this annoying feature.

- Ok

This game gets on your nerves but is soothing to play

- This advert may include occasional gameplay

Enjoyable premise but I had to delete as there just weren’t enough adds included in between levels.

- Great game but incompatible with iPhone X

Would love to do, but screen is cut on the edges and you can’t play on iPhone X beyond level 17... Shame. Good otherwise

- Screen size?

iPhone 11 and some of the levels are too wide so they don’t fit on the screen and I am now on one where it’s impossible as a result. Was a good game up to this point.

- .

It a good and new idea. The problem is that it has lots of ad.

- Gets boring

This game WAS a good game for me but it needs more levels it repeats levels a lot it is also a little laggy but I can understand that It’s good for a short time

- Stop with the adverts already!

I don’t mind the odd advert, I get the free game, use the add revenue, but this game takes the piss with the continue changed to a link to catch you to click out of app and 30s adds every other level. It may get better, but I’m not hanging about to find out. App deleted

- Too many ads spoil the game

This could be a great game, but there are way too many ads, and for me that makes it a waste of time. Why do they put so many ads on games? Do they really believe that people want to see them, or that they might respond to them? It’s a shame, but this is another game that gets deleted from my phone...

- Great game

I got to 350 and it started again from the beginning, but continues 351, 352 etc but it’s the same as the first few levels. Are there going to be more levels added to the game? It’s really good, and this I think is my first review on any IOS game

- Good game

I like this game… …but it won’t let me install it

- Addictive but ad’s crashing will annoy you.

Very addictive game, only has 350 levels then it resets. Level 351 is actually level 1 and so on...

- Not bad

Not a bad game but far too many ads to be worth tolerating and not good enough to warrant paying for game without ads. So I think I will be deleting

- Still adverts!!!

So I was enjoying the game so much but getting annoyed with the adverts so paid the £2.99 There are still moments where I have to sit through stupid adverts that I’m not wanting and have paid to not get!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬 Also close the game and start again you lose all the diamonds you’ve worked so hard to get!!! I’d give more stars when these are sorted out!!

- My daughter enjoyed it a lot more than me

It’s alright if you’re 7 years old but I smashed through it super quick despite the constant stream of ads. Unfortunately after about a week of play the game come to an abrupt end. It really wasn’t worth giving into the constant ads to pay £2.99 for the game to simply finish. End of!

- Too many ads

It’s a fun game, ruined by an excessive number of ads. Some of the ads play sound, even when my iPhone is fully muted. Some can’t be skipped and are 30seconds long. Some have fake close buttons, which take you to the AppStore to download the advertised game. These ads play after almost every level, and sometimes when you fail a level. I’ve now deleted it, as the time actually playing is about 10% of the time spent on the app.

- Good game but

There’s a few fatal flaws with this game, first being the amount of ads, to put it lightly there’s loads of them. Which can definitely ruin the game for lots of players. One thing that made this game mind numbing was around the mid 100s, the game just repeats levels. This was disappointing as I managed to make it to level 1000 despite the infinite loop of identical levels.

- Unplayable due to so many ads

Avoid this game. It’s just a short level then a long add, rinse and repeat. I’d buy it but the level of ads has put me off even giving it a go longer term.

- Way to many ads average game

Ads after almost ever level, could be a good game otherwise

- Guys seriously

To turn the adds of literally turn of WiFi

- Could be better than OK....but isn’t

Could be better if it was even slightly challenging. Also way too many ads - 30 second add after every other 20 second round. No need

- Good game, stupid amount of ads

Good game but the adverts are infuriating. I spent as much time playing it as I did watching adverts. Deleted now and won’t bother again.

- Ok I guess

Game I will admit is addictive. The characters are great and looks funny when they flow down the rope but it's seems a lot of levels are repeated and when you get to level 351 its starts from beginning again so not impressed. Far too many ads!

- Great game, intrusive and lengthy adverts

The game is a great concept and great fun but the ratio of playing the game and being forced to watch adverts is very much in the adverts favour and completely spoils it. I’ve actually started a subscription with Apple Arcade for mobile games because I’m so sick of adverts. It wouldn’t be so bad if this game had an option to pay to remove adverts but alas, they would clearly make more from the hugely irritating and intrusive advertising. Poor show, uninstalled after five minutes of play.

- Too many ads

The game is not bad, but there are too many ads (one after every level) - and they are repeating the same thing. Otherwise the game itself is okay.

- Good game

A good game, entertaining but after level 350 it just starts back again at level 1 so never really gets very difficult and is effectively completed in a few hours

- Good but ads irritating!

It’s a good game, but even when you pay for the no ads version you still get ads popping up, with no x in the corner to clear the ad, and theyre cleverly disguised as a ‘reward’ sometimes too. So it was pointless paying for the no ad version really. I just Close the app as soon as one comes up. Very irritating

- Edylc

To many adverts

- Freezes flat out

The game freezes constantly nearly every level. And so many ads. That game itself is good but the it need bug fixes

- Too many ads!!

That’s all. Just too. Many. ADS!!

- Full of ads

It is full of ads. I hate that. I deleted 5 mins after installing.

- Bugs out a lot

I found this game super interesting and unique. However, following every ad (which there are a lot) it bugs out and need to close and reopen the ap. Enjoyable game but this makes it unusable.

- Ads- the game!

There’s a fun game here, but pointless in playing because you are forced to watch minute long ads every 3 levels. When you Fail a level- watch an ad. When you Skip a level- watch an ad. Open the app- watch an ad. You literally spend more time watching ads than getting to play the game

- Good game but always freezing

It’s good game but too many ads and always crush.

- Glitchy

This app would be ace if it didn’t continue to pause mid game 🤬

- Technical issues

I like the game but it keeps freezing every two levels and I need to exit and restart the app to keep playing.

- Horrible

Every level i have togo out of the app and swipe up because it keeps stopping like every single minute

- Good but repetitive

Great game for killing time . Although I have reached the end of the game with the levels being repetitive and I am now bored with the game. Simple and easy game with only a handful of challenging levels. More challenging levels are required

- Way too many ads

Having an ad pop up after every level becomes tiresome. Sometimes its 2 or 3 ads in a row...

- You just have to add these invasive ads

I understand if you want to use ads but this is just too much

- Good but repetitive

Definitely my favourite game but I am at level 533 and I’ve been through the same levels over and over again, 3 times. As I’ve done the 1st level three times as it has come up with the signs showing how to play even though I am at level 533. The game is good and fun but the levels are getting boring now cause I’ve done them before. Please add new levels to game and not be repetitive with the same levels. Thank you

- Too much ads

It’s alright, it’s not challenging at all, if you think this is a brain teaser then your dumb asf. My only problem with this game is you get an ad after pretty ever level and it’s annoying

- Need update.

I am at level 500+. I am playing the same repeated level many times. Please update the game.

- Ads

Way too many ads

- Too many ads

Too many ads. Play two, get 30 second ad. Absolute waste of time


Do not recommend at all, so many ads to the point where it’s basically unplayable, you watch a 30 second ad then another one pops up. Ugh so ridiculous.

- Not my type of game

:/ don’t really like it

- So many ads. So many ads that ignore volume settings

I suspect this could be a fun game if I had three minutes without ads to explore it.

- Too many ads

Great game but way too many ads to be enjoyable.

- Too many long ads and too simple

The ads are long and there are way too many off them. The levels are a bit too simple. There are at least two other games exactly like this in the App Store.

- Add overkill

Only gets 1 star, talk about add over kill! that’s one way to kill a good game


Other than the game being relatively good there are WAY TO MANY ADS AND NOT EVEN ALLOWING A REMOVE ADS PURCHASE THIS IS TERRIBLE THERE ARE TOOOO MANY ADS! I hope you enjoy your ad revenue! 😤

- Too many ads. Waste of time.

Way too many ads in this game. Waste of time, don’t download.

- Why so many ads

Games fun but too many ads so deleted after first few levels

- Nothing but ads

You spend more time being forced to watch ads than you do playing the game

- Way too many Ads!

Fun to play.. but the over abundance of ads between each game killed the enjoyment!

- Advert overkill

Too many ads renders the game unplayable

- Very challenging till level 153

I can turn off the ads by turning off WiFi, and not letting it have access to data on settings. But once you reach level 153, there is 28 men but requires 30 and i don’t have access to the menu, goodbye I had fun.

- Ads galore and levels repeat

Okay game but then the levels start repeating and the ad frequency goes from one ad every 3 levels to 1 as after every 1 level

- Love the game hate the ads

I would honestly rather pay $10 for the game then get a free game with ads

- Add

To much add. Every level

- Advertisements ruin the game

Great game but way too many advertisements. Deleted

- Ad overkill

I get you need ads to get paid, but come on, 30 second ad after every level. Looks like a fun game, uninstalled after 5 mins purely because of too many ads.

- Thought it was fun .... till

Loving lemmings back in the day thought this would be fun.... and it is. Really enjoyable game but the adds after every second round that you can not skip are killing me. I would happily pay to get rid of them but until that day comes I can’t play this as the ads destroy the fun.

- What is wrong with the ads

Every time I play there are ads but when my brother goes on to the game he doesn’t get one ad while he is playing it is sooo unfair 🙁🙁

- All ads.

Insane amount of ads. The gameplay has no challenge and the ads are long and very very often. Seriously not worth it.

- Could have been fun

But way too many ads. It’s out of control a When you spend more time watching ads than playing the game. Deleting.

- Adds adds adds... wait is that even how you spell it?

Ok im here to say TO MANY ADS Or adds, whatever, so there is so many adds and it is hELL annoying plz stop this, i would pay all my money to stop ads. All of it. Also i cant complete level 53 please stop ads. As i said all my money to stop ads. (I have no money get REKT)

- Do something about the adds

The game makes you think but there isn’t much in the way of instructions, I don’t mind the game but the adds are extremely intense, every level you pass there is another add for 25 odd seconds and considering it takes less time to get through a level you will find yourself spending more time watching adds than playing the game EXTREEMLY FRUSTRATING

- So. Many. Adds.

I love this game... BUT! There are SO MANY adds! Please reduce the amount of adds!

- Same levels over and over!!

First, there are so many ads!! And then I am up to level 530 and the same levels are just repeating and repeating over and over. It’s so infuriating😡




Make the adds stop don't play the game if you don't went adds and if you do this is the game for you!

- It's so great!

Dude, I was in the middle of level 23 and in the middle of dragging my rope, an angry birds ad came on! When the ad finished, I had to restart the whole thing again! This is happening with every single level I play! So when there id a new update, can you update it so ads don't suddenly pop up in the middle of a level? Thanks! Other than that, this game is for real! It tests your IQ and I love how it challenges your brain! 👍🏼

- Advertising too frequent!

The advertising within this game is ridiculous! Two ads every two to three levels cleared!

- Please get rid of the Ads!!!

It is an addictive game. But I’ll be deleting it now. It takes 5-10 seconds to complete a level, then there is a 30 sec ad, sometimes 2 between each level, sometimes after 2 levels. Sorry, but I really can’t sit through a 30 sec Ad after every 10 secs I complete a level.

- So many ads! Too many ads.

There were just too many ads Between levels

- Too many ads

This would be a fun game but there is waaaay to many ads, I’m deleting the game because of this Otherwise it would be a 5 star game

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Rope Rescue! - Unique Puzzle 0.9.1 Screenshots & Images

Rope Rescue! - Unique Puzzle iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Rope Rescue! - Unique Puzzle iphone images
Rope Rescue! - Unique Puzzle iphone images
Rope Rescue! - Unique Puzzle iphone images
Rope Rescue! - Unique Puzzle iphone images
Rope Rescue! - Unique Puzzle ipad images
Rope Rescue! - Unique Puzzle ipad images
Rope Rescue! - Unique Puzzle ipad images
Rope Rescue! - Unique Puzzle ipad images
Rope Rescue! - Unique Puzzle Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Rope Rescue! - Unique Puzzle Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Rope Rescue! - Unique Puzzle (Version 0.9.1) Install & Download

The applications Rope Rescue! - Unique Puzzle was published in the category Games on 2019-07-31 and was developed by Coda Platform Limited [Developer ID: 1475474579]. This application file size is 185.33 MB. Rope Rescue! - Unique Puzzle - Games posted on 2020-03-17 current version is 0.9.1 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Rope Rescue! - Unique Puzzle Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

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