Sand Balls

Sand Balls [Games] App Description & Overview

Make a path for your balls by moving your finger. Avoid and crash obstacles. Get as many balls to finish as you can.

Subscription Terms:
VIP Week Access offers a weekly subscription, you will have a 3-days FREE trial period, after this period you will be charged $5.99/week.
After buying this subscription, you will unlock following features: exclusive VIP building, free gems every day, no ads, VIP ball effects.
This is an Auto-renewable subscription. The payment is charged to your account after confirmation. The subscription is renewed unless you turn it off 24 hours before the period ends. Your account will be charged for renewal as well.

End of trial and subscription renewal:

• The payment is charged to your account after a confirmation of purchase.
• The subscription is renewed unless you turn it off 24 hour before the end of the current period.
• The account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours before the end of the current period at the cost of the weekly subscription.
• The user may manage the subscription and auto-renewal have to be turned off by going to the user’s account settings after purchase in the Store.
• No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period.

Canceling a trial or a subscription:

• If you want to cancel a subscription during its free trial, you have to cancel it through your account in the Store. This must be done at least 24 hours before the end of the free trial period to avoid being charged.

For more information, please visit for more information

If there is questions contact us

Privacy Policy :
Terms of use :

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Sand Balls Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Check out the brand new Puzzle levels. - Bug fixes & Performance optimisation.

Sand Balls Comments & Reviews

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- Good till last ride

The game was great. Then I started building the last ride the Ferris wheel. I need to win 250*8 games to finish it. Really. Not interested. Fix this don’t give us new levels.

- Don’t play night

When you play at night the ads don’t work so you don’t get the X5 prizes, extra prizes or upgrade vehicle. Lame!!! Fix it!!! Read this review and fix it!!! Ohhh. And they add ads they don’t allow you to exit out. No exit button, just takes you to the Apple store. No fun!!!

- :D


- Sand Balls

I love this game and I can play it all day!!!!!!!! I’m crazy about this game🤪🤪🤪

- fun but...

there are so many ads. i get free games have to make money some how but come on!!? i just want to play the game without an ad popping up after every level, and some of them u can’t even skip. also who in there right mind would pay $20 for vip!!?!!?! you’re smoking dick if u think anyone is gonna may THAT much for nothing special. i can also see why moms are complaining there are inappropriate ads for kids because almost every ad is about that stupid episodes/chapters games with half naked people making out. why??? i will say however that the gamemakers definitely took in the feedback and expanded the map and let you keep the cars in an inventory. now, i have more of a reason to play, as oppposed to before the update when i basically beat the game and had nothing else to do.

- Won’t load bonus videos

Love the game but I have had to skip over cars and bonus chest and watching videos for more diamonds this needs to be addressed in the next update or I plan on moving on to a different game.

- Ads make me Mads

When I downloaded this game I thought it would be a really fun puzzle game, and it was for a little while but then the levels began repeating themselves and ads began popping up everywhere and it got really boring. The Ads Were the worst though, the game makes you watch an ad after every level and always offers a lame reward after every level If you watch an ad. And even if you don’t click the ad reward button you will still have to watch a advertisement. Very frustrating indeed.

- Super fun! However...

This game is SUPER fun and very addictive. The game is both a great time passer and a fun challenge. I always look forward to new mechanics being added to the levels. However, this game has A TON of ads. I get one every time I start a new level or restart a level. And keeping in mind that the levels are usually very quick and easy to get through, you can play the game for 5 minutes and end up watching 5 to 10 ads (depending on how long the levels take you). In short, it’s a great game, but it has WAY too many ads.

- SO COOL!!!🤩

This game is so fun and I really enjoy playing it. Just saying if you don’t want to download this game that’s fine but my opinion is that you should buy this game and there are no ads 🤗😘

- Two things...

This app is great for when you have nothing to do. Help pass time with this game! You know what also passes time? Ads. And this app proves that. The first reason why I gave this app 2 stars ⭐️⭐️ is because there are so many ads. WHY?! The second reason is because the app is always asking you to buy a VIP feature. In this app you can build up your town by playing the actual game. The town is just a fun extra feature. This app is cool.

- Where is the sand?!?!

I love(d) this game. I could play it for sometimes an hour. It is so relaxing. But I downloaded the newer version and there is no more sand. All I see is some VERY colorful backgrounds of “whatever”. How do I get that relaxing SAND back?

- Stupid game rules never get it

It made we want play vip level and I could not scroll to see where I was and I deleted the game

- Stupid game rules never get it

It made we want play vip level and I could not scroll to see where I was and I deleted the game

- Bugged

I actually like this game a lot. Simplistic and calming. It lost points with me due to one issue. You need to find 3 keys to unlock 3 of 9 chests. You can watch a video ad to get more tries at getting the “Best” prize. However I wanted to see if I can get that prize without watching the video ad. I’m currently over 1000 levels in and still have not won that prize. It is either bugged or rigged but either way very annoying. Otherwise a fun chill game that I will continue to play.

- Sandy Balls

I hesitated to play with sandy balls but it’s surprisingly pleasant! Rash cream crucial

- Crashing or freezing a lot lately

This is a fun concept. However, lately I’ve been experiencing a lot of stalls and crashes. I’m not sure if there are server issues because more of us have more idle time to play lately, or if an update is in order. It’s gone from an ad to a black screen, or the ad stops responding. Either way, I have to force-close the app and then open it again.

- Very fun.

Sand Balls is a very fun game that challenges your mind and kills time. I also like the sound of the balls hitting the sand because it is really satisfying. The most recent update was EPIC. There are now totally new obstacles like the chute that gives you x2 balls. Plus, Sand City was totally revamped and it is just so much cooler and I think that you should get this game.

- Awesome

Omg I love this game it is so fun because you get to decorate the beach so cool👍🏻😁

- Level Slider Not Worth VIP

Obviously nothing in this game is worth PAYING for the VIP subscription, but I decided to do the free trial in order to temporarily unlock the level slider, and it’s honestly not even worth that. it actually makes the game harder to play sometimes, because whenever you move it, it gives you like 5 seconds before automatically sliding back down to the bottom of the screen. i really like this game for how low-key and de-stressing it is, but using that stupid slider leaves me cursing at my phone like every five seconds. so yeah this is a nice time waster game, but if you’re thinking of getting vip for the level slider, know it’s not even worth the hassle of canceling before the end of the trial.

- Hi I love this game I could play it every day

Thank you

- Great game but it has stopped working correctly

The ability to watch ads to gain additional keys has stopped working

- Repetitive and limited

Decently fun game but after just a couple of dozen levels you’ve completely seen everything gameplay-wise. Everything after is just the same like 10 elements just in different orders. The city building aspect is a joke and completely purposeless.

- Ads are too obnoxious

The game is fine, but the ads are unbearably obnoxious. It pauses my music and will not let me mute the ads. Deleting the app because of this. Would probably be fine if I didn’t listen to music while playing.

- We paid for a full app but still tons of ads!!!!

We paid for a full app but still tons of ads!!!! One star!!

- Frequent issues

Game frequently glitches causing you to skip levels because bombs are not detonating plus other issues. Many levels are basically just repeats of previous levels. The game could be more enjoyable if I didn’t spend so much time watching ads. Not going to pay for something with so many issues and level repetition.

- Nothing but ads

So many ads, so little play time

- Love this game

I find this game very relaxing and addicting. I agree with some of the other reviews. I have 6M+ diamonds and I can’t use them. When will you do an upgrade or add new challenges?

- Relies on ads and repeats levels

This game was fun when I first got it, and I had a lot of fun thinking through puzzles, but once I had made a few buildings and decorated the beach, everything fell flat. The puzzles all started looking the same and with the same traps and obstacles. The only difference was the spacing or angling or arrangement of those obstacles. It got to the point where I was wondering if I was accidentally hitting redo on levels instead of going through new ones. Also there are constant advertisements, as there are on every free app. But the whole game relies on these ads! Want to add something to your beach? Well you need to watch 1-5 ads. Want to unlock that new vehicle you spent levels on earning? Not until you watch an add first! Want to move onto the next level? Well an add is required for that too. Every restart tp a level requires one as well. The only difference between the same three ads is that some are optional and some aren't. You can skip a level but only if you watch an ad. You can add to the beach but if you skip the ad then you can't earn it, you can earn more keys but only if an ad is allowed. The only you CAN skip an add on is to get past the finished level screen. This game uses ads as loading screens and I would much rather wait a few seconds for the game to load instead of advertising being at every corner and every second. Sure, the game is very fun at first, but it quickly gets old and annoying. I wouldn't recommend it.

- It’s great except...

I don’t like that when you push the VIP lever on the right hand side, that you inadvertently drag into the sand causing the balls to get dropped to the floor on the right side instead of the vehicle. This needs to be fixed right away...

- Ads city

Its fun to play But prepare to swim and ads if you dont pay Game almost loses all motivation at level 300ish

- Good but proud

Fun game but they are mighty proud of themselves. A bit pricey and I already paid for no ads. You have to watch a video for everything!

- Good Balls

I love this game it is the best and I can not wait to beat all the levels in this game. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CREATING THIS GAME

- Needs 1 Major Improvement

It’s a great game and good to settle stress. The playing area is the full area of the screen so when you’re trying to do actions at the top and bottom of the screen, iphone reads it as you trying to minimize your app or pull down notifications. This will cause you to lose balls as you lose the time to move the sand. It would really help to have a frame buffer area around the playing area. Also, the 250 for the Ferris wheel is a bit dumb. There are some levels where the second bomb blows with the first and you have no choice but to replay the level, and some where you begin with so few balls that they fail to blow the bomb. I’ve had to skip several levels because of that. Otherwise I love the game. I paid for the ad free version. If you’re getting this for a child realize they will still be able to click ads and be asked to subscribe to VIP repeatedly.

- Just gonna put it out there...

Making the add lag severely is not gonna make me download it again, just takes up space and I’m pretty sure my device wouldn’t even let me open it! I know this review will be out of place with the good reviews but I don’t think it matters. Try making this better and maybe I might try it again, but laggy adds show me nothing has changed.

- Perfect!

Great brain trainer and helps you with digging at the beach! 6/5!

- Muy probre

Salen muchos anuncios

- About removing the Ads

I bought the game for my two year old thinking it will eliminate the ads but it’s still didn’t work so I want a full refund

- Ads

Ads are too long too often

- Ad Free not Ad Free

It’s a fun little time waster. Lots of ads. I paid the $2.99 for no ads and there are still plenty of ads. Less, but still plenty.

- ads

Too many ads

- Great game. Too many ads.

Sand balls is a great game to play when you need to just sit down and clear your mind. I love this game and play it everyday, but it has too many ads. It plays an ad every time you complete a level. Also, Sand Balls has many levels but they never get harder and were never hard at all. All in all, this game is great, but if you download Sand Balls father your patience for the ads before downloading. 😊

- I love this game 😍

So I got this Game because of the ads and that it looked fun! So of course I downloaded it! I started on the first level I got addicted! So of course I crept playing. I love how it’s satisfying and challenging at the SAME time. It’s also fun to collect stuff for sand city and cars. I have only ONE complaint, the adds there is one at the and of each level but it doesn’t bother me that much because we would’ve found this awesome game with ought ads! I rate this five star because it’s a awesome game please get!

- Sooooo awesome but...

This game is fun but all you do is try to get the balls in the truck

- This is great

Watch The Amazing World Of Gumball on Hulu! It’s a great show

- ads

i love this game but lately i’ve been noticing that there has been way more ads and it’s made me not play this game as much.

- I want the sand back

I enjoy playing this game minus the ads & the fact I see leaves now instead of sand. I prefer the sand.

- Unskippable content

After paying to remove ads I see an offer for a free gift (which by the way is definitely not free if I have to watch an ad for it) and I could not get past it without clicking on the ad and closing the app. Then one level later is tells me try VIP effect and I didn't want to because the effect looked ugly as hell but again there was no option to click away, so I closed the app, reopened and the effect is there even though I don't want it, and there's no way to turn it off. I'm so mad about this effect I didn't want but the game forced on me I don't really want to play it anymore. With every movement I'm reminded of this stupid effect I can't turn off. I either want this fixed or want a refund. Ugly effect was mercifully fixed, but I don't like how after 20 levels it won't let you scroll up anymore, attempting to scroll up only gives you an ad for VIP. What the hell?

- He fog

J c

- Chapters adds

Developer. The adds for the game Chapters is inappropriate for my children to be seeing while playing your game. Please take care of this.

- So cool


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- Too many adds!!!!!!

Every time I want to play it I can only do one level and after that I have to wait 15-20 minutes on one ad TOO MANY ADDS!

- 👎🏻

Need to pay so I can scroll?? Really? And please stop “copy and paste“ other game it’s just another poor and boring game in the App Store. It’s too easy to win, no challenge etc don’t play, it’s for your mental health

- Have fun

I just can’t stop playing this game

- More ads than gaming

I played 6-7 games and deleted. You’re gonna watch a 30s commercial for every 5 seconds of game, no joke. You beat each stage in no more than 10s and them you have to watch a full ad. How annoying is that? Enough for me to delete after 6 games.

- Great

I love this game ads don’t bother me and people need to realize that ads are not that bad. Like people CLICK THE XXXXXXXXXXX! I like this game good job developers!

- Dont download this game

It looks fun but all the ads are not worth ur time this game is terrible

- Sneaky

Ads don't go away after upgrading to No Ads. Low guys, come on.

- This game costs $135/year!

SCAM gambling game marketed to kids.

- Too many ads!

Every other game you get stopped by another ad!

- Nice concept but ads are irritating

Great concept requiring much creativity and sometimes quick reflexes to proceed. Physics is very intuitive as well. Ads every few levels kills the experience for me. Would have happily paid to eliminate them if that were only an option.

- Personal data

Read the policy - app is asking to collect personal data - too high of a price to play this game or any other games that ask to access personal data. Too many ads - also $135 per year to play the game with no ads. Sad world this has become.

- So stupid fix all the ads

This game is so annoying too many ads every stage=an ad It’s super annoying.

- This is a awesome game!!!💖💖💖

This is a really relaxing 😌 game I love it soooo much even my brother has this game!!!💟💝💝💝😺😸

- Inappropriate

The add for it says at the top wanna play with my balls this is very inappropriate and wrong please change that

- I hate that...

I hate that after a few levels you can't go back up and get your stuck balls with out it asking you if you and a membership so now I can't go back up and I don't even want a VIP membership but I do still like the game that was my only problem tho

- More activities on beach

When will there be more things on the beach like a shopping mall, football stadium, ice rink?

- Ads and nags

Wow. They managed to add a new nag icon right in gameplay so you accidentally hit it all the time and have to deal with another nag screen. The app developers are evil pricks. Fun game though.


In the 3 day trial I played up to level 200 + as I was laid up. The puzzles are very repetitive. Though it’s a good game, it’s not worth the amount you have to pay.

- Getting rid of VIP

I have no idea how to become no more VIP

- Great game, repetitive levels??!

Im at level 496, and the levels just seem to be the same, over and over. New obstacles would be nice!

- Add pushers

I understand adds when a person does not pay for a game but the expectation is once you pay for it it should be add free, especially if you market it that way. There is constant pushing from the developer to upgrade to a ridicules monthly subscription called “VIP” which is as annoying as any add in the free version. And there are still other adds to watch after you pay to replay a level etc. I wouldn’t buy from this developer again if this is the business model.

- Ads

ad ad

- I am rating this as a 1 star

The concept of the game is easy and I can see it as a quick game to calm children or kill spare time riding public transit. HOWEVER! This is one of many games that cheats the user by ad manipulation. And to me that is a total no thank you. What do I mean? When you beat a level and get a “free gift” / “Bonus” but need to watch a ad for it. It gives you an option to say no thank you. But when you do, it still makes you watch the ad and you do not claim that bonus. Ad manipulation. 1 star

- Did someone say ads?

Lots of ads. Game is pretty easy with the same designs repeated as levels. Also, the VIP is RIDICULOUSLY priced. Not that I ever buy games.... but seriously...... $8 a week?!?!

- I love the game... BUT

I think it is ridiculous to charge almost double for what i pay for MS Office and 1 TB of storage .. 140$ per year?? Someone is living in a dream world.

- Inappropriate ads

I played this game with my 7 and 4 year old nephews. The ads were highly inappropriate for children of this age even with the game ranked for ages 4+. ‘Chapters’ ads with sexual scenes and overtones and in appropriate words that they can read. We will be delete this game and not playing it again.

- Rip off

I paid to remove adds and there are still stupid adds. Garbage and scammers don’t download and don’t pay!

- Ads, ads,ADS!!

Sand balls/ads... bad enough with the number of ads, the you throw in sexually charged ads.. not into that crap!! Especially when my grandkids want to play games on my phone!!!! Will be deleting this app!! So disappointing!!

- i hate it.

why is there so many fu#ken adds whenever you start over there’s another fu#ken add

- 🤮🤮🤮

This game is so stupid

- Cannot select previous level

Why can’t I go back to previous level?


I have to play on airplane mode to actually enjoy this.

- Less ads please

Wow, hardly any gaming, ads all the time it’s sad...

- Garbage

Waste of your life. Go outside.

- Allison’s review on Sand Balls!!! (Really good)

I really enjoy this app! A little warning is that there are a lot of adds. Is it just me or are the sounds really satisfying? It really is a good game, highly recommend!!

- Sand balls

It’s a fun game but the developers are crazy to think that any version of the game is worth $25.99 a month. No game is ever worth that. Care more about making money.

- Hi


- Ads everywhere

You can’t every enjoy the game cause there are ads every level

- I like it

The adds are anoying yes but I like the game

- Should be more fun things to do with the diamonds

At some point, there isn’t much use for the diamond collection. Then the motivation diminishes.

- Not fun

Fun at first but is very repetitive and it feels like I’m playing the same levels over again. Also need to play without wifi as there’s ads after almost every level.

- Oui mais non

Il n’y a pas de deuxième zone pour construire la ville de sable j’ai finit la première parti et j’attends la deuxième parti je trouve qu’il y a trop d’annonce

- Scam

Seems like I have to unsubscribe or I’ll be charged? Total scam. I’ll be deleting in 3 min, just in case. If that’s not the case you sure made it look that was and perception is everything.

- Best game ever

This game is so satisfying you can get new balls you can get new and the vip is awesome paths there are box’s and one of them has new balls this is my new favorite game

- 6/10 good game!

Love the game! But I can’t build anymore in the city it says coming soon and always says coming soon...when is soon? Also after every level recently the app has been closing on its own! I would also buy premium but it is way to much money for this type of game!

- Sand balls

Great game so far

- Ads and updates.

This game is fun there are just too many ads and not enough updates the last update was 2 months ago which is ridiculous for such a small game. The ads ruin the game I have to turn off wifi and data to play and the chests are rigged no matter what you have to watch videos to earn the special item inside the chests I have everything in the game but it’s still stupid how rigged it is

- Repetitive

Basic game, Sand Balls, repeats the same 9-10 config per level. Side game, Sand City, maxes out too quickly. Played for about 2 weeks and now bored. Deleting.

- Ads, only ads

Needs to watch an ad each 2 mins.

- Decent

Wasnt a bad game, i played it a lot hust to see if i could ipen the (coming soon) area. Its been a fsw weeks since ive beat it and nothing new. Games really boring now since there isnt a building or upgrade to work for

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- Great


- Nice game

Nice game but I’m unable to accept my free gifts

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So many have correctly guessed the artist of yesterday’s masterpiece. But do you know how or why Mr. Crab makes the…

@EndUKLockdown1 I’d rather sand my balls than go,but if I did go I’d follow your approach.

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Sand Balls 1.5.4 Screenshots & Images

Sand Balls iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Sand Balls iphone images
Sand Balls iphone images
Sand Balls iphone images
Sand Balls iphone images
Sand Balls iphone images
Sand Balls ipad images
Sand Balls ipad images
Sand Balls ipad images
Sand Balls ipad images
Sand Balls ipad images
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Sand Balls (Version 1.5.4) Install & Download

The applications Sand Balls was published in the category Games on 2019-08-15 and was developed by SayGames LLC [Developer ID: 1405039362]. This application file size is 407.52 MB. Sand Balls - Games posted on 2020-05-30 current version is 1.5.4 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Sand Balls Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes
Infrequent/Mild Medical/Treatment Information
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence
Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References
Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity

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