Star Gazer+

Star Gazer+ [Entertainment] App Description & Overview

Star Gazer+ is a great way to discover the universe and learn about astronomy!

Point your device at the sky and see what stars, planets, galaxies and constellations you are looking at in real-time. If you are at least a bit interested in Astronomy, this app is a must!

Star Gazer+ knows which stars, planets, galaxies and constellations are hiding from your view! No matter what weather it is or if it is broad daylight. Not only will you be able to explore our solar system and beyond, we also give you daily news articles, weekly information about what you can expect from the sky and Observation tips and techniques!

Download Star Gazer+ now and enjoy it all.... Become the astronomer you always wanted to be!



• You can subscribe to get access to full features including the full solar system, all existing and daily news articles, tips & tricks and remove all ads.
• Subscription length: weekly, monthly
• Your payment will be charged to your iTunes Account as soon as you confirm your purchase.
• You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal from your Account Settings after the purchase.
• Your subscription will renew automatically, unless you turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.
• The cost of renewal will be charged to your account in the 24 hours prior to the end of the current period.
• When canceling a subscription, your subscription will stay active until the end of the period. Auto-renewal will be disabled, but the current subscription will not be refunded.
• Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when purchasing a subscription.

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Star Gazer+ Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Fixed a bug that sometimes made the app freeze when entering the daily Astronomy news section

Star Gazer+ Comments & Reviews

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- Astronomy fun

I’ve been using the app for a few months now and decided to add some things to the review. First of all it definitely lives up to my expectations even this far down the line! The daily updates astronomy news is what makes me come back for more and in my opinion what makes this app stand out from the rest of the stargazing apps out there. That doesn’t mean the stargazing functions are not great, because they are, it just means that it news section is my favorite part. Ok the rest of the text is from my original review. Lovely app that really does what it advertises. If you are looking for something to keep you busy and at they same time learn from, this app is perfect! I have absolutely no idea how they do it, but just point your phone up the sky and move it around to identify Stars, planets, satellites constellations and other awesome things. While previously, you could only analyze constellations with charts, maps, telescopes or pay a visit to the nearest planetarium today you can use this mobile app to uncover a vast amount of information about what’s happening overhead at any given time! Simply amazing how far along the technology has come. Not only can you do that with this app, but you also get daily updated astronomy news to keep you updated what’s going on in our wonderful universe. Definitely a must have.

- Relaxation

I first started looking at Star Gazer when my father, daughter and I lived at his cabin at Willow Canyon Mt Lemmon Arizona. Every night before I fell asleep I would lay in bed and watch the beautiful night sky do it’s magical splendor. It was exciting to be so close ,being so far away . I grew up appreciating the wonders of the night sky when my father , who worked for the Tree-Ring lab at the University of Arizona, pointed out and named many of the constellations. I love Star Gazer

- Have to resubscribe every time you use it

Very disappointed. I signed up to use it and it was a decent tool the first time I used it, but when I went to use it a second time (on the same iPhone 11 I bought it and used it on the first time, it made me sign up again as if I had no subscription. It worked fine the second time, but still I had to take the time to resubcribe. Then, the third time I went to use it it did the same thing and I didn’t want to take the time to sign up again, plus I wanted to check my iTunes account to make sure I wasn’t paying multiple subscription fees for the same app, so I didn’t use it that night. The fourth and fifth time, the same thing. Very poorly designed in that way. I should be able to sign up for the recurring subscription, as it states it is, and every time I open the app on my phone it should recognize me as a paid subscriber and let me use the app. What a pain in the ____!!

- Seems like a monetary vampire app that’s more advertisement than actual app

I installed this to track stars not for the app to immediately try to sell me on a better version of the app, AND a premium service with reoccurring billing immediately after opening. I naturally wasn’t impressed or lured in, but the real problem was the ad in the app wouldn’t let me actually use it until I tapped a tiny bit of text at the bottom. Please, stop doing this with free apps. Now I DEFINITELY don’t want anything to do with the paid app or the recurring service. It’s probably further riddled with micro-transactions, which is a problem I see more and more lately. Since the app asked me to rate it twice in the first ten minutes of use, here you go. Also the compass is bad and inaccurate. Looks like your advertisement didn’t work....

- Not what it advertises

Have to hit continue three times upon opening app. The third screen is Reg update screen with a small option to “restore” at the bottom of the screen. I accidentally hit continue the upteenth time I opened the app and instantly received email stating it was going to charge me $9.99 a week. No thanks. Point screen at one part of th sky infront of my house says one thing then point it to the back of the house and ironically it says the same. Somehow the sun is up in the dead of night and should be shinning at me through the pitch black sky. I’d post photos if this review had an option or I could send to admin IF I had the option but can’t find support anywhere.

- Useless even if you pay

I thought this would’ve been a great app. Unfortunately, even after paying it’s pretty outrageous cost, it still could not identify a constellation. In fact, it left it up to me to identify ANYTHING. The App was perfectly happy when I tagged Jupiter as the North Star (I am in Southern California). Other ‘free’ apps work significantly better. Don’t spend your monthly “subscription” (what is a subscription here? Does our astronomical view change that much each month!? For a monthly fee why can I not get an approximate daily view of where the ISS is? Or the new NeoWISE comet? Or show me a constellation, or a planet? ) This app did absolutely ZERO of any of these things. I got a better view when I pointed my App and Camera at my lawn ..😢

- Premiums version- sneaky way to charge unsuspecting customers

Downloaded the free version of this app, the next night when I was using it a screen popped up if I wanted to sign up for a subscription. I tried to decline it and thought I was okay. Week later I was notified I was charged and signed up for a weekly subscription of $9.95/week! Tried to cancel and file a complaint with Apple but it says it’s s free App. No customer service and it kept charging me. It used up the funds on my Apple account $25 and only canceled because I ran out of money. I would like to have a contact number to request a full refund as I never signed up for it or used it. Just need contact information

- $10 a week

As soon as you open this app, it makes you sign up for their subscription. You cannot get past this screen to use a free version AT ALL. You need to sign up for the 3 day trial and $10/week after that. Then, every time you open the app after signing up for the free trial, that screen where you need to pay to use the app still pops up. Mocking you for downloading a free app then immediately having to pay for it. Even if you’ve agreed, it still comes up and once you click continue, it says ‘you’ve already subscribed.’ I could not get past this screen. Expensive subscription and I could not get into the actual app. 1 star for Star Gazer.

- Am I the only one confused?

I finally loaded the app this morning and it shows me three slides of all the things I can do with the app like see constellations, something about planets, and something else about satellites. I was really only interested in the constellations but there were four slides so i go through them all and it asks me to buy a membership? For 10 dollars a week?!?! No option to go forward with limited membership as far as I can see. Am I wrong here? I’m confused. (Also, this isn’t a major thing, only mildly annoying; when you exit out and get to the third slide it asks you to rate your experience on the app. Like all the time or it does for me)

- Awesome

What a deal? I mean: what?!? A?!?! DEAL?!?!?!? My cattle in the fields of south Texas used to eat up all the pastures. Now, they’re all Star Grazers, eating stardust and leaving my pastures as green as the split pea soup that auntie Maye makes every autumn. Additionally, I like to gaze at the cosmos through this application while my cows eat their new “cuisine!” I hope everyone finds this as intuitive and easy to learn as I did. It has made cattle ranching a streamlined joy. Not a cumbersome job.

- Enjoy Learning

My husband and I have enjoyed this app for years. Living in the suburbs where there is still too much artificial light, we can still enjoy what science has discovered and technology has made available to us! We are old and not too old to enjoy what you guys have developed !!! Thanks so much.

- By in-app purchases they mean subscription required

It truly irritates me when an app is advertised as free with in app purchases when in reality you have to pay for it. Like this one. This requires you to sign up for a monthly subscription of 9.99 a month before you can even try it. That is *not* what I consider free with in app purchases. Don’t get me wrong, I am not just looking for free apps. I buy plenty of them, but I know before I even download it that it is not free. I refuse to buy any app that does not fully disclose, right up front, that it is not free. Deleting this one before I even try it.

- trash

first they ask for a rating the first time you open the app which is obnoxious but i can forgive it i just wanna see some stars. but then you flip through the intro pages only to find out that you get a three day free trial followed by $9.99 P E R W E E K just to see some constellations like come on. just don’t download it there are better options and you don’t deserve to pay $480 a year to look at the stars. let me just stress you can do literally nothing in the app unless you pay for the premium so hope you enjoy those 3 free days, don’t forget to cancel.

- Never received premium

Payed for premium never allowed me to open app always asked if I wanted to start the trial. Didn’t think the payment worked until I just got charged 9.99 again!


This app is complete garbage, I downloaded it to see what a particular object was. The free version didn’t tell me so I tried the free trial of the advanced version and it still didn’t tell me what I wanted to know so it was immediately deleted within minutes of the download. The app doesn’t offer a way to unsubscribe so it automatically stole my money and has continued to steal my money with no way to unsubscribe. My bank is in the negative and I’m being hit with overdraft fees on top of the money that is being stolen time after time. PHUCK THIS APP, YOU THIEVES!!!

- Terrible experience

Need to sign up for a trial to use it. Very clunky use interface. Location and orientation is not calibrated correctly. Expensive if you actually use it. I downloaded other apps that were much more intuitive and easy to use. When used side by side with this app it is easy to see that this app doesn’t have the location or orientation correct and doesn’t correct itself (the other apps did). This just wasted my time. Please do yourself a favor and download another app.

- App is either broken or a scam. Or both

As soon as you launch the app it takes you through three intro screens then leads you to a subscription page that ONLY leads to a premium subscription payment that is nearly impossible to get past. But pressed the “restore” option and it let me use the app. However the compass orientation is horrible. First time I activated compass it said north was south. Then the more I rotated the phone the orientation slowly drifted so that then it showed north was now southeast. So obviously its compass direction is flawed.

- Unwanted charges

I got this app because my family and I were outside looking at the stars. I got the free trial only to see this app doesn’t do what it’s advertising, it wasn’t even showing the same direction I was facing or looking in no matter how many times I tried to fix it so I canceled the trial and deleted the app five minutes after using it. They still charged me the $9.99 for an app I don’t even have on my phone anymore and never used because it didn’t work like it said it would.

- Predatory business model

Seeing more and more of these “free” apps that require a subscription to use, offer a free trial, then just hope you forget to cancel. If you forget to cancel the subscription, this app, which you’ll probably pretty rarely use, will charge you 520$ a year!! That’s insane, even if the app did work. Comparing what it says is north with what the compass app says is north, it’s off by over 90 degrees. So this app that costs you 40$ a month doesn’t even work. Definitely avoid this one.

- Scam app that doesn’t work

I downloaded this app to actually see constellations and it repeatedly froze up and was not user friendly. Then when I hit “continue” in attempts to move to the next screen when it was frozen after only using one time, it deviously signed me up for a “premium” version for $9.99/week. I received charges for two weeks after using this crap app when I realized it had stolen my money and I reported it for a refund. Buyer beware with this one!!!

- App looks promising

Until you get to the pay wall, found out through another review to proceed is hidden by choosing the “restore” option. Then I got going through the app and enabled satellites, well Tiengong 1 scrolled across the screen. Which is funny because it came back in 2018. So how up to date it is, who knows, but that’s the 2 issues, 2 stars it lost.

- Come on, Man?

One of the saddest excuses for an app I’ve ever seen in my entire life. it’s a free to download ad. You can press four buttons without paying and that’s it. I wouldn’t be surprised if every single good review of this app was a bot or payed for by the app developer. I bet if you actually made a good app you wouldn’t have to pay people to leave good reviews, that’s the point. Satan himself would be jealous of the deception this app has committed. I would leave a negative star rating if possible.

- Worthless

Tried for hours to get it to work. Would never calibrate. Never recognized any part of the sky and appeared to be locked on one view no matter how many times I tried to calibrate the compass. Yes my iPhone 11 works perfectly well. It did however try to force me to pay extra. Only reason it gets one star is the rating won’t post unless I select one. App store should be more conscientious of stuff allowed on the site.

- Too early

Mi do not appreciate it when apps ask me to rate them prior to my even using them. If this app functions as advertised, it will deserve the 5 stars I gave it, otherwise I will certainly change my rating., hi I do not

- Waste of time and money

My husband wanted to know what star and moon we were looking at driving home so I just got the free trial and tried the app. It took me a minute or two to figure out it’s not very useful. Yes, you point it at the sky (even from inside) and it tells you what you’re pointing toward but it’s confusing. We couldn’t see on the screen the specific ones were seeing with our eyes. I immediately canceled the subscription.

- Not great

An app should be intuitive. It should work when you open it up and you should not have to hit the restore button to login every time. I’ve also found that it doesn’t always directionally orient correctly. Sometimes north is north.....and sometimes it’s not. That’s kind of a big deal with an app like this. This is definitely not an app I’d subscribe to.

- These good reviews have to be paid off

They should be embarrassed to charge $10 a WEEK for such a terrible app. The compass navigation is incorrect the majority of the time so you will have to do some additional navigation to stargaze correctly. What’s the point of paying $40 a month for something that doesn’t even function properly? Would only be acceptable if the prices weren’t laughably high but this should be a free app.

- ?

Why do you ask for a review THEN charge ppl for the premium when you don’t offer anything else. I literally have to pay to use this app. Delete.

- Buggy and unusable

I tried repeatedly to get this to work without avail. The compass-locked mode would work, but any time you touched the screen it would immediately view completely down. The AR mode would not work at all; when engaging, initially nothing work happen. After tapping a few times, a live view would appear with no overlays and no controls. Definitely not worth paying a cent for!

- Rip off!! 0 stars if available

I did the 1 week free subscription, just to see what was so great about “premium”, NOT WORTH A PENNY in my opinion. There are free apps out there that do what “premium” does here. Ohh and also if you forget to unsubscribe they charge you you 10$. That was my fault I forgot to unsubscribe. But they wanna charge you 10$ A WEEK! Not a MONTH a WEEK! Luckily I caught it early and they only charged me once. So be cautious when getting premium here.

- Feel like it should work

telling me west is south... , and I can’t convince it otherwise. checked phone compass and location services ... its fine. Restarted, still puts me through the prompts like its the first time I’ve used the alp and wants me to sign up to for the trial... again. When I accept (again) it tells me I already have signed up. And the that is the last screen I can navigate to. Clearly a few kinks in this app.

- Paying for something that doesn’t work 😕

Before you download it says nothing about $9.99 WEEKLY subscription. The opening screen is completely buggy as the area with the text is half covered with graphics. The compass is way off which is the reason I got it in the first place. The free trial is 3 days and I can’t find a way to cancel my subscription. Total disappointment. Please help me cancel.

- Junk

The second I opened it I’m prompted to review it. Like a good little boy I gave it 1 star and continued. Then I had to click through some informational screens.. I think.. I could not read it because the text was all jacked up. I get to the main screen and it says give me your hard earned money every week. Nope. I closed it, held down the icon and proceeded to send the app back to whatever hell it came from.

- Goofy attempts to require purchase

Nice views if the stars if you can open the app. Brought me to a page where I had to agree to $10 per week to access sky view. Joke!! Then I closed and went back into the app and stuck in a loop to re-purchase in order to view sky again but kept saying I’d already purchased. Figure it out developers.

- Star Gazer

We live far enough away from city lights to enjoy an amazing night sky on most nights but knowing what the names of the stars and their constellations are, makes it so much more interesting!

- Don’t Waste Your Time

I have no patients for products that pretend to be free but then won’t let you advance without paying. This app is one of them. The app won’t work unless you sign up for $10 A WEEK payment plan. While you can cancel immediately, the fact that they are clearly hoping that people sign up and then forget tells me I shouldn’t use this app. Very misleading, scammy, and bad.

- Ok app

Found it difficult to navigate through. Upset that I had to get the free trial premium in order to see if I liked it. Will be cancelling.

- What in the world?

I just installed this, and I get 4 screens of chopped off text, which after pressing continue 4 times, leads me to a screen that wants me to pay 9.99/wk...THATS $40 A MONTH!!, umm no...I can pay $30 a month to play two different MMORPGs...what makes the creator of this app feel like they can price the app at $9.99 a week, when all I see is chopped off text right off the bat...never going to happen.

- $10 per WEEK!!

For $10 a week I would expect a lot more. I found the free apps to be much more user-friendly. And they are free! I find the $10 a week to be unreasonable. My daughter downloaded this, and I thought it would be for $10 a month at most. I had no idea it would charge me each week. That’s what I get for not paying attention. Pick a different app!

- Charged multiple times

I was billed $20 in one month from this app. My iTunes receipt said that I purchased three separate versions of this app—one free version and two paid versions. iTunes is saying that none of these purchases are eligible for a refund. When I downloaded this app, it was free. If there was a paid subscription version of this app, that is not clearly indicated.

- Usage blocked but paywall

Couldn’t even get past the paywall to even try the app and I can’t seem to find the free version anywhere in the App Store. I’m not going to sign up for a free 3 day trial just to see how the system works. Also don’t ask me to rate your app when I can’t even use the app without even using it, you are literally just asking for negative reviews.

- Needs drastic bug improvement

I tried to check out the app, three pages into the welcome screen I was hit with a ‘rate me’ pop up, and then it went to a page where the only option was to get a 3 day free trial and subscription. No place to ‘x’ out, nothing. Can’t access literally any content. Deleting until it’s fixed, not worth the storage space.

- Terrible UI

I had a lot of hopes for this app and went out to show the stars to my 6 year old only to disappointed by various funnels and other BS that tried to get me to buy things I don’t need. I’m all about buying apps that are awesome, but if you’re confident enough in your application, let me try it for a hot minute.

- Best app ever

We are on our boat a lot, I use star gazing a lot. Just because I never know what is in the sky above us. Star gazing is a wonderful app, allows me to chart our course.

- Force Pay

It’s a great app but you could make the free trial a bit longer like a week. Nobody will want to pay right away.

- Very deceiving

As I was going through the introduction of the app, it asked me to rate it. How can I do that if I have never used it? The end of the introduction was the offer to buy the premium version for $10 per week. I had no chance to use the app. It stopped there and I couldn’t go any further, so I deleted it and looked for something else.

- Not worth it

Trial period it self did not work. It keeps 3 day trial period and then 9.99/week. Agreed to that and when tried to open it keep telling me subscribe. However, I did subscribed and in Manage it shows subscription clearly. Not even worked once.. forget about 3 days of trial period.

- You must have this app

We cannot understand the Earth without learning about the heavens

- worst app ever

I downloaded the app to find constellations and that did not happen, as soon as go on the app it tells me i have to pay 3.99 a month most apps will let you use the app without premium this app didn’t do that i think that fix that problem and then maybe i will give them a better review

- Too pushy

Tried this out and in less than 2 minutes the app went to pushing its subscription. It’s bad enough that the only way to get past it is vague and hard to find, but the “Continue” button in the middle to subscribe is too deceiving. Uninstalled it after less than 2 minutes of use.

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- Awesome looks great🚀👍🤖🇦🇺

Looks great 🚀👍🤖Awesome

- Not free

Definitely not free, you download the app only for it to tell you it’s a short free trial and you do anything until you start paying for the premium version. Typical Apple rort.

- Misleading

I hate that they call it free, get you to download it and THEN tell you that you have to pay after 3 days. Just tell me straight up it’s not free. Grrrr

- Asking for subscription

I haven’t even tested it and already asking for subscription

- Trash

This app is trash! It traps you into downloading it saying it’s free and then you have to pay $16 per month for the stupid app to work.


I didn’t even have this app for the 3 days and have been charged $16 which I did not agree to. How can I get a refund

- Rubish

Don’t waste your time to download it without testing asked for subscription.

- High subscription fee

3 day free trial then $8 per week subscription. I stopped as soon as i read this.


I’m sorry devolved but it’s trash there’s supscrition and it’s bad there’s premium in your face and yeah sorry but it’s TRASH

- Lies

Not free at all. Forced to pay as soon as you install the app

- Not free


- 16/per Week???

Crazy subscription fee. Hell No.

- Not free. Monthly subscription.

Not free!

- Over priced misleading

Please cancel this App, it is costing me 16.49 per week and I have never used it

- Lol

$16.50 au per week. Fuck off

- Stargazer+

I can’t use it without it asking for a $16.99 subscription. And can’t find how to turn the music off

- Can not enter app without entering agreement

Can’t even enter the app with out entering an agreement for a 3 day trial and $16.46/week premium upgrade. That’s about $850/year. Totally designed to trick people into paying...not a ‘free’ app.

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- Beautiful


- Rip off

Says it’s free but there is a $13+ charge per week after 3 days? Get lost. Delete!

- Too expensive

Had to delete it as they tell you to Pay when you have completed three steps to download it.

- No good

13 dollars and change per week?they don’t tell you until you download it.RIP OFF

- Stay Away From This App

Rip off app, directs you to premium and forces you to cancel if you don’t want to be charged. Stay away, this is a scam

- La seule chose est payer

On ne peut pas utiliser l’application sans payer. La seule fonction que l’application danser de payer pour un abonnement qui est trop cher pour ce que ça vaut

- Auto updates, no mention of fee when signing up

Beware, this app will steal your money with no warning. Total Trash.

- Subscription based

$13.49 per week subscription.

- Cheap shot

What’s an upgrade before even trying app.

- Best app ever !!!

I love this app! It works perfectly fine for me! And this is very helpful for my love of constellations! Also if you people don’t want to pay money just click restore and it takes you to the thing ! Also the people who made this app please don’t change th part where when people click restore i5 lets us in or else I will change my rating to nothing 😁

- Makes you sign up

Makes you sign up for a “trial” in order to use. Will charge you $13.49 after 3 days. Find another app

- Just doesn’t work properly

The compass is backwards so none of the stats line up. Have to go through the welcome every time I open the app. Can’t get the camera to work with the stars, when the camera did finally show it booted out all other controls so I couldn’t see with the stars or the button to turn the camera off.

- 😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺☹☹☹

It won’t let me use the app even though I have reset my phone and tried 10000000000 times it just keep asking me I HAVE to pay money:(

Libertex 📈

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- Beautiful scenery

Love the app. You can see things you never thought you can see. Horoscope is a good example.

- What a joke

You know it doesn’t say anything about the description forcing you to buy the premium and subscribe in order for you to be able to use the stupid app I’m done with this kinda garbage just plain bull you can’t just skip and use light version of app it just says subscribe to premium what a hunk of crap

- Forces premium

After opening the app for the first time it asks for a review before I can even use it. Then it takes you to a screen where it forces you to an upgrade. You can’t do anything unless you agree to the premium version which is 9.99 per week. WAY too expensive for an app. I’m uninstalling.

- Seagrove, Fl

Watched the sun set with my wife, brother and sister in law. Downloaded the app and viewed the planets! Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus and Mercury were easily visible with this app. Looking forward to the next visit at the Beach!

- Overpriced

I didn’t even get to try out the app because once I opened the app to use it, it prompted me to pay $9.99 week. Roughly $500 a year to look at the stars every now & then, is simply not worth it when there are free apps for this. I chose not to use this app because there was no free option, only subscription.

- Scam

I’m not sure where all the good reviews came from but this is NOT a legitimate app. It never worked. It didn’t matter where I pointed the camera, it would show only the same stars. And it charges you several times a month. $30 down the drain and it never once worked. Scam.

- It’s amazing

This app helps me look for plants and zodiac signs I love and I hope you all love it too

- No Free Version, Keeps Funneling you to Paid Version

You never even get a chance to use the free version because you are immediately promoted to sign up and pay for the paid version, before you get a chance to use it. Don’t waste your time. Move on to something else.

- Star gazer plus

Your site threw me into premium version at $520 per year. ($9.99 per week) It did not give me a clear way out of subscribing and did not offer a lower level plan. Very disappointing. I would hope that’s not what I would be treated like if I was to subscribe, which at this time, I won’t.

- Don’t do it.

Advertised as free and I didn’t like the service. It was pointless. So I deleted it. Little did I know once you download it AUTOMATICALLY signs you up for its subscription service. And they have been charging me sometimes once a month or even TWICE a month. Unfortunately I don’t know if I’m eligible for a refund.

- Review begging, then $5 a week.

This app in a nutshell: Immediately bags for a five star review, Then immediately ask for a five dollar a week subscription. This is long before you find any of the extremely limited functionality;Hidden behind a button labeled “restore” on the begging for a subscription screen.

- WARNING: $520 per year!!!! No free trial!!

Charges you $10 every 7 days for the rest of your life. Good luck with that. This should be flagged to Apple as a very costly rogue app and should be banned from the Apple App Store. False advertising. Not advertised as a $520 app, but cannot be used without weekly $10 pre-commitment! No trial. How to report bad apps to Apple?

- Unusable

I was interrupted with a “Rate is now” message before I was done with the tutorial, so here I am. When I switched back to the app there is literally no functionality that isn’t locked behind a $10 paywall. There are other apps like this you should download instead

- Garbage

First off, you have to subscribe just to get to use the app. I did that and immediately cancelled because I didn’t want to be charged for the “free” app. Using it, it doesn’t even accurately show north let alone where the constellations are. Complete garbage. Deleted the same night I got it.

- Can’t get past the $9.99/week opening screen

Useless. Opens to a “buy premium for $9.99/week” and won’t let you past that screen without buying a subscription. Good thing it asks you to rate the app during those first few wasted seconds before you delete it.

- scam

I downloaded this app without realizing the cost associated with it. I immediately deleted the app. Unbeknownst to me, deleting the app does not end the subscription. I was then charged $10/week for 3 weeks before I realized. $30 for an app that I never used and was not even on my phone!!

- Doesn’t line up to sky

Doesn’t line up to the sky no matter what I do. I’ve made sure to allow camera, location, messed with the settings on the interface, but every time I turn it on it has the cardinal directions all in the wrong spots.

- Irritating request for upgrade

Every time you open the app you have to go through multiple slides explaining the app. Then it tries to get you to subscribe for $9.99 PER WEEK. Find a different app that is for learning, not trying to charge you $40 a month.

- Forced you to sign up for a subscription for three day trial

I don’t want to subscribe to something until I’ve tried it and I don’t want to sign up for a free trial that charges me after three days if I forget.

- Charged double for services I did not want

My son wanted to find out what a certain Star was, so I down loaded this app. I immediately deleted it when I saw it was a free trail. Now I have been charged $10 four times in two months. Reported to Apple for a refund.

- Interesting but no free option.

It looks really interesting, but during setup it essentially forces you to sign up for a weekly $9.99 premium membership. I’m not going to pay for an app if I’m not even sure I’ll like it.


Google is free to look up info about what’s in our galaxy. This app is NOT a live sky map and they get their higher ratings bc at the startup the very FIRST thing that pops up : (probably the only options from startup to force shutdown that we get w this app) is.... ARE YOU ENJOYING THIS APP- NOPE and PLEASE RATE THIS APP; Well my rating is -1

- “Free” but requires a subscription to work

Don’t be fooled - this app is not free. Maybe it’s in the details but this won’t work unless you subscribe to the premium version. When I start it, it automatically goes into its“subscribe” promotion. From which I can’t get out of.

- Pay pay pay

Can’t even open it with out buying a subscription. Next time you open it it wants you to buy another. Kept pointing it at stars I could clearly see and it said there are non there.

- doesn’t work

After installing and flipping through 3 continue screens, you reach a screen promiting the paid-for pro version, with apparently no option for continuing without going pro. Deleted 3 minutes after installation.

- Wonderful stargazing aid

Love this app. Great tool with background that makes it even more enjoyable!

- Nope

FALSE ADVERTISING - if an app requires that you sign up for a premium 3-day trial with a subscription that you’re forced to cancel, it shouldn’t be allowed to say it’s a “free” app with “micro transactions”. It’s just a paid app. A paid app that doesn’t even work correctly. It’s telling me North is East, East is South, etc. NOPE! Cancelled and deleted.

- Compass is totally wrong lol

How did this app get so many high ratings? The compass is 90 degrees off or more.... consistently... with phone flat or straight up. My built in compass app is perfect... so it’s not my phone. The app has no idea whatsoever of direction.... the ethereal music is cool I guess. But this app is a big fat fluppin flam flop.

- Starmazing

I’m amazed at how brilliant the universe can look through the app.

- Free to download, have to buy a premium version to use

Never had an app where I had to buy a premium version to use it in general, kinda bad they don’t make that obvious in the App Store and seems like a money grab to use for one night.

- Feeling a bit tricked...

They trick you into thinking you can use it for free with the free download, but you can’t use the app until you agree to being charged. They give you 3 free days, but then you get charged. I’ll be uninstalling.

- This app does not work as described

This app does not work as described. Also it says it is free, however as soon as it is down loaded it asks for $9.99 per week prior to even allowing a trial. It doesn’t work when you just try it for free. Don’t advertise free, if it isn’t free!

- Worthless money grab

I don’t know if it’s a bug or just it’s normal course of business, but you can’t use this app unless you pay $9.99 per week. That’s an absurd price for something that should be basic and free. Shame on you.

- Won’t load past “upgrade” screen

The point of this free app is to get you to buy the premium one. It doesn’t let you do anything except click upgrade. I’d say it’s useless but that would be a compliment.

- Not worth it, doesn’t work well.

Not even worth the money during the free trial! The app looks totally different than the pictures and didn’t identify a planet or the Big Dipper when I was pointed straight at them. Two thumbs down!

- Don’t waste you’re money!

You have to spend 10$ to use this app. It’s not worth it. There are plenty apps that can tell you the stars and constellation besides this app. Please do not download. You’re giving elegies people you’re unneeded money.

- This was horrible experience

The app put me in South America when I point it up in the sky. Then when I tried to click on some of the objects it would shoot me into the South American sky or into interstellar space (I was trying to look at the moon).

- You ask for a rating too soon

I didn’t even get through the initiations and your asking me if I lie the app?!?

- Absolute scam

It says free but to use the app you need to pay 10 dollars a week literally cheaper then getting the Disney plus bundle and Netflix every month I don’t know why anyone would ever want this app total waste of money

- Disappointing

When searching the app looks like it’s free but you have to sign up to use it and it’s a monthly fee. Never could use but found some other similar apps that worked

- Idk

I paid $10 and now they want me to review it. No clue if it works.

- Nope

After paying for the app and installed, it wants to get more$... in fact, it wants $40 per month. It should tell you that before loading.

- Problems

Love the app but lately the compass has been wrong. The actual compass on my phone is right but on the app it shows north is south and south is north

- One Star Too Much

The initial screens took me to an upgrade screen with no way out other than to continue to the upgrade. One star is way too low since all it did was waste my time.

- Not intuitive, poor interface, poor value

Not intuitive, poor interface, poor value. Would not recommend.

- Not worth the time

I was extremely excited about trying this app but the trail won’t even allow to enjoy it without pop ups and forcing you to 0ay subscription for more,

- Terrible App

Charged money instantly when it said it was a 3 day free trial. Facing north the map said I was facing south, no option to recalibrate. Once I closed the app it wouldn’t let me reopen it even though I’m still “subscribed.” Junk app and waste of money.

- Not a free app

Just charge for the app, dont lead people on so they download it and then pull the whole “trial period” garbage so you can prey on people forgetting to cancel the subsciption. If you would just be honest and not preditory you would probably make more money. Honest money.

- Be careful of this!

I didn't realize that this app tricked me into subscribing to a version that charges me $7.99 every week, and I didn't manage to cancel this until weeks after. Careful with this.

- Terrible App

Absolutely terrible app. It doesn’t even track where things are in the sky correctly. The Skyview app is much more accurate for looking at stars and constellations, and is totally free. Don’t waste your money.

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@dark_star_gazer @TrumpWarRoom @VanJones68 And there is no "what aboutism" because Trump's not a racist to do a "what about". Duuhh. Learn the meaning of the words you're using. Only 1 of them is racist. The other one is Trump.


@dark_star_gazer @TrumpWarRoom @VanJones68 No, blowing my mind would be you saying something intelligent. Youve done nothing but attack me and haven't refuted a single thing I've said. You argue with feelings, not fact. Youre out of your depth.

Lea Workman🧢

@TruthFactsReal1 @TrumpWarRoom @VanJones68 Not one thing in this denounces white supremacy. Fact is he didnt do it when asked yesterday - period & even told a supremicist group to "standby". Now he knows he fd up & is lying yet again to get out of it. He didnt know who they were like he didnt pay $750 in income taxes 🙄.

Lea Workman🧢

@TruthFactsReal1 @TrumpWarRoom @VanJones68 Sorry but I dont have TV & haven't for 15 years, so if Im echoing what news outlets sd, there could be a a reason for that that may blow your mind... maybe its the same bc maybe its what is called a "fact" & is overtly obvious 4 anyone w/ eyes, ears & deductive capabilities. 🤷‍♀️

Lea Workman🧢

@TruthFactsReal1 @TrumpWarRoom @VanJones68 How do you know who I support? Assuming I support Biden is more proof of the weak deflection tactics u all fall bk on. "What aboutism" is a go-to 4 those that cant combat the data presented abt the current topic w/ actual facts. Ppl dont need 2 support Biden 2 see the obvious.


@RUIN_GAZER hell yeah i love that EP

James Bryron Love

STAR GAZER final #book in the Blue Thunder series #romance #asmsg #ian1 #kindle #ibook #spub

Kate Harper

@megynkelly FBI: Biden is *right*.


@dark_star_gazer @TrumpWarRoom @VanJones68 Let me know when you condemn this instead of excusing it away or ignoring it. Until then, keep your fake racism claims to yourself. You ain't foolin' anyone, sweetie.


@dark_star_gazer @TrumpWarRoom @VanJones68 Yes, you do watch CNN and MSDNC or your talking points wouldnt be robotic straight from those sources. Passing the 1st step act, opportunity zones, school choice & record funding to HBCUs arent what racists do. We've observed the man. He's not a racist.

Star Gazer+ 1.2 Screenshots & Images

Star Gazer+ iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Star Gazer+ iphone images
Star Gazer+ iphone images
Star Gazer+ iphone images
Star Gazer+ iphone images
Star Gazer+ iphone images
Star Gazer+ iphone images
Star Gazer+ iphone images
Star Gazer+ iphone images
Star Gazer+ iphone images
Star Gazer+ iphone images
Star Gazer+ ipad images
Star Gazer+ ipad images
Star Gazer+ ipad images
Star Gazer+ ipad images
Star Gazer+ ipad images
Star Gazer+ ipad images
Star Gazer+ ipad images
Star Gazer+ ipad images
Star Gazer+ Entertainment application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Star Gazer+ Entertainment application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Star Gazer+ (Version 1.2) Install & Download

The applications Star Gazer+ was published in the category Entertainment on 2019-09-07 and was developed by Dragon Game Studio [Developer ID: 606720194]. This application file size is 177.37 MB. Star Gazer+ - Entertainment posted on 2019-10-31 current version is 1.2 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.dragongamestudio.cometolight

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