Threads from Instagram

Threads from Instagram [Photo & Video] App Description & Overview

Threads is a fast and easy way to update and stay up-to-date with your close friends.

Focus on Close Friends
- See messages, statuses and stories from close friends first.

See Your Instagram Messages
- You can chat with anyone on Instagram from Threads, even if they don't have Threads.

Set a Status to Share What You're Up To
- Create a status for only your close friends to see on Instagram and Threads.

Create Video Notes
- Automatically add captions to anything you say when you record a video.

Send Photos Faster
- Quickly send photos and videos to your close friends right from your camera.

Choose Your Own Theme
- Personalize the color of your app and icon.

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The latest version contains bug fixes and performance improvements.

Threads from Instagram Comments & Reviews

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- Love the concept but has some issues

I’m so glad Threads exists as an alternative to Instagram because I used to waste so much time scrolling through posts when all I really use it for is to message friends anyway. Still, there are some issues and missing functions that I hope will be updated. Notifications are wonky and sometimes fail to go away no matter how many times I open a photo or even restart the app. I have to open Instagram and view the messages there to remove the notification. This is very annoying. I also hate the fact that the app opens to the camera screen, this just slows down my phone and more often than not I’m not sending photos to my friends. Just take me straight to my messages. I loved the recent-ish update to Instagram that added themes to DMs, so why can’t threads show themes? These are some issues that need to be fixed before Threads can work the way it was intended, as a stand-alone messaging app.

- Everything I need from instagram in one place- perfect for students!

This app surpassed my expectations. The layout is great, no distractions: essentially, this app is everything but Instagram posts in a user’s feed. Direct messages are very easy to access and are organized by friends to make it super simple to find conversations. The layout within the messages is very simple as well but still keeps the main Instagram functions including the reactions with emojis. Adding to a story is simple enough as well (although I rarely use it in general), and I enjoy the separated stories from close friends away from the rest, organized by time of publication. The only part I wish were improved would be the view when someone sends a reel through messages. It’s not a big problem but the cut of the reel remains the same as a square post even if the reel has content on the top or bottom (and if you have the app, you can open it normally there). This app has replaced the Instagram app on my phone since I love the clean finish and organization throughout. Highly recommend to anyone that wants the main features of Instagram, wants to stay social without spending hours scrolling mindlessly, or just wants to keep the messaging feature without much else. There are also some neat touches- like the status, which is a fun way to start conversations or see how others are going. Amazing.

- Don't read the reviews, it was updated!

I see a lot of other reviews mention missing features and whatnot. The app must've been recently updated, since I didn't find anything missing (well, except chat themes) from the regular app. DMs to everyone, camera filters, replies and custom emoji replies, pretty much everything. It even has some features that the regular app doesn't have, like a way to see a list of all sent images in a chat. I was literally think the other day "wouldn't it be cool if the communication part of ig was available as a separate app?" And lo and behold, this thing was brought to my attention! Truly ideal if you constantly find yourself opening ig to reply to a message only to have yourself sucked into the feed and finding two hours later that you didn't even do the thing that you intended in the first place. This is a great solution for procrastinators alike. Procrastinators who also need to reply to people's messages.

- Auto-Caption/long videos

Please allow the app to upload more than just 15 seconds to our story ;/ I want to start using auto caption for a business i work for, and we normally just record a whole video and upload to our story. However, though threads will auto caption the entire video (let’s say, a 45 second vid), it will only POST the first 15 seconds to the story. Even if i send the story to an individual, they only see the first 15 seconds. it is a hassle to break up our videos perfectly into 15 seconds just to close caption it. why not offer this in the main app for accessibility???? i have deaf family members who would LOVE this to be a common thing. also WHY is the camera button so far?? the three people it “recommends” i don’t even EVER message them??? i always accidentally click their film button instead of the regular camera and it tries to send to them

- Where is hands-free?!

Using this app to add subtitles to Instagram stories and videos (why isn’t this function available within Instagram already to make it more accessible for those with hearing impairments?!) and while I appreciate the filters and gifs from my Instagram account now being a part of this app, the one feature I really need is hands-free. I need to record tutorials and how-tos using both of my hands with my phone attached to a tripod, so I can’t keep my finger on the record button. This feels like a big oversight! And as mentioned above, why does this need to be a separate app - can’t you just add subtitle capabilities to the main Instagram app? You can send Instagram stories to close friends only already, so I don’t see this point of any of this being separate.

- Half the time it works

Worked great until about a week ago, now I have tried several times to get a few different videos to caption and for whatever reason it turns the video from upright to sideways (and cuts off half the video) when trying to add captions and I cannot fix it no matter how many times I will re-save a video and try it again. The length of the video does not seem to matter, it’s happened both with 30 second and 15 second videos. Also if music is playing and I try to record it tends to freeze and blur the screen. If I hit the button to record again it stays frozen to the screen but will record a video...I just can’t see it until I’m done. If it doesn’t do that then the whole app freezes and I have to close it and try again. If they can fix these ASAP the app would be much better.

- It’s the lack of features for me 😒

I know I’m late to the party and all, but dang, I don’t even know if this party was worth coming to. Auto-captioning works great (granted, I haven’t thrown any obnoxious words at it to try to figure out yet), but I want my video filters! Not the crazy face changing ones, just the whole camera/vibey ones. And you can’t change the font of the captioning like you can in your regular stories. If the captioning is really the only special thing you can do in this app - you can already private message a video to your friends in the main app, tf? - why not just make that a new feature IN THE MAIN APP? Y’all are taking up space on my phone for.......what exactly?

- Nagging notification every time the app opens

I use Threads as an alternative to the Instagram app, since I want to reduce my usage without fully disconnecting from Instagram. I also have major privacy concerns about the whole Facebook system. For that reason, I only allow the Threads app access to selected photos rather than my entire photo library. Every time I open the app, a notification comes up asking me to allow the app to access all my photos, and I can’t proceed without answering the notification. This is annoying, and it’s completely unnecessary since I don’t want the app to access all my photos which is why I didn’t allow it to in the first place. Removing this feature (and all the other ways Facebook’s apps try to encroach on user privacy) would drastically improve my experience as a user

- Enjoying the app but

I tried the app when I heard about it and I’m enjoying it so far. It’s smooth and not buggy, I haven’t been using the camera as much and I’ve read a couple reviews and found out that it’s been crashing so I would suggest you work on that. However I’m here because whenever I type something and accidentally leave the chat. Whatever I have typed would be deleted and I’ll have to retype everything again. As someone who moves to different apps all the time, it is very annoying to retype everything all over again just because I left the app and it has cleared what I typed. Hope you can work on this quickly.

- Decent but would love these things

First of all I am using this app to divert my attention away from my insta feed. I understand some people want the Threads features to be integrated into the original Insta App, but I believe this app should still attain the less distraction purpose. This app should include - adding selected people , not just your close friends group. There are some people that aren’t in my close friends group that I want to dm, but also some people in my close friends group that I don’t want to dm. So adding this select option would be great - integrate “category tabs”, like the general dms tab function from buisness accounts into this app. I like to prioritize some people over others. This function should also be added to the original Instagram app, I’d like to have at least three tabs for dms. - add insta features and effects, I like to send my friends filter effect pics. Other than that this app is great. I love the separated Dm environment.

- Cannot video call friends!!

My friends (in a group chat) can video call me but when I try to call them, other groups chats, and individual people, it fails. Please fix this!!! I’m enjoying the app and it’s making me a happier person, despite having to add 20 people to my close friends list, not being able to upload photos from my camera to my story, and etc. I would also like to use all the stickers from the public story and the option for this to be just close friends or everyone else who follows you. I wold also like to see the time that messages are sent, it’s a basic function which should be there. PLEASE PUT STORY VIEWING BACK!! I use the app so much less because I need to look at stories, as they’re quite personal most of the time.

- Notifications

Love the app, use it daily, but the notifications just don't work. I don't know if its the app clashing with instagram, or my phone being weird, but i'll get the vibration for a notification and I'll understand its from threads, but even with the notification settings on (through the app and my phone settings) I dont get any form of notification. The little number on the icon doesn't even show up until i open the app. Its pretty useless with this problem, but other than that it calms my anxiety when it comes to the amount of dms i get on the daily.

- Life Less Destracted

I acknowledge there are some limitations to this app but in essence it keeps me from scrolling through Instagram wether it's my feed or stories. This is taking a fundamental aspect of Instagram and keeping it separate. I've put mostly all of my folks on my close friends lists except for employers, family, and aquatinaces. So it works great for me! I also love that it notifies me before Instagram does so I just naturaly stay away from wasting time. Next I want a way to turn off stories. Too distracting. Thanks!

- Okay, but, why?

Threads is a lot like Facebook Messenger, but without the games. You can messsage people and send pictures. These functions are available in the regular Instagram app, though, so what’s the point of Threads? There are also no filters. So the camera can get really boring really quickly if, like me, you don’t have much to send. I like the idea of themes, but the options currently available are very limited, and there isn’t a “custom” option. I don’t get what the point of this app is, but it just launched. Maybe after a few updates the purpose of the app will become evident.

- Great app, can always improve

So I don’t use this for the intended purpose of communicating with close friends. I use it because I can easily add CC to my videos for other platforms. That said, the only things this app is missing for me is the ability to change the color of the CC and the ability to save more than 15 seconds of the video. Otherwise THANK YOU for being the first app to make CC easily accessible. If you could fix those two things, I will change it to 5⭐️ so fast!

- Messenger for Instagram

I’m very happy this app has been made. I’m trying to spend less time on IG but I rely on the DM service to keep up w friends. That this allows me to see their Stories is really a good middle ground. I like that the alert is not the default iPhone chirp. In a future update please make account switching as simple as it in with IG. Add the full Story creator too, filters, create, etc.. a real contender to snapchat would be awesome. Most of my friends only use Story so this is really an app I would use more than IG itself. For people sad it’s only close friends.. just add everyone to your list!

- i’m not sure what this app aims to be

I initially downloaded threads because it felt like a nice respite away from the toxic and addictive parts of instagram: - the feed - endless clicking through stories of people who i follow. i loved how it was centered around close friends, but now it seems like some of the “regular” friends aspect of instagram is creeping into it. was really bummed to see how stories were auto playing between users (i.e, i watch one persons story and suddenly it clicks to the next user). is it more convenient? sure, but it also slips back into the attention economy issue that plagues all social media. i’d rather be very intentional about whose stories i’m watching. would be nice to be able to customize threads: - have the option to hide ALL stories from non close friends - no message counters for non close friends - ability to choose whether stories automatically move to the next user.

- What’s the point of this app?

It honestly feels like Instagram/Facebook is running out of ideas. This app is literally Instagram DMs with 1 or 2 new features that no one really cares about. The app feels way too basic because it is extremely limited and inconvenient, especially since most of the features already exists in the Instagram app. Why should I switch apps just to talk to the same people about the same things on an identical platform? I feel like the concept for Threads wasn’t thought out very well. It just creates more inconvenience for the user in the end. Hopefully a lot more features and diverse functionality get added to the app to make it actually stand out from Instagram DMs.

- ok, i’m listening

i was expecting to hate the app when i first heard it was being released. like: what’s the point of it, yknow? but now that ive downloaded it i’m actually Really liking it. theres a lot of room for improvement but it’s a good start and i think i’ll be sticking around!! (i also think this is really going to ease up my data usage, because its in a whole separate app) bugs/needed improvements: • if someone has linked an instagram post in their story and you click on it, it crashes the app • voice messages should be added, like they are in the insta app • you cant mute videos from in the app.. feel like this is kinda an essential for posting stories • statuses are pretty useless as of now.. unless all your close friends have threads too then theres literally no point to them.. they just seem a little silly as of now (‘: ITS A GOOD START Y’ALL,!!

- Good Start

I am a Snapchat and Instagram fan and this a good start to reducing my usage of Snapchat. The one item Instagram has been lacking is solid messaging. This app fixes the shortcomings of direct messaging in the main app. There are a few annoyances though: 1. There is no ability to respond via the notifications. You have to enter the app to respond but at least you can see the message from the notification unlike Snapchat. 2. No ability to set nicknames for people, instead you have to remember profiles names. 3. Only for“close friends” as chosen when you download the app. As you become friends with more people you will have to constantly update this list. 4. No ability to add to your Instagram story but you can view stories from this app. Makes no sense. This is a great start with a great design and can’t wait to see how it evolves.

- One expensive redundancy

I got this app the explore features I knew were only available on Threads, not realizing it was an entire messaging app. I already have a camera app for my close friends — it’s called Instagram. IG already lets me send stories or messages to friends and specific people. Why go to all the effort to design an entire app that has just some of the features of the main app? I have to go BACK to ig to view or share posts that are sent to me within Threads. The entire thing is a giant redundancy and I can’t believe facebook paid for it. Add captioning to the main app and call it a day.

- Incredible concept and amazing app

Thank you IG for making this!! I suspect this app will be very popular in the coming years, as more and more people take breaks from social media, but want to still stay in contact with their close friends. I found myself doing things more and more just to get likes on IG from random strangers, which is a terrible way to live my life - especially as a young 20 year old adult. This app is just what I needed

- who’s going to use this?

Unless you’re always updating your close friends list, or maybe wanna post something a little scandalous you don’t want your mom seeing, everything Threads is, is built into Instagram to begin with, and that’s where I see the app failing to take off. People want everything under one umbrella. So far Instagram has every major aspect of a successful social media app, and trying to off load the sharing aspect of social media to a whole separate app is just a bad idea. The camera sends whatever you snap directly to your close friends story, so you there’s no way to send anything to your main story. The whole point of this app is the close friends list. However, if for the very specific reason that you only want your close friends in one inbox, you’re going to love it, and it might make you value and use your close friends story.

- One Suggestion

I don’t even use this app for the Threads, I use it like a “Facebook Messenger” for Instagram because all my group chats are on Instagram, but I want to spend less time scrolling through my feed. It’s awesome for that, but my one suggestion would be to give the option to combine your close friends and everyone else into one inbox, or at least make it so you can swipe between them rather than having to hit that tiny button at the top to switch between inboxes.

- Stop blocking DM notifications from Instagram

As the title suggests, I absolutely hate that the app stop notifications from close friends on instagram, redirecting you to use the app. Some people might enjoy it but personally its too complicated for something that should have been simple. The status act is cool but the rest of the features I personally dislike. That being said the status feature should honestly just be implemented into instagram itself. I might download this again if theres an update that adds another option that would let me continue DMing and receiving notifications normally. For now I can’t ignore this huge flawz

- Not necessary

Well it’s not a bad app and it doesn’t have bad ideas but I don’t think it should be a whole separate app. This is basically instagram DMs with extra steps. I really do like the status feature I think it’s cute, but that’s really the only good thing about this app. I downloaded it and stopped getting notifications from instagram it was really inconvenient. I wish instagram would just add the status feature to the regular instagram app cause downloading this app isn’t really worth it in my opinion.

- Down since 12/17 PLEASE FIX

I can’t send video threads through the app anymore. A friend of mine and I use this app as a main form of communication because of the captions and we can’t send each other videos. App states it’s failed to send. We’ve both tried uninstalling it, updating it, restarting our phones and reaching out to support. Neither of us can send each other or anyone else Threads. At this point we’re creating the videos in threads, saving them and then sending over the Instagram DM. Which is a very long workaround to use something like Threads. Please fix this

- Removes the "addicting" parts of IG

I love this app! Its basically IG with it's addictive components stripped. I decided I wanted a break from Instagram recently because I was spending too much time on I deleted Instagram and downloaded Threads instead. Having Threads allows me to see messages my friends dm me through Instagram, and even still keep up to date with all my friends' stories -- without having to open IG and be sucked in to indefinitely scrolling it's newsfeed. I even can open IG posts my friends link to me directly in this app. It has IG stories without that "infinite carousel" format -- they open up one at a time so you only see the stories of the friends you care about. I honestly do not feel the FOMO I usually do when I take a break from IG, now having this app.

- App Crashes While Using Filters.

It’s definitely the best app to connect to your best friends. Even better than other apps I should say. But I have trouble dealing with filters, whenever I click a picture on any one the filters the app crashes and even the picture it clicks moves the focus and captures something else. It’s gonna be a great experience using the app once this is fixed. Other than this GREAT Work Guys I finally have a app wherein I can connect all my besties in sync with Instagram and rather not rely on a third party app. Thanks Guys.

- Some upgrades you should add

I like the threads but you should make it longer to write in. After I think 24 hrs it goes away and I would like to have the feature that It doesn’t go away. When a close friend sends a message, it pops up like normal but form the app not instagram. A friend would send me a message and when I click on the message it brings me to the thread app(even when I have Instagram open). If these where different I would enjoy it a bit more but overall I do like having a thread in my bio.

- Descent App

Threads from Instagram is an interesting little app, like Instagram Direct Messaging but only with close friends. It’s very obviously trying to compete with Snapchat but there are some subtle features like themes (dark mode!) that the app does have to differentiate itself from the rest. It seems to be very early in development, not too far off from Facebook messenger minus a few essential features, but overall it’s a decent app. Is it entirely required? No. Would I use it more often if I actually used Instagram to message people more? Maybe.

- Threads

While this app from instagram may have many features similar to Snapchat, it would be nice if they merged this app into Instagram. It’s to make it easier rather than switching constantly between two different apps. From personal experience, I found that after trying to text people, I’m still stuck on a loading screen no matter how many times I try to open and reload the app. That’s the only bug I’m experiencing.

- An app for some people

I really like this bc I think I was getting jealous of everyone going out and posting it and I would have to mindlessly scroll through them all. Now I am able to have the messaging and story aspect still which was the main reason I use instagram with my friends. You have to get this app not as a primary messenger with friends but as an instagram messenger. I wish I could see if they read a message like on instagram hence 4 stars.

- Threads

It’s amazing in every way!! The only downside in my opinion is, you don’t get the notifications from people on your close friends list; on Instagram,,, you get them on threads, if you turn notifications for thread off, you don’t get dms from the people on your close friends!!and I don’t think you can check their stories either, I think they should add that feature!! Other than that this is a very, idk the proper word, I’m gonna say helpful 😭😭😂 app.

- Great app but..

This app is great. It actually lets me keep in touch without actually having to be on Instagram and doing mindless scrolling. I was about to delete my account completely until I came across this app. My only wish is that you make it a full messenger app and not only just close friends and also make where you are able to view posts sent to you in a message. Otherwise great job on this app!!

- Just merge

Just merge this with Instagram. There’s no need for this app and I doubt anyone will truly use it (on its own) and switch between Instagram and threads to just message someone. The dm system is really good and overall, extremely attractive (except for the midnight mode, those red text are horrid for the eyes at night and it defeats the whole purpose of midnight). There’s no other texting app needed, a simple one at that. Sending photos with filters and it having different modes is nothing special but it will be special if you add it with Instagram because it makes the bundle better.

- Advice developers plz read

So the reason I am giving three stars is for two reasons. One, when you drag down the notifications, you are not given the option to write back, unlike Instagram, so I highly hope we can see this in the future and two it’s kind of unnecessary to be honest there’s not really and new features besides status but most people don’t even have the app that I DM so they can’t even check my status so yea

- Nice new app

So far I like it. I know it’s like Messenger for Facebook but I have friends I message through Instagram and this is so much simpler and to the point. Only thin is I wish there was more to do with the camera, like filters, locations, tags, and things like. Just like the Instagram camera. Also, I wish it would just add all your followers rather than only using your close friends. That should be an option at least.

- Flips my video horizontally + no hands free

I just downloaded this to be able to caption videos for accessibility. I uploaded a recorded video to caption, and as soon as I edit one word, it flips my video sideways to horizontal...for zero reason. The captions still display upright and there is NO way to fix it! Makes no sense and it’s very frustrating. Also, I would love to record IN the app to save a step, but how is there no hands-free option? I agree with other reviews that they just need to add the captions options directly to Instagram and call it a day.

- New update is solid

I dig the new update with stories. Swiping transitions are solid as well. My only strife is with the story order. It would be nice if after you seen the story it would drop down the list. Also changing the whole story slot darker would help make it seem like it’s already been viewed. But overall it’s really dope

- Great app

I really like this. This app pretty much is the messenger part of Instagram and you can still view stories. Which is perfect for me because sometimes I want to delete Instagram so I don’t scroll the hours away, but I still want to be able to message folks. 10/10 would recommend 💯💯

- Why I use it..

I’ve recently deleted Instagram because I often caught myself opening it, scrolling past like 10 pictures, closing the app and reopening just to repeat. This app helps message my friends without having to go through Instagram and is super helpful with it. Some issues but they can fix it easily. Grateful for this app

- Step forward for accessibility but slight changes will be amazing.

I have some feedback about this app. I am so happy there is a free way to caption videos. But the captions need some major improvements 1.)please make the captions pop up on screen as one full meaningful chunk instead of one word at a time 2.) deaf people deserve to see all words. Even swear words. Please get rid of the bleeps in app 3.) one consistent font size would be easier to read. 4.) making a solid colored background for the fonts would be easier to read aswell. 5.) make the captioning feature available on the main app. Major improvement for accessibility on Instagram. Thank you for developing this. But we can always improve!


My sentiments echo that of several others. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous to have to download this. These features do not seem too complicated to put in the actual Instagram app. It’s bad enough that no one asked for the changed layout within the app. People don’t like it but we’re all getting used to it because we don’t expect you to change it back out of fear of embarrassment. We get it... Next time release a Beta version and let people try it out and review it.

- Utterly pointless, redundant waste of space

Very much like Facebook to develop yet another app that does the same thing in a slightly different interface. There are no significant features on this app that aren’t in the existing instagram app/DMs, the features like themes and statuses could be brought over to Instagram but it seems like Facebook would rather have an incentive for people to install an app that tracks your location constantly. Don’t enable this feature unless you want Facebook selling your location data to companies.

- Great App (Needs Live & Reels)

This app helps me manage my IG addiction while letting me keep in contact with my network. I truly appreciate it along with the updates. It’s weird though. Sometimes I can watch live videos and reels and sometimes I can’t. I guess I’d like to be able to, however, if I can’t that’s cool to. I’d just prefer a decision to be made, instead of it sometimes working and sometimes not.


The whole reason I got this app was to stay away from Explore Feed and regular feed on Instagram and only connect with friends, but I can only receive messages from close friends (can't add groups from my Instagram DMs, and most importantly I loved being able to catch up on my friends' stories but you took that away!! Who does that?? App is now essentially worthless unless someone wants to send me a DM directly and I can't see my groups from insta cause they're not all close friends. So stupid. So bummed - I was so excited to replace Instagram with this app.

- potential.

its ok, i like the idea of it, if youre going to eventually get rid of dms entirely. but my main wish is that it worked with ALL of my dms and not just the close friends list. i hate getting multiple different notifications from different apps for my messages, it seems pointless and ends up more frustrating than helpful. i appreciate the dark modes, but we really dont need so many? just one dark and one gray would be fine, but other colored themes would be compelling as well.

- Problems

Installed threads then changed my mind and uninstalled it,, now my Instagram app won’t alert me with pop ups or sounds of my message notifications anymore? Ik I turned on threads notifications for messages but I uninstalled it and now my insta is not sending me message notifs? And I don’t know how to fix it because of lack of features on the app? So please help if this happened to anyone also? (I did go in my settings and insta settings and the sounds and alerts for direct messages are on,, but it stopped working when I installed threads??) 😀✋

- Great for close friends, please fix new bugs though!!

Despite what people are saying, I actually appreciate that the app is separate. Having a handful of followers, I love how threads is just a close friends app and I can answer them quicker. With that being said though, your latest update made my app SUPER buggy and I really can’t use it right now. Please fix

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- Photo chains

I wish the app would allow photo chains? I tend to do a lot of photo chains with my friends where I reply directly to their photos with the little camera button on the bottom right corner, however this feature isn’t on this app. It would be much more convenient if this feature could be added in?

- Pretty good

Apart from the negative reviews on this app, I think it is pretty cool! It’s not laggy at all, and it super fast. It’s a quick way to check your Instagram messages and story’s all in the one place. When you set your status to whatever you want, it will show under your name in peoples DMs on the Instagram app and the threads app which is pretty cool (you could set it as Do not disturb or your own custom statuses, which is pretty awesome and a neat feature). This app could be improved by adding features that only this app can involve - I understand that it makes sense to just have the Instagram app as you can do everything on this app on Instagram, but by making features only accessible with this app, you will definently get more downloads!

- I don’t write reviews but

I don’t EVER write reviews but I am for this. I downloaded it initially bc someone mentioned the CC feature for stories. I tried it out. I wish I could chnage the font/layout to be less arty and more accessible/readable. So I’m not going to be using this feature. But I then discovered this app is good way to message without opening Instagram. Being able to reply to a whole bunch of people really fast without getting sucked into the Instagram feed is such a HUGE WIN for me. Also; I like the ui/ux 😉

- Great App 💜💜💜

Despite a lot of bad reviews I actually think this is a super handy app ! Basically Facebook messenger for Instagram but with a lot more features (the ability to add closed captions to stories , general story posting , account status etc). I’ve recommended to so many friends & encourage you guys to just give it a try too!!!!!

- Simple and to the point

Really nicely done, super fast and I like that it removes the noise of Instagram when I want to focus on the people I’m close to. Lol at the people sad there are no filters. You shouldn’t need a beauty filter to hide your face, this app is for your close friends.

- Needs hands free recording

Needs hands free recording and needs to record for longer than 15 seconds! Give us at least a minute like Instagram does! Glad captions have finally been rolled out though.

- Great app!

This is a great app with some minor flaws. It’s a app where people especially students can concentrate on their studies. One area that could be improved is the ability to zoom into pictures on chat that is available on normal Instagram direct messages. Thank you.

- Where are the features?

Cool app but the group feature as listed on the threads help site and the auto captions which work for my friends don’t work for me (and why aren’t captions in instagram?). So much potential but not having the group feature makes it a little pointless, may as well just use Facebook messenger. Once these features are available universally I’ll happily change my review.

- Great for grade 12

This is a great app for students who get too easily distracted on instagram (such as me). However it does come with some minor annoyances such as the inability to zoom in and out of pictures ur friends have sent u. Could u please fix this. Nonetheless, it’s a great app.

- Notifications broken

When I downloaded this app all of my message notifications from Instagram came from this app but when I deleted it I wasn’t getting notifications anymore so I have to download it if I want notifications again

- Amazing App! but...

Lately when I try to open threads, it doesn’t work. It just has a black screen and nothing is loading.. does anyone else have this problem? If so do you know how to fix it ._.

- Please let me record for longer

Iv been using app for not very long but please let me record for like 1 minute like Instagram not 15 seconds !!!

- Filters

I pretty much only use Instagram messaging for the filters you can use but you can’t use them on this app. Bring the filters over from the main app and it would be much better

- Open it up to everyone

I don’t want to share my location with all my close friends and I definitely don’t want to message just my close friends, just open this up to all people we follow

- video graphy

its good app but want to know why its video graphy as iphones have function to let us know what apps are doing and its shows this app is using video camera even if we are not using camera ☹️☹️☹️

- You can’t view Instagram stories via the app.

You cannot view your friends Instagram stories via the threads app.

- Caption doesn’t work

I just downloaded this after I saw it on bretman rock using it but after downloading it, the caption DOES’NT even work! & Bretman also said it too. So pls fix it

- Idk how I feel abt this

I have no subtitles to my video when I record is that because I’m in Australia? Or is it the phone I’m using?

- can’t send photos

every time i try to send a photo so someone, it says that the message was not delivered and cannot be retried. this is really frustrating because i usually don’t save the photos so my message is just gone forever

- No subtitles

I think the subtitles is only for Americans, big disappointment as it’s the only reason I would download this app

- how to do video notes

i want to do the censored video notes with captions but it never shows up when i do a video there’s no use for this app bye

- Pointless


- bruh

please fix the autostatus

- I Don’t Get It?

What is the point of this app? No, like seriously. Developers - take a step back - use the damn thing. What is the point? It offers messaging, but even more crippled than the regular Instagram application by only offering your ‘Close Friends’. Why would anyone download this over using the application they already have? And while the ‘Automatic Status’ is kinda cool, it didn’t allow me to turn it on as I was not presented with the option for my location in the background, like the app instructed me to select. Besides that, we have the entirely useless camera feature - which looks like Instagram’s devs tried their hardest to create a skeleton of Snapchat. It is pretty much useless and can be achieved in the main Instagram app, without a seperate app for it. So all-in-all, we have messaging (which can be done in the main app), statuses (which are useless if nobody uses the app anyways, and should be integrated into regular Instagram), and Camera (which is featureless and practically already part of the main app). Nobody is going to download anything they do not need to - and this app is the perfect example of that. Limiting it to the barely-used ‘close friends’ feature is 100 degrees of backwards thinking, as it limits the amount of social interactivity available in the app. People love Snapchat and Instagram because it allows them to see the lives of people who aren’t their close friends. This app is niche enough, why make it worse? Who will use this? People who only desire to be in contact with just their closest friends in a way that could be already achieved with the app they already have? What? I don’t get it. It’s time to re-evaluate the core purpose of the app. This ain’t it chief.

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- Decent

Good for avoiding reels, but I wish you could switch between accounts and add music to your story.

- canadian

boyyyyy if yall dont make the bleeping out cuss words available in canada i will literally skin all of you and eat your flesh 😍

- Good but could be better

Love this app bc it allows me to cut out the toxic parts of instagram but still let me stay connected w friends! Although it’d be better if you were able to interact with people that weren’t on your close friends list. Also it’d be better if it had more DM features that regular ol’ Instagram has. Summary: love the concept but can be improved

- Why only close friends!??

I have group chats on insta that I can’t have on the app. Please update the app so we can message everyone, not just close friends.🙏

- Hm..

If you’ve decided to depart from instagram and have an independent app, don’t you think the app should contain something innovative? If you are just providing all the same features available by your competitors, you should have just gone with the “direct” built in the instagram. You do realize there’re so many similar apps nowadays, people don’t want downloading 50 apps for the same features. At least if the apps are from the same company, why not put them all together nicely within a single app. Like, how many apps do you have already for a single purpose. This just seems like wanting to collect more data on people. You won’t beat the competitors like this, no..

- Video Note Feauture

The video note feature is no where to be found. I seen other videos showing how to, but my whole app lay out is different. It doesn’t let me transcribe audio to make captions in my videos. That’s the only reason I downloaded the app. I have a iPhone Xs with iOS 14.2 so I don’t see what’s the problem here. I have friends which it all worked for them so why me?!. One star rating for sure.

- angry canadian

Instagram y do u hate Canada so much, first the Instagram music feature was only available in the US now the bleep feature on ig 😐 fix this now pls

- Terrible.

My bf and I only text on instagram. I can now only get the notifications through threads. Where did my notifications go from Instagram. I’ve deleted the app and now Instagram wont send me notifications this app sucks. Do not recommend

- Tik Tok trend fail

Chile did y’all remove the walkie-talkie option for captions??

- Group chat

Let us have our group chats please! Not just close friends

- has potential

this app helps get rid of the toxic part of instagram and helps me focus more on interacting with just my friends! though, one issue... it drains my battery. my phone also gets hot meaning the processor is working hard. it’s like i’m gaming even when i’m not. fix this issue and this app will be perfect

- Great app

I love it, prefer it better than instagram

- Easy & Fun

I love this app! It’s not just your DMs in a separate app, it’s something completely new and very enjoyable to use with friends. Makes messaging close friends on Instagram easier, quicker and more fun!

- Notifications glitch

PLEASE FIX THE NOTIFICATION GLITCH I don’t get any notifications for all of your apps

- Please fix annoying bug

There’s a bug where it constantly shows a notification that a group chat member sent a photo. Even though I’ve already opened and viewed all the photos sent, the notification won’t go away. I’ve tried deleting and re-downloading the app multiple times with no change. The Instagram app does not show this notification, so I know it must be a Threads problem then. Good app otherwise

- great

interface is still a little rough, but it’s exactly what you want. no distractions and you can still communicate with people.

- Huge improvement since the first release

You guys have done an impressive job on improving the app and adding the vital features with updates. I would still hope for swipe on texts for replying specifically instead of holding and click reply. But this is best for ignoring Instagram toxicity and still staying in touch with ppl ♥️♥️

- Will get your account blocked

This is the only app I’ve connected to my Instagram account and now I’m action blocked for a week for using “third party apps” literally right after connecting Threads. AVOID THIS APP!!!!

- Exactly what I was looking for ^^

Much needed

- Wrong location

Randomly the app will say that my location is in Ecuador when I am no where close to that. My friends will ask me about it as well. Does this mean someone else is logged into my account?

- What for french people

Bonjour, Très dommage que le sous titrage en français ne fonctionne pas. Mon contenu est en Français ainsi que l’ensemble de ma communauté. Vous devez absolument ajouter cette fonction... en plus mon app est en français... ps: ya pas juste de l’anglais dans le canada...

- caption colours?

love the ability to record stories with closed captioning but at the very least please add a black colour option for people recording in lighter settings or with a white background! Thanks!

- Disable camera page

I use the 3 page layout to swipe between stories and messages, but I don’t use the middle page for video capture. Would be great if the order was: camera, stories, messages so I would only have to swipe once to switch between pages.

- E

When I’m in the app I can’t hear the sound from the video and when I try to save the video, it will only save half of the video not the entire thing.

- account switching

can you make an option where i can switch accounts? i choose the wrong one and it’s pissing me off i can’t change it

- Bring back the previous IG fonts please

1. Bring back the previous IG fonts please... You would win me back as a user 2. This app is extremely buggy 3. Stories quality are always bad because text or stickers are warped on the screen 4. Earlier versions if this app was much more proficient

- Horrible app

Stop taking me to threads every time I try to open a dm on instagram 😭 so out of the way and unnecessary

- Canada

Please let Canada also have subtitles when we record videos just like Americans do.

- doesnt even let me log in

everytime i try to log in it gives me a random error

- Confused!

Super excited for this app but there’s no option for captioning my videos and that’s the main reason I wanted to use it! Deleting and I’ll come back when the caption option is offered in Canada. Forced to give it 1 star but zero star is my true review.

- Tiktok

Is anyone else here from the tiktok video

- TikTok

If your not here because of TikTok I don’t know what your doing! And yes I do know I’m kinda late to this but idc👁👄👁

- Pointless and makes everything inconvenient

I cannot get notifications on Instagram until I download threads. Okay, no big deal, I’ll download threads. But you can only have one account active on Threads, so now I can only have notifications on one of my accounts which is extremely inconvenient. Most people have more than one account. Please let us add other accounts. This is so pointless and brings unnecessary problems. There was no problems or need for improvement on instagrams regular messaging. Ever since this came out there have been pointless issues with notifications.

- Canada Update

I wanna get bleeped out to😔

- Captioning function

You should be able to make videos longer than 15 seconds and you should have an option to toggle on and off the bleeping of swear words.

- duck

i want to swear let me

- Make it work on Canada

Captioning is only for US users



- Kinda dumb

I stg this app is sums I only downloaded it to use that bleep out filter and it’s not even in Canada 😐 disappointing, you can’t even message anyone you made a separate app that more or less is the same thing as Instagram but without the feed it’s so similar to other apps it just wasn’t needed, please just make it a better app and let Canadians have fun too .

- Sad navigation update

Threads was so simple with moving up/down between camera and chat. The new feed is interesting but exactly what I want to avoid using threads. The new nav flashes the camera when you move around and feels a lot slower.


Man this ain’t fair

- canada

make this available in canada or else im going to get every single canadian to review this a 1 star so it gets taken down 🥰

- Your mom

Tiktok won’t work lmao

- terrible

bring the cussing transcribing thing to canada lame



- bad bleep

can yall put the bleeping cuss words on here pls💀

- Make the notes available in Canada.

I was so happy to find out there was an app the generated CC only to find out I can’t use it cause IM in Canada.

- canadian struggles

so i’m canadian and i want the censored word thing rn istfg make it available in canada, america isn’t the main character 🙄

- Captioning videoss

The captioning option doesn’t seem to appear for me. I have the iPhone 11 but I live in Canada. Is my location the reason why?

- No captions in Canada?

Absolute garbage. I wanted it for captions.

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zoe jane has white in her eyes

@TEENAGEWlLDLIFE @CLIFFBURT0NS i know for a fact you havent seen a single video of hers because she addresses all of these in almost every single interview. yall get your information from instagram story threads and it shows


@EnosMcManni I think you should give it to me. I am submitting my Instagram feed, my pinterest boards and my vsco as my resume. You've also seen from my pinterest threads and interior decore photo dumps, that I am the gyal. If you need more convincing, check my aesthetics and arts highlights

Liz Kimber

Ah. Threading time. Sadly this is as far as id get today. Migraine setting in along with stiff and sore from yesterday’s loom adventures. Only 202 more threads to go


Merry Christmas from Threads. Hope everyone has a good time and stays well x


The most common question we’re asked is, “Do you have a plat of [x neighborhood], like one of those fancy ones?” We did a post about Pittsburgh and the continuous threads from Atlanta’s early class divides through today’s historic preservation efforts.


okay but other threads i saw like this have taken pics from Photoshoot,stage outfits while these all are from junmyeon's Instagram and airport means HIS OWN WARDROBE

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Meg Hirsch, M.S.

@KCoburnSLP If you are filming your own videos and use iPhone and Apple products, the app Clips can caption videos. I’ve used it before and it’s pretty accurate. Threads from Instagram is also a good option, but it can only film in 15 second increments. So not as useful for long videos.


Nearly finished. Based on an ensemble from PotO, but Christmas 'd up. @ Outtadis World Threads


In honor of reaching over 500 followers I'm hosting a contest of sorts! In order to enter you need to be following me on instagram! All you have to do is draw/ write about your Mc with one of the brothers from one of my threads! The contest will end January 31st

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Threads from Instagram iphone images
Threads from Instagram iphone images
Threads from Instagram iphone images
Threads from Instagram iphone images

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The applications Threads from Instagram was published in the category Photo & Video on 2019-10-03 and was developed by Instagram, Inc. [Developer ID: 389801255]. This application file size is 158.65 MB. Threads from Instagram - Photo & Video app posted on 2021-04-28 current version is 1.2.35 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.burbn.threads

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