Color Fill 3D

Color Fill 3D [Games] App Description & Overview

Once you start, you will never stop playing.

Just one objective: Fill the board.

Very easy gameplay mechanics with hundreds of unique levels.

Play by swiping your finger, avoid obstacles, cover all of the board to win.

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Color Fill 3D Customer Service, Editor Notes:

-New Levels -New UI -Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements We Work Hard to Make "Color Fill 3D" Better. Enjoy!

Color Fill 3D Comments & Reviews

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- This game...

Dear the person reading this, I honestly love this game. It’s really fun and addicting. However, I saw the reviews and many people were saying there’s a lot of adds. Trust me, there is, that’s why I call it ‘The car game.’ I use it in my house too, but it’s better when you’re in the car. When you’re in the car you’re not connected to the network, if there’s no connection, games can’t show adds. If you play this game while you’re traveling in your car, there will be no adds. It’s actually really smart. Also, it might just be me, but I think we should have another option to do with diamonds. You usually collect diamonds for each level you win, and diamonds can be used to continue and renew your ‘life’ if you fail a level. But is that it? Can’t we do something more with the diamonds? Perhaps like a shop...? There could be limited time maps or other things. It would be so much better!!! Don’t be disappointed if you figure out that this has a lot of advertisements. The people that make these games usually have a lot of adds. Just use the car method and you’ll be good!! 😃 -Color 3D user

- I like the game, but the ads are unbearable

I have had this game for a few weeks. I really adore the style of the game, and it is a great app if you just need to pass the time with minimal effort. The levels are all easy, albeit a bit repetitive. Like I said, if you are looking for something that won’t take much effort to clear your head, this game is great! However, it does come with a massive downside. The advertisements. While there does seem to be a way to buy your way out of the ads (something I can’t do because I can’t really afford to), the completely free version of this game is absolutely littered with them. I get an advertisement after every single level that I play. It becomes annoying very quickly to have to watch an advertisement and then click out of it as soon as I can. If it was an advertisement every 15 or 20 so levels, then I would likely be able to look past it with minimal complaint. However, after every level? It’s a bit ridiculous and makes me less inclined to keep playing. On a side note, I like how you collect diamonds as you play through the game. What I don’t like, is the fact that there is really no where to spend the diamonds beyond the few customizable aspects of the game (all of which are very cheap and accomplished quickly). It almost defeats the purpose of having the diamonds as an element to the game. All in all, the actual game is wonderful. The downsides of it and the incessant advertisements deplete it’s charm significantly.

- The worst game ever

I hate game so much I just don’t like it it’s really really bad and I biotics it looked fun and then there was just so many ads they just kept on coming and coming and coming and coming and then I just didn’t like the game anymore and I And I play it not That often because it’s just like the worst game in if you get this game then just don’t get it it’s because the reviews before he gets games I did that in unbelievable and I should’ve believed them because I didn’t and then I got this game and I I hated it so you should look at the reviews before you get games because the people are mostly right I didn’t think they were right so I got the game and I mean this game is like it’s not what you think it is on the ad it looks fine it looks like like everything but it’s kind of stupid they make you do like that little thing first and then you just keep to do the big one but it’s why don’t you just let them do the big one in us to the big one when you do the big one it gets funner because like but when you die there are so many ads so many ads it’s like you just can’t have that money and you can’t can’t do that all at all it’s so so boring to watch all these ads all of them and it’s boring really boring

- Disgusted

I enjoyed this game when I first downloaded it, but after several levels, if I chose to watch a video to continue, it would play the video, but after the ad ran for the length of time, & the X would appear, I’d click it to close the ad. Another box opens up asking if I want to close the ad, or install the app. If you close the ad, it shows another short ad, then you have to start over. I decided I wasn’t leaving the ad up long enough. I walked away. The ad was still there, & it would still do the same. After the second ad, it would go back to the BEGINNING of the level. It got to the point that I would click ‘No, thanks’ to just start the level over, but it would STILL play an ad. In spite of all that, I managed to get somewhere above level 60. Another problem is with that stupid ad thing at the bottom of my iPad. It blocks the block at the bottom. I just played a level that had a tiny opening to nestle the block. It took forever to pass the level, as I didn’t realize the hole was there. PLEASE consider cutting the ads in half.

- Its okay, but here’s some ideas...

I downloaded this game honestly only because the ad for it popped up SO. MANY. TIMES when I was playing my other apps. I like it... i mean, it’s okay I guess. I just wish it had sound. Maybe you could add a little clicking noise when the blocks (or whatever you call them🤪) break. Or a sound like glass shattering. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t like a silent game. But even if some people don’t want sound, they can just mute their phone :3 Also you could add a little upbeat background music. Another thing is all the ads. I mostly put my phone on airplane mode or play it while i’m on the rode so that don’t have to tango (idk😂) with all the annoying pop up ads. I guess pretty much any free game has ads, so just use my little tip. Put your phone on airplane mode while playing. Other than that, it’s a fun game. I play it a lot when I’m just sitting around the house:) I know this review is long, but thanks for reading!

- Pretty good

Hi everybody, I love this game. I would highly recommend this game if you are a ad liker and if you don’t mind ads. this game is fun, however the ads are like a herd of buffalo that doesn’t stop. It sometimes stops me in a middle of a level just for 5 ads. And I’m not joking about 5 ads. When it stops in the middle of the level, you’ll get one ad then another five times. You can remove ads but that costs 10 dollars a month. That’s why I just deal with ads. I wish to give this game a five star review but I have to give it two. And did I mention how bad the glitches are? Well, they are also bad. I hope this review persuades you interest in this game. The non pleased gamer in Wisconsin My Update on the game: Hi everyone, now I have had this game for about a month and I am on level 579. Now I have realized that the ads are not bad and no glitches. Now I would give this game 4 and a half stars. I am upses with this game. DO NOT LISEN TO THE REVIEWS WITH A BAD REVIEW. Everything they say is NOT true. This is the best game. If you have made up your Mind to not get this game because of the bad reviews please change your mind. Also the top part of my review is from a month ago. now only a quarter of the top paragraph is true now. Now the pleased gamer in Wisconsin

- Worst. Game. Ever.

Hello! Let get started ROASTING THIS GAME! So, every time you die, the game gives you an option to continue for an ad. Sometimes I click on the ”No thanks” button and it still plays an ad! When I think I accidentally clicked on the ”Continue” button, at the end of the ad, I'm back to the first level!!!! So, you're better off just clicking the continue button. Another thing is that the levels don't get any harder to complete. I'm literally at level 500 or something. Last, and definitely not least annoying, The challenges button. The Challenges button will be at the top of the screen when you get to a certain level- or when you download the game or something, And when you click on it, Almost impossible levels come up. I've been stuck on one of the challenge levels for 2 MONTHS. Thanks for read and please fix this, App Creators!

- Ads

I love the game! It is soooooo fun, but why are there so many ads. I get the game to have fun and distract myself from the outside world. Literally every level I pass, or die, there is an ad. I can’t stand it. I have actually stopped playing the game because I watch more ads than actually play the game. You have no idea what my personal life is. I could be a teenager trying to escape from the world, or I could be a mother trying to stop her baby from crying in church by letting them play a game. But they will get sick of the ads and it makes me sick to watch the same ads over and over just so I can do what I got the game for. I know that making people watch ads gives the company money, but I hope that they know that there will always be hundreds of unsatisfied customers who are stuck watching ads. I am not allowed to spend money on my phone, so I can’t spend $3 to get rid of ads.

- To the creators of this app:

I love this game! I am just past level 300 and it never gets old! The only thing I have to say is that I wish there were other things we could spend our gems on. I have over 1.5k and I don’t have any use for them. You can make a setting to where you can unlock new skins, or something. Also, when I was the add to not start over my progress, it doesn’t always work. But, I still LOVE this game, it is way better than anything on the App Store!

- Its very good, just some things I would like.

I like it, I really do! It’s pretty easy, and it helps me calm down when I’m upset! I don’t really like the ads, but it’s free, so what was I expecting? I usually turn my WiFi off so I don’t have to watch ads, but it gets annoying when I want to play another game that needs WiFi and I forget to turn the WiFi back on. I also don’t really like the gems. They’re kinda useless except when you want to continue without WiFi. I also wish you could choose the colors. I don’t really like pink and yellow, and I wish I could choose my levels to be teal and purple all the time. I think you should make it cost about 5 gems though, with or without WiFi. I think that would be nice for people with their WiFi on, so they have a use for the gems. That’s all, sorry that it’s so long! 😅

- Good 👍🏻 annoying😡

This is a really great game to play anywhere! Their is just one thing I need to complain about. It’s the fact that I’m in level 419 and I am playing the same round as I was playing in level 5. The game doesn’t get harder I would say it just gets easier witch is the opposite of what I want. And then for the challenges you would think oh that may be different and more difficult but u r completely incorrect ! And then you might also think by challenges it says 0/15 and when u finish it and get 15/15 u’ll prob get a reward but u don’t!! One last thing there’re diamonds that you collect as u pass that corner but if you don’t 💯 finish that level u won’t get the diamonds that u already collected!!

- Please not that many ads

I really love color fill 3D, I love playing it in my free time. Although in my opinion, there are just way to many ads! Almost after every level an ad comes up and I can’t even count how many there were in my five minutes of playing! I do realize that ads are to make money because you’re advertising other games and I know you guys have to put ads on the game, but it is ridiculous that after every level I have to watch an ad to play the next level, this game is addicting and I think it would be even more addictive if there weren’t an ad after every level. Thank you for your time and consideration, this is just my opinion, maybe someone thinks differently.

- The ads

So, This game is really addictive but I don’t like the idea of having an annoying ad every second of the game and I think that maybe you could remove some ads and maybe it’ll be a little more addictive. I think that there could be some improvements to the game based off of features that don’t even make sense. Like when you die, you have to watch an ad and if you want to continue, you have to watch an ad again. It’s like sayin do you want to start over or continue with what you got and you have to watch an ad for both of them. I think that I have to spend more time watching ads than playing the game. But, other then that, it is a really fun game and the community did a really good job coming up with this.

- Great game but the ads..

I mean the game itself is great. But what irritates me about it is the ads.. after like a level or when you die on a level you have to listen to a ad. Ads aren’t usually this annoying but as soon as the ad is done there is no exit button, so I keep pressing the corners trying to exit the ad but it would just take me to the App Store. After I try a few times it annoys me so badly, so I just pressed the home button and closed the game and started playing it again. This happens several times so I just decided to uninstall the game and write a review about it.. So what I’m asking is that if the creators of this game could, if they possibly could fix that. Thank you.

- Good game but,

This is a spectacular game but I need harder levels. Anyhow this game is so satisfying I would recommend this game to anyone with spare time. There is a no add button I wouldn’t buy that cause on my app I have like no adds so adds are not ridiculous like people say there good. This is a great way to sharpen your mind and your iq. I always read the reviews before I download a game I thought they didn’t look so good so I was thinking I made a mistake well best mistake ever so far. So the only reason I rated this four stars instead of five is because, the levels progress on and on but they don’t seem to get harder so yea. Your fellow user -unknown.

- Fails to give credit for ads.

If you die don’t bother watching an ad to continue because over half the time it will not start you where you died but make you watch another ad and make you restart the level. Also every level I’ve played is in 2 parts. The first part you cannot die in but when you complete it you have to watch an add to get to the second part. I’ve played it for less than 15 minutes and have had to watch over 20 adds. I think that if you complete a section without dying you should be able to continue on without watching an advertisement. Thank you for making a fun, mindless game to distract me from my hectic life. It might be a load of fun in the later levels but chances are I won’t have the patience to fin out.


I’m addicted to this game because of how it has so many levels but it is very challenging. I hate how a lot of people complain about the ads when all you have to do is delete your history of the game, turn on airplane mode and then go onto the app. Boom! No ads to stop you from playing. 10/10 game. I would rate 100 stars if I could. -Update- Disappointed because new challenges won’t unlock. 2 weeks ago I checked out the new challenges and saw they needed to be unlocked. I come back to it two weeks later and it is still locked! This is a simply coded game so it shouldn’t have an error like this. 4 stars until fixed.

- Addicting and Satisfying but too many ads

i got the game today and i was stuck on the second level all day. it’s extremely hard even on just the second level, i saw the game and wanted it since it looked so addicting, and it was. but the only thing is that it’s too hard and there’s ads everywhere! i know they need to make money somehow off of a free game but, there is way too many. so there is five parts of the level right? after every section of the level i would get an ad or multiple, earlier there weren’t as many ads as there is now. so i would watch very many ads, only to lose at the very end of the round. very fun, satisfying, and addicting, but so hard and so many ads

- Ads

Honestly I enjoy this game and it has kept me entertained during quarantine... it’s so satisfying for me to go around the edges to trap all the squares and it gives me this satisfying feeling kinda like watching soap cutting videos but you get to feel it. Downside to this game is that the levels are kinda repetitive and it gets kinda old also I’ve seen a lot of people complain about the ads and honestly same they are kinda annoying but I’ve discovered while on a plane that if you put your phone on airplane mode and turn off WiFi then you no longer get ads and you can continue playing as many levels as you want.

- This game is addicting as heck

So I started playing this game a while ago and I’m a little bit addicted. The levels start to repeat after a while tho. I play this game while watching TV or doing another small task and I don’t really notice it but it definitely repeats. I’m over 1000 levels in so I play this game a lot. Lol. There are way too many adds however. They play even if you don’t want to continue sometimes and I wish you could use diamonds more because I’ve obtained way too many. But this is overall a good game and I would recommend it to others that want a quick game to play while at work or watching TV

- Low effort money grab full of ads

Gameplay is smooth and simple enough, pleasant even. Except that you have to watch 30 seconds of advertising between every 2 levels, which is maybe 2 minutes of gameplay MAX. Seriously, a 30 second ad played after the FIRST LEVEL. The first level, which took 15 seconds. There are better simple puzzle/color games out there. This one isn’t worth anyone’s time. The gameplay and relative percent of time spent watching ads make this a hard pass, nothing but another money grab with enough (purchased from bitters) reviews to keep it decently high in the store. Whoever created this, you did fine. Whoever is in charge of monetizing it, you should never be allowed to make these decisions again, and I hope you step on legos after being fired.

- Great game, but gems aren’t very useful

This is a very fun game. What’s nice is that you can play it when you have a moment while waiting in a short line or you can sit down and play it for 15 minutes straight. It is a great way to kill time, but it is easy to get in and get out as needed. The fifth star is lost only because of the gems. As another reviewer said, you can only spend your gems to revive when you’re not connected to WiFi or data. It would be nice if that was fixed, but it would also be cool if skins could be bought with your hard-earned gems. More ideas are themes or power ups (like a shield).

- It’s boring

The mechanics are fine except for one thing, you’re invincible unless you expose yourself, which means there is a Strategy of outlining the entire map, and getting an instant win. Is it supposed to be this easy?!?!??? The design of the maps doesn’t even change sometimes, it’s just a square, with a block moving up and down. The best part about it is the small maps before each big map which relies more on Precision then the big maps. There is a formula that could’ve been capitalized on very well, but wasn’t, the small maps should introduce a new mechanic, and then the big maps take that mechanic to another level and challenge you; this game does nothing with new mechanics, there’s only one mechanic, and it’s so BORING that I did 50 levels and found NO challenge.

- I love this game but there are a few problems...

This game is really fun and all but when you get it there are like a ton of adds and it’s really glitchy like when you beat a level you go to a add right away so please stop with the adds maybe do adds when you died and you wanna get a extra life now this maybe a great game for people!! Now this is my advice so you don’t have to read this it’s just for other people who agree so people like it some people don’t. But do not stop the great work!! Oh also please read this I’ll be sad if it doesn’t but it’s okay if you have to look at other reviews...... goodbye! 👍

- Fun, but extremely irritating

From what I’ve heard, the ads pop up constantly and have many issues. I don’t have to deal with it because I put my phone on airplane mode so ads are gone. What really annoys me is when you lose a level and have to wait around 5 seconds to continue, or you can skip the time by paying gems. It says that 3 seconds pass, but it’s definitely longer than 3 seconds. Being somebody that suffers from several anxiety disorders and mental illnesses, this causes me extreme anxiety. If they could just get rid of having to wait for the skip button to pop up, I wouldn’t have to take my anxiety meds EVERY time I play this. I know that the few seconds don’t affect much, but it really bothers me.

- Great game! But a lot of ads

This is a really good game I love it so much (except the part where I keep dying and watching ads) it’s pretty good! I see the other ratings saying I hate this game, but it’s pretty good! No other game is better, of course I know why games need ads BUT every ?free game has ads. Maker of this game it’s pretty good but needs sound and plz get rid of ads it’s annoying and lots of people don’t like it SOMEONE EVEN SAID hate this game because of all the ads! But there’s other things to. Like this game very much think you spould get it if you do your life will be filled with happiness! Thanks for reading this long message! Bye

- Whyyyy...

😩Okay, this you have to read before playing.. I just HAD ❤️ to get it because I was bored, the game looked cool, and I did a challenge where I couldn’t sleep for 1 night. It was hard, and I got tired. Well this game looked awesome so I got it, a few minutes later it was done downloading so I got excited. 🙂. Apparently I got in the game and it froze immediately and I couldn’t get it to fix. It made me a little sad, because i wanted to try the game. 😕, some reason, it worked for a lot of you people who did write comments, or maybe your upset like me for the same reason. I left the app, and joined it again. In the middle of my first round, I thought that it fixed and I got to do my new game, too bad for me because it froze again. Please fix this freezing problem! 😫


This game is horrible. You may click "watch a video for an extra chance", and you will watch a video, but get taken right back to the start of that multistage level with no extra chance. Every time I click that button I am annoyed for being cheated. Why have that button if it does not allow you to do anything?! Also, there are so many ads. It may even stop you n the middle of a level for an ad. Once the add is over, you will have died because you were supposed to be playing. As well, the levels do not get progressively harder. They merely redo old levels. There is little you can do with the diamonds you warm as well. Pointless. This game will only agrivate you. I have seen many complaints saying the same thing.I stress: DO NOT DOWNLOAD!

- I love it!

This game is great! It’s so addicting and I play it literally everyday. Theres only one problem with it, after you get to a certain level, they’re not original anymore. As in like the levels just repeat and its really noticeable. As for the ads everyone complains about, all you have to do is turn of your wifi or lte and if you want to continue a level you can use diamonds. And if you want to listen to music or something just use your lte but go to settings then cellular, scroll down and turn it off for this app and boom no more ads! I hope this helped someone :)

- Plz Read

I love this app and play it everyday, but the levels are the exact same each time and don’t get harder. Plus, after each level there is an add. And after each level I collect gems but never get to use them for anything except an occasional replay when I mess up on a level. And right now I have 2702 gems but it never gets bigger. After each level I keep checking my gem supply and it just says 2702 💎 and I was like what? No matter how many levels I pass my gems stay the same. I love this app, but there are some things that could be changed.

- Great game

It is a great game but it would be greater if there were not so many adds. It also stole my waffle maker. Not sure how but when I went to make waffles, it was not there. So I opened the game to find that the color cube had it. This happened just yesterday. I really want my waffle maker back. I am not even sure how it did it. Maybe it jumped out of my phone when I was asleep. Or maybe it has teleportation powers. No matter how it stole it I want it back. It was the best waffle maker ever. I just hope it does not steal my toaster. Oh my god it stole my toaster. And it used a portal! Where did it get that portal gun?!

- Love game just few bugs

This is a wonderful game, I love it but there’s just a few bugs, for example umm whenever I die and there’s an option say I can restart just by watching a add, okay that’s good everything was fine, but than when the ads was done, I HAD TO START ALL. THE. WAY. OVER. And than when I wanted to go the other way or go back down, it’s won’t let me and I just die, I’m not so angry it’s just frustrating, but other than that I love the game so much I can’t stop playing it, you guys did a great job, and I’m not forcing you guys to fix it’s quickly, just take your time!!!😊😊

- Fun game…

…but the number of adds is crazy. There is no reward for completing a level. If you complete a level or even two or three then lose one you can get sent back as many as three levels. Before you go back however, you have to watch at least one if not two advertisements. Complete a level, watch an ad. Fail to complete a level, watch an ad. Hit the continue button, watch an ad and then go back at least one level to start over. It’s fun, but I just get very tired of watching ads over and over. Enough with the Tik Tok ads already. Great game if you have a high tolerance for commercials.

- Good so far

I like this game a lottttt! But one thing that bothers me is the amount of adds. I’m giving it 5 stars because I like that the adds are after you die and start over. Or after you win and go to the next lvl. But I guess what bothers me is there can be up to 5 adds at a time in between each time period. If you could fix it to like, 2 that would be great because it takes up so much time. But otherwise I love this game and it is totally worth getting it.

- Ads everywhere

If you want to relax and enjoy a satisfying game this isn’t for you. As with games like this Everything you do means 30 second Ads, new level? Ads. You die? Ads. You don’t want to revive? Ads, You actually click revive? DOUBLE ads. It’s just ridiculous and honestly makes this game sooooo Stupid. You can remove ads but why bother giving greedy devs anything when it’s obvious they care more about their revenue then people actually liking the game or the game properly functioning. I liked this game idea, but the ads are so frustrating since you get about 1 minute or less of play time (since the levels are extremely easy) and multiple 30 second ads right after. It’s beyond ridiculous.

- The best way to play easy with no ads

I love this game it is so cool! So basically most of the people are annoyed with the ads cuz it really is annoying can just turn off your WiFi and there you have it you can play with no ads you can beat all of the level literally with no ads I always do that and it is a really cool idea just turn off your WiFi from settings and then play for free with no ads now I always do like that and I love it so this game deserves 5 stars

- 😻 love it

I love this game! I had it before on my moms phone and now that I have my own iPod when I saw the add for it I was like Ahhhhhhh YES I need that again! There are not an insane amount of adds and this game is just all together fun! Each level gets harder and it’s so fun! U win diamonds and go around different walks and when you crush one of the cubes it’s such a satisfying moment! I never have it with sound so I can’t say anything about that! I live this game and you should definitely get it

- Do not put money into this game!!!

I thoroughly enjoy playing this game, however have noticed the game scams you. It lets you gather crystals to continue if you fail, however requires you to watch an ad as well ( if you have your phone on airplane mode this is bypassed). I have noticed however the game takes random amounts of crystals instead of the “5” “10” it says the restart costs, anywhere from 7 to 11. Also sometimes when you collect the crystals, it shows the animation however it does not give you the credit. If you spend money this does not change, basically scamming you out of your purchase! If not for the cheating system the game itself is addictive thus the 3 stars

- Good game but........

This is a really fun game to do when you have extra time, but there is a few problems, 1, THERE ARE SO MANY ADDS!!! I can’t play the game for 2 minutes without having an add. 2, very glitchy. When I was on my phone, I was playing it and I was on level 15. I turned off my phone for a little bit, then came back on to find that I was on level 1. 3, idk if they can do this but some of the adds are inappropriate. I saw lots of ads from episode, and other games not for kids. Still overall, and amazing game

- Fun, but repetitive

It was a fun game. I got it because of a video/ ad and was intrigued. So I got the game and I liked it. But I’m currently on level 811 and have 3648 diamonds. The levels doesn’t get harder and they reused previous levels for the next levels as well. I thought it was nice for it to watch an ad just to continue where you left off, but I constantly got the same ad every time if I wanted to watch an ad to continue where I left of or I clicked no thanks and an ad pops up. Very rarely would I get other ads. It got very annoying after awhile. Thank you for reading.

- I re-downloaded

So I had this game before and it was pretty fun but I deleted it because it got boring. Anyways, a few months later I see adds for it and re-downloaded it. I was only on like the second level and I died but it just kept telling me that I died: no option to continue and no option to start over. In addition to this when I had the game it had too many adds. I don’t really know what I would rate it because when I had it the first time it was ok but now it’s not even letting me play 😑

- Too EASY!!

This game is super addicting I really enjoy playing, but the levels are really repetitive I know for a fact I'm constantly doing the same levels that I had already completed. Also, the ads are super🙄 long, so to keep from wasting my time and getting impatient I turn my phone to airplane mood so the ads stop showing up. And there needs to be more challenges like daily challenges, I really like the challenges but they often are too easy as well. Love this game, but it needs some improvements- good luck!!

- Please fix

So the game was amazing when I first downloaded this game but after a while it would say continue with a add button so I would watch it and after I would hit the x after the whole add was done but it would say confirm close or install the app and I would it hit confirm close thinking it would go away and let me continue where I was but instead it would make me watch another add and it would restart the WHOLE LEVEL over so please fix this I just wanted to inform the developer of the game

- Fun, but the ads....

Too many ads! Seriously, this game is a lot of fun. It’s challenging and even when you think you are getting good, it throws you for a loop. It’s really awesome. The awesome factor is completely marred by excessive ads. I understand the reason for them and I’m fine with some, like the constant ticker at the bottom. But to have an ad interrupt every single time you mess up and have to repeat one section or after you beat each section is just too much. Makes it unpleasant and it makes me play this game far less than others I have. The ads will likely be my reason for giving up on this game regardless of how fun gameplay is.

- Needs Improved

Honestly could be much better. Neat idea but the fact the block never stops moving is a pain. The game lags constantly and then bam you’re dead because the block kept going. It’s even harder to deal with because the block is so small. Way too many ads. Not only does one pop up after every level but they are constantly running at the bottom which is why the game lags. In the 20 mins I bothered to play I got an ad that had no way to close and the game froze losing my progress. It’s also really boring. There’s no sound or music while playing. Gave it a try, hated it, already deleted from my phone.

- Omg annoying

This game is good but when I press Continue and I Watch an ad Me start at the beginning of the level. Also it makes me go back to the bonus level every time I leave the game that is so fat bad you need to fix that I’m deleting this app it’s so annoying I got to level 100 then I logged out and 10 minutes later I came back and it Made me start at the bonus level and then I thought maybe it was a one time thing so I played again and I got to level 101 so I leave again And a couple of minutes later after finishing my conversation I come back to get back to my level 101 and it starts me as a bonus level like ughh!!!!

- AD Watching Simulator

I have searched and searched for years for the best AD watching simulator and was very close to giving up my search after 7 years until I stumbled across this game. It is amazing. Not only are you watching a 15 second ad every 30 seconds, they threw in a mini puzzle game which I believe really enriches the ad watching simulation. If you’re looking for a place where you can spend your life watching endless ads of other crappy games, well boy this is the game for you! If you were anticipating actually getting real game play from this game, don’t download it. It’s an ad after every single level, after every-time you fail, and after every blink and breath you take.

- You should change the name to watch 30 second unskipable ads to win

This game is built so horribly it lags out half the time and it’s not my connection I have full bars. Anyway, in you’re game if you make one little mistake and then you have to go right back all the way to the beginning of the level, which is so stupid because imagine you’re at the final stage and you’ve been working on that level for the past 20 minutes, now let’s say you’re one step anyway from getting to the next level, but oops sorry the game laged out and now you’re all the way back to the beginning stage that makes me want to break my phone in half and make you pay for it. In conclusion, DELETE THE GAME.


There is a lot to read but it’s worth it. I saw an ad for this game and thought it looked like a lot of fun, so I decided to try it out. I got the game and found that there were an excessive amount of ads. It was only slightly bothersome at first because the game was so relaxing and fun, but as I kept playing, the amount of ads increased. I began to get ads in the middle of levels, before levels, after levels, and sometimes whenever I touched the screen. The game was fun at first, but the levels didn’t become harder as the game went on. If anything they became easier. The game was so simple it was no longer worth watching the ads. Now I have come to believe that this is hardly even a game anymore and just an app to watch ads. In conclusion, this would be an amazing app if there were less ads and the levels got harder as you progressed. Thank you for reading and have a nice day! 💕😄👍🏻👋

- Way way! To many Ads!

This game is so addictive! I love this game but every time I finish a level there’s an ad! I think that there should be an update where there isn’t so many ads! Because every single time I finish there’s an ad and well for me it takes forever to skip them! I think they should put a no ad thing! (Or if they already have one idk) But anyways I wrote this to tell you guys and I give it a 3 out of 5. Cause the levels aren’t hard enough to! It’s really relaxing though! So I hope you read this to see how I don’t really like the ads in this game!

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- Good game but…

It is good but it literally says relax your mind how can I relax my mind if I’m on level 400 and it is just frustrating because I can never never get past because it’s so hard because everything is moving and it’s just like gives you three seconds to do something and it’s just so annoying so so so annoying so if you get to level 400 try and skip it pls

- okay game…

its definitely a game to play if you need to waste time but its very frustrating but thats probably just me idk. I feel like it repeats the levels and I’m not even past level 20! I’m not patient so its obviously not the best. Also I had to turn my wifi off so that there is not adds. So basically there are 3 games in one level but if you fail one game, even the last one, you have to restart the whole level. If you don’t want to restart the WHOLE level then you have to use your diamonds and not just one diamond, 5! Anyways if you are patient, don’t care about adds and need time to waste then this is perfect for you. If you are not this then well… DONT BUY IT. so yeah bye.

- I like this game

So, I really like this game but it is really easy at the start and there should be something to make us want to play it more. It is a really good game and is very addictive but I feel that it can better. At the start, it asks about tracking you and that is really wired and it asks you a lot. But overall, I feel that the game is really well done.

- Dark mode option?

I really love playing this game at night is a time waster but after awhile it really starts to hurt my eyes from the white background I really think it should have a dark mode as I feel many people would play it more often with this option

- Okayish....

I honestly think free games should have adds but this many is unacceptable. So far I’ve had to watch forty eight adds and I’m only up to level five!(not that I’ve been counting or anything...) It’s a really fun game but way too many adds. I 78% don’t recommend getting it. As for the remaining 22%, that’s how much I do recommend. But don’t waste your iCloud storage on this game. It’s a waste, I repeat ITS A WASTE OF PERFECTLY GOOD ICLOUD STORAGE!!! That’s all from me.

- Too many adds

This game is a really good game but the only thing I don’t like about it is there are too many adds. I know free games are supposed to have adds but the amount of adds that are in this game is unnecessary. I was half way dune a level and then an add popped up. Even if I finish the level and I don’t fail there is an add. Also the levels repeat. So besides that the app is really good and entertaining.

- Sound

So In the add there’s this extremely satisfying sound that I was expecting to have in the app but it’s not so it’s not that satisfying but other than that it’s a really really good game so either put the satisfying sounds in or don’t but what I will tell you is that most peeps like me would download it for the satisfying sounds Thx

- I like.

The levels repeat around level 400 to 700 as far as i can tell. It gets increasingly boring but is a good time waster. As for the ads, you can just turn off your mobile data and wifi and you’re good.

- Gday

Great game, levels are very repetitive but still addicting. Just got level 2011 and I can’t see what level I’m on properly because it cuts off half the screen. Need a larger variety of levels and challenges.

- Adds?

If you don’t like the adds just turn off your wifi or data and problem solved. I love this game it is addicting a fun and I can play it whenever I’m bored or tired, it just drifts me to sleep!

- I like it

I’m on level 1334. It’s a great time waster and I don’t need data or internet on to use it so it’s great. I would like the levels to not be repetitive and for them to get increasingly challenging that would be awesome

- Just amazing

It’s so amazing that when I’m upset i play it to keep my mind off the sad stuff and i use to have problems getting to sleep but this game made me go to sleep better

- It’s fun but gets boring

It is really fun and satisfying, and it is a great game. But it does get really boring after a while and I think you should add in some challenges or other side games, and rewards. But apart from that it is a really good game.

- Too many ads

This game is pretty good but I would be better if there were less ads. It annoys me when an ads pops up unnecessarily, like when I finish a level instead of failing, an ad pops up for no good reason. So yeah this game is good but the ads keep it from being perfect.

- Only lasted 5 minutes before deactivating

There are just too many adds. Only had the app for a few minutes, however the adds were constant. Understand that free versions need adds to fund the development, however there are far too many. Beginner levels are quick and easy, with a long add after each one.

- Colour fill 3D

I like this app because it’s always fun playing games and this game is the most addictive game I have ever seen! This game is the world’s best game. I hope you make other games I like and I will download... BYE,BYE!!!

- Too many Ads

The early levels, which is all I bothered with, can be completed in 10-15 seconds, but you need to watch a 30 second add before playing the next level. This also happens if you make an error, and need to replay the level. Simply, has promise, but wasted most of the game time watching Ads instead of playing the game

- This is the best game I’ve ever played!

This game is not like other games. It doesn’t have that much adds which I think is great! It’s also really fun and satisfying

- It was good but...

Level 64 won’t work? I’ve tried to restart the game and everything... I just can’t play it for some reason? It was freezes whenever I complete level 63...

- Ads with annoying music

Alright, I get it, ads, fine, I accept. What drives me nuts, is that a) even with my phone on silent mode, the ads still make sounds!! You have to remember to turn the volume down in addition to silent mode, and b) want to play your own music and play this game? Forget it. The ads will interrupt your music 90% of the time. Absolutely the worst.

- They can call this game Colour Ads 3D

You spend more watching ads than actually playing the game. Don’t waste your time and your data. There are ads in between levels, ads in between the screen one and two of levels, when you loose your life and sometime even before you start the game. Absolute ridiculous!

- This game is amazing and my name is Arshdeep it does look little hard but I liked it

This game is amazing because we can defer something and I like more games.

- Three little pigs

Three little pigs sat on a wall three little pigs had a great fall all the kings horses and all the kings men could not put the three little pigs back together again

- Unplayable- too many ads

No instructions and ads from the very first moment and 30+ second ads too! So if like me you don’t know what your doing and it takes a bit of time to figure it out you end up playing for 5-10s then ad watching for 30s then repeat... I’ve deleted it as couldn’t persist through the ads anymore

- Great game... except

I’m on level 7000 and it’s just the same recycled levels. Maybe if there was a leaderboard or more levels it’d be even better Love the game though, as you can tell by 7000 levels haha

- Great but a bit hard

If you got lots of time on your hands and a positive mind and behaviour this is the right game for you anyways this game is amazing.

- More skins

The game is great but after I have brought all the 10 things it just feels like a waste of time. Maybe just add some more things to buy and waste diamonds on.

- It is a Game to play when you’re bored

It is a Game that you should play in a long car ride or when you’re sick of the games and get bored.

- Good

I haven’t played much of it lately but it’s a pretty fun game, easy to get the hang of and such, controls can be a bit iffy at times but it’s still really fun to play! Well done!

- Best game ever!!!!!!😁

Such good game no adds recommend for you to get it very relaxing and when you are stressed I play it Thank you for reading this

- Too many ads

I would have paid for this app if I feel the developers didn’t make the game completely unplayable unless you buy it, it’s principle. No joke I played for 5 minutes and watched at least 10 ads. Deleted

- Amazing

This game is so good it is really fun. The first few levels I thought it was going to be boring but then it just turned into a really fun game.

- Game is fun but ads

Ads are nonstop and keep coming up I would recommend turning your internet or data off

- Game Control TOO SLOW

Although this could be an enjoyable game, the responsiveness of the controls is TOO SLOW which inevitably leads to death and restart. Starting only 3 squares always from needing to turn, the game controls do not allow this in as much time or distance so all you can do is fail. Do not waste your time, as I did!

- EARTH ✊🏻✊🏾✊🏿

U know it's not nearly as good as advertised. This app is pointless, and will only help distract you from the world that may need your contribution, instead of sitting on your phone or tablet you need to help end it all. We need to clean up the oceans, save our forests, stop all of this pollution and save all of those endangered species out there. WE NEED TO SAVE THIS BEAUTIFUL PLANET THAT WE CALL EARTH!

- The Ads make this game unplayable

I loved the idea of the game, so I downloaded it, but ended up deleting it pretty quickly. There are just too many ads. I play a lot of games with ads, but this game was practically unplayable because there were just too many.

- Great game🤗

This is a very fun and relaxing game except for when you die. Define fly recommend it if you are just looking for something to play. 🤗🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂☺️☺️☺️😊😊😊😁😁😄😄😃😃😀

- Color fill 3D is false advertising!!!

I saw this notification on my screen last night saying ‘have you unlocked the secret level hit the: 333’ I stayed up all night playing it and I finally got to level 333 and nothing happened... this app is false advertising and it’s not a good thing to be doing!

- Good game

Definitely a good way to pass the time, but I’m up to level 1252 and it just doesn’t give me any challenge anymore.

- Ads are ridiculous

Game itself is good how ever ads are non stop, at least 2 per level. Makes it not worth playing. Spend more time trying to close/ wait for ads then actually playing.

- Seriously??

The amount of ads in this game is ridiculous. I 100% support ads as I understand it’s how they make their money, but when it’s being shoved in your face every five seconds it’s infuriating. I’ve had it for about five minutes and am going to delete it once I’ve posted this review.

- Why I like the game

I like the game bc it’s fun you have to try and get it all it’s the funnest game I know that’s why I have the game it’s amazing 😉

- So many ads!

Good time wasting game but there are literally ads every 0.5 levels - whether you have success or not, it doesn’t matter, more ads! Other than that, good game.

- Ad extravaganza

Did enjoy until the update where ads came up whether your data was on or not. And as every single level was excessive. Deleted not long after the update.

- 5 stars rating this game

I’m Holley the game is really really really really really really really really really really really amazing asome and fun and so much more so download this game

- So good

Because it doesn’t have that but not too many but I really like it Relaxing game

- A freeze

It’s perfectly fine except I don’t like it all that much because when it has that giant brick thing that you can’t touch, it ALWAYS freezes and I don’t have enough time to fill more space so I die.😞😔

- Love it 😍

Even though I only just started playing this game I really enjoy it and It’s so fun and creative 💩💩💩💩

- Amazing game

Your are the best I am always playing this game it is so addictive thankfully you made this game hope you have a good life bye. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

- Ads everywhere

Amusing game for about 10 minutes, quickly gets frustrating as there are ads every few minutes.

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- 👍

Good game I hate ads but I’m cheap so I it’s my fault.

- Like but to many ads

Its fun to play but can you some how not have like ads on every level after you beat it

- Review

Very hard to move the block on an iPad.

- Yummy add

Once apon a ad there was a ad that took. A ad and used the ad for his power but wait the ad added more ads and added it up and the ad adadadadadad Sorry we’re having technical difficulties

- Unplayable

I only got 3 levels in and had to delete it. There were way too many unskippable ads. If I like a game enough I’ll watch ads to advance or pay to get rid of them. With this game I couldn’t even get far enough to decide if I liked it or not before I was too frustrated because of the ads!

- Too much ad😡😡

It a bad game it horrible and more publicity and very annoying! I am very upset having instal this game! Don’t instal this😡

- Bad controls

People if ads bother you turn off your internet for no more ads. This game has such bad controls.

- Ads

Not 30 seconds of gameplay and already unskipable ads... nope

- Stupid game

Too easy and too many adds

- Not as advertised

Not as advertised


I just love this, all my other games are boring, all i have done is watching BUT when i found this game i was like "ugh, another boring game" so when i started playing this i was like OMG THIS IS NOT BORING!!!! So i played this forever. Download this now to play!

- Not bad👍

Not bad but there are to many adds maybe get ride of the adds there pretty annoying in my opinion so please get rid of the adds

- The Best Game 😝

Usually I download a game and get bored 😐 of it after a week 🗓. But, this game I playing all the time ⏰. I’m on level 78 and I’m addictive 🤪. I LOVE THIS GAME 😍 ! Go play it rn 😜.

- I love it

I love it❤️❤️❤️

- Good game but...:

It’s a good game but there’s so many ads it makes the game less fun waiting for the ads to finish

- Game is okay

There are just so many adds I had to stop

- Colour Tiles

Way too many ads! I have to uninstall! Sorry!

- I’m bad at thinking of titles

I like it but i spent my whole month trying to get to the secret level (333) but there was nothing special about it and this made me sad :( if they had a real secret Level


The ads are sooooo fake, I’m level672 Like...

- Try


- Great for reaction time

30 year old brain injury, this is a great way to test time reaction.

- Awful

Game is challenging because the controls are not precise. by design from the looks of it But more ads than game play.

- Great game 🐚🌸🌼🌻🦋👏👍😇😍🦩🔥✨

Great game really fun,🤩 and no I’m not a bot, ❤️ not that much ads for a free game, It’s great for a 5 to 11 year old to play, ❤️🔥✨⚡️🦩🌻🌼😍🥰😘

- Adds

I get the adds but having an add right in the middle of a level while your playing, not worth the wasted time

- 📈📉

It’s a good game but there’s too many ads. I turn off my wifi when I play so it can’t show adds

- To many adds / bad control

I know this game could be fun but the controls are so bad and there are ads every moment which really sucks to be honest they need to fix the controls because when I tried to swipe left it would go right or it would not work at all Ik that I can turn off internet but like the controls are just garbage like no joke it’s full on garbage when you try to move right it goes left like that’s how bad the controls are

- Love it but the ads...

I have been playing this game for months now and I don't have any problems with the game but, I seem to be spending more time watching ads then playing the game itself. Like one time I wanted to continue the level and thought I was watching one ad, turns out I ended up watching three ads and they did not stop playing over and over again. The game is still amazing and I recommend it to everybody, ever since I got the game it's become addictive and really fun!

- Tips

If there are a lot of ads turn off your internet :)

- B


- ❤️😍❤️😍❤️

I love this game it’s so much fun and cooler then the other ones. And there’s no ads. It’s the best game ever made.

- Horrible

Very frequent ads that sometimes pop up in the middle of a level and when they are done you find out that you died

- Buy this game please do

This game is awesome

- Too many ads

I find it easy but ads pop up while I’m in the middle of a game but the game doesn’t pause so that makes it a tiny bit harder not to fail

- Ads!!

Just shows ads I can’t dismiss 🙃

- Its fine😬

Theres to mamy adds

- Why.

Well, its a great game. Just theres WAY to many ads. One every ten minutes is fine but every minute is too much.

- ℙ𝕠𝕦𝕣𝕣𝕒𝕚𝕤 𝕖𝕥𝕣𝕖 𝕞𝕚𝕖𝕦シ

Ou est le vibe il n’y a aucune musique Je sent pas le plaisir et avec un peu de son joyeux sa pourra donner une autre chance Si je donne la note /10 La reponse est facilement celle si dessus 5.3/10 Merci pour tout sinon votre jeux est super ☕︎︎

- Fun


- Good

Too easy. Gets boring. To many ads

- Laurence et maïka

Caca mou tu san le caca qui pu qui est liquide

- It’s ok 😏😏👌👌

It’s not the best game but it is very addictive

- Great game

It's fun. I swear I'm not a bot.

- It’s the worst game ever

Don’t play it all the tea comes out, out of the side I never get A+ or even A


Stupid game it suckes!!!DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!Ads every given moment!!!😡WORST GAME EVER

- Garbage

To many adds and to eas

- Amazing

Its addicting I’m level 2036 I think

- Ads upon ads

Super annoying how there are ads after EVERY level. I deleted it due to that, otherwise I would have kept playing.

- I’m scared

App threaten to kill me because I said violets are blue rlly scared don’t download! If you do make sure to say that Violets are blue.

- Bad tracking

Has really bad tracking and is boring and all the levels are the same.

- Love this more than anything🤩 bc

This game is the best

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- This game is the best game in the history of games

This game is so fun because you don’t need that much concentration but it’s still fun because like you get your fingers moving and you get your blood flowing and it’s not boring because some games all you have to do like set the screen or something like that and it’s good to get your blood flowing so you don’t get like cold or like hot you need to be energetic and get your blood flowing so that is why this is the best game ever❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖

- Would be a fun game but

You die so easily because the controls aren’t that sensitive, and when you die you see an ad. So you’re watching an ad potentially every thirty two seconds because they last up to that long and you can die that quickly. Cool it with the ads and maybe it’d be a worthy download, but they’ve lost me cuz I’m deleting now. And that’s saying something because my phone is laden with free play ad driven games

- Hate 😡😭😡😭😡😭😡😭😡😭

I like that this game challenges your brain and helps you with good hand eye coordination, however this game is so insanely rigged!!!!😱🤯😭😩🥺 I’m only on level 69 but it has taken me over 367 times (no exaggeration😥)to beat this level because of the adds!! I’ll finally have finished the first round and then I’ll get some dumb add that has a V is a shield in the corner, and at the end either there is no X to press or whenever you press it you automatically go to the App Store. My solution to this is to “refresh” the tab, but after I do that I lose all my progress on that level, so what I did is pointless!! Over all I hate this game and you should not download it.

- Gameplay is addicting, Ads are infuriating

This game is the epitome of mindlessly addicting and I could love it. Unfortunately, the ads are a bit too much and interrupting gameplay means it interrupts my mindless focus. I know many people are commenting on the issue with ads but I would like to make an additional point as it has made me delete the game. I cannot express how much people would be totally fine watching ads if they could gain something from it. Now, you can watch an ad to get another life after losing a level- but you don’t even want to because ads are played so constantly you don’t have the patience for it. While ads are obviously necessary for maintaining free apps, there is a way to do it that does not infuriate the player. These apps pop up when you win a level, lose a level, and even when you are in the middle of a level. Have a reason for ads, give people a reward for watching them, and don’t interrupt gameplay.


Ok, so there are SO MANY ADS IN THIS GAME, like WAY TOO MANY. For example, if you die early in the game, you will still get the option to watch an ad to continue where you left off or click “no thanks” normally I would click no thanks because I can easily start from the beginning without having to watch an ad, but no. I have to watch a 30 second ad anyway without a skip button. And also, if I do decide to watch a video to continue “WHERE I LEFT OFF” it will make me watch a 30 second ad, AND THEN TAKE ME BACK TO THE BEGINNING TO START ALL OVER AGAIN, other than a TERRIBLE amount of ads, the game is pretty good, I guess

- The game is fine but it has a two bugs

I love the game it is amazing but there is one problem though when you fail the level it gives you the option to watch an add to resume the level from where you were but when I click the add to resume the level from where I was when I X out of the add it makes me restart the other bug is when you swipe one way it doesn’t let me go there so I fail and it keeps going in a loop over and over between the bugs the game is great except for the two frustrating bugs

- Ok

So this game is really fun, but like the other reviewers had said, there are so many apps. Don’t get me wrong, the game is super fun! It does have some harder challenges, but some of them are also really easy. I like the game, cause it is fun, but I just wish that some of the challenges were harder. I want more challenging levels and to actually have a hard time beating them. This game is fun if you are bored and have nothing else to do. It is pretty relaxing. This review was short but thanks for reading! 😁

- Great game in all but don’t get it

This is a really good game but there are a few things that makes this game horrible.1 All the ads in this game is crazy I know that’s how you make money but come one people thats way to many ads.2 This game will make your phone or what ever you have this game on it will make it slow.3 If you click watch an add to keep going if you die most of the time it won’t work and you would have to restart and if you had to restart you would watch another ad. Can y’all please fix this game like it really needs it.

- There’s some problems

Ever since I got this game it’s been lagging like crazy. I would be in a level and it would black out like crazy and I’d have to start over!! Also my over phone has been glitching out since I got it. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if my phone got infected by a virus or something. There is also way to many adds!!! After any fail or even when you accomplish a level you are charged with watching a full 30 second add. That’s just ridiculous! Then it’ll give you the chance to stay alive, so you choose it because it’s watch an add and continue, or watch and start over. Obviously you continue, well actually it doesn’t work. It sends you back to the begging of the level after you just watched a 30-45 second add so you’d get a chance to continue, but no!!!!!!!! That’s pure non sense!!! Every once in a while you get the same ending level course. Is it that hard to make it just a little different? I’m sorry I know people make mistakes so when you can please fix em.

- Best game ever created

this game is so addicting I can’t stop playing it it’s my favorite game in the whole wide world I hope you guys like it too if you guys want to download it please read this review and all the other reviews so thank you and this game is just amazing and that’s really all I just want to say it’s so fun and you can just start over if you don’t want to get an ad so yeah best game ever five star review for me

- Ads

Why an ad after every game? And if I don’t want to get it in six seconds why should I have to watch it for thirty seconds? And why do you keep going to an ad immediately when the next round comes up? You don’t need so many ads!! Let us play the game for crying out loud!! Quit going from one ad to another!! It shows going back to the game but it goes to another ad!! Can the ads and let us play the game! Can the ads and let us play the game! Can the ads and let us play the game!! Are you beginning to get the hint???? Game commercial game commercial game commercial game commercial game commercial game commercial beginning to get the hint this time? We don’t need all the ads!!!!!! Quit showing the same ad time after time after time after time after time. Don’t you think if I wanted to get it I would have by now? And let us cancel after six seconds instead of having to wait the entire twenty to thirty seconds!!! Get with the program and cut the ads!!!!!!


I downloaded this game thinking that is would be fun and it was the complete opposite. It was very repetitive and boring but that wasn’t my main problem. When you die, there is a continue bottom and in order to “continue” where you left off you have to watch an ad. However the ads never work. I’ll watch the 30 second ad and the x will appear if you hit it, it brings you back to the beginning of the level. So no matter how long you wait you will still go back to the beginning. Also level 28 is very very hard and for some reason I can’t pass it. I am deleting this game. DO NOT RECOMMEND

- I would rate a 5 if it wasn’t for all of the ads

I love this game but would love it even more if I wouldn’t have to sit through a 30 second ad after passing each level... That gets annoying real quick.. I get that ads are a way of making money but if the audience is spending more time watching ads than playing your game, there’s an issue.. Other than all of that, the game is very fun and relaxing when you’re actually able to play it.

- Too many ads and some glitches

At first this was a good game. I got through the levels and they were fun with the perfect amount of challenge in them. But when I got to one level (forgot which one) I kept dying even when I wasn’t touching anything. I tried to finish the level many times but I couldn’t finish it and ended up deleting it. Also, way too many adds. When I finish a level, ad, when I’m getting in the game, ad, when I’m halfway through a level, add. In the end it was a ok game until all this, please fix the glitch and cut the ads. Thanks for reading.

- About the adds

I like this game and have been playing it so much. I decided to look through the comments of the game and have seen a lot of bad reviews about the ads. And there’s a little trick if you are going to play this and don’t want the ads, just go into settings turn off your WiFi if your on it and or turn off cellular data for the game. It’s that simple, actually more simple then just complaining about the game and its ads.

- Not challenging or even fun, and full of ads

I made myself play to level 38 to see if it got better later. It doesn’t. You move around a block or two that are stationary or sometimes moving. That’s it. 5 seconds of gaming and an ad is already thrown in your face mid level. Then after the level you’re faced with another ad. Also, if you do fail you'll be thrown an ad. It’s literally an ad every 5 seconds to 30 seconds so if you beat every level easily you’ll see 5 ads about every min of gameplay. And again the gameplay isn’t even fun or engaging so it’s definitely not worth paying developers for no ads.

- My thoughts on Color Fill 3D

Color Fill 3D is a really fun game. I think the idea of it was very clever, too. But there are some things that could have been added to the game to make it more enjoyable. 1) The game is a bit easy The levels don’t really have a challenge to it 2) You can’t buy The shop doesn’t have anything to buy except for 10 backgrounds plus they don’t cost that many gems 3) It is very easy to get gems Each level has around 3 gems so if you beat 10 levels, you would get 30 gems 4) There should be more game modes Just the regular mode is not enough. -It could have like a time mode where you need to beat a level in a certain amount of time -Or maybe a limited moves one where each time you swipe it is one move and you can only do a certain amount of moves Those are just some ideas. Thank you!

- Good but

It’s a good game, I really wish I could give it a better rating however, after every two levels I play I’d get an ad which it didn’t take me long at all to finish a level. It got really annoying and boring really fast because of the ads, not even to mention it was the same ad every time. Sometimes I’d get a double ad too. Sorry I’m being harsh, but I’m giving my honest review. The game was good for awhile, ans it definitely has potential, just cool it with the constant ads. If I see this change I’ll give thought into getting it again, bless you. Have an amazing day.

- The ads make this game unplayable

The actual gameplay isn’t that bad, what’s bad is the complete overload of ads that completely ruin the game. From ads before and after each level to ads after the first half of each level, (which is almost impossible to lose,). I understand that the creators need to make some sort of profit with ads, but I could only get to level 6 before being unable to play the game any longer. Overall this game is basically watching ads the entire time. And when your not watching ads you have to settle for sub-par gameplay. Thanks for reading (:

- Great game but....

The game is great but after every level there is a ad and it is really annoying when that happens and I have not played the game for a while cause of that. Also whenever I finish like a preview of the level before the level there is a 20 or 30 minute ad. Please whoever made this game fix that please because not many people can buy no ads like me please fix that that would be amazing. Goodbye have a great day to whoever reads this Review!

- Great, but one thing

I love this game. There are so many fun levels and colors you can use and I used to play almost every day. The reason why I don’t play anymore is because of the ads. There are waaayyy to many ads and they take about 40 seconds each time you mess up or pass a level. I would not recommend getting this app if you cannot deal with the stupid amount of ads. The company should really fix it, it’s not a smart marketing tool.

- Great But Has Some Problems!

ADS! I get you wanna make money but seriously? I’m on level 1387 and I’m seriously considering deleting the game. There are so many ads it’s awful I can’t finish a level without an ad! Also I’ve bought everything in the store and I still have 4000 gems maybe add more stuff? Another problem I’ll watch an ad to save myself and it starts me from the beginning anyway! Super fun game super addicting but the ads are the worst maybe one every two levels AT LEAST! Also occasionally about every five levels my game freezes up and I can’t do anything! Actually might delete this it’s just ridiculous.


WAY too many adds. After every level, and they even seem to run a lot longer than ads in other apps. When you fail, there’s a “continue” option if you watch an ad, with a 10-second counter. Here’s what’s funny... you can 1) watch the ad or 2) tap the “No thanks” button that appears, which MAKES YOU WATCH AN AD ANYWAY! And if you just let the timer run out instead? Guess what... You get to watch an ad!! 🎉 It’s just so much, it’s ridiculous, and so I’m done with this one minutes after I started. Shame, since it seemed like it could’ve been a good game to pass the time. Thought I installed a game, not a nonstop ad viewer.

- Levels eventually run out and repeat and adds

After a while of playing the levels just start to replay, I understand that it would be difficult to make each level unique but it would be more than welcome to add new levels. Also I when I play this game I have to put my device on airplane mode to be able to play the game without getting insane amounts of adds. Also the levels are pretty easy and I’m past 1000

- Decent but repetitive and too many ads

I like this game. I saw it in an ad in this game called Amaze (which is very similar) I downloaded it, and 1. WAY TOO MANY ADS. If you face this issue, I just put it on airplane mode, and NO ADS. Yay. But the problem with this is you can’t get calls or messages, so I do this when I know no one will call me. 2. Repetitive levels. I don’t know when I realized it, but I get similar levels or exactly the same level A LOT. They can’t develop new ones? It’s kinda ridiculous for the amount of ads, and the fact that you need to pass 5 different levels to ‘level up’ I hate this more than the amount of ads. Games are supposed to get increasingly more challenging, but this is kind of like the game you use when you want to pass time. My recommendation: Get a different game. This one is good but not that worth it to be honest.

- The ads why

I am ADDICTED but there are a lot of ads I love this game but if there would be less ads it would be perfect I’m on level 500 as you can tell I love it but the ads and if you die it says watch a add to continue and below it says no thanks but SOMETIMES it still makes you watch the ad and you don’t get to continue which I think is kinda weird but still LOVE the game AND ADDICTED to it it’s just the ads

- Love the game but no increase In difficulty

So I just hit level 1760, so I’ve put the time in before making this review. I really enjoy the game and spend a ton of idle time playing it. I purchased ad free and i have all the cosmetics, 10 in total. But that’s it, there’s nothing else. The levels just recycle between like 20 different patterns. The challenge levels are definitely more difficult but there is only like 10 recycled levels there. They definitely need to make some new level variations for this game.

- I ❤️ THIS GAME! :)

I think this is one of the funnest games in the world but it has ALOT of game shut it’s still fun. I hope EVERYONE plays this game and feels the love. I still think you should cut down on the ads but it’s fine if you don’t because it just gives me more games to play😏. I support your game and hope you don’t give up because giving up don’t help. I’m sorry this is short but I made my mark. P.A.C.E

- Download this now

My sister downloaded this game on the phone and l took one look at it and remembered l had it on my old phone. I love playing this game however it really bugged me whenever l lost even though l was safe from destruction that was a trivial issue so l ignore it anyway you should download this it is amazingly fun if you are bored play this and you will be hooked for at least two hours so please I think l have made it clear that you need to download this NOW!

- Bad game

This game glitches a lot and it is boring to play after a while. For example, I touched one of the moving boxes and presses revive. I watched an add, and it took me back to the first level! I was on the third stage of a very high level! Another time it glitched was when it froze so I left and went back in. When I came back in, it took me to the first stage of that level even though I was on the last stage of the level! Another problem is that it is boring. I used to play it every day but only for five minutes. It’s so boring that if I play it more I get bored. I don’t like this game. It could be one hundred times better.

- Definitely Recommend

i’ve had this app for maybe 2 months and i’m past level 200 and i cant stop playing. there are a lot of ads but which is annoying but every game has ads. Anyways i definitely recommend this app because i play it nonstop. it’s super easy but hard enough to make you fail a level a few times.

- Great game!

I wouldn’t, although, download it and play it because after every level, after every screen you play, there’s an ad. The game is great, it gets five stars. But, to play it is the most frustrating game I’ve ever played because of all of the ads. Sorry guys, I wouldn’t recommend this game to anybody. If you have the gumption, read the privacy notice. It’ll floor you!

- This game is really stupid

Okay first of all THE ADS 😡😡😡 there is a INSANE amount of ads! I hate all of the ads because whenever the ads come on sometimes it will freeze my screen! Seccond of all slowness, The cube is insanely slow! Causing it to take forever!! It is so slow I did not want to play the game anymore. Third reason is that whenever you die YOU HAVE TO RESTART THE WHOLE THING! It’s slow enough already I CANT EVEN PASS THE LEVEL DUE TO HOW SLOW THE CUBE IS!!!!!! I love the concept I would give it a 4 or 5 star but I can’t because if the cube is so slow I can’t even pass A SINGLE LEVEL!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

- Most Aggressive Ads Ever

I downloaded this game a mad straight off the bat I was hit hit ads. More than any game I’ve ever played before. I’m fine with ads. I understand that that is how a developer makes money and that’s okay. But this game has an ad twice in the same level. That’s just way too much. I just want to enjoy the game. It is a really fun game but it’s just too hard to actually play because one round which is like 15 seconds of gameplay has a whole minute of advertisement on top of it. Also some of the ads are very predatory. They force you to go to the App Store even if you press the “X” to leave.

- I love the game❤️❤️❤️

So I got this game yesterday and I LOVE it so far. Yes the levels are kind of repetitive but I do not care about that. I read in the other reviews that there were a lot of adds, so I put my device on airplane mode and I didn’t get any adds so I think that if you put your device on airplane mode that won’t be a problem. Overall this game is a really good game and I love it!

- Could be fun but lags

This game has so much potential but it falls short in two manageable ideals. Firstly, there are an abundant constant influx of ads. They are after almost every level, and if you restart, ad. You can’t use the jewels you win to restart, instead ad. And these are 30-60 second ads each. Makes gameplay horrible. Secondly, the game constantly freezes. Then you’ve got to restart the level when you close the app. These fixes could make this a good game, until then it’ll stay deleted off my phone.

- Just use airplane mode.

I personaly like the game its fun to play. People always hate games because of the ads but what do you expect? there to not be ads? also if you really hate the ads just do what I do and put on airplane mode.. it doesn’t give you any ads you can play normally. Some games do need you to have airplane mode off but this one doesn’t. So if you are having a hard time with ads just use airplane mode.

- Love this game!

I absolute LOVE this game! It really is relaxing. I even paid to get no ads, which I’ve probably now only done twice in my life. I’ve played through more than 1250 levels and I still play on a daily basis. I love that there’s not a time limit or side games, I can just relax. The vibration is the best! My one and only wish is for more things to buy with my 6500 diamonds.

- Too many ads

There is way too many ads in this game that it’s unenjoyable. I never complain about games having ads and I know I expect to see them every now and then especially when the games are free but this is just overkill. Not only that but the ads are noisy too so I can’t play the game in certain places for fear of causing noises from the ads every few seconds because that’s how often an ad comes on. If the game didn’t have so many ads, I’d probably would love to keep playing and recommend it. But at this point, even my son doesn’t like the game because of the ads.

- Too much lag!

The controls are not responsive at all, or respond way too late. I’ll swipe on the screen and the block will react about 2 seconds later, or simply won’t move at all. Other times I’ll swipe and the block will start to move and an ad will pop up mid-turn. After I watch the ad I’m returned to my game with the block stuck traveling in a straight line. I really want to like this game, as it seems like it would be fun to play, but the ads and lag make it impossible to enjoy. I hope the developers are able to fix these issues and make the game playable.


The game is fun but every level there is a stupid add and it won’t let me get out of it . At first I was exited to get the game. But when I realized there were adds I was fine ...until... The adds didn’t let me out!!! I was so mad I deleted it but I gave it another 3 more chances. So I ended up getting the app three times.🙄🙄🙄 Whoever created this app PLEASE READ THIS!!! Because it’s so Annoying and all it does is make people feel mad and annoyed 😒

- Ads ruin the game

I get that you needs ads, but there are ads that play after every level that I could deal with so why the ads on the bottom of the screen that cover the block you need to move? This makes the game impossible. If you’re lucky enough to get the block to move after you’ve opened the same ad over and over it usually hits the moving blocks and you have to start again with the block behind the ad. I play on an iPad Air and I’ll be deleting the game unless that ad goes away.

- Way too many ads

I never complain about this in ftp games bc I fully understand the need to profit off your product, but the amount of ads was truly absurd. Stuck on a level, unable to go more than a round with at least one ad. The frustration made me uninstall. Maybe dial it down a bit? Game play itself is challenging and fun which is why the overwhelming ads is even more frustrating than usual. Y’all would’ve made more ad money off me in the long term. Let me know if you ever change the ad algorithm and I’d love to redownload.

- Was great, now broken

This used to be great, and fun to play. However, two updates ago it stopped working. I was literally playing just before the update, and as I walked away for a few minutes I started the app updates. I was hoping for a new challenge level, but instead it wouldn't open. Restart iPad, still doesn't work. Force restart it, still doesn't work. Uninstall and reinstall it and still no work. So I see an update today for it and I hoped that it would fix it, but still no luck.

- Nice game

It’s addicting, fun, and challenging. I would recommend. I’ve seen other people complain about ads, and I have ALLOT of ads, but it’s not the game itself’s fault. There are lots and lots of games I have where there’s like ads every 5s. It’s a way to make money and spread the word about your game, I get it. But it’s still rlly annoying. The only real problem I have w/ this game, is when you go forward, it doesn’t stop. You move your little square, and it doesn’t just move one space. You have to turn at the right time. This makes the game more harder, especially for the younger audience. However, I know nobody’s perfect. And I respect a little bit of a challenge. This game is really fun and the company deserves a good amount of stars.

- ADICTING plz get!

Okay seriously this game is like, so addicting I think the best thing about it is... I HAVNT GOTTEN A SINGLE ADD okay like I am not kidding I havnt got an add maybe one or two or zero! I love this game sooooooo much ❤️❤️😇 I do think you should get this game! It’s really fun and my favorite color is the blue but seriously it’s amazing! Lol please get it’s so fun, and if you don’t like the game just delete it! ITS AWESOME! 😇😇😍🤪🤩🥳😉😉🙃😘🥰😛😍 Okay this is edited, sorry so ACTUALLY when you get to a certain level, if you fail the level then you can sometimes need to hit the continue if you want and need to watch the vid but also most of the time, you use 5 gems to keep going! If that makes since... Thank you for reading!

- To many ads

There is so many ads for you to even enjoy the game! You would think after all the bad reviews for too many ads you would try and remove them or lessen up on them at least. It’s a really fun game but very hard to enjoy with all the ads. And also when you die you get an option to continue game by watching an ad which doesn’t even work so you end up seeing no point in watching an ad and guess what bam another ad and you still have to restart. Would love to see this fixed because as I said it’s a very fun game I just can’t stand all the ads!

- Ugggggg

So first of all there are sooo many add’s that when you are playing it will do an add in the middle of the section of the level and mess you up. Second when you want to continue it makes you wach the add and once it’s done it still starts you over from the very beginning. So what I mean by that is there are 5 sections in 1 level, and let’s say you were on level 4 and you hit the wrong color you would watch the video but once it’s done it starts you back from section 1. This game definitely needs some adjustments.

- Ads and the diamonds

I love the game to be honest but the ads show up all the time but when I’m in the car there are no ads so I love to play this game in the car and it’s really fun and challenging Diamonds, you will get diamonds every round you play and I think we should be able to use them for this many life’s or new maps or something but that’s why I had to take one star away from this game

- DONT PAY FOR THIS GAME. i really like the game, but very disappointed

I went ahead and paid so that I wouldn’t have ads since I was really enjoying the game but they were annoying so I decided to pay the extra money just to find out there are still ads even after you pay for it, and you can’t skip them with the jewels other than like 3x a day, which is insane. I really just want my money back since I know they aren’t going to take the time and fix this issue. There is no reason to pay for this game.

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1. Tons of rough sketches without refs 2. More sketching w/ refs that have a more solid shape 3. 3D model posing and sketch futzing 4. Lineart while still futzing and changing things 5. Fill each entire object/figure with a base color 6. Flat 7. Render 8. Debate posting

K o s h y a 🎅🏼🎄

@shabubub Color Fill 3D, Helix Jump, Who is? & Match 3D


it was color fill 3d but it’s not open still

Color Fill 3D 3.01 Screenshots & Images

Color Fill 3D iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Color Fill 3D iphone images
Color Fill 3D iphone images
Color Fill 3D iphone images
Color Fill 3D iphone images
Color Fill 3D iphone images

Color Fill 3D (Version 3.01) Install & Download

The applications Color Fill 3D was published in the category Games on 2019-07-24 and was developed by Good Job Games [Developer ID: 1191495496]. This application file size is 235.03 MB. Color Fill 3D - Games app posted on 2020-11-13 current version is 3.01 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.gjg.colorfill3d

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