Fitness Coach

Fitness Coach [Health & Fitness] App Description & Overview

Follow programs adapted to your goals directly via your iPhone or iPad.
Whether at home, at the gym, or outdoors, stay in shape with Fitness Coach!

- Choose your GOAL and we make you a program according to your LEVEL.
- Dozens of SESSIONS of various trainings.
- A HUNDREDS of exercises to progress on all the MUSCLES of your body.
- Choose your RHYTHM and train in a 30-minute session.
- FOLLOW your evolution and PROGRESS over the weeks.
" I had a hard time getting into fitness ... now I get what I needed "
- "Easy to use, all you need to progress"
- "A very complete application to achieve its physical purpose!"

This app uses HealthKit to track and log your water consumption, steps, and activities

- You can subscribe for this app to get access premium features
- Subscription options are: 1-week with 3-day trial, 1-year with 3-day trial, 3-months
- Privacy :
- Terms of Use :

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Fitness Coach Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Improve onboarding flow & iPhone 12 support

Fitness Coach Comments & Reviews

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- Fitness Coach is Great But

In my opinion Fitness Coach is great and the fees are no problem for me, the only problem i have to say is that im new to the app & I am unfamiliar with some of the exercises it would be helpful if they added the video of the exercise to every exercise and not just some. Im not sure if its a bug or just a problem on my phone or if its the app i wish they would fix that would make me complete the workouts so much easier but other than that its a great app!

- Misleading and frustrating

First of all, I’m so sick of these “free” workout apps that actually require a subscription, especially because I was excited to hear that this was an app that you could use even if you didn’t have any workout equipment. But I can literally just look up some exercises on Pinterest for free and it’ll probably be better than this app. Secondly, the issues with the weight. It’s totally fine if you’re using a fitness app to lose weight, but I’m not trying to lose weight! And I said that in the beginning when the app asked me what I was trying to do, I’m trying to build muscle! And yet, even though I said I wasn’t trying to lose weight, they still asked me about my weight goals, and I couldn’t skip the question. So I put ten pounds above my current weight, figuring I’ll probably be a bit heavier once I’ve got some muscle on me. Then, it showed me the graph for how long it would take me to reach my goals, and I realized it had no idea what it was talking about. It’s a scam, y’all, it’s lying to you. Because at the amount of calories they’re listing me as burning (and considering they have no idea what my caloric intake is), there’s no way I’m gaining ten pounds of muscle in four weeks. They’re making it up. They’re just slapping a graph on a four week chart and saying that’s what they’ll help you do. PLEASE DONT GIVE THIS APP MONEY.

- Good Fast Workouts

I’m kind of surprised by all of the recent negative reviews. There are a lot of features in this app. I really like that you can go with their plan for you or you can randomly decide to do something else. The workouts you can build from are good and well thought out. They can be difficult. If you are not used to HIIT training or calisthenics then you may think the workouts are strange or not worth it for some reason. I don’t understand this. One reviewer said they are “fake” workouts. I have been doing similar routines although less structured on my own and have had good results. I am happy to have an app to keep things organized and keep my workouts fresh. The instructional videos for each exercise are really awesome as well. So far it’s been a good purchase I’m on week 3. Edit: You manage subscriptions inside of your Apple ID in settings. You can cancel the subscription outside of the app. This is not uncommon, don’t blame the developer because you don’t know how to use your phone or google things.

- Payed subscriber that app doesn’t recognize

I payed for the 3 month subscription and loved the app. The problem came about after I bumped it up to a yearly subscription. I payed but then the app acted like I wasn’t a subscriber and kicked me off. I checked to make sure the subscription processed and it did but the app wasn’t processing it. I tried restarting my device, I tried deleting the app and reinstalling. Eventually I canceled my subscription and asked for a refund. I tried again a second time with the yearly but again, it worked for two days before acting like I wasn’t a subscriber. I contacted Apple and followed their instructions to try and fix the issue but that did not work so I contacted the app developer only for them not even being able to do anything at all as they “ don’t have access to personal accounts”. I had to unsubscribe again and ask for a refund. Such a disappointment. I really liked the app while it worked but it is permanently deleted as a third time is NOT happening!

- False Advertising at it’s Finest

These kind of companies are aggravating me lately. They portray themselves as a “free” app on their promotions on tik tok, the most popular choice of social media currently, collecting tons of downloads. But it requires a subscription? I’m sorry? 3 days for free, then a $4 subscription. Which isn’t a lot. However, I guarantee you that a huge amount of the audience these creators targeted on tik tok cannot afford to spend an additional $4 every month (on something they were promised would be free) when minim wage literally doesn’t even meet living expenses; but I digress. You promoted your app, on a popular social media platform, saying it was free, and it requires a subscription. Would it be acceptable if Netflix advertised itself as a free service? No, because it requires a subscription and it is understood that false advertising isn’t cool? I’m not sure but thus is garbage and it’s rude. TLDR: Angry gen-z telling you this app isn’t free. It requires a subscription. Thx

- terrible app!!

i saw this app on an add and i’ve been wanting to workout and be more fit lately so i get the app thinking it’s free unless you want to buy the premium. i open the app and it asks me a few starter questions and made a workout with good exercises to do. i look at all the exercises and run around the house trying to find dumbbells a jump rope and a yoga mat even though one of the questions was “do you have any equipment to workout with” and i chose the answer no. after thirty minutes of trying to find the things i go out to my backyard because it’s t he only place with enough room to workout. i go out even though it’s raining because i felt motivated enough to workout anyways because i just spent half an hour trying to find everything i needed. i set everything up outside and tap the “start workout” option and it immediately brings me back to the get premium tab. i thought it was just a glitch so i exed out of the tab and tapped the “start workout” option a second time, same thing. i soon realised that in order to start the workout i needed to buy the premium for 4.99  ͟pe͟r͟ w͟e͟e͟k͟. so there i am standing in the pouring rain in a tank top and shorts thinking i was going to be productive and workout for once. i am very disappointed with this app.

- Weight Promises & Cost

I am over weight for my age. So I put my goal weight as... well my goal weight. 70 lbs lighter than I currently am. And it’s promising me that I will be that 70 lbs lighter in 4 weeks. Only costing me a total of $21 to become the perfect person I wish to be.... just to anyone out there. I have never seen this kind of work done to lost 70lbs in a month. Unless I’m INSANELY overweight to which I’m not, I put my goal lighter than someone my age, height, and gender should be. Even then, I’ve seen it take longer. I tried the trial and the training is fine and dandy but no help to the rest of life. Like food, water, much of anything. And in reality I would probably spending quite a few months shedding off 70 lbs costing me way over $21. Let’s say even just 6 months. I’m looking at near $200. When I can get another app for $30 a year or weight watchers for $200 a year. Very strange to me.

- Worth the feed

Most of the reviews are saying that they are upset because of subscription fees but honestly I’ve been doing it for 3 weeks and it’s definitely worth it. I feel great after every session and I feel that it’s worth the money that I paid. I’m glad that this is working the way I expected it to. I only wish that the people in the reviews could get over the small fee. Most other fitness apps aren’t free either so I don’t see the issue. Over all, great app and I would totally recommend to friends and family.

- I couldn’t cancel my subscription

So I haven’t even used the app yet. I saw it advertise on Instagram and downloaded it. I chose “lose weight” as my goal. It let me pick multiple target areas. And it had a three day free trial and the after three days started at 4.99 a week, which I didn’t think was bad. So I did it. Then I started reading the reviews. One review mentioned it wouldn’t let them cancel their subscription and I immediately went in to see if it would let me change it, and it wouldn’t. I couldn’t even click on it. It also changed my goal from “lose weight” to “stay fit.” I was excited to try it, but when it comes to paying for it, I should have the ability to cancel whenever I wanted.

- Hard to view daily workout videos

I decided to try out the free trial and wasn’t put off by the 4.99 subscription fee. But once I tried my first workout I noticed that the only way to view the actual workout it wants you to do is to watch a very small thumbnail that was only available from the main screen. Once I selected to begin the workout I was not able to see the actual moves anywhere which is fine I am sure for those who know these moves already but not so much for someone just starting out. I canceled my subscription for now and will continue to look for something else.

- Not very friendly

There are two ways the app measures a workout, personal counting & a timer. I started a workout and did the 1st set of 20 they wanted but didn’t realize I had to hit forward to get to the next workout. The next workout was timed. With the app being silent; there was no indication on time other than constantly looking at the screen. I would look up and it’s a totally different workout. The meal plan was a bonus, but it would be better if there were some sort of shopping list. It’s not a user friendly app. It’s got potential but lacks basic functionality.

- I really wanted to like this app

The preview pages in the App Store are NOT even in the actual app. There’s no nutrition, no search bar, no profile page. It’s completely false advertising! Also. There isn’t an “upgrade” option that would explain why I’m missing selections. This is weird. Plus, with the actual sessions/weekly programs. No sound with the exercise demo and the timer doesn’t make sense. The first exercise went on for over five mins. Didn’t move forward to the next. I had to manually click the next button. Doing this is disruptive to a workout. Like what the hell am I missing?!? Other than that the quality seems really good but that’s worthless if the app doesn’t match hats advertise.

- Great App, needs to be ported on Apple Watch

I really like working out using this app and it has helped me a lot. I’ve been using an Apple Watch for a long time and just thinking working out with this app on my sleek watch instead of my bulky phone would do wonders with motivation (because it tracks much better) and persistence (Apple Watch gives push notifications). Please port this app to Apple Watch and I’ll happily change this to 5 stars Edit: They added an Apple Watch app!

- It’s ok

Unfortunately this is not for me. It says 24 minute workout but it’s closer to 30 minutes. The 5 minute stretch session is actually 6 minutes. The time isn’t a big deal to me but the calories burned are off by too much for me to ignore. The 1st workout says 278 kcal but I only burned 165 according to my Apple Watch (I know most of these trackers aren’t the most accurate) this is more than 100 kcal difference and thats a deal breaker for me. I start a workout expecting to burn close to what is claimed. I would also like to have some sort of signal that gives you a heads up that you are switching to a new exercise. For me it’s not worth the cost.

- I dislike this app very much.

My rating on this app would be 1/5. This is because just when I downloaded the app and took the quiz, IT CHARGED ME for better excersizes!!! I have to PAY REAL MONEY to learn basically nothing but fake excersizes. I can tell the excersizes won’t help at all because they are CHARGING me!! This app is horrible, i would rather just do my normal and loose 40 pounds by doing a basic warm up, jump training, rolls, Push-ups and running up and down my stairs. I promise my normal daily excersizes are way more useful, no money needed all you gotta do is read a review on this horrible app. That’s all i gotta say, this is my opinion. If you can spend money like a trillioniare, then go ahead and use this app.

- It started okay

It started okay and it had so many free options to use and it was great, because there were hundreds of workouts and challenges for free- with the OPTION of paying for a customized plan. But the second time I went into the app, it stayed in the page trying to get me to pay. The X disappeared and now I can’t use the app without paying. It’s trying to charge me $20 a month which I think is too much. If I could use the free workouts again, it would be a 5 star review, but I can’t do it’s basically unusable. So I say if you’re not willing to pay $20 every month don’t get it.

- It’s ok but could be better

I found this app from tiktok saying that it was a free fitness app but obviously it wasn’t and it ended up being an crazy fee for $20 for month! It got it for one month and it ended up being good i got to my weight loss goal which was dropping 20 pounds in the first month. I wish people would actually say there’s a fee but overall I would recommend to anyone trying to lose weight.

- You need money for it

When I saw the app I thought you did not need money to use it or anything so I downloaded it and when I first opened the app it ask me questions about me like my height and my weight and other things and when I finish the questions it said that I needed to pay 30 dollars or less a month and then I did not pay bc that's a lot of money and there could be other apps that are for free and then I just deleted the app and I got it a different one for free and you do not need to pay so I would say this is an ok app if you want to pay to do your workouts

- Scam

I saw this app off of instagram. i was happy becasue it seemed like everyone was getting their summer bodies. i said why not! i wanted to get more in shape and stay healthier. it says it is a free’s not. they make you have a subscription in order to use the app for workouts. if some people like to pay for these things...go ahead!! it would be a great app for you. but it would be even better if you made it free. also it says that it will only take 4 weeks to reach your goal. it seems a little unrealistic, so they might be making that up. so..this app is really just a scam.

- Fitness coach

I love this. I have tried so many workout apps and apps that can help me but non work and make me feel like I got my money worth. But fitness coach does when I first open the app was not really excited but then I started to actual asking me questions like what I want to work on. How long I want to work on it. It was just so great and I would share it to my family and friends.

- it’s okay, but the previews don’t load

I like the structure of the app, I’m fine with paying for it which you have to do right off the bat. The titles of some exercises are odd. For example? What the heck is a crepe move??? I can’t cancel my subscription though, and if charges me $20 a month. So, that’s not ideal. Would like to figure out how to cancel the subscription inevitably, but for now, I’m mostly enjoying app. Just not enough features for the price. Like just make the icons load and I’d be happier.

- Great app but...

There are no nutrition, library, or profile page. In your preview I see things that are not in the app. Also this app concept is really good but to make it better I think you should follow 8fit. I should be able to log outside activities and there should be a meal plan. But if you want to attract many users then make your app 100% free. Look at 8fit concept and design. I like your design too but add features like them.

- Extremely disappointed

Another one of those “free apps” that actually sends up costing money as soon as you try to use it. I’ve seen this app everywhere and really wanted to try it out, but like many others, was incredibly saddened by the fact that it actually costs money to use. If you’re going to promote an app as free, then make it free. Don’t give people the false hope of bettering themselves in a quick and non costly way, then immediately ask them to hand over their wallets. False advertising, just like many other “free” apps; if I could rate it zero stars, I would.

- Only free 1 week

It generally is what it says: workouts for you that you can follow along from home. But note: it’s NOT free. I used it one week and now can’t unless I subscribe. Also, you can’t search for exercises, and more important to me, during the workout, you can’t pause and get a tutorial on the exercise. (I tried tapping something that appeared to be an explanation of the exercise, and it just skipped me forward.) An extended trial period may have hooked me, but only one week free doesn’t reel me in.

- Terrible app development

It’s an alright workout app, which is why it gets 2 stars instead of 1, there are a few problems with this app. Whenever I go to do an exercise, the video almost never loads up, so I’m left with not knowing what to do. Sometimes, I close the app but even then it work. Another thing is, after a few days, the exercises start becoming very very hard. They should have an option at the end of the exercise to ask the users if next time the exercises should be easier or harder.

- I never put 5 stars unless it’s above and beyond

I love this app. I’m a 17 year old girl who wants to loose weight to feel healthier and happier and this app is really putting me above what I thought I was capable of doing. I will admit, it is hard at times, but that’s inevitable and it isn’t the apps fault. I highly recommend this app if you want to loose weight and feel healthier.

- Misleading

I really wish I could be more satisfied with the app but IVE SEEN IT EVERYWHERE and it’s got me thinking that the app will be free but like ANY OTHER APP there would be certain things you had to pay for like a premium version of it, but now that I’ve gotten the app I’m not happy at all I’m just a teenager who found the app off of tik Tok and I’m trying to survive high school and I’d really like to have a small waist and flat stomach so I don’t get picked on for my size THIS APP GAVE ME FALSE HOPE I’ve been trying to lose weight for so long and people were saying this app works great so I thought FINALLY and now I’m just disappointed

- Wonky and Unusable

I cant scroll down at all and I cant tap certain areas of the screen. For example, for my fitness goal I cant scroll down all the way to see the 3rd option so I can only read “Lose a few...”. I’m guessing they mean pounds so I try to tap it and it is completely unresponsive. So I just selected a different goal and the next screen has different options and the arrows are all pointing in the wrong directions its just super wonky and frustrating to use. On top of that, you only get the first few days for free then you have to pay an absurd amount of money.

- where to begin

resistance and strengthening training is necessary before one leaps into squats, jumping jacks or any other high impact shock to your system . any exercise program should start with stretching - front and back lower legs , stretch to one side then another , then 18 minutes elevated heart rate not over 110 if you’re just starting out , the best abs are done with feet up on chair etc and leveraging that weight to lean straight and straighten out with a plank - fabulous for abs and abductors - side s free weights with any 3 lb weight with repetition s - arm stretched in back with elbow and upper arm parallel to ceiling and after 10 reps you notice a burn - keep going - 3 sets of 10 each arm for bad backs inside leg raises laying on side are best lay l raise l vs versa curls with back on all fours up and then flat and then stretch up with backside extended inverted stretch elevate heart rate if healthy for 20 minutes 3 times a week vit d3 for men and women withiut sun requires magnesium and vit c and calcium 5 k milligrams autoimmune take levithyroxine and sudafed non drowsy brand if on ice stretch ballet routine and stroke around ice 3 times

- Literally wanted to be fit.

I think this would be a great idea IF YOU ACTUALLY LET PEOPLE IN?! I mean yes you need money, but seriously? Not even; unlock this stretch/exercise! Like its stupid. And if i cant even get in!! You should have just put the app up for how much. There is really nothing much to say about this review.. Just if you don't want to pay money to get fit, i would not suggest this app. If you can pay money, i think its a good idea! But if your in quarantine, don’t have a lot of money, its not the best idea.. Thanks for the people who actually took time to read this. ❤️❤️

- It’s Okay...

I think that this is a great app. It’s just that I don’t think that people should have to pay to work out. I know there is a trial, it just doesn’t make sense to me that you have to pay. I know that’s how they make their money. But paying is useless anyways. To start you actual lesson thing you have to either do the three day trial or just pay anyways. This is an okay app. Would recommend to people who are okay with paying.

- This app rocks!

I love how easy this app is to work with and I feel like it has a format that makes it easy to make time to do the workouts yet also challenging! I would definitely recommend. I also think the cost is worth it for what you get from the stretching and the variation in moves.

- Do not use!!!

I’m just coming on here as someone who downloaded the app simply to write a review. The advertisements on Snapchat which are steered towards younger females show a girl’s tiny waist and she is literally sucking in her stomach so much you can see her RIBS! I would be willing to give this app a try if the advertisements weren’t so ridiculously problematic and reflective of “health” goals that are unobtainable HEALTHILY. The amount of eating and fitness disorders that the advertisement alone could trigger worries me as someone who studies fitness. Please do not endorse this app and what it seems to stand for.

- Hate this app

I just seen this in an ad and well I wanted to see what was all the hype about so I decide to FINALLY download it and HONEY no it’s not worth it as soon as I opened it it asks me about my goal etc and it takes me to subscribe and I’m trying to see an X so I can click out but there isn’t any, anyways DONT recommend... I don’t get why this app has stars. What I really RECOMMEND is to try Chloe Ting, she gives workouts for FREEEEE and she gives meal plans etc, she’s amazing and she’s so motivational during every video, hope y’all get your body :)

- Workout Women is better.

I saw this app being promoted and thought it would be amazing since i’m already working on losing weight. As soon as i opened the app it was so cool i was so excited. but then i saw that it’s 4.99 a month and i could never do that. It would be such a better app if it was free for the main part and the challenges and stuff could be a subscription. That’s what workout women does and i’ll stick to that app since i can lose weight with it for free.

- Videos not loading

I’m new to the app and excited to use it even with the premium subscription however the videos never load. It difficult to follow along when there is no video demonstrating the exercise. Is this a known issue? Can the bug be fixed? Just annoying knowing that I’m paying for a subscription for a broken product.

- No instruction

I don’t really know what the point of this app is... I got the subscription, tried to see what workouts it suggested and basically I get a single photo with the name of the workout, then a timer telling me when to do the workout. The problem is, I don’t know how to do ANY of these workouts... you can tell me the name of it but what’s the movement? I tried on cellular and WiFi and literally there’s no video or anything to show how to do the workout. If I have to google things to learn a workout I’d rather do it for free.

- No instructions whatsoever !

The exercises are good, the plan is great, but I wish that they’d give us instructions! I know there’s a video for every workout but its not enough! They’re from one angel and don’t really tell you what to do. A little writing explaining things would do! (Squats for 60 seconds) ok how many squats is that? And for the stretching exercises, it doesn’t tell us for how long to keep the position! Just ‘do this for 60 second!’ Which isn’t helpful at all! Also, it would be nice if at the last few seconds, it would give some sort of an alarm or something so I’d know that my workout is about to be over! Otherwise great app, but it has so many things that need to be fixed!

- Good but videos don’t always play

I like the workouts and that it can be customized. It’s a bit pricey for what it offers but in lieu of a gym membership, it’s comparable. However, the videos do not typically play for me, which I find frustrating. The workout names don’t always follow what I know, and I’d like to know I’m doing one correctly. I usually get one of them per workout to work only.

- Good but glitchy

In general I don’t exercise a lot so I thought that this would be a good app to use, tons of people have recommended it, so I tried it out. I feel that it works and helps your goal but, whenever I finish my daily workout it just leaves the workout and says that I didn’t do it. This gets very frustrating because now everyday it thinks I didn’t do my workout.

- Subscription

I give this app 4 stars because I thought it was free because everyone was using it on Tik tok and they were saying it was free so I downloaded the app and I had to pay a subscription I thought it was free but if you don’t pay for the subscription you can still do exercises for Free without doing the subscription.

- I think it works!!

I have just added this app and I think I have 100% of chance imma lose some weight after quarantine and I get into my shape as I have been like a stick but right now I look like a whole egg round and fat you guys should try it!!!

- If I could give a zero star I would

It’s awesome that the app is free but the sad thing is is that it can’t provide an actual video of your workout. Like I’ve heard so many good things about how people can change their lives in four weeks with this app but it’s not that hard to provide videos for free. Like the whole free for 3 days then pay $4.99 PER WEEK. Like what the heck and Workout Women is better and it’s free so yeah I have soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many more things I could say but I won’t thank you and goodbye.

- Every fitness app are the same

Why can't these apps be free? It's stupid and unnecessary to charge people for wanting to be fit. It's not fair. Acting like everyone got money to waste on an app that in my opinion should be free just like every other fitness app out there should be free too. Why can't finding the right way to exercise for your body be so difficult to find and on top of that not free at all. Yall so fixated on charging people for things that everyone should have free access too.

- Really upset!

There could have been hidden features, ads or something else- but the whole app can only be used with a subscription! All of the ads either said it was free or avoided showing it altogether! I know that ads and hidden content or features could never give you as much money as this, but I can’t find anything that helps and I’m a minor without a job. What am I supposed to do?

- Not what it says

It is advertised as FREE WORKOUTS! However it is not free to use the app. It starts out great with asking you your goals , target areas, and how much time you have on your hands to exercise. It makes a customized plan for you based on the info you provided the app with and then when you hit the start button it says , 3 days free then you must make a membership. There are such better FREE workout apps on the App Store that work amazingly. Sorry Fitness Coach, this is only a 2/5 stars for me....

- Wow really

Ok so I got this app quite awhile ago and I never used it and now it pops up that you have to pay for it but it never used to I was gonna start using it til this came up and it used to be free for awhile and that’s why I got it it’s so annoying that I can’t use this app now cause now I have to pay for it you could do adds and let them choose on if they want to pay for it or not and that’s why I said “wow really!?” Cause it was free and now it’s not again wow really?!

- Maybe it’s just me

I got this app because as most people I saw it on TikTok and thought I’d give it a try. I never made it past the gathering information part. When it asks to put your weight I did and it would not accept it. I know I’m overweight and I wanna lose it so I thought it was odd it wouldn’t accept it. Out of curiosity I put the weight I wanna be at in the current weight and it took it. After reading all these reviews I think I’ll just delete it before I too get scammed

- I got scammed

I got this app to try it out for the three days. I started the subscription for the free trial because it requires you to. I canceled it immediately to get the trial. THE THIRD DAY I LOOK IN MY BANK ACCOUNT AND 30$ has gone OUT!! I check that I had already canceled it and it said I canceled it the first day I got the app. I am so mad because I was saving my money for a new phone now I’m not able to pay for it and have to wait a couple more weeks. Developers please help me I need that 30$ back.

- Disappointing Ads

Although I haven’t tried the program itself, I have seen ads for this everywhere that are very triggering. As someone who has an eating disorder and body image issues, it is NOT okay to advertise a fitness app as “lose fat or get a hourglass figure”. After seeing multiple ads for this app revolving the toxic words and phrases it just makes me disgusted. I will not be putting any money into this app for workouts until they fix their advertisements.

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- i don’t know, try it

this app i just downloaded because it’s been suggested too many times and its says i have to pay $8 every week, i mean that’s a bargain but my parents don’t want to pay the money for it. the app has the 3 day free thing but i’m concerned that it will immediately start the transaction. plus sometimes it busy a day and don’t have time or i just don’t have any motivation, yes i’m lazy! and are there rest days? because you must include rest days in order for the person to obviously rest and recover from it. i’m assuming it does. plus i have no idea where our height comes into play for this workout????? overall, this app looks pretty good and looks pleasing so wish me luck.

- Problems

I am only 8 i am not sure how to use this app a lot and am I aloud to for example if I need to go bed will it be like I am on but actually off

- I really am annoyed

So this is with all apps so you guys aren’t the only people getting a review like this, how come we have to pay like $10 (im not sure the exact amount) a month to do a 25 min workout? Like at a gym that’s normal cause they have to pay the electricians pay workers etc. like I want to stay fit but I’m not very aware of what type of workouts help certain parts of your body so I downloaded this to understand what I was doing for certain games parts of my body do I really need to pay for that? Sorry I had to give such a bad review.

- Great app!

This app is really great and it allows one to exercise with their own frequency and allows one to work around their schedule. It even has rest days for recoveries and has challenges. Although you must pay for each week, the app overall is great!

- My Opinion About This App!

I definitely recommend this app, it’s really made me sore from one day especially in my knee caps and 1 thing I don’t like ab it is that we have to pay monthly. Overall it is an amazing app and I definitely recommend it!

- I don’t like how you have to pay

The app is good but I hate that we have to pay to get the full experience. I have to get another device and time with the set time which is really annoying. I don’t think we should pay for something that we can find on a website.

- Don’t get this app if you don’t want to pay $11 every freaking month!

Everyone always says “or yeah this app is great you should download it” and it says it’s free, and then suddenly you have to pay 11 freaking dollars every month just for a dumb app!!! And I’ve seen other people typing about it’s a scam and they take even more money out of your banker count like seriously! PLEASE people read this before downloading this app

- free trial is fake

incredibly generic exercise app, and you can easily get the same content for free online or through other apps. despite having a free trial it automatically rolled over and made me pay, and it is almost impossible to unsubscribe. the fact they targetted CHILDREN through online influencers to easily get money out of them is appalling.


Selected the free days and 1week sub. They renewed it without that being written into the sub details! They don’t have a way for you to manage it properly. At least when I hit the button to manage sub it didn’t click at all. If you are having the same issue go through iTunes to cancel. Otherwise they’ll keep renewing your subscription and taking your money!!

- Money

I think you could give people at least 2 days for free and if they like it then pay $7:99 for the week I don’t know why you have to pay for just the free days and if you don’t like it they lost $8 basically


i hate how you have to pay to use an app, i want to stay healthy and loose weight and this app has been all over my adds. but i do not want to pay because it’s 8 FREAKING DOLLARS A WEEK THATS 32 DOLLARS A MONTH AND 415 DOLLARS A YEAR, FOR SOMETHING YOU CAN FIND ON A WEBSITE and i do not have a card everyone says this app is good but at least let people have a free freaking version what about the people that cant afford it ?!

- It is a decent workout app but is a overpriced scam

the workouts on the app is very good I feel but it is $12 a WEEK for this. I canceled it after knowing the price yet it charged me again. Then it charged me $7 for something else. wouldn't recommend for people who don't have an unlimited bank account

- Manage premium

Inconsistent payment withdrawals. No access to manage premium within the app as it doesn’t process at the ‘tap’ on the manage premium. Even if you mash the in app button it won’t let you manage your premium. can’t even opt out of this app. very sneaky move- definitely won’t be downloading anymore apps from this producer.

- Money

It’s does look fantastic, and I get that 8$ isn’t a lot but some people such as myself can’t afford to pay anything and there is not free fitness app witch is a bit disappointing but this app does have really good features

- Meh

It ok I guess,I mean I’m 10 and I have 50kg, tbh,I’m kinda sad that I have to pay for it and it cost lots for me and stuff because you know, most people don’t have money, I hope I have money in the future for this so I’m not fat.

- Amazing

This app is amazing for you to loose weight I have already lost so much weight and I highly recommend this app

- To much paying

it tells me to pay everyday

- My review

It says that you have to pay $8 dollars a week, so my parents won’t let me, so I haven’t even tried it out, but it looks like a good app if we didn’t have to pay

- Why do we have to pay?

I downloaded the app and thought this is an app that I will love cause it will help me get back into shape and make me more motivated but once it said you have 3 days for free and then you have to pay $8 whenever you work out my motivation went down hill

- Amazing

Yeah we got to pay which is a minus star and yeah maby I literally just started soook I guess it’s good

- It wont load

I already paid for the subscription but when I go to do the workouts it just freezes or it keeps loading and doesn’t work

- not able to cancel subscription

I just downloaded the application and i have a 3 day free trial, however I would like to cancel the subscription. There is no way to cancel my subscription and I am concerned for it to charge me in 3 days if there’s no way to cancel.

- 👍👍

I lost 5kg in 4 weeks !! Definitely works and totally recommend!!

- Don’t get the app

This app was way too over priced and took more money than it said it would. Wouldn’t recommend this app. Why can’t we get a fitness app that is COMPLETELY FREE, I’ve never come across an app that is free and actually helps me loose weight, wast of money and time.

- Subscription

I have 1 weeks subscription but now I want to cancel it, and I don’t know howwww, it is taking my money and there is no way I can cancel it, not even on settings or on the app, so can you do something about it!!!

- Subscription

what if we just want to get fit but can’t do everything because we need money to unlock the full app.

- Money

I don’t have enough money to buy it every time but it’s a good workout app

- Wish it were free

So far so good

- Incredibly hard to unsubscribe

They have made it near impossible to unsubscribe from the service, almost to the point of being scammed.

- Doesn’t load

I can wait for an hour and nothing will load, I bought premium and now I can’t unsubscribe and I cannot use the app

- Money stealers

I have reported them taken down my account and they still find a way to keep stealing my money DO NOT GET THIS!!!!! Now I have to get a new card and it’s so fustrating!!!

- Too much money!!

Do not download this app. You get 3 day free trial and from then on you have to pay $8.00! Unbelievable!! Do not get this app it is a waste of your time.

- Why not just post ads

Why can’t u just make it free and make money off ad revenue, it’s so annoying charging a monthly amount.

- Unable to delete

Deliberately difficult to delete account, would not reccommend

- Do Not Use

It would s a rip-off you have to pay to use it. I think it should be free. It is like $10 a week.

- Horrible

It is not free even tho it says it is i think it is terrible don’t waste ur time doing this there is a really good free app called work out woman

- Good

Very good, big muscle get

- Isn’t worth it

You can’t do anything unless you pay

- why pay to get healthy

wanted to get back into shape and i was motivated but like 8 bucks a week and i’m like ye nah i’m not paying 8 dollars for that i’ll just do it myself like honestly people should be able to get healthy for free

- took my money on the free trial

i got this app and it took the money when i tried to leave the app, it took my finger print. not only that it took the money straight out of my account and took more money then was meant to you took close to $20. hoe can i get my money back?

- Cost too much

It looks like a good app just a little pricey.

- How do I cancel a subscription

Please do not get this app I want to cancel my subscription and I can’t

- $$$

It's the same with every other weight loss fittness app " absolutely free" I can't afford to buy that sort of stuff.

- ,,

They only have like 10 exercises and like the 50 course are just mixture of them

- It's not free, you have to pay $$! False advertising! Only a short free trial.


- i got it and it’s soo expensive

it’s $12 a week and nobody has that money when they can’t work. this is not worth $48 a month it’s too overpriced and i don’t recommend. there are way fairer prices out there.

- Waste of money.

Boring ‘workouts’ and a waste of money.

- To pricy

Just wanted a good workout app but of course you bave to pay way to much. NOT WORTH IT!

- don’t waste your money

it’s a waste of money l, $12 a week at this time is not okay. you could get better workouts doing the chloe ting challenges

- Money

I hate that I have to pay!

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- Great app I love it

I love this app so much it has great workouts and meal plans I just wish it was free

- Not happy

I didn’t even get to work out because it cost money. It shouldn’t cost money to be a better you

- Was free, now you have to pay?

I have been using this app for a while now and I really like it because it’s free and easy to use, now all of sudden it’s the new year and you have to pay to use the app? Very disappointed

- Crap

You have to pay and it says it’s free in the add like bro that’s false advertising 😂

- False advertising

so i’ve seen lots of advertisements for this app, it was allegedly “free”. Once I got the app, only 3 days were free then I have to pay monthly. Doesn’t really sound that free to me

- Dont get

How do you cancel this. I deleted the app and for some reason it keeps changing my dads credit card when I did not even enter one in. It went with the family sharing plan and did not notify me. Ive been charged twice when i dont even have the app installed anymore.

- u have to pay

there’s no reason that u have to pay i’ll just get another app🖕🏼

- Money

A lot of people don’t have much money so can you change it for free please just saying bc it annoying bc it cost MONEY

- great app, little bit pricey

if you have the money, absolutely go for it. challenges you and progress will come

- Use workout women instead it’s free

Use it

- Garbage

It cost money and why would you pay money to get your self fit? Instead use the app lose belly fat it is much more useful

- Disappointed

This is very disappointing to all the people who want to work out. You should not have to pay just be be a better version if yourself. I wish there was a 0-star rating choice.

- Should be free.

You shouldn’t have to pay for something you started with and all y sudden have to get charged for something you need help with.

- Ne mérite pas une étoile

Si tu annonces ton appli gratuite ça doit être gratuit !!!!

- “Free”

I’ve seen like 20 ads saying it’s “free” but I go and download it now I have to pay???🥴🥴

- 1/5

this app is super overpriced and it also charged me after i cancelled my subscription and deleted the app. there are wayyyy better free apps and this is just a waste of your money

- They sponsored Nickvideos!


- The worst app

Not free

- o

it ain’t free

- Worst app ever

Costs 40 dollars. Really ridiculous for just an app. Do not get it is useful and doesn’t work. 40 bucks is wayyyyy to much for a useful app it sucks. I would rate it a -20 if I could

- Money

It seems like it would be a super good app to use, but you have to pay 10$.

- Problem

So I just installed the app and then I try to accept the payment and It doesn’t work can someone explain to me why???

- Hmm

I just wish we didn’t have to pay

- Not free

Should not say free if it’s not. Might as well just go to the gym. Useless false advertising.😤

- Common

I shouldn’t have to pay for this, it took enough for me to even try I don’t wanna pay.

- False

They’re saying that it’s free when you see the add ... then you gotta pay for all the exercises ... not worth it .. I would give it a 0 stars ... but I cant .. don’t install this app it’s not worth it actually

- Trash

With all ads they are pushing I thought this was the next upcoming workout app. Now I see why they are pushing ads so hard. The app is trash. There’s hundreds of free work out apps out there I suggest you try instead as this one appears to be free but wants to charge you $26.49 after the first 3 days.

- Bad

I didn’t even get to do the workout because it costs money when even the advertisements said it was free

- It cost money

k guys come on this is ruining my plan to get skinny then get money! it’s not the other way around jeeze

- Cost

All I want to do is get in shape and people off my back and now I have to pay?! Fitness should be free especially right now

- No point in this app

There’s no point of having a 3 day trial because you can’t really get much done, and it’s not free. When you guys did the add it says it’s free but it’s not so that’s false advertisement. Nobody like false advertisement there bud☹️😒

- Disappointed

I was really determined to get more fit and I heard this app was free and works really well. But turns out you have to pay. Very disappointing. You shouldn’t have to pay to get healthier.

- Pay to play no thanks

A survey and credit card commitment, what else do we expect from the fitness industry

- Really?

Downloaded it for free, never said anything about paying. But after you enter everything they ask at the end you gotta pay 26$? You gotta pay to get fit? I’d rather just download another app that helps you get fit for free.

- False advertising

It says it’s free, well then why the he’ll you asking for my money as soon as I sign up?!? Lmao make losing weight actually cheap for us folk that really can’t afford much😪

- False advertising

The add goes on to say that it’s free but it clearly isn’t. It gives you the option for a 3 day free trial before you even know what the app is about. 3 days isn’t enough to see a difference. Bad app.

- False advertising

It’s just false advertising and it seems pretty sketchy

- Don’t get

Why do we have to pay for a workout app tho pretty stupid don’t download

- Downloading the app...and now deleting it

So the ads i seen said “free”, so okay. I thought oh cool i wanna try this!! Ya no...reading reviews i seen that it wasnt free so i even went in the app descriptions and you have to pay for even a week. Mayaswell charge people to download the app too. Getting a different app.

- Bruh

I hate how you have to pay to watch a work out like it when is was free disappointing

- useless

this app was the best but all the sudden you have to pay to use the app very disappointed.

- I would rate less but I can’t

Costs too much

- It cost me $70 and I didn’t even use it!

It shouldn’t renew the plan without letting me know, why there is no notification before the end of the plan??? I didn’t even notice that it is stealing money from my card.

- mo

you have to pay

- This app sucks

I would love this app if you didn’t have to pay to stay fit

- Why Pay

I had this app for a while and it went from being free to having to pay! I’m sorry but I’m not paying for a fitness app. Really wish they would go back to the old fitness coach:( Oh well it’s there loss

- The worst

I can’t even scroll down 🙅🏻‍♂️

- Why do I have to pay

Why in gods name do I have to pay it would be much better if it was free

- Bad

Wouldn’t be a good app if it was free

- Horrible

I thought that this is gonna be a fun app for me to get fit and then you have to pay for it no I’m not gonna pay for an app I just want to get fit I don’t want to pay to get fit that’s just dumb I do not recommend this app to anyone unless someone wants to Pay to get fit which is a really dumb idea i’m very disappointed and I don’t want to see this app ever again😡😕😬😒😡

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- If only

I deeply wish it had more than 3 days free I’m greatly but I personally think 3 day is to short I wanna be fit and stay fit you know but thanks to the tic toker that showed me this app I hope in the future there will be more thank three days like a month would really help but thanks have a blessed day 🙂😅

- Not bad needs to fix some glitches

The app is not free. It’s about $20 a month which is almost like a monthly gym membership. It has great set of workouts with the target area you want to work in. However, a lot of the workouts do NOT show the videos. Why am I paying for the app if I have to google the proper way of doing a certain workout.

- It’s ok

I saw an ad for this app and I was like oh that’s interesting so I downloaded it. The one main problem I have with this app is that when I changed the settings so I didn’t have to use equipment because I don’t have any, it kept asking me to use equipment. It didn’t even give me any kind of modified work out which is super frustrating. This app is pretty much only good for people who have access to equipment.

- Good

This app is amazing it help me lose a lot of weight I recommend this app for everyone. It took me a month to achieve my summer body but it was sooo worth it I recommend this app for everyone please download if you are trying to lose weight quick!

- It was not worth it at all!!!!!!

As for me this app has not helped me at all!! On the description it says “everywhere with our videos”but when you start the exercises it doesn’t have videos on it, it’s just plain blue screen and a countdown clock and I complained twice to the app support but I never got an explanation, and this morning the app stopped working for me and is just my 2nd week in, thank goodness I subscribed for only one month. It was just a waste of money!!!!

- Good app

The app helps a lot with my daily workouts and staying in shape, and it’s worth the cost. My only concern is that the videos do not load and there are a few workouts im not sure how to do so the inconvenience of the videos not loading is the only issue i have.

- Lies, lies, and more lies

I would give this 0 stars if I could because it is useless! I downloaded the app just so I could get more motivated to stay in shape for fall sports during the summer. I answered the questions and once I was done with that the app took me to a page where I had to pay for the premium. I could not get out of this page at all! This app lies it may be “free” to download, but it isn’t free to use. If you don’t want to pay money done waste your time on this app!!!

- Unable to cancel subscription

Do not download if you are simply testing out the app, I tried the free trial and found the app to be useless. I went to cancel the subscription but was unable to because the app blocked me from clicking subscription options. I had to get in contact with Apple to get this issue resolved, very underhanded and sketchy practices would not recommend this app in the slightest. Want these exercises? Look up Gymshark Train on Instagram, better and free.

- Unethical advertising model

Constantly using pages that have an audience of easy to influence teens and young adults that are insecure about their bodies to advertise. Besides being an awful app that doesn’t deliver on its promises and is hardly free it is actively contributing to the worsening of insecurity of teens. I have also never once seen you advertise to men! You only seem to take advantage of the societal norms around body insecurity for women. Companies like yours don’t help the problem, you just contribute.

- Please Read

Hello I’m a 12 year old who was wanting to lose wait entering middle school. When I downloaded the app I was excited but this app costed money. I don’t understand why you need to pay 20$ for you to lose weight? If you are not willing to pay 20$ just to lose some weight then this app isn’t for you. Don’t waste 20$ just to lose some weight try doing free exercise at home!

- Don’t like the paying

I really wish there were a few videos to do for free. I also wish there was something that said you have to pay for all because I was thinking there would be some free videos but after putting in my info was when it said to pay

- False information

I didn’t like it very much because I claims that there’s “no equipment needed” when clearly there is. On the third day of using this app the work out was using dumbbells (which I don’t have) and a sand ball (which I also don’t have) they also don’t provide any further information about fitness, they just tell you the work out moves like the caterpillar and lunges. I wanted to learn how to lose weight not just to know how to exercise 🙄

- Money is an issue

I’m 13 and I really just want a nice steady workout plan to lose a couple pounds, I typed in all of my info and boom, I have to pay money, now 3 or 4 dollars isn’t a lot but to a kid who doesn’t get payed much... it is, I feel liek having an exercise app not be free is kinda a low blow in my opinion. Ads are a great way to make money without having people pay to get motivated to workout. And that is why it is a 1 star in my opinion.

- It would be probably great! If you didn’t have to pay for it...

I love how you can pick what your goal is. But at least for me, when I got the app, it did not say you had to pay for it. Might’ve just been me but it might be for others too. So I would recommend if you you want to pay $6.99 per week.

- This is great

My fitness teacher recommend this app u can actually see my abs now I used to be so over weight for my age I have seen a huge difference I gotta 2 months I really enjoy this app it keep me is shape but it won’t let me put my right height which is annoying

- Too expensive

I know that they need a way to make money but they should be able to give support and all the things for free because we people who want to lose weight can be desperate and pay a lot of money for some thing that doesn’t work.i know that all apps for lose if weight aren’t free and I really don’t have any change to spare and want to lose weight.

- One problem

To be honest, I haven’t tried it yet. BUT something is frustrating me when I’m putting in my information. I’m 5’0 and it won’t let me put in my height because it wants me to put an inch I guess. That the only problem I’ve encountered so far.

- Just wrong

I just downloaded the app and I was inputting my information. When I got to weight. I put my weight in and it wouldn’t pass it, I kept trying and going back and it would always stop at weight. So I put in a smaller weight and it went through. It only allows you to go to 300 pounds then it will let you continue. For people who are over 300 pounds this app isn’t for you. They need to change their target.

- Issues

I accidentally signed up for the subscription and I did not intend to nor want to do so, and I’m sure the app does a decent job, but there is nowhere for me to cancel, and I cannot make anything work, when I press on the “manage premium” button nothing happens. I would very much appreciate help with canceling this, on top of that I am unable to afford the cost of the subscription and do not intend on paying it. Please help.

- Pretty good

Your good workout app, thought it was bs, because of the reviews, but in my opinion, the premium makes the experience better, to me, had a couple of extra dollars in my apple id so I just went for it, great work outs, three weeks, easy. 👍👍

- I’m Confused

This app has a great way of of making you have your workout planned out for every weak and it gives breaks during the workout. But I don’t know how I’m supposed get started I press start workout but it’s just loads forever even though I have quick Wi-Fi and I wanna start my first week but it’s not loading...

- Michelle

Really love it it ask you things for your own personal body which makes everything easy and the workout are really easy I personally get 25min 4 days a week


I downloaded the app, hoping it would be beneficial for me since I’m looking for guidance in working out, although the app doesn’t even let me go inside?! It keeps insisting for me to get the free trial (which is only for 2 days, isn’t enough days for me to decide whether I like the app or not, but it doesn’t matter at this point because I don’t anymore) when I already did that and even payed. I unsubscribed, it isn’t worth it.

- How to cancel your subscription

I believe this is a good app and can help guide you to a better version of yourself, but in case you don’t want to pay the money here is how you cancel your subscription Go to the App Store Click on your profile icon in the top right hand corner Click “Subscriptions” Click on the Fitness Coach Subscription Scroll to the bottom and hit Unsubscribe The three day trial will still be active but you won’t be charged money at the end of it Hope this helped somebody

- Don’t download waste of money

I like that it’s a work out app and all. Yeah it’s free to down load but then you have to pay to access the work outs every week you get a free trial for 3 days then you have to pay from there. It’s misleading when it says it’s free. I completely love the works outs and it’s a work out themed app but I hate that you have to pay. You can just go on line and search up any type of work out for free.

- Potential Meal Plan

Hi there! I’ve recently downloaded this app and am trying to figure out a food/diet plan to go along with the workouts and exercise plan you have provided. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations? In addition, it would be awesome if Fitness Coach included a meal plan- just an idea! I’d definitely invest in it. Thanks so much.

- Yep

Well I don’t really like it cause the money most ppl don’t but I use a app called workout women and it’s free and really good I would recommend but I do hear a lot of good stuff bout this app so eirther get this one for money or a free one without

- 2 Stars

my issues are the fact the the app hardly works, meaning if I have no idea what a certain exercise is they have little videos to chow you, buttttt those don’t ever load, and when I’m in the actual workout it will show a model doing it but it doesn’t load everrrrr. It’s not my WiFi I’ve used the app in 3 places all with great WiFi.

- won’t play demos

It’s not letting me play the demos to see what to do. It’s loading every time I press on it and nothing . I haven’t been able to Start my sessions because I need to see what is showing me to do. But I like the app itself, it’s organized by dates and tells you what to do each time.

- Didn’t even get to second choice

I wanted to use this app to lose stomach fat but it didn’t let me choose or even see the third option. Plus, when I chose the first and second option to see, the options and indicators were not even in the correct position. I was really looking forward to losing some stomach fat and using this app. Instead, I’m very disappointed in this app.

- Ugh as if !

Ok so this is a very nice concept but the fact that you have to pay money for this I would rather go to the gym and have a personal trainer for the Same price because I’m trying to lose weight but all I can do is a few excersices that are free this just a trick to get your money man it’s not worth your time and if you’re gonna give a free trial make it a month when you could actually see results not 3 days


If I could give 0 stars to an app I would. It says it is “free” in the App Store then you download it and you have to buy a subscription. So stupid if you’re going to make someone pay for a subscription go ahead and make it like 3.99 in the App Store. Don’t lead people to think that they can loss weight for free when you will have to pay no matter what. Terrible app. I’m sick and tired of all the “free” weight loss apps!

- Why the subscription??

I thought I would really like this app! I saw thousands of adds saying how good it was and that it was free. I got on and I though it was actually ligit but the second I finished filling out the few questions they Immediately ask for a subscription and they don’t even give you an option to not do the subscription

- Pretty good

This app is good. But word of advice don’t choose I higher level than you actually are. I chose intermediate when I should’ve chose beginner and I was dying. But great app except for the paying part. :/ Fully recommend though :)

- It’s not that bad

This app makes it a lot easier to find workouts, but you do have to pay if you want them to have you a workout ready.

- Have to pay

I was so excited to hear about an app with a workout plan for me. I downloaded the app and thought I would just answer the questions and be able to have a workout plan. But no it’s a weekly subscription of 4.99 I hate that workout apps are doing this. I can’t find a single app that’s free. I would probably give this a higher rating if I could even use this app.

- Very misleading

I wanted to see what the workouts would be like so I got the subscription and I just wanted to see the workouts and then I was planning on canceling it. But turns out it won’t let you cancel the subscription it doesn’t even let you use that as an option and I couldn’t cancel it in settings either, this is a big issue and it needs to be fixed!

- Why

I was scrolling threw Pinterest and I saw that app so I was like yeah why, so once o downloaded the app and I filled out the quiz that they gave us so then it comes to the part to when I have to pay either 3 days free and 4.99 a month or I could go to a actual gym and do my workout there but once this whole virus is almost done for then I could go back to the gym but for now I have gained more weight than I morally do!!

- Important message

I love this app because u can gain or lose weight really fast but what I disagree with the fact fact that all gyms are closed and no one can get a workout because of covid-19 and your app is charging people for workout sessions STILL. Which I feel is wrong that’s why I lest a three star

- It’s ok

This app isn’t really all the bad even with the subscription, the only problem is that the demos won’t load. They always go to a blue screen so I can’t see the workout I'm doing, and I can only see the names. If that was fixed it would have been five stars.

- I love it but the money is the problem

It’s amazing it’s helping me out but the problem is that it cost monkey to do certain things which is obvious but other than that great app

- Disadvantage

This app is such a joke! It says that it is free and then doesn’t allow you to go anywhere and tells you that no matter what your goal is that you will reach it in 4 weeks.. $6.99 a week instead of months. Then the photos that are shown above aren't even in the app. The app is just false showing and definitely the ratings for the app are way pst false! Save your money!

- Payment

I get that you want to make money but most people get workout apps because they don’t want to have to pay or they can’t pay to workout because they don’t have the money to go so so maybe make a app that is payment free for people . I’m sorry if you don’t like the comment it is just my personal opinion .

- Doesn’t let me scroll

The par is fully functional despite the fact that it isn’t letting my scroll at the beginning and it wouldn’t let me choose the option I wanted to choose:/

- Bad App

I have been using this app since march and nothing has changed. So now i just do the chloe ting 2 week shred. And i’ve already lost 4 pounds.I spent all that money on this app and had to delete it because it is useless.

- Free

I don’t know if it’s possible but can y’all make it free for the underaged who would like to use your app? I’m 15 and I’m still too young for a job. I really would love to use Fitness Coach, but like I said I don’t have money. Coukd you maybe work something out so we could join in on the fun?

- Tries to lure you in with a 4 week fix

The app shows you this nice graphic of reaching your goal weight in 4 weeks. My goal has me losing 42 pounds which is 10.5 a week, that’s burning an extra 36,750 calories a week and the app says I’ll burn an extra 990 calories a week. It’s simply impossible to lose 10 pounds a week only burning an extra 1000 calories a week. Also the amount of typos is insane

- Best exercise app ever

I can not understand anyone can pay to get the premium version of Fitness Coach because everything is have on the preview screen. I really love the Fitness Coach team

- No videos

This looked like it was going to be a good app, but when I opened it and got to the exercises, I had no idea what any of them were. I tried to click on the video but it wouldn’t load even though I was in perfect service. I was fine with the price, but I’m going to give this app one star because I didn’t know how to do any of the exercises that it wanted me to do.

- Good workout app but..

Great workouts it’s just that I wish there was Like a sound or ringtone between each exercise so that I know if the 60 sec has ended or not instead of keep on checking my phone...

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@Maui_Speaks @fitness_coach Did you see Trump's pupils?

Redemption Expressions

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Maui SpeaksⓂ️

@fitness_coach It makes her look shallow and vulnerable. When was the last time anyone saw Xi smile? Much less laugh?

Fitness Coach 2.2.2 Screenshots & Images

Fitness Coach iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Fitness Coach iphone images
Fitness Coach iphone images
Fitness Coach iphone images
Fitness Coach iphone images
Fitness Coach iphone images
Fitness Coach iphone images

Fitness Coach (Version 2.2.2) Install & Download

The applications Fitness Coach was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2019-08-12 and was developed by Luni [Developer ID: 1274051421]. This application file size is 112.83 MB. Fitness Coach - Health & Fitness app posted on 2020-10-19 current version is 2.2.2 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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