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The Best Blackjack game is out now! Bet big to win big, or play the long game and prove you can beat the dealer! With free chips available, you can play this casino style game as much as you like, and with random cards, our games are guaranteed fair and fun!

Never played Blackjack before? This is your chance to learn the game in and out. You can play this classic casino game just for fun! You'll be winning in no time.

Blackjack is easy to play! Place a bet, and you'll receive 2 cards. Picture cards are worth 10 points and Aces are worth either 1 or 10. "Hit" for another card, and get your score as close to 21 as you can without going bust.

If you like Poker, Roulette or Slots we know you will love this Casino Classic!

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- Minor fixes and improvements

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- Mobile Blackjack

I love this version of Blackjack because it’s so easy to just play anytime no matter where you are or what time it is. I am disabled but I still practice Cardiopulmonary part time because even though I’m disabled the hospital needs all the help they can get in ICU due to COVID. This game helps me relax on my breaks and the simplicity of it really brings down my stress level. Thanks guys for a fun and awesome game!!

- Fun but unrealistic

It’s fun for a little while, but highly unrealistic. You start out with $2000, within half an hour I was up over $100,000 without purchasing any additional chips, it was all pure winnings plus the little rewards they give you for “leveling up”. In a real life game, this would be highly unlikely. They probably tweak the odds like this to get you hooked on constantly winning so you’ll keep watching ads or buying more chips. I wish there was an app out there that simulated as close to real table game odds as possible, and also without spamming you with flashy ads and microtransaction offers every 3 or 4 hands. I’d pay actual money for a simple, straightforward app like that. This was good for a free half hour of mindless fun but that’s it. Will be deleting now.

- Good game but please add an ad free update

This game is pretty fun and it’s the best blackjack game that I’ve seen on the AppStore. I do think the hands can occasionally be tilted in the dealers favor but it’s not like this is real money. The biggest issue is the ad frequency. I understand the developers need the ads to keep the game free and I have the utmost respect for them not allowing players to purchase chips with money, however I would be more than happy to pay a small fee to remove the ads and it would make the app much more enjoyable. If the devs read this please at least consider adding an option to remove the ads for a fee.

- Needs to be more realistic

Make the game real by having a normal amount of shuffled decks that the player can see so they know when the cards will be reshuffled. I’m a card counter and I can’t use this app to practice card counting because of how unreasonably random and unfair it is. The odds of winning are beyond low. I get a black jack/20 every 8-10 turns whereas the dealer gets them every 3-4. I lose about 90% of the games because no matter how good I do, the dealer always gets better cards. About 5% of the time the dealer won’t have a 10/ace which is absolutely ridiculous. I get low number cards almost every turn and if I get a 20 the dealer somehow manages to get 5-6 different cards that add up to 21. The RNG of this game is horrible

- Not Realstic

This can be fun to play but it could be a lot more realistic. The dealer is the luckiest player in the history of the game. I’ve never seen a live player or dealer get blackjack as often as this, or see a live player or dealer consistently draw to 21 over and over. There also seems to be a trend that the more I bet, the more hands I lose. I get the need for a free game to have ads but do they all need to be 30 seconds long? I might want to play a few quick hands when i have a couple of spare minutes but, with such long ads, that idea gets ruined.

- Practice makes perfect

I feel like I’m really in Vegas or Palm Springs playing blackjack. I’m learning to play by the rules and taking more chances and when I’m feeling confident about playing I do and if I don’t feel it I don’t. Ever since I’ve played this game I’ve been up. I have won more than I lost . I’ve won $750 and lost $60. I always go with my intuition and play by the rule of winning blackjack!! Live it!

- Great Game - lots of fun

This game plays better than 99% of the others. It’s tilted to player favor (which is nice). The ad’s are short (and comical in nature). When player gets to “High Stakes” it turns into “real blackjack” which is good because it sharpens your skill. I recommend this game over all the others.

- Blackjack

Fairly decent program, mostly fair but some questionable hands. Dealer seems to win quite a few by 1 point. No one is that lucky. BUT MY MAJOR PROBLEM- it is eaten up with ads. I’d pay for a non ad version but not available. Surely you can do better than ads every 5 hands or so..... with 30 seconds to watch these glitzy but otherwise useless wastes of time. So if you are looking for a decent blackjack game- AND you don’t mind numerous time wasters- this is for you

- Mega-money!!!

I found this VAARY well designed. It's great that teaching me to watch learn how to find and use carefully resulted in me making, on the last time-play -> this IS really true: ====> $20-TRILLION <==== when they restarted me, the challenge is so accurate, it's now my favorite and pretty-much the only one i play!!! Thanks 🙏🏻

- Good game except in the places it matters.

The constant advertisement spam is easily avoided with airplane mode, and it doesn’t necessarily matter how many chips you lose considering you can snag 2,000 if you watch one of those adds. Yet, that doesn’t ignore the fact that once you start betting over 1,000 the algorithm begins to “glitch”. There’s nothing like a dealer cheating, and the dealer getting three consecutive blackjacks is definitely what I would classify as a cheating algorithm. Fix it.

- Too many 30 second ads

You have to watch a 30 second ad every two minutes which is very annoying, other than that the game is pretty good.

- Blackjack

I am enjoying the game but there are way too many ad interruptions. A hand of blackjack only takes about 15 seconds. After 5 hands, there’s an advertisement for a product or to download a game. I have seen the same ad as often as 5 times within a 10 minute time frame. If this keeps up, I will probably delete the game.


Game itself is fun. Goes quick. They throw chips at you. The problem is that the ads make this game UNPLAYABLE. There’s like an ad every other hand. It becomes very annoying and distracting if you are playing a progressive betting system too. Cut the ads down and it will be great. Don’t listen to the developers “to keep the game free we rely on adds” spiel. There are plenty of great free blackjack games out there without this many ads, or ads at all. I would rather see in game purchases to reduce them.

- 🥳

I just love this game because we are able to get more coins by just watching the ads Gratiot they are a little annoying that’s OK between that and the bonuses you can acquire a good amount

- Results are rigged

This would be such a great training tool, but unfortunately the game defies the laws of mathematics. In the game of blackjack the dealer already has the advantage, there is no need to enhance that advantage. Intelligent play on splits and doubles is rarely rewarded. Hit on my 12 against dealer 12 and busted 10 straight times. Doubled on my 11, 13x and never received higher than a 5. Come on MAN.

- So rigged. I can not believe it

This game. Oh my goodness. It is so rigged. I’ve heard many people talk about how placing big bets will almost always lose, but I didn’t believe it until it happened. 5 hands in a row where the computer beats high hard with perfect precision. 3 21’s in a row? Give me a break. They make their money off ads and the paid version so it’s only natural for them to write the rules so you lose and buy more chips. You’ve been warned. Garbage.

- Ripped off

All rigged, the more you bet, the dealer always has 21 or you bust, no way to win , it’s a scam, just throw money at it, actually did better in Vegas, can’t wait until COVID is gone going back.

- Love app but hate constant ads

Wish this app had the option to purchase a premium option with no ads

- There is one thing...

For the most part this is my favorite app the only problem is all the ads it’s like every freaking 5min. Other than n that it is very lifelike and fun to play it even let’s you split and has auto deal!

- Freezing up

Fun sound effects, love fast pace of the game. However, freezes up when I get 21 in 2 cards (didn’t freeze if it takes more than 2 cards). Also freezes up when hit insure button. Hope you get bugs fixed soon!

- Great Game

Interface and graphics are nice sound effects aren’t annoying like in other apps Fast game u open up and start playing no ads yet 🤔

- Too many ads

There are way too many ads to make the game enjoyable. Also, there needs to be a way to increase your bet without having to clear it. It is a pain when you progressively bet and have to clear it out each time. Otherwise it is a simple, yet enjoyable blackjack game.

- So fun!!

I really love blackjack. That is my most favorite card game and I can’t wait to go to the casino when it opens up so I can play blackjack in real life but in the meantime this is a really fun game!

- Too many ads

Too many ads and the ads pop up way too frequently

- Not random

This game is not randomly dealt cards at all. When the dealer is showing a low card, the under card is almost always a low card and never a face card. If it is, dealer will draw low cards to a push or a win. It’s ridiculous how many 6-card 21s the dealer gets. Doesn’t even happen that often in Vegas. I would give this trash game a zero if I could.

- Blackjack

Great program almost the same feel as being in the casino

- To many ads

Fun but just to many Dahm ads after u play about 1/2 minutes kind of annoying!! But other then the ads it’s fun but just wish wasn’t that many ads and breaks in between , especially when your winning 🙄

- Black Jack

It’s a very entertaining game... I just love playing your fantastic game... Only one down foul... to many commercials..just to many... gotta take them off.. it’s very annoying when trying to play.

- Add

Way too many but I found if I put the phone into airplane mode it helps. Try to understand that the ads make the app free so I can’t complain too much. The developer deserves something in return.

- Pro card player

I wish they had less adds

- Just tried it for fun

Played this for about a week (no real money) after which the ads got to be too annoying as so many others have said. And the ads are 30 secs long after every few hands! The good part is they give you free chips every day.

- Too many ads

Literally every 6 handis an ad. Not 6 decks, 6 hands. Some of the ads seem short, but after you click the X to close it, another screen comes up that you have to wait for the X for a couple seconds. Then some of the ads are 20 or 30 seconds. Nope!

- Great game

Ads are annoying is there a paid version without the ads

- Can’t stop.

I just got this app. Two hours later I am writing this. I rarely comment on apps, but this one really rocks. So back to it.

- Smooth and quality play

Enjoy the game, could only be better with waitresses and drinks


This is absolutely totallyToo many commercials. Really! A commercial every two games. Please let us play at least 10 games before you stop us for commercial. If I quit This is absolutely totallyToo many commercials. Really! A commercial every two games. Please let us play at least 10 games before you stop us for commercial. If I quit

- Complaint

To many commercials

- Ads

Too many ads. Cannot close ads easily.

- Billions

When I get up to an amount in the 500k area it automatically gives me like 9billion. I like to play and earn it not just be given that much. It takes the fun out of it. This has happened twice and I have to reload the app to start over but then it still does it.

- House Always Wins

These words have never been truer. A free video game with fake money and you still lose to the dealer 9 times out of 10. Started out fun but the house pulls some ridiculous hands and the higher you bet, the quicker you lose.

- Black Jacks

This is one of the best games iv played. Great game to play just try it one time and you will see for your self.

- Blackjack

Stop the ads every five hands that’s way to many

- love it

I love playing black jack with my family so this is a good practice so I can beat them

- Ads

To many commercial ads popping up disturbing the game

- Black jack

I would enjoy it more if I could win more often.

- Fun and Quick

Fun quick hands first time. I’ve tried definitely recommending

- Good UI but ads make it unplayable.

An ad every 4 or so hands. If this was a real casino, it’d be out of business quick. After the 4th dealer blackjack in one shuffle or the 5th time of a 4-5 card 20-21 for the dealer, no one would come to this casino.

- Never played “Poker”

I have never played poker. OMG! I think I’m getting better. My boss loves to play “ Poker”, so maybe I can start with “ 21 “ !!!? Thanks for a great game!🥰😚🤪🤩

- 👍🏿

This is a fun game. Only problem is way too many ads and the cards don’t always seem to be randomly dealt.

- Way too many ads

The game itself is very accurate. The hints that they offer are accurate. But there are way too many ads.

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- Quality medium

Too many advertisements

- Simple

Very easy to use

- Ads Ads

Not a bad game but continually is interrupted with ads for other games. Cannot see any option to pay to stop the ads. Will look for another app. Shame

- Black jack


Payoneer 💰

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- Great game

I’m really enjoying playing this game :) Elliott

- Too many ads

This is a good game but there are ads every 4 hands and they average about 30 seconds long each. This is really annoying, so I deleted the game. I would pay for a no ad version if it were available.

- Blackjack

“Excellent, amazing, exciting game, maybe the best out there!”

- Black jack hall

Fast and challenging

- Yup

To many commercials.

- Good game

But way too many ads...every fourth hand!

- Rating

Too many ads frustrating and makes me want to quit often...

- Trop de publicité

Il y a trop de publicité pour d’autres jeux

- Great Passing Time

Relaxing pastime

- Fun

This is just fun

- Louche

Trop de situation qui n’arrivent jamais dans le vrai bj. La chance du croupier est abusive

- Jeu ne montre pas réalité

Jeu très désolant. Il est arrangé pour le brasseur

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- Fun

I just started playing. I love playing it in the casinos, but it gets too expensive.

- Pop ups

Quick games are cool. But there are too many frequent pop up advertisements for other games! Two or three games of 21 and a advertisement!

- Blackjack

I’m really enjoying the game. It’s easy and concise. The only reason it was 4 instead of 5 stars....the bombardment of ads to download other apps. 😖

- More information needed

I’m unsure how many decks this app uses. I know it’s at least two. But just how many are used???? That’s a huge problem when you’re working with odds.

- Stand

Very quick game and basic. Well done

- .

Great game, only bad this is that when you make a high bet the chips stack up too high and you can’t see anything.

- Not fun

yesterday I downloaded the app and was playing with $2,000 and the next day I, all of a sudden, have $9,000,000,000,000,000,000?!? Like I wanted to play the game and see how much I could make but now I can’t even keep track. I really hope I wasn’t scammed and bought all those points. This some bs

- Great visuals

This game has quick action and great visuals. Why would I want to leave it to play too many times advertised gin rummy or poker? The frequent ads make me turn it off.

- Too many ads

The ads are the worst I’ve seen on any app. Every 5 hands which can be every minute or so. And I have to watch a 30 second video ad?? Come on. It would be a great app otherwise.

- More tips

Learning how to play. Would like to know the reasoning behind the hints that are given. Maybe add a more info button so you can press if unsure why standing, doubling or raising.

- Blackjack

Gets really old when you should have a winning hand and the computer always has just a little bit better not really to much fun

- Please make an add free pay version

Love this game to brush up on my 21 before casino trips. The adds are too much. I would pay several bucks for an add free version.

- 20

Pretty annoying how pretty much any time the dealer get a 10, Jack, Queen, or King their second card is also a 10, Jack, Queen, or King. Also I love getting an ad every 3 hands.

- Purchased no ads... still getting ads

I bought a chip pack specifically because it advertised that it would remove ads... yet I’m still getting ads. I’d love to get that fixed, but I’ll submit a chargeback if I have to for false advertising.

- Learning

Best way to warm up for the real game. Just get on and get back in the flow of things.

- Too many

Too many commercials

- Pro Tip:

If you run out of money just delete and re-download the app!

- Yes please

Excellent gameplay, fast pace, no lag, easy to faller instructions n doesn’t take a rocket scientry expert to play. FUn, fer sure

- Ads are becoming too frequent

I love the game but your ads lately are becoming too frequent and too long. I’m not sure I can tolerate this too much longer. I may have to delete you

- Enjoying Blackjack

Just installed Blackjack and I am enjoying. Play at Cherokee Casino and this is as much fun just no real money but that is OK

- Teaching

It’s teaching me a lot of things I never knew about this game

- Amazing

If you play electronic blackjack and the casino it’s extremely similar and great practice

- Many Ads

I wish there was an in-app purchase you could make to never see ads.

- Fun

It’s not easy to beat the app itself but it’s still a lot of fun anyway.

- Too many ads

The game is fun, however the ads pop up too frequently.

- Ads to many ads

To many

- Blackjack

I want to play blackjack I do not want all the advertisements to come up and I have to wait for all those slot games and everything I’m tired of the advertisements

- Fun Enterainment like being at casino

Great game You won’t want to stop playing

- Blackjack

Fun to see if you can win or lose!

- Blackjack

Very interactive and helpful with hint and learning tools for first time gamer like me

- To many advertisements

You have way to many advertisements during the game!

- Blackjack

Not sure I understand the game but it’s fun wish it was real money because I been winning

- Charged me? CRAP!!!

Nowhere did I see that I was going to be charged for this app. I AM VERY UPSET. I don’t even know how much it charged me — the phone just printed out: “Payne processed” or something similar. CAN YOU REFUND MY MONEY? Apple, this should be banned - - charging people for an app that doesn’t even have the price listed. AAAAARRRGGGHHHH !!!!

- Numerous adds

The game is fun, but the number of adds are frustrating. I’d give less than three but trying to be nice.

- Awesome game, too many ads

This blackjack game is great. Easy to play, lots of features the user can select from however WAY too many ads. The most I’ve ever seen in a mobile game

- Addictive

Can't stop playing

- Black Jack app is really fun!!!

I. Am really enjoying this Black Jack app. I highly recommend it.

- Losing more than winning

But I’m enjoying the game anyway!

- Ads

Too many ads interrupt the game- seems like every 7-10 hands wait 25 sec to watch an ad

- Good card game

Good game, if not for ads popping it’s just annoying.

- Down time on your down time.

Every 4 hands you get to take a commercial break.

- Like the casino

A quick and nice looking Blackjack game - make me feel like I am in Vegas! Thumbs up!

- Well , it’s something to do while in confinement!

M loving it, Justin s real money!

- Bogus

I’ve heard of the game favoring the house but this game takes it to new heights. On a hit to a hand that has 12 the dealer 99% deals a 10 or a face card. The fix is in! Can’t have fun with this game

- Blackjack

The dealer hits 21 7 times more than I do. Any particular reason why that is?

- Where is my money?

Where is the money

- Too many adds

Too many adds

- Black jack

Too many commercials. Now, I don’t mind a few, but one every four deals!? Way too much

- To slow

Buttons not optimally placed, no running count. Need to make it faster to vary bet. Ie double bet option. Clear bet option

- Skeptic

The “dealer” seems a little TOO lucky to hit a winner when small cards are needed. It makes me wonder if it’s truly a random draw.

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@Chadboard_69 Where’s blackjack

Charlie of Theme HARK

@renegadecut @MarzGurl @JoshKnight1st VidCon party? Or start our own with blackjack and such.

Matt Seitz

@ParisVegas 1. Limit Hold ‘Em 2. 3-2 Blackjack


Y’all seeing all this game of blackjack stimulus


@nickcameos Black ?? Black listé ? Black-out ? Blackjack ? Blackberry ?

Jefe Mcpollo

Tryna Hit Hard Rock @FlippaHavin lol lil blackjack

Taya Smith♥

@RealCandaceO Cheated? This is an election not a game of blackjack 🙄 how could he possibly ’cheat’😂


here take my affilietes on zorgo


@zeddiestage Burn the deck?! Where are you playing from? Blackjack is a melting pot of rules you know...


@Chadboard_69 At the start wheres blackjack


@vicbuckss Blackjack !!!!!!

John Obeto II

Raytheon is on a tear. Added to the "Speculation" list for 2020.


Not at how people thinking I'm only a blackjack from that angry rant tweet. Besties I'm more ikonic than blackjack. Those mistreatment are the most famous ones. A veteran blackjack will have even more to spill.

✨ Hanbin ✨

Sorry to mention other group here but as a blackjack too, I don't want to experience the same pain I felt when 2NE1 disbanded 🥺 I mean I have faith on iKON's talent but I'm not quite sure if one company will have them signed all together once they leave YGE.

🦖 The Death Curse of Geocities 🦖

PACK BLACKJACK: Gold Billy Joe Hobert, who makes me think of Billy Joe Tolliver, who was "B.J. Tolliver" on Tecmo Super Bowl, causing my brother to only refer to him as "Blowjob Tolliver." Also, Don Majkowski in a Colts uniform, which is dark and sad.

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The applications Blackjack was published in the category Games on 2019-08-30 and was developed by Tripledot Studios [Developer ID: 1191319103]. This application file size is 185.87 MB. Blackjack - Games app posted on 2020-11-15 current version is 1.7.3 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tripledot.blackjack

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