FOX Bet Super 6

FOX Bet Super 6 [Sports] App Description & Overview

Terry is challenging America to compete for his money this football season! There is over $100,000 up for grabs each week to players that correctly predict the outcome of NFL and college football games.

Terry is giving away loads of cash each week. Submit your free entry for a chance to win $100,000!

Make quick predictions about what you think will happen in each of the six games on Saturday and Sunday. We also have special Thursday Night Football contests with huge guaranteed cash prizes!

Get all six picks right to win the $100,000 jackpot! If nobody hits the jackpot, you can win thousands of dollars in guaranteed prizes.

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FOX Bet Super 6 Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Don't tell Terry but we are constantly improving Super 6 to make trying to win his money more fun.

FOX Bet Super 6 Comments & Reviews

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- Yippee 😁 Money 💰 lol

I have no clue of what I’m doing I watch the games and know several of the players names and how good they are so I thought why not lol oh I hope I win something anything would help I hope a lot of people win that could use extra money 💰 good luck to all of us playing I’ve been letting people know. aaaaaaa!!!!!! I’m excited 😆 can’t wait to see if I ever win anything at least it’s fun either way. Thank you Terry and thank you for this app also especially thank you for the fun I appreciate the chance. Hehehe can’t wait!!!!! Ok I’m going to go so I can check the game that’s still happening yippee 😁😁😁😁👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏😆😆💰💰💰 Ok I’m back I just wanted to say I’m still having fun thank you!!!!! But does everyone need to click off the app and back on to get updated scores I have to I don’t know if it’s the app or my phone causing me to have to do it that way because I’ve been having trouble with my phone lately so not sure but I LOVE this omgosh it’s fun!!!! Still have no clue of what I’m doing lol 😂 but so fun thanks again Mr Terry and everyone in on this yippee 😆 here we go lol 🌭🌭🍿🍿🍻🍻🥜🥜🥤🥤let’s go!!!!!!

- Football

This has gotten me to watch football this year and actually am able to enjoy it again since they have pretty much turned it into flag football they have taken away the fear factor of getting stuck going across the middle to make a reception and quarterbacks pretty much have to be tackled as if you’re laying your child down to go to bed its truly been a shame and the field goal kicking is an absolute mockery but hey its fun cheering for my picks thanks Terry oh and Kansas City made a huge premature contract for Mahomes he will never be in the top 5 quarterbacks in the remainder of this ludicrous money and will never win another super bowl this is the second time Alex Smith has built a team for someone else to get the credit

- Willing to change my star rating

I am blind, so I constantly use voiceover on my iPhone to do my activities. I saw the opportunity to play super six on the app, but was massively disappointed where my voice over did not work with the app. Hoping it’s just a glitch with my iPhone 6s Plus, but I fear that it isn’t, because a lot of you app developers do not really consider blind people actually being more than just sticks in the mud who actually do productive things using voice over on the phone. If you are able and willing to make your app game accessible for voiceover, I will change my star rating, but if not, it will stay where it is. Please, for future reference, try to make your apps, games, or whatever voiceover accessible so that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate and have fun. Not really cool if you limit these things to only people who can see well enough to not use voiceover. Thank you…

- Paid participant love this app

I was like every person on this site, skeptical that you won’t get paid if you win well that my friends is a lie. I’m so thankful for this app and the sponsors behind it as well. Yes they ask you for information to give you a payout of 600$ or more, but they pay you out of n a timely manner without hesitation. This app has been the greatest blessing and I advise you to invite more people and give them 5 stars because they deserve it. I will forever be loyal to them. I’m an actual paid out participant new car coming soon. Thank you for everything.


I’m new and haven’t really experienced this game but so far it seems like lots of fun and more than just something to do I really hope I win I need money I lost my job and I been declared permanently disabled I’m single parent with 6 kids and 6 grandkids so let’s GO BIG 6 thanks Fox Sports and Terry Bradshaw for giving fans a opportunity to make some cash while enjoying the Game that’s wonderful some families spend a lot of money to enjoy they favorite sport and this makes it so great to get some money back because being a part of a sport and being a fan can be so expensive 😬especially people with families so again thank you 🙏🏾 so much let’s go super 6# I’m loving it sincerely BIG WHISSTLE aka *MR”SIXX PACK*

- 49 seconds

Dallas got that field goal at the end of the first half. After Washington scored a passing TD to take the lead! But I believe I had gotten the rest correctly? I didn’t want to confirm. But I can’t still get rid of those 49 sec. and it was if I remember right it was 39 and the ref put 10 seconds on and it comes back to the 49 seconds! Yes the money is great! But you get some great stories from playing! So thank you!! Gregg Pahlke Napaexpert4u@comcast. Net thanks again FOX , Terry, Howie, James,MR G & Jimmy & the rest of FOX that makes it fun for a year that really needs it! To all of FOX. THANK YOU!! From the bottom of are hearts!! Keep it up!

- Sad

My husband wants to play so bad but we don’t have a phone with text or calling, it’s only hooked up to WiFi. I wish you could verify by email as well 😭 We have a landline (I know old school) But he wanted to do this so bad, and he’s so good at this stuff.... well I’m giving 5 stars anyway because my husband loves sports and I love him and would do anything to make him happy. I hope someone important sees this is can help me out. I can’t get past the verify thing because I don’t have the cellphone with text. Please can I use email some how??? TIA - A wife that loves her husband.....

- Super Enjoyable

My wife and I are excited each week to see if we are even close to picking the right answers. Tell me what is the best way to choose winners or losers each week? The way I see it is like shooting crabs in a bucket and it’s ridiculous to try and win if the process is fixed. It seems rigged if you look at it from the players perspective. We’ve tried the daily news, daily journalist, sports anchors, and daily lines from sports periodicals. So this is my first endeavor into reviewing or giving opine into putting my opinion on blast... Again HELP!! ThanQ..... Cota R. Howell Sr.

- Better before, but still good now

Super 6 is a really fun app, it’s fun to try to predict the winners, and even if you don’t win its free to play, so that’s a big plus. I know this might not ever be read, but if it is, please change the scoring back to how it used to be!! It’s a lot more confusing when it’s out of 30 instead of 6 points. Plus it was a lot cleaner and neater looking when all it showed you was your pick and if it was correct or not, instead of your pick and if you were correct and your points and how much you picked them to win by. So yeah, it’s a great app, but I think it was better before.

- Fox NFL Sunday Challenge

Wonderful app for anyone! Lets u be able to make picks and actually seems like gambling without having to put any money down to make a bet! And you don't bet, u just have fun trying to best your bros, and maybe be the best of the day’s picks and take some of Terry Bradshaws $$$. Its fun and you don't need to know anything or at least very little about anything u are picking, Thanks Fox Sports, and Terry and Howie too! And there are so many other games and other items to choose from, everybody should be playing it. Thanks again, Tony in indianapolis

- Predictions

Picking winners is easy, but identifying the point spread of the winner after that task is difficult; especially if one never reads about player productivity. While in college, a fellow student ran a small college gambling prediction pool. The payouts varied by the number of entries, so he never lost any money by organizing the pool. He would list 20 match-ups, we had to select 11 of those games, picking the winner of each. At times the payout was close to 20 to 1, but it usually ran somewhere near 12 - 1. Rarely did I gain much beyond my cumulative investment. It was fun, nevertheless.

- The Monkey

I think the Cleveland Browns should have a ceremony in honor (of the God of Football )Paul Brown!! I think people will come from all over the country,they will generate lots of revenue, and they will get that MONKEY off there back (but Most of all )It’s The Right Thing To Do!!!Been a Browns Fan all my life and always will be.. Please Terry (for a Steeler ) I luv ya n respect ya (and Heinz Ward) but I believe n karma and I’m telling you this WILL WORK!! Thanks for your time and Please help me get the Browns where they need to be cause Coach has us on the right path!!! Thx Again

- Super six sports app

This is a fun app to use but only problem that I see with this application is one it will not let you pick a single number two there are some vision impaired people who would love to get in on this application but they cannot use it because it’s not vision impaired friendly. So if you could make some changes so that we could get in on the fun we would definitely appreciate that so much. Until then I will still continue to use the app. Thanks so much to Fox Sports and Terry Bradshaw before I close this is one note to Mr. Bradshaw enjoy your show very much your granddaughter is a hoot LOL take care.

- NASCAR fan

Enjoy selecting the drivers position even though I not very good at it. Just fun playing. I happy my husband and myself at capable of playing this game. We will be 70 this year and I have grown to enjoy the sport. My husband has been a fan for over 50 years. As a teenager he would read read read all magazines he could get his hands on about his NASCAR. Dale Earnhardt Sr was his driver. So many people has said to him that he looked like Dale Sr. I saw it back then when Dale was alive. A little now. Thank you.

- Sofizakal

It’s exciting to have a chance to participate and of course to have a chance to win all Terry’s money!!!! Knowing I can then use that winning moment and that opportunity to appear on TV right next to Terry!!!! Where I will undoubtedly be discovered by Terry, immediately taken under his wing and be intensely coached and nurtured by Terry because he will want to help me to become the next big time national sports commentator!!!! I’m obviously destined to be a sort of “every man’s” celebrity voice , if not “the people’s” TV personality!!! Which will without question lead to me being a universal reality star, and of course at that point, I’ll have to become a national political figure???? And we all know where that path leads???? ****Only in America**** And WOW!!!! To think, this is how and where it all started!!!!!!

- Super 6

I look forward and enjoy playing each week. I like seeing my scores improve and it is so easy to maneuver through the app. This is a great way to get your significant other to enjoy watching all the different sports with you. It’s more fun and you can even win money. Bradshaws money. I would just like to spend the weekend at his ranch with everyone. They are such a hoot. watch the Bradshaws if you haven’t yet.

- Load time & How winners are derived

When opening the app, I wish it would move faster. It's not the worst - but it would be awesome if it would be cut in 1/2. Also, I like how NBC Sports Predictor determines winners. It gives you points for the questions you answered correctly. With this app, if you get the first answer wrong, you are out of the "game" and you are no longer interested in following along. You could have 5 of the 6 right, but if you miss that first one - you are out of luck. Thanks, Jaicie

- Super6

I’m 75 years old and thanks to my son, I look forward to fantasy football every year! We started playing when he was 16; back then, we had to get the results from the newspaper! Now, thanks to Mr Bradshaw, I have even more to look forward to; just another way to enjoy football!! I must admit, being on SS, a win would mean everything!! My sincere Thanks! Ron Trent

- Good app, strange UX

Edit: As pointed out by the developer, the issue I had with the app can be adjusted in the settings menu. So I’m happy with that option. I only have one major issue with this app. When you’re selecting the points for a team to win, the interaction is backwards or inverted from the actual position of the team you’re attempting to select. The numbers underneath the team helmet do not correlate to the team, but rather the opposite side team helmet. This is very confusing and counterintuitive. I think the developers chose to make the finger swipe in the direction of the team you choose, but that neglects the points relatively positioned to the team helmet. I’ve quickly added entries and realized I picked the wrong team to win on multiple accounts. Bad design on that part, otherwise a good app.

- Fox

I love watching Fox News, it’s the only news channel I watch anymore! I try to watch cnn or abc to see how there pushing there views on America, well I find myself rolling my eyes , in a fowl mood and switching back to fox in 5 min! Know on about The View well let’s just say I don’t want to go buy a new tv and that’s putting it nicely! 🤣🤣I know watching fox I will get the truth and views from both perspectives, witch I trust and like. Keep up the great work, it’s very appreciated !!! Finally early voting opens up today in Lawton ok, going and waiting in line this a.m. in the cold windy rain but it’s ok, Trump is worth it😘 P.S. FYI I posted Tony B’s interview with Tucker yesterday on fb and it’s still up! hmmmmm...🤣🤣🤣💯4 more years, Trump 2021..... pretty please!!! Sincerely Liz Davis

- Frustrated - can’t get support - picks recorded incorrectly

I entered my picks for Saturday’s games - just got a push notification regarding last night’s results and clicked to go in. I decided to view my picks. Not one of the picks I made for Saturday is actually what I picked- tried to edit - doesn’t work - tried to find app support - takes you to the sign-up website which has no option for feedback, help, or support - cannot edit picks - not what I actually picked - very frustrating - why bother if the picks I make don’t get recorded properly!?! Would very much appreciate support or help just not available- very disappointing for an avid fan.

- Appreciation

This is a great app! It puts an extra adrenaline rush on the games. I’m a Buccaneers fan “even before Brady and Gronk came”, but welcome to the team guys. Let’s go! This app makes all of the pick games more exciting. I hope to win someday. I could sure use a change in financial status somehow. That would make me write an essay review 😂, but I’d like to thank the creator(s), programmers, engineers, and whoever else was involved with the creation.

- Fun

So far so good just got started this will be my first week. Let me see how this goes and I will write another. Well I’m into my 3rd or 4th week and having just as much fun. Thought it would be a lot easier but it is not. I just would like to win something. I’m a Cleveland Browns fan for life so the thought of taking Terry Bradshaws money would be like winning the super bowl. It is a lot of fun and very challenging.

- Something different

I like playing the super 6 because it’s something different from the normal fantasy or football parlay. I give major props to the ones who are able to get all them right. Lot of luck involved! But that’s what makes it fun and the games more interesting. Something to root for when you really don’t care about the teams playing.

- Hunter Biden

Why does the Biden group get a free pass from the press on there corrupt money laundering deals? Throw the flag refs, it’s an easy call and we taxpaying fans deserve a whole lot better than this!!! QUESTION- can we taxpayers file some type of a class action lawsuit that would get to the truth and expose these people once and for all? Thanks. A unanimous high ranking senior official.

- More fun watching NFL

I downloaded the app and played today for the first time and did surprisingly well picking all five winners correctly but only got the points spreads correct on 3 of 5 afternoon games. Made watching the DirecTV Red Zone so much more fun. The wife even enjoyed rooting with me as the games finished up. BTW, I nailed the scores for the Saints, Lions and Steelers games. Will make the Seahawks vs. Cardinals fun too this evening. Great app. Thanks FOX and Terry B.

- Unappreciated

I just don’t understand how people unappreciate a free app n a chance to win big $ complaining about a chance of winning big n you don’t pay a penny n then give a 1 star..u must be a spoil lil punk..if there’s a 7 star I’ll give a 10 star on this app..thank you terry n ESPN for this app n the sports’s fun now watching football,not just rooting for my team but other teams n players.

- Terry Bradshaw

Your one of the all time best in my book on and off the field you have show us your love for the game has no end I’m a Steeler fan but I also love football just as much as you . Every Sunday me and my family look forward to all the hard work you guys put in and enjoy every minute of it keep up the good work guys your number one fans the Luna family.

- Love it

I really love this because I love calling my brother-in-law and asking him to help me with the decisions because I’m always so busy at work working really hard for my money and I ain’t got nobody but I really love this game it’s really neat like I said call my brother-in-law and ask him for his input and it’s always fun to see what the outcome is because it’s not always about money

- Never notice a Problem until today

I’m having a problem that I noticed today when I pick my picks for the Ultimate tag and during the show my picks wouldn’t show red or green and the show was on at 9pm-10pm and it’s 11:47pm eastern time and it’s still saying it’s live I really never had a problem until today.

- Great but needs work

Love the app! It’s truly free to play with no catch! Only one problem. A big chunk of the fun isn’t available. When I go to add my friends in my contacts, the app force closes. I hit the friends button near the bottom and a list of everyone in my contacts (with the app downloaded) appears with an ‘add’ botton next to their name. Once I press this add button the app goes black and force closes. Please fix this bug and I will fix this review to 5 stars.

- Why play??

Bc if anything it makes u get into the games u wouldn't always be into. It keeps ur interest in teams and keep up with u should. I am still not a die hard fan of any one but i love to cheer and find out how i did in the end. Makes each match more exciting!!! I def watch each game and check in but if win or lose its fun!!

- Difficult

This is cool as heck it really speaks to your ability to follow sports as a whole.. I haven’t won any money yet but I enjoy it anyway. Would I play if their was no money involved YES ... this is a side of sports I have never participated in being a former athlete, I played while others jump enjoyed my success.. Now it’s my turn look for the big Win...

- A Future Millionaire Football Watcher!😀

Thank you for the opportunity for me to become a millionaire by watching a sport that I have enjoyed all my life because of my parents’ enjoyment of watching football games as a family! Thank you for the adrenaline rush every week! I’ll tell you who to make the check out to later!😀

- Love this Questionnaire!

Mr. Terry Bradshaw [G-O-A-T], If you would be so kind to jump in the game—it would be much appreciated if you make my Teams Win by my Points! I want to purchase a small home for her on my grandparents lot. She never ask for anything and is always doing things for other’s rather than herself! She doesn’t need a million, maybe 70k. Thank You & God Bless!

- Fun and interesting

The app is fun. I think everyone would like to bet collectively and not necessarily for the Money. If that is what you want, then Vegas is the cure. As a participant you can choose the point spread and then choose which multiply choice questions on a number of good sports variables. Nice!!!! Even if you have limited knowledge of the sports, it a great experience.

- Win Howie’s Money?

This App is Awesome! It’s completely free and you have true action at winning real money (which those two things together achieves a 5 star rating alone) . And Yes it’s Howie’s money!!! However it doesn’t stop there. Easy to navigate, cool leaderboard updates and real time in app rankings makes this unique and the best in it’s under-populated field

- Who wouldn’t download this app!

If you love sports & $$$$ then the GODS are in your favor -0- cost to you put your skills not money to the test show how big of a sports nerd you are and try to be me lol this is the greatest app ever for anyone that likes football hates betting but loves money Look It’s free worse thing that could happen is you enjoy yourself the best you win $$

- I wish I win

I love playing even though I haven’t won anything yet!! I still enjoy playing and it give me something to think about for a little while something other then Pandemic and you can play for free Thank you Terry for the mind release I think this is a great thing you doing

- Review by Andrew Tinsley

I’ve really enjoyed the weekly challenge in picking teams to win along with the scores. I personally Thank Mr Bradshaw for coming up with this free opportunity to win money, especially in the mix of this pandemic. My family and I have been struggling to make ends meet, but we’re doing the best we can. I’ll keep playing every week hopefully I’ll make the right choices.

- Disappointed

My boyfriend downloaded this app and was super excited after playing and told me to download it too. So I did. When I try to create an account, it says I’m in an invalid location after I enter my correct phone number each time. It gives me no other option so this app to me is useless and it disappoints me there’s nothing I can do and not sure why my phone number isn’t working.

- Thanks again

Thank you all for this creative outlet on this already crazy year. Not just football but life. I’m calling this our furlough app. It has given my wife and I a weekly told you so competition, although we have not yet won it’s been a new and really fun time. Thank you again..... The Barthule’s

- Love it

I always love just listening to you know what do you need to do out there different subjects and go ahead and vote your mind and everything is great. I always love just listening to you know what do you need to do out there different subjects and go ahead and vote your mind and everything is great.

- Unpredictability: the nature of the NFL

I love the challenge; the prediction process is very easy and simple; hopefully, I will be the first to correctly predict the outcome of all the games !!! Also, the nature of the unpredictability in the NFL manifest it’s self and lives in the those immortal words spoken so many, many years ago: ANY GIVEN SUNDAY!!!!

- Spread out the money in NFL - No way any QB is worth 25 to 35% of payroll

I can’t even watch the Cowboys anymore. Their QB wants over $30M with not much skin in the game like an owner has. Please, kick these people to the curb it’s ruining football. I can’t see where any player should be making over 10% of the teams maximum allowed contract value.

- Best Thing Ever A Superstar And Hall of Famer

Who’s Name Is Terry Bradshaw Who’s Giving Away His Hard earning money. You’re One Of The Best Ever Quarter Back That ever played in the NFL one thing that I would love to do if it was possible is to shake your hand that way I can always tell everyone that I got to be next to the Best NFL Player. Thanks again Terry your #1 Fan Mr Tony Clements.

- SuperBowlSuperBears!!

I have a great appreciation for the players who sacrifice their health each week and the coaches who prepare/manage each game as well. Plus I enjoy the colorful commentary by Fox’s entertaining group, especially Terry Bradshaw!! I’m probably the worst gambler, so playing for fun is less stressful watching the games and less taxing on my wallet. BIG THNX!!!

- Perfection

Last week I picked all the winners and got a lot of nothing for it. Too bad there’s not a bracket for those who love the game and get so close : but the money is All or Nothing. It’s a cool opportunity and I thank TB for the chance to win. Maybe consider giving a piece of the pie to those who get all winners correct. 😁

- One downside

My only downside is the way you chose the team winner. Swiping to the right to pick the the team on the left as winner is counterintuitive. Today was my first time using the app and I mistakenly chose the wrong team to win twice. If hadn't my choice would have been correct. I’ll get used to it I’m sure, but I was pretty annoyed.

- Great idea!

I think that we have all been dragged down over the past 6 months, to much shaming going on! It’s great to see this to get us all thinking positive about our own hopes and dreams. I have dreams, and I don’t like being told to embrace others dreams! So let’s play and see whose dreams win!

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- Fun stuff playing for most probability.

This is an opportunity to score big, and change life’s game of dollars. Free to enter and play. Are you kidding me?! Amazing chance to win money by playing potential winning teams by guessing scores. I know I am a winner. EVERY WEEK!!! A new chance to predict, and win! Love it. Only in THE USA. Thanks FOX team!

- Picking Six

I loaded the app this morning and so far it has been fun to to try to pick the winners and winning margin for six of the college football games being played today. I also made some choices for the questions concerning the upcoming presidential debate. I recommend the app.

- Free to play, easy to use!

I love this app! It’s so fun betting on different sports outcomes , and it’s all free! It’s definitely a challenge to win as there are hundreds of thousands of other players competing. Thank Terry Bradshaw for a chance at some of your money! 😃 I rate five stars because it’s free and so easy to use.

- Super 6 is Awesome

I am really excited to see how these games play out.....I am feeling pretty secure about my picks and really hope that this will be my very first win of anything in the whole universe....I do not have or have ever had any luck at anything so it is worth a try....

- My review

I love it this is my sports Bible it keeps me aware and up-to-date on everything when it comes to sports from college to professional I love all 6 of those guys have been watching them for years can’t get any better than this

- Great App

This app is fun, not so easy and free. Only reason I say not so easy is the point spread. I have a lot of fun with family and friends competing against each other every week, hopefully the app continues next year so I can start from the beginning of each season. Didn’t get started till week 12 with NFL

- Freefer Fever

I have never enjoyed NFL football as much as I have this year due to Terry Bradshaw’s creativity and generosity. Terry was the greatest of his time and he is now paying it forward and making the NFL experience the greatest of our time for the fans of today. Thanks TBQB

- Lame! Sporadically works! I wanted to like it...

I continue to get messages that I’m not in play area and it doesn’t allow me to submit my answers!! Very lame! I am in Wisconsin not Washington. I’ve tried at different times, rebooted my iPhone and nothing. I tried again this morning and it allowed me to do it. However half the games are gone now. So for me it’s very sporadic that it even works. I hope the developers fix this issue.

- Fun!

I thought that this was too good to be true, but it’s legit. I won over $200 on a game. The money quickly appeared in my Paypal account. The only negative is that they have partnered with Paypal. I wish that I could get my money through Zelle or any other platform, as Paypal is very customer unfriendly.

- Quick and fun

The first thing that gets your attention is the chance to win a nice size prize. After you check out the site and discovered that it is quick and simple to play. For me I was all in. Quick, fun for the win!

- RN Football Fan!

I really enjoy this app!! It is So much Fun and easy to navigate!!! It sure does make my days off work watching football and cleaning my house a lot more fun, and it would be a Whole Lot Better if I could win a little cash also.👍😃😃🏈🏈🏈🏈

- Football Bradshaw Style

Just began a few weeks back and this is a very tough group laid out each week to handicap. Having ran my own company pool in LA for years in the entertainment community this one just has some tweaks that makes it that much harder. Lotta fun Steve in Austin

- WARNING DO Not use this app

If you play this “win money” app, you will be forced to let FOX and anyone they want know who you are and where your location is at anytime. Do you really want anything to do with this? If so, then be my guest. Good luck with conforming to the USA and all f the corporations that run it.

- Great

I love the app I am watching things I have never watched before It is great to have something to take our minds off of other things I actually got some of my relatives in other states to play and we have fun discussing the picks and comparing how we do. I love it

- Big Al

Never played before last week however I did not win it was fun and exciting to play and compete against others looking forward to success this week thank you for the opportunity God Blessings

- Exciting

Placing my choice make me more interested in games I would not normally watch! It is fun playing and enjoyable to watch to see how close I come to winning!!! I also learn more about some players that might be a good fit in my NFL team!

- Fun and $$$

I love your app!!! There are so many ways to win$$$. This week you have pro and college football and the World Series. I even watched the presidential debates. Now I can make a better decision for POTUS. Thank you for making me $$$ and for making me a better citizen. 🇺🇸

- Exciting!!!

This was my first time playing this game, and even though I didn’t win any money 🥴. I had so much fun!!!! Thank you for creating this game, and give us a chance to not only enjoy the game, but to play a game and not have to pay 😁😊. Loved every minute!!! Sincerely, Jackie Watts

- Bobcat

I hope I’m playing right. I think last time we supposed to go by how many scores like 1to 2 scores now I think this week it’s by how many points like 10 to 13 points I hope I’m playing it right this week

- Lizruiz

Love Fox News watch them daily President Trump will win I feel sorry for Mr. Biden because he’s just a puppet that is being used maybe he’s getting 10 Million for his behavior s to get Kamala in there so the Dems really will take control. God help us. Love this games ... I hope to win

- Great entertainment

Knowing a little makes me try to know more and try to win more. As retired fan of almost all sports, it makes my brain work overtime and stay sane lol And game time even enjoy it more as again, it keeps me busy and rooting for my team/teams. Thank you Bradshaw!

- Fortunate

It’s a blessing to have the opportunity to win any amount of money for free thanks for giving me a chance especially with every thing that’s going on in the world it’s just fun to think of something other than covid or Trump

- Very Awesome concept/Great game

The “win by” initiative shall be the “Teaser” thingy(I learned that term today from a bookie) concept of legal gaming/gambling for the future. I’m Very, Bar point spread successful, but that 1 point decision is priceless. TB-boogie, let everyone know “if you know that you’re that good” , come see Me(YOU/your challenge).

- Greater interest

The fact it does not cost anything, is inviting. It is not easy to guess everything, but I don’t worry about the monetary side of it. I just enjoy the chance of winning and you want to keep up with the games more.

- Send My Winnings - SmileyOrie

Today is my first time playing Super6 and I can’t wait to see the results. I’m over excited to put my winning numbers in. After today, I will be back to show proof that this is an amazing opportunity for us all! No luck; JUST FAITH!

- Rapid Response - Impressive!!

My first review was from a bad experience a few versions ago of this app. However not only did I receive a response from the developer but the app works great now. Thank you so much for listening, fixing, and replying.

- Horrible odds

There’s no way to win the full prize. The point spreads are to little to pick exact loss. It’s hard enough to just pick the winning teams every week let alone exact point loss. I’m sure they have the odds figured out to where it’s a one in a billion chance. I figured a company who makes so much would give more cash away. Maybe we’ll see a made up winner to keep us interested.

- Big fun

This has engaged me like never before. I have done something similar in the past just for fun but the added aspect of winning and winning cash puts it overall the top. Please keep it going with all pro and college sports.

- Horrible Customer service rip off

So after a while I finally win a couple games and win some free bets and guess what I claim the bets and they do not get transferred over to fox sportbook I’ve contacted both customer services on both apps and got the same response wait 72 it’s been over that and my free bet has expired and never received it and have emailed customer service over 14 times so basically you don’t care about your services absolutely pathetic!

- App problems

I’ve only been playing one week and I’ve had problems with the site. I have to shut my phone off every time I leave the site to access my games

- Well, this is fun

And incredibly hard. I use a formula to figure this stuff out and I think my formula stunk last week. It seems suspect this week, too! But this format will help me tweak the formula so that I can make better predictions. So like I said: “ This is fun!!”

- Unexpected venue

I enjoy watching some of the games, some of the time, but Fox Bet 6 has peaked my interest. Now I find myself scanning the networks to get all the games and all the scores. Thank you for this entertaining and possibly financially rewarding trist . It has already become an emotional response.


I’m so happy my friend introduced me to this app. The plays are free, and they’re quick calls to make. It’s easy to follow along and edit your bets once they’re placed too. The numbers on these spreads make more sense than any of the similar apps I’ve played on.

- Any other/No TD

I’m having a hard time figuring out this answer. Example: Who will score the first touchdown in the game? Tyrek Hill, Stephon Diggs, Travis Kelce, Clyde Edwards-Helair, Devin Singaltary, or ( Any other/No TD). For me that translates to, The first score could be anything else other than a TD. Example first points where scored with a field goal. What does Any other/No TD mean?

- Fun to play

It's nice to play and have a chance to win money at the same time. My wife passed recently and this gives me something fun to keep up with and enjoy. Wish me luck I could use the money. Great app and easy to use. Enjoy everyone.

- Super Six Pick contest

Why would they ask to enable your locator on your phone? This is weird and a safety issue. Why should they need for you to do that. Enabling your locator on your phone gives your exact location!

- Hercel Hickman Panama Ridge Runner

Terry your making it hard on us people trying to predict the winners and the points but it’s fun. I guess I need to get a report on the injury list and take this a lot more seriously. Good luck everyone hope someone wins Terry’s money!!!!!

- Chuck A

I like checking up on how I’m doing throughout the day. I like it better when there are multiple games involved instead of everything base on one game. That’s over too quickly. Chuck

- Awesome App

Fantastic way to stay involved. Involve your kids in your picks and they will become more interested. Football is a great way for family and friends to spend quality time together.

- Thanks for the outlet!

I never thought the comment "I wouldn't touch him/her with a six-foot pole" would become a national policy, but here we are! (Actually, it’s been excruciating trying to stay sane throughout this pandemic, until your contest came along!)

- Llo16

You needed to allow us to edit the photo we chose. No matter how small the photo is, it still doesn’t center correctly or resize to fit the small spot. Otherwise, the app is super simple to use.

- Entering games

I enjoy this site however I still don’t quite understand how it works. I definitely still have problems trying to find the different games

- Great

Of course it’s awesome that we can win money, but I think it’s a great idea brings more excitement back to football a little bit. Hope you guys keep it up and continue doing the great things you do. Thank you very much Peter

- Fun N Free

How much better does it get! It is FUN to do and is FREE! The magic word being FREE! Yea I know. You can think of something else that is Fun N Free but concerning that one, you only think it is free. She will end up costing you one way or another but predicting who will win these games and by how much is.... TRULY FUN N FREE! DOESN’T COST YA A DIME!!

- Might be a good app...

Might be a good app...I may never know. Three times downloaded the app, and now three time it will be deleted. When entering my phone number, I get an error message: Invalid Location “sorry it looks like you’re in an invalid location”. Other than my phone number, how do you know where I actually am? I tried it with location services off, on, and then just gave up...Thanks for listening... Cheers

- WOW!!

Seems to be something everyone has a fair chance at. Never been able to do well with gambling, but this is a game that really seems to give every player the benefit of their knowledge. It’s also fun to play.

- Easy, Fun and engineered well

Adds a great additional element to watching the games for those of us that have no vested interest in either team other than a love for the game. Technically is easy interface and not glitchy at all.

- Love the Challenge

I love the Super 6! I look forward to playing every week I am comparing my knowledge of the NFL to all the other fans out there. I have to admit that winning all that money would be really sweet to, God knows I could use it! LOL

- Best Dam App

It’s frigen Awesome. That you can bet free money holy crap this App is Amazing you can actually win real money Best dam thing for fox sports to have this App Real Money Peaple I absolutely love it and all my friends an family absolutely love it my vixen has won over four grand so far

- Great app but a few missing pieces

The contests are awesome! Only two complaints are (1) not being able to search for friends unless they are in your contacts and (2) not being able to edit/remove friends.

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Ken Stepanek

Fox bet super 6 sucks balls.

Don Lee

Special education teacher wins $125G in FOX Bet Super 6, plans to give back to local church


@ClayTravis Am gonna have to revise my Fox Bet Super 6 Broncos picks

FOX Bet Super 6 1.44 Screenshots & Images

FOX Bet Super 6 iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

FOX Bet Super 6 iphone images
FOX Bet Super 6 iphone images
FOX Bet Super 6 iphone images
FOX Bet Super 6 iphone images

FOX Bet Super 6 (Version 1.44) Install & Download

The applications FOX Bet Super 6 was published in the category Sports on 2019-09-06 and was developed by Stars Mobile Limited [Developer ID: 762400072]. This application file size is 77.25 MB. FOX Bet Super 6 - Sports app posted on 2020-12-03 current version is 1.44 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.foxbet.foxsuper6

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