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Take classic 2K action on the go with NBA 2K20 for mobile, featuring 5 new NBA Stories, a new MyCAREER storyline, and an all-new Run The Streets mode! From 5-on-5 basketball with current or all-time great NBA teams to streetball in Blacktop, NBA 2K20 is filled with a variety of game modes for all players.

For the first time in any NBA 2K game, take your MyPLAYER around the world in a series of 3-on-3 streetball competitions. Get on a hot streak and takeover the game with greatly improved abilities and attributes. Compete against other players for a place on the Ranked Leaderboard or see how far you can go through the Championship.

Experience the history of some of the most famous NBA players and teams with 5 new NBA Stories to play through.

Build your MyPLAYER and go on your journey from college to the NBA. Will you have what it takes to earn your place among the NBA all-time greats?

Take control of a team as the GM. Manage the roster, scout and draft the incoming rookie class, handle the budget, and more!

Finding opponents is easier and faster than ever before with a new Quick Match feature. Connect with other players through LAN or Game Center to play 5-on-5 matches or Blacktop games.

A new soundtrack accompanies you on your journey to the top of the NBA, featuring songs from Drake, Diplo, T-Pain, and more!

NBA 2K20 App Description & Overview

The applications NBA 2K20 was published in the category Games on 2019-09-27 and was developed by 2K. This application file size is 2.99 GB. NBA 2K20 current version is 1.01 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

• Roster Updated
• Takeover feature added to Quick Game
• Bug Fixes

NBA 2K20 App Tips, Tricks and Rules

NBA 2K20 Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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j3rm408   1 star

NBA 2K19 I mean 20. It’s 2K19 with a different start up menu At least can you guys please update the ratings !!!!

lowkeymike4321   1 star

Needs improvement on the courts and jerseys. Can u update the clippers court

Ty real 2k fan   5 star

Please Add My Player Online. We need to be able to play with our myplayer online in BlackTop: Ive spent almost 20 bucks more on VC just to get Myplayer to a 80 and you mean to tell me we can’t use our player..The game is not even free we should at least get more features and better gameplay

Mr Berryz   1 star

Game play. I sent you guys something and yes you didn’t reply and also nothing was done about the control , it’s seems like you guys don’t care about 1 negative response, but I paid my money, and now the i game menu music is to loud and there is no adjustment to be made , but to you guy it’s ok because you already have my money, please send me a message on how to get a rebate because I am not enjoying the game or service ........ thank you , NOT REALLY !

nathanblub   1 star

Game Crashes. Just like everyone else recently reviewing this game, issues with the game crashing continue to get worse. Extremely upset, this needs to be dealt with soon.

cece2020   4 star

Crashing and Needs online mode. The game keeps crashing. It would also be nice if we can get online mode!

Delvikio   1 star

Something is wrong with the game.. It does not play any more. They don’t have a phone number to call, so now I have a game that I can’t even play.

west boytv   5 star

Can y’all please. Can y’all please add takeover to my career bc it would make the game better

Boogie Supreme   1 star

2k has to do better. Would be nice to have a park or pro am for mobile, graphics need a bit of a upgrade

Bestnegro   3 star

Waste of money should be FREE. Game shuts off 1 minute into game ever since roster update!!!

lucas7712   1 star

Crashes. Please fix the crashing. Five games in career mode in a row.

ŠlaM   4 star

Please read. Can you guys pls insert faces for the rookies and update the commentary pls? Also can u guys add some events maybe? Some more game modes? Also, while playing multiplayer online can we at least get some coins after the games? Can u guys add a ranked game mode where we player other people in real-time...also, most importantly is using our my career player in different game modes that be awesome. This game can literally take over if you guys jus work a lil harder on it. Mobile is the new era Man U guys can possibly make more money on mobile than console 2k. Thanks guys

cemaurion   5 star

Greatest mobile game. The game is great but can there be an update

Ace💯♠️🤙🏼   3 star


😎☠️😎☠️😎☠️☠️☠️😛😘😘☠️☠️😘   4 star

Taco fall. I think NBA 2K is really good but they don’t let me play with taco fall is the tallest player in NBA and I want to try him but they don’t put him on the Celtics roster which stinks

djnoxious   1 star

Crashes. The app started crashing non-stop and I can’t play a single quarter without it crashing. I deleted the app twice and reinstalled twice and issue persists.

cezardolores   3 star

Please Read!!!!!. I’m going to start off saying that this game is better than any other basketball game. DEVELOPERS!!! Please add more shoes, sleeves, headbands, and add TACKO FALL!! Also, PLEASE!!!!! Add more jerseys from the teams in the nba! ALSO, add famous brands so my career player can wear, that’s what this young generation wants to see. Please add ALL THE TRAVIS SCOTT JORDANS AND BOTH OF HIS AF1 SHOES!!! Thanks for creating an amazing game:)

Flapyamom23   2 star

App keeps crashing. It was playing really well the entire tome since the release for me, but within the last week it’s crashed on me about 4 times now all on the same game I was playing. Fix this please.

2kEverywhere00   4 star

Much Love Ronnie. Okay.. let’s start off with the fact that 2k has made many many many improvements over the years. I don’t see much to complain about, especially due to the fact that this is a mobile game and it provides the entertainment needed on a mobile device. However, I have just 7 things that I strongly believe should be in NBA 2k21 Mobile. 1) For The Game.. You guys need to take out the shooting meter, go back to 2k16 and 17 when you had to know your players release and learn other players release. That way when you get a green release it brings a sense of accomplishment and it would make sense for all EXCELLENT A+ releases to go in. Just all the excellent A plus releases. Second, I need to be able to edit players names in the manage roster section cause maybe I don’t want to play mycareer and I want to create an association with me in it. Also I might want to play with my friends and siblings and change players names to ours and create our version of ourselves in an association. Third.. commentators need to stop being basic and Doris Burke and other analysts need to stop getting cut off. Add interviews when there’s a break in the game, halftime show needs to be way better, also the replay reviews need to be accurate. 2) For MyCareer.. I need to be able to practice with my teammates, maybe play 1 on 1, 2 on 2, etc.. I need to be able to know what to do to unlock my badges. I need all the dunk, layup, shot packages that are in the console version of the game, also need all the signature styles that are in the console version, especially the follow through. I need a jumpshot creator when you reach a certain overall. Last but not least I need to be able to participate in the all star events. 3) For MyAssociation.. I need to be able to do all contract extensions for all players. Give me a chance to offer the contract extension. Second, I need to be able to do scrimmages with the team, also need to be able to practice with one specific player. Give me those options. 4) For Blacktop.. give me the option to change the score and choose either full or half court 5) For Myplayer.. We need better and more current hairstyles. We need Better faces and not the 2k default, give us the console version of head packages and faces. We need better and more current Tattoos. Give us the tattoos and gear from the console version of the game. Tattoos and gear are things we should have to buy in mycareer. The gear shouldn’t have to be unlocked. We should only have connections in mycareer for VC and maybe jump shots and certain animations but that’s it. The gear needs to be way better and we need more gear to wear like earrings, headbands, armbands, shooting sleeves. The shoes need to look more real and less pixelated. Also.. we need more jersey selections. If these things are all in the NBA 2k21 Mobile.. The game will be way more enjoyable and be worth getting on our mobile devices. Maybe even take the App Store by storm!!! Please Read this 2k and apply it to the next game or even make a huge update in between and add most of these features to the game!!! MUCH LOVE Ronnie ‼️

llf11-11   1 star

Stopped working after one month. Cannot go 2 minutes into a game without it crashing. It’s unplayable. And I have deleted and redownloaded the app and still won’t work. Do not buy.

Jakey230rubyroo250   3 star

Please add more. This game is fun but I wish they would add more attributes and more game modes and a lot more make it more like the console 2K20

rush2323   5 star

Error. The game keep shutting off while I’m playing

Jtyubbffrtff   1 star

Junk. If it’s just going to crash in career mode moments into every game then what’s the point?

the best writer ever   5 star

Wow. This is just a great game no other words.

G16momo   2 star

Why. I want to change my hairstyle but every time I do it never changes and if I restart the my career I dont even get the option to FIX UR GAME 2K

SeezyXo   1 star

Ft. Free throw timing is messed up

Jeta542   1 star

Problems. I’ve enjoyed all the NBA 2K games. Haven’t experienced too many bugs or problems until I got this game. Non-stop crashing. And not the crashing where it allows you to resume your game, I mean abrupt crashing that completely restarts the entire game without saving anything. Happens. Every. Time.

E.Q. Haqq   5 star

The iOS 13.2.2 update saved this game. The game works great now

Eoehsb   3 star

Vc. When you buy the starter park or above you can get the free vc it said that you can get.

Angel_Duster   1 star

This 2k15 but worse. This years version looks like somebody said, “ Just make it like the other one.” Seriously.. this is SUPER lazy and trash. Bol Bol and Tacko Fall aren’t in the game. It has no accuracy in terms of ratings. Honestly, I want a refund...

Advertorial    5 star

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vffdxyjkhg   2 star

Sucks. Reversed skill gap. Not worth anything

arizv2   5 star

Y’all need this just like the console game. So I bought this game a few days and I’m on a iPhone 6 and the thing is the graphics are still good no crashes and all the game modes are working amazing this is the funnest mobile game I played so far mycareer is super fun to fr y’all need this game u won’t get bored of it the only thing that was bad was the audio quality but I feel like that’s my phone y’all need this the game modes are so fun my faves are run the street and mycareer

fffdgfh   5 star

Very fun and enjoyable.. I think it is very fun to play and the fact that I can play it without needing an internet connection makes it even better. Definitely 5 stars.

Zizl   4 star

Pretty good!. I enjoy this game, it’s very good. But, add off days in the playoffs.

jaaaayyyyyceee   1 star

Pls fix. How to fix the issue, im playing with my career and in the middle of the game the app. Will be shutdown and restart if re run my game wont be resume.... please help

🏀 boi   1 star

Allow more roster flexibility/customizability. After the update, you can’t change the role of players on the roster. Saved rosters don’t carry over to Association mode for whatever reason. Players are automatically deemed benchwarmers even though their overall is way higher than their teammates

henock24   1 star

Bad update. Since the new update I haven’t been able to play once. I’ll play for 5 min then the app will close in on itself. FIX THIS 2K! 👎🏾

Sehaj dua   2 star

Game crash. Every-time i play my career, the game continues to crash between the match and i am seriously fed up from this problem. Fix this problem ASAP

johnnygroovy   1 star

Crashing in My Career. Please fix these ASAP! Cant play longer than 30 seconds!

johnnygroovy   1 star

Crashing in My Career. Please fix these ASAP! Cant play longer than 30 seconds!

hdhskshd   1 star

It is beyond me how something can be so bad. Man, how the hell do you guys not even remotely help with the gameplay. For the last three years it’s the most bs thing ever. You can’t run any plays or do anything other than simply constantly screen and take a random shot. What a truly piece of garbage. Will chop off my left testicle before I ever buy a 2k product again.

jsjsgaushhsjs   1 star

It keeps crashing. I like playing quick games and i keep trying and they always crash i never made it to tip off without it crashing please fix it i wasted my money on it

guyana101   1 star

Crashing + updates !. The 2K18 version is 100x better than this. The game keeps crashing while playing two minutes into mycareer this isn’t what I expected from 2K spending all their time on Xbox and Ps4 and nothing on IOS. The game is no point in buying i can’t get passed the month of November since the system keeps crashing.

SkinnyTallzzz   4 star

👌👌. Not bad but wish had few more modes like the my team and stuff when can we expect next up date but loving it other than that and is their a way to play online yet ?

Josekensley   3 star

Better. Its better but why is there no instant replay and why can’t we use our carrer player in online mode??

Samuel III   3 star

Update their stats. Thx for fixing their OVR ratings.. Thx for updating their ratings! I changed my review from 1 to 3 stars. But can you guys plz add their last year stats? It still shows the players 17-18 season stats in place of the 18-19 season stats.

Lots of nicknames take   3 star

Crashes at play now. Crashes at blacktop and quick game and probably even more and I probably not know much so fix the bug by next update please and thank you.


Update Players. Please fix Shai Gilgeous-Alexander’s hair and some of the player’s hair as well

Do something 2k   1 star

The roster wasn’t fully fixed. How about the salary the players making?. ???

GamerOverHere   1 star

Not buying next year if it’s like this, same game every time since 2k17. Terrible

Ghostruly   1 star

Crashing. The game wont even open after the little “update”

Bsihdbcjodhs   1 star

Sh*t game. Stupidest game ever, the controller sucks

BasketBallsBruise   4 star

Updates. I think it’s a good game, but I think you should make the court a bit shinier and add more sweat to the players. The scoreboard should be updated to the 2K Mobile one and the crowd cheers are kind of a high-pitched screeching noise. Everyone has the default 2K Brand shoes and some player faces haven’t been updated. The controls should be updated too.

Irving617   1 star

Crashing. crash every time in Mycareer

Maclin Sopher   1 star

Disgusting game!!. This game is a wast of money. I knew not to buy this game. There were barley any changes and had not added anything we’ve asked for! We need an update or I want my money back! This game could go to HELL! I swear to god this is the worst game I have ever played in my life!!!!

fredtheyuh   3 star

Missing Greens. Can you guys fix missing greens please and the jumpshots in mycareee you can’t even change the bottom release it’s follow through 1-14 so we can’t even pick a actual jumpshot

BenjiBoy49   3 star

Correct. The music quality is very bad. The video quality is bad. You should add some «warm up », throwing practice and stuff like that.

tricky55552   1 star

Waste of money. Waste of money. Might as well buy a Xbox to play it. Crashes all the time. Exactly the same game pretty well as everyone that was put out.

NativePhenom13   5 star

Awesome Game!. Update Please...

mikeycfjfhfhf   3 star

NBA 2K20. There are many glitches in the game. One time I tried starting the game and then it lagged out. I tried to restart my iPhone XS and then that did nothing. I was playing as the cleaveland cavaliers against the warriors, it said New York knicks and the app just shut off. I am very disappointed with this product. I want an email back from this company regarding a refund or free vc

Advertorial    5 star

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andrewkim24   1 star

After updating, crush all the time. Dont know why the reason, but after updating there is crash all the time. Iphone11

kefs27   1 star

Wouldn’t recommend. Frustration and annoying is 2 words to sum up this game

shwn🏀   3 star

NBA 2k20 mobile. I hope 2k put sim to end back on every people’s my career mode in 2K20 and also change the brocklyn nets jerseys and aslo the court and also put tacko fall on nba and bol bol I hope the 2k fix it

chaos862000   1 star

Corrupted. Everytime i play it always hangs up and needed to restart and sometimes it push me out of the game and needed to start all over again hope you can fix it

ndjaoanan   2 star

Game continues to crash. Been playing the game since it came out it’s fun. However since the recent update it continues to crash. I have the newest update and am running it on the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Please fix this can only play like 2 minutes at a time.

Spdy242   2 star

Can’t play. I can’t play a full game anymore, the app close by itself while I’m playing :(

bigbig87   1 star

crushing. please update!always crushing the app!!

88Glam   3 star

Bug issues. every time I play career mode, my game freezes and exists out of the game. It’s getting really annoying so please fix this issue because other people might be experiencing this issue as well.

Qwerty qwerty 68494949?   3 star

Where is the crowd. I love most aspects of this game expect there is no crowd in My Career at all!!! Please update and fix this.

AusKiwisie   3 star

Was good previously. I was loving this game, until it starts crashing non stop in the last couple of days. Very disappointing since I’ve got the latest version and I spent money to buy it.

BigOath   1 star

The update helped. But personally I don’t like the gear that’s used in MC it kinda feels over the top (leg and arm gear, shoes are fine) Zion doesn’t dunk in game, I know it only one thing but it’s kinda big thing. And take over doesn’t work in association games Other that that is an alright game, definitely the best the App Store has to offer and 2K knows this so it just feels like a waste of money

Roufodude   5 star

Takeover. Takeover was only put in one game mode and replaced being hot and cold, so how am I suppose to get microwave in mycareer

Djbgameing   1 star

Worst 2k made ever. You literally did not try. It’s so bad. nba live is ten time better why spend money when you can get better games for free

michael3253255   1 star

2K20. Player stats are different to the console version. Please updated it. Thank you

Joshfairlane67   3 star

Was good but now can not play. Finished 1st series of finals now game won’t go any further

The Real R3uben_R   4 star

i can’t have long hair brah. everytime i make my hair length longer it changes straight back to 0 and i don’t know how to fix it 😔😔😔

Abal2065   1 star

Such poor performance. Runs at like 1 frame per second at times and has so many frame rate issues CONSTANTLY on my 11inch IPad Pro. Unplayable.

Muhammad Bilal123   4 star

Shot meter. I love the game just that I think you should add a shot meter and update player ratings

Shshshshshshshxnxjnxjxnsks   5 star

Why. 2k if you are going to fix the green light glitch because every time I get a green light I miss

SIMIO9999999   1 star

Worst game. This game is the worst game ever. The biggest waste of money and I’m so angry I wasted 10 dollars on it, all it is is a pay to win game.

ThePerfectedGamer   1 star

PLEASE USE NBA2K18’S CONTROLLS. I loved nba2k18 but instantly felt so annoyed when I saw nba2k19’s controls, I thought you had learned with nba 2K20 But apparently not

Nate1928   2 star

Flash quit of apps all the time when play MC one on one. It always flash quits when I try to play MC one on one step. I cannot proceed any further with MC. Being waiting for updates for a few weeks, not a single one. How hard to fix this issue? Always being a loyal fan since 2K17, very disappointed with 2K20. No improvements or changes stand out. Games industry is changing fast. Please don’t kill our love of this game by your legacy (or dinosaur) attitude.

PatrickStarFishM   5 star

iPhone 7 Plus/7 Crash. So I’ve been a 2K20 fan for so long and I finally bought 2K20 but it keep on crashing on 1 on 1 making impossible to get through the story please fix but overall 7/10

Doufeelucky/Christian   3 star

My career calendar. I’m in the finals for my career but I can play the last game of the series because of the calendar just scrolls back and I can’t click the last game.

shhjejeveyencbmd   5 star

Where are the crowds?. Good but no crowds in the stands

rerereeeeeeeeereeeeee   5 star

Best game ever just needs a bit of fixing. My favourite game yet just the graphics aren’t that good there heads look like potato’s I play on a iPad mini 4 it would be pretty cool if you could add in the neighbour hood in just need to fix the graphics and fix the hair to where’s all the 2k19 hair like the dreads that stick up and basically every hair cut has a bold patch of hair in the middle and when i try to make my Afro all buffy it goes short please fix it but very very fun to play

4ndo4   3 star

Release mechanism. Needs to fix perfect release. Missing green shots

LikMeDaddy69   3 star

Why am I missing A+ shoots?. Every time in my career or just a regular game I always miss a open mid-range or open threes it’s just stupid I don’t know why you aren’t fixing it and the graphics haven’t fixed a bit

chophel12   1 star

Boring. Worst game ever Expected more than the ads

DaBawd   1 star

Fix your game ronald. Online is glitched. Says there is a network problem when the wifi is fine. And add a park. Please Ronald and Michael wang

gfjhfmgjftum   5 star

Please. Can we get my park so that it will. It will make it more fun please read this

Slinkz14   5 star

What is going on?. Every since i updated the game i cant play on the play now mode now i cant randomly just play exhibition matches or nothing smh

yungkiddeli   3 star

Improvement more updates. Add takeover to my career make to where u can use your my player in blacktop multiplayer

1h7d43!'8hh   2 star

WHERE ARE THE FANS. First of all, thank you to 2K for fixing the ratings and the animations, it makes the game much easier to play. However, now when I play any game, a quick game, a My Career, an Association game, there are NO FANS. This makes the experience very boring, could you PLEASE fix it?

RaZoR 2k   1 star

FIX YOUR GAME. It keeps kicking me out while I’m playing a game in my career and it doesn’t even save!!!! FIX IT

Jae lin   3 star

Stats. I have a 80 in 3 point rating and can’t make an open three shook

Playpo   1 star

Problemas. no puedo terminar un cuarto, el juego automáticamente tumba y no me deja jugar

LoNgLiVeDmEEzY   5 star

Nba2k20fix the green releases. Because I be missing on green beam all day can y’all please fix that please and thank you

widebodychamp   1 star

The app crashes!!. I’m midway through my rookie season and can’t proceed beyond a stupid Clippers game. Every time, the game starts, I get some buckets and then the game just crashes. It didn’t happen once or twice, it happened around 100 times as I tried 100 different way to make sure I don’t follow the same pattern that crashed the game. This is beyond infuriating.

white _Chocolate   1 star

New update Crashes the app every time. Every time.

1209333   1 star

Love 2k but this aint it. Cant even get past the summer league in my career without the app force closing

kobe the gost   2 star

Update 2k. Can we get accessories? Like head bands arm sleeves? Regular leg sleeves please?can u fix the minute glitch to it gets boring playing the whole game

Bing_Baller   2 star

My Career. I love my Career and I won a championship but now in my second season it won’t let me get through a game every time I get to the 4th quarter, it makes me restart the game. It also won’t let me play Play Now, and those are my two favorite modes, please fix this.

fix my shot   1 star

MyCareer. Why Everytime I Play MyCareer My Game Cuts Off On Me

Price gougers   1 star

Fix the crashing. Come on y’all! Fix the bugs and crashes it can’t be that difficult. I’m invested and have made in app purchases...

Jojo inside   1 star

Bad Update. Update makes me crash as soon as I spend 30 seconds in the first quarter please fix it. I can’t play a game of mycareer anymore

el trucoooo   1 star

Rip-off. I bought this app recently and I regret it. After paying some of my hard-earned money on this app, I found that it doesn’t even work. It crashes every single time I launch the app and I am beyond disappointed. I will be contacting Apple to resolve this. Either fix your app or give me a refund.

Pat pat sav   3 star

Crashing. Would get 5 star if the game wasn’t crashing all the time when I go into story mode. Needs to b fixed fast

Sniperofthecentury   1 star

Crashing Every 10 Seconds. Not sure why this happens in every version of the game but it keeps on crashing and I can’t play it at the moment

bvavavajekfmfb   1 star

Game still crashing. Smh I’m in the middle of my my career season and the game crashes again after the update smh I hate that I can’t play my my career ever since this game came out it’s been crashing I paid my money for this game it should not be crashing at all

sub.YT.Saucekingbros   3 star

My career bugs and glitches. I’m in the playoffs and now it’s glitches out and I can’t play no more playoff games in my career can u guys fix the bugs

lilbull900   1 star

Glitch. How come every time I’m in a middle of a game it cuts off on my smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

Crayon Shinchan   1 star

Keeps crashing. I cannot even play a full quarter in career mode without the game crashing. Also when I press read more on the social comments it also crashed.

Ryuaydyt   1 star

Crash. Game crashes within 30 seconds of playing

Prettynpink_ac   2 star

Game Keeps Crashing!!!!!. Game keeps crashing in career mode! I can practice all I want, but as soon I try to play a game I can play for like 45sec - 1min then it crashes! We paid too much for these issues! Please fix this!!!!

famjonaha   1 star

Malfunction. The game keeps quitting out and exiting the app not cool and it’s feeling like a waste of money. This makes me not wanna invest into next Nab 2k

Nosske   1 star

Keeps crashing. I’ve been kicked out of career mode 4 times due to it crashing.

Beast Songs   1 star

Crashing. 20 games into a season on player mode and it keeps crashing. Ridiculous!

Abu dobby   5 star

I Love it. I Love it

RealCheef   2 star

Glitchy and half baked controller support. This game has a lot of glitches. The controller support is half-baked too. Idk why you can’t control the menu with controller like other games. Why can I pause with controller but only unpause with touchscreen. You don’t get credited with an assist if the player takes too long to score after the pass. Can shoot with excellent release wide open and brick hard. I wish I read the reviews before I bought. I recommend the free 2K mobile over this.

TCFreddy   1 star

Waste of money. The rosters are exact same as last year. The laziest game I’ve ever seen.

Pocket Build Lover   1 star

Don’t buy 2K puts absolutely no effort in their games. Most rookies are not in the roster, it’s the exact same as last year. DO NOT BUY

Ovuvuvue   1 star

fix your game. I can’t even creat mycareer once im at the 1v1 who ever u want once u already pick a team, it’ll just kick me out of the game DURIG LOADING TIME.... i even redownload everything creat new career erase my icloud for 2k20 still the same with every team it kicks me out during loading time. using iphone XS MAX Waste of money i guess ill just need to wait for 2k21

TyDeRy   1 star

Please update. The ratings haven’t changed since 2K19 and the rookie of the year goes to last years rookies and the rookie ratings are way to high(all in the 80s, and trae young is a 73!) please update, also the game often crashes, other than that it’s a great game it just needs to be updated.

realdealballer   5 star

2K 20. Wheres the WNBA rosters 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️ make an update for that

_s_o_u_   1 star

Trash. This game is trash it’s like your playing 2k10

sirefartalot   1 star

Fox shot meter. If I green a shot I expect it to go in

Noahntt   1 star


GoatMan🤕   5 star

Ok. The game is better than 2K19 just a bit laggy,I recommend it they add lots of new stuff,all the people complaining are so pretentious

cave dhelli   1 star

Needs to be updated. Hope to see an updated with current rosters and stats otherwise I would like my money back. DO NOT BUY

jaybond1885$   2 star

Missing players and names. The game is ok, much improvement over the last, however , in the story mode the names and players are missing such as example miami , where is Mario chalmers , and Chris bosh and Golden State Warriors players from 2016 have different named? Who ever developed this please fix it!!! Why is Jeremy lin missing from raptors?

BoiledNathan   1 star


P_rins   1 star

Disappointment. So disappointment!The ability number is the same as 2k19. Can you believe the ability number of Paul and Westbrook are higher than James Harden and Curry?

mlgnoscope5   5 star

Great. Great game

joey the jeff   1 star

Nothing like the ps4 and the Xbox 2K20. You can’t even buy packs with your vc and ps4 and Xbox has more games modes and you can buy packs

乐色w   3 star

Exact same. This is the exact same as 2K19, only added rookies. Even the overalls remained the same

joshngor11   1 star

Clickbait. I thought the new game mode would be online but it’s all against bots and we wanted park so you could play with your friends with your my players but no 2k you ruin the game every year and I wish you guys can make an update so the run the streets could be online but I doubt you guys are gonna do that so now I wasted my money and i have to wait a year for the new game where the idiots you have working there are probably gonna mess it up again like who wants to verse bots with a gamemode that’s meant to be online

!bavk   5 star

Controller. Add more controller like the 2015 controller

slicky420   5 star

2k. It’s good but not great

SupermanRH369   4 star

Good but.... It’s good but just needs to be fixed a little bit, like the resolution for iPhone XS Max, and the audio is a bit weird.

figh_text   5 star

Niiice sort of. Niice

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