NBA 2K20

NBA 2K20 [Games] App Description & Overview

Take classic 2K action on the go with NBA 2K20 for mobile, featuring 5 new NBA Stories, a new MyCAREER storyline, and an all-new Run The Streets mode! From 5-on-5 basketball with current or all-time great NBA teams to streetball in Blacktop, NBA 2K20 is filled with a variety of game modes for all players.

For the first time in any NBA 2K game, take your MyPLAYER around the world in a series of 3-on-3 streetball competitions. Get on a hot streak and takeover the game with greatly improved abilities and attributes. Compete against other players for a place on the Ranked Leaderboard or see how far you can go through the Championship.

Experience the history of some of the most famous NBA players and teams with 5 new NBA Stories to play through.

Build your MyPLAYER and go on your journey from college to the NBA. Will you have what it takes to earn your place among the NBA all-time greats?

Take control of a team as the GM. Manage the roster, scout and draft the incoming rookie class, handle the budget, and more!

Finding opponents is easier and faster than ever before with a new Quick Match feature. Connect with other players through LAN or Game Center to play 5-on-5 matches or Blacktop games.

A new soundtrack accompanies you on your journey to the top of the NBA, featuring songs from Drake, Diplo, T-Pain, and more!

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NBA 2K20 Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Roster Updated • Bug Fixes

NBA 2K20 Comments & Reviews

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- Run the streets - Crashing

Every time I try to load the run the streets mode on my last saved file, it starts to load then the app crashes. It’s been like this for almost two months! Please fix this bug!

- NBA 2k20 My career

Hi can you get my player to 99 overall

- Terrible

I reached an 80ovr and received no VC please help me fix it. I tried to fix it by uninstalling and reinstalling but it didn’t work

- Please fix!

Every time I click on run the streets, the whole app closes out by itself every time.

- Please fix it

I love the game and it’s worth 6 bucks I love the graphics but I think it can be better,And I really don’t like how I get greens and I still miss, even when theres no one on me, I really hope you guys see this, other than that the game is really good.

- Needs roster update

Update roster ASAP

- Like the game fix this bug tho

There’s a bug when you try to shoot shots at the line good game tho so it’s 5 stars

- Trash game

Mane fix y’all shooting dang. When u green that mean I made my shot.

- Why im i missing green light

The shooting it’s horrible it’s literally a roll of the dice whats the difference between user timing and their real shot percentage if you can’t make green light.

- Charged me wrong price

Game said it was 5.99 and charged me 16.48. For it

- Doesnt Save

In Association mode my first team worked fine, but the second team I made can’t save after drafting. I’ve played the first game of the season a number of times now and saved the game afterwards, but it never saves the progress after I close the app.

- Game is Awesome

Take me back to my 2k days but can yall update the equipment and put arm sleeves and leg sleeves on the game PLEASE !!!

- Same issues as last year

The scoring leaders have no order whatsoever when you try to see any leader in any category. We use this game for the franchise and it’s not been updated or possibly even looked at by the developer. I said all that I’m saying last year. The jersey get all funky in games and glitchy. You can’t even import rosters or add legends? Really? The rosters are never ever updated through the season atleast if your to lazy add the legends and more make and edit player options and let the 2K community make our own rosters as updates to share your game would be more popular. You focus to much on your other 2K mobile game and it’s wack anyway hommies, live done has that on lock if you wanna get that you need to make this game better and add that stuff to this game like the console. You guys change the cover and sell the same game every year feel ripped off update it and give the next version free or early release or something

- What you have to fix

So first of all I really like playing this game at this point it’s all fun but there are some big things you have to fix, first of all online games and play now my controller doesn’t work and I’m only able to use a controller and when I try to go online there are no controller options which are not fair for people who specifically spend money to get a controller to play this game better, and also on association the draft is so long and the picking is random so I don’t want to skip so can you like make an option on fantasy draft association to be able to go to your next turn? Please and thank you and have a good day and I hope the nba2k20 mobile team sees this and fixes this.

- I didn’t mean to but this I need my money back

Need my money back

- Fun game but please fix

I play nba2k and I mad it to the play offs and one the 4 games and it won’t let me move on

- Trash

Dude the game is garbage its like a xbox 360 new gen 2k , ronnie needs to step up like there is people who doesn’t have a console like me who plays games on his phone. Do better

- Miss green

I miss 10 green in one game!!!! In blacktop

- Dumb

Game will freeze when you try and play run the streets mode

- Game improvement

This game needs improvement it will freeze up when you win a game or get a spectacular highlight play causing you to close out the game and start over where the achievement is lost as if you never scored the points or won the game

- Let us choose one

First off your game is good but if you could let people with low graphic phones choose one high graphic that would be nice please.👍

- Unresponsive buttons.

I want my money back

- Best game by far

This game is by far that i've played yet graphics and playing field r off the charts and the controls r exceptionally realistic and interesting i've been playing this game for some time now and have had no problems at all!! The only thing that is missing is a skills move button I think that ya’ll should definitely put that one in there!! That’s it for the controls!!! Also another thing that needs to change is the team select in quick play u have to tap on the icon with the uniform and then go thru them just to find the one u want it would be helpful if u guys would put like arrow buttons instead and make it easier to find ur team!!! I hope this review is helpful to u guys!!!! Good luck on ur adventure!!!

- Multiplayer

This game does not let me join with other players it is just a solitary game

- Why do we miss greenlights

Why the freak do we miss greenlights in this game, that’s so stupid

- Update Run The Streets

My Run the Streets every time i open it it crashes the app and i need help.

- Fix this

I would put zero stars but I can’t so here is what happened. So I was trying to play a quick game with New Orleans Vs Phoenix and it said New York knicks for both teams and when I got into the game it kicked me out so I tried again it kicked me out again.

- Question

Is 2K gonna cheat me out of every open shot I take? ON A GREEN RELEASE

- Update

Fix my career minutes bug take away the signature style follow through bring back base shot make add putback dunks/layups into the game just give us a big update

- My player

I retired my player thinking surely i can make a new one but after that you can’t bring him back or a make a new one or anything which i think is very stupid if they can fix this I’ll give this app a 4 or 5 star

- Crashes

U can barely play this game without it crashing. For a game that costs money, this game is very underwhelming. The gameplay is filled with weird animations, and certain features don’t even work. They can’t even spell players’ names right. Definitely not worth a cent.

- Fix VC or Money back

I need my money back now I spent my money and they took my VC and I’m very very upset it’s lik I wasted my money so either fix my VC or I want my money back.

- Great game just need consistent updates

When is the update ???? My career should have more features !!! I play everyday and would like to see some changes

- update the game please

the game is good just update it, every time i load in it says failed to load try again later but i am still able to play, every time i claim my vc for my career it says server is busy try again later please update the game that’s all i ask for.


I literally got scammed for 7$ like what is thy is game and I hate it don’t download the game or you will get SCAMMED

- Excellent? Nah

I hit excellent, A+ almost all the time for it to miss. Y'all really threw me off, one or two missed excellent is fine, but more than a few? Y'all got me f'd up. Fix that asap and maybe y'all would get a 5 Star Review, aside from that, pretty much a good game for mobile, just fix that, please and thanks.

- Needs improvement

I have been playing 2k for about a month now. I have enjoyed playing it until I ran into these problems. Never getting subbed out in MyCareer Hitting a green and missing horribly I love 2k and all, but it pisses me off to miss wide open green shots.

- Okay

This is a great Game if you are playing on controller not on mobile

- How to make more money 2k @ronnie2k

I wanna start this off by saying that I love the game and it’s fun but the game needs improvements... -We should be able to play with our controller in online H2H matches - better graphics - take away all of the bugs and glitches - more offensive and defensive animations - we should make all of our greens - more customization in the association game mod - take away the shot meter and add the Nba2k mobile shot meter instead - we should get legends already unlocked instead of doin connections for them - green light animations - more hairstyles and faces - dual archetype - letting each build should have its own name - Make players hustle more and each player hustle level is different - the CPU doubling up on defense

- Massive L

Just wasted 6$ on a bad game it’s impossible to get a defensive stop

- Disappointed

As a kid 4 or 5 years ago I used to love to set up tournaments on blacktop, where I would have the CPUs play against each other. I bought the $7 game just for that and the feature was no longer available. The graphics are the same as 2016 and the story modes are useless. Fix you game and it would be great to see that feature added in 2k21.

- GodRufus

Can y’all update y’all game so when two people play online they can play with there my career players

- How I like it

I like this game because I love My Career so much I like u can pick your player and the build that I like is the slasher like it's good u can dunk with slasher

- Fix run the streets

Everytime I try loading it up it closes my whole app

- A good game

Can you just please add all star and 3pt contest that would be great and thank you🙏

- Trash


- 2k16?

This is the same game and it’s broken. Demarcus Cousins won MVP in my association the first year and I stopped playing after. All the attributes are messed up and you can’t fix them.

- I need my vc

My career overall promotion rewards doesn’t work it don’t let me get my reward why


Correct me if I’m wrong....but for some odd reason there’s no myteam!?! I play on console and the main reason I used the 6 dollars is for a potential my team that would be similar to the console version.but,I am yet to find it.wth 2k

- Bruh

Why doesn’t have my team

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- Cant equip equipments

I dont know why but since I download the game I cant equip any shoes.And Seriously 2k fix the shotmeter.Also Let us have the jumpshot creator.Well Thats all

- Not worth the money and it takes up so much space

Please give me my money back

- Unrealistic player skill level

Non shooter / not so talented players became unstoppable if you play against the high caliber teams.Also, other times the star player of the team you are playing with will be positioned outside the court so by the time you pass the ball you get out of bounce and get ball turnover

- 2k20 bug

Pls pls fix the bug because it’s really annoying everytime I 1v1 my friend we always get kicked out so pls fix it

- Updates

I don’t think you should make an NBA 2K21 Mobile, I think it would make more sense to just add MyCareer as an offline mode to NBA 2K Mobile and make it an in-app purchase. MAKE GREENS EITHER GO IN OR JUST HARDER TO GET!!!

- 👎🏻

That's not worth 8$ and need an update ASAP

- Missing Greens

I swear to god if y’all don’t add greens to this game I’m gonna lose it. I’m sure so many other people are saying the same, too. Just do it for the community’s sake. This game would actually be fun and feel close to 2K on console. Add greens please because this is the main reason why people are switching to 2k mobile. I love this game man, but missing so many excellent releases is getting too annoying. Like, what’s the point of the shot meter, too.

- Nba2k20

Add greens to the game

- kJ

This game is legit and the players though

- Trash

The game is terrible. Players are over rated. Mechanics are broken and it is VERY unrealistic. Tell me how I’m boutta block the the soul out of a player in black top and then my player is just gonna randomly flop and practically go into a cut scene letting the other guy get a point and my player is still making his pb&j in the corner.

- Same old 2k

Make Green releases for goodness sakes. It’s so annoying that I have to shoot 5/27 when I shot like 15 excellent releases.

- Cheaters

They just make you win when they want you to and make you lose when things are actually good. They also make the copy of same words in commentators and the comments for my career file well the people give you such crappy things if you grade F to B+ and from A to A+ they’re just fine and get a career high or something to get a good complement and the drills they are so annoying and just make you rage quit. Also it lags like hell. Only thing good is run the streets. Recommend you to not play this game for it just makes you mad.

- Sub to channel

Yo Mobile or any 2k player or any person in general sub to my youtube its M2K Star

- Game crashes

Can’t use the run the streets

- Refund

If a dev sees this plz give me a refund

- Greens

If I shoot a green I deserve make it also make a bit cheaper


Same same thing get demo I got it for a vid channel btw #### AINT TELLING MY CHANNEL PEOPLE

- Scam artists

I downloaded it to have fun I saved up my money to see people that look like they need plastic surgery that’s how bad the graphics are and when I jump to block it always fouls me

- Trash🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🤮🤮🤮 do not buy waste of money

For some reason it just kicks me out don’t even get to play the game

- Please do this


- Kicks me out

When I play and I do one thing the game seems to kick me out like sometimes when I’m trying to load in the association it waits for a sec the music stops and it sends me to my home screen please fix it.

- Please update the rosters


- Remembering Kobe and I love playing it

I play it to Remember Kobe and the graphics are good and it’s fun on my career Mode and all the other game Modes

- Good game

I enjoyed the game

- It needs an update

It’s way past trade deadline and still duo is still on the warriors


Update the roster!!

- Association

Can you guys allow players to develop badges in association? Thx.

- Great game!

Great game I love this game and it’s one of bu favourite games but please fix Kawhi Leonard because his hair is super short and doesn’t look nice and also please add Kawhi do all time raptors because he should be on that team

- Needs updating

Update the damn players already. Siakam should have more then 1 bronze badge. Plus I’m tired of the “play style, archetype & role” of players changing on its own. I’ve been updating the attributes of players myself but those 3 settings seem to change on its own after I’m done fixing the attributes. I do the attributes, set the role of the player and set the play style and archetype, then save the changes. But when I go back into the players edits, the role, play style and archetype is different from what I just finished editing before. Everything else stays the way I put it like tendencies & attributes. So fix it please!!! I paid for this game!!! Update the players badges as well!!! Ty

- Roster Update


- Smh

Its freaking lagging on my Iphone 11 pro max


I’ve now start a new account TWICE. 2k this is unbelievable. What the f. Why do I have to override my existing file and lose everything. WHY. Fix this and give me my account and money back. I payed 5 bucks on this game and then my account just magically resets!?!?!? FIX THIS

- It’s good

I mean I like it yeah, but there are just the flaws that mess me up so much. I connect my controller to play, which makes it a lot easier. But I’ll shoot a green release three tryna get my team back in the game and it misses. Like come on now. Green release should automatic. And also whenever I try to steal my guy will run like 10 feet to the ball and takes like 4 seconds to recover and get back to his man. I’m not hating on the game, but like this shouldn’t be happening. I know it’s mobile and all but I would just like to see more effort put in. Also I hear this sound in MyCareer and it sounds like an old lightbulb from a high school gym, only when there is no crowd chatter. Anyway, definitely would recommend the game only if you have controller, otherwise it’s kinda hard.

- 🖕

Omfg what the hell is wrong with whoever made this crap I would strongly recommend not wasting 9$ on this literal trash heap of crap Also does my player have multiple mental and physical illness’s

- Roster Update.

The trade deadline had passed, please do a Roster Update. Would appreciate that

- Fix

If the shot meter is green it should go in

- 👍

When’s the new update coming

- The online is fine but my player got corrupted for no reason

So I have to files on run the streets and one day the files just kept corrupting every time I click on it it just kicks me out the app fix please or else

- Good game for the price

Great gameplay and modes for only 3 bucks but I’d be nice if they put more effort into adding rookies and fixing trade values for association mode.

- Next update bring back Sim to end for Mycareer

Please bring back sim to end for mycareer gameplay I don’t want to play all 48 minutes in the game

- 2k

Not worth it. Waste of time and money also not enjoyable to play

- Poo poop poop

It’s just bad in general hang me on a cross

- OmariA12

My 2K20 keeps shutting down every time I play a game like when I start the game it freezes I don’t know why

- Not worth it

Horrible game mechanics and controls. Nothing surprising for the price, but could be a lot better. Wasted my money on this.

- R.I.P

I download it for remembering Kobe in story mode😭

- Crashing and burning

the mf game keep crashing. I have updated and it still doesn’t work. For the love of god 2K, please fix your bugs. Like Honestly I can’t play any quick game without it being crashing. The only thing playable is assosiation. Fix the damn game!

- Maybe should have waited until free😳

Was looking forward to playing and waited a long time for it to go on special. Think I should have waited until it was free, not an enjoyable game to play even for a basketball player/fan the last 26 years. GO RAPTORS🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

- Its nice.

For a iphone gameplay honestly congratulations, this is a great game you can play and i have countless time spent here, what i would had is a voice in career mode for the interviews.

- Run the streets keeps crashing 😡😡

Every time I play run the streets the game crashes and restarts.

- 2K 20

Can you add coaches challenge because some of he calls don't make sense 🙏🏾🙏🏾

- Cannot start a match

After update on 28 Mar, it’s not able to start any mode of game.... pls fix asap

- Missing green shots

Hi 2K I love this game but there is a problem that when I shot 3 points that are green they miss. Please fix the problem. Thx

- Please help

I accidentally clicked buy 2 times and it charged me twice the amounts I had $20 I’m so annoyed

- Randomly corrupted save file

The game is ok but after a few weeks of playing my MyProfile was randomly deleted and I was forced to make a new MyPlayer... also losing my career files in the process

- Disappointed- Need refund

I’m sad to say for 9.99 AUD this game is not worth it. EA has better graphics and control for FREE

- Dude this is the best!!!!

Dude i love this game and i recomend to all NBA fans

- Career mode got stuck after finishing First Round Playoff

I sweep the 1st round playoff, but there is no advance bottom and the calendar does not advance automatically, I got stuck. Please help!

- NBA 2K20 mobile improvements

I’m here to argue that if you try to play your favourite all time teams and press start it shows a screen of New York Knicks and that just crashes the game I’ve tried all ways to try activate the gameplay but it doesn’t work it’s worse then me playing 2k19 I should brought that instead of this I can only play association but not with all time players I like to play with it’s stupid either fix this problems 2K or your gonna get a lot of annoyed and disappointed gamers

- Get the free version

This game is just awful. And when you compare it to the free version, it’s just downright insulting. Don’t waste your money or your time.

- Can u fix the cometary

The game is great the only problem I hav with it is the cometary it lags out and some matches they don’t even talk. Also one ask a question during the game and the other cometary doesn’t even responds

- Seriously!

I have been buying the iOS version of this game for the hope that it’ll get there. This year I’m thinking, with native controller support in ios13 things could be great. Instead, we get this stinking turd of a game which not only looks ordinary, but also has different controls to the console version. Direct passing, forget it! Comparable gameplay to the console version....not a chance. How hard is it 2k. Just give us a goddam port of the real game with reduced graphics. The gameplay MUST match the console version, especially now we’re using real controllers! VC earning should marry up with the console version too. Come on 2K, get serious about this or just don’t release it.

- A thing I would like to be added

Hey 2k I would love if you could add a reset button which resets the hole game and deletes everything because I got a 90 overall but then I pressed cload save instead of device and it made me restart and when I made a new player I couldn’t get the overall rewards because I had a character before but it got deleted so I couldn’t get it back or restart and still get the rewards but I really love the game

- lol EU

It’s an amazing game but it kicks me out every time I try to play run the streets please fix this (I’ve got a 1 month old iPad)

- A lot of bugs and improvements to be implemented

It’s a good game. 1. This game is battery draining. 2. When you broke the nba record. It’s still the same persons name but with updated stats. Still a lot of improvements.

- Fix your game ronald

Online is glitched. Says there is a network problem when the wifi is fine. And add a park.

- Run the streets

It is lagging every time I click on the run the streets it doesn't work

- No VC purchases required

This game is absolutely phenomenal, i had to lower some of the graphics settings for it to run smoothly on my iPhone 7 plus but the game is amazing. No crashes. Vc is also stupidly easy to get (50k for just reaching a 75 overall) and there are way more features than the older titles on ios.


NBA2k20’s graphics are really disappointing as I’ve got this game every year and the players look the same every year and to believe you pay $10-$14 on this I mean they should be paying us to play this game, it shows no effort of.Also to mention the fact that some players look like what there meant to be and others like... Derrick Jones Jr and Jordan McRae have the default face, this game needs its problems fixed!!! And even the graphics of the fans and MyPark, there terrible! I’d rather if you guys get as good graphics as NBA 2K Mobile which’s graphics are looking like 2k17 than this game looks like 2k3/03, just shows how good the game is... and I’m sure many people agree with me!

- Blake

The game is terrible the graphics is terrible the sound is terrible every thing in this game is terrible

- Great game

So fun. But when I trie to save something I do’s not save. Expect in my carrier

- PVP mode is too laggy

PVP is unplayable due to the lag. It is impossible to time shots so I can only score with layups and dunks

- Weekly tasks

When are the new weekly tasks coming? Those were really fun to do if you guys were to add more of them it would make the game so much more fun to play

- Game crashing

Game keeps crashing when I go to start a game.

- Massive Improvements Needed.

Let’s get this clear. NBA 2K20 Mobile has the potential to be an amazing game. Its expectations each year are pretty low and a few changes to the game would make it amazing. Take a look at 2K Mobile. Its gameplay is console like, which shows that 2K is capable of producing a game with great gameplay on mobile. However, 2K20 Mobile does not live up to its untapped potential. The game needs major changes such as a minutes reduction to your MyPlayer (Because nobody wants to play a full 48 minute game for every game of the season), an introduction of a system where if you hit an excellent release, it actually goes IN. There’s plenty of other changes that need to be made, but these 2 are the main ones. In conclusion, this is a game that could be fantastic, but right now, it’s at most mediocre.

- Free roam

You should be able to free roam around like on the console so u can visit the shops and etc.

- Refund

Can I get a refund? This game is terrible. No realism in any part of the game. The Charlotte hornets were the simulated champions in my season....Charlotte? And the nets got a priority pick, with a healthy KD. It feels like I’m playing an arcade version of nba2k. Why all the turn overs? Why can’t you set up defense? Why are there so many swings in momentum? Why can’t guys catch a ball? What’s with the small buttons? What’s with the game simulations? I think if you want to make a game for smartphones, strip it back. Sell association mode as it’s own game and focus on making it good.

- Doesn’t work

Love the game but every time I get to playoffs is disallows me to continue I beat the first team and then there’s no next.

- Who create this controller?

Have been played since 2K10, glad it’s on iPhone from 2K14, but I can tell that 2K20 controller is the worst

- Rosters ranking

Pls, update roster ranking

- Unfinished

Please add past champions and season awards to career mode.... would be good to see your progress over multiple seasons Association mode finals mvp goes to the same player every year.... Pls fix this up

- New update includes bug fixes hope they fixed the bad audio


- Is a good game

Declan likes dick in this Thoat

- just why?

if I’m being totally honest, the game is trash. in fact, it’s a downgrade from previous mobile games that 2K have made like this. even 2k16's mobile edition was better than this. the graphics took a massive hit, just to start. they couldn’t even bother with certain players like tacko fall, bol bol, alex caruso etc. even with those that have game faces, majority don’t really look that good, even anthony davis, whose the damn cover athlete. the body shapes look nothing like they should be, and increasing height and weight don’t matter, it makes no difference. the roster is certainly not updated, despite what the newest update says. the new heights aren’t even right, the ratings haven’t been increased/decreased, it’s just a mess. as for the modes, they’re just as bad, if not worse. quick game doesn’t even work, because the crowd inconsistently spawns in and out, making the majority of the game feel like a scrimmage. heck, even certain players (most commonly rookies) don’t have names on their jerseys (e.g. ja morant, alex caruso, tyler herro, etc.) career mode is useless, because the gameplay is so trash. playing on defense is virtually impossible, because the player moves so slowly and unnaturally. because of this, i feel run the streets (which i find to be a heavy downgrade from the park on console) is rendered useless too. the story mode isn’t fun, again because of gameplay and terrible game graphics. it makes everything feel way worse and overall less enjoyable, because you feel as though you’re playing an unfinished game. for me, i just lost interest in the mode as the continuous game faults just made the mode boring and frustrating. association mode hasn’t changed, but realistically it’s still worse due to the roster lacking realism. this game is more than a disappointment, it’s a disaster. and out of 2k, it’s sad.

- Crashing

My games keeps on crashing. It is fine when I play quick game but when in career mode the game suddenly exits. What should i do??

- This horrible game needs to be fixed

What is the point of a game where there’s a better chance of a normal shot going in than an excellent one literally not a single shot goes in

- Mad

This game is rigged

- improvements to be made

must have an all star mvp trophy and awarding ceremony and also during allstar season it must have 3 pt shooting and dunk contest

- Best one yet

This is the best NBA2k mobile but I wish it had more features like being able to influence trades and feee agents.


2K20 Mobile is an above average game for me. It’s my first NBA 2K Mobile game that I’ve ever played so I really don’t have anything to compare it to. The graphics aren’t that great, but the gameplay is what needs to be upgraded. First, you need to really fix the shot meter because we can’t be out here bricking green shots and A+ quality looks. That’s really annoying. Second, maybe add a takeover feature in all the game modes? We need to know when we’re getting hot and when we cool down. Update your graphics. Seriously we paid for this game, and it has improved on last year’s game but the other 2K game looks way better and it’s free. We should be getting our money’s worth. More accessories. Why can’t my MyPlayer get headbands and more armsleeves?? That’s a bummer because it would look better if we had more of a variety in terms of clothing etc. Overall, get your act together 2K. We know you have the capacity to make great games (in terms of gameplay and graphics), give us what we paid for.

- Crashing

It keeps crashing when i’m playing. Really frustrating.

- This game ripped me off

Saves to iCloud automatically, so my phone died and o lost 14. 99 dollars and 10 hours of play. Gay game do not buy, plus nba mobile graphics and game play is 10 times better and easy to work!!!!!

- Terrible

This 2K20 was terrible the release is different the graphics are trash and the controls are so delayed

- Meh

The game is the exact same as last years but only the players have changed. New hair or accessories could’ve been added for career mode

- Crashes on IPad Pro

Hi, I really enjoying playing this game, but it usually crashes when I’m playing my career mode. It’s really annoying when I have got a good static’s and the game just crashes. Please fix that, HUGE THANKS!

- Why

2K why is Russell Westbrook my favourite nba player trash in this game Fixxxxxxx

- This is a great game but needs some fixes

NBA2k20 is an amazing game but every time I go into my career and play about a minute of the match, it just takes me of the game and onto my home screen. Eventually I get back on the app and everything reset as if I double tapped and swiped up. This app is amazing but be careful of some glitches

- My career bug

Please fix the bug of MC

- It keeps crashing

It’s a great game but when I’m playing mycareer it always crashes and I do not get my progress back. I am not very happy👎😤

- Always crashes

Since a few days it’s always crashing in all game mods. I play my career and after 5 mins it’s crashing I play any other mode and after 5 mins it’s crashing Please fix it



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- I am mad Nba2k20

I love the game but when I download it didn’t let me play it keep crashing plz fix it

- Bring my league

Good needs my league

- Update roster and add sim to end on my career


- Si tienes el 2019 no compres el 2020

Tengo el nba 2K19 y me decidí comprar el 2K20 para variar pero me encontré con la sorpresa que es casi lo mismo que el 2019 algunos sonidos, y las canchas del modo blacktop son las mismas del 2019 deberían cambiar las canchas por lo menos para tener algo diferente, en fin si tienes el 2019 no vale la pena comprar el 2020

- Crashes

When I try to play a game it just generates random teams that I don’t want to play as. Also sometimes when I try to play a game it just starts at 0 seconds every quarter. Plus it kicks me out when I try to play please update the game

- Update rosters

I love the game but can you please update the rosters

- 2K20

Ok but I love bball so 5sssssstttarrrsss

- Okay

It would be a good game if it didn’t log you out every time you clicked on something or completed a game also when you green it the shot still might not go in

- Can’t even download

I can’t even get the app to download - it always loads until about 1/3 of the way through. I feel cheated out of my money!!

- MyPlayer Customization (Career Mode)

I think that I could give this game a 5 star rating if the myplayer gear was more like the console versions. Because once I saw myplayer career I got excited because I thought I was gonna get to buy arm sleeves and other gear. But overall it’s a pretty good game

- Can’t even play a game

Every time I try to play now, the game crashes as soon as I get into a game. I can only play park

- Hideous

A putrid iteration of 2K basketball

- 🥺

It keeps crashing in association

- A huge bug and a missing game mode we need in order for it to be 2K.

This is my favorite mobile game of all time. No doubt. There’s just a bug that kinda bothers me. There’s an empty arena a lot when I play mycareer and play now and there’s still fans cheering. Also please add my team. If we add my team to this, it will compete against the console version and way more people would be playing.

- Add a card system

Add a Card system

- Worst game ever!

The game never calls fouls. It’s so hard to make a shot. It’s so hard to make a free throw. I would not recommend to buy this game for 6$. This game is garbage.

- Crash

So this game is good and all but when I try to play 1v1 or 2v2 or 3v3 or 4v4 or 5v5 the game keeps on crashing on me can you plz tell me how to fix it

- Can”t get into a gamecenter game

When I play multiplayer with games center it waits so long and then nobody joins so please fix this I want to play online games.

- Terrible

This is terrible. The graphics are nothing to the console they have terrible modes and worst of all i miss greens all the time. I miss mor greens than i do very late quality c than i do with excellent quality a plus and its always a bounce back. This game needs to have some serious changes


roster update needed!

- Mad

Crashes every time I go on blacktop please fix

- Roster

Update your roster and players !!

- Y’all gots to work on the nicknames

My MC Player Is a demigod but Dude nicknamed Garbage man in broadcast

- This is trash

This game is not shooting right and every time I make a green I always miss the bucket and they are not calling the fouls so that’s why I hate the creator who made this game 🤬🤬

- Frustrating

My career loses save everytime you restart app

- Garage

This is one of the worst mobile games I’ve ever played it’s so bad the graphics are garbage if I could I would rate it 0 out of 5 stars

- Green light

I hit some many perfect shots and they barely go in it’s broken the green lights barely work like fix it quick cause it makes me mad cause I could win so many games is you fixed the green 💯😤

- One thing to improve

WHY DO WE MISS GREENS? Like for real 2k on console we make greens 99% of the time but we miss greens 99% of the time on 2k mobile. FIX THIS


Please fix this

- NBA 2K20

It keep taking me out of the app fix it plz

- More like 2k20

You should update more and try and make it like 2k20 more pls thats all and this game will be booming

- More games like this

It would be awesome if you guys would design a ncaa game and a madden game for mobile like nba 2k.I believe if you guys made a ncaa game you guys would have a lot of purchases.

- 0 stars

Update rosters. And make greens go in 75% of the time instead of 10%

- Shit not working

App keep closing out plz fix or refund me I’m on a iPad

- It doesn’t get into the

When I got to I press the app and then it showed the loading screen then it kicks me out and please fix the greens the always miss


Do not waste your money on this absolute rip off game. The graphics look super lazy and could've been improved for a $5 game. The sound(s) quality is really weird and should be worked on. Please consider not buying this game and go play it on an xbox or playstation. Mobile 2k20 is a no go.

- Challenges

It’s not as fun because u cannot challenge a play. Sometimes the ball is clearly out on the other team and there is no challenges or replays. U should add a replay booth or something where u can see replays.

- Great game

This game was great until yesterday, all of sudden my game keeps going black and then closing


I want to be able to watch games

- Eh,

The gameplay itself is fine, no problems. But association and Mycareer need work. A lot of work. Fantasy drafts are horrible, you can’t skip any picks, you have to slowly wait through each. Then when you let the assailant gm do it, it’s all 75s in the 3rd-14th round. One time I got lucky with a 78. Not to mention the other coaches also draft terribly. MyCareer you can’t even skip all the games. I mainly wanted to play it for connections, but I have to play a 16 minute game just to progress because the simulate through doesn’t work on off days and because of its design you can’t even get to some dates, it’s has potential, but it’s clear they made one version, and don’t update it for an entire year. If they put some more effort in it, it could be great. But it’s not yet. It does have small features I like such as, on blacktop you were the players jerseys not ringers/hoopers or how you can play through great moments.

- Lot more to add

This game is making me mad! I thought it would be good but now i fell like a wasted money! The double teams are crazy and have to stop and would not happen like that in real life. Missing most of my green releases and should be winning games! Terrible

- Rosters

Fix the roster spots after the trade deadline I’m still seeing Clint capela in the rockets and the Timberwolves still with the same players even tho they traded most of there roster

- The new nba player

It the update the rooster

- 😡

It won’t let me upgrade my player career overall promotion reward. It’s annoying. Fix now pls

- 2k20

I can’t even play the game, I will play the street mode and after awhile it will day can’t connect and then when I try to load back on to my team it crashes and I to make a whole new team over again, can you please fix this

- NBA 2K20

The game is not bad, but in my career, the defense and offense of your teammates is very poor, they don’t grab rebounds and they miss wide open shots. Tooooooo many wide open shots. It’s very frustrating as a player. The defense is also poor and my settings is on Hall of game but my defenders get blown by easily. This is very poor and frustrating.

- Crash

Why does the game keep crashing? Fix this. This game shouldn’t be worth 5$

- J title

I don’t like when I miss greens. I green everything and miss half of them. And plz start rewarding good defense with a miss. This game isn’t anywhere near as like 2K20

- Shooting

Please fix I am so tired of missing green like it make me rage the green only work for free throw please fix

- Good (changed)

Originally I left three stars because of the graphics being bad and there was no controller support, since the last time I played this mobile game the graphics improved and they added controller support I highly recommend this game to a 2k fan or NBA fan. Now it is just a slightly worse version of the actual console game. And I really like the multiplayer modes so I can play with friends. Even blacktop mode is fun just shooting around with Kobe is the best (RIP Kobe 😢🙏🏻🕊) anyway great game, highly recommend it 9/10 dentists also approve of this game. 👌👍🔥

- Green lights

The game is great but make it so greens don’t miss like when I get excellent timing I miss 75 percent of the time

- Poor game

The game is very poor I’m consistently missing open 3s with a shooters and I’m green releasing all of them. My career never saves for me either I wish I could have my money refunded

- It’s kinda Legit

It’s the best basketball game on the AppStore! But it’s an exact copy of 2019... 2K could do so much better like adding new features. Nobody likes the the story modes! Maybe try Online Mulitplayer? It’s still a good game!


How do i get my lost player back? Spends lot of money and time on it.. thanks

- Not quite there yet

While I’ve loved the 2K brand of gaming, particularly for basketball, I’ve been overly frustrated with one thing above all! Why has there not been a move to have a created player option, outside of the mycareer player. As myplayer mode is entertaining at best, I would love the opportunity to create a player that can be instituted in the association mode.

- Better

Its better but why is there no instant replay and why can’t we use our carrer player in online mode?? And can you add my park.

- Raheem

This game is so bad first it said that it was 2$ then they raise the price to 8$

- Game

Can we get get the all star weekend in my career pls but overall it’s a good game stills needs more tats, equipements, development on the park and online matches, my team and all that’s on the ps4 and not on mobile

- Pretty good!

I enjoy this game, it’s very good. But, add off days in the playoffs. Also, add takeover/team takeover in my career mode. Just like a little bar.

- Bug issues

The first time I played a game, Jordan was player of the game. I then play so many more but it is always saying Jordan player of the game. Please fix. Also, when the players are taking free throws, it always says round1 pick23. Please fix. One more thing is that you should add autosave. Otherwise, the game is pretty good.

- VC

When I play my career and I finish the match and tells me how much VC I earn it doesn’t give me the right amount plz fix

- Bug

I dint even claim the reward yet but it says i did claimed 😏😏

- horrible

another year another 2k game with 0 effort put into it, the graphics are awful, animations somehow got worse from 2k19, sound still sounds worse than a car radio from the 1920’s. Not to mention they released the exact same game as last year but it’s even more painful to play and much less smooth to play. If 2k even put 5 minutes of time actually developing the game it would be way better but it’s not worth a single cent. Even the free 2k mobile game is better this year not to mention nba live mobile, worlds difference nba live mobile is like 2k but if the developer team actually cared about their jobs. Everyone giving this game a good rating is a bot or someone getting paid to give a good review. DO NOT WASTE $3 ON 2K!!!

- My career

I can not get past the summer league and the game crashes a lot on devices that aren’t old and it’s unplayable on iPods also this is the exact same product but with new rookies. Also you gotta did it on iPods and iPads

- It crashes

I spent so much money on this game and the first time I played I lagged out I’ve gotten every other 2k game on mobile but u guys keep taking me off and this one lags me out and I CANT PLAY IT GIVE ME A REFUND!

- Shutting down

I am unable to play matches it shuts down i tired of installing it again and again.fix the problem its happening a lot of time now.

- Fix the game PLEASE

You get a A+ and you miss then you get a C and you make it WHAT the hell

- Make greens

Can we please make all the greens

- 3 point broken

I hit a excellent three and it doesn’t go in this game bro

- 👌👌

Not bad but wish had few more modes like the my team and stuff when can we expect next up date but loving it other than that and is their a way to play online yet ? I want my neighbourhood!!

- Worst game ever

This is so bad I recommend to not spend money on it it is very bad in game it doesn’t let you shoot and move this is a waist of money

- Fix your game !

Why is it when I shoot open 3 with A+ quality and still miss ?

- Game crash

Every time when I start a game, it auto kicks me out of the whole game

- Come on 2k

Stop making my player miss green shots that are perfect release and A+ quality shot bruh fr.

- Scammed

Lost all the VC I got from the new rewards feature because my game crashed, got the 50k reward for reaching 80 overall now I only have 6.8k because the game crashed smh

- Fix mycareer

The screen just freezes after a mycareer game! 2k please fix this!

- NBA2k14

The game is essentially NBA2k14, it even has the exact same loading screens

- I have a problem

Everytime i get to a good point,it would ask me to save and quit,so i save and quit and it says the game needs to restart,after it restarts, i have start all over again.i cant get my old account back.this has happened to me twice now idk if its a glitch or not,pls fix it

- Worked great, but now crashes’s been two weeks since I’ve played because 2K20 hasn’t fixed the game. Keeps crashing on my final regular season game in career play. Are they even looking at the comments??? I’ve seen this complaints from numerous posts, so what’s being done?


Thanks for making NBA 2K20 it’s the best Game ever

- Bad game!!!!!!!

I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!! im not joking this game is so trash don’t buy this they don’t give money back cause they are so ******

- Crash

Crashes after every quick game and my career game

- Not bad

The this game is good enough.i could use it with out internet which is awesome.i don’t rlly expect anything else from a mobile game.only gave it a four cause it crashes sometimes which is a big problem.

- quit game

why is it after i updated the game' it always quit the game and automatically goes to home phone' it takes like sometimes more than a minute than automatically put me on home phone and the game is done

- Oof

It’s ok just needs a bit more things

- They need to change at nba 2k

Is the shoooting meter and when you get a green release you still miss and fix the commentary

- App usually freezes

This app constantly freezes and goes back to the main menu after 5 minutes of playing the game. Please fix the bugs or glitches that this game might have.

- Dis game good enough

I think is good probably is

- Not worth it

Spent 100$ on the game just for it to reset the next day.

- Sucks

Reversed skill gap. Not worth anything

- Y’all need this just like the console game

So I bought this game a few days and I’m on a iPhone 6 and the thing is the graphics are still good no crashes and all the game modes are working amazing this is the funnest mobile game I played so far mycareer is super fun to fr y’all need this game u won’t get bored of it the only thing that was bad was the audio quality but I feel like that’s my phone y’all need this the game modes are so fun my faves are run the street and mycareer

- Very fun and enjoyable.

I think it is very fun to play and the fact that I can play it without needing an internet connection makes it even better. Definitely 5 stars.

- Pls fix

How to fix the issue, im playing with my career and in the middle of the game the app. Will be shutdown and restart if re run my game wont be resume.... please help

- Allow more roster flexibility/customizability

After the update, you can’t change the role of players on the roster. Saved rosters don’t carry over to Association mode for whatever reason. Players are automatically deemed benchwarmers even though their overall is way higher than their teammates

- Bad update

Since the new update I haven’t been able to play once. I’ll play for 5 min then the app will close in on itself. FIX THIS 2K! 👎🏾

- Game crash

Every-time i play my career, the game continues to crash between the match and i am seriously fed up from this problem. Fix this problem ASAP

- Crashing in My Career

Please fix these ASAP! Cant play longer than 30 seconds!

- It is beyond me how something can be so bad

Man, how the hell do you guys not even remotely help with the gameplay. For the last three years it’s the most bs thing ever. You can’t run any plays or do anything other than simply constantly screen and take a random shot. What a truly piece of garbage. Will chop off my left testicle before I ever buy a 2k product again.

- It keeps crashing

I like playing quick games and i keep trying and they always crash i never made it to tip off without it crashing please fix it i wasted my money on it

- Crashing + updates !

The 2K18 version is 100x better than this. The game keeps crashing while playing two minutes into mycareer this isn’t what I expected from 2K spending all their time on Xbox and Ps4 and nothing on IOS. The game is no point in buying i can’t get passed the month of November since the system keeps crashing.

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- Needs as much as 2K’s on pc and console.

1. You should be able to make various MyPlayer’s who look different instead of making one character who plays different positions. 2. There should be more simple MyPlayer customisation options for example players can’t even have simple equipment like leg sleeves, elbow sleeves, knee sleeves. 3. 1v1 mode on Run The Streets. 3. Make the game more realistic, for example give players their real life sneakers or signature sneakers. 4. More dunks. 5. Teams don’t have all their jerseys. 6. The All Star Weekend only consists of the All Start game there is no Dunk Contest or Skills Challenge or Three Point Contest. For Dunk Contest just take players who done the most dunks in a season and put them in a contest. For Three Point Contest put players will the best 3 point percentages in a contest. For Skills Challenge our players will the best stats and put them in the contest. 7. When making you MyPlayer make better hairstyles, and more detailed tattoos.

- Not good

Add takeover in my career plz and greens doesn’t always goes in

- NBA 2K20

I very much enjoy the game but there is a limited amount of hairstyles. I had NBA 2K19 and there was no difference between the two games (hairstyles).

- 99 rating 3 point

Green but doesn’t go in..

- Too many problems, deleted

What is the point of getting an excellent a+ wide open shot & it still doesn’t go in. Half the points I score are three throws, I choose world class teams and they can’t even score simple mid range with good release. I have to draw fouls to even get a chance at scoring.

- Gameplay

Add more modes like all star 3pt shooting and dunk contest and more things to edit player to make game realistic game should be free if you can’t even update the game

- Gamer

Just trash lmao

- rubbish!,

can’t even get in the game and when you do it still crashes! !!!!

- Broken game not worth the money

This game is just like the other 2k games your audio is broke the crowd is missing but you can still hear them and it sometimes just goes silent for no reason at all. And The game just crashes randomly imagine not fixing issues and just releasing a game for 5.99 but hey that’s 2k right you guys don’t care about what you do as long as you get money to keep pooping out disgracefully broken games like this

- Needs work

This is fun but it needs A LOT of work 1) The lagging is unbearable 2) The shot meter is an issue that’s going to make me chuck my phone at a wall. What’s the point of the shot meter if greens don’t always go in? However, other poorly timed shots do? This is just ridiculous 3) I can’t progress to the 2nd round of playoffs in my career which is frustrating. The calendar just doesn’t move beyond April 24th for me 4) Seriously, fix the shot meter It’s a bit stupid to pay for the app when it has so many issues that aren’t being addressed

- Crashes

crashes way too much man 🤧

- Crap

A load of crap. Controls are terrible. My player seems to have a mind of his own. Shooting meter is terrible. Don’t bother buying it, you’ll be disappointed.

- Can’t get my game

I paid 5.99 for my game nba and I can’t download to my phone.. I will like my refund

- Much Better than 2K19

It has been proven in the quality of my YouTube video’s (Umair 2K) New Hairstyles for MyPLAYER including waves, new controls like fancier layups & dunks, new MyPARK mode which is actually decent, the story mode from 2K19 is also the same on 2K20 except it has a few extra stories, The 2K20 soundtrack is much better & also it is easier to find online opponents now, rookies look realistic and the ratings have now been updated to match the console version & so have the rosters.

- Horrendous

This is the worst game the graphics are shocking the shot meter is under u and you barely customise your player. I don’t why you would pay for this. It’s a complete scam. I have 1 star because I couldn’t go any lower.

- Run the streets

Keeps taking me to my ipads home screen when I launch my career

- Ok

This game keeps on taking me back to the summer league game on my career and on street mode!!!!

- I luv it but pls READ THIS!!

As an American I love this game but it needss sad some changes. My player: There should be an option for where to change facial looks etc. You should be able to hear ure player speaking in press conferences and also it should be more things off the court Career mode: There should be many ways that ure allowed to be a lot more in control of ure team. Cap space must be larger, and when u draft someon They should go straight in ure team. As an American it’s a little too disappointing

- Needs to be looked at

This is the first time I bought a mobile version of the game and I am enjoying it but there are a few issues: 1: Shots do not make sense (green does not always go in while other shots do) 2: This game wastes my battery like mad (25% in 30 minutes while other games such as SM20 only take up around 10%) 3. Game seems to overheat my phone. 4: Auto defence does not work (why am I so far way from the opposition?) The good things that I can say are that there was crowds in my games and player upgrades are pretty good in general. My Career is different enough for me to like it and I like the way you can be friends with other NBA players to get bonuses. Would give 5* but until they manage to fix the overheating and the battery waste then it will stay at 4.

- Crash crash crash crash crash

More crash

- Game keeps crashing

The game keeps continuously crashing while I’m playing my my career game. I’m at a particular game where it just won’t let me get past the 1st quarter. Fix this please!

- Crashes

It’s a ok game good overall gameplay but I can’t get past the first game of career as it keeps crashing or run the street so needs fixing also crowds also need fixing 2K needs to step up and fix the problems already

- NBA2k20 mobile crash

Since I’ve got a recent update, when I’m playing MyCareer, it force closes the app. I don’t know how it crashes but please 2k, fix this problem as soon as possible. Thanks in advance



- Crash

My game keeps crashing in the middle of a game and I don’t understand why it’s always very consistently in the first round of a my career game. I have payed for this game and I’m not getting my money’s worth at the moment. It is pissing me off.

- Better now

When you’re playing there’s no fans there just an empty stadium. Update: really wish the shot meter could be fixed I green a lot but it rarely goes in. Also allow us to play our own music in game please.

- The app stopped working

That app stopped working after the update 😫😞😭 one my iPad Air

- More cut scenes and make easier to unlock badges

Like nba 2k16 there where lots of cut scenes and it made the game a hole lot better but in nba 2K20 there only cut scenes when you start the career and there not even proper cut scenes

- Update

Hope we gonna get an Updated Roster / Ratings / and Cyberfaces !

- Basically the same as every other 2K mobile game

They literally ported the base mechanics from 2k13 from pc to here, even the timeout music is the same from 7 years ago. Literally a reupload with a new title every year.

- Game bug

No fans in the stadium with sounds only. This game is even worst than the previous ones. Pleas fix it ASAP, I believe I paid for a game with the equal amount of return from it

- Great Game

Great game to play on the go, love it and love the fact that I can play 2K20 on my phone as well!

- Too many problems

1.Game crashing when on MyCareer, I’m about to go up against the team star as sort of the career mode story and it keeps loading for 5 seconds then crashing, absolute shambles. 2.Shooting Mechanics issue, when I shoot with my Player it seems that the timed bar is constantly lagging, meaning I can never hit the Excellent Release, I’m happy that the step back jump shots are now more effective, but how am I supposed to use them when the release bare is laggy as hell. 3. Where on earth are the crowds? There are no crowds in the games, and I have the setting for crowds on High, I have a top end IPhone so I know for sure it ain’t me. Please resolve these issues, people have paid for this game and would like to play it at its best...

- The worst NBA game

I cant believe NBA 2K released this game. This is the worst game ever, no fans to create the game time atmosphere. I wont be buying another NBA2K game ever

- Very bad. Very disappointed.

Controls are awful. No fans during the games. BIG downgrade from 2K18.

- Game has potential

The game has an issue with getting through my career. It’s always taking me back to the home screen whenever I get to the introduction. No fans in the stadiums also. I love the 2k games so please try to fix this. It has great graphics and works well. A lot of potential. Thanks

- Keeps crashing

The career mode doesn’t work. Keeps crashing on the one vs one part. Fix best come out quick or I want my money back and go back to 2K19.

- technically problems

the game turns off when u are playing and doesn’t save anything, this meaning u have to start all over every single time

- Crash

The my career mood keeps crashing when it’s time to play one on one no matter what team I choose So I’m stuck at one point and can’t move on in my career

- At last

Can play as GM and spectate matches...........hurray!

- Just get 2k19

No improvements have been made and there's no my team multiplayer

- After updating, crush all the time

Dont know why the reason, but after updating there is crash all the time. Iphone11

- Wouldn’t recommend

Frustration and annoying is 2 words to sum up this game

- NBA 2k20 mobile

I hope 2k put sim to end back on every people’s my career mode in 2K20 and also change the brocklyn nets jerseys and aslo the court and also put tacko fall on nba and bol bol I hope the 2k fix it

- Corrupted

Everytime i play it always hangs up and needed to restart and sometimes it push me out of the game and needed to start all over again hope you can fix it

- Game continues to crash

Been playing the game since it came out it’s fun. However since the recent update it continues to crash. I have the newest update and am running it on the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Please fix this can only play like 2 minutes at a time.

- Can’t play

I can’t play a full game anymore, the app close by itself while I’m playing :(

- crushing

please update!always crushing the app!!

- Was good previously

I was loving this game, until it starts crashing non stop in the last couple of days. Very disappointing since I’ve got the latest version and I spent money to buy it.

- The update helped

But personally I don’t like the gear that’s used in MC it kinda feels over the top (leg and arm gear, shoes are fine) Zion doesn’t dunk in game, I know it only one thing but it’s kinda big thing. And take over doesn’t work in association games Other that that is an alright game, definitely the best the App Store has to offer and 2K knows this so it just feels like a waste of money

- Takeover

Takeover was only put in one game mode and replaced being hot and cold, so how am I suppose to get microwave in mycareer

- Worst 2k made ever

You literally did not try. It’s so bad. nba live is ten time better why spend money when you can get better games for free

- 2K20

Player stats are different to the console version. Please updated it. Thank you

- Was good but now can not play

Finished 1st series of finals now game won’t go any further

- i can’t have long hair brah

everytime i make my hair length longer it changes straight back to 0 and i don’t know how to fix it 😔😔😔

- Such poor performance

Runs at like 1 frame per second at times and has so many frame rate issues CONSTANTLY on my 11inch IPad Pro. Unplayable.

- Shot meter

I love the game just that I think you should add a shot meter and update player ratings

- Worst game

This game is the worst game ever. The biggest waste of money and I’m so angry I wasted 10 dollars on it, all it is is a pay to win game.


I loved nba2k18 but instantly felt so annoyed when I saw nba2k19’s controls, I thought you had learned with nba 2K20 But apparently not

- Flash quit of apps all the time when play MC one on one

It always flash quits when I try to play MC one on one step. I cannot proceed any further with MC. Being waiting for updates for a few weeks, not a single one. How hard to fix this issue? Always being a loyal fan since 2K17, very disappointed with 2K20. No improvements or changes stand out. Games industry is changing fast. Please don’t kill our love of this game by your legacy (or dinosaur) attitude.

- iPhone 7 Plus/7 Crash

So I’ve been a 2K20 fan for so long and I finally bought 2K20 but it keep on crashing on 1 on 1 making impossible to get through the story please fix but overall 7/10

- My career calendar

I’m in the finals for my career but I can play the last game of the series because of the calendar just scrolls back and I can’t click the last game.

- Where are the crowds?

Good but no crowds in the stands

- Best game ever just needs a bit of fixing

My favourite game yet just the graphics aren’t that good there heads look like potato’s I play on a iPad mini 4 it would be pretty cool if you could add in the neighbour hood in just need to fix the graphics and fix the hair to where’s all the 2k19 hair like the dreads that stick up and basically every hair cut has a bold patch of hair in the middle and when i try to make my Afro all buffy it goes short please fix it but very very fun to play

- Release mechanism

Needs to fix perfect release. Missing green shots

- Why am I missing A+ shoots?

Every time in my career or just a regular game I always miss a open mid-range or open threes it’s just stupid I don’t know why you aren’t fixing it and the graphics haven’t fixed a bit

- Boring

Worst game ever Expected more than the ads

- Need an updates

Nothing’s new for MC, in my opinion 2k16 had better my career mode because there are more animations like MyPlayer’s poster on an ads, a magazine of my player and we also can change our nick name, since in 2k20 MyPlayer’s nick name is a “Garbage Man” which sounds not that good. Also in 2k16 we can use star players shooting form releases and shot bases. And please update the rookies tacko fall, bol bol. And update players’ faces its kinda horrible for example klay thompson, Anthony Davis the headband stuck inside of his hair. Thanks.

- Shoot button.

Excellent game - but the controls are in dire need of improvement. Virtually every time I try to shoot, I miss the tiny ‘shoot’ button. It would be awesome if the buttons were customisable (in size and location on the screen). Particularly for the larger iPhones.

- Disrespectful

So this was a great game 3 years ago. Since then very little has changed and unfortunately it’s been surpassed in fun by EA NBA. Here’s a few reasons: - Commentators calling the wrong names of players that aren’t even on that team. - The rookie class in early mycareer being 3yrs old. - No crowds in the stadiums - Bought items not displaying on character. - Innacurate shooting bar animation For whatever reason the developer has clearly not invested any money into furthering or polishing this games dynamics. Like i said it’s a great game for 3yrs ago and since nothing has changed but the interface to still charge each year like it’s a new game, i find just disrespectful. Again, just an incomplete experience.

- Multipleplayer

Great but add multiplayer please 😎

- rookie stat?

are u serious???

- Perfectish

I love it. Gameplay perfect. Evrrything for a mobile app is pin point. Too addictive!!

- Good but needs improvements

if you play my association kid is still a free agent along with Kyrie and Dwight and all the other 2019 free agents and my career is dope and yo7 need to change the contracts so there the same as this season and come on Damian Lillard needs at least a 90

- how hard could it be to update the player ratings?

It’s better than 2k19 and I like the new run the street mode but the player ratings are not updated? How hard could it be? Also for the MC mode would it be possible to have an upper limit for the MPG? It’s just doesn’t make sense for a player to play the full 48mins for every game. Something like 40-41 MPG would be better.

- Audio

Plz make better audio and a shooting bar to see if u get green or anything but other than that it’s super good and fun

- Pretty good but improvement is needed

Game is pretty good overall but I had some small problems my game keeps crashing when I get to the 1 V 1, my I change the length of my hair length of my player then change something else the hair length goes back to zero and on the rebounding drill it’s to far zoomed in so you can’t do it. Sorry that these are all my career problems it’s my favourite game mode.

- crash

can they fix how it crushes on the 1 on 1 it really annoys me

- This game nearly took me a whole day to download

It took one day otherwise the gameplay is great

- Great but where are players?

My too favourite and most exited players to watch aren’t here Bol bol Tacko fall ADD THEM 2K

- MC is Same as 2K19

In MC, we need to play whole match (48mins) every game. That is crazy.

- 2K20

Great game would recommend for anyone interested in sport and one of the best games I have played!

- Mmm

I can’t get past 1 on 1 since it heaps crashing

- Where’s the crowd

Game is good but there isn’t any crowd. The arenas are all empty. Bizarre

- Crashing

Your stupid game keeps crashing on Game Drill 3

- Great game with great features

This game is amazing. It has amazing graphics, audio, soundtracks, gameplay and controls. This game is amazing for a mobile game.

- Sick


- 2k

It’s good but not great

- Good but...

It’s good but just needs to be fixed a little bit, like the resolution for iPhone XS Max, and the audio is a bit weird.

- Niiice sort of


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NBA 2K20 1.04 Screenshots & Images

NBA 2K20 iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

NBA 2K20 iphone images
NBA 2K20 iphone images
NBA 2K20 iphone images
NBA 2K20 iphone images
NBA 2K20 iphone images
NBA 2K20 ipad images
NBA 2K20 ipad images
NBA 2K20 ipad images
NBA 2K20 ipad images
NBA 2K20 ipad images
NBA 2K20 Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
NBA 2K20 Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

NBA 2K20 (Version 1.04) Install & Download

The applications NBA 2K20 was published in the category Games on 2019-09-04 and was developed by 2K [Developer ID: 324563547]. This application file size is 3.05 GB. NBA 2K20 - Games posted on 2020-03-28 current version is 1.04 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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