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Take classic 2K action on the go with NBA 2K20 for mobile, featuring 5 new NBA Stories, a new MyCAREER storyline, and an all-new Run The Streets mode! From 5-on-5 basketball with current or all-time great NBA teams to streetball in Blacktop, NBA 2K20 is filled with a variety of game modes for all players.

For the first time in any NBA 2K game, take your MyPLAYER around the world in a series of 3-on-3 streetball competitions. Get on a hot streak and takeover the game with greatly improved abilities and attributes. Compete against other players for a place on the Ranked Leaderboard or see how far you can go through the Championship.

Experience the history of some of the most famous NBA players and teams with 5 new NBA Stories to play through.

Build your MyPLAYER and go on your journey from college to the NBA. Will you have what it takes to earn your place among the NBA all-time greats?

Take control of a team as the GM. Manage the roster, scout and draft the incoming rookie class, handle the budget, and more!

Finding opponents is easier and faster than ever before with a new Quick Match feature. Connect with other players through LAN or Game Center to play 5-on-5 matches or Blacktop games.

A new soundtrack accompanies you on your journey to the top of the NBA, featuring songs from Drake, Diplo, T-Pain, and more!

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• Roster Updated • Bug Fixes

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- Can Improove

Remember NBA 2k16 mobile, yeah I think I would like to see It like that again, this game is cool but I can be better. I think that the thing to unlock legends is not good because we want to play with legends but it’s not worth it at all to do all those connections because it takes a year. The archetypes are not good because I would like to see archetypes like in the console or in nba 2k16 mobile because they are very expanded. The shoot meter is way bad because we miss greens a lot and in console there is no chance of missing it and in console it looks good with the bar. The cyber face of some players must be changed, especially Luka Doncic he looks way better in the console and the overalls need to change: Luka Doncic is having a 30 point triple double season and he is only 92, Devonte Graham is a Most Improved player candidate and he is only 69 and Kendrick Nunn is a Rookie of the year candidate and he is only 70. The badges haven’t been changed I a long time I would like to see Ankle Breaker, Quick First Step, Rebound Chaser, etc. I would like to choose my badges like in the console and we can only have exclusive badges and badges that are hard to unlock. The dribbling is very good and it looks smooth but it’s very hard to break ankles even with badges. I know this game can be better and I know 2K20 can do it. I hope they update this game or in NBA 2k21 the game becomes great. I believe in 2K and if you put effort in this game it will be worth it.

- Can improve the shooting, the builds,and the defense

Look I love the game but fix the builds and fix the shooting because I am sooo freaking tired of missing greens!!!!! I am tired of raging because when I am open, and when I green the shot when I am open and green the shot it doesn’t go in and if you can fix that then I will be so happy and add the jump shot creator that would be nice and make it easier to get defensive stops. If you can fix all of that and leave the shot meter the same way but increase the shot timing a little bit faster but not too much. And when you green the shot please please make it a guaranteed basket to make the game completely better that’s why I didn’t give it 5 stars. And also I forgot to add more contact shot success pleas to make the game more fun for us to play and if you could please update the game, I bet the entire community who plays this game will be happy for the way if you add the guaranteed green light feature and I’d rather have the 2K16 version of this game but leave everything else out from 2K16 and just add the green light feature and the contact success. We all need different badges as well like Ankle Breaker,Green Machine,and please come up with more badges that we will like in this game that’s all the badges I want to see at least. So please update this game tomorrow or this week......just please UPDATE THIS GAME SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM STILL MISSING GREEENS WIDE OPEN ONES TOO

- Good but needs Improvement

First off, I am a big fan of all of the NBA 2k Mobile games that you(2K) have produced. I like how the graphics have been updated some since last years game. The gameplay is smooth, and easy to play. However, I would like to suggest a few tips to make this game even more better! Remember 2K 16? Yea, association mode is great for this game, but I would like the feature where you can play and jump into the games of franchises that you did not initially select. This feature was present in 2K16 but it isn’t anymore for some reason. Instead, there is a second “cancel” button on the bottom right, and “simulate game” present where the option to “play game” should be. This is incase you would like to play the other playoff games or the Finals, if your team did not make it. A second feature would be to simulate the game up to a certain point like the 3rd quarter, or 3 minute mark. This would speed up the game to the interesting parts like near the end. A third and final thing would be the option to import roosters from “The Association” to regular “Quick Game” mode. Most of these features were present in 2K16 but were taken away. It would draw in more players, and make the game better by much more if these features were reintroduced. Thank You!

- Lazy

Honestly it looks like the developers got lazy with this a bunch of players look nothing like their real life counterpart(basically being bald and having a generic face). Ratings and tendencies are good with some players but atrocious on others like shooters who won’t shoot at all or terrible shooters shooting every time they touch the ball, and on the ratings side it’s the same, Ben Simmons(who’s made 2 threes in his regular season career) is a decent shooter, Zion (who’s shooting is his biggest weakness) has a 3 icon next to his name. On the flip side Colby white has a 25 three when he’s actually a decent shooter and has a high shooting tendencies so he’ll go 0-20 every game. You don’t get rewarded for greening a shot unless it’s a free throw. Badges or archetypes aren’t up to date at all so every build can become a god and don’t have any weaknesses. I know I’ve been negative the whole time but it is a decent game besides the gameplay issues I mentioned I don’t really have a problem with it and the other game modes are cool.(forgot on MyCareer your secondary position is decided on your primary position instead of your size and playstyle

- Good game if

This is the best basketball game in the App Store. That doesn’t mean that it’s as good as any of its console versions, because it’s not. The reason that this game does not have good reviews is because console players download it and expect console level gameplay on a mobile device. This is simply not possible outside of the Nintendo switch, and even in that version of the game there is no anti aliasing and very high lag. If you are expecting this game to look like it does on your Xbox or PlayStation, forget about it. Now, if you play mobile games a lot and are looking for a good basketball game, this is for you. There really isn’t any competition either. It has two sticks to allow advanced dribbling and moves when driving to the bucket, unlike NBA Live or my NBA 2k. It is much more in depth, giving you your player and team standing and stats. It allows you to request trades to play for other teams. Also, it is very easy to get vc in this game. I haven’t spent a penny on vc and have over 200,000. So really, if you are looking for a mobile basketball game, it’s not a question of which game is best, it is a question of whether you want to pay the $6 or not.

- Self alley-oop maybe

You know I noticed how you guys added tiny details to the game that people don’t seem to notice I love this game only problem I have is the green release bug but other than that it’s amazing. You know what will really make those mobile game shine or be better is if you added self ally oop to my player or any other player blacktop, quick match, etc. you know that would be amazing and yet a big process if you guys do it. But hey it’s just a suggestion a really good one 2k DEV 😂 cause you know I’m trying to catch bodies do highlights for my player but hey I would really love to see self ally-oop in this game honestly really would hey how come the console players get it we gotta show respect to nba mobile no game disappoints people say bad things about these games just so it can get in your head and make it worse forget all that love the game just like you love the console versions and ya really good suggestions would be self alley-oop NBA 2K20 MOBILE if you read this far thank you 🙏🏼 but man lemme tell you self alley-oop would be crazy 💯🔥🔥🔥

- 2K20

This is a great game the graphics are splendid, however there are a few alternatives that could of made this game even better. The attributes are non realistic. considering how much of a shooter a shooting guard , point guard , small forward, can be especially equipped with level three shooting gears ( includes 3 points shooting gears mid range gears ) it’s disappointing. Secondly the handles and dribbling skills i can confidently say are the only thing that stands out congrats on that. However the gears!!! although the attributes for them isn’t acceptable the colors are really a turn off ,imagine playing in the Milwaukee bucks with red shoes and blue arm sleeves. finally. another disappointment is that the cpu hits more clutch shots than the actual stars. a double teamed player hits a jumper in your face like you wasn’t even there, centers shooting threes like curry if you leave them open. and when you try to return a open three you miss. Another suggestion is Self alleys and requesting an alley oop are the essential things that are missing and can actually make the game better. can there can be a separate control button for that ??? considering that you can’t really request alley oops.

- Fixes

Get new and better haircuts /fades. Better and new voice overs for the announcers. New choices of kicks and leggings,and arms. Get more parks. Make pvp more accessible to everybody instead of locking it down to locals because some folks dont don’t have locals playing. Kill some of those cheat modes you have set in order to allow the opponents to catch-up. Its It’s stupid. Updates and new versions should bring new things to look forward to! I shouldnt shouldn’t pay more money for old things! And by the way 2k20 soundtrack 50% sucked! Dance music really? Come on bruvs! You can do a lot better! You put no effort in hardly to making it better. I mean street ball was good but that got boring quick soon as you beat all 5he teams and i I couldnt I couldn’t pick who i I wanted on my team. Dumb restrictions. Fix that too! And while you’re at it why don’t you slap my ex fav gaming company in the face by creating a 2K WNBA game! That would be the new hotness!

- Do not buy this game.

After playing this game for an embarrassing amount of an hours, I do not recommend it at all. The AI is absolutely terrible, the dribbling, rebounding (ESPECIALLY), and defense in this game is the worst in its class. There are typos in player names, score bugs, half the time the text that appears on screen has a typo. Forgot to mention the fact that almost every game you play the lights in the stadium will turn off before halftime and not turn back on. This game is also never updated, how hard could it be to link player and team data with a database? especially when your gonna change $8 for a mobile app you would expect player stats to be correct and for players to be on the correct team.. Story mode also likes to give you challenges that are nearly impossible (almost always rebounding related challenges) to complete. I went into double OT with Dennis Rodman when the game expected me to get 9 rebounds in the 2nd half, needless to say I got 2 boards between halftime and the end of 2OT. Please listen to my advice if you want to keep your sanity, and I really hope TakeTwo can produce a good game or i certainly will never play a 2k game again.. especially with how 2k21 is looking.

- Not Great

This game is okay, but for a franchise as big as 2K, it should be so much better. What’s the point of having the timing and quality metrics if they don’t even do anything? I’ve had so many Excellent timing, A+ quality shots not go in, and many with bad timing and bad quality that do go in. Everything seems so random and not actually tied to your skill as a person playing, which is ridiculous. Also, there are many small details that are just wrong and seem so lazy. Sometimes when a player is shooting free throws, their college and draft year/spot will come up. Every single time, it says Round 1, Pick 9. And the announcers will say how much the crowd helped the team an away game. And the announcers start repeating the same things halfway through one season, which gets very annoying. Another thing that happens is when you win a playoff series, it doesn’t automatically advance or even tell you how to advance. You have to go to some obscure tab to find the playoff bracket and click sim to next game. How does that happen? This game has a great foundation to work from, but the execution beyond that was lackadaisical.

- And I love NBA 2K.

NBA 2K has been my favorite and most frequently played game for years and years. This initial release of 2K20 for iOS is deeply disappointing. Put simply, it is lazy. There is simply no excuse for releasing the 2K20 mobile version with player ratings that don’t correspond to the player ratings for the console version. And I’m not suggesting that I just disagree with 2K’s player ratings. People obsess over NBA 2K ratings, and the 2K team puts a lot of thought into getting them right. Which is awesome. But apparently, that’s only for the console version. For example, Luka Doncic is, I believe, an 87 in the console release. Fair. He’s a 79 on the mobile version. They just haven’t updated player ratings in the mobile version as they have for the console version. I’m no developer, but this doesn’t exactly seem like a heavy lift. The work is done for your other platforms. Just make corresponding changes for the iOS version! I’d love to start an Association game, but those can be played over the course of months. I’m not interested in launching that when I’d be starting with a team whose player ratings are wildly outdated. Get it together, 2K. This release doesn’t meet your standards! Please update player ratings ASAP!

- Hustle

I love the game and I have played every season that has come out since phones where able to play these games. There are a lot of things wrong with this game but my biggest gripe is the hustle plays. I don’t care if you are playing the worse team in the league they will out hustle you all night long. The will our jump you on rebounds, they will beat you to all the loose balls, there awareness is such much better than yours. You knock the ball out of there hands and they bend over and immediately pick it up while your man just stands there looking stupid. They will dive out of bounds an save the ball to there teammates every time. They will go up and get a rebound and put it back up before my men even get off the ground one time. They will rebound over two or three of my teammates at a time multiple times on one play. If you pass it inside they will swipe down and steal the ball but you very rarely can do it to them. Any one on the other team can make remarkable shouts around the rim but if you try it you mostly miss or get bumped then miss with no foul call. I’m just saying make it a little more fair.

- Major problem.

The game is solid but twice now, I had saved my progress and it doesn’t load properly. I was 18 games into my career and it put me back like 9 games and the first time it happened thankfully I was only 3 games in and it started me back at the first game. I had also gotten all the VC level up rewards all the way up to overall 95 and had maxed out my player and I made sure to save it, and the next day I got on and I was at a 79 overall and had 493 VC when I had like 300k leftover from the rewards, play through, buying equipment, and upgrading my badges to gold. So I thought no big deal I’ll reach an 80 overall again and get the rewards so I can max out again so I spent a little money to get the VC to upgrade to an 80 and go to check the rewards and it said that they were already claimed. So now I got screwed out of a ton of VC and my player is at a way lower overall from where I saved.

- Just why

This game is too expensive to have as many problems as it does. I have played 2K on my phone sense 2k15 and this is by far the most glitched version I have ever played. Loading in every mode takes literally longer that it takes to bake a cake. I used to love this game but it is really horrendous for the money you have to spend and the amount of time it takes to do literally anything. This version is also by far the laziest attempt to update the game I have ever seen. Not only do I get the glitches that other reviews shed light on I get multiple more that I could talk about for the next week. My player/career crashed when I was 40+ games into the season averaging good numbers and all of the data and even my player was gone. I tried many things to get this player back because I spend a load of time developing him but that was to no avail. Before anyone says that I must have an old phone or bad internet I must say that I have one of the newest Iphones and the best internet connection possible for the area I live in. My message to the developers would be: THE GAME IS NOT FUN WHEN IT IS CONSTANTLY BREAKING!!!!!

- App crashes

First of all, let me just say the gameplay is great, and if the software engineers who designed the game release updates fixing the bugs, I’d be happy to give it four or five stars. Unfortunately, I often can’t access the great gameplay because the app crashes. For example, in my career mode, I can’t even move past getting drafted to a team because every time I try and challenge a teammate to one on one (the first step after getting drafted) the app crashes. Secondly, in the “around the world” practice drill you are required to tap a player to pass them the ball and start the drill. A simple concept that should be easy enough to do; however, I like to use the player lock camera setting, and in this setting I cannot see any other players on my screen to tap, and I cannot click the pause button to change the camera setting until after I have tapped a player to start the drill. I’ve only had this game for about 24 hours, and I’ve already struggled with these issues and if I continue to play, I’m sure I’ll find more... I hope the developers release an update soon.

- Fix this in 2k21 mobile

We need more online park ideas I know 2k y’all can do wayyyyy better fam this run the streets mode not it I’m sorry at least give us where we can play against each other with our my career players it don’t even transfer over forget all this run the streets mode we ain asking for park mode like console but you know what we want don’t be lazy bro you’ll get more profit out of this mobile game if you stop being lazy this game looks like 2k10 on ps2 fam do better the same graphics every year gotta change bro you know what we want now fix it make it where we get badges and features like console and make online play more detail bro and I know y’all can do it all this technology we got now you can do it just being lazy give us 3on3 real player time NOOOOOO AI that’s trash bro we can do it through game center ppl from our contacts can join up or real players across the world we can join up on bro do better fam I better not see the same 2k10 graphics and trash features 2k cmon give us what we want

- We want HOF badges, and park in 2k21!

I really love this game, so much but it would be better if you added more comp on this game, because it is very easy to get good in this game and make shots, I want a challenge, lower the vc gain or add more attribute slots or something. Its way too easy to get good and to score on people. Also about online, We really want parks added to the game and there might not be much people playing in park like people usually do on console version of 2k but maybe you can add a 1v1, that can really be a solution to that, 1v1s are something all of us have been asking for, and please.. please. For the love of 2k ADD HALL OF FAME BADGES😭😭 like please 2k we need it and also updated badges and new badges like range extender and new ones like green machine, if greening gets harder this year which I really hope happens.. but anyways that’s pretty much it.. Thanks, From: David

- And 2k is the best🙄

Okay 2k y’all need to get it together. First I wanna say why do y’all have a shooting system if it isn’t accurate. I mean when I play on ps4 and I get green I splash it no matter who!! But in the iOS version I hit green 4/10 times I ether brick or it goes outta bounds. Then y’all say updated graphics but the people and the hair looks like we’re playing 2k16😤. And some players overall are not accurate how come Kyle korver is a 75 but he hits threes like crazy. Not only that why is the draft sooo long!!! Not only that the my career is so long!! Like why can’t we just do the draft then the summer league then the season. Not only that u never get to start u can even play for a trash team like the cavs and still ride the bench. Like u know u need me or u wouldn’t pick me up🤷🏽‍♂️ so why bench me and not let me play until the very end of the 4th quarter. Not only that why can’t we pick which collage we come from! This game has potential and it really fun!! But again get ur stuff together!!!!!!!🤦🏾‍♂️

- Dribbling moves/Archetypes

I would like to start off by saying that I’ve been enjoying this game since I’ve gotten 2k17 mobile. I just would like to ask if you could add more dribbling moves. I usually run with a PG/SG Playmaker and i would like to feel creative and different with new dribbling moves. It will make it more fun as a ball handler and as a floor general knowing that i would be placed in situations to dribble out of situations to make amazing plays on the court. Also can we get a different Archetype system for the next game. I would like to be a little bit more versatile with my builds to make it more entertaining and allow me to expand my creativity for ways to dominate the game in different ways. Thank you for the hard work on the game. I appreciate the gameplay and the fun it still brings to me.

- New version causes crashing vs. Magic

Update: Since version 1.01 hit, it’s now impossible to get through a game against the Orlando Magic. I’ve seen the same problem echoed in other reviews. PS4 controller is very responsive with iOS 13, but every time you “press and hold” the triangle/Y button to call for a screen, your player posts up. Very annoying as you’re supposed to have to double tap that button to post. As many have mentioned, ratings and contracts haven’t been updated for this release. You’d think that would be a fundamental component to get right in yearly sports-game release. I thank 2K for continuing to release this paid game each year even though 2K Mobile (which I will never touch) now also exists, but it’s fairly obvious each new version of this game is put together with a minimum effort and attention to detail. For next year, I really wish that instead of new menus and some new mode, all effort would go towards refining the existing game and providing some things players have for years been asking for..... like new (non-ugly) MyPlayer equipment, ability to call plays, not have your MyPlayer have to play nearly every minute of every game, dual archetypes, etc....... Nice job on giving players a difficulty choice in MyCareer and some of the new player models.


I first want to say that I play nba 2K20 on console and it is so much better because it is a console. I first want to point out tho that we miss greens way to much. If your just playing the game like I am on vacation or down time when your not near your console you want it to be fun... not something that frustrates you because you miss every single green. I was in a game as a 61 overall greening from past the hash every shot and I missed every shot. If that was the console I would have made every single one of those greens. I understand that the graphics are terrible because it is a phone but they can DEFINITELY be better and please let us make every green. I don’t want it like the old 2k16 were I have to pray that my green goes in. And lastly make it easier to get overall in this game. People won’t grind this game like they do on console so why make it as hard. I really don’t think this game is bad but that is the stuff that needs to be fixed in this game. Thank you

- Sloppy Development!

I am soooooooo glad I paid only $0.99 for this awful game. I would have definitely requested a refund if I payed $5.99. Are you serious? The design of this game is horrible. From the players, the arenas, my player, functionality. Also I am playing my first nba game and there is no crowd whatsoever. There was no crowd in summer league but I could hear the crowd. Really? The MyPlayer design options are horrendous. What ar the extra things attached to the hair? My player is supposed to be bald. There is some thing protruding from the back of his head at the bottom. I am actually angry about this monstrosity of a game! I’m tempted to ask for a refund of the $0.99. This game is not worth it. It was put together with no effort or concern about those who enjoy basketball and playing the games. Everything needs to be upgraded. No. There needs to be a complete overhaul. Just shut it down and ask customers to be patient. I’m sure we will wait for a 2K20 worth playing. Just awful!!!!!!!!! I’m deleting now!

- Very disappointed. It literally regressed this year.

I’ve been playing this 2k iOS series since the first one came out. They had put some upgrades here and there over the years, but mostly minor ones. I remember only one or two versions with major moving forward. In that sense, this particular version is very disappointing. It inherited all the graphic and control issues from 2019 version such as stat pop up window showing in the middle of screen or not being able to change the controller size for the default mode. This was why I stopped playing 2k19. I evened communicated with the developers regarding this issues, and they even opened the bug ticket, but never addressed it even on the new version. The graphic is not updated, no crowd no coaches, no updated uniforms, how could it get worse like this? Either poor project managements or horrible QA works. I do like the street mode tho. So, this version is essentially shuffled around version from 2k19 and made it worse.

- Rebounding system is wonked

Alrighty first if your looking at this your smarter than around 30% of people. In the game the rebounding system doesn’t seem to do its job as it’s supposed to. I’m a 7’1 glass cleaning center and I’m not able to grab as many rebounds as I’m supposed to. So I thought “oh let’s try a post scorer” I heard those builds rebound pretty good to put it into short perspective “it didn’t work”. So I headed back to the glass cleaner finished off the season as the mvp and I was trying to end the season with the most rebounds “HOF milestone and I go to check how many I averaged and it was 6 rebounds per game! For a canter that’s atrocious For a center. It might be that I’m playing for the rockets and Clint Capela is on it so I was went and checked his stats 12pts and 6.7 rebounds per game. Even when I’m not playing no one goes after rebounds it’s frustrating and I hate the rebounding system

- Some Improvement

1. Ratings( more realistic) 2.Updated jumpshots(for example jumpshots over 100 and amateur jumpshots)Updated player looks and forms and more customization including adding player accessories) 3.Association( edit draft classes is huge because ppl would want create their own players and edit player ratings for more control. Also realistic stats. For example there are only like 4 players averaging over 10 rebounds a game in this mode and elite playmakers are averaging less than 10 assist a game this is unrealistic. Add staff signing. 3 pt and dunk contest. With these things fixed this can easily be a 4.5-5 star game. Updated attributes like contested jumpshots, passing iq, shot iq, etc you know 4.Manage rosters/Associations allow us to adjust player ratings and other teams for more control. 5.Allow us to do player badges. You are limiting us from doing a lot of things which is why the games ratings/reviews are so low

- Make it fun and more optional

NBA 2K needs to make a in depth my career and be able to add lag sleeves and arm sleeves they also need to add more badges and instead of upgrading your badges with vc make the player earn or unlock them by playing the game. If you can make a park mode I’m this game and actual good tendencies this game can be a whole lot better and fun. I think adding more to the game would make it worth $7 they should also add more shoes and accessories for your my player I also think this years way of getting vc when you get to a certain overall is a great way to save money you should keep it in the game forever. Overall just give us the fun 2k game we all want and agree that if you can make the mobile NBA 2k as near as the console version it would sell better and make you so muck more money I promise.

- Lack of Efforts

2K20 is a great game from many standpoints, the gameplay I found has vastly improved and become more smooth, the players look better (mostly), updated player pictures, etc... The real issue is just laziness, I mean they didn’t rate most players wrong, they just haven’t updated them since the beginning of 2K19, and the rookies just have random stats that throw off their entire overall. For example Zion has an 86 three point shot and every single rookie has 96 on ball defense and 86 ball handling somehow. In addition none of the player stats have been updated, on their card it will show their stats from 2 seasons ago corresponding to last season. Lastly there was no updating of contracts from this past offseason. Other than these places where a small amount of effort could have gone a long way this a 5 star game, but part of releasing a new NBA game is updating rosters, contracts, and stats.

- Same issues as last year

The scoring leaders have no order whatsoever when you try to see any leader in any category. We use this game for the franchise and it’s not been updated or possibly even looked at by the developer. I said all that I’m saying last year. The jersey get all funky in games and glitchy. You can’t even import rosters or add legends? Really? The rosters are never ever updated through the season atleast if your to lazy add the legends and more make and edit player options and let the 2K community make our own rosters as updates to share your game would be more popular. You focus to much on your other 2K mobile game and it’s wack anyway hommies, live done has that on lock if you wanna get that you need to make this game better and add that stuff to this game like the console. You guys change the cover and sell the same game every year feel ripped off update it and give the next version free or early release or something

- NBA 2K20

The Player ratings are all the way off!! The same glitches have been the same for the pass 4 or 5yrs!!! The commentary is still da same..They make so many changes to da game but never address anything dealing with da in-game gameplay!! I’m tired of playing the exact same game every year, with the same exact glitches..Cmon 2k, do u actually care about the loyal fans who are constantly spending their money on this game? U have made your other game “NBA 2K mobile” significantly better with graphics, commentary and everything else, but u charge us for a game that is worse..If 2K mobile allowed you to pick teams and play with current rosters anytime, and had the same controls as 2K20, than I would probably switch..Please show your customers u care please. Seriously the game hasn’t changed at all since 2K17

- Park Rep system, graphics,duel archetypes, hairstyles, and achievements

2k developers please for 2k21 mobile add a park rep system improve graphics and add duel archetype because it could add more people to the mobile community. Also we can enjoy the game more instead of playing cpu all the time. You guys should add more hairstyles we have been having the same hairstyles for more then 6 years we hope for a change in how you guys do the game we have been stuck with the same game modes for a long time and we want something new. Also we should get achievements just like 2k17 mobile mobile should be treated good and the same as console. Please I’m asking for some changes.

- Good, but not Great

Quite honestly, I expected more from the developers this time round. Such included, better graphics, better shot meter accuracy as well as feedback accuracy quite frankly a new upgraded look in every fashion of the game. They have the tools but every year refuse to update the engine. The gameplay is great but my main issue is the lack of progress from latter years in terms of graphics and shooting. Before I leave, let me remind 2K that even though we prefer to play this game, if 2K Mobile adds every other feature such as the real time a game takes or different camera angles, story mode, Character customization and what not, that preference would change. Come on guys give us what we want stop being lazy and actually put some work into it. Good, but not great.

- I see all the improvements from 2K19

First off BIG THANKS to 2K Interactive for adding online multiplayer. You can hop online & pick a team & play against people from all around the world! I wanted that for sooo long since 2K17. They changed the engine on the graphics since 2K19 I like it but some players like Kawhi & PG & Anthony Davis got a downgrade on their facial appearance in my opinion, like they should of just left their faces alone & not attempted to adjust anything on some vet players. All 2K really NEEDS to do is address the elephant in the room & add more Alternate Nike NBA jerseys for us to play with & This game IS a 5-star game, until then its 4. Update the game as well its been 2 months & the trade deadline passed a month ago, update the rosters & jersey numbers. Great job on the improvements 2K.

- Severely Disappointed.

I don’t usually pay for apps because of how many great free apps there are. However, I bought this because I enjoyed other mobile NBA games so much and I wanted to play the MyPlayer mode. To put it bluntly, this app is a complete let down. This app looks like sports games from 6+ years ago. Ugly interface, it’s slow, bad graphics compared to other NBA games, the controls are annoyingly unintuitive. I was expecting something logical and easy to use with an interesting storyline similar to the console’s version of MyPlayer. Instead, I payed $6 for a robot to read boring and uncreative paragraphs to me. They should really use the same controls as EA’s, “NBA Live.” I expected much more from such a notable game. In fact, I would expect more than this from a no name game designer. It’s 2019... mobile games have moved way beyond this garbage. I wish I could get a refund, because I’m never gonna play this game anymore.

- Unlocked Michael Jordan but he is locked again.

I unlocked Michael Jordan by making connection in career mode. I was for a short time able to play as Michael Jordan in blacktop only to try to do so again today and find he was locked yet again. I closed the app and opened it again thinking it might be some mistake but when I saw it was not. I unlocked Michael Jordan in career mode by making connections and after a short period of time he is locked yet again and I’m told when selecting him I need to make a connection to unlock him. No, I do not need to go back and start over and make a connection with him all over again. I already did that. 2K maybe don’t lock players if it is temporary when you earn the unlock Can we just not have players lock? Sure additional courts and gear fine lock those and have those be earned. But keep all players unlocked. Not too much to ask for.

- 2K20 Mobile

You’re Doing Good Things Adding Run The Streets It’s Perfect but if you make it 2V2 instead of 3v3 it would be better we want to play against our friends WITH our friends and we’ve been wanting 1V1 with myplayers also this would make you more money if you do this also because people would be in a rush to make players and play, plus adding more archetypes dual or let us create builds like console also the badge system is horrible it should go back to 2K16 or create a whole new one and we need different blacktops we’ve had the same ones since like 2K15 no excuses to not make a new one and improve on the graphics they’ve been the same for years if y’all take time on it would make way more money and the community would grow

- Need to make huge improvements

This is a good game but there are a lot of things that need to be improved. For starters the mycareer attribute ratings. How can you have a spot up shooter that can’t shoot wide open threes, that’s unreal. The shooting should match the players attribute ratings. And the shoot meter is SUPER BROKEN. If I shoot a wide open green release then I expect to make it because that’s the whole point of a green release it tells you that you released it at the right moment which means it’s 100%. This game is just the laziest one I have ever played because it’s so plain and unbelievably ridiculous with the shooting system. The game could be a little bit more interactive and in depth like 2k16 was. Not saying do the exact same thing as 16 but make it more interesting and fair for everyone who plays the game and loves playing this game. JUST DO BETTER

- Nba 2k21 advice

This game has a tone of potential its been getting more popular over the years and will only continue to. There is even a whole youtuber named Bouks that is gonna hit 100k off this game. Not to mention people like PlugCity. Anyway we know y’all not gonna give us much differences. But this is 3 THINGS we need in 2k21! - Run mypark wit friends (on our own team) - dual archetype or atleast a more expanded archetype system - new jumpshot system because the only reason we miss greens is because it’s too easy and we on a old engine Bonous: better hairstyles, mycareer expanded...

- I stand by my rating

Look, this game is great and all but it’s a copy and paste every single year, listen to me and change it NOW while you still have time. If it’s the same content EVERY year this game will lose players and revenue. You don’t want to lose the one thing you’re making these for (money) do you? Listen to the players and add the things we want! 2k16 with accurate rosters, better graphics, and new badges. Don’t take away mypark when you can improve on it. Make the career story line more interactive and people like me wouldn’t have to write this. Please keep the reward system, have more builds that can max out at 99. I’m giving you tips so listen up 2K and turn things around, I believe in the devs of this game, you still have time to turn it around so please do so. Give power to the players, make a suggestion box, do something to give the players SOME TYPE of input.

- bUg fIXeS

You update the game now for some odd reason, during the hiatus for corona, with new rosters even though the NBA roster has been like this since the trade deadline. Probably the most irrelevant and futile time you could have done that. To add on, I don’t know what you’re guys’ definition of bug fixes is but, Trae Young still being eligible to win rookie of the year in his second year🤨 is not a bug fix. This update really revealed that you don’t care about your mobile game at all, and the same problems persist every year especially with the console adaptation. But regardless of all the cons mentioned, I’ve had fun playing the game, I guess it’s the joy of overcoming the bs adversity this game holds, with that being said it’s only the previously mentioned that has really just irked and bothered me.

- Good game but needs these changes

Bobby boy hill and Walter ray Williams jr have it right. I’ve been playing this for 4 years now, and every year, I miss at least 5 open threes that I green off gold dimer. This really needs to be patched. Also, obey pointed the rebounding flaws, which is really bad. Westbrook in real life grabs like10 board a game, but in this game he grabs maybe 3. One other thing I’d like to point out is the BS steals this game gives. I’ve gotten bumped countless times, and gotten picked by the defense. This makes the Jordan 0 turnover 45 point challenge almost impossible. One other thing we need is 2 archetypes. We are behind the consoles by 3 years now, and I don’t think that would be hard to do. This game is a good game, and if we just fixed these few things, the game would be perfect.

- Decent BUT!

The game is very decent, and for what it’s able to pull off for a mobile game in terms of graphics and game mechanics it’s decent. However, there are many issues this game has that I’ve seen from the last 2K mobile game that I still see today. For example, the green light feature is useless. Why have it in the game if hardly any shots are going to go in? This was also an issue last year and I’m disappointed to see it’s still here. Maybe a way to fix this is to have a way to turn off the shot meter so people don’t have to focus on green lighting all the time and focus on the animation like console. There are other features I could go over but then that would just be repeating everything everyone else has already said.

- Terrible Team chemistry Feature

Not bad. But one thing I dislike is the team chemistry feature on my career. I have been playing 2k mobile for 5 years now, I usually play a few regular season games then simulate to the playoffs when playing my career. But every time u simulate games it decreases your team chemistry score which in turn lowers your player minutes regardless of you’re overall. Come playoff time, you are out the starting line up and are given role player minutes even if you’re 95 overall. I wish 2k removes the team chemistry feature or at least let it have no effect on player minutes when you simulate your games. It’s not realistic to play all 82 games in a season to make sure you’re players minutes don’t get affected.

- Fix The Game

Add The ability to be able To lock on a certain player in quick game/Association mode and also add The ability to be able to completely fix up characters you edit because on mines I can't edit my characters face skin tone or his age and also update the cpu because there is no way I'm constantly blowing defensive possessions because my teammates keep letting the opponent blow by them and fix the fouls because I'm tired of reach in fouls everytime i try to steal but you can't lockdown your matchup for nun and Turnovers need to be reduced And add takeover to mycareer and add wnba and fix edit player in roster viewer and fix on association mode☹️☹️Please fix if you can make it simple on console you can do it for the mobile players too🔥🔥🤙🏽

- Stop being harsh on a $5 mobile game

People really writing full blown reviews criticizing this game when it’s $5 on your phone or iPad . Gameplay for the most part is good and you can do all facets of the game as you can in real life . (Chasedown blocks, poster dunks , ankle breakers) . They’ve also done a solid job adding emotion and animations after shots and fouls . And if you’re on a relatively new device the graphics are pretty great , player models aren’t always the best but the court crowd and reflections are all very nice . They have online play for head 2 head and blacktop mode . THIS GAME IS FUN A WELL WORTH THE CHEAP PRICE DO NOT LISTEN TO OTHER CRY BABY REVIEWS LOL . (and I don’t even like 2k as a company but cmon ppl)

- More Career Mode Features

I love this game, it’s one of my favorites to play but I feel like more stuff should be added to Career Mode. For example you should be able to customize sneakers and get more alternate uniforms for teams. I also feel like the drafts in Association mode should have higher overall players because everyone after the 5th pick is anywhere from 65 to 45. There should also be more stories in career mode, in my opinion. I feel like a feature like story telling should be optional in setting because some people don’t like storylines. Lastly, when creating your MyPlayer you should be able to do a face scan to make your player resemble yourself more.

- Good game, but incredibly buggy.

I’m gonna list the pros and cons about this game, PROS: The graphics are good, animations are good. And that’s about it. CONS: Incredibly buggy, when you start up a new game, there is always a chance of the jerseys glitching out. Ratings are rigged, I have a 99 three-point rating and still miss wide open greens and you can’t shoot far with three pointers (you go only about 6 feet or so and shooting becomes a C-). Some characters are bald when they aren’t in real life. Run the Streets is somewhat unfair, I have my 99 three-point and and it gets reduced to 41 or so. Pretty much. Console versions are better in every department, even in some that mobile should win. 2k really slacked off with this. I got lucky that it was on sale.

- Glitchy

Very glitchy. Was playing ok at first with the occasional freezes then the game kept freezing up and eventually would kick me out to the home screen. I keep trying to go back in and it gets to a certain point and it kicks me out. I deleted and reinstalled still the same. From the little bit that I did get to play I like with a few changes. You guys messed up big time in a lot of the rookies player appearances also during association’s you have the cpu create unrealistic rotations for instance the Boston Celtics on this app has Kemba Walker, Romeo Langford (who hasn’t played a game yet this season), Jason Tatum, Grant Williams (Rookie), and Enes Kanter starting this is not the Celtics lineup. When I went and adjusted the rotation it would not save. I want the app developers to really go back over this app it needs some work.

- Good simulation

Overall this is a very strong game. It can get a glitchy at times. And yes ... passes do go to the wrong person even when you are convinced you pointed in the right direction. But the game play is very realistic. Graphics are great. And the Ai is incredibly hard to beat. If you get behind more than 8-10 points in hall of fame mode it can be really hard to come back. The all time rosters are pretty great. Although it’s too bad Reggie Miller and a Charles Barkley didn’t want to be included. Those teams sorely miss their presence. Not very good multi player options. But the Ai is good enough to make it interesting. If you leave them open or have poor coverage they make you pay.

- It’s a great game but need minor improvements

In my opinion a mobile version of a console game needs to have most of the modes in the actual game. This doesn’t feel like 2K20 or 21 at all. I don’t expect them to have great graphics but it just is 2k11 copy and pasted in to a mobile game. The thing that that bugs me the most is the bar I sure most people agree about this. I can constantly green on a 25 3pt shot and I miss every time. What also bugs me is that there shot quality so if your steph curry wide open and say your 4 feet away from the 3 pt line you get a d+ shot quality and miss almost every time. But it’s very fun to play with Yao Ming against spud Webb.

- I love this game, but.

Great game love it needs create a player and edit draft class added then its perfect... 2K sorry to bug but I really appreciate this mobile version of 2K for many reasons and I find myself on this one more than the console version and I feel like I would much rather play this one more and just play the console when I have to if I could create my own player outside of the MC mode and maybe edit draft class I still rate it 5 stars because greatness is greatness but in closing I would pay the same amount for the console version if I had those few changes thanks for caring salute.

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2K20 Mobile is an above average game for me. It’s my first NBA 2K Mobile game that I’ve ever played so I really don’t have anything to compare it to. The graphics aren’t that great, but the gameplay is what needs to be upgraded. First, you need to really fix the shot meter because we can’t be out here bricking green shots and A+ quality looks. That’s really annoying. Second, maybe add a takeover feature in all the game modes? We need to know when we’re getting hot and when we cool down. Update your graphics. Seriously we paid for this game, and it has improved on last year’s game but the other 2K game looks way better and it’s free. We should be getting our money’s worth. More accessories. Why can’t my MyPlayer get headbands and more armsleeves?? That’s a bummer because it would look better if we had more of a variety in terms of clothing etc. Overall, get your act together 2K. We know you have the capacity to make great games (in terms of gameplay and graphics), give us what we paid for.

- Massive Improvements Needed.

Let’s get this clear. NBA 2K20 Mobile has the potential to be an amazing game. Its expectations each year are pretty low and a few changes to the game would make it amazing. Take a look at 2K Mobile. Its gameplay is console like, which shows that 2K is capable of producing a game with great gameplay on mobile. However, 2K20 Mobile does not live up to its untapped potential. The game needs major changes such as a minutes reduction to your MyPlayer (Because nobody wants to play a full 48 minute game for every game of the season), an introduction of a system where if you hit an excellent release, it actually goes IN. There’s plenty of other changes that need to be made, but these 2 are the main ones. In conclusion, this is a game that could be fantastic, but right now, it’s at most mediocre.

- Need an updates

Nothing’s new for MC, in my opinion 2k16 had better my career mode because there are more animations like MyPlayer’s poster on an ads, a magazine of my player and we also can change our nick name, since in 2k20 MyPlayer’s nick name is a “Garbage Man” which sounds not that good. Also in 2k16 we can use star players shooting form releases and shot bases. And please update the rookies tacko fall, bol bol. And update players’ faces its kinda horrible for example klay thompson, Anthony Davis the headband stuck inside of his hair. Thanks.

- A thing I would like to be added

Hey 2k I would love if you could add a reset button which resets the hole game and deletes everything because I got a 90 overall but then I pressed cload save instead of device and it made me restart and when I made a new player I couldn’t get the overall rewards because I had a character before but it got deleted so I couldn’t get it back or restart and still get the rewards but I really love the game

- Best game ever just needs a bit of fixing

My favourite game yet just the graphics aren’t that good there heads look like potato’s I play on a iPad mini 4 it would be pretty cool if you could add in the neighbour hood in just need to fix the graphics and fix the hair to where’s all the 2k19 hair like the dreads that stick up and basically every hair cut has a bold patch of hair in the middle and when i try to make my Afro all buffy it goes short please fix it but very very fun to play

- Disrespectful

So this was a great game 3 years ago. Since then very little has changed and unfortunately it’s been surpassed in fun by EA NBA. Here’s a few reasons: - Commentators calling the wrong names of players that aren’t even on that team. - The rookie class in early mycareer being 3yrs old. - No crowds in the stadiums - Bought items not displaying on character. - Innacurate shooting bar animation For whatever reason the developer has clearly not invested any money into furthering or polishing this games dynamics. Like i said it’s a great game for 3yrs ago and since nothing has changed but the interface to still charge each year like it’s a new game, i find just disrespectful. Again, just an incomplete experience.

- how hard could it be to update the player ratings?

It’s better than 2k19 and I like the new run the street mode but the player ratings are not updated? How hard could it be? Also for the MC mode would it be possible to have an upper limit for the MPG? It’s just doesn’t make sense for a player to play the full 48mins for every game. Something like 40-41 MPG would be better.

- A few things that are annoying

A lot of the time I get perfect releases and they don’t go in. Also a lot of the time I get A+ quality shots and they don’t go in. I know this is different on console so my suggestion is that you change the shot meter to the same as on console and every time you get a perfect release it goes in. Apart from that it is a great game.

- Needs 1 more thing

NBA 2K, plz listen to this and do it in your new 2K mobile game. Please make the shot meter the same thing as the one on the xbox and in 2K mobile. Please this would be great. And can you pls try to add more face designs and stuff. But just please please please do the shot meter thing and make it the same as the xbox. Thanks

- Pretty good but improvement is needed

Game is pretty good overall but I had some small problems my game keeps crashing when I get to the 1 V 1, my I change the length of my hair length of my player then change something else the hair length goes back to zero and on the rebounding drill it’s to far zoomed in so you can’t do it. Sorry that these are all my career problems it’s my favourite game mode.

- Refund

Can I get a refund? This game is terrible. No realism in any part of the game. The Charlotte hornets were the simulated champions in my season....Charlotte? And the nets got a priority pick, with a healthy KD. It feels like I’m playing an arcade version of nba2k. Why all the turn overs? Why can’t you set up defense? Why are there so many swings in momentum? Why can’t guys catch a ball? What’s with the small buttons? What’s with the game simulations? I think if you want to make a game for smartphones, strip it back. Sell association mode as it’s own game and focus on making it good.

- Why am I missing A+ shoots?

Every time in my career or just a regular game I always miss a open mid-range or open threes it’s just stupid I don’t know why you aren’t fixing it and the graphics haven’t fixed a bit

- This is a great game but needs some fixes

NBA2k20 is an amazing game but every time I go into my career and play about a minute of the match, it just takes me of the game and onto my home screen. Eventually I get back on the app and everything reset as if I double tapped and swiped up. This app is amazing but be careful of some glitches

- iPhone 7 Plus/7 Crash

So I’ve been a 2K20 fan for so long and I finally bought 2K20 but it keep on crashing on 1 on 1 making impossible to get through the story please fix but overall 7/10

- Alright needs some improvement

The game is great for overall but in blacktop you should be able to use Dwayne wade and every legend without unlocking them like magic Johnson is locked and I don’t know hot to get him In my career and in my career please let’s pg dunk and make it easier to dunk great game overall

- Shoot button.

Excellent game - but the controls are in dire need of improvement. Virtually every time I try to shoot, I miss the tiny ‘shoot’ button. It would be awesome if the buttons were customisable (in size and location on the screen). Particularly for the larger iPhones.

- Pls come out with 2K21

A whole bunch of people would love to see the new release come out. Please releaseeeeee it and just fix a bit of quality within the players and add MyTeam... even if it’s BETA...

- Good but needs improvements

if you play my association kid is still a free agent along with Kyrie and Dwight and all the other 2019 free agents and my career is dope and yo7 need to change the contracts so there the same as this season and come on Damian Lillard needs at least a 90


The first thing is that I took 1 hour to find out how to customise my character so I think that needs to be more clear. The second and last thing is GRAPHICS the graphics of this game are really bad right now, there’s free basketball games that have WAY better graphics than a $9.99 game, so that needs to get fixed as well.

- Can u fix the cometary

The game is great the only problem I hav with it is the cometary it lags out and some matches they don’t even talk. Also one ask a question during the game and the other cometary doesn’t even responds

- The update helped

But personally I don’t like the gear that’s used in MC it kinda feels over the top (leg and arm gear, shoes are fine) Zion doesn’t dunk in game, I know it only one thing but it’s kinda big thing. And take over doesn’t work in association games Other that that is an alright game, definitely the best the App Store has to offer and 2K knows this so it just feels like a waste of money

- Underrated

Easily one of the best apps for mobile devices. Ballin’ 24/7. Getting VC is easy which is nice. 5/5 still waiting for NBA 2k21 on ios tho

- Worst Support Ever

I tried to trade my character to another team, and what happen is once the trade is complete, my character was stuck and i cant proceed to the next game. Contacted the support, waited for over a month and the response is a textbook guide of how to restart and reinstall. Can anyone just tell me how to fix it and so i can continue my game ??!!

- Weekly tasks

When are the new weekly tasks coming? Those were really fun to do if you guys were to add more of them it would make the game so much more fun to play

- Was good previously

I was loving this game, until it starts crashing non stop in the last couple of days. Very disappointing since I’ve got the latest version and I spent money to buy it.

- Graphics

I have purchased this app over and over and the graphics never seem to change maybe have graphic similar to nba 2k mobile that would be goat Or have some type of next gen for phone

- Game continues to crash

Been playing the game since it came out it’s fun. However since the recent update it continues to crash. I have the newest update and am running it on the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Please fix this can only play like 2 minutes at a time.

- Run the Streets

Something weird always happens when I’m pressing the run the streets button because it always crashes on me.

- How the game could be better

The game could be better if it had my team and locker codes

- Crashes on IPad Pro

Hi, I really enjoying playing this game, but it usually crashes when I’m playing my career mode. It’s really annoying when I have got a good static’s and the game just crashes. Please fix that, HUGE THANKS!

- This game nearly took me a whole day to download

It took one day otherwise the gameplay is great

- Randomly corrupted save file

The game is ok but after a few weeks of playing my MyProfile was randomly deleted and I was forced to make a new MyPlayer... also losing my career files in the process

- Great game with great features

This game is amazing. It has amazing graphics, audio, soundtracks, gameplay and controls. This game is amazing for a mobile game.

- Pls fix

Pls fix the NBA2K16 controller, you cannot post up when you double click the setup button and the intense D doesn’t seems to work properly

- NBA 2k20 mobile

I hope 2k put sim to end back on every people’s my career mode in 2K20 and also change the brocklyn nets jerseys and aslo the court and also put tacko fall on nba and bol bol I hope the 2k fix it

- Audio

Plz make better audio and a shooting bar to see if u get green or anything but other than that it’s super good and fun

- Worst game of all time

Do you like missing wide open greens?What about fouls for no reason? Or horrible controls?Or the AI can’t miss even from full court?And your teammates can’t make an open layup to save their lives! Horrible game do not recommend! A jarred finger could make a better game

- 2K20

Great game would recommend for anyone interested in sport and one of the best games I have played!

- Flash quit of apps all the time when play MC one on one

It always flash quits when I try to play MC one on one step. I cannot proceed any further with MC. Being waiting for updates for a few weeks, not a single one. How hard to fix this issue? Always being a loyal fan since 2K17, very disappointed with 2K20. No improvements or changes stand out. Games industry is changing fast. Please don’t kill our love of this game by your legacy (or dinosaur) attitude.

- Good but...

It’s good but just needs to be fixed a little bit, like the resolution for iPhone XS Max, and the audio is a bit weird.

- A lot of bugs and improvements to be implemented

It’s a good game. 1. This game is battery draining. 2. When you broke the nba record. It’s still the same persons name but with updated stats. Still a lot of improvements.

- Free roam

You should be able to free roam around like on the console so u can visit the shops and etc.

- Crashing

It keeps crashing when i’m playing. Really frustrating.

- Takeover

Takeover was only put in one game mode and replaced being hot and cold, so how am I suppose to get microwave in mycareer

- My career calendar

I’m in the finals for my career but I can play the last game of the series because of the calendar just scrolls back and I can’t click the last game.

- Best one yet

This is the best NBA2k mobile but I wish it had more features like being able to influence trades and feee agents.

- Shot meter

I love the game just that I think you should add a shot meter and update player ratings

- Unfinished

Please add past champions and season awards to career mode.... would be good to see your progress over multiple seasons Association mode finals mvp goes to the same player every year.... Pls fix this up

- Changes please! Game is trash 2k16 mobile was better

Make the graphics look like 2k mobile and fix it when you brick greens and miss A+ quality looks. If this is fixed I will give a 5 star review.

- Smh

Was enjoying the game till it started crashing everytime I went into run the streets mode and I purchased the $15 superstar VC pack that comes with 50,00 vc and free 40,000 vc and I didn’t get the extra 40,000 can you tell me what’s going on with that?

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- Exact same

This is the exact same as 2K19, only added rookies. Even the overalls remained the same

- Missing Greens

Can you guys fix missing greens please and the jumpshots in mycareee you can’t even change the bottom release it’s follow through 1-14 so we can’t even pick a actual jumpshot

- Needs to be updated

Hope to see an updated with current rosters and stats otherwise I would like my money back. DO NOT BUY

- R.I.P

I download it for remembering Kobe in story mode😭

- Maybe should have waited until free😳

Was looking forward to playing and waited a long time for it to go on special. Think I should have waited until it was free, not an enjoyable game to play even for a basketball player/fan the last 26 years. GO RAPTORS🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

- keeps crashing on mycareer

everytime i finish a game on mycareer, it keeps crashing and tells me to restart the game, pls fix this problem

- Roster Update.

The trade deadline had passed, please do a Roster Update. Would appreciate that

- Worked great, but now crashes’s been two weeks since I’ve played because 2K20 hasn’t fixed the game. Keeps crashing on my final regular season game in career play. Are they even looking at the comments??? I’ve seen this complaints from numerous posts, so what’s being done?

- Allow more roster flexibility/customizability

After the update, you can’t change the role of players on the roster. Saved rosters don’t carry over to Association mode for whatever reason. Players are automatically deemed benchwarmers even though their overall is way higher than their teammates

- Not buying next year if it’s like this, same game every time since 2k17


- It is beyond me how something can be so bad

Man, how the hell do you guys not even remotely help with the gameplay. For the last three years it’s the most bs thing ever. You can’t run any plays or do anything other than simply constantly screen and take a random shot. What a truly piece of garbage. Will chop off my left testicle before I ever buy a 2k product again.

- It needs an update

It’s way past trade deadline and still duo is still on the warriors

- Bug

I dint even claim the reward yet but it says i did claimed 😏😏

- Pls fix

How to fix the issue, im playing with my career and in the middle of the game the app. Will be shutdown and restart if re run my game wont be resume.... please help

- Bad update

Since the new update I haven’t been able to play once. I’ll play for 5 min then the app will close in on itself. FIX THIS 2K! 👎🏾

- Game crash

Every-time i play my career, the game continues to crash between the match and i am seriously fed up from this problem. Fix this problem ASAP

- Crashing in My Career

Please fix these ASAP! Cant play longer than 30 seconds!

- Please update the rosters

Overall, it’s a pretty good game. But the one thing this game lacks in my opinion is regular roster updates. Do the right thing, update the rosters or I won’t buy the next one.

- Nothing like the ps4 and the Xbox 2K20

You can’t even buy packs with your vc and ps4 and Xbox has more games modes and you can buy packs

- Endless Crashing

Great game but keeps crashing. It keeps getting worse. Getting to the point where it is becoming unplayable. Don’t purchase.

- Cheap and stupid

You can tell it’s from China

- NBA 2K21

When NBA 2K20 came out last year, I paid nearly $10 Can, and I am still waiting for the new release of NBA 2K21. When will it come out?

- Better

Its better but why is there no instant replay and why can’t we use our carrer player in online mode?? And can you add my park.

- Decent

The only problems I had were the overalls, missing greens, not having signature dribbling

- It’s so laggy

How to fix the laggg

- ?

When is nba 2k21 mobile coming out. If it’s not coming please do a roster update

- I need a refund my younger sister downloaded it


- Crashed

Keeps on crashing everytime i try to play quickplay or my career. Dont buy

- Never recommend this

Waste of my time, impossible to play without shooting, rosters broken, and all my stats reset even though I waited for it to “finish loading”

- This game is pretty good

This is a super fun game for its price. I did not get the pc version because it cost 79$ but I got this for only 8$ and it was amazing especially the My Career mode

- Hass to make a new game

Can you just make NBA 2K 20 but like the virus though like no fans are there


Cannot play run the street anymore, just mostly playing my career mode. Every time I tap run the street mode it just closes.

- The fans are missing


- Good game but

It’s a great game but you should also create one for NHL, NFL etc.

- Please release 2K21

We’re all waiting...

- Please release 2k21

This game is good sometimes but please I get tired of having to deal with missing greens so please release 2k21 or just say your not gonna release it

- Fix game blacktop and run the streets keep on crashing

Can you please fix the game like I want to play run the streets and blacktop but when I click it the game crashes the game is cool but I really want to play other game like run the streets and blacktop

- Will NBA 2K21 be on iOS mobile?

Will NBA 2K21 be released on iOS mobile? If so when? Thanks

- Overall dope game 💪🏾

For some reason when my career games start the record shows as 0-0 every games weird but other than that game is dope for a handheld device. When is NBA2K21 Coming out?

- Stop Complaining About Gameplay

This game is literally a mobile port of 2K13 from the PS3/360 era. They can’t improve on the game anymore than they already have. With that being said, the game is fun and just as fluid as it’s last-gen version. Controller compatibility is perfect.

- Great game

Great game

- Crashes every time

Nothing works now. Every time I play any mode in this game the game crashes. I tried everything and nothing works

- Practice mode

Can we get at least get a scrimmage mode for mycareer like holy, other than that fun game to play on the go.

- 2k21

When's 2k21 mobile coming out?

- Nba2k21

When does 21 drop for this ??

- Game need to fix connectivity

Improve the multiplayer make it the same like my career my career has no lag but pls fix it I want to play with no lag

- Awesome

Very cool

- Where do I start

This Game is horrible very glitchy missing wide open greens and much more DO NOT BUY THIS GAME

- Unrealistic.

players have unrealistic jump shots and moves. some players don’t even have a proper face just bald headed. new players all have same jump shots and same crossover, animations, etc. little effort was put in the mobile version.

- Trash Game

This is a trash game, the graphics are terrible, the audio part is also unclear and the feeling of playing this game is horrible again. If you feel angry after playing, yes, I support you and could not agree more

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- Ok to play by yourself but Online(Forget About It)

2k2020 is a game i really wanted so..i got it. Honestly i got what i expected and it was ok. Playing online is not great. Most of the times it will take a long time to match up with someone online because of how bad the quality of playing it is. But if you just want to play "Play Now" then you be happy to know that it is fun. Ive played multiple times again and again with different teams and haven't gotten board. The other features are extremely boring. Like my-career, Run The Streets, The Association, And NBA Story Mode. NBA Story Mode was probably the least boring out of all of them, but nevertheless it is still boring after played for a few hours. Overall my rating is 3/5.

- Need a full version update!

Well first I can’t see any crowd in any arena I played. Start from my careers, association’s to blacktop there were no crowds in stands. Then the control always keeps on changing to new control even we saved from settings, every time the game start I need to go back to settings and chose the control I wanted. Then it’s hard to move the players, even the players with high ratings hard to move around. I had the NBA2K in my mobile since they launched 2k16, to tell the truth this is the worse launching for NBA2K mobile version, only thing I can say perfect is graphics and soundtracks. Need to update fully guys, please do a full update on this ASAP.

- The Game

The game is great and all but with a few other people I would like to agree that I feel like there should be changes to this game to get people more interested. Like to create our own jumpshot like 2k16 or changing our jersey number etc. Also feel like we should have new alternate jerseys, update on players faces and make them play how they actually play the game is great and all but there has to be changes in the overalls and the intensity when playing again other teams . Add real game accessories no more of the fake things lets actually be able to give our my player an arm sleeve or knee pads. The game is great overall but could use some changes ❗️

- This is actually cool

These are one of my favorite games and I really love it and this is one of the games I’m addicted to once nba 2k releases 2k21 they should have this feature where you can go to mypark and do all of that type of stuff that console players are able to do, nba 2k should have the same thing as console because it’s more interesting and cool when it comes to playing on console and I think mobile and console should have the same stuff and same everything. I want to be able to play with other people in mypark. I wish nba 2k on mobile was a little more interesting

- Small request 🙏🏾

I’ve always been a fan of 2k mobile!!!! I have every single one. Not much has changed and honestly it’s cool I’m okay with that. However, can the gear used used in Run The Streets PLEASE be put in the 2k store for my career? At least the Jordan 7’s and the leg sleeves? Or like 2k16 where we were able the shoes and they would be color coded to the teams uniform? You see where I’m getting at? I would be fine with just those simple upgrades. Not saying the wristbands and the calve sleeves aren’t nice and all, but it would be even better if we had more gear. Every player in the game has better gear except my MyPlayer. Could you all do that please?

- Not so good

I play this game when I’m bored but after a while it gets boring and the developers did a bad job on the looks because everyone has a generic face that does not look like the real counterpart and another problem is when I do my career and get a lot finished then let’s say I need to go eat dinner so I switch of my iPad but when I come back it erases all of my data on it and another problem is that there are no super cool features like a three point contest or a dunk contest and I would like if you could make a story game mode I think it would be really enjoyable but i know you already have one in my career but it only last 5 minutes and another problem is you don’t update it and that’s why the game gets so boring

- Everyone, calm the hell down

It’s an adequate game for mobile. If you were expecting a game like the console version, I get why you’re upset by this, but this cost one dollar. It’s a freaking steal. The one thing I’d like to say is that it is 3.2 GB, so download while connected to WiFi, so you don’t destroy your data plan. If you don’t like it, it was one dollar. You can play as NBA players and teams, plus the My Career, so I love it. I also own this game on PlayStation, so I can compare, and the console one, while being better, is close enough to this one that one dollar is incredible. Everyone else, stop complaining. It’s a mobile game. Stop expecting too much.

- Things that need to be fixed and improvements

Y’all should fix it to where we can work for our badges but also choose our on badges . We should have a shot creator like y’all had on 2k16 mobile . We should have different type of arm bands , leg bands , and head bands . So we can put them any where we want like Michael Jordan. And we need those leg bands to be different instead of then being by our socks . We should be doing glitch’s and all this stuff to get it ...Do it like nba players on here . Bc it just feel like where getting cheated out of our money . Let’s see how 2k21 mobile turns out . Y’all can do this . Y’all just got to try !!!

- Good (changed)

Originally I left three stars because of the graphics being bad and there was no controller support, since the last time I played this mobile game the graphics improved and they added controller support I highly recommend this game to a 2k fan or NBA fan. Now it is just a slightly worse version of the actual console game. And I really like the multiplayer modes so I can play with friends. Even blacktop mode is fun just shooting around with Kobe is the best (RIP Kobe 😢🙏🏻🕊) anyway great game, highly recommend it 9/10 dentists also approve of this game. 👌👍🔥

- A lot to fix

Ok I buy this game every year just for the fun of it but dude. You need to fix the free agency in association. I basically only play that mode and you guys kinda screw it up. How is Luka winning rookie of the year when he not a rookie lol. Make the free agency by overall please not team it’s annoying to scroll to random points to find good players. That’s pretty much all I got if you fix that I will give 5 star but for now 4 star bc it’s the best basketball game on mobile:)OH YEA I FORGOT STOP MAKING US MISS GREENS!!!! And also please give us a shot meter at the hands:) make greens harder to get or something because I don’t wanna be missing greens:)

- No one likes micro transactions, but that aside, not bad for 6$

Bought for the first time. For 6$ it’s not too bad. Obviously lacking a lot of the full console version. My career is there, but it’s just a text/narrator story. Players ratings need some tweaking, but for a quick game on the bus, train, plane, boat?, canoe??, etc it’s good. I do HIGHLY recommend using a controller. I used my ps4 controller via Bluetooth and it mapped fine and is much better experience than the crap touchscreen. Glad to see more games getting controller support now. Anyway, as long as you understand you are getting 6$ worth of nba 2K20, you’ll be happy.

- Waste of Money

Makes your device so much battery like, in a few minutes, 20% of your battery is gone. And, the people’s head looks bigger than their body. Plus too much fouls and it’s annoying. The referee is so concern about the players and they kinda want so much fouls for some reason. Also for my MYCAREER, the narrator is so creepy. His voice is so weird and sometimes when we do team vs team, sometimes there is no audience for some kind of reason, so can you fix that. My top dream of improving this game is to add the streets with online players like in the non-mobile version. So please respond me back if this is actually a "A Waste of Money."

- worst game (mechanically)

I am on the verge of deleting it if change doesn’t happen fast! First there is WAY to many foul call on animations where my player has his hands straight up. Second the green light animations doesn't even mean the shot is going to go in. Third my teammates defense off ball is terrible, And lastly there is legit NO SPACING at all on my offense every time i drive my teammates drive with me it gets annoying especially if your my player is a slasher. The only reason im giving the game two stars instead of one is because of the features the game has like the story mode . PLEASE FIX ASAP . How do you have thousands of bad reviews and still do NOTHING about the game its like you don't care about your community. im disappointed in myself for spending money on it

- A few changes needed

I have purchased this game 4 straight years Here are my observations The graphics there slightly better than last year however the cameras all seem to be further from the players than last year. I would like the cameras to be zoomed in a little more. Also the vc points that you receive at the end of the game do not seem to total correctly. Lastly there is no crowd at the games. Overall this is a very good game as they all have been. The game play and movements seem to be a little more accurate. Please consider the comments I made above and make some updates. Until then I will go back to playing 2K19 or 2K18.

- No gamemode works

For the first day I had this it was awesome al the trades were updated everything was great and I was really enjoying the game and was really exited every time I logged on. It felt like a great purchase! The second day it worked for about 20 minutes and it kept on crashing every single time I try Ed to play a quick game. Also where it usually shows a preview for a player on the other team it just said in words “NEW YORK KNICKS”. I tried to delete the game and download it again it took 20 minutes to fully download and the bug happened again! This is unbelievably frustrating and I really just want to play some good old nba 2k 20 but I can’t until this is fixed. Thank you

- Good but in need of some TLC.

I’m saying the same thing as everyone else: Graphic details need to be updated.... Player ratings could be more accurate or in-tune with the full franchise game.... It's too easy to go out of bounds in any mode... The shooting icon seems to move wayyy too quickly, regardless of the player... And there’s no Apple TV support. The best part about this year’s update is controller support - which definitely takes the game to another level. But the aforementioned issues are things that we iOS users have been speaking about for years. It’s time to take us more seriously. After all, we’re playing customers also!

- Needs alot of improvement

2k20 console can be addictive at times because of the daily new features and how the game was originally designed and i think that 2k20 mobile has the potential to do that i just think that the devs don’t put enough time to do it. I think if the devs took the amount of time they do on console on mobile the game would be waaaaay better. So, here is a list of things that the developers could do on mobile that would completely make the game way better and help it gain more attention. -given badges to different builds(make make more than 2 signatures badges for each badge) -if your to lazy just copy and paste most stuff from console to mobile -no missed greens(in 2k20 we get alot of greens but we miss alot at the same time so you should cut down the green window and make us stop missing greens please -better player rating -graphics -better player models -more updates meaning the game should constantly be change and made better -skill gap

- Game is good but needs new features

The game is very solid and looks very good, it’s obvious new animations have been implemented and kudos to that. I think allowing the player to have freer range of character customization such as accessories eg. leg sleeves without perks, gloves, headbands, finger sleeves etc. Also, enable the player to have the same facial and normal hair options other NBA players, like Derrick Rose’s hair and James harden’s beard for example. Just a larger variety of options. Other than that, gameplay is fluid and really good improvement:) thank you for taking your time to read its much appreciated


THE OVERALL SYSTEM IN THIS GAME IS BROKEN. Something as simple and essential as that can’t be fixed? Its been two months and the developers can’t fix that? I’ve been waiting for the new update for more than a month now to see if they fixed such an absurd issue and yet the new update comes out and they add PvP to a mode no one plays? FIX YOUR OVERALL SYSTEM PLEASE, the game is ruined because the rating the players have aren’t their true rating!!!! A 72 OVR player has a higher “actual overall” in the game than a 78 OVR player. In both MyCareer and Association modes, benchwarmers start over fringe All-Stars and that just ruins the game. PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE, it literally cannot be that hard. It just seems like no one at this company cares about actually fixing issues!!!

- Rookies’ Releases Messed Up

Why is every single rookie’s release so much faster than those of non-rookies? For example, Zion’s release should be nowhere as quick as Curry’s. The developers should look into diversifying rookies’ releases, as all rookies currently have Release 63 for some reason. Even if I change a rookie’s release to say, LeBron’s release, it’s still absurdly quick and impossible to shoot with. Please fix this - rookies are practically the only reason I even buy these games every year. Also, the ratings are not consistent with the console version of 2K. How are Zion and De’Andre Hunter 86 and 84 respectively when Trae Young is only a 73 and DLo is a 79? Makes no sense.

- A Great Game

First off, let me just say this is a great game and personally, I think it was worth the money. The graphics and variety of game modes were great. If there was anything I could request, it’s the name flexibility. I know you can change your MyPlayer name by going to Edit MyPlayer, but changing the name there changes the name across all platforms. I have multiple MyCareer and Run The Streets accounts. It would be great if I could edit my name in the game mode rather than editing it in general. Other then that, it’s a great game.

- Going to try for a refund

Played Live for years since it’s release and EA has been lacking this year so I thought I would try this. The game looks great but moving and controls make it unplayable. Played for maybe 2hours total mite of made 5 shots maybe then uninstalled. There’s no real good tutorial on the controls or how to shoot and the controls are real bad. After passing the ball u cannot immediately shoot there like a 1 second delay just enough time for defense to get on you. There is some unexplained shot meter that seems impossible to hit. Very disappointed going to ask for refund since it’s unplayable imo. This is the only review I ever wrote I felt the need because I was so disappointed with this game. Using iPhone se 2020

- Needs to evolve...

I’ve bought the last several 2K games and they don’t change all that much. They’re great but it gets kind of mundane year after year of the same. My suggestion would be to get rid of the street mode and add an expansion team mode with about 15 non NBA cities to choose from. I believe an XBox version years ago had an Expansion mode. For me building teams is one of 2K’s strengths. Finish it up with an Expansion mode and I’d like to see an Olympics mode as well. Another nit picky thing about the game is it can be easier to hit a 3 than a layup.

- Game is good, but the same.

I’ve played 2K18 and ‘19 ok iOS and although I love the game, there has been very little actual change. Same bugs, same transitions, same overall layout and style, same character looks, same movements, and same gameplay with almost zero improvements. It seems as though each year they pass off as what should be an update as a brand new game you need to pay for. Each year I see the new version come out, get excited so I buy it, and am utterly disappointed at how it is exactly like the previous year. Unless 2K21 has some major improvements in the app preview, this will be my last purchase of the mobile game.

- Uninstalling until fixed(refund would be great)

You can’t even finish the prologue for my career with out the game crashing. The around the world drill is still glitched for player lock camera users the. When you try to lengthen your hair in the creator it will reset when ever you go to a different slider like eye color or something. Not gonna get on how the game is essentially the same ipa with a roster change... like the graphics are the exact same if I ever make it to the mycareer menu the game the clothing opts are probably the same thing ... just like the ps4 version y’all really don’t give af this year Wht you put out .

- Almost the EXACT same game as last year...

...But with overpowered, overrated and badly rated rookies. This years iteration only had a few things to improve or keep up to date in order for me to give this game 5 stars. Update the player ratings appropriately and make them consistent with the console version. And update the player models, uniforms, salary information etc. The developers were too lazy to do either. I still give this 3 stars. Excellent basketball simulator gameplay wise for a game that only 6 dollars. Don't care about the last gen graphics and the gameplay doesn't need any tweaking. JUST UPDATE THE PLAYER RATINGS AND CHARACTER MODELS.

- A perfect sports mobile game!

has Career mode. dont need to purchase any additional credits to continue to play!! A+ for a mobile game. what do people expect.. an xbox game in a phone is not realistic. i hope 2K continues to make this game for the long horn on mobile and keep it like this. i hate in app purchase sports game and it seems everyone went that route except this game. kodos to 2k! if 2k makes a version close to the version on the handheld consoles, i think people willing to pay $15 for it.

- MyCareer start

The mycareer needs a better introduction and it is lacking that the myplayer ends undrafted after going through the draft. I believe it should show more of the player working on his game while in college and then show more of the player walking on stage during the draft which the player can end up drafted and not undrafted. Also, what happened to playing with WNBA players as well? Why can you not start a MyCareer in the WNBA as well? Also, the draft pick of every player is incorrect because every player was not selected in the first round as a third pick. When will the app get an update to all of the reviews including my review of the game?

- Please read

Can you guys pls insert faces for the rookies and update the commentary pls? Also can u guys add some events maybe? Some more game modes? Also, while playing multiplayer online can we at least get some coins after the games? Can u guys add a ranked game mode where we player other people in real-time...also, most importantly is using our my career player in different game modes that be awesome. This game can literally take over if you guys jus work a lil harder on it. Mobile is the new era Man U guys can possibly make more money on mobile than console 2k. Thanks guys

- Big improvement from 2k19 but need to fix bugs

I have been a mobile 2k player since 2k15. I love that with 2K20 i can finally play mycareer on hall of game difficulty. My issue is that there’s a stats glitch at the beginning of the game that seems to hinder the standings from being shown properly. Ratings of players need to correlate with the ratings of players from the console version. Would also like to somehow be able to do the dunk contest and three point contest with all star weekend. Fix all of these and this game will definitely be five stars!

- Wooow

This is not what I expected especially because the people that made 2k mobile has the realistic ( Up to date ) graphics so why can’t this be the same very nice game play overall I like the run the streets story. It seems like everytime you guys make a 2k for the phone it’s the same imported graphics. Make a second version just to play online with are my players or even make a park so that way it separates the space used and if some might not like the regular they could go to the second one. P.S.A just ideas that could possibly make this game flourish to a whole mother level

- Get better and improve

This game makes no sense they need to make a myteam mode on mobile u can open packs and put a team together and play online. Well I mean the game is okay but it needs a myteam mode that u can open packs and get shoes make like the same stuff like b,s,e,r,s,a,d,pd,and gop. And also it’s super rare that people play it alright but that all it need a myteam mode to play online please make a myteam make an update or do it next year and make it please. NBA 2K20 13 on mobile is way better than 20 because u can chose the kinds of plays to run please add that to the game on mobile please . If u can do these things it will be better and better graphics..

- 2K20

Don’t get me wrong 2K20 is a good game, but I just hate missing greens and I made three run the streets files and all of them were 99s but all of them crash and when I open them they just bring me to my home screen. It always glitches me out so tbh if y’all could fix the run the streets profiles bc some people work so hard on their files just to get it deleted. But other than that JUST FIX THE GREENS. But now other than that y’all game is amazing.😅oh ya and pls add three point and dunk contest.

- Ceed3d

Most waisted. Game not up to par to play to really win and go for the finals, like on previous versions(2k17). Just enjoy the graphics and lose a lot of games you know you should have won due to the fact that your offense and mainly defense wont do what you try to make it do. Can’t even switch a defense player on the fly to get a quick block shot. Game will still have the control circle on another player and then make some other player somewhere else jump up for the block. It only took me about 2weeks total to realize FULLY that I waisted my money on this one. Now it’s back to chess and music production. You’ve been warned.

- Lazy Programming

I am playing a season games using the Warriors. Green is able to make more 3 point shots than Thompson. The AI out hustles you for most of the rebounds, and most of times your team will be standing around allowing the opponent to drive right by them. You will find that you can’t even get a simple layup to drop in most cases. Shooting is abysmal to say the least, you can achieve the green A+ rating and still miss the shot. You are constantly called for fouling just by being in the area when the AI drives to the basket. I don’t remember when I ever saw a charging call on the computer player (AI). This is a game of frustration and isn’t worth your time. Too bad one star is the lowest rating you can give.

- Improvement

May we plz have online like console players in stuff because it’s no fun playing players that is not on the same team. We need better graphics and new my-career faces so we can use that I better and clean. Can we get better gear in my career and online plz because the Mycareer sleeves and stuff do not look realistic. Can we have our game similar to NBA 2k mobile like for example the graphics the graphics look amazing on here may we please get what we want. It’s seems like we are paying for no reason tbh.

- Ok but needs to improve

Please update player lag, take away the x .7 because of rookie difficulty, change it to where the players lock onto the ball and when defending assist is on your player should be trying to defend your man not someone else and also fix the greens if you hit a excellent shot/ green you should make it not miss and when that’s all fixed should , remove bad block attempts remove inside pass and remove exussive call for pass if your team doesn’t it pass it to you and remove bad call for pass then it should be a gg 5/5

- Body type glitch?

This game is great for 7 dollars and of course all Games have those little or big things to improve. I wrote this review because my last myplayer had a ripped body type and I had no idea why. It looked clean but when I updated the game, it got permanently put to the regular, non-muscular build. Is there a way we can Choose our body type instead of this? This is just feedback and this game is great considering its only on mobile.

- Perennial Purchaser of 2K Mobile Games

Finally took time to develop the product that was introduced in 2k16 (mobile). Now if we can get the (NBA 2K Mobile) iOS game graphics for the next installment, you guys can charge $15-$30 for it. $15 if the game is (2KM) graphics with the same features as usual. Or, $30 if it’s the same game you guys make for Nintendo Switch. Scratch that 30 FPS mess and focus on iOS. Plenty of money to be made here... anyway thanks finally for the stellar experience this year 🤷🏾‍♂️

- Can’t get passed 90 overall

I just finished the first season recently and got finals mvp and a title but I still can’t unlock anymore of my attributes so I’m literally stuck at 90 overall. I waited so long to write this review because I thought I had to finish the season to unlock the rest but that clearly didn’t work. I tried clearing my cache since that was what 2K20 told other players but still nothing. Will give 5 stars once this is fixed. By the way, I’m still waiting for my extra 100,000 vc and it’s been over 2 months now

- More competition

I love the nba 2k serious. I been playing since nba 2k13 on iOS and I always play the my career. I think it would be very exciting if we can play against hall of fame players in the my career as your player develops in the mycareer. It seems that the further you play in my career, you start to play against random generated players which is not exciting at all. On the other hand, I still give this game 5stars due to the gameplay and graphics.

- I love 2k

Tbh , I played every 2K on mobile and on console , it’s amazing that you can play 2K with the animations and controls , I actually have my own iOS controller just to play 2K on the go ! But the only issue is , every year is the same , just updated roster , maybe if you guys added the new 2K20 badges and how they have it set up , the game probably have way better star rating , and if online , like okay that would be amazing playing park online on iOS

- Game keeps crashing

It’s really frustrating when you put money into a game and it doesn’t work. I’ve been looking for a way to contact customer support and I have not been able to so I came here. The game has been crashing for me for over a week now and it’s really frustrating. They also put no effort into this app considering 2k makes plenty through ps4 and Xbox one. I wish they would elaborate my player career mode, it could definitely make it more fun. Just wish they could fix the crashing for now though.

- Nba2k20 mobile

The game is a great game. You can do a Mycareer with your own player that’s cool only if you guys can improve some of the little things like glitch’s . For next year I would like to see a open world, dual archtipypes, and customizing your player’s moves and looks. It would also be cool if we had our my player talk after games with a better storyline. Let us the people be able to use our my player in a live 2v2,3v3,etc basketball game at the park. Thank you

- Good but...

Really wish it had the organ jingles and the drum, drum, DEFENSE! crowd chant that you hear during nba games. I also had to turn the music off due to the extreme profanity in some of the tracks. Even though they are bleeped out or silenced you still know what is being said and talked about. Unfortunately popular hip hop and rap is satanic and destructive to the listener and I think many people don’t realize and stand up against it. If I could select my own clean hip hop, like Bizzle, Datin, Zaydok, etc it would be better.

- Ratings WAY off base

The gameplay and modes are all great but the player ratings are insane. All the rookies are rated 80 or better when, but last years rookies like luka doncic and trae young are back in the 70s, pretty much everyone is the same as last year no matter how much they improved while this years rookie are crazy overrated. Not a big deal in mycareer but when you play the association mode this just makes it so unrealistic it’s not fun. PLEASE update the ratings to what they are on the console version, I don’t see why they are not already the same


Please, PLEASE 2K make 2k21 on mobile better. Trust me what I am saying is how everyone feels too. We not asking for much. Just make 2k21 mobile more fun. Make mycareer better by having cutscenes and all star weekend mini games. Also have atleast a multiplayer 1v1, 2v2, 3v3. And add a leaderboard to make it more fun. Also fix that multiplayer quick game. And fix the audio commentary. And maybe better graphics. That’s all we want. We can sure wait for you to add that . Because the wait is worth it.

- I really like this game.

I like it. That’s all. It’s just so fun and fair to the player, a breath of fresh air for mobile games. Just please add more legendary players that you can draft in association, for example Patrick Ewing, Shaq, Dwayne Wade, Steve Nash, Kevin Garnett.. all that good stuff. I have yet to see them after so long so I’m hoping you can add them to players you can draft in association if you haven’t already. And more soundtracks as well. Thanks for reading my review, Cya! 👍😃

- Trash game!

DO NOT spend your money on this fake nba 2K20. The graphics are mediocre that’s 1, the cpu on superstar or hall of fame makes ANYTHING in your face, no matter the overall. There is absolutely no story line to this game at ALL! The teams you play on will play as if they are pro competition not The equal setting you have the difficulty on. In my opinion this was a pure waste of my money and time! I can see now why this game only has 3.3 star rating. Game is absolute horrible, Makes no sense! I recommend u don’t buy this and you just find another game for your phone. Otherwise, you WILL waste your money 100%

- 🔥

This game is overall very good!!! I was a bit skeptical at first because of the reviews and stars but after buying it I never regretted it!!! It’s all opinion if you want to have fun and play some games. this is the game for you!!! At first it’s hard but then as you practice more you become the legend behind the screen. Just like the version on the consoles and PCs just for $1.99!!!!! Spectacular. I am not a bot and no one is bribing me for this comment.

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Andrew Stanton-Nurse

@jbevain It’s not uncommon to have this in sports games:


Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (NBA 2K20) live at


Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (NBA 2K20) live at

2K Support

@Most_Dominant_G Please try these steps , if that doesn't work, reach out to us via live chat here:


Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (NBA 2K20) live at


Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (NBA 2K20) live at


Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (NBA 2K20) live at

2K Support

@roque33403178 Please try these steps , if that doesn't work, reach out to us via live chat here:

2K Support

@Whore4Orr Please try these steps , if that doesn't work, reach out to us via live chat here:


Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (NBA 2K20) live at

Smiley😬 Loading 75% to 10K🚀



Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (NBA 2K20) live at


Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (NBA 2K20) live at

Tu Persuasive

ADULTS ONLY(NBA 2K20) live at


Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (NBA 2K20) live at

NBA 2K20 1.04 Screenshots & Images

NBA 2K20 iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

NBA 2K20 iphone images
NBA 2K20 iphone images
NBA 2K20 iphone images
NBA 2K20 iphone images
NBA 2K20 iphone images

NBA 2K20 (Version 1.04) Install & Download

The applications NBA 2K20 was published in the category Games on 2019-09-04 and was developed by 2K [Developer ID: 324563547]. This application file size is 3.05 GB. NBA 2K20 - Games app posted on 2020-03-28 current version is 1.04 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.2ksports.nba2k20

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