Wrecking Ball!

Wrecking Ball! [Games] App Description & Overview

You'll never be bored when you have all this destruction ahead of you. Move your aim, focus on the tricky shapes, and just shoot! Watch those huge shapes crumble to tiny pieces after each perfect turn — and feel how oddly satisfying it is for yourself!

Wrecking Ball is tricky enough to require all of your focus! It keeps players from getting bored at all ages. Focus your skills to make a move — can you get that 'perfect turn'?

Use all your skills in this tricky and oddly satisfying game, to shoot your wrecking ball at different shapes and ensure maximum destruction! Focus on making a perfect turn, level after level!

Destruction is inevitable in this tricky and oddly satisfying game!

Wrecking Ball features:

+ Do you have enough skills to collect all the skins?

+ Complete level after level!

+ Focus on destruction!

+ Make a move!

+ Oddly satisfying, for kids and adults!

+ Focus your mind, get that perfect turn!

+ So tricky, you'll need all your skills!

+ Bored? Never again!

+ Destruction is inevitable in this wrecking ball game!

+ Bored kids? Let them play this oddly satisfying game!

+ Level up your destruction skills!

+ If you're bored, just make another move!

+ Will your move be a perfect turn?

What are you waiting for? Start playing now!

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Wrecking Ball! Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bug fixing + performance improvements! Thank you for playing!

Wrecking Ball! Comments & Reviews

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- Ruined game

Before that update the game was good but since the update I haven’t been enjoying the game it was fine when you had on the old style so why change it

- The best game ever

It’s so easy

- The bad review

Way to many ads no fun it is boring to play and barely any new things.

- New player

No issues at all And it’s super relaxing

- Anuncios molestos

El juego entretiene pero los anuncios despues de cada nivel son una verdadera molestia

- love the game

This game is so awesome and super satisfying.

- New update is terrible

I remember when this game actually involved some skill.

- Room for me

I love your game 😍

- So cool

When the ball hits the object so cooooooooooooooooooool

- Too easy

The ad makes it seem like it’ll be more difficult but it’s not. You don’t have to get any upgrades or anything. Slightly disappointed.

- Boring

Some of the items are nearly impossible to knock down and too many ads!

- Not worth it

Most of the time you can’t even destroy the object that you’re supposed to do because of how many shots you can get.

- Sooooo satisfying!

(This is my first time writing a review *=*)This game is sooo satisfying. Done!

- From


- Huh? I’m so confused...

So I’ve been playing this game for maybe 1.5 weeks. I came back a few days to... huh? The first level? I mean I still have my stats and everything, BUT WHY DID I RESTART?! Its not even like the game is cool anyway- it gets boring after a while. I’m honestly disappointed. I like the concept, which is why I’m rating it two starts instead of one, but this game is pretty trashy.

- Ok game

Whenever i try to knock the tower over it doesn’t do anything it also doesn’t give me enough moves to knock it down so maybe once a week I finish a level other then that it’s a pretty good game

- Needs more levels

I beat the game and only had it for a week it doesn’t give me money anymore but it was a very fun game and it’s kinda satisfying.

- This should not exist

I just downloaded this first I realized major lag at least 9fps terrible graphics and the only reason I downloaded this game is because the add looked absolutely great in graphics and fps so never get games before looking at the reviews after I downloaded it I looked at the reviews and I saw like 10 1 star ratings just never get this game the company Popcore should definitely get rid of the game write after I wrote this review I instantly deleted the app.

- Boring after a while

Ads aside, it gets rather monotonous after a while. All that changes is the numbers go up and the statues get bigger and solid. Boring.

- Need more levels

So, I was enjoying the game, and chose to pay to remove ads. But now I’ve played through all of the levels twice. You need something to make this game more interesting. It’s a good mindless time killer, but soon it’ll be deleted if you don’t give something else.

- I hate it

After two levels I deleted this game it’s stupid and kinda hard when I pressed it in the middle it went to the side and same with the going up and down when I put it in the middle it only did the middle stupidest game ever but I do recommend this if you like ASMR it is very satisfying

- It is fun

I just got to level twenty but plz NO ADS!!!L!! Thank you.

- Great but a bit annoying

I love it so so much but I wish that I could go back and do the easier more satisfying levels. I can’t figure out how to. Too many adds everywhere and I wish that you had infinity moves. I am a bit lazy so that’s probably why.


All you do is wreck stuff

- I hate it

So when I try to nock it down it just takes away like 68 or something like that

- Bad game

It’ll have you watch an ad and give no reward and if you don’t watch the ads then you won’t be able to beat the level.

- Amazing and relaxing game!

This game is fun, unique, I enjoy this game a lot. This game is very satisfying to play and even works without internet so basically this is a great game

- Awesome

This game could not get better

- 😕

It looks way different from the pixtures provided on the app store

- Amazing but......

I basically beat the game... I have the size maxed out and over 200 power and I have every skin in the game even the level ones and Instagram ones. Please developers add power ups or sum please. Add more skins or sum please I’m considering deleting it because everything is done. I’m so far I’m the structure has Ac health. I didn’t even know that was a number

- Pretty amazing

Anyone who is looking at this to see if the should get this game well...... you should it is so fun you can’t get bored

- Terrible in every way!

Can’t use power ups, nothing breaks, ads are ridiculous. This game is absolute trash. Developers get ur crap together.

- The best

It is so fun

- Broken

This game has to many ads and it’s also pay to win

- Meh

On game but the amount of ads on the free version is ridiculous. I know ads are a necessary evil but in a 5 minute session (just to test my theory) I spent more time trying to get thru ads than playing the game itself

- Good at first

Keeps on crashing and takes away turns. Bad development.

- Awesome amazing wonderful

Love it best app ever you are the best can you make,a eeyore one to destroy

- ?

I had to play the same level twice. A lot of adds, and if I turned the sound off for the game, why would it be thought that I wanted to hear the sound for the adds?

- Best game

Your game is the best

- Awesome


- Ads

Over all I think wreaking ball is a fun app but when ever I want more coins to upgrade my power or size or idle coins I’ll have to watch an ad but when the ad is over it always says that I’m in a location that doesn’t have service or connection so I basically watched the ad for NO reason it is very frustrating because I know I am in a spot that has service and connection. I don’t think the app is worth deleting for that reason but I HATE it I hope you can get the problem fixed because further on I might delete it

- It’s ok

I don’t like the way wrecking ball only hits the blocks and the front and how you have to upgrade power just to take more damage. The game is ok

- The hard game

Sometimes I get mad because I can’t pass the level I would like have more coins to get more stuff

- Amazing but...

I need more levels to play

- Can’t do anything

Before it was updated, I finished the game. Now that it’s been updated there’s this one level that no matter how hard I hit it it the tower won’t break. I have over 200 upgrades of strength and nothing is still happening. After the game is updated, why didn’t it just send me back to level one?

- Nope.

This game was really fun at first and I would really enjoy it a LOT more if it didn’t seem IMPOSSIBLE on some levels. I thought this would be a non-challenging game, and that it would just be satisfying and fun, but I can’t even get past a certain level.Not only that, but it has a lot of ads. I don’t recommend this app if you want a satisfying game that isn’t impossible.

- 👎😡👎😡

Do not download this game it is a waste of space. The add looked fun but after playing it always said miss you will regret downloading this game!!!

- 😭

Won’t let me break anything

- I guess good

Adds left and right sometimes an add on top of another. Glitches a lot. Fun game but the adds are really aggravating and makes me exit the game more than playing it.

- Game doesn’t reward properly

It’s fun, good time killer. But when you watch a video to multiply your cash, it doesn’t give you the amount it promises. Disappointing.

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- Cool

Really fun but it is too easy

- No.

If y’all are complaining about the ads then turn of your damn wifi😒

- Good game, more levels

A decent game, just turn off WiFi for a good experience, ends at like 150 levels I think? Depends more on power basically it makes you restart so don’t do that (after you finish the whole thing) 4 stars just because the ads

- Great

Very fun game

- More levels

Finished it, it ends at roughly 150 levels. Also if you think it’s hard bc the ball doesn’t do much, it really depends on where you hit & your power. Definitely can’t pass each one on one attempt. Gotta grind get money and up the power to pass it.

- Ads

More time spent watching ads than playing the game. Extremely excessive.

- Not bad

4 star game

- No adds

People keep saying all this crap about adds but there’s non of them it’s a fun game but it’s the same thing over and over again!

- Does not work

It used to work, but about a year and a half ago about, (not long after it’s release) an update happened that just made it so it does not work whatsoever. Fix it or loose all the people who got the game.

- Why is this a game

The ball is not even strong enough to break anything this game sucks

- This game really sucks

Not like the ad at all

- It’s good

There’s to much ads but it’s not a bad game I love it but it’s my opinion you might not like it but it’s you’re opinion

- This game is BAD

I have the new iPad so I wasn’t ecspecting glitches bud tye so many ! And why do you have to put so many add like this game has to many and sometimes the aiming thing just totally misses were you put it B. A. D. G. A. M. !!!!!

- It’s ok. Kind of

Honestly I’ll rate it 2.4 because there are a lot of adds and it often just does that spinning loading square thing and I have to just restart the game

- Alex jack

It is a well made game it is a fun game but after a little while it could get boring and all your doing is smashing objects and it’s not to worst game and it’s not the best but it is a good game if you have nothing to do.

- Unsatisfying

The ball does not land where you aimed which is very frustrating to watch.

- why there so many ads


- Awesome 😎 👏 game

It’s a great game and I love it of course! But there are too many adds I wish there were less adds

- Amazing app

I love this app and I encourage you all to play this game. I literally can’t put my phone down 😂(╹◡╹)♡

- Quite addicting

Love the game!!!, can’t wait until you guys add more levels. I’ve already crushed the game a few times over. 😁


It’s the best don’t listen to the other people is really good and it kills time I love it

- Boo

Boo it sucks because the health bar and the upgrades

- Fun but too many adds

Thé game itself is repetitive but still fun to play. But the number of adds is ridiculous. One for each level ?! Tad too many in my mind..

- Don’t listen to the others 👂

This game is the best also it has health bars blow my mind thx for macking this game

- Норм


- Update sucks

Used to have fun levels and you’d time the power level but now it’s just a dumb health bar

- OK

For me it’s ok but not fun

- I can’t smash anything.

Look up


I played 4 smashes and the game sucks.WORST game ever


I hate this game it's soooooooo stupid


At first I was expecting something cool but it’s just not fun and it’s a wast of time don’t download it.

- This Game Is Stupid!

I just played this for nothing! It used to have progress, but now it has HEALTH BARS!?! That’s it, I am quitting this game.

- More

More levels please

- Absolutely awful since update

My power level is up to 160 and still NOTHING happens when I hit the tower statue. There hasn’t been any fix to this and it’s ridiculous! Don’t download!

- The update ruined it, deleting this game

Before the update I really liked the game but now it’s the worst game ever

- Ummm I thing I heated the crap out of the size of the reckons ball

Ummm I thingk I beated the crap out of the size of the recking ball to much because the recking ball keeps flying away and won’t will do nothing to the block stachu when it hits it

- Do not download

Do not download

- Wrecking ball

This is a good game a lot of them are really cute and it’s really fun for kids

- Can’t get past the first object!

This game was good when it was levels. After the new update, it sucks. I upgrade my power and the ball does nothing to the object at all (currently at power level 90). Don’t download this game, it’s broken. Please fix!

- Bugs

The upgrade is bad... nothing works for me .. delete the game and all and nothing... big bugs on it.. no more target visible and no wrecking happening either

- 😡

Don’t get this game it sucks

- Game broken

Hi I can’t beat the game controller level, I knock down the whole structure and it still says the I have blocks left. Fix this

- Can’t play

Since the new update I can’t break anything, the new upgrade system is cool but for players before the update, we’re so ahead it does no damage even when I try to upgrade my things still no damage. Update broke the game for old players

- Worst game

It is so crapy it won’t let me get past level one fix it

- This game

This game is really bad this is a terrible app update if you don’t like it then don’t play it (delete it)

- Too many ads


- Please help

Now that you need to buy power upgrades, it takes forever to even beat one level that has over 200 million units (whatever it is)

- No damage

Once you get to a certain level it dose no damage and you owe a ball the sculpture doesn’t break and I’ve tried 25 times by getting more balls by watching ads and it still doesn’t work! FIX THE GAME!!!

- Bad review

A am on the spartan helmet level and can’t beat it because of the new update!! I know it’s a feature but come on

- Glitched

I love the game but since the new update I can’t pass the first level. It won’t let me break anything. Please fix.

- Great game peeps

Ok I have only been playing for like 5 minutes and I already love this app. And that means, this game is EPIC

- Ads not removed

I paid to remove the ads but there is no change, it still shows me ads after each game. Please can you help?

- Impossible

This game is impossible past a certain point. You can hit and hit the blocks but they hardly budge. So frustrating - deleted!

- Wrecking ball! Review

Your game is good but it's a bit slow and glitchy👍🏾


This game is a master piece, it’s got barely any ads and when it does have ads you can say “No thanks” and it will go out of that and not have an ad play automatically, some people will ABSOLUTELY love this phenomenal game. I’ll get to the point, this is perfect, yeah, that’s the point of creators making a perfect game. Thanks developers.

- Kinda satisfying

It is really satisfying to be able to knock down the blocks but none of them explode like I wanted them to... would be five star if it was easier and maybe more levels

- Terrible

I watched 5 30 second ads to get money and none of them worked also you can’t get much money and my friends all don’t like it

- Rating

This game is very satisfying but one thing is wrong. The rate the game popped up on my my screen and I clicked no thanks and I lost all my coins so please don’t do that.

- This is a bad way to update your game

I used to play this while listening to voice stories and yeah, finished countless levels and enjoyed it, but thought this is too easy, all you have to do is always the same, so I stoped playing for a while. Recently I wanted to give it another try and find out I just can’t play anymore since I didn’t get anything for the beaten previous levels but stuck with an unbeatable unchangeable nightmare level that no matter what I do with it, nothing breaks, and since the game think I am so far into it no matter how I upgrade the ball with the petty it gives me, it make literally no difference. And this is just unplayable, hopes you guys can change it.

- About it

It’s to easy and I what you to make some more difficult so it will be hard and easy at the some time

- How good people are at this game

I love this game because you get to take a pictures of stuff and smash them

- Awesome

Ads are a medium... only if you get a gift and it’s so fun! See ya Ima going to go WRECKING BALL!!!!

- Awesome game

Awesome game but don’t like emojis.

- Great game but,

This is a very satisfying game, especially when you get it first try! But, there are a lot of ads. Every second game - ads. find a present? Ads. Want to multiply your coins? Ads. And want to upgrade your stuff sometimes? You guessed it! Ads. I wouldn’t have a problem with this, but, right now I can’t upgrade my size, because it makes me watch an ad to do so. Please add an option to use coins instead of watching an ad! Other than that, this is a great game!

- Great

This game is great but it’s hard for me to control, I can never get the right spot. But that’s just me. Pretty satisfying

- More boring than I thought

This game is boring and I feel like deleting it because when I tap were I want it just doesn’t tap there. When I played it the level repeats.

- Awsome but...

I love this game I had to go to school and I told my mum I would be one minut but it was more like 1 hour and I just turn my wifi of so no ads pop up 👌👍

- Satisfying!

I love this app it is really satisfying and worth downloading but all I don't like is when the wrecking ball makes a missile sound but the rest is amazing! And satisfying 🤤



- What the?!

When you updated the game, the bullseye was gone, the level of strength meter was gone and I cant knock down anything! Not even a stupid paper clip because the game doesn’t work anymore!! Why did you ruin such a good game? It started off great now I can’t stand it.

- Why

This game has changed 2 times already and it’s annoying me because I complete the game then have to restart

- *sigh*

In this update,you’ve ruined it. That’s it. It went from satisfying and fun, to plain annoying and stupid.

- What the hell!

What happen to the game? Where did the bullseye go? Where did the hit metre go? You can’t even make a dent on anything, like what happen?

- Juicy


- 👍🏻

This game is great except that there are ads every second game other than that everything else is perfect I find the cubes quite mezmorizing

- Why

Why doesn’t this game work?

- I don’t know what to say

This is just bad know I can’t even make a dent on my level building you know it is just bad in general it was to easy know it’s to hard

- Why

The Health on the blocks are 70 trillion help me

- annoying

the new update doesn’t let you knock down ANY of the objects!!

- I came in like a wrecking ball!!!

But really when I say this ad I got it straight away and it’s very satisfying although there are a lot of ads I really like the game it’s addicting to me and I love it great job!

- Nothing makes sence

Their are no physics stuff goes though the ground it makes no sence

- Maggie Smith

It is so addicting

- Love it but....

I love it but maybe start new levels like maybe harder or bigger things

- Adds are annoying

Constant interruption o adds is annoying and I’ll delete game if it gets more out of hand

- ...

Too many ads and there is only like 90 levels but other than that it is pretty good

- Satisfying

This is a really easy and satisfying game and if you turn off your wifi then there will be no ad interruptions. There is only around 86 levels and once you complete them it goes back to the start so I guess I just want more levels but otherwise highly recommended!!!

- Awesome....but.

Great fun game, extremely addictive! Just beware that paying to have advertisements removed doesn’t strictly mean it removes all of them, you still have to watch ads to earn some rewards.😕

- Don’t

A lot of ads, bad quality, glitchy. Would not recommend one star RIP

- Ads

It's really good and fun but there are a lot of ads so sorry but I had to go with four stars but other than that it's a really good game keep up the great work ≧❂◡❂≦

- About the game

I think it’s great! Addictive and satisfying but when it comes to ads I turn my wifi off so there’s is none just telling all of you who hate ads👍

- !!!

Goddamn this is addictive!

- Good Game

It’s an alright game but there’s too many ads

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- :(

I was enjoying this app until I got in to the gladiators helmet stage which is undefeatable. It has over 9m health making it impossible

- Oddly Satisfying

Super satisfying So cool Thanks for makeing this hame😋😋😛😛😝😝😜😜🤪🤪🤓🤓🤩🤩😎😎🤗🤗💩💩👻👻🤡🤡🎃🎃😽😽😻😻😹😹😸😸😺😺👽👽🤖🤖👍🏻👍🏻👏🏼👏🏼👌🏼👌🏼

- It’s so awesome you should try it watch the video and you will know how to play the game

It’s cool

- Bad

The concept is fun, and I enjoyed the first 4 levels, except now I’m stuck on this plant thing that I can hit 20 times and no damage is done to it. I see that on YouTube or in the promo pics there seems to be a bullseye and a way to gauge power, I don’t have that. It also shows something about collecting rubies, but I don’t have that feature either. I spent the $3 to get rid of ads bc I thought maybe that’s what I had to do, but nope. Was just a waste of money. Pointless, stupid game that does not work, and is a waste of money. The developer should refund my money but they probably won’t. This game needs serious fixing. As of right now, the game is playing is NOT the game thats advertised.

- Commercials

Way too many commercials.

- This game stinks

It is super hard to knock down whatever you are supposed to knock down.

- Fun



I’ve had this game for almost four weeks and the level I’m on is very hard. The wrecking balls are not very strong and the game gives you a certain amount of moves so it’s a challenging game! But otherwise I love it!!🤗🙂

- evolution of block breaker games

great sound, UI, and lots of replay value

- Ads don’t give rewards

It says your internet is off but still makes you watch an ad so you don’t get the reward

- So Much Fun!!

I really like hitting the ball against things.



- Awesome Game

Very Fun Game, Easy to play with little interruption for ads.

- Aggravating

Ads are annoying you click to watch one to multiply your coins and it says no ads available then u click off of it and 3 different ads pop up and you don’t even get the multiplier or you watch ads to get free upgrades and it does the same thing y’all need to fix it or take the ads off

- Bruh

The game is fun but it pisses me off when the target is move to the side where i was aiming for no reason pls fix

- Mehh

Progressively advancing difficulty but lacks zest.

- Tutorial!!

Aye make a tutorial next time!!

- Rip off

Bought the app so “no more” ads regardless you still get ads not worth 2.99 wish I could get refunded garbage.

- G


- Better than expected

I really liked the castle wreck game, had no problems at all, but after 400+ levels, it got old. Same principle with this game but at least more variety and kind of a Zen vibe. I dig it 👍🏼 The only things I hope for in future updates are a coin for continue option, and a lot more skins for purchase/leveling.

- Bad

This game is really bad because too many ads and it’s had

- Awesome!

There’s not too many ads, Lot’s of great skins, And the stuff is cheap!

- Ratings Review

It’s a really addictive game, I was really satisfied, but it’s annoying when you can’t knock the blocks all over

- Paying to remove ads doesn’t work

I paid the 2.99 to remove ads. They are still there. I will not play this game if I have to watch an ad each time I need 2 more swings. No response from developers

- Satisfying but boring

I don’t like this game that much because all you do is break a figure it’s not that fun aiming and trying to hit the figure

- I'm gonna need Betty Ford to quit this!

This is more addictive than heroin!❤

- Bad game

Has super bad physics and just wants you to watch ads

- To many un-exitable ads

I’ll click no I don’t want to watch an ad for extra points and then it’ll make me watch one anyways. And 40% of the time at the end of the ad it won’t even give me an X to click on!

- Game is boring

This game is just boring

- Great but needs update

It’s super captivating! I’m 20 and playing this game all the time! However the amount of ads can be frustrating and there is no way to know what level you are on or if there is even an end. Could definitely use an update but I’ve been playing for days!

- Amazing

I love this game! And it is also great because it doesn't constantly give ads, and it is also very satisfying. Thats all i have to say

- broken

Aside from the ads because i understand developers make this game for money, the game itself is broken. the target isn’t actually on the stop you stopped it on half the time, something the levels just end without my balls even running out, and it swings the ball without me even tapping the screen. So aside from the like 1,000,000,000 ads. The game if so off i can barley complete a full level

- Barely played now won’t let me break anything on the cup

I played some levels and I’ve been waiting for an update because I finished the game and for like 3 months no update for new levels

- Really crazy

The wreaking ball was going very crazy.

- It’s good


- App is stuck

App is stuck on the level that looks like a spade. Very disappointing. So much for bug fixes.


Ads lie! Always showing easy wins and such, but in reality you need to watch a lot of ads just to pass one level. Don’t buy awful awful awful

- A good app


- Eh

It was fun at. First then it got boring because there was no challenge

- Way too many ads

It’s annoying. I can’t even make it through a level without having a pop up ad that I can’t even close for 30 seconds

- 2

Okay so I’ve had enough of the ads and for the the the 135,987 times I had to restart the game. What they did not mention was that they have HEARTS and DIE when they are OUT. So sadly I have to give this app a 2 star.

- Review

Love the game, unfortunately I have went thru every level and got a message to start over, and more levels would be coming soon. Any idea when

- I hate this game!!!!

Well it’s kinda good but bad at the same time.

- it used to be good

i enjoyed playing the game but once they updated it it had become terrible. i don’t have enough coins to upgrade my power because i was on such a high level

- It’s good but something is hard

I think it’s a fun game it’s just I get stuck on levels and can’t solve the level with makes me loose interest and I hope you can fix it thank you

- Not very good

It has a good concept but... it’s kind of laggy and doesn’t really moro like it says it does like i will stop halfway through the thing so i would not recommend this app but if you are patient maybe you would like it 🥺🙃

- A+


- Was fun.

Also after I finally knock something fown going to next one game freezes and never continues. The have to close game open it and stuck doing level all over. Very very veey hard to knock things down. I have to watch ads for stupid apps. 2 extra shots. I go thru some game ends inhit continue it freezes. I close open and back to beginning of one I just finished

- Thus game


- It needs to get more tries

Not enough tries

- ...

They killed there own game with the new update I loved this game until now so WHAT THE CRAP

- WHY!!!!

My friend tired install it yeah all good but he can’t enter I’m going delete it almost now!!!! >:(

- New Problem

The money problem got fixed now i’m having trouble with a level. I clearly beat the level yet it’s still saying theres almost 1/4 of the blocks left? Yet theres nothing standing left. Hope its just another bug because i really do enjoy the game.

- Update sucks

Please make it the way it was before this update is trash me and my friends will be deleting this game

- New update

The new update SUCKS!! I’ve been on this one level, and it won’t let me pass even though it says I’ve passed on the top, and you don’t choose the speed, and when the ball swings, it makes no effect on the item.

- Update sucks balls

Super fun game but new update doesn’t allow you to play

- Abit to easy

I played for 2 months and I got all the wreaking balls and got bored in 10 minutes

- Fine Game

This game is really fun to play during your free time when you have nothing to do. But I was able to complete this day in a day and a half I think they should add more levels. Some more wrecking balls should also be added there’s not too many of them, and some of them aren’t that creative

- Wrecking ball

Awesome Game

- Not what I expected

I thought you would control the wrecking ball

- Not bad

It’s a fun game


I love this I was bad till I try and try and now I’m SO GOOD I’m so happy that I’ll never delete this game ever AIGN😎💖💖😃

- Too much ads

Also forced me to review the game

- trash

ads make the game unplayable

- Hopefully they fix this soon

The lag makes this game difficult



- Yeet the feet

Good game what are the gems I’m getting for?

- It’s not a hard game , the lag from adds makes it challenging.

This is a simple game where you click twice at precise moments and a ball satisfyingly smashes an object in front of you. It’s rather simple when the app runs smooth , but , the app loads ads constantly on the bottom screen which can slow down my device ( newer iPad) so I imagine that less powerful devices get absolutely destroyed by this function.

- Best mobile game

There’s almost no way to hate it it’s fun and addictive

- Pathetic

Perfect for that friend who can’t think and breath at the same time

- It’s okay

It’s a good game other than the ads. JUST DONT PLAY THIS WHEN YOUR MAD WITHOUT REMOVE ADS!!! Every few seconds a ad comes up and there not even tempting to get. I recommend this app to people who are really really bored.

- Game

It's perfect for a weedhead, to see if he can drive. Big Joe Dad.

- Because you have 9,000 v bucks

Everybody is right about the ads🤬🤬 but it is good about a 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating 84 levels tho

- 😑😑

It was boring

- 😀🤪😀

This game is very nice

- Intrusive

Ads still play after every 2 games even without data on

- Cool game man

Game is fun

- Too many ads.

When you have too many ads in your game it is not very attractive to buy it.

- Many many ads

Very simple game, many ads

- Yay


- Hi


- Correcte

Beaucoup de lag. Les pubs ne sont pas trop abusives. Jeu intéressant, mais on s’y lasse vite.

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- It is boring

Right it was boring but so adikting but I hate it lol dick faces🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😭

- Update

Update horrible and it is just rubbish m

- i’m sorry but...

sorry but you’ve ruined the game. when i had it before i really enjoyed it but the way it is now is just EXTREMELY INFURIATING!!!

- Not that Amazing

This is an ok game but what is very annoying is the auto lock and the adds so it the brightness I thought it was!

- It’s ok

It’s kinda boring but it’s still fun at the same time. This game is also satisfying!!!!😱😱😱😱😱😱

- Boring


- No

Not good sorry

- Awesome game I love it very very much

I love this game very very much

- Wrecking ball

This is a great game I ever had to play

- This game is quite good

This game is one I like I think it’s fun but sometimes it’s hart to smash anything but it’s still fun compared to other games and I quite enjoy the game it could do with some updates but only like 1or 2 THIS IS A GOOD GAME TO PLAY

- Keep Some Consistency

Game changed three times in the time I’ve downloaded in and this recent update I physically cannot knock down the building no matter what part I hit nor can I see previous levels? I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing wrong at this point. Keep the game consistent

- Kinda Crap

Well when I got to about level 5 it was so hard to do and I had to watch like 6 ads before I could knock it down. I wouldn’t recommend and it was just a waste of my time. Do NOT get. The first 4 levels were good though. Also all the comments were good so I really got my hopes up. Just crap. Sophie P.s sorry but it’s true

- Fun best game

Love it

- The best fings about it

So satisfying and really fun I play it every time

- Worse than I expected

I used to love this game before it was updated, but now it’s one of the typical games which make you upgrade your resources to be strong enough to win. The wrecking is like an additional part to it only to keep you playing.

- The best of the best

The game is the best looking game of all time 😀😀😀

- Stupid game

This is a rubbish game I hate it.

- Good

It’s ok but, it gets very annoying when you try to knock over a building and it doesn’t work 🙂😕

- Hard 🤔 easy 🤔 but brilliant

Love it sometimes hard but so fun

- Great but needs improvement

The Game is great but I got to level six and it got stuck on the level. Its not knocking much down and sometimes knocks nothing down at all which wastes the three try’s you have. I’ve tried power ups and nothing changes. I would be so grateful if you could fix this. Thanks

- The add is deceiving...

The addd made it look super easy to choose where you wanted the ball to hit.But it’s not that easy you have you a horrible system where you tap it once to stop it vertically then you tap it to stop it going horizontally. It would of been a lot better to just choose where you shoot. It is a pathetic excuse of a game. TLDR: the gameplay mechanic is horrendous...

- Love it lol!

Best game ever duh

- Cooooooooool


- Update ruined it

I can’t knock over things and the ball needs upgrading? It just doesn’t work as well as before

- The ads are unbearable

Yeah ok I get that app’s make money out of ad’s but the amount that you watch in 5 minutes it’s ridiculous! So for the people who run this app,just stop p*ssing us off with the amount of ad’s that we r made to watch 🙄 I AM RLY P*SSED NOW IS HE ADS HAVE GOT EVEN WORSE!

- 🤦🏻‍♂️

What is this new update🤦🏻‍♂️ ruined the game

- Rubbish

This game is very boring in my opinion

- Pig level

I got up to this one level with a pig and no matter how many times I hit it it wouldn’t destroy

- Love it

I love it just wondered is it part of the game where it says you have no WiFi or not my WiFi is with shell energy but it is really really really rubbish

- help

it won’t let me play properly

- Okay I Guess

I do like the game a lot but I never knew all the rules you had to play along with. Like all upgrades and only 3 hits per time. On the advert and on the picture it looked like you swing a WRECKING BALL not have to upgrade to pass the level. Sorry if I am being picky but that’s what I think

- Awful

So many glitches makes it unplayable!

- It’s all right

There’s quite a lot of adds but I beet the system by turning my phone onto airplane mode and I got no adds except from 1 or 2 soon after I turned on airplane mode. But after 1 minute I had no adds.

- The t

👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻,l like the old version and I cannot nock things down❗️‼️❗️‼️❗️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️🚮on you

- Annoying and trash!!!!!

When you complete a level the ball goes really weak and you have to use coins then it instantly breaks. Annoying and trash

- Lovely

I haven’t even played the game yet 🙃

- Don’t get it..

While wrecking it, (I’m wrecking a trophy) it won’t break

- How to raise downloads by 10 times?

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- Spectacular

This game you can sometimes rage at but most of the time it’s not and highly addictive!! I I suggest this to everyone that is stressed or bored have a good day and live a little!!!!!

- Very good

I would give this 5 starts if it wasn’t fir so many adverts on the game, cut these down and it’s great. Completed all levels inside 6 hours now waiting for more.

- Ads

I saw the ad for this game, and download it. I just have one problem with it. There’s a stupid amount of ads! After every single level I complete or fail there’s an ad. I understand you’re trying to make money, but one ad after ever level? Could you change it to one ad every five levels? Even better if you can remove them completely 🙂

- Its ok

The only things are that the levels were really easy and it took me about a week to complete the game because there were not enough levels to play and the upgrades were easy to upgrade and the fact that it restarts all levels when you have finished the game. They have to add in more games and make it more of a challenge a handful will agree. Im 12 BTW add me on fortnite m name is SKH_ID

- Every time I play it runs me out of goes but as soon as I watch a ad it’s magically breaks in 1 hit

Every time I seem to play this game on each level I will hit and hit and do very little damage and eventually run out of hits , but as soon as I ‘’ watch add to get 2 more hits ‘’ first shot it instantly gets destroyed the entire thing abit cheeky really and for this I do not enjoy the game and will be deleting

- Shocking

Was a good game until the update now it goes crazy once you try hit something the games needs to be sorted otherwise people aren’t gonna play anymore

- Sorry

Hard than you think

- The best thing

The game is so fun I played it for hours

- Terrible

This game is terrible definitely not worth getting/wasting your storage it suks

- Lag

It’s so laggy please fix

- Why did this happen

The update made the game terrible literally I like the old one better GET RID OF THE UPDATE

- OK

Good way to pass time. Annoying though when I watch a video to win e.g. 20k coins and am given barely half that. But a decent enough little game.

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Apparently a year ago today garciagaby12 and I we’re making a photo shoot and swinging around a disco-wrecking ball…

@onlysongssad: Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus

Always the great music. Now Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus on

@OurTurnToRescue: #StopAiringTrump The man is a National health threat both physically and mentallly. He is a wrecking ball of a human…

#StopAiringTrump The man is a National health threat both physically and mentallly. He is a wrecking ball of a hum…

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Wrecking Ball! 2.7 Screenshots & Images

Wrecking Ball! iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Wrecking Ball! iphone images
Wrecking Ball! iphone images
Wrecking Ball! iphone images
Wrecking Ball! iphone images
Wrecking Ball! iphone images
Wrecking Ball! ipad images
Wrecking Ball! ipad images
Wrecking Ball! ipad images
Wrecking Ball! ipad images
Wrecking Ball! ipad images
Wrecking Ball! Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Wrecking Ball! Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Wrecking Ball! (Version 2.7) Install & Download

The applications Wrecking Ball! was published in the category Games on 2019-07-07 and was developed by Popcore GmbH [Developer ID: 1375461777]. This application file size is 165.41 MB. Wrecking Ball! - Games posted on 2020-03-16 current version is 2.7 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

Wrecking Ball! Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Medical/Treatment Information
Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence
Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References
Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity
Infrequent/Mild Simulated Gambling
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes

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