My NBA 2K20

My NBA 2K20 [Games] App Description & Overview

The new NBA 2K companion app has arrived! MyNBA2K20 is packed with features, including the ability to scan your face into NBA 2K20 from your mobile device, opportunities to earn Virtual Currency, and a collectible card battling game with daily objectives to earn great rewards!

• Scan yourself into NBA 2K20 on Xbox One and PS4 using your mobile device.
• Daily opportunities to earn Virtual Currency for NBA 2K20 on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.
• View the daily schedule and upcoming event posters for NBA 2K20.

• Collect your favorite NBA superstars from the past and present and challenge other gamers across the globe in a variety of modes.
• Many ways to play with Quick Game, PVP, Reigning Threes, and the returning Champions game modes.

• Complete daily missions for in-game rewards.
• Compete for top cards in weekly events including King of the Court, Gauntlet, and Rivals Clash.
• Uncover the secret draft board pattern for extra rewards!

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Icon tier is now available. Collect new cards featuring your favorite NBA stars today!

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- Don’t try face scan

This app will waste your time🚫🧢

- Worst app in history

Don’t even try to download this dog app

- New level

New level should be hall of famed and the card colour should be brown

- Terrible

Won’t let me log onto Xbox my god

- Psn won’t work

Can’t log into psn and every time time I try to click the console feature nothing’s happens. Terrible app

- Fix your App

Turned off all notifications yet they still come through. Had to delete to stop.

- Mynba2k20

Complete garbage it won’t let me sign in to my Xbox account

- Fix

Please fix this so we can face scan!!

- 2k20

Bad game bad app

- Trash

Cant connect to xbox account

- Help

Please let me log out of my psn account

- 2K mismanaged sports

You are a multi billion dollar company and can’t hire a single person who knows how to connect platform login for PlayStation to this app? How is that even possible? Schedule a zoom meeting and fix the problem. How hard can that be?

- Very good game

I have good cards

- App sucks

This app won’t allow me to log into my psn account. Wanted to use it for the sole purpose of earning some extra VC and to submit locker codes.

- Trash

This app is the worst thing I’ve ever seen

- Terrible

Only dl for VC. Lack of support. Doesn't offer much. Technical failures that affect game play don't resolved. Do not spend money here. It's a waste.

- Won’t let me sign into to my psn


- Fun but useless

The game is ok and a good time passer but the face scan NEVER works and that’s basically the only reason I download it

- App is broken

I’m trying to log in but it won’t even let me it’s like frozen and when i touch proceed it just makes the clicking noise but nothing happens

- Not bad

Free vc but I can’t properly sign in to psn

- Easy

It worked rlly easy

- This app is broken

Cannot log in

- Trash

Won’t allow me to sign in at any point. No point in having the app if I can’t use the face scan.

- Useless

This app is literally useless, the face scan freezes constantly and a multitude of other errors.

- Herpes?!

This app gave me herpes and it shrinks my egg planteuy every time I say it

- Psn signing

I can’t login into my psn in this app, there’s an error code. Please fix this ASAP

- Trash

So laggy not letting my add my ps4 account

- Trash


- Fix xbox

Every single time I try over and over delete and download and it says cant load play form

- Broken to not use

The app is completely broken, don’t bother with anything because it WONT work

- Trash

Won’t let me log in how do I fix this I can’t log into my nba 2k20 on my ps4

- Fix pls

Can’t log in


after attempting it for the 50th time to log in, it still doesn’t work. fix this app

- You can’t log into your PSN account

It’s useless because you literally can’t log in

- Face scan doesn’t work

If you’re downloading this to scan your face, don’t bother. It doesn’t work. I’ve confirmed this with multiple other people. Such a disappointment from 2K.

- Annoying

Won’t let you log into PS4!

- Not good

Not letting me sign in

- Fix this

It’s a fun game but I wish it would let me log into my Xbox account

- Garbage just straight trash

Won’t let me log on🤬🤬🤬


If your on ps do not waste your time it will not work

- Garbage

Fix the PS4 login

- Great game

Can you guys bring back nhl super card please it was an awesome game

- face scans

this app is horrible it doesn’t work please don’t waste your time i ended up doing the steps at least 10 times perfectly and it still wouldn’t let me do a face scan

- Waste of time

Wont let you log into psn. Waste of time

- Hot Garbage

Won’t let me log in to PSN.

- Not letting me sign in

It’s not letting me sign into my PS4 account

- Absolute trash

This app is TRASH!! 2K our doing themselves when it comes to becoming the world leader in trying to get every possible penny out of you!! Hope people ban together and boycot your products so we can get just 1 non cash grab product from you.

- Trash

Face scan doesn’t even work

- Ps4???

Why cannot i log in my ps4 account??

- cool

great for passing time

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Download solely for the face scan feature, which does NOT work. Wasted about 45 mins trying to get the scan to “See my face.” One I finally got it to scan and upload to my Xbox, it tells me there’s “an issue with the scan.” Even though the app says it’s successful.

- True love

I don’t even play nba2k and I love this game. I like collecting cards... level up and rank up cards. I don’t care what other people think or say, this is my favorite game. Looking forward to the new tier of cards coming out soon 😎🤩🤙🏻

- Face scan trash

Every time I try to scan my face it always says error occurred it gets me so frustrated and mad



- Terrible

Terrible. Just terrible. I tried the face app 5 different times. Not only is the process frustrating the game never even loads one you do there’s always an error. Just trash

- Fix it

Straight garbage scanned my face like 7 time and the same thing kept appearing up “ There was an issue with your scan. Please start again and pay close attention to the instruction on the app”. They really need to fix what is wrong with the face scan or some because it is really irritating that it keeps happening over and over again.


I tried to get a simple face scan and it didn’t work it wouldn’t work on the app for 3 tries doing the face scan then once I uploaded the images and the face creation would load it would say retry and it never works don’t waste your time!

- not letting me login to my console

bruh this app is trash it dosent even let you login to your console to do a face scan.

- Garbage

Seems like it gets worse every year.

- Smh

Do better

- I can’t log in

I have tried many times to log into my ps4 account on this app, but every time I do the app glitches and it doesn’t let me log in. This is a big disappointment and I hope i’m not the only one. I have been wanting to do a face scan but I cannot log in my friends have also had this problem in the past please fix this.

- 2K

I wish we could switch the camera on the 2k face scan

- Can’t even do face scan

If I can give this no stars at all I would

- Terrible

I can’t even sign into my PlayStation network and just sit their and say log in was a success with a question mark

- Disappointed

Have had this game since launch, used thw face scanner, was garbage, thought they might have improved it by this point. Cant even log in, im sad to say any company associated with this app coearly show no signs of interest in providing the services that were talked about. Even if this problem only pertains to me, which i hope. This is absolutely trash... get your ish together ronnie 2k.

- Doesn’t work

The facial scan doesn’t work.

- This app is horrible

This app makes me want to bark when I finally get the face scan it still says I did it wrong and it won’t let me get the corner of my face

- Face Scan is Broken

Worst app created. No face scans ever work for 2K and is a waste of time. Not even worth downloading. Smh idk how people can get paid to make crappy apps like this.

- Garbage

2K is a garbage company. Pay to win and sucker the people who support your company. Been buying 2K games since the Dreamcast days but seriously your WWE and NBA games are garbage pay to win and these head scans never work to make it even worse.

- Crappy App

I don’t usually write reviews but I had to in this case to let you know this app is a pain in the butt

- This app is absolute garbage

So garbage.

- Buggy

I would give less if possible

- Terrible

This app is simply terrible.

- terrible game

2k is just a terrible company at this point. this app is trash buggy as hell can't use this at all.

- Banned for no reason

I got the screen to pick a banner and after that it said account banned!!

- I can’t even log in

The app wouldn’t let me log into my Xbox account. I deleted it over and over to try again and it just kept saying that there was an error occurring.

- I only use this for face scan. Nothing else

I only use this app for face scan. Nothing else

- Bug does not let me sign in

I can’t even sign in because it makes me sign into psn twice and on the second time it just has a question mark

- Trash.

Takes two hours to do a facescan due to errors. Fix it.



- Perfect game

This game was can play with friends.

- Regressions and coded by children

Design is awful. Unskippable tutorial. Face scan technology hasn’t advanced anywhere despite facial recognition technology across the sector exploding. Error prone. Can’t sign in half the time. Should be removed from the store, that’s how bad it is.

- It’s the little things that count

I simply only downloaded this app to do a simple face scan & can’t get past the login screen. The only thing I can say about this app is that it’s pathetic & annoying to have to deal with for one small task!!!

- Can’t log in psn!

How Terrible

- Garbage app

Complete garbage

- Trash

Only want face scan, not some stupid card game.

- Crappy app

Talk about a login loop - jeez!! Developers aren’t too smart

- The face scan made me black?

So I have nothing wrong with black people. That being said when I do a face scan multiple times and keep coming out black on my player with an Afro and in real life I’m white with short hair it’s a bit odd. Also they don’t need to blast there micro transactions all over the freakin game and app.

- Face scan

It doesn’t work

- Please don’t even waste your time

This is the worst experience I’ve had with any 2k face scan the my 2k20 face scan is absolutely mediocre 🗑

- The best

I love this app and it brings out the best in me you should try it 😎😎🤩😎🤩😎😎🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤯

- So broken

I just wanted to make a face scan but of course it didn’t work and when I tried again it made me play a game and claim rewards which I already claimed so now I can’t tap anything on the app


Going on 37 minutes, I’m on my 3rd attempt trying to scan my face. Before my frustrating failed attempts using this app to scan my face for the game on xBox, I have to rush thru the game play tutorial of the app to waste 20 minutes to fail the 3rd attempt at scanning my face. I gave it 3 tries and 35 minutes. I’m done wasting my time on this app and I want to make sure they don’t waste other peoples’ time by taking time to write this review.

- Wow 2K 😑😑😑

I like how I did the face scan and completed it but somehow when I blink the eyeball rips through the eyelid. 👏👏👏 wow. Great job 👍

- If i could give it 0 i would

This app is complete garbage all I wanted was scan my Face for 2K and i got stuck pulling stupid useless cards and watchjng the stupid cards play basketball and couldnt get out of it the whole app is glitchy as hell and the face scan doesnt even work. Fix your fame ronnie

- 2k

So The Game Is weird I can’t do my face scan correctly. Quality is bad. When I sign in it’s says proceed then I press proceed and then nothing it’s just blank. Please fix That

- Really bad app do not get this app

I think this is easily the worst app I have ever downloaded. I just wanted to scan my face and it made me go through a long tutorial about some cards that are super dumb and probably just another way for them to steal peoples money. Super frustrating and whoever designed the app should really consider trying to make a good app.

- Why would you do this

I was just playing rivals clash and then all the sudden, my account got banned! I have no idea why, although it said error 10-200. Can you please un bam my account it is Bbbb if you do I will be so thankful

- I only download this for the face scan and for the first time in 2k history it actually worked


- Trash

The face scan doesn’t even work in a bathroom with lots of light

- Doesn’t scan

I’ve tried about 5 times and waited 5-10 minutes each time for my face to be created and it never works. Either fix the software or don’t promote a feature that doesn’t work.

- Works

Every thing work fine for me on my ps4pro and connect with my face using my iPhone 11 Pro Max looks like this update works

- Honest Opinion

Like every other review here, I’m not the first to say the face scan flat out doesn’t work... not sure if it ever did. Some other things that flat out don’t work or like I said think never worked. None of the vc I get in app is transferring to Xbox. There is no point in this app as of no because it simply serves no purpose. You can’t do a single thing it advertises. I just don’t get the point

- Worst App Ever

Clearly a better name for this would have been “Micro-Pay!” App is a joke, don’t waste your time or money!

- Fix the PlayStation login

Fix PlayStation login

- So dumb

I’ve tried about 15 times while deleting and re downloading the app and I still can’t log in to my psn

- Waist of time

The app sucks and I tried to scan my face a Ton of times and it wouldn’t let me use the face in game. It would get to 99% complete on my Xbox and than it would say their was a issue with my scan don’t waist your time plz fix it 2k


Sure this game is good for nba 2k20 but if you try and do a face scan for your game your going to end up putting a bad review on this website because my email account wasn’t working and then when it finally started too it said their was a connection error like it just gave up or something. Bottom line this app SUCKS BALLS

- Not good

Can’t log in to psn account

- Everyone one star until they add back the console connection


- terrible app

after hours of trying the app kept freezing and wouldn’t load anything

- Buggy

App is slow and unstable, needs improvement

- Absoulute garbage

Im trying to get vc but it wont even give me it anymore plus it’s severely rigged on limited time games. Not a single one of my cards can beat the AI’s worst card

- Terrible App

I’ve Been deleting and redownloading it just trying to get a face scan that’s all and I can’t even log in.

- Psn

Please just fix psn

- Trash

Not letting me log into my PS4 account

- Um

The game won’t give me back my original dada now I have to restart

- Wow. 2K is breaking this on purpose

There was a leak internal doc stating to periodically break this app preventing players from entering locker codes and obtaining daily VC. 2K, shame on you.

- Garbage

This app is trash. Took 5 tries to get the face scan to work then when I log into my PS4 it says it cannot load face scan data. Don’t waste your time with this

- Psn loggin

I can’t loggin to ps4 it just says ? App is alright other than that


When ever I’m logging in to my pSN account because there is a ? There

- Terrible face scan

The face scan feature takes forever to do and with that when ur finished it always says there was an error with the scan. Terrible app

- Complaint

App does not let me log into my ps4 account to do my facescan what’s the point of this app anymore smh

- Meh

Please bring back the action house and I’ve been playing since 2k14 when ever I try to login to my switch account it says error all the time

- Can’t login to PSN

Every time I try to login it says access denied. Hasn’t been working for months. FIX THIS PLEASE!!!

- Dumb

Can’t login to my psn to scan my face. What even is the point fr


doesnt work.. when it reaches 100% on the ps4 it then pops message saying issue with scan..

- Joke

Bruh this app fixed the getting denied access to ps4 now it says logging in and doesnt proceed...

- Fix this bs problem

This app won’t let me sign in and I redowloaded it numerous times and it still doesn’t work

- Smhhh very annoying

I cant even sign into my PSN on the app, whats the point and when is the problem going to be resolved this is ridiculous

- Ps4 not accepted

I can’t link my ps4 account because it says that my access is denied and I’ve tried downloading and re down loading multiple times

- Access denied for me

I’m on PlayStation4 and I’m denied access to login

- version 1.3 doesn’t work with psn

please fix

- Trash

Bro I can’t sign into my psn

- trash

i cant login into psn, so i cant do face scans.

- Won’t scan

Only downloaded the app for the face scan and it won’t let me into psn account. Can someone pls help or somehow fix this annoying problem


It says access denied for PS4 users

- Wont let me connect my ps4 account

When i try to link my ps4 to the app it says i dont have permission to access the sony website on my server

- BS

It won’t let me sign in to my psn it just says access denied fix this

- Error PSN

Everytime I try to sign into my PlayStation account, I get this error, saying I’m not authorized to open it on these servers, but all other platforms work

- Logging in

I can’t even login to psn

- Can’t Get VC

Got this app just for the extra VC and now it can’t even connect to the PSN anymore and has lost all value, just always says can’t authorize after last update.

- Pretty good

There. Are lots of good features and some bad features

- Never get this

The face scan dose not work,it ended up wasting 40 minutes of my day

- Error Chrashes

Mine keeps crashing and saying error Somebody plz help

- Broken

Can’t even sign in to use face scan

- Auction house

Gross game get the auction game back ASAP

- Log in

The app is great honestly i like it... its just that every time it always requires me to login. I hope you guys change that to just stay logged in even when the app is closed. Its very annoying trying to log in every time. The app is great though, just that one thing i hate.

- Logs me out

Every time I open the app I need to login to PSN again. Stupid design.

- Good app

This app is underrated and honestly pretty good, and I’ve played since 2k14. The one thing that made this game so special was the auction house. I really hope the developers read this. If so, please respond. If you could add the auction house in the upcoming MyNBA, I would be absolutely delighted. Reason it’s 4 stars and not 5 is because of the auction house.

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- Fix this abomination


- Worst face scan app

Face scan is rubbish Log in process is always glitching

- Hi

Did the job I guess

- Worst app for a game

Honestly this should be thrown in the trash. Useless nonsense to go through just to get the face scanner and then must have tried 50 times using front and rear camera and doesn’t work. Pointless. If I could give zero stars I would

- Can’t log in. Great

Can’t log in. Great. Just make a simple app please

- Just a bunch of cards jumpin around

This game is awful don’t waste your time like I did trying to figure out why there are no actual players it is no where near the same as normal 2k

- No words

This is the perfect representation of 2k’s failures

- Disaster

Absolute disaster of an app - that bad I have to leave a review. Nothing works properly and can’t do the face scan. Waste of time.

- Absolutely awful

Genuinely the worst, most confusing, most overly complicated, horrendously designed game I’ve ever played. Only got it to add my face for 2k and so far it’s taken me 20 mins without success. Absolute joke of a game. DO NOT GET THIS

- Worst app ever

I just wanted to scan my face for the game in ps4 but the app is chaotic and there is no back button. Just don’t bother l.

- Don’t bother!

Bought the game for £3.99 on PSN! Couldn't wait to get started with my career mode, specially with the face scan feature, but please don’t even bother trying! I looked into everything and even tutorials, the app is useless!!! Maybe only Americans can fully access this feature. Anyway it doesn’t work at all in England

- Was this app made as a 10 year olds IT project?

Worst app I’ve ever used. Worst graphics from an app released in 2019. Worst user interface I’ve ever used in an app. Could literally be from 2009. Just wanted to use the face scan feature but instead it’s 40 mins of clicking through all of the tutorials for things I DO NOT WANT TO USE. Cannot believe how bad it is.

- Doesn’t work

I can’t connect my PSN account. Just want to do face scan.

- Doesn’t work

I’ve tried to press the PS4 option but it didn’t work and it wasn’t my WiFi. I deleted it and downloaded it again and it still didn’t work.

- useless

downloaded this when the prelude was out for facescan with no luck ,, forward to may 18th2020. recently got the game for 3.99 from ps4 store but this app is useless , let’s you login via ps4 when you click t go back it just freezes . missing out on my FREE VC ! please fix

- Terrible

Useless app

- Absolute Crap

Doesn’t connect to my PS account. Useless piece of trash.

- Useless

Nothing works

- Buggiest App ever

It won’t sign me into PSN. After I sign in, it repeatedly asks me to sign back in over and over again to no end

- Terrible app

Doesn’t let you log into your psn and it’s slow. Awful app

- Absolutely Trash

App doesn’t do anything. Game face scan good luck can’t even get past the stupid card games and when you try login it says success and doesn’t open anything after that lol. There goes the plan to upload a game face

- Crap app

What a bloody crap app, it doesn’t work, I don’t know how you can be proud of it....

- I can’t log in

I can’t log in guys with my psn account. This app it’s useless af looks like this app made by 12 yrs old bye don’t download this app

- Can’t sign into PSN account

I’ve even reset my password and it’s still not working.

- Doesn’t fit phone

Logging in with a PlayStation account works fine but the proceed button is nearly off the phone and tapping it does nothing

- Crap


- Can’t do face scan

Tried 16 times still doesn’t work

- Need more to do

Game works fine, face scan worked first time and actually looks alright in game, however, the app itself definitely needs more to do. Reigning 3s is unbalanced no matter what deck I use so that’s only gonna be used when I have a top tier deck and one event a week isn’t good enough, should have one on a Monday and one on a Thursday or Friday running through the weekend. Other than that I prefer it to WWE supercard, especially as all the stats in that game are 3million with around 15 different tiers of cards.

- Great App

I don’t know what everyone is moaning about I validated my app as the guideline help said and now I’m ready to upload my face scan lol keep up the good work 2K

- Terrible

5 times the face scan takes then the game can’t find it waste of time

- Can’t even sign in

2k are an awful corporation they don’t care about fans at all

- Bad

Just wanted to face scan but couldn’t even connect my psn account just kept getting stuck in some loop. Said it was successful but every time I backed out i had to sign in again.

- Doesn’t even work

I have re-installed this app over 5 times as all I want to do is scan my face however this app will not even let me connect to my PSN! EA need to fix this..

- can’t sign in


- It alright

The face scan on Xbox is so dodo but they said if you login you vc that a lie but the games on this app are good

- Waste of time

Horrible app doesn’t even let me log in

- I can’t log in

I was playing the game earlier on in the year. The game Was OK at best. Now icon cards have been released I wanted to re-install but every time I log in now I’m sitting on the home menu for extended periods of time because all the app is saying is “waiting on network” I was wondering if I could get some assistance on how to fix this issue.

- You can’t login to ps4

You can’t login to ps4 face scan the second button won’t come up and it’s been like this for months please fix ASAP

- Rubbish

I want to play this thing then it doesn’t even show me all the stuff we’re suppose to do. NEVER PLAY THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Schlecht


- Pointless

EA were doing better face renders with Game Face 15 years ago than this app manages.

- Horrible Face Scan

Been on this app for an hour just trying to get logged in and upload my face scan, horrible UX and UI. Needs a big overhaul or separate face scan options.

- Poor app

Such a terrible app. Doesn’t work for facescan, can’t exit tutorial , can’t get into the facescan section. Awful experience

- Dumbest app I’ve ever downloaded

Arguably no exaggeration there, all I want to do is use face scan and I’m forced through a dumb card game. If you want people playing that why not just make a separate app for it? To add on top of It 15 minutes later it didn’t even work.

- Don’t bother

Can’t even log into the app properly. Abysmally bad.

- disappointing

Keep getting access denied when I try to connect to PSN for my face scan

- Can’t login to PSN with recent app update

Please correct

- PSN login API failure

Please fix the PSN log in, it does have permission, and I would like to use face scan

- I am Outrageous

2K, i dont know what you guys were thinking. This app is completely useless and is a complete waste of space. I CAN NOT connect to my PSN because “i dont have permission”. Well you guys dont have permission to tell me to delete this app, because that’s exactly what i am going to do

- Update Error!!

Ever since the latest update I’ve been unable to connect my PS account! Very frustrating as this is the main reason I use this app; to get 400VC each day! Overall I love the app but this is just ruining it for me at the minute! Please fix!!!

- Don’t buy the game!

Simply put, face scan doesn’t work. Wouldn’t have gotten the game if I knew this would be an issue.

- Login every time?

It’s 2020, the days of having to login every visit are long gone. Any danger of a “Remember Me” feature?

- Face scan

I only got this for the face scan really and when my face is clearly visible it says no face detected or something like that.

- Facescan doesn’t work

Straight up does not work, took four attempts to get my photos done in good lighting with my iPhone 11 and they then they wouldn’t upload! Don’t waste your time trying!!

- Face scan basically pointless

Tried the face scan and it doesn’t work, tried everything, watch YouTube videos but nothing. I really want to have me as my NBA the player instead of going through everything and having it somewhat look like me


I love this game sooo much. I mean who doesn’t.

- Decent

Decent game

- Face scan is useless

Won’t upload my face. Have tried everything. Wasted way too much time on this.

- Broken

After latest update when I start the game it says waiting on the network

- Logins and daily bonus ruining it

Having to login every time you open the app is terrible and makes the game not enjoyable... Also the daily login bonus is not based on your Timezone which is another terrible feature they need to edit...

- Same old stuff

Same as every year that I’ve played it change up the game

- Rubbish app

Most rubbish app and regressive I have ever seen. The face scan process has regressed to the point it doesn’t work. The sign in process is pathetic as it requires you to listen to slurred speech and type it. This is shocking.... way to lose fans and users.

- Face scan doesnt work and have to resign into PSN every time i open the app

Have tried face scan at-least 20 times since the game has launched and it still doesn’t work, fails to upload every single time.

- face scan

Have tried the face scan countless times and it fails everytime only downloaded the app for that

- Fix the face scan

Every time I try to face scan it says error and it’s really frustrating I uninstalled it and then installed it and it happened again and again and again.

- Face scan is trash

I tried so many times and it would upload my photos

- Face scan terrible

Face scan never works first time and when it does work it uploads to my Xbox then shows the face and is never correct

- Not working

i can’t open the app, it crashes everytime

- It didn’t work

I have tried to scan my face 400 times and it hasn’t worked

- Triggered

The game is ok but it’s boring and the face transfer into game only works like once then it says error

- Horrible

I don’t understand how you can stuff up the face scan feature so bad. This is the most frustrating thing ever.. thanks a lot now I can’t scan myself into the game.

- Face scanner

Face scanner worked so well! At first I tried to scan my face on my Samsung but it wasn’t working and then my girlfriend downloaded the app it worked perfectly fine and when it uploaded and created my face on my ps4 the details and everything were immaculate!

- Bad bad bad

Trash app

- Nugget


- Worst app I have seen

Honestly speaking...this has to be the worst app ever. It’s super slow and can not scan anything. I spend almost 2 hours trying to fix it and scan my face for NBA 2k20. It’s so slow and every time I upload my face it says it’s loading and than cancels its self. Why does a big corporation not spend time in R&D and improving people experience?

- Die pls

Wouldn’t recommend truly horrible coming from a 2k fan

- Face scanner

The face scanner fails to upload to the console I use for my career

- Broken face scan

Fix your face scan. It doesn’t work. The one time I got it to work it finished scanning on the game then error coded. When I tried again it claimed there was no face scan data available. There’s obviously an issue with the face scan. I’m not the only one complaining about it. Done everything right and it won’t work

- Face scan won’t upload

Need to fix the face scan won’t upload its frustrating I just hope you guys can fix it.

- Face scan won’t upload

Face scans just won’t upload. As per typical 2K style, something always up with their products.

- 2k20

Yo I just got nba 2k20 and the game is lit

- Make like 2k19

Not better then 2k19 ☹️👎

- Facescan didn’t work for hours on my iPhone XR but worked on my mum’s iPhone X immediately.

Very frustrating

- Can’t log in

Log in screen is trash

- Complete but Stale.

Unfortunately it feels as though the game is the exact same as previous years just with new card art. The removal of the Auction house is a move that’s been criticised, and rightfully so. The auction house provided users with a space to save up their credits and develop their deck to progress further in the game. It removed the RNG of pulling good cards from packs and it added a skill gap into the game in the form of credit and card management. This game would get a 5 star review for me if the auction house were to be added, a new interface and some new music!!

- Same as always

Same game. No new mechanics. No events or game modes to expand anything. Pretty boring

- It’s a good game but two problems

Good game but a few problems. First is it’s the same game but a different look. Second I have to log in to psn every time and it’s quite annoying. Maybe add a remember details option?

- Auction House

Add the auction house back please ! It will make the game more interactive

- NBA 2k20

Good game actually my fav out right nice

- Face scan won’t upload my photos of my face

Hi, I’m a huge fan of the game but I’m getting frustrated of face scan won’t upload my photos of my face

- PSN Log In

Why do we have to log in every F’n time to PSN? Surely we can have something that AT LEAST remembers our user details and a remember our password option. Should just keep us logged in anyway. Fkn annoying

Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (NBA 2K20) live at

Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (NBA 2K20) live at

Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (NBA 2K20) live at

Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (NBA 2K20) live at

Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (NBA 2K20) live at

Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (NBA 2K20) live at

Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (NBA 2K20) live at

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My NBA 2K20 1.4 Screenshots & Images

My NBA 2K20 iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

My NBA 2K20 iphone images
My NBA 2K20 iphone images
My NBA 2K20 iphone images
My NBA 2K20 iphone images
My NBA 2K20 iphone images
My NBA 2K20 ipad images
My NBA 2K20 ipad images
My NBA 2K20 ipad images
My NBA 2K20 ipad images
My NBA 2K20 ipad images
My NBA 2K20 Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
My NBA 2K20 Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

My NBA 2K20 (Version 1.4) Install & Download

The applications My NBA 2K20 was published in the category Games on 2019-08-20 and was developed by 2K [Developer ID: 324563547]. This application file size is 375.86 MB. My NBA 2K20 - Games posted on 2020-03-20 current version is 1.4 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

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