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Design Island:3D Home Makeover Game Description & Overview

What is design island:3d home makeover app? Island? Magic? Puzzles? Yeah, you bet! Design Island let you spend your getaway any way you like! Start with Iris, a magic design helper, on an island estate! Meet new friends along your journey, and offer them a helping hand! Turn the deserted island into a gorgeous paradise!

So much for the story! You might want to ask, how do I play the game? It’s pretty simple! Design rooms with stunning 3D graphics by playing puzzles, unlock NEW rooms, furniture and locations, and then brag to your friends and the Design Island community about your interior design skills! Make your luxury island home world famous!

Inherit a huge and beautiful mansion, design and decorate your home, and play puzzle games! Immerse yourself in house design with unique boosters - all in one matching game! Design Island is a FREE Puzzle game! Stay at home, renovate and design with this fun puzzle game! This is the best matching game! Just sit down, relax and enjoy this wonderful journey! This is the best matching game! Create a manor cafe, a home escape, and a garden escape, and play with pet animals!


Join Iris to renovate your villa and give it a spectacular 3D home design makeover. Revive the old house and fill it with beautiful furniture - you're the designer!

Match pieces to create unique, powerful boosters in this fun match-3 puzzle game.

A farmhouse kitchen, a tropical garden, even a cat cafe... Design Island has countless 3D locations for you to make your own!

Thousands of match-3 levels to enjoy. If you like challenges, this is the perfect game for you.

Join a team to share the Design Island fun with your friends!

The island is full of colorful characters, all very excited to meet you! Discover their hidden stories and reveal hidden objects as you help the islanders.

Thousands of levels that range from super easy to ghoulishly hard. No matter what your level is, there’s alway a right place for you.

The island isn't the only place that needs your interior design skills. Where will those skills take you? You'll find out!

Design Island is FREE to play and available online or offline. Play this exciting match-3 game anywhere!

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5/5 This game is spectacular on so many levels. It helps you become anything you want: interior designer? Fixer Upper? Realtor? Or someone who loves games. It helps to get caught up in a world where you can forget your reality for a while. Yes, it can be therapeutic. You meet interesting people online, as well.
5/5 It’s like a home decoration simulator game but with extra flavor. Love it!
5/5 I can play Design Island anywhere in my kasa!
5/5 I was playing this game when I was renovating my kitchen, it actually inspired me!
5/5 Truly a family friendly game. DI is one of the most popular games among my friends.
5/5 Forget about Gardenscapes or Homescapes, Design Island is the trend.
5/5 I can’t get enough of this game. Wish I had more time to play it.
5/5 Having a “blast” playing this game. I love it!!! Thank you!


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions - we'd love to hear from you!
You can email us to or contact us in game by going to Settings > Help & Support. Stay turned and drop us a review! :)

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App Name Design Island:3D Home Makeover
Category Games
Updated 15 February 2022, Tuesday
File Size 359.04 MB

Design Island:3D Home Makeover Comments & Reviews 2023

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Great. Until it stopped working. This was my favorite puzzle match & design game. I’ve played most of them. I spent a little money on this one, but I was willing to. I enjoyed the missile races and came in first place a few times. But, around my approach to level 1,000, I began having crash issues. It also kept popping up a prompt for me to connect with Facebook once I deactivated my Facebook account. I thought perhaps with the most recent update the crashing issue would resolve, but it did not. And customer service was responsive but not helpful. So I finally deleted it. Too bad.

Would be 5. I would definitely give this 5 stars but...all of a sudden it started crashing on me. I get 2 hours of play and will end up losing it because of this. I really like this game and even spent a lil money in it but if this continues it will be deleted like the rest. Please fix this

Update 10/21 worse. Update—- tried it again after reading new reviews but after selecting “recover data” it is making me do the tutorial….bye again Original: It was great til I ran out of new levels. I played them all was going to delete the app then they added more, finished those and now 2 weeks or so later still waiting for more. Update- deleted for a few months then tried again, same result.

everytime i leave app it restarts. i love this app so much! and i will still give it 5 stars regardless it is my favorite stress reliever game. but tonight i just got the new 3160 app update and everytime i leave the app even for a minute to answer a text, snapchat, etc., it will refresh to the home page of the game and i lose the level i was playing.......before in previous version it gave an option of resuming the level you were on. if that is not available anymore that is okay but to only leave the app for a minute and come back to a refreshed page everytime is frustrating. before you could leave for a good amount of time maybe 10 minutes or so and it would still be on the level you were playing. hoping it could be a bug and may be fixed soon ? thanks !

Update. So I used to love playing this game but for some reason they are not updating it for further levels. I have 164 stars but unable to use them because there are no updates to take the game further. Please do not tell me that it takes time to test out different levels because this isn’t the only game I play. It has been months since there has been an update. Making the game no longer challenging trying to finish levels or rooms what I am talking about. It keeps saying check out Facebook when the next update is, but there isn’t any update.

Be careful, updates will erase extra lives. Let me start by saying- this game is my favorite. That being said, the newest updates I’ve downloaded have knocked out extra lives and bonus scene progress which is super annoying when you have amassed a bunch of lives and progress for weekend sprees, and suddenly it’s gone. If that gets fixed and lives stop disappearing, I’d give 5 stars hands down!

Fantastic game!!. Design Island is one of my most favorite games to play. The Match-3 game play of the game is great. The designing game play of game needs better options for each location, the locations however are awesome though. I’ve been playing Design Island for a month or maybe longer & I’ve been very pleased with it, but for the last 3-4 days now while in the middle of a Match-3 game it suddenly just crashes & therefore I’m just seeing my main phone screen. So I gave the 3-Star rating due to that issue & whenever the game is back to the norm I’ll change my rating to a 5-Star like it should be.

Time to say goodbye for now....maybe forever. There was a time when I really enjoyed this game. Enjoyed it so much I spent quite a bit of money on it (and I don’t usually do that unless I really....REALLY like the game). I understand that the levels have to get more challenging the higher up you go....I get it. My issue is when it starts to take 2 weeks or more to get through a level (and that’s with spending money on the game), it is no longer fun. I gave up trying to do the special events a while back. Sad to say I can’t even get in on things like the treasure chest, the missle race, the duck helps, etc. so I’m walking away for the time being because I get so very frustrated when I play this game. I play these types of games to relax and relieve stress. This game is now adding to the stress instead. I hate this because I really do like the game. I know I’ll get some robotic response to this because I see typically same response over and over. I may come back and try again or I may just leave all together. We shall see.

Too slow to add levels. I’ve give this game 5 stars if it weren’t for the fact that it is too slow to add levels. Perhaps it’s because I play it all the time (the game is addictive) but I keep running into the situation where I’ve beat all the levels and then I have to wait 2-3 weeks for there to be more added. Also, the events are too short and are always over before I have a chance to complete them. Why not make them 2 weeks at least? It’s getting frustrating and I don’t know if I’ll keep playing.

Gotten to be worse! Not worth the trouble at higher levels. This was my favorite game! No longer. I’m about to delete this. They used to have levels that were difficult but not impossible. They had lots of power ups and coins and lives. Then, I don’t know what happened to the developers! They didn’t like us enjoying this game I guess. I’m on level 940 something.. and I have to play each level at least 30 times before I can somehow manage to scrape through the levels, even when they are green levels! I have to use all my power ups multiple times. It’s been so frustrating. They make special events and I used to complete them all. Now I haven’t completed the last three events because in 7-10 days I can barely cross 1 level. So it’s been really frustrating and I feel sad. Why did you have to destroy such a good game? I don’t consider this worth a headache. Look for other games.

Don’t throw away your time or money. Great fun crashes. You contact support and they act like they’ve never heard of this issue even though you can read through the comments and it’s obvious that this is a real problem. The chat people talk down to you. They ask you to share screen shots of the problem even though you tell them repeatedly that you can’t because the game blows up, shuts down, and automatically closes the app. The support staff is clearly trained to chat you in circles, frustrate you, and hope you delete the app so that they don’t have to address the issue. I image them “high-fiving” each other every time a player gives up and deletes the app. So as I told my customer service “support” person, “You win. I’m done. Keep my money.” But you all need to be aware. The higher you get in the game, the more the game blows up. Don’t waste your time or money.

Game freezes constantly. While I really like this game it freezes constantly and steals you current life and bonuses in the process. It is so frustrating to finally be able to complete a level you have tried several times only to have the game freeze right before you accomplish it!!

Disappointed. When I first started this game, I loved it. It wasn’t too difficult and enjoyable. But, I haven’t had an update for a couple of months. I still get the events, which are difficult and too costly to be able to finish. And I’ve contacted support a couple of times and all they tell me is I’m up to date. If I was up to date, I’d actually be able to play. Seriously thinking of deleting this game. Sad

Glitch city.....update. UPDATE: I sent all of the data to the design team and they told me to wait for the update and hopefully that would fix my issues... it didn’t. The game is still crashing and in fact it is crashing more often. Now I can’t even complete a level before the app disappears. I like the game. It’s fun to play and design. The problem I have is that I will play a level and then the app will disappear from my screen. I’ll pull the app back up, play another level or decorate something and then the app disappears again. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling but nothing.

Some it is awesome. This is the game that I would enjoy playing forever and ever because it Cellarius I get a kick out at every turn and every kick out of every thing we do together is really fun and I enjoy it very much it’s really a fun game and I am doing it warm warm thank you

Glitches. I have had this game crash so many times in the middle of a level it’s ridiculous. There’s also not many areas to decorate, I have been finished with one area and waiting on another to unlock now for a month. I have about 300 stars saved up because of it and it’s pointless.

Awesome!😁. This app is absolutely amazing! I downloaded this app because it seems like maybe one of those games by the levels were hard to beat, but these are not too easy and not too hard to just right! It’s super fun and I haven’t had any ads so far I would definitely recommend this app if you’re looking for one of those puzzle games where you can design a house. I am so glad I downloaded this app!😁

Game. Did you guys stop with updates? I have no more scenes to design. On seen 1557 and still waiting. All of the updates are done on my end. I’m getting ready to delete this game I will not go on face book for updates that’s ridiculous Updated bad can’t go because you want me to join Facebook fat chance bye bye

Levels aren’t impossible hard! ☻. I love how easy yet still challenging this Match 3 game/ Renovation game is! I’m a huge fan of Match 3 games & i’ve probably downloaded almost every game like that but this one is currently my fave. Other levels from other games typically get super hard & impossible to beat making you spend money to pass but this one doesn’t & it makes me so happy! ☺️ The graphics are great & of course getting to choose the way you can design is always fun. Please come out w more similar games like this 💕💕

Relaxing break in the day.. Pleasant to play. Allows ... maybe forces ... your mind to take a break from the responsibilities of life by keeping it busy playing games or decorating imaginative rooms and venues. I appreciate running out of lives occasionally. The interruption helps me to NOT spend more time than I can afford on Design Island.

Love this game. So I have seen many games like this with this concept it this one is amazing my god just the little things I Can’t stop playing also I love how it’s not to hard and u earn coins pretty fast and no fake ads to is a big one! Keep up the great work😊💖

I wanted to love this game. This game started out pretty great for a match game. The graphics are good and the scenes are pretty. Their biggest downfall is whoever chose the color pallets. The pallet is the same in EVERY SINGLE SCENE. You get to choose between yellow, orangey-red, or a warm grass green. The result of this, is that every scene you design looks.. the exact same. No matter what. There are NO cool color tones to choose from, just the same ones over and over and over. You can’t choose between, like, a cool, crisp scene, a warm cozy scene, or a green, earthy scene. No matter what color combo you choose, it’s this extremely warm-toned yellow tinged scene. I’m not playing anymore because it’s getting frustrating.

Best. Omg I love this game and you can design your own house I also like that you can choose your colors and design this is one of them that I like i’m truly impressed I gave us a four because of that I really like the game The levels are challenging but the power ups help a lot I get frustrated and wish that there was more choices of colors they go better with this theme 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

It’s turned into a Money grab!. I absolutely loved this game! That being said, they recently lowered the coins you get by 1/2. The levels are getting to hard to get through without power ups. I know that the games get harder by design but it’s getting to where I can’t play anymore. I’m on level 620 or so. I used to play for a quite a while each day and it gets frustrating when you try the level and can’t get through it for days. They want you to spend money... I would rather watch adds or being able to pay $2.99 to eliminate them. I’ve talked with support and they tell me there are more ways to get coins now. I haven’t seen it so far.

I’ve been playing this game for years. I think it’s about time I write my review. First off, I don’t like matching games normally, but I like designing. Homescapes and Gardenscapes are too difficult for no reason. Same issue with any others I tried. I expected the same when I downloaded Design Island, but the levels aren’t impossible like on every other game. They’re fun and perfectly doable. Of course, there are challenging ones some times but nothing a booster can’t fix. Oh yeah, let’s talk about the boosters. The creators are CONSTANTLY giving out gift codes for people to use so it’s easy to stack up the starting balloons or bombs. Everything about this game is perfect. The levels are doable, the scenes are beautiful, the characters are diverse, the boosters aren’t scarily scarce, and customer support is good. And I almost forgot to mention, the ability to join a team of other players is awesome. I’ve met some really nice people in my team. I have a few critiques but they definitely aren’t deal breakers. The costs during the recent event scenes have been way too much and impossible to finish within the time frame. That’s literally it. That’s just for the events though. For the normal scenes, the cost is never higher than 3 stars. Just 2 stars less than my review for this game :)

Major update time. I know you update regularly, but never fix the fact that the levels are too hard even with boosters, boosters should be given out frequently without having to pay enormous amounts of money, cleanups of each area should be free and all cleaned up at once not just one small area, storylines aren’t good but become mundane if you can’t pass the levels. Offer more coins and a booster for each level passed if a player can actually accomplish that small feat. It’s become just like garden escapes and home escapes. Think you developers can work on these things? I don’t want an answer if it’s a token answer. Just fix the game. The last update was months ago. I guess this game will suffer an untimely death like so many others.

Game continue to drop out. Hi well this is the second time I downloaded Design Island and connect to Facebook, however, when I play/lose levels this game keeps dropping and I start the game again. It is frustrating to continue to play would there be an upgraded version that I may have missed? If so could I upgrade to that version to continue playing, I like the game a lot. Thank you in advanced.

Amazing!. Just started playing about 2 hrs ago and am truly impressed ;). Of course, seems all of these kinds of game start off fun then devolve to slamming you with long ads that simply either go on and on or start up after every puzzle. This game is unique in it’s superior graphics. They’re unusual in a fun, colorful and playful way. They’ve also introduced new elements into the puzzle part that are fun and interesting. What so many game-makers don’t realize, is that if they would simply continue the fun, friendly and ad-free after a customer makes a purchase, I for one would continue to play and pay every couple of days, at least. Whaat happens with 90% of the time, at least with others I played, is... when the constant ads start or the game-play becomes unbeatable without constant dings for more money, I simply delete them and find another... Hope this one is different 💖

No updates. I have been playing for a while and I love it but I have not been able to get an update for about two months.I had an update from the App Store two days ago and figured I would be getting some new rooms to design but nothing has changed with the app I have no new rooms or any of the special events I really like this game and I really don’t want to have to delete it. But there are no new rooms and I feel like I’m playing the game for nothing.

Fun game. I like this game but I have one complaint. When you are out of moves, the game ends so quickly and often my finger is in the middle of a swipe and I accidentally hit the “get lives button”. So, I waste 900 credits and they are hard to accumulate. This happens often. Can you add an “ are you sure” option. This game is much more fun than most match 3 games out there. I enjoy the special events even though I rarely can finish one before they expire.

Love this game!. I have never ever wrote a review regarding an app. But I have to say how amazing this game is! I’ve played many design games and this one by far has the best graphics, best puzzles, the level of how challenging the puzzles are, are just right. Not too hard not too easy. I can’t say enough good things about this game. It helps me unwind. I highly recommend this game!

Loved it until book store. Was thinking that this was the best match three design game out there (I’ve tried them all), until I reach the book shop. Once you hit the book shop, folks, it’s game over. It’s impossibly difficult. I can’t even get past the first stage.

Fun but..... This really is a fun game but I have to question why anyone would pay excessive amounts to play. They will nickel and dime you with each round or you can choose to pay for lots of coins for various amounts...up to $99! I managed to get to level 67 without paying before I couldn’t go any further. Deleting another fun but greed driven game

Love it, but..... I downloaded this game a while ago, but the app kept shutting down during each game. It got so bad that I deleted the app for a couple of weeks. I recently uploaded the game again (it really is a fun game), but the problem still persists, which is why I’m giving it 3 stars. It’s a very frustrating problem! None of the other apps on my phone have this issue.

Five Star. I play this game everyday. I love it. It’s addicting and fun. The reason this is 4 for me is because the higher I get on my levels, the lesser I earn coins. They used to give 50+ coins every level. But now only 30 coins? I used to complain how I only get 50 every time but now, I’d rather choose 50 over 30. I hope they would change it back.

Has potential. The puzzles are fun, the rewards are sufficient, & events ongoing. However, the team events are missing something. Other games, such as Sweet Escapes (my favorite) have with team events somehow bring people together through the chats & overall challenge. Not so here & I can’t really put my finger on why/how that is . It’s just simply there and most people appear to have a take it or leave it/ meh attitude with team events. The ongoing/untimed scenes are fun to decorate, but the limited time scenes continually repeat. I’ve been playing for over a year & rarely get one completed before it is replaced with yet another scene I didn’t formerly complete, leaving me to start the same boring timed scenes over & over again. Personally, I absolutely dread when the the concert/music scenes show up. They are uninteresting and the sounds that accompany them are irritating. I usually don’t play for a couple of days until those are gone. Bottom line is, I want to love this game, but it definitely needs work on the team events and limited time scenes to be earn my 5 stars.

Update. Aug 29. Sound works. I discovered that I had to let the game go farther in the game then the sound kicked in. It’s a very cute game and so far I like it but I just started it. Will write more after I have a chance to play it more but so far so good. ———- Looks like a cute game but I have absolutely no sound. Yes my volume is up. Yes I tried another game on the same iPad. Actually two games that I have and they both play sound. Has anyone else had a problem with no sound?

Design Island. I have been playing this game on my laptop for over a year and now it is no longer available . Now an have to play on my phone. I am not happy. This was my evening relaxation.

Fun but frustrating. This game is the best game ever! It’s super fun. But I do have one thing I wanna suggest. I look at things and you have to buy them all, then I think I can’t buy them so then I’m just sad. Also the levels are hard too, once u get into the 25’s. But still this game is one of the best decorating games! Keep on the good work developers!

Luv the game but..... I’ve been playing the game for years but have been waiting for a long long time for you to continue the the story that I’m on. I am really tired of playing the side games. I used to pay to play but not giving one more penny until I can move on in the game. I’d like to be able to finish the room I’m decorating. When you do that, I’ll give it 5 stars.

This game is lethally addictive...unfortunately. It would be a five-star game easily if the devs were more generous with the power-ups and there were just more moves given, especially in the harder levels. I don't know how many times I've been left with only ONE item left to clear, which is monumentally frustrating. The puzzles are captivating because each one has to be figured out in order to crack it, and the design element is almost secondary but definitely creative and fun. But the game is set up to try to make you spend money and I have spent all the real cash I plan to shell out.

Facebook login in requested every 2 seconds so ANNOYING!!!. I thoroughly Love this game and it has been fun, HOWEVER , e wry two seconds it interrupts my playing to ask me to login in to my Facebook to use my information!! NO, I do not have Facebook!!! I’m going to end up deleting it because it’s beyond annoying to not be able to play with out clicking the pop up box!! It is literally every two seconds . I feel like a game should be able to be fun without using Facebook . I have tried to turn off and clear out every every or anything to stop it ! And yet it continues ! It’s frustrating and ruins the fun of the game ! You need to fix that big time !

I love Design Island. I’ve enjoyed Design Island for my App Store because I like it.🥳😃😊😚😘 That Levels 14 and 15 was the best chance to see Hard ones than easier.😃😀😁 The Options are: Watching the Game, Or get installed by the App Store with Apple. Good game for my Review about the Store for Apple Devices. Thank you for your time. Good luck with that!😀😂🥳😨😅😄😁😊❤️😭 Thanks for writing review about Design Island. Good luck with this!!!!😂😀😃😄😁😚😘😓🥳😨

A dumb game. This game is not all that great developers then take a chill but whoever plays don’t spend money because what they’re doing is they’re making you do that so you can beat the game and it’s such a sad world because all people do is do that because money is the root of all evil you don’t let anybody do that it’s not worth your time

Cheating and Gouging. I have put up with the frequent crashes that also take one of your lives, even though you may have been beating the level at the time. And yes, when you return to that level the winning move has mysteriously disappeared. So you lose the level, and another life of course. But now you cannot “save” lives as before. I have been stockpiling my “5 life” wins on spins or gifts for when I needed them, for a total of about 30 lives. So I just went to use these lives and all but 5 are gone. Yes, they have been deleted due to a new policy which doesn’t allow you to accrue more than 5 lives, or maybe 10 under certain circumstances. I obviously didn’t qualify for the 10 life “bank”. Don’t you think it would have been sporting to let us keep our saved lives and use them, and to notify people about the policy change as well? I had to find out about this by searching out this info (listed as: Where did my lives go? or something similar). I have foolishly spent real money playing this game but I see it was wasted. Don’t trust this company and don’t spend any money on their products.

I like the game but it’s not giving my purchased stars.. I like the game but it’s not giving me my purchased stars. This is the second day this has happened. A couple of days ago it finally gave me multiple stars after several purchases, like it finally started working again and all of a sudden all my stars showed up. Not happy at all. I shouldn’t even be purchasing stars to play but to not receive my credits is garbage.

Fun game!. So far so good, a cliche’ I know, but sometimes a game starts off fun then cost too-much to continue playing. This game, several levels in and it’s still fun and hasn’t cost me a cent. I gave it four stars based on the fun levels, choices in some decor, and the interesting characters. Try it, you just may like it!

Power Ups. I like this game but with the power up drop down function in the levels where the bombs, rockets and line blaster things are supposed to come down, it doesn’t give any as often as I think it should. There have been some levels where the cookies drop down every turn but I’ve just failed this level where the rocket hasn’t dropped down even once and I don’t think that’s fair. I thought those were supposed to help you in the level. I can’t afford to buy a bunch of boosters and so a lot of the time, I abandoned games like this because of this exact issue. I don’t mind having the drop down with cookies I just would like it to be more balanced.

Love the game but update messed it up. I love this game but the update somehow made it to where I can’t do anything on it at all. It’ll show the room but that’s it. The rest is blank. I don’t know if I should delete it and redownload but I can’t remember if I logged into Facebook. Help :(

Just started playing. I just started playing this game and it moves forward well so far, with explanations of how to use each game piece and rewards of adding furniture at each game win. I like adding items after each game win instead of having to win several games to add something. I don’t have a strong feeling about the game yet but was asked to rate and write a review already, so here it is. It will probably get harder as I play longer, which I won’t like, but it’s too soon to know yet. I’m enjoying playing. I’m giving it a 4 instead of a 5 because it’s too early to love the game.

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Freezes. Few clitches. Game freezes and can’t move certain objects.

It’s a good game. I love this game it’s the only thing I can play without internet

Game.. Really Enjoyable game.

Not Happy. So disappointed with this game, still no new scenes for ages. What are we supposed to do with all the yellow stars? I’ve got hundreds of them and can’t use them. I’ve spent a lot of money on this game. Not happy

Game has crashed and burnt. I’ve loved playing this game but it’s now come to an end as the developers have basically given up with it. No new scenes, no new levels. No free codes. It’s dead in the water.

Game keeps crashing. The game keeps crashing sometimes you load it and it’ll crash again and again it’s quite frustrating

Needs a lot of work. Not a fan of games that don’t keep up with scenes / levels, it gets boring quickly. I have a heap of stars that I can’t do anything with. It has become very apparent that a good majority of the boosters you earn, end up blasting in the most useless location. Either the game isn’t very well thought through or it’s a conscious effort to mess up the game in order to entice players to purchase lives.

Deleting..... It keeps crashing in level one...ridiculous

Gave up on level 1418. Really enjoyed this game until Level 1418 and gave up - too many rabbits and buttons to remove. It was boring stuck on the same level for over a week.

Game Crashing. Loving the game but it has started crashing continually since about 15 Mar. Anything you can do?

Keep coming back. This is a great game you can play continually or leave and come back too. One of my favourites that stays on my list.

Shame. Such a shame the developers cannot keep up with the app. Don’t waste your time or energy on this app coz it ends up at a stand still with nothing left to do.

Crashing plus plus. Hi there, liked the look of this game, however haven’t managed to get past one star yet as it keeps crashing

grouse game. very fun and addicting

Crashing. Hi Guys, My game is continuously crashing since the last update. Anyone else reported this? Jan I decided to restart my iPad and it seems to have fixed the problem. Jan xx

Design Island. Love this game and the unique matching levels. Thank you to the developers for a great game. Love being able to design the rooms as well😄

S. Love playing but it keeps crashing all the time ... very frustrating do you know why this is ?

I love this game. I hate this game it is sooooo annoying

Love this game but can’t do anything right now. Awesome game but I’m up to date on all of the levels and I just tried to open the game and I can’t do anything it’s just the living room from the start and nothing to click, the host lady isn’t even there?

Keeps crashing. Great game but have had to delete it as it’s crashing constantly..

NOTHING LIKE THE AD!. I downloaded this game, thinking it was like the ad that played. It wasn’t! I am extremely disappointed in this, Due to that I have uninstalled the game and written this review!

Crashes constantly. I really like this game. But the crashing is so constant I want to delete it.

Design island 3D makeover. It’s a pretty good game thank you so much it’s so much fun to design island on 3D makeover thanks love from Gabrielle Rose Morgan

Review. I’m really enjoying this game but it keeps on crashing on me all the time. It is crashing so much now that I’m thinking of not playing it anymore

Design island. This is a really lovely game to play I have lots of fun playing the game it runs really smoothly

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Fun but definitely gets harder...i almost quit!!. enjoining this match 3game

Colourful. Fun game. Suggest you give it a try.

Getting bored. Is there ver going to be new scenes as I have been waiting for over two months now. I get your opening old bonus ones but the new scenes have been coming soon for A very long time. Just curious if this is going to happen at Some point soon

Game keep restarting. Loved the game it I got to level 1674 and at the loading page it say save progress I tap and I’m back to 300 I deleted the game after a few months decided to play again I start at level 300 I played to level 350 and I connected to fb and now I’m back at 300 will be deleting the game again and this time for good it’s annoying loosing my progress

Design Island. Relaxing, beautiful graphics, nice story line so far. Time will tell as I am sure levels will become more challenging.

It’s ok but.... It’s ok 👍,but it’s a little...ummmm...I don’t know how to explain It’s good but I’m giving it a ⭐️⭐️⭐️

To review. Deleting bc I have 96 yellow stars and nowhere to use them.

Good game. Very nice game... Enjoying it so far...

WoW. Vraiment un bon jeux j’adore

Nothing New. As per customer service (or lack there of) there are no more new scenes or events in production. In my view they are only catering to new customers to achieve last level and nothing much more 😢

Design island. It keeps crashing as soon as I got to the hot dog truck. Can’t play it anymore.

Mental games.. Entertaining always especially late at night when you can't sleep but would like to lay in bed and relax

Love it!. Have fun remodeling a house

Decorating is fun. Challenging but relaxing to play.. lots of fun puzzles to work out! so much fun

Fun to play. Enjoy playing especially when there is unlimited lives and the gifts. Also like that when you leave game and come back you pick up right where you left off!! Into the 700 levels game keeps kicking me out after finishing a level or just before using power up. Very annoying and frustrating please fix!!!

Love it. I love the fact that I am getting through levels without the struggle of having to repeat it! The color graphics and characters are beautiful and addicting to play!

My Favorite Game. enjoining this match 3game,as homescapes & gardenscapes

Can’t get in the game.. Love the game so far but now I can’t get into play. My game started to kick me out but now I can’t get in at all. Super frustrating for a game that I was enjoying. 5 stars when the issue is fixed. Thanks😃

Okay but. Starts out okay but as it gets harder power ups are expected. And one you run out expected to buy. DELETE!

fantabulous!. 5 stars says it all. Love this game.

nice!. great game! i would love to have my own character making bc the graphic of the game is too cute ! And love stories will be great add

Love it. Very enjoyable and fun level

All good. challenge yourself and explore your creativity

Great game!!. One of my favourite match 3 decor game,as homescapes & gardenscapes

Design island. Game has many glitches sometimes freezes on a screen, or after I complete a level it kicks me out of the game

Lovely game. It's an interesting game and very relaxing with the great garden experience i love it.

good. I love the game.

Ok. Very good game

Rigged and too expensive. Every time you use a power up, the game “coincidentally” has no moves and you can’t use anything but the power up. RIGGED! And everything is wayyyyyy too expensive. FIX IT!!!

Download new scenes. Can download the short life mini scenes automatically but every time I try to download a full scene it tells me I can’t on an IPad. So fed up

Up. awesome,same fun as as homescapes & gardenscapes

Good. Soooo hard levels

Too difficult. How the hell are kids supposed to play this when 4 adults can’t beat one level? Extremely disappointed. Thankfully Lily’s garden is not so hard.

Fun and rewards are plentiful. so fun ,much better than homescapes & gardenscapes.

Entertaining. entertaining and no pop ups to disengage the game play,better than homescapes & gardenscapes

Crashing. Can only play one level at a time then it crashes.

난이도 있는 게엠은 별갯수 조정 해줘야. 하는거 아닌가? 게임 이 할수록 재밌어야 하는데 짜증유발 아이템 강요 돈벌려는 목적은 알겠지만 게임 수준이 저질이네

Cute game. Playing this game is so much fun, love it!

Wow. Wow...I absolutely love this game! It is now one my favourites of these types of games. It is very well done with everything and so much fun. I love it so far. Great job with this game!!😊☺️

One of the best match 3 “design” games out!. Great game! Many extra lives, unlimited lives, power ups and coins. That’s what separates this from other games like this. I don’t mind spending money when I’m getting rewards daily, and not just the typical log-in reward. Just out of the blue they’ll give them to you. Not too difficult either, only the odd level.

Fun game. Very addictive.. Cool design game my two favourite things matching game and house design , love it

Design Island is a fun and interactive game to pass the time with. Great game!

Why did you reduce the rewards?. While you could never call this game a “design” game by any stretch of the imagination, it WAS however a half decent Match 3 game that gave you enough free lives or rewards to play continuously for half an hour or more. Two days ago, out of the blue, the Dev’s have reduced the monetary payouts .. WHY?

good game. Best game to spend your leisure time alone ����

Love it!. I’m totally obsessed with this game. I play it for hours. So much fun!

A Fun Game. Love every missions.. Totally recommended..Fun and addictive..

Bugs last forever. It would be a really great game if bugs would not last months! 80% of the players will tell you that this game has the worst administrators, and that problems almost never get resolved.

Nice game. Its so interesting and awesome

Alot of star. can't stop playing ��,fun game

Way to glitchy. Every 5 min I’m being kicked off game and have to reopen everytime I play terrible glitches I’m deleting to annoying

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Design island. I love this game now I just the skip button option was not for the main features of the game

It’s ok. It’s a good game but the cat putting its paw into the martini or whatever that drink is is gross makes me glad I’m not a drinker or a drinker with a cat can you change that please it’s like giving your dog human food then eating after it gross please change that or I’ll never play again 😡

Facebook. I do not wish to join Facebook and really do not appreciate your trying to force me to do so. Thank you.

Higher levels. I am on level 1342 and absolutely love this game, but alas, I am spending at least 1- 2 days (if not longer) for the last 2 weeks trying to pass a level. Game was very fun to play and decorate, but now having to play a level 30-50 times has become frustrating and not enjoyable! It’s time to say goodbye to this one for sure.

Game keeps crashing. It’s a fun game to play if I could play it all the way through without it crashing every few minutes. I wish you would fix this problem or else I would have to delete it!!

Computer geared all the way. Wants you to spend all your money and use your very hard earned power ups, likes to leave you with just one match on the board for you to win level so you either spand money for that one move or you start all over again

Entertainment. Actually gets you on it love the design options

Lives. I really love this game, but I noticed something. When you have “unlimited lives” for one hour, it only actually lasts for about 20 minutes. I’ve spent money on this game, but I probably won’t again.

Habit Forming. Once I started playing this game I couldn’t stop. It moves along quickly which makes you want to play for hours.

Really love this game but....... This was my absolute favorite game! But now it keeps crashing! I can’t even get into the game at all just boots me out! Please fix I really don’t want to delete but going to have to if I can’t even get into it!!

In app purchasing. This game is really relaxing and fun and I’ve had no problems until recently, i have been trying to purchase a couple of game pack s in game and an error keeps coming up but I see the charge on my bank app even though I have not received the game packs.

Great Game. So I love playing match 3 & home design games and this one is by far one of my favorites!!!

Design island. Mine goes off every time I’m trying to play. Then I have to go back in. Play again please fix this. The Easter decoration can’t even do hasn’t updated. Please please please fix this.

Great game.. I like this game, but it looses connection evert time I win a level. Have to restart game each level. May have to quit. Taking too much time and effort...

Cute enough but sets the same pay to play trap as usual with this type of game. Gets too hard to fast. Not “free” if you wish to advance.

New levels. I have not been playing this game long at all and have already ran out of levels to design! It says when the App opens there are new levels but no way to update!

I want a game that is even better then this one YAY!. I love this game so much! Thanks for sharing them! I love so much fashion a lot really! Please create more games make more and more and more and more! YAY THANKS FOR SHARING THEM ALOT! EEEEEEEK!

Absolutely freaking love this game !!. I love this game !!! Whoever made it did a really great job it’s fun bright and full of color !! The graphics are amazing the levels are fun and not too hard !! Awesome job this is by far my favorite game .

A variety of fun fun addicting fun. If you like sounds that are relaxing, more of a variety of boards not the same boring thing. I found the game for you will not disappoint promise. I can honestly say I haven’t done a game review in a few years

Enough already. Im on level 220 and the game keeps closing and is going slow all the time. It’s to the point that I want to delete it! My app is updated and my phone is only 2 months old so it’s the app in general that is messing up.

Horrible connection. I wouldn’t mind spending money on this game but it is forever kicking me out of the bundle area and now is saying I have a bad connection BUT this is the only game that does it, my connection is perfectly fine. What a bummer, your loss not mine.

No Updates. Used to love this game. Unfortunately they haven’t updated the scenes except for the old “special event” limited time ones where you”ve either done them or can’t complete unless you pay for boosts. Too bad because this was my go-to game.

Design Island. Love this however the game freezes up.

No new scenes. There have been no new scenes for awhile. There’s an event and it’s incredibly hard to finish in the time given. They keep expiring before I can finish. Each level gets harder…you have to buy items to get through them. I’m getting extremely disappointed.

Fun until it stopped working. The game is pretty much what you expect from this style of game. Stereotypical characters, three design styles for each choice you make, levels get exponentially more difficult. Cute and fine for a mindless relaxing game. Two days in it started glitching and then stopped loading. Had to delete it from my phone.

Very fun !. Super fun game and a lot easier to pass levels than some of the other ones. Fun designs as well! Awesome

Review. It wasn’t too hard but hard enough to be a challenge. Yeah I enjoyed playing it. And it actually gives you ideas on how to remodel kitchens.

Game sync to Facebook. The app and game on Facebook don’t seem to sync together ☹️ I had to redo everything on the app that I had already completed on FB game. Now that I’m ahead in the app I have to redo it on FB.

Where’s the new challenges????. I’ve been waiting forever for an update to this game. I’m soooo bored playing the same stuff day after day, with no new events.. I’ll be uninstalling… this game isn’t fun anymore

Dud. Ive been playing two days now. I’m older and would love to play this game but i just can’t win those matches in any game. It started out so pleasant but now I can’t get to the next level. Very sad. It’s aggravating too when you you just have 2 left and it’s a fail. Grrr oh well maybe 1 day they will make 1 for granny’s.

Fun. It’s a fun game and not so difficult but they have some bugs to work out. You don’t always get stars when you pass a level and that’s irritating. Today alone, I’ve passed 8 levels and not one star.

Fun game but issues with in store purchases. I’ve enjoyed this game but unlike other games there has been an issue with in store purchase that doesn’t arrive and the game help says is apple’s problem. I kinda doubt that.

I have a question. Why does nobody help if you join a team? I’ve been ch@nging teams so I can help and get help. What is the purpose of joining team when nobody h3lp e@ch other???? I would give 5 star if I don’t have above problem because I love this game.

It’s the best game ever. I love it Because you get too use your creativity and you can like do everything on it

Super fun. I like this game very much because this game is a game, while part of it is decorating a house. This game doesn’t have many ads, or if it does the ads aren’t very long. Great game! :)

Design island. This game is so lovely, I love th smooth music graphics are so perfect, I’m hoping there will be a chat in this game and also play events at some time keep up the good work.

Wrong. I hate the game it won’t even let me pass Level 64 even though I only had one left!!!

Wow!. After playing this game I’m like “gardenscapes who?!?”. So many rewards, so fun, amazing graphics, proper English, game pauses and lets you continue levels after closing app. Yup I’m in love!!

So Awesome!!!. What an awesome match three game! I’m shocked at how many levels are available and how playable the game is. Wish developer had more games available! Keep up the good work!

Game. Having trouble loading game, it is slow

FAVORITE. I loveeeee this game!! My new favorite!! The levels are challenging, but not so much that I get frustrated and quit. I have progressed a lot! Very generous with how often they give unlimited lives, I could play for hours! Thank you so much for this game!

Shuts down after 5 min. The app keeps shutting down which makes it hard to play but when it does work it’s like every other match 3 fun to play until your stuck on a level and use up all your bonuses and still can’t win

Latrice. Is fun but I shouldn’t have had to start all over again cause I changed devices.

Barb. Just got this game and loads of fun levels achievable and fun characters are cute and it doesn’t take so many stars to do anything

Best game in the world. I like this game because its funny and it makes me happy when I’m in my car I always play this game

Fix your game glitch and refund my money!. Charged my Apple account for 5 purchases due to game glitch which told me that the purchase did not go through. I tried again, same error message. Unfortunately it seems that the charges did go through, I never received the pack 5 times (nor do I want to) and now they are refusing to refund my money. Very poor service!!

Good game so far.. I enjoy match 3 games like these, and have tried lots of them. My only issue is that I wish, just once, that there would be a relaxed mode where I could play without worrying about running out of moves.

Bugs and no support. Game was fun until my game progress kept going backwards. Tired of playing the same hard levels over and over again for days, I put in a support request. They claim my issue is being processed and told me not to play until I heard back. So far I have not received any updates and my messages are being ignored. Don’t bother with this game!

Trophy out... Can’t get stars cause the trophy levels.. I’ve completed the trophy levels about 8 times.. This is stupid

Uninstalling. Have been on the same level for over 2 weeks. Totally disgusted and fed up. I will not spend real money. I know it’s possible to win. But I also know it’s highly unlikely to happen. I like a challenge too but when it’s been over 2 weeks, and quite possibly longer, I am done.

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Design Island:3D Home Makeover Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of Design Island:3D Home Makeover app? Can you share your complaints, experiences or thoughts about the application with FunPlus International AG and people?

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Design Island:3D Home Makeover 3.38.0 Games Screenshots & Images

Design Island:3D Home Makeover iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 3.38.0
Play Store com.puzzle.designisland
Compatibility iOS 9.0 or later

Design Island:3D Home Makeover (Versiyon 3.38.0) Install & Download

The applications Design Island:3D Home Makeover was published in the category Games on 2019-11-06 and was developed by FunPlus International AG [Developer ID: 1343106322]. This program file size is 359.04 MB. This app has been rated by 21,670 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Design Island:3D Home Makeover - Games app posted on 2022-02-15 current version is 3.38.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.puzzle.designisland. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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Design Island:3D Home Makeover Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Enjoy a new Design Island update! -Music Room Relaunching on February 18th! Strike the right note when you decorate your mansion's music room! -Pet Salon Relaunching on February 28th! Work with Lucy to style a salon for people to pamper their pets. -Rainforest Theme Park Relaunching on March 9th! Design a thrilling rainforest theme park with Daniel. -Candy Shop Relaunching on March 18th! Create a sweet, whimsical world when you design your own candy shop! ●NEW EXCITING LEVELS EVERY WEDNESDAY

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Find this site the customer service details of Design Island:3D Home Makeover. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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