Remini - photo enhancer

Remini - photo enhancer [Photo & Video] App Description & Overview

Remini is an online real-time photo enhancing app. Fully leverages state-of-art AI generative technology, Remini brings professional film production level image enhancing and restoration technologies to our daily life.
Since Remini launched in the beginning of 2019, more than 10 million photos – low resolution, blurred, compressed and damaged – have been enhanced.

-------- Amazing features ----------------
• Enhance old photos and low quality photos to high-definition
• Enhance photos taken with old cameras or mobile phones to like with up-to-date cameras or mobile phones
• Repair blurred photos to clarity

Term of service & Privacy Policy

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Remini - photo enhancer Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- experience improvement - minor bugs fix

Remini - photo enhancer Comments & Reviews

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- Recent update has made a negative difference

Previously after creating a task to edit a photo you could “check history later” to begin processing other photos simultaneously. With the most recent update, this option is not provided. For those that are paying $4.99/month for a subscription, it is absurd that each photo takes almost a minute to process and you can no longer process several at a time. They need to change this back to the way it was before the update.

- amazing!

i rarely write reviews but i just love this app sm 💞💞 it does exactly what its meant to do, is free and easy to use, and doesnt have too many ads :)

- Signing up

I got the app and I don’t have an account but it won’t let me make one so how am I supposed to use it at all?

- It’s a good app but need to improve

It’s a very good app the only problem that I have with it is the ads when you’re done watching the ad then you can exit out of it but I have an IPhone X and when the exit button is on the top left then I can’t exit out of it because of the time is in the way. So I did that like 3 times and it told me that I maxed out but I couldn’t do one because it wasn’t letting me exit the ad.

- Terrible app

I literally had five coins to use and everytime id try to use them, it would take my coins and then get stuck on the ads page. Wasn’t able to even close out of the ad so it was just frozen. What a waste.

- So happy to have my memories

My mom died 8 years ago yesterday. I just happened to find this app 2 days prior. The few photos I have with her are poor quality and I’ve always been so sad about that.. this exceeded my expectations and being able to see them clearly has made me so so happy. The app does run slow, but I also have 30,000 photos on my phone so that might be on my end. Also, you get limited free uses unless you pay like $5 a month. No biggie for me since I don’t have many photos to touch up.

- Boring

It takes to long to load it’s limited and when I tried to enhance a photo it just made it worse

- Can’t Subscribe

There’s no option to subscribe and that’s disappointing. I keep getting an error and customer service isn’t helpful. :(

- Great photos expensive videos

The photos come out great but the videos never come out and you have to pay more for it

- Good but limited

Great app although what you can do is limited! The ability to upgrade the quality of pics is awesome but definitely needs a few tweaks. If they would somehow allow you to only enhance certain portions of the photo or how much it’s enhanced I would’ve given it 5 stars. Some pictures have text or different areas you want to keep in its natural state and too much enhancing takes away from that. Outside of that, it’s a solid app with the potential to be one of the best.


This app is so dumb you can’t even start it because it keeps saying to sign in to do anything, but I can’t sign in IF I DONT HAVE AN ACCOUNT so what do I do? Don’t get it.

- Freezes. Do not recommend

It worked for one picture! Then it freezes on the ad page. so I exit out and open the app back up. lost my “free” points and no pictures have been enhance. this feels like a SCAM APP

- Takes too long to download

This app takes way to long to download and I know it’s not my WiFi or my phone please do somthing about this

- Highly not recommend, Very disappointed

I really wound not recommend getting this app and paying $5 for 7 pro cards. I was really exited to unblur a picture and I didn’t do anything to change it. I also tried it on many other photos and it still didn’t work.

- Kinda dope

It’s dope

- 😱😍

WOW!!! It’s great

- Whyyyyyyyyyyyy

Why was this updated I liked it before

- Love this!

Great app. Though it doesn’t work with every photo, I am obsessed with it.

- Great app!

This app does exactly what it claims. It has made so many of my blurry photos look clear, without messing the picture even more up. I love this app. It’s a real life saver for my blurry pics!

- great

I just want to say thank you so much. I don’t have a lot of baby photos and the ones I do are bad quality and for you guys to make them more HD and clear made my heart happy.

- Wrong faces

I had this cute pick of me and my boyfriend but it was a little blurry so I used this app and it gave us all the wrong faces

- ???

"Out of credit" tf?

- Beginning

I just downloaded it it keeps telling to sign in when I don’t have an account and I don’t know how to sign UP

- Why is there a limit to unblur photos?

I do not like how there is a limit to unblurring a photo. You have to wait a while to get the ability to do it again. Please change this, and make it unlimited.

- Love this app :D

This app is fabulous for editing Instagram pictures! I took some photos on Snapchat that I really wanted to post on Instagram but were SO blurry. I had the idea to use Remini to clean up the pictures and they looked so beautiful! However, if you have a picture that is “archive” material lol, meaning extremely blurry, the after results of Remini will definitely not look like you. However, if they are still okay quality, this app is great!

- Amazing at first, then turned awful!

When I first began using Remini, I was AMAZED. There were obviously some photos that it couldn’t recognize or clear up well, but I would say that it worked with astonishing accuracy 95% of the time. I liked it so much that I decided to pay for it monthly, which would give me unlimited photos to enhance using the basic feature. I used it on centuries old photos and brought my grandparents to tears. It was amazing!! Then something changed, and the app totally fell apart. Suddenly it is not recognizing faces at all anymore and is instead just producing these blurry photos that reduces the grain. It’s not enhancing anything anymore, not even OBVIOUS photos. It also began being super slow and no longer gives you the option to “come back” and see your photo. Instead, it makes you sit on the app and wait for it to be done. I even got a message the other day that I had other photos ahead of my request?? I have NEVER seen this before! In conclusion, the app is now worthless for basic monthly subscribers. What I imagine has happened is this: The developers realized that people really love this app and are willing to pay for it. In a scheme to make more money, they have made the basic subscription enhancement feature total crap so that people will pay PER PHOTO for their pro enhancement feature. This is deplorable. For these reasons, I just cancelled my subscription and will be uninstalling the app. There is no reason to keep it when it won’t work unless I pay per photo. No thanks!!! Greedy developers!!!

- Needs additional items.

Great app, but it needs to help restore body parts, not just the face. Being able to restore a whole body would be good and useful for some photos


So Satisfying! This is so great I’m so impressed 10/10

- Video enhancing/Downloading

This whole feature needs work. All glitchy when trying to playback an enhanced video. And when I click download on an enhanced video it says “downloading” and after that message goes away the video is absolutely nowhere to be found.

- Can’t even SIGN UP

On your front page you have an option to sign in with google. But, you have to have a Remini account to sign in. How are we supposed to use this if we can’t even SIGN UP? Add it.

- Don’t get the app

It’s bad, only one of MANY photos I used came out good, and when I did the enhancer on one photo it turned the faces into completely different people. I didn’t even recognize the photo anymore (in a bad way) made the photo look creepy like they were wax figures. I don’t recommend this app at all, save yourself the trouble🤷‍♀️

- Crazy

I uploaded only 2 photos and it wouldn’t let me upload any more. It used to let me upload 3 Really dumb

- Absolutely Horrible!

I tried getting rid of a harsh blur in my photo and the enhancer didn’t at all change the quality. I’m disappointed. I wasted 2 credits trying to touch it up, and I get the same result. A waste if time. Don’t buy.

- What is this

Everytime i sign in it says “incorrect email or password”i tried it 10 times and it never worked.i tried all my other passwords and NOTHING worked.This is a horrible app😡

- Great, but...

Most of the time, if I’m restoring a picture of someone, it will only do their face and nothing else. This is annoying. Please fix it.

- Umm why did u guys take away the option

To view the finished photo later in history?? I do loads of photos at once and it made it a lot easier to view the finished photos later so I could keep for some reason you guys got rid of that? STOP TAKING THINGS AWAY ESPECIALLY WHEN IM PAYING 5$ A FRIGGIN MONTH FOR THIS!!!! Give us the option to view later back pls!!!!!!

- Confused

How do I make an account?!

- awesome help!

this is the most well done enhancer photo app I’ve ever come across LIKE it does wonders on blurry photos!

- too slow

i pay for the subscription on here so i can edit multiple photos in a day but the only think i don’t like with the new update is that the “check history later” tab is gone. now every time i want to edit a photo it takes ages to have it be done, i used to just press check history later and go on with my editing but now we have to wait until one picture is done to move on to the next. please bring back that option.. this takes way too long.

- 💯💯💯💯

Came here from Kidbehindacamera and he was right this app is amazing help finished my dads old photos i love this qpp!

- fye


- Love the App but...

Really love the app! It does what I expect it to do with every photo. I just wish it wasn’t a subscription service. The developer should make this a one time purchase through Apple Store and the app would be 5 stars easily!

- I can’t even USE it

How am I supposed to use the app when it won’t let me? The only option Is to sign in and THAT’S IT. there is no sign up option.

- Cannot sign up with personal email

I find this quite idiotic that one cannot sign up using an email address. And, No you cannot force people to sign up with Facebook or Gmail. This is not how you can convert a free user to a paying user. Please do sales or marketing 101.

- See on the kidbehindacamera youtube video.....

Trial is for pro version, I think.. How can we find a cost out? Kidbehindacamera on youtube showed his viewers how great this app is in his 3/21/2020 video! Tell us what the pro version price is please.

- Fix the bug please

I saw a review before mine saying that the ads would get stuck and not let you close out of them but after closing the app it would then delete any progress it made to the photo and you would have to do it again, this exact problem happened to me as well as the photos would not show up in history after the fact as the reply said

- review

i came from kidbehindacamera app is good sponser him

- Much love

I love this app I found a picture of my grandma from the 1970’s and I’ve never seen a picture of my grandma so amazing clear. I will always thank you for making this and being able to have a feeling of unity and a remembrance of her on my phone! Thank you!

- I love the photo enhancement but I just wish that I didn’t have to pay for it.

Why can’t we just buy this app from the play store and use the photo enhancement without those limits.

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I am soo speechless this app really made my day because I had an old photo from my relatives and tried it and it made the quality really Gooood thank you

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- Shit intro

It won’t let me make an account ?

- I can’t sign in

It literally won’t let me sign in. SOMEBODY HELP ME!! Every time I try, it’ll say that the username or email doesn’t exist. I thought this app was going to be fun because of how TikTok sees it, but it’s literally just a waste of your time...

- ❤️❤️



Worst app ever when I was on the sign up page and entered my email and password and pressed the sign up button it would say that I put the wrong email or password so I double checked my email etc and carried on when I tried again it said the same thing I tried other multiple times it didn’t work to I ended up deciding to delete the app after not even using it once I only gave it one star bc I had to give atleast one star or I couldn’t post this

- waste of money

pro cards are way too expensive and it takes forever to enhance anyway. don’t waste your money on this

- Do not waste your money on pro cards.

I purchased pro cards in order to enhance a video. It took over 48hrs for the video to be processed. Also, there is no way to download enhanced videos to your device. They can only be viewed within the app. Do not waste your money.

- it’s ok

this app is ok i guess. it’s kinda annoying how u can only do a certain amount of photos then u have to pay of lot. the price is really high and i’m broke so i can’t buy it lol. anyways it works pretty well but sometimes is glitchy.

- I don’t know

I can’t even enter in the app... I can’t create my account, it just gives me the option to sign in

- I think I’m adopted

I used this on myself and I did a old picture of my mom and dad........I think I’m adopted

- Can’t sign in

i cant sign in when i click the trial button

- Credit

How do get more credits?

- Created by monkeys

Won’t let me sign up only gives option to sign in

- I paid but nothing happened

I subscribed and the money was pulled from my account but the app still said i wasn’t subscribed and didn’t let me enhance more photos :( it’s a good app but could i get that fixed

- Great AI Algorithm

Still evaluating the app but it shows great potential. I will definitely buy when I figure out all the minor problems. Out of a low quality image I can recover a High def image.

- Seriously?!

When you first download the app you can’t even sign up! There’s no option for that! It literally just asks you to sign in(log in). Like what am I logging into if I can’t even make an account to begin with?!

- I download it because of TikTok

I can’t even load in

- Crashing

Found this app off tik tok, thought it was amazing so I downloaded it. Every time I open up the app and click “pictures” to clarify it keeps on crashing...noticing this is a common complaint in the AppStore about this app...

- Sucks!

Can’t even create an account

- I love this

This does an amazing job on clearing up crappy quality photos. I just wish that you could make as many as you want for free, but you could have some extra special things so you still make a decent profit.

- Confusing but i signed in (a guide to sign in)

When I first opened the app, it didnt have the option to sign up... but then when i clicked the agreements thing at the very bottom of the screen, it opened the agreements thing (idk how to explain it) then at the top right corner, it was like a button (a house) to go to the main page where you get to edit your photos. I pressed one of the buttons (like enhance photos, etc.) then it will require you to sign in. The same page that you saw when you first opened the app will pop up but there would be more options for you to sign in (with google/facebook account) You’re welcome.. I hope that they fix this problem so you guys wont have problems with using this app

- Frustrating

If it had an option to give 0 stars, I would! It tell me to sign in, and will not let me create an account! I really hope they will fix this problem, because it looks like it could work...

- Disappointed

Ok so basically I had the app for a week and it was working AMAZINGLY, now it logged me out and I can’t even log back in without it saying “error” I re downloaded the app and nothing worked. I’m very disappointed and I hate how I don’t have credits anymore so now I have to watch ads and sometimes it says their are no ads available and hours later I’ll come back to re try and still no ads

- Sucks!

It doesn’t give you an option to sign up only to sign in!!

- only got this app cause of tiktok

it won’t let me sign so how am i going to use it if u can’t sign in makes zero sense and i don’t recommend this horrible app -thank you have a good day

- 🙄

Doesn’t even let me choose a picture when I haven’t even used the app yet. Wish it would work.

- there’s no place to sign up it’s only sign in?

i just got this and it’s not letting me make an account

- Why

It’s not the best it demands for paying and it doesn’t work after only one try.

- Ummm

It literally says sign in when I DONT HAVE AN ACC!!! Pleaseee add a create account option! Sooo frustrating

- I can’t make an account

I wanna use it but all it says is sign in but I don’t have an account, and I have no ideas how to make one


i put this on all my friends bitmojis it’s 100% worth it

- Can even make an account all it says is sign in

Not good

- Frickin amazing!!:



Don’t download this app I used many blurry pictures and it didn’t unblur them in so disappointed because I wanted to see those people in the picture I warn you ⚠️DONT DOWNLOAD ⚠️ they will force you to pay

- unable to even use the app!

this is quite possibly the worst app ive used in awhile. i downloaded it in hopes to get a good picture enhancing app because ive heard good things about it but the whole sign up this is definitely broken. theres no option to sign up just in and i cant make an account without signing up first and you need an account to even use this stupid app.

- Don’t get it

It won’t let me sign in I’ve tried a bunch of times then I tried making another account it still wouldn’t let me get in so this is why u shouldn’t get remini thank u

- The app is dumb

it won’t let me create an account. i can only sign in but i don’t already have an account. Very frustrating.

- F


- Very good

This app works very well and there’s no create an account button so you just have to click the sign in button and it’s the same as creating an acount

- Can’t even make an account

All the app says is sign in expired and i didn’t even start a free trial or make an account!!! What the hell please fix this

- Horrible.

Couldn’t even get one picture fixed. Don’t fall for ads and don’t download.

- ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Restored many photos of my dead relatives. Very thankful for this app. Not another app like this either, some are complaining of the photo limit or how you must wait but it’s so worth it. Lots of love❤️❤️

- It gave random eyes to a Funk pop

This thing just slaps random eyes into people, I uploaded a picture and it literally gave baby eyes to a Funko Pop that was in the background and the person in the picture just looked completely off and different

- Verification code???

I could never get in because the code would not send to my email. Made it 5 stars to get more people to see this review

- No code

To create an account, you need a verification code that is sent to your email. For the past three days I have not yet received any code. Very annoying.

- Don’t download

I downloaded it and it wouldn’t even let me do the trial and said the trial was terminated. So I didn’t even get to see how it works out, don’t waste your time!!

- don’t bother downloading this app

overall, it’s a hassle to sign in and the app doesn’t even work. i saw someone else use this app and it seemed to have worked pretty well for them. once i downloaded it and tried to make an account it said i needed a verification code for my email but never gave me an option to receive a verification code. i tried to use one of my email adresses and it said that there was already and account with that email which i thought was weird because i never signed up before. i ended up using another email and this time it worked. for the verification code i just typed in 12345 and somehow that worked. once i actually managed to sign in (which was very difficult and confusing) and tried using the enhancing feature, no matter how many times i tried, it never worked and also says “oops... something’s wrong”. i also noticed many words have been misspelled so i’m guessing the developers don’t even speak english. i’m very disappointed and i don’t think anyone should bother downloading this app.

- Meh-okay

I got this ‘cause of tik too. Don’t expect much, but it does it’s task and you simply watch ads (max 3) to clear your photons and it works pre well

- Love it

I downloaded this to show my mom pictures of my late grandmum, and it worked perfectly. It took a few tries to let me sign in correctly and it’s constantly asking me to turn on notifications, but the end results are so amazing that it doesn’t bother me too much.

- won’t let me sign up

Can’t sign up or anything

- Not free false advertising

This is not a free app despite it saying so! And when you purchase it all you keep getting is error messages! Also it doesn’t “enhance” properly in all instances as per 5 allowed tries!

- Not a fan

Horrible, it takes way too long and it makes the quality of photos more worse than it was before.

- It’s good but...

So far it’s an excellent app However I do have one problem. I have to pay for more enhancements after three or wait a day. I would prefer if it was all free or at least 10 a day I’d that is possible Otherwise it is an excellent app and I recommend getting it if you want amazing pictures

- Need to fix payment for new cards

Won’t work when trying to buy new good cards

- :(

So I downloaded it and I was like yes I can change my mums photos and it said sign in and not sign up. Waste of time sorry

- Pro card rip off

Quite often recently I’ve watched the required add to get the free photo upgrade only to see nothing has changed so I went to buy a pro card. It asked for $4.99 for 5 cards. Pressed purchase only for it to say that 5 cards is $7.99. The upgrades are not worth that amount as some photos aren’t corrected properly making a person cross eyed. Not worth the time. Not wanting to pay each time for upgrades of photos so will remove.

- 😖😖

I got the app thinking it would be funny and great. When I got the app it went through like the demo and enhancing things, I got to the end and it said sign in. I obviously didn’t have an account so I couldn’t get in. It’s a waste of time in my opinion 🙅🏻‍♀️🤷‍♀️

- Eh

Would’ve been a really good app if it actually lets me edit photos. Every time I try to enhance an image it keeps saying “no ad try again later” but however long I wait, nothing happens and it still won’t let me edit photos.

- Stupid

Hate apps where you need to keep paying to use what a crock

- not a fan

really bad, makes you sign in and once you do it says “sign in expired” never lets you actually enhance the photos

- 👍🏻

Originally really loved this app, but I have not been given the pro cards that I purchased and have not received an email back in regards to this.

- App not working

Was working perfect yesterday, now it either tells me no network connection or I have to sign in after I just signed in. PLEASE FIX IT

- Terrible first impression.

There are only two options to start the app. ‘Trial’ and ‘sign in’. The trial option has apparently been terminated, so you cannot actually use the trial mode. The sign in option only lets you sign in, but there is not register option. So you’re just stuck with the home page

- don’t get it

horrible app needs so much fixing

- it’s good but it barely ever lets me use it..

it’s a really magnificent app but it’s really hard for me to use it if it won’t let me actually make the photo hd.. whenever i tap on "enhance" it always says "no ad available, try again later" but it does it every single time and it’s getting really annoying, please fix this or else i will probably delete the app.. it’s great, but this needs to be fixed because it’s getting quite annoying 😬😔

- Good photos but subscribers don’t get what they paid for

The app glitches constantly. Subscribers are not supposed to wait but you do. And I haven’t gotten the free pro card every month. App freezes every time I don’t allow notifications. Tried contacting them several times but they don’t respond to emails.

- Well worth the initial hassle!

Getting the app set up (getting logged in, organising a subscription) can be a bit tricky — I personally linked it to FB then had to rejih how funds are paid through Apple ID then reboot my phone — but so worth it. 99% of photos are improveable or downright fixed perfectly. 9.9/10, would 100% recommend! ❤️

- Ad scams

Happy to wait for a mini game to time down, but you’ve deliberately blocked the ad close button with a custom X button that you can’t get out of. This greedy tactic has stopped me from paying any money to go Pro because of devs scammy tactics.

- Buggy and defective.

There’s really no point in using any of the other features from this app since they’re unusable. The enhance feature is false, and is actually a collection of features by the app of other people (over time) that replace your photos as best as possible. Broken. Lower star rating than one.

- Good but takes your money without activating your subscription

Paid the subscription fee & then was told it fail but still took my money. Fix it.

- Rubbish fake scam

You cannot make an account or trail it thus you cannot use it, just waste of time and download to just delete it. Cannot get past the registration and sign in/up. Do not download!!!

- Astonished!

Its crazy how well you can recover pixelated photos to an ULTRA HD one!

- Awesome

It’s awesome I love this app

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- Bad

I used this app 1 time and it was horrible the picture makes the photo much better quality but it makes faces look scary looking Idk if it’s a glitch but I think they should fix it because it’s aggravating

- Amazing,kinda buggy

This touched my heart, like others I downloaded this because of a social media app, TikTok, it made me see my grandpa who passed away.Many reviews on TikTok,some people say it’s amazing other just point out it’s flaws.I love it but there are some bugs, it’s puts faces on random objects.

- Not so great anymore

I used to love this app but lately it’s been terrible. I have the background blurred on all of my pictures and it unblurs them before I even enhance them. This is frustrating because I can’t even use the app anymore and I pay monthly for it.

- Thank you :))

Personally I think this app is great. I found it on tiktok & it actually made blurry photos from my childhood literally seem new. It was great, brought me back so much. I genuinely appreciate this app for existing.

- ok

i only downloaded this because of tiktok sooo idk

- Cash grab

The enhancement itself works pretty well, but the issue is that it annoys you in every way possible. The app wait times are super drawn own and the app itself is so frustrating when free, it is basically forcing you to buy. I don’t get why they just don’t go as a paid app on the store, instead of deceiving people with long wait times and limited restorals

- Fix the bug please

i really love this app, but lately it started showing ads that i cannot close after they play. i let the ad go on and when it finishes , there’s a the ‘X’ sign but it doesnt work.. actually clicking all over the screen doesn’t work after the ad shows up. it happens after choosing the photo i want to enhance, when it gets stuck, i close and reopen the app, and the whole process gets cancelled too and i have to do it all over again.. became kind of pointless to have this app if they dont fix this bug.

- Refund

I would like a refund for the trial

- Wouldn’t let me click out of an ad

When I wanted to Enhance a photo a advertisement started (which I was okay with). Once the advertisement ended, I couldn’t click out of the ad . Even though I tried 3 times, it still wouldn’t let me click out.

- Perfectly

I love this app

- Total rip off

Most of the time, the app does not work. I emailed customer services and my emails were ignored. Buyer beware.

- Scary

When I put a photo to make clear, it made my face look like a distorted doll

- Can’t seem to try it out first?

Is there a way to try it out before paying to use it?

- Worst App of All time

terrible don’t download

- It’s a scam

I tried it on old pictures all it does is enhance the faces

- Why do you want me to signin

What do you want me to sign that is suspicious. I’m removing the app

- Annoying

It doesn’t even let me sign up, I tried 2 of my emails and the app said both of them were wrong and I’ve been doing it over and over. All I want to do is my my blurry picture clear

- ads

You need to work on the ads because I try to exit out of it when the ad is over but it won’t let me and then I have to exit the app and do it all over again it’s so frustrating

- did not work

i was hoping this would work on my blurry pictures (my camera is cracked and won’t focus) but it made no change at all to the pictures

- Sign up?

Im genuinely really confused as to how I’m supposed to create an account. I’ve seen you respond to reviews about signing in, but not signing up/ creating an account. I’ve looked up the app on google to see if there was a way to sign up from there, but I couldn’t find one.

- Issue

Made a purchase for 7 procards, never got them, made a second purchase of 7 procards, got them. In total, purchased 14 procards, only received 7. If i could get a refund for the first set that would be great.

- Need google or Facebook account to use

Well, I downloaded the app and to use it, you have to sign in with your Google account, or your Facebook account. I don’t have either one. Why do they want that?

- helping y’all out

the app was pissing me off because it only has a sign in option and Facebook connection but I didn’t have either of them. what I found out tho was that you just have to scroll down to find the button that connects your google account😐would’ve been nice if I figured it out sooner pero I didn’t so 🚶🏾‍♂️ good luck to y’all looking for the button 💀

- Fix the problems

It’s not working , what’s happened (Network time requstout)

- Great app.

It’s a great app but i hate how you need to be subscribed to edit many photos. it’s like every other app makes you do the same thing and i thought this one was different. it told me i had to come back tomorrow for more enhancement tries. and i’ve waited two days and it says the same thing. but it makes my old family photos clearer and a lot of my newer photos clearer. i love how they look afterwards. !

- Tik Tok Trap

When i first downloaded the app it was fine and you could do as many pictures as you wanted, now there’s a 3 picture limit per day and sometimes there’s wait lines to get your photo done.

- Can’t sign in

So I downloaded this app and just skipping the steps (dont ask why) and then I had to sign in. I was confused about why i couldn’t sign up. So this was a 2. Im going to try and re-download it.


Like i was seriously impressed by this app, it doesn’t get 5 stars tho cuz it messes up on a few pictures but besides that it’s actually REALLY impressive

- I can’t

How do you sign up

- “reached quota limit”

This is a really good app, but the only problem is that every day lately, it doesn’t refresh and keeps saying that I’ve reached the quota limit and says to come back tomorrow, but the next day, the same problem happens.


ANNOYING!! Never seen an app that glitches and freezes so much it’s rendered completely useless. Waste of money, I hope one day they will fix all the bugs so I can actually use it!!! I am not able to upload one picture because when I press the enhance or any other button it freezes and does absolutely nothing

- still.

My app has a bug and I’m paying for a subscription. I’ve contacted twice and I’ve heard nothing back from y’all. I’ve contacted again...days ago. Still nothing. I’m just going to cancel my subscription.

- HOW?


- Great app but won't let me sign in

"Server error please try again later"?

- putrid and useless

dumb app won’t even let me sign in. I have used that password for 2,472,362,279,987 other things and it has the AUDACITY to tell me it’s the wRoNg pASsWoRd🤬 and I don’t have fricken Facebook and I’ve never used the app before so I should have to sign UP not IN but there’s no sign in button so, what?dont download. AND IF YOU HAVE THE AUDACITY TO GIVE ME THAT STUPID AUTOMATED REPLY ABOUT THERE BEING SIGN IN OPTIONS THROUGH FACEBOOK AND YOUTUBE I STG!

- Amazing

This app is so amazing me and my friends laughed so hard at some of the images we couldn’t breathe thank you for this blessing


I love how it makes photos much clearer. Even the most blurred pictures are much better

- Oh my god

I have old photos of my grandparents who passed when my father was 7 years old in the early 60s. I used to always look at them and think they were taken when they were much older. It was INCREDIBLE how the photos were restored. My father cried when I showed him the results and explained to me his parents were actually fairly young in the photo. If you’ve got some old memories stored away you need renewed, this app is worth it. Definitely needs some tweaking and updating, but brilliant otherwise.

- Sign in issues

So someone explain how do we “sign in” if we haven’t signed up?!

- Confusing a little

So I thought this app was a great idea but it needs a little more work. I saw that a lot of other people were having the same problems that there’s only a sign in button and Facebook and google accounts. But the problem is, what if people have neither then they can’t make an account at all and it’s frustrating. On TikTok a lot of people are making funny or just great videos using this and I wanted to try it but since I don’t have a Facebook account and my google accounts aren’t working there’s no way for me to make the account which really sucked. I don’t wanna sound mean at all because I think this app is a great idea but there should be a sign up button because I don’t understand why there isn’t. Thank you.

- Idk won’t let me sign in that’s my only complaint but overall the videos looks like this app ca bring back memories

- Okay

I saw this app on tik tok as many other people have as well. I decided to try it out a few weeks later and I was able to sign up with no problem. I was then waiting for my picture or enhance and I waited a day and it still wasn’t done. So then I decided to try and do it again and it got some really fast. Other then that I loved it and I love the app omw to use it again !!

- Waste of time

The controls are so messy, I’m not even sure what to click half the time. Also most of the features you have to pay for which I get the hustle but it’s JUST a photo enhanced app why so much??

- No ads!!

I want to watch ads to gain extra free edits but there are NEVER ADS. The app only works well when you have one or two people that are close to the camera definitely not if they are far. It’s too expensive when you only take a pictures every now and then

- Nothing but problems

Constantly having problems and they never respond to my emails. I pay monthly for this yet it says I’m not subscribed.

- Great

Now there’s a new problem. Somehow overnight they have turned off the ability to use the app on SCREENSHOTS. It doesn’t matter how much I change the format; if it was obtained via screenshot, the photo will not appear at ALL in any of Remini’s menus. I’ve about had it with this app and it’s shady ways of preventing people from using it.

- ThankYou

This program best app in iphone , i make childhood photo and photo quality verry verry beatifull thank you very much❤️

- Bad

I saw people on TikTok use it and clear photos and I was like oh I wanna try so I downloaded it and it said sign in😑 I think a ten year old made this because how do you expect us to sign up if I can’t and if you try with google it don’t work you need it fix this dumb stupid app thank YOU

- App works fine!

The app is working fine. It isn’t really very hard to use. It is fine and works as advertised. This app deserves better reviews

- Amazing App but expensive

The app is amazing and produce a brilliant result but the price is unreal. I wish you change the business model in order for this app to reach what it deserves

- Ew

This app is so bad.

- Sign in

it’s not letting me sign in this is probably some scam (Please do not download this app) And yes i’m here from tiktok too

- Great app

I love I found it from tiktok and works amazingly don’t listen to the other people trust me!!!

- Amazing!

I could spend hours on this app, I wish I could do more than 3 pictures a day. I restored some cute old timey photos for my mom and she loved it!

- Fix it please

I can’t sign up the verification code won’t send to my email

- This was great

I trues this app and it actually made my blurry photo clear. I am very impressed

- Good app

App is amazing, I got to see my parents clearly from there 20s. It takes a long time though to wait for an ad :(


This app brought an old photo of my grandfather to life. Honestly brought my mom to tears

- Don’t get

Most likely a scam tried to register but nothing happened so I typed in a random verification code and it worked then it wouldn’t let me enhance any of my photos Would not recommend

- Disappointed

It literally took me forever to even get onto this app and it won’t accept any photo I try to upload. Keeps saying “oops something went wrong” like thanks for the help

- bad

it is impossible to sign up to this app they keep refusing my email address and won’t send me the registrer code

- dude...

it doesn’t even do the background and makes the face look way too enhanced compared to the background.

- Vraiment bien!

Les photos deviennent réellement d’une meilleure qualité, c’est très bien

- Be patient

Found this on tiktok and gave it a try. I wait overnight for the results and they always come out perfect. I have yet to find a better app that’ll unblur my photos. However, you are limited to how many photos u can enchants per day.

- .....

Works but makes you wait 179 hrs after 3 pictures. Trying to get you to subscribe even though they have ads! Don’t use this app they’re extremely greedy

- Slow App

After processing only 3 photos I now have to wait TWO WHOLE WEEKS until I want to do another one. I could pay for the monthly subscription but I’m not spending $6.99 a month for this. Also the enhancement doesn’t work very well on close up photos. It gave my slightly blurry photo misplaced teeth, turned the hair into a smudge, and other terrible things. I do not recommend this app unless you have one or two photos to enhance

- Takes long

I did 3 pictures then when I tried to make more it said I had to wait 479 HOURS.

- Great but loooong wait time

I uploaded my first two photos, they immediately gave really great results! Tried to upload another and now I’m waiting 359 hours (14 days) for it. I would buy the subscription but don’t like the monthly subscription of 4.99. I guess I can wait for my pictures.

- Had potential.

Why do I have to wait 72 hours for my photo? Why would I subscribe to something that will take 72 hours to complete one photo. Waste.

- .

I only made 3 pictures and it didn’t work again !!

- Used to be good

This app used to be amazing. But now it takes days to do one pic!!! That’s super frustrating! All so that you will buy the subscription as if they aren’t making money off of the ads we watch. Fix your app please!!!


it was working so well before the new update, now it’s saying I have to wait 200+ hours for it to produce 1 picture.... please fix it it’s my favourite app :(((

- Slow

Everything used to be so well and I would just watch the ad and my photo would be enhanced but NOW it literally is saying that my photo will be prepared in 93 HOURS!!!!! THATS LIKE 3+ DAYS ! PLEASE FIX THIS UGHH BLOODY HELL

- Feed back

Good app, I pay for the subscription as it’s worth it for me, definitely needs some work though. My first suggestion is that you make a for us to put line lips, eyes (pupils separately), noses, jaw and hair lines, and facial hair. Second is for us to choose the age of the person ie. baby, child, adult, etc. These would 100% help your app to preform better as my issues from the app stem from it 1. Not picking up faces, 2. Messing up facial features & 3. Making the person too old looking

- Good app

I really love this app, and it’s abilities to make older, blurry photos clear again. I just have one complaint. I don’t have a subscription, as I’m just not able to at the time, but lately for the users using the app for free, it seems the “Enhance” feature is nearly impossible to use because it never has the ads loaded. I’m totally fine with watching an ad just to use the feature, but I constantly get a message, day after day, that there is no ad loaded, so I can’t use the free feature at all. A while back this was never an issue, but now it seems to never be useable.

- epic 😎

my friends tend to take rly blurry pictures of me and this app is honestly such a lifesaver 🙈🙈

- My heart is happy!!

This app has given me so much happiness, so many photos that I thought were garbage because the quality was so bad but this app fixed so many of them, some of them are still too bad for the app to fix but overall 5 stars because of how easy it is to use and it makes memories so much more clear, I am so grateful for this app ❤️🤧

- this app is insane

i’ve used it for so many things, it’s extremely useful and honestly pretty accurate on enhancing terrible photos! nothing but good things to say about remini and i can’t thank the developers of this app for giving me such an accessible way to enhance my old photos! thank you remini and developers!

- Works great but

It works amazing I am so happy with the photos! But I have tried several times to subscribe for the month to month plan and I am unable to do so. I would love to subscribe so hopefully it’s jsut a little glitch.

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- meh

I found it off tiktok and was using it to make a few photos clearer. I did one and instead of making the whole photo clearer it turned abit of my pajama bottoms into a face I’m abit confused as it couldn’t make the photo clearer but could make a face that isn’t there ?

- was good until

was a brilliant app and was so happy with how my photos turned out until i had to start paying, deleted asap, pretty disappointed:((

- keeps crashing!!

i’ve always wanted to use this app but whenver i click on it, it always crashes even when i uninstall it and re download it! help please

- uh

didn’t even let me do a trial it only had the sign in button..

- Then there’s me

I don’t know how to make an account it only says sign in

- Very tired and annoyed

I got this app after a recommendation from a friend. I turned it on and couldn't make an account if I clicked sign in with google ye app glitches out and if I clicked Facebook it was a white screen but I was determined and sent the link for the log in to my computer and it worked somehow. I turn it on and the app says I have no files i can enhance ...

- Useless

I downloaded this app to work along other photo apps I have. After the first initial free 5 photos you can’t use this app unless you pay £4.99 a month. All other photo apps can be used as a free version to some capacity this you can’t. And there is no incentive to pay such a high amount a month. Have deleted now.

- ????

There’s no sign up button so I have no idea what to do?!

- Poor constructed app

I find it really confusing to sign in and the app is very slow, it’s a waste of your time to simply edit your photos, the app is very unknown and doesn’t have many options to even register, insist very much on getting the pro version which can be really distracting. Overall I don’t recommend a waste of time for such minimal usage anyway

- Terrible

I cannot create a new account all it says is sign in no way to get on the app

- Does what it says

The app does what it says, it makes the pictures look clearer and more HD, it only works on faces however that’s not a problem, if you pay monthly then you also get to use the pro feature on 5 photos

- Do not update!

UPDATE* It seems as though they have removed all free enhancements. You used to get 3 free tokens. Now gone. The app is ok but not good enough to pay they money they want. Uninstalled. If you update you no longer get the free enhancements for watching adverts. It seems that they’ve removed them. It just says you’ve reached your quota for today. Stay as you are and take advantage of the free with ads enhancements.

- Sign up

You can’t use it without signing in, except there is no obvious provision to enable you to sign up. Have given up and not even used it! Shame, looks promising.

- So how do you make an account?

There seems to be no way to create an account, just a sign in page. Not sure if that’s deliberate or not and you need to make an account elsewhere - a website? Can’t find one. There’s no link to one in the app - it’s deeply weird.

- Used to be amazing

Subscribers now have to wait for photos to process? What’s the point of having a subscription now? I’ve just cancelled mine.

- Ok...

Looks amazing with the reviews but with all my emails it didn’t work. I’ve seen similar reviews like this.

- meh

it’s alright but can't do much as a guest and when they run out of ads. came from tiktok and if i go viral from using this app might have to change my rating can’t lie

- Could be better

Great with pictures but it doesn’t work with videos

- Worst app ever don’t waste your time

The app didn’t let my sign up for it and it just kept saying sign in although I hadn’t made an account


you cant even sign up an account in this app so how do you even get it??

- Cannot log in.

I have tried everything. It looks amazing but I can’t make an account to log in!! I’ve tried to log in but it says I don’t have an account so how do I make one, you need to fix this

- How do I make an account

This is so bad I tried to make an account I looked everywhere but I couldn’t find where to. How do you sign in without an account Rubbish!!!!

- i can’t use it until i sign up!

i can’t use it until i sign up but it doesn’t give me the option to sign up only to sign in but i don’t have an account! someone help me please!

- Really good! “No more ads”need to be fixed

I think the app is really good,I got to see really clear photos of my relatives but I now can’t do any more as it says there is no more ads? Hopefully this issue is fixed as I’d love to be able to clear some more pics

- Awful app

The app is awful. I downloaded it after seeing it on tik tok and I couldn’t sign up. It kept asking me to sign in but I didn’t have an account.

- Its okay

This app works greatly however the amount of enchancing you can do as a non-subscriber is very limited. And there are somehow never ‘any adverts’

- Scam !!

Disappointed as thought it was free but then tried to charge me when trying to use app ... straight after deleted it as wasn’t worth paying for

- Love this app

I absolutely love this app I can get clear photos of my relatives that have passed away thank you so much for creating this! I don’t see why your getting bad reviews

- disgraceful

terrible just terrible


I’ve never actually written a review before, but this app is so amazing that i just have too! it makes photos look like they’re done professionally and is soooo useful! thank you!

- Extremely Underrated app

Really Really good (can’t understand why there’s bad reviews at all).

- Bad

I saw someone promoting this app so I downloaded it. It won’t even let me simply make an account ,the only option is sign in and I’ve never had the app before so It should say sign up

- Meh

I’m quite upset with this app, as I have heard great reviews about it but whenever I go to sign in, it says that my email is wrong! How is it wrong if I haven’t even got an account!!

- Would give it 0 stars if I could

Wouldn’t let me see any photos I wanted to change also kept asking me to sign in and it was doing my head in all I wanted was to see a clear picture of my grandad

- This is a rubbish app

I tried to put in my password and email and it didn’t work I then put in my other password and email and it still didn’t work. If I was u I would not get this rubbish app, IT IS THE WORST APP EVER!!

- Quite good

The app has got some amazing results and has done really well in my opinion however, the number if enhancements needs to increase as i’ve noticed there’s not much for guest users to do


To even get into the app you have to sign in but how can you sign in if you don’t have an account!!?? There is no option to create an account all you can do i vie the three pictures they have until you get bored and delete it because you can’t even access it a load of rubbish pot quality don’t download it’s a wast of time

- Bad End result

The end result completely changes faces to the point where it doesn’t even look like my family anymore!!

- Error

I get an error message everytime I try to log in. Such a shame this great app is not working 😕

- Started well but now.....

The free version started well allowing you to do 3-6 free picture upgrades a day. But after 2 days that dropped to 3. And now on day 4 hardly 1. Also some of the “upgrades” are freaky cartoony that look nothing like the subject. Glad i didnt pay for it.

- The worst app ever

I put in my email so so so many times completely correctly with the absolute correct password and it still didn’t work, I tried 2 different email address and it didn’t work, then I pressed forgotten password and put in again 2 emails and it said ‘not a verified email’. This is such poor quality and I think it’s really really bad never ever get this app ITS THE WORST

- Good

Very nice

- idea is good

The idea behind this app is great however I can't seem to upload any photos to edit them... 😔

- Useless

Keeps crashing upon start

- Rubbish

Saw this from TikTok, it doesn’t even let me sign up 🤷🏻‍♀️ I just wasted my time downloading it.


this app changed the appearance of the individuals in the photos. Do not recommend to anyone!

- Decent

The app is okay, it really enhances photos, however, tried to enhance one of my grandparents which was only taken about 5 years ago, from far away it looks good but when you zoom in the only thing it enhances is their faces and nothing else, also doesn’t make it look exactly like them

- good but..

good app. i payed for the subscription but it won’t let me log in on multiple devices!! please fix this😒

- Couldn’t even use it

I tried to do the trial and it said it had run out so I had to log in and I go to sign up but every email I use it says it’s not “registered” so I can’t get the verification code and use the app

- amazing

used this app to restore photos of my dad who past away when i was really young. i’ve spent the last decade wondering what he really looked like, and this app made the few pictures i have with him really come alive. i can’t wait to find more photos and transform them as well. highly recommend

is the wechat photo enhancer kicking me out and forcing me to use remini now

@apple_world99: برنامج رهيب يقوم بتصفية وتنقية الصور القديمة 👍🏻 لايفوتكم 😍 رابط التحميل ⬇️ …

@shinraein_: ╭┈─────── ೄྀ࿐ ˊˎ- ╰─➤ "Cara HD-in foto yang blur" 1. Download app "Remini" di playstore, for iphone/apple download di http…

@Abdulaziz_Hmadi وهذا برنامج يضبط جودة الصور القديمه.

Remini Photo Enhancer For PC Download (Windows And Mac)

@eunpa_k 요고에요 요공 😎😎

@anos1395 Remini-photo enhancer ✅ هذا اسم البرنامج الصحيح اللي فوق خطاء

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Remini - photo enhancer 1.2.3 Screenshots & Images

Remini - photo enhancer iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Remini - photo enhancer iphone images
Remini - photo enhancer iphone images
Remini - photo enhancer iphone images
Remini - photo enhancer Photo & Video application ipad screenshots and images not ready...
Remini - photo enhancer Photo & Video application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Remini - photo enhancer Photo & Video application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Remini - photo enhancer (Version 1.2.3) Install & Download

The applications Remini - photo enhancer was published in the category Photo & Video on 2019-08-01 and was developed by BigWinePot Inc [Developer ID: 580507565]. This application file size is 105.45 MB. Remini - photo enhancer - Photo & Video posted on 2020-03-26 current version is 1.2.3 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

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