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Once a guy, an addicted to fixed-gear bicycles, decided to create an application worth a community. That's how the Chainring was born.

Chainring helps you quickly calculate all necessary characteristics of your fixed-gear or single speed bikes like a ratio, a number of skid patches, development, gear inches, and a recommended number of chain links.

Gear Ratio.
The ratio of chainring teeth to rear sprocket teeth means how many times your rear wheel turns with each revolution of pedals.

Skid Patches.
Value predicts how many spots (skid patches) will wear on a rear tire while a rider brakes with one foot or both feet (ambidextrous skidder).

Development is a distance which a bicycle traveled with each revolution of pedals.

Gear Inches.
Values typically range from 20 (very low gearing) via 70 (medium gearing) to 125 (very high gearing). Low gearing is for going up hills, and high gearing is for going fast.

Chain Links.
Value shows the recommended number of chain links for a regular chainstay length of the track frame.

All graphics in the app are carefully drawn and animated with love to details. The prototype of the design was my bike, which I built on my own with components of Cinelli, Campagnolo, and a bit of Dura-Ace.

You're always welcome to contact me and share your ideas. I'll appreciate that.

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The applications Chainring: Bicycle Gear Calc was published in the category Sports on 2019-06-12 and was developed by Oleksii Osynovskyi. The file size is 1.63 MB. The current version is 1.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Hi guys,

There are some updates:
• There are descriptions for every calculated value. It became much easier to understand the meaning of them.
• Improved visualization of skid patches. Now if you're an ambidextrous skidder, you'll see additional skid patches only if they're possible for these pair of chainring and sprocket.
• Minor UI updates to make the app more user-friendly.
• Added request for review so you can rate the app with one tap.
• Fixed bug when you tapped the up and down arrows, and the results weren't updated. Not it's ok, enjoy!

Thanks for using Chainring.

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