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The ultimate music theory reference tool for musicians of all skill levels. Tonality allows you to view and listen to a large database of piano chords and scales and features a chord-recognition tool that can identify chords you play on your instrument. You can also run Tonality as an AUv3 and view chords that match MIDI input you route to it.

- Over 1,000 chords and the ability to create custom chords
- Search for chords by root, quality, extension, or any combination of these
- Reverse search for chords containing certain notes
- Sort chords by key, number of pitches, key span, and more
- View different inversions and omittable notes
- View chord scale degrees and note names
- View a table of related scales
- View chords on a piano and in the staff (treble or bass clef)
- Chord identification - record a chord through your device's microphone and Tonality will transcribe and identify it

- Commonly used scales and fingerings and ability to create custom scales
- Search for scales by root and name
- Reverse search for scales containing certain notes
- Sort scales alphabetically, by key, by number of pitches, and more
- View scale degrees and note names
- View ascending and descending versions
- View scales on a piano and in the staff (treble or bass clef)
- Add custom fingerings

- Interactive circle of fifths: view key signatures and scales for major and minor keys
- Jump to relative or parallel keys

In addition to adding your own custom chords, scales, and fingerings, you can:
- Change the color scheme
- Choose the playback instrument (piano, electric piano, organ, strings, or guitar)
- Choose whether to show all keys (including theoretical ones) or only commonly used keys
- Show only basic chords and scales (great for beginning musicians)
- Choose note naming (English or Solf├Ęge)

- Open Tonality as an Audio Unit MIDI processor and view the names of the chords you play in real time

Tonality - Music Reference App Description & Overview

The applications Tonality - Music Reference was published in the category Music on 2019-06-13 and was developed by Bryce Hostetler. The file size is 87.99 MB. The current version is 2.0 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

MIDI and AUv3 support!
- You can now open Tonality as a MIDI Audio Unit within a host app like AUM. Route MIDI messages from a keyboard or another app and Tonality will display the names of the chords you send to it

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Good form and function!  nerdgirlatlarge  5 star

I enjoy playing piano and love how this app is able to help me expand my ability to write my own music. I am also a total nerd when it comes to visuals and love that this app is really pretty while being useful.


Very useful!  peewakawaka  5 star

Great app for musicians of all skill levels! I've been playing piano for a few years and this app is helping me practice my scales and understand basic music theory. I can even add my own scale fingerings! The identify chords feature was extremely useful. Would highly recommend this app to anyone passionate about music and seeking to learn more.

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