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Word Pearls: Word Games [Games] App Description & Overview

Word Pearls is one of the World’s most popular mobile word games. This free word game is a fantastic "spin" on traditional word connect games, word search games, and word puzzle games. It is the most genuine word game in the market now. It is an original combination of trivia, word search, and word connect games. With its unique themes and music, it is calming as much as challenging.

In the game basically, words are split into syllables and players need to connect words back together by using bubbles. There are plenty of engaging categories/levels. The words in each level are a part of a certain topic. Players should carefully think about words related to the topic to solve the puzzles. If some words are new to players, they can always look them up in the dictionary by simply tapping.

Word Pearls brings a different adventure to word puzzle lovers. If you like crosswords and word search games you will lose track of time while playing this free word game.

• Latest word puzzle game with hundreds of unique challenges!
• Free daily rewards!
• Collect bonus words! Earn rewards for finding extra words!
• Earn boosters! Use the spyglass, light bulb or hurtle when you get stuck!
• Unlock new themes. Choose from themes that unlock as you play!
• Great exercise for the brain.
• Play without the internet.
• Play offline.
• Brain teasers and brain games for adults.

If you are bored with word connect games and looking for new word games or fun word games for free you will enjoy Word Pearls. This perfect new game is one of the best word games for adults.

Enjoy addictive word games! Download for Free!

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Game experience is optimized.

Word Pearls: Word Games Comments & Reviews

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- Download this game NOW and this is why...

Ok so I just finished level 11 and I have not started level 12 yet. So I might write another review later on but for now let’s talk about this app. So the topic for level 11 is put in a glass (so things you can put into a glass) so for example (wat)+(er)=water The music is relaxing and calm. I think that this game is better than other word games such as word cookies. I like to play this game called brain test and on level 59 they do the same thing as this game at the end of the level it sad that if I liked that level to try this game so I thought hey I’ll give it a shot and while It was downloading I read the reviews and so far I am addicted to this game so you should definitely get this game This is to the developer: great job on this game I absolutely love this app keep up the good work!!!

- Love This Game😍

You need to get this app! It is better than word cookies and other games. I love how it starts off easy and keeps going and then it gets hard but you already have had the practice. The music is way nicer than other games like this. I like how it is bubbles and not words on a circle. I hope you get because you may realize it is not that bad. This to the developer: Are you going to change the app picture for holidays because it is still on Valentine’s Day themed. If you are wondering I’m talking about it’s the icon on your phone that you click to get into it. Not a big just something I wanted to point out.

- Addicting

UPDATE: either I passed the glitch or the developers fixed it. I really do love this game. It’s very addicting. On level 500 now and there is a larger variety of subjects. I don’t mind paying for quality games and supporting developers. PREVIOUS: I am on level 263 and have been playing the same words/categories over and over again. I must have played them at least 10 times each already. I paid to remove the ads. I’m sorry I spent money on it now. It’s a fun game but too redundant.

- Great Game

I agree with a lot of the others; this is a great word challenge! I also use Word Search, Word Shapes, and Word Stacks! They are the first ones I use as I lie in bed and wake up every morning! I do have an issue with this one, though. I have to open the app, close it, and open it again to save my progress. If I don’t, I end up repeating the levels I just did. Daily challenges always show as played whether I do or not. Word Pearls is worth downloading! I love the actual game play and the bubbles are so pretty! Perhaps you could change the bubble colors with the themes like in Word Stacks?

- Wow 🤩

This is an amazing app! So relaxing and fun to play. Right now I’m out of school for the caronavirus and this is kinda teaching me like in school! I’m also not that good in reading, I have a 80 something in reading so this game is such a huge help and this game will definitely help me in school and I hope this game helps you guys too! This game has definitely met my expectations if not more and it has met my interests! I hope this game does the same for you! Goodbye and 5 stars from me for sure!

- Aggravated

Would give this game 5 stars because I enjoy it. But find the ‘move the phone and shake it’ to get the balls to fall extremely annoying. Can I turn this feature off? Update. I have become familiar with the shake it feature and therefore have updated my star rating. Very enjoyable. Makes you think but doesn’t make life more unbearable than it can be 🙂

- Great Game...But

I really like this game. It makes me think but it is just challenging enough to not make me want to give up. The only complaint I have is what is with the constant Joe Biden ads? I am going to vote for him but the same ad over and over again? Really? I don’t mind ads but the exact same one every time is just plain boring!

- An awesome game

This game is so good, I love it😁. It gives you the topic and the first few words are so easy to find. I like the fact that there are balls of pieces of words and you connect them to find the whole word. So I think you should find this game on the App Store and download it right now.

- Fun game....but

Enjoy the game, but got to level 598 and had to delete app and start over because it kept crashing. I also expect ads, but not after every single frame. To many levels related to specific terms that the average human being would have no idea about, causing you to use all of coins just to get through that level.

- I love this game!

I am addicted to this word game. It’s fun and keeps my attention. The only downfall was that I had to pay for no ads! They were constant and very annoying. It wasn’t a lot of money thankfully. That being said, it’s a great game and worth the small fee to get rid of them!

- Great!!

I just started playing the game and its great! I try new games and hope to keep on enjoying playing them. I like to keep my mind busy has much as possible. Keeping it stressed free. Thank you!!

- Trump ads

I would give this 5 stars but when I got to 185 I start getting Trump ads. Have to close and start again. And it’s after every level. I have no use for political ads in a game. Can deal with others but not that. Love the game and would give 5 stars but as long as political ads pop up on every level I will only rate 1 star. Fix it and I will change it to 5 stars. And I am not contacting anyone. If you can’t fix it I will delete.

- Fun to play

If you are a fan of word games, you will love this. It keeps you playing. Not hard not easy but makes you think.

- Available levels?

I am stuck in a cycle of the same 10(ish) levels. I am currently on level 189 for the third or fourth time. Is there a limit on available levels for people playing the free version? If not, how do I get out of this cycle and on to new levels? If there is a limit, no problem, but it would be nice if it was clear in the game description.

- Hard to stop!

Great visuals. Flowing game. Hard to stop once started. I just wanted to give it a try. It is 1:33 am and still playing. Recommended for brain exercise.

- Marvelous and teaching

Funny and educative. Kept me playing for hours. Obviously helps improving the English vocabulary and spelling. Best way to enjoy the commute.

- In app purchases not honored

The game itself is fun, however there are advertisements after every level. When the Remove-Ads is purchased they will successfully take your money but not remove the ads. Furthermore, they won’t respond to emails to correct the issue.

- Nice game!

Once you start you don’t want to stop. Enjoying everything about it!

- Great for spelling bees!

This is a wonderful game for kids learning to read and write. It eases them to memorize the spellings of both simple and complicated words.

- Word Pearls

This is fun and easy All you have to do is tap on bubbles to make words Simple for me to do

- Bad purchase

I downloaded this game and was enjoying it very well. Decided I would pay to have adds removed. Several days later I still get adds. Until this is fixed or money returned I will stick to a one star. Stick to seeing the adds.

- Totes great game peeps😂🥳🤩

So mans this is the best game ever! It is so fun and good for learning because of the coronavirus and this is totes good so some people are prob still thinking that this is not so great but it is.

- Great game

This game is good to play when you are bored or when you are not tired in bed

- Maddog

Interesting game. I think it would be helpful as a teaching tool for kids.

- Brain teaser

Makes us use your brain and think

- Excellent Game

This is a great game. Both fun and engaging. I play it together with my 8 year old son. Highly recommend it.

- Thats what i am looking for

great word game and relaxing music. recommended to everyone!!

- Word Pearls

Won’t let me exit when it is finished and turns blank sometimes

- Good game

I could spend hours playing.

- Game

I love it,Hours Of fun,and I didn’t realize how long I had been playing..

- Thank you

I love this not for school but it’s cool and relaxing so keep up the good work

- Has some glitches

I got to level 2 and the bubbles stopped showing up. I restarted my phone and even redownloaded the app but nothing worked. I enjoyed the first level but wish the other would work as well.

- Fun game but...

Fun game but the video between levels locks up, I have to close the game and relaunch, I’ve also missed out on the bonus 25 because of this.

- Level 86 glitch

I can’t get past level 86 because the last word is “spider” but the bubbles spell “tarantula”.


Would be a great game but there is an ad after each game, and as each game only takes a couple of minutes, the constant ads are quite annoying and repetitive.

- I’m enjoying this

This game is so relaxing, I want to play this all day long.

- Question about secret levels

After it went to 2000 levels why is the secret level the same topic singers

- So much fun

This game is so much fun and stands alone for its uniqueness and is simply the best I’ve played in awhile. Love it.

- Game keeps freezing up.

I had to reinstall the game. It’s a fun game I hope it stop freezing up

- Meh

Honestly, it isn’t challenging enough. But maybe I’m being a smarty pants. And secondly, I delete apps real quick when there are more ads than playing time.

- Fun

I like the concept of the gam big change from the same game

- Enjoyable Game

Nice game relaxing yet challenging enough to keep your attention and be entertaining.

- Best word game out there!

I love word games and this is absolutely the best! Very different and addicting!

- Great app!

I love the game. I think it will help my kids to learn more words and spelling. Thanks

- Have to think

This game is very fun, so r I'm only on level 22, but it's very enjoyable

- Great Game

This is a great game to stimulate one brains! Also great to increase ones spelling ability!

- Word pearls

It is quite obvious that the persons who wrote this game are not english speaking . I like this game but every frame has mistakes

- Challenging,!

Learning, and so far it is different!

- Pearl game

Very educational and user friendly

- Too many ads

I just got this game an hour ago and am ready to delete. There is an ad, or two, after every group of words. Tired of dealing with the distracting ads.

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I am up to level 3,000. That is as far as the levels go. Please release the new levels. Thank you. 😊😊😊😊😊😊Prune 1956 Thank you so much for responding to my email. Just wondering when and if the new levels from Word Pearl 3001 and onwards will be released. When it does happen will it be a completely new game or will they added to the current game. If you decide not to go ahead and release them, please let me know so that i can try and find a similar game. (I have already tried to find any games similar - but so far nothing ) 😊😊😊😊😊Prune 1956

- From Chrissy

Only just started playing but enjoying so far

- Great at first

I like this game a lot, it’s more challenging than others which is good. But all of a sudden it was only dropping 3 pearls and I can’t get any more on screen to complete the level. I can’t contact support because I refuse to use the Mail app , You should be able to use any email app but now I can’t get help to sort the problem. I will keep trying to reboot it but if it keeps having problems I will have to delete it. Shame because it’s a great game. If I can get it sorted I will up my star rating for you

- Paid for no ads but still getting lots of ads🙁

I have changed my review to one star, the reason being I paid for no ads and when I was still seeing 30 second ads between every level asked for a refund. I was told to send a document of purchase which I did, but no refund. I lodged a claim with Apple, still no refund. My advice...DO NOT pay for ad free you will only be wasting your money. Nobody likes paying money for nothing especially during these difficult times.

- Yes

Wonderful game, try it, i am sure you will enjoy

- Fun game and relaxing

I enjoy playing this game. It’s pretty to look at and helps with spelling. But when I purchased the “remove ads” they are still appearing. I would like a refund please.

- Great game

Love the game but to many ads

- Mr


- Wonderful

Wonderful game but a copy of WordScapes

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- Awesome

I love it!!!!!!

- Poor Quality

First let me start by saying boring! To easy, not challenging at all. To many ads - every second play. And long ads I'll NEVER down load go Knots 3D because I'm so sick of seeing the ad. If you want a fun game this is not it.

- Ads ads ads

I like the game but the ads are enough to delete the app

- Very addicting

My gf is on level over 600 and she wants to know how many levels are there?

- Don’t pay to remove ads !!!

I paid 5.49 to remove ads and I’m still getting them !! Don’t waste your money !!

- Why!

I like the game, but I paid for it to remove the ads and I am still getting ads, very frustrating! I am still getting ads despite writing to the developer, I like the game but to pay $5.49 to take off ads and to still be getting ads is not acceptable. I would like my money back!

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- Great design, relaxing play

Absolutely great design, relaxing to play, nice levels

- Seriously?

Got this app about ten minutes ago & am already aggravated at how many ads there are!! Delete.

- Please

Are you ever going to add more levels. Love the game

- Very good

Most relaxing game I enjoy playing

- Fantastic

I could use this app 25/8. Really.

- False advertising

I downloaded this game based on a preview through a different game. I was totally surprised when the game turned out to be NOTHING like what was advertised. Deleted immediately.

- Captivating

Very captivating. Educating and enjoying at the same time.

- Excellent App

The graphics are spot on and the game is so relaxing.

- Word Pearls

This game was so easy and very simple words and it’s best game ever

- Happy


- Relaxing

This game I find relaxing and enjoyable.

- Repeating

The game is fun, but not when you keep repeating levels 131 to 140. You can’t unlock the next level and there is no reason. Your stuck in limbo!!

- Check your kids

This popped up with an incredibly racist term while my 7 year old daughter was playing. This is not acceptable. I wouldn’t use this app.

- Ads not gone! Very annoyed!

I paid to have the ads removed and they’re still there. Wasted $3.99!!!!

- Loading issue

Love this game.. but it does not load up to the next level even after the update!!!

- Word Pearls Game

The game is very much fun,interesting,enjoyable and nice 👍🏻 and I very much love the game!😊😀😌😃😄☺️😁🙂❤️💕💗💜💚🖤💙🤍

- Fun game

You will enjoy it, colors and topics great!

- Nice app for practicing words

Have Fun and learn

- Not working

I want to play this game it looks like a great game but it’s not working. I’m on level 2 and the little balls won’t appear. I’m disappointed.

- great game

I’m enjoying this great game!!!

- Hate ads

Love game but can’t stand ads every time you complete a level.

- Not working

Looks like a fun game, but not working. I’ve downloaded, deleted and downloaded again. Shame.

- Thanks

Educational, fun and helpful... Good app!!!

- Fun game

Good game love 💕 love 💕 it thanks

- word pearls

Very cool and awesome game

- Relaxing Game LOVE IT

This games

- Okay

Game is fun, it rather redundant.

- Fun

Word pearls is a awesome game

- Word pearls

Ilt game

- Mr Aaron Rauch

It is excellent game

- Awesome

I luv this

- F

Fun yo play.

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Word Pearls: Word Games 1.5.3 Screenshots & Images

Word Pearls: Word Games iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Word Pearls: Word Games iphone images
Word Pearls: Word Games iphone images
Word Pearls: Word Games iphone images
Word Pearls: Word Games iphone images
Word Pearls: Word Games iphone images

Word Pearls: Word Games (Version 1.5.3) Install & Download

The applications Word Pearls: Word Games was published in the category Games on 2019-06-22 and was developed by Unico Studio LLC [Developer ID: 1467451326]. This application file size is 135.58 MB. Word Pearls: Word Games - Games app posted on 2020-10-06 current version is 1.5.3 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.oakgames.wordgame

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