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What is iverify. - secure your phone! app? iVerify is your personal security toolkit. Use iVerify to manage the security of your iOS device and detect modifications to your smartphone. iVerify makes it easy to manage the security of your accounts and online presence with simple instructional guides.

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Find this site the customer service details of IVerify. - Secure your Phone!. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/1466120520/iverify-secure-your-phone/contact

IVerify. - Secure your Phone! Customer Service, Editor Notes:

IVerify. - Secure your Phone! Version 33.020 May 2022

Fix biometrics bug.

IVerify. - Secure your Phone! Version 31.023 February 2022

Read guides to secure your device.

IVerify. - Secure your Phone! Version 29.001 November 2021

Some people with physical access to your device may add their biometrics to your device and unlock it without you. iVerify will warn you if it happens..

IVerify. - Secure your Phone! Comments & Reviews 2022

- App Recommendation

An app in which I can recommend to people to use and run through several exercises that promotes training and awareness. For years I have used a collection of links which at times change or are no longer available. This just simplifies this process. Recommendation for the developer - as IOS changes and users install different IOS versions, will the app detect the version and provide the instructions accordingly or will this app prompt the user to select their IOS version and provide instructions for that specific version?

- Good But Needs to be updated

It gives you a lot of information but requires you to manually make all of the changes. It's a shame that it can't pull up the settings and just allow you to check or uncheck and then apply all changes at once. Besides that, the instructions are dated. iOS 14.3 is out now and the steps given by this app do not match what you see in the menus and the screens which is somewhat confusing. You have to try to go and figure out where the setting is by yourself, for each one of them and there are Many settings it suggests changing. It really needs an update to the latest (current) OS in use today to be less confusing.

- By and for elderly by privacy ascetics

This is a good app in a lot of ways, but a bad one in others because it was done by privacy ascetics. There are nice things in it, like that they will warn you if your software is out of date. In other cases; they want us to be elderly boomers who neither have a smartphone nor participate in the world. They recommend turning of Bluetooth. Fine, whatever. Do you have a watch (🍏 or otherwise) or AirPods? Well, they don’t. Do you have speakers you want to play music on? Don’t do that. Obviously they don’t do stuff like have a watch, play music, at least not without wired headphones. They want you to turn off airdrop, too, not just make sure you don’t accept things from everyone. This is an app by people who only do serious things with serious intent. They are the scolds who hate fun. Abstractly their advice is good and yet it is the digital equivalent of being told to eat brown rice, no red meat, no alcohol, and certainly no chocolate. Sure, the advice is good, but who wants to live like that? Oh, you do? You’ll love this app. It is the stern parent of the digital age.

- Helpful tips

Since the app has limited access to the iPhone, I imagine that limits the “scan” feature greatly. So I don’t put much faith into it. Still, it provides some reassurance. The tips and suggestions provides a wealth of information. I’d say it 99% matches what I’ve read elsewhere at various places online. Although, it’s great to have all of this in one place and in a format that helps keep track of everything, like a checklist.

- Price a bit steep for what you get

Of course, the only thing this app can tell you is your security posture because iOS is a walled garden. The only way to have true insight into security of an iOS device is the enterprise grade level. Nothing wrong with that for non-security minded people. However, I’ve offered all of this exact information on my personal website for free for the current and past two iOS firmware versions, not to mention the same material. I paid the $5 knowing it would be worthless for myself, but even for non-security minded people, it’s a bit steep to pay.

- Good advice, Good app

I’m an IT Consultant. I bought this app knowing Apple’s way of sandboxing limits how security apps work. It’s simple, but great for reminders and education about how to secure iDevices. The information on how to best secure the phone by using the built-in settings is great. Having a shortcut for Cloudflare DoH is great. Update: dropping to two stars DoH not working on iPadOS 14. Not installing profiles for any DoH provider. Reinstall not working. Also, app needs to be updated for newer models. It recommends I upgrade to iPad Pro 2018 or newer despite having a Pro 2020. Needs landscape mode for iPads with keyboards. Will bump back up to five stars when issues resolved.

- A great app

Downloaded it today after the ZDNET article came out. An exceptionally worthwhile app. It is packed full of useful iOS security information. Even somebody who is security savvy could benefit from the app. Moreover, for folks who aren’t especially security savvy, this app could be especially useful. So much so I got it for my wife as well. Frankly I would have paid $10 for it now that I have seen it in action.

- Usable, accessible security

The amazing achievement of this app is just how accessible its capabilities and its instructions are. To tighten your personal security, you have got to take some actions that can’t be automated. But this app breaks those actions into snack sized steps that are nicely explained and illustrated. And the reasons for taking those steps, so you can see why you should do them, are clearly explained in plain language. This is a magnificent achievement. Thank you, Trail of Bits!

- Very simple, clear, and relevant

App is well designed and works well. The concept of both doing automated checks as well as education is great. Anyone following through the checklists can make appropriate judgements of what risks they’re willing to take and they’ll be more secure for it.

- Much needed

Even though there is security info/training available most of us only do rudimentary or no levels of learning what and how to secure our devices. I feel this app takes it a step or two further that is much needed by a lot of people. Based on other attempts at providing a tool like this that have eventually been remove from the store I am hoping this one isn’t. Good start to addressing a serious problem.

- Don’t waste your money!

This is a referral app only! Meaning it points the user to vulnerabilities and suggests remedies, but takes NO ACTION towards said remedies. In my case it claims to have scanned my entire device in less time than it took to purchase the app, yet finds it to be secure. For a PAID app, it behaves as though it is a freebie. After reading other reviews, it seems as though the developer has standard canned responses, no solutions, and does not appear to be in search of any. Disappointing...money down the drain. Yes it is only $2.99, but it was MY $2.99...remitted for services that were NOT rendered.

- Uninstalling

How can I uninstall this app? It cost $3 and then $16 a month after that. I’ll pay for this month but I can’t see this in my subscriptions on my phone. I like the app! I just don’t need it now.

- DOES NOT work on this iPad

This might be a minor annoyance, but Apple should not indicate that an app works on this iPad when it doesn’t support landscape mode. I use my ipad almost exclusively in that mode with the attached keyboard, and to have an app that doesn’t support landscape mode is, well, annoying. Redundant, I know, but there it is.

- For non tech savvy only

Save your $ A majority of this is just advising you. It can’t see what security measures you have already put in place and advise you on what’s missing, it’s just a$5 run through of what you can do to secure your phone better. The ‘limit software exploits’ section could not detect that my auto updates were on. You get a content blocker for safari basically.

- Good scare

Something very strange happened to me with the last update of this application yesterday. I could not connect to many internet sites, some even required me to send email to their help site informing that they had blocked my IP due to many requirements. I uninstalled and reinstalled it and everything was back to normal.

- My phone is so hacked

When I bought this app I didn’t expected to do wonders, what I did expected was to the least tell me is something was wrong not even what it was. The hacker can, read it very well, can read, spy in any shape and form delete etc, remotely and you tell my everyday that my device is secure. I am quite sure he can even review your app and laugh at it as I sen you this message, all this on an IOS platform. This bad is your app.

- Useless

The only thing this app does is tell you to turn things off like Bluetooth, etc. When you do so even if you’re selective, half of the things you rely and don’t work. I don’t really need an app to tell me that Bluetooth could be a potential security threat. I balance that against the usefulness of having my car radio receive phone calls when I’m driving. I think this is a total waste of money.

- Easy to use, right Price

This app is easy to use and understand and for $3 the price is right to know all the personal information on my phone is safe

- Checklist App

Honestly this app is just a checklist of things you can do to keep safe. Most of the things i had already done way before this app came about. I wish i could get a refund. This app is how to keep your phone safe for dummies kind of thing.

- This is great

I’m pretty savvy with my iPhone settings but I’m learning quite a bit more with this app. Easy to use, quick to the point explanations, and well designed.

- it’s very helpful.

I do enjoy the top tier background checks against detection & malware! it’s super organized & walks you through it all much enjoyed!!!

- Meh not worth it

This app does not go beyond the standard basic checks seems like. Basically enable lock your phone, face recognition, update your stuff and thats it. If i see anything that goes beyond the very basic analysis i will update this review and rate. For now i think is an overpriced app that reminds you to lock your phone and update it. No offense to the developer, theres no real use case here specially since the iOS Apple store provides pretty good security controls since iOS is not open source. Pro: well made app very easy to use.

- Impressed

After having my Apple ID and iCloud compromised, l am impressed with the safeguards iVerify offers. I’m still going through the security measures l can implement to hopefully eliminate any future hackers from violating our privacy and compromising our information.

- ??

So I received an email saying my info had been compromised via a data breach with iverify. Can you please explain why I was never informed about this directly from you? Rather, a well known data breach site? Thanks...

- App not reflecting suggested changes

I’ve gone through each of the suggestions and have either toggled on or off, according to the recommended settings, but every category continues to show “0 of x marked complete”. If these changes aren’t reflecting, how am I to trust that the app is even functional???

- Needs a non-paranoid mode

Some of the stuff suggested (keeping Bluetooth off) is overkill even for many people who use this app. Not everyone needs to take inconvenient precautions.

- Great app

Thank you to the App maker. It’s awesome and much needed.

- USELESS: please give more details on what specific items are being checked

It would be very helpful if the list of specific threats/breadcrumbs that the app checks for, was provided. Without this, it’s hard to simply trust the developer it’s doing a good job of checking for the right things.

- Scam of an app

This app does nothing but give you a d.i.y list on how to change several settings on your iPhone to make it more secure. You'll save yourself money and the trouble if you look up an forum with this same quality of information. Very disappointed.

- What is this actually doing?

Aside from telling me to disable JavaScript in safari (breaks most sites) and other “tips” what does this app provide? Please respond before I refund this nonsense.

- Fails to notify when updates are available on time

Did not notify me that a security-critical iOS update for an actively-exploited vulnerability was available until almost two weeks after the update was released.

- Tracks you

It says your data isn’t collected but I found 7 marketing trackers built in. I find it ironic that a security app (which I paid for) is tracking and most likely selling my data.

- This app caused me a tremendous amount of grief

I purchased this app and when I installed it on my IPhone 11 it shutdown cellular data. T-mobile couldn’t figure it out and I had to take my phone to Apple and they were the ones that figured out this app was blocking my cellular Data.

- From a Boomer

Unfortunately I don’t understand or know what many terms mean so I’m going on limited faith that I’m doing the right thing. Maybe there needs to be a Verify for dummies/boomers.

- This app does not scan your phone for hacks

As the title said - The app lists very basic advice for security. It does not scan your phone and inform the user if they’ve been hacked. Which is a shame.

- Family sharing

Not at all clear how the app, once purchased, can be shared with family members.

- Another fake app

This only gives you suggestions it in it self does nothing at all your better of just searching for info online

- ‘Detects’ Threat, then a broken link to instructions

Without details and instructions to fix, what use is the app?

- Threat Detection and advice

It’s not just for novices and works as advertised

- Useless

My phone got hacked and this app was not able to even show any sign of any compromise to my phone Disappointing

- Love it!

So far this is such great info!!

- Very nice

Still exploring

- Best App

It’s the best of the best I’ve seen.

- Don’t waste your money if you have a newer phone

Don’t waste your money if you have a new phone

- Over rated waste of time

Didn’t tell me anything I know

- idea

is there a way to block apps from injecting cookies into your device?

- Just a checklist.

This app is a good checklist but does not actually “do” anything. Which is perhaps just as well.

- Great way of knowing if you're secure

This app is a great way of knowing if your iOS device is secure. While iOS is much more secure than Android, there's a few threats that can be done. Jailbreaking an iOS device is NOT recommended, as it can lead to exploits and your data can be stolen. This app takes you step by step by giving recommendations. This shows what needs to be done in order to be truly secure.

- DNS Settings not showing

Running v14.1 but no DNS setting menu or link visible anywhere

- Fails to Secure IOS Against China APTs

While our IT Security team had high hopes for iVerify, those hopes have been dashed by exploits that bypass its security features features and iVerify’s failure to acknowledge or even respond to our evidence (and other security researchers) reports of vulnerabilities and third-party verified exploits. So if you are a personal IOS user, and you or your employer is not or you are not concerned about the China State-Sponsored Threats that the FBI and Homeland Security CISA has identified as affecting most private companies and government agencies, this solution may work for you. It does have helpful prompts that may spot and curtail garden variety threats, but the product is ineffective for today’s advanced threats that even IT Security people miss until shown evidence of compromise, or referred to Homeland Security CISA alerts, e.g., sim swaps, IOS root threats, proxies (verified by the major providers like ATT), DNS exploits and bowsers with embedded Java, particularly CHROME, that work across WINDOWS, MacOS, and Android. While we can’t fault iVerify for Apple’s (or MS’s or Google’s) misleading and misrepresentative marketing campaigns focused on new features, cloud solutions and seamless user experiences, which more often than not provide new vectors and angles for attack, e.g., syncing which allows threats to rapidly propagate across user and enterprise devices, we think that iVerify should walk the talk and be more transparent, vigilant and collaborative about the realities of IT and the Internet in 2021. Keep in mind the script kiddie exploits or the CVE or Project ZERO threats announced by Google have been active for months or years prior to announcement. The State-Sponsored threats are often baked into hardware, rooted firmware or operating systems straight from China. That’s the inconvenient truth and like many like truths in the U.S. we ignore what we can’t fix or market security features that actually become vectors for attack, like the Apple T2 security chip that security researchers probed can be exploited remotely and cannot be remediated without MOBO replacement. Just saying.

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- Overpriced

This basically tells you what settings to turn on/off within the iOS settings menu for better security. All of which most people have done and can also be found online. Also gives you tips for better security across different social platforms. Not worth the hefty price tag!

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- Hm


- Background activity

Ehy since last update the background activity/battery usage jumped up dramatically?!!

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IVerify. - Secure your Phone! iphone images
IVerify. - Secure your Phone! iphone images
IVerify. - Secure your Phone! iphone images
IVerify. - Secure your Phone! iphone images
IVerify. - Secure your Phone! iphone images
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The applications IVerify. - Secure your Phone! was published in the category Utilities on 2019-11-08 and was developed by Trail of Bits [Developer ID: 1466120519]. This application file size is 45.63 MB. IVerify. - Secure your Phone! - Utilities app posted on 2022-05-20 current version is 33.0 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.trailofbits.iverify2