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What is love island app? Make your summer of love last even longer with the official Love Island app! Stay ahead of the trend and be the first to know what's going on in the villa, as we deliver exclusive previews, videos and gossip straight to you.

If that wasn't enough, you'll be able to test your Love Island IQ with our quizzes, take your best Island selfies using our camera filters and shop till you drop and bag some exclusive Love Island merch.

Flex those fingers and tell us who's hot and who's not or which couples should be getting to know each other. Plus exercise your right to vote! You can turn up the heat for our Islanders and really stir things up by deciding who stays and who deserves to be dumped from the show for good.

Voting open to US/CA residents 18 years or older, or with permission from parents or guardian. Data charges may apply.

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Find this site the customer service details of Love Island. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Love Island Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Love Island Version 3.1.113 July 2021

Launching a webview store with a “Shop” button in the bottom field to buy Love Island product..

Love Island Version 2.0.013 August 2020

You'll be able to test your Love Island IQ with our quizzes, take your best Island selfies using our camera filters and shop til you drop and bag some exclusive Love Island merch..

Love Island Comments & Reviews 2022

- Seasons 3 glitch

My season 3 won’t stay as the person I’m coupled up with, I’m coupled with Camilo but it puts me with Bill after the episode with Tim and it won’t change back. I even restarted that day with passes and it does the same thing each time.

- Love this game but messes up in the middle of game play

I’ve love playing this game since season 1. I love being able to choose different outfits, things to say and characters to date. However, please work on how the game glitches in the middle. In season 3, I tried to couple up with rafi which happened then when I went to the next episode, Rafi was no longer a character and it said I had choose Camilo. I was confused and annoyed how now I have to finish the game with someone I didn’t choose acting as if I’ve been with him the whole time. Other than these problems the game is fun to play and addicting but please change these problems.

- Voting doesn’t work

The voting option doesn’t work. I’ve heard people have to reinstall the app but then I’ve had to re-register and it will no longer accept my phone number due to the amount of times I’ve tried. I used my sister’s number and got a notification an hour after the show that voting was open. I missed it. Wondering if it could be because I’m in Arizona and we don’t fit time zones. Next vote same thing happened. The vote did not open right after the show. I was going to try an hour later but fell asleep because the show ends pretty late. The whole reason I got this app was for voting. So far it’s been useless.

- Addicted!!!!!

I’m so obsessed with dating shows! And they never work out when they have to keep their distance due to the show being filmed in advance! I feel this gives couples real opportunity to last!!! It’s live! Interactive!! And on everyday!! I only ask that voting be open a day longer! Sometimes I’m At work and can’t watch till later and voting is closed. I’m a big fan tho! Thank you CBS!!

- No boy characters?

My boyfriend and I watch Love island USA religiously, and when he had heard I had downloaded the Love island app, HE WAS eager to play for himself to get the same experience, Unfortunately, There were no starter male character options available for him to use, Only female options. I’m convinced there’s discrimination towards our fellow men, who are unable to play love island due to the lack of male options. My boyfriend along with many other men out there would love to play Love Island, but are unable to do so due to the lack of consideration by the Love Island app creators, there’s no Shame, Or fragile masculinity here, make some starter male characters 😤😤😤💪🏽.

- App doesn’t let me or my husband vote

My husband and I have been watching the show live so that we can vote and be apart of it. He has a google phone and I have an iPhone, we both have updated our phones and downloaded the app and registered to vote but unfortunately every time the show says voting is open, neither of us can actually vote? It just says voting is closed and to check back next voting session. This screen has never once changed since. I have tried deleting the app and re downloading and googling the issue. Nothing is working on either of our phones.

- season 3 is not good

I loved seasons 1 and 2, but season 3 was so short, the options to customize what you looked like were much worse than they were in season 2, and the fact that there were some people you couldn’t couple up with at all was really annoying. But the main annoying thing was how short it was- nearly less than half the episodes as seasons 1 and 2.

- glitchy but fun!

season 1 is meh but season 2 has really interesting characters! however it's extremely glitchy and crashes consistently at like day 20ish on older devices. so IF you have a newer device (my iphone 8 runs it fine) and can look past the glitches this is a really fun free to play game!

- Needs a little fixing

I loved this game for so long but the character plots are like screwed up. Like at the end Lucas dumps my player once they got 2nd and then like 2 minutes later they are still together. So I just recommend thinking about what you pick. And the creators need to edit and work on this a little more so it doesn’t mess up anyone else’s endings like it did to mine

- Total scam

This app did not allow me to vote. I tried voting while the show was almost over and it told me 30 minutes. After the show ended, attempted to vote for 15-20 minutes and it kept showing that voting wasn’t open, check back soon. Keep in mind you can only vote for 30 minutes following the show going off. I’m now questioning if they are even really using “America’s votes”. Terrible app, don’t waste your time!

- Don’t get it

So Before I get attacked I’m saying don’t get it because if your like me and downloaded love island the game you thought this was another game it nots it’s about the show and still when I look through the app it’s boring. But love island the game is fun and exciting litg will have you checking your clock every five minutes because your waiting for your 2 tickets to come every hour . I don’t know about y’all but that the app I wanted to see 😬😑

- Oof

Just needs more ways to gain gems, I love the game but there’s like so many gem options for each episode and then not enough gems you can earn :(


I literally just downloaded this app to give a 5 star on the hilarious commentary of this show. I watch just to hear the jokes!! Love all the people too, not too much drama to make it annoying, fun and funny!

- Story inconsistencies

The app loses track of what choices you’ve made and a lot of the story line and characters glitch back into the game. If it weren’t for the glitches and having to wait two weeks between games then I would give this a five star!

- problem with the app

i want to vote but it’s not letting me ? i think it’s an issue with the time zone difference. i kept checking the app for the opportunity to vote but never saw the app update with the poll questions . suddenly it’s on the home page but all polling is closed! not fair Love Island. Definitely not fair

- Fav game

I REALLY love this game so much i only wish there was a part 2 🥺 with the same people and the same character u had and it continues on with ur life with or without ur couple

- I can’t vote?

I downloaded to the app and although there are some cool features, I’ve been trying to register to vote for a couple days now and it says “Oops! There is a problem, please try again later” every time. I really hope this gets fixed before any voting episodes so I can participate


i love this app!!! the voting and quizzes are cool the only thing i wish is that they had a comment section in the app after we answer the questions and rate

- I love it

I feel like once you buy a outfit you shouldn’t have to buy it again to wear it a second time

- Loveeee

So happy they did an American version. It’s the first episode and it already so much more interesting and good then all the UK seasons combined 😂 also couldn’t ever understand their heavy accents 💀

- Doesn’t work

This app is for the show to vote and take quizzes and whatever but I downloaded the app to vote but it never lets me I vote right when it says to vote(on live in tv) but when I download the app it says there’s nothing to vote for and I tried deleting and downloading the app twice but still no

- Excited!

I’ve been keeping up with the UK version for two years now and I’m so stoked to have our own in the US now 😍😍😍

- Won’t let me register

I keep typing in my phone number and it keeps saying “oops! there’s a problem pls try again later”. There’s no point of having the app if i can’t even vote in the US. May as well delete it if i can’t even do a simple task. The entire app is about voting, but you can let ppl sign up in order to vote? um ok..

- Make character please

You guys have a huge audience of husbands who end up watching with their wives and would like to be able to play this game as a make character. Please update! P.s. asking for a friend

- Photos on incoming guests

Two new guys are entering the house, we were given VERY LITTLE info about them. At least provide us with a photo in the app for reference when voting who they should take on a date.

- Spoilers before the show

I logged into the app before the show was airing and already saw the end result of the cut at the end. Voting wasn’t even open for the cut yet. That makes me wonder if America is really making the choice, or if it isn’t even a real vote...

- When the heck am I supposed to vote?

Every time I go to vote, as soon as I finish the show on the east coast the voting is closed every time? I waited an hour later and still nothing. Also maybe create a push notification when voting has opened? That would be the most helpful thing this app could do.

- Wonderful Show

This is the best show and the way they use the app to interact is so amazing !!

- No Voting For Mountain Time Zone

The vote never opens if you’re in the Mountain Time zone! Colorado is part of the United States, so I would like to be able to vote, too. I watch all the shows. It’s so unfair. I even check it during the time it is supposed to be open during Eastern time, and it doesn’t ever work. So frustrating :(

- No bueno

The app will NOT let me register. I have Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max with the latest software update and it just keeps saying oops! There is a problem. Try again later. Try again never! Trying for 20 mins to register so I can vote but nope! Not happening. Oh well! At least my info will NOT be sold!

- App doesn’t let you vote

I’ve been wanting to vote since the start of the show and every time voting opens it tells me but once I click on it to vote it tells me the votes are not open. Tonight I watched it live again and still wasn’t able to vote when it told me I could. /:

- omgwtseriously???

Ok. I haven’t caught up on the last two episodes, but I wanted to get the app cuz I was curious to what “quizzes” were on there. I open it the first thing I see is *congratulations, couple who won*... Seriously?? Well that is weeks down the drain, gee thanks!!

- Network Fail Message

This app contains bugs and wouldn’t allow me to register via phone number. I kept getting a Network Fail message and then tried to wait the mandatory 60 seconds to try again. Finally gave up and deleted the app.

- Voting

Voting does not work correctly. One couple opens up and if you touch it to move past that couple it clicks on that you are voting for that couple and it can’t be changed. This happened to me twice. So the vote is wrong if this happens to everyone. Otherwise I love the app.

- Voting

When they say voting is open after watching the show I clicked on the app to go vote and nothing updated. I registered on my iPhone first so then I registered on my iPad to see if it was the device still not able to vote 😕

- Won’t Load

App keeps “retrying” to load content and says “no internet connection” while on WiFi. All other apps work and my internet connection is just fine. I’ve done a soft reset, removed and re-added the app, and it still won’t work.

- Do NOT buy from this shop

I ordered 5 water bottles from the shop and only received one. I contacted customer service and they have been extremely unhelpful in assisting me resolve the issue. At this juncture I’ve spent over $100 to receive ONE water bottle.

- The store says it doesn’t ship to the US

Tried to order a water bottle tonight and was met with an error message that it can’t ship to the United States... then why is it available to order on the Love Island US app?

- Voting for Love Island UK

I live in America and my phone settings are put to American and this prevents me from voting for Love Island UK i dont watch Love Island US and i’m not interested in it at all. I’ve been watching Love Island UK since season 5 aired and i just wish i could be able to partake in the voting. would it be possible for you to allow us go to settings and select whether we would like to vote for Love Island UK? that would be very much appreciated! aside from that, this is a fantastic show!


Finally gonna watch love island without getting a virus from trying to watch the uk version 😹😹 lol

- Love this show BUT

GET RID OF THE UGLY BLACK BELT MICROPHONES 😫 It takes away from the beautiful outfits they wear. Just my opinion but it’s just distracting/annoying lol

- No Voting

Checked this app repeatedly to be able to vote after the show. It always says Voting Closed, checked other reviews who are saying the same. Please fix this. Wondering who is actually able to vote? How are you getting anyone to vote???

- Annoying

It’s so hard to get tickets to unlock a new part of each day and it’s soooo short. You have to wait about 1-2 hours. Why is it so short and long to play? 😤

- Codel

Only downloaded because Cody and Noel haven’t uploaded in so long

- Frustrating

I have been playing this for weeks. Waiting for the new episodes to come out. I’m on day 26 and there is a glitch and it keeps shutting off. I’ve spent money on this and am so mad I can’t even finish!

- App does not update

I don't know if it's me or the app, but it does not update for me. I have removed the app twice and still nothing updates. I have also removed other apps to have space for it more and nothing.

- Eek a disappointment

Huge Love Island fan. But, the app lacks real content & the voting system is flawed because you can’t see all the options before you make the choice so I accidentally voted for a couple I didn’t want. Deleting.


This app is totally boof, I found myself surrounded in unwanted spoilers. I am extremely disappointed with my experience on the app, I was ready to start a whole new world on this app and really be apart of the community. #notanymore Do not download, I repeat, Do. Not. Download.

- Useless app

App isn’t good for hardly anything at all. Love Island seems to be a copy of two other programs. If the app would allow us to be interactive with the islanders and if the broadcast was actually live, then that would help, but it’s neither.

- Voting?

I absolutely love the show! But whenever they say voting is open I go on the app and it tells me voting isn’t open? So maybe it’s a bug that needs to be fixed??? But I love the show!

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- Voting

They must’ve fixed the glitch because I was easily able to register for voting

- Wouldn’t let me register!

Why, this late in the show, haven’t the registration issues been worked out? Makes me wonder if mail in voting would have worked better! 🤨

- Poor registration design

Don’t ever delete the app if you want to vote in future seasons, I deleted it after a previous season and when I went to reregister my number it said it was already registered to two devices already. Kind of a big miss there to not anticipate that people would get a new phone and keep their number or delete the app...would be nice if I could log in or something instead.

- Registration

Won’t let me register. I Keep getting an “oops” message.

- Broken

Won’t let me register

- No good

Won’t let me register keep getting oops message

- Ugh

Deleting this App. First season was enough to keep my interest but I’m sick of not being able to do anything with out spending my own money. I’m uninstalling this money grab game.

- Cannot Connect

Since getting the app more than a week ago, I am unable to connect. Getting error message, “Lost Connection. Retrying in 5 seconds”. Because of this, I cannot connect to either the “home” page or “vote” page.

- Pointless

The one thing I want to do is vote and it won’t let me register to do so

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I will never be watching another season of love island

Phlebotomy Technician Certification

'Love Island' Star Zara Holland Detained After Attempting to Fly with COVID-Positive Sweetheart

ame ◝(ᵔᵕᵔ)◜

i fucking hate hearing a song and then my brain concluding that it’s a song that would 10000% be played on love island


Eden and Erin from love island Australia aren’t still together?! Love is fake. I’m so sad.

Outlaw Mama

@AdrienneLaw all too often these past 12mos 😳 cut the cable cord back in 2018 even binge watched love island, yes I went there, in fact I've been all over hulu netflix plus cbs pbs imdb youtube and every other free tv/movie site I can find


joe from love island season 5 . Hello


@Jelli__Ace @queenz_of_rose @acrcmarigold @butterfrombread I’d love to see wintersol so I can stock on materials and better my island!

michelle ☃️

@sweeteningxari omg me tooooo 😭 id love to have a totally new island to work on! my south rivers are annoying and my residence services is like a foot away from my airport


SO a former love island girl travelled to barbados with a covid positive person and now the whole island is on lock down!!!!! i really hate this show omfg!!!!!!!

Alison Bacon

@LLinWood I had never heard about poor sweet Kappy until August then stumbled across his story and a video where he mentioned the proximity of epstein island to Haiti... many would love to know the truth about what happened to him. 😞


Ok the residents on my island are my family I love them so much

Cheryl S. Newman

@Mansell247 LOVE Amelia Island.

♡Ana Lucasta♡

@AkilahObviously Meee. I love it I love decorating my home but my island looks a mess.

Distinct Today

Love Island’s Chris Taylor admits he wants to MARRY girlfriend Maura Higgins

comicbookfan gaming / battle angel gaming

@IFLC_Nuff_Said @Comic_Island rip king i love jack kirby he amazing and legend

Love Island 3.1.1 Screenshots & Images

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Love Island iphone images
Love Island iphone images
Love Island iphone images

Love Island (Version 3.1.1) Install & Download

The applications Love Island was published in the category Entertainment on 2019-07-01 and was developed by CBS Interactive [Developer ID: 295669712]. This application file size is 151.39 MB. Love Island - Entertainment app posted on 2021-07-13 current version is 3.1.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.cbsinteractive.loveisland