THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations download

Visit Volcano Island, make memories and have a great time!

Go on a vacation, collect souvenirs and take pictures in this enjoyable board game for the whole family. Travel around the island and compete with family and friends in activities, such as scuba diving and building sand sculptures. The player with the most and happiest memories wins! Save your memories in your scrapbook and make different choices to complete your collection.

Based on the classic board game The Game of Life!

Just like the original, spin the wheel and follow your fate as you go on your dream vacation. Families have enjoyed The Game of Life for more than 40 years.

This game features local Multiplayer and a safe online multiplayer!
- Single Player - Travel solo and compete with the computer.
- Offline Multiplayer - pass and play on one device with up to 3 players.
- Private Online Multiplayer - Invite family and friends to play online
- Online Multiplayer - Challenge up to 4 other players online."

Choose from a fantastic cast of characters!
Pick your own unique peg and choose between the adventurous backpacker, the surfer family, the travelling sisters, and many more! Once you’re ready to roll, select your ride and dash around the island in a scooter, sports car, motorcycle or bus.

Includes pass-and-play mode!

Play THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations game with up to three friends on one device or play online with friends and family for some classic board game fun.

More exotic destinations are coming soon!

THE GAME OF LIFE is a trademark of Hasbro and is used with permission. © 2019 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved

THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations App Description & Overview

The applications THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations was published in the category Games on 2019-07-03 and was developed by Marmalade Game Studio. This application file size is 375.87 MB. THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations current version is 0.1.4 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Hi Vacationers, we’ve got a new update for you!

- Tell the other players how you’re feeling with the new emoji chat!
- Log in quick and easy now with your Facebook account!
- We've made several improvements to make the game run better!

Thank you for playing and enjoy your vacation!

THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations App Tips, Tricks and Rules

THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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larjake   5 star

Rosstar. Greatest fun

platnumgamer23w   5 star

I Love it BUT maybe a little more content. I Love the animations the scrapbook JUST EVERYTHING IS SO GOOD but it doesn’t have a lot of content so please just add anything

EmeraldEyez119   1 star

😡. I paid for this game and it works fine...until it goes to load into a game then it kicks me out of the entire thing!!

kay0126hsjdb   5 star

So fun. This a fun game and I’m glad you don’t have you buy anymore stuff on the original It costed a lot of money and also you need to add a new island and make the map a little longer

my3hatchlings   4 star

Fun variety. Love this version- something to note: When players are tubing, they cliff dive and when cliff diving is selected, they go tubing. Seems a mixup in development.

whyisthisthewayitis   2 star

Frustrating. Spinner is difficult to spin. Frustratingly difficult. Be nice if there was an option to tap spin

Grump#6   2 star

More destinations needed. Love the game but, it needs more destinations. You said well over a month ago that you were adding more destinations, where are they? Very disappointed they are not added yet.

Zoot30   3 star

Screen going black. The white boxes that show up to pick which play mode are glitching. Then, once you pick your color and character and start the game, you can hear sound, but the screen is black. Was working great for a while, but bummed we can't play now.

veveve77   3 star

Please fix it won’t let me type in the review bar. Th

Annierockett   5 star

Awesome. It’s awesome I like how there’s not money or jobs its fun and relaxing

Trash13   1 star

Boring. Don’t waste your money. I paid $1.99 for this, played it about 15 minutes, and almost fell asleep. Wish I could get my money back. Super boring.

Kathazel   4 star

Fun but isn’t loading. I can’t finish my saved game because it won’t even load to my game. It gets stuck at the last bit of the loading bar and never finishes, even if I restart the app.

Audrey Cain   4 star

It’s great. I love it!its funny,fun,and kid friendly

moms22   2 star

Can't see some graphics. Daughter just purchased. Very disappointed that page to select type of game shows for a couple seconds & then is covered by white boxes. Clicked in general area of single player to start game. Then spinner is not visible. We can swipe & hear spinning, but no graphics. Kind of boring if there aren't colorful moving graphics. May need to request a refund if we can't get this to work. :(

Nikayna   4 star

Fun Game - needs some improvements. Overall this is a very fun game, but I have a couple suggestions: one, the spin wheel usually takes me a few tries before it actually spins, so that could be improved. Second, the board needs to be longer, at least in some spots! If all my spins are 6 or above I miss over half the board.

KellyLynn819   5 star

Life is great!. Love this game. I like the friendly competition of the CPU players or that you can invite your own friends. Not sure who thought they had to enter a social security number but you definitely don’t.

mj6277   1 star

DOES NOT LOAD.. Dumbest purchase. Bundle doesn’t load. I want my $$$$ back!!!!

MelissaA113   3 star

Hard to spin. I’m having the hardest time tying to spin the wheel! Maybe change it so it’s easier.

Thegodisbackintown   5 star

I love ❤️ it 💋❤️❤️❤️. This game is so fun and I can’t stop playing it so much fun and I am going to play ROBLOX

zieziee   4 star

more!. great game but we need more destinations and item maybe more options with the characters and quest or goals for rewards

Christi1000   5 star

This is My Favorite Game. I love this game! I play it all the time. I love the fact that for every 3 pictures or souvenirs you collect, you get 100 extra points. I just wished that was also the case for postcards and there were more destinations. Okay, since this last update the spinner doesn’t spin. I used to only have to swipe it once and it would spin. Now I have to swipe it 4 or 5 times to get it to spin. It’s very frustrating. I deleted the game.

Dogmommo   2 star

Bored. When I first started playing I really enjoyed it. But now I am extremely bored with the single location offered. I had hoped the newest update would include some other options, but alas that is not the case. Please, please add more locations. I won’t be playing again until that happens.

Jbsigns10   5 star

Life game for vacation. I have one problem with the spin. I spin the wheel few times. Then. Spinning I feel unfair about spinning. That's problem. I liked this game. Get high points. Then other players.

nickname6119   1 star

dumb. charged me then never downloaded 😑

Miszashley   1 star

Doesn’t even work. Gives black screen; please fix.

LiteraryAnna   1 star

Doesn’t Work. Haven’t been able to play it yet. Every time I open it, the game crashes. What a bummer.

arhall88   1 star

Black screen. I want to play but every time I try to start a game the screen just goes black, not crashes just a black screen.

PeaNut10101010   5 star

Fun app. I love to play this multi-player and with family members and with makeup personalities

Hlrutten   1 star

Game never loads. I can choose my character and then see the Volcano Island screen, then black screen with the sound of waves (same as other users have reported). So I’ve never been able to play a game I paid for. Going to try and ask for a refund.

boxta   5 star

?. To cool

Advertorial    5 star

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Jiley16   5 star

Love the game...minor bug. I was playing with a friend and I noticed that when I picked cliff diving the interactive graphic was me tubbing and when my friend picked tubbing the interactive graphic was her cliff diving

RonaldMcDonald901   4 star

Small Issue. So I downloaded this game and I started playing it but when it got to the loading screen to put you into the round when it says "volcano land" or whatever it says it freezes and the game crashes. Is there a way that this could be fixed if not I would like a refund if possible. Otherwise it seems like a great game. Thank you.❤️

Danip0888   3 star

Good but.... I like the premise but would like more boards soon and please don’t make it like the other game where I have to pay to get the other boards I already paid to download the game that should be enough.

Advertorial    5 star

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alison1306   5 star

Best game ever. I can’t describe how amazing this game is.

gehsjene   5 star

Ehhh. So I played it with my mum pretty standard right but then it got a bit glitchy so I stop playing it for a while and then when I got on it again it was fine

Sem76   2 star

Glitches. It is great but there is so many glitches!!👎🏿👎🏿

Vivosmart   1 star

I want a refund!. I downloaded this game and everytime I click play game it just crash everytime.

Kaitlyndobby   1 star

I expected more for $6. I bought the game and it won’t let me load it past picking your player, keeps glitching out and exiting the app.. very disappointing.

Tahlia and Jasmine   1 star

Doesn’t even load. Game has taken my money, I haven’t been able to play it. Tried to reload app and still nothing. Don’t waste your money on this

CheekyBeetle   2 star

Too Many Glitches!. Keeps glitching and needs a wider variety of options. After you’ve played it through a couple of times it’s too repetitive 😕

clairelp156908   4 star

where’s the next island?. I love the game a lot but I’ve achieved everything in the collection & ready for more islands ): when are they coming??

DanelleMe   4 star

Fun game but has some kinks. Love playing this game, but it never fails almost every time I am playing with someone else it freezes and we lose the game. Makes me mad because this game wasn't free. Please fix that!

Chelle102207   4 star

Great. Thank you for listening to feedback! Love that I can change my name and skip computer animation! Dropped it down on 7/25 due to the game not saving my progress! :(

breannaamariee   4 star

Freezes but great game. This game tends to freeze sometimes in the middle of a game. I have redownloaded the app and restarted my phone. This game is new so it’s not a huge deal or anything but it would be very nice if you could fix it! Otherwise I really enjoy the game over all. Also would like to change my username later on if that is possible since I can’t seem to change it.

LIFE lover:)   4 star

I love this game. It is so addicting but it keeps freezing on the spinner and i have to restart the game

ReeseyTriceey   4 star

Fun. Not as good as the original. They should’ve added some different activities (cards). But it’s still fun.

GirlzRule17   1 star

Should've read the reviews first.... Guys don't bother buying this. I just got it and not even starting the game, it crashes!! Every time... Waste of money...don't buy!!!

rnglw   5 star

Fun game!. Love this! I am looking forward to more destinations! With the the upgrades you can get, it would be fun to explore other sites around the world!

Buffmc   1 star

Crashes everytime. Crashes every time, I can't get past loading screen. I want a refund!

Create Nicknamezzzzzzz   4 star

Suggestions?. Maybe make different islands completely with different themes. And make them ranked so you must complete the first one, then second, and then so on. You complete an island when you have everything collected <3

Ryans1251   1 star

Don’t buy this game it’s a waste of money. The game did not work on me round started and then I was kick then everyone I was playing with was too.Then the game would not let us join the same match and when we did we could ready but the it would break again.

BigShawnRecklezz   5 star

Love the game.. Just. Just wish you could change your username.. mine sounds kinda sexual...

Ndnd Wife of Lrrrrr   5 star

Better then the original. I like it, being able to win different players and such is an improvement from the original. You definitely need a Fast forward button with a new update. Other then then that. I love it so far.

Noah Troyer   5 star

Must get. BEST GAME EVER So cool I recommend this totally get it now

giovanna salloum   3 star

Eh. I’m just kinda disappointed with the game I thought it would be a lot more exciting and fun but it just isn’t all you pretty much do is take photos and get souvenirs but I’m giving three stars just for the effort sorry to say this but how do I get a refund ?

bertnie20   4 star

Like the game. Fun idea, but is there a way to change our user name? I no longer want to be mustardballistics 😂

kay ander   4 star

Love the game. I love playing the game but can you please put a fast forward button in it like the regular game of life has and the spinner acts funny sometimes. I’ll try and spin it and end up having to spin like 4 or 5 times before it works

SarinaMay1137   2 star

Fun but many issues!. I love the game of life and all of those old school board games. But I just bought this one.. and it’s fun and I love all the options.. BUT for some reason it gave me an automatic username (fragileswan17 or something like that..) and there’s no possible way to change it! And I would really like to change it. And it also doesn’t give the option to fast forward the computer player’s turns like it does on the original Game of Life app. Otherwise I think it’s great.

@kejah_09   1 star

Crashed twice already. I just bought this game and I can’t even play it. I can only get far enough to pick my character and spin to see when my turn would be and then the game crashes. I want my money back.

star one bondy   1 star

The game doesn't work. I can't get it too stop going out of the game and I spent 4.99 on this game to not let it work. I want my money back!!!!

MHairStylist   1 star

Disappointed. Only 1 map - not worth $3.99

DeeBoShon   1 star

Crashes. I bought this game on my iPad and iPhone and it crashes every time after I pick my character. Please fix or refund.

Luisito Vega   5 star

Can’t play it. I buy it today and it won’t let me play. When I’m on the loading screen it kicks me out. I hope you can fix it. I really love The Game Of Life, I buy it in real life and in videogame. I regret that I never play it in too many years, but now I’m having fun playing it.

Reddupo   1 star

Unable to play. Would like to give it more stars but we can't even play it! It keeps crashing every time after we choose our characters!! Waste of money!!!

shesheta   4 star

Gol. crashes please fix.

Violedlt1995   3 star

decent. i wish there were more maps

AppDude27   5 star

Amazing Summer Game!. I love Marmalade Game Studio. They are a wonderful game studio. They regularly interact with their fan base, the community is friendly and wonderful, and their games are pretty, polished, and feel premium. I most play Clue because I love the regular updates and fast paced gameplay. Life Vacations was a total surprise! I just finished a game and I have to say, this game is awesome! The game plays out exactly like Life, but you’re instead collecting lots of fun stuff! I played with the CPU’s but I could totally see this being a blast with family and friends. One of the new features that I liked about Life Vacations is the collection feature. The collection boosts replay value, since you can revisit Volcano Island and try to get everything. I really hope Marmalade Game Studio does the same thing with Clue or incorporate a similar feature. My favorite part of this game is the animated cutscenes. They are adorable and really make the experience fun! Overall, Life Vacations is 100% worth it. The game is premium, the animations are beautiful and relaxing, the replay value is high, and I can’t wait to be able to play this with my family and friends soon! Thanks Marmalade Game Studio for all your wonderful games!

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