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Screen Mirroring+ App [Photo & Video] App Description & Overview

What is screen mirroring+ app app? Mirror your iPhone or iPad screen to any device in your local Wifi or remote via Internet. Share your screen on a Smart TV, Mac, PC, Laptop, Gaming Console, Smartphone or Tablet.

The Screen Mirroring App can connect to any Web Browser and cast your screen with zero delay in HD quality. Screen Mirroring over DLS / Cable / Internet is supported by Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge and the newest Smart TVs.

This is the easiest and most powerful screen sharing tool. Share your photos, videos, games, websites, apps, presentations and documents with your friends and family, even to remote places.

* Supported devices: Any device with an integrated Web Browser, e.g. Samsung TV, LG TV, Panasonic TV, Hisense TV, Philips TV, Hitachi TV, Grundig TV, TCL TV

* Local mirroring on WiFi: Your iPhone/iPad and your web browser device must be connected to the same wifi. Please do not use VPN, Proxy, VLANS and Subnets.

* Remote mirroring is limited to DSL / Cable / Internet. Connections over cellular/mobile networks (LTE/5G) are not yet supported.

* Latency is supreme (0 seconds) when you have good wifi network conditions

* You don't need a companion App on your TV or receiving device

* No hidden subscriptions or costs

* Sound is not yet supported, but we are working on it. Please use Bluetooth speakers as a workaround.

* Black screen issues: Some third party apps prevent screen mirroring. When you try to mirror them, you will just see a black screen on your TV, for example with Netflix and Disney+. This is a restriction chosen by Netflix and others, so we cannot fix it at the moment.

This app is brought to you by the developers of Video & TV Cast, the #1 video casting app in the world with more than 100.000.000 downloads across all platforms and devices.

Disclaimer: This app is not affiliated with any of the trademarks mentioned here.

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How to contact Screen Mirroring+ App (Kraus und Karnath GbR 2Kit Consulting)?
Find this site the customer service details of Screen Mirroring+ App. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Screen Mirroring+ App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Screen Mirroring+ App Version 2.628 October 2021

- Bug fixes.

Screen Mirroring+ App Version 2.404 August 2021

- Bug fixes.

Screen Mirroring+ App Version 2.323 March 2021

- Bug fixes.

Screen Mirroring+ App Comments & Reviews 2022

- It works, barely

I have to give them credit for making this free and without ads/limiting features, but right now it’s practically unusable. Frame rate drops to 1 FPS and lags behind to no end, hopefully future updates will improve the functionality

- Great for use on secure networks

This is not the best app to use if you are streaming movies on a personal WiFi connection, but it is perfect for my needs. I need to show my students how to use their phone apps on a secure WiFi connection. This allows me to mirror to a browser that I can pull up anywhere. My district won’t allow us to see devices on WiFi or download a program to a school computer. This is the only thing I could find that would work. Great for teachers and anyone whose company uses network restrictions!

- Don’t download!!!

Screens your phone from a web browser that plays no sound. Plus you are charged $2.99, for a screen muring app that you need to access on a website on your phone - that won’t go into full screen mode with no sound!? Biggest ripe off ever, this should be a free app, I should be refunded for a scam of an app! Thank you developer for the feed back below. If this is the case your app should not be $2.99. If you truly want people in the future to utilize/spend money on this application. Advertise this as a free application (since it clearly doesn’t hold up to standard) or better yet refund all of the customers that have wasted their time on this purchase!

- I want a refund

This doesn’t mirror at all. It is at best showing every 20 frames at the lowest resolution. I have over 100mbs internet so it’s definitely the app. Do not pay for this app! It does not work. Also it does not send sound so if you’re trying to watch a video it only shows the image. Mirroring means it shows what the phone shows. This doesn’t do that. It’s way too slow. I wouldn’t have paid $0.10 for this app had I known it would do what it does. It should be made to be free because it’s at most an experiment. At best a very slow image viewer with terrible quality.


This app does not work with an app like yahoo sports. Says it works with apps but I guess not that one. Waisted $3. Update—Just got an email asking what app didn’t work (pretty sure that is clear above). To be specific when I opened the website in safari it did mirror on the tv but when I switched to the app I wanted to watch, it was no longer mirroring on the tv. Did this multiple times, enough trying different ways I gave up. Sound does not work with the tv either. I was willing to sacrifice that just to get the ballgame I was wanting to watch.


This may literally be the cheapest and most despicable app in the entire store. I will pay you not to buy it, honestly. It connects you to a website and plays a highly pixelated, slow version of whatever you have on your screen. You’re better off getting a cord and connecting it to your device. It really makes me sick how these people can put this garbage on here, charge $2.99 for it, and Apple just sits back and lets it happen.

- Doesn’t work

Paying for service that doesn’t work. Really. If I cannot stream what I need to see on tv with bigger screen then tablet it’s not worth the purchase. I have been trying for over a week and it is only audio no picture, now what? I keep asking for your assistance but I am not getting it? Did everything per direction but to no avail. Either fix your end or refund my payment.

- No sound and low quality

I am currently only using this to mirror my to my ps4 but it really is not good since there is a huge delay, but i will keep on using it for the next few days as it might be my internet but my internet is around 70mbs so i don’t think that’s the problem or i will just refund the app

- Doesn’t work

I tried using this by following the steps on my switch but it doesn’t work

- No sound and lagging video streaming

It’s exactly what I want to connect my fone to the samsung tv as one device. The problem is there is no sound, and the video I tried to stream on TV was lagging and it was not smooth like we watched it on Phone or Ipad. Please fix it.

- Terrible quality

If you can follow the directions, you still end up with terrible quality video on your TV- also, I got this to show people pictures from my phone by putting them up on the TV... but it doesn’t recognize photos that are on my phone, and it calls the videos “photo’s”, and says I have no “videos”... not happy at all.

- Sound... when? Please

Hi, I bought the app is not like is free for me but I cant share the sound just the screen is really frustrating just to see the screen working perfectly but without sound. When would costumers like me who paid for this would be able to hear my videos and movies?

- Disappointing

Using IOS 14, iPhone 8s - vertical position only. No ability to change. Will try on my iPad Pro and revise if my experience is different. Yes- it streams with no apparent lag what is on my phone, but I was hoping to play a movie from my phone - (horizontal) and enjoy on my TV. So far- only good for showing pictures etc.

- worth it but needs updating

The frames can get extremely low and sometimes it will flicker back to the app page on the tv for no reason

- Trying to use it (UPDATE!: app works well!)

UPDATE: It took just a short time to figure out how to use this app. It’s good! So, ‘this app is ‘GOOD NEWS’! Old review: “So far this app is bad news!”

- Need clear and better instructions or tutorial

I’m pre-ordered it with hopes of being able to use it in there’s no clear way of how to use it or instructions you start broadcasting and then look like it’s just recording but where do you go on the TV to be able to broadcast on the TV

- It doesn’t work on tv without browser

Got this app through the link from TV cast for Sony but it was waste of money. It doesn’t work on tv without browser, which was not mentioned in the description. It should have been clearly displayed or mentioned that TV without browser doesn’t support the app.

- Well I couldn’t use it

I purchased the app to share my screen onto my tv and I had to make more in app purchases in order to do so. Wish I could have a refund...

- Connects and disconnects

I purchased this app today and I’m having problems with it. When I’m screen recording the app disconnects and connects from the tv, and it does it repeatedly. I can’t watch something , whiteout it being interrupted, because it logs off for a few seconds then connects again.

- Bad app

Wish I had thought to read reviews first. The app is crap. Does not work the way it’s intended. I downloaded it to play music videos from my phone and I get no picture or sound from the video only get what the screen looks like from around the picture.

- Bogus

I have tried and tried but cannot get my phone to screen cast to my tv. I hit the screen cast button and it says it is recording but I do not want to record, just want my tv to mirror from my phone. Does not work!!

- Does not work

Had to jump through multiple hoops for it to not even allow the stream I was playing on my phone. The LG TV cast is atrocious. Do yourself a favor and purchase a fire stick. It may have been 2.99 because it was a last resort but I would love a refund for not even delivering the service IT STATES IT DELIVERS.

- It’s really good but

It needs to run faster And there are clear directions on how to use it if you actually know how to use ur tv

- Meh... 1990s called want there web browser back.

Save your money. Free versions do the exact same thing. Lots of lag and no sound. This does not resemble video streaming by a long shot.

- Does not work

Doesn't work poorly designed

- Rip-off buyer beware

This app plays no sound imagine watching a movie but you have to listen to it through your phone because it doesn’t work through your tv this app costs 2.99 and no sound I would really Ike a refund on this app.....don’t download it it’s TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Waste of Money DONT GET

Paid the 3$ because hey, it’s just 3$, and I can’t believe what a waste it was.. only got it to work twice out of the 60 times I tried it and both times it wouldn’t play the sound AND FROZE 3 and 5 seconds in and would not do a thing! Terrible terrible terrible

- Worst app

Don’t use. It won’t play Apple content and anything it does play on a tv isn’t clear at all. I mean so blurry you can’t see it. I don’t know how to get a refund. I downloaded tried it, it doesn’t work, now they took my $3 for a 2 minute failed trial... waste of time....

- I bought the plus version

I have no idea how it’s possible that I paid for the plus version and it does not work at all. The free one was much better but after downloading the new app the old one doesn’t work. Thanks a lot guys, I missed my game.

- This app is a scam

This app is a complete scam. It won’t play sound and won’t show full screen videos, only a vertical view of your phone screen that freezes if a video is playing. This app wouldn’t be worth downloading if it was free, and it’s criminal to charge for it.

- Dumb

$3 dollars for legit nothing. Won’t work on my smart tv. Is a blackout out after 10 steps with my PlayStation. Why would I jump through that many hoops when I could just get an Apple TV for less than the time I’d spend tweaking everything to make it work 🤦🏻‍♂️

- Does not work on videos

Does not mirror videos from phone. I was trying to play Netflix and everything mirrors up to playing the video. Sound also does not work but wasn’t a huge concern. Needed an app to play my Netflix etc from phone onto TV.


I wish this app was free because the stole my 2.99 for an app that does not work the website the tell you to go to does not work emailed them for a possible new site or a solution and have no received a response. Now I gonna try and get my $3 back

- Very poor do not purchase!

A little hard to setup on tv but the sound doesn’t work and the video is very slow. Forces you to buy it then you find out it doesn’t work. I will not buy anything else from this developer

- Worst app

Avoid this app at all costs. Not remotely worth a cent. They just send you to Apple and scam you out of your money. Notice out of 2000 reviews the number of 1 star reviews and their response to each negative review. It’s a JOKE. Apple should remove them from the online store.

- Please DO NOT Download this app

This app is the worst app ever... you have to use a web browser on your tv and then the web browser stays up while casting from iPad or iPhone to tv the screen size on my 55” is close to what my iPad shows... please refund my money!!!!

- Yep Yep Yep

This is awesome. It’s essentially universally supported by any device. The only missing thing is sound and quality control.

- What a waste of money

It’s not at all what I expected. It’s not intuitive to set up, and when it is set up it goes through a really wonky interface on the TV. The resolution on the tv is bad and the motion is choppy and there’s no sound. Don’t bother with this app.


It works easy enough, but records everything you you play through your phone. I also bought it to play Apple TV app from my phone, but Apple TV will not allow access since it is recording it.

- Need my money back

Does not work

- 5 stars when sound is available

It’s pointless to my use without sound need refund

- Very frustrating

Even after “broadcasting” it doesn’t always connect to my TV. And the sound comes through my phone, not the tv. Very frustrating.

- Terrible app, don’t buy!

Absolutely doesn’t work, and when you can finally sync it the video barely plays and then crashes shortly after. This is with very high speed wifi. DO NOT BUY!!!

- Terrible

I just purchased this app for 2.99. It is slow it, it is laggy, it also constantly switches from what I’m watching back to the homepage. Total waste of three dollars. Very disappointed

- Not working

I purchased this and isn’t working at all, change resolution, move the router and still with no audio/frame picture on my tv, I want my money back

- Impossible

Not intuitive and extremely hard to use

- Not useful for me

I downloaded the app in order to watch my Apple TV shows on my larger screen but, you can’t play copywritten materials, movies or shows through the app. Doesn’t serve its purpose for me.

- AngieM303

Didn’t realize sound was not supported. Misleading app description bc first part of description says you can stream video and app. Should have said minus the sound from the start. Irritated... and I already pain

- Wouldn’t let me give it zero stars!!!!!!!

This has to be the worst app I have ever downloaded, by a lot! The picture is horrible and you don’t get sound. Read the reviews and still made the mistake. REALLY DON’T BOTHER!!!

- Don’t bother

Way too difficult to use. Have to log into web site the use password and I just deleted right after I bought.

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- Extremely laggy

I give this app 3 stars for viewing pics but not streaming movies, it is really laggy with only 20 fps if you want to use this for movies I wouldn’t recommend

- Laggggggg on personal video

So I really got this for the app foxtel go. Turns out that doesn’t work. Yes yes the app developer of foxtel go doesn’t allow it. But your sales pitch is that shares in real time and HD. I get 20 mbps and I have pixelation when just watching vid on my Second, the foxtel app doesn’t share other than blank screen. And does your app share video? Keep your money and buy yourself a coffee. I just hope no one else is paying you coffee for something that in this day and age is quite Lame to say the least.

- “This web page is not available”

I don’t know if anyone is having the same issue, but when I go to click on the website, it comes up with “this web page is not available”.. I’ve disconnected and reconnected my browser and the internet is working fine on all other devices, I hope this can be fixed. I have a smart LG tv

- Money wasting app

Totally money wasting app don’t pay for it unable to ply anything via mirror casting if it’s play after a long wait quality is too Low and both sound and picture . Save your money and buy good one check ratings before purchase any app thanxs

- Do not download

First i had Cast TV which worked when i first downloaded and paid for and then stopped working and staff were no help. Then they have this mirroring app which i also just paid for and i still cant watch my show! Wasted so much money on these people.

- Disappointed

This app is terrible. There is a time lag between phone and tv and the picture quality translation is terrible. Definitely not worth paying for

- Worked for about a minute then stopped

Started working then stopped. In that minute it was slow and jumpy. Waste of money

- Absolute rip off

Hopeless application, only works via a browser link and is horrible quality. Don’t waste your money!

- Waste of money.

Absolute waste of money, ridiculously slow even connected to a very fast internet connection.

- Unimpressed

Sound didn’t come through, won’t work on most streaming apps. Complete waste of time and data

- Lg promoted this app

Lg tv promoted this app but it doesn’t work with my tv. It synced to the home google. Stupid waste of money would rather my money back for this waste of time app.

- Rubbish

I was lured to buy this “Pro” version when I tried to launch a free app And guess what happened? I didn’t work I am asking for refund

- Not happy

It’s delayed and the quality of the picture is very poor, I don’t recommend this app as it’s a waste of $4.99

- Not good

There is allot of lag and the sound is not not sent through. There is not a seamless connection. Not worth paying for.

- Does not work!

Wasted money on this app for it to not connect to my Samsung tv, if I could give it 0 stars I would

- Not for videos

Can’t watch movies or video Lag time is poor Asking for money back

- Horrendous

Good if you want to mirror what was on your phone screen 5 minutes before hand

- Terrible

Waste of money. Would like a refund. You should really get what you pay for

- This app doesn’t work

It’s doesn’t mirror at all. I request a refund as it doesn’t do what it claims. Cannot mirror an iPhone to Lg Smart Tv

- Hate it!

Only mirrors the image doesn’t play sound .. Apple TV is definitely better

- Rip off

Video was hopelessly lagging and audio didn’t happen. Waste of money

- Does not work with my smart tv another scam app

Very disappointed

- Not video capable

Loads to slow to stream video

- Bad experience

Bad experience, Want my money back

- The picture lagged a lot. Not good quality

The picture lagged a lot. Not good quality Jatttm

- Worst money ever spent

This app is utterly useless. - It charges to use the “pro” version which is no better - it doesn’t transmit sound - It lags by at least 5 seconds DO NOT BUY!!!

- Not working

Worst app I purchased

- Not good

This is a waist of money does not work

- Not sure what the hell does this do


- Ripped off

Did not mirror apple tvapp!

- Scam , does not work!!!!!!!!!


- This is a scam

This is a scam

- Hi


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- Paid for an app that won’t work!

Doesn’t work for my app i want to sent to the tv

- Garbage

Refund please, what a joke

- Dose not do what I want

Dose not play iTunes movies or any movie I want to. Tried lots of different platforms but got an error every time

- Terrible app

They make you pay for it and the mirroring is laggier than a cod lobby in East Asia.

- Too difficult

I was looking for a simple way to share an iPad screen with a Samsung TV and this is not it.

- Piece of garbage

Don’t buy it. Just don’t.

- Complete garbage

Save your money. Such a scam. Does not work what so ever.


Do not pay for this app, it doesn’t work. Force closes and does not cast

- Do not waste your money.

Does not work. Should have paid attention and listened to other reviews and not wasted my money purchasing this app.

- Waste of money

Wish I would have read reviews before purchasing this app. Doesn’t work.

- Scam scam scam

Garbage app waste of money doesn’t work scammed

- It won’t even work for my tv I want my money back pls


- Trash

I want a refund it doesn’t work

- Trash

Website you need to mirror from the app doesn’t work. complete waste of money don’t bother!

- Screen share

Did not work ..

- No good

Doesn’t work I reinstalled the app and it’s now working perfectly.

- Bad Quality

Don’t waist your money

- Horrible

Doesn’t work no matter what I do. 5.49$ down the drain

- Do not buy!

My dad has a LG smart TV. Paid for the download. Does not work. Support does not work. Tried their suggestions. If you want to throw you’re money away do it!

- Not working

Tv showing blur screen. Audio is playing from original device. Not a good application.

- Ugh111-9

Doesn’t work

- Ja


- Does not work

I couldn’t get past the poor setup instructions because there is no setup button on the screen. Very poorly tested. Save your money

- Rembourser moi


- Do not install

Do not install it does not work . After 5 seconds of broadcasting, it stops and a notification saying " the request times out " appears . And then it does not work at all. Furthermore for the few seconds it worked, it was extremely blurry.

- Very confusing

Terrible and very confusing to use.

- Horrible

Video lags so audio from phone as no audio woth tv doesn’t match and picture all fizzy quality crap waist of money

- Refund please

Not work refund please I want my money back

- Disappointed

Thought I was paying for tv cast, no. Only for screen mirroring which doesn’t allow to watch movies

- Crap - do not buy

Does not work - do not buy

- I have a hard time connecting it

Can you tell me how to get my Hisense Roku Smart Tv to stream on screen mirroring Ultimate.

- Useless!!!

Do not waste your money, stay away from this vendor!

- Didn’t work useless

Didn’t work useless

- Disappointed

Paid and it never worked

- Dont bother

Very blurry on the tv, lagged way behind and was basically jumping frame to frame not playing a video. No sound cast either.

- Are you kidding me!!

I want a refund as well!! This is not what I was expecting. What exactly are you recording anyway, information on my phone?

- Awful

this app does not work to mirror with the LG smart TV like it says it supposed to. How do I get a refund??

- It is a big big scam

I thought it would be good and bought it then after buying it the app was very laggy no clarity it was just the worst

- No sound

This up does not synchronize sound, and was not emphasized up front.

- Eh

It works but very laggy

- Scam

Doesn’t work

- I want my money back..

Keeps disconnecting over and over. Can’t watch a video. The description did not provide enough detail to express what I was getting.

- Garbage!!!

This app is garbage I want my money back!!!

- Bad app!

You Pay for something and it’s not what you expect! Very disappointed! Waste of money!

- I want my MONEY back!

This simply doesn’t work! Completely ridiculous! I want my money back. SCAM!

- Screen Mirroring App

What a joke for an app, please refund. This is not how apps should work at all.

- Refund please

Garbage. Doesn’t mirror anything

- Won’t cast to the tv

I’ve followed the entire set of rules and it won’t work

- Garbage

Doesn’t work, very slow. Waste of $4

- Doodoo I need this app off the AppStore now

Get this app off the App Store NOW I wasted five dollars on this.

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Chloé 🤟🏿

If you have an iPhone / iPad, you can currently get Replica lifetime membership for free so you can view your phone/tablet screen on your TV.




Screen Mirroring for Everyone! MirrorMeister for Smart TV app in our list of The best iPhone apps for presentations @MirrorMeister


Replica: Mirroring to Cast TV 4+ Screen Mirror Share Display HD

Peter Olofsson

@headjt @TailosiveTech The Nike app is avalible on the Watch as well. I use iPhone + watch and mirroring (with airplay) on my TV. You then also see the heartrate on the screen even. And yeah, Free and avalible worldvide. Try it out.

Bob Johnson

I'm not at Ashton Gate due to Tier 4 restrictions but am now watching from home. Taken me 10 minutes to decide that my Apple TV device isn't a Wycombe fan as it's happy to do screen mirroring with every app other than ifollow.

Kayy 🥰

@matt2muchh Get the screen mirroring app

🤶🏻Carolling Arnold🎄

@DoctorWhoForev1 @sophilestweets We use the app on the amazon fire tv stick, couldn’t get the screen mirroring to work so luckily had this option.


@__kalyan Dear User, Thank you for writing, Currently, Our app only supports Google Chromecast for casting purposes. Screen mirroring/casting (internal)/tethering features are currently not available.


The YouTube app has become so bad lately...annoyingly ads, glitches while screen-mirroring,etc. Are they pushing viewers to the premium service by making the free service insufferable? 🤦🏽‍♂️😒


1001TVs-- Mirror to Browser From @YouTube #1001TVs #Mirroring #Casting #mirror #Utilities #APP #Android #techAPP 1001TVs is a free and simple mirroring and casting tool. This application can wirelessly transfer your mobile phone screen to PC and TV.


#1001TVs #Mirroring #Casting #mirror #Utilities #APP #iPhone #techAPP Use 1001 TVs mirror to browser, for iPhone From @YouTube 1001TVs is a free mirroring and casting tool. This application can wirelessly transfer your mobile phone screen to TV/ PC.

Cheyne Eug

@puneetsingh I tried screen mirroring when hbo pulled it's roku app (thankfully it's back) and hbo website would block the screen mirror

Matty Christmas

Anyone know any good screen mirroring apps for the Roku? I want to watch stuff off britbox but theres no app for it.


Screen Mirroring for Everyone! MirrorMeister for Smart TV app in our list of The best iPad apps for presentations @MirrorMeister

Screen Mirroring+ App 2.6 Screenshots & Images

Screen Mirroring+ App iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Screen Mirroring+ App iphone images

Screen Mirroring+ App (Version 2.6) Install & Download

The applications Screen Mirroring+ App was published in the category Photo & Video on 2019-05-31 and was developed by Kraus und Karnath GbR 2Kit Consulting [Developer ID: 477998014]. This application file size is 40.64 MB. Screen Mirroring+ App - Photo & Video app posted on 2021-10-28 current version is 2.6 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: de.2kit.Screen-Mirroring-Browser