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What is phase 10: world tour app? Take 10 in the newest rummy inspired game from the creators of the UNO! Mobile app. Phase 10 is the classic card game that has brought friends and families together for over 40 years.
Now, Phase 10 takes you around the world! Take 10 minutes for yourself and enjoy a quick round of Phase 10 anytime! It's always a good time to Take 10!

Race to complete each “Phase” and stay ahead. Every Phase has its own sets of cards to match their colors and numbers. When you have your sets, throw them down for everyone to see. The Phase is finished!

The round ends when one player frees their hand of all their cards. Players who can’t finish the Phase start over and try again. Everyone else tackles the next challenge.

Train your brain daily with new puzzles on every level. Watch carefully for patterns and outwit the game. Unlock new rules to explore and solve and become a Phase 10 master!

Take your dream vacation and cross the world in Journey mode! Play offline and relax in zen-like solitaire challenges. Use Power-Ups to get an edge and win rewards! Phase 10 is a blast!

Skip the airport and explore faraway places! Phase 10 tours from the comfort of a Pacific paradise to the chilling extremes of the klondike mountains! Compete with others online to win coins and be part of the international community.

Keep things fresh by playing in a new themed event every month! Roll the dice, collect new materials, send gifts to friends, and more! There's always a new way to play. Phase 10 has fun in spades!

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Phase 10: World Tour Version 1.0.3921 May 2022

- Phase 10 is celebrating it's 40th Anniversary with a brand new makeover! New app icon, new Phase 10 Mobile logo, and a whole new event! - Get in your car and hit the road! Upgrade your car, collect postcards, and make friends along the way! - As always, there's a new Journey mode map to explore!.

Phase 10: World Tour Version 1.0.3612 January 2022

A brand new update is out! - Explore the new Journey map! - As always, we fixed a bunch of bugs so the game will run smoother than ever..

Phase 10: World Tour Version 1.0.3522 November 2021

Winter is here and it's time to update for holiday celebration! - Join the team and play with your friends! - Explore the new Journey Mode maps! - Thanks to your help, we've fixed more bugs. Phase 10 will play smoother than ever!.

Phase 10: World Tour Comments & Reviews 2022

- Enjoyable game that is *mostly* well-assembled

It’s nicely put together, and it offers an overwhelmingly large selection of tasks that I probably won’t be able to compete even if I live to be 300 years old. The game looks nice too, has pleasant sound effects and music that can be disabled in favor of your own music, and I appreciate the side quests that they develop every month or so. I personally found it worth the investment in the ad-free version. The biggest reason I deducted a star from my rating is because the game in various spots will offer extra rewards in exchange for an ad view, but it frequently fails to credit the reward after the viewing of the ad. This is an inconsistency that’s been taking place since the installation of the app about 3 months ago, so it’s hardly an isolated incident, and it’s very frustrating when it happens, especially another ad is usually not immediately available, and unless you wait for one to become available, the opportunity will be lost. I also think the game’s energy system is a bit too player-unfriendly; there are often times where the hands will be dealt & CPU players will go out before I even get to draw a card, yet that costs energy. There really should be the opportunity for the max energy levels to increase with the progression through the game, but there doesn’t seem to be. Overall, it’s closer to 4 stars than it is to 3.

- Love it but...

I grew up playing phase 10 so when it converted to app form obviously I downloaded it! The gameplay is great! I love the different adventures they take you on and the bonus “games” are fun too! Only downside is that you can’t convert your phase coins into gems or energy which honestly would be great if they integrated that because one; it would give you more game time if you had the coins and convert it but two; the only place you can use phase coins is through a live match and there aren’t many varieties in live matches and the games are so short and sometimes people take too long to play so it kind of kills the want to do live matches for me. Maybe add more phases then just one or two and do more like four to five phases instead. That’s the whole point of this game is to complete multiple phases. Two takes the fun out of it. Other than that I honestly love this game it’s definitely worth the download. If they make changes I’ll definitely give them five stars!

- Has Potential, But Falls Short

The game is fun at the start because they give you extra energy to get you hooked at the start, and ads don’t appear as much. However, once you continue playing for awhile, you quickly run out of energy, and ads are after every single hand, sometimes lasting 30 seconds. It takes 25 minutes to load enough energy to start a SINGLE hand. That’s ridiculous. It takes $2 to buy enough gems to play 6 hands. You might not even finish a single level in the later journeys with that much money, which I think is unacceptable. Considering other fabulous strategy game apps, such as Settlers of Catan or Seven Wonders, are available for $5 or less, including the entire game capability, this whole app just feels like a money grab. You can pay $3 for the apps to go away, which is fine, except it doesn’t solve the energy problem. You just have the honor of paying $3 for something you still cannot pick up and play for as long as you wish. If this game had a reasonable price tag to play it unlimited for $5-10, that would be reasonable, but unfortunately it just feels like a money grab. On top of that, as most of the other low star reviews address, the computers seem to be dealt better hands, and I have seen computer players pick up cards that do not help them, and discarding them for the next computer player to pick up. Overall, disappointing in the end, for a game that has so much potential.

- Fun for a while

Fun at first. I finished the 1st journey and then went back to finish each level with 3 stars. Could only accomplish 2 stars on the last level - oh well, I moved on to the 2nd journey. Started becoming obvious that the computer always seemed to have the correct cards right at their first move, but I continued to play. Ads are generally able to just X out of them - sometimes you’re stuck waiting the 30 seconds. Then came level 25. Unless you’re spending money it has been impossible for me. Sometimes I’d start out ahead but then one player magically always has what they need and flies through every round and wins. I’ve lost all interest in this and will never revisit it. It’s not fun when you don’t have a chance to win; the other players always seem to skip you or have a handful of wild cards while you jut need 1 more to hit the phase; you are trying to finish a run of a color and the winners are going for the same color; you are going for a set of 4 and others are going for the same number; you throw down a 12 and now you keep picking a 12; the list goes on but I think you get the idea. It’s worth a download for a while but not a keeper. The score means nothing; if you tie a phase then whoever finished it first is declared winner even if you have zero points and they have -5000 points. Enjoy it while you can. Once you hit your brick wall then move on and don’t look back.

- Obvious that the cards are stacked in the developers favor

When I first started playing it I really enjoyed it. I started wondering if the people I was playing against was a computer and not real people. It became obvious when I got stuck on a level and my opponents never changed when they completed all the tasks. It also became obvious that they always had the correct cards and seemed to get them quickly. That changed after I spent $4.99 for the star pass. I thought ok money well spent but also unfair. I finished my first journey. I started the second one and low and be hold they wanted me to pay another $4.99 for a star pass! Then I got stuck at another level where I’m playing against the same avatars and they’re always winning. I’m frustrated and upset because I love playing this card game. So I was excited when I found the app but I think the developers only care about money. I get that’s what they’re in the business of but to build a game to be unfair is wrong. The game has potential especially if we were allowed to play against real people not a freaking program. As of right now I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone unless they have a large disposable income. I would also recommend that Apple and Google Play look into the app to see if the developers are cheating. Now if the developers listen to all of the negative reviews and make visible changes I’ll change my review. I won’t hold my breath though.

- Game is fun but super unfair

I’ve enjoyed playing phase 10 with my family for a while now so when I discovered this app I was really excited to play it, the first week it was fun and addicting but after that it’s not even worth playing. The computers cheat so badly, 9/10 they will have exactly what they need as soon as the round starts while you’re lucky to even get a set of 3 and if you’re one card away from going down the computer before you will do anything to keep you from going down, you’ll get skipped 2-3 times in a row or the computer will just pick up a card from the discard pile and immediately discard that same card to keep you from potentially grabbing a card you need from the discard pile (which is smart gameplay but they do it before they even go down so it’s like they know what you need). You’ll play on the same level over and over again for hours or sometimes days even only to get one star when you finally complete the level. And another bad thing is it takes 5 energy to play one round whether you win or lose and it takes 5 minutes to just get one energy so when you’re out of energy you have to wait 30 minutes to just play one round which you’ll most likely get set within the first 30 seconds of the round starting so it’s not even worth trying. This game has lots of potential to be a really fun game but the computers need to cut their cheating crap and give you a chance to enjoy it

- Totally rigged

This game is not a random dealt card game. It’s not fun when the computer is set to win a certain number of times and your own skill at keeping/discarding is pointless. The computer players are clearly given an advantage and I have experienced several times an impossible hand by the computer players. Other times i have received exactly the card I need only after being stuck on a level for several rounds. The timing of it working out for me is suspicious. There have been rounds that the computer player draws one card and can all of a sudden play multiple cards and win after nothing else has changed on the table and in the previous turns the computer couldn’t play. Several rounds will go by where the computer player is not able to play and just discards. Then all of a sudden they can play 3 or 4 cards out of their hand and win when nothing else has changed to make that possible. Knowing a card game is rigged is not fun at all. Glad I didn’t pay for this. Deleting. Oh, and the computer player pics are hideous. In response to the developer’s response, you are a liar. No way is this random. Just the fact that in each Journey game there is one computer player that goes way out ahead of the other computer players proves it. There is one who is set to win in each game. It couldn’t be more obvious. I have NEVER seen one computer player pass another computer player.

- Rigged, money-grabbing, and frustrating.

While I enjoy the creative new phases in Journey mode and the limited time events, I have to echo what most people have been saying in recent reviews. The game-playing against computer players is RIGGED! You can’t claim “all cards are dealt randomly” and “all players are regarded equally” when the CPUs are constantly magically phasing out AND ending the round on their VERY FIRST TURN all the dang time! Or when they’re dealing US like 3 skips IN A ROW while they only skip the other players once! It takes me forever to pass levels. Don’t even get me started on the energy system. You should not lose energy if you win a round! It takes 5 energy to play one round, and the automatic regeneration maxes out at 50, giving you only 10 TRIES before you have to wait half an hour to play again. The developers should increase the max regeneration or make it where you only use energy when you lose a round (well really they should do both, but since they’re money-hungry, they would probably only do one if enough people complain). Definitely don’t spend real money on energy because of that point - such a waste. Then if you want to play with actual people, you have to spend coins every time, so it discourages you from playing with actual people often so you don’t burn through all of them.

- It’s fun but very frustrating

First of all I love this game. I played it with my boyfriends family for the first time this year and fell in love. I checked the App Store to see if there was an online version and I was very excited to learn about this one. Secondly there is so much wrong with this I can’t even. This game is rigged. I’ve never been this frustrated with a game in my life and I’ve played many games before that require you to pay a few dollars if you aren’t patient enough but no this is different. For some reason the place where you are supposed to get free coins doesn’t work (I’ve tried restarting and deleting the app many times and nothing work) this is very frustrating because now my coins are done and I can’t play and multiplayer games and on top of that it’s not like the coins come back after a couple if you are done you are just done. Many times I’ve played and the bots always seem to get the best hands. I swear to you there has been so many times I’ve entered a game and I haven’t even played come to find out they got like 3-4 wilds. The game is very unfair and it’s made a way that you have to keep purchasing even if you are patient. I feel it could have a lot of potential and that’s why I decided to give it 2 stars but other than that it’s just garbage to me now...sorry I hope this helps someone

- Willing to Update My Review upon Improvement

I have to agree with the “Has Potential” reviewer. While this app does have good things going for it - the creative new phases, the limited time journeys, the coin arena - it also needs some work on the coding side. I can’t imagine the difficulty of coding something to this level but in the end you are coding for UE and it’s not hittin like it should. As players we KNOW when the deck is stacked against us and it is extremely frustrating. I’ve found that usually when I’m dealt cards I have the opposite of whatever the phase is - if I need runs, I have sets and vice versa. Also there does seem to be a timing to how good or bad I’m doing like streaks of bad luck or good luck. During the bad luck streaks - there’s nothing I can do to win. Now this doesn’t always happen and sometimes I’m getting the miraculous hands with 3 wilds. But more often than not - I don’t get skips or wilds and the computer gets multiples of them and seems to easily hit the hardest phases ( like a set of 2 and a set of five). I will continue playing and look forward to updates that address the issues the reviewers have indicated( I don’t have time to get into pay-for-play and the energy debacle) I started playing about a month ago and it seems like some complaints in 2020 reviews have already been addressed.

- Seriously could have made this app better if allowed to play with friends

Seriously!! How can you let one or both or all of the computer players automatically have all the cards they need to pass the level!! And seriously the stars! I have played the same levels several times, I win and have less points than the computer players and I only get 2 stars? You have to go through every level sometimes 3 or 4 times before you can beat the computer! It’s insanely frustrating!! Plus you have to have diamonds to buy energy and the coins are useless unless you want to play other people but even then you have rude people telling you to hurry up when your turn just started! Plus you lose more coins when you don’t win and each level the amount of coins to play is outrageous! After playing a few levels you start to see the pattern of the computer players. And seriously 5 minutes for 1 energy is freaking ridiculous!! 50 diamonds for 5 energy bolts! Also 50 bolts max?? Why can’t you make it a 100 max full capacity?? Really!! You have to either pay or wait 25 minutes so you can play one round and lose!! Why don’t you make the game better by letting people play with family and friends virtually like we would be doing at any family gatherings! If you weren’t so focused on taking money from people, maybe you would have more people playing.

- EDITED—Disappointed

ETA: I hate this app so much that I periodically check back at the reviews to read how much other people hate it, too. It’s therapeutic lol. This is the worst game I’ve ever played in my life. I have never been so frustrated by an app. To the developers: if you’re going to give another “tHe CaRdS aRe dEaLt RaNdOmLy” or “aLl PlAyErS aRe ReGaRdEd ThE sAmE” response, don’t even bother. It’s honestly insulting. I by no means expect to win every hand, but when I’m skipped 3 times in a row for 5 hands in row while every other player magically has the cards they need in the first turn for every single phase, it’s obvious that there’s a problem. Y’all need to be taken by the geese for your ridiculous responses. All of these people are not wrong. Your game is the problem. I have loved phase 10 since I was a kid, so I was super excited to find this app. Unfortunately, it’s very frustrating bc the bots almost always have all the cards for their phase in the first turn or two, meaning you hardly even get to play. You use 5 “lives” to play one single round, and more often than not, you don’t even get to play that round bc the bots phase out immediately. Also, y’all are delusional if y’all think I’m about to pay actual currency for a handful of lives that are useless bc of the way the game is set up. Y’all would be better off charging one time for the app

- Glitchy, money centered, and unfair!

Everything in this game is designed to get you to purchase something. 5 energy just to do PART of a level, even if you beat it. Most games, you only use energy or lives when you lose a level, but this one you use 5 every time. Not to mention it is 5 minutes to gain back ONE energy so it’s about half an hour for every PART of a level. Including the fact that since the computers often go out before you can even draw a card it takes several tries for each PART of a level, it’s very clear that they are trying to get you to purchase more energy or gems that you use to purchase energy. Also, I have noticed that lately when I do multiplayer, when I get back in the app, I have 0 coins. There was once when I had over 500 coins, lost 320, then returned and had 0. And just now I played a multiplayer match with 100 coins when i started. Won the match, won about 300 coins in it, but now is showing I have 0. Even though you cannot do anything with coins but multiplayer, it is a nice way to pass time while you are waiting half an hour to try your level again. Only reason I am playing this is because of the quarentine I am so bored. The only reviews I see for this app are negative yet they have a 4.8 star rating. Another glitch perhaps.

- Unbalanced, unfair, rigged

The majority of the time the computer players will layout within 3 turns and go out within 5. There are way too many occurrences of them going out on their first or second turn. Their hands are exponentially better than yours every single time. Whenever they need a run they get it or only need one care. Whenever they need a set they get it immediately. You however, get the opposite. When you need a run you get multiple of the same cards. When you need a set you almost always get a 1-10 run. The number of wilds or skips they receive is almost always greater than the amount you receive. This game needs a balancing act. I’ve been on the same boss level for over a month because of how broken it is. I’ve even tried cheating the system and quitting out before the game registers that they’ve gone out to try and get a better hand and literally nothing works. If you don’t watch ads for the bonus cards it’s hard to get anywhere for boss levels. Also expect to lose the bonus cards you get because it’s highly likely that when you use them the computer will go out before you even get a turn. On a completely different note if you don’t drag your skip to the player it’s just discarded. You should be able to drag to a player or put it on the discard pile and choose a player.

- Fun until it isn’t

I like the different phases not included in the real game I also like being able to play solo and I understand luck of the draw and that the developers want you to spend real money I get all that ....but I have seen the computer pick up my discard then discard it so the next computer player could play it and there have also been levels where i play 3 computer players and they skip me to the point that I never get a turn so I waste my energy and / or diamonds and I’m stuck playing til they win ......the other thing is when I play against real players it seems as though if they are more experienced they seem to get their phases right off and go out and or skip me into infinity while I get one turn if I’m lucky. I also wish you could just forfeit a game and cut your losses rather than having to keep playing til the computer wins. On some games where you have 7 phases I have been stuck on a phase til I am 3-4 phases behind while all the computer players keep moving up all the while I’m using my energy to play the same phase over and over on a game i know i can’t catch up on..... if the game is gonna cheat you when you don’t pay I sure don’t wanna invest real money into it ....just saying.

- Yin/Yang...............Great game/Terrible game

It starts out like it’s gonna be the best game in the world and then they hit you with the reality that you’re never gonna win a game unless you’re dumping a ton of money into it. The first journey you start is pretty easy and as you get to the end of it you start to notice the computer ALWAYS finds a way to win. You will start a hand and miraculously the computer has drawn one card, it’s first card, and has completed the phase and has gone out before you can even draw a card. It gets worse in the second journey, ads popping more often, the computer blowing through the phases while you struggle to get the one card you’ve needed from the deal or the computer having 3 or 4 wild card a hand and you never seeing a single wild card. I love card games and Phase 10 is one of my favorite! But this version is ridiculous. I am now on the third journey and I have learned that when the computer starts beating you way too easily you can close down the app, kill it and go back into it and it resets it back to the start of that hand, not the beginning of the round. This has will help a little when the deck is stacked against you. I still have this game on my phone and will continue to fuss and play but be warned that if you download this game your frustration levels will go through the roof.


I love playing Phase 10, and have played for years. Recently, a friend told me about this app, so I excitedly downloaded it. At first, the app was very fun. Things went downhill quickly. (1) Upon reaching level 18, it became evident that the computer player “Glenn” was rigged to when every time. I’d be dealt a terrible hand repeatedly while EVERY TIME he would go out during his first turn. One time that this did happen on level 18, the computer player “Quinn” teamed up with “Glenn,” played skip cards on me 8 times in a row, then “Glenn” won the round. 8 skip cards in a row? THAT IS NOT STATISTICALLY POSSIBLE. THE COMPUTER IS CLEARLY CHEATING!! (2) It takes hours to fill up your diamonds, which will be gone in mere minutes trying to beat a cheating computer. This is a idiotic, greed-based model. (3) The game was fun at first, with few ads and the possibility to win. Now it’s impossible to beat the cheating computers, it takes ages to get a chance to play due to the diamond system, and ads incessantly pop-up, taking 30 seconds to 1 minute of your time before you’re allowed to return to play. Phase 10 Team - you want me to play this game and watch the ads for your revenue stream? FIX THE CHEATING. FIX THE DIAMOND SYSTEM. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!!! The owners of the app should feel shame. You won’t get any more of my time, or what you really want: MONEY!

- Don’t buy nor give this thing money.

It starts off great with all the extra energy but it quickly runs out and after that you pretty much never have energy. Instead of taking 5 for a level it takes 5 per phase you play, at level 15 there is 6 phases so just for that early level it takes 30 energy also there is no way to earn coins unless it’s through multiplayer and if you have a string of bad luck you can’t even play multiplayer anymore cuz the money required to get in can only be bought for real money or you have to wait on the free chest. To make it worse to play in a private match with a friend cost coins but not only that it makes each phase extra count. To play just 2 phases with my Girl cost 400 coins and we only played one match. Absolutely inexcusable how the only way to even play a private match with a friend you have to pay real world money to get enough coins for just one hand. It’s disgusting how predatory the game is. It’s essentially unplayable after the first extra energy they give you. Don’t play if you can’t spend money on it. You’ll spend more time waiting than playing. Edit: the publisher responded and just did corporate speak and didn’t even acknowledge how criminally predatory this game is. And that you have to pay to play private matches. The developer and this game are a joke.

- CPUs Cheat

I’ve been stuck on level 15 for more than a week trying to get past it but the CPUs manage to always have the best cards in each round; it doesn’t matter if its colors, 2 sets of 4, runs of 12, etc. For example, me and the other CPUs were on phase 3 (4 of one color, run of 5), I don’t even get to take my turn when a CPU picks up one card and discards to complete his phase with always at least one wild card. The simple fact I need to wait 25 minutes to play a sometimes 30 second round of Phase 10 where I don’t even get to take my turn and the CPUs do nothing but skip me 2/3 times in a row or win with their magic hand is unfair. They always manage to complete a phase with at least 3 wild cards, if I could insert screenshots I would. Finally, when I first started the game there were NO ads, now I’ve been playing for a week and I’m bombarded with advertisements for subpar games in the middle of rounds. This is ridiculous. I wish I read the reviews about this game before I downloaded it, everyones having the same problem with the unfair CPUs. I don’t care if “some people have had success with this game”, it’s unrealistic and your consumers are all having the same issues. Fix them. This game was a waste of my time. If you download the game, good luck with level 15! This was a rip off.

- Great concept, can not win

Would be a great game, but they do not follow the card game rules. I have been skipped 6 times in a row, and never got to draw a card. I was in a 6 phase set, on level 3, and the other 3 players were on level 1, i got skipped at least 3 times per level, and never got a chance to play again, as Kadin went out. He won all 5 hands in a row, and on at least 3 pf them he was dealt a perfect hand. This game needs to be more of a game of chance nit a rigged game. If you buy the powerups, you can almost certainly expect to get caught holding them. Much like other comments, if you need 3 sets of 2 or 7 odd of one color you can expect to be dealt a run of 7 or 8 or be dealt 3 even of every color. Not once when playing the real card game have i experienced such blatant card stacking. Developers of the app need to rethink their goal, as i deleted the app due to frustration, and would not purchase in app because of the blatant stacking of the cards, you could be certain that spending money would be a waste of time and money since the game appears to be stacked against you even with the free power ups. Don't waste you time with this will get frustrated and delete it like i did

- Average with potential

As a person who has played the game for over a decade, I was extremely excited to see this transformed for a mobile version. There seems to be plenty of content between the multiplayer and worlds. I enjoy the aspect of additions to phases (ex: odds of one color, 3 over 10, etc) and the multiplayer ‘online’ version. However, i have found that the game is extremely difficult to progress - with the energy being used even if you win, and the hard levels being seemingly impossible to win on the first try unless you pay real world money for skips or wild cards. The game started with a LONG tutorial that you cannot skip (with full volume and music blaring), and I have been playing for years. I was also disappointed that I can only receive the World chests if I have facebook, which I do not. Thats seems unfair to those that don’t want to have a social media account for whatever their personal reasons may be. Overall, the game has plenty of potential but many flaws. I have been playing for months and I still can’t figure out what the coins are for, which seems odd. Not to mention it seems like the reviews seem rigged.. the only detailed onesare negative reviews.

- Rigged

This game is kind of ridiculous with how predictable it is. Every round almost it will let you get a considerable lead and then all the sudden you will lose every hand within 1 minute or less and all the other players will get ahead of you and you end up losing. After being 3-4 phases ahead of them. It’s easy to predict the order in which it will happen as well. Whichever player you have the biggest lead over wins every round, usually on their first or second turn, until they catch up with the next player. And then both of those players win every round and move up phases until usually every player is on the same phase. And then typically one of them will win. After predicting how almost every round and phase would go for about two weeks now, I finally deleted it. Like others have said, it’s nothing but a money grab. They give you the rush of thinking you’re winning and then suddenly you’re in last place, which makes you want to buy more diamonds or whatever to get more turns or wild cards or skip cards. And if you don’t. Then you have to wait at least 25 minutes for another turn because it take 5 minutes for each point to replenish. Could be a really fun game if not for the scam that it is.


Update: I keep wanting this game to be awesome so I keep playing it and it keeps being lame. I’m in the Savannah now and the levels have become un-winnable. The game simply will not give you the cards you need to pass, and the other players get everything they need in the first few draws. WHY ARE YOU RUINING THIS POTENTIALLY GREAT GAME, DEVELOPERS?!?! MAKE IT FAIR. I will watch your ads for as many wilds as double skips as you offer, I already paid you money to have the game itself be ad free. JUST MAKE IT FAIR. And also, LET US KEEP OUR ENERGY WHEN WE WIN!!!!!! C’mon you guys quit being greedy and lame. ALSO, please explain why you have so many stars when the reviews are bad...??????? Original review: This game could be so so great! The graphics are awesome and the game itself is so addicting! But (without going into too much detail) the whole point of it really is to give you not enough of anything to play the game and no way to get what you need except to pay for it with cold hard cash. Also, the AI players you play against are too’s not realistic or fair. I would happily pay a one time fee for the game just to have it function more like a game and less like a rigged slot machine. Also, how are the positive reviews so high? All of the reviews I read were negative. Another cheat.

- Needs Some Asjustments

Initially this seems like a lot of fun. However there are some things that makes me want to quit. 1. Each level has multiple phases and you have to pay five bolts to play each phase. The max you can earn for free is 50, which means there is a max of 10 phases before you either pay or wait hours to refill. A level can have 30 phases in it between all the tiers. 2. While the developers say that card distribution is random the computer players get all the cards they need on their first turns every time on the first phase of every level. This happens every single time leaving me with no move at all and a wicked high score as well. 3. There seems to be a scoring glitch. I can win every level (but the first one) and have the lowest score, but if I don’t win the final phase in a level (go out with no cards left) whoever goes completely out wins, even if they have 250 points to my 80. I think this game has potential but there is a huge money grab. While I don’t mind paying from time to time. To have more than a little bit of play time you have to pay frequently, which I can’t afford to do.

- Definitely rigged

Updated: instead of copying and pasting the same ole reply read your reviews and fix the issues.... Cards are definitely NOT random when you are getting dealt the exact same cards in the exact same step per level.....the bad reviews tell you what’s wrong fix the issues!!!! I love phase 10 as the card game but this app makes it horrible to play. It takes all the fun out of the game. You win and get to actually play the game at first but then you hit a certain level and it becomes impossible to win. I have seen the computer get everything on the first round, I have seen the computer lay down multiple discards, I’ve been skipped when there wasn’t a skip card etc..... the one that really blows my mind is the games within the game. For example they have a Halloween theme one right now.... the particular level I’m on literally goes the same way each time...I literally get dealt the exact same cards in each step and don’t win in the end every time. They always comment saying our developers are working or looking into this but nothing has obviously changed just look at all the reviews!!! The cards ARE NOT RANDOM, it is very much setup/rigged. It’s just a shame to ruin what is supposed to be a fun card game.

- Temporary star pass and who’s really the winner?

I happen to love the card game version of Phase 10. I downloaded the app thinking that it would be the same rules as in the card version. In the card version the person to complete the last phase is the winner. If there are two people who complete the last phase then the winner is the player with the fewest points. This is a big problem and causes for a lot of confusion. I feel as though the rules should be the same. After all the app version is indeed a virtual edition of the actual card game. There are things like this which discourage a user from playing. Also, I purchased the star pass while going through the journey. $4.99. Only to then realize that it was rendered useless in the journeys to follow. I do not appreciate paying for a “pass” which should be good for all areas where there is to be a pass used. Only to find out I spent my actual money to purchase a pass that has a expiration. Would have been helpful to know from the beginning, which I more than likely wouldn’t have purchased. Other than this it is a good game. Just would recommend paying attention when playing because this is NOT like the card version.

- CHEATING computers!!

This game is SO FUN! I had SO much fun playing it in real life and on my phone. I know the computers are supposed to be challenging and you can't win every single time, but tell me why I've played the 2nd "hard" level 12 times now and I've lost every single time!? It's really not fair how I'll be doing so well and I just have 2 cards to get rid of, then the computer will lay everything out and mess me up. It's really not fair how this has happened twice now where the computer won on the very first turn of the phase!! It's REALLY not fair when I wasted good Wild cards that you get before you have to use the gems (that you have to pay real money for) and that's just gone as soon as someone wins. It's almost as if this freaking game is PUSHING you to buy gems and energy just so you're able to get wild cards to make them into whatever card you need so you can win. I refuse to put real money into this game if it goes on like this. Also, once I was FINALLY the only one in the 6th phase, suddenly EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING REALLY WELL and I end up with -400 thus losing the entire game and needing to repeat the freaking level. PLEASE FIX THIS!!! Like another review said: Put them on "normal" not "extreme".

- This app needs to get it together - look at your reviews!!

This app is bs. I’ve never been so frustrated by what’s supposed to be fun. The fact that the developers just lie in their response and say they programmed it to be totally random is a bunch of crap. The game gets noticeably harder as you go on, which makes sense for an app game I guess but eventually you just can’t win. Phase 10 is a game that has very little to do with skill and a lot to do with luck and timing. Taking luck out of the equation makes it no better (or more fair) than your average slot machine. As others have said, the computer players aren’t the only thing that’s unfair about this game. As far as I can tell, the coins are useless for anything but garnering more coins. Diamonds are incredibly overpriced for the amount of stuff they’ll get you - the lowest purchase point buys enough power-ups for two games, tops, which won’t even boost you a whole level in the off chance you do win. The game also caps your energy low enough so that you can only play for ten minutes at a time before having to wait hours to play again if you don’t want to spend money - but hey, $2 will get you a whole ‘nother 90 seconds of playtime! Wow! ...Maybe I’ll just go back to the card game.

- Don’t understand how this game has 5 stars. Fake reviews, maybe?

Let me start by saying, I do like the game. Knocked a star off because the other players always get a ton of wild cards and skips the farther you get into the game, or they just seem to have all of the cards they need after one or two draws. Like you may need a set of the same 5 numbers and a set of the 3 same numbers, and the other players magically have them all after one draw? One player will get 3-4 wild cards per hand, or 2-3 skips, and you will likely get none, or one. By about level 18 (I think), you will know what I am talking about. Knocked another star off because it does cost you 5 points to play PER phase and you only get ONE point every 5 minutes, and your thing is “full” once it reaches 50, and won’t collect more until you use them. It’s just frustrating the further you get into the game because the other players accumulate specialty cards easier it seems, and there may be 5-8 phases a match with 3 other players, so sometimes you can’t even finish a full match without having to wait at least 30 minutes.

- Fun if you don’t mind kissing constantly.

At first it was really fun however once you progress thru the first land in the journey it rapidly switched to annoying! Each hand costs 5 energies and it takes 5 min to earn 1 energy. The first 3 hands I didn’t even get to play bc someone else (which is the computer NOT another person!) would win before my turn. The next round I was up first and got to play once before someone else would go out. This happened like this for at least 20 hands... that is 100 energies... so 500 mins so 8 hrs. Of energy to replace but oh wait the highest it allows you to hold energy is 50 at a time. So I decided to play against other people and I kept getting horrible cards and losing. So I had a theory if I spent money I would get better cards. So I spent $10 to test out my theory and suddenly got half decent cards. But as soon as the items I spent actual money on was gone I went back to horrible hands and losing before I was even able to have a turn! So unless you plan on spending a lot of money don’t waste your time on this! Also they have an options to watch a video for things like energy or etc as most games do and about 80% you watch a video you don’t get your reward!

- Good- not perfect.

It’s fun, I like the variety of phases, phase numbers, and opponents in the journey mode. A few changes that would make this game great: being able to edit my name so I can have it linked to my Facebook account but not everyone when playing multiplayer can see my last name. Also, a multiplayer mode where we can play the true game against people we actually know would be great! (An option to choose how many phases to play would be an amazing addition with this!) My family is a big Phase 10 fan whenever we get together but we live hours apart. This would be fun to enjoy with them. With a chat option as well to make the social aspect of the game more social. Lastly, the ability to see what cards (for the Barbie event, or any future events) our friends need to help them out without having to message them with a list. For example, if I select the card I have multiples of (maybe I have 3 extras of card 22) hit the send button, it would pop up a list of only friends who need that card and let me select up to 3 because that’s how many extras i have. 🤗

- Horrible.

I swear this game is rigged. It’s almost impossible to win in journey mode without playing the hands a million times. I was four phases up on everyone else on the last phase of the level, and kept getting dealt horrible cards while the computer would phase within a couple rounds with a million wild cards and they all caught up with me and I lost the phase and therefore the level. I keep getting skipped all the time even if I’m phases below the computer. And 5 energy/hand is insane when you only have 50 and 50 gems per 5 energy is such a rip off. This is so unfairly programmed. Edit: back several years later, this is still so rigged against the player. I start almost every round missing one or two cards, and then pick the complete opposite the entire game. I was on phase one with one computer on phase four and two on phase three before I was able to phase solely because I couldn’t pick the card I needed to phase. That’s 8 rounds, 40 energy wasted just waiting to phase one time. The computer always starts with the full phase. The computer discards cards that the next player clearly needs for their phase - happened multiple times.

- Game does NOT follow Phase 10 rules

I’ll start this review by stating I’ve tried leaving feedback on the developer’s website (can’t find an actual email address to send a message to) and the site literally does not allow you to submit your feedback. It either states you failed the robot test or there’s a network error or your submission needs to be less than 500 words (even though my submission is maybe 100 words at most). Now...I’ve encountered the following scenario at least 5 times. Phase 10 rules clearly state that if two or more players complete the final phase, the player with the best score wins (meaning the player with the score closest to zero). However, every time I and at least one other computer player finishes the final phase on the same hand, the computer player ALWAYS wins. I’ll have a score of -50 and the computer will have -100 and yet somehow, I get 2nd place. This either NEEDS to be fixed or please rename your game and do not consider yourselves the official Phase 10 game OR update your description to state “this game does not follow actual Phase 10 rules”. Then again, their site thinks 100 words is more than 500 words, so it doesn’t shock me that the app doesn’t get scores right either.

- Fun for About 10 levels

I’ve never wrote a review of an app before, but this game is so frustrating and rigged that I have to say something. I love Phase 10 as a card game, so I thought it would be fun to play on my phone when no one wants to play at home. And it is fun, for about 10 levels. The game starts off by giving you tons of energy, and free skip and wild cards. It then forces you to use those cards right away, and rarely gives you any again. You can buy some, but I’m not here to be spending $5 a day on a game I can buy in person for $5. After the beginning levels the computers are given amazing hands and it can take days worth of play to beat a level. Sometimes the computers will beat you in one hand before you’ve even had a chance to play, and then you’ve just wasted 5 of your energies for literally 30 seconds of game play, and then have to wait another 25 minutes to get it back. If you don’t mind spending money on energy and cards, which you desperately need if you want to beat the computers, then you could have fun playing this game. But if you think you can play and win in any reasonable amount of time without those things then you are wrong. It is endlessly infuriating.

- Good and Bad

I love the physical card game! My family plays it all the time. So I was excited when I saw it in the App Store, but that being said I think the five energy rule for just one round in a level of like 6 or 7 rounds is absolutely ridiculous! For example (if you start a level it costs five energy then you continue to move up which costs five energy for each round till you win, but wait if you lose a round you have to play that round again and again till you win or till you run out of energy). It would make more since to allow us to use energy on each level and not charge for every round in a level. I’m definitely not going to pay for energy each time I lose a level and waiting five minutes for one energy is literally unfair and poorly designed. I love the game and I want to continue to play it while I’m on the go, I just don’t see myself getting passed the absolutely stupid stupid stupid five energy rule. If the developers can fix that rule to where it’s more reasonable then I’d definitely recommend the game, but till that happens it’s a bust for me. For that reason alone I’m giving it two stars!

- Could be so much better!!!

The game is awesome, but this app doesn’t allow long game play. If one level has 5 phases, you have to spend 25 energy. They only give you 50. If you get rewarded 100 gems, you can only get 10 energy, which is two games. This game is frustrating because sometimes I just want to chill on a game for a while but I probably get 10/15 minutes out of it. I think it would be fair for a whole level to cost 5 energy, at least I would have a chance to get through 5 levels if that. And as you waste your energy it only spawns back one on a timer. If you win in the journey, you don’t get energy in return. I can’t play as much as I want. And you wait almost 30 minutes just to play a few phases and not a whole level. I feel like y’all would have a lot more players spending more time on this app if y’all have more options to recover gems, coins, AND energy. None of the options are enough. Give more options to watch adds for more of everything and lower the cost of everything. I feel cheated to be honest. It has potential to be great but it y’all are holding back in my opinion.

- Meh

I loved the game at first and as a reviewer had mentioned before it kind of knows what your working on and the computer will do the same. Also, when you are working on a pair and throw down an off number.. the deck keeps giving you that off number. I’ve learned to work with the kinks.. switch up color run with only one more to go of a color currently in hand is a thing I have to do often. Biggest peeve is the ads. In the “free stuff” or bonus cards before a match when pressing the “claim” button an error will pop up almost every time saying “lost in transit” or “could not retrieve try again”. I don’t think there should be AS many losses. People will lose interest if it’s so predictable that you can almost call what’s going to happen next. On many many many occasions I will have one card left to complete the round and the deck will serve me something random, next player gets the card I needed and discards, the following player will draw then lay down his own and discard to other players and then to the discard pile and go out. Almost too predictable at times. Love the game.. need to fix the glitch on retrieving ads.

- Stop Paying China!!! No, Seriously!

I have been through 4 app changes for this phase10. Except for the original app, this game has always been rife with rigged games. It’s only been since this last update that the pay to play became the centralized push on this app. I thought at first that Mattel had caught these developers and made them stop peddling their game. So I did a little research and found that this is developed by Mattel163 Limited: “Mattel163 is a joint venture between global toy giant Mattel and CHINESE INTERNET GIANT NETEASE. Founded in 2017 (remember how I said it the app changed- probably because they were caught peddling this game without Mattel’s permission and why it was removed from Apple during the time before 2017), Mattel163 employs over 100 talented people in offices in LA and Hangzhou. We develop and publish mobile games based on iconic toy IPs from Mattel as well as our own original IP” - directly from their Linkedin page. So, if anyone is still wondering why this game is rigged, well there you have it. I’m pretty sure they won’t admit that they are ripping people off with a rigged pay to play game, even if you have concrete proof. I’m also pretty sure that this review will get deleted. So, I made backups just in case.

- A fun game if only it would let you play it

Phase 10 is one of my favorite casual card games, both in person and on apps. And for the most part, this is that enjoyable and challenging game. Yes, your opponents seem to be able to empty their hand on their first or second turn far more often then I would like. But that’s not my primary issue. You are only allotted 50 energy. It takes five energy to play a single round. And each energy takes five minutes to restore, so that’s 25 minutes to replenish for a single round. Can you watch an ad or two and get more energy? No. Can you pay a few dollars to remove the ads and double your capacity from 50 to 100? No. A single level can empty your energy twice. So even when I’m enjoying the game, I quickly run out of the ability to play and have to put the app away for the night. And there seems to be no reason that I can see to limit the players ability to play the game to this extent. Also, you can’t speed up the game or its animations, which can make each round really drag and sap your interest. Fix these things and the game will be much better.

- Good game but not very fair

So I noticed when you play the game you can exit out and replay a level without losing lives but you lose your cards that help out in the beginning if you lose them and I did a little test and noticed that no matter how many times I restart it even if I have good cards I somehow still lose I’ve retried a level 20 times now and no matter what I do I lose so I honestly think it’s somehow rigged. The ONLY way you can win a game that’s rigged to make you lose is buy and using as much power ups as you need and the price is honestly not fair because there is still a high chance you use those power ups and don’t even get a turn at all you just automatically lose before your turn and lose the power ups. I also with you can use the coins you win to buy energy or something because you can literally only use them for live games which I also feel are unfair because depending on your cards you can win before it’s even your turn. Idk the game just seems fishy to me but if it was actually fair it would be a good game.

- potential but kinda bad

It’s unnecessary that to have to use 5 energy to play one game only to have one of those bots go out before you even have a chance to play. It’s dumb that i’ve been stuck on a level for over a week and still can’t manage to get off the level. Giving the bots 3 or more wilds..for what? How did they have 5 even and 5 of one color without even pulling. I do suggest that you make it an option to skip a level if it takes a long time to get past it. With the level i’m on...i don’t think i’m gonna pass it any time soon cause those bots are literally ridiculous. So...there’s some more work y’all can put into to make it better. It’s just a really stressful game atm. When playing usually takes us ab 10 minutes to get past a level and that’s what makes it fun. In this game it takes 3 minutes max. That’s not fun. and i know that sometimes people get lucky and have their phase handed to them but how do the boys get them every time i open the game. That’s ridiculous. So yea....put some more work into it.

- Disappointed

I want to say I love the app because I love the game, but the app seems to be “money hungry” rather than designed for you to have fun and it seems to be rigged against you. I should not be yelling at the app for moves that don’t make sense especially when they happen over and over. I noticed when I spend money I excel on the board, but when I do not it is programmed to make me loose over and over. The app players skip you even when it doesn’t make sense and skip you multiple times. Also, the app players tend to get dealt a winning hand. I have never hand a winning hand from the jump. I always have to work for it. Furthermore, why do we have to lose the 5 lighting bolts when you win the phase. In other games we do not loose lives when we excel the phase. My theory... money. Playing with actually ppl is a lot more fun. I think the app should feel Ike you are playing with actual ppl. App creators if you are reading this please fix the algorithms. You will have more people using the app and spend money on the app if it was fair and feel like you’re playing with actual people.

- Game cheats you so you can buy wild cards.

This game would be so much fun if it wasn’t so rigged. It’s just so apparent that the game is cheating you. Every 5 levels or so there is a level marked with horns and during that level it’s soooooo clear that clothe computer just wont allow you to win. I mean it’s clear with the other levels too but level 15 i had to play about 17 times before the computer let me win. I think it’s so you can buy the wild and skip cards. (I did not spend any money but I think after you try a number of times it allows you to win) I play other phase 10 games on my phone and for some reason those feel more natural. It feels like he cards I pickup are random. Here it seems like the computer knows exactly what you need and won’t give it to you. It just gets ridiculously annoying. The only thing I really enjoy is playing against real people. But they need to ease off the “journey part” making the players better is one thing but making it so that the computer completes the phase as soon as cards are delt (every single time) is ridiculous. Just be less obvious.

- Not fun anymore :/

I used to play this game w family friends so I was excited to see it in app form but god it’s just not fun when you go several rounds never even coming close to winning because the Computers are dealt perfect hands that prevent you from breathing. The fact that it takes 5 energy for a single round is ridiculous and you often can’t play for more than 5-10 minutes if you’re lucky. Even if you do get to play theres a decent change you’ll spend all your energy on one level and STILL not beat it because the game deals unfairly. I’ve been on the same level for almost a week now and it’s completely burnt me out and I’m just not enjoying the game anymore. I came here to see if it was maybe just a problem for me but it seems to be an agreed upon issue. With the developers denying that this is happening, even though the majority of reviews bring up the issue, it’s clear there won’t be any changes made anytime soon. It’s unfortunate because phase 10 is such a loved game and this app just doesn’t even deserve to be attached to the name. Just advertise the game with “pay to win” next time so people know it’s bad before trying it out.

- All about the money - Don’t Play

This game could be amazing. The graphics are great and gameplay is wonderful. However, EVERY SINGLE ROUND IN A GAME costs 5 energy. 5 energy costs 50 gems, which costs YOU about $1 per gem with the various packs. Seriously, as you level up, let’s say your game has 6 phases. That’s 30 energy IF you only play one round per phase, which we all know rarely happens. You will blow through real money, or, you’ll barely play which isn’t fun at all. I’ve never seen a game cost per round of a hand. I do not recommend this app at all because this is obviously designed to FORCE you to spend money to continue playing as you move up. Also, as you level up in journey mode, you get to a point where you cannot move on unless you use wild cards, which you guessed it, cost more gems, and you, more real money. So disappointing. The developers could make plenty of money with a more realistic setup like energy per whole round, or just by charging a flat fee for the game. I’d even pay a flat $20 one time fee if there weren’t other REQUIRED costs to be able to enjoy playing, or to play at all. I’ll be finding something else to spend my money on.

- This game!

I have enjoyed this game. However! It’s impossible to get the remaining passes. The computer people get 5 wild per hand, they go out without myself getting a turn, I swear they have something against me. They skip me every level over and over and over. They’re cards that are dealt are unfair, and I swear it’s always the opposite of what I’m trying to do. If it’s a set of 4 I get a run, then the next hand it’s a run and I get 6 of the same number, so then I lose again. I’ve beat both modes, and I’ve been trying to replay back levels to get the final passes, but it’s impossible. And, the price of the gems, 50 gems per 5 energy that’s outrageous. Like come on????? Is there a reason why it’s so freaking high? You’ve programmed the journey mode to be unfair. I played the regular mode, and I breezed right through it. I don’t expect to easy that would be no fun. Changes need to be made. Honestly!!! It’s becoming more frustrating than anything and pointless at this point.

- Terrible App, DO NOT Download - it’s a waste

This app is terribly designed. Perhaps the worst of any of this kind I’ve ever downloaded. The energy system runs out WAY too quickly, and I’m not paying $5 just to play one more phase. You also don’t accrue energy fast enough, and the fact that the cap is only 50 when every phase costs 5 is ridiculous. Certain levels early on are horribly ill-designed and make it nearly impossible to progress through the game no matter how good you actually are at the strategy. It’s annoying that the app is literally forcing you NOT to play the game as much as you want to thanks to the horribly implemented energy system. Additionally, there is no good way to purchase more energy with in-game currency. You’re given coins, seeds, and flowers. Coins have almost no use. Once you’ve entered enough tournaments, if you lose once or twice, you can’t enter any more because you don’t have coins to do it with. But it doesn’t matter because the coins can’t even be used to buy more energy, thus even FURTHER stopping your ability to play the game you literally downloaded to play. Horrible app. Uninstalled and will never look back.

- No Random Deals Here

You have a better chance of winning a million dollars from a slot machine in Vegas than you do winning this game. First, in the real Phase 10, you shuffle the deck and get random cards. In this app, the cards are NOT randomly dealt, no matter how much the developers will try to convince you otherwise. Second, there is a somewhat predictable pattern to the deals. If I am playing against three AI characters, and I’ve needed one card for quite awhile, the player is position 2 will discard the card I need. This is a signal that the game has been programmed to end, because 90% of the time, the next player (#3) will go out leaving me holding all my cards. Third, if you are playing against two or three AI players, the AI character in the upper right hand corner is programmed to win at a much higher rate than anyone else. Finally, if the cards were truly randomly dealt, statistically, all players would win at an approximately similar rate. Unfortunately , the game is programmed to assure the AI players win at a MUCH higher rate than you. This could be a really fun game, but the lack of randomness and the unfair advantage given to the AI players makes it very disappointing.

- Confusing

The physical card game is fun and easy to understand but this freemium mobile version is just weird. I get the concept of the “energy” to play the game, (which I think is weird to begin with) but I was hoping I could find some kind of guide or help button to explain what the hell the different currencies are for. Diamonds can buy energy so you can play the game’s a card game? Why would I spend money to get diamonds to eventually get energy just to play the game? Other than that, I have over 2k coins for some unknown reason. If I need to spend real money to buy diamonds that eventually buy coins, then what is the value of these coins? I just don’t get why there are extra currencies like coins/ice cream etc. with no explanation for what they can do. I really don’t like or support pay-to-play games and this is probably going to be one of those “play until I run out of energy and then not touch it for weeks/months” kind of games. All I need is a simple “help” button. Even Solitaire has a help button. I played that game when I was somewhere around 7 years old on Windows 95.

- One sided! (Please Read)

At first I thought this was so fun! But after a few days, I realized how one sided this game really is. The first few stages are fun and quick. And I absolutely love Phase 10! I thought it was such a fun twist. However, literally every PHASE (not level) you play is 5 energy!! You can ONLY get up to 50 energy saved up. It also takes a RIDICULOUS amount of time to even get energy. Once you past (I wanna say about) level 10, the “computer” players literally ONLY ever skip you. (Like 99% of the time) and most of that time you aren’t even close to being in the lead. They skip you for absolutely NO reason whatsoever. It ends up being very one sided. It’s not even fun to play anymore. I’ve been stuck on level 15 for over a week now because the bots/computers literally skip me all the time for no reason and seem to ALWAYS have the PERFECT hand which leads to me NOT being able to play at all that round. On top of that, any power ups you use (or intend on using and can’t due to the above mentioned defects) you just lose. Even if you don’t even get the chance to use them. Needless to say, I’m not pleased at all with this game.

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- Great game

Very happy with the app. A few minor annoyances. Could skips be removed when playing against the AI in a one v one. They don’t make any sense when it’s 1v1. It doesn’t progress or hinder the game state, just slows the gameplay. Are you also able to speed up the skip graphics. The slow things down. It has a very obvious few second lag when a skip is played, in an ai match I feel that it doesn’t need to take so long, thanks all for the hard work and awesome game.

- Hmmm ... heavy bias towards Ai players

I really love this card game in real life. Big fan. So you could imagine my excitement when I discovered there was an mobile version. I found the graphics, layout and game animation really straight forward and well designed. I’m just a bit disappointed with how quickly the Ai players get the cards they need. I don’t mind a bit of a challenge but it seems a little one sided. I am finding if you don’t have your phase solution in 2-3 turns, you pretty much lose against the Ai. I am also a bit peeved at how many wild cards the Ai players use in their completed solutions when they seem few and far between for me. Also how many skip cards they get. One Ai player skipped me 5 times in a row and then won without me putting a card down. Really?! Feels a bit biased, which is disappointing and leaves me unmotivated to play this game. Mattel, if you want to keep people playing, take a leaf out of Best Fiends or Candy Crushes booklet. You gotta let the player feel like they are winning. Or they have a chance. You can’t just keep beating them every time. Poor game mechanic.

- So many glitches

Great concept but too many glitches. Stars are hard to earn in some stages made even worse by glitches for example even if you meet standard winning criteria; finishing final phase with phase completion and lowest points - if you are not the person to get your entire hand out first you don’t always earn all the stars (including when you meet all star criteria). Computer players often seem to have an advantage in which they often skip you 3-4 times in a row if you are in front, or win multiple phases in a row without you getting a turn. You can use gems to buy coins but there doesn’t seem to be a purpose to this, gems are required for everything except multiplayer play. However, coins cannot be used to purchase gems. There’s a spot in the game to change frames/skip animations but no frames/animations to change to. You can watch a video immediately prior to a phase (sometimes) to get randomly a multiskip or wild but have no option of whether to use then or save for later (this would work better if it was in the shop and you could watch a certain amount of videos for these per hour). The in-game support redirects to the Facebook page and the messenger on there just lets you play the game. If you put a skip on the discard pile it just discards the card (even in 2-player) instead of skipping anyone. Double tapping the cards accidentally can result in the card being discarded and I cannot find an option to change this.

- Addictive but biased

I am always down for a challenging game but when it’s rigged it’s not enjoyable. I can be skipped every turn and the AIs will win, especially in the earlier levels (level 15 to be specific). If the levels got slowly harder not 0-100 in 2 levels it would be more enjoyable. The way the game has been designed is highly enjoyable and well thought out to catch consumer’s attention. They have used lots of very strong advertising techniques but unfortunately they only show people winning which creates a false sense of hope for players because once they start to lose they get mad. I have punched my phone in anger because I have lost a level and I know that I have to wait almost half an hour to play said level again. It would be a highly enjoyable game if there were a few modifications to how it’s designed. Specifically how long it takes to recharge energy, the difficulty of the levels and how the wild cards are distributed amongst the AI players and the human player.

- Love this game but it’s rigged.

I really love playing this game’s rigged in the favour of the bots. I’ve sent them a couple of msgs about this expressing my annoyance and got in response that it’s all random and not rigged. I didn’t get a reply for ages and when they did eventually get back to me they did say maybe it’s too hard...devs it is. The luck they have is incredible and can’t be random. I like a challenge but I end up wanting to throw my phone in frustration. I get it’s also called that but come on!! Again and again and again. It’s just crazy and it is too hard. I go away for a couple of days hoping it will be better, it never is. Especially in the different series they have. They just had Monster High and I never got past the first few levels. I never got enough stars for a chest. Not one. Please make this more user friendly. I can’t afford to buy wild and skip cards or diamonds. I have spent money in the past but I can’t now. Please make it fun to play developers. Otherwise I’ll stick with another game.

- Good Game

Highly addictive. Fave game on the phone and in person. Yes, it gets challenging sometimes but it’s all about persistence. Only thing I want changed is being able to invite/add fb friends through the app. The app allows you to play using your fb profile yet when you go to the Social tab and click on Friends, it tells you to invite friends but no actual option to add/invite them. I’m aware you can do it on the fb version but I don’t play the game on fb. UPDATE 26/12: I know at least 2 of my fb friends that play the game and have connected to their fb profile on the app but they don’t show up on my friends list and I don’t show up on theirs. Even after updating the game...

- Great game

Highly addictive game that is elevated from its physical counterpart. I find the low amount of energy given versus how much energy it takes to do each PART of a single level to be quite frustrating. The computerised players are certainly a challenge, although it does feel sometimes like they are “cheating” in a sense as they seem to be able to pass a level and then go out 9/10. I wish there was an aspect to the game where you could just play all the phases as intended with a bit that doesn’t reward or require energy. Sometimes I really just want to play but am limited to 10 tries at any one point in time and I flat out REFUSE to spend real money on fake money.

- Such a pain

The game is addictive and fun, however it runs it to what we are see with every game now days, that is you require “energy” to play. Now it’s not 1 or 2 energy per level it’s 5 energy per hand and some stages can be 3 hands of play. Meaning to finish one stage you need 15 energy. Now the this energy comes back at 1 point every 5 minutes, meaning that to gather enough for 1 hand you must wait 25 minutes, all just to get screwed over by the AI players going down and out before you even get a go some times. This is very much a money grab for trying to get you to buy gems, 200 for $3... not much but that only gets you 4 hands of play.... and with the addiction of playing it you can lose a lot of money.

- Great game but...

Started off really well but now I’m stuck on level 16 even after using the bonus cards I had. It is a great game (and addictive) but it seems as though the game is fixed so players fork out money to get to the next level. I don’t mind paying here and there but if I’m already stuck at level 16 I’m guessing it will be like this for most levels. Not worth it at this stage. If the game is too difficult to pass a level I tend to lose interest...I don’t think I am the only one who feels this way. Update: Just downgraded the star rating from 4-1 star. Over 200 stars used to try and get 9 colour cards. So I gave in and purchased wild cards. What I don’t understand is that it took one round for an auto player to get 9 colours but not for me!!! This game is RIGGED! I do not believe the developers saying it’s random!!!

- Rigged Game

I’ve been playing this game for a few months now. It is highly addictive. The unfortunate thing about this game though is that it’s highly rigged. There have been times where I haven’t even been able to play one card cause the opponents have already won. There has been times where I have been skipped 5 times in a row without even touching any of my cards. It’s getting so annoying and the fact that I have to spend 5 enegry points and it takes 5 minutes to just get 1 energy point back is ridiculous. Although this game is highly addictive and it can be fun at times, I’ll most likely be deleting the app soon cause of how rigged it is.

- Unfair AI advantages

This game is absolutely rigged: - The AI players pick up cards that then just vanish from their hands never to be seen again. When I first noticed it, I started actually writing down the picked up and put down cards in case I was wrong, and the cards do just disappear. - I frequently play entire rounds without a wild card, while each AI player gets 1-4 per phase. - I might finish a phase first hand maybe once a month. The AI players seem to have it happen at least twice a day, usually more often. I stopped playing multiplayer as it appeared that I was just playing against AI there too. There was never any delay for the other players making their moves, they all moved just as quickly as the AI. I also still don’t understand the point of the Barbie special. Despite playing regularly all month (eg, I finished the Monster High games), I never received any benefit, nor did I work out what I was playing for - and I’ve seen the Barbie rounds twice now. If it’s pointless just leave it out. I want to love this game, but I just can’t.

- Rigged.

I was enjoying this game until I got to level 15. I have now been trying to win this level for three days. It seems just when I have some hope the AI bots suddenly get all the cards they need and dash my hopes yet again. So I can’t recommend this game unless you want to be continually frustrated. Update: I am now on Level 38 and haven’t spent anything. If I can see that I am going to lose a level, I just reset it and play until I win. It doesn’t cost me anything. But it’s so biased towards the Ai players. Update May 1st: Do the developers really think that people are going to spend money on this game? Why would you when it is so rigged towards the bots?

- Love it but its so biased

It’s a great game, great graphics and overall design except for one aspect, the Ai, the game is SO biased towards the Ai players that it’s ridiculous and unbelievably frustrating, I’m on level 14 and it just won’t let me win, and if it (very rarely) does it won’t give me 3 stars for the level, you guys need to improve this, losing the level the first 3-4 times is fine, losing it 10+ times in a row or having to reset the level cos the Ai player is 2 whole phases ahead and trying is just waste of time and in game energy, really isn’t okay, at this point I’m so tempted to just delete the game because of it

- Deleted the bias

Ended up deleting the game for the same reasons already mentioned in numerous comments. AI has all the advantage, they manage to draw all the skips and wild cards and miraculously finish the round in the first go before you even get a turn. Ive been skipped 4x in a row by the same AI player. Love the developers responses’s not rigged all players are dealt cards randomly like in the real game. LOL well Ive played the real game plenty of times and never once have I’ve been skipped so many times by ONE player that I never get to have a turn before someone goes out. Suggestion to the developer, if so many people playing your game are saying the same thing, then there is something wrong, so look into it and fix it

- Great game, long waits

I wanted to give a much lower rating, but I couldn’t. This is such a great game, and there is nothing wrong with the game itself. But that fact that every stage and every inner stage costs 5 energy every time is ridiculous. It is also ridiculous that I am using my energy every time I play and the computer player gets the advantage. Should definitely consider adding a feature that allows you to watch ads for energy (I know you get one a day but when you get knocked out in literally two seconds it’s not much use).

- Great game but has a huge downfall

I love the concept of this game, it’s unreal and addictive. The one think I really hate and it will be the one thing that will stop me from playing, is that you don’t just use one lot of 5 energy to start a game, every set you have within the levels (some have up to 6 sets) you have to use 5 energy per set for one level.. that whole aspect makes me hate the game every time I get to a level with many sets. Massive down fall in my opinion. Would play this for hours and probably spend money, but I’d say I’ll get sick of the energy thing within a few days and delete the app. Otherwise awesome concept

- Coins

What’s the purpose of having such a reward when you can’t use it to get anything. You use gems to buy coins AND energy. Energy is needed to play the game but coins just sit there looking pretty. Am I missing something? I don’t think so. The coins are absolutely useless, don’t know why developers added this when they serve no real function.


I used to play this game every day. I was obsessed! I used to purchase small amounts of bundles with AUD. Until!!!! One day I decided to get a $2.99 bundle. As I purchased I got a PayPal notification of the $2.99. At the exact same time I got a PayPal notification for a $43 payment come out. Same company. Same time. Which isn’t showing in my App Store account purchase history. I tried to dispute with PayPal and it got denied. So now they have stolen $43 off me. I have tried to contact the company which has been unsuccessful every time. Which clearly shows they are ensuring they can’t be contacted so they can take extra money out. I now refuse to play the game. Makes me worried if they have taken others I haven’t realised.

- The game is good, but the AI is unfair

I’m enjoying the game, but I do have one complain that I’m sure many other players have voiced. The AI players in the single player side of the game is unfair, and the game usually favours them to win, which is not ideal considering that you have to collect stars in order to pass through the next level. I hope the developers listens to us and fixes the AI (or adds an difficulty setting), otherwise, I think most of us won’t be getting past the levels we have to reset every time any time soon.

- Awful!

Unless you buy into this (which I will 100% not!) you have no hope of getting past levels without power ups... played one game with coins and lost as every time I did a good hand someone put a block on my next turn... I didn’t even play/ just exited out in the end! I get that some will buy in, and this should make you developers happy but it’s not for me! No fun if it’s unachievable - it’s not a free app if it’s not free to get an honest experience By the way - I’m talking level 15 not level 280 so when you can’t even get beyond such an early level it makes it kinda redundant ... see ya later when you develop a game like this that’s actually fun ...

- What Happened?

Phase 10 used to be a lot of fun, but this attempt to turn it into a quick cash grab is downright ridiculous. The obvious ones are the 3 types of in-game currency: ‘Energy’, gems, and coins. Energy in a game is an especially cheap and insulting concept and an automatic bad rating from me. To make matters worse they then go ahead and double and triple dip by taking energy over and over again during the same level. I haven’t experienced any of the alleged card stacking, but that’s probably because I haven’t been able to play more than 10 minutes before running out of energy. I would then have to reinstall it; who could be bothered. Nice try.

- Stacked Deck

This has been mentioned several times by various reviewers. This game is heavily weighted in the favour of the AI. Phase 10 isn’t a complicated game and I have played it many times before so please don’t tell me practice makes perfect because you guys stacked the deck in order to get people spending money on on app purchases. I won’t be spending money at all and will only play with my free energy. Stop stacking the deck in favour of the AI’s and I might consider a higher rating for this game. Also why do I have to pay energy for each phase within a level on journey mode. It’s annoying and making me consider getting rid of the app because I can’t play freely with in a level.

- Bad Mechanics

Look, the concept is awesome, but the mechanics of the game make it unplayable sometimes. You waste precious ultimate wilds and ultimate skips on a stage of a level, and then have someone phase out in their first turn and not even get to play. I constantly get stages that I never get to touch a card because I’m skipped or someone phases out before I even have a chance. And it costs 5 energy for every stage of a level, instead of every level, so it takes forever to progress especially when the ai are clearly rigged to make it challenging. I swear, I have never actually seen that many skips come up in a round of phase 10 in real life. It’s like skip central up in here.

- I love phase 10, but this is rubbish... deserves 0 stars

So rigged it’s not funny.. every hand the cpu completes their phase on the first turn. The energy issue is terrible.. 5 energy per phase played.. so I get to play a couple hands before I have to wait hours to play again.. and what’s worse, you can play a 6 phase game, spend 40-50 energy in the process only to get to the last phase and the only other player (cpu) phases out completely before you even get to draw meaning you’ve just lost all that energy and gotten nowhere. Or more fun, replaying said match, and being 4 phases down before you even get a single turn... twice in a row...

- Love the game

This is a great game that I could spend hours on Except that it takes so many energy bolts to play each round, it takes over 20 minutes to build up enough tokens to play a round, and with up to 5 levels in a round, it can be very frustrating. I also think the live games are weirdly set up. It always uses 8-9 of your 10 cards, so if you aren’t first on the table, it becomes very unlikely that you will win.

- Heavily biased towards AI player

I absolutely love this game, however it’s so incredibly biased towards AI players. You get 50 energy, ( it cost 5 energy per draw) there have been multiple times I haven’t even drawn a single card and all my energy is gone from being continuously skipped by AI players, or from them winning the whole game without having to draw a card! I struggle to get a wild card in a whole set of games yet the AI can start with 5 or more of them making it completely impossible for you to win. I enjoy a challenging game however this is beyond ridiculous 🙄

- Amazing

Phase 10 is amazing but the “players” are to hard to beat unlike regular people. Other than that it is perfect. Not to many ads, no glitches unlike some other games and it has bolts so you don’t play on your phone for too long. It is super addicting and i can not put it down.🤣😝😊🤩😀😛😮😄😆😗☺️😚😂🤫😍🥰😘😗😙😌😉☺️😊🤣😂🙂😇😅🤩🥳🤓🤗🤤

- Scoring issue

In specific situations The winner of the last round is incorrect. If you have the least number of points and complete the last phase but the npc also finishes and goes out they automatically win even though they have more points. The winner should be the “person” who finishes the last phase having the least number of points.... frustrating!

- Great game but has some flaws

love the game once you get into it and have lives the game can become very addicting however lives take a while to get. When you win a chest of them eg. 80 it’s a lie you never get 80 lives. The max you’ll get is 15. So you get excited and then can only play like 3 games. Only down fall. With no lives and you keep failing the same level the game become very boring and repetitive. Love the promotion around Christmas and Halloween.

- Rigged

I’ve really enjoyed this game over the last few months however I have been stuck on the same level for 2 weeks. Playing multiple times a day. I started noticing a pattern.. I was dealt the same cards at the start of the level 7 times in a row?! Additionally being skipped up to 5 times in a row and finally AI players completing a phase on their first hand with either no wild cards or 5 wild cards with no in between. I appreciate not always winning, that’s what makes it interesting but when you can’t even play a single hand it’s frustrating.

- Great game but can’t play for long unless you pay up

Phase 10 is a really fun game however I’m not willing to pay for energy and you can’t play for long before running out and having to wait for more to build up (one hand costs five bars which are accrued are a rate of one bar every five minutes). I would be very willing to watch ads for more energy but I’m not willing to pay for it. I also progressed very quickly to level 15 but now I seem to be stuck there and am always defeated by the bots who often receive very fortuitous hands.

- Cool

This is an addictive game. Just need to change the lightning points thingy. Instead of 5 a set, it should be 5 a game. It runs out too fast and hate waiting for it to get back to 50⚡️just I can play again. Need more rounds on the multiplayer rounds and need a normal phase 10 round with 10 rounds on multiplayer.

- Loved it but had to delete it!!

As so many people are saying that they have to wait for new energy and it is so rigged no matter what the developers say. Would love to have kept playing but presume the developers want you to spend real money so they make it so frustrating. If i ever watch a ad to get a wild I lose in under 3 turns - twice it may be a coincidence but after a dozen times I dont think so. It is so rigged that I have now deleted it which is very disappointing as it is enjoyable..

- Good Concept, but rigged

I tend to agree with most of the other reviews, it seems to be very much in favour of the AIs and way to much energy is required to play. There will be times that you will not even get to put a card down and the game would have finished already. If this game was being played in real, there is no way someone could put all their cards down in the first go over a high percentage of the games. It is just a money grab for you have to buy diamonds (which can be transferred to energy). WAY TOO FRUSTRATING!! Deleted the app

- Bias to the AI

Honestly, this game is quite fun but sometimes it is too challenging as the system bias to the AI. You basically get lost if you can’t beat the AI in 3 turns and it becomes extremely hard when you have to verse multi AIs in the same game. The most ridiculous situation is all the AIs got 3 wild cards in the first term and able to complete their phase in the first round and I am just like wasting my energy to play this game. Pleased fix this bias otherwise players may not want to keep playing this game.

- I just want to play cards

Phase 10 card game is great. Phase 10 app is bonkers with migraine inducing animation, pop up screens, side challenges (now I’m a florist!?) and point system. Why can’t I just pay you $5 to buy the app, then just play cards without all the other cr@p? Perhaps you could build a second Phase 10 app that is simplified for those who want a calm experience, rather than the current experience which is akin to playing cards in a amusement parlour with strobe lights on acid?

- Persevered, but sick of it

You say in other responses to reviews that ‘you can get better at this game’ can you get better when you are skipped three times in a row?? It’s so badly rigged that I’m well over it and deleting...and paying with energy just to play each round? So not only do you get skipped and beaten (predictably beaten too...I couldn’t possibly win a round and then be allowed to get away with that...oh then get hammered!), you then have to start the round again with hardly energy left. It’s a have...I’m deleting it.

- You’re not supposed to win - rigged

It’s a good game but the odds are definitely stacked against the player. The game AI is FAR more likely to get cards that will meet the goal that you’re trying to reach in comparison to the player. I’ve noticed as well that if you’re against multiple AI, one of them will pick up the card from the discard pile and then put that same card back so then next AI can pick it and and use it to reach the goal. Would be more addictive if it didn’t feel like the player wasn’t being cheated

- AI biased

Cards might seemed to be randomised to everyone but I’ve been stuck on level 15 for ages (played the same level more than 20 times so far) and cannot get past it. AI seems to have far more skip and wild cards and I have had plenty of times that 2 or 3 of the AI players have exactly the cards they need to make a match end before I even get to play. I’m definitely frustrated by it and it makes me want to uninstall the game which is a shame as I actually enjoy playing otherwise.

- Great game but already run out of levels

You need more ‘journeys’ - multi player is ok but that needs fixing too - like daily bonuses or something It’s a great game, very addictive but now boring as I’ve already completed the three levels

- Rigged

Game is rigged to make you spend money as each level requires energy to play on and the computer players can literally win first hand. Also, the phases are different in this app compared to the original game. The original game does not have the phase “4 of one colour and a Run of 5” - that’s insanely difficult to get if you don’t receive any wild cards - “In-App purchase for wild cards”. Why not read the original rule book and play by that! Unfortunately it’s a money grabbing setup the whole way through.

- Not enough lives!

I love this game so much (in real life and on the app) but I had to give it a low rating because you have to wait for SOOO long for your lives to recharge after a few rounds! I would happily pay $5-$10 for unlimited lives OR watch an ad every time I ran out and wanted to continue playing (the app does sometimes offer you an ad for one more life but not consistently) It just became too frustrating for me to keep waiting when I felt like I was on a roll and wanted to keep playing. Also, please allow me to disable tutorial mode if/when I re-download the game, it’s very frustrating to have to play through a few levels of tutorial without the option to turn off the instructions!

- Phase 10

I love playing phase 10 but I am very unhappy with this app itself. It is so desperate for you to spend money, that you are aren’t even allowed to play unless you have power ups, which you get only 1 every 5 minutes and you need at least 5 to play one round in a game. It’s ridiculous! Not only that but you are facing again a computer which will keep you on the same level unless you buy power ups etc. Never have played a game so desperate for money!!!

- Addictive but frustrating

The levels increasingly get harder, you opponents end up with more ‘special’ cards than you do. Ads after every level and barely any opportunity to get useful rewards for the game. Playing a hand takes energy even if you win and can take a long time to replenish.

- Feature Request

We would LOVE LOVE LOVE the ability to play with our Facebook friends and family. So we can choose groups to play with, like we do at home. Especially that we are all isolated because of coronavirus!

- A bit one sided

A good game, I like the premise. However, I do agree with other users about it being a bit biased towards the bots. I’m only on Level 15 and finding it almost impossible to get phases down, let alone win a round. If it continues like this, I’ll just stop playing because who wants to play a game they keep losing?

- Great fun

Wish Playing with friends option was simpler though and didn’t constantly cost. Be better to bring the multiplayer closer back to the original gameplay....

- Costly on energy

I love this game but it’s way too costly on energy! You shouldn’t need to use energy for every phase on a level. I’ve been stuck on a level for two days now because it costs 30 energy to get through the phases then get overpowered on the final phase. Maybe increase the energy cost per level but not make it needed for every phase?

- Didn’t get too play one card in 13 hands

I love the game in real life and liked this game until I didn’t get to play one card in 13 hands because the ai would somehow get all the cards it needed and go out the shuffle needs to be better I think the game wants you to buy gems and to spend 5energy per hand it’s a bit silly need to address this issues

- Never Again

True highly addictive game, however it is such a scam and frustrating game. Playing against others as fun as it seems, well your never going to win! For as long as I played it I barely got any wilds to help my hands, while my opponents got 4+ every hand, just to try and encourage me to buy them - NOT HAPPENING! I’ve now had to delete the game to save my sanity!

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- Good game

Good game

- Fun but not enough energy

This game is a lot of fun but 5 energy per round is ridiculous !!


The computer players are VERY unrealistic. Way too many times they are dealt everything they need on the first hand and go out - before you get to play or within 1 turn. Alternatively that never happens to your hand. Like the game BUT sure would like to get a chance to play! No real card game would this happen in and especially with this consistency! Guy 2 people away from you CONSISTENTLY throws the card you need - this game COULD BE FUN but instead is just EXTREMELY UNREAL & FRUSTRATING! Adjust your algorithms so we might actually enjoy playing please!

- Rigged

Bots are rigged

- Waste of time

Takes to long to get energy to play. Money grab.

- Not worth your time

If your cool with wasting time or wanting to throw your phone this game is perfect. I prefer boiling hot lava poured all over my face tbh! Buy the cards and play with friends, don't support this trash.

- A really slow, bad attempt of Phase 10

TLDR: It’s not actually phase 10; it’s “free”, but not really; and it’s just an insult to the actual Phase 10 game. Don’t download this game, it’ll waste an hour of your time just getting to level 10 (as the beginning 10 levels are lengthy tutorials), and afterwards you still don’t get to play all 10 phases - just a random number of and random selections of phases. In game currency is useless and gems don’t really mean much either. It’s a waste of your time. Don’t download this game, you’ll thank me. Explained: Kind of ruins phase 10. The requirement for each level (5 energy) is a lot, and the gems required to pay for more energy is crazy high to entice people to buy more. The game is super slow to start... I mean, if you have a basic understanding of Phase 10, don’t expect to actually play Phase 10 for a bit. The first 10 levels are tutorials, then most levels afterwards are 4 or less phases. It’s called PHASE TEN! The in game currency (coins) is basically useless, it’s just another way for you to buy your way into “tournaments”, where you can more coins, but spend it on nothing. Gems get you basically nothing. It takes forever for energy to replenish (and you need to wait until you have 5 energy to play a game). On that last bit, 5 energy plays you just one PHASE of a game. So, if a game is 4 phases, played with 3 players, and you advanced every phase, it costs you 20 energy to play one game. BUT, if every player advances one at a time, then it’ll cost you 50 energy to play one game. All in all, this isn’t phase 10. A more appropriate title for this game would be “Phases: World Tour”. It’s poorly made, and in all honesty an insult to Phase 10.

- Rigged game

This game is horrible to try and win. It often seems rigged and if you spend money it feels like the game works harder against you to try and win. Save your time and patience for something worth it

- So rigged it’s not even funny...

While the game is fun playing with friends over distances during Covid, playing against the bots is ridiculous. I have never written an app review before but this game is so blatantly rigged to get you to buy more “energy” to keep playing, I had to comment. Yes you can just wait a few hours and energy rebuilds to play for free, but the game is coded to make you lose them so quick that many will just want to buy more to keep playing sooner. Shameful!!!

- Corruption at it best!

This game is rigged the computer gets all the special cards. How does this rate 4.7 stars just about every review I’ve read gave it 3 stars or less I wouldn’t even bother purchasing and give in to these corrupt developers... terrible don’t advertise as a free game . What a scam

- Pay To Play

Another fantastic game ruined by unrealistic tactics. In the higher levels you’re playing AIs who get 3-4 wild cards PER hand where as you may only see one wild card every 10 games. In order to buy wild cards pre game you need gems which cost loads of money. Don’t wast your time these guys are a complete joke

- Rigged

Great idea and super fun game. However, 5 energy per games makes it a very short game and all the bots get all the cards right away. Not saying I sh oh or win all the time, but it should be more fair!

- Rigged

The game is so rigged I could basically be a professional commentary reporter for every game. It’s literally not even fun at this point. I don’t expect to win every time. I just expect it to be fair game.

- They cheat

I have always loved this game but it cheats. On a few occasions I have completed all of the hands in the phase, had less points than the other players and not come first. It always seems to occur in phases where there is a treasure chest. So very annoying. I though Mattel was better than that. Disappointed.

- Money Grab - Don't waste your time

Rated 4.7 out of 5 is false advertising. If you look at the reviews 95% of the players have rated this game a 1 star. I haven't even seen too many 3-4 star ratings so how can it be rated a 4.7? This game is a HUGE $$$ money grab. The first few days, you are very lucky but as soon as you get to Level 15, all of a sudden you hit on an extreme losing streak. The computer bots appear to get the exact cards they need and go out before you even have a chance to play 1 hand. If you want to continue to play and complete the rounds you have to spend your money in order to do so or wait a very long time to accumulate enough energy to proceed. Unfortunately, the computer bots are on both the Journey and Multi-player platforms so you can't avoid them. The Developer has said the cards are a random draw but that is false. It is mathematically impossible for the computer bots to get as many winning hands as they do unless the game is rigged. I love playing the real game with my family and was very happy to see it available through the Apple Store but I am now deleting the game from my iPad and guarantee you will too once you play this game for about 1 week.


Honestly the game was fun at first but then the bots started to always win. The algorithm for the cards being dealt is no random because how is it possible that every single time the bots win. This game is so unrealistic from playing the real game with friends due to the fact that the bots can play their full set in the first turn. I do think this game need adjustments and from reading these reviews it counts to me as if the creators of this game do not care about its users opinions. So I recommend another game to take of your spare time cuz this game is definitely not it.

- Frustrant

On ne peut jamais gagner contre l’ordinateur dans ce jeu!

- Hate it- need option to play against humans

Love the card game. Hate this game. Would much rather play against friends or other humans. It’s actually predictable how the computer generated players will play against you. When you get to multi player stages the player that plays after you will almost always play the card you need. You will be blocked constantly and when you finally get some specialty cards in hand the cg players will go out and stick you with them. It’s completely dumb that you have to use lightning for each play and what are the coins even for?

- Not a game but a invasion of privacy

I had this game for five minutes and I couldn’t proceed any farther than the second level because it didn’t follow the rules the game dictated so I deleted it. A total waste of time. It’s not a game, it’s a program to invade your privacy and I think it should be removed from the App Store completely!

- Hate the energy

Love this game but I hate how much energy is required for each round. The fact that we even need energy is annoying. I love playing to pass the time but I hate that I can’t play indefinitely.


This game is fun and all but the CPU is ridiculous... Usually one card away from their phase set and it is the next card that they draw... it really makes it very frustrating. Also 5 energy per round...? Y’all be teaching me patience or something waiting for energy?

- Ad is misleading

I wanted to play the version shown on the ad, which looks like a bunch of cards moving and you have ego get the phases as they move closer. Instead, I was taken to the same old game.

- Don't bother

This game is so boring! The guest levels are all tutorials that you can't skip. The rules aren't that complicated so it's really frustrating to sit through, it never feels like you're actually playing. I can't stand when a tutorial tells me where to put what card so for me it's not a fun game.

- Rigged

Game is fun but I have not been able to pass level 15 because the bots are rigged. Read the reply to some review and they had the audacity to say every player is dealt “equally” like uh yea OK... how is it possible that every bot gets wild cards EVERY round and I get one every maybe 4th round?! I’d like to see the founder of this game to try and tell me that every bots are dealt “equally”.

- Suggestions

There should be a rule where players are not allowed to be skipped twice in a row at least until the phase is claimed. Completely unfair the ‘bot players’ think they can do this. That makes the game unfair. Also, cards should be random and bots shouldn’t be able to go out in one/two turns. The music and events are nice.

- Fun but

Five energy per round is too much

- No life games

I can’t play more than 15min because i don’t have energie. 3h later i can play maybe 1 or 2 game, after its over.

- Impossible to pass when playing against AI

I read the reviews here about bots being rigged, but I thought that surely that’s an exaggeration. Nope. You pass a number of rounds fairly easily, but then you get to level 15, which is impossible to pass. The AI gets the required cards and, even if you manage to work your way up to be ahead of them, at the last minute, they’d win the phases and result in your total annihilation. If that’s what level 15 is like, then I wonder what the levels further on will be liked. I’ve played many games over the years, even paying for some, but when something is so lopsided, I have zero incentive to spend a single cent or watch a single ad.

- Kinda Fun

It’s fun but you’re basically forced to buy energy if you want to progress in the game.

- Too much waiting

It’s 5 energy a round, 5 minutes for a single energy gain, and some levels have 6 rounds. I have to wait 25 minutes a round and over 2 hours for a single level? All that just to have an AI go out before anyone can play. Sure that happens in real life sometimes but the length of time to have to wait to play the game makes it not worth it. Two stars cause it would be a good game outside of the 2 hour waits.

- Phase 10

Awesome game...lots of fun!

- Feels fixed. Frustrating, not enjoyable.

Like other reviews, the bots are fixed. They lay day perfect hands within the first round. I wanted to see if I could pass a level without having to purchase wilds/skip cards. I’ve been stuck at this (early) level for two days. Plus 5 energy to play a round is ridiculous. I’m ready to delete this app.

- Thanks, I Hate It

Fun game! Would be great except after the first few levels the bots are rigged, making it next to impossible to win. They are constantly dealt exactly what they need to win.

- It’s a joke

Like everyone else, I downloaded this game to play and have fun but this game is A HUGE JOKE. AI players get all of the cards they need when the cards are “dealt” leaving you with nothing but anger and frustration. The app creators say “the cards are dealt randomly” but it’s a LOAD of crap. We all know that they purposely stack the cards so that we have to spend money to buy energy and diamonds and whatnot. If you want a game that makes you madder than a hog on a farm, then go ahead and download this but I’ll tell you not to waste your time. Oh and if I could give this less than a star, I would. This whole 4.whatever out of 5 stars rating is a load of crap, too, because everyone is putting out nothing but horrible reviews.

- Still learning at level 9?

I know how to play this game. However it still seems like I am being dealt automatic hands and that computer players are not making smart moves. I'll maybe give this to level 15 then I'm scrapping it

- Computer

Fun game ... too much energy, not enough bonuses, and when you get to higher levels (and you are playing computer) the other players can open on deal every time, almost impossible to happen or beat

- Darhug

Having to use 5 lives per round is ridiculous. And what point is the coins. They’re useless can’t use them for anything at least have it so you can buy more gems, boosters or lives to progress through.


worst app made. such a money grab. u wont wont win a single game with out spending money

- Got to hard

This game was fun at first but it very quickly got to hard to play. I play similar games all the time and I think this game is rigged so that the computer always wins.

- Really frustrating!

I used to love the game but this one you are not making us love it ! You will loose users if you dont let us win more often! Really disappointed!

- Don’t tell me this isn’t rigged

Seemed fun but just ends up frustrating the heck outta ya. Computer is impossible to beat. I’m fine when losing games of “chance” but this is clearly rigged in favour of the bots.

- Ads are inappropriate

This game is rated for ages 4+. Why then are the ads that pop up inappropriate for this age range? If the app developer has any control over ads, they should be consistent with the age rating for the game.

- Remove energy feature, allow us to play endlessly

5 energies per round is crazy. Please remove this feature, we should be able to play as many time as we want. Maybe allow us to gain more energy by watching ads (of which I’m not a fan at all), but watching a 10 secs ad is better than waiting for so long to get the energy back and having them exhausted by playing not more then 2 or 3 phases.

- More energy

This is a great game but 5 energy is not enough. I get why it’s like that but I’d buy the game to get more, more often. I’m not going to buy gems or anything else that doesn’t last but I’d pay for the game to get more frequent/faster energy.

- Fun but energy is stupid

It’s fun but energy every 5 minutes with each round costing 5 energy!! It’s stupid

- Brutal game

Pretty bad and unresponsive interface, AI players are either incompetent or insanely difficult. Multiplayer is so costly to play and is riddled with cheaters. Players will play out in their first turn in every round. Just an all around miserable experience in a terrible made game.

- Lucy

Why is it just Lucy now? That’s ridiculous. As much as I hated the one gal with the cranky face, at least it was nice to see other characters. Now this round there is me and 3 Lucys. That’s silly.

- why

bad. never win in the last level. such a rip off.

- Lucy

Why are all the characters the same now?? It’s boring. Change it back

- So rigged

The only way to pass some levels is to pay money. The game is so rigged in favour of the computer players. I go through some levels 3/4 times. Not worth it

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Phase 10: World Tour 1.0.39 Screenshots & Images

Phase 10: World Tour iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Phase 10: World Tour iphone images
Phase 10: World Tour iphone images
Phase 10: World Tour iphone images
Phase 10: World Tour iphone images
Phase 10: World Tour iphone images
Phase 10: World Tour iphone images
Phase 10: World Tour iphone images
Phase 10: World Tour Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Phase 10: World Tour (Version 1.0.39) Install & Download

The applications Phase 10: World Tour was published in the category Games on 2019-10-12 and was developed by Mattel163 Limited [Developer ID: 1344700141]. This application file size is 318.45 MB. Phase 10: World Tour - Games app posted on 2022-05-21 current version is 1.0.39 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.mattel163.phase10