Ultimate Wolf Simulator 2

Ultimate Wolf Simulator 2 [Games] App Description & Overview

Take on the life of our most realistic wolf ever in the sequel to the most popular animal simulator of all time! Explore a wild world brimming with stunningly realistic plants and animals alike. Meet other wolves in the forest and live together, raise your family, hunt for food, and become the strongest wolfpack in the world!

The forest has never been more alive! Explore and hunt to maintain your wolves thirst and hunger in the most detailed world we’ve ever created!

Sneak your way through the forest to avoiding alerting nearby animals and giving them a head start trying to escape you! Animal AI is smarter and faster than ever!

Omnidirectional dodge system brings a new level of skill to your fights! Quickly react to your opponents attack direction to dodge and avoid damage!

Build deeper bonds with your wolves through the new relationship and personality system. Your pack recognizes heroic and caring acts that will alter the relationships between wolves. Gain bonuses from synergetic wolves hunting together!

Have up to TEN wolves in your pack! Seek out friendly wolves and pass their challenges to recruit them to your pack! Play as your new wolves to help them level up and improve relations with other family members!

A brand new age makes raising your pups even more real! Breed wolf pups that will grow into teens and eventually full grown members of your clan!

Introducing expanded animal customization options for fine-tuning your wolf’s look! Alter physical features like height and ear size to accentuate a wolfs personality!

Challenge the four elemental spirits of the forest to battles on an EPIC scale! Jump over waves of lava, dodge massive boulders, and resist icy winds in increasingly difficult tests of your reflexes and timing!

Gain experience and level up your wolves to unlock stat bonuses and unique skills! Skills will grant specialized wolf abilities like healing, tracking, and battle strength!

Collect materials to decorate and upgrade your dens and make life for your wolves even better! Building animal traps can provide your pack with a guaranteed tasty snack in the mornings!

At player request we have done away with procedural flora, and have instead hand placed every blade of grass and tree in the world, bringing a more detailed purposeful world for you to explore!

The colors of the forest change before your eyes with our brand new seasonal cycles. Snow gathers upon the ground, puddles form in the rain, and different climates will be altered accordingly to provide maximum realism.

Discover the all new wildlife of the forest! Improved AI and animations combined with species specific action trees will immerse you in our most detailed world to date. Track down animals like fox, deer, crocodile, bear, boar, snake, fish, crow, moose, ram, raccoons, rats and of course wolves!

Introducing AAA PC quality graphics in a mobile simulator! With meticulously optimized models and textures, we’ve managed to reach an unrivaled level of visual quality!

If you are of age or have your parents permission, turn on the blood effects to add even more realism!

With all of our games you will always get the full game with no ads or additional purchases!

Download the Ultimate Wolf Simulator 2 to prove you can survive as a wild wolf in an all-new completely revamped simulation!

If you liked living as a Wolf then be sure to check out our other animal simulators!

We plan on creating more sequels so give us a shout and let us know what you want to play next!

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Ultimate Wolf Simulator 2 Customer Service, Editor Notes:

+ Solved startup crash + Lots of micro-optimizations + Wolf walking sideways glitch fixed + Additional Graphics Settings added

Ultimate Wolf Simulator 2 Comments & Reviews

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- Ultimate wolf simulator 2

My wolf is walking sideways and I joined today and like the small animals are glitching through the wall like rabbits birds rats and stuff so like I don’t think you guys fixed the sideways glitch Can I email you the video of my wolf walking sideways

- Snow ball I’ll read your stories .

Yes do! No one read mine but I’ll read yours! I’m crying because I am now canceled! You guys DID NOT ANSWER I LOVED THIS AND IM GOING TO BE A BOOK WRITER! I WILL WRITE WHERE I GET ANSWERS AND MUFFIN I LOVED YOUR STORIES IDK WHAT HAPPEND! 😿😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🥺🤧🤧🤧😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😿😭😭😭I AM LITERALLY SOBBING! I have been canceled to to no responses or anyone saying they read. Muffin I saw a - and . But that doesn’t count. Pls answer because I will check once or twice tomorrow but after that I’ll check when wanted anyone answers I will type today I will check constantly. Just someone say you hate it or what to change or you like it and new suggestions. Pls! 😿😭😭 —————————- now for the readers——————————- ————————————story time!—————————————(WARNING 🚧⚠️⚠️includes violence and brutal scenes if you can’t handle that pls do not read this episode. Or warrior cats. This is for 9 an older ⚠️⚠️⚠️)Thanks for reading. When a bear or boar chases you go into a tree log and then howl and growl and when it stops giving xp go and lure it back to the tree and repete. Chapter 7 Holly woke with a start. She took a deep breath, her night mare had scared her a little. She watched her father and sister die all over again. Holly, thrush, sky, bird, river and black were all out running and playing. “You can’t catch me!” Her father, sky barked in his light happy voice. “Holly to the left, bird to the right, and river circle a full circle on my bark.” Black ordered. “Now!” He barked holly jumped to the left and saw bird jump away from her. River dashed onto a rock and jumped strait over thrush and sky’s heads! She skidded behind them and they watched in awe. “Attack!” Black howled. They surged forward and leaped on their parents. They tumbled and yipped in excitement. Only when sky and thrush were pinned did black declare victory. A boom sounded near by and holly ducked instinctively. That was a trick sky has taught them, “If an enemy leaps and you duck and stick your claws in the air so they rake it’s belly.” Sky had instructed.A little pellet whizzed through the air above holly’s head. Sky darted to her and picked her up by the scruff. “Thruvs fwollow mwe!” Sky ordered around her scruff. Thrush picked up bird and told the bigger pups to run with them. Sky burst into the forest and leafs smacked holly but she didn’t whimper or whine. She couldn’t hear thrush or anything threatening behind her but that was because of the leaves and twigs crunching under paw. Sky burst into a clearing with black stuff running into the distance. Sky waited. After a few heartbeats thrush emerged beside sky and black and river ran into her a few heartbeats after that. They waited in silence for a long time. A shuttle growling was growing and growing. A twig snapped behind them and river dashed onto the black stuff. “No!” Sky barked. He dropped holly and she landed on the soft grass with a soft thud. The growling was so close and around the corner a beast appeared. The monster was going to make River a snack! Sky snatched rivers scruff and threw her back to thrush, who started licking her immediately. The monster smacked into sky with a dull thud. He flew back and landed awkwardly with a sickening thud. “Sky!” Thrush howled in despair. A sad smell drifted from sky. “That’s j-just a I-injured smell right?” Holly asked thrush. She shook her head in despair. No. He can’t be! But holly had to face it. Sky was dead. The metallic red beast had stopped and was purring gently. It was a cat Beast! Cats are evil! (I’m soo sorry all people who have cats. I love cats 🐈 so awesome! Sorry cat lovers) after a few heart beats another beast purred to a stop. Three hairless animals stepped out. They lifted sticks to their mouths. They blew hard. Ya over bowled holly out of the way. “River!” Holy yipped. “I’m sorry holly, I love you and tell the others and mother.” River whined. “I-I will.” Holly stammered. A sharp twig with colorful leaves on the back pricked river. She stumbled and yelped.Her eyes drooped and she stumbled. “Run!” Thrush howled. They all took of and river tried to follow but she face planted. Holly stopped in a bush so she could watch. The others ran and ran. I’ll find them later. Holly decided. River pushed herself up just to flop on her side. Her eyes closed and then she was still. The animals poked her with the stick and when she didn’t move they took her and put her in a wooden box. They did the same to sky who didn’t react. The beast opened its mouth and swallowed river and sky! It ate them ! Holly ran and ran all the way back to the den with the others. A cold feeling settled over holly. I will never see them. My family is falling apart. Thx echo this is the last one for 3 days pls reply or else I will not write more .Just know that I have more I might write tomorrow but I won’t continue if you don’t answer. Pls answer! IM CRYING 😭

- Noice

Good game but too many bugs. It could be better.

- Story of the wolves. 🐺🌕

Characters: All of Moonpack The black wolf sniffed the ground. The scent d a rabbit was all she picked up, and it was very faint. But she was starving. She followed the scent to an empty burrow and searched for a sign of prey. But it had been abandoned. She left the empty burrow, then turned, once hidden. A white rabbit hopped out of the burrow entrance. The wolf pounced, but she missed. She growled and walked off. One day, she'd find enough prey to feed all four wolf packs and her own. One day... That was a prologue. Chapter one. "Look me in the eye. When you leap forward, focus on me, and you won't miss." The wolf stepped out of the way as the pup jumped at her. "Oof!" It cried, startled. "You said I wouldn't miss!" The wolf blinked, then growled. "An enemy won't stand still and wait for you to attack!" The pup stood, shaking his reddish brown fur. "One day I'll get you, Autumn Howl. Just you wait." Autumn Howl was amused. "We'll see, Leaf. We'll see." A howl interrupted them. "Alpha is calling. Go to Meeting Rock. I'll be there in a bit." Her apprentice nodded, and ran to Meeting Rock. Autumn Howl looked at the Sunset Sky and sighed. 'One day, he'll learn. He's stubborn, but my apprentice has potential.' She thought. She ran to Meeting Rock. "..and now, the apprentices will become hunters and gain full names!" Alpha announced. "Berry, Leaf, Stone, come, here." The pups sat in front of the alpha, and looked up at him. "Berry, you shall now be Berry oak!" Berry oak dipped her head in respect. "Stone, you shall now be Stone Hollow!" Berry oak's brother howled in joy, then sat down, embarrassed. "Leaf, you are my son, yet I cannot choose your name. I've decided to bring the long lost tradition of pups naming themselves back to Moonpack." Leaf thought for a moment. Then he whispered, trying his best to be heard. "Leaf Sun." Alpha blinked. A reference to his own name, Sun Splatter. "Very well. Pack dismissed!" As Autumn howl went back to Camp Base, she saw something. No, she saw more than one thing. A crowd of wolves. At least three or four. Or maybe seven. She couldn't tell. They blended in with each other and the Cold Air snow. But she knew who they were. "Icepack! Why are you here?" She demanded. A black wolf with amber, glowing eyes stepped to the front of the crowd. "Why, I'm here to destroy Moonpack." The white wolves said simultaneously, in a smooth, unnerving female voice. "Broken Shadow! I should have known! Alpha! Beta! Omega! There are intruders!" She called out. But no wolf answered. The wolves spoke again. "There is no one here. Their still at Meeting Rock. They can't hear, see, or help you now." She felt pain in her side. Broken Shadow had attacked her without even moving! She couldn't move. She was frozen. Paralyzed. She closed her eyes and shook her head. Opening her eyes, she picked up the scent of injuries. Broken Shadow looked tattered and torn, half of her left ear missing, her right eye had a scar across it and looked faded, and her claws.. they were sharp and stained. Everything went dark. "Autumn Howl! Wake up!" "She's not waking up!" "I can see that!" Omega Golden Trout and her apprentice, Feather Eclipse. Everything was still dark. "Get some water from the stream and dump it on her!" Wait, what did Omega just- ~Splash~ Autumn Howl woke up, cold and wet. Everything was blurry. Everything was sore. "Thank Starpack your alright!" Omega barked. "What happened?" Autumn Howl asked, confused. "Well.." Feather Eclipse began. "You just collapsed on your way to camp. I'm not sure why. You mumbled about Broken Shadow. That cruel wolf died years ago! Remember?" Autumn Howl nodded, trying to see the gray wolf teen. But all she saw was a blur. "Oh, and you may have been scratched. Your side scar is healing, but the two scars across your eyes.." Omega's voice trailed off. The healer-wolf was clearly hiding something. "What? Will I be okay? Answer me!" Autumn Howl growled. "You'll be fine." Feather Eclipse answered, looking down. "Oh, good." The apprentice's voice became stern and serious. "There's only one problem." Autumn Howl was nervous. "What is it?" "You really want to know?" Autumn Howl nodded. "Alright." The healer-wolf apprentice sighed. Though she couldn't be seen, Autumn Howl knew she was looking directly at her. As her vision became dark, and nothing could be seen, the apprentice spoke. "Autumn Howl?" "Yes?..." "You'll never see again." Part two probably never coming. Autumn Howl is my wolf in the game. Feather Eclipse and Leaf sun are her pups, and Alpha(Sun Splatter) is her mate. Let me know if I should do a second part!

- Please read

so.....😃😍😃 this is awesome 👏 I love it. So I was forced to delete the game I had an annoying glitch were I have 4 wolves Grayfur, Hazel, Shadowpaw, and stormstrike. Grayfur is my main wolf and his mate is hazel. Storm strike is a wolf pup and for some weird reason I couldn’t play as the wolf pup or my pack members instead I could only play as hazel and hazel and gray fur and Grayfur??? Another thing is I can’t always find sticks or rocks, and at the beginning of the game it’s all jittery and glitchy but it just fixes itself? Please fix this stuff I ❤️❤️❤️ this game but the bugs are ruining the game . I’m so excited for the rest of the sequels you will be doing. So I’ve been reading other reviews and I notice a lot of people are having the same breeding problem as me and even the jittery movement so now I know it’s not just me. And I really want pups but this games glitches aren’t just little annoying things that bother you it’s taking the fun out of the game so please please please PLEASE fix these glitches I figured out you can’t have two other wolves before you have a wolf pup here’s some other glitch’s: so it’s kinda annoying when you try to eat your prey because pack members push stuff away, and this helpful glitch: if you go to aggressive animals ex bear and hide in a log and howl you get exp So l love this game and all the other ones I do have some requests though, please make a cat sim2 l love that game that one is my favorite ( please make 2s for all your games) I want a dragon 2 and a wings of fire I would really like all of these but it’s okay if you only make even one

- Into the wilderness. (An ultimate wolf sim 2 story)

Midnight the wolf breathed in the fresh clean air. He thought about going hunting and bringing back two ginormous bears. But he was enurruped from his train of thought. His mate, mapleLeaf, was asking a question. MapleLeaf: hey midnight, don’t you think it’s time to add another wolf to our pack? Midnight: shure. So they ventured out into the woods. After two long days, they finally found a beautiful wolf with white fur. Midnight walked up to him/her.(well, it was actually a boy.) hello, midnight said. The white wolfs name was blizzard. Blizzard said: oh hi! Midnight said: do you want to join our pack? Blizzard said, ok shure! But first you’ll have to fight me. So midnight won the fight and blizzard was added to the group. The end.

- Improvements

I honestly like the game. Everything is great the movement is very well done. The graphics are great, but the pack, sometimes when I’m running they will glitch off or disappear from sight, then reappear when I click on their icon. Along with the camera movement when I’m feeding someone within my pack. It glitches out and focuses on something in the distance instead of the wolf. Overall the game is great but there are still a lot of things that can be improved

- Yessss

Ok you guys have me blown away with the detail in the animals and the realistic hunting. I’m glad we are able to detail the wolf from ear to paw and I’m glad you extended the pack cuz I wanted more pups ☺️. Also I love how you made an actual date and how they age in months and not in levels, so realistic great job u guys 👏🏻 👏🏻 🐾 also please pleaseeee make a Ultimate Dinosaur Simulator 2 bc I would like that to be a bit more realistic and better gameplay. PS. Add the Indominous Rex pleaseeeeeee👍🏻 stay safe

- Great game, but...

So when I saw the game I downloaded it ‘cause I play few other games by you, I love them all! The only thing I wish you could add is a button that puts you in “Stalking mode”, I found it really hard to get to the speed that make you look like your stalking the prey. That was really annoying for me, because I had to literary trot, stop, trot, stop, until I reached the prey/animal! But anyways I love your games! I know this is a kinda long review, but please put in my suggestion! Thanks for reading and have a great day everyone!

- :/

The game is almost unplayable for me. It’s SUPER laggy even though I have plenty of storage. I wanted this to be a game I could play while I’m not on the PC (playing WolfQuest 3) The game is to similar to Wildcraft except it’s not as great. Why? 1. Wildcraft has rarely ANY lag and it takes up just as much space as this app does. 2. Your character is much more customizable in Wildcraft then this game. You have the choice to play realistically OR you can choose to be more fantasy like ( Wearing clothing, having pets, etc ) Here in this game you HAVE TOO be a total natural! It gets boring after awhile. 3. Wildcraft has updates every few months, this game rarely does, period. However this game does a GREAT job at this one thing: The land scape! It’s beautiful. However it’s really easy to get lost because of all the mist. While the mist is there for show, it’s not very fun have to go up a mountain and discover you can’t even see your home from up there because of the mist. Those are all the major flaws of this game. There are many more but these are the main ones. —Firestar Edit: This game is lying about the reviews too!?! Most of them are critical:/

- Good, a few bugs though...

For ever and ever, I have been looking for a realistic wolf game, and when I came across this, I knew it was the one. I was right, however, there still is a few bugs. 1. It’s a bit blurry. 2. When I walk down a mountain, I cannot see myself. 3. When I see a wolf, it runs away. That’s all the problems I have discovered so far. I would like to have these bugs fixed. Thanks in advance !

- Bugs

I really love the updated graphics and the whole new feel of the game in general. Was so excited to see a new wolf simulator! However, with this game and the Ultimate Lion Simulator 2, I came across an issue of not being able to find stones or wood sticks to collect for building anymore. I downloaded the game, played it some, got off, and when I got back on it’s like stones and sticks no longer existed in either game so I haven’t been able to craft anything in the dens at all on either game which is kind of upsetting. :(

- Can’t play

To laggy! I can barely even move!! I don’t play because you lag/glitch WAY to much! Your wolf takes a step every couple seconds. Wish I could play, I would love too it looks so good! But I can’t! 😔 disappointing, PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!

- Best one yet! ✌️

I’ve tried many of these type simulators including WildCraft, and don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE WildCraft. But when I was on the YouTube, a YouTuber was playing this game and several others from gluten-free games. They all looked really well made and legit. I also love the gluten-free promise, that there will be no ads or money paid once you have bought the game. That is so kind and incredible of the developers, since on most of these type simulator games, it’s just ads that are misleading about the game. There’s ALWAYS a catch when you get these games too, like having to pay money for stuff you can’t even earn in the game at all, but still need it. Gluten-free games is just really great. I also love how the blood effects are optional. Again, most other games like this have blood. And I know some of my friends are grossed out by those. I love how you can turn it off. Now, your probably wondering why I’m giving this game ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ four stars. Right now, I’m only about level 15 or so, but I’ve already met almost 10 other wolves. It’s ridiculously difficult to impress them. I do have enough room in my pack for another wolf. It’s also hard to find the wolves in the first place. My friend has the game and she said it took her a lot of almost dying from wolves who hated her racing, singing, and dancing, to get a pack member. She says it get easier once you get a mate though, so I’m not sure if I’m just not great at the challenges. Anyways, the other reason is that my game has crashed 2-4 times in the 1 day that I’ve had it. It usually crashed when I had gone onto a different app then came back. And I’m going to say, my iPad is new. I got it maybe a month or two ago. It doesn’t normally crash stuff, but maybe it’s just a bug in the game. Anyways, I have two recommendations. 1. Maybe make it easier to mate or have more lone wolves? 2. When I pick up food, it kinda hovers under my mouth. It’s not the most realistic thing ever, but I don’t mind it too much. Anyways, LOVE YOU GLUTEN-FREE GAMES! Wow this was long..... sorry! *also, the YouTuber was Seri! Pixel Biologist!*

- Make a online game

It should be online cause after I got everything..it was boring

- Great Game But

This game is amazing but when I finally started a family that’s when I wasn’t able to play my female I can play the baby and the male but for some weird reason not the female. I tried restarting my phone but that didn’t work. And also in the top left corner where the wolves picture is displayed it only has the male and babies face not the female. Please fix this because I would hate to delete it and lose everything! Also when wolves die and come back they maybe like high in the sky walking or in the spot where they died. Finally I kinda don’t like the idea of only having six wolves able to go out and the other four just stay in the den. I’d love love love to have all the pack roaming and being able to play instead of having to switch out with another wolf. Please fix all the glitches in all your second part of new games and maybe this only six members outside thing too? I love these games so much and have paid for them to. It would be very gracious of y’all to fix these problems during these tough times when everyone is inside.

- glithching but I don’t care

this game glitches a lot but it’s still really fun I think you should get it glithching is bad my iPad is so old that’s the reason it’s glithching and ultimate lion simulated 2 glitched to but they were still fun 😽😽😽😽👌👌👌👌👌👅👅👅👧🏼👧🏼

- -


- Great game, very laggy and buggy

This game is great, really exciting in all but it’s really laggy and buggy. I understand why it is (because this is a new game) but on the next update, can you please focus of the frame rate? I would be really happy if you fix this!~

- Haven’t played but excited

I have never played a gluten free game but I’m super excited.

- So glitch

It’s too glechey

- Awesome game!! Love ur games!!

Please make more Ultimate animal Simulator 2’s Ultimate Cougar simulator 2 Ultimate horse simulator 2 Ultimate tiger simulator 2 Ultimate eagle 🦅 simulator 2 Ultimate elephant 🐘 simulator 2 Ultimate cat simulator 2 Ultimate dog simulator 2 Ultimate dragon simulator 2 Ultimate shark 🦈 simulator 2 Ultimate dinosaur simulator 2 Ultimate leopard simulator 2 Ultimate dolphin 🐬 simulator 2 Ultimate alligator 🐊 Simulator 2 Ultimate crocodile simulator 2 Ultimate orca simulator 2 Ultimate fox simulator 2

- One thing you can add

Hey I thought of a something you could add when your pups are like super young they could nurse and in well a little moths I could eat meat here’s how you could do it so when your next to your pup it could say nurse and you would sit and the pup would nurse milk from your body and you could not move so the pup could drink idea 2 when your pup is teen It could help you hunt so it could learn something idea 3 how about you could start a school so one of your mates could tech your little pups to hunt so they could hunt with you and the school would take 5 minutes and your pups could learn idea 4 how about bedtime your pups would sleep and rest and it would be 1 or 5 minutes so bye

- Something is wrong..

When I got this game I thought this game would be worth it! But when I started playing it was lagging. So much that I kept dying. I tried everything like restarting my device but nothing worked! Please fix this problem or I will delete this game.

- I love this game and I have a few ideas

Oh my God I love this game I love the The graphic The seasonal change but I have an idea that I think that would make the game better like you guys should add more predators like cougars coyotes The wolverine badgers bobcats and lynx and add more herbivores like bison that you put in ultimate polar bear simulator 2 and elk and reindeer Also you should The glitch When are you attacking in animal but your Wolfpack does not help also add Herds and add young herbivores because to be easier catch and you receive less damage other than that I love this game

- Just a few words

I like the other wolf sim design for the wolves so bring it back plz

- Game crash

Every once in awhile the game crashes for whatever reason otherwise it’s a fun enjoyable game

- omg dude my god

omg my boy you have to do the same to ultimate hourse i beg of you i am hipped if you do please

- Great game! But...

I just defeated the fire boss, though I wish it gave my wolf fire powers, though that would be nicer. It’s kinda stupid because you can only use it to light a fire that you have to buy with your wood.

- Love the game but...

I think that this game is totally awesome, but the glitches that you said you fixed, are not. Like the walking sideways glitch is still going, and when I deleted one of my wolves, the game deleted one other wolf with it!!!!!😫 So PLEEEEEEEEEASE FIX THIS!!!!!!!! Also, when I battle, my wolf pack will not help me. (Fix this) One more thing, sometimes my pack members will move when sitting, or laying down, which is weird. Other than those glitches, this is the best app you have made.🐺😁 But really, FIX THE GLITCHES PLEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!!!😬 (Could you add sheep to the game?) I had Ultimate wolf sim, but it was not fun and it was very boring. So I deleted the game, then I saw that you had made a second one. So I got it. It was perfect at first, but then glitches started to get out of control. I still loved it, until I decided to delete a wolf. (See what happened at the top.)

- Thank You Gluten Free Games!

I love all of your games especially UltWolf2 & UltBirdSim, I’ve got 4 GFG apps, UltHorseSim, UltFoxSim, UltWolf2, falconsim, and UltBirdSim. They’re all super awesome. I’d recommend this app for wolf and animal lovers, but there’s two or three bugs but, they aren’t too bad. I like to use(play) GFG apps on my iPad so I got Ultimate Wolf Simulator2 and I was like it’s “glitchy”. (Meaning it’s glitching) I had already payed for it on my iPad so it was free on my iPhone. I got it on my IPhone and there were no glitches, I’d love to be able to play this app on my iPad too! The other bug(s),landscapes are incredible so are graphics but the fire sprit, when he shovels up bolders the bolders fly slowly in the air. Plz fix this, the last bug is when you try to climb up a mountain and fall you get stuck inside a rock, or the edge of a mountain,(hill). And when you eat something it moves very fast and it’s not realistically possible for it to do that. Sorry for these very few complaints! Thank You again Gluten Free Games!!!! (Love all ur apps!!)

- Wow

The game is good BUT it wouldn’t let me add a single wolf into my pack no matter how hard I try and how many times I follow the directions it just never lets me do anything.

- To laggy

This is so laggy pls fix it pls!!!

- Bugs

I was really excited when I found this game. Because you have to pay for it I read the reviews and then bought it. When I downloaded the game and loaded in I could barely move my wolf because of the lag and glitches. I really wanted to enjoy this but it was not worth the money like some of the other gluten-free games I have bought.

- Bug’s story-The attack (By: Aquakitty and/or xXBlueWolfyXx)

Bug and Blue were siblings. Blue was Black and white while Bug was completely black. They were complete opposites. Bug likes laying in the sun and he liked the light while Blue, Hayes the light and loved the water. The war of ‘Wolves And Foxes’ had killed their parents-the alphas-Moon and Winter. Their half-brother was Milo, who was ginger and tan. Oak was their adopter. Blue and Bug were the youngest alpha’s ever known to wolf kind. Only 4 months old!!! Their pack had them-the alphas-and then their 2 beta’s, Chance and Ash. The hunters Aura, Thorn, Arrow, Bella, Morning, Dew, and finally Thunder. Their scouts Spot, Stripe, and Zigzag who were siblings then the last ones Luna and Shadow. The medic Winston and his apprentice Lightning. Cloud was the omega. Little did the alpha Blue know that Thorn, the lowly Hunter was planning to kill her younger brother Bug. I the day of the attack I Bug was laying on his perch (with Oak the nanny/pup take-care wolf) when Thorn tackled him pinning him to the ground. Oak shot ups and tackled Thorn but just being thrown to the ground. Blue tackled Thorn (Blue was bigger and older then Bug. She is 7 months) and sliced her stomach. Thorn howled in pain but it was to late. Blue bit her throat hard and did not let go until the warmth from Thorn was gone. It was over. Thanks for reading! Love this game so much! Sorry if long! Love you, Gluten free games! Cya next time! (From Aquakitty 🐾🤍💙 and/or xXBlueWolfyXx💙🐾

- Dear wolf sim

I’ve just got the game and the first thing I encounter is lag. Just lag. I trying everything I Could to make it stop. But it won’t! I am insisting deleting the app...

- This game?! :/

This game IS SO LAGGY FOR ME, gluten free games I’m blown away by your other games, but this one is is definitely not my favorite

- Please read

I would like to report that when I try to feed my family members that the food is throw across the map or something. Please fix this


I used to play Ultimate Wolf 1 on my Amazon Fire, and I loved it. I decided to try this one out, but it was just so glitchy. I tried turning all of the quality down to low, but it still had low quality and it wasn’t smooth at all. It was delayed when I tried to move, and it was hard to turn the wolf and the perspective at all. Really makes me think if it’s the game or my IPad. I’ve had games like this on my IPad before, so I know that it can handle games like this. Please explain why it’s so glitchy because I miss playing this game.

- More Animations, Multiplayer, Etc

Love it though it could use some better animations like lay on command outside of your den, climbing, and multiplayer that would be a cool add on. Also I was thinking you could start out as a pup with an npc mom and grow up or just have another player be your mom until you grow up. I also think that if maybe the tails on the pups or just in general have a little sway while running. Maybe even interactions with other wild wolves and make alliances with wild wolves or other players.

- Frustrating 😕 BUT AWESOME 🤩🤩🤩

This game is the best! But when I fight the bosses you can’t even kill them there like SO strong?!🥵🥵🥵😵. But the game is pretty good but when I see your guy’s games ALL OF THEM YOU HAVE TO BUY IT?!! And I really love your games and there’s one I really want but I can’t get it😭. So may you fix all so it can’t be one dollar? Please I hope you do this. But besides all that it is a really fun and good game!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤗😇😍🐺🐺🐺 well that’s what I really like you to do bye!

- BOSS PROBLEM, and suggestions.

Okay,I started a battle with the water boss. But........IT KEEPS DISAPPEARING WHEN I FIGHT IT TO REALLY LOW HEALTH, IT DISSAPEARS! PLEASE FIX IT! I CANT STAND THIS! Please? I really like this game and it’s ruined if you don’t fix that.....besides that, I’ve got n idea for the next sim: Ultimate otter sim! If you do that that would be GREAT! Spirit Bosses: Lava, Rock,Earth,and Ice. otter. Homes: Burrow, den, or abandoned beaver dam. Meal: fish. Build: Campfire, Fish scale bed, and stuff. Eat fish to collect scales. Thank you for reading gluten free games! If you saw this and READ IT ALL, you deserve pizza, Custard pie/flan, and milk shakes!

- Great but needs improvements

I know you have probably been reading the reveiws and all about the lags but I feel I must say something. I think your game is great but it can be very laggy. Also, The the big steep walls at the end of the maps can be so frustrating. I tried to walk across the bridge to the snowy den and my other wolf fell into the water. I switched wolves to try to get out but I couldn’t and my other wolf fell in too. I had to start a new game. One last thing, I have bred my two wolves and wait longer than 15min and I don’t know where my puppies icon is to have it. I was hoping you could be more specific on how to get a baby. I hope you can fix this but besides that I love, love, love the game and I think it can be amazing with a few improvements.

- SO GOOD!!!:D

This is a great game!The only complaint I have is that it gets laggy when you move and walk.I suggest you should also add dragons in this app, or make another app for dragons. Over all, it is a really fun game!

- Great game

I love wolves and this game is awesome! its better than the first one (even though I enjoyed it) It just needs a few additions like 1. New locations like Dark Woods (like in the first one) and Suburbs (where you can attack humans and dogs can join your pack) 2. New Animals: Crabs and seals on beach areas. New birds like Owls, eagles, loons, cranes and Canadian geese. New small prey like squirrels, skunks, otters, beavers, bats and turtles. New big prey like elk, bison, sheep, donkeys, pumas and coyotes. New animals in the snow mountain area can be the bearded vulture, and the serow (a small goat-like animal found in Japan). Anteaters can inhabit the volcano desert. and even bugs like bees, spiders and ants! 3. Fix the bug where it crashes when I enter the beach (south of the volcano desert), and add ambient music for suburbs and dark woods 4. Add Dark Spirit boss to Dark woods (he can be like the direwolf boss in the first one) 5. When you are a low level wolf you hunt small animals, but when you get bigger you hunt the big ones (other wolves, deer, bison, elks, moose, bears, crocs, puma etc.) Thanks!

- To the people who made this

I love the game but when i was so close it went out of the game and it’s not fair so please fix it

- I need help! It only works on 📱

I just got this game and when I turn it on it always has a glitch and I can see the wolf just sitting down and there's sounds of him getting up and running but I can't see him getting up and running around. UPDATE on this review: so...... I really wanted to play this game so I tried it on my mom's phone and it worked! I was playing on my iPad before so apparently it only works on iPhones and not iPads. but I was wondering if you could fix it to were I can play it on my iPad? But it's really good🐺😍💛💙💚❤️💜😀😆♥️💜 Another update: so I looked at some other reviews and it looked like they had the same problem so I'm sure it's not just my iPad

- Love it but here are some tips:

I think you should make the seasons come faster and the rain come more often because most of the time it is just spring.

- African wild dog

You all would make a perfect African wild dog simulator please make Edit: more companion slots please!!!


This game is amazing! But when I play, sometimes it glitches and it get pixelated a little so just to give you a tip, but over all, ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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- All games

I ablosltly love these new super realistic version of the old ones so I was wondering if u could create ultimate dog sim 2 ultimate cat sim 2 and could u make a zoo realistic game please and have new breeds in ultimate cat and dog 2 if u create it plz and in the zoo game can u make it so u can be the animal and the human to switch between to and as u lvl up you unlock new animals to play in the zoo and u can escape and stuff just real good pl

- Laggin a lot

Love the game but it lags a lot ;-; the game look fun and realistic maybe what’s a good update it to make it as a multiplayer so we can play with friends and Each other and fight off and do some rankings I love the game so much maybe it needs more improvement cuz is kinda boring running around killing animals and try a survive but pls be sure to not make it lag I downloaded it in my phone and my iPod but it stills lag and I also notice about other YouTubers as well how they can’t bond with there mates I strongly agree that this games need improving tysm

- I like it but the growth is slow

Your growth system takes forever! I’m not gonna sit around all day just growing a puppy. Though I don’t know if you got my other email but I didn’t see that it doesn’t grow every 10 levels like I thought it did. Must of been a coincidence every time I got up 10 it grew a month. It’s odd maybe it’s a glitch? I don’t know but I also wish there was more realism. A wolf isn’t gonna beat a bear alone but often times the bear gets scared anyway assuming there is multiple wolves around not just one.

- I love it, but it’s glitchy af

Basically as the title says I have been loving this game, playing it alll day long. However it has soo many glitches that arise through out the game, it can sometimes be minimal or big enough I need to restart the game and sometimes it just crashes. The graphics are great for a game like this and gameplay is enjoyable besides not being challenging at all like the old games were (please make it more challenging again). But it is very buggy so keep that in mind.

- Glitches

Absolutely glitchy and annoying, this needs to be fixed.

- Laggy

So I got this game when it first came out like not even a day later And it was SOOOOO laggy then to the point I couldn’t even move the wolf. I deleted it and got it again some time after all the updates had been put in place but yet it’s still laggy and glitchy. Please fix I’m looking forward to playing this soo much.

- Ult horse sim 2 or Australian based sim

I would love a new horse sim! I loved this game and would love to see horse sim 2! Like more mane options / horse breeds More coats, some you have to be a certain some you need to defeat a boss for, the option of have a owner or being wild. I would also love an Australian based sim! The starting animal could be a wallaby or bilby and the animal you have to be the highest level for could be a kangaroo or a cassowary! Keep up the good work gfg!

- Resources keep disappearing!!

I love this game, I know it’s in its early stages and I think it’s great so far. However, sometimes when I open my phone, I cannot find any resources in the game. And sometimes they’re there, but now the resources are becoming harder and harder to bring back. The same thing happens in the ultimate lion simulator. I really want to build but the resources keep disappearing!!

- :)

Lol wolf quest has something to compete with :)

- Lag

I would love it if u fixed my lagging issue...

- What I Think should come in the next update:

There should be a new mob/animal: Humans/Hunters! If you get caught by them you will die and res pawn in a cage, you have to try break out! Y’know, to make it fun, thnx Also, this is my dream, PPPPLLLLLLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ CAN THERE BE MULTIPLAYER! Chat! Roleplay! Battles! Survival! In a online pack! Fight over alpha! More! I know You might not get this, but it would be my DREAM! PLZ! Your the best game creators! {Ps plz fix a bug on i 7 gen iPad, glitching out and sometimes sticks don’t spawn in the map, thnx}

- Crash

I have been able to play many of your games before but this one always crashes on the loading screen. I have not been able to play since I downloaded it. I have tried several times. I would love the game if u could fix this issue.👍

- I can’t play because of the lag

Hey Gluten Free games I’ve played all of your games and they have been really fun but I’m not having fun with this one.... it’s too laggy I can’t move around I die of hunger or thirst because I can’t move fast enough and I keep getting killed by predators please fix thid


Runs great on my ipad pro 1. The graphics are a huge improvement from your previous games and I look forward to seeing the other sims get the same upgrade. Very fun sim too :)

- Its fun but still bad

It has gotten more laggy over the updates that fixed the wolf companions, yet there is still a load to fix with that. It is just about playable if you toggle some controls, but overall, the lag is too great and I don't enjoy playing. You cant find any wood or stones at all yet on my other device there is loads, I don't understand! It is impossible to get companions now, all the wolves are aggressive and none have blue triangles. Wolves will stay in the den and glitch causing even MORE lag, and removing them just makes things worse. The bosses will crash you when you have almost killed them, and when you feed your wolves the camera focuses on you so you cant see them eating. When you try to attack, the camera keeps focusing else where and I end up dying because I cant move. When you run the camera keeps focusing everywhere so I can't run straight anymore! Almost no animals spawn anymore, either. Its such a shame, the game has become worse since I got it! It was fun and just about playable before, now the updates have done more harm to the game than good. I won't play it anymore and unless all of these things are fixed, this is the worst game I have played. That was too bad, since the game was so much fun. Pls fix I'm so disappointed!

- Laggy...

Its a good game other that the lagging and glitching. I have only been playing for a while and i have become frustrated by how laggy this game is. If you could fix this in an update, I would be more than happy to give this game 5 stars. Thanks.

- Amazing, but glitchy

So far I love this game! It’s definitely an upgrade from the previous one. The graphics and gameplay are stunning, and I love the weather and season effects. The map is awesome too. The only issue I have is wth glitches. Sometimes it crashes randomly, and makes the things you build disappear. I built the Ivy overhang, and my game crashed, and when I loaded back on, it disappeared. I didn’t get my supplies back either. Also, if this is meant to be a realistic wolf game, is an animal trap and a campfire that realistic? Whenever I feed my mate, they’ll go high up into the air and die. It’s really annoying. And also, when I was trying to add another wolf to the pack, I was racing against it, and I was miles ahead of it, but I still lost. Please fix these glitches if you can. Other than that, this is a pretty good game!

- Lags

Love the game, it’s a lot of fun the graphics are great and same goes for the design. But most of my friends and myself who play the game find that the controls aren’t inSync with the game for example it’s really hard to battle bosses and catch food if everything you do happens a second later than when you actually moved your joystick. Also the game sometimes switches off and I have to start from the beginning. Still like the game but hope you can improve it

- Awesome but glitchy!!!

The game so far is awesome but I’ve experienced a couple of glitches... also I want to change my wolves ages, lineages, weights, dates they joined and pick their personality levels!!! Anyway here’s the glitches I’ve experienced — Game loads then crashes Wolves movements are slow and glitchy Camera movement is slow and glitchy Pack members follow but glitch far away when looking at them Pack members glitch in the water of den Pack members glitch far away when interacting Wolf lineage is the same as other pack members Fish are floating in the air above water Fish are black and are floating in the air above land Players can’t press the singing notes properly Animals run in water instead of swimming Wolves keep swimming in shallow water Wolves moods are the same (gloating) World goes black once loaded Can’t get press on the white once pressed on colour wheel Can’t press on the buttons without game glitching out Wolves glitch in water when changing to them I’ll update you when I find more! Please let me change my wolves ages, lineages, weights, dates they joined and pick their personality levels.

- Mates

Once’s you get a mate it hops out of the game and though that happens it’s good so far

- Please fix the lagging AND GAME IDEA PLEASE READ

This game is really good but it is still laggy I can’t go anywhere without it lagging and I want to play it so it runs smoothly If you could fix this please do so and I have an idea for a game too! An ultimate fantasy simulator! I have an idea so Level 1. (Starting animal) Fairy Level 5. Unicorn Level 10. Mermaid Level 15. Griffin Level. 20 Pegasus Level 25. Centor Level 30. Phoenix Level 35. Princess Level 40. Dragon For the skins, I have an idea for the dragon skins, fairy skins and princess skins For the fairy skins you can do different types of fairies (Level 1 water fairy, level 10 fire fairy, level 20 nature fairy) and they can have powers that relate to the skin eg water fairy can shoot water for attack and one of the power ups you can get is eg water fairy can summon tsunami for the princess when you do female or male you can do a prince Dragon skins can be like what you did for the ultimate dragon simulator same with the power ups (Fire, lightning and ice) AND MAKE SURE TO ADD THE LOG FOR THE ULTIMATE FANTASY SIMULATOR PLEASE THATS ALL great game!

- Game is playable now but a minor issue

I am now able to play the game now that the crashing problem is fixed however when I remove wolves from my pack, they still appear present in the physical pack den, the companions and relationship page when you open a wolfs profile. They don’t appear amongst the wolf profile images though. And I’m not sure if they take up spots in a back even though they have been removed

- Bug fixed NEEDED

I can’t swap between wolves and as soon as I build something in my den the game crashed and wouldn’t let me open the app. Love games, bought them all just need them to work cause the family part is the bit I love most!

- Good game but a lot of lag

Please fix lag as soon as possible so everyone can enjoy your amazing game but lag free.

- Can't download

I've tried downloading it so many times but it will not download. I've deleted over 2000 photos and many other apps to free up space but I still have the same problem.

- Crashing and lagging

Hello, I just want to say I’m a big game of your ultimate simulator games, and I love this one! But I lag quite a lot and after I got a pack member, it crashes and kicks me out of the game every time. I hope this is fixed because I really want to play it. I would also appreciate if the lagging was reduced. Thanks!

- Crashing

The game was going fine. I’m much more tolerant of little lag issues and the odd crash because, well, it’s an early game. But ever since I found a mate and immediately went to tap on their icon, the game crashed. Now, every time I go to load the game, it crashes before I can even get off the main loading screen. Bummer

- Great game but

Every time I find a mate it crashes 😢


It’s so glitchy but the game has good affects I hate that it is glitchy

- Graphics

The graphics are so stunning I have bought half of your games! I’m doing a YouTube video about this 5 STARS FOR GRAPHICS


I’ve been supporting your games for many years and I’m glad you guys came out with this. I know it’s only been a few weeks since it’s came out, but I can not even play the game what so ever. Bit of a bummer to be honest, I even switched the graphics to the lowest settings to see if it would help with the lag but it didn’t. It’s very buggy and laggy 😬😬 hope you guys can fix this.

- Crashes for me too

When I get a mate it crashes for me too and won’t let me back in the game. Please fix as I love this game. Thanks.

- Glitching

My wolf keeps walking sideways and I keep trying to make my bed in the den that’s close to the fire boss but I will make it and it will take my supplies but not recognise that I built it

- Ultimate wolf 2

Definitely better then ultimate wolf 1 and more realistic but some glitches here and there love the den I give this 5 stars

- Even after update, still crashing

Every time I get a mate it crashes and I know for a fact this happens to other people. I’ve had to redownload this game 4 times now kinda disappointed I can’t get a mate without my game crashing uncontrollably even when I restart my iPad :/

- Keeps crashing

It’s a good game but it keeps crashing

- Crashed and won’t restart

After about 30 mins of game play hooked up with another wolf, game immediately crashed and continuously crashes on restart. Fail

- Glitchy laggy and crashing :(

This keeps crashing me out of the app and it’s too laggy and glitchy can you please fix this problem I love this game I,m on an iPad Air so it should be ok to play i really want to play this game but every time I open the app it loads then crashes it’s getting on my nerves so please fix this issue I love all of your games and my shout out is to you so please fix this I want to live as a wild wolf have wolf cubs do what a wolf does I need this game in my life fam please fix this PROBLEM please fix this I don’t want to keep seeing glitch and not moving normaly and stuff please fix this

- Why so glitchy?

Hi Gluten-free games 🥳! I love this app sooo much but it’s soo glitchy. I can even barely move. Pls make sure you fix this :(. Love ur games as well! Thank you for reading,

- When I log in and shows the wolf It crashes

Hi gluten I now this is a new access game that I think it came out on Friday here is the problem I have to work with now I don't now if it is my iPad or the game now here is the problem I have to work with crashing when it showers the wolf and Entering the wild and I never get a chance to see wot it is like I got this game on Sunday and i was so excited to play your new game but guess wot I logged in and when I showed the wolf it crashes and I really won't to play it but I can't if it keeps on crashing like this please update it so I can play it and I am still on level one because I didn't even get play please fix gluten I have about every game you came out with

- Really good game

Considering it’s only in its very early stages it’s incredible, so don’t expect for everything to be completely perfect and non glitchy as it’s only it’s early stages but it’s incredible ♥️❤️😍🥰😘

- Lagging/Glitchy

Would love to play the game as I quite enjoy all the others but even though it is compatible with my device, it continuously lags and does not run smoothly. Would love the game and give a better rating if I could play the game better than I currently can.

- Crashing

Please stop the crashing! It’s an amazing game but as soon as I tried to be my mate I found it crashed and it won’t open

- Amazing game!

I absolutely love this game! I feel like people aren’t remembering that this is still in early release and of course it’s going to have crashed! Take your time in fixing them no stress! Amazing graphics as well. Love your games ✨

- Stop the Crashing!!!!

Please stop the crashing when I get the companion I just really want to enjoy this game just please fix it! 😭

- Keeps on crashing

Amazing game however, once I got an companion the game keeps on crashing. Plz fix

- Needs work

Have to say it’s a really great game when it works. Always crashes once I get my first companion and won’t work again until uninstall the game and reinstall it again. But even then it does the same thing crashes and won’t work once I get a companion. If fixed the game would be awesome.

- Good game but Crashing, can’t open App

The game so far is pretty good and the Graphics are definitely an Upgrade, I have only played for about 10 Minutes but I think a ‘Sneak’ option would be handy as it’s alert based. I also want to say I can’t get back on the Game, I managed to get a mate and then I went to see if I could somehow play as it or change its skin and I got kicked off the app and now I can’t get back on it as it Crashes before it loads, please fix This issue and I feel it could be a really good game (I was a Big fan of Ultimate Wolf Simulator)

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- Ultimate Wolf Simulator 2

so, i was watching youtube videos of people playing this, and it looks like as described, and everything also looks like it runs smoothly. but on my device it crashes a few seconds after you get into it. i trust y'all to fix this, because you never let me down with a single game, and they are all really fun! i hope i get a chance to play this, so thanks if you update this!👌😁 update(s): nov 16: this will now open for more then 3 seconds, and you get to see your character. but it crashes right after that.

- What the heck still crashing?!!

Can you plz fix the crashing for ios users like seriously your just pushing your iOS customers away at this point. Pls fix the crashing issues i can't even open the game 😡😢

- Crashing 🥺

Looks like a beautiful but it’s crashing

- Crashing

The game is crashing please fix this I was so excited to play it and I was upset with the game because it’s crashing Thank up

- Crashing

I have done all the updates so far and it is still not letting me go on. I love all there games and I was so exited for this one but it does not work so can you pls try to fix. No rush!

- Crashes 😢

I want to play it and it looks really good but any time i go on, it crashes and it says that it works with iPad but it’s not working, can you please fix this??

- Still crashing after many updates!

Look, I’ve been waiting to play this game for a while so now I’m starting to give up on this particular game. Is there any possible way to fix this to make this game actually playable for iOS users at this point?

- Still not working.

After the updates on this game, it still crashes after 5 seconds on the loading screen.

- Crash

It crashes when I open the game. Its only a few seconds before it crashes

- Crashing IOS

I just got this game and it crashed. I knew this was coming but I really hope you fix the crash’s and stuff.

- Crashing!!

It looks like it’s got amazing quality but kicks me off as soon as the loading screen is finished!!

- Fix this

I can’t even open the game. It’s keeps crashing. I tried to see if I had to have wifi but I guess not. Can you please try to fix this?

- Crashes,but...

This game crashes,ya,but it only came out on Oct 25!That is probably the reason.And it will be a great game in the past when it stops crashing!

- The game crashes

The game crashes every time I try to open. Please fix or reimburse me. Thank you

- Crashes

It crashes every time I open it. I want my money back.

- Crashing!!😕

This game has amazing looking graphics and I was so happy to have found a game like this but to only be on the application for 3 seconds!?! Now that’s enough to make me want my money back, all we (consumers) are asking for is to fix this crashing issue. PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!

- This game is not working! It opens but close after 2 seconds. Need a refond

I installed this games but every time I open it it close after 2 seconds. Restart my iPad same problem. I need a refond cause your application is not working

- Please try to fix the crashing as soon as you can

I know you are probably working on this but it’s crashing quite a bit. Me and some other people can’t get on the game without it crashing as soon as we open it. I think the game will be amazing once the issue is fixed though.


Fix the game please or give my money back. I was so excited when I bought it just to find out it crashes before even getting to play.

- Trash

cheap quality game. Waste of money it crashes in the opening screen. Expected better from this developer. I will uninstall if not fixed in the next update. U lazy people!!!!

- broken

can’t open game crashes as soon as you open wft!! , please fix this new game or refund my money.. I updated the app and still didn’t fix the crashing problem, can’t even load the game to play

- Umm

Game would be great if it worked for iPad mini’s, it will always crash before you can even get a millisecond of actual playtime

- What is this?

I’m sorry but this app is absolutely trash I want my money back it’s basically a spam, the game always crushes as soon as I open the game so please fix this or gimme my money back please Thank you 😌.


i bought the wolf sim as soon as it came out and as soon as i tap the game it loads and then crashes so i can’t even get in the game i am on a iphone 8plus please fix i just wanna play the game

- Crashing

Please fix the game so I can play it all it does is crash as soon as it opens

- crashing app

it crashes on the loading screen when I enter the app

- Game is laggy

I’m on iPad mini and the game is so laggy I don’t even know what to do! And the game keeps crashing at times! Please fix this!

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- Is great. Where was this game made from2🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺


- Please fix

When I just bought this game and opened it up and the game was glitching out like I couldn't move the beginning screen was flickering and was also on the tutorial part and I couldn't move and even though I restarted it that didn't work either! PLEASE FIX!

- :/

This game is beautiful, definitely an improvement on graphics, for your older sims. Though there’s one thing missing. How do I actually play? Like, the lag on it is terrible. I can’t even move with how laggy it is. It’s sad because this game was beautiful.. Sadly unplayable.

- Future updates

Ok ok i know you might get angry bye this BUT I WOULD ABSOLUTELY L0VE for you to make this in the future because it’s still glitchy and other stuff. -When I go to let’s say a bear my pack does not fight with me please fix this! -Ok for the things I will ask just make on settings a mode called realistic life if people do not want it make it so you turn the mode off. -To begin with this make it so u can have up to 4O wolves or if that’s T00 HARD 34. -Make it so there a pile of food I mean prey some where in ur den and it will have prey u have hunted in a day! -patrol u can take up to 2-8 members of ur clan/pack and hunt or mark territory! -Territory: I think u should be allowed to scratch trees and creat your territory! Also when fennec what talking about make it work like Warrior cats I think YEs I love warrior cats do that when u make cat simulator 2! Edit: Can you please answer me and think about the updates I suggested for the future!Also somebody said that they had to pictures of there wolf what has happened is that they now have two of that wolf that happened also to me please fix this!

- Amazing game!

This game is INCREDIBLE!!! Except for one thing. This game seems to take a lot of my battery and I’m not sure if it’s the game or my device but if it is the game then PLEASE FIX IT BECAUSE I WANT TO PLAY IT FOR AGES! Also another thing. It’s a bit glitchy and whenever I pick up food it just goes flying everywhere (not away from me, it’s still in my mouth). Other than that I LOVE THIS GAME AND CANT WAIT FOR NEW UPDATES!🤩🤩🐺🐺🐺

- Glitches

When I saw the ad it looked so good I downloaded it even after everyone complained about being kicked off the game after getting a mate but I was willing to pay real money because of the hope I had for this game but when I downloaded it it was so glitchy I couldn’t even walk and even after Turing every setting the lowest possible the game quality looked awful but it was still extremely glitchy so I suggest you fix these problems to make the game playable and not scam people out of their money

- A lot of lag

I can even log in it needs a very big update

- You got to do something! 😡

I have complained about this glitch for a year now but you haven’t fixed it! The game lags so much and if you don’t do something I will not play gluten free games any more!

- Really good game

This game is really good and is definitely 100% better than the first ones (even tho they were still good) but there’s one problem and it’s that there are no rocks anywhere. I have been playing it for a while now and I’ve only found 3 rocks. Also please make a dog simulator 2. Maybe have like more than one owner to go to and have more things to interact with the owner and other stuff around the world

- Too much lag

Well I get the game and get on it but when I come on the game it’s really laggy and won’t stop being laggy and it’s super annoying so please try find a way too stop it and it would be very helpful

- Amazing, but an annoying glitch

This is a great game and I highly recommend it. The graphics are great, and it runs well (with medium graphic options) and is a big improvement to past simulators. However I have come across a glitch which is not game breaking, but is very annoying. It’s that the wolf portraits ( that you use to switch what wolf you are playing as ) has glitched, so one of the wolves isn’t appearing, and there are two pictures of one wolf. Please fix this. Apart from this the game is great and I hope you will make higher quality versions of other sims e.g ultimate cat simulator. 😁

- I like it but....

I really love the features on it but it is slow and really lagging I know most people are saying this but if you get it fixed then it will be great so please get it fixed because I would really like to play this game with it running perfectly 🙂

- Excellent game...but...

This is very laggy for me, although my WiFi is excellent, and so is my device, but even if I lower everything including the graphics, it is very laggy and I am not happy about this. I love the game so much, IT IS EVERYTHING TO ME...I LOVE WOLVES. So, please make this lag reduce! From the heart,Lucy.

- Good, BUT...

Alright, here we go. Wolf Simulator 2 is a very good game: Hugh quality, amazing hunting and tracking prey system, extremely accurate. But there is a glitch that I would like to address. I was fighting the Fire Spirit (having defeated the Earth Spirit and the Ice Spirit) and I was low on health, so I tried running away, but the button was broken. I died, and I was so close to defeating the boss. Also, with the dodge system, usually when you dodge you don’t take damage, but I still took damage! I am extremely angry, and I recommend you look further into this. Thank you for reading, - Fennic Fox Studios. Edit: It appears the bug has been fixed, or my skills just improved! If you did fix this, thanks so much! By the way, maybe make a Cat Simulator 2? Like where you can choose your cat breed and (natural) colours, and coat length! Maybe make it work a bit like Warrior Cats? If you could make this I would actually scream with joy lol, great game!

- Amazing!

Many people say the game is laggy and slow I use an iPad Pro and the game works perfect the wolf model you play as looks amazingly realistic stunning game really!

- I love it but....

I do really love this game there is A LOT of improvement especially with the graphics and models but there is always the lag that comes with such a beautiful game and that once i had a pup a den and other stuff I seemed to loose interest with the game since there was not a lot to do after you do all of that stuff I don’t know if it’s just me that always gets bored with gluten-free games after a while but you should definitely buy it I don’t mean to say it’s boring but it’s just from my experience with the games there are also some minor glitches but I’m sure they will get fixed I don’t crash though

- Great and amazing

Amazing game and so realistic

- Good game but

This game is really good! Graphics are amazing, so realistic🤗🤗🤗🤗 The only trouble is it’s so laggy when I walk and go around, I manage to kill animals and stuff but it’s really laggy whilst I’m doing so, please could you fix this! That would be 👍🏻


IM IN LOVE WITH THIS GAME AND I WOULD LIKE IT IF, IF YOU DEFEAT A BOSS YOU GET TO BECOME THE BOSS WHENEVER YOU WANT SO U CAN SHOW OTHER PLAYERS YOUR STRENGTH ALSO IF YOU CAN CARRY YOUR BABIES AND JUMP ONTO YOUR PREY AND TAKE EM OUT sorry I was overexcited but it’s a good game. Btw keep your water on heigh and put everything else on medium if you put on very heigh or heigh but not on water it will make it sooooo laggy that you can’t even attack or move properly and overall great game. Special thanks to gluten and the original Ultimate wolf sim one it’s made an amazing game.

- To much lag

I love your games so so so so so so so MUCH. but this on would be my fav but it’s just too LAGGIE!!!!! I will never quit your games I just really want you to try and sort this out please. I only really have your games on my iPod except from Minecraft and Roblox. So please please please try and fix the game.

- 🥺pretty bad

This lag makes the game unbearable to play, please fix it immediately as we all spent money on this game and we should expect it to be working well, I really do hope you fix this as soon as you can.

- Not even playable

Wont even let me play its glitching like hell assooon as the wolf apears half of the loading screen is black and then it flashes from loading aceen to gameplay and then as i go to lower graphics all the browsers stay open and flashes it stupid as i waste my money for a game i cant even play this is trash fix this!

- Breeding glitch

Once you get a mate you can never play the game again it’s just freezes and takes you to home screen this is a huge issue and you should fix it, it’s a very lazy game it’s looks likes you put effort and why the actual ell ate you not fixing this glitch I looked at the reviews and almost everyone has had this problem and it’s unfixable I deleted the game and then downloaded the game again and when I got a mate guess what it glitched never playing this game ever if it’s not fixed I waisted days on this stupid ugly game btw the graphics are poo why does everyone think there good well there good for you poopy company. Wish I could rate this 0 stars ps have fun everyone losing everything in this game. DONT download this DONT go watch YouTube instead 😡🤬

- The breeding glitch

The game is great and is fun to play but the breeding glitch is very annoying, I have 100% bond on everything and am still not able to breed. Please fix this gluten because I was really exited to breed at it has never worked. Thank you

- Pls fix this:

Whenever I get a mate it turns blue after that if I try to go into menu to ( I don’t know) see my wolf’s stays the game goes off completely and doesn’t let me back on so I have to delete the game and get it again. Overall I enjoy the game. It’s just that bit and I really want a non-blue mate! Pls can you fix this?

- Glitches

I'm trying to play on an iPad but the game barely even loads and the doesn't allow me to play because the whole screen is glitchy

- PLEASE help

My game keeps crashing everytime I find a mate fix this please I’m on level 30 and it took FOREVER to reach it I don’t wanna keep deleting and downloading it again.

- Insane lag.

I use a iPad Air 2 and the lag is unacceptable. I can’t even play, or move because of the lag, and I would like a refund.

- Amazing but...

Hello I think this games will s the best simulator I have ever seen.As soon as I loaded the game I was like wow this is amazing I love the walk are run cycle and the tail. I love the customisations you can do.the world looks amazing too The only down side is I have got another wolf in my pack then the game crashed and I can’t get it up again I know I am now t the only one with this problem please can you fix it. Thank you

- Good game

I love this game but I have played it for 2 hours and the game crashed on me and now I can’t get back on. I can only get back on if I delete it and download it again, then I loose all my progress. Please fix this problem. Other than that I love this game❤️❤️


I have been very annoyed everytime i try open the game it shuts off, I am on Iphone6 and my friend said it were not laggy Fix this please.

- Okay idea, but awful graphics

I think this game is a great idea, but for me, it stops and gos, again and again and again. Pretty much awful.

- Crashes after level 5

The game its self is good however after I reach level five which I have done three times, twice on my phone once on my iPad. The game just crashes and won’t open again anymore

- Love it but one problem

I love the game but the thing is I have a mate but it kicked me out. It keeps saying entering wild then kicks me out please sort it out I have been deleting and re-playing it but for some reason it kicks me out I don’t understand why but it just does. Overall good game I have even played please sort this ‘crashing thing’

- Just one problem

I can’t chose to play as my other wolves. The games great and I love it but as soon as I click on any other of my wolves tabs I’m taken off the game and I can’t get back on, if that’s fixed I’ll be a lot happier

- I love the game but it keeps crashing

This has to be the best wolf simulator game but for me once I got my wolf a mate the game crashed and now I can’t load the game without it crashing on the loading screen

- No lag but...

I love this game but I have to delete it twice because of this problem. I have also tried to off load it. Whenever I get a mate and the next time I log off, I try to go back on it shows me the intro of the wolf laying down and the title but then it goes off. Please fix this and I will try and play this game a nice amount of time, but this is just annoying me. I love this game so much, thank you

- Good but

When I started the game I was so exited but when i finally got a mate they died then when they came back the game just suddenly crashed when I tried to go back on it kept crashing. Please fix these problem it’s also very laggy on iPad

- Kicks me off

Great gameplay but when I add a member if I try to play as it I’ll get kicked off and be unable to access it again unless I delete it and get it again, I have tried to lower graphics but it still doesn’t work. Please fix this, it is an excellent game and I have all the space and quality I thing the game just needs bug fixes thanks!

- It Won’t Even Let Me On

Hey Gluten!! Big fan of your games! I love the new game Unlimited Wolf Simulator 2 but it won’t let me on. I’ve played it once or twice and it would randomly glitch off, as soon as I get a mate it sends me to the home screen. I got really angry because I love playing it and I can’t anymore. This glitch also occurs with Unlimited Fox Simulator and there’s a glitch with the water. But besides that it’s a great game, the best yet probably! Keep up the brilliant work! XXX

- amazing game! however..

the minute you higher the graphics your game starts to lag like crazy! the animations are amazing and the movements are beautiful but the lag really does need to be fixed, along with crashing. besides that it’s an amazing game i just think you need to fix these issues as soon as possible. edit: i got a mate and now the game will not let me back on :/ please fix this.

- Amazing game but...

Hi I’m Beth. Ok so this review is pretty much the same as everyone else’s. I read them before I brought the game but decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and whilst the games graphics are amazing and it’s such a good game to play. It kicks you out and refuses to reload if you get a mate this is an issue that pretty much everyone else is having and it definitely needs sorting out ASAP I’ve deleted the game twice which meant restarting and it did the same thing as soon as I got a mate both times. This needs fixing. I’ve written a comment on your Facebook page as you have no email address to contact and it’s all but been ignored. Sort the damn glitch

- Great potential

This app seems like it could be great, but there are lots of problems. It’s very slow, glitchy and lags. The app randomly shuts down and will not re open - even after re starting the phone. It must be deleted and re installed, therefor re setting your saved game and starting again. Please fix this so it’s actually playable.


Gluten, dont get me wrong i love all your creative ideas however , these ideas come with bugs and im just begging you..please fix them because the mating is actually a big part of the game, and to not to even be able to have a pack makes me sad as i love wolves and packs..please dont make me believe i need to quit

- Crashes

Good graphics but the fact the game continues to crash when you get a mate isn’t great at all... literally lets it all down and there’s no point paying for a game that can’t even live up to what it is expected from it :/ gunna delete and won’t be recommending to anymore, in fact will be doing the opposite.

- ❤️❤️pretty goood❤️❤️

Dear gluten I ABSOLUTELY love your games and love UltimateWolf simulator 1 and when I found out there was a second game you bet your pets life I got it when I did I played and played for ages but a few things first I feel that when u move to turn around it’s a bit dramatic and a bit hard to eat if your trying to get the icon thing to pop up and also when I got a mate the game crashed and now I can’t get back on after a few bugs are fixed this will be one of my favourite games EVER.

- Great BUT

Great game, everything looks great and works great however using an iPhone 6s the game keeps crashing and I can no longer open the app and run it. The only solution is to delete and reinstall, however the same thing happens very early on in the game usually around the time I can add another wolf to the pack. This means I cannot play the game for long or properly which is a real shame since I paid for it and enjoyed it. Any way to fix please?

- fantastic game! but..

I brought this app as soon as I saw it, I’ve been a huge fan of your simulators for years now, they’ve been a part of my childhood!! I love this one to bits, the walk cycles are so realistic it blows me away. the only problem is I can’t get a mate, as it kicks me off the game and won’t let me back in the moment I have one :’’) I’ve had to delete and reinstall the game and I’m too scared to try again haha. i really hope you can fix this, the game has so much potential and I love it so much !! great job :”)

- Really bad bug

Well I love this game a lot and I play it a lot but every time I get a mate it kicks me of and doesn’t let me back on and this is getting really annoying because it’s happened 3 times now and I really don’t want to delete it again for it to go glitchy.good side is I LOVE the graphics and the seasons and other but.......when you kill prey it goes like a twisted cloth it’s not very ‘realistic’.apart from that is a really good game!can u fix it?

- Ult dragon sim 2

Could you make a ultimate dragon simulator 2 pls?

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Ultimate Wolf Simulator 2 1.5 Screenshots & Images

Ultimate Wolf Simulator 2 iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Ultimate Wolf Simulator 2 iphone images
Ultimate Wolf Simulator 2 iphone images
Ultimate Wolf Simulator 2 iphone images
Ultimate Wolf Simulator 2 iphone images
Ultimate Wolf Simulator 2 iphone images
Ultimate Wolf Simulator 2 ipad images
Ultimate Wolf Simulator 2 ipad images
Ultimate Wolf Simulator 2 ipad images
Ultimate Wolf Simulator 2 ipad images
Ultimate Wolf Simulator 2 ipad images
Ultimate Wolf Simulator 2 Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Ultimate Wolf Simulator 2 Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Ultimate Wolf Simulator 2 (Version 1.5) Install & Download

The applications Ultimate Wolf Simulator 2 was published in the category Games on 2019-10-11 and was developed by Gluten Free Games [Developer ID: 698937431]. This application file size is 226.02 MB. Ultimate Wolf Simulator 2 - Games posted on 2019-12-15 current version is 1.5 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Ultimate Wolf Simulator 2 Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence

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