Fun Race 3D

Fun Race 3D [Games] App Description & Overview

From folks who brought you Run Race 3D.
Experience full parkour experience with hundreds of unique levels.
Race with others, achieve levels , unlock new characters.
Every level brings a new unique fun experience.
Very easy to play. Hold to run, release to stop.
Do you have what it takes to reach to end?

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- Bug Fixes

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- Reason I rated game 3 stars.

I’m not trying to be mean when writing this review for you and for critiquing you, I just want you to take in my advice of what to do in the game and either fix it or use it wisely in the making of your next game. My first reason is... there are to many ads. I understand you get paid for having that many ads on there, but you could at least cut down some of the ads. Every time I lose or keep failing in the game instead of letting me have another try immediately I have to wait one or two minutes for an add to end before I can try again. If it weren’t for the ads I could play this all day. My second reason... you need to give the characters a choice to run faster, part of the reason people don’t make it through the obstacles sometimes is because their characters can’t run fast enough to run away from the obstacles. You should at least make the person pay with COINS, not real money! 😒 Those are all the improvements that you should make to the game, and I hope you use my advice wisely. That is the reason I rated this game three stars, 2 improvements need to be made. Sincerely, Mad-dog the great

- Mixed feelings

I gave a 3 star rating bc It really is a fun game, and it reminds me of wipeout so it’s cool! but it freezes a lot and it also gets shaky at times, I was really disappointed when I was to the “season” that had the blocks that moved bc no matter what I tried I could not get through, whoever I was playing w had the same problem too, like the three of us tried soo hard to get across that obstacle and it wasn’t letting us. I would get on a block then stop to wait for another one to get on but my character was still moving almost as if it was sliding bc my legs weren’t moving and I had no control! I ended up falling everytime even though I wasn’t touching the screen. So I thought I would close out of it and then open it again bc I figured it was just my phone acting up but it wasn’t when I played it again it did the same thing, not just to me though it wasn’t letting the other players get across either. So I deleted the game and downloaded it again but I have to start all over now and now I’m having trouble controlling my character all together... Also obstacles sometimes get in the way of the view to another obstacle it’s mostly the wheels/fans or whatever that block the view of another obstacle you’re supposed to get through. I really enjoy the game despite everything. just think it needs touch ups.

- Fun game

This is a fun game and can be great just one thing level one is so hard! It took me three try’s to pass the first part then I died the good thing is that in the middle if you pass it and you die then you will load and respond in the middle also level three is so freakin hard! It frustrates me to think about it and you do not get flat after you die. In the add I saw for this game someone fell of the edge but you never do fall of the edge! Also this game is addicting at first but I have had the app for a month now and hardly even play it now! In conclusion this app is a great app and I would recommend it but it is hard and a little addicting! You should have this app already

- Pretty fun game, but needs a lot of changes

As you can see in the title, this game is pretty fun, but only if you know how to avoid all the bad things about it. Some of the angles, for example, are terrible. I was playing a race once and I was about to finish it, but on the last obstacle my view was totally blocked by the obstacle before. On another race, I couldn’t tell if I was between the hammers which would make me safe, or right next to the hammer about to get smacked out of existence. Another problem with this game is the placement of your character. I don’t like how you and your opponents are in different spots. These placements can either help you tremendously, or destroy your chance at winning. The middle spot is the best spot to be. The outer spots are the worst spots to be. I think that the game should place the characters in the same place like most other games of today rather than different places to make the race much more fair. You might say, “But how are you supposed to see yourself?” Well, you can make the other players “ghost players,” in the sense that the other players are almost completely transparent, but still visible. These issues are VERY annoying and make the game much less fun than it could be. But if you can overcome these problems somehow, then the game is pretty fun.

- Pretty fun, but a few glitches....

Hi I got this game because a friend recommended it for me and loved it. I love all the skins, especially the cute new animated ones. I love the dances and all the other cool personalizing things u can do. But a few glitches.... for one thing when I do the bonus level it takes a really long time to get all the coins and it has trouble loading, so if sorted that up. Also when you go to “chest room” it makes you watch a video to be able to get a key. I’d like to know how to get it without the ads. Otherwise great game, I’d recommend. Btw thx so much for letting me back in!!! 💖💖 I still like u, but this makes me really mad 😡 I was ahead of everyone else in a race but then I just stopped moving. I still pressed down on the screen but it had just stopped. Then I died and the other people caught up and I lost. I was winning, so this makes me really MAD!!!😡😡😠😠🤬🤬😤😤But even after this ur still pretty fun so that’s why you r 4 not 5 stars ⭐️ But still even though I’m really ticked off about the other thing 🤬😡😤😠 u r still a pretty good game so congrats 🎉

- Really fun but a few complaints.

First off the game is rlly fun and I don’t want to come off as one of those hating reviews. However there are a few things I feel make the game a little trashy. First, the skins, body types, and body colors are all the same from the previous race game from good job call run race 3d. When I first got the game this felt like a rip off because I had already put so much time and effort into that game, that it felt like I had gotten reset. I still feel it is kind off cheating to say that this is a whole different game bc in reality it is just run race with better graphics, some different obstacles, and different camera angles. My second complaint is that the camera angles for certain obstacles don’t really work. Sometimes there is a bad camera angle for certain obstacles and it makes the game much harder then it has to be (but not in a good way). In conclusion, I feel this is a really fun game but it doesn’t feel like a totally new game to its predecessor. If these fixes are made then I will edit my review. But I really don’t think that is going to happen, looking at good jobs track record.

- It’s ok but needs some work

I have had this game for a month now and one thing is a little annoying. I don’t like the rag doll affect. It’s just so annoying. And I wish it would be a little easier. Also sometimes when you lose a race this button come up that says race again and has the ad symbol on it. When I press that I watch the ad and I don’t even race the same player that I did before!! And there is a ridiculous amount of ads. Every time you win or lose a race you have to watch an ad! The only times you aren’t watching an ad is during the race and when you complete a season. And one more thing the races are pretty much the same map. How about a little more originality. Thank you for reading this and please make a change. I have had this game for a while year now and have only seen a small change in ads. There aren’t as many as there were before but I’m not seeing any of my other suggestions (look above) considered. I would love it also if you added some way you can play music, that would make the game so much more enjoyable if you could play your favorite songs.

- Meh 😐

About a year or so ago I deleted this app don’t get me wrong I love the game butttt it is WAY too difficult after level 10, I had to try try try try try again and again SECOND OFF THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY ADDS 1 OR 2 BETWEEN EVERY 2 it drives me NUTS my name on there is thesimpsons2020! And btw that is NOT my real name now Idk who would think it’s my name but I just wanted to tell you that........ANYWAY let’s cut to conclusions here if you wanna give some feedback on this complaint comment or whatever you wanna call it just know I’m a little 9 year old who is HIGHLY sensitive and that my dad processes data at revolution data systems sooooooo.... I can ask him how I can delete this and never think of it again. Now remember I’m a 9 year old so Idk when I’m threatening other people I have 2 Knesset and a knephew (Nef yoo) soooo I’m usually pretty sweet 🙃☺️ #NOTBRAGGING if u know what I mean 😉😉 🤣🤣🤣 srry 4 all the emojies I’m OBSESSED with ‘em srry if I was being mean I like the game & btwwwww I waaaaaasss gonna give it 2 stars ⭐️ ⭐️ but noooooowww I GIVE IT A THUMBS UP 👍 AND I WOULD SUB AND HIT THE 🛎 IF I COULD!!! 👍👍👍

- Not the best =.

Uhhh..yep I don’t really like it and here’s why : (1. It’s very very VERY glitchy sometimes I hold and it just keeps me stand still which is FRUSTRATING (2. Level 2 IS IMPOSSIBLE like the only place u could find for the other spinning thing is almost the end? Like i run and it just runs into me like wind (3. Why are the spinning things faster than u? Like when I run pass one I get hit like it’s impossible to know when u should go it takes me like 5 times to pass it (4. If u Irwin level one u don’t even get like 1 money like okay...didn’t I tell u that it’s hard to pass the spinning thing? Exactly ! It is hard to pass it and u get no money? I know u start with 50 money but it doesn’t even afford a thing :/. And here are the updates I would like : how about like u Make two circles one for jumping and another for walking its better u can walk left and right and backward and front and the next update how about u just make a button on the side of the screen when u press it u sprint and adding more obstacles would be great if u would add more :) I hope this game gets fixed I still have it and still play it! :)

- False Advertising

I’ve seen so many ads for this game and it actually looked fun. I figured that it would be a fun game to play with friends or something. It’s nothing like that tho. First of all, there is no multiplayer option. One of the lines in the description literally says that you can “play with others”, but no, you can’t. Now, maybe you could make the argument that they meant that you could play against other people online, but the funny thing is that all of the opponents are bots. How do I know? Well here’s a funny story that I’m sure will tickle your funny bones. So I was doing a race, but then left the game mid race to go do something. Of course I expected to lose the race, but much to my surprise, when I reentered the app, I was playing the same exact dude and he was in the same exact place he was in when I left. So obviously, unless this mans happened to leave and return to the game at the same exact time as me, it was a bot. So yeah, this game would be so fun if doing well actually mattered and you could play against other people, but the fact that it’s against CPUs and they lied by saying that you play against other people makes this game terrible.

- I do not understand Fun City

The game is okay, but it gets repetitive after a while. Plus as many people have pointed out, there is an advertisement after every play. But I guess my biggest issue: what is up with the Fun City? I thought it was a mini game within the game. But it is just something you build and does nothing. Additionally, I first thought acquiring 175,000 diamonds for the last set would take forever. However I built up levels very quickly. I am now at level 101 and receive 78 million diamonds for every play and 13 thousand diamonds every nano-second. So now I am up to 8 billion diamonds to get to the next level, which likely takes another day or two. But why, the number of the diamonds? It is just odd having to acquire millions and billions of diamonds. That and the fact that there is nothing to do within the mini-game. Last question: what level does the Fun City go to? At this rate it will be in the Trillions of diamonds at some point.

- This game is pretty fun!! But....

Ok, so to start off, I love this game! And I usually play it in my free time. I love the obstacles, and I like competing with other players. But there are a few problems. First of all, are they even real life people we are playing with? Or are they just bots with random names..? I’m so confused. The next issue, is the angles. Some of the angles are really bad. Like for example, in a few races, I was close to winning, but all of a sudden, it turns a different angle, and my opponents get in front of me. Another thing! Why do we all have to be in separate spaces? Once, I was playing with one person, I was on the right side, and he was on the left side. I kept loosing because the right side was terrible! The last thing is, ADDS! There are way too many. And the annoying thing is, they are all like 30 seconds long! I know it’s how you make money but please put shorter adds. Overall, the game is fun, and I’m on Lv. 85.

- 3rd party charges

First day playing this game, thought it was pretty fun. The ads were annoying, but exiting out of them seemed easy enough. Then, probably a half hour into playing, I get a message from Sprint that a third party content was purchased from Loot Games Access from Playphone, which I had never heard of but can easily imagine it was one of the many ads I was exiting out of to play this game. I never once clicked anything other than the X, and there was never a “confirmation” of buying anything, and now I’m stuck figuring out how to get rid of a $9.99 a month subscription that I never willingly signed up for. Buyer beware for this game and any like it, because this is shady behavior and you might be stuck with a purchase you don’t want and don’t know how to get rid of. Googling it and finding multiple other people dealing with the same problem, and saying that even when they try to unsubscribe and stop payments, they are still getting charged. I won’t be playing this game again because of this, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else either.

- It’s ok

Like everyone else, I enjoy the game and the challenge of coordination and timing, but when rating this game you have to consider all the baggage that comes with it. The adds are relentless and really takes me out of the mood to continue playing. However, Apple users, you can simply use your home button to end the add as it pops up. Double click and clear the app then simply reopen it. Takes about 7 seconds and puts you back where you left off in the game. You can do this endlessly and keep in the heat of the game. The view changes can be a small pain but learning where they change is some of the challenge. Once you master it it’s no longer an issue. I played for a while and almost deleted it cause of the adds. Once I figured out the home button trick I went on a marathon run. I’m done now and looking for something else. Lol. Short term interest in the free games. I don’t like paying for anything so that’s what I get. Lol

- Really annoying game, but okay

I first really wanted this game, and thought it was fun. Throughout my time playing this, I finally figured it out. It’s making you loose on purpose. It just wants you to loose. It only has an Ai. I would really love having a few real players instead of Ai people who somehow always seem to win. Plus, some of the obstacles are impossible to get to or in, and the Ai players have no problem doing it. Overall, it’s a good game and meets good expectations. But I have a feeling this game is not for kids. The game skins include adult shows, and useless skins that represent nothing. It’s really glitchy and has too many adds and offers. And the thing is, you also can’t like level up or get music or anything like that. And most of all the 3D sounds good, but it’s just straight up creepy. I’m not trying to hurt anybody’s feelings, and remember, this is my opinion and you don’t have to listen. Have fun playing, and a quick recommendation, of the 2d version. - 🌈Harry Potter Fan101🌈

- The game is fun but it also isn’t fun at times

So I was playing this game and at first I thought it would be a game against at least 4 other players online. And then maybe there would be a big course to run around on for the water wipeout stuff. But it isn’t at all. It’s a very small tiny course and you only face one player. Not only that but a lot of people I was against knew how play the game and beat certain obstacles at a timing they memorized. So it’s bad that the game doesn’t throw out harder challenges that have off timers on things so people don’t cheat like that. Plus after someone beats the race you can’t try and run for second place. It just ends the game. The game also lags a lot during some matches with players. So I have to give this game a 1 star for now. If the game ever has bigger maps with more players added and where people could score 2nd and 3rd and whatever else to get some more coins. And or make the things more challenging where players can never always cheat the time on things then I would give it a 5 star.

- Issues issues issues (tsk tsk tsk)

Let me put this straight: I LOVE fun race. But it’s too easy. The bots purposefully fail so you can win. Honestly, I haven’t had a game I didn’t win. Please add a feature where you can choose your bots. Like, levels of bots. “Easy”, for beginners, “Medium”, for advanced beginners, “Hard”, for experienced players, and “Legendary”, for pros. Maybe? Just a suggestion. On a level with those boxing gloves, the bot waited until they could get hit. Just why??? And it gets boring. Once you own all the skins, dances, and sizes of players, and you’ve tried most of the levels, it’s boring. The levels barely change and they’re too easy. Fix your game. Also, you are hard on the ads. HAAAAAARD. You need to watch an ad if you fail a level, or else you can’t restart it. I hate this game now. I will be there to support the game when it needs it, but fix your game or I won’t be there. Please fix it. I love this game, but it’s so... I don’t know, HORRIBLE. Thank you 😊 Anonymous

- Great game when it’s not glitching

I just started playing this game a couple days ago and it’s been a lot of fun, until today. Today the game started glitching. I do the normal 3 person race then instead of a 2 person race on the same course it’s a 2 person race on a completely different course. Which seems to be a common glitch I’ve read about. What I don’t understand is there’s reports of this issue going back almost a month, why hasn’t this been addressed? Also for my bonus rounds it shows the course and the countdown, but when it says go I have no characters to play. So I figured I’d exit the app and come back. Well when you come back you lose that bonus round. So now I’m missing out on earning coins. Like I said before it’s a fun game, but I’m annoyed with the amount of glitches. If it continues I’ll be deleting the app, the glitches take away a lot from the overall game play.

- Mixed opinion

I gave and 3 star because truly it’s a good and bad game. I like how you can level up and customize your character. Also I like the “Fun City” were you can create your own course. But what I REALLY hate about this game is all the ads😡! Like when I first open the app everyday I can’t even race, I get two ads on stuff nobody needs! Also I don’t like how if you get down to you and one other person and you lose, you ether have to watch an ad to restart or you have to start all over with three people. But what I DO like is that you can that you don’t have to buy all your characters and you can earn them when you win the race. Also, this is just a suggestion, maybe some time or a another, could you add some more characters to the game, I’m getting pretty tired of trying to earn the same character over and over one over again. But, overall, I think it’s an ok game.

- Very fun! But it has a flaw..

Ever since I got this game there has been ups and downs. To start off, the ads are SO annoying. The worst part is that they are usually up 20 or 30 seconds long, and it’s almost after every round! I know it’s a way to make money, but at least try to make it less often that you get the same ad over and over again. Another small flaw is that whenever you get the chance to win a special character or prize after a few rounds, the game makes you wait through ANOTHER ad to actually get it, and I just think that waiting a few rounds that also include a TON of ads is long enough. But the reason I really like this game is that it’s pretty addictive, and lots of fun. There are tons of fun rounds to challenge others on, and I think that the main part of the game is great!

- Good game but sometimes it doesn’t let me and a glitch

So the day I got the game it made me play a race and I race the tow 2 and then it took me to the chest room and I tried to open one but I realized that I needed a key so I click on the ad thing to get a key but it won’t let me btw can this company work on that plz so back to my complain so sometimes the dance I picked would not let press it and sometimes when I am on WIF it still won’t let me do that dance so the next day after getting the game it has a few glitches so when I was in a race it was a glitch on the game so I the slide it froze so when I got out of the and then I got back in the game and it still froze so I had to delete it and then back got it was saying you cannot get the app because of a glitch so I waited a few day’s and then I got btw it took forever to get all of my stuff back I had spent 100 dollars on coin’s

- Fun but annoying

I love the game and the obstacle course style race with others even if it is bots. But it gets super annoying that it really doesn’t matter if you’re in the lead or not it all depends on the course itself if you’re going to win because for the most part if you’re on the far right side chances are you are screwed because most of the turns and obstacles are always opening and closing on that side so you just basically have to play until the game decides you have lost enough and throws a bot in that literally doesn’t move the whole race (I’ve stood and waited to see for a couple of minutes) the far left side (you will never start on it) is the easiest path for the bot to avoid most obstacles. Also sometimes it just doesn’t let you get passed a section even if you have cleared the shadow of the obstacles ( that’s the trick) it will continue to reset infinitely until you reset the app.

- Reason I rated game 3 stars

Okay so I just got this game a few days ago and i have to say, I’m a little disappointed. The few first levels, are so hard! Even the first one I couldn’t beat right away! Secondly, the same obstacles keep coming on the game OVER and OVER again. It’s still fun, but a little annoying. Thirdly, there’s a few glitches. When there are punching hands, when they punch out, they don’t go that far. AND, when they punch out, and I’m like maybe an inch away, they STILL hit me! When I’m where the punch bags are, they don’t hit me. Lastly, I thought the game was where you Play WITH friends and do the obby together. That’s what the add showed. So instead you have to RACE them. It’s still fun, but a little sad. I ❤️ fun race 3D, and goodjobgames. The maker of a lot of these 3D games like run race 3D, and color bump 3D (which I also have both) it’s a great game! Sincerely, Becca

- Suggestions for future plans

Please put less ads. Now you all seem desperate for money. After EVERY SINGLE game there’s like a 20-30 second ad, before the update, there would only sometimes be ads enter the game, and it wouldn’t be as long. It’s gotten so bad I have to turn off my WiFi just so I can play without the annoying ads popping up ALL THE TIME! I’m not usually one to bother about ads, I understand y’all need to get that money & stuff, but please can you not put them pretty much every second? I’m here to play the game, not watch ads more than half of the time. Another thing is the strange names. This doesn’t really matter, it just confuses me lol. I’ve seen several “open the gates”, “Look in The Mirror”, “Kill meeeee”, and weird stuff like that. Suggestions: • please, PLEASE put less ads! It gets very annoying. •maybe an option for people to play with other real life players? I think that would be interesting! •higher quality skins/outfits. •an option to maybe run faster for a few seconds? •adding accessories to the characters like shoes, different hair, beards, glasses, etc. Or being able to make your own character! Sorry for the long review, hope you read this & consider the suggestions! ❤️

- FunRace 3D

It’s is okay but run race 3D was a lot better than this it give u a hard angle to see from and I think that’s annoying I not trying to be the person who gives it a bad review but hey people need honest feedback so I would not play this again but if your someone who has lots of patience and like to Challenge yourself then hey be my guest and get it but it takes up storage and it’s not that fun but this is only my opinion you may like it a lot now let’s get into the actual game first off you don’t ear a lot of coin like run race 3D did and they copied the outfits it is a lot like run race 3D so I don’t see the point in having it second it’s just not the best game I have played cause you have to hold down and it’s just really annoying so yay but yes they do have lots of different stages and stuff but the angles of it are really hard to see what and when to go. I just wish they would let us set the angles to play from and have some new outfits that’s why I give it one star.

- This game is trash

I had a five star on this game because it was fun... at first. I ran into a lot of bugs and things that make the game really bad, like the camera angles. The obstacles kill me sometimes after I pass them and a lot of other things. I’m trying to stay up all night and I wanted a game to help me do that and I saw this and I thought it could be the one, but it makes me mad and frustrated. This would be a good game but because of the bugs and everything I couldn’t get a good experience out of it. I hope developers fix these bugs and when they do I will be happy to play this game. Also how dare you take an awesome game (runrace 3D) and STRAIGHT COPY THEM. All you did was make some things different and copy everything else from them. In my opinion this is a lousy game and the creators are so lazy that they just stole someone’s idea. This game is pathetic and so is the company, anyone who is reading this play, play RunRace 3D instead because that game is dope is this game is fake.

- Difficult game

When I got home 🏠 from school I wanted to download a new game and I got this game and when I was playing level 1 it was very very very hard so I gave up because it was to hard to play so I also had to erase the game and on the second day l downloaded it again to see if it was changed and it kind of was so I begin to play it again and I only reached level 3 and that made me wanna cry .😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖Can someone please fix this game If you do I will always give you a free 5 star 💫⭐️🌟✨ rating in all of the games that your make and I am not lying at all 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥 Plus why would I even wanna lye to you I would never lye to you By the way I’m sorry 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔 For calling you’re game a bad game. Anyways that’s all for now byeeeeeee ya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love , princess 👸 Victoria 👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👰🏻👰🏻👰🏻👰🏻👰🏻👰🏻👰🏻👰🏻👰🏻👰🏻👰🏻👰🏻👰🏻👰🏻👰🏻👰🏻👰🏻👰🏻👰🏻👰🏻👰🏻👰🏻👰🏻🤵🤵🤵🤵🤵🤵🤵🤵🤵🤵🤵🤵🤵🤵🤵🤵🤵🤵🤵🤵🤵🤵🤵

- Love it but there’s some minor issues

I love this game, I actually did the unthinkable and paid the $5 to unlock no ads. My issue now is that I have done everything you can do in fun city and the next plot of land says coming soon... just wondering how soon? Also it’s kind of annoying to run the same courses over and over again. I think there should be mini games, time trials, or just flat out solo races so that the user can practice on their own. Sometimes when you get to the end of an obstacle the view doesn’t change from behind you to the side so now you have an obstacle in your view when trying to precisely jump onto another platform. Overall I do very much enjoy playing this. It’s exciting and very easy to understand.

- ”Fun”, I think not

So far after playing this game and getting to like the 3rd or 4th stage, it was beginning to get unsettling and overall boring; it's filled with millions of ads like a lot of iPhone games and it has wonky camera angles that make it difficult to avoid the obstacles, such as, the boxing gloves and the rotating pipes that go through the floor for some reason. Alongside the wonky camera angles, FunRace3D has customizable avatars that have very little and almost no detail in their design. They're like little clay figures that an amateur artist designed and built with his hands and realized they're hardly human shaped. I saw the consept of the game and yeah they had the idea but they just couldn't execute it very well. They had the thought of creating Wipeout but racing against other people instead of just time trial. It's easy to just overall stop playing and delete the game from your phone and memory forever since it is just an unpolished game that the developers made to make a quick buck off of ruining the game with ads, but your actually playing against AI because you can still play the game in Airplane mode to not have ads anymore. That makes the developers look even worse since it takes a few seconds to ”search for more players” even though its just AI.

- Easy ways to make the game so much better

Love the idea of making a type of game like this. I’ve noticed a few problems with the gameplay and you can fix them easily. For example, you repeat levels many times. It’s kind of weird to do that if you have so many ideas for sections. What about you can make 3 sections instead of 2 as the game progresses. Maybe even an online multiplayer mode instead of bots. I also saw a bug where on the bonus level, you would not get as many coins as you collected. and I think you should have bonus games more often. Lastly, you should add more body shapes because there are only 4 and they all are pretty bad. I hope you read this and put it into consideration. Thanks for reading

- Overwhelmed with Ads

I have never felt the need to write a review for any app I have downloaded despite my feelings about it. But for this one I gave into the urge to do so because of the potential to being such a great app. The concept of the game is great! The cons are frequent glitching and freezing. I have missed out on claiming rewards in the chest room, for a new dance move as well as characters due to freezing. The obstruction of view with some of the obstacles makes it difficult to figure out where to stop and when to go so that you don’t get knocked off the course. And this wouldn’t be a completely honest review if I left out my opinion about the ridiculous amount of ads! I guess winning a race isn’t enough to be able to do without ads a few races at least. I feel a lot of the efforts going into the creation of the game was figuring out how to maximize on the number of ads and where to insert them throughout the entire time being engaged with the game. As other reviewers have stated it REALLY takes away from the excitement of playing. The anticipation decreases with every 30 seconds plus ad most of us encounter while playing. In conclusion, a glitch/ freezing free game plus fewer ads would be great for all who love this game otherwise!


All these ads make me so mad cause the people who are making the ads about the game i know that they know what there doing its just they want you to be angry so you can download the game thats just ridiculous only stupid people with anger issues would fall for that and pls stop making the ads wrong the ppl should play the game right pls stop your making not want to play this game because of the ads ok but ill leave a good review for making good progress and making a nice games. Creator response: its also lagy when play but you need to fix the laggyness and ads and maybe add some cooler updates in the game :D

- Oooooooooffffff

This game is super boring!!!! I have finished almost every stage on the first try. I don’t see why you should do the course twice but whatever. This game repeats the same objective and the obstacles do not change. If there were to be new and more challenging obstacles it would be way more fun. Also this game has no sound. I like games with sounds especially the ones from run race 3D. The skins are exactly the same which makes the game even more boring. I honestly wish I could give this a zero rating it’s that bad but I can’t. If you are going to download this app just know it takes up a lot of storage space and that you will have deleted in a couple of hours or days. I got this game yesterday and I’m already on level twenty for playing not even an hour a day. I play at random moments to stop my boredom but with this game it just gets worse. I hope they really do upgrade this game a lot.

- Bored 😐

I love the idea that you have to compete against people and avoid obstacles, but after a while, it starts to repeat some things. A lot of people complain about the adds. I have no problem with them because I turn off my WiFi and celular data. So no adds can pop up after every five seconds and last a whole minute. Also I don’t like to watch videos to earn prizes in any game, so I don’t mind the other videos that say if you watch this you’ll get this. I just ignore it. I have had this game for a little over a year now. For most of that year I didn’t play it, when I saw your update I got exited and started playing it. After like five minutes I got tired of it and deleted it. The update is basically where you build your own obstacle course called fun city with gems that you earn. But the problem is that you can’t do the courses that you build! That’s what did it for me. One more thing. When I was running, my guy went right through all of the obstacles. Then when I tried to cross the finish line it froze me and I saw the other two win. And then it did it again. What was going on?!? Another reason why I deleted it. I did like the dances and the characters. I thought that those were pretty fun.

- Cute

I really like this game. It’s adorable, and also really fun. I got it and was immediately hooked. I do wish the levels were longer. I’m at about level 45 and it seems like most levels there’s 2 things to get past and that’s it. I want longer levels to really trip people up and make the playing field a bit more even. If you trip up on the first obstacle often times it means you’re out because everyone else is almost done. My biggest complaint is the battery drain. It doesn’t seem like such a simple game should be using so much processing power. It’s bad enough to make my phone hot. I had to take it out of the case and close the app to let my phone cool down. It was so hot that it was uncomfortable to hold.

- It could be a bit easier but still I love it anyway

This game is fun and so awesome it’s like it helps you like practice breathing harder games like this it’s so and experiences is obstacle courses I mean I love it so much so if you were watching or listening to this review please download this game a little bit but you can always keep doing it until you went and you can change scans you can spend all your points I got a lot of coins from playing this game for like about a year or maybe two and I got My Coins in a week after I downloaded this game and it was so amazing because I got like 1000 coins and now I’m past the thousand this is so cool and I love this game so you should download it to please download it👩🏼‍🦱👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼


Ok 👌🏻 look 👀 I relly luved it at first but when I kept on playin it kept on having glitches so many ads every time and also and other stuff in the game blocking the game and I’m just sick 😷 if it so I’m not surprised 😯 if I delete this game any time soon but other than all the bad stuff in the game it’s actually pretty good so yea as well as how they make the games challenging and we get to verse the people and that would probably be my only thing I like about it trust this is me not trying to be mean and the owners shut the game down this is just me showing my honesty as too the truth so I’m gunna be real with u I’m reporting u but I’m not relly writing ✍️ u a report cuz I’m just telling u as the owner of the fun race 3d game for 🔥 technical difficulties🔥 that have been happening in the game/I’m srry but I don’t relly know what to say after this but thanks 🙏 for understanding the situation I’m telling u . Sincerely:SHANIA C.

- 🤢horrible

This is the worst game I have ever seen! It is so horrible and unfair! When I am not even touching the obstacles it waits like five seconds and then it says I died!? What is wrong with the creators of this game?! It is so terrible! If you din’t believe me read most of the reviews of download this terrible game, and then, you’ll see that I was right! And if you see good reviews on this game’s page on AppStore, keep in mind that their are only like THREE good reviews on this game but the annoying creators only put the GOOD reviews on this app’s page! This game makes me want to puke🤮! If you look at an ad about this game and your like: “oh, this game looks fun!” And then you look at the reviews and you are like; “ok, maybe not. But I am still getting this game!” BEWARE, because all of the reviews are true! Please just DON’T download this game!if you do download this game you will be sorry you didn’t listen to me!

- Great Game BUT Please Fix The Glitches!!!

This is a super fun game and extremely addictive! I have quickly learned how to conquer almost every obstacle and I enjoy the game tremendously! HOWEVER, the glitches need to be fixed! Pretty much every player is complaining about the same issues so please take the time to fix the glitches to keep your players happy (player freezes up, delays in moving onto the next level or game, player image is pixilated at times, etc.)! And just today, I performed an “update” to the game and now the game completely closes out and takes me back to my home screen after every other race??? UGH!!! I love the game but the glitches are really annoying! And please don’t get me started on the ads... non-stop ads! Beyond frustrating!! Sincerely, Queen B 👑

- Love it but just one tiny suggestion 🤩

So this is my absolute favorite game I have on my iPhone. And I LOVE the new updates!!! I love the new anime-styled characters! And I was SO exited when I saw that there was now a little town that you could add slides/obstacles and food trucks and the little people could come and go on the slides and buy things from the trucks and you would get to use the money that you earned from the people to make more obstacle courses. Now here is my TINY suggestion, can you PLEASE and some more skins because I literally have all of them and I want a few more. Well thats it and I hope you have a great day! Thanks! 🤗

- Awesome Game

My cousin was playing this game and made me download it. I did and I’m glad. My first time playing I was amazing by the work put in to it! I would recommend this game to everyone in the world if I could! It may be stressful at times but the funny dances, cool colors, silly outfits, and love put into this game can change you forever! It made me a better person! I feel better in my life. I feel free and like I can do anything I want! I’ve gotten to play this everyday after school and everyday I go back I make more friends and get more popular! I rethink you should make more of these games for the kids who are lost. Thank you!

- Fun Game

I like this game a lot. It’s a game that will easily help you pass time if you need to do so. I find it funny how people get anxious to win and go to soon and get smacked down. This game requires you to have no fear and strategy. It’s an adrenaline rush if you ask me. It’s also funny when some of the characters are glitched and their player races bent to the side 🤣🤣🤣🤣super funny. I would suggest that you guys add hairstyles for girls(make them diverse)cause we’re killing it on this game also add realistic skin color as an option. I for one would really love that and I know others would too. There should be more obstacles because I might get annoyed real soon running the same ones over and over. I do like that after the three person race the two person race sometimes change to a different race. I also would like the option of forming a team and commenting some pre comments such as • Hello • Good race • I’ll win next time • well raced etc. etc.. BUT OVERALL THE GAME IS PRETTY FUN AND IM LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING SOME IF NOT ALL OF THESE CHANGES.

- So cool but Minor discussions

I love this game it’s a good game too get revenge. And I also think its a great game to get Energy. But there’s a down side of this game and that is that On every game .says that you can get 3 points if you Watch a add and the add makes you Wait 15 seconds or more and if you want it to go off but you still want the money points .it says Close off and next to it says keep watching and some people want to get off because it takes to long and they still don’t get points and for the other people they have to wait for the points. And that’s my only complaint about the game.👍👎

- Amazing

This game is off the handle it’s soooo cool and very fun it starts easy and the gets harder and harder but still fun it’s like a challenge but from easy to hard you have race some other people you first start by racing one person then as it gets harder you start racing two people this game some awesome and I think you should try it out I gave it five stars because of how cool it is I liked it not just liked it but loved it and I loved it even more so you should download this game and maybe write a review so maybe I can see what you think of this game I loved it but did you like it hmmm 🤔idk bye🤗

- Please make this game better!!!

This game is fun and the Fun city is great to get gems but there are many things I hate about this game. #1 adds this is a bad thing most people don’t like about games like this. If you want a avatar you have to watch an add before getting it. Also you have to watch adds for stuff in fun city. I think this game would be better without adds #2 some of the obstacles are hard. You have to race two people and then do the same obstacle again but you have to race one. This might make some of the players mad because this game is ment for kids. So kids might get angry if they lose. But if they win then the have to do it again but race one person #3 the last topic is more avatars or skins should be added. I think this because most of the skins are skins for boys. And some girls do play this game so they don’t have many choices and that is not fair In all I think that this game has a good concept and it is sometimes fun (but also makes me VERY angry). This game would be better though so ya. I liked this game for like two days and then quit because it was annoyingly hard. Please consider things that I have said before you download this game

- Love the game but just a few tips...

The game is great and most of the time I enjoy playing it. Although, I do think there are some things that need to be improved. First of all, the angles. For example, most times I am on the right side and my opponent is on the left, sometimes they get a chance to beat the obstacle before me which I don’t think that is fare. Next, THE ADS. They happen in between almost every game and that would be fine but they are like 30 seconds long and most people just want to play the game and not watch ads the entire time. Overall the game is fun and addicting I just wish these things would change. Btw I’m on level 93!!

- Are these bots

I was playing a game it was pretty fun you know a little getting mad when the boss beat you but overall pretty fun I’m on level 105 But the ads are so long they’re like 30 seconds long also I saw the bots hacking so this yellow guy was way behind me then all the sudden I blinked and I checked it out he won but there’s no way he won because I was playing last thing the angles are horrible oh wait that’s not the last time it’s super fun it starts off really easy but I mean you kind of expected to get harder but it’s all the track of a hard that’s just so hard that I don’t think even a college student pass it I’ve been on 105 for so long and I can’t pass it so I think you should remove the box and make it an online game but overall pretty good game thanks bye

- Great but not great enough

I gave this a 4 because I love the game and the cool dance moves and beating people’s but and getting money but there is a promblem,I know there real people but when I push next level and no one win 2nd yet and I can see the closest person to me who didn’t win yet there and I was thinking, is this a bot? Because I know the 2nd place player is not there or win yet and when I am in the next level I see the person so it has to be a bot, I said in my mind ,so here is the question,is it a bot when u go to the next level but when the real person still on the other one or is it another person with the same outfit and name?

- Fun but a few bugs

As you can see in the title it’s really fun but a few bugs first thing every time I can move the other players aren’t moving at all a few times this happened and it’s unfair and second thing sometimes the players go through me and turn transparent but they are still visible and again it happened a few times and when I do the hammers I can’t see the next thing because the thing that was before it and another thing on the bouncy thing every time I’m on it comepletly on it I fall off and it’s annoying and another thing about this app it’s just kinda like all the bugs are there for a purpuse like it’s so the creator can make fun of us so when i deleted it then installed it again the creator said come back or else so I did but I deleted it after because I think it’s a spammer who created this

- too many bugs

it literally glitches all the time and sometimes can be slow and it also says that i got hit by something but i never did and if someone is in the same spot as me and they get hit with me, they don’t start in the same spot as me, they start up a little farther, like it puts them ahead of me. lastly, there is WAY WAY too many ads. like i understand these people have to make money, but obviously if you need an ad after every level to make enough money then it’s obviously not going good for you already. and having a thing where you pay to have no ads would not be good because people shouldn’t have to pay for no ads to play a game. i understand a couple ads here and there, i get it but you guys went overboard. i think you need to reconsider if your game is worth it or not.

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- OK

Fun race 3D is a really fun game and I highly recommend it. It is also addictive and competitive. As a 10 year old I like to win and rub it in my sisters face😏. But sometimes it gets really annoying with all the ads and stuff. I rate this 4 stars only because every time I play, there is at least 3 ads a minute, which wastes my time (I have limited screen time) and gets VERY annoying. But there are still way more positives, like all the obstacles are fun (except for the boxing gloves), and you can get coins very easily. If you like this game, I recommend Run race 3D, because it is just like this, and just as good. Personally, I think this game is great.

- Glitches and Opponents

I love the game, it’s so addictive until I realised that the game has very many different glitches such as sometimes when I move I get sent back quite a bit even though I haven’t been hit by anything and that even when I am hit I can’t move until about three seconds which gives the opponent more time. And if I had an old phone I would understand why but my phone is the latest iPhone and It doesn’t glitch on other games and apps. Another reason is that where you run... when someone is next to me and I get hit not them I think that it is unfair because I am sent to the start and they get to continue or even win. I still think that this is a fun and great game but that could use some upgrading.

- Alright game

The game is really fun. Would be nice to have multiplayer also longer levels. Would also be nice if they updated the skin and stuff so you can have more goals. The game seems pretty boring without having something to work for. Another thing that could be improved is the amount of ads that pop up when you just want to enjoy the game. In conclusion, this is a good game and the aspect of it is really nice but just needs a few improvements :)

- Fantastic Just Some Glitches

To start off, This is an overall fantastic app and I am so happy that I have downloaded this particular app. Just glitches I’m a little disappointed and irritated at. First glitch, when I run I often get hit but don’t start over, I mean gives me a boost right? But it’s unfair to others. Last glitch, So when I get to the finish line, I sometimes have to go like 5 seconds back in time! So gives me a slowdown while my opponents a huge boost, If Therese two glitches can be fixed, then this would be a perfect game to entertain you for fun.

- Run race 3D

Run race 3D is a great game with so many different types of obstacles that make it more difficult to reach the end of the game. Run race 3D is a great way to have a fun time playing the game with your friends in my opinion on how much I love the way that the makers of the game have made it so interesting and the felling of victory when you win is so nice I really love the game so I have to give it a five star rating for the way it was made and the way it gets me excited to play the next level.

- Best game ever!

Omg this game is amazing! Great for all ages even my 6 year old sis! Definitely get this game. There is so many different types of obstacles u must get past up to at least 50 different obstacles and countless levels. Definitely buy. I love how u can dress up ur character to make him fat or be a pirate! I’ve always wanted to knock a cheerleader off into the ocean! However the adds, they r in a very small amount. Definitely buy, u won’t regret

- Fun race 3D

I like the game but it has a lot of ads in it. There is a add every time there is a new level and it just gets really annoying. If they changed that part I think they could get more players and more rates. The game is fun trying to get through obstacles . U can not go back levels u can only go forward. So maybe they can change that too. But overall it is a fun game for kids if u like water parks. I am going to rate fun race 3D 3 stars because they could change some stuff and make it more fun to play and get to higher levels.

- Let’s get down to business!!

Ok so… I just got this game and… 😂😂😂 lol it’s actually rlly funny when you fall over and crumble to the floor (I’m not crazy and like seeing that in real life by the way ahah) It is good, BUT, it definitely has a few pros and a few cons. Three pros are: •It can get addictive easily •The obstacles are hard at time’s but fun •It’s just fun ok? Three cons: •When you play it for a while it can get boring •The ads - 😩 •It’s weird, sometimes when you pass a level and come first you are supposed to go to the next one but every now and then I have to go and do the same level again 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ I like it. It’s fun. Can get boring. I would rate it 3 3/4 if I could. I’ll c how long it takes me to decide whether to delete it or not. ( No offence 😊) But yeah, that’s what I think about it. ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼

- ❤️

I love this game! My only complaint is that sometimes it doesn’t fully respond to me winning? Like, the camera angle will change once if cross the line and I can’t move my character anymore, but the game will wait for the other opponents to catch up, and then tell me that I lost! I love this game but please fix that issue ❤️❤️❤️

- This game is...

OMG!!🤯🤯I downloaded this game 3 weeks ago and I’m already up to level 387! That’s how addicting it is. Even on the plane my dad played this game and loved it! And he doesn’t have games on his iPhone. My brother loved it so much that he wanted to download it on his iPad! Sure this game glitches a little, but turn of wifi and you will be fine. I really recommend this game because it’s soooo fun!!!! You will ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️it. ENJOY 😉

- You need to remove just one thing please.

I’m just getting so frustrated with the fans I’m up to level 20 i think and OHHHH BOIII! Those fans are annoying when I get past them there’s another obstacle and then in the background there’s the fan blocking my way to see when’s my chance to go but no the fans in myyyyy WAYYY! Soooooo please please pleeeaaasssseeee remove ittttt! P.S DONT listen to the haters they just don’t get the game it’s fair alright.

- Sliding Platform Glitch

Since the latest update, the sliding platform obstacle with about 7-8 green/pink sliding platforms has had issues. You start running on the obstacle and then wait for the next platform to line up and in that time it slides you back to the first platform as if your magnetised to the start of the obstacle. You try and move and it slides you along the obstacle and you fall off unable to stop yourself. It’s affecting the CPU’s players as well as mine, so you’re unable to complete the level. Needs to be looked at and a new update released soon!!! I’m on level 60-70


It’s fabulous and I would really recommend this because they let you type what name you want and when your ready to race the player pops up next to you with there name but the races aren’t long so if your scared of losing or you just want to win so yeah and don’t worry, if you fall off you just reappear to where you fell off so I really recommend this.

- Why fun race 3D is so fun

It’s so fun because you get to challenge yourself to try best other players all across the world but it’s not about winning it’s about having fun living a dream of basically dying because it is so hard but the bonus levels are so easy because there is three of you and you get so much coins and it’s only you your not vsing anyone.

- It’s fun for 5 minutes.

Like the title, this game is lacklustre and boring. There’s pretty much no actual person but you playing. Anyone who says they’ve played with a friend is lying because it’s all AI like a lot of these ‘FREE’ games. Hit boxes are pretty much non-existant as a moving block will still clip your character even if they’re a metre or so away from the actual obstacle, there’s also very little customisation and a leaderboard that contains nothing but stockholder values as no-human but you is ever playing at one time. Don’t waste your time, get another game. 👍

- Ads longer than the game.. deleted after 10 min of playing

Was having a great time on the game but number of ads and he duration of the ads they play is so off putting. I like the game itself but I haven’t even played it for longer than 10 minutes and I’m already deleting it. If you’re going to put ads on your game between literally every other level then make sure they don’t take longer than the actual level of the game it’s just off putting and annoying.

- Love run face 3D

Love it so good my children love it all the skins you can get they just enjoy it so much all the moves you can do when you win you can get coins and earn things all the obstacles you can do it’s just great I even love it you can play vs other people all over the world its amazing I love this app I give it a five stars

- Don’t worry

If you guys are so concerned about the adds then turn your wifi off or you might as well delete the game. You don’t have to criticise the makers of this app just because it has adds my overall experience was amazing and I hope to see more apps more like this one.

- Too. Many. Ads!

Great concept and I enjoyed playing it for the 20% of the time when there are no ads. It’s unbelievable that so many people reviewing so many games consistently negatively rate for the amount of ads. Fair enough the developers get revenue from advertisers but I’m sure the amount of people who delete an app out of frustration (like I’m about to) means there is less revenue than there otherwise would be if ads were limited to say every three races or so.

- Great game but a few glitches

Creator please read: I highly recommend this game but there are a few glitches 1. When you win the person in second place wins second place immediately instead of finishing it but when I come in second place the person in first place waits for me before going against each other. 2. You need to make a version for little kids so when they start playing the game they can press children version for people between 3 and 8 can choose the children’s version and people 8 and over can chose the normal style Kind Regards Lauren

- Glitchy

Fun race 3D is a game when you play with different people and race to complete obstacle courses. The first one to complete the obstacle course wins. You have levels and you play with people at your level. This game is really fun and entertaining. I love versing different people and try to win. The levels are heaps of fun and are unique. Fun race 3D has 1 problem. It’s way to glitchy. When I play it glitches out and feels like it’s about to crash. It gets me nervous that I will get out and have to continually get back in. Ads makes the glitching even worse. At time to time I get ads during me versing someone. Overrule this game is good but needs improvements. It will be great if this game isn’t so glitchy. I hope it will be fixed soon!

- Challenging

This game is fun and challenging I love it and my brother loves it to if you don't have this game what are you waiting for press that little button up there and play the game please get this or if you can share it with your family get it now get the game Andy out will see how fun it is for you self!

- Fun Race 3D

Good game but horrible angles and it was impossible to tell when it was going to hit you. First couple of levels had good angles but later on t was terrible. After experiencing those later levels there is no way that I would recommend this game and now I’m going to delete it because it is that stupid. It shouldn’t be called fun race because it isn’t fun one bit it should be called bad angle race. Hope you can consider this feed back then maybe I’ll download it again and you’ll get a better review and rating xx.

- Yes I'm ready

Yes I know I don't want you but you don't have a Video of a woman you will never know what she is and who is your mother or the way she has a Video she said in the way you want it and she will be happy Birthday you are the best of you she said and you are a Video and you are the Gap Stat and the way she has the Gap of your heart.

- Great

This game is so amazing and rlly addictive but there’s one annoying thing, not with the game but with the annoying reviews. I have read some rlly mean reviews that were quite rude but I don’t care what u say but this game is AMAZING! usually I write RLLY long reviews but I’m so addicted to the game that I’m not going to write anymore so...... Bye


I really like this game but the frequency and length of the ads is just ridiculous. There isn’t even an option to pay a few bucks to remove them. It makes me not play this game as much as I would like to, because I don’t have the patience to sit through so so so many ads.


This game has a whole heap of adds that just make it very annoying to others. I instantly got rid of this game after like 3 minutes. Most games aren't even better. They even charge you to get rid of bugs in the games. There used to be a little trick that now does not work anymore. You could turn off your wifi and let it go out of your phone so that adds will not connect to your phones because all add come through from the internet.

- Plz read

This is a really fun game, but the only problem is that if ur on a level with something coming out the ground, it’s unfair because the person in the middle has to wait longer than the others. I also wish that u could create ur own skin. Thank u for reading, Shaola


Everyone let me just warn you for the first 5 levels I was enjoying the game. But then I was playing a match and I had to leave mid way so I closed my iPad and when I opened t to play again GUESS WHAT? I was still in the same position and even worse the ‘people’ that I was playing were in the EXACT same spot!!! If you don’t believe me then start a match then close the game and go into another app. Don’t get rid of it by pressing home button twice. Come back 5 minutes later and it’s the exact same position!! Also if you’re the first to reach the finish line in 3 player then you’ll see that even if the other 2 people are so far away that the closest one to the finish line would just be second and would qualify into the next round!!!! WTHECK!!!

- Badddddddddd

This game is a complete wast of time! You can’t even move the characters properly, it keeps glitching out but it is suitable for younger children cos they would just keep on getting hit and laughing! It also gets annoying because we want to have fun on this game and we always die because the characters doesn’t move properly

- Fun.....but

I have had this game for not a while but already there are so many ads after every time you complete a level there is a ad which is wasting my time. Though besides that it’s a very good game it’s fun for everyone to play and it’s a very competitive game which is always fun.

- Why I love this game

I love this game because it is just like a challenge at school when you just have to keep trying and getting back again and then in the end you finally pass that challenge


I like this game and all but when I pressed “play again” button on a bonus level an ad came up (which is what’s supposed to happen) but when it was over the bonus level ended and took me to a normal level. Your ads tricked me and ended the bonus level. This makes me want to delete this game and rate it 1 star.

- Review

This game is fun and all but there is this level I can’t get past and it is absolutely impossible to get through. I gave it to my two older sisters, my mum and dad to try but is was physically impossible to get past. I think there was an error making this game and they need to fix it. It also happened within the first ten minutes of playing this so please fix this.

- Real players

Overall an amazing game but my one request is add multiplayer like Bluetooth or game centre or use Facebook to connect to friend it would be amazing bc my whole family plays this and we all would love to 1v1 eachother I would recommend to all my friends once the change has been made please make the change!

- Just a Suggestion

I am at level 1061 and i thought when I at least reached 1000 the levels would be harder and more difficult. So my suggestion is to make the levels harder and longer with more obstacles. Thanks.

- My opinion

I just downloaded this game and it seems great so far but cause I’m a NOOB I don’t know how to play it but I love the other games they have created they are great I am addicted to them i LUV them like so so so so much hope this feedback helps a bit

- It’s cool

This game is a cool game, it teaches u to pass through obstacles and staff. I have been playing this for a few weeks now and have been realising the problems.1. It has many gliches have does not allow me to win against opponents. 2. On my device that I am playing on it doesn’t let me have any skins or dances or costumes/characters designs or even other places. This game is cool but maybe not for me sry.

- Fun race 3D is a great game

Fun race 3D is a super fun game and really addictive, I can’t stop playing it ! I love how every level is different and unique from the last one. I definitely recommend this game for all ages because I really believe they will enjoy it. Fun race 3D, try it it’s great !

- This is cool

Although there are lots of adds all you have to do is turn on airplane mode then there will be no more adds until you turn it back on so that is the only problem for me solved

- Decent 😑

I like it but not recommended for people who are cautious of their battery, one minute of play used up about 7% of charge which is stupid because 10 minutes of play would bring you down to at least 30% Other than that it's fun and decently challenging.

- Apparent touches

It is so annoying because when you are far away from an obstacle you apparently touched it and then you lose for no reason. Then the other people in the game get past it with no problem and you end up getting stuck there and lose. But still I enjoy the other games you guys made. Thanks! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻


This is game is so fun but there’s an add after EVERY FREAKING RACE! And the same add plays like 6 times in a row as well! I’m sick of it! I get that the game is advertising but it’s really annoying, like REALLY annoying. Fix this or else I’m deleting the game and going out of my way to make sure people don’t download it, I mean it, this is stupid. Thanks in advance: CocoBean

- It’s good! But a few things..

It’s amazing! But why just A.I.? Could you add multiplayer so you could play with your friends/family? It would be great! Also, could you add a daily wheel of chance? I think it’ll be helpful! Other than that, good game!

- If you’re still at work

The game was fun but there is a lot of adds in it and that doesn’t even have anything wrong but you all know that adds are annoying but it’s really addictive

- Great game

Best of luck with your work day and let me know what time you’re thinking of what time will be done at work I’ll let him in the next few minutes

- I used to

I used to have this game but deleted it because I wanted to colour games and stuff but then I got roblox 6 months later and this fun race was on it I loved playing it reminded me of this so I said in stead of playing it on roblox why not on the real game🐺😀😀😁

- Good but can no longer play

It was a good game, turned off my data so I don't get ads or glitches. Just reached a level with a pink and green bridge that seems impossible to pass. So can no longer continue with the game.

- Glitch with new obstacles

I have enjoyed playing this game for a while but with the new update came a glitch with the sliding platforms (pink and green) which makes it literally impossible to pass (even the CPUs can’t make it across). Please fix this so I can get back to having fun.

- Help. I’m stuck on level 68-69

Is anyone else having glitching issues on level 68? I can’t get across the floating discs because the screen keeps glitching. I’ve forced closed the app a hundred times, the track sometimes changes from a slide to a flying fox but the glitches are still there. Also, to get rid of the ads, just play it on flight mode, so much less annoying

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- great but to many ads

nice but to many ads

- Love it

this game is lit i love it so much add more levels ok

- Personal opinion

The game is fun but it’s rigged. Once you get to level 88/89 you literally cannot pass it. And it’s also not a good game for iPads, the whole system glitches and makes you lose ... I give it a 2/5 stars

- Terrible

Brutal graphics, brutal gameplay, inaccurate timing, makes for either a stupid easy game or a stupid impossible. Back to the drawing board!

- No

The obstacles are different on right and left makes it very in balanced

- Wrote by Shavelle Poorman

I love this game cause it makes me happy when I’m feeling down!:)

- Where is the jumping

I am quite familiar with the previous game that was not 3D and I found enjoyable to say the least. But I am fairly disappointed with this version of the game. The one part that I loved about the previous version was the ability to leap as much as your desired. I would like to do the same in this game. Thank you I hope to soon leap again. Yours truly THE GOD

- Awesome and lame

It is so much cooler than any other game I’ve ever seen in history but it is way lamer than YouTube , Tik Tok , and other things in the world so it’s not awesome or lame but it’s cool and that’s all that matters. SEE YA☠️☠️💩

- Ads

A lot of ads

- Ads problem

Turn off wifi for no ads

- Horrible!

It started off normal but it started moving by its self and kept making me lose

- Game is just like the others

U know what I’m talking about u finish a level then a ad comes I’m disappointed 😔

- ❤️❤️

Fun game ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Ugh😠

This is way tooo hard and I get angry because of how hard it is

- So much fun!!!

I laugh so much!!

- Way too many ads

Please stop making games with ads at every stages. I prefer to uninstall instead of paying for more ads.

- Annonce

Il y beaucoup d’annonce mais ces un jeux amusant

- Sucks

I hate this game😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

- Hi


- Hi

I like this game but the level three is kind of tricky

- The fake adds

I like the game I played through all the levels but the adds say that no one can beat it and that they are pretending it’s hard to beat this is what makes me very mad

- Cool game and fun for kids

It was so much better then other apps thanks u guys that made it I have so much things I want to say

- Yes

This game is really nice and I think that everyone should get this game


It has the same microphone noise as all the other games by this group IT RECORDS YOU DO NOT DOWNLOAD

- This is. Ok

This is a good game but has to many ads

- To much Ad

There’s to much ad and I can’t win.

- Nice

Nice sorry

- Glitchy

Kees freezing and crashing would be great if it didnt do that 😒

- Fun

Fun game

- Fun race 3D


- Good


- This is a great game

This game is great but in adds and sometimes in the game the other people go when it’s like the WRONG time it’s really annoying please when your making adds use people that are good at it not people that are trying to lose

- The guy who does not like ads

You guys better reduce the ads or I will delete the game

- Love it no ads very finnn


- Luv dis gam by luv it


- Good game - too many ads

Liked playing the game but deleted it the same day as there are way to many ads. One add after every level (10-15seconds). There are better games available without so many adds.

- Best game

Nice games guys

- Fun but so many ads

So much fun but soooo many ads

- Je vous envoie les coordonnées du Canada

J’adore 😇😇😇

- Hrmscimitg

Love this game but there are so much adds

- I kinda love it

Its good it's just that it kicked me from the app.

- Fun

I love the game but it is to hard

- Jsovs’uc’yzlhzlhxpfpjcg

Lhzpyavpjzpivscskhspusspx’yzpyciboy. Pkfpuspc’zbspspu apivaparpacp sisvpuscpua svsgagscso k puvspufapucs shpahpgs

- Bad

Dude whoever is making ur ads are terrible they wait till they get hit the game is so easy but they make it look hard TOO EZ (I do respect the ads cuz that’s how you make money)

- To heard

To heard

- Cool

I like it

- Awful

This game sucks. Every time I try to run it’ll kill me for no reason! When I’m in the lead, they’ll make my avatar get caught up in something and make it impossible to get out!

- If you want to play for 5 seconds and spends 15 seconds watching ads, this is the game for you

There's a 15 second app you HAVE to watch after every level garbage Devs

- Stop with all the ads

Stop get some help 👌👌👌👌👌👌

- Ads

Ads ads and more ads

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- I have a question...

I have played this game on my dad’s iPad, and on his iPad it started with 3 players, then if I got first or second, I go on to the second part. But on my iPad, it starts with 2 players and goes from there. What happened? I like 3 players WAYYYYYYYY better, can the creators PLEASE bring 3 players back! I love this game! I wish that there was more bonus levels, or at least u could watch an add and get a bonus level. Please respond to this. I just downloaded this today and I’m already at level 23 and have gotten 5 bonus levels. I have got 3 chest rooms(all of which I got the top prize). I am OBSESSED!

- Pretty good but some changes

Fun Race 3D is an awesome app; that’s way I bought it. But there are changes that need to be fixed. #1, When you run, the obstacles randomly glitch so you get hit. #2, When you’re playing, an ad randomly comes in that you have to watch, you can’t press the X button in the corner. Then, by the time the ad is over, the other players have won. It’s really annoying. PLEASE fix these problems, and the rates will increase. But other than that, this app or pretty good. I play it every day. Just fix these problems, please.

- Fun but wish it was with real players

There’s no way that this game is online. For starters, if you are far ahead of your opponents and win the race, the second place “winner” is announced right away. How is that even possible? Either the game forces an online player to be #2 by making it impossible for #3 to win or this isn’t online. Also, after about 2 tries to beat a level, it’s almost as if the game matches you with a bot that will automatically lose so you can win. I tested that theory out by forcing myself to keep “dying” and no matter what the other player kept losing. So it’s definitely fun but it’s not online.

- Fine I guess

Not wanting to be mean but the adds make it unplayable I really don’t wanna pay for no adds so if you bring down the adds I will make it a five star just right now it will stay three until you fix this problem but otherwise very good game just one more thing I want the characters to not just be colors I want them to have eyes and clothes because the person is just a body shape with a color slapped on it NOT EVEN CARING ABOUT THE CHARACTERS plz Chang that 😏🧐🧐🧐🧐 I’m aware that u fixed the bugs 🐛 well ya lied!! I have actually had EVEN MORE BUGS THAn before come on people put some effort into the game it doesn’t take that much!!!!!! Signed yours truly Amanda;) :/ but really fix the game

- Not safe for kids

The app / game itself is perfectly fine (and fun), but after every short (15-30 seconds) round is an advertisement that you cannot stop for generally at least ten seconds or more. There are several different ads that I’ve seen, some ok and just annoying, and others involving first person shooter and sniper apps. Again, you’re not able to stop these ads so if your kids are playing this game, in between rounds of Fun Race they will see human shootings, sniper shots, etc. One of the ads was even interactive, allowing you to shoot animated people basically in the middle of Fun Race. If you like this app but are not ok with your kids seeing this stuff, you can download Run Race 3D and then pay $4.99 to upgrade to the commercial-free version. It’s a similar game but without the harmful ads.

- My Experience with this game

So you see, I was playing a much better game when I got an ad for this. I was so curious as to how a game could look so “interesting” and “great” so I decided to check it out. Needless to say, this exceeded my expectations. I LOVE how there’s no music, it’s great to race against 5 year old in absolute silence, it leaves me time to contemplate what our purpose is in this earth and the importance of never wasting a single precious moment of your time. Keep at it, and you may be as good as me at this game. I already got three wins under my belt and I feel truly accomplished. Thank you.

- Great game 5 star app

I love this game because number 1 it is great for a boring day. Number 2 fun city is sooo cool and you can use you gems to get more things and obstacles in you fun city. Number 3 because if you get tired of playing and racing you can switch right on over to fun city and it is all in one app. Number 4 because you don’t have to get moving around you only have to use your fingers. Number 5 because you can use your gems to get dance moves for when you win a race an you can also get sooo many characters. This is why fun race is a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ app.

- Could be so much better....

Downloaded this game a few months ago and enjoyed it because it was like Wipe Out. Very few glitches and you could move through the game fairly quickly. I don’t think the levels are too difficult and starting on different tracks after losing a race was fine with me. Now the game freezes at random places and causes you to lose you place. Plus the ads....OMG!!! They are so freakin long and after every single race. I get they are there to keep the game free but the ad is 45 to 60 seconds long!! Race—ad, race—ad, repeat. Seriously considering deleting the game. It’s not fun to play for 10 seconds then watch an ad for 60 over and over.

- Going on my list to

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- amazing

I’m seriously obsessed with this game!! I’ve had it for probably about a month now. However, since I’ve gotten it one thing has changed: so, usually when u play against 3 people, if u get first or second place u stay in. But now, it keeps changing the course. Like usually u have to win the course in order to pass the level but now, after you’ve done it once, it just lets u go on. So not really sure what’s happening. Sorry if that was confusing but I tried my best. Also I have one request: PLEASE ADD MORE SKIN TONE COLORS!!

- Ok this game is ok but...

Over all this app has a amazing plot, this game can be frustrating soooooo frustrating like to the point of throwing your iPhone at the wall 😕 (I’ve done that) this game starts fun then gets frustrating because you can start to run and hit something but not actually hit it it’s so stupid idk what is wrong with the sensors or whatever it is but it’s so annoying so I have a later iPhone (iPhone 8) it don’t work well with this game 😔😔 but I have played on my moms phone 11 it works so much better so if you have a iPhone 10-11 it works better I recommend this game for y’all people who have newer iphones Thank you 😊 for your time

- Twostar

It is a really fun game but I started the second round and then it was so small that I kept on losing and I am still on the second round I don’t get how people win I only won the first round and I just don’t get it I keep trying but it just doesn’t work so that’s why I gave it a two star but it’s still really fun at least they won the first round but I still don’t get how people win Do I have to keep trying every day to the second round I just don’t get it I gave you the two star because a second round wasn’t just my thing I don’t get it do you have to keep trying or just give up but I’m still keeping this game it is actually really really fun and that’s why I gave it a two star.

- To many adds. But a really good game!

I love this game. I play it every time I get off school. I almost even play it all day! But I have one negative and one good thing. The bad is .. to many ads. When I’m done having a race, there’s always a ad. And I just kinda wanna play. You can have the ads, just.. less? Please? But the good thing is.. I just love this game! I have never not be able to not play this game every time I get off School! If the makers see this. It would be lovely if you could do it. But thanks for reading my tiny review!

- Would be better

3 stars because it’s a pretty entertaining game, not a lot of repetitive levels, they vary. However, once you get to the further levels, 100+, the ads pop up after every 1/2 level completed, and are 30+ seconds long. I understand that this is how they make money, but this can be VERY annoying after a while for some of the ~less patient~ folk. You can purchase a Victory Dance with coins you gain in game play, but once you cross the finish line, the game ends and you maybe see 1 second of the dance :( over all it is a very fun game with colorful graphics, but I suggest the more impatient to sit this one out

- Best game ever

This is the best game ever I love challenging things and this game is that for example what are you running in between two poles and you’re in the middle you have to run in between the polls when you’re on the side you have to run when there’s a middle pole going up on the side of it also there are bonus levels where you can get lots and lots of coins so you can buy different body structures you can be normal really skinny really muscular or chunky so I recommend this game for you if you like challenging stuff

- No ads (with a small price)!

This game is fun to play, but there’s one thing that sets it a step above: When you pay for no ads, they mean it. Other games take away ads between levels, but still make you watch ads to upgrade. This game sends you “no ads” and they MEAN it. Click to watch an ad to upgrade? It skips the ad and gives you the upgrade. Sure, the ads are annoy it if you don’t your up the money, but if you do, they don’t find a reason to show you ads anyway.

- Game is fun but flawed

Don't get me wrong, I have had fun playing this game but depending on where your character is placed on the course (left, middle, right) there advantages and disadvantages for each position and how the obstacles are set up on the course. When you are tied neck and neck with your opponent and there is an obstacle moving from right to left across the track, either yourself or your opponent is going to get the go-ahead before the other depending on you and your opponents position on the track. Might be a flaw that can be fixed but unless it is fixed some how, this is just another quick thought up ios game that makes you want to throw your phone across the room.

- Fun game but this obstacle...

I enjoy this game, it’s really fun to play obstacles against the others and win and stuff. However, there’s this obstacle that is IMPOSSIBLE to beat. It’s this one with pink and light green obstacles. one of the obstacles of it it lets you stay on it on all of them and then the other one it won’t let you stay on. The others can’t even make it either and so as I. It’s just made to where it’s physically impossible to get past because I never get farther than the 3rd tile. Please either fix this obstacle to where you can ACTUALLY get close to beating it or just take it down. other than that love the game but I’m just saying it’s just set up to where you can’t beat it.

- A Great Game!!!!

I love this game and I ALWAYS play it ( not just because it’s the only game on my phone😳😊) but because it is VERY VERY VERY fun! I Don’t like, that people just give it bad ratings just because of adds! Like it’s not that bad just ignore the adds, instead of giving it bad ratings! But otherwise, if you like obstacles and things like that, this is the PERFECT and I mean PERFECT game for you! P.S. If you read this please know not to be mean just from looking or otherwise known as “ Don’t judge a book by it’s cover! 😊❤️!” Have a GREAT Day! ❤️❤️💕💕

- This game is good ig..

NOTE: before you read this review I’m pretty picky about games so if your not..then you should probably leave rn Soo since I kept getting ads for this game everywhere..AND I MEAN EVERYWHERE I decided to download this game and see if I like it now this game is fun and addicting but I have one problem about this game..ADS..this game loves to have ads and most of the times you lose to someone you have to watch a ad now yes this game does have a option for you to not have ads but let’s be ppl really spend their money for no ads in a mobile game??..bcuz I don’t and we’ll never

- Fun Game overall

I would like to know if we are playing actual other people because when I win it shows the next winner before the race is even over which makes its less fun. The fans block my view from making it to the next section and I get knocked off. Sometimes being on the right or left is a disadvantage because if you beat the person there they can still run through the opening first. Now that I’m at a higher level it’s as if I’m playing randomly now instead of like in the beginning

- To much

Ok the game when I first saw it in the add seemed great but finally I got it and I’m starting to regret getting it. The game has way to many adds. Every single time you try to go to the next round, you can’t without having to watch an add. It forces you to no matter what watch one because there is only one option watch an add. Another thing I don’t like is the dances witch also you have to get with an add. But the dances are not always kid friendly. The characters are shaking their private areas at the screen, IN ZOOM IN!!! So I am sorry, but this game makes me agrivated and disappointed at the click bait adds.

- Great FREE Game!

Lots of fun and totally free. People are always gonna complain. You can’t please everyone. Some people just need something to complain about. The only issue I’ve had is this new level that has been added. You first go through the sweeper and then you get to an impossible sliding platform. I have yet to get to the end and I have yet to see anyone else complete it either. Not sure if it’s even possible to complete it but I will keep trying. Great game otherwise. Keep up the great updates!


HELP! I did not know there was such a fun game. I am only on like level 50 but it is so fun. I have played run race and this and I definitely like this one better. I was addicted from level one. The only thing about this game that I preferred in run race is the skins. But this game is really fun! There are some obstacles that seem literally unbetable until you find the trick. I do wish there were more of them. The obstacles are getting kind of old. But otherwise, this is an amazing game! Good job Good job games.

- Love the game but a few suggestions

Great game good job creators but there are a few things I think you should add to make it better. need a mode were you can make your own course need upgrades for speed agility should take out obstacle were blocks fall from under you because the only reason you would fall is if you stop and that’s the only really really easy obstacle 4. you need a customizable character to add your own personal touch also need races with more people I’m past level 150 and their is still only 30 people on a bonus and 3 people on a regular run also need multiplayer so you can play with freinds🕹🕹 ⚔️ Again really good game I definitely recommend it.👍👍😃😃😁😅😂😍😍 The people who say it’s too hard or too easy really don’t notice the full potential of this really fun game.

- This was is cool but also I am disappointed

I am a fan of all these games but... you see when it said get dance I would click the button to get it and it didn’t work I am frustrated!!😡 I know you guys can make this game better my friends played it and they hated it I have a 50-50 relationship with this but please make it better because I am starting to hate this game please change that and also..I will start playing this game and all of a sudden it will keep freezing and all of my apps are fine except this one please fix that I am sorry of being rude it’s just disappointed me

- Good but somewhat rigged

When I downloaded it I had fun with racing other people or bots, can’t really tell. But I noticed that most obstacles are rigged for the person on the right to lose and the middle to win. Take gears for instance, absolutely 0 gears stop in the center so they have a straight shot. Same with right but at the very beginning it always stops there first. The only one that’s not rigged for center is the one with the 3 pushing U’s. Most of the challenges are rigged for the person on the left.

- Awesome but chest room problem

I think that this game is really interesting and fun but the only problem is that when I go to the chest room I can’t watch an add to get the key. I just personally think that is dumb, why can’t you be able to open the chest at least once a day like a daily prize? When I saw the reviews on this game I noticed one that had the chest room problems to, but I didn’t really care but know I do!😡 Its very annoying when I can’t open a chest so please... FIX IT!!!!! But otherwise it’s a pretty fun app and a lot of fun. 👍🏻 nice job.😊

- Love this game

I like this game a lot I deleted it only because I don’t have enough space on my phone for it but it was fun but really challenging at one point because it kept dying and losing her go over with you and then I got the other version which is the same exact thing but different people who made it and that was really hard and really did that too but anyway people down to just discussed my house at possibly can’t wiggle like that but I don’t know it’s difficult to explain but it’s still fun I give it four stars

- Not fun race 3D

I don’t recommend this game because it’s too hard. I’m still on level four and the dances at the end of the race are mean. If you want people to play this game, then make it have more nicer things like if someone didn’t make it, then the other ones do a clap or thumbs up. Also the sideways one makes the creators say “Oh, this will make it easier to get though!” But it’s not. I would give this game a five star only if you fix these glitches, problems, ( you can’t fix making the game not hard, you just have to get good at the game! :) ) and dances. People will think your game is nice and kind, not rude or mean. More people will play if you fix these glitches. I hope you understand. Thanks for your time! :)

- Great but....

This game is really addicting and I play it every day, but one thing that is really annoying is the ads at the bottom of the screen and how it always gets in the way of the game another thing that’s annoying is that you can’t skip ads that show up in the app. Other than that it is a great game and I probably won’t stop playing. I’m back again....... so now the problem is still that the game is really glitchy because when I hold the game to go it never goes and every time a race ends it will just exit out of the game and it is getting really annoying

- glitch?

I have been playing FunRace 3D for the past week and I got to level 67 and I noticed it’s pretty impossible to beat. All the other characters cannot even get past it either. By any chance is it a glitch? It’s getting me really frustrated. It’s the pink and green bridge. i think im going to delete the app. it’s not that im giving up its the fact that the level is actually impossible if the other characters cannot even get across. Sent from my iPhone

- Adds😡

I think it’s a very nice game. It’s definitely kept me busy, but there’s one problem with it. ADDS!!!!! In between every single round it makes me watch an add!👿 It’s super frustrating. Why do you have so many adds for one game. And it’s the same adds over and over again. I understand why you put adds, I mean, every game has some adds. There’s just to many. Take a few adds away and this would be the best game ever! I hope you understand. Thank you for reading this. P.S. I’m so sorry if that came out rude. Rudeness was not my intention at all. 😇

- Do not get this game for children who get angry quickly.

When I got this game I thought it was going to be fun, and it was but as I played it I got anger and anger! Then I just stop playing the game for a yr or so. Then I started playing this game again. When I did I had just forgotten why I stop playing it. So I started playing more and more. And I think you can guess what happened. What really happened was that I started banging on the counter. I remember what I did last time. I got sent to my room. So I recommend not giving this to children who get angry quickly. But over all the game is good.

- fun but a few glitches

i really like this game however there are a few things that could be fixed. After playing for awhile the bonus coins freeze and load extremely slow which can be really annoying. Also maybe more obstacles could be added? The course is fun but can get a bit boring because you’re just repeating the same obstacles over and over. all in all tho it’s a great game and if you don’t like ads turn your airplane mode on before loading the game

- To many adds

I love this game a lot but 1 reason it freezes a lot and 2 reason TOO MANY ADDS I understand you get paid for the adds but there's to many and it keeps freezing but I still love the game a lot and it helps me when I'm bored and have nothing to do I just play this game and it keeps me entertained so thank you for making this game I appreciate it if you lower the adds but thank you for understanding thank you all for your creation 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😀😀😀😀😀😀😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😀😀😀😁😁😁😃😃😃😁😁😁😁😀😀😀😀😃😃😃😃😀😀🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😀😀😀😁😁😁😃😃😃😃😃😃🤩🤩🤩😀😀😁😁😃😃🤩🤩😀😀😁😁

- It’s ok, but can get annoying.

This game can be addicting, but there are a lot of bugs. First off, you don’t spawn in the same spot. Giving you either a good, or bad chance at winning. Second, there isn’t a way to go back. If I was about to go past a hammer or a fist but then it swung past, i should be able to move backwards so i don’t get flung. Third, you can get thrown off for the dumbest ways. I’ll only say one and that is when i’m only touching it, but i already passed, but then i randomly fall. Like you should only fall if you’re literally under it. In short, this game isn’t really that fun.

- Specific race needs attention

There is a race that ends with pink/green platforms moving left/right. The race characters do not stay on the platforms. There is a different race with platform sections where the platforms move forward and back, and it is possible to advance to the end because the race characters can stay on the platform. Without the ability to “stand” on the platform while till it moves side to side, characters go into an endless loop of trying, falling away, and no one makes it to the finish line. It would be lovely to have a correction made to the game to fix this. Thanks!

- It is so hard

Well on the first levels it is so hard and I think they test you so on the next levels they know what to expect and on those few levels I had to have my grandma do it for because they were things that popped up every few second so I think you shouldn’t download this game unless you are up for challenges. I also do think you might like to download it because it just gets easier instead of harder. I also think you should play a game called sonic forces because you are also going to battle like this game. And sonic forces is a really good game I am about to write on a review after I finish.

- To many adds!

So when I started this game I was like this is going to be fun, but I was almost wrong. After every level you do there is an add. And every time you die there is an add. When I first started playing I think much of it but now I’m getting really annoyed about it. Who ever made this game can you please put less adds in and not put them in every level please and thank you! Other then that this game is fun to play. -StarPlay17

- Good game but problems

So this is a really fun game and my friend as soon as I told her to download it she said it was so hard. I thought it was so funny!😆Haha! But you still have questions. I was in the middle of the game and started wondering are we playing with real life people or robots? And When we are done with the game why does it say your the winner and then you do it again it plays the same person shouldn’t the person be in the game they were playing! And to many ads it’s crazy. Besides that is so nice I’m on level 189

- Bad Game

This game is so unfair!! I am in a hysterical shock based on the outlines of this game... Each level expects you to understand what to do after approaching an obstacle. Such question may arise: Do you start to run when the bar is up or down? As a professional gamer, I have a suggestion that figuring it’s simplicity, it will be taken into accountant and applied - Instructions should pop up on a more questionably easy obstacle. It can be as simple as, “Reminder! Run when bar is down!” When this same obstacle is shown, the directions won’t show up as it’s intended the gamer then understands. I hope my feedback regarding your so called, “fun game”, helps. hehe just kidding if ur reading this: ur bad (but the game is gucci gang)

- Many Problems

There are honestly many problems with this game that need to be fixed. 1 way too many ads, now I’m not saying get rid of them completely maybe add a $1.99 or $2.99 no ad fee. 2 no multiplayer, I came into this game thinking it would be online multiplayer but it was against the CPU, just please add multiplayer that make the game a lot better, and that brings me to the 3rd problem: why are there customization options when it’s not a multiplayer game? The whole point of cosmetic items is to show off your skins to other players but THERE IS NO MULTIPLAYER, effectively making the cosmetic options useless. This game would be so much more better if these were fixed, thank you.

- Mediocre but fun

The game itself is fun but there are a few glitches in the system. For example when you reach the green Spinney spiral thing you can’t really see and I came upon a level where it was two of those back to back and it was really hard to beat because I couldn’t see what was in front of me. There are some advantages to your placement in the race, there is a C shaped challenge where if you’re on the further most right side you can just stand without being knocked down. Plus there’s a lot of ads, if you look past that the game is fun I guess.

- Its okay

Based on where your character is placed the game gives you a disadvantage. Its an easy game but say if you’re on the outside left then the middle person and person on the right start running ,an obstacle might not block their player but it blocks yours. Also, levels get boring because its the same things over and over. Change it up or make the levels a little longer. Also half the time you’re not even playing with other people so some races aren't even a challenge mostly happens when its down to two people.

- Please fix

Ok let’s get real I really do like this game. But one of the things that make me angry is that on some levels it’s where your on the side so the other people playing can beat me by going ahead of me. Also I don’t even think the people playing are real so I hope that can change o I can go against real people and I’m sure people agree also I think it would be cool if you could connect to your other games that are run by the same company. Because I had a lot of money and cool clothes. I hope that some of these things can be settled. Those are the only things I dislike really I do like the bonus levels and the game is very fun.


I am all for a company or business using ads for revenue. I am fine with the occasional, every minute or so advertisement. What I don’t like is that if you lose, you receive an ad. If you win, you receive an ad. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.. On top of that, it may be MULTIPLE ads, not just a single ad, and some of them are setup to auto-redirect you to the App Store WITHOUT YOU EVEN TOUCHING THE AD AND DOESN’T GIVE YOU THE OPTION TO CLOSE OUT THE AD! It would be different if the app wasn’t super laggy and the graphics being quite mediocre, but it is clear this app was meant to bring in as much revenue, with as little effort, as possible. The game is fun..but for the amount of ads and lack of quality, it is not worth it.

- Good

I am really good at this game and I like it a lot. I have all the skins and I finished the town thing so, I have nothing to do. This is not the thing. You aren’t playing against real people. Thare are so many reasons why you should know this. One more thing, there’s this glitch Whare when you start e new round one of the players may look like they are dead but still move throw the obstacles like normal. It’s really funny and you don’t need to change it. The glitches end when that person dies and they res pawn as normal.

- A semi-good game

I think this game is great but I think it should have some easier things because some people are beginners and you should get the levels harder whenever they’re getting better Nike easier when they’re getting better you should have more things for them to do and maybe some more colors for their skin and let them choose what they want for the skin and maybe give them more money if they wanna race

- Placement, and bots.

So I love the game, but their could be a lot of work, maybe let people play against other people, and people not always be in the middle during the three person thing, and not always on the right on the two person thing. I say let people play against other people, is because I notice that you bot your games, the people aren’t real, the bots do the exact same thing over and over but you change the movements slightly to make it, ‘realistic’ so if you could stop botting your games, because their are a lot of people playing your game!

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Fun Race 3D 1.4.0 Screenshots & Images

Fun Race 3D iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Fun Race 3D iphone images
Fun Race 3D iphone images
Fun Race 3D iphone images
Fun Race 3D iphone images
Fun Race 3D iphone images

Fun Race 3D (Version 1.4.0) Install & Download

The applications Fun Race 3D was published in the category Games on 2019-05-05 and was developed by Good Job Games [Developer ID: 1191495496]. This application file size is 248.93 MB. Fun Race 3D - Games app posted on 2020-08-10 current version is 1.4.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.slippy.linerusher

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