YOLO: Anonymous Q&A

YOLO: Anonymous Q&A [Social Networking] App Description & Overview

YOLO is the most fun and spontaneous way to get honest and genuine messages from your friends.

1. Custom your Sticker. Be creative!
2. Share it to your Snapchat friends.
3. Reply to their messages in your Story.
4. Create and invite friends to chat in a group!

YOLO is for positive feedback only. Be kind, respectful, show compassion with other users otherwise you will be banned. Please, be mindful of what you send.

Happy Yoloing!

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(New) Share your Xmas sticker to receive anonymous messages you can't unwrap until Xmas Eve.

YOLO: Anonymous Q&A Comments & Reviews

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- Yolo..

Yolo is chill and awesome, they gave warnings to people that to not bully no one. I like the fact that they give that warnings, but people think that it’s yolo fault. Some people don’t listen to the message, I think that’s it’s not Yolo’s fault to begin with. It’s the user’s comment fault, if anyone wants to make Yolo to stop they will have to get to see all the information. Plus, anyone shouldn’t make any bad reviews. Yolo made this just to have fun, they wouldn’t know if they are bullying them. It would be hard to track all the bullies. They will put all nighters to remind the bullies to stop bullying. Yolo isn’t involved with any of the drama, you guys should know what to do when a bully is bullying you.

- Love it, except for when it glitches

I have never had a problem with this app until just recently, in fact I have been in love with this ever since I gotten it. I love the idea of getting random questions, answers, an the thrill of not knowing who it is. But just recently I have been getting a glitching problem. After putting up one of these on my story I would only get one response, but then later I would have multiple people asking why I didn’t respond or answer what they sent. Thinking this was just a one time glitch or internet thing (even though i have great WiFi) I moved on and posted one the next day but the same thing happened again. Only getting one response but others upset that I had not seen their’s. I have now reset the app deleted, reloaded and tried anything to get these messages but I still seem to be only getting one. This is a bit upsetting especially since I love the thrill of this app, I sincerely hope this will be fixed soon.

- Pretty Good :)

Honestly I really like Yolo. It’s a fun app to ask questions on your Snapchat story and interact with your friends. I like the consistent updates and features being added often. However, sometimes people like to bully others and that’s never fun. I posted a simple question asking people about their crushes as a fun little game. Then there was one or more people that were harassing me about a boy I’m talking to. I reported each message that was abusive, and I thought at the very least the person would be revealed to me. Sadly that wasn’t the case and I’m assuming that the messages are under review. You’ve never made it quite clear how the reporting system works and what happens if the person you reported is actually found to be abusive. I would like further feedback on that please. Overall Yolo is a good app. I hope you guys take the bullying seriously and actually review the messages that are reported. Thank you!

- Could Be Better

This app was originally working well, however after I’d had it for about 2 weeks it began sending me notifications for messages, then the messages weren’t showing up in my inbox. I’m not sure if the notifications were glitches, or if I actually am getting messages and the app just won’t let me view them, because it does occasionally show a message. Other then that, the app has been great. I can ask my friends questions, get anonymous compliments, and for the most part, my experience has been rather positive (aside from a few jokes made by my best friend, but she’s always like that). To be fair, I know a lot of people have been sent inappropriate or rude messages on here, so I would be cautious if you think you would be offended by rude anonymous messages. Overall, YOLO is a decent app and a good way to connect with people, but it does need improvements and may not be good for everyone. I hope this helps!

- Pretty good...except for anon messages

Yolo is a pretty fun thing to use when you are bored...or possibly lonely. I’ve been using it for a while, and recently there has been something bugging me. The anonymous ghost messages on the group chat are fun to use, however sometimes it gets out of hand. In a few group chats people have been using the ghost messages to cyberbully people by calling them fat, ugly, gross and such and sometimes even to kill themselves. This makes me extremely angry because I don’t think anyone should be saying this, especially anonymous. I think it would be practical that if someone sends an outrageous message like that, getting flags would result in a ban? It’s a suggestion that I think would help keep people safe, and these messages hurt. I am a pre-teen and I know kids my age are going to take these comments personally. I just want everyone to stay safe.

- Randomly stopped working?

Yolo is a really fun and new way to communicate with the people who view your snap story and I was having a lot of fun using it for a couple of weeks but then randomly it would send me notifications and I’d go to my inbox and they’d all be old messages and there would be no new one’s. At first I thought it was because I had to many undeleted messages, so I deleted the dozens of ones that I had already replied to, however that did not fix the problem. The only way I could start seeing the new yolos I was receiving was by deleting and reinstalling the app every time I got a couple new notifications, which is EXTREMELY annoying and inconvenient. Truly hope this gets fixed soon and it can go back to its 5 star rating, because without the glitches or bugs this app really is a 5 star experience

- randomly stopped working

i love this app a lot , but for some reason i can't revive yolos anymore , this problem has been going on for about 6 months now . i don't get any yolo messages when i post yolos on my story and i even tested it out by sliding up myself and saying something and i didn't get a message . it's really frustrating because i love posting yolos and seeing what people say but now i can't do that anymore . i've deleted it and re downloaded it many times and it still doesn't work . also when other people post yolos i'll slide up and say "tbh-(my first name) (my last name)" but that's never get the message , so i don't know why yolo won't let my name go through !! at first i thought that i might've been banned from the app but i don't use inappropriate language , i have clean content (i don't post anything inappropriate) , i'm NEVER bullying anyone or being mean so i have no idea why yolo just won't work . please fix this problem !!

- please stop it with the notifications

a great app - until your sticker runs out of time. YOLO instantly starts spamming you with notifications which you can not disable without disabling every notif for the app, sending one every half hour to 5 hours. messages include: “who’s tryna slide into the dms”, “bruh it’s been a hot minute since your last sticker” (with a crying michael jordan), and tons of messages saying you should post another sticker i do not want to receive these notifications, and do not appreciate that i cannot disable them while leaving any received message and expired sticker notifications in settings. in order to stop these notifications i either need to post a new sticker every 24 hours - something story viewers would NOT appreciate - or disable app notifications, which means i also do not get message received notifications, starting a game of turning app notifications off and on. please, either add a setting to disable this spam, or flat out remove it. i rarely post yolo stickers, meaning i go for weeks with getting notifications that i could make new friends or that my crush is out there waiting for another sticker. it’s tiring and at times infuriating.

- A little glitchy

I love YOLO. I can connect with friends and people who care when I’m feeling bored or lonely. It’s a great app, except when it glitches. I haven’t been able to delete any old messages that I have in my inbox. I’ll delete them, refresh, and they come back. It’s annoying. Plus, I’ll get a notification that I have a new message, go into the app, and there isn’t one there. I’ll refresh and there still won’t be one. Sometimes I’ve even gotten some that I didn’t get a notification for. I’ll go back into the app a few days later to play again and there will be some there that I didn’t know about. Please fix soon, especially since quarantine, because many of us are bored and lonely.

- Yolo is so amazing and easy to use

Yolo is so easy and fun to use! I love the genius idea of being able to customize your own questions, making it fit your own style, and allow you to make your own choices. Such as, being able to change the Bitmoji avatar stickers,and right your own question for friends to answer, or pick from many question that yolo provides you! It is so amazing and a genius app in general! It’s so easy to use as you just download the app, press connect through Snapchat and press accept then your done and ready to send yolos and get honest opinions from your friends and family!

- I really like it!

Yolo is a great way to send anonymous feedback or receive it. And no, it’s doesn’t use your private information in a harmful way. It’s just like Snapchat, they will keep your information to themselves and never give it away. It is a perfectly safe app. Now for the bullying part, I can see lots of reviews that hate on this app because of cyber bullying. That’s why you can reveal their identity and report them. As other people in the reviews say such things as, “this is a perfect way to get bullied” or “This is not safe and you should delete this app.” But they’re not true. This app will help you reveal bully’s identity and report hem and get them in trouble. I hope this changes others mind on this app. Thanks!

- Toxic

The app looks sincere, and really it has good intentions. However, this app is just a breeding ground for cyber bullies. The app says that it reports bullying, but I’ve never actually seen it happen. This app gives people the chance to say anything they want, without having to take responsibility for any of it. Many, if not all, of its users are teenagers. If you've met any teenager, you know that they are very immature and do not think before they talk. The same goes for texting. Many people are getting this app to have fun with their friends, and what are they getting? Hate. If I could show you things I’ve received, you would wonder what makes kids think it’s ok to say that. It’s horrible. Another big problem with this is it creates lots of drama. Drama in and out of school. It never goes away. The only way I can think to describe it is toxic. Do not get this app. I repeat DO NOT GET THIS APP!

- this is the most toxic app ever

anonymous messages give people the opportunity to say the nastiest rudest things to people and suffer no consequences. this app is practically meant for cyberbullying and personally i don’t think it should exist. DO NOT GET THIS APP. if i could post screenshots of the messages i’ve received, it would look like the burn book from mean girls. and i am a good kid, i am friends with almost everyone. but this app gives people the opportunity to say whatever they want. and teenagers don’t think before they type. what else is bad about it is that because you have no clue who is sending you these awful messages, it could be your best friends. all i want is for someone to confront me personally if they have a problem with me, i shared that on my story and the responses i got made me delete this app. it’s extremely toxic. if you care about your mental health, do not download this app.

- Crashes

I used to use the app all the time, I’d post a yolo on my Snapchat everyday and it worked perfectly then one day I got banned from snapchat and it said something about using third party apps that access snapchat and that I have to delete it before I can unlock my account so I deleted Yolo them it let me back into my account so that was obviously the issue. I’m not sure why it banned me from my own snapchat account but I hate that I had to delete the app. I re downloaded the app and tried to hook it back up to my Snapchat account but the app would crash everytime I signed in so eventually I gave up which is why I only rated it three stars, please fix it to where it doesn’t crash and doesn’t ban me from my account again , Thanks

- Not good

At the beginning yolo was so fun. the app says that it will report bullying but never once have I seen that they did it gives people a chance to be mean and not have to take responsibility for it. It is a app that you can hide behind to be mean to other kids without them knowing. I feel that yolo was made so kids can ask questions but it now people use it to be mean and bully. there has been several times where I have seen the meanest comments calling people fat ugly etc. of coarse I felt bad but there is nothing you can do considering the fact that yolo is anonymous. I feel that this app will lead to much worse issues I am a kid who once had yolo and there is a lot of mean things going on and it being Anonymous does not help. Once again this app was very fun at the beginning and I love the idea of it but there is some serious stuff that should be fixed

- Middle Schoolers

Fine app. I don’t use it but the concept is alright I guess. It’s all middle schoolers that do this though and I think that can kind of pose a future problem to interaction with other people. This is going to contribute to a generation that won’t be able to handle confrontation well. The problem is, everybody is talking smack but it’s all anonymous. The users are aware of this factor which creates no consequences for any of the smack they are talking. But everybody gangsta online until it’s in real life. If no one knows how to handle confrontation, no one can be able to develop major problem solving skills. Rate 3/5. 3 because the app has a decent concept and the missing 2 are because of the way it affects the audience. Thank you for coming to my TEDTalk

- Reliable and trustworthy

I am a developer and I know exactly how Yolo achieves the activity it does. I have noticed many people saying they can either access your chats, snaps, memories, map, etc. that is simply not true. This app uses Snapchat API called Snap Kit, this is hooked into Swift which is the programming language of iOS apps which use the IPA format. These Snap Kits do not allow such activity and this app simply gets access to your Bitmoji, your Public Name, and access to Sticker, this uses the Bitmoji SnapKit, Sticker SnapKit, and Story SnapKit. So overall from a Java, Kotlin, Swift, etc. developer. You CAN trust YOLO without having any doubt that your privacy will be invaded.

- Yolo

Yolo is amazing, there are similar apps to YOLO like lipsi, but unlike lipsi, you can connect your YOLO to your Snapchat which makes it more convienient! If your not sure what to ask on your YOLO, it already has some options to pick from that are programmed in, however if you would like to create your own question, you can do that as well. You can post multiple different YOLOs asking different questions at the same time, which is also better and more combined than some of the other anonymous messaging apps. I totally recommend YOLO!

- Yolo it’s ok

I like how Snapchat made a anonymous messaging app it notifies you immediately when you get a message and yea but there are a lot of issues in this app that need to get fixed when I want to use it sometimes it will say error and then I have to pressed the button over and over again till I can see my messages also if I want people to slide up for example if I take a picture and I don’t like the picture if I delete the picture the anonymous thing will delete to so I have to go back to the app also it says that they block messages that aren’t appropriate well they need to check again cause I be getting people saying nasty things to me like this app is just a whole mess and they need to fix all this.

- This App Is An Outlet For Cyperbullying!

Coming from a teen that has had this app, this is probably the easiest way for a bully to reach a peer and make them feel terrible about themselves. It encourages cyberbullying by making it anonymous so they know there is no consequences for their rude comments on the app. Adding to that, it creates tons of drama for the user and the people writing comments. This is a definite way for giving someone a chance to lower your self-esteem. So, if you are looking to get this app I suggest you take note that this can be a HUGE way to get hurt because some people still don’t realize that words DO HURT, but there is nothing we can do about that. However, to be generous, the app has great quality and works very well, I am jut not a big fan of the content this app provides.

- Crashes :/

Every time I try and open the app, it takes almost 5 minutes to actually start, then it shows me the “open with snapchat” or “open with phone number”. If I press the snapchat option, it takes me to snapchat and then it tells me that “something is wrong, please try again later!” And then it crashes. I don’t know if this is Yolo’s fault or snapchats fault, but it’s driving me insane. If I press the phone number option, it gives me the opportunity to put my phone number in, I type in my phone number, then it tells me that the phone number was incorrect. It doesn’t matter what number I put in, it always is incorrect. All my friends are using this app and they love it, and I wanna love it too, but unless they fix this, me and a lot of other people will be disappointed. Please fix this!

- Yolo

Well it’s a great app and all and I think the glitch thing only happened to the one person I love the way we get messages and not knowing who said what but I don’t like the way people are aloud to talk bad about other people for absolutely no reason because when they put negative stuff on the tools people are going to start thinking negative about their selves and when they start felling like that there’s only a few people who can cheer a person up and I just don’t think it’s a great idea to have this app if people right on the app is rude and disrespectful so yeah that’s what I think I really hope u can get a pick or something for bad messages

- What happened with this?

This app has been working just fine until yesterday where I tried to put a Yolo on my Snapchat and it didn’t let me. At first I thought it was my internet connection and I verified everything and it was working fine. Then I restarted my phone because I thought that my phone would be the problem and it wasn’t it either. Lastly, I erased the app and downloaded it again and it wouldn’t let be login ... so I had to log in with my phone number and by today I’m still trying to post a Yolo and it won’t let me. I am extremely mad about it and I just need an explanation on what the actual heck is happening with it. My friends are posting Yolo’s just fine , my internet connecting works , I restarted my phone twice , all my apps are working expect for this one in particular.

- I love the app, but it has issues

i’ve had yolo for around a year and in the last month or so, the app has sent me notifications and i’ll go on there to see what was said and nothing will show up. just this morning i woke up to 12 notifications from them saying i had received a message and i went to the app and nothing was there. this is just really annoying at this point because either 1.its sending phantom notifications or 2. it’s delaying when i get them which has also happened recently (my yolo had expired and i was getting random yolos days/weeks after when they said they came in)

- It’s a fun/good app but there are some problems.

Okk this is a great way to communicate with people and answer things like questions but there are some big problems. when I joined a group and clicked the home button on my phone after texting a little, A couple minutes later I find out that I “left the group” when I didn’t. It had happened to many of my friends also. We don’t know why. Also , it doesn’t let me join groups that people sent me links too. like if someone send me a link privately or in a group chat i’m in, I won’t let me join. This is a overall fun app but the glitching , me leaving groups when I didn’t, && joining groups lag is not great. ??‍♀️

- Having issues with the app now

At first, everything worked fine as it should. Until today, 11th of May. For some reason, I’m unable to send my other friends messages on their yolo questions, non cannot see who views mine on my story. Every time I try to open someone else’s, it kicks me to the App Store or tells me there was a connection error. Now I know things haven’t been easy for everyone during this time of year, especially for all developers. Hell, even the gaming systems haven’t been doing so well because of the quarantine. So hopefully, this review will help ya guys out. Thanks, and stay safe out there! :)

- Read this.

Dear Yolo, Yolo is a fun app I must say and I have to give the person who created this app the full credit. I love the anonymous mystery when someone types, “I like you” into a slot that you receive later. But some things I don’t like is the harassment and bullying option. My friend, Andrew, would sometimes get some rude messages telling him that he is ugly. No worries though right? Because we wouldn’t have to spend most of our time trying to figure out who this is! We were depending on the feature of exposing this user who harassed u, but of course, it was gone. Alright. Now another issue is, the app crashes a lot. When I login to the app it takes a second, and it freezes for a couple more seconds and I get an exit appearance from the app. This highly frustrates me. Just saying. Fix them both please. We want the old feature where you can expose the person who wrote rude comments to you, and we want a better feature where it handles, crashing bugs to the app. Thank you for reading this! Please write back Yolo.

- This is a good app:}

I like this app very much, it occupies some free time I have. I have two complaints about this app and no more. The first thing bothers me a lot, and I don’t know if the app normally does this, or it’s a glitch. I usually do not receive notifications from the app when someone sends an anonymous message to me. I have the iPhone 8, and I don’t know if it’s the app or my phone. I’ve checked my settings and the notifications are definitely turned on on my phone. There seems to be no in-app settings and that leads to my second complaint. There should be an in app settings with more controls.

- The apps great!

I love this app and use it on a daily. When I recently found out they made a “yolo groups”, I was so excited. I’ve been using yolo groups for around a week now, and have found a glitches. This glitch may be my fault and not the apps but i just thought I’d share. Sometimes when I’m making a yolo group I can’t seem to find some of my friends. Like I said this might be my fault, but I just thought it was strange to see a few of my friends but some missing. If you could please maybe check that out, it would be amazing. Thank you again for making such an amazing app!

- Yolo

This app is this the freaking best. You need to get it because u can use it for Snapchat. It also has good graphics. It has good features. It also has good qualities. Please go download the app. Also you go onto the Yolo app and sign in with your Snapchat and then click on get messages and it will open you up to Snapchat and you just post it on your story and in the Yolo app it will show the messages and you don’t know who it is so it is an fun app. I gave it 5 rate because it is the best app forever. You will thank me for showing you this app. Have fun!!!!????

- Won’t let me log in.

I recently broke my iPhone XR, which i had this app on. I got my friends old iPhone 6s and tried redownloading it. Everything was normal. I chose to sign in with SnapChat. I typed in my number. It sent me a verification number. I put the number in. Each and every time i put that verification number in, it told me it was invalid. My number was correct, I was getting the texts. I tried sending a new one about five times before I gave up. I don’t know why it won’t let me log in but it’s really bothering me. All my friends have no problem and I can’t reply to their yolos without logging into my account, which it won’t let me do. :(

- Compared to Lipsi

Now Yolo is a lot better than Lipsi in many ways. Ok fine, Lipsi may allow you to message the person back and doesn’t need Snapchat to work but, 99% of the time people used Lipsi on Snapchat anyways. On Yolo there is no hassle of creating an account because you can just simply login to your Snapchat account. Hopefully in the future the message back feature is added but if that was added it would just give this app 6 stars but without that feature it’s still 5/5 stars

- The notifications are so annoying

This app is great except for the notifications. The app always gives random notifications like “see who has a crush on you ?” or something dumb like that. Now, of course you do need notifications to see who sent a message and for group chats, but other than that there’s really no point to have notifications for this app. I wish they would just add the feature to control the notifications you get in the settings like almost every app on earth. As a matter of fact, I don’t think the app even has settings. The apps eventually got so annoying that I had to turn all notifications off from my phone settings.

- Tenichal difficultly

Hi, thanks for making This app. I use it all the time from ranges of questions and it was working fine up until now, today all of the messages were gone, my ‘Bunches’ as this app calls it are still there and perfectly fine. But my messages from just recently about last week are missing. I deleted the app, I refreshed the messages section but nothing is working please get out to me ASAP because I need to figure this out. Oh I almost forgot one other thing. I also sent a message to myself to makesure your app wasn’t down. But I got the notification that I got a message but it wasn’t in the messages section. So please get out to me and fix this problem ? all regards -K

- Good in Theory

I really like the idea of anonymity for questions or responses in general. But the app has so many problems. First, the question replies are constantly glitching out, not allowing people to respond with a 502 error message. Next, many times, the app is often times stuck at the loading screen and simply will not launch. Another thing I’ve noticed, is how many people have told me that I have not received their reply for whatever reason. This is a personal opinion, but I don’t think there should be an automatic filter for replies. These should be put in place by each individual user, and not set by the developers.

- Good App but Hides Some Messages

I like the app but my closer friends have asked me if I got their “mean” message and I never get them. I guess the app filters out the anonymous messages if it uses certain words that may “hurt” someone’s feelings. I can understand how that can be thought of as a good idea but it’s annoying bcuz then u ARE NOT getting HONEST comments. If comments that are considered rude really offend people there’s the option to report or block that commenter so they shouldn’t make it where u never even get to see what they said. Plus friends do “mean” comments to tease each other so it just takes the fun out of the app if u get nothing but positive comments.

- Private Messaging Problem With Current Yolo Update

I love the app, but you guys need to either stop automatically updating it without users’ permission, or make sure there’s a way for everyone to view their private messages in the app easily, because I’m getting private messages from people I’m in group chats with, and when I try to open the notification, the chat doesn’t show and I can’t find them like I used to in the last update where all the people you were privately messaging with were all in a row and can find them without a problem.

- Great and lots of fun, except for the notifications

In truth it is a wonderful app that brings a lot of laughter and allows people to be more confident, but the notifications the app sends are completely unrealistic. I’m sorry, but I’m not going to ask my fellow eighth graders if they wanted to “Netflix and chill ???” with me. I think the app needs to keep in mind that most of its users are teenagers in grade school, and promoting that kind of behavior is just, in truth, uncomfortable. The app should also keep in mind that unfortunately, many kids parents follow them, and no one wants to see that on their child’s story.

- Crashing

I am having an issue with your Yolo app. It continues to crash shortly after I open the app. After about 5 seconds of having the app open, it will crash. I have noticed this issue with the app before but it wouldn’t happen often. Only now, it is happening every time I try opening the app. I have looked in the App Store if there is an update that was needed, but YOLO was not listed for any updates. I also tried deleting and reinstalling the app and the problem continued to occur. I have also restarted my phone as well and closed all my apps. Still nothing works. I’m not sure what else to do.

- My app won't let me open it

It started today I was going to check my yolo because I got a notification and everytime I open the app it like it doesn't open it kicks me out and says this app isn't shared with you and it says to "buy" it in the App Store and I already have the app i dont know if you guys are making it shut down or something but can YOU PLEASE FIX IT FOR ME? Because I need to check it and use it for my daily yolo things my friends and I are doing. Please help me please and thank you!??

- Can’t open the app

I loved this app after the recent events that happened though not only to me but also my friends I will be switching to a different anonymous app as I do sometimes I was trying to receive anonymous messages from my Snapchat but when people tried to slide up they server was not found later when I tried to open the app it wouldn’t i will open it and it will load then quickly shut down and take me back to home screen I have tried everything to get back in my account so I will be letting people who want the app about how much of a piece of shot this app is when not even blocking people works so I will make sure my entire Snapchat knows about the inconvenience this app has caused me

- Great app, but one possible issue

Lots of people get this app to get honest feedback. I know I did. I saw all these other people getting loads of anonymous messages, and it looked fun. But when I make a sticker, I rarely get a response. About 40 people see it, but nobody responds. So before you download, just remember not to worry or take the lack of responses personally! The app is really easy to use and the Bitmoji-only group chat is a great concept, just needs a few more superpowers or other unique things.

- I love it, but does everyone else?

Personally, I am impressed by the efficiency of this app. It works very quickly and pairs with snapchat very well. The whole anonymous aspect can be fun, but with Snapchat’s main audience being teenagers, not everyone is always nice. Children are more willing to say something mean on this app, because the receiving end doesn’t know who sent it. I don’t think this app can cause many issues, and personally I’ve had good experience with it. I am just aware of possible outcomes this app could have, keep up the good work though!

- Repeated Harrassment

I keep getting extremely sexually violent comments on my Yolos and no matter how many times I block and report the person doing it, they come back. Every time, the same person manages to bypass whatever Yolo does and talks about doing the most disgusting things to my friend and I. I’m sick of it. I know it’s an anonymous app but if I’m reporting and blocking someone I feel I should have the right to see who it is after I report and block so that I can do so from Snapchat as well because I don’t want someone like that associating with me in general, not just on an anonymous comment app. Yolo needs to get their stuff together. Does anyone else have this issue of people being blocked still being able to comment?

- ???

So the app is really cool but somtimes I will get a message and it won’t show up I can refresh i even tried deleting the app and downloading it again it still won’t show up and I wanted to add a new feature when you slide up on your friends yolos you get a notification when they respond idk but I thought that would be cool earlier today my friend left a message and told me she did but I didn’t get a push notification and it would show up so I was hoping you could fix that ? that’s all but over all it’s a really great app

- What the heck

It used to work just fine, and today i went to use it and i was getting all sort of notifications telling me that i had received messages, but NONE of them were showing up in the app, not even the old ones i had received before, my inbox was just completely wiped. So I uninstalled the app and installed it again, and now it won't let me log in or make a new one, it keeps telling me my phone number doesn't exist and won't let me do anything on the app. This is insanely frustrating, as I used to love using this app. I think I'll try to get it working one more time and if the same issue occurs I'll use a different app.

- upset

so I’ve been using this app for a while now, and I liked the idea of the bullying process because every other app like this doesn’t have that BUT I realized that the warning or “message” doesn’t actually mean anything. I’m constantly getting harassed on the app and people constantly disrespecting me and my relationship. Also, when I block people, those people don’t actually get blocked because they're still able to contact me through the app. I’ve had threats, people call me names and start horrible problems with me through this. I want to be able to use this able like everyone else without all the bullying

- Fix this please

I used to love YOLO until this happend☹️ One day Snapchat was updated and when I was about to make a YOLO it didn’t show up on my Snapchat? So I decided to just delete that app and then download it again. Unfortunately this made it worse and when I put in the password that is required for YOLO it just said “Invalid number please try again later” I was confused cause I put in the right numbers. I tried this a few times but it kept suing the same thing over and over again? Please fix this for me and for people that might have the same problem for me

- I’m confused about this app

I like the app but as in recently I’m very confused with it because at this moment at 1:45am every time I try to open the app it crashes and exits me out of the app. I’m not sure what I did wrong because a few minutes prior to that I posted up a yolo thing so people can ask me questions and now all of sudden I can’t go into the app. I’ve tried deleting the app “ twice “, I removed it from my snap, and I even forced turned on and off my phone. There’s no updated needed that I see so I’m sure what the problem is.. Can somebody please help. This is concerning me...

- it doesn’t load

So i got this app a couple days ago and used it a lot between then and now and i got a yolo earlier this morning and it worked fine, but the i got a yolo a couple minutes ago and i went to check it but the app did not load. I restarted the app 3 times then when that didn’t work I restarted my phone. Then after that didn’t work I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. I went to log into my account but said there was an error and now I can’t log in but it says i had but i still can’t see my previous yolos. Please fix this quick❤️

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- Good

This is a very good app however recently my yolo has begun to play up i put it on my snapchat story and people swiped up but when i went to go answer them it said it was loading and would not stop and i have not been able to see what people have said and it is not a internet issue please fix this

- Alright

YOLO is a really fun and enjoyable app that my friends and I like to use on Sc when we’re bored. Yet it has come to my attention that there are a few worrying problems that should be considered before installing this app for use. Because YOLO is said to be completely anonymous, Sc users can write hurtful messages to their peers. This encourages bullying and targeting on the app. What’s more is that such messages can really damage someone’s self esteem. Then there’s also the supposed ‘ways’ to reveal anonymous messages from users. Though this may seem like a very useful solution, these websites regularly provide false accusations against the wrong accounts. I have heard stories of people that didn’t say anything like that to their friend, but were accused of it because of the YOLO reveal sites. Overall though, YOLO is quite an enjoyable app if it weren’t for the hurtful comments being said through Snapchat.

- Okay

The app YOLO I find a very easy way for people to get other people down. Since it is anonymously sent people can send anything without their cover being blown. I personally don’t get any mean comments but I have seen lots of other people have. Cyber bullying is a very popular way of making people ashamed of themselves. But other than that you can get some really nice comments. If you do happen to get something nasty, it will stay on the top of your mind for a really long time. I just don’t exactly agree on the fact it’s sent anonymously... to anyone who gets anything mean just remember you’re perfect and those people being mean are just a waste of time. Love yourself before you hate yourself ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Disgusting.

Hey I’m brooklyn, I’m thirteen I got yolo as a joke and for people to say nice things and sure I got some nice comments and all but after awhile people were just putting me down and people were saying horrible things on other people’s yolos about me which made my confidence level drop really quickly and it made me feel bad about myself, but it’s not only me I see it all the time just people straight up bullying and body shaming other kids, it’s not on. I deleted yolo awhile ago and I am never downloading it again I personally DONT RECOMMEND this app to anyone and the fact that it’s anonymous, it just enables kids to hide behind a screen and cyber bully. Another thing that had been said in my yolo and that I had seen on other people’s yolos for example were people being really sexual towards them like “I wanna fk you” just things related to that sentence which is disgusting tbh especially at the age of 13. Just letting you all know this app is UTTERLY DISGUSTING and could ruin some kids weeks, months or even Lives Think about what your saying before you actually say it.

- Bullying

Hii other yolo users, Just want to let you all know that yolo has really affected my life. People have said hurtful things about each other on their yolo. It comes to my attention that it is beginning to start bullying and it’s not fair. This app is really entertaining, especially during this rough time but I believe that in any shape or form that these anonymous apps are not eligible for children during their teenage years. If you are looking to download this app then please be careful, I don’t want yolo affecting people’s lives like how it has affected some people’s already! Thanks and remember to be safe!

- * the part from terms and conditions *

“We collect personal information from our users in order to provide you with a personalized, useful and efficient experience. The categories of information we collect can include: Information you provide. When you create a YOLO account, we need to collect some information about you. We may collect and store personal information you provide to us when you register for our Service, including your name, phone number, email address, password, photo or avatar, and location. We may also collect any communications between you and YOLO and any other information you provide to YOLO.”

- Don’t download!!!

I have had yolo for about 2 months now, I have just recently decided to delete the app from my phone as cyber bullying was a huge huge issue with this App! Because it is all done anonymously, that gives room for the bullying and the nasty comments to flood through. I would not recommend this app to anyone especially children!!!! If ur kid is a target of bullying, do not let them get this app as the bullying just gets worse and worse because people are too coward like to say nasty things to your face, so they hide anonymously behind a screen. Terrible app next level of bullying has entered the chat.......

- Needs fixing

This app appears to have many bugs and glitches within it. It almost never works and takes way too much battery life. It is a place full of bullying and it seems to be only used for hateful words towards others. On the rare occasion that the app works properly it asks me for things such as my credit card details and my location. It is an awful app and there are many privacy issues that come it. Many things that must be fixed. There are multiple bugs and glitches where the person’s identity has been revealed.

- Yolo review

I hate yolo, the idea was fun until I started getting bullied through the app because the texts are Anonymous, I find this dangerous because people can say whatever they want to hurt you and they can get away with it because you don’t know who they are, this also puts young people at risk and makes people vulnerable. I’m deleting the app and I’m never going to be so stupid to make myself vulnerable in the first place. A good app if you only have friends on Snapchat I wouldn’t recommend if you have nasty people on Snapchat. But again I wasn’t expecting such horrible things.

- Why yolo is an amazing app

Yolo is amazing app because instead of taking up half an hour of ur time making a filter and do more other things that waste our time we can just look through questions to ask ur friend and post on our story and decorate it and it will only take 2-3 minutes to do

- Great app

So fun to see what people say ??. If someone tries to get into my skin, I don’t take it seriously cos I find it funny. Likewise, if you’re getting bullied on the app, just delete it and don’t make it worse for the other people who enjoy the app by making a negative review. 100% 5/5 on this app

- phone numbers people

So all of my friends have this app except me because I don't have a phone number it seems pointless and I do know that I can get a phone number online just for Yolo but they don't have them for certain countries for example australia

- Yolo isn’t working

I’ve been having problems with my inbox like whenever someone sends something it doesn’t show up in my inbox. I’ve tried everything from turning off the internet and turning it back on but nothing seems to work for me :(

- Really Enjoyable Although..

YOLO is a really enjoyable app. It keeps me really entertained although sometimes it lags and glitches, crashing my whole game. I do like the banning feature and I recommend this app to all Snapchat users!

- Bullying and Pointless!

YOLO is a horrible app! YOLO is basically a platform where people can get bullied and humiliated by anonymous ‘friends’ on snapchat. I mean, it’s your choice if you post it or not, but what’s the point, you don’t know the people, because it’s anonymous, that are saying this to you and it can really affect your self-esteem, you deserve better as a person. If I give this a half a star, that would be perfect, this app doesn’t deserve a full star.

- Good but some issues

I’m having a good experience with YOLO but sometimes when I type into other people’s YOLO’s, it doesn’t let me type anything or doesn’t even send to them what I typed. Please fix


DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!! If you read the terms and conditions of this app. It allows yolo to get personal information and photos and send the to the police. It can get your chats and photos from anything. PLEASE READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS BEFORE YOU THINK TO DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!!!!!! This app technically hacks your social media to send all chats and photos to the police apparently for ‘safety reasons’. if you dont want your social media or messages/photos to be hacked i recommend to not download it.

- Horrible

YOLO. Is a horrible app I tried to sign in and I put in my phone number and it said I was wrong finally I logged on via Snapchat and every time I went to write something it would glitch I thought it was cause if my phone so I tried it on my sisters phone same thing. If you want to get this app go for it but to be supposed of it doesn’t work

- Better

Just would be so much better if only we could see who sent the names but when we reply it comes up anonymous other than that, I love it :)

- Download at your own risk

Yolo is a good app, kinda confusing to use at first, also you should know what you’re getting yourself into, because the comments are anonymous and ppl can say anything without getting caught. Don’t take anything personally cause ppl can be complete jerks sometimes.

- My opinion

It’s a great way to know how other people feel about you or Like they might want to tell you something but they don’t want you to know it’s them

- Problem verifying phone number

When i try to verify my phone number it says that i can’t verify my country or my number, can someone please help me

- Messages were deleted

All the messages I have received one night were there the next morning half of them had disappeared

- Eh

Ok so I actually enjoy yolo like it’s amazing and is just a thing where people can say stuff to me without texting me so they don’t have to worry about getting rejected or whatever but recently when someone sends me a yolo I am not receiving them does like anyone have any advice?

- Sometimes it doesn’t work

I get notifications saying I got another message but nothing pops up. Please fix this and also there’s a bullying problem happening on this app, I suggest you not get it if you’re a bullying target. Have a nice day :)

- Feedback

Really nice thing and way to get feedback and answers on questions you may have and overall so good.

- Can’t respond to other people

I’ve downloaded the app ages ago and connected it to my Snapchat. People can respond anonymously to my posts easily but whenever I try to respond to others on Snapchat and swipe up it just takes me to mine instead of their page. Please help me fix this.

- Don’t download

This app is messed up in secret ways. The police have apparently been stalking people’s snapchats, messages, memory’s etc from this app. My friend got done from the police for messages on Snapchat with fighting with a friend and sending threats (she didn’t mean the threats she said) if you do have the app make sure you log out of YOLO first and then delete it. If you do not have yolo yet DO NOT GET IT OK.

- Review

It’s okay like, I don’t know if a stranger will talk to me so please make sure that no stranger talks to me or else I will delete YOLO. As my mum always says “ not everyone online say who they but what they actually am” Thank you for your time, Isabel

- Dont download multiple security concerns

I have read Yolo app Terms and Conditions and privacy policy very carefully and agree with all the other negative reviews as Yolo app will use all your social media and personal information for "Security Reasons" which means all your social and personal info will be stored by them and be visible to the public, including the police, so do not download this app.

- Plz fix this

It’s really nice but whenever I go one it it always blogospheres our May u plz fix this and update it quickly cause it’s really fun ?

- Problem

It won’t work on both my phone or iPad and idk why. I’ve deleted 5e app and re downloaded it but it still won’t work

- Yolo

Funny responses make this app a good waste of time. Great for exposing ppl if you make a private story and post it. Make sure the only person you add to that story is your crush tho.

- Bug

Whenever I get a new message I click the notification and it says I have no messages???

- Not bad

The apps alright, sometimes it glitches out and doesn’t show you the messages you get ?

- It reads our messages??

If this is all actually true and is says in the terms and conditions, whereabouts? Cuz I just spent 30 minutes reading that whole thing and I didn’t see anything about it? So either I am blind and can’t see it or these people are actually good people or these people do it without telling us which means we could sue them?

- Pretty good ??

Good app fun and easy to use it could be updating the questions more regularly but apart from that the app is good and I recommend it to anyone who is bored on snapchat and is looking for some fun!!

- Keeps playing up

I cant even post it on my snap chat to start off with as it keeps coming up with error and when I am able to, I can barely answer the questions because an error keeps popping up. Please fix it soon. Very annoying.

- Report Button

I’ve seen people say some of the most disgusting things on this app. Yeah it’s designed for anonymous messages, but you should at least have a report button for some messages so that users are blocked. I’ve seen people get told the only reason their younger brother has epilepsy and seizures is because he gets shovel fed meth. Lift your game.

- Please read this, creators of yolo

Sometimes I use this and put it on my snap story. And it comes up as a notification saying that I received a message but when I go onto the app no messages are there. How can I fix this?

- Easy

This app is very easy to use and links straight to your snap chat, meaning you don’t have to do all the URL things.

- Help me

i can post a yolo on my story and it’s really fun and easy. but recently whenever i writ on someone else’s yolo story it doesn’t actually send to the person and when i press send anonymously it come up with “start receiving anonymous letters”

- Awesome

I like how you have everything set out everything is really easy to press and get to

- Bitmoji

Heaps of people are covering the bitmoji on yolo in my opinion I feel like you should make the bitmoji option on your yolo because a lot of people including me don’t like using it

- My report ;)

I like it, it’s a good app. But my notifications are on for it and it never comes up with anything

- Yolo

I had people who were gutless to say things on yolo instead of saying it one on one. I thought this would of been a fun experience like I did with some other app but instead I was hurt badly by what was being said. I tried to report but there was no report ? Some people can go to the lowest and hit it where it hurts.

- Don’t download

Yolo isn’t a good app it’s a good way for another people to bring you down and make you feel bad about yourself. I personally don’t recommend yolo because of the mean things people can say without you knowing who it was and yolo has been known to get into your personal information without you knowing

- Idk how the group chats work

I make group chats and my crazy ex keeps joining them so I’ve just stopped making them ?

- ‼️

Need to allow the person receiving the messages to have the option to see the people who are sending the messages

- yolo

Love using yolo but in last couple of days I haven’t been able to post anything to Snapchat keeps saying something went wrong please try again later.

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- Help

Hey I use this app a lot but I can’t sign in. Every time I put in a code it says invalid code even tho the code is brand new.

- cliff hanger

it’s like a cliff hanger, someone asks u to date and it could be john cena!?? who knows

- Not the best at the moment

It’s really getting in my nerves I log into yolo on my snap account and I put my number in there as it asked and then I put the code it and then it said sorry but the code you put in is invalid?

- Broken

It’s a cool concept but nothing shows up in my inbox. My friends say they’ve replied but there’s nothing.

- Message

The messages disappear sometimes and I don’t get them back, I like how it can make a sticker for snap tho

- log in

when i went to log in when i first got yolo it said i have to put in country for it to send verification code so i tried putting in canada (my country) and it was stuck on the united states and wouldn’t switch to canada i tried putting in my number for verification multiple times and the verification code got sent to me. when i put in the code that got sent it said it was error, please fix this.

- Not working

It’s not letting me post my yolo on my story

- Bug

I receive the code for the verification put when I write it, the app tells that it’s the wrong code...

- Yolo

I love this app and I think it should be rated 12+ you can connect it to your Snapchat and ask questions on your story. I totally recommend this app.

- Yolo

I like the app but my app keeps glitching and won’t let me see some yolos and it doesn’t load

- what’s wrong with it??

when i go to log in it doesn’t let me put in the code that IT SENT ME???? FIX THIS!!??

- It’s fun but isn’t functional

I downloaded this because it looks fun but when someone sends me something I get a notification but it doesn’t show up in my inbox also developers aren’t helpful at all.

- Really dumb.

This app is really obnoxious, it’s basically just a app where people can write things to themselves and pretend like they’re popular, or there are people making rude or inappropriate comments that you can’t get justice for :( just stupid if you ask me.

- ?

I can’t get notifications I get them but when I click on one it goes away

- Great

It’s perfect for pranking your friends

- Wont share to my story

Every time I click share it brings me to snapchat but it doesnt show the Yolo on my screen, I can’t use this app at all

- Verification Code

My verification code won’t work, I got a new Snapchat account and can’t link them together anymore. It’s stuck on the United States and won’t let me switch it to Canada. Not very happy, please fix :(

- broken

Keeps telling me the code is invalid when I try to log in

- can’t log on

it just sends me a verification code and when i put the code in it says invalid verification code it’s very frustrating

- Broken

I don’t get the messages people send me

- Why

Well I love this app but you can’t text anonymously and I think that would be better if you could.

- The log in isn’t working.

Hi Yolo, when I go to log in using Snapchat it was originally on the US flag so I changed it to Canada (my country) but it would stay on US. When I tried again it still didn’t work. So then I just put in my phone number and you send me my verification code. But when I put the verification code in it says invalid and to try again. I tried again 7 times I even deleted YOLO and tried after that but it still was not working. I would appreciate if you can fix that. Also you should know I did have YOLO before but then deleted Snapchat and YOLO then just got Snapchat back yesterday and YOLO back today. (I don’t know if that has anything to do with it.

- A way to get depressed

This app is horrible for kids and high school/ elementary. There is barely any lifting each other up and it is all for bringing people down and saying horrible stuff behind a screen. This app is letting this happen and it’s not okay. I used to have it but later deleted it because of the things I was getting. I do not recommend getting this app ever!! (This is from a high schoolers point of view) yolo is bad news. I don’t even know why someone thought making this was a good idea.

- App Destroying Bug.

As i’ve been searching through reviews, i noticed a pattern of reviews in the 1 star area that i share my concern with, the app for some odd reason will not let me input the verification code it sent me. Yes, the exact code the app sent me. I also noticed that there was an update to the YOLO app 3 weeks ago addressing some bugs, and ever since then the app has been locked out from new users, like myself. I really hope one of the admins see this because YOLO is a pretty fun app to pass the time with your buddies, but it’s gonna go downhill fast if you don’t even let new users experience the app.

- Doesn’t work

The app doesn’t work when u put the numbers sent to ur phonenumber it says it is incorrect been trying for an hour a bunch of different numbers

- bullying

it’s an easy way for people to cyberbully you

- Tf

The app is rly great and fun I just think the rating doesn’t fit the app and should be adjusted

- Message

My friends say they left me messages but they’re not showing up in my inbox

- trash

doesn’t work. ppl say they’re sending things but they don’t show up

- won’t work

everytime i try to get in, i sent a verification code and I type it in but it always says “verification code incorrect, try again later” can someone please help me??

- ?

It sucks everytime i get a new notification I get old messages?

- Ça ne fonctionne pas

Je reçois une notification mais je n’ai aucun message

- It was better before..

I have the app since 2018 and everything was okay, but since i made the last update, i can’t put yolo ont my story, and when i have the notification that i have one i go chek and there’s nothing. And I’ve lost all of my old yolo. Please fix this because the other anonymous app are trash. Thanks

- Messages not working

It says that I receive a new message but when I open my yolo it says I have no messages. Please fix soon

- This sucks

My friends Yolos don’t even show up, 1/5 stars

- Is it true

Is it true that the police run this?!?

- Doesn’t work

Keeps kicking me out of the app, shows I got replies but can’t see anything. Very annoying. Had to delete the app.

- Notifications

They never work and there on

- Nothing is coming through

Hey yolo! I used to love this app but the past couple months I get notifications saying someone sent me a yolo, but it say “you have no new messages” I have deleted and redownloaded it but it still doesn’t work? PLEASE TELL ME WHYYY I miss using this app

- Yolo

I e mail yolo a bunch of times and still didn’t get nothing fix, someone sends me a yolo but no messages are coming up on my screen, please fix this

- Weird

It like has a mind of its own. Rn it hasnt been working for me

- Please help me yolo

I got very inappropriate messages and I really hope you can send me the number of the person who sent it so I can see if it is one of my classmates so I can show the principal

- They hack

They know were you are

- No glizzy ?

My glizzy won’t budge.. any ideas. Services are weak

- 1 Star

i’ve tried countless times and it won’t let me use my phone number

- Annoying

Slow spams doesn’t send notifications

- Fix it!

My yolo won’t let me send messages, and it won’t let me add random people to make new friends, please solve this.

- cant see my messages

i got a bunch of notifs saying ppl sent me yolos but everytime i would click it there would be nothing there. please fix this issue

- App not working

It says I get the yolo but doesn’t show up on the app

- Messages

I’m not getting any of my messages

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- It won’t work.

I’ve been trying to use this app for about a month now after not using it for about 2 months and it won’t post the yolo message for people to swipe up on. I’ve tried deleting it a reinstalling it 5 times, then cause that didn’t work I deleted the permission for Yolo to use Snapchat and it still doesn’t work. If anyone can help me that would be greatly appreciated. By the way awesome app love it just stopped working for me.

- This Needs Fixed

I’m lowkey extremely annoyed because I woke up due to a spam on yolo, not because I’d posted one, but because of the group chat feature. I’m not in any group chats. One of my “friends” (I don’t even have them added on Snapchat) was joining a bunch of different groups and it was letting me know. I just don’t get it. I don’t even know them, and I know the point is anonymous through only bitmoji, but I don’t have a matching bitmoji for them. There needs to be a design where you can control what notifications you have or disable the group chat feature.

- Bullying. What are the creators doing about it.

Honestly I think that this app is great but what are the creators really doing about the bullying? I just watched a movie about being anonymous. Bullying should not be tolerated. It isn’t like the creators can put This on their app “ press accept if you are not a bully”. Because they will just accept no mater what. I think being anonymous is just people being to scared to say what’s on their mind or even the truth. ( I know that this all sounds mean. But is wasn’t meant to be friendly either. ) so I am going to ask again what are the creators of yolo really doing to stop the bullying from happening?

- Needs Some Updates ‼️

First off , i find it dumb that anyone can kick someone out of the group chat, EVEN THE CREATOR. Then the creators have to start a whole other group chat which is too much work. Secondly , why is one person bitmoji different on multiple devices ? Me and my friend have a mutual friend but her bitmoji looks different on our phones . Please fix these problems because I’m not the only one experiencing it. We need to be able to choose who we want to be friends with . Like a panel to add someone from Yolo either on snap or Yolo. Maybe even have a private chat option so that they can talk on the app. Other than that , it’s a nice app.

- You are strong!!!???

This app is fun in all but it is also very rude. Say if they found out that a person said they liked them, well then they would be very embarrass. Another reason is if they are saying “ you look like a rotten apple!” Well would that make you feel bad if you found out who that was, and say they were messing around. Well that wouldn’t change nothing, but it might! So please be careful of what you say and who you say it to, please! Don’t let anyone let you down because you are strong!?

- Great app but...

I like to use YOLO every now and again when I’m bored but now whenever I use it it says “something went wrong please try again later”. Now, I have deleted and reinstalled the app multiple times but the same thing happens every time. I cannot ask anything. Please fix this problem or tell me how to fix it please. Thank you for your time and I’m asking you to not let this review go over your mind.

- Good but it has some glitches

I have had this app for a long time now, and it has never been a problem until the last few months. All the sudden I would be getting messages and they wouldn’t be in my inbox but plenty of others would be. At this point, I’m getting none, nothing is even popping up in the inbox even though I’m getting messages. I hope they fix this. Other than that, I see no other issues about this. It’s an extremely great app.

- Love it, when it works

Great app overall, especially with the integration with snapchat that makes it a breeze to respond to messages; however, it doesn’t always work. Lots of glitches that make it unusable at times. I’ve had multiple glitches happen that tend to go away within a week or so, but still are very annoying. I’d give it five stars if they took care of all of these problems, but I understand that patching can be hard. Still a solid app though

- Great App but…

This app is very good and convenient. It directly connects to snap and then all u have to do is post it. The thing is…it pops up on the camera screen and u cant add any photo or video attachments from camera roll while its on screen. I can only take live selfies. Many times i feel the urge to attach a funny video in the background that fits with whatever absurd thing someone might've said. I come to realize that i have to make a separate slide with the video and its a bummer. Hopefully, more updates to come!!

- I loved it... now I can’t lid into it

I used this app a lot it was always something fun to do, and I kept me and people viewing my story entertained however I haven’t been able to load into the app for the past few days, nothing was loading so I did everything a normal person would do, shut down my phone and turn it back out, delete the app and redownlod it. It didn’t work I even tried to sign out and now I can’t log back in. It keep loading the account waited and hour just to see and I have business internet at my house

- Love this app

This app is a great way to interact with your friends/following . I would have given this app 5 stars for sure but recently about 3 days ago the app won’t send the yolo question over to Snapchat. I click share and it switches apps but the question doesn’t appear. I tried again the next day, same problem. and again today. I’ve deleted the app. logged out and logged back in on yolo. i love this app but this glitch is a big bummer and really hope it gets fixed soon. <3


At first I thought YOLO was cool because it was easy to use, had great graphics, and most of my friends use it. But then I became suspicious... since you log into YOLO with your pre-existing Snapchat account, it has access to where you are on the “Snap Map”, or a map that your friends can use to see where you are, allowing YOLO to constantly know things such as your location, (even when you are not using the app), phone number, contacts, emails, and even photos and videos in your camera roll. I definitely recommend Lipsi. It doesn’t run through Snapchat and doesn’t need your information. This app seems great but is a little sketchy- wouldn’t recommend it.

- Fun but major bug!!

So yolo is clearly a trendy app and i haven’t done it in a while. I posted a yolo on my story and didn’t receive any messages. The next morning at school my friends asked why i never posted my response to any texts and I said I never received any. My friends told me they all slid up. Today i posted another yolo and slid up on my own. I messaged myself saying “hello” and got the notification. But, when i open the yolo app, no messages are there no matter how many times i refresh. Past messages from months ago have disappeared to. Please fix this.

- Snowflakes

Great app. This app does exactly what it says it does. Now to all the people complaining about “negative” messages, you need to realize you are giving people a platform to say whatever they want. With anonymity comes brutal honesty. Some users want the identity’s of the people who leave negative comments in the app... this app I built on that fact that you can ANONYMOUSLY send messages. If you can’t handle people being “mean” don’t get this app.

- This app needs to be fixed.

So I got this app last year wand was cool wit it and all. I got a new phone but kept the same number but got a new snap bc I’m embarrassed about my old user name from middle school. Besides the point. Anyways when I would try and log in with my new snap and number it wouldn’t allow me to it kept saying incorrect and or would just kick me off. I even tried on my old snap to see if it was bc my number was linked to mo old account which it wasn’t it still didn’t work. I proceeded to delete and re-down load this app manny times and still didn’t work. Other than that it’s ok ig.

- Good app but also a bully platform

I have had this app for a little while and just recently I posted on my Snapchat for people to guess who my crush is. This was meant purely for fun and entertainment, but then ones user who is annomous wrote a long paragraph saying that I was lying about my feelings towards a certain person. I am just very offended that someone thinks they can take my emotions and decide whether or not I express then and in what way I express then. I feel like this app was meant for the good purpose of sending kind thinks to sooner but it's mainly used for bullies.

- ?Little glitches but good?

I really like this app, Ive been using for awhile and nothing sketchy has happened. Is anyone else frustrated though that they can’t figure out who said what?! My only wish is that it had a private messaging system with the anonymous message. This would short of be like Instagram but the person is anonymous and you can chat with them in the app. I think this would be a nice feature to see and possibly figure out who the person is.

- bullying

the whole concept of the app is messed up to be honest. i’ve gotten a LOT of bullying on this app, & there is no way to find out who is bullying me or a way to email YOLO to see if they can access it for me (because i know everything can be traced). it’s really harmed my mental well being & some awful things have been said to & about me. the app is well made & there’s few glitches, which is why i give it 3 stars, but i think there should be a way to inquire with YOLO to find who is saying things when it is hurtful & bullying

- please never get this app.

If I could give this app zero stars I would. This stupid app has caused so much anxiety and stress for me. People can say anything that they want to say on it, and more than half the time I get messages, they’re mean and hurtful and sometimes really messed up too. The way that this app is portrayed is nothing like how it really is. Do not get YOLO. You might think it sounds like fun and interesting to get anonymous messages from people but that couldn’t be more wrong, I have never felt so upset and offended. You’d be shocked by the things that people say when they know that they can hide behind a screen and stay anonymous. horrible app.


Okay so funny story. I used this app for Snapchat, as everyone does. Well on snap, I had a bunch of people added from random parties/orientation and that kinda stuff. Well I posted a YOLO and this guy wrote “I’ve seen you around, your super cute, just want a chance to get to know you” and we’ve been dating for almost a year. YOLO pls sponsor us, we would love to tell our story about how you were such a big part of us being together.

- I would give 5 stars buuuut...

I enjoy this app but there’s one thing that really has been bothering me and it’s that I have to add a phone number so that i can actually pick out of all my friends who I make a question sticker with. Also 4-5 friends that I am allowed to pick from I haven’t even recently talked to and a couple of the people I’ve never even talked to so if you could at least make the few choices people you’ve recently texted on Snapchat that’d be cool.

- Amazing app but...

On my old iPad I could download it, it was an amazing app. It really was anonymous. But, when I got my new phone in late 2019, there was a glitch where I could not download 17+ apps. I’ve tried everything to try to fix it. Nothing worked. So if you can maybe lower the age from 17+ to maybe 12+, that would be great! Also this does not seem like a 17+ app anyway, I’m pretty sure snapchat itself is a 9 or 12+ app.


this is app is so good . you can get point to earn things in the future . also they give you suggestions on what u can post if you run out of ideas . I use this app a lot . I would definitely recommend you to use it . although I do have just one small question. In any way possible am I able to see who sent me the message ? I really wanna know so please may u add a feature . but please make it free .

- READ!!!! Before downloading

I downloaded this because I had seen some inappropriate comments on a friend of mines snap that were inappropriate and one that was basically shaming her for trying to block the people who did it and I had enough with it so I tried to anonymously comment hoping that the kids who saw it would get some common sense. Besides the point I don’t know if it’s just me or what but I can’t even figure how to use the app, it comes with very little guidance throughout the beginning of the app. Also based on previous comments I’m very curios about the amount of privacy on this app. Overall I wouldn’t really advise you to get it

- A suggestion

It would be cool if this was made into its own app for anonymous messages. People could have accounts and anyone could just message who they wanted if they had the app. This way I could still get anonymous messages but without posting it on Snapchat and annoying my friends with a super long story full of messages. And if someone wanted to “reveal” themselves they could click something and it would take them to Snapchat so you could message them on there. I’m not sure if this makes sense but it’s an idea.

- This app doesn’t even work!

I was excited to get back on the app again, but it doesn’t work at all. I go onto the app, but as soon as I delete the last letter of “Send Honest Messages” (to put my own message in, it glitches back to the same thing. Every time I try to delete it, it comes back. And to make matters worse, when the app actually did let me make my own sticker, it would come up with “Something went wrong, please try again later” as soon as I pressed share. I’ve tried changing WiFi’s and going straight to cellular data. All I can say is, fix the app or I won’t be using it. How can I? It doesn’t even work!

- All apps have things wrong.

Most apps have at least one problem, or something wrong within the app. In my Yolo experience, the only things that have gone wrong, is that I don’t get some messages people told me they sent to me, and sometimes the message gets deleted from my Snapchat story after I replied. So when I go on my story sometimes, there’s is at least one empty panel, where I put a message someone sent on snap with a reply, and uploaded it to my story. Thank you.

- Yolo needs to be banned

I personally think YOLO should be removed from the app store. I have seen too many of my friends have people hate on them through this app. this is yet another way that people are able to cyber bully because of this app. At a time when suicide is the number 1 killer of teens in America, we definitely don’t need apps like this where bullied and haters can hide behind a screen and hurt people through what they say joking or not. So Apple if you can see this please take down this app before there’s a news story on the NBC nightly news about a girl or guy committing suicide because of bullying on this App. Thank you


My problem is that every time I get a message it shows up in my notifications but then I go onto the app and it’s not there. I honestly really don’t I think it’s the app anymore because it might be recent messages it doesn’t tell me because the notifications don’t go away after I’ve used it and it’s super annoying. So I hope you get something out of this but you probably won’t ??

- Yolo

YOLO is pretty amazing you get to have fun and entertain yourself the most thing that I love about YOLO is that you can link it to Snapchat and ask questions there so you won’t get bored. I rated it 4 stars because the thing that I didn’t really like or maybe I didn’t know is that once you click a question and by the time leave the app you can’t click the question anymore a pop out came out to me that I needed to dismiss something but anyways that I my YOLO rating ??


Honestly I agree with the first one! I haven’t even got the app but my cousin did and she said it takes the fun out of it when all you get is positive messages! Me and my friend mess around and we call each other rude nick names but we know we are just messing with each other! It needs to let us receive all messages and not jut positive messages! If you want it to tell us honest stuff then let it tell us honest stuff! Sometimes honest stuff isn’t always nice! It don’t be bad too! Thanks for your time and effort for reading this!

- Making yet another way to hurt others

I was this on my snap chat and was horrified. So many negative anonymous replies being said and not regulated. It is obvious that they are doing nothing to protect users for hurtful comments. I’ve seen it in some places that if you send mean replies that you will be made public. Punishing users which the majority are immature teens in this way is also horrible even if they have bullied others. I’ve never seen it done despite being displayed that you will be “punished”, but even then treating to do so is also bad. I can see why this COULD BE a good idea but it’s not worth it if a lot of these problems don't change.

- Loading screen bug

When I downloaded the app again after months of having it uninstalled, I attempted to connect it back to my Snapchat and when it said it was connected and jumped back to the yolo app, it got stuck on the home loading page. I thought that my WiFi was being slow and used my data but it was still stuck there. I attempted to delete the app and download it again along with logging out of my Snapchat but it still did the same thing.

- Just stopped working ?

I love this app. It’s pretty fun to have random people talk to u on ur story and even the texting within the app. But I was in the middle of a conversation in the app and exited out then entered again and the conversation wouldn’t load. Then the main page wouldn’t load. Then the whole app. I deleted it then re-downloaded it to try and get it back for it to not even let me back in the app and I am now stuck where it wants me to read the terms of service and won’t do anything else. Pretty sad

- Great app!

I use other apps such as lipsi and saraha as anonymous messaging apps to post on snapchat all the time and this app is my all time favorite! It makes everything so much easier because i can post the link on my story with one click in the app and you can reply in the app as well and post it straight to your story. I have only had it for a fwe hours but i have not had any troubles with it thus far.

- It won’t accept my phone number.

So I’ve had yolo downloaded before, and had deleted it when I reset my phone. I recently downloaded it again and today after I had logged in, I needed to enter my phone number. After I had it typed in, I clicked done, and it told me my number was invalid and that I needed to verify the number and country. I live in the US so obviously I knew that was right, and when I checked my number it was right too, so I really don’t understand the problem? The number is attached to my snap so it should definitely work. I think this is just a glitch but please fix this soon!

- Please help

The app itself is great but when I posted a yolo it said people sent me messages but when I tapped on the notification it showed just the yolo logo and it would “load” for a long period of time. So I uninstalled it and redownloaded it and tried to log in my snap but after doing that it just showed the same loading screen for 50 minutes. I need help with the app

- Good app but

I got several messages when I posted the yolo, but then all the sudden, it stopped showing any new messages when I opened the app. I reloaded it, restarted my phone, and deleted and re-downloaded it & it still won’t allow new messages to be seen. I get notified when I receive a new message but when I click on it, it just shows my older messages. I even posted a new yolo & the same problem appears. I receive the notifications but it won’t show the messages.

- Please read!!

I’ve been using yolo for a while now and it’s rlly great, but recently it won’t let me use some peoples yolos. Idk why I checked if it needed updated or if snap did and neither of them did. I deleted and redownloaded both of them but it still won’t let me use some peoples yolos. It’s not everyone’s but certain peoples I can’t use and I’m not sure why. It’s not always the same ppl sometimes it’ll let me use them and sometimes it won’t. I don’t understand plz help! ?

- Private message gone

When i first got this app i use to be on it 24/8 then after a while i took a little break then when I downloaded this app again my private message where gone i tried to restart the app 3 times to see what was going on and it just didn’t just happen to me it start happening to my friends too. Whoever made this app can you please put the private message back on there this app would have been so much better to see our private message!!!!

- Bug

I’ve used this app for almost a year and I’ve never had a problem with it till now. Earlier today I received a message and when I opened it, it would let me off the start screen. I waited for about 10 mins till I decided to delete the app but when I reinstalled it, it wouldn’t let me log in. It would just do the loading animation and I waited for about an hour and still nothing. Please fix this bug.

- Don’t use if your sensitive

I looked through the reviews and everyone’s saying that it’s promoting bullying. If your getting bullied through the app the simply delete it or don’t use it. It’s an app where you send anonymous messages to people so ofc there gonna get bold. This is an amazing app and fun to use but again if you feel like your getting bullied then stop using the app✌??

- Negativity

So I like YOLO and everything but it says that only positive messages are allowed and that if you bully or harass someone you will be banned from yolo. But I have gotten messages where I have been bullied and that person was not banned. I think that something should be done about that. But I also like yolo a lot and how it is anonymous so you can say something without being judged because no one will know that you said it. Overall, yolo is a great app but you should be more strict about your cyber bullying policy.

- Destructive

This app works great, I haven’t noticed any glitches... but it’s very destructive. One of the worst things that has ever happened to social media. The comments that get posted can hurt the receiver or even viewers, and the ones not posted can hurt the receiver. This app is not a good step towards improving mental health and lessening the suicide rate. It’s teaching our youth that it’s okay to hide behind a screen and bully. So if someone wants to say something nice, they should say it to them directly, not through an anon messaging app where people are constantly getting hurt and bullied. Quit creating destructive apps.


First of all just don’t get it, I tried to send a nice note to someone and it said it couldn’t be sent because of nasty language... but then someone writes a nasty note and it sends through and I am the one to get blamed. Second it reveals your identity to the police and other people. This app is not safe for teens and I definitely do not recommend! Save your self because YOLO! Don’t let YOLO ruin your life because it stores your information to use against you. Just try to be safe and avoid this app. If your friend jumped off a bridge you wouldn’t. So just because they have this app doesn’t mean you have to get it. Be safe and cautious!

- It’s good except for a few problems

I love this app so much. I love getting anonymous messages but recently I have been posting and people have been saying that I haven’t posted their yolos when I didn’t receive any. This has happened 3 times to me and when I get a direct message I get a notification but I can never find where it came from in the app. This app worked a lot better before the last update that I did.

- Idk

So I have had this app for a long time, I just got a notification and it was from yolo and I said “can you belive charli vaped??” and idk if this is true but if this isn’t true the app needs to stop spreading rumors charli and one of the biggest fandoms on tiktok and I find it hard to believe that charli would do something that would make her lose followers or fans so please dont send notifications with things on it that are most likely not true??

- It has been acting up

I haven’t had an issue with the app until I recently updated it and now none of my conversations will load I have to close the app open it and it won’t load for like two seconds and then stop I get the notifications for but I can never get the messages and actually read them also you shouldn’t be removed out of a group chat if you only got reported once

- 5/5 until it stopped working

I really love this app but I haven’t been able to use it recently because of a problem I came across. Whenever I try to post a Yolo or post a reply, it never shows up in Snapchat. After I press "share" it starts loading and then the box never shows up. Up until this happened I would have given it a 5 for sure. If anyone could help me out that would be appreciated! Thanks.

- I hate unnecessary notifications

The app works great but the notifications are daily and will tell you that you have messages even when you don’t and it’s so annoying and they’re all like “you stuff be popping off” or something like that like it’s written by an fboy in middle school that’s too scared to follow through but if you turn those off you won’t see when you really do get a real notification

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YOLO: Anonymous Q&A 7.0.5 Screenshots & Images

YOLO: Anonymous Q&A iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

YOLO: Anonymous Q&A iphone images
YOLO: Anonymous Q&A iphone images
YOLO: Anonymous Q&A iphone images
YOLO: Anonymous Q&A iphone images

YOLO: Anonymous Q&A (Version 7.0.5) Install & Download

The applications YOLO: Anonymous Q&A was published in the category Social Networking on 2019-05-03 and was developed by YOLO Technologies, Inc. [Developer ID: 1287077412]. This application file size is 57.37 MB. YOLO: Anonymous Q&A - Social Networking app posted on 2020-12-20 current version is 7.0.5 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.Popshow.YOLO

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