Alarm for Spotify

Alarm for Spotify [Music] App Description & Overview

Wake up happy every morning with your favorite songs of Spotify. Finally, we've created your dream's way to wake up with Spotify.



Choose which Songs, Playlists, Artists, or Albums you want to wake up every morning.

Never has been so easy to set a happy and energized wake up, one click and it will be ready. Forget about complicated apps that when the moment of the truth arrive doesn't work properly.

Choose from more than 3 million songs available. In addition we prepare periodically playlists, then you'll wake up every morning in a good mood and with maximum energy.

If you need help, you can contact us directly from the settings section. We will answer instantly.

We want you to feel comfortable using Wake Up with Spotify. It is therefore frequently update the application so you won't have any problems.

We are not supporters of dirtying our apps with ads. So, you will never find ads in Wake Up with Songs For Spotify.

We are currently growing and offering our users a single payment for life. Later it will become subscription for new users, so we recommend you take advantage of this great opportunity.



- Account for Spotify Premium needed.
- Having mobile internet, to load your songs every morning.


ATTENTION: Wake Up For Spotify has no relationship with Spotify Inc.

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Alarm for Spotify Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Hi there! In this update you'll find: ■ Solve minor bugs Our prime goal is to progress continuously and make your experience better with every update. To continue improving it, fixing bugs or simply have any questions, please send an email to I hope you continue enjoying it!

Alarm for Spotify Comments & Reviews

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- Love the music, needs some fixes

This app is the only one I know like it, which makes it great! The problem is that it doesn’t have some of the basic features alarm apps normally have. As far as I can tell, you can’t set multiple alarms. Additionally, it seems you have to select “go to sleep” when you are ready to sleep for the alarm to set. This is inconvenient and not so reliable for an every day alarm. I’m so glad this alarm exists, because it’s so easy to connect to music that makes waking up more bearable, and I hope you will look into these updates soon :)

- I can finally say this app is worth using,

For a while, this app had to be open and running on your phone in order to work. Like, you couldn’t fall asleep after using any app but this. Like 90% of people, I usually use my phone before I go to bed. Previously, if I had fallen asleep with a different app open, or just on my homescreen it wouldn’t go off in the morning. Now you are able to just set the alarm and leave the app in the background to do its thing. It doesn’t have to be open and actively running, but you can’t close the app which is understandable. This app is what I wanted for sooooo long. Really glad that it’s in a good working spot now.

- Works as Advertised

Alarmify is a simple app that works exactly as described. Just pay attention to the directions when you first open it. Super easy. Maybe a little too simple for $4.99. It would be nice if it would run even if closed, if you could set different alarms for different days of the week, and if you didn’t only have the option of setting it right before bed. I’d sure like to see some updates on the app’s capabilities because it’s an awesome concept!

- Easy and works

After reading some of the reviews I was hesitant to buy the app especially when sorting by most recent reviews. However the app makers in many of the responses said they fixed bugs. Maybe the app was buggy or maybe many of you are idiots or maybe you are just snow flakes who complain about everything. In any event the app is a joke it is so easy to use. I put the time I wanted to wake up and I picked the playlist. It woke me up at the correct time and I let it run 5 songs.

- I love this app but...

I loved this app so much! It’s so nice waking up to my favorite music,however, when I open the app it’s just a black screen and it exits me out. I don’t know if it’s my or the apps problem, but it’s disappointing. Now I have to go back to the boring alarm noises that don’t motivate me as well to get up. This app was a complete game changer, but now, I can’t even use it.

- Love it!

I have been looking for a app like this forever, a few days ago I found this app and now I wake up with all of my favorite songs, I love this app now. I just love how you can put songs, playlists, albums and artists. The only thing I would improve is that the volume keeps going up, It’s not a problem for me because I wake up easy but I can see it can be a problem for some people, but other than that, I LOVE THIS APP❤️❤️

- App has to be open. Not for me

I did some experimenting and discovered that the music only plays when the push notification is up then when the drop notification goes into the Notification Center the music stops. This makes no sense, I should be able to be on a different screen and have the app work, This app costs money so the fact that it needs to be open is ridiculous. I’m sorry to say that I’ll be uninstalling and applying for a refund. Maybe if this setting changes in the future I’ll get it again but until then, the app is useless to me.

- The bugs have been fix!

Context: I’ve had a lot of trouble with this app before, I had it random go off in the middle of the night even when I did exactly what It said. Update: I’m happy to say after the last few updates I have been using it constantly and haven't had a problem. I also like the addition of sleep aid ASMR.

- Awesome Waking Up To Music!

I love being able to choose different songs to wake up to each day! It’s basic and easy to use. I do think the app needs improvements and additional features to make it 5 stars, but I’m excited about the concept and future updates.

- Nothing But Love

I use Alarmify every single day. Not just for waking up, but for everything in my life that needs timing. I am grateful to the developers—they are always working to improve functionality, and responded quickly when I sent their Help/Support a question. Nothing but love for these humans and this app.

- Worked for a few days, then has failed every morning since

I keep waking up to terrible pop music to find an error message saying the App failed to play the selected song. The App also has a really annoying “feature” where it scrambles your wake up time every time you make any adjustment in the App. As if I want to be surprised by what time my alarm will go off each morning. I do not. I picked 6am, and I do not want the App to randomly change that time. I regret paying for this terrible App.

- Bad app

Horrible do not spend money on this app way to many things wrong if I would have know I would of never got it. You have to keep your phone charged and you also need to keep it connected to the internet or else the app won’t function. In addition this app is so simple you pick a song and it wakes you up with that song, however they managed to mess that up as well it won’t even play the right song sometimes.

- It’s works

It’s not expensive and it gets the job done, wish I could just have the app closed and it could just work in the background like the stock alarm app, just in case I forget to set it the day before other than that it’s a good app

- Not worth the money unless you have prime

It worked about three nights and stopped after that. Now, it says it requires prime but I didn’t have it before the update. In addition, it keeps your phone awake. So unless it’s plugged in, this app is useless. Save your money. I wish it worked because it was a great concept but now I can just use Siri. A little hurt that I spent the money for nothing.

- Getting me up for work everyday!

App works great, needed an alarm clock and the standard alarm built on my phone isn’t loud enough nor wakes me up. But waking up to a nice encouraging song that I picked out helps me start my day off right :)

- Thieves

They claim it’s a one time payment but they can change that at any time, matter of fact they just charged me for the second time, and didn’t send me any receipt. Now I’m about to cancel this app and anything it comes with it

- Not bad

Updating my previous review from 1 star. App does what it sets out to do now but still needs fine tuning in its set up and interface before really being worth the 5$. If it improves I will update my review again.

- Must leave screen open and unlocked

Just know that you must leave your phone on all night to use this app.

- Responsive team

A very interesting product and a responsive team. I look forward to future iterations and developments to help achieve a very helpful function!!

- One alarm for $5?

Ugh. I never spend $5 on an alarm but thought I read that you could now set multiple alarms. It looks like this only lets you set a wake up alarm. As a teacher I wanted to set alarms throughout the day for the sanitizing etc I have to do that’s new to my routine this year. This will not work for my needs. Super bummed.

- Please help me!

This is a great app, but ever since the new update, it hasn’t been opening. All it does is show a grey screen and crash. Thank you very much.

- Providing all your data for the low low cost of $5 before it turns to subscription!!

This app is asking you to pay them to collect your data and sell it. They are setting themselves up to make so much money off of this. We should be paid to provide data! There’s no way to opt out of their privacy invasion. I want my money back.

- Finally.

I wake up so much easier now. Works great, everything I expected. Wish I had this all along really...

- Worked for 2 days then stopped

This is super glitchy. It worked for a couple of nights and then quit. I rarely leave reviews on apps, but I’m so annoyed that I wasted money on this. Good concept but terrible performance. If the team can fix the glitches it’ll be much better.

- Meh

I guess it would be alright if it was free. It kinda just feels like a cheap app. Everytime i set an alarm and follow all the steps and everything, it never goes off and i end up oversleeping. The only good thing is I like waking up to my own songs and not those blaring apple alarms that make me want to die.

- Good app

Good app dude, I think the price was a lil steep but I gotta say it's worth the purchase. Nothing better than waking up to the new wastewalker album Low born.

- Didn’t work

I tried this twice and it didn’t work . it would do the alarm but no sound would come out at all and it wouldn’t show the song name or anything,I had my ringer on and sound up. Not worth the money maybe mine was a flook or maybe I’m doing something wrong.

- Multiple alarms

This app would be much better if it had multiple alarms like other alarm apps on the App Store have two alarms or more to enable back up alarms for wake up. Please can you add two or more alarms as soon as possible thank you.

- Love it when it works

Love this app when it works. Many mornings the app crashes before the alarm goes off.

- Do NOT buy

The app functions worse than a high school programmers hobby project. You can NOT rely on this app to wake you up. It is inconsistent and does not go off half the time for seemingly no reason. Unbelievable that they charge for this garbage. To the devs: Your app is bad and you should feel bad.

- Waste of Money

I don’t know why, because for some people it works, but mine does not! I do what I’m supposed to do, but it never goes off in the morning. I never hear it! Would not recommend. Sorry

- Doesn’t stay on

I listen to ASMR to help me fall asleep, and that causes this app to just stop the time and act like I exited out of it completely. I slept through my first day of classes because it didn’t go off.

- Not very functional

Not very functional for a paid app

- Horrible

I set up my alarm and one it does not let me hear the song that I want to choose. And to top it all off the alarm did not even turn on when I set it up for. Worst $5 I have spent!

- Limited functionality

Lacks ability to use downloaded songs offline.

- Not connecting

I would love to use it but there is a connection issue “response could not be decoded because of isn’t in the correct format

- Creepy

Started playing a random song that I didn’t choose in the middle of the night. I thought it’s just one time glitch, but it kept happening :(

- It doesn’t work at all

I loved the idea, of the app but it doesn’t work at all , I really wish I could get my money app, I hope they fix this app, its a great idea, but it doesn’t work

- It doesn’t work

I have the latest iPhone. This app never wakes me up despite getting a notification that it went off. I want my money back.

- Just bought

Do not buy - does not go horizontal- clock does not stay visible - completely wasted 4.99 just now cuz was sleepy from working nights and didn’t want to wake up to boring beeps — sheesh scam

- Horrible alarm

You can’t actually set it up to work every day or set up more than one alarm for different days and you have to activate it daily

- Does not work

Says something went wrong and plays a random song you had no choice over

- App stopped opening after update

The app stopped opening a few weeks after I got it, presumably after an update.

- Great stuff

Exactly what I wanted

- The App Does Not Work

I’m pretty tech savvy so I assumed I could figure out why it wasn’t working for other reviewers... It simply doesn’t work. I want a refund!

- 2

Doesn’t work all the time. Love the concept but the inconsistency is unreliable

- Don’t get it

It doesn’t work at all... I’ve been trying to just get a refund

- I hate this app

The app needs to be open, that’s crazy 🤯 It is just a alarm 🚨 for something 😡

- Need to keep phone unlocked.

With security these days, who Kees Their phone unlocked? There are free apps that can do what this does

- Waste of money

Don’t purchase, does not do what it advertises to do. Waste of money and unreliable.

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- Good

Good idea. Can you add a setting to not have the phone's screen light up when the alarm starts? I'm using it for the baby's room to trigger white noise at a certain time so I don't want the phone to light up.

- This is amazing!

Omg omg omg! This is sooooo good. Finally an app which I lets you wake up to like my favourite song! I am so happy that you made it so that it works when your phone is off! It is very effective and it wakes me up every time. Worth the money, thank you guys so much 🙏🙏😍😀

- Good app

Good app, does the job but would be good if you could set more than one alarm and pre set it for multiple days

- They fixed it!

Finally an app that allows you to pick any song to wake up to!

- Works fine but defeats the purpose leaving it open

It’s kinda hard leaving an app open during the night when it’s supposed to be your alarm. I get that it’s coming in later updates but it seems like a feature that should’ve been implemented sooner or rather when it first came out. It would also be nice to have your own playlists and songs come up rather than having to search for them. Still $6 isn’t that much so I’m not too fussed

- Needs updating

Didn’t work for me first time. It said the app wasn’t open. I like using multiple alarms and setting them for 6 days a week but there is no option for this. You have to set the alarm every night.

- Poor Quality

Tried this for 3 days and wouldn’t go off at all, missed 2 important things, not an effective app by any stretch, Extremely frustrated with this and purchase if you don’t wanna wake up in the morning

- Went off but no music

I tried setting the alarm off multiple times and it wouldn’t play the song I selected not even a buzz or anything it was silent I wasted $8 on this I’m really disappointed

- Problem

I really like this app, but in the last week when I open it, I only get a black screen and then the app quits. Please fix this so I’m able to use it again

- MJ

Not worth the money, once you open the app you can’t open anything else, well you can but the alarm gets deactivated!

- Don’t waste your money on this app

In order for the app to work properly, you can’t lock your phone. Terrible app. Your welcome.

- Very disappointed

Every time I try waking up with this overpriced app it plays a happy birthday song :( It’s not even my birthday

- waste of money

only one alarm. doesn’t work every time

- Works but phone needs to be unlocked

It works alright but feels weird to have phone unlocked

- Monthly subscription not worth it.

Purchased this when it was a once off payment, and have just been charged again. Trying to figure out how to unsubscribe from this. I used it once and didn’t like it. I really don’t like that the app has to be open in order to use it, as I tend to fall asleep while reading a book on my phone and too sleepy when putting my phone up on my bedside table, an alarm is so essential for me being a healthcare worker with crazy times, was hoping this would be good :(

- Not ideal

App has to be left open through the night for it to work. I paid for this app and only discovered this afterwards To make it worse, even though the alarm worked in a trial run, and even though I left the app open and left it through the night, something interrupted it while I was asleep and the alarm didn’t go off in the morning

- 🤘🏼

Performs exactly as described. It takes a little getting used to to leave the phone unlocked but it works great.

- Alarms clock

The app is bad for me because my parents don’t leave the wifi on at night the music I want to play for my alarm won’t without no internet and now I really regret buying this app 😢

- Alarmify! What a great app!

I love that I can wake up to my playlists in Spotify with Alarmify! Rather than being ripped from a great sleep by a blaring generic phone app alarm! Alarmify wakes you up with your personally selected great tunes gradually with the volume increasing to a maximum set by you! Waking up is never fun unless you were in a coma but this is the next best way to wake up when you have to! It really helps to wake up with a good mood music selection! Dave

- Didn’t work

Doesn’t work properly have to have the app open to work which is impossible overnight

- Not working

My app comes up with an error when trying to connect to Spotify. I have premium Spotify as well. It states that the data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format? Can I get a refund for an app that isn’t working for no reason?


Comes up with error message when switching to Spotify then doesn’t play the song! I emailed the developer with no reply. I want my money back!

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- Pretty good

Does the job !

- Nicee

Listening to my Spotify suggested tunes is what I needed to get up! Looking forward to multiple programmable alarms 😎

- It’s good but could be better

App is alright. It has a pretty nice feature where the volume gradually increases and it’s nice choosing what song to play. However, it sometimes just forgets to play on time. Maybe it’s because the wifi probably shuts down in the middle of the night but even then the wifi is usually working by time alarm is set to ring. So I’ve had to cautiously put my phones regular alarm 5 minutes after just in case

- Great app

I’ve really enjoyed waking up to my favorite playlist. Such a well-made app. Surprised the heck out of me when it started playing happy birthday this morning, I was wondering who in my household would have known how to change it. Such a cool feature! 100% would recommend.

- App Works Fantastic! Perfectly syncs into Spotify

Don’t be surprised on your birthday if it plays the birthday song ;)

- Update messed it up

Updated yesterday and now won’t even open. What the heck !!! I love this app I need it 😿 help other than this it was 5 star !!!!!!

- Only one alarm??

PLEASE give the option for more than one alarm!!

- Does the Job

Great. What I’m looking for. Keep on improving this app. I’m sure it will get bigger.

- Does not work

I wish I could get my $7 back

- Useful but has flaws

I really love this app to wake up to a nice fade into my wake up playlist and just listen for a few minutes but it has some flaws: 1. You cant exit the app or turn off your phone without cancelling the alarm 2. You cant sample songs when choosing (although i just browse on spotify and put together a playlist) 3. You cant set more than one alarm (although you wouldnt need it with a music wake up usually) 4. The music fade in isnt very gradual it just kind of hops a volume bar up every few seconds On the whole still a very useful app though

- Great

Not sure what’s up with all the negative reviews. This does exactly what I wanted.

- Playlist won’t go off shuffle

My playlist that is turning on for my alarm won’t play my songs in chronological order, it’s on shuffle it seems and I can’t turn it off... The app is not user friendly and trying to get a response so I can fix it... super frustrated with this app...

- Does not work.

I expected this app to work smoothly and reliably yet it fails to do this almost every time. I need to rely on a good alarm to wake up, I was hoping this would be the one but it most definitely is not. Complete waste of 7$.

- do NOT buy!

Totally dysfunctional. Other apps do the same thing, in a simpler and more organized way (not to mention they are all half the price). Total waste of money.

- Terrible waste of money

Completely lacks functionality

- -Read before u buy-Works Ish-

I mean its a good idea and your logic is greate! But you need to work on some features... Eg: • its in french i can read it but you should create a opption for other languages • Functioning while your phone is locked •Not opening spotify •ETC As a devlepor i also know how difficult it can be to code some of these things, there are things that you cant add on an app and when something dosnt work we shouldnt throw it away and say its garabage. I know i sound like someones payin me to write this but i think we should find a way around the problems we have with this app. Heres what iv done for the past week to make it work for me: •leave your phone unlocked but with guided acsses so it cant turn off •Plug in your phone so it wont loose charge •keep it in a ventalted space to avoid overhetage •Leave and set the alarm each night before you go to sleep •Put your phone on full volume so you can hear your alarm Although there are ways to solve these issues, Im sorry to say it but this app shouldnt be 3$ you should lower your price.Please keep trying to fix these problems people have paid for this so please dont give up, sorry for the trouble. -Ogata Senpai [ I was not paid to write this review]

- Rip off

Want a refund. This app doesn’t allow more than 1 alarm. Doesn’t preview songs before you choose. What a rip off

- Spanish?!?

I speak english and the app seams to be in spanish or something...?! Can’t even use it and theres no way to program for the week period (monday to friday)

- Disapointing

The app has to be open, you can’t turn your phone off and have to have access to wifi for the alarm to work. Isn’t worth 4$. Very dispointing.

- alarmify revieq

This app does not appear to actually perform its purpose

- Not what I expected

Kinda disappointed that the app has to be open for me to use it. Sketchy if it will even work in the AM when I have to be up for work.... Also the song selected isn’t straight off my list it’s off Spotify random list which is weird ... Kinda sad I spent money for this It’s a good idea for an app but these things need to be fixed

- Refund please

Who needs an app that only works when it’s the only thing open. Especially something like an alarm. I would like a refund.

- Crap

It’s an alarm app that can only have one alarm at a time, and if you leave the app running in the background or even lock your phone, the alarm shuts off. Terrible, could cost $0.05 and it would still be a waste of money.

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- Great app but can use small tweaks.

After using this app for the past days, I have found it very helpful. Very flaud and easy to use. However, I’m not too fond of the idea that you have to have the app on during the night. Would much rather prefer to be able to close the phone, and either pause or skip in the Lock Screen. An additional concern is that the app doesn’t load up all of my playlists. Due to some apparent “data problems” that keeps on appearing each day when going into the app. It’s almost as if the app has a limit of playlists you can choose from. With a little reorganizing with these playlists (in Spotify itself) the app works perfectly fine! 🙂👍 Keep up the great work! Love to see people take initiative in apps like these! 🙌❤️

- Waste of ....Time

Weak Setting controls, not very “User Friendly”. Just Bad.

- its not working :/

continues to play a random song for my alarm and says there was an error and something isn’t working. not really worth the 5 dollars with all the glitches.. :’(

- Great

This app is great

- Umm....


- Don’t purchase

Rather than purchase this app, here’s what I recommend for iPhone users: This app was $3, a song on iTunes is $1. (I don’t have a subscription for the apple Music app— if you have that, then the song is “free”.) Buy your song and then set it from the Clock app the way you’d set any alarm sound. Even after getting this app, I deleted it and went for the iTunes+Clock option because I know eventually I’ll forget to leave THIS particular app open when I go to sleep! To the developer — I’d say “app works in background” should be a **blocking** requirement for any alarm app, at least once you’re charging money

- You have to leave your phone on all night!

When using this app you can not turn your phone off. If you do the app will not work, at all! Furthermore you can’t use your personal liked songs, or any private playlists. The only ones you can use are public playlists, and you have to look up the specific name of it. If there is more then one playlists with the same name it can get very confusing. Overall do not buy this app. I requested a refund!

- Perfect but for one thing

The fact that you need to leave the app open is a seriously inhibiting part of the app. If you forget to open it before you go to sleep you’re just screwed. I’m sure this was challenging to work through but allowing this app to function in the background would be the biggest way you could improve this.

- Good idea but doesn’t work for waking up

Since you have to leave the app open, this will never work. iPhones go into sleep mode no matter what - no one leaves their phone open for an entire night so if I set an alarm for the if I don’t have the app open on my screen, it will be disabled. Until they can figure out how to run it in the background, I would advise not to purchase.

- Too expensive for an early access app

This app is way too expensive, considering that you need to have the app open for it to work. It should work while I’m looking at other apps, it should work even if I close the app. It’s supposed to be an alarm. It’s crazy to charge $7 for an app that won’t work if it is in the background.

- Waste of Money

Total P.O.S. app that isn’t worth the purchase. I would return it if I could. What a joke. You have to keep the screen open and can only set one alarm at a time. If you switch to a different app, it deactivates the alarm. If you do anything with your phone other than leaving this app open the entire time, you’ll deactivate your alarm. WASTE OF MONEY!! I’d rate it no stars if I had the option.

- Great idea but you have to leave the app running

I wish I read a few reviews here before I downloaded this. Such a great idea but you have to leave the app open. Your phone will not go to sleep, it stays dimly lit with this app open. Also to use your phone you have to deactivate the alarm. I don’t feel comfortable using it- for my phones battery or reliability.

- Good Idea, but impractical in use.

You can use your phone.... or you can use the app. This app is useless until you can move to a different screen without the alarm deactivating. And it’s possible, every app in existence allows that ability.

- Apps wacks

Can’t use if you lock your phone, can’t use if phone automatically goes to sleep, doesn’t even play music, but then blames WiFi connection before even loading the song you’ve selected. Waste of 3 bucks. DO NOT DOWNLOAD

- Can’t search for anything

I got this to play news podcasts and can’t even search for them. If you just want music it might work the development team have work to do

- Worthless

You literally have to have the app open on your screen and can’t lock your phone for it to work.... who doesn’t lock their phone before bed??

- Waste of money don’t buy. Just use your iPhone app

The app needs to be removed. It doesn’t work unless you leave your phone unlocked all night. It’s not realistic

- Lame

You have to leave your screen unlocked and on for this to work. Pretty much making this app a scam.

- This app is crap

You need to leave the app open while sleeping?! What a joke and complete waste of money. Completely defeats the purpose.

- Waste of money

App must stay open for it to work 😳 only 1 alarm is allowed 😳 you cannot set a weekly schedule of alarms 😳 it’s not free 😳

- iPhone has to be unlocked to use

Just what I wanted but certainly not worth the security risk.

- Don’t Buy!!!!!!!

Works only if your phone is unlocked and app open

- Worse money spent

This app does not work at all

- Trash

Waste of my money

- Where's the support?

This did work very well when I first purchased it, just abut 2 week ago. Then there was some update, and now I no longer see my full playlists. Only the first 10 or so songs show, and not all my playlists. It's not like I have so many. And the search does not find anything in my Spotify lists, and only a small subset of their catalog. I have searched in vain for a site for the support they promised, but just see a bare bones website.

- Problem connecting

Is this app even accessible on iOS?? I read in the description that it was and now it won't connect. I try to start a session, it brings me to my Premium Spotify account, then brings me to Safari where I have to open the link back up into Alarmify. But then it says I have the incorrect format? Does this app work for iPhone!!?

- Doesn’t work

I press start session and it brings to Spotify and nothing happens

- Love the app needs a few fixes though

Great app love the way it works with Spotify. It does need a bigger snooze button. Also to be able to set repeat alarms so you don’t have to remember to set the alarm every night would be nice too.


This app is a scam to steal personal information. I want my money back!! I keep getting a warning that my personal and financial information may be stolen if I use this app to connect to my Spotify account. I’ve contacted the developers and they have not responded nor have they refunded my money.

- I'd like a refund

I bought this app with the hopes of playing my Spotify playlist, but it rarely ever works.

- Exactly what I wanted but doesn’t work!

I really wanted to listen to Spotify to wake me up in a good, energized mood. I don’t like that you have to have it on all night and program it daily, but I could get over that. I unfortunately can not hear the music when it goes off. I’ve tried changing setting. It shows it as playing but I cannot hear it. I emailed their help services but no answer.

- I really like this app

This app is great! My only issue with it is that I wish I could set multiple alarms. It’s kind of an inconvenience. However, I love waking up to my favorite music on Spotify, so I highly recommend this app if you would like to wake up time YOUR favorite music.

- Can’t prelisten songs

Picking the right song isn’t fun, need to check in Spotify and go back and forth.

- No podcasts :(

Was really hoping to use this to be able to wake up with NPR UpFirst on Spotify. Is that a goal for development? If your goal is to listen to music, the app works great

- Great app

Plays through Spotify and works like a charm

- Unable to set repeat alarms (4/17/20)

The first thing that App Store users will notice is that this app cost $4.99. This might be enough to turn most people away, so what I would suggest is giving people a free trial period of a week or less so that they can determine if this is something they want (I believe most people would buy the app after the trial period ends.) after all, the price is needed in order to avoid gross advertisements. I don’t want to wake up to an advertisement. This app is perfect for me because the song that I wanted to wake up to in the morning could not be purchased as a single song off iTunes, thus I could not sync it with my Clock app on my iPhone, so being able to wake up to Spotify is perfect. My chief complaint is that as of the date in the title of this review, you have to set each alarm manually and you’re limited to ONE at a time. I would much rather set a repeat alarm to go off every weekday morning at the same time and not have to worry about it. It’s a pain in the butt to use my Clock app to remind me to set my alarm in a different alarm app every night when I could just use the Clock app for free and its repeat features. There are also sometimes issues with using other apps while Alarmify is open. Sometimes I fall asleep scrolling through Facebook, so I cannot afford to not be woken up by the app if it fails during the night because I wanted to switch to another app. To combat this, I once again have to use my built in Clock app on my iPhone as a failsafe to ensure that I am able to wake up on-time in the morning. It would also be beneficial to be able to set multiple different alarms at once, just like in the Clock app. I hope this app improves to the point to where I don’t have to use two alarm apps just to wake up to one specific song that I want to wake up to. After all, I did pay five dollars for it.

- Features it is missing

This app needs a lot more work before it won’t get any higher rating for me. I like the overall idea and concept however the execution is not set in place and the price is a few dollars more than it is currently worth. The features that the app doesn’t have is a non-shuffle mode for the morning playlist, and a off-line mode for any playlist saved to my device.These are important features and I would like them to be added to the app at some point. However if these are added then this app is going to be great. The design is alreadyAesthetically pleasing but the frosted the cake doesn’t make the cake taste any better if the cake is undercooked.

- What a waste.

In order for this to work you have to put your to sleep? Makes no sense. Once you set your alarm you can’t run any apps. So if you want to go to sleep with Netflix? nope. Spotify? nope.

- Pretty Good

This app works as intended, just an fyi I think you need a premium Spotify account. Other than that it does what it’s supposed to do.

- Not What I was expecting

This app is certainly missing some functions. 1. Not able to set multiple alarms. 2. Has to remain active can not be closed and still be set. 3. The price is extremely high for the function, more than likely because it’s able to pull from Spotify. Not really a fan I was hoping this was going to work great, similar to the apple clock. I just wanted to set my Spotify music to my alarm since I can’t buy Apple Music without getting a subscription. I hope this helps in the future functionality of your product.

- Bugs

Just downloaded the app and it won’t even let me authorize/login to my Spotify account.:/ not worth the money. As the app is useless without being able to connect to Spotify.

- Less than bare bones

You can’t program daily or certain day alarm repeating. You can’t see the alarms after you set them to edit. It apparently needs the screen to remain unlocked in order for the alarm to even work? I just wanted an alarm that connected to my Spotify and it does that, but at the expense of every other useful alarm feature. I want my $5 back and the 20 minutes I took trying to figure out if I was just missing something or if it really was that dumb

- It Doesn’t work. Do not waste your money.

It has not worked for me once.Tried for a week . I set the alarm for 7 am. Get the message that alarm is set. I wake up at 8 to the message “niino niino it looks like the app is not open! “ How am I supposed to open it if I am asleep!!? DO NOT waste your money.

- Great App

This application is great! It can be very quiet or loud, it can chose any song in Spotify very easily. The only issue is that you have to keep the app on all night but it has a cool screen that saves battery.


Upon purchasing this app for 5 dollars, I open it and attempt to connect my Spotify account, only to get an error message saying Response could not be decoded because of error: The Data could not be read because it isn’t the correct format. I don’t know about anyone else’s experience, but I have gotten this message on every single attempt I’ve made to connect on multiple days after trying to connect to the app in multiple ways. Don’t spend your money on this and end up like me now I’m out 5 bucks...

- Don’t buy

I was so excited when I saw Spotify had an alarm app. I figured 4.99 was expensive but if I get to listen to the new wellness playlist in the morning and the evening it would be worth it. Then I find out: -you have to leave the app open always -you can only set one alarm This app should go back into development it was not ready to release. I’d like a refund.

- Pretty useless

This app gets 2 stars because it does play Spotify as an alarm, which no other app seems to be able to do. However, the app is pretty much useless. You can only set one alarm at a time. There’s no repeat (weekly, daily, etc.) option for it to set automatically. YOU CANT EVEN SNOOZE AT ALL. A waste of five bucks.

- Horrible

I paid $4 for this app and can’t even get it to start. It opens Spotify and Spotify agrees then it gives me an error saying the data isn’t in the correct format? I’ve tried for months. Nothing. I will be contacting the developer to get my money back.

- Don’t do it

Horrible. Must be clicked into app, actively running to make work. Doesn’t connect to your personal Spotify music. Will be disputing charge.

- Do not buy - Read why and you will understand

When you get this app, not only can you not turn off your phone after you set your alarm or exit the app but you can only set one alarm. Meaning you cannot set multiple alarms if you have trouble waking up. Other apps link to Spotify and cost less whilst offering the chance to set multiple alarm clocks and turn off your phone. Another issue is you can’t even go on your playlists. The app is a complete rip-off for the price and it is evident the first time you use it. Please for the sake of yourself do not buy this terribly formulated and structured app.

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Start your day off right with this awesome playlist packed with over two hours of lofi ranging from jazz to hip hop to indie to get you all set for your day :) Set your alarm to it :)

lovely lovely lovely ⁷⛓️

i cant believe my heart hurt thinking im like one of their close friends for even letting me know he listens in spotify, he has his alarm turned on, hes on a vibrate mode, his battery so low but hes not charging


Start your day off right with this awesome playlist packed with over two hours of lofi ranging from jazz to hip hop to indie to get you all set for your day :) Set your alarm to it :)

Alarm for Spotify 3.6 Screenshots & Images

Alarm for Spotify iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Alarm for Spotify iphone images
Alarm for Spotify iphone images
Alarm for Spotify iphone images
Alarm for Spotify iphone images
Alarm for Spotify iphone images
Alarm for Spotify iphone images

Alarm for Spotify (Version 3.6) Install & Download

The applications Alarm for Spotify was published in the category Music on 2019-05-02 and was developed by Daniel Gil [Developer ID: 1144552503]. This application file size is 90.46 MB. Alarm for Spotify - Music app posted on 2020-10-20 current version is 3.6 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.danigil.alarm

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