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1. Fast, Interactive Touch-Screen Graphing
2. Everything is where you’d expect it to be
3. Scrollable windows (no more spamming the up arrow keys)
4. Intelligent error messages
5. Convenient

1. We (the creators), once relied on graphing calculators, and after installing countless, similar apps, we couldn’t find anything useable. Hence, we made our own.

2. Before launching on the App Store, we personally worked with a limited, yet sizable, number of students to continuously improve the app.

1. Press the red feedback button.

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App Name Calculate84
Category Education
Updated 27 November 2023, Monday
File Size 66.78 MB

Calculate84 Comments & Reviews 2023

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THE BEST, PERIOD.. I’m a 3rd year mechanical engineering undergrad, and holy lord crap this is the greatest thing since Betty White. 1. It feels good I’ve dealt with many apps that have claimed to be this, or have tried to be this, but this is the first that actually feels like I’m using a graphing calculator. As someone who swears by TI-84, it’s incredibly intuitive and has lots of added features to make it more user friendly. They did a really good job of incorporating the power of smartphone to augment the traditional TI-84 experience. 2. Responsive developers When I first got this app it was still a work in progress, and I sent in feedback asking for them to add matrix functions. Not long after, the UI for handling matrices is by far the best from any calculator I’ve ever used. 3. Portability It is still a phone app, so it’s not a perfect remedy for having a physical graphing calculator in every situation, like tests. That being said, nothing beats leaving your clunky calculator at home as you go to classes. I use this app so much more than I do my actual TI-84, which I regret spending over $100 on!

Incredible Replacement. I got this as a replacement of my graphing calculator that originally had that sadly stopped working altogether. So far since I have had this, I have had no complaints. This replaces it perfectly and is more convenient since it’s there on your phone. I would highly recommend since it’s a lot cheaper and convenient.

10/10 - Hands Down. As a computer science student going through the wringer of math courses, this has saved me so much time and energy (and batteries!) with how simple and intuitive this app is. Undeniably the best of the best and provides everything it says on the box. The free version works well too with unintrusive ads, though a paid version is available.

Bugs. After graphing a line I then wanted to graph a parabola. It graphed the line just fine but when I cleared the y= field and entered the formula for a parabola something weird happened. The parabola appeared in the correct position but when I pressed the trace button the points weren’t in the correct position. I had to exit out of the app and open it back up and enter the formula again in order for it to plot the correct points. Otherwise it works and looks nice.

Definitely would recommend. Honestly, I’ve tried so many graphing calculator apps and none of them have replicated using a real Ti84, but when I downloaded this app, I chose to use it over my physical calculator. The haptic feedback feels so good and the graphing features rival those of the popular graphing platform DESMOS. As I said in my title, I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking to simulate their graphing calculator experience on their iPhone. Thank you devs.

SO AMAZING AND HELPFUL!. I use this whenever my scientific calculator runs out of battery. It works so well and has all necessary trig and calc functions. It is just like a Texas Instrument calculator. From what I have seen, it performs just like a TI-84 calculator (Plus CE because it has color the the graph.) Over all I am so happy I found and downloaded this! 🌟⭐️🌟⭐️🌟

Finally a scientific calculator that works. I needed a scientific calculator on my phone that would follow order of operations, and had a history function. Went though several apps that either had too many ads or had a hefty price tag. This app is similar to graphing calculator and has helped me when a calculator is not near!

You all are doing a great job!. I’ve been using this app for years now, and i really appreciate all the work you’ve done. I’m happy to pay the money to become a member and remove ads, because you are doing important work for access to a usually very expensive calculator. I genuinely appreciate how easy it is to use, and it’s by far the best calculator app i’ve ever used. superior to any other free apps u could get, even with ads! Thank you to everyone at your team! - a very grateful student

Amazing app. Better than my physical TI calc. I absolutely love this app. Works perfectly, can handle all graphing duties, better functionality than the actual physical calc with the ability to highlight/select previous answers and equations quickly/scroll/graph in different colors/auto max min intercept when tracing. All settings and modes work correctly. I’m almost at the end of my semester with chem/physics/trig and this app has been right there too without fail. It’s to the point I hate exams mostly because I’m forced to use my annoying TI calc.

I never usually leave reviews, but this app is great.. I am an engineering student, and I am always in need of a calculator handy. There’s quite a few great apps out there that can be used as a graphing calculator, but getting used to different user interfaces is always a pain when switching between calculators. I’m used to the TI-84 Plus CE, and this calculator is exactly identical to a TI-84 Plus. Not all the functions of the calculator are available yet (the apps button currently does not do anything) but most of the functions that are necessary to my work are available (like matrices and trig particularly). Overall, this is a great app and I never usually leave reviews, but had to give my opinion for amazing app.

Love this app!. I needed a graphing calculator for school and all the graphing calculators are so expensive and since it’s only for this one trig class I saved money using this app. I absolutely love that it has all the functions and it’s easier to use than the regular graphing calculator and always at your reach wherever you go.

Perfect! Except for missing regressions.. This puts all other graphing calculator apps (that I’ve tried, which is numerous) to shame, and this is mostly because it WORKS. There’s no inconveniences with the workflow, for instance I can actually return to the calculation view from the graph view simply by hitting clear. Many other apps require the 2nd button to be pressed, then quit. How annoying! Oof I just realized it only has linear regressions, though. That’s almost a deal breaker. Well a diff app can be used for that...

High quality free knock off. Highly recommend.. It’s just like the TI-84. It’s made quite well. However, the only complaints I have are: -there is not back space key -when I try to graph parabolas and quadratic related equations, I can tap the screen to find the points, but I can’t find the exact points that intersect the x and y axis. I wish something would indicate when my finger is touching the exact points on x and y axes.

Great Value, excellent quality.. I was searching for a good calculator app and all I could find were the ones that wanted approx. $5 per Month…. THEN, a math tutor showed me this app! Free to download and use with adds, however, it’s such a great app that I paid $6.99 to eliminate the adds. Very competitive price (full time student here). Thanks to the Devs.

Fantastic Ti-84 Emulator. This app has a beautiful interface that makes you feel just as if you are holding a Ti-84 in your hands. With this app, you seriously can not lose your Ti-84 again! All of the functions seem to be working well, the haptic feedback is just right, and the overall look and feel of this app is just amazing. Absolutely stellar, a definite recommendation for anyone that wants to make sure they always have their Ti-84 on them.

just like TI-84!!!. this is exactly like a graphing calculator, it is so useful for any type of math, way better than apple’s calculator, and much more convenient as well as less expensive as buying a real calculator 10/10 would definitely recommend :) ps it’s really fun to see your teachers get mad at you for being in your phone and then showing them it’s a calculator hehe

Updates have made this super legit!. I am a high school math teacher. I was always looking for a good ti84 iOS app to recommend for my students and this is definitely it. Originally it came with the caveat that they couldn’t use it when we got to regressions. But thanks to recent updates, I’m not sure there is anything I cover that my students cannot do with this. Huge thanks to the developers!

Missing Crucial Feature. I've been using this app for about a year now, and my biggest complaint is the lack of an equation solver. I don't really understand why this hasn't been implemented yet given the widely known approximation methods (newton's, euler's, etc.). This would make the app a total replacement for my regular ti 84 when doing psets. Other than that, this app is amazing.

Garbage. I have wasted too much time trying to get this calculator to work. I was trying to do Horizontal launches for physics but apparently the app doesn’t do that. I was putting the same exact equations and numbers the next morning into both calculators my phone and the actual calculator, and the phone showed 0,0 as my coordinate while the actual calculator actually graphed my answer!! so I’m trying to figure out why calculator 84 is completely different from calculator 84. This app is already wasted too much of my time, Pathetic.

Great app, needs additions.. I love the app, and even got the paid version simply because I love the app, but there a lot of things that have yet to be added. There are no applications, so it would be wonderful if there was a way to download different TI applications for different uses. For instance, the app used for finding rational roots quickly.

Fantastic. I’ve never seen a TI84 recreated and implemented as smoothly for the price point of being free (for now). It’s been an absolute joy to work with so far and works exactly like how you would expect a TI84 to function but on your phone! I’ve used other apps that have individually either been for graphing or for being a non graphing calculator, but to finally see a free app combine the two worlds is a joy to see.

Peanut butter. This calculator app is a disappointment. It’s slow, unresponsive, and filled with annoying ads that pop up every few seconds. The interface is cluttered and confusing, making simple calculations feel like a chore. I’ve even encountered calculation errors on several occasions, which is completely unacceptable for a calculator app. Save yourself the frustration and look for a better alternative.

Eye-pleasing design, but can’t graph regression lines. I wanted to graph a best-fit line for my data, so I sidled over to LinReg. When I inserted Y1 for StoreRegEQ and pressed enter, it said “invalid variable and wouldn’t let me save the equation as a graphing variable. I did the same thing on a real calculator AND another calculator app—and succeeded. So there’s definitely something wrong with the app itself and not my calculations. I desperately hope you guys will fix it in the near future because your app looks really nice and I want to continue using it. I really don’t want to be stuck with the other app which has ugly visuals, tiny font, and a more expensive subscription plan (it works better, but still)

Yee (and I cannot stress this enough) Haw. This calculator is life-changing. I'm an engineering student so I constantly need to whip out una calculadora if you know what I mean. I used to first try to use Apple's built-in app, then get frustrated and find my Nspire in my bag just to do a string of simple additions. No longer. Now, I try to use Apple's built in, get frustrated, REMEMBER THIS APP, and then go on my merry way. I love the developers. So much. Only thing it's missing is a donate button. I'd pay you $20 for this app.

So sweet. Ive been using this through my math classes for years to avoid spending $100+ on a calculator and its so amazing. recently they updated the app and wrote an honest message about how they were finally going broke, but they knew people couldnt always afford it and they wanted to keep things accessible, so they clarified they would be adding ads, and honestly thats all I ask of apps. Honesty and respect. I love that they just talked to their users like human beings and still care and arent making people pay for it. I will watch a million ads for you guys. thank you

Great calculator but some bugs. This calculator is a great way to avoid spending $120-$200 on a Ti84 calculator. However I have found some bugs when it come to running some of the statistic test such as 2propztests etc. however for the majority of your functions, you can’t get a better calculator. -response to developer: The errors I found were in the statistics tests under “STAT —> TESTS”: 3,4,6,9,0,B,and E. Basically any distribution with 2 samples or lists would not provide z score, p value, etc or necessary test statistic/parameters. (It would merely summarize the data I entered and not provide the solution.) -2nd response: Here’s one but I won’t do one for all the tests I listed as they run on similar principals. 2-sampleZtest Standard deviation 1: 4 Standard deviation 2: 5.1 X bar 1: 13.6 N1: 200 X bar 2: 11.6 N2: 11.6 Null hypothesis: not equal to mu ——- Expected answer: Z=4.36… P=1.28…* 10^-5 X bar 1 : 13.6 X bar 2: 11.6 N1: 200 N2: 200 ——— Received answer: It used to summarize the entered data but now appears the same p and z values are now presented. Thanks for resolving the issue.

They know where they’re going. I love the TI environment. I that is what you are after but on your phone instead this is a great app to have. The app itself is not yet full functional but they are constantly working to make it better. It loads quickly and operates smoothly. Great job guys. Can’t what for you to be able to program the calculator like the real thing!

This app is seriously awesome. Just one thing I would recommend for some forgettable people like me…. There’s functions such as the NormalCDF and NormalPDF functions. On my physical calculator, there is a menu that pops up to input numbers like it does with the PropZInterval function. It lists the Values, you put the numbers in, and then press calculate. It’s just slightly tedious having to enter in the numbers inside the parenthesis, because you have to remember where the numbers go. Some calculators have this option, some don’t. if this calculator could have that, I would be set for life on this app. Really an epic app. Thanks.

Really Underated. For my ipad Ive been looking for the best iPad calculator. After a lot of looking this has been the best one so far. Nice looking UI, very responisive, never any issue. Supports floating windows which is really convenient. No ads, excellent user experience and incredible functionality. Just like my old Ti-84 it is almost 1 to 1. Best calculator app hands down, especially for students. Loved using this for physics and calculus. Really underated, needs more recognization for what it offers.

Honest devs. I loved this app and used it for years, but recently they added advertisements. Obviously this was an inconvenience, but the devs came clean and said that they just needed some cash to keep the app up. For devs to be honest like this is something that everyone should respect especially with Apple taking 30% of App Store purchases. I bought premium for life for the maximum amount. Thanks Calculate84 for being a great app with honest devs! I highly recommend showing at least some support to the devs by getting premium even if you do move the slider to the lowest amount.

Yea that’s what I’m. Yea that’s what I’m doing it but it’s just a hard thing to do with the whole world lol I just hope that you don’t understand it I just hope that we don’t know how much we do have you do that and we don’t know how much we do a job and that’s why we are so proud of you so we don’t have a lot to say about that you don’t. Yea that’s what I’m doing it but I’m just saying yea I know it is just not really nice but I’m just saying I’m not gonna do that.

Forgot my calculator when I needed it most. I am amazed, continuously, at what developers can do these days. I forgot my TI-84 at home when I had every intention of grinding through some stats homework at school (I’m in college and taking a few online classes). Obviously, it is no substitute on the exams, but when I figured out I could do combinations and permutations and summations, I was so happy!!! No more switching calculators between backpacks, I’ve found my solution. Keep working on the apps function and the developers will make money off of this. There is even a copy function if you click the equation (highlights pink) and you click enter, just like normal. I look forward to testing the limits of this calculator and seeing what changes can be made. Good luck!

The best calculator. I have this calculator for 4 years and ounce I heard they needed to start putting adds I gladly paid the $7 for no ads. This is the best app calculator and instead of paying $150 for the actual calculator it’s $7 and in your pocket all the time. This has saved me carrying the bulky calculator. I have yet to run in a problem and I use this app more than any other app on my phone. Overall perfect execution from the devs.

Great Calculator, But Needs More Features. I got this app because I won’t have access to my calculator for a couple days, and I needed to do some standard deviation stuff for school.... turns out the functions I needed were not there :( That being said, I played around with it, and this is an amazing calculator alternative!! The pinch-and-zoom on the graphs is very nice. I’m leaving this review in the hopes that the devs add stuff like the Distribution

Could be better. This app would be so much better if instead of trying emulate the screen readout of the physical calculator, it instead optimized for an iPhone. For example, instead of keeping division inline, allow it to reformat into a fraction-like readout. I would use another calculator app but that EE button is just too useful. Edit: thanks for the reply, that does make it a much better user experience!

Perfect. I’m in a math class in high school where the T-84 is a necessity but usually use the in class set, however this is a perfect replica and works even better than the T-84. Unlike other calculator apps it has the matrices option and doesn’t require you to pay for it like another T-84 app. 10/10 would recommend, beautiful interface and user friendly.

I love this app!!. This app is amazing no ads, no janky controls it all just works. I am doing statistics right now in my math class which requires lots of menu navigation and it’s all so fast! I feel like a math Wizz when I use this app thank I'm amazed by the level of polish in this app I would gladly pay 2 or 3 dollars for this app without question but it’s free yet another reason as to why this app deserves 5 stars!!

Works well, but could use some improvements. I am a mathematics educator and believe this is a great resource for my classes. However, when teaching my students about sequences and series, parametric function, polar functions, this calculator does not allow the ”mode” to switch. It says it's in the specified mode but doesn't switch. However, this is still an excellent resource for students who need it for other concepts in mathematics.

This App A Life Savior. I was learning about graphing the line of best fit in school and the teacher give it for homework, but I don’t have a graphing calculator. The teacher says that we could come tomorrow at ILT (free work time) but I can’t because I has to go to Digi Tool and finish my photoshop assignment. That when I came up with an idea to go online and search for a graphing calculator. I try many many app but non of them let me do the “4:LinReg(ax+b),” I need to pay for it. You don’t know how happy and reliefs I feel when your app allow that. You save my grade, thank you!

Best calculator app by far. I love my TI-84 but I forget it all the time when I need to use it or it’s out of battery when I need it. However, I’m NEVER without my phone and this app is the best calculator app because it’s just a simulation of the same calculator that I love. It’s so intuitive if you own a TI-84 and are used to it and it functions just like it. OH AND IT’S FREE. So worth it saves me countless times in lectures or recitations when I need to whip out some quick maths.

Best Calculator App. I have used TI-84s in a lot of my classes and have muscle memory from using them a lot. Other similar calculator apps are passable but many times I would have to re-enter my calculations because I’m not used that app. This app is perfect it takes what I am already accustomed to and adds to it. My favorite thing is being able to touch edit the window.

AMAZING !!!!!. I never write reviews on apps, but this app has truly surprised me. As an engineering major, a lot of my work is done with graphing and I always forget my calculator. It allows me to do just about everything my 84 plus can do, minus the programs feature, which is okay. Overall this app is a great app and one of the biggest time savers I have yet to come by.

I can’t say thank you enough. This calculator works incredibly well and is exactly what I need. I’m a college student and peer tutor and this resource is incredible. I know that eventually they’ll have to charge for it but I hope they can find a way to keep it free so that other tutors like me have proper equipment. Thank you for this app!!

good but missing a lot of important stuff.. so overall this is a pretty good graphing calculator emulator for your phone. I like how it vibrates when you hit buttons on it to let you know that you actually hit the button. so far the answers it gives all seem to be correct also. unfortunately, it is missing a lot of important things. It can do linear regressions, but no other types of regressions. I assume the developer is working on adding those but they should really be near the top of the list. they are part of basic pre-calc so they should be added asap. I will say that as of right now it is definitely the best one available for free because the other ones lock literally everything behind paywalls but still let you download it for free which just seems like a scummy way of boosting downloads. if you add in regressions, i’ll bring my rating up, but it wont be 5 stars until all commands are available.

Best at its price point. Super smooth and works almost exactly like a Ti-84 from my very limited testing. The Ui is well designed and there are no ever present intrusive ads. It was actually recommended by one of my teachers when I was in algebra 2 as a possible replacement for a calculator. Still, of course you can’t use something like this on a test, and as far as I can tell it only has linear regressions, which makes its use cases limited as years go by. Still, it is definitely worth downloading for younger students who don’t want to spend the equivalent of 60 popeye’s chicken legs for a calculator.

Used it for like 5 minutes and woah. I know how to use a ti-84, they’re expensive and I can’t take one home but I’ve got one on my computer that does the same thing. I needed to punch in a bunch of derivatives of inverse functions which is a pain to do on the computer. I resorted to using Photomath to try and get it to solve but that doesn’t work so on a whim I downloaded this app and omg. It does exactly that you’d expect, all the shortcuts are the same, it’s got the capability to do all the calculus I need, whoever reads this from development go pat the creators on the back because I am so thankful

Please update the app. On the latest release of iOS for iPhone your app crashes when trying a 2-SampleTInt confidence interval function. Anytime I input my values the app crashes when I “scroll” down to the “Calculate” button. I tried this with lots of different data with the same results for T or Z 2 sample interval functions. I am a lifetime subscriber and paying customer and really rely on this app for school.

Gets most things correct. There are a few functions on this app that differ from a ti84 calculator which make it more difficult to enter calculations, as it requires you to input more variables. But it’s only a few things I’ve noticed. Also, the factorial function only sometimes works. Either it says it cannot solve the problem, or it gives me an incorrect number, so I have to use a different app for that.

Great for online school. If you’re an online student there’s honestly nothing better than this app. Not only does it perfectly match store bought calculators, it actually makes using it simpler. For example, when finding the peak of a curve, with a normal calculator you have to find 2 points close to the peak, then click to find the max/min. With this app, it automatically tells you max and min of peaks and valleys in graphs. When problems have multiple steps, it’s the small stuff that makes your life ever so slightly easier that you tend to remember. If you don’t need a physical calculator your best bet is down loading this app.

Simply amazing!. I usually don’t write reviews, but this app has mad math class so much easier! It’s amazing and it’s in the palm of my hand as any time I need it. I’m so glad that I didn’t spend 120 dollars on a chunky calculator that just takes up space in my school bag. I would highly recommend this app to everyone I know. Great job creators!

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The app won’t load. The app won’t load it will always crash

Very cool. Cool

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No apps. One significant shortcoming is that none of the TI-84 apps are available (if you press the APPS button the only option is quit).

Great app. Great price, thank you

Good but slower. Functionality is good, but app is much slower to open, and input initially lags on launch. It used to be more responsive

Wow!. Haven’t used for long but really happy to see a great, well made, free app. Thank you!

W app. This app is currently getting me through high school BIG W’s

Awesome. No ads so far and very well rounded

Works for a lot but not everything. I use it all the time for school work but I’m unable to find a button for sinusoidal regression, that the Texas Instruments ti-84 has. As sinreg

Very useful. Identical to the Ti-84 plus ce

Perfect app. No cap im so grateful for this app. Wooow thanks yall so much to make it perfect

LifeSaver. idk how but this app is actually easily the best calculator app ever im not exaggerating. Seriously its exactly like a TI-84 everything u can do on the actual calculator u can do on this app. like graphs, deviations, and it feels so smooth and the UI is perfect i wish i could give it 10000 stars

Usage. Amazing dupe for an actual Ti-84 calculator

Really great feel to it. Doesn’t feel clunky like some of the other popular ti84 apps and hasn’t shown a hint of an ad so far - great!

This is not a fake review. This calculator works really well. I left my real one at school and during COVID when I needed one this proves insanely helpful!!

Amazing. This is incredible. No ads too. Absolutely perfect. Immaculate. Wow. I'd give 6 stars if I could.

This app helped me get through 10th grade. I'm not even exaggerating I lost my calculator halfway though the year and I passed

Needs more functionality. Overall good app, but no ability to use the finance app that a TI graphing calculator would have or the programs button

Haven’t lived up to their promise. I would definitely give it a 5 star review, but when one thing. When they made the app, I immediately downloaded it, and they said log in with your Google account (or something like that) to guarantee you will always have premium, because soon everyone will have to pay for premium. But now when they grew big, they are making everyone pay. Not cool. They promised us early downloaders the full version and haven’t lived up to it. Edit: you guys implemented ads and are not living up to your promise. I am getting the ads.

Five stars. This is amazing

Cant graph the Regression Equation. First thing I tried was to edit the table under Stat which seems to work fine. I then calculated for the Linear regression equation ax+b which it did but was missing a(the slope) and only displayed b(y intercept). When you copy it over to Y= you wont be able to bring the equation up using VARS. This app is not bad for a basic usage as calculator but there are a lot of functions missing.

inverse trig ratios dont work. i did inverse cos of 0.78… and it gave me 0.6…, the UI however is beautiful

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the calculate 84 app. this is a great app, and works well. Is the same as a regular graphing calculator... however when graphing in the STATS section, & you try to pull up the lists & freq-lists it is always off by a couple for the quartile 1 & quartile 3? i don’t know how else to fix that. i’m in the right mode & everything i think it’s just a calculate problem ?

Why get this app. I love this app because, it saves you money from buying like a 120$ calculator. If you are in college or going to go and tryna save some money this is the app! Plus it has the needs for everyday Life!

The Undisputed Mobile Calculator King. Very intuitive and seamless interface, TI-84 like in its layout so most people know where everything is, the functionality is varied so as long as you have it on your phone you can tackle any math question or equation you could imagine. Works great for calculus HW!

Good simulator. Adapts to generic graphing calculator accurately and with adjustments to work more conveniently for touch screen. Pretty much all content present in the official old fashioned calculators is here, with good additions added on top. Works fairly well on my 64gb base iPhone 11 and 256gb iPad 9

Has a few issues. Im shooting the star specifically over the graphing feature. Whenever you try to pinch to zoom in, whenever you let go of the screen it bolts in a different direction. I have bad anxiety and I sit there for 10 minutes trying to zoom in on my plot with my hands shaking while I keep trying to zoom in.

Ads...why, oh why.... Hey, thanks for finally adding ads. It really adds to the experience. Not. Would've preferred you halt development if you're broke instead of forcing me to see ads if I want to continue using the app. Honestly ruins the entire experience for me. And no, I'm not willing to all of a sudden pay money for something I already had legitimate free access to, which was an ad free experience in the app. Truly a shame.

Honestly a very great app and an amazing substitute for the real calculator. Obviously, the app is still a WIP, but for what it has, it’s amazing. I would like to notify the developers that if you graph lines and zoom in too much, they just disappear, but it isn’t too big of an issue. Thanks for an amazing app!

Best Calculator App. This app, has no advertisements. It’s extremely clean UI wise, a beautiful application. And amazing it’s offering it free with no distractions for students or whoever may be using a graphing calculator. Especially as the TI series it’s modeling are over a hundred dollars.

Cool app. It’s a cool app and all but I want them to update it already please. I am trying to make a cool graph and I need the data symbol but I cannot use it. In fact I cannot use most of the things on this calculator. But still, it is a great quality app and great graphics. I would recommend people to use this and I am gonna 100% use again. Over all rating, 8/10.

I LOVE IT AND USE IT EVERYDAY. Guys I literally use this app everyday for my homework. We are not able to take the school calculators home so this app comes in handy all the time. With out this app I would be no where.I would be lost and wouldn’t know where to go😿

Linear functions and what not. (Stat calc 4). This app is great if you don’t have an actual calculator but the only problem I’m having is when I’m using stat and trying to find a linear function, it can’t find it whenever I input the 2 sets of coordinates. And it just says, “couldn’t find number, instead it got a complex.”

APPS feature missing. I was in search of a calculator where I could use Poly Root Finder & Simultaneous Equation solver (applications) as we do not have a classroom set of calculators with this feature.... the apps button doesn’t work on this, so it must not be a feature or it’s still in process.... overall, the calculator itself does a lot compared to others.

Lifesaver. My class uses graphing calculators at school but we don’t get access to them at home. This is much faster and less confusing than using a regular phone calculator. The app feels completely refined and perfected too.

Bug. It’s good and I’m used to a Ti-84 calculator, but whenever I get an add, the close add button is in the corner where my batter percentage is and it won’t let me press it easily. (I’m on an iPhone 13) I know paying will remove adds but I’m not willing to do that. Please fix the bug

Honestly, the best one Yet. I have been searching for a good TI-84 calculator and this one improves my needs. We were learning statistics in my math class and this calculator performed accurately well just like a TI-84 calculator which is very expensive. Yes, you can do much more on this calculator and it is FREE and it was such a relief. Thank you developer, I appreciate this app.

Good App, but a bug and some missing features. This is a good app, and probably the best of all the TI 84 apps on the App Store. BUT, when I use the app along side another app a small portion of the side of the app is off screen. There are also some missing features that I would like to see, like turning graphs on and off from the Y = editor. I emailed support and will update and upgrade depending on the response.

Pretty good calculator. I’ve been using this app for over a month and it has been pretty helpful. The only thing I’m having trouble on is finding the zBox in this app. It doesn’t seem to show, so would like to know where to find it.

Best app ever!. I deleted the normal calculator app off my phone and this is all I use! I am a private tutor and need a more advanced calculator. This is just like the one I used in school, so it was super easy to learn. 10/10 recommend!

Pretty much a TI-84. It’s a little clunky at times, and I’m not certain if it has all functions from all 84’s, but you probably only need a familiar format on which to do slightly higher level math than basic calculations. I fully recommend this for that.

It’s a TI-84 on your phone. If you like the TI-84 every way this app functions will make you feel like you’re at home. There’s not much more to say, no ads and just a great app and I haven’t found a function missing.

definitely get. What a great fricken app. i’m in college and as u guys know that means i’m broke so this app having everything i need for stats was literally a life saver. didn’t have to buy anything to use it and it literally has all the features u need for upper class levels. download it

Great. It has been the best app because a normal calculator doesn’t have this many buttons and plus I’m a 9th grader so I need almost half of this stuff luckily I have this app that literally saves my day from every single work that we get. Love this app and I definitely recommend

Ok, has some bugs tho. When it works it’s great; but I’ve messed up on a couple of quizzes because it does throw wrong answers from time to time. Only use this if when you can’t find an actual ti-84 and have no other option. It messed up on some matrices for linear algebra, as well as on simple calc 3 vector operations (e.g. while calculating dot products).

homework life saver. so I was doing my math homework right, and I am tired of doing everything manually so I look on the app store and it's just endless apps that tell me to buy them to get the full calculator. i then find this and it is so much easier now. we use the TI-84 calculators in my class so this is very similar to what I use. very good app. 👍

BEST CALCULATOR APP. I don’t ever give reviews but this is just the best calculator app i’ve ever used. If you use a graphing calculator at school or work but you don’t have one at home, this does everything that the TI-84 does so it’s just great to have a seamless experience without having to spend like $100 on my own calculator

Convenience. Why would you pull out a bulky TI-84 calculator or use the normal phone calculator app when this app does everything you need? Students like me use calculators a lot and a calculator is one less thing I have to bring to school now.

Great App for no subscription. I really like this app because I don’t have to pay monthly subscription for a calculator that is good. I will really love to see numeric solve and app and program button to work or send us to another page that says upcoming in future update so I know it doesn’t froze.

Please Fix The Graph. Honestly everything is great but the graph is just horrible and that’s the main reason I got this app is that I can graph, it’s literally a graphing calculator, so why is that the worst part? The intervals make no sense and you can’t see much of the graph at all, nor does it allow you to move around. Please fix this!

Incredible Calculator. This is hands down the best calculator app I've used. Beautiful UI and familiar interface similar to the TI-84. Their support is also super responsive, they showed me the keyboard shortcut for the negative sign on Mac. Keep up the great work!

Like the TI-84!. I got this app expecting it to be TRASH and it is literally almost a substitute for my physical calculator. When I go to my Engineering classes I can now simply bring my iPad and use this to keep up with my prof if need be. It’s pretty great. 10/10 would recommend

An Absolute Necessity. This app is so clean and lag free. All the other scientific calculator have buggy software or pop an ad in the middle of an equation which is very annoying. The app has made college classes so much "easier" knowing I have an 84 in my pocket. What can I say, it just works.

Algebra 1 Saver.. I love this app so much. Instead of going to the store and buying an $150 calculator, I can easily just pull this up on my phone and do my work from home. I wish the rating for this app could go above five stars. I recommend this app for any high schooler that is taking an algebraic course.

Spending more than 100 dollars on a calculator is just ridiculous.. This calculator is great. I currently have AP Stats and this has been very useful, I’ve found everything I’ve needed on this app and I truly recommend it.

GREAT calculator for college students. this is a great app calculator for statistics I myself didn’t want to spend A lot of money buying a calculator so when i came across this app i was so happy it actually did all the things i needed it to do!

Amazing functions. It literally is like a ti84. If you lose your calculator, this is the best app to get to make up for the lost calculator. It has all the functions working perfectly. I recommend it fully.

So Awesome!!. I love this calculator so much, most of my teachers even let me use it in class, i always just borrow a real calculator when it comes to the test because yk, phones are cheating or whatever. But still 5/5 stars, love this app!!!!

Came in Clutch and Worked Perfect. I lost my scientific calculator over the weekend and I was worried about having to turn my assignment in late, but I found this app and it worked perfect for trigonometry. In fact it has been a month now and I would rather use this app then my crappy old scientific calculator I had.

Saved so much money. So much more cheaper than getting the actual TI 84 calculator. Luckily, I have my classes online so do yourself a favor and save your money and get this app and upgrade for ad free. Completely worth it

Overall good, just one thing. Overall amazing for being a free calculator app, took off a star because it won’t simplify fractions like my TI-84 Plus will but a great calculator overall, amazing for students who don’t want to buy an expensive calculator/ want something on the go!!

literally a ti-84. if you need a ti84 for school, work or anything else, you don’t need to spend $100 for a calculator. (if you have a lenient cell phone policy) I have yet to find something that the ti84 does that this app can’t. I highly recommend for high school/college students.

1 suggestion. The background is a bit bland so you could make it to where the more math problems you solve you get more backgrounds or be able to import photos for the background

Awesome calculator. When I get home and have geometry homework and the apple calculator just doesn't cut it I found this app and it is like the calculator I have at school and there is no hassle just open the app and math away with no interruptions it is so amazing

Keypad got way too small. *update* fixed. Noticed this some time ago but the keypad became a lot smaller. Unsure if it’s because I’m not a “pro” member, but the app is unusable for me now Update 09/28 Based on the developer’s response managed to fix the keypad size.

Missing a few things. Update: Think you gave many (me, at least) the impression that I would never see ads if I got the app before you monetized it. Anyhoo, no more bug reports, also will be deleting. +1 on mathprof2’s 25APR comments. Also, it fails to graphically determine a maximum for the Box With Lid example from the TI-84 manual. Please fix those items & I’ll also change this to 5-stars. Still, overall, well done. Update: Appears you’ve fixed the graphical max bug, nice.

Great substitute. As I’m writing this I’m studying for a Calc II exam, and my TI-84+ has died on me. This isn’t a perfect replica of TI’s calculator yet, but it has already helped me an insane amount. Hopefully later on there will be more features, but this will definitely help you get the job done if your real calculator has died on you

Great as a normal graphing calculator.. I find it amazing. I’m just in high school and using pretty simple functions. But it has them all available, no “premium” or full app that you need to purchase. It’s free, it has was you need, and it works.

doesnt work. i was like "wow is is so great a pocket ti-84" then i put in cos(90) and got an answer larger than 0, then i started testing the computed values, it gives back incorrect values which makes it beyond worthless Edit: to the dev response cos(90) degrees is 0 and cos(pi/2) radians is 0 thats not a question thats math, check your own app and make corrections rather than saying and i quote "Hello, make sure you're in degrees mode." or at the very least open your app and type cos(90)

Great Calculator. I use this very often when I forget my calculator and it works just as well. The only issue I have is it doesn’t have a TVM solver from what I can find. It would be awesome if you could implement that when you have the chance, overall it’s fantastic.

It’s great!. I honestly wish i would’ve found this app 6 months sooner, i had recently JUST bought the new TI-84 calculator for $100. I’m disappointed that i didn’t find it sooner. but overall it’s great.

Great for Low Vision. My daughter is a sophomore in college and has low vision. We’ve struggled to find TI83/84 calculators with screens that have enough contrast for her sight. I am so grateful to have found this app. She can see it! It’s so much clearer on her phone and iPad. Thank you for creating this! It’s especially great for those who may be visually impaired.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.8.2
Play Store com.calculate84
Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

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The application Calculate84 was published in the category Education on 17 August 2019, Saturday and was developed by Century Light LLC [Developer ID: 1459712792]. This program file size is 66.78 MB. This app has been rated by 22,721 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Calculate84 - Education app posted on 27 November 2023, Monday current version is 1.8.2 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.calculate84. Languages supported by the app:

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App Name Score Comments Price
Calculate84 for Institutions Reviews 5 4 $17.99
Calculate84 App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

What's Changed: - Updated Ul - Graphing has been overhauled - Indicator for when there's a syntax error in the y= menu, table editor, or graph screen - Support for non-Integer values in stat analysis frequency lists - More descriptive paths in search results - Bug fixes for iOS 16 - Many under the hood improvements to help with speed and future updates

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