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What is fun with ragdolls app? OBJECTIVE
You're a ragdoll! What's the point of the game? Do what a ragdoll is meant to do and flop, fall, or crash on to things! Don't be nervous!

Build worlds for you and your ragdolls! Choose from a collection of Cannons, Black Holes, giant Fans, Ragdolls (obviously), Mines, Lasers, Cars, Jump Pads, Telepads, glass, destructible Pillars, Lasers, and more! I can't name everything cause it'd take up too many characters...

Share your creations and download maps created by others from across the world!

Choose from a selection of different Ragdoll AI! Attackers, Defenders, Seekers (hide & seek), Followers, Explorers, and more! They can also traverse the worlds you build autonomously!

Every item in the game has properties you can adjust! Want to change how powerful the Mines are? Go for it! Want to make your Ragdolls giant!? Do it! You can use items and adjust their properties to make mazes, stunt courses, mini-games, art, at this point I'm sure you get the idea.

Change the look of your Ragdoll from an assortment of skins and faces!

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Fun with Ragdolls Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Fun with Ragdolls Version 2.0.304 September 2020

NEW - New design for Main Menu CHANGED - Changed Ragdoll texture filter method - Changed Telepad teleportation method - Temporarily removed "The Museum" button - Improved Sandbox browser preview images - Improved World Browser Collection preview images FIXED - Fixed Domino physics property & UV mapping - Lasers can now go through doors - Fixed World Browser Collection scroll speed - Fixed Ragdolls from flying rapidly when placed at different angles (mostly) - Optimized textures.

Fun with Ragdolls Comments & Reviews 2022

- Game’s great, just needs updating

Hi my names Sebastian, I just got this game today and I think it’s pretty fun. I’ve also been playing roblox for 2 years now, But now I didn’t even play 1 hour! Not even 5 minutes!!! Congrats on who made this game, BUT, I don’t like the fact that it’s $4.99 and it lags. Either the fact that u play on mobile always or it’s the fact that I’m putting too much stuff. Also, Can you make weapons into the game? That would be so cool! Maybe like a sword or a laser or a sniper? I would want to have a war with attackers and defenders, maybe when you fix that giant lag spike. Oh and some new cars because I don’t want to use the same old cars, and can you add weapons to the cars? And lastly speaking off cars, If you go watch sketch’s video (sketch the YouTuber, yes the blonde guy) he said in one of his vids that the default car is slower than the computer car! So yea, just fix/ add all of these if you can. I’m Sebastian signing off, Stay safe out there and don’t forget to stayyyy snazzy.

- Developers Please Read

I love Fun With Ragdolls The Game. It’s very fun and I play it for hours a day, but like everybody’s saying, WE NEED AN UPDATE. This game is a whole $5, but it’s not much. We need more mini games, more places to explore, and more items for sandbox. If I were you, I’d sell this game for about $1.99. I’m a little bit tired of doing the same things again and again. And probably other people. So please, do something. Suggestion: A Star Wars Mod I love Star Wars, and so does a lot of other people, maybe some are playing your game. In my mind I thought it would be really cool if you were to do a collaboration with Lucasfilm or something, and add items from Star Wars to Fun With Ragdolls. Like Cars and Cannons, you choose for them to chase Ragdolls or you, and you can drive/control them. I think it would be AWESOME if you added something like Tie Fighters that can fly and have blasters. If you don’t want to do Star Wars, maybe you can do something else, like, I dunno, Harry Potter, and add wands and spells?

- Awesome game

This game is amazing and the 2.0 update is coming soon and it is BIG, literally. Can’t wait for what’s coming next, and thank you that you are going to add a place where people could upload maps and download them. For the next update, can you add weapons like guns or you can add other vehicles other than more cars. Either way, GREAT GAME. Edit: can you fix the glitch where you win but the win screen stays and you have to restart the app. Also can you have an option to change the controls like put the build button somewhere else because when I build half of the time I accidentally press the shop since it is next to where you MOVE. Edit: are u gonna add it here or on steam only because if your only releasing the update on steam I am gonna hate this game because it is so hard to download anything from there

- I recommend it but there’s no mini games

I need to be mini games there needs to be that default texture of that thing that was black away under stomach’s yes but not least the normal title screen with mini games I love this game but please just add that little text her back I would appreciate it so would you please these icons will show you a little story that I felt like when I play this game every time with no texture default texture I meant the default texture of the white and black thing on the stomachs now just turn to a Gray thing OK Waze back to the story of icons this will show me my expression when I was playing and when all that’s over and I put a diamond that means that’s the disadvantages I felt when I put a dime in after that it’ll pretty much mean the disadvantages of that gray thing on the stomach and I want the white and black thing back on weight I’m on mobile and I am also years old and I may be miss pronouncing things OK I’m sorry back to the story🤞🤞👨🏻👨🏻👨🏻👨🏻😎😂😂😂😂💎🤬😡😠😠😠😠😱😰😨😤💢💎🤬😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠🤬😡😒😟😔☹️☹️😡😡👎🏻

- Absolutely beautiful

So I’ve been looking forward to this game since it’s teaser/ launch trailers months ago, and it was worth the wait. I love experimenting with the physics and being able to spawn in hundreds of ragdolls and not experience any lag! The lighting is gorgeous. I do have a couple suggestions though that I would like to see. Maybe you could add a directional ragdoll that when you set it down, you make it face any direction you want (like the others) and it will just walk forward in that direction. Also I’m not sure if you are planning on it, but I would love to see the vehicles in the road cross mini game be added, maybe a version that moves and a version that sits still, but if you walk into it it will roll. These are just some ideas I thought of, otherwise your game is the best rag doll game I’ve ever played!

- Lol funny

This game is my favorite game and I love the features. They said they fixed the crashing problem and so this game never crashes for me. I really like this game especially when you get sucked into a black hole or get hit in the face with a hammer or fall from max height or get your limbs torn off with a laser or jump and smack a giant in the face or get ran over with a super fast car. The only problem is that i can’t publish my levels because I am a kid and I don’t know what my email and stuff is so I can’t do it. My mom doesn’t want to so she can’t do it. Can you please make it so that you don’t have to put in an email to publish levels? If you do i will keep my five stars. If not I will still keep my five stars. I like this game and I’m a nice person :)

- Frustrating Controls and Sandbox Limitations

This game has a bunch of potential, and I see a good future for it. Unfortunately you can’t customize your controls, so, often you will try to walk around and accidentally press the build mode button that is conveniently on the lower left corner of the screen. The game’s sandbox mode isn’t even a sandbox right now, as there are so many limitations on what objects I can put where, and at what angle I can put them. You would think you would be able to put some ragdolls in front of a vertical piston. Nope, the piston needs room so it will never collide with the ragdolls.... You can’t place walls in certain places because god forbid I don’t want openings in my builds where the ragdolls always get out. Which leads into another complaint, which is the fact that none of the objects seem to be proportional with each other. A large slope is one block too small (in width) to cover the back of a normal sized fan. Just small things that could easily be changed. Also I don’t understand why I can build in the Tower (in explore mode) but not save my addons in it?!? Other than that, the music is great, the visuals are awesome, the voice overs are funny, and I hope to see many updates that will reference the original videos that inspired this game.

- Great game! But crashes on 2.0 PLEASE READ DEVELOPER

I don’t know if this is just my iPad, but I have the 5th gen, and it was working before the new update, I have 128 GB of storage, and it was at 65, I then lowered it to 42GB, and still crashes. I then thought maybe IOS version is to low, so I updated it as I could do so. Once I did that it still crashed. I went to the games App Store to see if it would work. My results didn’t shock me as it said compatible. I love this game, I payed the 5 dollar price, and it was worth it I just wish the new update would work. If you are reading this developer, please find a way to fix this as I tried everything I could think off. Thank you.

- Probably a little bit help

I’ve seen lots of yt vids of people playing this and this is a great game for my offline times. There are a lot of things in sandbox mode(black hole, ramp, ragdolls, etc.) But the feature I’m wanting is a little “help” thing. You know how the thing when you click on something then a bar comes up and tells you how it works and how you use it? That’s what I’m saying. This will probably help a lot who are confused on this game, and me! I hope for this feature to come soon. P.S: I also thing you should add a setting slider which allows you to change graphics quality for low-end devices plus a redesigned GUI so I don’t keep accidentally tapping buttons.

- Very cool and fun, but needs a bit more...

Here are some suggestions: - Broken Bones mini game: break as many bones for points to get the high score, this should make good use for a leaderboard too. The mini game should come with a few stages too like a hill stage where you roll down and hit stones/rocks and trees as you are Ragdoll-ing down the hill, and there should also be a pit stage where you go down a pit full of giant fans and traps. -more weapons: some weapons would be nice, a sword or a rocket launcher would be epic, also let the other Ragdolls use weapons when they attack you -controller support -Customizing: It would be cool if we can make our Ragdolls any color we want, changing every body part (Face, body, arms, legs) with custom colors. Customize the face, drawing a face on the head or using a photo on the head. -community creations: upload custom stages and download other stages so we can play on them -Multiplayer I know you guys are a very small team, these are just suggestions and you guys don’t have to add everything from this list. Thank you for creating this game.

- Cool game but can use some new items.

So i have been playing fwr a lot it’s like the main game I play, but even though it awesome I would kinda like some new things. First of cannon ammo: I really love the new missile cannon really cool but one thing that would be cool for it to shoot would be some actual cannon balls. Another is if It could have some laser blasts(and no I don’t mean the laser cannon) I mean like ball lasers that would be cool! Second is characters: so in the character section in the build mode where it say characters, it only has Ragdolls, but the fact that it says characters should mean there’s more so maybe you could add like a dinosaur or something like in your animations. Finnaly: I really want this but it would be cool to have some cars like a bus or something like a different vehicle or something like that would be nice, another is that if you put mini games like in the last version of the game. Like you could add back road cross and fort invasion, and maybe some more of them, I really hope you respond to the suggestion review it would mean the world to me and it would really make my day, So stay safe and be awesome!

- Perhaps too fun?

Fun with rag dolls has made me realize that I cannot have fun without rag dolls. This is the single greatest game I have ever played in my entire life. I know miracles exist, for I was born in a time that allows works of art like this to be created. The graphics are outstanding, and cutting edge. Pushing many limits while keeping everything running smooth, even on my iPhone 6. I love everything about this game and I one day wish to meet the genius’ who manifested this masterpiece into our realities. It is truly a pleasure to even write a review for a title so controversial yet so stunning. I will personally tell everyone I know about this wonderful game. Please make a sequel.

- Great game needs flying vehicles tho

Hi, I’m a twelve year old kid and still play this game it’s probably my favorite game (and that’s pretty rare). It does have missing elements though so Jadon, if your reading this could you add like a jet that has small cannons attached all over it. You can choose which kind of jet like chase ragdoll etc. and make a quarter division about what type of cannons are like lasers, mines etc. I think it should have like a crash mechanic too like when it hits the ground it “knocks out “ all ragdolls in a 15 grid cube vicinity. I hope you like this idea and many add it in like 2.2 or 2.3 and thanks.

- Developer please read this it could give you some ideas

Great game!! But I think you should add something let me introduce you to airplanes that help you fly around and you should also add weapons like swords, maces, bows, and Other weapons you should also add weather affects no I’m not talking about like the options in settings like sunny cloudy I’m not talking about that I’m talking about like you should probably add weather like rainy snowy windy and many other weather affects thank you for reading it was just an idea you don’t have to add it unless it’s a cool idea in your opinion thank you for your time Jaden barons

- Great game! But I would like an update

This game is very fun! Graphics are amazing, the song is so well made, and the physics are awesome! but it does need a update, because at times I can’t delete an object. For example a ragdoll. This causes me to have to reset my build in order to get rid of one piece. And just a random question, why can’t you pick up ragdolls and throw them around on iOS? I’m sorry If you can actually pick up ragdolls on iOS, it’s just that I can’t figure out a way to pick up the ragdolls while playing. Again, this is a very fun game, it’s fun to ragdoll around, and make games/buildings.

- Plz add some of the 1.0 features back

I love fun with ragdoll’s: The game, but you should add some of the 1.0 features back. So, you should actually add like the chrome and the rainbow skin back. Oh! Also add the silver and gold skins back! Also you should add those mini games like the road cross and the Fort invasion. I wish you could pick up stupid rag dolls in mobile. Also, please fix this problem when the game keeps crashing when I press New World. Because this happens, I open the app again and just do tutorial. So, please fix this problem. I love playing Fun with Ragdolls.

- Developers please read!

I’ve been playing since it all started and with the 2.0 update it’s brought lots of changes! It’s great and all but it gets boring. I know everyone is requesting too add weapons! And I’m one of those people, I’m kinda bored of just flopping everywhere with low gravity I want to make it a lot more fun if you added some melee weapons like swords and axes etc and some guns like snipers and Rifles maybe and some cars weapons like mini-guns! Maybe and some new cars like tanks or some mustangs maybe add some planes! If you added these this game would be my number one!

- Not really much but would be helpful ALOT

So for most of the fnaf maps or mazes and stuff like I wanna just spectate and not do it so like can you add hiders so I can use them like make them run from hiders and can u give seekers and the other Ragdolls a Crouch feature and can u add transperancy and like if u add it make hiders actually find a most accurate hiding space and if spotted by a seeker make them run away you don’t have to do this this is just feedback on how I think the game can be better so I really appreciate if you can do this and keep up the great work thank you for this game


DEV you must read this message! Mr. Barnes please add a digital grey Camo skin it would make me really happy. Your game is awesome and I love it but you need to add more levels, another minigame, and a digital grey Camo skin and a digital green Camo skin to replace the old Camo skin. It’s really good but it can be modified to be Digital Camo and grey. P,ease also add ATVs so we can have more Vehicles besides the car. Please also add this in the next update or the one after that because I really need this and I think the community will love this new idea. Thank you so much for reading this! You are the best!

- Amazing!! But..

I love this game it is amazing and just really fun to play around with. However it took me only about 1-2 hours to get to level 20. Also there is only 2 mini games. Maybe you can make at least one or two more mini games. I have already beat the car one. Also can you add maybe some more stuff to unlock and more levels? Oh yeah also maybe add one or two more of the pre-built areas as well? That would make the game more fun! Besides that I love it and I suggest that everyone that can afford it should get it!!

- Good game but...

All right I like this game but I think there is something missing in the mobile version last time I saw a video of this game I think it was on a computer because you could level up/you had to level up to unlock stuff, there are better graphics, and there was a better menu what am saying is I want the computer version just like the mobile version and if the iPad version is the same as the computer version I will dislike the game a little bit but overall I like the game is pretty good yea sure I would like more updates but good game!

- Absolutely amazing game!

Whoever is reading this, I suggest you get this game. However, for the developers, can you please add some more items? Sure the ones we already have are pretty cool but the list isn't very long. And maybe just maybe some new graphics for hyper super duper? Maybe add bloom? And maybe sun flares? Idk but the graphics are already good I’m just saying those are the two things I think could use some updates. Not that they're bad, I would just appreciate if you added more to them.

- AMAZING but needs a few feature

This game is amazing, perfect graphics, (At least on Hyper Super Duper.) What it needs is minigames, like before 2.0 Came out, change the player size, ability to scale items even smaller and bigger, in the settings you can change how big and small things can be, water, ability to choose other Ragdolls’ facial expressions, ability to choose other Ragdolls’ overlays, and being able to change the size to whatever size you want. Please update.

- New update broke the game! Please help!

This was a great game. I really liked it. When I saw 2.0, I thought, wow, that sounds really fun! Of course, I went ahead and downloaded it. But now, whenever I try to load a world, either new or downloaded (but not the tutorial), the game crashes. Also, why is the museum button grayed out? If you can help me make it work or if you can fix it, it’ll bring it back up to 5 stars. I really want to try the update, but I can’t because of this glitch!

- Please I’m 100% a fan and read please developers

Please add assasanations to the game like for giants when you do assasanaiton to the giant make it to where the ragdoll kicks the giant in the leg then the giant falls down then he Ragdolls on him and for little ones make it to where you crush them by ragdolling and medium and normal size make it to where you push them to the ground then ragdoll on them I holp they are not bad I’m a fan please do and make it to where how to assasanate is where you have to be close to them then press ragdoll

- Please read creator

Hi! I was thinking of getting this game for a while and I got it the other day. I had to make a decision because I have recently been doing chores to save up for a PS4. I don’t have that much money and I will need to do chores for a lot longer until I have enough money to buy the PS4. So I bought this game and have played it all day! This game is so good and fun, I am proud I bought this game and it is the best purchase I ever made! Thank you so much for making this game, it is really fun. Thank you for reading!

- Excellent Work!

It is a great and excellent game with great graphics and fun I love Ragdolls because they can just flop or fall and just break thought I would like new projectiles for the turret. 1 projectile I would like is a harpoon or rope that you can shoot at Ragdoll and then grapple them with the harpoon or rope I would also like a horse as like a western reskin of the car. I would like a lasso as an time where you can lasso Ragdolls and bring them or drag them with you. If you could add those stuff I would Gladly Appreciate that!

- Good but

OK so first off you shouldn’t buy this game because it is 5.99 Plus when I watch videos of this game the ragdoll‘s look much more clear and you have to work up to get to levels but on the iPhones it’s you don’t have to do it which I’m not complaining but it’s also really blurry and Lag he in the controls are rude or kind of hard I don’t think you should buy this game unless you have a PC or something else if you want to buy it on a iPhone or tablet I don’t recommend you doing it it’s not worth the money plus it takes you like two hours for it to download and I have 5G

- Good game but might i suggest

Fun with Ragdolls is a good game but it would be a lot more fun if you could add swimming machianics and physics climbing machianics also physics also it could be funny if you add stuff like a instant replay button and also can you add weapons like swords,guns,bows, and Shields. When I made a game like this with all the things I listed I got so many buyers it was really popular maybe if you add all of this you can get a lot more buyers it is most likely that you will get a lot more money if you do any way this is a very fun game and keep up the good work

- I have 2 update idea’s

Dear jadon, could you add a cheat where you can get back up on your feet after you have ragdolled this would be a cool update that I would look forward too. Could you also add it where you can get in the car not become the car because in the game when you get in the car your ragdoll is still outside of the car and attacker can just get you, but still this game is epic. Pretty please add these updates it would mean the whole world to me, thanks jadon :D

- Good, but needs fixes

This is an awesome fun game. But can you add even more to this game? People will like it even more! And also, you spelt cannon wrong. It is supposed to be “Cannon” NOT “Canon”. Another thing is when you go in the player goal, it says you win, but there is no exit button when you reach that screen. Also one more thing, add more games into the mini-games mode and the explorer game mode. Another thing is, add multiplayer, that would be the best thing ever!!! Please fix it, thank you!

- Love it.

First I want to say the game is GREAT! But you may want to consider making it free to download and possibly have in game app purchases like new features, worlds, items. Next we need an update multi player could make this really fun if others could join your world that you build. More options for building give us more. Great game it’s fun to build and create hoping the developers continue to update the game has some real potential.

- Devs, please read

We really need an update. I love this game so far. But imagine what could be added in the future. I would love a way for you to rotate things up and down, we need more building blocks and we need more action things. It would also be great if the slo mo turned on right when you click it instead of after you ragdoll. And also we need more things from the computer version. We need stuff you can access on higher levels. Please consider this. You’re doing a great job. Keep working!

- FUN!!

This is honestly one of the best game I ever played but a have some suggestions 1. Being able to play other people’s levels This would be a really fun being able to play other people’s levels! 2.Weapons Weapon would really spice up the game and weapons like Knife Club like thing Grappling gun Something like a gun 3. More mini games! Mini game are a fun way to rank up point but I want to see game like theses Capture the flag Zombie ( aka a survive type thing) Finish the obstacle course 4. Lava/ water Lava would be a good game mechanic and if you touched it you’ll burn How water would work like something you can in but you and drown in it 5. Teleportation If you placed two teleportation things you would be able to go through them Beside all the suggestions this game is really fun and I hope one of my ideas will get in the game :)

- Developers read

The game is perfect but I have an iPhone XS Max and the game is glitchy when I spawn in a black hole with a bunch of Ragdolls the rendering in the game is ok but can be better it would be good if you can adjust your settings. A graphics setting low to high fro high and low phones can run the game perfect if you can adjust the graphics and the frame rate overall it’s amazing but just that need to be added. Thank You

- Crashing Problem

I got on this game after I saw the update and played it. I think it is amazing now. There is only 1 con I need to share to anybody reading this. The game can easily crash. When I got on I downloaded human tornado. I got in it and it was lagging like crazy. Then I pressed on the build button and it stopped. So after it stoped I went out of build mode and it started lagging again and then it crashed. The game has had the most amazing update! But the big update just takes up more space then the game itself. Please fix this problem.

- Developers please read this

Developers can you please just add an update eight for rag dolls I mean I really want to have a multiplayer update that be so cool multiplayer we like so fun if you did like different levels and for the gameLike that be so so so fun I mean dude it’s a great game but you need to add multiplayer that’s that’s what would make me have all five star rating yeah but I already think this game is of all five star but you please please add multiplayer just please

- Add a flashlight button to mobile

I love the game a lot and i have seen videos on different devices and saw that they can turn on and off there flashlight and i would like if you could make a flashlight button so i could lime turn it on and off and if that happens i would lobe it even more and if you could do that i would love it! Thank you if you do and keep on getting that great juicy content!

- Best game!

Hi this is the best game ever as soon as I bought it was soooo good also I like to commit the graphics are good the ragdoll s are good and I have a game idea so I was wondering if you could add like more cars like a race car and stuff also you should do events like for example it was December and you add a new map and it would be a Christmas map.I appreciate your game it’s very cool! Also before I end the review lemme tell you that you should make like a fun ragdolls 2

- Worth the money (developers please read)

It’s just worth the money especially if you’re a big fan of the series!!! Buuuttt it would be amazing if there was multiplayer and weapons (pistol, sword etc). and maybe the dinosaur from the series. I also think it would be cool to be able to punch and kick. And you could make us able to change the controls layout because the controls are REALLY annoying.

- Add this for new update

I really really need online. It would be a fun gane with people is still great and I know it might take a long time but I just need it out. This game would be so good with online and with it it won’t be boring. People would be in severs all day and it will be great. I just really think is a great update for the best Ragdoll game. Fun with Ragdolls is the best game ever I really enjoy playing it. I just think online would be perfect to bring more gamers in the game.

- The PERFECT ragdoll/sandbox/mobile game

I know that’s a bold claim, BUT, it is the best, you will most likely get addicted to this, I mean... that’s what mobile games do, if you have steam on your computer, get THAT version of the game, if you don’t, get this one, they’re both equally good (except for the visuals), and with the 2.0 update coming out soon, it’s the PERFECT time to pick this game up (WARNING: all things you make will be deleted when an update comes out)

- Developers Please Read! For 2.0.4 Update

I LOVE this game, But I Need A Few Things, Here Is The Top 10 Things I Want: 10: I Always Wanted My Worlds To Automatically Save When I Leave My World 9: This Game MUST Have Guns And Weapons! 8: I Want My Worlds Must Be Able To Have Music Within The Music List! 7: This Game Must Reduce Lag! 6: This Game Must Have Signs! 5: This Game Must Have Multiplayer, Multiplayer Is Fun! 4: Add The Museum Button Back! 3: This Game Must Have The Museum! 2: This Game Must Be Free! 1: Add Emotes! I Need Emotes!

- Best Game In The World

I thought this game was gonna be in working progress but I’m surprised that it’s like the PC fun with ragdolls game just add more levels and more skins and faces and weapons to beat ragdolls with that’s what I want for the game and more mini games more pre created games and more objects for the game and make more models like cars and faster cars because if your in a car and race a non person inside a car the non person will win easy peasy.

- It is a great game but

You should makeEverything in the game realistic including the RagdollsSo they’re going to be realistic humans in the next update but no blood like GTA no cussing and keep the voices in they hit the ground also make the game so we can change the characters clothes and we don’t need coins and can you add different color church suits like red black blue yellow orange whatever colors there are suit and tie because I like those kind of suits

- Downloads get deleted for no reason...

Ok... I go on my tablet get on FWR then when I go to the browsing area all of my other downloads get deleted... I did get more but then also got deleted when I went back to it... if this is a bug, please fix it right away because this is EXTREMELY annoying... but still the game is really fun to play with a lot of stuff working fine... just needs a fix with the download issues with other worlds. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Fun with Ragdolls needs an update

This game was really fun but I completed the mini games already The sand box never saves my world even though I’m pressing save also I want new skins new levels new mini games this game was fun but it just got boring after a while why because I always have to start a new world no new mini games no new levels or skins I think the only way to save this game is to update it again I know you updated it 1w ago but we need another one.

- Love the game plz read

Ok first of all love the game second of all I saw the 2.0 trailer for this game I’m really hyped for this update I’m hoping it doesn’t take long and my main question is when are you going to make the update available plz respond to this I’m subbed to ur channel and keeping up with the news and all of that I just want to know when is it coming out. Have a Nice Day:D (btw I’m Killergamer2689)

- The world won’t load in.

I have a iPad sixth generation and when I try to press sandbox OR a world I downloaded, it will crash and restart when I rejoin. I tried putting the graphics down to the minimum, build collision, sound (Idk why) and none worked. Also if this matters I downloaded it from here(the App Store). So I paid 5 dollars United for I game I can’t use. Please fix it so I can play. P.S before the update the game worked perfectly fine on my device.

- Good game but I feel alone without multiplayer

Great game! But... it needs a multiplayer feature because I felt being alone as the only playing player so here is some feature I came up for the multiplayer options are who can build, and a all visitors can build but I have another feature but doesn’t have to do with the multiplayer and it is a item bar which items (by items I mean weapons or throwable items) can be equipped by tapping the slot that has the item icon

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- Crashing :/

This game is an amazing game but a soon as I updated it to the newest version of the game my progress has been reset and when I try to creat a new world on sandbox it crashes me out... please try and fix this because I really love this game and would hate to have to stop playing it... please reply back to this anyway keep creating games and stay cool.

- I highly recommend this!

This game is on another level. Jadon Barnes has done a Buttload of work on this fantastic game and it all payed off. The physics in this dame are second to none and is one of the most intresting things I have played! Thanks Jadon! I just saw the 2.0 trailer, and I am hyped! I can’t wait for it come out! My favourite thing about the update is the ability to scale Ragdolls!

- Multiplayer

Add multiplayer if not I only bought the game today that’s the 9th of the 1st 2020 I love the game but with player goals it says you won or you didn’t loose but then it won’t let you out of that screen 📺 so you close the game and open it up again so please make a x button to exit that gets you back to your game again

- Splendid

This game is awsome jadon Barnes you earned the best game that I ever played intell 2021 you out done your self good work on this game. I’m making my own game and it was all you. You inspired me to make a game it’s not complete but playing your game made me want to make a game good job I hope your reading this and maybe you can make another person inspiring game creating

- Thank you

Thank you dev my old iPad had the game and when the update came out every time I keep trying to create a world it just kicks me out and when you update it I was crying that I did not have any fun and when you update this i really hope that you continue updating.

- Mini games

I think this game needs more mini games for players. It also has a bug in the mini games when you complete a mini game it makes you get stuck on a screen please fix. Please add multiplayer because players would love that. Especially me and my brother.


This game is AWSOME I love playing it but could you add some more things for example more already built maps more styles for you character and more obstacles if you could that would be amazing thankyou 😋 Edit:also PLEASE MAKE IT SO IT DOESNT KEEP FREEZING AND CRASHING I LOVE THIS GAME BUT ITS SO ANNOYING

- Add

Yah know the pc version and I and everyone else probably would appreciate it if you could grab the Ragdolls to go black hole fishing or something like that but any way 6 out of five👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

- this is actually the best game

you can punch attack get and get ran over everything you could imagine trampolines everything I mean everything AMAZING

- Add

Multiplayer mode to show your friends your maps, share to the world so you can try other’s levels, paint brush so you can edit Ragdolls and make set Ragdoll colora and also hats and patterns to edit your Ragdoll with to make it look cooler! Please add From Lenny face

- Amazing game but.....

Don’t get me wrong this game is awesome 😎 but It is soooooooooooooooooooooo hard to get points But if you get soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many attackers and let them destroy you you get a lot points. Amazing game I love it GET THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!

- Worlds disappear

It’s such a fun game but when I came back in the new update all my worlds were gone I know you have popped a lot of work in this game but could you please fix?

- This game broken

I press new world and it just crashes, what is up with that fix it please, I really want to play this game

- A few things

Firstly where are the mini games and the level bar. Secondly the stupid can’t stand up is that normal. PLEASE FIX THIS because I sent some of my Christmas money on this

- New feature idea.

I love this game the physics are amazing and it’s fun to play but I was hoping that maybe you could add ropes and rope physics. Please think about it. Thanks

- Great fun!

Definitely worth the asking price. Very fun to play. Would love to see controller support though. Any chance of that happening soon Devs?? That would make it a 5 star game for me for sure! :)

- Best game ever played

Plz ad multiplayer mode to it so you can play online with your friends

- Do you have to put them all?!

We have been to this restaurant.

- Great game

This game is very good I play it a lot, there should be a couple more things in to make it more fun but anyway it’s great

- Pls add more elements

I love the game but can you add more stuff Luke a hamster wheel,dinosaur and truck It would also be nice if you could add water and lava

- I didn’t know what to rate this xd

I see people rating it 5 stars so I bought it

- Hi

Hi just want to say that your game is really good, but I would really appreciate it if you could add fire power? Cause I reckon that it would be fun. 😊🙂😊

- Can you make a 2.0 in mobile?

Can you?

- Can play with controller on mobile

It would be nice to use a ps4, Xbox or mouse and keyboard on mobile

- We need multiplayer

Jadon please add multiplayer cause my bro wants to play with me and I hate being alone ;-;

- Hand 🤚

Ok in my device I can’t pick up Ragdolls please update it :)

- Get this game!

This game is so fun highly recommend. Worth $8, no problems with it what so ever. It’s the best

- Not working

As soon as I got it it loads for like 3 hours and I still can’t get on

- Great but no

It is a great game but I can’t get it because it got 12 iOS

- Fun but...

Its a fun game but there needs to be more minigames and when it updated it deleted all my data please fix this.

- Ropes lava and water

Amazing game but I think it needs ropes maybe lava and water

- When is it going to update?

I was wondering in the App Store I saw... Something called... Fun With Raggdolls. So I looked at it... And download it. I opened it. I pressed WATCH fwr. I saw... Fun With Raggdolls 4... And im wondering when your going to update it? So I'm waiting. But at the same time.. I CAN'T...

- Please add more updates

Please add more vehicle updates with tanks and spor cars


First I’ll start by saying it’s a good game but with multiplayer it could be amazing

- SO GOOD but needs more mini games

And more items to mess around with

- addictive

Awesome game and the title is correct of the game

- It only has a black screen

When I get in a mini-game or anything it is just black

- iPad 5 Crash

Every time I try to open a world, it always crashes, even when I try to restart my iPad.

- Every thing is black

Make it so I can see stuff because every thing is black

- Plz add this

Plzzzzzz add multiplayer and also add to paint ur own ragdoll! And add hats plz

- I love this game

It’s beautiful

- ...

M- m- mm! Look at them beady eyes!

- Black screen

$8 for a game that doesn’t work. Total rip off

- Wasted 8$ on this

Worst game in the world because everything is black

- Short and simple


- good



Please add guns!

- Great game!

Great game but you should do an update to give the cars reverse so they don’t get suck so Easley and Marie make drivable cars and teams to attack each other. You also should make it that in sandbox that you can copy and paste so you don’t build something and have to rebuild it. Also you should ad more mini games

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- Pretty good

I would like if you make some more updates more often (I know you are probably just one person) would like some cheats like how often the Ragdolls speak or how fast you run or maybe more items to mess around with? Hope you can do this (edit thank you for responding! I hope your safe and washing your hands and have a happy time I would like to know if your making a new YouTube video! Have a good time making and spending your time making this AppStore better) from nope-34-boy🙂 (Edit2 would like to email you a talk and would like to test stuff for you and review it if possible) (Edit 3 found a glitch with glass when you use the cheat no collide and spam it the player will get bigger in the glass hope this isn’t hard to fix and not delay the update!)


I saw the YouTube vid I can’t wait for 2.0!!

- Best game ever

It’s so fun to drive cars and use mines, Ragdolls.

- Building is hard

The games awesome but there’s 1 problem it’s so hard to build I can never delete the blocks I want to delete and sometimes it’s almost impossible to get something where I need it to be

- So excited for the 2.0 update.

I giving this a 4 star because: (I Almost Had A heart attack.) (I’m wondering where the update is)(and I’m worried because the U-tube video came out a week ago, and it might not come out) It’s a good game tho! Love to play the 2.0 version.

- Maybe a update

I really like this game and the topic too. But I think there should be a way to download another people’s maps so you don’t have to go through the trouble to build them.

- What a great way to get started with the new game

Such a fun and exciting game to start up with


I love the game but I noticed in people’s YouTube videos they have glass but when I go to build I can’t find glass? So if you could just tell me that would help a lot. Can’t wait until you update the game again. :)

- It was fun but it lost the spark after a while

Though the 2.0 version is fun, I’m still helpless against the enemy ragdolls without any gadgets. I’d like to punch them I think that would be a nice stress reliever and a satisfying blast. I just imagine them flinging off into the sky. Like maybe you can adjust the knock back of the punch. Also maybe custom weapons or just weapons would be cool to. Please respond I really want to know if this is gonna come out. But putting all that aside, nice game 👌

- Can u make it so you can go on servers with other people?


- Nope

I can't move, jump, place blocks or do just about anything. I can move the camera and crouch but that's it. Also, the graphics look really grainy to me :/ I had seen videos and I was really excited, but I was let down yet again

- Haven’t played yet but I seen it on YouTube

Awesome game

- Amazing

Can you ad guns swords and some decor c:

- I love the game but

I love the game but the signs I really want them gone because the other Ragdolls cant go threw them and if u place them on the other side of the sign they don’t do anything.

- more updates!!!

I know a few things that can make the game way!!! Better! You could add fire and make the Ragdolls more Ragdolly and add more builds and better graphics the graphics are amazing but make them even better!! I love your YouTube channel I’m a huge fan of this game

- Hard to use controls

It’s pretty bad it’s hard to use controls it’s bad

- This game was great

This game is a great game and it was really fun but I loved the map the pit I played in that map for so so so so long I love this game but it was more fun when you had the pit map please add it back 😢 I loved it so much and my brother loved it to please please please please change it back to how it was before it would be so much better🙂 please change it back😢😢

- Best game ever

This game is the best I hope in the future they will add multiplayer

- Good game but I have some problems

Every time I go in the world browser it keeps on not showing anything I don’t know if it can be fixed but it just is annoying and I’d like it stop but overall it’s an awesome game.

- Missing one feature!

Add multiplayer! I really want to play with the boys

- Awesome game bro

The game is very good and I’m having a lot of fun playing it but I just want to ask for one thing... can you make it like the pc version with the mini games and all that other stuff please?

- It’s good

Please add multiplayer😁😁😁

- Cool

It reminds me of Mario maker 2 but it’s 3D and you can ragdoll

- Meh

At first it was fun but I don’t think it’s worth paying 6 dollars! It may not be to much but you know. At first it was fun but then it got boring

- New update?

Can you add the grab feature for pc to mobile plz?

- It’s good.

That’s all.

- From a player

Best updated

- Plz

Plz put guns in the game to hold plz plzplzplzplzplz

- Great put there is thing missing that PC player have...

The game is very fun ! But there is thing that make me fell regret of not buying PC version... 1# there is no level so you get everything at the beginning and there is no point of playing if so and PC player have level... 2# no minigame why getting rid if theme on mobile ? 3# why getting rid of the other car ? There are so much better !! 4# the controlling is awful ! You have too put your finger so high on your screen too get full speed... please fix this 5# why you didnt put the rainbow skin for mobile player ? 6# why can’t i grab Ragdolls ? Some update idea for your amazing game ! -Put a option too hide all button from the screen for better play -that something that everyone want and you probably know it, multiplayers -this update will help people so much if you add this, when you download a thousand world, you dont know what world is what, so you can add a system like when you play or like the world it show it like this you wont play downloaded world that you already finished, already play or a disliked level... omg thanks you if you add all this ! -add gun please, i know that you want to keep your game friendly and not a violence game but put like a bubble gun that take the ragdolls up in the air and the balloon POP after a few second or thing like that! There is always a solution at idea that you don’t actually want 🤗 -remove lag the most possible! It so annoying having to limite the number of ragdolls to place ! -last one: compatible with ps4-ps5 controller and it would be better than just adding an option to remove button from screen when you play ! I know that the PC versions is more expensive so you favorise PC player for best experience and update but you can do like a DLC or something like that to get exactly PC versions thing to mobile version... It would be awesome if you fix and add all that ! Keep up the good work ! 😉

- Multiplayer

Could you add multiplayer and maybe more stuff and like a big truck or make it easier to build really fun but I wish I could play with my friends pls make that possible and maybe make it so you can change the size of your character

- Great but

It would be 5 stars if you added grabbing but other then that it’s my favourite game

- I don’t like the update

So I can’t use the spawners and I can’t go out of the creative mode thing I’m barely able to walk can’t fly nothing works pls fix this I liked it before so I’ll give 3 stars

- Good game but

Needs more updates i.e. more Ragdoll types, more flag types, more buttons, etc. (Good job so far, keep up the good work!)

- Almost perfect

My main issue with the game-the game crashing when loading a new world-has been fixed. The game is now super fun and entertaining. There are just a few things that would be nice to add/change. -if you make a straight line of cubes for example, and make one of the cubes be physics enabled, it usually gets wedged in place and won’t fall. If this was fixed then that would allow for interesting traps (I.e a ceiling in a hallway with a domino blocking the path. Knocking over that domino would make the block fall. -picking up where the last one left off, stacks of dominoes no longer stay up, they just fall down. Dominoes also can’t hold up other objects with physics. Fixing this would allow for interesting levels involving jumping across towers of dominoes and trying to make sure they don’t fall and traps that drop a car or a block onto the player. -lasers can’t fire through open doors. A very specific problem but very annoying when something like that is necessary(now fixed) -Levers and pistons can’t be changed to be touchable. They always ragdoll the character. Allowing people to change levers and pistons to be touchable would be very helpful. Now some suggestions for things to add to the game. -spinning blades that dismember ragdolls. -spikes that impale ragdolls (maybe extending and retracting like pistons) -being able to grab and throw objects. -make it easier to sneak past seeker ragdolls(maybe make them attracted to sound and make crouching make less sound so you could throw a box to the corner of a room or at a breakable object to distract the seeker ragdoll.) -make any object breakable. -make the option to climb objects (I.e a “climbable” switch) -electronic circuits (I.e a door that opens by pressing a button or a cannon that starts shooting by pulling a lever or stepping on a pressure plate.) -some kind of attack (I.e being able to punch or kick other ragdolls so that non-touchable ragdolls can be fought) -Adjustable weight for objects with physics. -45 degree vertical rotation for objects. -make rideable objects such as chairs and cars have the option to not be rideable for decorative purposes. -a new ragdoll called an Evolver ragdoll or something similar that would only be spawnable with a zone. It would either act as an explorer or go to a flag. It would use machine learning so that when following a flag, the ragdoll that gets to the flag the fastest is used as the template for the next generation. If no ragdolls make it to the flag, the ragdoll that went the longest without dying is used as the template. When exploring, the ragdoll that goes the longest without dying is used as the template. (Not expecting this one any time soon, but would still be cool!)

- This game is laggy

This game is great i mean it. But i hate tge lag. It can only handle so much. I know you’re the only developer but please fix the lag.

- ::UPDATE FIXED::Please fix this

My kiddo turns 11 tomorrow and all he wanted was this update. Personal response to his breakdown.... Best. Birthday. Ever. old review: On mobile u can’t make a world with out the game kicking me out of the the app

- Cool and good

Yeah, the title says it.


Update is the best thing ever please make more <3

- Crash

Add crash report

- Yes

The update best

- Good

Good game but I can’t make new worlds

- Crashing for some reason

The game crashes whenever I try to open a world, but when I do the tutorial it’s completely fine? Please fix if possible

- Good

It’s a very good game but would be more fun with story mode!




Could u please add ragdoll style customization like in the steam version plsssssss

- Eeeeeee there’s a bug in the game!

Well ummmmm it’s a really good game but the glitch you need to fix s the ramps because when I was walk on that block my Ragdolls instantly fell down onto it but it didn’t go through it but I would say like ummm when I’m on the ramp I turn in to Ragdolls mode but it’s not on Ragdolls mode but when I jump it stopped so pls fix it!


Omg this is sooo fun I have been playing this for the past THREE HOURS tysm for making this game so fun please download

- Updat

Can you make a updat plz

- Uhhh

Is The 2.0 thing In Mobile?

- Actually fun with Ragdoll’s 😲

I keep playing over and over 😜

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iTunes Charts

"Fun with Ragdolls" hit the Top 100 iTunes Paid Apps Chart! Description and more -


// was watching graystillplays play fun with ragdolls and decided to make some fanart :) i love yeet for breakfast \\ // #graystillplays @GrayStillPlays \\


@GrayStillPlays Hey Gray, you mentioned in your first “Fun with Ragdolls” episode, that it was like 3D happy wheels... Well, let me introduce you to “Guts and Glory”. The REAL 3D happy wheels! Maybe check it out sometime? Stay foxy Gray. (Ps. Maybe we should call you “Grey Fox”?)


DOWNLOAD NOW: Fun with Ragdolls - Jadon Barnes: Fun with Ragdolls Jadon Barnes Genre: GamesSimulationAction Release Date: 2019-10-11 © © 2020 Jadon Barnes

Jason Moore

@jdc2233 Hi. If it´s okay with you, could i have Fun with Ragdolls?

Fun with Ragdolls 2.0.3 Screenshots & Images

Fun with Ragdolls iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Fun with Ragdolls iphone images
Fun with Ragdolls iphone images
Fun with Ragdolls iphone images
Fun with Ragdolls iphone images
Fun with Ragdolls iphone images
Fun with Ragdolls iphone images
Fun with Ragdolls iphone images
Fun with Ragdolls iphone images
Fun with Ragdolls iphone images
Fun with Ragdolls iphone images

Fun with Ragdolls (Version 2.0.3) Install & Download

The applications Fun with Ragdolls was published in the category Games on 2019-10-11 and was developed by Jadon Barnes [Developer ID: 1383402223]. This application file size is 274.93 MB. Fun with Ragdolls - Games app posted on 2020-09-04 current version is 2.0.3 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.JadonBarnes.FunWithRagdollsTheGame-iOS