Blocksbuster! download

Destroy complex block buildings by swallowing them with the hole. Be careful not to catch the bomb!

Easy-to-learn controls and addictive gameplay flow.

Blocksbuster! App Description & Overview

The applications Blocksbuster! was published in the category Games on 2019-04-12 and was developed by Voodoo. This application file size is 202.82 MB. Blocksbuster! current version is 2.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

- Gift boxes!
- Small bug fixes and performance improvements

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Blocksbuster! Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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bvdtkkv   1 star

Boring and easy. This game repeats it self and doesn’t get harder I’ve made it to level 500 in 3 hours. Boring and not entertaining.

Mr. Piiggy   5 star

Very sad. Ok so, every time I finish one level their is a ad and it is like a 15 second ad and their is no skip

its_me_kenna   1 star

Can’t even open app.. Normally, voodoo games are always 5 stars for me without a doubt. But this game takes about 2 minutes to load the loading screen, then after about 5 seconds of being on the loading screen it kicks me out. I attempted to open “Block Buster” twice, but both times I was kicked out. Do NOT waste your time trying to open this game.

BTS4lifemyguy;-;   3 star

It’s alright. This game is pretty fun, but the only thing that I don’t like too much, is that I can’t stop spinning the wheel! Every time I watch an ad to spin again, I have to keep spinning after that. This is the only thing that’s disappointing for me.

beiend dhendb   1 star

Jawns trash. Title says it all

t.mantis   1 star

Bruh... It’s just a grey screen...tough

candycrystaljsb   1 star

Relaxing but terrible. I like this game and all but it’s way too glitchy I can’t even move!

gameguyio   1 star

Not good. Won’t even work for me idk why brand new phone just a bad app

Dawnaria1023   1 star

Glitchy. Would freeze up at the end of level 8. Couldn’t get it work after that.

dfhjgdryujhfd   4 star

GLITTER. Great app but I want glitter

Emin8r   5 star

This is so fun. This is so fun

jukdjxdkhfm   5 star

Es bonito me gusta. Él mucha estreya100

Nena2002O   5 star

The best. This is the best game ever

Madman 0714   5 star

Blocksbuster!. I am Disabled and I play this game for five hours a day it’s. The best game for me

iWantEnglish   1 star

Boring. the game isn’t interesting all you do is the same thing. This is one of the most boring voodoo game

Joe9753186420   1 star

Crash-tastic. Crashes faster than I can level up. Crashed fast than it took to download. Then puts an ad over buttons you need to push. Total junk!

anon43657   1 star

Frustrating. The game will repeatedly either not load and stay frozen on a black screen or lag terribly while playing. Extremely frustrating. HIGHLY do not recommend for "casual" play.

Jenefer wallace (snapchat)   1 star

-0. I can’t even get into the game without it crashing I’ve tried many times to

Eaddie11   2 star

Scam. This game was a good game at first and then they tricked me into paying for it!! What a rip-off

It's are   1 star

Black screen. The game does not open. It stays at a black green. Disappointing.

Some honest reviewer   2 star

Unfinished. It’s an unfinished app that was designed to act as an adware besides a cool game, but was pushed to the app store incomplete for whatever reason. No sound! Few features that actually doesn’t work! ... Fun for only a day, then it’s just a circle of levels repeating again and again. Removing now.

666Zozo666   1 star

DO NOT DOWNLOAD. It is a good game, but it is horrible! I got to level 402 and the game gave me a virus! I could not leave the game and go onto anything else! I could not leave the game, can’t use Siri, and I could not even shut down my phone! If you download this game, you are at risk of getting a virus! NEVER DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!

solinger74   1 star

Ruined by ads. Completely glitched out when I pressed play for the first level

lil galaxy girl   1 star

=(. This game is fun but it keeps glitching and dose not let me play the game all I get to do now is watch adds

Nike love 😎❤️🐚   5 star

Nice. Nice but I think about new things

love pug life   5 star

Hhhhh. The best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cammcommt   1 star

Probably the worst game I’ve played.. You literally just move the hole around and get the blocks. It’s a waist of space😂

Flyfisher161   1 star

Flyfisher161. Like every voodoo game I have played and tried to enjoy, its terrible with poor graphics.

OlelsiyNY   1 star

Rediculous ads swarming. The amount of ads gives very bad taste for the game

BluebellGamer   1 star

0 stars.. Game randomly prompts me for in app purchases asking for my fingerprint to authorize the purchase. Don’t let your kids play this they might purchase things.

Advertorial    5 star

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kdfho   1 star

Stupid Bug!. There is a major bug that I really want to be fixed. I can't even play because of that bug!

Britney2012   1 star

Not impressed. The game keeps crashing. Once it is reopened it is just a black screen and doesn’t refresh. Please fix the game. I really enjoy playing it but will remove it if it is going to continue to crash.

xxxslashexxx   3 star

Ads. This is amazing but ads are annoying

gdgfwgff   1 star

Stupid. It does not LOAD it is getting me so mad I can even say it in text fix or stop making you’re GAMES NOW when you fix it text me back!!!!!

TiffyLynn.   2 star

😔. It crashes i cant even play the game for a second Voodoo can u pls fix this bug aka a crash

cpolmb   1 star

Do you need help. How many times am I going to do the same puzzle. Do your people need help coming up with different designs instead of having them repeated over and over again. Gets boring fast!

Shadoww Shotz   1 star

Crash. Every time I go to open the game it instantly crashes!😡🤬

Traybella   1 star

Such Crap. Never even got the chance to play as the game doesn’t even load.

SheamusO'Connor   1 star

glitchy and ads. The game has an ad both when you fail a level or you pass a level. and basically every single level glitches and freezes your phone

tattyana.20   4 star

Too much ads!,. Too much ads and it is crazy

buffbunny   3 star

Fun ... But.... Relaxing game but the boards just keep repeating over and over and over again ...

Zombie Moe   1 star

Stupid game. The levels just repeat themselves over and over and there are way too many ads. Deleting this stupid game...

peed off wow lies   1 star

Knock it off with the ads!. No one wants to download your games!!! Learn something from the comments, honestly or Get lost Ads or no ads it crashes!

sarahA.B.F   1 star

ADS!!!. This game has sooooo many ads that I deleted it 5 minutes into the gameplay do not download unless you’re willing to pay the extra $3 for no ads! They’re just trying to get more money 💵 off of ADSSSS!

WilliamHutchins   1 star

Awful. Every time I press the play button it crashes, and it’s filled with ads, don’t download this monstrosity of a game

StarFilm   1 star

CRASH KING. This game is the crash king! I can’t even PLAY the first level, it just crashes! Deleted the app 30 minutes after getting it. This game is “THE CRASH KING”!

JTG12301   1 star

Fun if you like sitting through ads every 30 seconds. If you enjoy having your game stopped every 30 seconds to watch ads for a dumb game you’ll never download, then this is the game for you!👎👎👎

bridgebuster   1 star

Ads and lagging. It was either one or the other! One time it’s lagging then you have to watch ad after ad after ad! The game also crashes sometimes!

Mel Ancholy   1 star

Crash. This game sucks it just crashes when I press the play button 👎🏻

MasterAngryBirdLover   1 star

Waste of time..... App doesn’t even open.

BunBunRabbit   1 star

Kept crashing. I opened it, clicked the play button, crash. I try again, crash. I don’t recommend getting it unless you want disappointment.

bdhydtaub   1 star

Sucks. Didn’t even get to play it once. Every time I open the app it crashes before it starts.

rainbow keyboard fannn   2 star Game .ad. Way .ad. Too .ad. Many .ad. Ads. And also not like advertisement but still Ok I guess.

HarleaTyler   1 star

0 stars. I wish I could click no starts because this game doesn’t even work. Every time I’ve tried to play I get a black screen and then it just closes. Really looked forward to playing this very disappointing UPDATE: now I get to the play screen and when I go to play the first level it’s crashes.

Tigersandburgers!   2 star

Fun, but....... But..... it crashes and too much adds! But it is fun.

XxSmiley_Girl2xX   1 star

Disappointed and Annoyed.... First of all, there are way too many ads, I know all I have to do is turn off my wifi, but the ads are just ridiculous. Second, the game always glitches me out, so I don’t even get a good chance to play.

Tiredguy69   1 star

Just data mining. Ads non stop simple game to get your info

IBgDdJJfs   1 star

Great when it works. This game is great, except it freezes constantly and half the time it crashes altogether 😞

Kawamimi   1 star

Can’t play. The game gives me a black screen and wont load... was never able to play. Deleted

Shermrock   1 star

Scam. Tricked me into paying $4 and keeps taking my money and I can’t get it to stop.

Advertorial    5 star

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anonnn8i8   3 star

Eh. I’ve played 475 levels, they are so repetitive. Make more new levels.

eggehsbshejsn   1 star

Crashes. The game constantly crashes each time I open the app. I have other games like this and they seem to run fine. I do not recommend this app. I wait a whole minute before the game just goes to a black screen and back onto my home page. So annoying! 😡

HeathG82   1 star

Problems.....Problems!!!. I just downloaded this app as it looked like my type of game, went to play level 1, press play and I get booted every time. I’m going to delete and reinstall and if it works will update this review, will so what happens. But so far........👎👎👎 UPDATE: deleted and reinstalled TWICE and still get booted trying to play level 1. Developers, what’s going on??????????

funghifever   1 star

Doesn’t load. This game I’m sure would be great if it actually loaded. My screen has been black for 3 minutes waiting for it to load

鵶ᏃᎾᏁᎬ鵶   1 star

The game is bad. This game is terrible I just downloaded it and it want allow me to play all I can see is a black screen.

nockkku   1 star

Doesn’t work. I tried to download it twice, but both times it took forever to load and crashed as soon as I tapped on the first level

tommy p taylor   3 star

5 all the time. I’m not giving three stars because its a bad game. But im sick of getting 5 diamonds on the wheel all The time.please fix it

Mehreen ahmadi   2 star

No , just no. So when you spin, it takes a long time,after you spin you have to wait!!


Reviews and ummmmm wot. 27 1 star reviews with comment and 17 5 star reviews This is the one game that your bored and doing nothing and waiting for something so you download it and delete it after you get bored of it, at first pretty good. Butttt most games I play or ‘try’ to play have a concept I’ve played a lot and now don’t often but I see this ad on youtube and some of my other apps so I gave it a shot. It was great at first then it got boring and had no concept it felt really boring. Another thing ads, by ads your either partnering with another company or yourself (mostly) and your getting money from ads and there’s a HELLL tonne and the price $4.99 JUST TO REMOVE ADS?! that’s wayyyyyy tooo overpriced so I wouldn’t suggest this game to play if you don’t have ads, lag and repeating levels.

Hfyusdghhijcffg   1 star

Bugs. If you got the game working, that would be a great start. Doesn’t even load, waste of time

Jaybaha   5 star

Amazing game. This game is amazing it’s oddly satisfying and addictive 😀However those people who say it’s bad your just rude inside and you have no heart😐Also if you don’t want ads or lag just turn off wifi and mobile data it’s so simpls😆 This app is amazing for children since they like satisfying games and it will het there mind relaxed and push rude stuff out of there mind 😆 This apps amazing richly creative and amazing game

tinkerbell350   1 star

Unreliable game. Purchased the, still get ads. Game keeps freezing and can’t play it. Unable to locate an email address or link no to be able to resolve the issue and get a refund

teaghort99   1 star

BORING. It’s literally the same 10 levels over and over and over again with a different skin

lamp in the corn field   2 star

Meh. Has repeat nonstop adds repeats levels just changes background and randomly pops up would you like to pay $4.99 to remove adds?

Draculus1942   5 star

Anything new to destroy. Hello, been playing for awhile, well over the 3000 barrier. So if there is anything new to destroy please add them. Waiting for a 1 million block to destroy.

Huddy lover   1 star

Waste of time. Absolutely no challenge complete waste of time was at level 46 in less then 20 mins

ChrissiArghy   2 star

Great Game but too many adds. Not paying $4.95 to get rid of adds

RareBeast   1 star

This game is stupid. I can’t load into the game properly and it keeps kicking me out I hate this game.

Pladin*12   1 star

Don’t download this app it’s dodgy. After downloading the app I was continually asked to pay to get rid of adds and after accidentally paying to get rid of the adds I can’t get into it.... do not trust !!!

dad1200BBQedition   1 star

No good. Lags like hell

hehebeebenkskfkrns   5 star

Really good game. It is really fun

FU76 Vectorz   1 star

Hated the game. The game has no sound, it’s filled with ads and it keeps crashing for no reason, even if I’m not in a level, and usually happens after an ad is finished, would not recommend downloading. 👎

MW43778 Plays   3 star

Fun, but drains battery. In 30 mins my battery dropped 20%. Granted, this is an iPhone SE, but my battery is at 90% health so...

SpongebobLover101   3 star

Good but Glitchy 🤷‍♀️. I like the idea of this game - simple yet effective. 👍 However, it is soooooo slow and glitchy! When you play, the app turns off all the time! 😒 In summary, I enjoy playing this game when it actually works. 🙂

Vettiek   5 star

Love it. I’m loving the new layouts

sparrowjonesesc   3 star

Yellow. I don’t so much care about the repeat of levels but please change the clout of the blocks. I’m so sick of poking at the same yellow colour over and over. Put it at random colours or having to use the purple stones to unlock new colours. Just please do something about the colours of the blocks!!!

Hoemedown   5 star

Blocksbuster!. I am in love with this game. I’ve had it for one day and I’m up to level 450... it needs more levels so you don’t need to repeat the same ones. Maybe put more things in to by, such as different colours and such. But other than that, love love love.

MaD_DOG97531   1 star

WHAT ARE THEY THINKING. First off this is the first time I ever wrote a report for a game and it's mainly about how mind numbingly F,ing boringa it's one of those games were you play it cause you're bored and 10 min after downloading it you delete it. And the ADS MAAAN DID YHEY GO CRAZY every time you finish a 10 second level u get a full 30 second ad every F**KING LEVEL I MEAN COME ON! AND, it is awfully repetitive the only difference is the background changing and the bombs get easier to dodge! Good job if anyone read that whole thing and don't get this game.

hdhrvahsi   4 star

Bit laggy. Love the game but some of the levels cause a lot of lag causing the gameplay to be interrupted other than that really good game

allva.20078   5 star

Blocksbuster!. Amazing really fun and enjoyable but less adds thank you

BRRMCO   1 star

Terrible. Way to many commercials. I don’t mind a few but this is ridiculous...deleting this 10min after I downloaded it.....

iskgflyfluekyxlucl   2 star

I’m not even sure. I mean I thought the game looked great from the ads. It looked like a satisfying game to play. When I downloaded it it took forever to load. And then the ads. Oh my god the freaking ads! They won’t stop coming! And they last for freaking ever. And it takes about 20 tries to exit out of them. And not to mention that the levels just start to repeat. After a certain amount of levels they just repeat over and over again to the point where it’s not even fun. It just wasn’t worth is at all.

Søphie 💜   5 star

Super fun and addicting 😊. Voodoo is one of my favorite game creators. Once you get into it, you want to play it all the time! And there aren’t a million ads, I love that. 💜 I can also turn my WiFi off, which solves the whole problem. Awesome game, I’ll never stop playing :D

AmyByrd35   4 star

Love the game.. needs update.. I found this game and I love it. I’m in level 1000 and it’s the same over and over. It’s pretty soothing and as much as we complain about most games, having to work so hard for diamonds, coins, etc.. I have bought all the skins etc.. Just update some levels, and it will be perfect.

Xhjvhkcjcyicui   1 star

CANT EVEN PLAY. I saw this game by add as usual so I download the game and as I’m entering the game it keeps crashing when I’m keep going back in the game and now I Finn get to say that this is the worst game EVER.😡

Janielle_Nelly   1 star

Disappointing. Game doesn't work it just goes back to my home screen and is very slow. This game was disappointment 👎🏽😭

markdoggo   1 star

This is the stupidest game I ever played. This game was laggy it was stupid it lagged me out to my home screen fix it now!!!

BobDenAir   1 star

Lag lag lag crash. They def dont advertise this: lag lag lag crash. Hmmm. I wonder why. Dont buy this app. It just takes up space on yr ipad/iphone.

Kg987643   2 star

Disappointed.... I was wondering what the keys are for at the top of the game. And... reloaded the game because I was waiting for some massive amount of blocks as advertised in your ads. .i was over 2000 level I’m tired of the same levels. Had all the skins and tried the holes. Because I reloaded it , I have to start all over again. I don’t know if it’s worth it this time around. I’m giving it a 2 star

chunky maggots   1 star

Bad. I ddiiiiiiiiddddd nooootrtt ggiit bbbubbbbbbbugnuger yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy naaaaaaaautteee

Fortnite memeyt   5 star

It is a great app. Best app I had played 100/10

AmnesticDoc   5 star

I guess it’s OK but it’s good now. I like this game but its boring

Richy10231025   5 star

It is a cool game. It is cool

zeensmd   5 star

❤️. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

puppygirlsreview   2 star

Needs improvement. The game is nothing like the ad at all the ads are fake just so you get the game also there is ads on almost every level when you try to go to the next level I want to play my game but it’s like I just downloaded apps to watch ads

Nickerallo   3 star

Adds. I signed up for no adds however I’m still getting them.

apple store review person   1 star

Won’t work. It’s just black screen on iPhone 8 iOS 12

chloekuman   2 star

Voodoo. This was disappointing because when I would try to get in the game, it wouldn’t let me and i would refresh sooo many times it’s just not worth it 🤦🏼‍♀️

graceheaven1104   1 star

Doesn’t work. Every time I go to play it it will not let me play it just takes me back to my home screen!!!

BobDerpRock   1 star

Game doesn’t work. It literally doesn’t work for me I downloaded it cuz I wanted to try it and see how it played. When I opened the app it sits for a while then opens with app developers and title screen after that I hit play and it just boots off. I thought it was my phone because it has some problems but never has it just stop an app before it has frozen up but that’s all. So I can’t tell if it’s a bad game good game because it literally doesn’t work with my phone

periodt sis   1 star

Horrible. It keeps freezing at level 8 and it won’t stop don’t download the app

NickyT227   1 star

Voodoo always does this. Repetitive levels, ads after every level, even saw an ad promoting playing slots and this is for 12+. Plus ya’ll make so many games there’s no way you don’t make insane amounts of money off all of them. Stop with the ads.

Whambahm   1 star

Too many ads. You watch an ad after each level.

njluuvvv   1 star

The game doesn't work. I've installed this game, uninstalled, and restarted my phone multiple times but it just wont start. Every time I open the app it just shows a grey screen🤦🏾‍♀️

TheGoodOatmeal   4 star

pretty alright not gonna lie. i like the idea. i would complain about it getting laggy when a bunch fall down at the same time but my phone isn’t a 4000 dollar gaming pc so that’s expected.

giidebdovc   1 star

Lagging. Game lags I can’t even play it

ReddRobyn90   2 star

Repetitive. The game was super fun at first and I especially wanted to get to those super satisfying looking levels they play in their add. But level 530 and it’s just the exact same levels over and over again at this point. They should either add new structures or end the game at like level 300.

19jcm79   2 star

Need clarification. What are all the diamond for? I have a lot, but can’t use them for anything. Also, what are the 3 keys for a above the score? How does the game decide weather you can continue, or you lose and have to start your score over? Kinda fun game, good time waster, but I don’t get how it is supposed to work. Make me understand, and I’ll give it a higher rating.

twiche nose   1 star

SO MANY GLITCHES. Every time a ad pops up after That The game paused and my screen turns black and kicks me out of the game

#horseloverforever   1 star

Need help. So I downloaded it and then I pressed the button to start the first level and then the screen turn black and it kicked me off the app and I did that at least five times or more and then I deleted the app and downloaded it again and it did the same thing and so I’m giving it a one star because it didn’t work at all but I still think the game would’ve been fun to play if it actually worked for me to download and play on.

milo cie poznec   2 star


eagle 231   1 star

Publicité. Beaucoup de publicité

Travis Meloche   1 star

Crashes. Too many crashes and kicking me out of the app. Hopefully Voodoo can make some improvements.

yoshilizard   1 star

To many ads!. There is way too many ads and they should make more levels.

jsjdkskgks   2 star

Didn’t like it. It kept kicking me out and so many ads I just didn’t enjoy it

brianhs77   1 star

Boring and repetive. This game lags and it just repeats the levels. No challenge to the player and way over priced. I didn’t even mean to buy it and now I’m out the $4 and I’ll never pass it on.

asfith   1 star

Why. It is laggy and keeps kicking me out. Fix it voodoo!!!

wtthjyfgjkgfgbjjhgf   1 star

Glitchy. This game is very glitchy

Minesu   1 star

Crashing. Crashes when I try to play, can’t even play first level. Also takes about 3 minutes to load when opening the app.

Smgimly   3 star

Needs new levels. This game is awesome and addicting, but there is a pool of something like 40-60 levels that loop on repeat and it is getting repetitive and boring. It only took me about fifteen minutes of play to get to the point where the repetition began.

sagepope   1 star

Overcharged. So bought the no ads for$3.00 some odd cents. Look at my account and I was charged $80.00 that doesn’t seem right

bad reveiw read it please   1 star

Bad. I was on level 367 and they reset my hole game and now I am on level 1 unbelievable

Sucker-no-more2019   3 star

Need new content. Ok, so they put ads after almost every level, that’s their income. Put phone in airplane mode, no more ads. I’ve been playing for a few months, got over 5000 levels then they did update and now levels count backwards from 40 to 1. High score over 500,000. Watch video to revive and score could be higher. Too bad gems can only buy skins. I have all the skins, plus over 1200 unusable gems. Wheel is rigged to only payout gems. Levels are all on repeat, so starting to get boring. Bomb drop sucks, person pushing bomb around was ok for a bit. Game has potential but this will get shelved for awhile.

SassyGangster   5 star

Stop. Guys stop saying it’s bad cause of ads and lag. Just turn off your internet and free more space

wre45h   1 star

Frustrated. The new update made me reset to level 10 😡 I was at level 390 something , I am very disappointed !

Kelsium03   3 star

Glitchy. Super fun game and I enjoy it a lot but it gets really glitchy when you collect a lot of blocks at once causing you to lose cause you can’t move you hole away from the bombs.

imaraven   1 star

Lags!. Good game until it lags and makes you lose

Hammer7979   3 star

Good game but could be a lot better. I like this game but it could be a lot better. Where are the sound effects? The game also has a terrible lag problem that is super frustrating.

Jross1169   5 star

Fun game. Needs less forced ads

jodum23   1 star

Publicité beaucoup trop de publicités. Pourrait être intéressant, mais il y a 1 publicité de 30 secondes pour chaque étape de jeu de 5 secondes, je n’en peux plus. Pourri...

KalinaHaffner   5 star

Adds. All you people saying there’s to many adds why don’t you turn your wifi off that’s what I always do when I play voodoo they have really good games and adds are the reason they’re getting underrated

scjourv   1 star

No thanks. Way to many ads

Rhino racer   1 star

Lag, repetitive, and no end to ads. Seems the intent is to annoy you with ads since eliminating them seems to be the only real in-game purchase. Don’t waste your time.

Joojep Kat   1 star

Purchased and still ads!. I downloaded it and bought it to remove the ads. Still the ads show up. Byebye VOODOO. Plus it lags because of these ads. Heads up, save your money. Buy a coffee.

A Learner of languages   4 star

Beautiful physics, but some more variation?. I totally love all the physics and everything, it’s a super calming game! I find some of the levels repeating, so I’m not sure if I’m just on too low of a level or too high, because it was advertised with a huge pile of bricks and I’ve yet to see that level

1syckfuq   1 star

Tell em how it is brah!. Amen preach it brother man!!! Preach it!!!! Ads wreck any glory the game may hold!

Pat Bonno   1 star

Intéressant mais à des problèmes. Le jeu plante souvent et gèle !!!😔

love this sm to the moon   1 star

Horrible. So much lag and ads its terrible all voodoo want is money money money. Cant even play the game with every 5 seconds of ads and way too much lag

mayaaaky3   3 star

Pretty ok. It’s an entertaining game. Not very challenging at all so it’s a bit of a waste as I’ve noticed some levels repeat. I turn on airplane mode to get rid of ads so I can’t really complain about ads as the other reviews do but I can imagine the amount of ads, typical. At level 131 I had my high score and the lag ruined it, please fix lag with the levels with a lot of blocks

Fixthisgameplz😭   1 star

Ads. And and all around broken game. I’m sure we all know how many ads voodoo puts in their games so I’ll skip over that but really voodoo... every 100 levels you beat you get to spin a wheel in which you could win gems or special items to make your hole look cooler... if you don’t like what u got you can re-spin. I did this 46 TIMES! 46! And did not get a singe special thing.. it’s obv rigged😫

87644567996433600   1 star

To creators. This the game is so bad! Whenever I try to play it gets all laggy and glitchy and it randomly pauses out of no where, and that “no ad” purchase keeps popping up! I don’t recommend getting this app

Snakey skull   2 star

Fix. Please fix this app it’s very glitchy. There’s too many ads as well. If you can fix these things I believe it will be much more enjoyable to play.

none.of.ya.bussiness;)   4 star

About ads. If you dont want ads to play while playing the game. Turn off your data or disconnect from internet. As i do that and no ads play when i finish a level.

hvucvbb   5 star

Write a review. This game is so easy Can you make it harder because it’s so easy and I like that game!!!

Klmagg80   1 star

GLITCH. Once i got to higher levels it glitched more and more but it’s a good game on the add it said harder than u think how it’s easy i will delete the game it’s glitchy so don’t get it and I am on level 11 ITS SO GLITCHY HOW MUCH GLICHY CAN IT GET so I don’t recommend this game here are some I do -Roblox all ages -hole io all ages or 4+ -and more Be careful if you get roblox there a men who do bad stuff to girls like s** and yea I am not playing for a while soo. I will get back to it AND on roblox don’t go on meepcity party that’s where the boys want to do s** so yea keep children off meepcity I am a kid and boys do that stuff to me so keep them off meepcity From:Ruby To:the game and people

bigbear#49   2 star

Where do I start. This game looked like a some what good game but when you finish a level there is an add. Then it makes the whole game lag and it jumps out of the game. It doesn’t respond straight away which it isn’t my phone because this does not happen on any other game or app.

Rocky83forever   1 star

Ads. To many ads every time I finish a level there is an ad please limit the ads

Wotnow1   1 star

Not the best game I’ve played. Would be much better if it had sound and was a bit more challenging. It’s way too easy and a little boring. Needs a few extra adjustments.

Baraa what'ves   1 star

Ads. The ads are way too much for a short level.

NoNicknamesLeft35665   1 star

Terrible. To many ads and no point.

Borris Johnson   1 star

How do I describe it?. This is the first time I’ve ever reviewed an app and the reason why is because I found it so inherently annoying. To start with, the game begins to repeat every 10 levels the background changes. However, there are only 5 different backgrounds and the penguins and the Arctic one are so irritating. I can’t explain why but their animation really gets on my nerves. To further my unknown anger by level 80 I noticed that I definitely was repeating levels, not every one was a repeat but I’d say around 1/3 were. (It was either that or different ideas ran dry). ALSO there were some levels in which the structure couldn’t hold itself up, it just fell apart on its own accord. Every level basically became a mess of blocks with one or two bombs to ‘avoid’ which is the wrong word for such an mind numbing games. I feel a fool for ever having this game. TO TOP IT OFF might I note the E X C E S S I V E A D S ? The only way to play this game and avoid a possible 5 minutes of ads for 10 levels, a level which is SHORTER THAN THE AD, is to turn off cellular data for the app and disconnect from wifi. So that’s my review of a game which caught my attention for no real reason. Cuedos for making it to the end.

xxduckiecornxx   5 star

No adds. This game is worth getting, it is addictive, I have read some reviews, and most of them are saying that it lags out and there is to many adds, if you do not want adds or lag just turn your wi fi off or mobile data 😀

Hadfvyjvyjf   5 star

Game of The Year!. If you’re in the mood for an extremely casual and non-stressful game, this app is for you!

haj1638   1 star

The Lag. Can’t even play because the lag is just that bad

dragongirlspit roblox name   5 star

Bla. It’s really easy

Boring. I played up to level 40, it appeared to be an interesting concept but didn’t hold my attention for long and felt unchallenging and well, boring. I got perfect scores on every level with minimal effort. Honestly a bit more effort in game design and premise could have gone a long way to make this fun, there is no story or challenge. This “stuff falls into hole” game has already been done in several other games which did it much better than this. On a side note, turn your wifi and data off to not get any adds, they had the audacity to program in the game to use your connection to load them. Turning your connections off makes for an easy work around where they don’t get anything since there are no pre-loaded adds.

Camal72   5 star

BEST GAME EVER. This is the most addicting game I have ever played. Great amount of adds just great game👍🏻

lunezz   5 star

Okay but. How come there’s literally 10 reviews and a 4.5 rating? Yo and the ads in this game and soooo dumb. Voodoo stop making these games for money, it’s annoying.

not today m8   1 star

Meh. I personally think that the game has way too many ads. And the lag! Don’t get me started on how much it lags.

Rayster11   1 star

How is this #1. It literally has only one rating

Zomblekiller22   2 star

Alright. The game itself is okay, but an ad every third level? Come on.

Lilly tara   4 star

Game. It is good but for level 330 can you make it a Kombi van or a vd

/666SATAN666\   3 star

666. death comes for all

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