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Destroy complex block buildings by swallowing them with the hole. Be careful not to catch the bomb!

Easy-to-learn controls and addictive gameplay flow.

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The applications Blocksbuster! was published in the category Games on 2019-04-12 and was developed by Voodoo. The file size is 191.58 MB. The current version is 1.9.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- Small bug fixes

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Ladii <3

Glitches  Ladii <3  4 star

I can’t complete a game cause it keeps freezing but other then that I like it


Not bad but....  Moodster88  3 star

Game was a really fun way to mindlessly kill some time. The different level shapes are great, and the added difficulty after round 1,000 is a fun challenge.. however since the last update, this game has become incredibly glitchy especially with the physics of the game. Biggest problem I run into is when the bombs go off it will send some of the cubes and objects completely out of the area, therefore rendering it impossible to completely clear the board and move on. It didn’t happen often at first but now happens on almost every level.


Loved the game but then I updated  RaiinbowDash  4 star

I love this game was playing for about two weeks, it’s very satisfying to play and watch never got boring. Then I started to have issues with the game freezing and kicking me out my game causing me to replay levels. Which was fine at the time cause I loved the game, but I got to the point where I would not play to long. Saw that there was an update and I got excited it said they fix some bugs and I was ready to play. Waited till today to play and I have been sent back to level 10 when I was on level 364😖.


It’s terrible  rahsafa  1 star

In the ad it said it’s super hard then I get to the game it’s so easy and why is there a skip button there’s no way to lose the game it’s says that ur holes get bigger not till level like 30


Keeps crashing  nikechamp54  2 star

I like the game but every time I finish a level and try to go on to the next one, the game crashes. I have the newest software update and none of my other games do this so I’m not understanding as to what is going on


Glitchy  mads1290  2 star

It had been very glitchy and very very slow and would keep on putting me at the beginning of the same level

one and only agriff

Issues  one and only agriff  1 star

Awesome game but it has to many glitches and it lags really bad to the point of freezing the whole game. If that can be fixed it would be my favorite


Almost good while it lasted  Mali'sMom  4 star

This game was awesome. Had me in smiles. But, a while later after I played that game. A black screen showed up. Tried reinstalling and tried to reset and come back. Nothing. Please fix this bug. Thank you, Very sad person

the gaming sisters

It is not super bad  the gaming sisters  3 star

It is a fun game but very glitchy and it takes to long to load.Also when you grab a lot of pieces into your mouth it glitches and kills you but other wise I love the game


Really Laggy  Flinchumcreations  2 star

This game takes extremely long to load and always crashes when I finish 2 levels.


Love it  Vettiek  5 star

I’m loving the new layouts


Yellow  sparrowjonesesc  3 star

I don’t so much care about the repeat of levels but please change the clout of the blocks. I’m so sick of poking at the same yellow colour over and over. Put it at random colours or having to use the purple stones to unlock new colours. Just please do something about the colours of the blocks!!!


Blocksbuster!  Hoemedown  5 star

I am in love with this game. I’ve had it for one day and I’m up to level 450... it needs more levels so you don’t need to repeat the same ones. Maybe put more things in to by, such as different colours and such. But other than that, love love love.



First off this is the first time I ever wrote a report for a game and it's mainly about how mind numbingly F,ing boringa it's one of those games were you play it cause you're bored and 10 min after downloading it you delete it. And the ADS MAAAN DID YHEY GO CRAZY every time you finish a 10 second level u get a full 30 second ad every F**KING LEVEL I MEAN COME ON! AND, it is awfully repetitive the only difference is the background changing and the bombs get easier to dodge! Good job if anyone read that whole thing and don't get this game.


Bit laggy  hdhrvahsi  4 star

Love the game but some of the levels cause a lot of lag causing the gameplay to be interrupted other than that really good game


Blocksbuster!  allva.20078  5 star

Amazing really fun and enjoyable but less adds thank you


Slowwwww  anyideawhatnickmamecangothru  1 star

Too many ads. The program is running so slow.

Shadow 13th

Very repetitive  Shadow 13th  2 star

Fun to begin with but the levels repeat too often


This is dumb  PLZZ READ AND DO THIS  1 star

I can’t believe I have to rate it to comment on this garbage that you call a game. This game is really glitchy and I have a new device. Fix it please. There is way to many adds between levels and this is unacceptable. When you put something new in a level you should EXPLAIN what it does. Also this game is almost the same a so you should make the game more different to that.


Good x  Jorja✨  5 star

Pretty good fun to play if your bored/ no wifi


????  gtyy5ghvghvygvugvjhbbhhbbh  1 star

It kept on giving me ads and there was NO NOISE!!!!!


Loved it now not so much  Kimayne23  1 star

Was loving this game, got up to over level 1,000. Opened the app to play and I am back to level one and it is going backwards from 10. What the heck is that all about and no way I can find how to contact anyone to help


Mad customer  Maka69  2 star

Love the game,i however hate the lag and the game keeps kicking me out of it will delet if it continues


Not consistent with the level you should be on  Taintedlove317  1 star

I started playing this game on the ago. Then all of a sudden I was unable to open the app. I have the iPhone XR updates were done prior to opening app. Still didn’t work so I deletes the app downloaded again. Last night I was playing on level 1088 and now it won’t let me go back to those levels only stages of 10,15,25 and so on. This was supposed to be a relaxing game, yet I’ve had two problems within a few months. So frustrating


Update dislike  kjharo32  3 star

Do not like the new update where the levels count backwards. And the little guy that carries around the bomb. Also it made me start all over on level one... Change it back!!!!


New update didn’t fix anything  Momof91013  1 star

I downloaded this a few weeks ago because the ad looked really good. I was able to get to a very high level and had quite a high score. I just opened the game to play and I’m back to level 15 and it keeps going backwards to level 1. I don’t know what happened but I’m very disappointed. My high score was 510,000 and I was over level 400. Now I’m back to level level 15 and going backwards to 1 then it goes back to level 15. Something isn’t right. I’m just glad I didn’t pay for th no ads because I’ve read so many reviews saying that it doesn’t work either. Not worth downloading unless the developers fix the many problems they have. This all started after it was updated yesterday. I don’t know what fix happened but it ruined the game.

Catherine the non great

Laggy, not as fun, but SATISFYING (when it doesn’t lag)  Catherine the non great  3 star

Ok so I’m giving this game a chance because right in lvl 10 it lagged in the middle and froze my screen. Is this game supposed to be satisfying or fun because it’s not as fun as I thought it would be. The most boring voodoo game ever. I’m disappointed. When it doesn’t lag, it’s very satisfying but it lags more often than I thought it would. 😕 This game is fine but it’s not the best so I would recommend to maybe put less blocks to collect so it lags less and maybe make some challenges and add on to the genre of the game so all we don’t have to do is have a circle or shape and destroy a 2D/3D shape and collect. I hope the developers see this. But thank you for not putting TOO much adds. Waiting to change this


It’s ok  huskydoo13*  3 star

I like the game enough to continue playing it. It is very relaxing. The only complaint I have is that I am on level 1235 and when I get to spin, I keep collecting diamonds. I never landed on a mystery, 3D hole, or skin. These odds seem ridiculous. Also, I have 1200+ diamonds and nothing to use them with besides skins. More options are needed.


Used to be fun...  Lmsmonroe  1 star

Game used to be fun but it’s gone to crap now. The bombs make no sense and make passing some levels almost impossible by blasting blocks outside of the area where you can access them. After this last update there are 10x the ads that there used to be. Every time I fail a level, I get an ad. Also went from level 2000 something to 10. Not cool. Won’t be playing this much longer if it’s not fixed soon.

Thor McGee

Went from good to bad  Thor McGee  1 star

Started out as a nice little game to waste time with. This last update broke it imo. Too much going on. And on some of the levels the bombs push blocks to where you can’t get to them, making actually clearing the level impossible. Oh well... :/

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