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Food Sense Guide [Food & Drink] App Description & Overview

Take charge of your food sensitivities! Reactions to various "natural" compounds in foods can often create an array of health problems in individuals, from the GI tract to skin issues to neurological and hormonal imbalances. Food Sense Guide helps you identify your potential food sensitivities and minimize food reactions.


- An easily searchable catalogue of 300+ foods.

- The general levels of amines, FODMAPs, glutamates, gluten, histamine, lectins, oxalates, salicylates, sulfites, and thiols in various foods, as well nightshade and AIP status.

- An overview of these various compounds, including typical reactions for those sensitive, and lists of foods high and low in them.

- The ability to create your own personal lists and notes.

- Easily export your lists to share or print.

- Quick instant access to the levels of these compounds for anything you may eat!

"As a practitioner working with many patients with diet related issues and GI distress, this app provides a comprehensive, easily useable resource for those with food sensitivities."

- Dr. Michael Ruscio, Bestselling Author of "Healthy Gut, Healthy You" and Host of "Dr. Ruscio Radio"

"My patients and readers will love this! It will save them huge amounts of time, as they can quickly identify which foods they can focus on stage, to steer clear of their triggers. Well done!"

- Dr. Alan Christianson, NYT Bestselling Author of "The Adrenal Reset Diet" and "The Metabolism Reset Diet"

"In "The Hormone Fix," I promote eating an array of mineral-rich, alkaline-producing foods for hormonal health. This app allows users to find those foods which suit them, so they can bring their bodies into balance!"

- Dr. Anna Cabeca, USA Today Bestselling Author of "The Hormone Fix"

"This app is an amazing resource! It’s not only extremely useful and effective in helping me avoid foods my body cannot tolerate, but it’s also educational and easy to use. I highly recommend this app if you want to take back control of your health and feel your best!"

- Dr. Caroline Leaf, Bestselling Author of "Switch on Your Brain," "Think Learn Succeed," "Think and Eat Yourself Smart," and Host of "Cleaning Up the Mental Mess with Dr. Caroline Leaf"

"The Food Sense Guide app is a great resource to identify all possible ways each food item may cause a reaction for sensitive individuals. Oftentimes patients get confused as to why a food may be troublesome, not realizing that every food can have multiple mechanisms by which it can trigger discomfort in the body, from a histamine reaction to an all-out immune reaction. This app is a must-have for any food sensitive individual to have with them when shopping at the supermarket or eating out."

- Dr. Vincent Pedre, Bestselling Author of "Happy Gut"

"Whether you know your current food sensitivities or are trying to figure them out, Food Sense Guide will help you take charge of your food choices for peaceful eating, to support resilient health!"

- Ariane Resnick, CNC, Celebrity Chef and Bestselling Author of "The Bone Broth Miracle" and "How to be Well When You’re Not"

Developer’s Note: Food Sense is intended to provide general amounts (in ranges of low, medium, and high) for the compounds found in various foods, as referenced in multiple studies and accredited sources. Please consult third party sources and conduct your own research for specific levels, especially if you struggle with severe sensitivities. The catalogue is constantly being updated. If you’d like to see a certain food included, or believe an amount is inaccurate, please contact

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Food Sense Guide Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thanks for using Food Sense! This version includes a few bug fixes.

Food Sense Guide Comments & Reviews

- Amazing App!!!

I was so excited to find the Food Sense App! It is user friendly and beautifully put together. It is clear a lot of time, energy, and love was put into the research and development for this app. Everything you need is in this app. No longer the need for multiple apps, this app has it all! I have 3 favorite features of this app. First, one feature I love is the catalog of different categories of food. I love that I can go to the catalogue, select a specific food category and then select the specific food I want to know about. It will list all the different food sensitively categories and where this specific food falls. Love I can get a quick and comprehensive look at a specific food. My next favorite feature is the Compound Info. For example, I can click FODMAPS and get a quick look at all the foods that are high in FODMAPS or low in FODMAPS. No more searching for each food one at a time, they are all there in a quick easy to use format. Lastly, I love that I can create lists. I have a list that I call “Foods I can’t Eat.” I love, love, love this app. I am so excited I found it. I have had it 5 days and I have used it every day. If you have food sensitivities, this app is just what you need.

- Amazing!

I was so thrilled to find the Food Sense App. So much dedication and hard work went into making this and I am so happy with it. I especially love that I can go through the sections of food, and open each one individually to see which categories it falls under. And it may be under many. My absolute favorite part is being able to click on a food and move it to a list that I created (you can title it yourself) which I tagged “Foods I can eat”. You can create many lists from foods that are moderately reactive to complete no-no‘s. This is an absolute find for someone just starting out deciphering their diet or for someone who just likes keeping track. It takes all the worry and guesswork completely out of the equation. Trying to figure all of this out on your own would be exhausting to say the least. Thank you Melanie for creating such a resourceful tool!

- Quick reference

When trying to figure out quickly what foods to avoid or ones you can have, this app is very easy and helpful! If spices could be added!! That would be helpful as well. I love having all the food sensitivities in one quick reference!! My only other option is to go through Facebook group files on different sensitivity groups and then searching on spreadsheets. I also like that Susan Owens was consulted in providing accurate information, as she definitely knows everything regarding oxalates!

- Great Info and sorting tool

I just received the app and having the information about various food sensitivities in one place is very helpful. The app goes one extra step by allowing the foods to go on a self labeled list so that you can categorize the various foods to your individual sensitivities. For example, I have certain foods on highly sensitive, others in low sensitive, and then I plan to make a reintroduction list. I highly recommend it!

- So so

This has a nice easy to use format. But the lists are not very complete as an example tuna is not listed even though that's a very common food. Many other foods are missing as well. As an example eggs and egg egg whites are separate entries but there is no entry for a whole egg which many people feel is safe to eat. Disappointing because the format is very easy to use and the ability to create lists is very helpful. This app has been around a long time, sadly they have not added more foods. There is no information about food additives which cause symptoms for many people.

- Thank You!

I’ve been working with food lists for the last couple years, and what a gift to have all of the potential triggers in foods in one place. I’m always eager to learn more. Melanie includes useful information about the compounds in plain language. I’m especially impressed by the number of reputable resources she cites. You don’t always find references on food lists. I can’t imagine how much time this took. Thank you!

- A sensible easy-to-use specific food app

Finally! Great app that explains some of my food sensitivities. I love the three colors that alert the degree of concentration. With all this talk about nightshades, I'm happy to have an app that can easily say yes or no. Design is simple, elegant and easy to navigate. Really helps when I grocery shop now and I don't have to punch in measurements.

- Best App

This App is so helpful when shopping for people who have food sensitivity and allergies. This is the first time I’ve seen the information all in one place I also realized some foods were giving me problems but I didn’t know why until the app broke it down. Thanks Melanie you really make preparing meals so much easier!

- Invaluable!!!

Recently learning that I need to avoid high histamine foods, as well as follow a low fodmap diet, this ap is extremely helpful. It can be very overwhelming trying to find the beat foods for your body, and this ap makes it so easy! I love that I can creat a list of foods my body does well with! I love that I can easily look up specifics in foods. Thank you Melanie!

- So informative!

I love this app! The foods I have always had issues with are now making sense because with this app I can figure out what the common denominator is! It is helpful in informing me on foods that I didn’t even know contained the sensitivity for me. I am looking forward to organizing my problematic foods and moving forward to better health!

- Easy & informative

I’ve recently tried to cut out histamines and gluten and this app has helped me so much. It’s really easy to make lists of foods that you need to cut out or things you’ve tried that you need to avoid. It has mostly all the major foods you would question. Definitely recommend.


As someone recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, this app is an Absolute Lifesaver. Not only is it informative & well-organized, it’s well-made with a unique, clean design. I am impressed on multiple levels: as a software developer, as a user, & as someone with autoimmune disorder. Thank you Melanie for making this!!

- I like this quick reference !

This app is nice because it’s a no nonsense quick guide . I have a suspicion that I may have a gluten sensitivity and I think I’ll be using this app a lot to help me navigate which foods to eat and which ones to stay clear of.

- The End All App

The most comprehensive app for food sensitivities. If you have multiple sensitivities, this app will be your savior! I have had multiple apps, but this one beautifully blends the all. And I trust the research behind this one.

- A must have food sensitivity guide

Very user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. All-encompassing with great explanations and summaries for all topics/categories. I have not come across any other app that provides such an in-depth and easily accessible food sensitivity guide. Great tool!!

- Fantastic and Informative App

This is a fantastic app for those with food sensitivities or simply to learn more about the foods you are eating! Melanie goes above and beyond when researching and to verify the sources and studies she comes across. She is a trusted treasure in the world of health and wellness!

- So helpful to have in your virtual pocket

Such a helpful resource Melanie. Thanks for doing all the hard work of putting this together to make it easier for us to navigate our own health.

- Clearest and easiest list you never knew you needed!

Love this easy app. Have been showing folks whenever intolerances comes up in conversation. So glad I found it!

- Easy to use and comprehensive

This app is an excellent resource for checking a food/beverage for elements that may not agree with you. Could not be more straightforward. Highly recommend it.

- Amazing

This app is incredible. It’s easy to use and filled with such useful information. I’m amazed how often I turn to this useful app. Thank you Melanie for all your hard work.

- Great info!

My patients and readers will love this! It will save them huge amounts of time and quickly be able to identify which foods they can focus on stage to steer clear of their triggers. Well done!

- Very vague

I was hoping for more concrete info about the quantity of compounds in particular foods. Items are grouped as either “high” (all red) or safe (green). The app may be useful if you are looking to completely avoid a substance (for example oxalates) but if you are able to eat moderate amounts of a compound and looking to know quantity per serving, this will not give you more information.

- Well organized and easy to use!

Great app! So much info and well organized! Very easy to search and save data, love it!!

- Food Sense

Excellent App! It's a lifesaver for those learning about food sensitivities and an applicable way. I only wish it had more foods or an advanced version...😁

- Easy to use

Like how easy it is to look up a food when out shopping. Easy to see at a glance. Great layout!

- Recommended

After being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, I needed to manage Salicylates and Sulphur/Thiols in my diet. This app conveniently provides a one stop reference, plus much more. Very helpful.

- Much needed resource!

Great app. Helpful information, easy to use and responsive support. I use this app daily for my many restrictions and tricky diet.

- Great App

Great App to help figure out food sensitivities! Melanie is amazing! She puts in so much time and does extensive research to help people get the best information possible.

- Love It!!

Highly recommend this app—but have a request: could you please include info about lectin content in each of the foods listed? Your app would be wildly popular with the Plant Paradox followers!

- So helpful!

This app is a really innovative way to track and pinpoint food sensitivities. I highly recommend it!

- Fantastic app

Melanie has done a great job with this app! Heck, all her work is great - I love her podcast too! Highly recommend!!

- Love!

This app is a game changer. So comprehensive. Great info., very thorough yet easy to understand. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Quick info at your fingertips

This is an incredibly helpful app comparing foods and sensitivity ratings.

- So Helpful

Such an empowering tool to help me find the common threads between foods I’m reacting to in one way or another.

- Answer to a prayer...

I’m so grateful for Melanie’s podcast and this app. This app makes it so easy to see if the foods I want on my newly prescribed Low FODMAP diet!

- Great app

This app is well researched with good info on food that you may be sensitive to.

- Great App for patients

I find this app really helpful for my food sensitive patients.

- Really helpful!

Great app that is a wonderful resource in trying to select foods that are optimal for health.

- Ms

This is a wonderful app! Thank you so much for creating it.

- Great app

Very easy to use and very helpful for food sensitivities

- Great app

This app is great to help you know what foods are bothering you! Thanks!

- Food Allergy Sufferer

This app is terrible. It didn’t have any of the food items I looked up. How could you not have hemp oil or sunflower oil listed? My free app for food sensitivities is so much better. I can’t believe I paid $4.99 for this!! It’s useless!

- Food List Too Short

Would be a great app if the list of foods wasn’t so short, or if I could free-text foods that aren’t listed.

- Love this app!

Very comprehensive and thoughtful

- Great but limited number of foods listed

I love this. I just wish there was a bigger variety of foods.

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- Inaccurate

This app is inaccurate & out of date. It’s useless for anyone suffering with food intolerance. Ignore it & get accurate & up to date info from a reliable source

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- Thank you!!!

this is such a helpful tool! Not sure how crazy I would have gone without it. I’ve recently taken charge of my health and paid attention to my digestion. This guide will help me rule out and remove intolerances. Thankfully because it’s all overwhelming without a tool like this. Right now I am focussing on FODMAPS. A few things I’m having trouble finding… - Seaweed - Chickpeas (I assume it’s like other beans?) I really enjoy how I can make my own lists. Although I have trouble clicking the link to lists as it’s hiding behind my keyboard, not sure if there is a possible tweak available there.

- Learn To Take Care of Your Health. Get this app!

If you don't know the difference between amines and proteins, or fodmaps and roadmaps; if you want to take charge of your ingestion and digestion; if you want the chance to improve your health issues and possibly add years to your life, this app can be a tremendous help with those endeavors. The information seems to be current and well researched. You will learn about the components of various food types that have an effect on the way your body works. It has a list feature that I haven't used yet, but think it will be a very useful tool. I use many apps and this is one of the best for allowing the user to choose foods that can minimize or maximize various conditions that we experience when/after has become my 'go to' food reference, quick and it.


The FOOD SENSE GUIDE is an incredibly comprehensive, simple to use & extremely helpful guide that shows the compounds found in a TON of foods broken down by categories (there’s about a dozen from Fruits & vegetables, meats, alcoholic drinks etc). For each food in the guide, the app gives you the levels / presence of about a 1/2 dozen compounds, including Amines, Glutamates, Oxalates, Salicylates, Sulfites, Thios, Nightshade & Histamines (love that the app includes this one especially being an allergy sufferer). Thanks for creating this App Melanie!! Looking forward to having it always handy when I want to check out a new/different food. Definitely give it TWO THUMBS UP & recommend it to literally anyone who eats... especially if you at all suspect you may have some sensitivities or just to educate yourself about your food choices. GREAT APP! 👍👍

- Great app!!

This app is a godsend for people with food sensitivities. Very informative and easy to use. Love it!

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Long may he Reign

@al9998101 At least look things up before you spout potentially dangerous misconceptions. Drift on, driftwood.


BEST BEFORE refers to quality: your food will still be safe to eat quite a long time after that, if stored sensibly (cool, dry ideally). Use common sense. It's fine unless it looks or smells off/odd. A rough guide to some foods, and how long after the date they can be eaten:

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Food Sense Guide iphone images
Food Sense Guide iphone images
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The applications Food Sense Guide was published in the category Food & Drink on 2019-03-29 and was developed by Melanie Avalon [Developer ID: 1457896727]. This application file size is 69.29 MB. Food Sense Guide - Food & Drink app posted on 2021-01-12 current version is 1.4.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: