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Rotate the maze to move balls into the tube.
One-touch simple controls and addictive gameplay!

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The applications Balls Rotate was published in the category Games on 2019-03-26 and was developed by Voodoo. The file size is 175.86 MB. The current version is 1.5.17 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fix.

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Just lame  Googlym  1 star

Seems as if the game has a glitch and its only purpose is the feed you ads.


❤️  Sheverreeeee  5 star

I love ittt


Not for kids!  Vampsadie  2 star

I downloaded this for my son to play once when we were out because it doesn’t require internet. However, when I was playing on my phone, the ads started showing very violent games with killing and blood spurting. Don’t download it for kids.


Wonderful but too many ads  diaperlovesthisgame!  4 star

I mean like I’m in love with this game but there’s too many ads because it’s pretty easy to get through each level and there’s an ad every single time I finish a level. At least have an ad every 2 levels instead have them less than 4 minutes. Me when I’m playing the game: 🤨😁🤩 Me when there’s an ad: 😕😣😔😫😩😑😡


ITakeMyHorse2DaOldTownRoad725  🥨pretzel  2 star



Ok good  Nattybug❤️❤️  5 star

This game is hard just a GIT IT

Madison the panda

Love this game  Madison the panda  5 star

I’m a boss on this game I solve every level


Balls rotate  aihdhxhsjkw  2 star

I feel like the game is good but the levels are easy and it make me seem to have so much fun

koalas r cute

Pretty good  koalas r cute  4 star

I love the game but sometimes it has too many adds I hate adds I hope they fix this

Dr.Frog PhD

Most of the bad changes have been fixed now  Dr.Frog PhD  4 star

*EDIT* They fixed the obnoxious white background, and the bug of losing levels. They also got rid of the currency system which is nice! My first point still stands though, I’d still like an options to have no ads at all (even optional ones) once you’ve bought a the no ads feature; but, overall I’m happy that the new update has fixed most of the issues I had with this game. Definitely will be playing it more now! This was a nice simple relaxing/time waster game for me and I got to level 1000+ on it. But these new changes have made this game less enjoyable then it was before. Firstly I bought the no ads thing (since I played it so much). Before, this feature was very nice, but with one of the updates they added an optional ad to skip levels and double scores, I bought the no ads feature because I wanted NO ads not optional ones too. Second they added a currency option to upgrade the amount of score you receive in game and offline. This interrupted the flow of the game for me, but I’ve gotten used to it (although it did greatly inflate the scores you can get). The most recent update is the worst though. It added a bright white background that honestly hurts to look at for long periods of time because it’s so bright; a dark mode, or an option to switch back would be nice. It also regressed of my level progress down to ~60 even though I was well over 1000 before?? And when I played a couple levels, it was subtracting levels instead of increasing them. Overall I really liked this game since it was a simple time waster, but the new changes they keep adding are making the game worse and worse. I hope that in a future update they will fix all/most of the mistakes, but for now I guess I’ll find a different game to play.


Stop the vibration  Jdjkxy  1 star

After one level the vibration was so annoying I deleted the app. Get rid of it please!!!!!!


Fun... but...  banannasrule!!  3 star

It's a fun game but after awhile you get quite bored. Every level is the same. They don't get any harder. One question how do you loose? If you want to just sit and chill this is the game for you.


0 challenge  Jaiahshshsj  2 star

Not challenging at all and completed like 100 levels in 20 min, i think the purpose of the game is to be satisfying?


Too many ads  Heraani  1 star

Ads after every level? Seriously? Not worth it.


Dumb Ads On this.  T8K006  3 star

The game is great and everything but the ads telling you about the game are just terrible. In what way would anyone be stupid enough to go the exact same way they did before which had led to a dead end. Every time this ad comes up it says are you as bad as me. REALLY?! Are you calling some people stupid now?!


Too many adds.  harmless19999999  2 star

Too many adds.


Lost game  Liveinlife  1 star

I just did update today and lost my level - I’m back to level 1 - I was at least 60+ not happy


Great  matildagogetta  2 star

Gets cind if I no but


Relaxing + challenging  Hatiet  5 star

This game is two words: relaxing and challenging! I only played level 1+2 and I love it already. I would recommend it to people who need to relax sometimes and to anyone who would like a challenge! Good idea for the game Voodoo!


Too many ads  cgjtegkjs  1 star

Too many ads. Adds not appropriate.


Random acting balls  andoocnbeh  3 star

Pretty fun game but on some levels there are some balls that just jump and move around on their own. Very annoying. No idea what the deal is.

your royal awsome ness

About the boss levels😬  your royal awsome ness  5 star

So, this game is awesome, but the boss levels are too easy so I don't consider it to be a BOSS level exactly

aaaaaaaas this is dumb

Meh  aaaaaaaas this is dumb  3 star

The game is okay but it got boring

nice famly

THE LEVELS ARE BACKWARDS  nice famly  4 star

Ok, so why are my levels backwards starting with level 100?

Crysii G

I’m going backwards?  Crysii G  2 star

I was on level 95 when my game updated and took a screenshot to send to my friend and I started going backwards didn’t realize it until I looked back at the screenshot. Please help and update again?

chesse plz

Levels  chesse plz  2 star

So, I got to level 40 and then it just went backwards so I guess I’m starting over????? It honestly makes no sense


Boring TBH  LesterTheHux  2 star

It’s.. just really boring


Great Game But Needs Bug Fixes  lorena.xx0  5 star

I love this game, but their is to many bugs, for example when I am playing my goal is to throw ALL the balls into the next thing, but the balls keep on glitching. They start to go to the opposite direction I want them to go, like when I move the thing, some of the balls go to the hole while some are glitched together. So PLEASE fix this bug and I will give it a 5 Star rating. Thank you.


Constructive Criticism  Joshuwa_Brown  3 star

I think this game has the potential to be a “chill out” banger. Glitches: Sometimes balls will randomly be flying around and jumping sections of the maze. It makes it pretty hard to complete the maze in one go and takes from the aesthetic. That’s the biggest issue I have seen so far. Issues: I have upgrade my ball amount tremendously, but at a certain point my ball pile stopped growing. Maybe work on a limit or maximum amount, then black out the add ball button, this way the player doesn’t feel skeptical. Ideas: If this game took an ASMR route I think people would eat it up. The balls should make sound when they connect with walls or stop movement. Like a shaker or soft sand, or a rain instrument. Something pleasing to the ear. I think being able to add a ton of balls would make this game more difficult and more satisfying. I also think having a “timed” mode would be really fun. You are only allotted this much time to complete this maze with this many balls. You also need to add a Main Menu, so you can start over when you get too many balls and it’s too difficult or if you want to switch game modes, or even switch the substance within the maze. Maybe add metal balls with metal ball sounds, sand with sand sounds. I’m not sure if it’s intentional, but you are able to leave one ball in the maze and still complete the maze, I think some maze should have a ball that is trapped, so you are forced to get all of the balls out. This game has mad potential, but there are so many easy things you could do to make this game even better.

pinaple staff88888

YEET  pinaple staff88888  5 star

I like balls










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