Run Race 3D

Run Race 3D [Games] App Description & Overview

Best Free Running game.

Compete with others and get the real parkour experience.

Jump from wall to wall, climb ropes, slide to get faster, flip to jump higher , grab to swing, use monkey bars to not fall.

Never stop running!

There are dozens of maps and all require different set of skills.

Increase your ranking by beating your opponents. 
You can also customize your character; Skin, Clothing, Dance, and many more!

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Run Race 3D Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- More Skins! - More Levels! - Bug fixes and improvements.

Run Race 3D Comments & Reviews

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- Love this game!!

Ok so I love this game a lot. It’s so fun that you can race other people and you don’t have to talk to anyone. I think that protects your privacy and also my mom doesn’t let me get any games that you can talk to people with. So thanks for that. The only problem is is this. When I used to play it you would have to play the same level and beat it 2 or 3 times but now it only lets me play one level and if I win ( or lose ) it doesn’t let me play the same level again. Until like 10 levels later. I liked the way it was when I first got it. And another thing that I would have is a score board. Like on a lot of other games. Personally I enjoy the challenge. Ok two more things. One is that you should be able to add friends on so that you can race each other but not a public thing. Now the last thing is that ( not trying to brag ) but it’s gotten to easy for me. The only thing I’m working towards is buying everything. And I’m glad you can see what your getting. And not a surprise or random. Keep doing what your doing but please consider what I’ve said. Thanks for reading!!

- Good game just some not good things

Okay yes it can get very annoying sometimes because it glitches a lot well not a lot but sometimes but Here are good reasons about the game the game is very fun and everything plus most of the coustumes are very cheap if you think there a lot we’ll you get there fast plus wanna get a game that’s expensive but get to the point of racing okay change this every time I come in a racing game YOU ALWAYS START AT THE BACK I mean come on change it sometimes be at the front and trust about this one and I know we’re not on bad facts but I’ll tell you any ways sometimes the people cheat which when you see it it can be very annoying but not always cause sometimes it’s your fault but when your in last and you were up in 1st you might scream because I do it is pretty fast with the people but sometimes if there are like no people playing they might give you robots and I’m not exactly sure I’m just guessing about that but one good fact there are bonus rounds but the thing is when your in a race/bonus round you will sometimes go backwards and forwards but it’s good for bonuses rounds cause you can get the extra coins but ya dat my review enjoy!

- Potentially Problematic

So here’s the thing—this is a great game!! It is so addicting and fun. But the only problematic situation: it glitches NON-STOP. Non-stop! So then it’s harder to play the game and it makes me sooooo unhappy. Not only does the glitches do something to the game; it does something to the iPad, and then ALL of my apps start glitching, in which I have never seen them do so before. Then—don’t even get me started on the RIDICULOUS ads. A few are really inappropriate for other viewers that may be younger. I really have higher expectations than that, Good Job Games. And I know ads are your way to make money, but you make a ton of money already with all your other AWESOME games (which do not glitch, if I do say so myself). Please—do everyone a favor and fix these problems. If you do that I will change my rating to 5 STARS. YES, 5 STARS! This game is potentially problematic to my other games, I suspect it may have a virus. How do I know? Well for starters when I’m playing your game the screen suddenly goes black when I had JUST checked the battery (100) and then when I plugged it back in it said 0. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? HOW IS IT HAPPENING?? Not mad I’m just so confused. Just so you know. Thank you for making these great games and keep up the good work.

- Love It

I love this game so much. I love that you can change your skin so that way if you get bored of the skin that you kept having, you can change your skin. Oh and same thing with the name I also like that you can change it too and I always get in first place a lot. YAY! It is just so cool. How I got the game was from my friend. I saw her playing It and I just could not stop watching her because of how cool the game was. And then I saw the game on an add on my phone and I remembered that my friend had the game and that I liked It so I downloaded it but right before I was about to play the game my phone died so then I got the charger and I charged my phone. So then after it charged I got on the game and I got in fourth place once. I know. fourth place, right. But then after that I started to get the hang of it and get in first place. For the creators of the app, I just wanted to tell you all thank you for creating the app and I love it so much I just cannot stop playing it! 😊👌🏻

- glitches 🙄

so i rly like this game it’s very fun and not to hard but not to easy. i like the tournaments and stuff and the characters and all that, but whats really annoying is the glitches. Especially on level 69, when i jump off the rope and i go over the finish line in the air, it doesn’t process it and instead of me being in the lead it assumes i’m way behind everyone else so that’s VERY annoying and another thing is when the other “two players” are rly computers do the exact same thing and are flawless which is unreal obviously, and unfair. I also wish there were more tournaments. I like this game a lot but there are things that rly NEED to be fixed that are really irritating especially when that type of thing happens during a tournament and i lose all the coins i spent on it. Also they’re are way to many ads! before every single level. what i do is turn on airplane mode and i get no ads but the problem w that is sometimes i forget to turn it off so i don’t get any messages. also sometimes it just stops like i try to hit next level but it won’t let me. and one time my control froze and it wouldn’t let me jump and i just stood there while the other “players” passed me.

- 😐😧😑

Well, first of all— the numerous amount of ads.. is quit ridiculous, and is a complete take away from the game. I can’t even get through one game, without another ad popping up randomly. Also, May I mention that ALL of the ads are also ONLY about YOUR games developers, that YOU created. Kinda self centered in that aspect of the game. Anyways, other than the ridiculous ads, you have a lot of other improvements that are needed as we’ll. Like the graphics. I’m a huge person when it comes graphics, if there are not eye catching graphics that grab my attention then I will refuse to get the game, normally. The graphics in your game are with all do respect, terrible. The game itself is ok... great! But the graphics are kinda boring, and simple. I guess that’s the look you were going for when it comes to your games, but either way you need to probably improve the graphics if you want better reviews. Other than that the games fine, and gives you something to do when your sitting in your bedroom bored out of your mind, in the dark. Which is a little specific— but hey, it works. Though, You still have a lot of things you can develop to make the game tons more fascinating. Bye for now, ✌️

- It’s okay, yet...

The game is very fun on it’s own, but if you play it too long it just gets annoying after a while. I don’t get it, every round you have to watch an ad? That doesn’t make any sense especially when you’re about to play the exact same round 3 times all over again. I don’t get why e have to repeat the round just to level up. That’s probably because you guys didn’t create enough rounds so you make us repeat them. Double tapping to jump rarely works, I double tapped to jump higher and landed in the water. Here’s something else I don’t get, if it’s water we should be able to swim through it if we fall in it, not walk super slow in it. Same with sand you don’t walk that slow in sand in real life, and since it is 3D it should relate to real life in some sort of way. The game is definitely unfair in ways, you make two paths to go to one is slower and one’s faster yet somehow the idiot who went the slow way drops down in front of you and crosses the finish line? The game barely makes sense, not much positive stuff to say about it.

- It’s okay.

This game is good if you are waiting on something like your pizza rolls to finish. From a game standpoint it’s not very good. The animations are obviously imported from motion tracking so they look uncanny on the cartoonish proportions of the characters. The level design is okay and you can tell some thought was put into it. The controls are really simple: tap the screen to jump. Obviously the game isn’t too competitive or anything because of this. There aren’t a lot of subtle things you need to learn or pick up on to get better at the game except for timing of the jumps. The game is boring if you play it for too long, as goes with most games, but for this one it’s a little faster because of how cookie cutter the game is. And while I didn’t see the app ever claiming to have multiplayer, it seems that there might be multiplayer based on the actual gameplay and I assumed there was, but there is not in fact any multiplayer functionality in this game. Sure, it doesn’t really matter because this game will really not change at all if you add multiplayer but if you were hoping to play with your friends then you might be disappointed. Overall, it was okay.

- A great game that can be better

This is a great game for waiting or just having fun it’s simple to learn and easy to play which are really important in playing a game also it’s a very fun game with good colors that suit the game Nicely. The AI is good and bad at the same time sometimes it’s very unfair and sometimes it’s so easy so I wish that you could add a difficulty meter and get better rewards as the difficulty goes up another cool this game could have is online multiplayer which would be fun and maybe you could bet coins skins or dances. If you do add online multiplayer you should add a friends feature allowing for you to invite your friends to a race. Another feature I would love to see is building levels just think about all the possibilities you could have arrows directing where the AI and player should go and I know this is a stretch but maybe having something test there difficulty and have players add custom levels to the actual game! I know this most likely won’t be read therefore done but if it is thank you

- Great game but...

This game has a great concept and is overall pretty fun! The graphics glitch a little but I think it’s my IPad so I won’t blame the game. Before we talk about ads I would like to note something very disappointing. I received a message on this game and turns out it was a virus. I didn’t delete the game but the virus may have caused the glitching I talked about earlier. I would not recommend deleting the game because of the virus but the creators should find out unless they already know. Now onto the ads. I know that the ads are just trying to advertise other games and make you pay for no ads but this is just ridiculous. After pretty much every single round, there’s an ad! Voodoo should know better because it is very annoying and could probably cause the company to loose some players. please fix the ads! Not only on run race 3D, but on all voodoo games! I’ve experienced constant ads on voodoo games and they drive people nuts! As I said, overall this is a good game but please; Stop the ads and don’t spread a virus!

- Do I have rto right at your first I need y’all for

I can y’all get the money for you to work on your vacation time please call us e the app and the store and I are on the other route and it has to be one more time and it is not a big deal If was the first morning with the two girls who have a lot of fun our was too rut day you know how you are and what do we need you for y’all and you have a lot of room on the way to the house I hope your family have fun you y to me and the other day is that y to be ableist to be in there and the next week I would call him or text me back if you have time I call y’all if I have time right now thanks again I have used the other day u the morning please let us have some more time and we have some time you need for me and you have time tor thanks for the heads of morning is the best day is a good day is your way for me a call to get

- Like where this is going

Add another star.. Time for an update to my review.. thanks for adding girls. Now the only bug is that in the competition I win the first round then there is no button to play the semi finals.. so I have to close out the app and I lose my coins 🙄 I really like this game. I have been playing for a bit and ran out of new levels. With this last update I got excited hoping to see some new ones like it says. However I haven’t seen any of them.. also with your next update It would be awesome if I could race against a friend. Or even real people. Oh and some different outfits would be nice. I am a girl and I don’t care for pink.🤢 so maybe make some other girl outfits... since most of them are for boys, and maybe make so you can pick a girl or boy body. Not asking for much 😁 just a few suggestions and maybe find my new “lost” levels... cause I haven’t seen them yet.. and maybe have all the levels available, that way you can always go practice. Thanks 🙏🏼 keep up the good work.

- Frustrating as heck! 😡

It was fun at first, but then it got to the point where I wanted to yeet my ipad across the room and wanted to scream. I would be on a level about to win, and then I’d lose which I was okay with until all my progress was gone! I would spend literal hours trying to beat a single level to the point when I won.I felt literally emotionless. One bug I don’t like that bugs me the most is: I HATE WHEN YOU MISS THE BARS YOU CLIMB ON AND THEN YOU START GOING BACKWARDS BACK TO THE STARTING LINE WITHOUT ANY WAY TO STOP IT!!! UGH! It’s the reason why I can’t beat most levels I play! It’s very stupid. Another thing is that there are WAYY to many ads. There’s literally an ad after every round except the bonus rounds. Lastly, it would be more fair and fun if you were playing with actual people! I actually threw my Ipad across the room is how frustrating this game is!!! I would appreciate if you fix those three things! Sorry if I’m rambling... I was just trying to say to fix when you walk backwards, when you lose your progress, the amount of ads, and the ai s. I’m stuck on 27 and I can’t beat those stupid ais. :/ I beg of you to fix this!

- Game review

I think this game is so cool. It is really fun to play and although I haven’t had it for awhile I’m pretty good at it not gonna lie💁🏼‍♀️ Anyways there is one thing that really gets me mad. I know the makers wanna get money and all from sponsors and stuff but... THERE ARE SO MANY ADS! This annoys me so much because right when I’m done with a level I get a stupid ad every time. I feel like I would play the game so much more and I also would enjoy it much more. When I get annoyed because of the ads I honestly just stop playing and leave the game. No like seeing ads pop up every 2 seconds and I know it isn’t just me who gets annoyed about it. They are #1 on the ranking for arcade games and I feel like they can do better because by having that ranking they should really fix this and make the players more happy. But anyways other then that one problem the game is really fun and without the ads I would probably be obsessed with the game overall and wouldn’t be able to get off my phone. 👍🏼🙂😛🎮

- Good game but TOO MANY ADDS

Ok so I was really excited to play this game when I got it it’s really fun but you ruined the game why you ask BECAUSE OF THE ADDS seriously it’s so annoying you play one really short game and what do you get adds EVERY SINGLE TIME the us is an add I’m tired of it yes I realize you need to put adds in here but there is way to many adds basically this is just a game to watch adds so say your like hey I want to watchfulness so adds just get this app cause basically all it is is ADS this is why I gave this a two star rating cause of the adds and also something’s it lags hmmmm wonder why oh wait maybe BECAUSE OF ThE ADDS look I’m sorry if Im getting a little out of hand here sorry I’m just really annoyed by these adds I think you would get better reviews if you had like a lot less adds tbh (to be honest) I think if you had a lot less adds a lot of people would be more happy and it would help you business because people like games that are fun and this game is fun and they also like games that don’t have a lot of adds this game has way too many adds this is a great game just too many adds

- I wish there were a 3 1/2 stars

It’s a good game in all and the levels are fun. Trust me it’s a really fun games. But I think their are a couple small problems. First, the coins. I don’t really like any of the skins/clothing for the characters and you have to buy them with your coins. Also in my opinion there are dances and different body types, those are just a waste of coins. I think that this app should have other uses for coins. Including power ups. For example when you have power ups they will appear in the top corners of your screen. Some power ups might include, spiderweb (to slow down opponents), speed (to be faster for a short amount of time), and other things like that. My second problem is that sometimes when I am going back and forth on a jump, it slows me down and other players speed up. I think that if you are tapping on your screen one after the other (pattern) then you should be going the same speed as everyone else. No I don’t just mean tapping really slow. I mean tapping a lot. Sorry if this was long.

- Good, but frustrating.

This game showed up to me by an ad. It grabbed my attention and seemed to be kind of fun looking. However, when I played the game, things were different. I didn’t notice at first, but I soon realized that you had to play the same level of the game three times in order to win completely and pass on to the next level. This was fine with me, until I realized you had to win it three times IN A ROW. I am not usually a frustrated person when it comes to games but this, THIS got me. I would play the same level over and over and never pass or win. I won’t lie, I’m not very good at gaming but it shouldn’t be THAT hard to get past a level. This games caused me to be frustrated which made me realize that many others are also very frustrated which may result in many people deleting this game. Something that could fix this problem is having someway to skip a particular level OR when someone wins and then loses, you should keep their win accounted for instead of deleting all their progress after one loss. Overall, the game was great but I would suggest those few little changes to help make this game a lot better.

- Kinda fun BUT Bad controls, too many ads.

This game is pretty fun. I like that you can race other people. But my biggest fail with this game is that the controls are confusing. I don’t know if it is that I’m coming from playing fun race 3D (a newer game from this company) but I find myself hitting the pass level button way to often. I also find the constant ads unnecessary. Especially when you find out that most of the games advertised are THEIR OWN GAMES! It would be fine to just have a 5 second add every like 5 runs. But you get a 30 second UNSKIPABLE add EVERY SINGLE RUN. Also I recently found out that all the victory dances are from a different game not owned by good job called ROBLOX and I’m pretty sure that they are copyrighted. My last complaint is that you have to play the same level 2 to 3 times to go to the next. This is very annoying especially when it took you HOURS to complete a level. In conclusion, the game is a little fun until the controls don’t work and a add pops up. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone and I most likely will be deleting it.

- Needs to be actual online connections

The game is great when you first start. I love online competitive with others but this game isn’t actually playing online. It’s just bots with names either by taking others names or having their own pre-made in the coding. I’ve seen,” don’t push me” like 80 times and other names several times. If it was against real players I would enjoy it way more. Plus how you can tell if it’s boys and not real is if you turn on airplane mode it still allows you to play. That means it’s just bots because you aren’t connected to any internet and if your not connected to internet or data you shouldn’t be able to even play. Plus when you exit the app (without closing it completely) you are paused. In online games there are no pausing. When you come back to the app you are back where you left off. Again, shouldn’t happen if it was with REAL players. I’m tired of games like these. And stop with the ads. At least don’t have a minute long as without being skippable.

- A poorly constructed game

This game seems pretty good at first but then you realize that it has some major design problems. I got led to this game by an add that made it seem better than it really is. When I downloaded it, the game gave you no instructions and gave you the easiest level then gave you a level that was way harder than the last one. On one level it made it so a slide didn’t work and glitched me to the bottom and made me lose. The game is pretty frustrating and I really don’t like it but somehow I still want to play it. I think I still want to play because when I win it makes me feel like I just made the game feel sad because I beat a level even when it tried to mess me up. I’m glad when I beat a level but it makes me feel mad when I lose. Another problem is that the people you are playing against are faster than you by the tiniest bit and that makes it even more frustrating. You tap to jump but half of the time it does not even work and you have to double tap sometimes but that just messes you up even more. If you are reading this than please do not download unless you want to get mad.

- Real players pls

Ok so I heard that there are bots with names like don’t push me and junk like that I don’t want to complain about anything else but this. So you know how there are bots, well they have no strategy. Like in the level where the first obstacle is four slides ( witch randomly go fast and slow witch makes me sooo mad) and then you choose between climbing a wall and then a rope or vis versa, well of you don’t jump before going down the first slide, you get a sizable boost ( kinda ) well I would think out of the three rounds that someone sees me do this would give it a try and take the boost. That’s when I realized they were bots Also the fact that in a rare case where I win and go to next level without a friggen long unskipable ad, anyway I would win against let’s say “ don’t push me” well I would win and then go straight to the next level without an ad and don’t push me would be right there. Also the skins are cute but the v necked the show some skin on the small panel are so wrong, like the one with a blue shirt and pink pants with a darker skin tone v neck on the panel, well... no instead you get a bright neon green skin WHAT A FRIGGEN LET DOWN. Also give ninja, flash and the person with a star t shirt and cool hair some EYES PLS Other than that I had no glitches and it is a decent not good but decent game I am oils also like a response written by a real person to this post by the creator to show they read and like my suggestions

- Mysterious Glitch Ever!!! Please anyone read!!!👇👇👇

I installed the game, then there was a button on the left side of the screen, and I clicked it. It was a solo race. So basically you are the only one in the map, and you have to get the fastest time for each level. The world record was 33 seconds for the first level and I was trying to beat that. I got 35 seconds but not 33 sec. Then I accidentally exited out of the game and came back and there was not that button again, I searched in the internet and there was nothing about this mode, please anyone explain me this glitch. Is this the next update of the game which accidentally came to me before the update or what??? And there was bunch of other stuff to that mode, but did not get to explore because when I exited out of the game, that button was gone!!! 😱😱😱!!! Anyone explain?? Developers explain!!!

- An actual review of an offline single player game (this one)

Yeah you won’t see me saying that the “flips are satisfying” or stuff like that cause they really aren’t. This is an actual review by an actual human being. The game is MEDIOCRE!!! I’m starting to get annoyed with these “compete against other players and improve ranking” games where it claims you’re playing online against other people, but it’s actually random computer generated characters and names that you can play against with WiFi and cellular data turned off, which would mean you are actually offline the entire time playing against CPU’s 😐 plus this whole “season pass” where every time you finish a race/level in a game you “finish a season” and move on to the next is BS, you play the level and move on, or you have to replay the level multiple times in a row to move on. You can’t replay the levels, which makes no sense for an offline single player game. This game has so much false advertising it ruins the game, and what would make the game fun (actual human players, level selection and creation) aren’t in the game at all.

- Crap 💩

OK don’t give me wrong the game is fine but when you actually get to like the medium hard levels it’s not even hard plus on top of that like when you jump in if you don’t jump higher enough it makes you run all the way back and then he makes you go like start going in the direction you want to go but then before it makes you first in makes you go back instead of with the direction you need to go to win the game that gets super annoying plus on top of that it also makes to lose in who likes boozing on top of that if you want a game that you can like it not get heated over don’t get this game at all because this is a game that I get heated over and it makes me so angry plus on top of that why would would someone EVEN like make your runner fun the other wayyyy!!!! THATS SOOOOOOO Annoying and it gets me super upsettt

- Too many ADS! Too many of the same levels!

When I first started playing this game, it was a fun game and so addicting! I could not stop playing. Now, There are two main problems that I have with this game though. My first problem is that there are wayyy to many ads, you have to watch an ad after and before each time you play and I can never skip it! It’s so annoying, please fix that! My second problem with this game is that, when you first start playing, there are different varieties of levels that you have to pass, but now it just keeps giving you the same old levels and I hate that so much! You can only get two new levels once every like week! I keep having to replay the old levels that I had and if you lose a level and you want to try that level again, so you watch an ad, it just changes the level! I hate that please fix it!!! 😡😡😡😡😡

- Good game!

I would like to start of with saying that I love this game and practically play it every day. It is a great game and I enjoy playing it. But there are a few set backs to the game as well. First of all there are occasional glitches in the game but they do not happen frequently so I still like to play the game. Second, since you are able to choose your own name in the game there have been some strange names such suicideking23. I think that this is inappropriate especially since this game is for children, and I believe that it is not right to have little kids seeing these sorts of words at their age. Lastly I would like to point out that there are lots of ads and I realize that you can pay money to get rid of the ads, but I do not want to waste my money on an app that I will eventually delete from my phone. Other than this I love this game and me and my family enjoy playing it.

- Please Read!

This app is over all good, but it has major glitches that cause you to lose. Like, if I were to get blasted from a launch pad, onto an area where I had to spring from wall to wall in order to get up. It would make it hard, by making you turn around and a little later, your avatar is passed by everyone. Boom 💥, you lost. I do still have some suggestions though: 1. Please please please please, I want an option to make a custom map, just for you, and make a feed, so you can post it! This would make this game great for me, and it would be such an improvement. Don’t make people use some VIP or Premium thing to make custom maps though. 2. It would be nice if there was a pause button to pause the game if you have to go, get a snack, whatever! You wouldn’t pause others, but you would play against instant replay, I suppose. 3. Make the different weight of avatars not cost so much! You know, how there’s A. Skinny B. Bigger Avatar C. Muscular, and D. Normal. They cost so much and I try to save up, but in reality it would take a long time to get to buy just one! Please change this. I think the cost could be 1000, to make it easier for me, and anyone else who wants this. 2000 or more in coins is just crazy 😝! We need lower, but not so low they are sooo easy to get. Just 1000 puts it at that line. Thank you for your time 😊!

- Fun the double jump is tricky

At first when I play the game is really fun I loved it but I tried to figure out the Double jump you jump a regular and then you jump again while you’re in the air it’s a little bit confusing but after a while I figured it out and I think there’s a little much but I don’t mind it considering without Internet there aren’t any it’s A great great game I love it just a little more description on the double jump at first I really liked it but then as the levels got harder I just wanted to eat my iPad across the room and stumble on it I love the game but maybe if you’re falling behind you have a good little Skip button and you can watch an ad to get a skip Because then you won’t have to worry about like being super frustrating never passing it so I think I’m a great idea but the amount of ad is pretty good basically I love the game just maybe skip button

- This game is great

This game really is great. There is so much different levels in skins to unlock you could play this game against your friends and family too. The levels keep going on and on and on so you will never get bored. This game is the best can’t stop playing and I’ve been playing this game for four weeks now and there hasn’t been a single add!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you get to create a nickname for your character in this game which is so fun. In this game there is four people in each race unless it is a coin race and you raise those people and the last one gets illuminated illuminated or four people and you win and go on to the next level. I think that anyone who buys this game will love it😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂😇😀😀😀😀😀😄😄😄😄😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺#####Love the game

- No PvP only PvA.I.

This game is alright. I’ve played for several months now. For the longest time I thought I was playing against real people. On the front it says “compete with others” so I thought it was a multiplayer game. If you want a game that is just relaxing this is a pretty good game. If your looking for a game that is multiplayer, with real people, this is not the game. When I finally found out that it wasn’t humans I was competing against, I went to an area that had no WiFi and no internet connection and I was still playing against “others”. With no access to the internet I knew that they could not be human. Maybe it automatically gives you a.i. When you can’t get internet access, but there is no significant difference in competition when I am on or off internet to give me reasonable assurance that I am playing against humans. I give it two star because the most important aspect of the game to me is pvp and I am convinced from my experience with the game that I am only playing against a.i..

- This game is great, bit needs some tweaks

When I first saw an ad for this game, I downloaded it immediately. I got through the levels pretty fast. The game is a lot of fun and very addicting, but I also think some things need to be worked on. For example, there are way too many ads. After you win, or lose, you click a button but EVERY TIME an ad shows up right before. Another thing is that there aren't enough maps. Yes, there are many, but I have only had this for about a week and I already passed all the levels. Next, I think you should get coins in every place you are in in a map. For example, first gets 100 coins, second gets 75, third gets 50 and last gets 25. Another thing is that I think we should also play with real people, not just a CPU. In conclusion, this game is a lot of fun and I would recommend it, but some things need to be fixed.

- Great game!!!

This game is very addictive and I love finding out new levels I just found one thing you should add to it. I think you should add some tube like thing not a slide but a thing that when you go inside it makes you float inside while moving. Here’s an example for you, you finish going down the slide and then you run into the tube and it Floats you down a floor and next you go into a teleported or something. I know this idea is really “ outside the box” but I think it would be a fun Change into the game. Also there maybe one something like that in a different level because I’m only on level 33-34 but I really don’t think you do. Well that’s all I wanted to say except that this game is hard but is a great challenge for others who may not be as far as me but it is also a challenge for me because you never know what is coming at you! This is a great game, great job on the new levels and new bug fixes.

- Fun game but...

It can use improvements... First the game is fun and occupies my time when I bored. I love the changing of skins and the victory dances are a cute touch. Love them! As for the improvements... I’ve ran into the game not showing correct leaders until the last moment, I will be in the lead but still a skull will show above my head. Sometimes tapping doesn’t work but could be user error. There should be more options for skins and colors combinations, may be unnecessary but people like to customize these days. Players should be able to play against other humans, really didn’t notice it at first but keeps the game from getting boring when there is actual competition. And maybe it’s just this game is in the beginning stages but tournaments would be cool and teams. Other than that the game is fun. I’ve only had it one day so I’ll have to see how long my interest lasts.

- Mixed Review

Ok so this game is fun and all but then when you get at a higher level it isn’t fun anymore. The levels turn far too challenging and for some devices it is impossible. Also, the skins!!!! They kinda scare me, not trying to be rude but there aren’t really much skins with eyes and the ones that do have eyes are really creepy! The eyes are huge! Also, maybe you could do a tutorial for new players and something to explain how to play the game. Maybe you could even do a tutorial when someone gets to a new object so they get how to use it! Otherwise they have to figure it out, and believe me, it isn’t fun. I don’t want this whole review to be about bad stuff the creator could work on so I have some things to compliment. I like the time and effort you put in the game to try and make it more fun although I am not a fan of the crazy amount of ads. Also, it was nice of you to let people choose names!

- Pretty Good

I was looking for a game that wasn't so hard that it made you want to delete the app, and I found it! But it's almost too easy, so I feel like they should add something to it to make it a little more difficult. Also, here are a few more specific suggestions: 1: Sometimes the game glitches out and makes me jump way lower just by tapping normally once, which is really annoying because it makes me loose a lot. Another glitch that makes me lose a lot is that somehow I end up going backwards in the race, and then the bots catch up to me super fast. So it would be great if those could get fixed. 2: Make it so you can play with real life people! 3: Create more things that you can buy with coins, since I feel like at this point the coins are sort of useless to me. Maybe like hats or necklaces or boosts that make you go faster or things that make the opponents slow down. 4: Add the ability to re-do earlier levels. 5: Make more of a variety of obstacles that are required to pass, that way players don't get the same ones over and over again every level. Overall, the game is simple and that's what makes it fun to play but I think people will get bored after a while and may want to delete the game if suggestions like the ones I mentioned above aren't considered.

- I love it, but WAY TOO MANY ADS

This app is pretty addicting to me. I love playing the various levels and getting a chance to change my avatar to different colors and outfits, but the ads are RIDICULOUS! There’s an ad for me after very single level win or lose. I would like to remove them. I’d even pay to remove them that’s how much I like this game, but there’s no option to remove ads anywhere. Maybe I didn’t check well but when the next update comes out, will there be an option to remove ads? And also, can we add sound to the game? It’s kinda awkward playing a game like this with nothing playing in the background. That’s just me being nit picky but I would really love the option of removing ads added on this game if it isn’t already on here. That way I can play without a video interrupting me every ten seconds 😊 overall really good game!


Ok so let’s start on a positive note (or not) of this somewhat triggering game. At first this game seems great, and fun and addicting! But then not long before I get annoyed that there are WAY TO MANY LONG NON-SKIP-ABLE ADS! After every (short) round there is an ad. Not a skip-able ad. Not a short 10 second ad. BUT THE EXACT OPPOSITE. Also these are not real people! These are bots. Bots that are the slightest bit quicker than you-which PISSES ME OFF!😡 this game is RIGGED! Full of ads so that every time you get eliminated-(or even win) you watch an ad. This game has bots that if they even get just half a second ahead of you-your screwed. This game will make you SO MAD that you will want to chuck your phone at the wall. Also I read reviews that there are glitches, which I rarely experience. Anyway, this game is very triggering and I would only recommend to people who want to end up screaming out of anger after only the 3rd level.

- Fix it please!

I dont like this app/game for the following reasons: when you bump into something, it turns the character to the opposite direction until bumps into something else, which slows you down if you are trying to win. No tutorial! It puts you in the 1st level without you knowing what to do. Way too many ads! Before you go to the next level, there is an ad. It happens EVERY TIME! Not so good with the controls! If i tap on the screen, sometimes the character wont jump, which again, slows you down if your trying to win. You don't earn much money! If you want to buy something for your character, this game only provides you with an obstacle course with coins you have to try to get, with 315 coins given to you in the beginning when you first get the game. I would be very happy if the makers of the game fixed these problems/bugs! It would be my pleasure to try out this game without the problems! Overall, this game is alright!

- I don’t recommend stressful in a weird way

Okay hmm not really sure where to start... I love the game it is really fun/addicting but there are so many ADS to a point where it ALMOST ISNT WORTH IT. I would be playing and then there will be a ton of ads so I would get annoyed and stop playing for a while. At first there wasn’t NEARLY as many ads then as I started to play more the more ads there are. Also there are strange lags/glitches where the person will get stuck and it is kinda frustrating for a game if you know what I mean. Some times it will lag when I double jump it is frustrating. Also it makes me go backwards sometimes when it makes no sense it’s really frustrating cause there is NO WAY to turn around! And the person just goes backwards for a while then turns around or gets eliminated. The game is weirdly stressful and annoying I would not recommend. I have deleted the app.

- I cant pass >|( and have ideas

Hi I cant pass bc my person is Slow and I dont like this game so that’s why and I have some recommendations 1 could you add friend list 2 please can you make. A buttons that says run it lets you run for 10 secs and your only allowed to use 3 and if you waste them all you have to wait for 20 mins or 19 mins 3 pleaseeeeeeee put make your own skin 4 please add music if you do make it that players can choose music 5 can you please make one skip only use for 2 times a day 6 please give out free skins like is you played 129 times 7 can you make a hang out zone when players are bored they can talk by typing and eat in the game 8 please make you can put animal skin like this 🐶🐻🐯🐵🐧🦄🐺🐸🐨🐼🐱🐰🐤🦆🐢🦋🐴🐟🐋🐅🦍🦏🦒🐐🐩🦃🦢🐫🦔 9 pleaseee put players can change background 10 can you make that you can put clothes and that’s it hope you can do those updates and ty for reading 📖 byeeee

- Good, but some things need fixing

As I said in the title, this is a great app, but a few things could use a little help. First, when you hit a wall or something like that, it makes you go backwards, and then you end up being in last place. That really annoys me because when I’m about to win, I end up losing because of a simple mistake. Second, you might want to consider adding a pause button. When I need to do something, I don’t want to start all over because there was nothing to save my progress. Third, it would be nice if you could add a skip level button. When a level is too hard for someone, instead of getting frustrated, all they have to do is watch a 30 second video. Again, this is a great app, and these are just some suggestions. Please look into them. Have a great day. 😊

- I love this game, but....

Well I got this game because of Ads. and don’t get me wrong here but I hate ads and I’d like to play this game without ads but, I know it the only way for them (this company) to get money considering this is a free game. I also don’t like that the only way to get money (the coins) is by the bonus round, but besides that it’s a good game. Now for the good stuff about this game I love how you have different dances, characters, and body types! This game makes me rage but I don’t really care! This was designed so well for a free game! In other reviews they say that they glitch but I’m not having a problem with that, like I’m not glitching what so ever, like I said really good programming for a free game! Alright now if you read this all the way through than I thank you and I really don’t need the creators to read this but I’d like them to!

- Aggressive advertising

The game is fun at first the levels are very easy to get a hang of learn the patterns and soon you’re winning every game. But that’s when you realize you’re playing bots you get the same character names over and over all times of day. That’s when you turn off your internet and confirm it’s just bots you’re playing with. The bots however do get progressively more skilled as you level up. There are only maybe 15 or so unique levels then after that you just get random levels. Game gets one star because it was an absolute blast the first hundred or so runs and I didn’t have any glitching like other reviewers. Occasional lagging but I suspect that’s because my phone was overheating. This game is a MAJOR BATTERY DRAIN! And the ads are excessive sometimes 30 second ads after every run! Game is a money grab. Sad because the mechanics are so great and fun to play this could have been a huge hit with staying power if it just followed through on game design and dropped the excessive ads.

- Don’t get this game

It’s completely rigged and will make you wanna chuck your phone across the room and smash it, the other people you play against are bots that run faster and go through the track perfectly. The game glitches and when you’re in first place, it’ll glitch and make the other players win. Even when you first start out the races you’re in last place even if your a little ahead of other players. If you even mess up once you lose and get eliminated and have to watch another ad. This game is essentially rigged to make you watch tons of ads cause every time you lose or even WIN you have to sit through an ad which sometimes are 30 seconds with no skips. Plus, I’m the beginning when you first get the game you have to play each course 2 times to lose one which isn’t that bad. But after a while you have to win each course 3 TIMES! to move on which is almost impossible to beat one time in the first place. 10/10 do NOT recommend this game.

- Awesome! But a few suggestions...

This game is awesome! It’s colorful, fun, time killing, and a great challenge. Run Race 3D is totally 5 ⭐️ worthy. Though I gave it 4 ⭐️’s because some levels can be a bit more difficult at times and I think that there should be some sort of practice level before you start the “competition”. In order to get the idea of what the level is like and what to expect. One more thing! For the outfits of the characters I found a Spiderman costume, Deadpool, Wolverine, a Captain America looking costume, and even a few DC characters, love it! But why not make out fits and body types for the rest of the Avengers/Marvel characters like you did for the power rangers. Though I do not have any real complaints about Run Race 3D, I do how ever have many suggestions that would have a great and fun impact on this game.

- Problems

I like the game so far, but I hate how we have to replay the maps again. I also hate how there are ads in between each run. I get that you want to promote some other games and all, but it would be a better app if you showed ads a lot less. Also double jumping is not really working for me. Every time I do it, my little man only jumps normal hight. Also there is a little glitch. When you have the crown on your head and is in the lead, some times the skull will pop up and then go away in nanoseconds. Also at first I thought you could select levels and stuff like that to play on and I now see it is not. Because you have to do the map over again, it gets boring. I just thought you would like to know these things. I like the app other than these things though!!!

- Fun game but needs some changes

I think this game is super fun and addicting. It is so fun to play when you have nothing to do. But I have a few issues with it. It glitches quite often but it isn't a really bad glitch. It just mixes up if youare first or last, and at the end of the round, you end with the correct results anyway. The second issue I have with this game is the amount of adds it has. After every single round, you play there is an add. They are short and you can skip it after a few seconds but they are still added and come after EVERY SINGLE ROUND. To fix this issue I just do on airplane mode and/or turn my wifi off so the adds appear. Those are the only two main issues with the game that I have. So overall it is a great game. 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳👏👏👏😎😎😎😎

- Problems

I went into this game thinking that it was going to be a cool concept and game. At first it was very cool but then I started noticing problems. When you went to jump sometimes it wouldn’t respond... I get that sometimes it could happen but all the time it starts to get annoying. There is a specific level where you have to climb a rope, while you are climbing it someone knocked me off, it was ok the first time but after that I was getting a little bothered. I didn’t know if that was a part of the game so it didn’t make me angry yet, but then when I was last it knocked me off again. It kept on happening and happening. I deleted it 1 day after I got it. If you still are going to try the game these are the things you can look for. If you don’t get bothered by this, good for you. :) P.S Don’t be negative going into the game, maybe my iPad is glitchy it is pretty old that might be why this happened.

- How much time did this take like three Flippin months

I was literally searching for apps on the App Store and I found this game and I was like I saw the ad before but I was like I’m not liking this ad but it literally told me I had to get it that’s how many times I watched it can you be more prizes this is not a hater comment I’m just asking and if you do want to put this is a hater I’m not a hater I’m just asking for more stains plus there’s only a couple colors believe in any how many times will this take it took three Flippin months to do this this is not a hater comment repeat this is not a hater comment................................. repeat this is not a hater comment I will be watching out for people saying that it’s a hater comment it IS NOT A hater comment I will be watching (This took three Flippin months😡😡😡😡😡😡) I hate the review of the game

- Great game. I love it! But....

I love this game so much and it’s really fun. I wasn’t sure if I should’ve gotten this game because the reviews were not to great. A few popular things were thing they are bots and are faster I agree with both because it always says I’ll be eliminated. A lot of people say it’s rigged and you can never win. Well....I don’t want to be rude but this review is my opinion and I think you guys should learn how to play the game then because I win every time or at least 2nd. It’s not rigged. The thing I didn’t like and why I didn’t give this 5 stars I’d because the ads. Every time the game is over a ad pops up and no x is available. I get annoyed sometimes because some are like 20 seconds or more and it’s every time. Anyway I totally recommend this game and have a great day everyone.

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- This game is fabulous!

Good Job, Good Job Games Ltd. I wanted to say that this is the best game ever. It’s really fun when I have nothing else to do on my iPad! Firstly, Run Race 3D is awesome because you get to challenge other players and it’s very fun. You even get to try to get through the fast swings and slides. And you have to try to dodge the obstacles in the course. It’s the best game I’ve ever played! After all, it’s great still, but I just need to mention some very important things you guys could try fixing. It will help out very much for me and anyone else who plays this game. Alright, so the first thing I want you guys to change is mainly the GLITCHES. I’ve made it in full capitals because there are just too many glitches! Every time I move suddenly there’s a glitch going on for like, 5 seconds and then it stops. But, by the way, it only happens on some levels or very few levels. So that’s it. But we’re not done yet, guys! Finally, the last thing I would like you to change is the AMOUNT OF ADS. There is an ad every time I finish the levels. They’re like, SO annoying. So... can you guys please lower the amount of ads in every level, please? But, by the way, the game is still what it seems. I hate it! Just kidding! I love it! Good Job Games Ltd, thanks for making this game. I love it! Best wishes and see you all soon!

- This game is the best

Hello I have nothing I want to change about this game I’m so sorry that other players are saying you have to much ads . But I don’t think that I think it’s good having ads . It’s just some people are not patient. Let’s go back to me . I love this game run race 3D . My name is Alannah sorry I cannot say my surname my parents don’t Like it . Over time I’ve reach up to the level 100s now I’m on level 483 I am very glad about that . I will also never delete this game Ok bye for now. From a player real life name Alannah

- Great bit some flaws- but it’s a game when isn’t there flaws( should read)

Honestly it’s a great and addictive game I really enjoy the competitiveness and how you’re able to verse other players that only thing I don’t like about the game is that earn coins is only able through bonus rounds and you can’t collect everything and recently I’ve been on a level with I can’t pass until I win three times IN A ROW which is yes, surprisingly difficult and frustrating I would like to move to other courses and I which there was an option where you could design your own map and play with friends but overall it’s a game that keeps you coming back for more

- Ads

Idk if this is just me but there are soooo many ads. Either you died, doing a bonus game or going to the next level, you will get an ad. It’s not like it’s maybe once in a while between every game but no it’s ALL THE TIME FOR ME! I hope they take them away cuz it’s sooooooooo annoying and I get so frustrated when I die not bc I died but I will have to go thru an ad every single time. It also takes some time until that x button comes up to skip the ad and some of the ads are super long and I get so annoyed which is why I’m not giving this game the best stars. It’s such a fun and amazing game that’s so cool but the ads brings my rating down. They really need to remove them. Hopefully it’s not just me who’s experiencing this.

- This is bad

I used to like this game but now I don’t because every time i bump into something it walks me backward and then glitches then kicks me out I don’t think that enyone should have this game because it is teribul I haveDeleted this game several times and then decided to download it again but it keeps on doing this thing I’m only allowed five games at a time on my iPad so it won’t be because I’ve not got enough storage it is a terrible game if anybody downloads it I would recommend deleting it because at first the courses will be very easy and then I’ll get harder and harder and even glitchy and glitchy so if you get this I need decide to delete it give it a one star review or zero so you won’t get very frustrated I was up to a very high level what I think is don’t download it

- Too many bugs

It’s a good game concept and could have worked very well, but I just have run into too many problems with it. First off the game always glitches, there’s about a half a seconds worth if delay ever second and causes me to loose as the other players are still running and mine is lagging. I’ve looked into this to see whether it’s a problem with my internet connection, and it’s not. Ultimately I would recommend it, but I highly advise the developers to fix the delay as many people could be turned off from the game by this. I can not stress enough how much I hate this game, it lags way too much and the ads are unbearable and there are so many bugs and problems the developers need to fix. If I could give zero stars I would.


Don’t even bother to download it because it glitches on level 14. Also say you won a level you are meant to go first in the next race. But then before the race has even begun it puts you last. It hopeless. Also too many adds and if you want to get rid of adds then put airplane mode. DONT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!! Also someone tell me how to skip a level because on level 20 I want to go on the monkey bars but I get it and then all of a sudden I drop and I don’t press anything and then I lose the game!! I wish the was a way to skip this level because it’s so unfair!!!!!! The only positive in this app is that it doesn’t use wifi and that it’s challenging. Any way...... It’s your choice in the end because I can’t believe the rating. I agree and sometimes don’t agree!!

- Other players

I love this game, great concept. However I have very strong doubts that I’m playing against other players and not the computer??? I had to exit the game at the beginning of the match due to a phone call, I come back to the app ten minutes later and the same match with the same players was running. I don’t understand how it’s real time if that happens? This goes for the same in FunRace 3D, there are sometimes 15 second ads between each round against the same players, you can’t tell me they have the exact same ad with the same duration. There’s no way that we are playing real players.

- Needs new levels

This is a really great game, it’s fun to play & also very easy but also entertaining at the same time. I have one complaint though. When you get to the higher levels (I’m currently level 107) it just keeps repeating the same levels that you’ve already done. It’s really annoying & it gets so easy that I don’t even want to play it anymore. There needs to be a new update for harder levels, because I’m getting sick of repeating the same level over and over again. Other than that it’s fine.

- Adds

Very good job on the game! But something wasn’t right for some reason after I played and lost every time a long add use to come up and I get bored waiting and watching the very long adds hopefully you can stop some off the long adds and it’s very very very very very very VERY! Annoying sooooooo pls take some of the long long adds thanks your game is amazing tho pls make more I love your games I Did one less star because of the adds but hopefully you can take some if the long long adds away have good day😜🤗

- Addictive but annoying

Very addictive game play and loads of fun especially the dances at the end of the courses and the tournaments but, the biggest frustration is when you pay your coin fee to enter the tournaments and then the game freezes and doesn’t load to the next tournament level and you lose them all and then have to shut down the game to refresh but then you have to repay the same fee you just paid. Not happy with that aspect at all. Wish I could give higher rating but this really is frustrating and needs fixing.

- Good

I love this game. The only reason I am writing a review is to give some suggestions or maybe even improvements. These are the two improvements I would like in the game: 1- I would like if there was a Hall of Fame and you could challenge yourself to go against one of the best players. 2- What I have noticed is that the skins for the players are mostly male. Even the superheroes are male! Please make female skins. Overall, the game is great and entertaining.

- Very good game! But one recommendation…

One problem is that if I fail a level and have over 500 coins, it tries to force me to use 500 coins to pass the level even if I still want to try again. What if someone like me actually wants to save up their coins? I have to go out of the game and go back in again to retry the level and it’s really frustrating. Please put a ‘no thank you’ option when trying to persuade the player to use their coins, thanks!

- Ads and glitches

My experience with this game wasn’t pleasing. There is way to many ads and it glitches ALOT. And I don’t know if the players that you play against are even real people playing. When I start playing the game it will always log me out, and when ever I die it will always pop up with ads and I find that really annoying. I don’t know if it glitches for other people but it does for me. Also when ever it logs me out of the game I will have to sit through a ad and then restart the level I was on even when I was half way completely. I don’t recommend this game to anyone because of to many ads and constant glitches.

- Great game!

I love this game so much I think it’s a great time passer, my only problem would be that after a certain level there’s no more new maps. If you could make some new maps that would be great! Also I think that you could add some music or sound effects as you’re playing to make it more fun :) Ps. If you don’t like the ads just turn airplane mode on!

- Glitchy level

This game is fantastic and really fun to play. I love playing it when I am bored and don’t have anything to do. There is one level though that has a big glitch in it. Normally there are three people in a two lap race. Whoever is last after the lap is finished gets eliminated but not in this level. It continues on the laps forever (sometimes even twenty!) and no one gets eliminated! Other than that, it is a great game and I recommend it for people of all ages.

- It’s ok and fun , but.... by Kate

This game is fun, addicting and sometimes challenging I love everything about it I love the characters the way the game works and the different courses associated with it. The only thing I absolutely hate hate hate hate hate about it is that after every level you play wether you pass or fail it is that it always has a 20-25 second long video about the same things every time. Please please please fix this other wise you will lose fans !

- Amazing!!!

There was no problems for me, I just turned off my wifi and got no ads and the only thing I’m unhappy about is I have passed all of the levels so now I just have to keep retrying the same levels and I don’t even get to choose what level I want to do, you should add a selection section, overall it is an addictive game and it’s amazing :) :) :)

- Not fair but good

This game is great I love the courses and the skins but the part I got mad at is I was first the last round and I had that crown thing but they said the other person won and I had to do I again And u only get coins when u do bonus rounds By the way I have almost all the skins if and when u do another update could u please get more skins could u also get animal skins I think that would be so cute but that’s just an idea for u bye.

- RunRace 3d

This game is super fun. It can sometimes get to you, as it did for me, but that might just be my competitive side speaking!!! Anyway, it’s great fun for (in my opinion) ages between 8 and 20. The only thing that I would change is the skull and crown above your head, and the thing saying that such and such will be eliminated. It just seems to give me anxiety!!!!! All up, It’s AWESOME! Please have a go at it.

- Hi

Hihihihi lenny Lenny was the time of a year for our first semester to college students who have made it so easy this morning at my house in five days I had no clue why they couldn’t be better off with me today but I’m still here and then I’ll go home after work tomorrow night or Saturday before Easter Sunday afternoon is that good thing we can get some stuff done

- Good but add a bit more moves

This game is very good and keeps you busy but it would be a lot better if you could do more things than jump. It is also quite hard but I have gotten used to it now so I most time come first yay! But because you can only jump well and run it becomes harder because I sometimes trie to get up something and I usually fall and then it gets me a bit mad and puts me last. SO PLEASE ADD MORE MOVES!

- Awesome game but there is a few things I need to talk about

Ok this is an awesome game but I always see the same names so I think I am playing against computer and also sometimes I see the EXACT same name at the same time and don't see my name so can u plz change that and also a lot of the time when I bump into things and then jump it makes me go backwards but apart from that it is an awesome game (: 😀😀 I am very happy with it

- Its ok

This game is ok though the adds pop up a lot and thats one thing that gets annoying. Its fun to play but you sometimes when we come first we still have to play again instead of moving onto the next round. When we want to skip a level we have give like 500 or 1000 coins its too much. Its ok and fun to play i reccomend it but some things have to be fixed, thankyou

- Unfair 😡

This game is stupid when you start the game and makes you go last the other thing I’m bothered about is that they put a 💀 above your head which is completely Completely disrespectful I hate it so rude why can’t they just put it across above your head so maybe next time they can just make the game even better!And even go to that level 14!And waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay To many adds if you want to take now just put your phone on airplane mode

- Good game but a few bugs

First of all , good update on the costumes and the trophy 🏆 thing. But there are some bugs 1.When I am playing adds pop up , quite a lot of adds if you ask me. 2. There is this add that pops up that has a NAN thing in the circle and you can not get rid of it unless you get rid of the tab . 3. If that is not really annoying that add happens in the middle of the trophy . You loose all your money 💵 and can not compete until you have saved up enough. 4. We are not vs other players,when you have an ad, you have the same players. Just a coincidence? Don't think so If you fix all those things you would get five stars from me and if you are reading my comment please report when bugs are fixed. From A kitty lover🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱

- Glitchhh

I don’t know if it’s just me but it started going to other PREVIOUS levels that I HAVE played and when I went out of the app and went in again it changed to ANOTHER level that I also played. I don’t know if it’s my device that has a problem or what. By the way you could just turn off your wifi if there are too many ads for y’all who are frustrated by em.

- So awesome! DOWNLOAD!

This game is seriously so fun, though sometimes it does take me a little while to pass the level but it’s still fun! You don’t have to pay and it’s totally kid friendly! It was easy for me to rate this 5 stars because it’s amazing! I’ve told all my friends to download it and they’ve told me they love it too!

- Unforgivable Glitch

There is this unforgivable glitch. When I was playing the one when you race for lots of money I raced for 4000 the final game and Lap I touched the finish line well I kinda jumped over it but it works with the normal one where you only get like $30 but I jumped over the finish line and it let the other guy win like I jumped over the finish line that should work but other than that bad glitch I kinda like the game but please put less ads😞😞

- Fun 😄👌🥰

This game is really fun and when I saw the ads for it I got it and it wasn’t boring at all and there are some really cool skins, I got the girl with pink hair and a pink shirt, pink is my fave colour. But some levels are quite hard but I payed 1000 coins a few times to get past them because I had been on those levels FOREVER, so I got to go onto the new ones. So I’d probably give this a good rate, but it isn’t as good as Minecraft.

- Addictive & quick

I love this game! I think I'm playing on level 150+ but the only thing is sometimes you press jump and it doesn't or you hit it the wrong way and you're going backwards! I play with iPhone 7 plus but there's no vibration and music, should there be? Also your latest update I go down the slide and nek minnit I am in and under the slide haha but I'll keep playing it :)

- run race 3D

ok so run race 3D is a great game and i love it a lot. but, a few things i dont really like about it is that i wanna change my avatar and stuff bc that would be really fun and also when u win an beat the others and it does that funny dance i kinda dont like it bc first of all it is kinda creepy and second of all it doesnt look right. thats all i have to say, but thank you for creating a great game.

- More levels

I really like this game, the only thing I would love to fix is: When I reached level 20 it started replaying all levels in random order, so I don’t get to experience the other maps (if there is any) I’d love for you to add more levels, I’m currently on level 36 and still haven’t seen any new maps! Overall this game was really fun but I’d like it even more If you would add more levels.

- Plz Read

So today I downloaded this app and level 1 was easy but then when I got to level 2 it was SOOO HARD! I raged a LOT so I don’t understand why this is 4+ kids who are like 5 or 6 would be raging SO MUCh and I don’t like games that throws you on level 1 which Is easy THEN just makes it so HARD! If it gets like hard on level 18 or 20 that would be ok. But I HATE the maps to I mean really. They just get HARDER AND HARDER AND HARDER!!! So what I’m trying to say is just update it and make it easier! So do these things: 1. Make the maps easy at first then a bit hard then hard. 2. Make it so the levels are actually in order like easy medium hard 3. Make it so you can choose between online and CPU’s Thanks for Reading and PLZ PLZ PLZ update the app and I have reviewed a few apps so just update those 3 things and it will be a really good app!

- Fun game

I love this game, it fills in a fair bit of time. The thing is there soooo many ads!! It really annoys me. Another thing is, when I try to change my skin and I tap it, it says ‘in use’ but I go out of it the character I chose isn’t the one I chose it really annoys me because I hate the free ones. The free ones are so boring. Over all this game really fun but could you please fix these glitches and make less ads it would be very much appreciated.

- Run race 3D

Run race 3D is a great game to play but the problem is there is to many adds and I wish you could design your own skin but it is still so fun I feel like I’m in a real race and it’s fun fun fun so check it out but I hate the adds so much like it ruins the game! I expect you to fix it because it’s trash but fun to play!😊. Every and I mean every time there is a add after you win or lose.

- Ok but annoying!

This game is really fun and entertaining and it really helps get through boredom. The few things that needs working on is that when you get to a really high level it goes back to the beginning of the levels so gets really boring. Also, the adds are crazy and it comes on every time after you play a game. Thanks for making an awesome game! Try and fix the problems please!🤪

- Best game ever

I love this game it’s probably the game that I’ve kept the longest without deleting it. I spend hours on this game and I love the new updates. But I have an idea, maybe if you have a skin you don’t want you could sell it. And also you could make a jungle level and you know make levels with themes.

- Wish I never downloaded it

At first it was like oh my god it’s so cool. Next thing I know I’m writing this review. Too many ads also every time I come back in it glitches and Then I went to go get my phone checked and they said it was the game. Get it fixed immediately. Why did I download this because it may seem great but I press season complete : ad , press retry or whichever button then : ad. Do not play this game anymore

- AWESOME GAME.....(need to read)......

The game is epic and I think it is going to be similar to fun race and epic race my other two favourite games. I really hope you enjoy playing the game if you have bought the app. If you did enjoy it, then plzzzzzzz check out (fun race) and (epic race)! They are apps that i enjoy sooooooo much!!!!!! BYEEEEEE HOPE YOU GET THIS APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please respond!!!!!!! Love your games!!!!!!!

- Amazing!

Very good , multiplayer is fake though. I turned off the internet, and I could still play it. Also if you leave the app in the middle of a game, when you come back every player is in the same place. Still, the game is amazing and I can’t stop playing it!

- Hmmmm

This game is fun and addictive and is perfect for when you are bored. It was great fun finding out the new maps and I got super excited when I could play a new map. It was so much fun until I got to a certain level and there wasn’t any new maps! I was playing an old map. I was very disappointed so please make new maps. Otherwise this is a great game!

- Best game ever!!!

This is a rlly good game.. normally I go thru games really fast because they r horrible (no offence :p) but this one is the BEST!!! Yes there r a lot of ads but just turn on aeroplane mode or turn off ur internet and they disappear. The levels are hard, but not so hard that they make u want to punch a hole thru ur screen. Pretty fun.

- Good but laggy

This game is really good and I would have giving it 5 stars if there wasn’t no be thing. It’s really laggy. Ok every race I don’t do well because the lag. I was playing once and I was coming first but then I had to jump to do the bars and a was trying to jump but it was so laggy for me but not my opponents. 😡 I ended up coming last

- Good game but no more levels!

This game is so fun, it’s like the best! But the problem is that sadly, they run out of levels at 24! I was so happy playing until I realised we were repeating levels! I really would like to keep play this game but it’s getting really repetitive! Also please add more skins and dances! Hope you can actually do this! Would help a lot!

- It was great until..

I loved this game, BEFORE IT HAD REPEATED THE SAME LEVEL OVER AND OVER! I was playing it and once I got to level 23 it gave meh random levels that I had already done so I had to play all the hard and ezy levels and I got annoyed I’m about 2 delete this app if u dont fix it! It got annoying and so I decided I would report it 2 u. Plz fix the repeated level thing before I lose meh mind and smash meh phone! MEH ALREADY RAGING (my raging sounds) MEH RAGGGIINNNGGG YYAAAASSS MMMEEEHHH RRRAAAGGGIIINNNGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!

- Disappointed

This game is very fun except the part that makes my character go backgrounds it does that like every round and it’s really annoying because of that it makes me lose and that’s not really fair oh btw can you add real players instead of bots please? Because vsing boys is just ehhhh but that fun. If you at least change the lag so my character doesn’t go backwards for a few seconds I’ll give you 5 stars and if you make a mode were you can vs real players I’ll be really happy thanks!!

- Still shows ads after paying for no ads

Unfortunately, after paying to have no ads, the game still regularly shows my advertisements. Not just for rewards or to replay bonus levels (which is ethically suspect but I can accept it) but also quite regularly after failing levels before being able to replay. The game itself is quite fun. Just don’t give them your money for no ads because they’re just collecting cash from both.

- Too laggy

When I downloaded it and played my first race it was fine but when I went to move o to the next one I lagged out and my game crashed. Every time I tried to jump it’d just lag and my game would crash. I think it lagged because of the adds because my first race didn’t have any adds so it didn’t lag. My phone is 6S+ so maybe it just doesn’t work for those types of phones. It was still very frustrating hope this review helped and fix your goddam game.

- This app is rigged

I swear this app makes me come last. I can never complete the levels and it just makes me so annoyed that I want to break the iPad in half. Once I got to level six every time I completed it ,it made me play that level over and over again. Some times if you tap it , it will go the other direction and make you get eliminated. Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggghhhhh! I was so disappointed with the app and it’s qaulity. This app was so bad that it forced me to delete it. DO NOT buy this app.

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- Complete awesome

This game is super awesome there’s nothing about it that I hate it’s so addicting p.s never play this during work

- Yay

This is an amazing way to pass time and have fun.

- Awesome

Hey I just loved the app

- Low key awesome

Lots of ads. and if you like ads this is the game for you. I have this on my other phone and my iPad and I love it.


Initially it was a very fun game but found that the ads we quite distracting. I PAYED $1.39 TO REMOVE THE ADS and they are STILL THERE. Do not play this game, I will have to contact apple to get my money back I can’t believe this

- Worlds worst game

Why I called it worlds worst game is because at a certain level I couldn’t move forward and everyone else could

- fml

it was great at first, but now all the levels repeat and i wish we could choose which level we do and if it’s a race or elimination style. kinda wanna delete it now tbh.

- So good I ❤️ this games but..

It’s really good but could at least make most of the people a little bit cheaper but either than that it’s a great game😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩

- Too many ads

Fun game but way too many ads

- Best game ever. I love it the mechanics are soooo fun

The most fun game ever to be made

- Love it

Game’s awesome. Had to beg my mom to get it.

- I definitely broke the game

I’m on level 1000 and I for sure broke the game, anyways it’s a great game

- Corona times

This game is just awesome and is just the right amount of hard but I wish they made more level.

- Add sound effects

I mean I like the game but they just gotta add sound effects

- The worst game EVER

I hate it so much I want the kill it

- Ok game😕

The game was fun but sometimes it makes your character turn around and run back to the start of the wall so you have to run back to where you were and when you get there you would already be in last place so there was no point in trying to finish in the first place.

- Annoying

At a certain point I kept getting eliminated even when I was in first. At first it was fun but now I’m thinking about deleting it.

- I love this game and it’s so much fun and I love it so much

Good morning love ❤️

- BEST GAME EVER.... no mater what.

This is the best game ever no matter what! The levels are so hard so it’s never ending fun! I played this game over and over! I deleted this game and downloaded it over and over! It’s so fun, you have to try it! Everybody who is reading this review DOWNLOAD THIS GAME! ITS SO AMAZEING! I PROMISE!

- Trash

This game advertises at the end of every race 30 second ads. Each race is about 10 seconds.

- y


- Run race 3D

Wowza it is too fun I can never stop playing wooho

- Good game but...

Its soo frustrating but its my favourite game💗

- Ok

Game is ok but riddled with ads like ants at a picnic.

- Glitch

When I do the tournament, it plays an ad and I can’t press the x. Then, I restart and lose almost all my money. Not recommended

- To many ads

I like this games but there are to many ads.

- Kira

Needs more levels please

- A few suggestions...

I love this game overall if someone asked me to describe this I’d say good not great but to make it great I’d like to say a few suggestions my first one would be for the “celebration” I think u could make a few TikTok dances if it’s not to hard but the one I want the most to change is that when I can’t pass a level for minutes then hours days and so on so I deleted it and had to redownload this app for the course to change so I thought maybe u could make the players choose the course like give them 3 choices or something oh and one last thing I feel that this game is a bit sexiste cause it makes 3/4 of the characters boys so if u could change these I would loveee 💕 this game a lot better Thx hope u workers (of the game) read this it would make my experience even better

- Love it but...

I ❤️this game but when you play the bonus level you don’t get the amount of money you collected 😭

- Its Nice!

Its and amazing and addictive app i play it all the time. Just there are too many ads. Right after I finish a game an ad comes. But other than that I love the game :)

- Ok

I liked it and it was ok but WAY too many adds. But apart from that AWESOME game! Perfect for people who like to watch gymnastics and do gymnastics. -Savanna Louis Rose

- Turn off adds

Fun game if you dont want any adds you can turn on ariplanemode or just turn off your wifi

- Please listen:

Make sure that every character is level with other because I keep losing money and make sure we have a chance to win the money back.

- Fine

Good game way to many adds

- Thank you

I really like this game it’s amaizing and really fun

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I love RunRace3d I play it all day but I can’t stop playing it

- It’s ok but to many adds

This game is fun to play but it’s really hard to get ahead of people when you race and there is to many adds I would rather pay every month than watch all the adds

- 12+ ads on a 4+ game

This is really disappointing. I don’t need my 4 year old needing to grind a person into a sausage or hang the character to move on to the next level.


This is the bomb! I love this!!

- Great

Great but a little bad at least it’s not bad as coin master I mean coin masters ads

- Funer then you think 😍

This is a great game for kids who are not competitive with their friends

- Hitboxes are way too big


- Run race 3D

Run race 3D is a really great game! It is exciting, interesting, and most of all... FUN! All you do is jump, and run. And I know that doesn’t sound like so much fun, but believe me, once you get the app and try it, you will see that this game is super duper fun! And you will be very happy you got Run race 3D! I saw this game on many different adds, witch you might have too, but wen I saw this on the adds, I new right away that this was A game I wanted! You might have not had that feeling but it doesn’t matter because you will still love this game, and you are still getting it... right? This game is really fun, and a little hard at first. But once you get the hang of it, (witch you do pretty quickly,) it is easy, but still hard enough for you to have the time of your life wen you play it! It dose have a lot of adds, but that’s good, because while the adds are on you have the chance to get a little snack or go to the bathroom and stuff. So trust me, I know that at least deep down inside of you, you want this game... So here is your chance to get it! Go ahead, you have all the time you need 😀! Ok, don’t waist your time, GET RUN RACE 3D!!! Lol. But still get it, you won’t regret it!

- Ok

The game is fun but there are so many ads every time you click on a button an ad pops up it really annoying.

- Cool

Get it

- This game

This game is really fun and has some hard levels but they get really easy. So yeah f you want to get it I would because it is so fun1

- Ok but

Needs just a little harder comps

- Never play this for s trash

It’s trsash

- Change it

Everytime I dont pass a level, it always forces me to spend money to pass it instead and I dont want to waste my money for those....please change that

- Good, but annoying

This game is so much fun, but whenever I mess up I end up going backwards! Please fix! And am I the only one getting bombarded with dumb coin master ads?

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- So tricky

This game I highly recommend it NEVER makes you pay I gets so hard though 😅. I play every day !! It can get frustrating when the level is so hard🥵. I love the obsticals they are so creative🤩.You can change your character when you pass the levels; And there are bonus levels too (obviously)😉. You play with other people but that is just so you can win fair and Square; And you can’t talk to them or anything they just play against you so it’s totally safe 👍🏻. I have no bad things to say about this game. I LOVE ❤️ it . So I highly recommend this game you will LOVE it . Oh and the levels get harder as you get more skilled🤗. Okay this is all a have to say bye. This got long 😆.

- Ehhhhhhhhh

This game is pretty fun, not gonna lie, it’s just the ads. The ads are almost always after each level you play, and some aren’t short ads either (30 seconds). Something else I would change is sometimes the player (you) will start running backwards. The graphics could be better but I’m not gonna hold that against you, I’m fine with bad graphics, I wish you could make it less obvious that you made the game just for the money, if you didn’t make it for the money and wanted people to play it and enjoy it I’m sorry to say this but you need to put a little more effort in it. Overall it’s a great game, it’s fun, it’s a bit challenging at times (which I like), and it’s a really fun game to play in your free time. All the ads are very annoying though.

- Would be a fun game if there were more real players

This is a fun game and even paid to get the ads off the game. Although it seem to still show the ads sometime (maybe if you lose a round?)! Serious a pretty good game when the ads are gone (1 star with ads). The problem is that there aren’t many real people playing it. Most are bots. You can tell because you are playing the same people if you pause the game and go eat come back and some how those people waited for you. Also because most over the players have lower case names. I think the ones with capitals are real..... maybe. The last clue that you are playing bots... because they don’t learn. You take a sweet short cut and they “see” it. They would take it too next time. Nope. After twice. Nope. If there were more real people it would be a 4 or 5.

- Impossible race 3D

When I first played this game it was really easy but now it was kinda hard one time when I was trying to run 🏃‍♀️ when I went on the slide I got stuck on the slide and when the other racers get closer to me the Screen 📺 literally shakes I felt like it was shaking there are so many glitches in this game like really but I still don’t like this game but some of the races were very easy you can do so many things in this game but I don’t really use tapping in the race I only use tapping in the bonus races I like the bonus races because 1 you get to race by yourself 2 there are coins everywhere 3 you can get enough coins to by new skins but One ☝️ very bad thing really don’t like at all is sometimes I see players say mean things like run 🏃‍♀️ you fools and hahaha like that don’t like this game at all and mean players please change your player names to reaguler names please don’t be mean to us

- Do you guys read our reports? And too much ads plus their should be multiplayer

Not a lot of people are getting their thoughts heard and what makes it most weird is the ads. This company is trying to gain money with a free game really badly however I think this could fix it. When people die in the game they can watch a ad or buy something dunno but a second life feature could be where the ad goes not every time people click a button. Also people would love to play with friends have a friend thing where people can send friend requests, add friends, etc. where friends can have duels against each other or play with three or four. Anyway the game is great and always has new maps which I love just these thing would make it so much better

- Good, but can REALLY Improve

So, this game does have its good parts. The seasons aren’t repetitive, which I like. Also, I like the whole idea of the obstacles, which add more element to the game, but we definitely need more to be added. HOWEVER, there are so many ads. And the ads aren’t just short 5 second ones, they’re like 10-30 seconds long. Also, I’ve noticed glitches and some problems concerning the gameplay... whenever I land in something, for example, water, my character turns around completely! They go in the opposite direction, and run that way, causing me to lose. Lastly, coins are useless. The skins and body shapes are completely bland and boring, so there isn’t any fun in “customization” in this game. I would like for there to be more customization with our avatars. Hopefully, you add and fix some of the things I’ve mentioned.

- A good game but need some improvement

I really like this game but it needs some improving, I just started playing this game today and when it started the first match I was really confused on what to do and how to do it. The game need a tutorial for the people who have just gotten the game and don’t know how to play. Onto the next topic, the advertisements. I am not usually bothered by ads but on this game after every match there is an ad and usually a pretty long one. It’s just really annoying and I don’t think there should be this many ads. After every few matches there should be an ad, not after every single match. But if you know how to play the game and the ads don’t really bother you that much then the game is a pretty fun game. So what I’m tying to say is you should get rid of some of the ads and make a tutorial(optional). Sincerely, Sophia.


I know this is a v long review but if you r considering downloading u need to read!!!! Its pretty clear the ''players'' r actually bots. It would be nice to race some real players sometimes. I know this because I turn off the WiFi so I don’t get ads but I could still play. This is dirty and bad. U lied to us and it is false advertising. This makes me angry knowing I have liked a game that is a total fake. U should be ashamed of yourself for tricking kids. I will delete soon because I’m not happy about that. I like games with real ppl playing not fakes. Do not download at all! U will be promoting false advertising!! I know ur like, don’t be so dramatic or, ur overreacting, but this is important!!! We can’t keep falling for this stuff. It’s time to raise awareness about this dirty practice and put an end to it. Thx for reading until the end random peeps

- Pretty Darn Good

Ok so, this game is very time consuming and addicting, which is good for a game. I have been playing this for a long while and I’m completely addicted, my favorite part about this game is that the bots don’t play off of your game ( I’ll explain in a min ) like on that water slide game, the bots teleport if you get too far away, but with this game the bots are completely on their own. ( for the most part ) The only thing I suggest is being able to play with REAL players and not bots, the thing with bots is they make it easy. The only way the bots will win is if your character glitches and runs the other way until you get too far back then they turn around. Sorry if this ruins some ratings on your game, I just wanted to make something clear :)


Seriously thought how hard is it to make new levels? Well it’s actually probably really hard but still! This game is just a repeat of boring levels. After playing one week of this game I had to delete it because I couldn’t stand the same levels over and over and over and over and well you get the point. And then I downloaded it again so there would hopefully be some new levels but nope! And I have a lot of spare time in a day, I’m not saying my life is boring or anything but I definitely have spare time and I need something to feel it with, but all the games I download are just boring repeats! I mean seriously games are supposed to keep me sane and I just (saying this while sobbing in tears) I just need something to do in life and you guys definitely can’t help me so I hope you are all ashamed! Ashamed I say!! Well anyways have a good day! And thank you for listening to my problems! Try to fix them plz.

- Needs changes to be 5 stars

A few things that need to be changed. First, the game doesn’t remember that I purchased no ads. However, many times I have ads show. They do go away with restore purchases. But I shouldn’t have to do this. Second, sometimes I will lose a Race and want to try that course again; however, when a choose play again a different course comes up. Why not give a list of courses and then I can find some favorites. Third, what is the point if the coins? After purchasing everything there is no need for them. Maybe add some more content or just do away with them. Provide something else to work for. What about a win/lose ratio? What about the option to make my own courses? One more thing, stop paying for 5 star reviews. I’ve played enough to get to level 115. Some reviews are clearly not actual players. They are so over the top that it’s easy to see they are fake.


it’s a fun and addicting game but 1) it’s really annoying when you’re racing bots and it takes forever to pass some levels. 2) there’s like minute long ads that can’t be skipped so you have to swipe out of the app. it triggers me to the max when i lose at the very last second and then you have to pass the map twice. not a very well constructed game can’t recommend if you get mad easily. there’s ads EVERY SINGLE TIME. every single time you play there’s an ad. it’s very annoying+ they’re 45 seconds- minute long ads that’s cant be skipped. it’s horrible and made me delete the game because it’s so incredibly annoying. i literally hate it and it straight up made me want to throw my phone against the wall. it’s a fun game but SO INCREDIBLY ANNOYING with ads popping up every s i n g l e time. i hate it and 10/10 do NOT recommend. you can’t even buy “no ads” and the company need to change that because as of now they’re sucky.

- This game is a time sucker.

This game is fun, don’t get me wrong, but it does nothing more than keep you occupied while you’re waiting for something else. Need something to do while you’re waiting in line? This game will suffice. The reason I say this is because there is an ad every freaking time you get done with a level, and if you’re anything like me, I tend to close it at that point. These aren’t just quick 15 second ads that pop up either. These ads are 30-45 seconds long. Some even require that you play a mini game before the X appears to close it. This game would be so much better without all the ads. It even pops one up if you exit and go to the menu. I understand that ads are a thing for free games. I get it. This, however, is ridiculous. So, if you don’t mind a long ad every 30 seconds to a minute while you play, this game is great.

- Love game

Love this game comes in handy at basketball tournaments. A new feature would be a plus if you had a little screen to know how far each opponent from your player. Games sometimes glitches I might new or not take a breath and try to win next round. The one glitch I hate is when your winning you pass your opponents and for some reason even after you the finish line it doesn’t left you finish and your going around the game 4 or 5 times and then poof you lost. I know I was ahead when this happens need to break from the game or I will probably delete game even though I play it the most. By the way how many levels does the game have in at 185?

- Here’s my review:)

Hey so I think this is a really creative game and it’s super addicting and all but being 100% honest I don’t really like the update!!! In the update, you kind of just keep on rotating around in the course and nobody ever gets eliminated it just keeps ongoing. If it went back to the original version we're you only went around the course twice and got eliminated off of score, it would be so much more fun. For now, I'm kinda just bored with what I have and it makes me want to delete the app. Also, there are way too many ads. Every time I use this app, I need to turn off my wifi which isn't good because that consumes gigabytes, which means your phone bill will cost more. So if either of those things could change, that would be great!!! Overall, a really cool & creative game!!!!!

- Can’t Stop!

Hello there? I have only been playing this game less than… let’s say a week and I love it. I can’t stop. I’m already past level 110!! I have more than a thousand coins and it’s staying that way. I am already an expert at jumping over obstacles. Everyone gets eliminated in this game, I know, but I am very persistent. I just tap next game and play again. I love competing for things. The coins I get in the tours get my total of coins even higher. I love the way the competitors usually get separated as the game goes on. And the warnings of when you’re going to be eliminated—ignore it and keep going! Just like I do! If you like competing, obstacle courses, and rewards in coins, then download the app today!

- It’s okay but there is three problems

First off this game is awesome. The only reason I gave it a four is because there are three problems. The first problem is they always start you off as the last one when you start the level. The second one is on some levels you have to win the level more than once to move on. So if you lose after winning two times and you have one more win to get you have to start all over again which is really annoying. The third problem is if you miss a rope of something you go backwards and it takes forever for you to get back on track. I don’t get ads like other people do so no complaints there but other than these problems this game is awesome.

- Run race😍

This game changed my life it gave it a new purpose a reason to live I love soaring high sliding low and climbing to victory this game has raised my Level of confidence and self value I am also such a champ I win overtime I only lost once and I threw my phone at a wall but we are not gonna talk about that the only downfall is my friends just don’t get it and bully me for downloading the game I want them to experience the magic too but they won’t give it a chance unpopular opinion but I love the ads the are so interesting and give me time to celebrate my victory in between races and such ad led my to this game all in all get this game if you too want a better life.❤️😍💙💖 a game the whole family will love

- Addicting game.

Super fun game, I play with cellular turned off for this specific game.. because the ads were way too much. Otherwise, I’d have to take a couple stars back. It’s very competitive and has super hard levels along with super easy levels. Total balance ⚖️. The only downfall would have to be, because I don’t play the online version, if I lose a level twice I have to force shut the app in order to play again.. since you would have to watch an advertisement in order to “skip” or “replay” the level. But that is a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things. It’s a super great game and time passes quickly playing it.

- Addictive but...

I love this game I play it every day I totally recommend it but when I’m trying to tap to jump, I usually press one of the pop up ads on the bottom of the screen. It’s very frustrating and when I exit out and go back to the game, I miss a jump because i was too late and end up losing. So if the creators are reading this, please consider putting the pop up ads on the top. Another one is something I found recently. When I was playing a level, I was king. I missed a jump, which was fine, until it says I was eliminated when I was king and we didn’t do a full lap yet. It was like the beginning of the map. I don’t really know how to explain this but it happened twice and it’s very frustrating.

- Fun game but too many ads while in the middle of racing

Part of downloading free games is having to sit throught ads in between races, which I don’t mind. But not only does this game have the most frequent and one of the longest ads I have seen, but also has ad banners on the bottom of the screen while you’re in the middle of the race, which causes a bunch of lag. I have lot many races where I had significant leads due to lag caused by ad banners loading at the bottom of the screen while I am racing. The game is super fun, but gets a 3 star due to poor ad placement. I will sit throught 30-45 seconds of ad after each race is complete, but having ad banners load while racing and causing lag is annoying. EDIT: The more I play the more mid race ad banners. Deleting this game now cuz it’s impossible to play with all that ads loading up and causing lags. Reduced to 2 stars.

- Good game but....

This game is so awesome and enjoyable. I always have a blast passing all of the levels and choosing different outfits and dance moves for my person. It is a very suspenseful game, that’s for sure. The only thing I would change about this game is how sometimes the people run the wrong way, preventing you from passing the level. Currently I’m on level 14 and there are steps in this setting to climb up to the finish line. Whenever I knock into one of the steps, my person always ends up going backward, or running the other way, preventing me to get to the finish line and pass the level while everyone else does. So in conclusion, it’s a really awesome game, just that one minor detail and it will be perfect for everyone that plays. Thank you!

- Too much adds

Ok so first of all there is way to much adds. Whenever I play I get stuck with adds. It gets so annoying I just turn my WiFi off so there is no adds. Also the first time I played I had no idea what to do. There were no instructions or anything. I couldn’t get past the first level so I got my friend to help me. After a while we both figured it out. And when u don’t win a level it will give you the option to use 500 coins to pass. Normally I don’t want to because I never have enough coins so I don’t spend them. But they give you no other choice. So I just exit out of the app and go back in so I don’t have to waste my gems. And when I finish the whole thing all it does is do the same levels over and over again from the beginning so it gets really boring doing levels you have already done. Eventually i deleted the app. I recon and to not get this game

- Kinda great but.....

Listen I like the game but the thing that bugs me is that the level the thing I hate about the levels one time I got to the last level and I had to start all over again 😑😭 at the first level also the adds the thing I tolltally hate about the adds is they gitlch which means for my I pad I have to back on the game all over again 🙄 which is really really annoying another thing about the adds is that they take little long or they just randomly take you to the App Store or whatever it’s just the adds most bug me the most that’s really the only reasons why I kinda think Run Race 3D only gets 3starts

- Amazing but.....

This game is so fun I absolutely love playing this game but I have a few things I don’t like about it that can be fixed. First of all I don’t like having to close the app then go back in In order to not pay to pass the level sometimes. Second of all I don’t honk there is a way to get a key for the chests without watching an add and for whatever reason my adds don’t work., I think you should be able to get keys without having to watch an add. I love that this game is easy to play. Both me and my sister love this game very much and play it a lot. Thought we have only had it for like 2 days we are already on levels higher than 40! All together I would totally recommend this game!

- Okay but need more action

Not going to lie this game is awesome, there is just one bad this to it. When you are playing all of a sudden the game will start glitching and will make you die all of a sudden, I feel like that should be fixed. Another thing is is as the levels go on you have to play that course multiple times, which in my case is no fun so I feel like you should be able to choose your course and after playing say 10 times you unlock new level, more times you win, better chance of better levels. Finally the other topic that I would like to bring up is that I am constantly spawned with the same people multiple times which means eventually you will find out there strengths and weaknesses and gets rid of most of the thrill in the game. Other than that, I think this is a enjoyable game.

- Three stars

I love this game I have played it on a different device but my only thing against it is in the add it said that it’s harder than you think but it’s actually easier than it looks other than that there is one thing left but this one is not about the game well maybe it is a little but idk but for some reason every time I try to race someone and we’re jumping on walls like we do in every single level you have to press on the screen to jump right yeah but when ever I click to jump and the other people are way ahead of me on the wall I pass them for some reason maybe I click faster but that’s every time so I don’t think so I think the game makes me jump faster just plz take the stuff I said and think about it thanks bye

- Too good to be true 🤯🤯🤯🤯👍👍👍the game is awesome 👍

So one day I saw this game named RunRace 3D. I got addicted to it. I could not stop 🛑 playin’ the freaking game . We t is the only and best game there is in the world 🌎. Other than purple diver. That game I want so badly. We’re talking about RunRace 3D , here. Mind blowing game. I love 💗 this app as much as all of my people who are really reading 📖 this. I have a couple suggestions. First, kinda slow but the game is fun. Turn of the WiFi, kiddos 👶.That will help .Also , can there be more people who are playing on the same round as you are? Like two groups so it is more fun and challenging? I hope you have received this review. THANK YOU 🙏 🙏🙏

- The game

This game is so fun... but it definitely has its faults. I hate how when you finally win the level you haven’t been able to beat it says u have to do it three times! Also I literally can’t get passed level 23 and you can’t skip it (or I just can’t figure it out 😂🥴 but I don’t think there is because I’ve looked all over for a skip button.) and it’s annoying because I did it once but you know you have to do it three times 🙄. I’m totally fine if there is a skip button that you have to watch and add for but there isn’t one!!!!! But I honestly do really like this game. It’s fun and good but those faults I mentioned really get on my nerves. Anyways let me try to figure out how to beat level 23!

- AMAZING But..............

Okay so I used to think this game was rigged but I gave it a second chance and I LOVE IT!!!! To get good at this game you have to move your fingers fast and I’m doing that right now while I’m typing LOL!🤣 But the reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because if you miss a jump when you're trying to jump over a wall you go like halfway through the course backwards then you turn around and have to do a lot all over again. Yeah not fun when that happens not fun at all. 😑😒😔 So if you can please fix that it would be great and Thank you so much!! Also I'm sorry I'm not using very good grammar like periods and commas and stuff but bear with me here please. Umm that's pretty much all so move on with your life now BYE!! LOL😹

- Good Game

Dear developer, Thank you for making this game. There are many things that I like about this game, and some things that need to be improved. I like the concept of this game because you are racing against opponents. I also like how you can earn coins, change the character’s shape, and the costumes/colors. However, there are a few things that need to be tweaked. For one thing, there are a LOT of ads. Now, I am not the type of person who hates watching ads, but I understand that there are some people who do hate them, especially when there are a lot. I know that you still need to make money off of the game, so that is why there are ads. Maybe instead of watching an ad every time you finish a level/course, you could increase the reward when you do watch an ad in the shop so people would not mind watching the ads to get the reward. Another thing I would like to address is the glitches. The game freezes a lot, causing me to mess up and possibly lose the race. These are just a few suggestions/compliments to your game. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this, and have a nice day.

- I love it but latest update is taking my coins

So I love the fact that tournament mode was added, but I guess the kinks still need to be worked out because this mode has taken my coins even when I win. After I’d win the first match of whichever tournament I’d chosen, there’s no “next game” button and it just gets stuck on the screen letting me know that I’ve advanced so I have to exit the app and when I reopen the app, my buy in amount is gone along with the progress for that tournament and forces me to start over. I think it’s safe to say I’ve lost about 2500 coins and I just started the tournament mode maybe 10-15 min ago. Besides the fact that I have to get those coins back, the game is 🔥🔥🔥.

- It’s fine but

I don’t usually review apps, but I have to. This is a fun game but two major issues. The first one is that the levels get repetitive after a while. It’s as if I got all the levels, so now it’s repeating them. Second, there are far too many ads and not even a way to purchase an ad free experience. I don’t usually complain about ads on apps because I get it, but this app has it after every single level, win or lose, and doesn’t even give us an option to pay a few dollars to remove the ads. I play the app constantly, so I would have no issues spending some money for an ad free experience, but it’s not even an option. Otherwise, I’d rate this game 4/5 or 5/5. These issues are too much for me to give a better score.

- This needs work

This game is so much fun but here’s some critisizem. There are way too many ads. And when I jump it might freeze. Plus when I’m in the middle of a race the stumps that are always there before the trampolines might literally turn me and make me run in the other direction! Sometimes I need to close out the app over and over because it’ll make me run around the map over and over again! And sometimes I even come in last place even if I’ve been in the lead the whole game and it will eliminate ME instead of the other players!!! It’s overall really glitchy. Don’t play this game if you can’t handle waiting for the game and it overall not being fair! - Lyanna.L P.S every time I double jump I can’t and sometimes the play again button not the home will appear on the screen!

- So sorry

I mis understood I am sorry but to the people who were looking at getting this game please do it is a great game and has many different levels it has many different skins body shapes and name options in this game it is a very good game and if you want to become a person who does parkour and is not allowed to, play this game it is not a full experience but it’s very fun to vs people and see who wins there is also a bonus round every three levels not rounds levels it allows you to collect coins to buy skins and body shapes please do download this game! Now just like most people it could use some work but it’s a great game in all!

- Personally, I like it!

As most people did, I found this game from an add. A few weeks of playing and currently, I am at level 52. A lot of people complain about the adds but I don’t really get adds that often, but that’s probably because I usually play the game when I have no WiFi. Yes, the levels do repeat and sometimes it gets annoying but I still think that this app is fun. You are playing against bots, EX: “Lost :)”, “don’t push me”, “join me”, “Chris”, etc. My friend also got this game and said that she played against a bot that had the name I always use while playing, “Watup”. So I do think that the app uses other players names, but this game is a good way to pass time. (Unless you hate repetition!)

- Overall a pretty good and fun game

I don’t really have any complaints but this is one I have. So when you are in a certain situation where there is a pool and a wall you will sometimes get stuck on the wall. So I mean the only negative thing I have to say is its glitchy and you get stuck inside of things like walls sometimes. But this is a really fun and addicting game. I like that you can get different skins and stuff and that you go against certain people, it takes a little while to complete some levels but I really like this game. This game can be played by anyone , SUPER fun. Sorry this was sooo long but I have to tell people about it somehow! Keep updating the game with levels!🙂

- It’s ok and this is why

So I really like this game, at first it was just boring because I didn’t have a lot of coins and the coins are really hard to get. But I do like how there is a large variety of cool skins you can pick from. But the thing is is that you can skip levels, if you don’t know what I mean it’s because at the end if you lose a match then it says Exit or Skip Level I always pick Exit but most people I know don’t. And this comes up a lot and something you are the only person in the match that is English then it gets a little hard. From my experience you have to play the game a lot to really have the full experience of the game.

- Pls fix this!!

This game is very fun but there are some glitches!!!! For instance when you are going over the the finish line for the second time and you are in first place it glitches and you keep running making you loose! This is very annoying. And also when you hit something you run the other way I know you were probably trying to make it difficult so the person keeps playing but this just makes me so frustrated and I don’t want to keep playing! And I have a question are we playing against the computer or normal people? And I know you probably put a lot of effort into making this game and you did a great job mostly and I really like this game please consider fixing these glitches because I know I’m not the only person who has faced them.

- Okay, some annoyances.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s an addictively exciting game. A few requests, however. Sometimes during the race, if you make a mistake, you will start running backwards and there is no way to reverse your direction. Perhaps this is a glitch than can be fixed. Next, just a thought. When the game is loading, you see yourself and the other contestants lined up on a wall which reads, “last man standing.” Not that this has anything to do with the actual gameplay, but I would have appreciated greatly if the creator had simply put “person” instead of “man.” Thank you for reading this comment, and honestly I hope you download the game. It’s a very fun one.

- This game fun as hell

I ain’t even gonna lie I get hooked playing this game bc it’s so easy to pick up and play, yet so entertaining. It starts kinda weird by making you play some of the later stages 3 times, but after that it just shuffles the stages. The way it teaches you how the game works without anything annoying or extra is EXCELLENT design in my opinion and it’s simplicity in graphics and easy to learn gameplay and mechanics along with VERY VERY well designed levels makes this game one of the most underrated games I’ve heard of honestly. The ads blow, but you can just close the app and open it again to get right back in. Enjoy :)

- Please Add New Feature

I love this game! I have been playing this game since around March this year, I think. It’s one of my favorite games and I love that there are soo many levels, competitions, new outfits, etc. I do think that this game would be even better if the creators add a feature to where you can add your friends and play online with them. Like on Fun Run, you can see when your friends are online and invite them to different races. That would be great to have on this app. Usually, I download a game and it lasts for a good month before I get tired of it but I still haven’t gotten tired of this one! 😌👍🏽

- Good just needs fixes

It’s a really good game at first and I played it all the time. Then I noticed some glitches, I would be playing a round win 2 and then I would lose one and it would start the whole level over. I don’t know if that is just part of the game but I think it is unfair. Also I’ll just be tapping tapping tapping to go up the wall and then I’ll start sliding down even tho I’m tapping which causes me to lose. There is also waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to many ads not to mention that no matter what after a level there will be a 30 second ad that i cannot skip and then after that I have to wait through another 15 seconds to fully get rid of the ad. I also don’t get how this game has bad reviews but still has 4 stars. All in all this is a bad game 10/10 would not recommend.

- Love this game but...

I love this game it’s addicting and I played every day I was excited to find out that you can win trophies by completing a session where you compete. You earn coins after every eight games you win and then you can use those coins to play in a session to win a trophy. I love it but every time I play for a trophy I get past the first round and I win but when I go to the second round there’s no button to go to the next part of that session. It pisses me off because I’ve earned the coins and I I have been in the first level so I should be able to play the second level of that session 2 for a chance to win a trophy. Please fix this glitch thank you

- Why?!

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- Bots and Suggestions

First off, I’m going to let everyone know the secret. You aren’t playing against real people. It’s robots. I’m not positive and I’m no expert but I think real people learn from their mistakes and their characters don’t glitch out at the same time (most of the time.) If you were playing against real people you wouldn’t see the same usernames 20 times and the other players would improve their strategy. Anyways, my suggestion is to add a practice area. I’m at the point of the game where each race is randomized so I haven’t gotten much of a chance to improve and win on some of the new levels. A practice area would allow me to practice the levels before I race. It could also include training for individual obstacles.

- Awesome!

Hi! If you go to my channel Bryleigh And Griffin TV I will review requested apps and l will start doing it on March 12, 2020 because that is my birthday and if I forget remind me in the comments section but this game is awesome but one thing is that every time I play it l wonder if you could make some power ups to run fast, jump really high or have a 30 second break and go back on. The first one would cost 100 coins and the rest and one hundred to second and 200 to third. If you read all of this, congrats because this took me thirty minutes to type! I hope you read this app maker and you comment on it!

- C’mon Man

It’s a decent game, but personally, I see more flaws than anything. I haven’t been playing this for that long but it’s quite infuriating. Most of the time that you run into something, you get turned back. With no way to stop it. You lose all that progress and then end up losing. I’ve had to play a certain level at least 7 times now because of this. Almost as if there’s one designated spot of failure on the map. Also, I sometimes just get stuck in place. What’s that about? The amount of ads is annoying, but it’s basically the same amount as there is on any stagnant mobile game. All in all, only half the time that you are in the game do you get to play. And only about an eighth of that time does it not glitch, and allow you to maybe win.

- Glitches😡😩🥺

I like to play this game and thoroughly enjoy it, though, there is one minor bug or glitch, I don’t know what to call it. I was competing in one of those games where you are one on one against a player, and I was on my last time the the 2nd lap 3rd round I could see the finish line I was about to win, and then it booted me out! I went back in and all my money was gone, wasted! That is a very frustrating thing knowing that it is hard to get 500 coins, so too me that is a big problem. You might think I’m being dramatic, maybe, but this isn’t the first time this has happened! Thank You! Sincerely , Unsatisfied Human.👎🏻 Edit: Ok now I have the opposite problem to much money, NOTHING cool or interesting to buy with it. Please add something more like a roller scales so you can zoom ahead of the other players or a dog you can race. 🙏

- Good but......

I absolute love this game, it has so many levels and just wows me but......There is a few down sides 1. TO MANY ADS, I know you want to sponsor people but just bring it down a little please 2. NOT REAL PEOPLE, I would like to race real people....not robots but if it is my mistake I am sorry 3. BEING ELIMINATED, can we just have an end with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th please And last but not least, 4. HAVING TO RESTART ON YOUR BAR, there is a bar and you can see it when you win a race but.... if you lose one race you lose all those bars and it’s very aggravating when you lose a round. THANK YOU FOR READING AND UNDERSTANDING. Love your game but those are the only downsides ❤️

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Run Race 3D 1.5.3 Screenshots & Images

Run Race 3D iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Run Race 3D iphone images
Run Race 3D iphone images
Run Race 3D iphone images
Run Race 3D iphone images
Run Race 3D iphone images

Run Race 3D (Version 1.5.3) Install & Download

The applications Run Race 3D was published in the category Games on 2019-03-24 and was developed by Good Job Games [Developer ID: 1191495496]. This application file size is 334.08 MB. Run Race 3D - Games app posted on 2020-11-15 current version is 1.5.3 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.mgc.runnergame

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