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EBay Motors: Parts, Cars, more [Shopping] App Description & Overview

What is ebay motors: parts, cars, more app? One of the world’s widest selections of vehicle parts and accessories is available on the eBay Motors app. Use the app to buy and sell vehicles with ease, as well as chat with other auto enthusiasts.

Here are just some of our unique features:

Buy parts and accessories, right from the app

The Motors app offers eBay’s full US inventory of parts and accessories, right at your fingertips. You can also talk shop with a community of auto enthusiasts while buying and selling vehicles.

My Garage provides a place to easily store your vehicle’s specs so you can effortlessly find, compare, and buy parts that will fit your ride. You can easily switch between your everyday ride, and your restoration “project” without having to constantly enter the same information.

After you've added your vehicle to My Garage, check out eBay’s Fitment Finder. It gives you the confidence that the parts you buy on the eBay Motors app will fit your vehicle. Look for the green checkmarks to quickly pick out the right part for your ride.

Safely ship your vehicle with confidence

Our partnership with uShip Logistics has allowed eBay Motors to provide a safe, secure, and affordable option for vehicle transportation.

Securely pay for vehicles with Escrow.com

eBay’s partnership with Escrow.com provides you with the most secure way to purchase your next vehicle online.

Chat with those looking to buy and sell

The eBay Motors app has a chat experience for users as they look to purchase and sell vehicles. Communication has never been easier.

Connect with a community of auto enthusiasts

React, share, comment, and connect with other enthusiasts about eBay Motors’ unparalleled inventory. The auto community is alive and well on the eBay Motors app.

Use your phone to scan your license plate and VIN number

Take a picture of your license plate and the eBay Motors app will do the rest--uploading your VIN number and all the details of your vehicle for you.


For all support-related issues, please email car@ebay.com. For questions and suggestions, email ebay-motors-feedback@ebay.com. Your feedback is important to us.

This app is only intended for use by individuals who are 18 years and older.
All vehicle and parts inventory is currently US-based.

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EBay Motors: Parts, Cars, more Customer Service, Editor Notes:

EBay Motors: Parts, Cars, more Version 2.44.011 August 2022

Various design updates and bug fixes..

EBay Motors: Parts, Cars, more Version 2.34.026 May 2022

New features: Ability to save tire sizes for easy searching Updates: Various design updates and bug fixes.

EBay Motors: Parts, Cars, more Version 2.27.007 April 2022

New features: Ability to 'Favorite' parts and accessories My Garage accessible from Parts Homepage Updates: Various design updates and bug fixes.

EBay Motors: Parts, Cars, more Comments & Reviews 2022

- Thank you!!

I have been waiting for this! Always wanting to comment & share appreciation for cool cars that I can’t necessarily buy but also don’t want them ending up in a junkyard. Now I can comment and add value to a car in the hopes of preventing it from going to the crusher, and instead into someone’s garage. Thank you ebay! Also the favoriting system is great, now I can keep better track of cool cars.

- Listing

I have used eBay in the past for purchasing all sorts of different things. It’s been a fairly simple to use and I’ve had good experience with it. Now. I have just decided to give it a first time try as a seller. I typically use Facebook marketplace because it’s free and been a good tool for purchasing and selling vehicles but I thought I’d try eBay out this time around. anyway due to item pricing the listing was flagged. Then after a couple of calls to customer service I was told the verification process was passed and the listing would be able to go live. this is the second or third phone call where I was told everything would be all set. It’s now over a week since I was charged for the listing and the item is not even live or able to be delisted. At this point I would not pay to make a new listing being concerned the same thing would happen. I also found it difficult to manage any account issues because they cannot be done from within eBay motors parameters and I had to navigate back and forth between the eBay website and app. So far the customer service reps have been pleasant and it seems they are helpful but the problem has not actually been resolved.

- Clean App, But Needs Work...

Biggest problem is its not a stand alone app and requires you to go back and forth between it and the eBay app. Would be much better it you could list and manage all aspects of your listing on the app. Biggest improvement I can think of would be to show the “views, bids and saves” numbers (critical information for buyers and sellers) front and center on every listing view. Zillow does this for real estate and its great! The pricing for eBay motors includes a Auto Check report as an “added value” but is worthless to classic car listings. While the new fixed price listing setup for non-dealers is not outrageous, I would prefer to have a minimal listing fee combined with a reasonable final value fee. It would result in more listings, but still generate revenue from every listing. I’ve had scammers with new (0 feedback) accounts contact me first on both of my most recent listings. EBay needs to get a handle on this if they want to maintain any lead on Craigslist and other platforms. As of now, there doesn’t appear to be a one-click method of reporting scammers.

- Can’t navigate pictures with my mouse anymore.

I hate when you update a app and you LOSE features rather than gain new relevant ones. For example. I just updated my app and found out that I can no longer manipulate pictures within listings with my mouse. Thus causing me to use my finger to navigate the pictures now vs using my mouse. Terrible. Update in response to a developer response. I am using a Apple Magic Trackpad 2. I use it to navigate around the iPad. I found after the most recent update that support for scrolling through pictures for vehicles posted on the app are spotty at best. Most of the time it will not allow me to swipe, I have tried to click down on the trackpad and hold. That as well does not work. I wish there was a clear cut solution to this problem as while it’s not a huge deal to use my finger to navigate the pictures of the vehicle listings. I would prefer to use my mouse as my setup lends to the ergonomics gained from using a mouse with the IOS operating system.

- It’s okay

I mean I am holding it up to the standards of CarMax and EBay itself...and it’s not there. It loads a conglomeration of vehicles which may be fun to browse but if seriously shopping for a car you likely want to search before just seeing a bunch of listings. Second, and this is a big one, no way to save individual photos..the only way is to take a screenshot. When I view More Details to go to the HTML view on a listing and press and click Add To Photos the app just crashed. Another big con... no trim filtering! Say if I want to only look at AMG or M models, I have to wade through a ton of irrelevant listings. It doesn’t come across as a nice experience as CarsAndBids or BringATrailer, which allow for conversation between seller and buyers in a transparent manner. Pluses: - loads quickly - Listing Detail view is well laid out P.S if you are looking for a developer you should hire me! ;) Update: Developer response seems defensive and only addresses certain things so adjusting rating to 1 Star. But to answer: Browse is what I was looking for so my mistake there. But, no trim filtering is still a big con as mentioned. As well as not being able to save individual photos. The Community tab does not really make much sense. It should just be on the listing itself, like the sites I mentioned. Chat sounds beneficial, though I would think of that as a needed feature if buying something as expensive as a vehicle.

- App is really glitchy

The main part of this app that needs a LOT of work is the pictures area, any type of pictures you add into anything is a bad experience. Updating the car on your garage, you can choose a photo and instead it’ll choose a different one. When you choose multiple photos, it gets one of them and makes them all duplicates. Same thing for posting cars, it made it a nightmare, adding a single photo at a time. Not to also include that it organizes the photos of posting a car as (exterior, interior and other) where it randomly puts a interior photo in my exterior section and it won’t let me change it. Needs a lot of work, not to also add the high prices to post a car. Extra 1: deleting a photo will sometimes delete 2 or more, needs a lot of work Extra 2: sometimes the photos you put come out blank, and you need to re add then again, making this process extremely annoying

- what a joke

This app has the potential to be a great tool for finding quality new and used vehicles but the developer has apparently decided to put next to zero effort in. This is extremely frustrating as the app looks and functions beautifully. Ebay needs to take their customers seriously and offer regulation, maintenance and customer service. Maybe then the outrageous price to submit a single post can be justified. Multiple posts of the same vehicles from different accounts. Unable to save searches for easy updates and new posts. No subscription service available for serious dealers or private traders? Zero customer support. Next to zero quality content due to inflated pricing. This is why facebook will make you obsolete.

- The app is good… for buyers

I have attempted to sell 2 cars on eBay motors. I sold my corvette twice on the app and neither time has the buyer even responded to me. The buyer has little to no consequences for bidding on your vehicle and not taking it. Furthermore everytime someone does not take the vehicle, you have to pay again to repost it. Even if the buyer never contacts you. It seems pretty good for the buyer, especially since you have zero obligation to actually buy the thing you bid on. I think Ebay does not want to require a down payment on vehicles because if you do not sell it you’re likely to repost, which makes them more money. It does get 2 stars though because the buyer usually has a good experience with Buyers protection

- It’s almost all good!!

I’ve purchased many vehicles over the years off eBay motors and all except one was fair. However, the fraudulent listing was not covered well by eBay and it cost me 10k (on a 30k auto) to learn the fine print of buyer protection guaranteed on what the car is supposed to be valued at vs what the car IS valued at...is based on the fraudulent price rather than what I paid and thought I was purchasing. My vehicle even came with a bogus car fax check that was found to be inaccurate. Oh well, I’ve made many good purchases too so it comes out in the end. I still wish they would cover fraudulent lemons better somehow. Thanks

- Surprise disappointment

Would expect eBay to be the leader in terms of GUI, seller experience, ease of use, etc. Being that they are the market leader. This app is horrible. Will not allow sending pictures in response to questions about vehicle. Will not allow adding pictures. Horrible and clumsy at best. This app was clearly thrown together to have something to offer. Would rather not have an app than use this frustration box. Can it and start over Even worse every response from the developer is an attempt to excuse or explain issues away as user error. That’s how giant corps get their lunches eaten by innovative companies who listen to their customers.

- Stop the insanity

In general, the app is wonderful for searching and viewing ads. However, I believe the main purpose of the app is the ability to bid on vehicles. If so, then why in the world am I required to log in EVERY time I open the app! Every single time I open the app for a new session and try to save a favorite or bid on a vehicle, I have to sign into eBay AGAIN...even though I already signed in three times in the same day. And, to make it worse, nearly 50 percent of the time, “something went wrong” with the sign in. Connecting the app with our eBay account should be a ONE and DONE. Please fix this terrible user experience.


I STILL have scammers trying to send me messages on this app. WHY DONT YOU MAKE IT EASY TO REPORT SCAMMERS!!??? MAKE IT SO WE CAN JUST CLICK THEIR SCREEN NAME AND REPORT THEM!!??? WHY IN THE WORLD DONT YOU REQUIRE PEOPLE TO LIST A VALID CREDIT CARD TO BID!!!??? I should NOT have had to pay for my last listing because I needed to change my ad. And I couldn’t, BECAUSE TWO SCAMMERS BID ON THE CAR!!! They weren’t even real people. But. Because they made an ultra low bid, I couldn’t change the wording in my ad. I’m going to report this app and the screen names to the FBI’s cyber crime division. Then I’ll write an email to my congressman & senator to have them call EBay onto the carpet as to WHY you’re doing NOTHING to combat this.

- Awful

I’m running the latest iOS on iPhone XS Max. The app doesn’t let me add a new listing, once I manage to get something listed trying to revise it is an infinite loop of hitting revise in the app then having an eBay web browser open within the app that says I must use the app for any revisions. Half the time any current items being sold don’t even appear in the app, and messages just don’t exist, meanwhile I get them via the old regular eBay app. I only have one account, so that’s not the issue. Listings cost $100 each and I have zero control over them after the initial post, I’ve spent and lost way too much money because of this nonsense.

- Only one problem

The app is pretty good and easy to use and if your just trying to buy or sell a car this is definitely the app for you, the only problem is the chat system they should’ve sectioned it to one place instead of two would’ve been way more simpler and also take away the fact that you can only message every 24 hours which is kinda stupid

- Listing issues - NO Control

Was promoted to download the app following my attempt to list my car. Loved the interface and “quick” listing ability - loading videos etc but I have re-done my listing 3 times and it still doesn’t show up in the app. Doesn’t make sense. Like others reviewing, once completed and re-entering info my listing is still not visible. I only have 1 EBay account and am running the latest version of IOS - IPhone X MAX. Again, love the ease of use and listing features but it doesn’t seem to be operating correctly and I am not looking forward to being billed multiple times at $95ea...!

- Thank you Donut Media

So forever I just went through my phones browser for eBay motors. Now I can see all the awesome cars and parts I can’t afford very efficiently and effectively. And that’s important. The app actually works better than I thought it would. Very fluid. Thanks again donut media for the reminder to get the app. I like it.

- Piece of junk app

First I try to revise an item that is SCHEDULED, eBay say I must use the EBAY MOTORS APP, once I go to the APP there is no option for finding the SCHEDULED listing, Which is no where to be found!!!! Lost in space. So I return to CHROME to make the listing active, and then go back to this stupid APP to revise the pictures...only to find out the picture CROP option does not even work. Maybe eBay should consider hiring people that actually list and sell cars on eBay motors helping and testing the designing these dumb APPS, instead of people who have not sold one item car in their life.


DATE: Thursday, November 18, 2021 HARDWARE: iPhone 12 Pro SOFTWARE: iOS 15.1 The eBay Motors app is much improved from what it was when it was first introduced (two years ago,?). THEN, after early adopting it, I didn’t think it worked nearly as well as getting to the Motors Department of the regular eBay app. NOW, on a whim, because I had banned one of my friends from using the Motors app, I checked it again for myself, and found the navigation much better, and the whole experience much improved and easier. And I also told my friend he could use Motors app, and we could discuss the same listings on the phone. So, good work, eBay Motors App Team😉!

- Incredible

Hey guys who created this, you guys rock I absolutely love everything on this app it’s so easy to see future cars the app is surprisingly easy to use even thought I’m a a twelve year old I still love looking at these incredible cars I mean I’ve seen sema builds witch we’re incredible I also love just looking at some of these cool classics

- eBay Motors is Back!

Great way to list and sell your car, with cool features. eBay has always been my favorite platform to sell cars. It’s way easier than people would think in the surface. And eve. If nothing to sell chatting, and commenting on cool rides on eBay is what I do while quarantined. I’m really enjoying this new incarnation of eBay Motors.

- Great app and a great expansion of service from EBay

This app greatly expands the power of a vehicle search over what could be done on EBay alone. My first vehicle purchase on EBay occurred 12 years ago. The search function was less precise then. The new eBay motors app is very useful. I highly recommend it.

- App needs work…..and lots of it!

I enjoy eBay. I frequently purchase items from the eBay app. However, this motors app is not very reliable. It crashes very often. I often receive the “ooops….something went wrong on our end.” I have been trying for over a week to upload a video of an automobile I have for sell. There is no where on the app I have been able to find to do this. One would think eBay would be able to monitor their app and make repairs for as much as eBay charge for an ad! Seriously! 👎

- Saw this on ChrisFix and now I’m addicted

I saw this app on ChrisFix’s Instagram and downloaded it. I’m glad I did. Usually I search FB marketplace but now I have another place to look at cars for sale. Will I be buying a car anytime soon? Prob not, but still, you never know when the next project will be found!

- Some good potential, but misses so basic user functionality

Nice interface, searching, and viewing listings, but a miss on usability with eBay. Favorites don’t sync with watched items, texting to sellers is not great in that on numerous occasions the seller doesn’t reply and I have to use the website to email. Saved searches don’t sync as well. It is like the App and the website are completely different owners and basic functions and not aligned

- Social Media Motors

Used to be a straight up buy/sell site, now it has digressed into a social media platform. Seriously, what is the benefit of allowing people to give their opinions in words or emojis of what someone is trying to sell? So what if someone is asking too much? DON’T BUY IT! So what if it looks ugly? DON’T BUY IT! So what if you think those models are crap? DON’T BUY IT! Now, eBay is allowing mob rule (people’s opinions, and worse, opinions of people that aren’t even going to buy it) to affect people’s chance of selling. Pitiful!!

- New App

I like the clean look and feel of the new app. Especially the saved searches with push notifications for new listings. However, you are unable to create a saved search for a vehicle that is not currently listed. This is something that would definitely come in handy for those hard to find model/year combinations.

- Is this a beta?

If this were 10 years ago it might pass as an auto app from a random unknown company...like an early competitor to Autotrader or something. But it’s not. It a multi-billion dollar global corporation’s app and its laughably incompetent. Who approved this crap? And I’m a seller on eBay who’s sold and purchased multiple cars and motorcycles. I deleted this app the same day I downloaded it after discovering its glaring deficiencies and will likely never give them another shot with it. Just stick to the regular app folks.

- Vehicle shopping.

Costumers have the freedom of choice and is given the chance to bargain as they say, and not pressured in doing business as other car dealers do. They also have the privilege to work within their budget and also get a good deal.

- All types of beautiful looking cars

If you can’t find a car in here that you love, you’re not gonna find it anywhere, I fell in love with about three or four of them so I have to count up all my pennies to see if I can get one.

- No car parts

The old app had the ability to search car parts, which was great. I used it all the time when searching parts for my ‘65 Mustang. The garage feature was really handy as my car is a restomod with several model year Mustangs combined into one. I could easily switch between cars to search the specific parts (ie: I have a 302 from a ‘77 Montego, front brakes from a Granada, etc). The new app is just for buying and selling cars. Kinda disappointed.

- Great place to buy your next car

I bought an Ambulance here with low mileage and brand new engine and have had nothing go wrong with it in 4 years except Alternator and tires which you’d have to buy anyway & for an unbelievably price, buying a police car next thanks EBay

- eBay is a four or five star company

Their cars their trucks their vans their classics their hot rods their trucks all their cars and everything is awesome if you can’t find a truck or car here I don’t know where you can because they can find you something good wailing andAnd Godspeed they will find you want

- This is the app car folks need!

Made my first purchase recently, and the experience was great! Shop around, compare prices, or find a seller you want to do business with; this app allows that to happen with ease.

- Came for Chrisfix, stayed for the surprisingly good app

Actually a great way to shop for cars. I usually don’t consider eBay and just stick to craigslist and FB marketplace when browsing but this app has changed my mind about eBay. Super easy to filter for exactly what you’re looking for.

- Glitching

I installed this app and while easy to use as a buyer, it keeps not allowing me to get to the messages I have to chat with customers about a vehicle purchase. When I log into the eBay app it makes me use the motors app and doesn’t work. I have over 500 active listings and am well versed I using eBay and am not happy I can’t respond to users questions about purchasing a several thousand dollar vehicle. This app is now costing my business time and money.

- Another terrible app from eBay

Another terrible app from eBay. You can’t edit your profile, it has little connection to your eBay account (watched items are exclusive to this app, do not sync with your eBay account 🤦‍♂️), the sellers don’t see chat messages unless they use it too, clunky user experience, can’t even copy your chat messages that the seller didn't see to paste it in the normal eBay app where they will see it. It’s like this was created in a vacuum from anything else at eBay.

- What could be wrong?

The only issue in the slightest I could find with this app is the lack of posts, but that is not eBay Motor’s responsibility or fault. Over time that issue will subside and the application will become even better than it already is.

- Terrible

Unfortunately this app has so many flaws it is nearly impossible to get through the list a car I’m a dealer and I’ve been listing on eBay for 20 years we need apps from eBay motors so we don’t have to load pictures continually on our computers this is why we try to use it but this app has just flaw after flaw it’s a very unfortunate and very hard to use I’ve been using it since it came out Please fix it ASAP

- What’s going on.

I love the app when it works, it crashes nearly every time I use it. I just try to read an add and it most often goes back to the Home Screen. Please fix this.

- Photos order bug

I tried to list a car for sale. As I added more photos, the app keeps reordering my photos. I tried to drag a different photo to first position (the highlight photo) but the app keeps changing which photo is there. Highly annoying. Went back to the Website.

- Glitchy on iPhone

Thing scrolls back to the top constantly, making me have to scroll down again. Impossible to use, unless you have lots of time. I don’t.

- Not enough filters

I find this version of eBay has less filters. I want a filter to choose what countries. The item I want is not available in USA but eBay hides many international items. To sort items by distance this app forces you to enable location services. This is just an information grab so they can sell your information. There is no reason for you to force me to share my location.

- Mom protection

If you purchase a car on EBay don’t make certain you want it. There are loopholes everywhere for them to get around helping you out if there is a problem with the transaction. If you treat it the way you would treat a purchase from a crook you will do fine. If you go in thinking EBay is going to bail you out if there is a problem you will more than likely be very disappointed.

- Stopped working on my iPad

This app just stopped working one day I went to use it. It says error loading tap to retry but every time I tap to retry it does nothing. I am rating 5 stars because the app was amazing before this problem.

- Cars in a flash

I have purchased several cars in EBay and I’ve always had to search for some time to find what I wanted. With this app everything is extremely quick and easy. I love this app just amazing

- Came for ChrisFix

Love the app and how it’s pretty similar to something like CarGurus with a looot more depth. I like people able to use keywords as well as a make/model search. The only thing I’d like to see is a Coupe body style selection, other than that I love it.

- There shouldn’t be two apps for eBay.

I sold my car on eBay, but now I had to download this second app to make sure that my buyer received my messages. eBay should make the selling process easy and have only one app for everything. My eBay on the computer should be the same as on my phone, and when I go to eBay motors on the desktop, it tells me to download the app onto my phone.

- Sometimes Old Is Good

Working the new layout for E-Bay. It it was fine and easier for searching E- Bay Motors in the older format. Like they say, If it isn’t broken don’t try and fix it. In my opinion it worked fine in the fast and good navigation for myself and all my car friends.

- Needs a Favorite/Like/wishlist button

This app is amazing really easy and straightforward the hassle is gone can’t complain very great all it needs is something to memorize my stuff that I want to get for later. Overall really great

- Great app but

Love the app but wish it had add to car instead of buy now because when your searching for multiple parts I don’t want to Individually by the parts I want to buy them in a lump sum

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- Excellent

Very, very good for people on a budget, people looking for luxury, really everything! I like looking through this in my free time not even buying. Good for car enthusiasts.

- Great but with problems

Its a great car buying app but the main problem is that you cannot change the location. At present it only shows vehicles and search results from the good old U.S.A fingers crossed that over the next few updates that this problem/issue is solved.

- I love it

Rlly good app

- Only USA

Deleted immediately. Which is a shame. I would’ve really liked to browse this as often as FB, but unfortunately there’s no option to change the location.

- Not able to change country

Seems only for USA customers and no way to change country even if you wanted to use it elsewhere!

- Only in America

This app should allow to be used in other countries another than America. I am in Australia and I cannot find or list any vehicles.

- Only US?

Need to be able to change location.

- eBay motors review

Needs to be made global not just United States

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- Heyy that’s pretty good

James pomfry poncho sent me

- Crash

Have to support previous comments about it needing to include a purely canadian car section - with the constant flux of the cdn $ vs the US$ there is an active economy back and forth across the border of US vehicles and Cdn vehicles and so a purely cdn vehicle option would not only be useful for those Canadians looking to purchase in Canada but also those in the US wanting to purchase a cdn vehicle (particularly cars from the 50s and 60s) to bring back to the USA

- Review eBay motors

I like this option from eBay for people looking and selling vehicles. Only 2 thing I would suggest to this company. One make commercial and put it on TSN, 2 make an eBay motors .ca for Canada:)

- No Canadian Support

This was constantly advertised to me just to be useless. As of this review, no Canadian vehicles are listed. If you’re from Canada, Don’t get this.

- :D

BisforBuild and Tavarish sent me

- No Canadian support

Wasted data downloading this only to find out I can’t even use it...

- Canada?

I think there should be an option for viewing cars in Canada as well.

- American

Only in the US

- Good concept but useless in Canada

Love thr concept but makes it useless in Canada.

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EBay Motors: Parts, Cars, more 2.44.0 Screenshots & Images

EBay Motors: Parts, Cars, more iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

EBay Motors: Parts, Cars, more iphone images
EBay Motors: Parts, Cars, more iphone images
EBay Motors: Parts, Cars, more iphone images
EBay Motors: Parts, Cars, more iphone images
EBay Motors: Parts, Cars, more iphone images
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The applications EBay Motors: Parts, Cars, more was published in the category Shopping on 2019-12-09 and was developed by eBay Inc. [Developer ID: 282614219]. This application file size is 202.43 MB. EBay Motors: Parts, Cars, more - Shopping app posted on 2022-08-11 current version is 2.44.0 and works well on IOS 11.4 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.ebay.motorsapp