FNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator

FNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator [Games] App Description & Overview

NOTE: A device with at least 1 GB of RAM is required for this game to run properly.

Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator puts you in charge of developing your own restaurant!

Prospective franchise owners will start by opening their new Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. Purchase your initial attractions, choose your decor, make sure all the equipment is working correctly and then open the doors! After a busy day you'll wrap up the paperwork and closing, often late into the night as you build your business! Once you're done you can take the revenue you have earned and reinvest it back in to the restaurant, turning your burgeoning pizza business into an empire! Fazbear Entertainment provides you all the tools and knowledge to build and run a safe and successful location.

Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible for liability from any and all claims, including negligence or accident, resulting in personal injury, accidents, or death from operation of Fazbear Pizzeria franchise. Fazbear Entertainment is also not responsible for anything left unwanted roaming around your pizzeria.

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FNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator Comments & Reviews

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- Amazing Port, Still Fun, Hard, and Scary

The FNaF6 mobile port was a port that I along with many other people were not expecting to be this good. The game runs perfectly on mobile devices and the play style matches works perfectly for phones. Salvaging animatronics is a unique twist on your typical FNaF game. You find an animatronic out back and you can choose to salvage or throw it away. Of course salvaging comes with a risk, as if you fail to salvage the animatronic it will run loose in your pizzeria and make the night shift Part even harder. The more animatronics you’ve salvaged or failed to Salvage will make your life even worse as they’ll try to kill you as well. During your night shift your job is to do basic jobs to improve your pizzeria such as order new supplies and print posters. Of course there are two vents that the animatronics will try to come and attack you from, meaning audio is very important in this part of the game. Being able to hear an animatronic in each of your ear makes the experience even better and more terrifying. Of course nothing everything has to be scary though, As one of the main parts of the game is building your own pizzeria, you make money improve your pizzeria repeat, surprisingly this part of the game never gets boring especially with fun mini games you can buy for In game currency and play for a better rating and more money.

- Excellent Game! Best FNAF so far

After purchasing this game and playing it for some time, I have to say, I am quite pleased with it’s performance. It just runs so smoothly as if it was designed for mobile in the first place. Also, the fact that Clickteam managed to port the full PC version of this game over to mobile without any downgrades is very impressive. I’d say it’s definitely worth the money to buy, however, I have noticed a few issues I would like to address. First of all, I ended up getting jumpscared by one of the animatronics when I never even salvaged them or threw them back into the alley. Now I’m not certain if this is because I bought a risky item beforehand or if it’s just a bug. If it is, please take the time to patch it. Second, it does not save any of your achievements if you start a new game. Now once again, it could be possible that it’s supposed to be this way, but I can’t say for sure. Third thing is that as you progress into the game, the nights can be become extremely difficult to pass, and in some cases even impossible. So please change the nights to make them just slightly easier. Other than that, the game is perfect and extremely fun to play. Scott and Clickteam really did it with this one (PS: Also, if we could get an estimated release schedule for mobile UCN, that would be great, thanks!)

- Theirs a problem

First of all I’d like to say that this is a very nicely designed game. I enjoy the nights, and the salvage levels, and managing my own pizzeria. But most of the game has no sound at all. Which makes it ten times harder. I can hear the guide, I can hear the Sponsors, but I can’t hear jump scares, I can’t hear the ventilation, I can’t hear animatronics inside the ventilation, I can’t even hear the computer when I’m doing my tasks. Yet the sponsors are loud as can be. I don’t understand why this is happening. in other reviews most people are complaining about the same Thing. And to be honest I don’t blame them. All problems aside though I think it’s somewhat worth getting. And when or if the sound problem gets fixed, this game will definitely be Worth $2.99. Developers if you read this please at least try to fix this problem. Also to whom ever is reading this.. this game is definitely worth playing and offers great game play. Id suggest getting it.

- This is a some stuff you could add Scott cawthon.

I was thinking you could add some game modes and other stuff down below. Doors: just like the original game, fnaf 1 you could use lights and doors, and I’m thinking you could use the flashlight to see what scraped animatronics are close to you and the door should only work for 5 secs and 5 sec cool down. Make an office: like you can make your own pizzeria you can build your own office with everything from fnaf 1-5 with or without a mask and camera terminal and your own animatronics route. Explore mode: in this you have a joystick to move and see your pizzeria, were fantasy comes to life (hehe). Multiplayer mode: two people are working together for the printer, ordering, and maintenance one works the computer while the other person looks at both vents but they must be aware of what hides in the dark. Community build: team up with 5-20 players to build the ultimate pizzeria ever made in the franchise! You can see others community creations. Musical jams pack: you can buy this for 3.99$ it includes sparkle Bonnie (I made this character up) also with sparkle Freddy sparkle Chica and sparkle foxy for your pizzeria. Custom night: unlock this mode by getting any ending. Parts and service: here you can make an animatronic (it won’t be in your pizzeria) or fix any kind of animatronic. Model kit upgrade: get this for 1.99$ after getting the original model kit. I’m counting on you to please make these.


I LOVE this game, really it’s amazing. The layout of the game and the hidden mini games and all are fantastic! It’s just sad to know that these animatronics have burned and their gone forever..... at least we got to see them in fnaf VR help wanted! Hmmmmm....I wonder if they’ll come back? With the new game coming out in 2020 I don’t think they’ll return but I’m sure there’s going to be new animatronics with the alligator looking one and the rest by the looks of the picture. As well with the hidden codes, cult, vanny and stuff...I’m sure Glitchtrap will have something to do with this since we didn’t kill him in Fnaf VR help wanted.....lots of theories going on....but back to FNaF 6.....I’m kinda confused why there is “Trash and the gang” and “music man” Trash and the gang isn’t really animatronics and music man is......he’s creepy and doesn’t make sense. But enough with me complaining, this 6th game is AWSOME and I love it. Thanks for making it for us fans!!!


This game is so fun! But I think it’s a bit too hard. Here is why. Whenever you play the audio to get the animatronics(I’m on night 3 and have 2) to go to one place, an ad on your computer pops up so you can’t look around and by the time you can skip it the animatronics are either outside the vent or to far away from each other to get to the same spot far away without the other one getting in. Second, it takes way too long to print things, I mean, in real life the time is realistic but in the game it’s just annoying. Third , the animatronics move to fast, in all the other games they are pretty slow and not that hard to keep track of, but in this game their so fast that every time I try to beat night 3 I die in 15 seconds tops because of the reasons listed above. Overall great game but would like to see the mobile version made easier. 🐻🐰🐥🦊

- Horrible app! Here is why.

This game was fun, until I pressed finish and started the second night. And that’s when “multin” Freddy attacked me when I was printing the second flyer. I died and I had to restart the night all over again. But this time I scanned the Motion detector to see who is there and it said nobody so I played audio away from me to wear if they were standing in my left that they would still hear it and get away. I put my flashlight inside of the vent to try to flash him off just in case. and then I printed my first fliyer of the night, and that’s what I got jump scared the next time I tried I got jump scared again and I haven’t played or printed Out one flyer since. I wish it was easier to best night two due the fact that I’m only at night two and me, my friends, and my parents can’t even beat it. Please make it easier it should only be this difficult if I was on the fourth or fifth night not the second??? If you are the developer then please fix this. I understand that the game is supposed to be challenging and fun but it’s so hard that no one can really beat it. Please make it easer or at least give me my money back.

- I hope you enjoy this game as much as I do!!!

😍Omg I love this game!! Me and my nieces and nephews love to play this game and we are all almost the same age. My nephew always begs me to let him play and always he expects me to let him play 🙄. But, their the only ones I have left to accompany me.. so I obviously let them play what they want. But I think you should get this game!! Tips: I warn you that you shouldn’t buy lefty and I always skip the salvage because I did those those things and I had to deal with more animatronics. Flash the light at the vent that you hear moving from, trust me it works! You don’t actually have to turn off the computer it doesn’t matter. And motion doesn’t stop the animatronics from coming it’s only purpose is to see where there at. I hope you enjoy this game as much as I do!! Ty for reading!

- Nights are way to hard!

The game is really fun and different from all the other fnaf games and I like the idea of it, but the nights are way to hard. Seriously like the third night is like 5th night level hard it’s soooo hard and you can’t get any task done because the animatronic are right next to you not even 10 minutes into the night and even if you do catch them on the monitor close to you have to turn off everything SUPER fast and obviously it’s hard to push two tiny on the corner of the screen really fast and by the time you turn around you die. I just wanted to warn someone thinking of spending there money on this and while it is worth it for the “make your own pizzeria part” the night are way to hard seriously as soon as I get on the night I die like 2 minutes in. If you aren't good at fnaf i wouldn’t recommend this game but I will say the rest of the game is worth it👍😀

- The series will end, the story lives on forever

Scott Cawthon and the other creators of this series have made an outstanding job in this timeline and that this game tops all of the others. Sure it was intended for lore and everything, but the gameplay is amazingly strategic and the idea of creating your own Fazbear pizzeria just blows me away. The voice acting is terrific and the sounds are so retro and I just love it. I have been playing these games ever since 2014, and they will never get old. Scott Cawthon went from being store clerk, to a very popular video game designer in just half a decade. I want to thank Scott for making such a magnificent series and I hope he does more. The Fnaf series will eventually end, but the story lives on forever.🐻🐰🐤🦊👮🏻‍♂️

- Just like most of us, I think it’s too hard.

So, I like the game and all but I just think it’s a little too hard. I’m young so I already know someone will have an opinion against mine. ) But, yeah. I’m only on the second or third night as well. Bravo on the making but adding back to what I wrote. I’m only on Thursday and I can’t seem to pass it. I just played (8:09) and Lefty was in the vent on my left and someone else was in the middle of the vent to my right, I just simply couldn’t keep track. Now I know, I know that I can upgrade because the animatronics are led by noise but I don’t have any play tokens to play games and, of course, I can’t pass the night. So that means therefore, there is no possible way to earn cash. And I will not go out of my way to spend 2.00 on unlimited cash. I’m young. I don’t have a lot of money. So, moral of my piece is that the nights are too hard. I hope someone responds, (a developer or something, of course)

- Fun and very choose-able

This game is really fun, I enjoy being able to make my own custom fnaf restaurant with it still being fnaf in that you still have to survive animatronics, you can get lawsuits for missing children, and the lore in the game. I also like how you can choose wether you just want o simply manage a pizzarea or be willing to survive animatronics. Also a minor bug that I found incase a developer sees this is that when I went to place the happy frog I bought on stage with #1 crate, mr hippo, and the pig playing the banjo it didn’t place when I clicked on the icon in the character select then when I tried to place it again I had a second mr hippo, I even have a screenshot but reviews don’t support screenshot sharing.

- Great Game, but found some Glitches

I love the game! This is one of the beat FNAF release for iPhone and I have waited long for its release. But there are some pretty annoying glitches that mess up my gameplay. 1. The fruity maze game song will some times play after the game is over and I have to restart the game to get rid of it. 2. Whenever I have Pig Patch and try to place Happy Frog, Happy frog will become Pig Patch and Pig Patch will be invisible. The fix so far is to take both off and put them back on. 3. Finally after you press the skip on a “fake ad” that pops up on the monitor it makes the monitor screen blank except for selecting the modes of the monitor. Fix switch to different mode and back to get the monitor to how it was.

- Great game, but one problem.

I really enjoyed playing this game, and I got to the second night. I couldn’t beat it, so I figured I did something wrong. So I watched a play through of it and decided I needed start over. I get through all the introduction stuff, and I get to the catalog. I go to blueprint mode after buying my stuff, and it already says I have 1 liability risk. I tried starting over again, and the risk jumped up even higher. It was 3. I restarted over and over, and even deleted the app and reinstalled it, and it still automatically put on risk. I’m sure it’s a bug, but tell me if you put that there on purpose or something. Thank you for reading this if you do end up reading it. I would really like this to be fixed so I can play the game without stress.

- Great!!!but has some bugs

Fnaf 6 was great and like soooo many people I couldn’t wait until the mobile import was out. when I first saw it in the App Store I was so exited to play because I don’t have a computer and when it finally downloaded I thought the bad reviews were not true until I restarted the game and I tried to get the ending were you don’t salvage anything or buy anything with a hidden animatronic but even if I didn’t buy something with a hidden animatronic it I still got jump scared don’t take my word for it it’s still a great game just a little buggy Edit:there was also a glitch on the first day I got jumpscared bye molten Freddy even if I didn’t buy anything with him in it

- Office nights too hard!

I can’t, for the life of me, get past night 4! It’s impossible! I’ve tried every strategy that I could think of but I can’t beat it. Even after trying it for like a hundred times (obvious exaggeration but you get the point). I really don’t get it! When ever the animatronics come to my office in the vents they never leave! And then I end up having too much heat in the office. And whenever I try to lure them away with sound, it doesn’t even seem to work. And I end up dying when I’m forced to use the ventilation even through they’re still there. And sometimes they even attack me when I’m not using anything and when I’m staring into the vent as well. Please update the game and make the office nights easier. I can’t take it anymore!

- You need too fix a lot but great game

This is an amazing Fnaf game Like the second first help wanted and UCN but the office nights are too hard and the jumpscares are medium and there’s a weird animatronic multiplication glitch where if you change an animatronic and reuse the same one you’ll have 2 or more Mr. Hippos or Funtime Chica’s and speaking of her she’s stupid crazy extra super extremely expensive. I also lost the “rockstars assemble trash and the gang and mediocre melodies “.Well I also thing the mogul pass should come with the purchase. And I was attempting Mediocrity (don’t buy ,upgrade or salvage anything) and got jumpscared by Scrapbaby before the Scrapbaby salvage. But other than that this is a very good mobile port the only glitch I ever get is the animatronic multiplication glitch. Also shorten the intro but bye 😉.

- fun and scary

So I checked the App Store for some reason and I found out that fnaf 6: pizzeria simulator was on mobile now so I was exited and I got it then I played it and is really epic how you can make ur own pizzeria then I got to the office part which was cool I completed the 1st night. But then on the 2nd night it was harder and I kept getting jumpscared but it’s probably because I don’t know how to play the game on the office part and the salvage part too (I mean I know what I have to do which is get supplies and all that but I don’t know how to keep the animatronics from killing me) it’s still fun also pLEASE add ultimate custom night (ucn) on mobile. I would love it because it seems like one of the most interesting

- Amazing port, yet room for improvement.

This is an excellent port of FNaF 6 for mobile, everything from the PC game is here! Although, as in any mobile port ever made, there are some problems I’ve encountered that I think is worth noting. (Also, for anyone else reading this, spoilers are included.) First, I somehow managed to perform a weird glitch that duplicated Mr Hippo over and over on the four-animatronic stage. The Hippos carry the same properties as the characters you were trying to place, but I think there should only be ONE Mr Hippo on stage. (I dunno, it’s actually quite funny.) Second, I’m having trouble trying to obtain the Insanity Certificate. I have the Egg Baby placed down like I’m supposed to, but I couldn’t reboot the monitor to show the blueprints. Insanity is just right out of my reach. (EDIT: I figured it out - you have to hold down the power light on the monitor while starting it up again. I kinda wish that was a bit more clear, but hey, at least the ending’s possible. There’s a reason why this stuff is vague.) Other than that, the game is very polished and faithful to the original. I haven’t experienced any other bugs yet, but I’m sure there’s more. Keep an eye out! :)

- The best FNAF Game EVER! And also, block the Jumpscares.

Scott Cawthon Thank you SO much for making this game. It is SO AWESOME. Oh, and also, there is something I ALWAYS wanted to tell you: In Night 4, there is a unknown animatronic that Jumpscared the wits out of me!!! I didn’t recognize it from any of one of my other animatronics, but on FNAF 3, I recognize it now! It was Scraptrap, the Scrappy Version of Springtrap!!! When the last advertisement played, I heard a voice. When I heard it, I said, “Who are you?! Show yourself!!!” When he Jumped out, he Screamed, “Thaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!!!” On the Game Over Scene, Scraptrap said “You making this too easy.” First I checked the left vent, and then he’s just SCREAMING at me, man! It’s like I gotta avoid myself from being DESTROYED by you. Please take him APART BEFORE I get Jumpscared by HIM AGAIN!!! Now Lefty the Black Bear Jumpscared me TOO!!!!! Please take him APART TOO!!! These 2 are SO AGGRESSIVE AT FINDING ME AND Jumpscaring THE WITS OUT OF ME!!!!! Please take Those 2 APART BEFORE I GET JUMPSCARED BY BY THEM AGAIN!!!!!! Sorry. Did I yell too much? I probably did. Anyways, thanks you SO much for making this game. See ya! -mastergamer504

- Really Fun and Hard!

This game is one of my favorites in the series due to how you have both a pizza tycoon and regular survival. However, there seems to be a small problem in the office part of the game. Half the time, you can’t even hear any vent noises, which makes the game significantly harder. Also, a lot of the noises are really quiet, and by the time you realize an animatronic is coming it is already too late. I also feel that if you aren’t playing with headphones, whenever you look into a vent with noise, the noise should get louder. Despite these inconveniences, the game is still great and I definitely recommend it to FNAF fans!

- This is the best

So i played this game on my laptop and it was awesome but this is before it came out on ios so i had a great time then my laptop started to break down so then the only five nights at Freddy‘s games that were on or sister location five nights at Freddy‘s four five nights at Freddy‘s three and then the ones below that then It didn’t have ultimate custom night or pizzeria simulator then pizzeria simulator came out on iOS I exploded I was so excited to play this game is means a lot to me and i think Click team and Scott did a good job on the game and I can’t wait until five nights at Freddy‘s World and ultimate custom night come out.

- Amazing, but a few bugs

I have been playing FNaF for a long time I am really happy that clickteam ported pizzeria simulator to mobile, it is a great experience with plenty of replay ability. The only problem with this game is the motion tracker when you are in the terminal. The Motion tracker isn’t always accurate, sometimes they teleport from one side of the map to the other and it makes it difficult to keep track of them and use the audio lore effectively, another problem is sometimes the motion tracker doesn’t find anything in the vents, and then all of a sudden I get jumpscared out of nowhere, overall I love this game but please take a look at this and try to fix it in some way.

- Love This Version!

This version of FNaF is great! I don’t have a PC so I’m very happy that this finally came out on mobile! But I’m wondering if this is a bug or not. So I’m trying to get the Mediocrity ending but for some reason I had not salvaged a single animatronic or bought nor upgraded anything and Molten Freddy just comes out of nowhere! But overall this a fantastic port! And I love doing challenges we’re I buy the survival kit and buying the terminal upgrades and seeing how long I can survive without using the motion sensors, voice sensors, or ventilation switches. So I give this game a 10/10 it’s fantastic and I can’t wait for UCN!

- Hard, but good

Listen, I love the game, but it is too hard. The animatronics pop up out of no were and they are a little too OP because they you do not know what sound they make to get out of the vent when you shine your flashlight. I also think the animatronics are a little to fast. It has been like 2 minutes in and I already get killed, it kinda makes me mad that night 3 is like so literally hard it’s not funny. All I can ask for is to get the animatronics go a little slower and not seem like the animatronics are like race cars. Other then that I love the game and how it is portable on mobile, just a little hard for people who are new to FNAF. ❤️❤️

- Absolutely perfect

I can really say 5 stars, except one tiny problem. I can’t say it’s a problem for everyone as I don’t know, but I don’t understand why my volume won’t work on it? My phone is completely in check, and the app did display sound every so often, but it won’t turn on. I try to turn my volume up and down outside and in the app, but nothing happens. But, other than that, this is really fun. So far, I’m on night two, and my pizzeria is going great! The revenue, the money, and no liabilities so far! I even purchased the happy frog animatronic. Really stimulating.

- Great Game!!! But I have a minor problem.

It’s a great game don’t get me wrong but... the problem was is that on the second night lefty jump scared me at the first second after it said no one was there. Also I wanna say is to give me my money back, or you can make the second night less harder and that much of hardness on the second night??? At least do it on the 5 or 4 night. So either give me my money back or the good on make it easier. Oh also I have a request if you can let us buy the custom night on the restore place please. But after all it was a great game!...

- Bug

Lefty will appear on fifth night if you get nothing if you wait to long on the first night scraptrap appears for no reason with a new line “you may not recognize me at first but it’s still me” and “ that was easier than I thought it would be” the second is when he jump scares you and the other is when he is right by the vent it i still a great and I think these bugs are interesting but I feel that it makes it almost impossible to get all endings other than that please add custom night and keep on the good work

- Good but 1 major glitch

I loved this game it was my favorite fnaf game but I bought the infinite money a few minutes ago it worked for a minute and then it reset all of my progress and now I don’t have any money and when I try to re log it resets again and there is this other glitch and I cannot get any money so I should have 200 now because I played for 10 minutes after the first glitch salvaged 2 people and still have no money pls give me back my progress then I will vote a 5 I had all the achievements and everything but the pickles and only salvaged 2 or 3 people once that glitch gets patched I will vote a 5

- Great game, just a few bugs and fixes needed

Overall the game is great and love how smooth it is. But here and there I am encountering problems during the night. For example, I haven’t even started the night and lefty, the black bear, comes out of no where on night 2, which shouldn’t be happening until night 4 or 5. Also, I also think that the audio and motion sensor is bugged, one second I see the icon for the animatronic appear on the bottom left, but then he is on my right vent. But overall I feel like this game had a lot of work put into it and just needs a second look to get rid of bugs. Thx if u notice this :)


This game is awesome but I just don’t like how the nights are so hard because you don’t have cams and they can attack at any second. Also sometimes I will shine my flashlight at the vents and the animatronics will attack like three second after I shine my light! It’s so hard because of that but besides that it’s an awesome game and it would be my favorite FNAF game if it didn’t work where the only way to tell they are close is sound. I also have a question, if the animatronics are next to me and see me and are about to attack and I turn on a sound decoy right before they do will they go away? Hope you see this

- Great game! But...

I love playing all FNaF games, and my favorites are 2 and this one. The mobile version for 6 is great and fun, but way too hard. Nights are just endless cycles of getting nowhere for me and others would probably agree. I’m not saying it’s a bad game, but it should probably be made easier and some glitches need to be taken out. One of the glitches makes it possible to have multiple of the same animatronic on your stage. Another one is Lefty jump scaring you before you purchase his, but maybe it’s supposed to do that? Anyway, I am thankful for this game, I just hope it gets some tweaks. See you on Saturday!

- A fan’s perspective

I’ve been playing FNaF for the past 5 years. I’m so glad this one is finally on mobile. It was ported so well too. This one more than any other feels like it was made for mobile. It’s tricky but anxiety inducing. No more repeat the same strategy until 6:00 am. Now you have to constantly change and work around the animatronics as you try to get your tasks done. I’m so glad it’s finally on mobile and it’s so much better than I anticipated. Thank you Scott for making this series, and thank you Clickteam for porting it so well

- Why Five Nights at Freddy’s Pizzeria Simulator is a great game.

I absolutely love this game. To the design of the animatronics, to the night mechanics, this game is great. But one thing. People on the computer get money for getting badges like Posh Pizzeria, Mediocre Melodies, Rockstars Assemble, and Trash and The Gang. But on this mobile app, you don’t get anything, you just get a badge. I really hope they fix this, because it kind of makes it unfair to people who don’t own a computer. Please fix this. But that’s it! The rest of the game is perfect and I hope you do more.

- Good game impossible nights.

I’m on the third night as a office worker and it is to hard to beat. I get like 3 or 5 things ordered and I check both vents, I check the audio system, I check the motion thing and then I look in the vents and lefty jump scares me! The nights aren’t one bit fun. My opinion only. My second problem is that i when I go on unlocks it always says even when I have WiFi it says store unavailable and that makes me upset so then I log out of it and then play later and it still says it. I don’t know why it says that but it makes me sad 😖 and so I ask if you could make the nights a bit easier and if u would please make the unlocks work. Also no hate to this game AT ALL.

- Pizzeria simulator!

Yes I’m soooo so happy it’s finally on the App Store I’ve watched youtubers play this game and I Really REALLY wanted to play it to...but I don’t have a computer to play it on so Clickteam llc made this a mobile port and I’m super siked for it Thank you Clickteam llc!!! 😎👍 ⬇️Suggestion to Clickteam llc⬇️ Hey Clickteam I’ve made a review on your updated fnaf 1 and my name is apparently.... wasteoftimeforsure And just wanted to say I LOOOVE this game you guys did such a great job at making it into a mobile port Thank you again P.s.i said in my first review for fnaf 1 that I will buy this (and I did!) and I purchased the mogul kit It was worth the extra 5 bucks i literally after purchasing the kit I bought EVERYTHING in the catalog in the game and it’s awesome! 😁 Also Clickteam Pleeease make Fnaf 7 ultimate custom night a mobile port my brothers (and me) are SUPER exited for it so Pleeease! Put it onto the App Store Soon Really soon please Thank you Clickteam llc!

- Official!

Alright, I’m going to tell you that this is official, look at the first too game’s, alright, this mobile port is so good! I do not regret buying it, I do have a problem, afton is too aggressive, even if you do not have the sponsorships! For players who have a really good pizzareia, and do have sponsorships, it is almost impossible to beat night three! Anyways, this is a very good port, and I heard you guys might make ucn! Good job Scott and click team! Edit: All animatronics are very aggressive, they need to be a bit easier, they move way too fast.

- For people who need help with the game

Let me start out by saying this game is worth every penny. It is exactly like the pc version and is fun. Now I have seen a lot of comments regarding difficulty, the solution to beat the game is to not take in any of the salvages and to not buy anything that has even a slight possibility of an animatronic being inside of it. I beat the game start to finish in a shake shack in about 20 minutes by doing this. I didn’t even look at the vents once during this play through.

- Amazing Game. Highly recommend!

I’ve played this game on the PC version and I really enjoyed it. Seeing it on mobile is a perfect fit and great addition for us mobile players. This game is really fun. You have your simulation then the nights of terror in taking care of certain tasks. Honestly I recommend getting this game and playing it. It is really fun and very enjoyable. 5 stars. Also, thank you ClickTeam for making this port possible. I appreciate all of your hard work and effort! Once again, thank you.


I have never played a FNAF game until this one. I didn’t know what to do at first but then I developed in my brain it’s really hard thinking game. I saw other people play other FNAF games but I think this one is more fun because you get to choose your animatronics and more. I think it’s the funnest because you get to play the games you buy for your pizza place. And the more animatronics you buy the more hard it gets. Oh and I’ve found a few bugs so please fix them. Besides that I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

- I love this game but there is something wrong

I really love this game, it is probably my favorite fnaf game yet, but I think there is a glitch. An animatronic will appear in the air vents when I haven’t salvaged them, and some times when I haven’t even got the chance to salvage them. I was trying to get the mediocre ending and molten Freddy appeared on THE FIRST NIGHT!?!? It’s really frustrating and I hope y’all will fix it. (PS. There is another glitch to where it doesn’t save your achievements, like “trash and the gang” or “mediocre melodies”.

- Good with some issues

This is a really good port and I like what click team can do but there is one thing that I found missing that I think is kinda important for some runs and it’s the fact that you don’t get any money when you place all of one kind of animatronic for example you don’t get money when you put all the trash and gang down or mediocre melodies and etc. it would be really great if they added that then this can be an easy 5 star but other than that I really like the game and agin really good job click team

- Love and cherished forever

This game is pure and UCN is greatness (I played both on PC) But what I wish for this game to have is to bring back vent snares to block some of the animatronics like Afton lefty and scrap baby that’s it the game is way harder because I have to wait a thousand years for one just to go into a vent they are slower than 60s internet while downloading something off of internet explorer but in total me and my friends will play this when the next one is out as well as the movie (So I have Heard).

- Were is the animatronics?

His game is really fun but we’re is the animitronics when u are in the office with the 2 vents and the tv if the owner is reading his pls tell me were the animitronics are 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤯🤬 🤬🤬🤯🤯🤬🤯🤯🤬🤬🤬🤬😠😠😠😠😠😠😠🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😠🤬😡🤬🤯😡🤬😡🤯😡🤬😡🤬🤯😡🤯😡🤯😡also how do we get out of the office how do we salvage we’re is the back like the other person said we’re u salvage ...and were theABIMOTRINECS 😡😡😡😡🤬😡I am so wrong about this app actually I just got jumpscared when I salvaged sumething I keep dying when u am at the beginning he killed me when he wasn’t even at the vent

- I had to hippos purple hippo’s to purple guy hippos

I had to hippos when I took out lefty like how does this happen is there’s a glitch for all the games good or is that supposed to be programmed anyways the game is really awesome I’ve been playing it for about a month now and ever since I got a lefty he keeps jump scaring me oh and now my friend is not acceptable with five nights at Freddy’s is this supposed to happen he’s addicted to it I think I told him a little too much but yeah after all the game is good

- How to complete FNaF 6

This is how to complete FNaF 6: So do what you want on Monday doesn’t matter that day. When you open and you order supplies do normal things you do. When you are Tuesday get a fan and maybe the santastion thing. The next things are on other days get more stuff that gets more safety don’t buy lefty or really high risk (3 or more risk is bad.) after this very like 90% chance of no jump scares. No audio needed. Nothing. There easy win. Best fnaf game in my opinion.

- Actually pretty good

I just downloaded this a couple days ago and I don’t regret buying this yes it’s is hard and yes it’s very high chance to get bankrupt, but if you buy the cheats for 5 dollars then your going to make your life 10 times easier but if you don’t remember that the office shifts are hard. Salvage stage is pretty easy like always unless you can’t see movement then your eyes need check (that’s a joke btw). Overall I recommend this game with the add-on

- Good but hard.

I’m on my second night, but as I was ordering my cups and utensils, I was jumpscared by Lefty. I tried again and this time I used the motion detector, when I used it, it said that someone was there, and so I played the audio cues to get them away from me. But then they jump scared me and I looked in the exact vent, I tried a different category and tried printing my stuff, but then the Motion Detector detected something and when they detected something I played the audio cues again and looked in the correct vent, but I still got jumpscared! Please make the second night easier!

- Wow

“I will make you proud, Daddy”- Scrap Baby. While the developer, said, “l will make you happy, Fans” and did just that. I feel like the voices suit the characters PERFECTLY. Scraptrap’s voice AND Lefty voices are perfect for them. Molten’s and Baby’s are fantastic as well but we’ve already heard them. Question: is there a Righty, Uppy, and Downy? 😂🤣 I had to. Anyway, I find that this game is unique in the fact that you get to build the pizzeria the way YOU want to! 5 Stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ and a few more stars ⭐️


So this morning I was really really bored and remembered I had money on my phone. I really wanted to play FNaF 6 but of course my parents were asleep. I was just browsing the App Store and found this. I had realized that the price went down so I got it. I had a bit of trouble with the beginning part with circus baby but after that it was fine. Overall, amazing port, can’t wait for the console ports. Well done, Clickteam, you have done my favorite game franchise well.

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- Probably Scott’s Best Game!!

This game is just so fun to play with all the simulator stuff and of course the scary stuff, Scott has definitely improved over the years and this would have to be my favourite game. It’s so fun to have a new aspect of the fnaf series of all the simulator stuff like what an amazing idea its so funny and just overall amazing. Scott I wish you the best of luck in future games keep up the amazing work!

- Good, but infuriating because of this.

I got this game yesterday and it was really fun to start off with. It went downhill when I started playing mini games. It was SO annoying with the tiny, tiny joystick which is completely unreliable. For games like Midnight Motorist, it’s basically unplayable without crashing at least 5 times. Please fix the joystick and make it more reliable. When I first tap the joystick it immediately made me go up or down and made me crash. Other than the mini games, this game is pretty fun, please fix the joystick. I suggest you make it bigger. Also I love how you added the packs like you did in the other games. I bought the ones in the other games and I am contemplating to buy this one and I probably will once I have saved up enough. Thanks, good game, just please fix this.

- I love it but....

Ok ok ok you’ve ported my favourite game in the series but no, the office is a c r u s t y jpeg FOR NO REASON!!!!! But other than that it’s fun, I feel that the one micro transaction you put in, is definitely an example of how you should make micro transaction: optional, reasonably priced and rewarding. Just like FNAF 1 and FNAF 2 both of which I purchased a long with there survival packs and the games, and felt happy with my purchase. As opposed to feeling forced into it. And the infinite money was EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED! now, if the office’s image quality is fixed then we have an absolute banger of a game on our hands, So 9.9/10 -Ashton Drummond (CEO And Founder Of Ashton Corporation®️)


Fnaf 6 is one on the best of all the games. It finally brings closure on the “original series”. Now that you have brought it to mobile devices, it has gotten more popular, ranking 2 in the appstore. Im looking forward to Ultimate Custom Night coming to mobile but im not sure how you are going to fit all those controls and characters.(I also cant wait till Fnaf 2, 3, 4, SL, Get remastered).

- BEST GAME EVER, but one thing..

Dear Developer, Over all this game is amazing but I have a little question, ifyou do add custom night would you make it so that you have to beat all 5 nights at unlock it or could you just make is so you can play custom night without unlocking the nights. I would find that much easier and more fun. Thanks 👍😎

- It’s a good game but could do with some improvements

It’s a brilliant game and terrifies me over all very fun to play but it could be better if the brightness was up a bit so we can see when the robots move, it hard to tell if they move. Other than that its a good game.

- Best Fnaf Game Ever but there is a problem

Hey Scott you know how the anamtronics which are in the air vent from salvage well in the second night scraptrap Jumpscared me from the air vent and when I restart the game lefty jumscared me in the first night I need a way were there not trying to kill me so I gets Sponsors. I still love the game though

- Best game ever

I think that this is a great game like all the FNaF games! I just want to help anyone who is struggling. The way I bet the game for completion and graveyard is by starting with motion sensors and then see where majority of animatronics are and then audio them and look in the direction where the other animatronics are. So great game


I’m sorry that I didn’t find FNaF 6 on mobile that quick I checked when it came out but it wasn’t there but even though it scares me on night 3 and I cannot make it past that night it is overall a great game I recommend buying this

- A little problem none the less bets game ever

So the problem is in the 3rd night where you’ve got scrap trap and molten Freddy after you (if you choose the completeion ending) I shine my light to wherever the anamatronic is and I shine while I’m doing my task (tip) and they don’t go away any suggestions p.s the motion scanning the best way to find anamatronics not the audio

- Pretty good FNaF game!

So a month ago I bought this FNaF app and it started of pretty good and got confused in some parts like how happy frog had 3 risk but days after got 0 risk but that doesn’t matter I like it and deserves a better rating ((Also! Could you add FNaF world to IOS please I’ve always wanted to play it so could you Scott Cawthon add it please? Thank you! ))

- Can’t wait

I saw this in the App Store and I’m like “whoa, this is on mobile now!” I got it. Only one question remains, when will ultimate custom night be on mobile and when will the other FNaF games be remastered? That is for me to find out in the future.


This game is great I’m so happy it’s on mobile but there’s i giant problem the joystick in mini games it’s so small and unpredictable please change it to a reasonably sized D PAD please make it a d pad I’m trying to get the lore keeper ending but I can’t beat the fruity maze game because I would pull the joystick down but because it’s so small I go up instead and go out of bounds I’m sick of this please fix PS TURN IT TO A D PAD

- Best FNAF game to exist!!!

This was the first FNAF game I played, and I have also played the other ones, but this one was my ultimate favourite of them all!! The suspense and uniqueness of it was so fun to have! I would recommend this game to any beginners to FNAF, and hardcore fans too! My favourite part was the designing part.

- Pls read

I am happy that all of the Fnaf sires have came to mobile but I’m worried about custom night, I really will like it to be on mobile, if it was on mobile I will play it every day and all of the other fnaf games and PLEASE BRING IT TO MOBILE!

- Huge fan of all the games

I got all the games and in this one (fnaf6) I got game pass that helps me a lot I can’t complete yet because somebody! (Scrap baby) keeps getting me and up to salvaging all them up to her anyways I LOVE THE GAME 💓

- Great game!

I think this is definitely worth the money as it is as good as the pc version or better! I’ll be playing this on my iPad rather than my computer from now on!


I really like this game because in the day it seems so fun and happy but wait till you get to the night its as scary as ever. When I played this I couldn’t find any glitches so well done on that!

- Just amazing

It’s a really good game I like the first thing you do in this game I like it’s pixelated aspect but it’s still very rage inducing But basically everything in this game I am giving is 5 out of 5 AMAZING graphics the end

- 5 stars

Speechless 😶 Scott no need to update anything nothing 1.0 no updates though I’m stuck on night 4 so please send back some tips I can’t do it other than that speechless

- Such a good game must have for your phone to play

I lick what u was going for lick making your own pizza Ria best game that you have made in your life hope you have a good 2020

- Good but I have a request

My request is if there can just be a mode for younger kids where you just play the mini games and upgrade the pizzeria instead of them getting jumpscared.

- Keep getting killed by lefty/Puppet in side lefty

He just keeps killing me like I’m some target of fame it’s so annoy can you please fix it that the animatronics follow the auto call oh

- Epically horror best I rate it the same withered the rest of the fnaf games

I have all 8 fnaf games fnaf 1 fnaf 2 fnaf 3 fnaf 4 fnaf sister location and this game and ucn and fnaf ar I like this as the best out of all of them

- Good but...

I have a problem with the lore ending So when I spawn or like 10 secs in like scrap trap gets me. Can you make Saturday not hard and I ran out of tokens and I need them how do get them bye!

- What next a movie!

This series of games is insane and amazingly good! I really really want a fnaf movie!! With all the jump scares and things!

- So good

I am really excited to try this thing out and I think everyone is going to like it.

- New update

Please make the mogul kit for free just for my birthday Bday: Saturday 5 September 2009 It would be Nice So I Could play this more And it would be fun!

- Already finished it

Good game I’m a big fan of FNaF when I saw this game on the phone I was omg 😮 buy it die 6 times finish it now waiting for fnaf world to come out plz add unlimited night 8.5/10

- Best game ever

This game is so fun buying everything and stuff but slavgeing is to scary pls clam it down with music or something pls

- Best game Scott but there’s a problem

Games good but I hate when salvages stay when you restart I just want a new game but scrap baby keeps jumpscaring me


I’m so happy I love fnaf and fnaf 6 has come out. Any way there’s nothing about it that has to be changed. So thank you.

- I am stuck but i love this game

How do you get past night 4? Scraptrap keeps killing me! I can not get past the printing part in the computer work


Thanks Scott iv played the pc version and I loved it. When will you release the Mobile version of fnaf world?

- Good graphics

The game has very good graphics

- How to win

Play go to survival part never do a salvage and don’t buy lefty

- Cheats/Unlocks

There is Unlimited Money, Fast Workers. But They Are Missing One, Which is: Ad Blocker. Ad Blocker Will Disable All Ads in The Game.

- Okay

It’s a good game but please ad security cams that would make the game much better please get back to me scott 👏🏻

- Best game ever and scary

I love this game is better then most of the flat games

- Best game but one problem

This is the best game but the price for the kit is too deer

- I love this

I personally think this is scotts best game ever

- This game is good but...

I wish we could just straight up play the pizzeria but with your little game it glitched on level 3 so I couldn’t play! 😡😡😡😡😡

- Game doesn’t let me collect pizzas

When first trying to play the game trying to collect pizzas it doesn’t do anything I’ve paid for a game that’s useless please fix it.

- LOVE THE GAME, just one thing

I TOTALLY LOVE this game, it’s so cool how you can design a cool and unique pizzarea, BUT I WOULD LOVE IF YOU ADD CUSTOM NIGHT TO MOBILE PLEASR DO

- 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

I bought the mogul kit and it didn’t give me the stuff it said it would give you and instead of charging my mum 8$ it charged her 19& and 97c I hate you guys

- Well done Scott

This game is amazing and I love helpy


It’s great everything about it is great🤣

- The game was great and fun

The game is really fun

- Scott WERES rockstar golden freddy



A..maze...ING I love it

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MAH GOD SCOTT! THIS IS THE BEST OUT OF ALL THE GAMES (I still love the rest, I’ve been playing right until it came out. I was 7 though 😂) I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR SO LONG FOR IT TO COME OUT ON THE MOBILE IM CRYING ;-; ;~; ok enough of that. ANYONE WHO CROSSES OVER THIS WHO DOESNT KNOW WHAT FNAF IS, GO GET THE OTHER GAMES BEFORE THIS! Trust me, it will make a lot more sense -w- anyways, Scott Cawthon, I love your games and wouldn’t have been in the position I’m at. Thank you for EVERYTHING! God bless you and your beautiful family! 🥰


Please could you make more games? I would love if you would make more because I would pay for more of your games I bought all of the fnaf games Please, don’t listen to the haters because they know they won’t make anything better than fnaf

- BUG!

When you here animatronics in the vents even with head phones on, it doesn’t register if it’s on the left or right, but other than that very fun and addicting.

- Ideas

Awesome game but can you add doors to the security room

- 👍

I love all the fnaf games so does ma bestie and I remember being at the park and screaming and throwing my phone because I was scared by Funtime Freddy in sister location and I thought that was scary but this is another level it’s so detailed and sooo fun and scary I love it so much it’s my fav game so far 👍❤️

- Hard

I’m a big FNAF fan the game is super fun not it is really hard I can’t get past night 4 it’s fun but way to hard. Can Scott update the game and make it easier please.

- Soooooo fun

This game is so fun You shud make a fnaf 7

- Fun game!

It’s a fun game but it just random restarted from when you first bought it and I’m very confused

- The joysticks are too small.

I would like way more if there was an option to make the joysticks bigger.

- This game is rigged

I didn’t even salvage Michaeltin Freddy but he still jump scares me

- Dear Scott:

This game is amazing but there’s a slight problem. For some reason when I play the game on my iPhone there’s no distinction in the audio when I play with earbuds or headphones in. It makes it hard to tell if the the animatronics are on the right or left side of me in my room and is difficult to play the game. Wondering if you could fix this.

- Cool ending

I think this game haves a very very good ending because it has 2 endings and please please please please please please please please please please make fnaf 7 and to show you the date is mon Jul 6 2020 Please

- Nice but

Can you please add a camera I am on the first night it’s too hard but still very good scott!

- Just saying

Scott I was happy that you maid this game but why don’t you make a FNaF game that’s like your still the security guard but you are purple guy and every end of the night you play a mini game but you kill the kids just saying

- Like it love

Can u make a 2 of it also are u makeing more of Fnaf if u stop I will cry like how mlp has stoped 😭😭 but don,t stop makeing the Fnaf games


This is the best game ever but one flaw can you add another ending where you escape the fire instead of being burned but otherwise it’s a great game 👌

- Volume won’t work!

For every game that I have (this one, 3, and 2) volume does not work! Only sometimes it will work, there are no options for volume settings and it’s really a turn off to not be able to hear the ambience or the jump scares. Please fix this! Thanks! P.S, I LOVE your Games Scott!

- Audio fix please

Very good game but the audio on mobile doesn’t work most of the time


I love it I’m too lazy to put a full review but I want to ask is fnaf world going to come out plz UwU ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

- Wow love it

But why am I dying it’s my first time playing a fnaf game love it but there is only one fnaf guy I put the vent thing and motion thing but but I die and update this game plz someone tell me how to win

- Elizabeth Afton

Getting burnt wasn’t fun...

- Stephen

Update it

- Waow

Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow Waow

- Awesome but there’s a bug

Great game I’ve been waiting for this!But there’s a bug On the second day That Monitor’s Motion scanning does not work for some reason pls fix this.But AWSOME GAME!!

- It’s good, but...

I cant seem to succeed, no matter what I do. I tried no salvaging, all salvaging, and in between, but it always said “You have not met the expectations.” I’m like, WHAT EXPECTATIONS?! But other than that, very good game Scott!

- Fun but one problem

This is probably one of the best fnaf games out there. However with the mobile port, you don’t earn money with the band achievements and you kinda need that for the blacklist ending making it almost impossible to unlock it. Also, the graphics look pretty bad when doing the office phase. Worth the money but pls update the game for the achievements and the office phase

- Really fun and creepy!

I played for about 20 minutes once I purchased it. I bought a few things for my pizzeria and learned the salvage process and I sat down the second Time to do my office tasks and within 3 minutes I got jump scared. It’s highly addictive! Much love ❤️

- Scott is best

OMG scott this is the most fun game ever but I think you should add a endless tycoon mode. Ps can you please put ucn on mobile

- Heyo

OMG SCOTT your games are the best I haven’t finished all of them though. You should make a fnaf 7. I was talking with my friends saying “Hey Scott Cawthon should make fnaf 7. If I were friends with him I would ask to make a fnaf 7 were u are stuck in the forest (since fnaf 6 burnt down I’m pretty sure) with EVERY SINGLE fnaf character EVER MADE. it would be the hardest game lol Ps. Sorry if I misspelled something I’m super bad at spelling;-;

- just to let you guys know...

Fnaf ucn won’t probably come out for mobiles cause do the many controls and stuff.

- I love this but.

Just then. I put the four animatronic stage and well. I had pig patch and happy frog on the stage actually I put happy frog after Pigpatch and Happy Frog became Pigpatch so there were two Pigpatch then I pick up Happy Frog who looked like Pigpatch and placed him down again. He became himself.

- Tittle:

Games great but could you change the picture and add a 6 in it so they know it’s 6th part thanks bye

- Great

Great game but in order to here animatronics in the vents with headphones you need a certain type one to get it to register on the left or right vent, With no headphones and surround sound you have to check motion detector or guess which vent the animatronic is in. Nice creepy vibe and funny comedy in the guides. Another thing I think would improve the game and add some more difficulty by adding difficulty levels or when you buy a risky item it adds another animatronic in to the vents.

- Great Game

But could you add the money gains for achievements?

- 10/10

This is a great game and I love it the only problem with this is when I play the minigames I have trouble moving around so maybe make the joystick bigger and/or change it into a D-Pad (this could be interchangeable in some sort of setting menu).

- Afton is never dead

Orange man

- OMG scary 👻😈

I am impressed it is the best game ever and I love this game so keep up the good work

- Nice port

Looking forward to Ultimate Custom Night and the other FNaF remasters :) P.S. Is William Afton really dead once and for all? If not since Springtrap survived a fire previously I’m looking forward seeing the sequel :D

- This is so scary I can’t even play it

Oh my god I can’t even play it man the graphics are so real it’s insane, like as soon as I finish the first part to interagation it’s so frickin scary like my stomach went into shock when I saw that baby animatronic like amazing graphics it’s just so intense and scary I can’t even play it

- I’ve been waiting 3 years for this

Wow best but hard

- Love this game

I love this game so much and I get scared a lot lol also best FNaF yet!

- Great game but one problem

When I get in the office phase the sound from the animatronics comes to both ears instead of one.

- I love this game!!

Only 15 minutes in and I loved this game

- Very good

This game is fun and scares me lots

- Best fnaf yet

I’m not a fan of mobile game but this one is addictive and fun and awesome

- Love it!!

Been waiting for this to be released on mobile for a long time. Ive watched youtubers play it and have been waiting fir a chance to play it and im honestly hooked!! Best game!

- Awesome

It’s finally on Mobile! The only computer I have is a Mac and on steam you can’t play this game on Mac so I’m so happy to be able to play this finally! Although it’s free on steam... the price for mobile is definitely well worth it... if anyone is questioning whether to buy this game question no more cause you’ll have a blast with this game.

- Molton Freddy

The game is really fun but why is molton Freddy on night 1? And I can’t get passed it.

- This port is amazing!!!

Im having a funtime with it, it’s so good I love it Great job Scott and ClickTeam you deserve a award for this!!!

- Decrease Chance of jump scares or remove jump scares

My son plays the game and at-least an 8 Year old, And the jump scares scares him badly, can you decrease the chance or remove them please?

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- Amazing! Not very hard.

I recently purchased this game and it’s very fun. But I have seen reviews of people claiming this game as “hard” for me, it isn’t very hard. To people who think it’s hard: add safety straps to attractions with risk on it. Also, keep your risk low! DO NOT BUY LEFTY. HE WILL JUMPSCARE YOU. It’s fun to salvage, but if your new, you should throw the animatronics back outside. You should also save your money for a security door because it prevents a chance of animatronics getting in.

- This game is difficult to complete

You have to do it so many times the first one you could just do by you know don’t just throw them across the back of the alleyway the second one is you know play the game normally like salads the shower piano Tronics and so some back if too difficult and if you feel you don’t get the money next one just south of the golden without dying because we need all the money to get the upgrades and then you get the trending the Canon ending this game is a nightmare

- Fun and hard!

I think Scott did a great job on this game! It was an epic finale. I’m on Night 4 I think. The jump scares are well executed and I love the voicelines. I’ve already found Orange Guy in an Easter egg. The gameplay is great and I’ve already got the hang of it. If you turn off the ventilation you can hear them coming. But it’s hard to know which vent. I just realized what audio does. But my one problem is how motion detection takes FOREVER to work. Anyway, thx Scott, bai

- I love this game

I know that Scott put a lot of work into this game and well the game is easy but night 3 is so stressful for me even when I only have molten Freddy but overall the game is good and if people say it’s bad because they can’t complete the first or second night they’re just not a big fan of fnaf so that means practice makes perfect and you should keep on practicing it until you can complete the night

- Fun game but critical stereo problem

This is my favorite game in the series, but a crucial part of the game is being able to hear which direction the vent sounds come from. I use headphones, but it sounds as if the vent sounds come from all directions. The game is already hard enough so please fix this problem! It is practically unbeatable if you can’t tell whether the sounds come from the left or right. If it gets fixed I will change my review to 5 stars

- Great Game!

This game is really great. It is very fun and scary. Some people complain about the game being “too hard” but all you really need is strategy. Although I will say the 5th “night” or “day” whatever your prefer it is pretty difficult but possible. Again all you need is strategy. I recommend not to get that many sponsors because it will make loud noises and attract animatronics. In all this is a pretty great game I will recommend it!

- Good game

Can you make a little bit easier (office nights) what makes it hard is when two animatronics are on both sides can you make it so a trap door comes on one of the vents so when the other animatronic leaves, the trap door opens and let’s say Scrap Baby is on the right and Lefty on the left, the right closes off and until you make Lefty leave the trap door on the right stays closed and then when Lefty leaves you have to go to the right as quick as you can.

- First unique FNaF game in years.

Fnaf got stale. And slightly boring. The story was cool, but the games were too repetitive. This game manages to break that streak of repetition. Has a lot of new mechanics and the horror is more suspense than just cheap jump scares. That alone makes this game better than any other. I would honestly say this game is scarier than FNaF 4, which was scarier at first, but got less scary. This game retains the previous game’s scariest moments and expands upon them. Buy this game.

- Amazing gameplay

This game came our super smoothly and the gameplay is better that I could have ever imagined. It’s all implemented very well and the jump scares are awesome. The only problem I have is the night shifts. The only problem is that I can’t decipher which direction the noise is coming from, which ruins the strategy. I have to take a 50% chance in hoping I’m looking in the correct vent.

- Good game but has lots of bugs

Ok so this is a great port of fnaf 6 the only problem is when I play a mini game it seems to reset everything I have and i will be to square one again which means it resets my money delete the mini games I have purchased and some odd cases it starts off with the entire intro so when I exit the game and go back in it the Beginning intro plays with the scrap baby and then the carryon intro plays which starts be back to day one with 100 dollars

- Great Game

Scott (or Clickteam), if you're reading this then I want to say this game is… Great! I love the style of the game and the unexpected turn from a random endless game to an actual FNAF game. But, there is a bug that im not sure if it was fixed. When you get to the salvage and you decide to salvage it, you can exit and restart your phone and go back into the game and it would say you completed the salvage without actually doing it.

- One problem...

This game is great, the scariest in the franchise to me. Anyways, the Insanity Ending does not work. I know what to do and how to do it but when I hold the button, it doesn’t respond. I’ve put a lot of time on this game and even beat it, but fixing this or telling me if it’s different on mobile would be excellent! *Update-It turns out I was doing it wrong. It does work. Thank you for the great game Clickteam and Scott.


The game is so good, especially with the Mongol upgrade. It is worth the five bucks for the upgrade because u get infinite bucks , which means u can just throw animatronics in the ally because u don’t need the extra money. Also it lets u have the tasks go 4x faster, so I finish in 2. Minutes with no trouble. I can also get EVERYTHING for free, so I figured out midnight motorist and have all the badges from the animatronics. It is great

- Great!

I love this game and played on pc! But there are 3 things, 1, on the mini games (beginning pizza game, midnight motorist, etc.) the controls are way too small. 2, the entire game has a black border around the game which was kinda annoying. And finally, on steam the game was free and now I have to pay, it wasn’t that expensive so I’m ok with it. But besides that, great job. Edit: okay thanks! (Sorry about my complaints good work!

- Wonderful but one issue....

My problem with this game is that when I start night 3 out of nowhere the animatronics are like so much faster then the Sl Fnaf 2 fnaf 3 fnaf 4 and fnaf 1 I just wanted to know why they are so fast I would just like them to be a little slower because I’m slow so it will be way easier than it is now,not saying that a challenge isn’t nice,but still they are very fast so I just wanted to say that and please work on UCN soon please and thank you!

- Thank you

This game honestly couldn’t have been any better. I found one bug though. It may have just been my phone, but when playing the ball pit game with helpy , just as he landed into the pit the game crashed. It only happened once, but otherwise everything is PERFECT. (Btw, night 2 was really hard, but it was fun. ) Update: I am on night 5. It is EXTREMELY hard, but I can’t stop trying!

- I love this game

When I first started the game I thought it was just throwing pizza at kids but when the glitch started it became really fun some tips are when you are writing on the piece of paper the notes that’s when they move so don’t do that often another one is do the printing first when they are really far away but overall this game is perfect

- TOO. HARD!!!!!!

ITS SO HARDDDDDDDD! Honestly, I got my money’s worth for sure, it’s just either you should allow people to pick their difficulty, or you should make either nights 1-2 or 1-3 easier because I can’t hear anything in the vents, and I don’t have time to complete tasks because it’s practically like the animatronics go from one room to two rooms in one second, it’s ridiculous, please Scott, make it EASIERRRRRR!

- Great, but a few minor issues.

This app is great if your looking for a tycoon game. As a fnaf fan since 2015, I was a bit confused opening the app to see what I’d be doing. It’s very addicting! I love salvaging Scrap Baby (Elizabeth) And Scrap Trap (William.) Molten Freddy..um. That’s sort of challenging, it took me a whole hour. Another small issue is that the Motion detector never works. It does not show me where it is, so I have to wait like 1 minute and by the time that’s up Scrap Baby’s in my office already.

- Great and fun game! But I think it should be 10+.

I think it’s so much fun but I’m not 12 but I’m a tween. I was on Thursday so I think 10+ people can have determination if they’re were the same age as me. I was jump scared by lefty and Scrap baby but it was my fault I did to claimed to much advertisements. Also if you want to download fnaf cheater addition at least buy the Freddy files and don’t cheat like you can’t do it. You can do it just try one more try. :D

- It’s still amazing but I have a problem

Soooo it is a good game but I only did molten Freddy but when I started the night the scanner scanned 3 ANIMTRONICS!? I thought it was a glitch in the game but then scrap baby attacked me. I restarted the whole game but it happened agin when I salvaged no one scraptrap attacked me. Scot Cawthon I think 🤔 when I downloaded your game I think it was bugged so you maybe want to get that checked out ok 👍🏻

- Great port, weird glitch

I noticed that sometimes when you place animatronics on a stage they might be invisible, but show that you have already place that animatronic. This glitch also makes some animatronics placeable even when you have already placed them, making you able to have two of the same animatronic on a stage at once. Besides this, the game is great.

- Not the best one, but only because it’s not remastered.

Scott, I would REALLY like you to get this one remastered, and that’s because of two reasons. First off, in the actual simulator part, the achievements are nothing more than an ornament on the title screen. Secondly, in the survival mode, It’s hard to hear where the sound cues are coming from, even with headphones. Those are my only complaints, and I will re-write this once the game gets remastered.

- I’ve been waiting for this but is there a glitch

When I first bought this game first night was easy second night I already salvaged molten freddy so I thought when I got jumpscared after many strategies is to just not salvage them and forfeit payment, it worked the second night (I think) but the next night I got jump scared by scrap baby. I’m not sure if it’s a glitch or they can break in anyways it’s still a good game and good story.

- The best fnaf game ever played but with a question

I just got this game yesterday and I love it it’s the best fnaf game I’ve ever played and whoever is in charge of this thank you soooo much for putting it on phones and iPads but I have a few questions how do you beet night 4 Friday please respond ASAP and make it easier cuz I’ve been trying all night and all this morning so please respond ASAP or make it easier thx bye

- Something really different

When I first booted up the game send me to this weird minigame then it started getting even weirder and then I could play the designs are cute but about the scraps what have they done to the original characters?! What have they done?! It makes me want to 😭 I liked the other characters but then this game came out...turn my mood upside down

- Fnaf 6 is back and better then ever!

I love this port and it is a great improvement from the original!( in my opinion) Can’t wait for UCN to come out also! Two things the controls on the midnight motorist game kinda felt wonky but that’s probably just my game. The second thing I’m having trouble with is getting the insanity ending. The blueprints won’t pop up. But other than that great port! 👌

- Bug fixes and updates plz

Ok, so I’ve been playing this game cause I got it a couple weeks Ago but night 4 is fricken dam impossible I mean every time I turn on the silent ventilation fricken scrap baby just jumps at me and jumpscares me or whatever plz just fix night 4 and make it easier if u could plz plz for the lord of FNAF plz just do it I love you Scott and I love ur fnaf games just make night 4 easier if you could do that it would be a great help thanks

- This game is great and challenging, but...

Dear Scott This game is great and challenging, new way of playing as their is no pattern. Although, it is hard to tell where the animatronics come from, the left or right? The shuffling leaves no known location, leaving me to check the motion detector a lot.I love this game, but this inconvenience is bad. Headphones don’t help either. With all my support, A random person playing your games.

- Fun but hard

This is awesome I always loved five nights at Freddy’s but it’s a bit hard for me but that’s OK I keep on trying I really love the game I love how it makes you design your own pizzeria but I was pretty confused and then I fell in love with the game but I realize it’s way too hard but it is not as hard if you figure out new strategies I haven’t beat all of it The game is fun anyways.

- FNaF is awesome but wish had same as computer

So I love all the fnaf games and I also completed fnaf 3 and 6 but I wish there were some other things. I wish there were other games like ultimate custom night and other horror games like five nights at candy’s also in App Store. I hope you do this soon because my birthday, 12 years old, is tomorrow

- Not hard here’s why.

Molten Freddy jumpscared you because of your actions. First of all you might’ve excepted an ad or bought something with risk, also YOU accepted him in your restraint in the first place.... also knowing that he was in your game with an ad blaring you frantically look around where you know he’s not, and that’s why you die. Don’t blame the game blame yourself

- Ok just gonna day this now. Pls read this!!

Love Scott’s work. 5 stars definitely!!! But I need an update! The office nights are to hard!!! Not to mention on day 3 lefty shows out of nowhere. I had no choice to salvage him yet and I checked every single item I had and NOT ONE of them was in terrible condition which means there was no reason lefty should be showing his ugly face just yet! Pls fix!!!!

- I love FNAF

Scott, thank you so much for making this game! The voice acting is wonderful, the games are funny, and the lore reveals are tremendously important to the franchise. This series has changed my life for the better, and to see it being brought to life in this way is amazing. Thank you so much, and I cannot wait to see what else you have in store for us!

- It’s to hard

Make it easier. it’s not fun anymore playing all the Fnaf games and it all needing rng. I just want to have fun not needing to be Jumpscared every second. Fnaf games are fun at first and scary at first but when you try to beat the hardest ending are difficulty. It becomes a chore. I want a scary game not a game that makes me angry every second! So far I 100% every Fnaf game but this one I might have to skip. Update: beat the game 100%. But needed to buy cheats.

- AWSOME!!! But it won’t let me buy anything...

So one day I was gonna buy the mogul kit but it would not let me To make this story short I tried 6 more times but didn’t work I got really aggravated especially when It wouldn’t work even when I was connected to WiFi so please fix this I would really appreciate it awesome game though 😊 and happy 2020🥳

- I can’t tell the left and right vent sounds

It’s to hard the night fazes because you just can’t tell which vent has the animatronic in it. For some people they can tell but for other people including me the game makes it like a guessing game but other than that making your own pizzeria is very fun also playing the games! I just wish Scott can do something about that it would be a 5 star rating for me but sadly it just can’t happen. :(

- Fun but no doors

The game is so fun you get to design your own restraint and pick your animatronics in it and games decor and rides but there is no doors witch makes it very hard to get to the next day but if you go to into the unlocks you can buy upgrades for 5.00 dollars but it still is very hard to get past some of the nights but it still is very very fun

- Great game! But.........

The 6th installment to the game is amazing, I love the creative/business style to it. But there’s only one problem with the game, and that points to the security time were you order your supplies and clean the furniture and stuff. WAY TO HARD SCOTT!!!! After day 2 of night shift, it’s impossible to complete. But that’s really all there is to complain about, I believe this is a great FNaF game!

- Scott PLEASE read this!!!!!!

Ok this game is really great but I wanna talk about the books. The silver eyes the twisted ones and the forth closet were I’m not kidding the BEST BOOKS IVE EVER READ! Please make more really long stories! I love them so much! I read into the pit but it doesn’t have the same magic.... I would just be so excited to see more long books! And I was sad to end the forth closet...

- Good but question

I payed $2.99 for the game, but the unlocks don’t help me on the last night (Saturday). Can you put something in for it to fix that cause it is really hard? (Edited): The unlocks don’t help me beat the game. Meaning I can’t beat Saturday. I die 4 seconds after I play. If you add a little something like make the Animatronics slow down or something

- Fun game but molten Freddy

Ok ok I can admit this game is really fun and hilarious but molten Freddy or any other animaTronic it so difficult I was only in the game for 60 and already died and couldn’t get past him I turned off the air and the turned on the robot finder and said he was far like 4 blocks away then bamm! as soon as I pressed the the next button I died all the creators need to do is make it easier and fix it soon because I cant even make it past one match with molten Freddy

- Salvage mini games are too difficult

I love this game and have played it on computer for hours at a time. Although I have one issue with this version: the salvage mini games I have played this twice (no I have not yet beaten the game). I have tried to salvage scrap-trap twice but have lost both times. The first time he was in his second phase. I was okay with this as that can happen sometimes. But the second time he was in his neutral state (I had just tased him). But I lift up the paper and BAM. Dead. How was I supposed to prevent that? I had LITERALLY just tased him so there was nothing I could do. In conclusion the salvage games are not balanced properly on this version of the game and desperately need to be fixed. There are also no cheats to help on this (not that I bought them anyway).

- Fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun

This is a very fun game and i think night two should be more easy because it’s night two and like how the other person said that it is hard to see if someone is in the vents. Also i think that the fnaf series should be the greatest apps in the WORLD and I’m a huge fan of fnaf. Do you know many people play it? It’s a lot. From:Aaron Borger To:Scott cawthon

- Scott this is the best!

Scott this is the best game I mean you get to build a pizzeria. My favorite character is el chip is reminds me of Mexico where my papa lives. Scott I love this game! I also like the you added things like rockstars assemble and posh pizzeria. Scott this might be the best game you made! I mean your other games were amazing but this game is beyond amazing I can’t wait until fnaf 7

- Amazing game!

I love this mobile port it’s just like the pc version but on mobile but uh can you guys make it so getting a achievement will give you cash? Also can you add a 2X cash to the in app purchase because I think the in app purchase needs that but other then that the game is really amazing I would 100% recommend this game

- Would rate it higher but...

Don’t get me wrong I love fnaf I have all the games and enjoy them a lot it’s just that I bought someone that said it was going to give me infinite money and it didn’t keep in mind I bought in the app when I pressed restore purchase all would say is contacting store then it would say item Owned so Went to check if it was a glitch and it wasn’t so I thought it was working then when I went in the game it said I had no money and that why I’m righting this review

- Awesome game

This game is amazing as you can tell but there is only one thing I want I want there to be more items to buy in the catalog because Since I have the infinite money it starts get kinda boring and I also want to upgrade my pizzeria more but other than that the game is awesome and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it

- Good but to hard

I love the game but the game is way to hard manly the 4 5 night’s I have but almost 46 hours just trying to beat it manually make the sounds a little better and make it clear Whare are the if you know how pls teach me because it seems impossible almost like I can’t beat it but it is so fun.

- Awesome game

It was nice that you finally put fnaf 6 on mobile. Every thing in the game is awesome. The nights are better than any game. I am getting a few glitches though. When I played midnight motorists the controls did not work and I could only switch directions. Awesome game and just wanted to tell you about the glitch.

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brett winters

FNAF 6 Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator And FNAF Sister Location Console Port Update Plz Enjoy #PS4share


@Nautillo1 Ok so, if I'm not wrong it's: 1. FNaF 2. FNaF 2 3. FNaF 3 4. FNaF 4 5. FNaF: Sister Location 6. Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator 7. FNaF: Ultimate Custom Night 8. FNaF: Help Wanted There's also the AR one and the other one that nobody remembers


FNAF 6 : Pizzeria Simulator - Where am I? (Minecraft Roleplay) via @YouTube

iTunes Charts

"FNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator" and 5 more hit the Top 100 iTunes Paid Apps Chart! Description and more -


@Suleiman284 @SealSplash FNaF 6 is already pizzeria simulator lol


FNAF SECURITY BREACH HELL YEAH i haven't kept up with the games since Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator/ FNAF 6 but god damn does FNaF Security Breach look really cool. I may have to get it at some point

iTunes Charts

"FNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator" and 4 more hit the Top 100 iTunes Paid Apps Chart! Description and more -

FNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator 1.0 Screenshots & Images

FNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

FNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator iphone images
FNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator iphone images
FNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator iphone images
FNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator iphone images
FNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator iphone images
FNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator iphone images
FNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator ipad images
FNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator ipad images
FNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator ipad images
FNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator ipad images
FNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator ipad images
FNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator ipad images
FNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
FNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

FNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator (Version 1.0) Install & Download

The applications FNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator was published in the category Games on 2019-08-21 and was developed by Clickteam, LLC [Developer ID: 1438432084]. This application file size is 191.76 MB. FNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator - Games posted on 2019-08-21 current version is 1.0 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.clickteam.freddyfazbearspizzeriasimulator

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