Military Money: Pay & Pension App Reviews

Military Money: Pay & Pension [Finance] App Description & Overview

What is military money: pay & pension app? Do you want U.S. Military financial calculations?
Do you wish you could plan your retirement more accurately?
Do you need to make sound decisions for your family?

If so, welcome to Military Money – your Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy, and Marine Corps financial forecasting and planning app.

With this U.S. Military calculator, you can calculate your pay for multiple scenarios:

• Daily, monthly and yearly pay
• National Guard and Reserve UTA Drill pay
• Basic Combat Training and Officer Training pay
• Taxes, BAH, BAS, TSP, SGLI and more

Project your career and plan for your family's future. Follow different sets of progressions and visualize how much you can earn in the coming years.

You can predict the following retirement systems, TSP included:
• Blended Retirement System (BRS)
• High-3

Watch your pension and TSP value grow over time. Add in your VA disability pay while subtracting U.S. taxes to estimate your future income.

• Military monetary forecasting
• Career progression analysis
• Budgeting and family financial planning
• Retirement planning
• Short and long term monetary projections based on different scenarios
• Financial tax calculator

We are on a mission to create a responsive and helpful mobile app that provides U.S. military personnel with the financial information they need to make real-time decisions.

These are the men and women who have fought bravely for our freedom. The least we can do is provide financial forecasting and in-app calculators that help more accurately plan for their future.

Please contact us for any questions:

This app is based on the 2021 US Department of Defense Blended Retirement System (BRS) Calculator. Benefits are estimated and should be used for informational purposes only. Consult a professional for more accurate information.

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Find this site the customer service details of Military Money: Pay & Pension. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Military Money: Pay & Pension Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Military Money: Pay & Pension Version 3.4.731 December 2022

Enhancements for your U.S. Military financial outlook, including: - 2023 pay updates - Reduced bugs - Improved overall experience We love feedback! Email us:

Military Money: Pay & Pension Version 3.4.627 April 2022

Enhancements for your U.S. Military financial outlook, including: - 2022 pay updates - Reduced crashes - Improved overall experience We love feedback! Email us:

Military Money: Pay & Pension Comments & Reviews 2023

- Amazing for a free version

There is another version that cost $5.99 and it does the exact same thing this one does. Although, this one hasn’t updated to 2022 yet, I won’t knock them for it because it’s still free! Thank you for making this app it can help so many young service members plan for their future. Also I highly recommend adding in the ability to manually update the BAH etc ourself in the case that you haven’t gotten around to updating the new pay charts! I wouldn’t mind doing that if it means the app stays free.

- Not complete for overseas

The app is pretty neat. A few things can be improved though, especially for those overseas. There is no OHA, just BAH. So I had to find a BAH that’s close to our OHA. There is COLA but it’s quite off, suppose to be $1200 and change but showing $800 and some. I know it changes but it shouldn’t be a few hundred bucks off. The deductions were close enough but family SGLI is showing $10 in LES and $7 in app. It’d be nice to have an extra, can fill in ourselves, for debt. For example for right now when we have to pay back the SS from Sept - Nov last year. Or, overseas people can borrow money for a rental first month since it takes a month for finance to sort out our OHA and this needs to be paid back in a year time. The app did crash once, within 5 min of first using it. I was messing with the TSP part, changed the ROTH to 95% and withdrawal start at age 60, and then crashed. I don’t recall now what I changed last but in that area. I couldn’t get app back on again. I closed all apps. Even restarted my phone and nothing. I had to delete and redos load and install the app to come back on. I have changed the area again, different percentages and age and so far still ok.

- Best App for Military Pay Planning!

You know what they say, “a failure to plan is a plan to fail.” This app is the most all-inclusive tool for calculating your potential retirement pension and current pay and entitlements, as well as future pay trajectory. Features like planning promotions and planned contributions help give you a start and end point for possible returns to you TSP deposits. Every NCO and leader should encourage your troops to download and toy with the numbers. There should never be a reason we don’t all retire with dignity!

- Perfect App for the Military

Simple, intuitive, and has everything a military member needs to understand what their financial picture will look like after retirement. Rather than bouncing between web sites and various pay tables, this app has it all. Retired pay, VA disability, and all linked to your specific entry date. Moreover the developers seem willing to entertain suggestions for improvements. Very happy I downloaded this app. Very helpful app. Thanks!

- Load off my mind!

I was going nuts trying to hand jam everything out to figure out everything this app let me do in less than 5 minutes. Thank you for making this amazing app that I can use as a piece of mind during my transition. Great for retirement, disability, current pay and next rank pay. Great all the way around.

- Pretty good but should update info more often

The app is fairly accurate; however, I noticed that some of the information is outdated. Specifically, the BAH and BAS charts since there were some slight adjustments for inflation. Also, the federal tax rate is stuck at 5.6% for me. I would love to only pay that much for taxes but I am fairly certain that’s not correct. It would be nice to have taxes deducted based on bracket automatically calculated or an option for us to fill out the deductions ourselves.

- Great App but bad at updating paybtable

I haves used this App but it seems every year it takes them forever to update their pay tables. I have tried to send an email to notify them but the email keeps returning saying it’s not a good email. Hard to get an accurate account when the tables are not updated. Overall, it does provide a lot of good info, especially on the retirement side.

- Good app, but be careful

This is a good app, would be great if the retired pay was accurate. My retired pay difference was off from actual by a few hundred dollars. I’m not sure where their calculation is incorrect but everything else is fairly accurate and it gives a great overview dashboard as well as making you aware of things that you probably weren’t thinking about.

- Love the app

I love the concise snapshot where all the data is easy to see in one place. Rather than having multiple spreadsheets I can plug in my information here and it’s one stop shop. The only thing I’d add is a way to add values of external Roth IRAs (or other retirement accounts) into the balance projections. Thank you

- Super helpful

This app was super helpful and very user friendly! I’ve been needing to figure this stuff out for awhile now but kept putting it off because it seemed too complicated. This app made it so easy, well worth the 5 bucks. Also as a perk my wife was finally happy with my decision to enlist when I showed her my future payout!

- Cool

I have always struggled to use other calculators to figure out my pension. The army one doesn’t work anymore, and even you had to use your CAC when it did work. I am a reservist and I like to be able to easily see my pension, depending upon how long I stay in for. It’s cool to compare Officer vs enlisted. I sent it to my spouse and she likes it too. Thanks!

- Limit

The App limits the amount you can contribute into TSP it also Limits the amount your TSP Growth. I would like to see those numbers increased. I know I put in more then 10% to my TSP and if you didn’t limit the amount of TSP growth I can only speak for myself and the 10year compounding interested for the funds I do but they are over 7%

- Must have military retirement planning tool...👍🏾👍🏾

I am 9 years out from a planned retirement date and this tool brought the end of the financial rainbow 💰 into sharp focus. With my strongest recommendation, I encourage the young, middle and old military guard to down load this app and review your goals with a financial advisor. We used a EJ advisor, but there are a cadre to choose from. This tool should help most to answer the dark questions on how much will you have to live on and should you make changes today for a better tomorrow. Great investment into ones future retirement planning.

- Great Customer Support

Fantastic tool that gives you some good accurate information. The one problem I was having was resolved within a few days. I got an email back from the developer within 30 minute of reporting a bug. Great customer service.

- Highly recommended

Incredibly informative. The app allows you to breakdown pay and benefits at an incredibly granular level, and forecast at the annual/monthly/bi-monthly/etc level. This is an excellent app for current pay and future retirement/TSP benefits. Thank you!

- Pretty good!

I like that you can really get all the info in there and it keeps it nice and neat. I do wish I could save different profiles or something. My wife and I are both in so if I want to change to her stuff I have to do it all over or if one of us is looking at the next rank up…

- Poor

I hope this app will be updated. It’s too late for me I already purchased it unfortunately. No option for putting in basd or putting my current tsp value in. It says tsp is only for blended retirement which is untrue. I’m in the high 3 system. Please make updates to this app.

- Awesome calculator, easy to personalize

This app is very easy to use and also has many options to personalize your situation. Highly recommend to anyone close to retirement or even not’s useful for TSP projection as well.

- Fixed

Initially the app was crashing. Feedback to the developer. Not only did receive a response but the app was fixed within a couple of days following by another response to ensure it was fixed. THANKS!

- Excellent App

The feature I like THE MOST is adding 1405 pts ($) to my active time! That’s an amazing feature that no other app has! Well done!! Thank you for the most useful military retirement planning app I’ve ever used!

- Great app

This is a fantastic app for estimating monthly income. Definitely recommend this download! Looking forward to the developer releasing an update that includes 2022 pay tables. Otherwise, the app is perfect.

- Decent

Decent app. I think it miscalculates disability and pension because you only get both with a certain rating. If they could add a feature that calculated that, it would help. Same with TSP - calculating the final balance helps but calculating monthly pay outs would be a big improvement.

- Best Military Retirement App

This is hands down the best military retirement app I’ve used. It is easy to use and gives details on your different retirement scenarios. I highly recommend it!!

- Tax Exempt

So I’m not in the military yet, but I like to fiddle around with it to see my pay. I noticed you are taxed off of the sum of everything, but isn’t BAH tax-exempt? So wouldn’t your taxes actually be lower?

- Needs an update

I would give this app 5 stars but it needs an update to reflect 2022 pay tables. Great app that even projects your TSP account balance. Would happily pay for it if it was updated. Would be nice to track multiple retirement profiles.

- Glitches/ Shortfalls

Within the first hour of having the app it started glitching. Every time I tried to edit current pay it closed the app, which immediately had me considering deleting the app. Second, deductions doesn’t give me the option of choosing a tax free toggle for when I am in applicable locations, like now, for the next year.

- Exactly what I was looking for!

This app is packed with great information. As an active duty member coming up on retirement in a few years, the projections are great for planning ahead which is exactly what I need at this point.

- Update the app

I love the app however, it should be updated for each new year. It shows what, you could make on retirement with VA disability.

- Great tool!

Very helpful, most user friendly retirement calculator I have found. The TSP tile is a huge bonus. Would be nice to have the ability to deduct expenditures, mortgage, etc... to further plan for retirement.

- Future planning

Excellent way to plan for follow on investment before retirement . Whether to exit or stay longer in the military.

- What it promised and more!

Just what I was looking for, and it included even more options than I was expecting (VA ratings, Insurance costs, etc.)

- Less than great

This has an option for high-3, which I am, and I assume most people who may be looking for a retirement calculator right now; but this provides no input for TSP balance and growth or disability. This does also not calculate how many months you are at any particular pay grade or when you made rank, so you can get an accurate “high-three” calculation.

- The only military program that actually works

The programmer of this app should be highly praised for the accuracy and willingness to help our military members make crucial financial decisions.

- Very useful!

Definitely makes it easier to budget!

- Needs the 2022 pay scales

Good app but a little out of date. Would be five stars if the pay tables were updated.

- Cool app! Needs to be updated

I like the app as quick reference, only mark down is that we’re in Feb of 2022 and it’s not updated! Please adjust!

- Overall good

The app does not save the data once closed. I have to reset all the information from one use to the next

- Perfect app!

I mean this app is the bees knees! So very detailed. It’s updated with all the 2022 numbers. You won’t regret it.

- Monthly pay

This is an all around good concept but would like to see the pay being broken down into monthly and even down to hourly to help train other personnel

- Needs to be update 2022

Can you please update the update the app to 2022 please if it wasn’t for that I would give you five stars


Is this app 100% correct? It says at Pfc I should make about 1400 single but I make about 850? 🤔 bi-monthly

- Great App But…….

I do like this app. It gives me a close approximation for my pension. The only downside is that it’s still using 2021 pay scale & gives no option for 2022 pay scale.

- Update Pay Charts to 2022!

I have loved and recommended this app to all of my friends but how long must we wait for updated values to be uploaded? It takes a couple hours to update a reference spreadsheet?

- Additional info

I would also appreciate seeing what the predictions are for monthly pay out of TSP.

- Love the app!

As a dual-military household, this clarified my future projections for our anticipated retirement. I love this app for its simplicity and visuals!

- Table Update

Sent at least 2 emails asking when the 2022 tables will be updated with no answer.

- Great app (one bug in recent update)

Awesome app! Since the most recent update (current pay was a nice addition!), the TSP calculator seems to be amiss.

- Great App…but

Missing feature to adjust reserve retirement age prior to age 60 for those with deployment time.

- Pay amounts not correct to current price

Purchased this app and noticed VA prices are not current to 2022. Also retirement pay amount is also not current to 2022 prices. Can someone please update.

- Update??

Any idea when we can expect an update for 2022 tables? Decent app, but it’s only as useful as the recency of its data.

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Military Money: Pay & Pension 3.4.7 Screenshots & Images

Military Money: Pay & Pension iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Military Money: Pay & Pension iphone images
Military Money: Pay & Pension iphone images
Military Money: Pay & Pension iphone images
Military Money: Pay & Pension iphone images
Military Money: Pay & Pension iphone images
Military Money: Pay & Pension iphone images
Military Money: Pay & Pension iphone images
Military Money: Pay & Pension iphone images

Military Money: Pay & Pension (Version 3.4.7) Install & Download

The applications Military Money: Pay & Pension was published in the category Finance on 2019-03-02 and was developed by Deeline Productions, LLC [Developer ID: 1467007817]. This application file size is 13.98 MB. Military Money: Pay & Pension - Finance app posted on 2022-12-31 current version is 3.4.7 and works well on IOS 15.4 and high versions. Google Play ID: Military-Retirement-Simplified