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Train your brain with a daily dose of Solitaire! This modern take on a classic card game will keep you sharp. Simple and intuitive gameplay with a minimalistic design so that nothing gets between you and the game.

Try it out!

-Draw 1 card
-Draw 3 cards
-Easy to read cards
-Intuitive tap to play
-Intelligent auto-complete
-Right or left handed play
-Auto-save, so you never lose your progress
-Unlimited undo

How to Win:

---Move all 52 cards up to the four foundations in sequential order, Ace to King, for each suit

Klondike Rules:

---There are 7 Tableau columns with the last card of each face-up. Any face-up card can be moved onto another card on the Tableaus if it is in descending order of alternating colors, e.g. 8 of Hearts on a 9 of clubs or Jack of spades on Q of Diamonds. You can also move multiple cards at a time if they are already in descending order of alternating colors. In addition to using cards from the Tableaus, you can also play cards out of the Stock/Deck. You can choose (in settings) if you would like to pull 3 cards or 1 card at a time from the Stock. When a Tableau column is completely empty, the available space can be filled with a King. As they become available, cards from Ace to King can be moved from the Stock or the Tableaus to the Foundations.

We are here to help:

---You will learn quickly we promise! If you get stuck, tap on any card and the app will automatically make a valid move if one exists.

Solitaire (Classic Card Game) App Description & Overview

The applications Solitaire (Classic Card Game) was published in the category Games on 2019-03-10 and was developed by Staple Games. The file size is 39.08 MB. The current version is 1.30 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Added support for 20 additional languages

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Solitaire (Classic Card Game) Reviews


Love this game  Maryel3  5 star

It’s awesome


Challenging!  Unifiedself  5 star

It’s also a plus that I can play music in the background. On top of that haven’t seen an ad yet!

Not an imbecile

No deductions  Not an imbecile  5 star

I like it because unlike some other versions, there are no deductions based on how long you play a game.


30 second ads at the start of every new game  springchick01  1 star

When “new game” is selected, a 30 second ad pops up. Every. Single. Game. You end up spending more time watching ads than playing the actual game


No commercials  Ladybugregenia  5 star



Good ap  Labellestar  5 star

No ads but would be nice to have a hint option


Card player!  Vedew  5 star

Love the format!


Great app  Dave97420  5 star

Enjoyable time waster.


Fills my idle time  mamat723  5 star

I enJoy playing the Solitaire while I’m sitting in doctors offices or anywhere else that needs to be kept quiet. It is not loud or noxious with all kinds of noises It is fun way to play a game and enjoy myself and compete against myself When I have a little extra time throughout my day. It’s a great time filler for me and it passes away a lot of idle minutes


This solitaire is a good app  Grim1$  5 star

I like this solitaire app. Unlike the first one I tried, this one does not freeze or crash. It is also pretty challenging.

Sean Perry 66

Patience is no word for me  Sean Perry 66  1 star

I have no patience. The title is, “patience”. Not for me, but thanks!


Not bad  Dalcob  3 star

Could be quicker


Would like a hint button  tlkhart77  4 star

Would like a hint button

harry beyer

Classic  harry beyer  4 star

Its just good👍


No longer ad free  splodgo  3 star

Each update brings more obtrusive ads, with no option to pay to remove them. Otherwise it’s a really nice, simple version of classic solitaire.


Solitaire  Jgapoo  4 star

The new app is a bit slow and numbers a little harder to read. Like the ad free play.

Pugs 60

Great game  Pugs 60  5 star

Great way to use your brain and enjoy yourself at the same time.


Simple Solitaire  emtedee  5 star

Easy to play useful sound effects fast turnaround


It’s good!  Searchin_63  5 star


Dotty Pig.

Maree  Dotty Pig.  5 star

Great Ap. Thank you


Me likey likey dis app  bigestbaba  5 star

Very very good. Lul..


Omg  hdz.2013  5 star

I’m So Excited I Took Like Almost A Week Playing This And I Bearly Won This Game😊😊😊


Easy  Neitherworldbabe  5 star

Easy to play, No ads, no gimmicks. This is an easy and quick way just to kill time with.


Chubbycheeks82  chubbycheeks1982  5 star

Finished it on first round like it bacause cards come out easy

King poccy

Fun game  King poccy  5 star

Super fun game


Great game  ryanbrooks12  5 star

It’s really a great game and a good way to kill time


Pretty cool  jusserynn._  4 star

Requires concentration, i like it👍🏾


Cool game  Clarabell1988  4 star

I love this game who doesn’t !!!! Awesome app !!


Solitaire  Jarima01  5 star

Love all forms of Solitaire

lucky bankz

Awesome  lucky bankz  5 star

Greatest app ever🚫🧢

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