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Saturn - Time Together App Description & Overview

What is saturn - time together app? Saturn helps you manage your time so you can spend it doing things you love with the people who matter most. See what friends are doing in real-time, chat with them, organize events, and share schedules all in one place.

■ The first calendar built around your classes, clubs, teams, and friends’ schedules.

■ Create and discover events in your community. Easily manage your club meetings, team practices, sports games, parties, hang-outs, and personal events.

■ Share schedules with your friends to see what they are up to in real-time, what they have coming up, and to make plans.

■ Chat with friends, teammates, and groups.

Our high school experience is only supported for 9-12th grade students right now, but we're working on creating new experiences for our non-high school users - check back soon!

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App Name Saturn - Time Together
Category Social Networking
Updated 30 January 2024, Tuesday
File Size 157.64 MB

Saturn - Time Together Comments & Reviews 2024

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Better than ever!!. Been using Saturn for over a year and I love the recent changes like the new homepage, the whole app feels simpler and easier to use. Just got my schedule and I’ve already added it to Saturn, took like a minute and I’m ready for school now. My one complaint is I wish I could friend people from other schools and see their schedule so I know when I can text them. Having clubs and sports teams on there would be super helpful too. Overall excited to use the app this fall 🫡

Really great idea but definitely needs improvement. I don’t have a whole lot for this review. I will say that the reliance on customer support is annoying. You can’t be verified or have you schedule until you get in contact with support. It‘s tiring just to get it all setup. Not to mention you have to have a lot of students in your school on it to do anything. I waited 2 weeks without being verified till I got in contact with support only to then not be able to do anything because they hadn’t set up my schedule. Also support takes for ever to respond. I really think that it would be a lot easier to add when the classes start and end when you add them. I know my schedule I should be able to just tell the ai what time my class lets out. I think the idea is amazing. I would love to have an app that tells me how much longer I have in a class and to chat with people in my classes who I’m not exactly friends with. I feel like if they were making money off of it somehow they could make major improvements. There’s no ads so the team is probably underfunded. If they added donations or ads I’m sure it will get better. Right now, though I can’t give it more than 3 stars.

Great. The idea is great and it’s really helpful. and there’s literally no problems. I just think it would be cool to be able to add a widget to your home screen so you can check how much time is left in a class and not have to fully open the app and check. Like for a small widget it could just be the clock of how much time left you have in current class. And for a bigger widget it could be. The time left you have in your class and then what your next class is, teacher, classroom/ location, etc. might be a cool idea

Best planner app for school and other things too. This app is so helpful, I love how I can see who’s in my classes so I know what to expect in the following school year, my schools schedule on the app was messed up, so I asked if there was any way they can fix it, so all I had to do was send them a screenshot of our bell schedule and they got it fixed up! I also love that I can see what classes everyone else is in so I know where they will be in proximity from my class so we can meet up! There’s also no fees and no adds, and we can connect our other socials! The only problem is that there is a lot of glitches or bugs sometimes, but that may just be because of how many people have been going on to the app recently, I really love this app

Great however…. Just starting off using this app and I can say that while it’s great, easy to use, and simple, I found a few problems that made it hard to display my schedule accurately. 1, there is no way that I’ve seen so far to make a period change based on a rotation or letter day, perhaps a fix to this is by being able to add multiple classes in one period, the it would ask you what the rotation is and then it would be set up. 2, my other issue is the confusing to use calendar, where instead of a - it could have a small symbol to represent what the day is instead of - meaning no school. Otherwise this is a great app to connect with others and see the schedule of your friends without any hassle.

Saturn Review. Saturn is a great app to use for school. Saturn is always on top of everything and knows the times of all our classes. Saturn has been really helpful on days where I forgot what class I’m supposed to go to or what time it starts at. Also, you can see your classmates and also view their schedules as well which is very cool. You can add upcoming assignments/projects so that it will remind u to do them which is extremely helpful. Another cool thing about Saturn is that they added a virtual yearbook so you can connect with our classmates and students in your school to make it still feel like a regular year even though we were quarantined most of the year. I recommend this app to anyone that needs a more organized and easy way to see their schedule. - Bella

Useful. I’ve been struggling for a couple of months about finding the perfect app for organizational needs about school assignments. When I get a homework assignment, I put the due date, and when I have a test, I put the due date when the test is so every day it will show up in my to-do’s. It's really useful. I tried using Google Calendar, but the bad part about that is I can't set a due date. With Saturn, I can. Not only is Saturn good with homework assignments and tests, but it's also great at telling me when class periods and passing periods end with the countdown timer. Overall, I recommend this app for you!! For the developers, Thank you so much for creating an app that can help me improve my school organizational skills. My teachers are even jealous! But they can't use it — haha! I'm gonna keep using it for as long as possible. :) You should also add a widget for Saturn. That would be EXTRA useful.

A little bummed. Hey! I was hoping to use it for my middle school but I was sad that it is only useful during your high school years. Please add middle school years because as someone who is not very organized I would have loved to use this. I’ll definitely keep the app for next year school year though because then I’ll be in highschool! Also why is it that you need to share with 4 friends before you can join a class. It seemed weird and I just don’t want to annoy my friends with the notification. Could you maybe make that an option after you join your school instead of before? Anyways I’m excited to use this app in the future but until then I hope you consider my recommendations :)

Texted people under my name without consent. I recently downloaded the app from a link I received in a text. Upon opening the app, I was prompted to invite 5 people to join. I decided to skip this step without selecting anyone to invite. Subsequently, when I logged in, I noticed a list of my friends with an "add" button next to their names. I assumed that these friends had already downloaded the app. However, to my surprise, after clicking "add" on a few contacts, some of my friends texted me, questioning the messages they received, inviting them to the app under my name. I'm unsure if the app's "invite 5 people" section or the "add" button triggered these texts, but the fact that the app can contact people in my contacts list without my explicit knowledge or consent is unsettling. The situation turned out to be mildly embarrassing, and it raises concerns about privacy and data usage. To the developers of Saturn, please address this issue and please make it more clear when the app contacts people under the user’s name.

LOVE this app !!!!. I downloaded Saturn a little while ago, and it has given me zero issues and been nothing short of amazing ! Being in quarantine really made me realize how much I took friendships and physical connection for granted. I was so upset at not being able to connect with my friends, not getting a proper last day of school, and the overall way that the year was cut short. The Saturn yearbook helped to restore some of what was lost by helping me reconnect with friends, sign their yearbooks, share memories, and just bringing some sense of normalcy to a seemingly uncertain time. The app is so efficient and user-friendly and the best part is that it’s completely free! Yearbooks at school always cost so much that many students choose not to buy one, but the Saturn yearbook is the best alternative ! It’s so fun to read and scroll through the memories of my friends and even others from other schools and is the perfect light in a dark time ! Every student needs to download this app!!!

Great app! Just a suggestion. This app is amazing, there’s nothing more I can say about it. I just have one suggestion. If there is any way to implement grade books into this app, that would make this app 100 times better. For example, I go to an FCPS school, which uses SISStudentVue, and it has its own API, so I know this feature is possible. And I know this is true for many other school districts. But yeah overall, this app is great, but if you could implement a grade book feature, it would make the app a lot better.

Good app, could use some polishing. good overall app, does what it needs to. Has a nice GUI too. But it could do with some extra features: - not sure if this is a school specific thing, but if you have two periods of the same class you should be able to set it as such with the time carrying across to the next period (i.e. instead of 10:10-10:40 and 10:40-11:00, it automatically does 10:10-11:00). In our school we have 4 30 minute periods each with two classes for the sake of organizing lunches. It would make things better to know the real time until it ends. - support for clubs. Would be real handy for someone with a lot of clubs. Plus could help connect people across interests (like if im into STEM but im not in STEM club, i can meet somone that way). - pushing schedules. If a club meetings cancelled for one day, people should be able to push out a notif saying that that day is cancelled. Not sure how youd make it not abusable but i mean thats you guys’ job. - ipad fullscreen mode. Quite strange to not have that, you guys should do it. Makes things much nicer if on an ipad. - a suggestion button. Probably not gonna be the greatest to flood through but tiny little things people suggest might perfect the app. thats kinda it. Hope you guys listen

Verification issues, and support is not helpful. To start off, you can’t get verified until you invite 3 friends who are not in the app already, for them to sign up and choose your school. THEN you get verified. Already, this seems like a marketing strategy to get more people on the app. There are still places in the app that say you can verify with your school email, but it just won’t let you. The whole thing implies you can verify with your school email but there’s no place to actually verify with your school email. Support says it’s “for the safety of the students,” but really, it’s just a marketing strategy to get more people to download the app. I got this app to make friends because I don’t have any. Obviously I’m not going to have 3 people sign up just to verify I am a student at my school, I can’t!! Not helpful at all, I suggest y’all look for an alternative app or something.

so many red flags. This app is clearly trying to growth hack. It’s #2 in Social Networking at the time of writing this review, almost certainly because the other reviews are accurate and this app is spamming entire contacts lists with invites to join. It wouldn’t even let me skip the part to invite friends, which is ridiculous. Now I’m sitting here wondering if I just spammed my entire contacts list with this despite immediately closing the app and uninstalling. Also, I did get a text invite from someone I supposedly knew about this, but the phone number that sent the link was *not* their personal phone number. If you’re going to mandate invites, do it properly and have the user explicitly send those invites from their own phone number. Highly suspicious, 0/10 would not recommend.

would be great as a widget!!! +room numbers. this app is superrr easy to use and i love that there are mo suprises on the first day of school. Im not completely used to my schedule yet, and i think it would be a great idea to have a widget of the app that shows your next classes and how much time is left in the one you’re currently in. I also think that the classes would be great with room numbers, so if you want to meet up with your friend in their class and dont know what the room number is. And so you can always walk into the right classroom for the first couple days of school without worrying if it is the right room! Even without these things I think the app is pretty awesome too

My school can’t get verified. I’d like to start by saying that this is a great concept for an app. That’s why I and 270 other people from my school decided to get it. The problem, though, is that my school has been in 4th on the waitlist for about two weeks with “29 students” on my school. There are almost 300 students at my school that are currently on the app, and it is pretty much pointless to have without the school being verified. I would also like to mention that it’s been the same three schools above us on the waitlist, so the developers clearly aren’t putting any time into trying to get schools verified. Currently, it’s just using up some storage on my phone until my school gets verified.

Request for an addition of widgets. This app is great in helping me manage class time and making sure I’m not late! However, I think that a widget feature for this app would be terrific, and that’s why I’m giving it one less than a 5 star. With the widget feature it could display how much class I have left instead of having to open the app manually each time. I don’t use widgets much besides clock /time widgets to keep track of time but This is probably the only time I would use a widget. It would be very helpful for me, and I’m sure for others.

Everyone needs this app!. Saturn is a must have for everyone!! It has so many cool features and is super easy to use and I’m so grateful that something like this exists. This app made it so much easier to deal with having to say goodbye to high school and all that comes with it even though we weren’t there for the end of the year! I think it’s such a good idea for everyone so that you don’t have to stress on the last day of school to get everyone to sign and instead they can do it on their own time and multiple ppl can do it at the same time! Definitely download this app I have nothing bad to say.

Suggestions - Great App. This is a perfect app, just the way it is now is astoundingly useful. I haven’t used it very long, but constantly use it. However, some minor things have bugged me while I also have a couple suggestions. -Sharing the app- For me, when I opened the app and created an account, it REQUIRED me to share my schedule with 4 different people. 4 different people who don’t have Saturn, nor Snapchat. I was told by others that I wouldn’t have to do that but it forced me to. Personally, that requires friends I lack. It should be more of an option to share that with people. Suggestion: Clubs/after school activities option- For most schools that have after school activities, and for people who participate in these activities. A club option should be included with each day of the week for clubs inside and outside work weeks.

Very helpful! Just a few minor issues. This app is very useful and I totally recommend it. But a nice quality of life improvement would be when you fix the schedules. For example, if today is a Day 1 but Saturn says it’s a Day 2 and I correct it, I have to manually re-assign the rest of the calendar or else it’s incorrect. It would be great to have the option to autocorrect the rest of the schedule. Also sometimes the bell in the app is a little off and it’d would be helpful to be able to fix it. But other than that, it’s great! 😊

Great app!. I recently downloaded this app during my first semester of 9th Grade (high school) because I kept seeing it on Snapchat and finally folded. Ever since I downloaded I have used it everyday and don’t know how kids at my school function without this app. It is extremely helpful to note when you have homework, events or bell schedule changes. Our school runs on a block schedule and has a different schedule for Tuesdays and Thursdays which the app already knew when you select the school. I love how respondent they are and always use your feedback to make sure everyone has the right schedule. My only complaint is that they haven’t released a feature to have 1st semester and second semester classes so that as soon as you know what you have next semester, you can import it instead of change your schedule after second semester but I’m sure that’s in the works! DOWNLOAD NOW LIKE IDK HOW PEOPLE DONT USE THIS AND LIVE. UPDATE: Also we can’t verify because you have to use school email and our school doesn’t allow Services they don’t pay for/use use our email or sign in.

Disappointing. First off, I’d like to say that I actually love this app. As a teacher, it helped me survive a convoluted 6-day cycle last year, and it’s been absolutely vital in helping me juggle the demands of hybrid learning. Up until yesterday, I was using this app every day, multiple times a day- even multiple times each period to check our remaining time before the bell. Unfortunately, Saturn has decided to remove all teachers from the app “for the safety of the students.” I don’t see why they are unable to provide teachers with access to the scheduling features but restrict direct communication with students. I’m also particularly upset that they made this change in the middle of the pandemic. Technology is a critical component to any teacher’s job, especially this year. Having one of my go-to platforms suddenly delete my account with no warning and no explanation is truly disorienting in what is already a difficult year for teachers. I agree that maintaining the safety for our students is the #1 priority, but a disruption like this is by extension affecting my students, and I don’t see why you can’t find a way to keep kids safe and still give teachers access to the scheduling features. Please reinstate teacher accounts- I love Saturn and don’t know what I’m going to do without it!

Fake notifications. I am a freshman in high school, and this app has really helped me to learn my schedule as well as the people in my classes. However, where I am disappointed is the notifications. As of a few weeks ago, it’s started giving me notifications such as “Someone added you” or “You’ve been invited to a class” and then you click on it and nothing happens. It just takes you to a screen where you can put in more classes. I check my friend requests to make sure it didn’t just glitch, and there’s nothing. This leads me to believe that these are not real. I find it annoying and quite a low blow to make fake notifications just to get people to come into your app. Do better.

Elegant and organized. The whole app is beautifully designed. From the first time you open the app to watching the countdown timer until your next class on the website, it is clear that a lot of time, thought, and energy has gone into making this equally appealing and convenient to use. My school schedule is a mess but Saturn got it spot on in the app and now managing my classes and setting up nights out with my friends is a breeze. To whoever made this possible - thank you!

A great app but missing one thing. I think this is an amazing app to use to get to know people at your school and so much easier telling people your classes. I don’t like reading long reviews so I will just get to the point. I want to be able to change the time each class starts. It’s really annoying that it automatically does it for you and for me that time is minutes off. I’ve looked up tutorials and even gone through every settings in the app but you can not change the time your classes start and end. If your thinking “just change the block” that is not what I mean because all of my classes are in order. I just need to change the time. I’ve talked to my friends about this and they agree as well so it’s not just me that’s noticed this. Please and thank you.

not great for small schools :/. Don’t get me wrong.. I absolutely love this app idea ! I’ve heard so many great things from friends I have in other schools ab the app. Since I downloaded it a few months ago though, nothing has change regarding the schedule uploading into the system. I totally understand that it’s probably a huge hassle to do, but I’ve seen the same schools on the same waitlist since I’ve had the app :/ Also, I have noticed that in that time more people from my school have joined the app.. and we still haven’t gotten updated yet. I really do love the features, but I just wish I could use them at all. Please update schedules even if it’s as slow as a monthly process… students in small schools will really appreciate it !

SATURN IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST!. Saturn is FANTASTIC! They are always on top of everything and so cooperative as well! Their schedules are on point and the app’s features are really helpful. You input your classes and teachers and Saturn automatically knows your class times! It’ll even tell you how much time you have left for each class that you’re currently in (the number of minutes left until the next period), the percentage of class you’ve already gone through, and the percentage of the day that you’ve gone through! I don’t know about you, but it’s INSANELY motivating to check Saturn and see that 65% of the school day is done without even feeling fatigued yet. If you have any questions or concerns you can e-mail Saturn and they will respond promptly, at your request(s). They were really kind to us and helped out our school a bundle! Most of our school relies on Saturn to get us through the day, and it’s truly incredible just to think that an app like this exists! They’re always open to our ideas and their community is so full of friendly and interesting staff and ambassadors! Also, I don’t think these people get enough credit for HOW EPICCC their graphic design skills are—all of the (many) icons they make are all so aesthetically pleasing, and the color schemes are on point! This app is definitely worth it!!!!

Almost Perfect. I really love Saturn. It does a great job at organizing classes. Personally, I have an extremely complex 10 rotation schedule, and Saturn takes care of everything for you. It has many features, but takes a bit of time to get used to. One issue is adding room numbers to classes. Instead of being in the calendar section, it’s in the bottom section if the main page. Also, sometimes when I try to look at my friends’ schedules, it just displays the book icon and no info. Other than these issues and a few more hiccups, Saturn is a must for middle, high school, and college students.

Unverified Issue. I love thé Saturn app because you can make friends that go to the same school as you and track their schedules. As well as see the countdown timer for in-between classes. Recently though, It started blurring out everything and saying I have to verify with my school email, which is no problem, but I can’t even do that because my school doesn’t allow 3rd party apps like Saturn to log in. So it just says error/access denied every time I try to log in. I’m sad I can’t use the app anymore. I think the app shouldn’t have a whole sign in and just put your school email in the info part with all your other social media stuff to verify.

NOT OKAY. This app does not have enough protective measurements in place. Literally anyone can sign up for it and pretend they go to your child's school and message the kids that go there. This is a pedofiles playground and a disaster waiting to happen to someone’s child. I read about this app on a Facebook post saying how unsafe it was and verified it to be true. I am an adult and signed up with a fake name, fake birthday saying I’m 16, said I went to a school, and even had a fake school email verified and I could see everyone on the app that goes to the same school and message them. Not only that, I could change schools if I wanted. From a legal perspective, this app needs to get its security measures together before a child is put at risk if they aren’t already. FIX IT!!!!!!!

Fake news. There is no way you get this many 5 star reviews!!! This app will allow anyone to join. They can lie about age and school and classes, as they can see what teachers and classes are available to choose from. Once you choose, then the class rosters are made available. No school email verification is needed to get to this point!!! How is this keeping students safe?!?! Events can added and then it will tell who is going to that event. So now if you wanted to really watch someone you could actually keep tabs on them. Sports rosters are on here. Students can put their social media links on here and this app gives you access to view the accounts with no problems. Again, how is this safe for our kids when no email versions needed to see any of this information?!?! Do better!!! You are putting so many kids in harms way.

Saturn is GREAT! But it doesn’t work with my schools schedule.. I go to a trade school, so there’s A week and B week. The weeks alternate so one week is academics and one week is a trade. In my school A week for freshmen and seniors is their academic week and sophomore and juniors shop week. B week is the sophomore and juniors academic week and freshmen and seniors shop week. My issue with this app is it doesn’t accommodate for the week change, because when the week changes it’s a different day schedule. Lets say A week on Friday is day 8. It wouldn’t be day 9 when we come back on monday because it would be B week. It would be a different day, like day 2. So far i’ve had to manually change the day. The day schedule doesn’t really matter, it’s that during shopweek there’s a different schedule. You’re in practically one room all day besides a related period which is normally 2 blocks. I don’t want to delete my schedule to replace it with a shopweek schedule. Perhaps add a function to add an additional schedule? Or maybe even a toggle for a different week or schedule. I would really appreciate it.

great!. i think this app is amazing. it’s schedules are correct and it’s so nice to be able to see who you have classes with and lunch with. the only thing i would say i don’t like is that you HAVE to have Snapchat to connect your Bitmoji to the app. i don’t have it and i wanted to change my profile picture to my Bitmoji, but unless you have Snap you can’t do that and i find it very annoying. other than that, this app is very helpful and has all your teachers, classes, and room numbers so you know exactly where to go, what mod your class is in and what teach you have

Saturn Is The Best App For School!. When I first go Saturn, I was already surprised when I could see my friends’ classes. Saturn also knows what day cycle it is in your school. This is incredibly helpful especially after a long break when you forget what day it is. Then I was delighted by their nice tasks addition. Sometime later, my school was having a delayed opening. To my surprise, when I opened Saturn, the schedule was updated, and Saturn even included the virtual webinar we were having in the morning!

Fantastic APP with fantastic features. You know the time when you are running late to class because you end up going to the wrong room, lost utterly in a sea of students? Saturn helps prevent that with its scheduling features which are easy to navigate and it also helps you keep track of different schedules you may be on - everything from half to full days, snow days, pep rallies, testing, and more, so you never forget anything. Get the app, it’s accessibility and its top notch features make it the best for students of all types.

Saturn is the best!!!. This app helped me adapt to the high school schedule in an easy and efficient way. I did not get to experience my freshman year in person (pandemic), so when I finally returned to the school I had no idea when each bell rung. All I had to do was type my classes into the app and it figured the rest out for me!!! Saturn has kept me on time for all of my classes, and now as a senior I still plan on using this app each day of school!! Another pro is that you can see which of your friends is in your lunch period or class with you! Saturn has been a great assistant in my high school career and it will do the same for you :)))

This App is great :). This app makes it easy to know your schedule and let’s you see others schedules as well. Overall this app has a lot to offer, it shows other peers of yours, also allowing you to friend them. The complaint I have with this app is that you must have a very large friend group before you are able to chat with friends in the app. I understand that those who made this app are trying to get the people to spread the word, however it takes over 100 friends to meet the requirement. I thought this was a little bit much and would like to see the number go down in the future if possible

Saturn is my favorite!. As a high school student juggling classes, extracurriculars, and personal commitments, I’ve discovered a true lifesaver in Saturn. This app has revolutionized the way I manage my schedule, making the chaotic high school life feel more manageable and empowering me to achieve my goals with ease. From the moment I downloaded Saturn, I was blown away by its user-friendly interface and intuitive design. From my personal experiences, Saturns team has been friendly and helpful. They actually listen to they’re users unlike many apps here and strive to improve they’re platform! - Ambassador Jasmin ❤️‼️

Why is it 4+ ages?. When I first found out about Saturn I was on Snapchat, and I'm starting 7th grade which is my first year in middle school. So I thought it would be a great way to track my classes and know what class my friends are in. But when I opened the app it asks “are you in high school” or “are you out of school”. I was confused because I thought this app was for all ages. But I clicked high school and went to “i can’t find my school” I clicked my middle and put in my number. I keep doing the same thing every other day but nothing is happening. I’m so confused. This is the reason why I rate it 3 stars for now cause there’s not much direction on what to do tbh.

I find no real value in this app. I feel like the thought was there. But I do not see any benefit from this app. I was reading other reviews and it sounds like they’re developing bad habits in class by staring at the timer in this app until class is over. Also when I went in to set my schedule and everything, not only did it not allow me to set more than one class but it also crashed while doing so. This problem can easily be fixed. But I also think a place to write down homework would be a fine addition to the app. When my day is done, on the main screen it tells me to make sure I do my homework. Which only makes me want to check if I have homework. If that feature was included in the app, that’d be great. Right now I find the functionality of the app is way too basic. I find no real value in downloading this app. It would only be a waste of time and seemingly a distraction during class. However, that could change with some creative and beneficial additions and changes made by the developers.

This app is GENIUS’ CREATION!!!!!🔥🔥🔥. I love Saturn. It is SO helpful as a busy academic student. My most favorite feature is the fact that you can know exactly, down to the millisecond, when your class gets out. You no longer have to do annoying basic math to figure out how much time is left in class. I also love that you can keep track of homework and add events into your schedule very easily. The app can also generate widgets on iPhone which is AMAZING!! Not to mention it integrates with Apple Calendar if you wish. This app is definitely going to be a clutch in my upcoming junior year of high school🔥🔥🔥

Saturn is great and reliable!. Saturn has been very helpful with everyone from my school, as soon as 1 person installed it, they invited eachother and now everyone uses it to see eachothers schedules, or find people who are in their classes and in their school. It’s easy to make friends, find classes with people you know ( it also connects to contacts), and it also has a bulletin for anyone at your school to post about events coming up so you can be alerted on any new events going down. It doesnt find you and choose your classes, you have to manually put your classes in so if someone messes up their schedule, they’ll still show but that’s not on the Saturn app.

So so so helpful!. I downloaded saturn freshman year to help me with time management during my classes. With the school time change due to Covid Saturn has helped me stay on task during my off cohort days and with the class time alerts I am always on time for my online classes! Saturn also is great for checking how much time you have in between classes or how much time is left in your class. My friends and I are able to check what classes we’re in at what time and that helps us meet up in the hallways when we usually wouldn’t see eachother

Still waiting.. I got this app off of TikTok and I wasn’t expecting much but I was still disappointed. I’ve been on the Waitlist for about a month or more and haven’t seen any improvement. I’m at the point of just deleting the app to save my storage space, because there’s not a point to keeping an app that just makes you wait. And, they give you the option to “invite people” via Snapchat or something to “jump the line” which is the dumbest thing I’ve seen. There’s no way I’m going invite someone to an app I can’t even verify actually works yet. This app did look really cool, and I understand it takes a little while to set up multiple schedules and what not for hundreds of different schools, but I it’s been a month or more and I haven’t seen any improvement.

Serious Safety Concerns. As a parent and an educator this app has major concerns about the access it gives to our children. Although it states you have to verify with a school email address that is only required for chat. Without email verification I was able to set up an account, choose classes, and see students for the selected school. When I chose a student’s name it gave me access to their profile which includes access to all of their social media accounts if they have them set up. So not only do I know a location that child will be, down to the class and hour, it is possible to find their location via the social media platforms and their connected friends. In a world where kids are being taken, and taken advantage of this is giving predators an inside track. Scary

Really helpful. I think that the concept of Saturn - a chat and scheduling app for school - is a great idea, and I haven’t seen it done better than here. You can quite easily set up a schedule of your classes, create events, and customize your calendar. You can communicate using both group chats and DMs, and the quality of these chats are just as good as any other messaging app. However, Saturn also adds you to a group chat for each class that you schedule, which is an excellent idea and was executed just as well. Overall, Saturn in a great platform to use if you’re in a student in high school or middle school.

Very Dangerous!!. Very dangerous app! Parents check out how easy it is to create a fake schedule just by picking teachers from their then have access to every one of those student’s info & some even pics of them on their profile, links to their social media pages & so much more! It’s like a well laid out timeline in sick people’s hands of your child’s whereabouts! If you’ve never dealt with predators or been an abuse victim, I’m sure you don’t realize this is so readily available to literally anyone who wanted to find out about kids in a particular building for not so great reasons! If you don’t believe it’s possible, check it out yourself. Saturn creators, please revise the app & consider how easy you’ve made it for literally anyone to gain access of a child’s information!

AMAZING APP. (All this may change since I haven’t started school) Wow, this app is amazing! It just makes showing who’s in your classes much easier and this is very customizable since you can add teachers and classes and add your friends to them! Also thanks that snap works since it’s easy just to see your snap friends! Now I haven’t seen the countdown treasure yet since school hasn’t started but this app is a must for high schoolers (including me) to chat for any questions and stuff like that!

Great concept just a little bit of feedback. I just downloaded it so maybe I just haven’t looked hard enough but I was able to verify myself and I said once I get verified I would have access to all options but I can’t find most of the things it shows in the preview pictures above, if anyone knows how to find that stuff then please let me know but other than that I do like the app, I can see everyone who is on in my school and message them just like is says and I can see everyone in my classes so that’s good, the calendar is a little messy but all good overall I give it 3 stars but if I can find the other option then I would say 5.

No Response from Support, still waiting for verification. I was really excited to get this app as it seemed like a really useful tool; and maybe it is, my school still hasn’t been verified. It’s one of the options but every time I try to register for it says, “Oops! Something went wrong”. I’ve filled out the stuff for can’t find my school but I’ve had no confirmation that my request was received and it’s been a month and my school has not been verified. Please make this system better and please make it easier for students to verify their school. There is no apparent way to speed up the process by verifying email or anything else. If the developers are seeing this, please help. Your app looks awesome but I can’t use it.

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Cant even create account. I want to use this, but i can’t even have my phone number be verified if the brackets hold three digits and there is a constant error when being asked to go to snapchat.

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Doesn’t work in Canada. Doesn’t support Canadian schools

Does not work in Canada.. I live in Canada and was recommended this app from a friend on Discord. Unfortunately it does not support Canadian schools. Was looking forward to this app and I’m quite disappointed.

1 star. dude this is so useful make it so we can use it in canada tf

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Verification problems. My school doesn’t allow us to sign in with the school email. I tried the contact support and send a picture of the error. It worked!! However, the next day I got unverified. I was so confused because I didn’t do anything. I send many pictures of the error and I even send my schedule. Idk what to do anymore because I waited for so many days for it verify me. I did email three times and I’m still waiting for a response. I really like how this app works and I know they care about the kid’s safety, but they should verify the actual student😭😭

Cant sign in. Don’t get me wrong I think that the back to school part of the app where you can send show and share your your schedule is brilliant convenient and on hand but I have not been able to verify my account because it says that other students that go to my school are using a different email… All of our emails are the same they all end the same and the fact that I have tried numerous times to no avail kind of makes me want to delete the app. The majority of the things I would do on the app I can’t because it won’t let me sign in.

Put down your pitchforks boomers lol. A predator doesn’t need an app. Don’t live scared. They can snatch you up anytime, anywhere. You really think your son or daughter doesn’t have apps that give away exact locations. Lol please. I’m a 45 year old parent of a high schooler. And I had no idea of this app. But the school district just sent an email telling me I shouldn’t allow my child to use this app and they “highly discouraged the use of this app”. That alone told me I NEED to get my child on this app. A way to keep track of classes, assignments, friends, events etc. Sounds great, don’t let bad people dictate what you do. Bad people will be bad. Haters gonna hate. And boomers gonna boom I guess. Lol. Lighten up and let the kids have fun. And if you don’t trust an APP, you really don’t trust your child.

I have a thought…. I want to start off by saying this app is truly amazing in every way, one feature that would make it even better is a version for the Apple Watch, my school is making us now put our phones away in a slip thing before every class now and having this app on an Apple Watch would be perfect! Other then that I would like to thank everyone on the Saturn Team for truly making such an amazing and useful app!

iPhone shortcuts!!!. Please look at this🥺 Now what in the tarnation did y’all do to the feature where I can add a shortcut on my Lock Screen and check how much longer I have of class or break or whatever it is I’m checking on, now I have a few good reason to be mad about One y’all shouldn’t do that. Two i don’t like that. Three you should definitely bring that feature back because it was actually really useful especially when I have to check if I have enough time to do something before I head to school

Best App for School Schedules!. I have used Saturn for the majority of my sophomore year and it’s definitely the most useful app ever to keep track of my schedule. I like the user friendliness of the app and like how we students are able to see our friends schedules. I would like the app better if we were able to link other apps to this one so that most of the schedules are up to date instead of doing it manually. Other than that it’s definitely the best app for school schedules and I will be using it for the next school year!

I LOVE THIS APP!!!. This app is literally perfect and has made my school life so much easier. It’s a great app to manage your time and is such an amazing organising tool. My friends and I swear by this when we compare our schedules at the beginning of the year with this app!! Also there are no bugs or crashes and this app works so well. 10/10 recommend, it makes school so much more easier to manage.

Stop asking for a verification and thanks parents. You stupid parents are the reason why Saturn put a stupid security update. First of all, why would a predator want to use such a flimsy app. Your child would already know not to talk to random strangers. Thanks to you parents whining, crying, and fussing, the developers just HAD to put verification. And lastly, you developers are probably not gonna see this review and won’t care, but get rid of the verification thing please. Now, a bunch of freshmen can’t join the app, all cuz you stupid Susan’s just had to complain. The security stuff won’t solve anything, and only made your app worse. Thanks

Very helpful! Just a few minor issues. This app is very useful and I totally recommend it. But a nice quality of life improvement would be when you fix the schedules. For example, if today is a Day 1 but Saturn says it’s a Day 2 and I correct it, I have to manually re-assign the rest of the calendar or else it’s incorrect. It would be great to have the option to autocorrect the rest of the schedule. Also sometimes the bell in the app is a little off and it’d would be helpful to be able to fix it. But other than that, it’s great! 😊

Loving it! Is there a 2- Day Schedule System?. Loving the app so far. The school i attend has an every other day schedule. (For example, Monday, Wednesday and Fridays are day 1, and Tuesday and Thursdays are Day 2s.) next week it’s flipped. There’s currently no way to have a day one and day two schedule, on some days I have different class orders and some I have completely different classes on those days. Can there be a feature added so that I can add all of my classes to my schedules for days one and two?

Such a helpful app!. I was introduced to Saturn last year and I have to say it’s been nothing but completely helpful to my schedule and workload. I use it everyday for reminding me of when I have my classes or lunch time, or as a planner when I need to keep track of a bunch of homework. Before Saturn, I never used a planner because I didn’t want something to write on and nothing seemed easy to use but Saturn filled that hole in my life and it has helped me become a better and more organized student!

It used to be good but the update has made it buggy. It used to be in perfect sync with my schools bell schedule give or take a few seconds but now it’s delayed like over a minute or even sped up over a minute, i have no idea why but a lot of the people that i’ve talked to have had the same issue. Also the widget has just completely stopped working, it says that in fine with my day even when i’m at school. I’ve tried removing and readding the widget but it still won’t work.

Probably one of the most pointless apps. I’m not sure why this app has such a high rating, all it is is posting your schedule so other friends can see this. This could’ve been done via snapchat, and any other messages app. The countdown for your class is also not needed at all as every classroom has a clock and that clock is either behind or ahead of the actual time. The teachers do not let you out before the clock’s bell rings, there’s 0 point of this countdown. Many other things in this app are extremely pointless as well. It’s also extremely complicated to set up your schedule. Pointless app imo.

Verification.. You can’t DM without verification, you can’t see your friends with verification, you can’t unlock the bulletin without verification. How do you get a verification? By signing in with your school google account. But my school blocked it (which most schools probably will). Just do what gas did and not have it linked to school accounts. And don’t even think about trying to use a non school account because Saturn won’t allow it. Frankly the only reason I have this app is to see how much time til my next class without doing math and memorizing the schedule.

Great app for those who have a hard time keeping track with schedule!. I got this app during my sophomore year and let me just tell you that it was a LIFESAVER!! I forget things a lot and that includes remembering what rotation day I have for school. It helps me find my friends and know what class they’re in at a certain time. I’m a rising junior and with school starting soon, I know Saturn will have my back again this year. Highly recommended!!

I LOVE THIS APP. I love this app because it helps me keep track of time before classes and after classes and in between!!! This app also helped me stock my classmates before the first day of school, which is very helpful because then I could know what I was working with it helped me keep track of my schedule during the first week or two of school. I love this app because it’s just super cute and cute so I love this app 10 out of 10 get it.

PREDATORS. Listen to me… I’m a Teenager in high school and I downloaded this app. My mom found out and got mad at me. I had put myself in tons of danger by downloading it. This app provides everyone with where you are at the exact moment in time. ANYBODY CAN USE THIS APP. Predators and older people can use this app to steal your information and stalk you. This app allows people to stalk you it even steal you. THIS APP IS NOT SAFE!!! I would actually give this app 1 star, but I want people to see it, so I gave it 5. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!

FAVORITE school app!. i downloaded saturn a little before i started my first year in high school, and it was the best thing i’ve ever done! my school’s schedule is very confusing, and i tend to forget which class i have next; and saturn is quick to remind me which class i have next and how long i have before it starts! it also helps me stay on top of assignments and see the people in my class! i’ve been 10x more organized since i got it. it’s very easy to navigate the app so i recommend downloading it 100%!

Best App for School!. This app is amazing for time management skills and an awesome way to connect with people around your schools. You see how much time you have left in a class as well as you see the people in your block making it easy to get in contact and form a relationship with the people in your class especially if doing school from home. You’ll love this app if you want to connect with others around your school and if you need to better organization and time management!

Wonderful but just a mess up!. This app is great if you have trouble with remembering your schedule! Setting up the schedule, with the room number, even with the timing and the way it’s set up after school! You can even put what you plan to do or assignments due in a class! I say the only trouble is the verifying which many people are getting. Wouldn’t it be best to use our personal emails too? It would be easier that way there’s not much issues into logging in.

Great app. Broken Friend system…. I love the idea of this app. It’s great in all ways possible. The only issue I see is adding new people. It just bugs out and doesn’t add them. And there is someone stuck on my friend request section. And I cant get rid of it. If I try adding them it just says “That didn’t work, check your internet” And I also cant decline a friend request. So, In conclusion the app is great. Just please fix the friending system. Thank you

Such a useful app!. Saturn is honestly the best organizational app I’ve used for school! It has a task board for all assignments, which is super handy. I also love the countdown feature on the home page! It tells you the amount of time before class (down to the second), and once class starts, a new countdown automatically starts for when class will end. The countdown also factors in the short breaks in between classes. I definitely recommend this app 100%!!! It really helps with organization and is a major stress reliever!

A school shooter's dream. This app has almost zero security. A group of parents downloaded it and we were all able to access any schedule in any school nationwide without verifying identities. That is already problematic, as the last thing anyone needs is for dangerous strangers to have a schedule to use to kidnap children to traffic. this app is also a map for a disturbed school shooter to find all their victims. Think about that use of this app. Your children are on these lists even if they arent on the app. And what is the benefit? for decades kids have mastered their school schedule within a week with a piece of paper. Kids do not in any way need to be enabled to rely on their phones, they are in school to learn to rely on their brains. I hope this app is reading this review, because you will be found fully culpable when your app is found to have been used in a school shooting!! too bad you can't give a negative infinity as a rating because you sure earned it

Absolute must. Saturn is great. I say this with full honesty because 9/10 apps designed for teenagers go extremely south very fast. I highly recommend Saturn if your a high school student, it makes it easier to see who’s in your class, see the amount of time left in/between classes and it makes it easier to reach out to other students in your school without having to heavily search their users in a stalkerish way

Download it. IT REALLY HELPS. Saturn is one of the apps that I have been looking for, I was looking for something where I can input my tasks and get a reminder for it. Saturn is great for that:) Also, I was looking for something that can store my schedule so I don’t have to go back and forth in my photos to see my schedule. Clearly saturn does that and it even notifies you before a particular class is about to start. Great time management. I can also view who is in the same class as me which is amazing.

Used to be better. The app last year was way better until they made you get all these verifications and such and you can access certain parts without it. My schedule for school is almost NEVER correct and even after trying to fix the schedule it doesn’t allow me to, so for the rest of the year my schedule is going to be off by a couple of days. My school also uses the abcd system and saturn will not let me change it from ab to abcd which is really frustrating considering our classes change depending on the day.

Live activity. It’s a really good and useful app but I really don’t want the live activity on my Dynamic Island at all times of the day, even after school ends. Please just put it to the countdown of the final 10 minutes of class or at least let it be customizable whether you want it on for this countdown or this time instead of just on/off. It is super useful to have it on the Dynamic Island but it really does not need to be on there at all times.

Safety concerns. As a student this app is great for finding people in classes and keeping track of periods But it is scary to know that anyone can look at our class friends and what time our school gets in and out Maybe codes for each classes given to the school or sent through email or making it put in your school email to make an account And I understand if you make an account through email you would but if you make an account through Snapchat or via phone number you get to completely skip that I understand making it easy for everyone but there needs to be some form of protection

Good app, seriously. This app is seriously good, it’s one of the few things that can actually help me with my schedule, as a newer freshman I easily forget the time after staring nay the clock for an hour, but I can check my phone real quick and boom, the amount of time I have left for my class. This might sound like a bit response but I ain’t. It’s nice. Some people may not need it and I understand that but I would recommend it.

Parents, be aware of what’s going on with your children.. i downloaded this app after seeing a facebook post. this app looks cool and if i was a teenager, i’d be excited about it. but anyone from anywhere can download the app and pretend to be a teen going to your school. there’s no actual verification process that the people joining this app are real high schoolers, and they have access to everything from class schedules to social media profiles to who’s in each class, sports rosters etc. that’s scary. all it takes is one person to decide to target your kid and they can know their exact whereabouts within minutes. please to the makers of this app, do better to protect our kids.

Bullying on schools Snapchat story. I love that it helps with class time but why did it have a snap chat story for my school I posted something and it started a fight that hurt me and there was already hate about another person who just posted something not that serious and she got so much hate for it I wish these stories would not be here or we can report them off the story but like not report them directly from snapchat

Best app ever !!. You won’t believe how much this app has changed my high school life!! Total game changer. Helps me stay on track with my schedule and connects with my friend. Reminders have saved me from countless last minute disasters Chat features are great too, I can chat with my friends right in the app !! We even set up study groups to ace our exams together, made studying wayyy more enjoyable If you’re in high school you really need to check out saturn!!

Still Waiting…. I wrote a review earlier this year (in fact I think it was the one before this) and I am still waiting. Only now, the Saturn team has gone completely silent. They said it was ready to launch at my school and that they would start it whenever school started. It’s been a few weeks into school now and I still don’t have it, nor can I get any sort of response from the Saturn team like I used to. Very much disheartening considering how much I looked forward to using this app for my senior year of high school…

disappointed. being a 7th grader which means first year in having a schedule i was excited to use Saturn. the app worked until it didn’t. it stopped working and it wouldn’t let me use my phone number or anything. i was able to get in contact with Saturn through instagram and they were helpful for a solid day. When they seemed to have not found a way to fix this issue they refused to respond to ANY of my messages and would simply just read them. instead of resolving the issue; i was silenced by them. Whilst other people are getting their issues fixed. I’m wondering why mine aren’t being fixed.

THIS APP IS A PREDATORS DREAM. PREDATORS DREAM RIGHT HERE!! This app is absolutely TERRIFYING. DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR LET YOUR KIDS DOWNLOAD. I did not even need a school email to access any high schools information in the world. I can see class schedules and names of kids, what classes they are in, what events they are going to, etc. this app is dangerous. Anyone can lie and say their age is something different. I did it in 5 seconds and joined the app. This is disgusting and a NIGHTMARE for any parent. How easily can a stranger or predator join and see where children are, their teachers, peer students, events they are going to, and all their social media. This is so terrifying it makes me sick. This app needs to be destroyed. A nightmare for parents across the nation. Please do not download. Please.

Very Convenient. Before I discovered Saturn, I had to print my schedule out and navigate the halls clutching a flimsy sheet of paper that was bound to rip any second. After my friends introduced me to this app, organizing my schedule has been made much easier. Saturn also allows you to view your classmates before school starts so you are able to get a sense of what your class will be like ahead of time! I suggest this for all students—it’s truly a necessity.

It’s nice but…. Ok so I just got this app but first thing I noticed is that you have to be 13+ which is bad and when I put 13+ it said I was in my high school but I’m not in high school just yet so I couldn’t have my actual schedule or the teacher and if I wanted to make friends it was from the high school so therefore I don’t like the app because it won’t let you put in your real information please change this!! I wanted it to help stay on top of my work because this year I am already struggling!

Verification. I am writing this review because for a few days I’ve been having a problem with this app. First off it keeps telling me that I need to be verified in order to be able to see my friends, who’s in my classes and my chats, yet whenever I questioned my friends who’ve had the app longer than me if they’ve been experiencing the same issue, they said no. It doesn’t make any sense to me as to why this problem is only happening to me and I wish for the devs to read this and fix this problem asap.

BEST SCHOOL SCHEDULE APP. Saturn is the absolute BEST scheduling app for school. It has all of your classes in one place and let’s you know what is next along with informing you about which classes you have with your friends (calendar sharing). The Saturn Employees are incredibly nice and help you with anything you may need. If you are an organized person who strives to be a perfectionist, this app is most certainly for you. It helps gather all of the information you need to excel in your high school career.

Different schools. This app is really cool. Such a great idea! I have no complaints! It works very smoothly and you can even add your teachers names, and all your classes accurately. The only thing I could ask is if we could get a new feature with other schools! I have some friends in other schools and I can’t add them or see their schedules. I think it would be really cool. Showing the school next to their name when you look at their schedule. I think it would be really useful!

I love it but…. I really like the app but it would be so much better if it supported A B day schedules. Edit: Thank you so much Saturn for the help, I have a few more problems though, all my class are two periods long and I don’t know how to make it like that. It will not let me edit my lunch and it wouldn’t let me set up A/B day schedules. Thank you so much for your time and effort, hope to ge hearing from you soon.

I rizzed a level 10 gyatt through this app (rizz). So as usual, Saturn has allowed me to get to class on time and also know what class I have next. However, I thought this level 10 gyatt in my class was cute. I didn’t know her name. However, once I found it, I added her on Saturn. I pretended I needed notes (i needed that gyatt). After a while of rising on this amazing app, she gave me her phone number. Now, she’s my gf. This app is also great for school Ig.

Schedule. I have this a 4 of 5 only because of one thing. As a freshman I downloaded this app because of the classes im taking. My first block/period it’s an A and B day schedule meaning i have let’s say english every other day and math the days i don’t have english. Though it have helped with my other classes and timers of when i get out of them. I tend to forget what class i had the Friday before so I would Hope that this App would update to where students can pick having A/B day schedule's. Sincerely- A Freshman Student

I can’t tap on a lot of things. I used this app in the past on my iPhone 8plus and it worked fine. I was able to click on everything and everything worked. But ever since I upgraded to the iPhone 11, I haven’t been able to click on a few things. I’ve tried to sign in multiple times but half of the time I can’t click on what state I go to school in. The main thing I’m having trouble with is trying to select “I can’t find my school” which is right under my camera. I think you guys should make an update where this app works on the iPhone 11 because it clearly doesn’t.

Remove this action. Only thing i hate is when logging into your account, you have to share with 3 other people your schedule. I don’t want to do it, i thought it was optional so i clicked continue. but it picks 3 random people from your contact to share with. Please make this optional i don’t wanna share my schedule with friends at such a random time especially cause the schedule that is being shared is prob my old one. only thing i hate tbh.

App display. I like the app it lets me know and connect with other people who are in my classes if I don’t have their contact info or just don’t know them. The part I don’t like is the fact that my display screen is completely messed up it says get setup even though I’m already logged in and I can’t see the list of my classes anymore just everyone who has that course it’s very annoying and I can’t use the app properly I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but it didn’t work idk if this is some weird update but please fix it because it’s not working and I already emailed support.

AMAZING APP. (All this may change since I haven’t started school) Wow, this app is amazing! It just makes showing who’s in your classes much easier and this is very customizable since you can add teachers and classes and add your friends to them! Also thanks that snap works since it’s easy just to see your snap friends! Now I haven’t seen the countdown treasure yet since school hasn’t started but this app is a must for high schoolers (including me) to chat for any questions and stuff like that!

Great! But…. I find this app, very useful and it’s well put together. However, my school schedule and times changed and they have not updated it and the students are not allowed to update it. I can’t really do anything because my school institution hasn’t allowed access when I try to verify my email. Maybe there could be some other way to open all the access. This app is very useful though and I like how detailed it is, but there’s just a few improvements that should be made. So I can only give this app three stars.

Horrible customer service. I tried to get my school email verified, a notification popped up telling me this was not my school email although it was I messaged customer service they told me to send them a screenshot of the notification, they told me it could take up to three days to fix and I agreed. Next thing you know, 7 days have passed I messaged them again. No response, again, and no response I continue to message while seeing that all my messages were sent but to no avail I was completely ignored and still haven’t been verified. This is ridiculous and extremely frustrating. I do not recommend this app.

Saturn shouldn’t just be on Apple products.. I have a Motorola phone and I went on the play store to find the app Saturn but I don’t see it. I am typing this message on my iPad which is Apple buy my phone is a Motorola. My sister has the app and she has a Motorola too but she got Saturn about a year ago. I am going into freshman year and having the app Saturn would really help me. I just don’t think it’s fair that you have to have a iPhone to use the app because not all kids have iPhones. Idk if Saturn just stopped putting on Samsungs and Motorolas but it really needs to come back. I hope to get a response back.

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• Activity Center is here! We’ve moved all your notifications on Saturn to one place so you never miss an update. Check out the Activity Center to access your event invitations, birthday reminders, comments on your Bulletin posts, and more. • Bug fixes and improvements to make Saturn more useful and fun!

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Find on this site the customer service details of Saturn - Time Together. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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