Instacart Shopper: Earn money

Instacart Shopper: Earn money [Business] App Description & Overview

Make money by grocery shopping in your spare time and help those who need it most by becoming an Instacart Shopper.

This is the simple way to earn extra money just by shopping for others! As a shopper, you go to the grocery store like normal, except you’re getting paid to shop for others in your local community.

How Instacart Shopper makes it easy for you to shop and earn money:
• BE A HOUSEHOLD HERO - From families to seniors, make someone's day, every day by delivering groceries and essentials when they need them the most.
• FLEXIBILITY TO MEET YOUR NEEDS - Earn with Instacart Shopper while balancing work and life. Shop and/or deliver on your own schedule.
• CHOOSE YOUR PERSONAL PATH - Be your own boss or develop a career path as an employee — it’s up to you. Get started as a full-service shopper and shop and deliver fresh groceries to customers’ doors, or sign up as an in-store shopper and shop for groceries in-store, working with a great team and growing your career with Instacart.
• GET PAID FAST - Get paid weekly. Full service shoppers cash out every day with Instant Cashout.

Work whenever it works for you with no set hours or days, you can shop as much or as little as you want. Download the Instacart Shopper app to start earning a little extra money today!

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- On Demand is Great!!

I Absolutely love the switch to On-Demand Sunday’s I have church and family time and we go to church at 8:00am and church is an hour long so if i wanted to have a slight chance of getting hours I would have to leave church 10 min early and go outside and some how I would still end up on a waiting list so not to mention how embarrassing it was walking out early because I don’t bring my phone in with me. So I personally love the change to on demand wake up get ready open the app and immediately head to work and than when I’m done, I’m done no consequences I just go home. So thank you Instacart I fully support your decision and if anyone wants to throw a fit it’s very obvious that they can thank all the inconsistent people signing up for hours and than either bailing an hour or 2 befor there shift or bailing and not even saying anything. That may not be a big deal to anyone else but that’s money Instacart is loosing because I guarantee it’s a minimum of a half an hour by the time someone accepts the hours and gets out the door and in a position to accept an order and that’s 30 minutes of unsatisfied customers trying to make an order or what should have been delivered at 4:30 to make dinner at 5:00 is now not showing up u til 5:00 messing up there schedule possibly convincing them that they shouldn’t use Instacart. But anyways.. Good job Team Instacart is all I have to say I really like what you all have done!

- Items that are not available

When I am shopping for someone and the item isn’t there I’ve checked the shelves and check the shelves and I say I can’t find it, and the screen comes up for me to check again because somebody got it 4 hours before I was there kind of makes me think you’re telling me I’m stupid and look again. I don’t like it when that happens. Often there’s an item called for and I look and I look, and when I bend over and look down under, there it is the last one way back in the corner and I get that item. I didn’t bend over and look because you told me somebody found one for hours ago, I bend over and look because I am a very persistent Shopper. And if I find that item later, in the store on an end cap I go back and I put down that I found it and get it for them. It just makes me angry when a machine tells me I’m stupid like a little child to go look again. If you look at the length of some of my shops you’ll know that I don’t just zip through and not find stuff. I have a lots of shops that are well under the time in which I should have shopped them, and gotten everything on their list. Then there are ones where there are refunded items because they weren’t available and in those cases usually my time is quite long. I’ve had shops were I spent 15 minutes trying to find somebody to help me, just show me where this was supposed to be before I give up on an item. Thank you for your time and listening to my RANT!

- Love Instacart

I recently moved to another state and was very heartbreaking it was taking me a while to get back into law enforcement! I was really down and I tried doing Uber and Grubhub; to help with contributing financially to help my husband and provide for three children. During this pandemic, I wasn’t making anything at all to help at home except to provide gas. I had to sign up for blocks and with children there was no telling when I could work! I would just put I was available And was lucky if they sent me any orders over a 3 hour period of sitting around! It sucked. I signed up for instacart, hoping things would pick up. I was approved so quickly and within days I was able to head out and work. After I finished an order there were so many more waiting and when I say I am so happy with what you guys are providing for people in need, on both ends, its unbelievable! I make enough to supplement my husbands income, pay bills and even help my family with what Corona is doing in our nation! I wasn’t paid to leave this review, I just really wanted to thank instacart for what you have provided that allows me to help my family! I can work when I want, can log off when I don’t and don’t have to worry about consequences! With my babies out of school and daycares closed, I control my own schedule and don’t have to fret about needing baby sitters!!!! I love it!

- Replacements are not missing items!

I don’t know if customers are trying to get out of a tip or it’s a flaw in the instacart app. When items are out of stock we replace or refund. Customers that have had items replaced or refunded are asked if anything is missing. They Mark all the replacements/refunds as missing even if the replacements were their own choices. Or they instructed to replace with a certain item. Then we get dinged for it. This also happens with delivery only orders. Even though we didn’t shop/replace the item its reported under the driver not the shopper. I have to take my own pictures to show these items are in fact delivered. Drivers/shoppers should be able to reference back through the app the confirmation pictures we take for each order. Not have to take our own to combat fraud. Also pictures should be required for all orders. It seems missing item claims happen more often when customers choose not to have that option. Proof and photos are provided to show these items are delivered but it still sits there and isn’t removed. Also the app should have a way to flag bad customer addresses. Some enter it in wrong, they put street when it’s court. Takes us to the wrong place. Sometimes navigation is just bad. They don’t always provide directions. They should also have a place to remind them to enter gated community codes/last names. To look them up. We get there and they don’t answer phones or messages to open the gate.

- Off to a horrible start

I just applied last week. Everything went smoothly until I picked my interview date. The app showed that I was locked in for 2pm on 10/12 and that I should be on the lookout for an email with the interview location. I became concerned on Tuesday morning when I still hadn’t received an email with the interview location. I opened the app and all it shows is the interview confirmed screen. I figured the managers were busy and didn’t get the email out. Today after getting an email telling me to upload my driver’s license and a selfie, I went into the app. Of course, all I can access is the confirmation screen or the “support” files. I browsed around looking for a way to speak with a person. I eventually reached a person. I would have been better off using Google for help. The rep claimed info was missing from my that is required or the app won’t allow you to proceed. I told her what was happening. She suggested that I cancel and reschedule. I told her I thought that was a bad idea because I’m only allowed to reschedule once and if the app glitches again, it makes me look like a slacker. She basically told me that’s my only option. I canceled and rescheduled. Based on other reviews about the crappy app and “support”, I’m not even a little bit optimistic that the app is going to act right.

- This App it’s great. But the bots are killing the pleasure to be a shopper.

I was doing Instacart during 3-4 years but Since Instacart activated everyone due Covid-19 and the batches show up to everyone at the same time. (It doesn’t matter the rating thing). The people who make bots are taking the bread from my kids mouth. Deactivate accounts it doesn’t work. (They ask for a 100$ fee to create a new one). Even some old shoppers have more than one account (you’ve to filter the people using the SSN, Address, etc). and don’t let create accounts with fakes SSN like lyft (many people create accounts on lyft using passport numbers). Many people don’t care if the IRS call them to clarify that situation. You’ve to return to the pickup hours (only one session per account). Delete the fake accounts. Put more controls to avoid more fake accounts. And assign batch directly to the shoppers. (Reduce the time to accept the batch and penalties by don’t take it, first a suspension and then deactivate). if the people and the bots makers. Knows they can create fake accounts and use the batches without any undefined penalty, they keep doing that. You’ve to do something with the bots and fake accounts. The reputation it’s on the game. You’ll get full of people that doesn’t matter the quality. Only do more and more batches.


I have been an instacart shopper for several months and I loved it! It was easy for me to shop and navigate the app. Yes, there are issues with bots and seeing bigger batches pop up and disappear right away, but I was still able to get several big batches on my own if I drove to different areas. My customers were always very appreciative of the fact that they can add items they may have forgot to order which is a PLUS!! I would have given 5 stars but I was deactivated on May 21 because my 12 year old God daughter took a picture of herself when I was taking her to grab lunch between batches. Which in Instacart defense, was the correct thing to do. HOWEVER, after explaining what happened and even taking a picture of her with her food I have yet to here back from Trust & Security. I have been getting the run around from everyone. The email they sent notifying me of the deactivation does not accept replies. The help@instacart email is no longer valid and directs me to contact support via the app, the app directs me to reply to the email or call, when I call the number is invalid!! It’s absolutely ridiculous!! I was a 5 star shopper!! And to be treated like I no longer matter because they have more shopper is unfair. Hopefully I can get this resolved soon! Whatever you do! Don’t let a kid play with your phone if you’re working forInstacart. 😔

- Instacart shopping for over a Year!

Instacart has changed a lot sense I first started out with them. First you only can see the store your going to now you see on a map and the house/houses if multiple orders/Deliveries at once. You now get paid for mileage, you can now “Cash-out” same day instead of waiting 3 days after Sunday to get paid. But you still have to Waite for your tips. You can also see the city layouts “zones”, and now you can be on a Waite-list to be notified when hours are available. You’ll need UNLIMITED Data in Oder to shop! At first it was hard I didn’t know how to do everything but after a couple times you get the hang of things. You’ll know where items are but not at first. The app works great for the most part, you have to keep updating it but it will notify you about that. The pay is good! Especially holidays, NY/NYE was amazing! $400+ in 3 days of just working 4/6 hours all days, Insane. Make sure your car is always cleared out, and it’s ok to have a small car I have a fiat! That’s small! And have a non gas Hog car, that will save you a lot! When you have to drive a distance to drop off. This can become your part time job if your consistent on choosing your hours. Which is also great, it’s flexible, but only if hours are available.

- No more hrs just on demand

I currently work for instacart and have been for almost a yr and I truly love what I’m doing for the community that I’ve made this my full time job. But just recently changes were made and I don’t feel they were changes for the good. I know one email can’t change much but hopefully as a community we can. My concern is the new on demand change for the Richmond va area. We use to have options when it came to working (hours or on demand) now we only have on demand and since this change has taken place I haven’t had much work come my way. I went from making $400 to barely $150 in a week. My area is strong for orders so that’s not a problem. I now have to watch my phone non stop and fight over orders because everyone is trying to work vs. having hours and letting the orders come as they may. I think this new change isn’t for the good for some people. I believe letting the community have options is better for some. I was able to select hrs when available and work OR work on demand before my shift or on my own time. I think we should be able to have some kind of option instead of none and that’s what we have now. No options. Please review this change and please bring back hours and give us back the option of working what’s best for us and not just having to work one thing. On demand isn’t for everyone nor is having hours but it works for everyone.

- Instacart needs to make MANY changes.

Let me start off by saying I enjoy working for Instacart. I've been doing it for six months and I really love doing it. I make good money for the type of work it is and I love the flexibility. However, there are a few major issues that need to change. For instance, the rating system is terrible. A customer can give a shopper a low rating for whatever reason, in fact they dont even HAVE to GIVE a reason, and once your ratings go down you lose first access to the high-paying batches. Also, the chat agents that are supposed to help us are terrible! 9 times out of 10 the agent doesn't give clear responses, sometimes they never answer at all, and they all give different answers! When Instacart works it's wonderful, but when it doesn't work it's absolutely terrible. Never in the middle. Also, people have been downloading software onto their phones to automatically grab the high-paying batches without letting other shoppers have a chance. Instacart claims they have tried fixing this issue and sometimes I notice the "bots" are gone but they always come back. There's a simple way to fix this, make a captcha feature for accepting a batch or some other type of 2-step anti-robot system. The people using this software are literally taking food out of people's mouths and taking money from their pockets. Things need to change!!!

- App Update: UPDATE

I’ve been an Instacart shopper for almost 2 months & have been loving it until the update. I’m assigned batches from 10-20 miles away when there is a Publix less than 5 miles from me. I’ve yet to get a batch from that store. That’s the store I mainly shop. Shopper support has tried to help & one reported it today. Yes, before the update it was difficult to get high $$ batches but I still made good money. Tried to go to “support” below but I haven’t seen where I can notify them of the problem that I’m having that others are also having. Yesterday afternoon I FINALLY was given a batch to shop the Publix nearest me. When I delivered it the customer she said the order originally went to a Publix further away, she was perplexed & had to cancel the order & start over, she has used Instacart for a few months so I think the latest update screwed things up for customers too. Long story short, I chatted with support for the 3rd time in 2 days. Told him what the customer said & about the reviews here. This morning I received a batch for the Publix nearest me & then again for one a few miles further away from my Publix. THANK YOU!!!!!

- I don’t know anymore

I see a lot of reviews about bots and things like that and I’m starting to get concerned. I’ve only been working for Instacart for about a month now. I love shopping and delivering to customers but it’s starting to become difficult and confusing. In the terms and conditions it says something about the company not being responsible for delays because of the app. I don’t think that’s fair because I could have a good phone and good service and still not be able to complete an order fast enough because the app is messing up. And then if the customer is unhappy it’s my fault, not the app. Another thing is the pay and how many batches are available. A friend of mine works on this too and she has had all her reviews be five stars and she gets loads of batches. I have a couple of FOUR star reviews and get barely and batches to none. Also when I’m having trouble with the app the service people just take you in circles. They send an email that you can’t even answer to or a phone number that you can’t call again if the call fails. It just doesn’t make sense to me why these things aren’t priority. Or why they haven’t said anything about what they’re doing about the bots or how they’re trying to fix it. Or maybe they are the problem. Maybe there aren’t bots but it’s them taking the money for themselves... idk but this is all sketchy now and I might have to either take a break or stop completely and let people know to stay away from Instacart. Smh

- Instacart now

To many unfortunate problems with the app that slow you down and make it harder to work. App malfunctions card malfunction and no standard process. Many of the stores on the instacart platform don’t have the items you need or the items you need are in the wrong spot. No way to schedule multiple orders the operators or a computer do that and mess it up a lot! Stacking bad tips with good tips to make your tip not as great. No way to tell the customers address so you don’t know where you will end up this makes it harder to plan what you will do next. All in all I’ve seen instacart decline since I’ve started and I’ve made my transition to other more reliable platforms. Yes. They probably have picked up in business that seems good but unfortunately they can’t handle the business without making it more difficult on the drivers. Requesting assistance from an operator is hit and miss some of them turn out to be overwhelmed with the situation and take a negative approach when you contact them and try blaming whatever current situation on the driver/shopper. THEY NEED PREEPAID INSTANT checkout so drivers/shoppers don’t have to wait in a rush hour checkout line (other apps have this) otherwise why the name instacart idk I can go on and on the only good thing I’ve found is instacart does instant cash out but you would probably have to use it every day since you don’t make anything compared to what you use to before they started stacking orders together so frequently🥺

- Not bugs, but flaws to the design of the app

The app has several flaws that need to be fixed. First, the “replacements” are NOT suggested by the customer. I didn’t know this until the customer messaged me saying that they are diabetic and the replacement is not safe for them. Not long after that, I received a bad review saying my replacements were not good. Second, and by far the worst, is the multiple orders combined. It’s a horrible idea because there is barely any batches available and the ones that are available are often times 2 Or 3 Full Service Orders. 2 or 3 separate people that could easily be 2 or 3 separate orders. Please discontinue the combined orders. It’s really hard to keep the orders separate from each other and the checkout line doesn’t seem to understand it either. Other than these flaws, I actually like the app. This is a very fitting job for me because I get to pick my own hours and be my own boss. I like the scanning feature that helps you choose the right item. But please fix these problems because I don’t want the customer leaving me bad reviews if it’s not my doing. The money is decent but I wish there were more options for cashing out besides linking a debit card. Perhaps PayPal or Venmo? Sorry for the lousy review, but I was very disappointed when I discovered these issues because this was a very good job to have during the pandemic and I have been relying on it for my income.

- If you don’t need money Instacart is for you!!

I’ve been doing Instacart for almost a year. At first it was good. They have taken away the quality bonus. They have reduced they per batch pay. At this point half the orders are $7.00 for a full shop. That included driving(10-20miles) to the store shopping takes about 30-60 minutes. Then driving to the customer (varies but at least 10 minutes). You have to deal with traffic and the supermarket. This is work that you will have to depend on tips. In my opinion this is not a job you should have to depend on tips. Don’t forget all the wear and tear on you car, gas, TAXES. The customer will not know that you are only getting $7.00 Instacart does not tell the customer how much you will be getting only the total. Then if you sign up for hours they will send you on even further drives. You can turn down some of the bad batches but you are forced to take one or they will give the shopper an incident report. Today I had an order with 36 miles of driving just to get to the house and the customer was not home. I contacted support and after waiting for a 1/2 hour the customer arrived while I was on the phone with support and they had. Canceled the order and then had to reopen the order. I needed to be transferred to a manager to do this. They tell me to hold and then support just hangs up on me. Also at this point the have disconnected the 1-800 number for support. I could not even call them back. Talk about frustrating.

- A Couple bugs

I don’t usually write reviews but I feel the need to write one for this application. First and foremost I think the concept is great and it is a great way to make some extra money. Having said that and being an Instacart Shopper, I find it very frustrating that the app randomly decides to glitch while I am in the middle of an order. I check my connection and it says no problems, I put the WiFi on if needed, and it still gives me a hard time, resulting in me wasting 15-20 minutes in the market just standing there because I cannot contact the customer or even see the list of groceries, much less scan the items. And I know it isn’t only me because I see other shoppers around me waiting around starring at the phones with empty carts, looking just as frustrated as I am. Also, I cannot always see what my earnings for the last weeks are of current week. I didn’t even know this feature was a thing until a week after actively using the app and it appeared for about 3 days, then disappeared. Now I cannot check past orders and see how much I made or if a customer adjusted a tip which is very frustrating. Once these are fixed I will change my rating but these are major flaws which gives the user A LOT of extra trouble during an order. Thankfully customers have been patient with me, but this could affect my earnings due to wasted time that isn’t my fault. Please fix, thank you.

- instacart in general, customer report, rating

You can be the best buyer and you will find people who rate you badly and even if you show excellent work. Instacart does not value the shopper, it only cares about the customer and making money. grades are important. If you don't have 5 stars, you don't get good lots and few get to you. the app fails a lot, they have the worst customer service for the buyer. I bought an insulated bag, they charged me for it and they never sent it to me. I attended more than 600 people with good grades and good comments, but less than 10 gave me less than 5, that lowered my grade and I could not work anymore. after this i only received batches far from my area (20 miles away). I tried to keep increasing the rating, but the way they control the rating is horrible. There were days when I got good grades and I still lowered my grade. I liked doing instacart, but after the new rules with Rating, everything changed for the worse. Every time the client makes a report, the rating goes down even if you submit tests of everything, the rating goes up if you do the number of batches they require after a bad rating. A rule that you will not be able to comply with because if your score drops even 2 points, you will NOT get lots, they say yes but they go so far that you cannot do them.

- Instacart Going Downhill Fast in 2020

It started with removing the $3 quality bonus for orders that receive a 5 star. Now if your ratings are below 5.0 you will not see the batches, you will get the pick of the liter that the new shoppers and those fortunate enough to sustain 5.0 long enough to get orders. If you have a 4.95 like me, you are screwed. Apparently to Instacart that .05 is enough to hold back orders in an attempt to provide the best service to customers. When in reality I’m the 3rd fastest in my region and have never gotten below 5 stars in over 1000 deliveries until recently where I randomly got 3 starred. That was enough to tank my ratings so Instacart doesn’t offer batches to me first. This creates a monopoly for the new shoppers and those with 5.0 to see and take all the batches before I even get a chance to see them. I used to make an average of $300 a week until they implemented this rating priority system. Now I’m barely breaking 100. It’s so stupid because I provide the best possible service, communicate constantly, and always arrive on time or early. But no, all it takes is one person to accidentally hit below a 5 or someone who just thinks it’s funny to rate below a 5 because they don’t know how it affects us. Please fix this Instacart, this new prioritization system is gonna make great dedicated shoppers like myself have to make a decision to go elsewhere in order to provide for our families. This is only gonna degrade overall service now improve.


This app deserves -10 stars if that was even an option. The app deactivated my account due to a “missing delivery”. I thought it was really weird since I couldn’t remember missing any delivery. I think it was a customer trying to get free groceries by claiming they never got them. So instead of instacart contacting me by phone call and ask what happened they just deactivated my account minutes after. I tried contacting instacart shopper support multiple times and was blown away of how hard it was to get simple shopper support. There’s no direct phone line to contact help. Instead you’re left wondering what happened with no answers. All they did was transfer me to different representatives to “help” me. I finally was able to have a representative open my profile and he saw that all my deliveries were complete and on time. It also says you need evidence to fight your case but when your instacart gets deactivated you are not able to look at your delivery history so it feels like they’re just making it harder for shoppers to fight their case. I later discovered that people had the same situation that I was experiencing. Long story short instacart doesn’t care about their shoppers. Even the hard working ones who relied on this app for extra cash during this pandemic. Also thank you to the customer who claimed they never got their groceries, you just got a hard working person out of a job😊

- Really Gone Downhill

Been with instacart for almost a year. Love working so so much up until a month ago. Was able to pick up orders pretty much anytime I wanted to work due to being in a good zone. Now spend most of my time staring at a screen that doesn’t load and when it does load the orders flicker on and off. When I do get notification of a batch I never see it on my batch screen. If I try to refresh app it just loading and loading. Then they started sending me orders from 40-50 miles away in every direction because of “limited batches in my area”. Except that is totally wrong because they are sending orders from my area to people 40-50 miles away. A lot of shoppers don’t have this issue and show full batches in my area while I don’t show any. It switches back and forth from other zones to mine and when it switches back to my zone the orders are disappearing before I can even click. I don’t have any idea of what to think. Instacart is going to lose good shoppers who actually care because they can hire 400 other shoppers in my place. Now you see 10 year olds shopping with parents on separate phones. They’re doing orders and so are their parents. How does this even happen? One shopper told me he was 17 years old. I have attempted to contact Instacart for over a month now and they “escalate” my issue. Don’t think this will be fixed because they can just hire whoever they please to replace me. Such a disappointment.

- I’m a shopper

I think grouping order together is a terrible idea. The customer should be getting notified that I have more orders than theirs because I lose tips from the amount of time I spend on other people. I already don’t get tipped enough and I think it is ridiculous how impatient people are even when I get it into the 2 hour time frame. I think the customers should know what it is like to be a shopper or be informed so they don’t have such high expectations for us. There is also a problem with scanning frozen papaya chunks and a lot of meat from the seafood department which needs to be fixed because it makes it harder for shoppers and it puts more on our time when Instacart could have prevented that. When you do group orders together, please have a route that makes sense and not one where I’m ending 30 minutes away from me. If you group orders shouldn’t they be somewhat next to each other? I have to deliver 7 items yesterday and I have to drive 20 minutes there and back to the store and I got tipped $1. I know it is all up to the customer but that is just ridiculous and I had orders ahead of them. I shouldn’t have to inform the customers about what’s going on it should already be known that I will need a little more time than usual. I don’t think the customers of Instacart like when their orders get grouped either because it takes longer and nobody in this world has an ounce of patients!

- Ehh... (read the whole review)

I’ve been doing Instacart for about a month or 2 and I have definitely made a good amount of money but they really need to work on and change a few things. One- The incident reports are a joke. I don’t understand why you have to cancel your hours before the 6 hour mark or you end up getting an reliability incident which stays on your account for 30 DAYS!!!! Seriously?! that makes no sense you are penalized the whole month for ONE shift you missed. You can literally have reasons behind a reliability incident and it will not matter. Two- the amount of money that you make sometimes does not match all of the work you would have to do just to complete the batch (driving, carrying cases of beverages, delivering, etc), Three- it would be nice to see the customers instructions before accepting the batch (I had an order on a military base that costed me a lot of time just from trying to enter through the main base), Four- when you are doing on demand shops it’s like they don’t factor in the driving time (you could be 20 mins away from an on demand batch and by the time you get to the store and shop you’re literally pressed for time because of how long it took to drive. I could seriously go on and on but I have no problem going to Shipt. I heard they’re 10x better than Instacart.

- Bot issues & unsupportive help

I started by making 600+ a week easily. Recently, the batches disappear so fast and when you swipe to get them you are left with an error message. Upon doing research, it appears 3rd party bots people are paying for daily “steal” all the good batches and even some of the poor ones. When asking support, they deny the existence of bots - when in fact news articles have been published quoting instacart reps saying they exist. This needs to be addressed! The bots are run by people who create accounts for people who are not honest about their identity also, making clients upset/uneasy not knowing who is going to be delivering their groceries. Instacart cart overhired and is now being run over by the bots. Additionally, when support is needed they are 90% of the time unhelpful and do not answer questions. 2 weeks ago I had an order disappear while it was transitioning to start shopping and was told the customer deleted it and I would be paid for it still. I haven’t been paid still, and every time I talk to support I get the run around when I have screenshots from the original conversations saying I would be paid. There is no phone number to call, and when I ask questions, the support team doesn’t answer the question they repeat information that I already gave them. Fix the bots and please get better support staff that actually understand and know how to read English!

- Unfair wages, treatment, and policies.

They keep deleting or removing my review. That’s okay. I’ll keep writing a new one every time. They call us independent contractors yet they penalize us for canceling hours last minute. You’ll probably never get a shift in or around LA because there’s over 100 people on the waitlist. I used to make an extra $500 a week around my full time job. Now I make $50 if I’m lucky. They started this new “on demand” crap for people who aren’t able to get hours but imagine If there’s 100+ people on the waitlist how often do you think you’ll get an order just sitting around? Half of their customers don’t tip, live in apartments with no elevators and ask you to bring up 4+ gallons or cases of water. Instacart literally send you orders for $15 to drove 18+ miles in traffic to a location where there’s no other stores so you have to drive 18+ miles back to the location of the store so you can possibly get another order. I used to suggest this to all my friends. However I don’t and would never again until they fix their policies. It’s trash. Stop responding to all your “nice feedback” reviews and get to the serious issues. We have made you guys a lot of money putting ware and tear on our cars and bodies while you guys sit up there behind a screen to reap the benefits. I don’t even use you guys as a service anymore. Your customer service is trash and so is the way you treat your loyal shoppers.

- Needs improvement and functionality

First, the pay from Instacart, not tips customers pay, has become a joke, even an insult, averaging less than minimum wage, while the founder lines his pockets. There is nothing appealing about the pay as it has been slashed more than 100% from what they were paying six months ago. Secondly, It should always give the isles the food or product is in, not listed as priority or pantry because it is very general terms and priority doesn’t give us any idea where it is! It doesn’t matter if it’s priority because if it’s on the list they’re going to get it anyway as long as the store has it. The way the app is designed it has the Shopper all over the store backtracking. You have to keep in mind these are not shop stores that we typically shop at for ourselves nor are we buying products that we normally buy for ourselves. We would complete the orders much faster if we didn’t have to waste time looking for items because the app doesn’t tell us where to look for it. Only a few items on the list will tell us what aisle to look in. Also if we need to contact support, we have to go through many screens to get there and then mini screens to get back to our order, and that is a waste of time as well. Hoping you get it fixed To be more efficient and time saving.

- My thoughts on Instacart

Instacart is really a great opportunity for it’s shopper as well as the customer... I personally like Sam’s club early in the am which comes to me later in the mornings now. I feeI Instacart works really hard to accommodate its shoppers. Sometimes the “help” is not as knowledgeable as we would like them to be and many of the help representatives will disconnect when they don’t want to solve an issue or maybe just don’t know how and it’s frustrating standing around a store especially when a customer is waiting for an app problem solved the help is not cooperating or just don’t know what to do... many times it takes 2 to 3 people to get a problem solved. I do believe Instacart works really hard overall to help its shoppers. But also please keep in mind many times lines are long items are missing during these Covid times and it takes awhile to deliver to customers. I have many family members working for Instacart so I get a lot of feed back from them and their issues as well. For example I recently signed up April in San Diego... yesterday when I went to my referrals it showed she has 87 batches to complete her 90 batches.... today it says she need 89 batches to complete... very confusing!!

- Reliability Incidents and Tips!

When I first started I thought this was a great way to make extra money... but now that more people are doing it I’m getting less batches and getting paid A LOT less for each batch! Also I don’t understand the point of reliability incidents!! This isn’t an actual job. If some people just aren’t able to work the day there are MANY others who can. Limiting people because they can’t work some days they thought they could seems wrong. People do this to make a little extra cash. All these other EXTRA rules will seriously make Instacart lose shoppers. I’m so close to just moving on to a different shopping app. I’ve heard so many great things about other ones! Need to fix things SOON! Now with the tips a lot of the customers are VERY generous. Which is always great BUT instacart wants to REDUCE tip because we HAD to make changes to the order! How is that fair in any way!!!!? It is not our fault that some of the items the customers want are not available! I can only make time to shop in the evening and by then a lot of the stores are waiting to close to restock! So a lot of the things are sold out! It’s seriously not fair. Again I’m very close to moving on to something else because this app is starting to rip me off!!!!!

- Great Side Gig

This platform is great for people looking for a flexible side hustle. As a student, this is a perfect job, as setting my own hours and being able to freely adjust them when needed. Although the pay structure is by delivery, meaning that it tends to either be feast or famine, the fact is that, if you work efficiently, you can make a decent amount of money on a slow day, with upwards of roughly 20-25 per hour on good days. What this app lacks in consistency it makes up for in flexibility. Beyond pay and hours, this service puts less miles on your car, with most of your time spent shopping instead of driving. Customer service is readily available and quote helpful, which is a definite plus. Also, shoppers keep 100 percent of all tips, and let me tell you, people tip WELL on this app. My tips account for nearly half of my earnings. On top of all that, the instacart customer base is friendly and understanding, even when you have to replace or refund certain items. I wouldn’t really recommend working full time on instacart, since pay can be inconsistent, but it is a quality side gig that will help bring in some good money.

- Good App, but still needs a lot of work.

First off I want to say I really appreciate having the ability to use the app at my lesuire whenever. The ability to dictate when I work and when I don’t is truly amazing. However, in the 5 weeks I’ve had the app I have noticed some serious issues with it that have now led to my account’s deactivation. For starters, the constant glitching in the middle of performing an order is very irritating and inconvenient, for the shoppers as well as the customers, because the timer continues to roll even when this happens and on a given day that glitch will happen to me at least twice. I asked other shoppers if they had that problem just to make sure it wasn’t just me & they all said that this was an issue that happens often. Secondly this past week I had an issue with the Instacart GPS where it sent me to a residential address to retrieve grocery orders to deliver, and this was something that happened on 2 different instances. Last but definitely not least there’s the issue of not having any way whatsoever to call a customer service number to speak to a live body to discuss these issues. I don’t know why that isn’t an option at all for an app like this, because a good portion of the time most of these issues could be addressed and possibly solved by just having the ability to speak to an actual person

- Mediocre app, mediocre company

First off, the app sends notifications for new batches to be shopped way too late. By the time you get a notification all the good batches are gone. Which brings me to my second complaint. This company pays well below minimum wage and Encourages customers to leave mediocre (5%) tips.. for instance, they’ll pay $7 for us to drive to the store, deal with traffic, parking, and shopping for 20-50 items for the customer. This includes picking and weighing produce, etc. Then we check Out and often bag groceries, bring them and load them into to our car, drive to the customer, bring the bags to the door, then drive home or to the next store to shop. Unless there is a decent customer, often times there will be a $2 tip on these orders so after time and gas we either break even or sometimes even pay Instacart to do these mediocre orders. The problem is shoppers keep taking these mediocre batches, but you can bet shoppers that will shop these low paying orders are not doing a thorough and accurate job, therefore making the company unappealing you customers as well. Really they need to guarantee at least minimum wage(preferable paying $20+ for the work) plus tips to keep their good shoppers around. It is a lot of physical work for what you can typically make. Don’t recommend.

- Horrible horrible service.

I applied to Instacart 2 days ago. I was told i would be receiving an email with additional information as to how to complete my application. The emails took forever to come in and once they did- it just had links that sent you to the app. I had already downloaded the app because it told you to at the beginning. It gave me an option for an interview time/appt. i made one and was told again i would receive additional information as to how to finish the application such as mention of the quiz and availability form. The links that were sent just took you right back to the interview confirmation page. You couldn’t access any other part of the app. I even re-downloaded and tried a bunch of different things. I tried finding a contact email or number for help- nothing. Help page- nothing. I figured i would ask about it when they call me for my interview. I’m all set up ready for my interview. I got a confirmation email and text message specifying the time and date (Wed April 8th at 3:00pm). I waited by the phone and no one called, there was no email. There’s not even any contact information anywhere. It’s ridiculous and unprofessional. Especially when they say they’re looking for ORGANIZED RELIABLE AND RESPONSIBLE workers. You would think during this time of crisis they would so much as have an email address. Very let down.

- Love it!

It’s like getting paid to exercise! I do it on my own time, great way to make extra cash fast. Being able to cash out daily is a plus too. One complaint as a shopper are the “priority items” or list sorting. Customer puts a priority tag on things that get moved to the top of the list. As a shopper these don’t matter, we are going to get them anyway and they should be grouped by aisle with the rest instead of cluttering up the top of the list. What would help me is to have the prepared deli items at the top and to better sort the list. I’ve learned to review the list before I start and before I leave certain areas (like produce) so I don’t have to come back when I find 1 green bell pepper half way down when I’m on aisle 10. Another is with customer reviews. I’ve had customers report an item as “missing”, implying they paid for it and didn’t get it (or the shopper stole it). I’ve seen these reviews for items that were replaced or refunded. Yes it’s “missing”, but not really, and it would be great if they were further questioned before allowing the review to go through.

- CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT: Instacart employees DISCRIMINATE & play games with shoppers

Instacart is systematically discriminating against shoppers. This form of discrimination is against the law. Several times as I was on an order, the order would be removed from my account after I completed ALL THE SHOPPING, just as I was at the register checking out. Or when I claimed an order as I arrive at the store it was removed from my account. When I complained about the issue to customer support, they would make sarcastic remarks that I should have moved quicker and let this be a lesson. What kind of Lesson is this? I was at the store on time and completed the shopping on time. This makes no sense at all. Then they kept sending a notification to resubmit my profile picture, which I did over and over. They said they couldn’t verify my identity and they deactivated my account. How is this even right to do to someone? I say shoppers need to start a class action lawsuit to stop these abuses against shoppers, because I am sure I am not the only one. What they are doing is playing games abusing shoppers, and it’s discrimination, and against the law. So if there are others out there who have experienced the same form of harassment and discrimination by Instacart customer support, please research and let’s all ban together to start a class action for harassment and discrimination against Instacart.

- Don’t use this app!! Freeloading Customers Lie

False missing items reports made by customer in order to get free food. False damaged reports by customer. Shoppers that use bots to cheat the system are overriding the rating and speed time system to get higher paying work and therefore hoard the jobs. Cheating shoppers still exist and your HackerOne partnership seems like a joke waste of money. In theory your rating system should work but in practice, cheaters are able to bypass this. You still haven’t added the option to take a picture of each item during shopping to show proof that items in fact are not damaged and to prevent false reports being made. Alot if customers lie and say the items are damaged when they are not. Stop lumping non tipping customers with tipping customers. Its unfair to us and they are usually the ones that complain, or the pickiest wasting our time by messaging us at every second therefore delaying the delivery for the other customer (the one who tipped) and again they never tipped us but feel so entitled to demand our time at every second of the process. Stop lumping 3 customers at a time. Its easy to mix up their items especially from a store bagger; they always mess up our order and we get blamed by the customer for “missing items” when it was the cashier or the bagger that messed up.

- Incompetent Customer Support

I’ve been a shopper for over a month and it was great until I updated the app! It kicked me out and I wasn’t able to get back into my account to access my money or go back to shopping. I’ve reached out to customer support over 10 times and not one of them was able to comprehend and help resolve the issue. All they told me was the typical script read along: “I apologize and will get this fixed for you.” I had to figure it out myself and realized that the problem is the app is not suitable for iPhone 6s. I tried logging in on my old phone iPhone 5 and it worked just fine. So now I have to set up personal hotspot on my iPhone 6s to operate the shopping app on iPhone 5 and I’m able to shop and make money. It’s frustrating but I’m not going to buy a new phone just because the technical department cannot figure out how to accommodate the app to iPhone 6s. They need to replace them with people who actually know how to build apps and fix bugs! The people who work there is so incompetent, I don’t even think they’ve graduated high school

- Great Side Job For me

I just started about 2 weeks ago. This past Friday and Saturday I made over $200 with 10 orders in about 6 hours altogether so about $30 an hour. For me $200 is great I’m not going to complain about having that extra money... however I would never use this as a full time job because as other reviews say you will find it very unpredictable especially Sunday-Thursday. Driving is also unpredictable it’s one of the reasons I gave it 4 Stars they don’t tell you where you will deliver until you hit start delivery but I’ve been lucky to have most of mine within about 6-10 miles between my house, store, and delivery location. Shopping problems consist with packing and barcode updates this is definitely a flaw but not something to get around if you know where everything should be. I hate shopping pick N Save but ALDI is the easiest and it’s never taken me more than 45 minutes to complete a complicated trip. And never more than a hour altogether. Gas I put in $30 on Friday and have almost 3/4 of a tank and after 10 deliveries I still have about half a tank and 2 deliveries where a bit of a drive FYI I drive a v6 Buick Rendezvous.

- Was Great Now HORRIBLE

I started instacart 1 year ago and I am a Top Rated 5 star shopper. 3-6 months ago, instacart use to have peak bonuses for order that sit. Now, the orders will never surpass $7.00 no matter how long it sits. Additionally, the orders would appear for 1 sec then disappear even if no one had speedy Gonzalez hands to catch it! They orchestrated a bot that would not allow time to view the distance, item count, or Type amount before accepting! Then if you cancel they PUNISH YOUR ACCOUNT WITH CANCEL %!! The orders are like 10-20 miles this way 15 miles that way for $7 orders with 50 items! Slavery!!!!! I even went above and beyond in customer service committed to finding replacements during this COVID risking my LIFE NO BONUSES FROM INSTACART NOR IN TIPS! Sometimes I did not have time to take a return right back, waiting in line for 20-30 mins just to get in! I don’t want someone’s returned pork! Don’t even eat pork! Furthermore, my 5 star account was deactivated without ANY warning because I did a delivery with my husband for help bc I’m 6 months pregnant! Evil company all about getting you to work for $7 every two hours and driving 10+miles every order with $2 tip amounts with the occasionally $5-10$ tips. This app is for the corporation not for the buyers or the shoppers. FIYAH burn Instacart for their scheming on their employees and customers!

- Odd Happenings while shopping or trying to select and confirm Batch

Wrong Aisle location for products and erroneous aisles like aisle 78 for an item which doesn’t even exist. All happenings have been at Ralphs stores at various locations. Also last night I had an Batch at Ralphs with 2 orders A and B and when I started shopping I noticed that the A order was showing picked and in my “Done” Box. I chatted with tech support but they could not help me. So I went in Done Box and identified and picked each item total of 10 items (thankful that all 10 items were in stock since I would not be able to say can’t find and offer selections). I then proceeded to check out which went smoothly for both A and B orders and made delivery. Very frustrating and slowed me down greatly, but I got the Batch completed. Curious if any others are experiencing similar issues along with times that you can retrieve batches to see what’s available, wheel just spins eternally or select a batch and it doesn’t confirm and you go back and select again for the same thing to happen. I have had it where eventually it confirms or the batch disappears and no longer available. This happens almost daily.

- The App is a complete mess (for me) and customer support can’t help me at all.

I have contacted customer support so so many times, but they can only offer me workarounds to my problem. I am missing lots of different links on my dashboard, I can’t complete any trainings through my dashboard (I know where they are, and I have no links available, just a page that says I have already activated my card), I can’t order my first batch of insulated bags (had to order the “refill option” on Carrotswag, I can’t see my weekly earnings / hours, and all my demos are for IN STORE SHOPPERS.... Meanwhile I just did FULL SERVICE ORDERS all day! What is going on?! I have uninstalled and reinstalled many times, logged in and out, my phone is up to date, my app is up to date, everything should be working just fine. But it’s not. My roommate is a long time Shopper, and I can clearly look at their app and mine and see that I am missing so many links. I had to take my food safety test in the browser, with a link given to me by support. That is the best that they have been able to do for me. The app still doesn’t reflect my completion of the food safety course or the fact that I am a full service shopper. Will happily adjust my rating of this app if someone could offer me any sort of actual solution, and not just a workaround.

- Fine but could be way better

I’ve been doing instacart for about half a year and it’s not bad, it just needs a few updates. First customers can give reviews to us shoppers but we can’t review the customers, which is really unfair when you get a rude customer. Also customers can change their tips up to three days, which is fine if they want to add to it or if the shopper was not good and they want to take some of the tip away. But some people are taking advantage of this and leaving a tip and no matter how the shopper does at the end taking in all away. Something needs to be done about this. I once got an order for 20 dollars did it in an hour and then only got paid 10 dollars for it. I did not do the order badly, I asked the customer for replacements when the items were out of stock and wasted time texting them to make sure they got what they wanted and then they took the tip away. There is nowhere to contact instacart to complain to them. The only way you can contact instacart is on the app if you try to cancel an order, so if I finished an order and have a question or concern I can’t contact them, other apps and gigs have ways the workers can contact them and instacart does not. They really should improve on that and that would make the app way better.

- Needs to be work

Up until this point I have had a great time with instacart. It’s been a useful way of making money during this pandemic after I was laid off from my job. Sadly The rating system is awful when it comes to getting batches. Although I am happy they did something about the bots, the fact that one 4 star rating brought my score to a 4.8 is ridiculous. Usually a 4.8 would be good anywhere else but this app. Almost everyone I know who goes below a 5 star slightly has a hard time getting batches. Not to mention the rating is a customer who asked me to come inside their apartment and I refused to because it’s against our policy? I actually even informed the chat of this person after this incident because of the safety issue. I did contact chat today about this rating which they said it may take up to a week to get this taken care of. But now I can’t get work for a week because of this one rating. Update: chat also goes around the issue every time. I keep getting told they will process it late but honestly chat doesn’t help and all the information they give is fake. Thank you instacart for not being concerned for women’s safety. I joined this app because I felt it was better than Uber for the safety protocols but apparently you could care less

- Most people we shop for are ridiculous

Of course people are going to give us 3 to 1 star but replacing a item or asking most people if they would like a refund or a different item we get no response but same time mf don’t even answer the phone so how the hell would we know if it’s a good replacement for a PERSON THAT DONT ANSWER ANY CALLS let’s be real honest KROGERS doesn’t always have the best fruit or always have items in stock and with the meat or deli they don’t always give us the right meat but say it’s right. I rather not do Instacart anymore because I don’t have time to argue with any person I don’t know I could careless about star ratings if I feel like 🍇 or anything that edible in produce is bad ,old brown and nasty looking I’m going to refund if you’re not replying. I hate calling and we get ignored but app tells us don’t call unless this or that’. This is trash it’s easy money but some people we shop for are totally ridiculous . doing three full services can be hard because you mixed up things and sometimes you give the wrong people the wrong item or you leave a item in your car it’s just to much just to make a little 20$ batches like that should be 50 it’s 3 different living areas we have to visit to and shop for . why we can’t rate these people we shop for


Started working instacart about 1.5 mos ago. At first it was a GREAT place to make money and enjoying it while you do. Now in the last 2 weeks, I can hardly swipe a batch quick enough. I am a 5 star shopper, with great comments from customers. I care about customer services, only come to find out Instacart doesn’t. Daily, you set for hours and hours starring at your phone trying to get a order. I have heard about BOTS (which instacart denies) but it is impossible for a human to receive and swipe an order in .25 seconds one it appears on the screen. Order come in and out your screen in a blink of a eye. Your eyes are strained from starring at the screen all day trying to catch a order before the BOTs steal it. I went from make a descent amount of money per week to making nothing. I fear my personal information in compromised at instacart, because if there is a hacker in their system, no telling what that hacker can view. Maybe all my information, maybe all the customers information... the thought is terrifying. I heard Shipt had no hacker problems and you make more money with Shipt. I would not recommend Instacart to anymore. And more importantly, I have heard this is not the first time this BOTS hacking has happened with instacart. This is a common issue with the company.

- Needs review

I have been a shopper for over 5 months, on the whole very satisfied. My biggest complaint is lack of batches but due to the way batches are distributed, not a lack of batches. You can sign up for the hours you want to work, or you can wait list for hours you might want or just be on demand. When on hours you commit yourself to take batches during that time frame. However, the system does not seem to work that way. I have been on hours and my neighbor 5 houses down will be on demand and get a batch and I will not. I think the system should always give batches first to shoppers on hours, next on waitlist and then on demand. When you get to select hours you have to commit to at least 30 hours available per week in order to earn the right to early access to pick up hours. So those shoppers are committed and want to work. I think Instacart should reward those loyal shoppers by giving them batches when they are available. By the way this has happened to me on a regular basis. I love the job, the people, the tips, but I need to earn a certain income or else I will be forced to leave Instacart for another job. Please make the system fair. Nenah G.

- Very unprofessional , deactivated for nothing!

The way the service and treatment is with the Instacart workers are terrible. I basically just got my work account deactivated because of a mistake the chat agents made. 2 recent orders I did got it deactivated. Both times were totally out of my control. One order was at Publix. It was a tropical storm that day and it was raining really bad and flooded. I still took it upon myself to work. I picked the order went to go deliver I made it literally down the street but could not deliver it. I contacted support they dont have an actual number except for customers while the shoppers have to contact a chat room or email. That really puts a obstacle of trying to get the right help because they may not fully understand my issue. So I assume they go based off what they think they heard. I told the agent I couldn’t get to the house he told me to discard the items and that I would still get paid for my time. Second time a customer was not there. I waited for 30 minutes while contacting support on chat. Again they told me to discard of the items and I would be compensated. Instead my account gets deactivated and I get a email insinuating I stole the items. It is totally unfair and unprofessional and I’m really considering seeking legal help.

- Instacart should be boycotted

Every low rating is true. The business model behind the Memphis market is not worth it at all when you look at it. In Memphis, there’s only on-demand batches. There’s a lot of things wrong with this. Main issue I have , besides customer service ONLY being good for removing you from batches, is the rating system. It’s never up to date which is very critical when it comes to your opportunity of making decent money. If your rating drops below 4.95, you might as well find something else to do with your life. It’ll take hours sometimes to get a batch, but to make matters worst it’s batches that are low in payout and more than likely have something that someone has already peeped that it’s probably not worth it. I’ve been a shopper for more than five months and I used to tell everyone that it’s better than the most, but after much experience I’m okay with not getting any more batches. Keep in mind that I’ve done over 300 batches and had a few glory days. Overall it’s not worth you putting much hope or faith in it at all. It’s more of a plan F vs a plan A or B. There’s still sooooo much more negatives that could be share but I’ll direct you just to read the other bad reviews. THEY ARE NOT LYING!!! As for the good,... Hey, you’re making money....sometimes. 😒

- Deactivated my account in the middle of a three customer batch

The Instacart app for shoppers is horrible. The app itself works fine in my end but in regards to their scanning with trust and safety department, they are very inconsiderate of the time it took for me to get more than 60 items together for three customers. They have told me that I have had multiple deliveries that were missing when all in fact they should not have allowed apartment units to allow leaving it in the mailbox area or their front door because there are lunatics out there who are crazy in this pandemic and will steal anything that you leave for more than five minutes. Instacart you are a horrible system and you take advantage of shoppers who are just trying to stay safe during this pandemic. I have always been honest about everything that I do at work and in Instacart. And to those who reported me saying that they’re missing their delivery , for the love of God please meet your shoppers instead if you are worried about not getting your groceries. Because you can have some crazy neighbors desperate for whatever is laying around in your apartment building. I have also seen the customer reviews on Insta cart and it looks like that there also a load of garbage and handling their customer service.

- My opinion after 7 months working

I have been working here for 7 months, I have made an effort to maintain a perfect record, I always send emails talking about the best record, you will receive better batches, which is a lie I am the second best in my area among 842 people and even so I have never received better batches or promises that say that they will improve totally false, and I do this because after 7 months working there are days that the application does not work as they promise there are days where I only receive advice from them that does not work, restart the phone, install and uninstall the application , today was the most illogical day they offered me $ 10 for the problems caused I think they do not take into account the effort one makes to have the best weekly record there is a new update and even so problems are still present I do this to see if Thus, I can receive from them help to all the problems that they present and look for a solution since the affected person is one who is on the street working and buying for the client. face them without receiving support for the problems they have had lately and that I have personally presented, maybe this will work for you, think a bit before taking this application

- So disappointed

I was trying to start working for this company because I thought it was a good option. I’ve been doing uber and lift for four years and this is almost the same, but this marvelous company doesn’t accept a good driver like me because I had a ticket last year and another accident the year before, both wasn’t my fault, first of all both were errors; the first one was in North Kendall Drive against one guy, I was parking at the red light and he hit me trying to pass me, he told the police that it was my fault and I had no other option than pay the ticket, I had no evidence and no English enough to fight that. The second one was a police officer telling me that I was again traffic in us1, for god sake, that was abuse of authority and it wasn’t truth at all. Now I need to work and I able to do instacart or something like this and the company doesn’t accept me? Unbelievable!!! Without ask or give me the opportunity to show that I’m a good driver? I’m a five star driver in lift, I’m a platinum driver in uber. I really don’t wanna work for instacart anymore. I’m gonna tell my friends and all people I know about this, believe me, I feel abused because I was waiting for your card and I receive it today and I was happy. After that I have this. Everybody is gonna know. So dissatisfied.

- Please read, you won't make money

I thought this was a great idea. I signed up and waited to get on board. I went out and spent $40 to get a worthwhile hot/cold bag to use for groceries and then.... nothing. Every area around me is on a wait list. There's no telling how many shoppers there are "scheduled" before the rest have to wait and customer service won't tell you either. This will leave you possibly driving far away to sit in a wait list with a few people only to leave with empty pockets. The system is exclusive to established "shoppers" with no way for new people to get early access without having 90+ shopped hours or 30 on weekends. That means you must sit around on wait lists for many many hours to maybe just maybe get one or two hours towards that goal if you happen to get a shop. Personally I don't want to drive 50 miles away and sit in my car where there isn't hardly anyone waiting and probably no requests either. That coupled with the fact that you'll never know how many shoppers are scheduled in front of the waiting list. This is ridiculous. Find something else and save your time and cash too if you're like me and want to do your best and purchase an expensive grocery saving bag. Good luck and screw you Instacart for being shitheads. 🖕🏻🤙🏻

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- App is not working properly

The new version is crappy it froze and after wont allow me to check out not to mention trying to get help sucks no one answers for hours

- Old version

How can I download the old version, picking order with the new version is hard

- Regarding deactivated account

This issue handled by trust and safety team so if you wanna talk to them related that but there is no direct contact to reach out them. They are taking more time to solve case than the murder case solve by police. It’s been 10 days still I am not getting reply from this team.

- Address problem

It says to write my address, but only US states show up. Please make Canadian provinces available.

- As of June 9 the app is horrible

New update screwed over everyone. System is buggy, completely different to old system. Can’t get any batches. Batches are not consistent. Probably to get rid of excess workers. Pay sucks now, better off working for the grocery store itself. Bad call after the company made their sales goals for 2022 off of the fear of corona virus. Needs to support their shoppers better. Do not download, it’s now a waste of time. For more complaints and evidence check the reddit page.

- Love this app and doing this one only one problem

Only one problem is we can not complaint to rude and no tips customers. I’ve met many many rude customers order and so many requests.. no say thank you and tips. Also long distance have no tips.. what a joke We also need comments to rude or no tips customers

- App freezes and crashes. New ver

Since new version was installed, App freezes when in shopping stage. Have to delete and install it again, every 5 minutes.

- Bad care for personal shoppers

All lies I was a outstanding Shopper for 3 years made them 1000s of dollars and did over 2000 deliveries never got single thank you call once! Then some shady customers false failed delivery notices saying they never got there orders however I met them at the door. They all greet me with desire and passion. I had. 5.0 rating with perfect customer service feedback and they deactivate me because people were claiming nothing got delivered even though I had to take photos don’t worry Instacart I am hiring a lawyer for unlawful deactivating

- No feedback for bad reviews

I love the job but it is extremely frustrating that customers can give bad reviews without any feedback and we as shoppers get blamed when we try to communicate and the customer does not respond at all or doesn’t have suggested replacements.

- Not getting notifications

I don’t get notifications of batches unless I have the app open on my phone. I have made sure that all notifications are turned on in my settings. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app a couple times now.

- Card shipment

It says write down your address but all the provinces are in US,what should i do?

- Crashes

App frequently crashes when I try to open it. Haven’t even finished the sign up process yet. Please fix!

- Absolutely horrible.

The most ethically poor, no concern for customer service company ever. There is so much better out there. Please consider Cornershop or grocery gateway. These people don’t care about you.

- Love the services

I love the services, but recently there is an issue in the push notifications. There an issue with the iOS 13 I think. I have to use an old iPhone for the system to run without problems.


I was a 5 Star Shopper (Had only one 4 Star for last 250 Batches) but don’t get enough batches. Worked in Central Canada during the Pandemic while my city was a RED ZONE, it’s not worth for the hustle. It’s your own vehicle, own gas, own mobile data, have to file your own taxes. But even can’t earn to cover up your main expenses. Take all in to an account end up working less than the minimum wage. Calculate everything such as mileage, fuel cost and amount of hours you work then deduct taxes and vehicle cost you will understand what I mean. This would be OK to do during after hours while you have another employment, not recommend as a full job. (This is a honest answer based on lot of research I have done for few months)

- Long waiting to to sign up!

I’m more than 3 months on waiting list!!?? No sports? They have many drivers signed up and ready to make orders but they don’t bcz they are doing Uber and skip! Just keep insta as back up so that the system shows no spot for a new drivers

- excellent

very easy and fun🙏🏻🌺

- Loading

After downloading several times still can’t open

- Glitching app

Tried to sign up with Instacart as a shopper and it seems the app glitched. I’m stuck on a waitlist screen and even though I am getting emails asking me to finish signing up, I cannot get the app off of that screen no matter what I do. Tried to contact Instacart but it’s basically impossible. Not a great first impression.

- Unavoidable ID Verification Glitch

Literally can not use the app because the ID verification is glitching out; constantly refreshing and not allowing me to click on anything. Hasn’t verified anything, just won’t stop refreshing. I can’t even call customer support, let along shopper support, because they run everything through the app!!!! WHICH I NOW CANT ACCESS!!!! No ability to access help or a workaround anywhere. Super disappointed.

- Bad reviews, not encouraging

I haven’t even started the process, aside from downloading the app and giving you my info. Upon reading the reviews it looks like there are little to no support system for the shoppers. I have been a customer for awhile and thought this might be a good way to earn income, especially during these hard times. After seeing the reviews, I won’t be joining your team. A company is only as good as its leadership. So sad and I am sorry to those who do work here and I hope it gets better. Know as someone who gets shipped for, we don’t get notifications that shopping has started, that you are asking customers about appropriate changes but no notifications come through unless we consistently and continuously check for them. We also don’t know that groceries have been dropped off half the time. Good luck shoppers, know you are needed!

- Wish list

More info before accepting the batch would be better and hazard pay or some kind of monthly bonus would be nice with a global pandemic! There has to be away for this to work

- Update not working.

Update doesn’t work on my phone because it’s a IPhone 6 and is not compatible with the new update. I chat with self help and that didn’t work either. I cannot shop and make money for customers. They need to make this update compatible with iPhone 4,5,6 or other smart phone that are 5 years old.

- Instacart Shopper is super functional!

Recently I started as a shopper and delivery person for InstaCart. This got me out of my static schedule into a dynamic contest woth time and accuracy! The InstaCart app is perfect for a shopper and delivery person needs: it guids you step by step to do the job. It has many help resources, application forms, InstaCart PPE and health instructions and much more. Everything to help people to shop from home! Customer Care is so responsive and so encouraging for the new startup IC! Thank you, InstaCart!

- No instacart care

The app has locked me into “waiting list” and has made it unable to contact instacart care. The phone number and email are both out of service, leaving no room for support apart from the dysfunctional app.

- New update needs another update

New version of the app doesn’t work or update properly. I can’t see when new orders come in & my stats don’t update anymore.

- Needs more work

Not enough info given before accepting a batch and map integration is a must!

- Easy to use, sometimes not

Intuitive But sometimes I need to chat with an agent. Very difficult to do!

- Slow

The app is so slow and sometimes frustrating. I nearly broke my phone out of anger. Pls y’all come up with something better

- Fun

Im doing doordash and skip the dishes but i like Instacart the most. Its fun when you know the supermarket store

- How to access app on iphone6

How to access new app update on Iphone6. As ios 13 is not available for the mentioned model. Please suggest. And don’t have enough money to go for a new phone

- Tip

First u will get great tip..... after delivering the order ur tip will be zero 😓

- Earnings

Good for students to earn money

- Easy, intuitive and straight up solid money earning experience

Love the app, love to shop for customers in my favourite stores.

- Horrible app

Photo buttons not there so can’t upload licence, chat glitching so can’t contact service, no number or email... basically I couldn’t use this app even if I wanted to!!!!!

- Assistance

So it's been 12 months since I've been stuck with the background check. I got registered in skip and doordash within 2 days and these people couldn't complete my background check in 1 whole year. I kept asking for assistance but none of them was able to help me, all of the people in the chat support were nutheads and did not know what they were doing, kept asking me for screen shots or kept telling me the things I already knew. The assistance was so bad I just had to tell the guy to delete my account in the frustration. Seriously man you should work on it or train your staff well because alot of them do not know what they are doing.

- False add, lie about promotion, poor assistance service

I referred my friend to become a shopper, the bonus at that time was 800$ . As soon as we did the referral we felt that something was wrong as it didn’t appear anywhere. So both my friend and I contacted you, even before he start working. We wanted to fix the problem at the beginning to be sure I’m getting the 800$. The agent I talked to insured me that it will be fixed and I will get the bonus as soon as my friend continues 60 batches. (I have a screen shot as a proof) After 23 days my friend had already done 60 deliveries so I contacted you again since I haven’t received the bonus. Ever since I be been talking to you without any results. I know for a fact that making this kind of wrong promotion is illegal and unethical.

- They don't care shoppers

There is no support line for shoppers. Even some emergency things happen they don't care you.

- Great app made good money

Great app made good money but it sucks I can’t upgrade too I0S 13 because I am stuck in a contract with one year left an my phone is iPhone 6

- Worse app every

I’m trying to get my account information fixed for days and none of these people can help. There is no number to call or email to email. Since the whole process is ok this app I have to keep refreshing and talking to a new person for assistance. Been at it fit days to the point it’s not even worth working for them. It’s a simple problem of location but no one can fix it.

- Important features are missing in this application.

You cannot access the chat help option until you go to an article and the most important drawback is you don’t have access to know how much you earned per batch and how much time you spend on that app. Instacart is playing smart by hiding detailed summary of your earnings.

- Unfair

It doesn’t worth to work for They took all their rights from you and gave them to the customer customer can rate you but you can’t rate customer when you say this item has gone they don’t believe you just wasting KM and time and when you cancelation the batches they threaten you guys do UberEATS better than this system this system is unfair in UberEATS customers and delivery is can rate each other fairly also if something happen you can explain please try Instacart for one time you will see how it works

- Wrong city name in address

App is easy to use but product replacement part is problematic. I have found 2 addresses has wrong city name. It shows Etobicoke but both were in Toronto.

- Good concept but lacking

The app is a good concept and has the start of good functions but seems to be missing alot of information and concepts.

- No Support for Those without Cars

I want to participate but I don’t have a car and since buses aren’t an accepted form of transport I’m not able to go past the role screen

- Information not secure

Rubbish App from last 6 months application is in waiting list in Toronto area and customer support saying it’s in waiting list.That means from last six months no shoppers were onboarded into shopper app from Toronto or you guys stop doing business in this zone.

- Add canada

App doesn’t work for Canadian postal codes

- App is not working

Not allowing to check in. And freezes in between

- Registration

Have been trying to register as a shopper for over three weeks. Every call to support says something different supposedly issue escalated to IT department no record of it. Escalating again told can’t tell you when you will hear back!

- Tip adjustment

After delivery, a customer can reduce or delete the tip that already given. It is terrible. Unfortunately, I face this kind of disappointing things even there is no any problem with delivery.

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- Do not work for instacart

Do not work for this app! Horrible. Loved this app so much it brought me so much joy helping others and being appreciated it was amazing. One day I was working and I go to get another batch and I randomly was deactivated and had no idea why. They claim I hadn’t delivered groceries to two batches a month and a half before I got deactivated. I had NO idea about this they never called me or asked me what happened so how am I suppose to fix what happened instead they just deactivate you with no warning or anything. I sent two appeals in and nothing... they sent automatic messages back saying I couldn’t have my account back. I had 5 stars on EVERYTHING and was so fast I’m the stores the costumers loved me. This app is a joke! It would be a amazing app if they actually communicated and cared about there workers and took the time to talk to them and see that it was a mix up instead of looking at there “proof” the proof that they don’t even tell you about until they deactivate you probably just to make a excuse. Horrible!!!!!

- Quicker response for Replacement Items

There should be a way for customers to have alternative options before you shop. There are times when I’m trying to complete 2 orders and there may not be an item the customer wants. When I send them a text it takes too long to get a response. I’m in line by then. I can’t leave the line with two orders because the customer finally responded. Have it so the app will know what items to replace ahead of time. Another way is for the app to tell customers that if there is only 1-2 items left, that they should pick an alternative item... especially on the weekends. It should print them to select an alternative automatically. Also, if I have to take the time out to replace that item, then my time should be compensated accordingly. Taking the time out to replace an item, is time consuming. Every time a shopper has to replace an item, there should be at least 3-5 minutes added on to the time that you are expected to shop for. So if the timer says I have 23 min, but now I have to take the time out to replace an item, the app should automatically add more minutes to the timer.

- Room for Improvement.

On Demand is wonderful, I appreciate not having to schedule hours. I do wish there was a feature in the app to rate the customer and shoppers could then see the rating/comments before sliding to accept the batch, similar to a rider’s Uber rating! With this rating system we can give the next shopper a heads up to things like if the customer doesn’t respond to text/call communication or if the customer is a tip baiter. (I have heard about “tip baiters” but just experienced my first, if I had known the customer makes a habit of this prior to shopping for them I wouldn’t have accepted the batch.) Also, some batches come across the list faster than the blink of an eye making it impossible to open the batch never mind accept it. I’ve read a couple articles that third party apps have bots in the instacart app snatching our batches before we can even view them. Shopper help lines are a mess. The phone number says it’s not connected. Most of the people working the in app chat are not helpful. After sending an email to the help email account you receive an automated email response saying the email account is no longer in service.

- Horrible wait times

Ok, so I’ve been working with Instacart for about a year and I have to say that they should hire more representatives to assist shoppers who are trying to cancel batches since stores rarely have anything right now. I have requested calls THREE times in a row in TWO consecutive days and NOT ONCE has the app notified me that support has called me back. I don’t know why the app doesn’t just send a notification to my lock screen to answer the call. I literally have to have my phone unlocked at the scheduled time but even then they don’t answer on time. Not to mention, their hold times are anywhere from 2-3 hours so if you miss the call (which 99% I do because of this dumb glitch), good luck on scheduling the next. I suggest that if you want to sign up to wait until they fix their shopper support wait time. The only reason why 2 stars now is because I like the on demand option. In my area, I’m still seeing good paying batches. Once they fix the shopper support issue I will update this.

- Glitches

Blinking on and off during delivery gets stuck When COVID started app has been flooded with batches! Now that Instacart has allowed so many new shoppers and not checking ratings I’m not get orders!!! I need them to get it together! I’m a 5 🌟 shopper and have heard many customers thank me because so many people now working with instacart just give them anything and not communicate with them! while driving to complete orders and pick up orders sometimes orders have been removed not giving enough time to get to order even with me contacting support and stating if I have emergency and still want to complete order! I was seeing multiple orders since COVID now it’s once or twice all day and I know there are still a lot of orders available! It seems like I have been blocked from receiving orders and based on when first began with instacart when been driving for them for the time I have I suppose to get opportunity for more orders! The app needs to work regardless if in weak areas where phone towers are or not I’ve updated app turn off phone and constantly restarting the app! What’s really happening instacart? And let’s not forget you get $5 for making blank trips to the store ie. Store closes, app delay, batch removed while at or in store!

- Great... when it actually works

InstaCart really is a great job and you help so many people who genuinely can’t shop. You get paid great money and it’s super easy! However, the app crashes at least once a week and batches go away within less than a second. Sometimes I’ll swipe on a batch and even after I swipe (which I do super quickly) it says “oops batch taken.” It’s not even physically possible for someone to swipe that quickly. There are days where I’ll wait hours for a batch to come and when they do they disappear within less than a second. Ive heard that there’s people who have hacked the system and take the batches and sell them to other instacart shoppers. Customer support doesn’t help you. They say “they’re fixing the problem,” however this is every single week. I get maybe once every couple months but every week is kind of ridiculous. Like I said, I really do enjoy Instacart (when it works), but I’m honestly thinking of deleting my account because now it’s just a waste of my time.

- Love it

I’m a college student and downloaded the app back in the beginning of April as Covid was surging. I was doing on average 3 a day every other day and making ok money. During end of May and June I became more invested in it and would make it a goal to reach around $100 a day. They introduced the feature where people with higher ratings get priority over batches. I’m here to say that I live in a big city, only have 37 five star ratings (having done around 100 batches), and only doing this since April and I still see really good batches. I am able to make $100 in two hours even with the new update. I do wish that customers were required to submit a star rating bc majority of mine dont. Only having 37 five star rating when I’ve done over 100 batches, many of those being double batches, is kinda ridiculous. Overall love the app and I think what you put into is what you get out of it. Obviously if you don’t take some of the lower orders and work your way up, you’ll never reach the bigger batches.

- Don’t use this for a job

If you’re looking for a job don’t do this. They only pay $7 per batch. Most of the money you make you have to put it back towards gas so you’re not making any money. When there are 2 or 3 full service orders they still only pay you $7? If it’s more than 1 full service you should get paid more. Instacart doesn’t care about their employees. They make so much money but don’t give anything to the people actually going out, using their gas and their mileage. It was worth it in the beginning but now it’s pointless. Then if you get a real rude customer they don’t care. I’ve tried explaining to customers that just because it’s “in stock” on the instacart app doesn’t mean it’s actually in stock at the store. Some don’t pay attention and don’t realize I’ve refunded things because the store did not have it and the customer reported it as missing (which goes against the shopper). Then when customers add on to orders or when they’re messaging us they don’t realize they’re making our time go up. When my time goes up it’s because 9 times out of 10 its the customer and they wanted me to get things they forgot. But I recently stopped doing instacart so I can actually go and make money somewhere else.

- Scammed

I only ever took two orders for instacart, first order went great second order the instacart card would not work, repeatedly. Okay no big deal I cover the cost and submit my reimbursement. Two weeks go by before my reimbursement is declined. I contact customer support. They tell me it was a bug issue it will be taken care of. Two days later contact them again because nothing happened. They tell me to call support instead of using the app because they can’t help me. Okay I call the line. They tell me i will be contacted via email and the problem will be resolved. STILL NO CONTACT after 4th time. Okay I call again. They tell me once again it is an issue on their end and they will resolve it for me. It has now been over a month. No refund and they emailed me saying that if I would like to I can resubmit my request AFTER being told each time on support not to resubmit. I completely understand high call volumes and everything but I have never been straight scammed for my money like this. So disappointed and my friend is having the same issue. I’ve been nothing but completely polite to every support member and each has told me don’t worry about it we’ll get it fixed for you, for the love of god please just give me my money.

- Not a bad gig

Instacart backs their employees 100% if something goes wrong! A customer had a duplicate order sent out to multiple people, so I and several others, were working on an order that was already cancelled. I informed Instacart and we got paid anyway. THAT is customer service. Unlike other companies like Uber, who could care less whether you live or die, Instacart has your back, and their customer service is top notch for their drivers. Some negatives were, sometimes you have to travel to major cities to find work, which in my case, was Los Angeles, 50 miles away. Sometimes the amount of effort you put into a delivery does not reflect in what you are paid. Also, I feel that there should be mandatory tips attached to certain city regions like L.A. because there is minimal and difficult parking, making it difficult to do your job and often times you have to park several blocks away from your delivery destination, or park illegally for a few minutes, or pay for parking, which cuts into your profits. But yeah, not a bad side hustle overall.

- Unfair treatment of in store shoppers

I worked for this company for about a year and it wasn’t bad at first. The shift lead made it sound so flexible and smooth then everything changed when their attendance point system was put in place. You start out with 6 attendance points and you lose them is you cancel shift at any point for any reason. You have to work every weekend no matter what and it is unfair to people who use this as a side job. My father got Corona back in March and everyone I emailed promised I would get some sort of pay because I had to be quarantined for almost 2 months this of course did not happen. I then popped up on the schedule after making it clear that I would not like to put my dad at risk and lost all attendance points which at that point who cares. I had a family member working for them while I was in quarantine and they said they received this “non bonus” for the 2 weeks it was nuts in the stores. You had to work 100+ hours to make even a little of the bonus. Overall the treatment of their employees has been a joke. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to work for them EVER. They see their employees as replaceable bots as far as I can tell. Did not get paid nearly enough to deal with so much crap.

- Customers

The majority of the customers are people that appreciate our efforts. Most people are very kind and all they want is their merchandise is a timely manner. Then their are customers that think we are part of the cast system, and they are better that a shopper and treat up like their servant. They lie about the condition of the delivery, because they want something for nothing. On the app you mention the customer isn’t available, yet they are there, because they text us, I’ve noticed that when customers don’t want a picture and just leave it the door it is opportunity to have customers lie about our service. Therefore, I suggest the customers should look over the order and give it a thumps up and down, that way they can’t lie about my service get me in trouble and maybe get free merchandise. Customers who order on the 3rd floor should pay a premium, for water it should be extra. I never gets a response to my comments about fraud. God bless and may your families be healthy


Had an order disappear because I waited for an hour in the drive way for a customer. Customer service says I won’t be paid for it because it doesn’t show up on their end. (Even though there is no way for me to “delete” the order) Somehow they can’t even see the $110 charge on my payment card I used for the groceries at Aldi. They refuse to pay me for doing the assignment. They refuse to reimburse me for my time waiting in the drive way. They refuse to pay me for the hour-plus I’ve been on hold with them. Completely useless customer service agents. After being on the phone for 45+ minutes (the second phone call), I got disconnected. Despite the woman promising me she would call me back if we got disconnected, I had to call them. I’ve now been on hold this call (3rd time) for 22 minutes and counting and haven’t talked to anyone. Shame on this company and the way they take advantage of their contractors who are just trying to make some money to get by. If you’re okay with working for them for FREE occasionally, then by all means, sign up. Otherwise, I’d avoid Instacart like the plague. (It’s really not worth it anyway... pay is crap due to the infrequent assignments you get and how difficult it is to even secure hours)

- Can’t even get an order. Don’t know how people actually make money using this app

I chose two stars because you can barely get an order on this app. I even drove through Atlanta today for two hours constantly refreshing the batches and received only one order. On regular days where I don’t take the initiative to get out on the road and just stay home instead to see if I can get order it takes even longer to receive one order. Sometimes it’ll even be half a day before I can actually catch an order. I mean literally CATCH because it seems as if the orders pop up and immediately disappear within a second. This app would be great if it were more like uber eats where they send you an order and you can either accept or deny it. If this is your main job I highly don’t recommend it. I’m only doing this as a way to make some extra money but sometimes I feel like it’s not even worth it with this app. Bummer since I heard good things about it

- Horrible customer service

I was in a batch and the app glitched and would not allow to me complete my delivery. It would not allow time to view items OR swipe that the delivery was completed, it forced me to swipe to “start delivery C” why I was already at location A. I reached out to the help line have the fix it. They don’t help and tell me they are reporting me for profanity ( I never cursed) so I end this chat. The next person is super helpful and assured me that they have fixed the issue and reset my batches. They tell me all I need to do is rest my phone for 5 minutes and everything will work. I reset my phone and I am now told my account is “deactivated” because I have not finished these deliveries. All the while I have all 3 orders in my car and I’m literally begging for a way to deliver them and that’s how I’m treated. Removed from that app. I try to email back the email about why I’ve been deactivated as the email instructed me to do. I am sent an auto reply telling me your company is not checking it’s emails and to request help through the app, which has literally been disabled by you. This is the worst service I’ve ever experienced with any any. Absolutely unacceptable to treat your hard working employees this way. Shame on you.

- Got worse

I’ve been doing instacart for almost 2 years now. I recently stopped doing it due to have mingled a baby. Now that I’m home full time with him I e decided to go back to doing it. Now they have “on-demand zones” (my area) so you can’t pick hours. I’ve updated my app and everything and the last week I e been sitting with the app open and all it says is “no batches available”. I’ve spent $40 on their bags and now they are useless. I’ve contacted the help desk and they finally tell me that I’m new and have to pick up hours....when I’ve been doing this for almost 2 years and I’m unable to pick up hours due to being in an “on-demand only zone” so their customer support doesn’t even understand how it works. Since I haven’t been able to get any orders I couldn’t tell you how the rest of the app works but if this is any indication of how it works it’s probably crappy. Before the update that added the on demand zones I would have for sure given this a 10 if I could have but now I can’t. Please listen to the people who actually work this app on a daily and bring back picking up your own hours so we don’t have to sit around for a week to get an order. PLEASE!!


Instacart Shopper NEEDS ZONE. We need to be able to pick from a variety of stores on a list and that will be offered to us instead of just random order. Shipt has it al figured out with choosable Zones or Locations. I get orders for 40 miles away, while my four co-worker friends (that will be sitting next to me) have orders for stores that are right next to us very close within 10-20 miles. They do not have any better ratings than me and I have a lot more experience. What is going on here? They give all the batches to the new shoppers and the Veteran shoppers get nothing, or the Algorithm is just terribly messed up and unfair. Its ashame because this app used to be great. I worked full time and could serve every single customer in my area, and then they hired a million useless “shoppers” that dont communicate with customers, they dont do replacement, they take their sweet time shopping and will shop for themselves. Instacart does not penalize or deactivate for this behaviour so the bad shoppers get all the orders and a worker like me, who loves the iob and takes it very seriously to get my customers what they need, ends up getting nothing and cant even make $100 a week on it.

- Instacart shopper = A robbery company

This happened to me many times since signing up with them. I accept a request and deliver. As soon as I complete the delivery they take back the pre-given tip by the customer saying that the customer has control over the tip for 24hours and they can take it back if they want to. Today, I accept a delivery to two different customers for $ 48 which $ 25 of this was the tip. As soon as I delivered they took the tip back. Since I was still with the customer, I asked the customer if the customer took back their tip for any reason. They customer said “NO WE NEVER REVERSE TIPS” then we both together contacted instacart shopper telling them that I am with the customer, the customer refuses the tip reversal. They immediately refunded the $ 25 tip back to my account. This is an obvious indication that they robbed me and many other drivers many times and blaming the customer for it. During this hard COVID time, the delivery drivers needs to be appreciated for the service they are providing not to be robbed. I will definitely report this to Better Business Bureau (BBB) and they customer provided me with his contact information in case I need him as witness in the process and I have saved the screen shots as well.

- Notifications not happening.

I’ve called so many times. I accidentally tapped mute notifications button. I then turned it on immediately. I didn’t haven’t any in over a week. I got one Sunday and two while in the shower Monday. I tried installing it on my ipad bigger screen just to read batches detail. Would any of those two affect it? Every time I open the app or switch app screens, the dashboard shows batches available and POOF GONE obviously because had to be there a while. I used to get everyday tons of Aldi because I’m 5 blocks away—-AND they lingered a while. Also crazy requests 15+ miles away like southern part of FTL and downtown Miami and way south almost near Homestead No one can explain. I just started I was late once due to comunicaron back and forth between customer and bj’s taking 30 min to let me in after hitting start shopping. It’s a pandemic. I found ALL his wants using Car and Party decor to get the stuff. He tipped me the same and gave me thumbs up. He understood why the tardiness having gotten the call 15 min away and 6 people at a time in a 2000 sa ft store? Cmon! It takes forever to exit BJ’s. I It’s not Walmart most are quick in and out. Help? 🙏🏼

- Waitlist

Near impossible to get off the waitlist! If you start a conversation in your app you get told something different from everyone that you encounter! I’ve been told my application was not complete ! I’ve been told information was needed ! I’ve been asked for my social security number and other private information. I’ve been started and restarted in the application only to be resetting the waitlist! I’ve been told I’ll receive an email from the hiring department so you can run my background check n dmv etc ! Never to receive that email.. it’s very frustrating to say the least! I’ve been added and taken away from zones etc .. while all of the people you have answering your questions on chat . It seems no one really knows what the issue is or how to fix it ! I’m stuck in waitlist hell so to speak for months now . I have friends that shop for you and enjoy it . Seems I have fell in the we can’t fix your application! We can fix your application etc hellhole .. the one star is due to the fact no one can give you a correct answer to this waitlist. Each encounter is never the same answer.. after this review I’ll probably never get hired or off the waitlist.. signed Hopeful yet disappointed

- Eh.

The app is functional, yes but there are a lot of issues. The catalog isn't updated, there's been a persistent water issue affecting payment amounts for months requiring shoppers to call in during a shop (decreasing their speed at times) in order to get proper payment. The aisles aren't usually right, and for a company that boasts 'transparency' there are a lot of confusing elements. I also believe IC should have a 'business' delivery for individuals with larger trucks & charge businesses a delivery fee as currently shoppers will get 40 cases of water, 40 gallons of milk etc to a buisness that's using the service just because it's cheaper than using a commercial service, forcing us "independent contractors" to either take the order or risk losing access to jobs due to "unacknowledgement" which often times is batches not being accepted due to low pay. We're frequently offered orders that equal out to pennies per hour after considering gas to the store & customer, not even considering the time it takes. I know all of these issues aren't on the app devs, but some things would be nice to be forwarded as whenever I chat to shopper happiness it seems like I'm speaking into a void.

- 🙂

I hope you take this comment into account! There is something that bothers me is by malicious customers who report undelivered or damaged items and one always delivers things in excellent condition, gives low marks and takes many days to remove. They should take into consideration these low ratings and be able to remove them when Instacart verifies that everything was delivered well, also these clients without explanation take away your tip, there are very few cases but it has happened to me 4 times, I really am one of those who like to ask about Whatever replacement I have to make and choose the best, fresh vegetables, unbroken boxes and expiration date check, even so there are people who really don't know what goes through their heads and it bothers me a lot. I hope you can assess the situation that an agent when he attends in the chat can eliminate those low marks when the client does it by bad intention and is not right. thanks.

- Good money , Terrible support

While Instacart was a great way for me to make some extra cash (sometimes) it was also a very frustrating experience. There is virtually no way to talk to someone who actually understands the app and who can actually help you with any issues you may be having. While sometimes I made great money in a day and had no issues , other days I wasted a ton of gas money driving to stores way outside of my zone and ending up that the batch was already shopped or the app would crash. When I tried to contact a support agent about these issues they would read my complaints AND LEAVE THE CHAT. I mean seriously the agents will just leave the chat if they can’t figure out how to help, which is most of the time. So the downside is if there’s and issue your really on your own and the company most likely will not reimburse you for any of the troubles. I’ve spent hours sitting in the parking lot waiting for them to help me cancel a batch and not gotten any reimbursement for all the time wasted. I would only recommend this job as something on the side or if you really really need it. You will get frustrated and feel cheated out of your money.

- No hours

I just started doing Instacart 2 months ago. Before I signed up I read “work as little or as much as you want. Make Your own schedule”. I have to say that is slightly misleading. What they don’t tell you is if you don’t work 30 hours a week or 25 Saturday and Sunday hours in 3 weekends you will not be able to pick up any hours until Wednesday and they post them on Sunday. So by Wednesday there are no hours left to pick. But my biggest complaint is if you are lucky enough to actually have hours, a lot of times you sit staring at your phone waiting for a call. Like right now I have been on for almost two hours and haven’t received one call even tho I am in a red area of the map. However, my daughter is getting on demand notices left and right sitting right next to me. I thought they were supposed to offer the shops to people who have hours first then put them out for on demand after. It wasn’t like this my first month but it’s getting worse and worse. So if you’re looking to make any decent amount of money, I don’t think Instacart is the way to go unfortunately.

- It works sometimes

I live in a small area so I understand that there’s not gonna be a ton of orders all the time but when bots are taking almost all of the orders instantly it makes it really hard for me to even open the app to except the order i’m also not getting notifications until hours after the batches have been posted so by the time I get the notification the batch is already gone or I’ll get a notification for a batch I’ll open it and it’s not there this is a great way to make some extra cash or even to work full-time but with all the bots and app issues it makes it really hard to even make any money I also I’ve had multiple customers be extremely rude to me for things that are not my fault like I am being penalized for the store being out of stock of a particular item I think that’s unfair for me or anyone because We can’t control what the store carries I also don’t know if there is a way to report bad customers I’ve only been doing this a few months but it’s disheartening for me to be treated like trash when the issues aren’t my fault 🤷🏻‍♀️

- SERIOUS ISSUES and in-app support incompetence

Hi, So I want to like this app, but it has MAJOR FLAWS. I accepted an order, and two minutes later it was dropped, with a notification warning me about cancelling orders. I messaged support for clarification and Jolly told me it was because I ignored all my “warnings”, including my final one...when I didn’t receive any in that TWO minutes. The bigger issue is that my app refuses to show me a breakdown of my weekly/daily earnings. I can’t see how many jobs I take a day, what is still pending, how much each job was broken down into insta/tips payment, or if someone readjusted a tip. I literally have no idea how many jobs I’ve done!! Sunny told me to delete the app and reinstall, which did nothing. I also asked him if that would disconnect us, and he was like, oh, just contact support again. However, this means that you’re going to get an entirely new person that doesn’t understand tech and have to explain things all over again. They have no idea how the app works or how to address this issue. And when I asked if they could send me a report, they said there was a “technical” issue and that they couldn’t see it either. SOOOOO...instacart is just stealing wages and not admitting it????

- Awful no immeadiate help for shoppers

I had a batch cancelled on me while waiting on line to get into costco. There is absolutely no support in the app to chat unless you need to cancel an order. Also I got blocked from the customer service number after using it once. Instacart does not care for its shoppers at all. Great pay but awful experience. Edit: I just completed an order in a store without any wifi or internet connection. The MOST frustrating thing was that I could not contact the customer, Instacart support or even view what items I needed. I was kicked out of the app about 20 times in a span of 3 hours during the batch. When I went to check out, the app glitched and I sat there for 25 minutes, waiting for the app to load. I’ve never had this happen at any other store, as this was a different location I visited (Stop & Shop in Mamaroneck, NY). Not to mention that the workers in the store were slow and rude (which is not Instacart’s fault, but did make it more frustrating.) Instacart needs to make the app less reliable on internet connection because there has also been other times I’ve sat on the “transitioning batch” screen for 5 minutes after trying to deliver an order.

- They do not care about shoppers!

I’ve been delivering for them since February and they deactivated my account today and will not tell me why. I’ve delivered all orders and taken pictures of every single order when I delivered it. I have proof that all my orders where dropped off and they still deactivated me without a reason. Go work for Shipt, or Uber eats, or something more professional. They got sued a few years ago and I most definitely see why. This is the most unprofessional app on here and the three owners on very money hungry. If you knew how much they were getting paid verses how much they gave the shoppers you would not even work for them. I am very disappointed in this app. It freezes while you are shopping or trying to check out and will have you looking stupid at the check our line. I’ve worked for Shipt for a while and their communication is way better and they show how much they care about you. At least they give you a free shirt! I believe instacart has hired too many people so they are trying to get rid of some of us now. I’m pretty sure they will have another lawsuit soon. Don’t waste your time with them. Work for someone else who will appreciate your time and effort.

- Missleading and unfair

I’ve had 3 years experience with this company and it’s “shopper helpline”. They continue to fail on the app. They will tell you that whoever is closest to the store will get orders. I’ve spent so many hours trying that and I’d see shoppers come in and out of the store and as soon as I’d leave and go home I would see an order. Other issues is the constant service issues. The app would send me two cities away and then want me to go 3-4 cities back to get the next order. They claim “it’s because it isn’t busy enough and they need more shoppers in other areas”. That is a complete ERROR because I’ve spent hours on days waiting for a order near me and it would send me to 2-3 cities away and then as soon as I complete that order it would send me nothing but orders closer to where I live and it’s basically just causing you to use up all your miles and destroy your car and time. You end up traveling for them for free because they don’t compensate you for commuting to the store. You only get comped for the miles from the store to the customers house and not the travel it takes to get to the store which can take up to 25 minutes sometimes just to get to the store.

- Batch history

I think the app should let you be able to access your batch history and chats to be able to recall or prove that you delivered an order to the correct house. You should be able to have all your previous chats including the ones with support to be to recall what was discussed with each customer in regards to their orders. In the event that a customer says they didn’t receive their order a shopper should be able to go back to said batch and see if they took a picture and or did exactly what the guest wanted to avoid fall back on the shopper. You should be able to had record of all the calls you may have placed to the customer if they are not responding also. I personally believe the support system isn’t really all that helpful they tell you to do things you’ve already done that didn’t help and tell you to try again and if it doesn’t work to contact them back but you have no proof that you ever spoke to someone about the issue and you’re left to resolve it on your own and possibly be accused of not delivering an order.

- Baffled by the lack of coordination or professionalism of the service representatives

The app freezes, often times won’t work with or without WiFi, saying that it cannot connect to network, despite using multiple different WiFi’s. Call the contact us phone number displayed on their website and you will find that number to be out of service, and will direct you to contact a service representative through the app... which would be convenient if the app worked in the first place. Contacting a service representative via the email address provided online is not any help either seeing as you get a different representative for every response, asking you the same questions and giving the same suggestions, or even providing solutions to completely different problems that were not asked about. Regardless of contacting them 6 times, clearly stating the issue with the app, and providing screen shots, they have been unable to help me in any way. Nor have they been able to provide me with a working phone number to call to speak with a representative, despite asking for one multiple times. Overall very disappointed in the service provided for this app

- My opinion about rating and get batches

I just like to share, i do this job with the greatest love in the world because i need to work, i have other alternatives for work but i like instacart, however i do not agree with some things. I already reported a lot of things and even though it’s no use, I took a low grade I reported about the low grade but still there, I do it every day and I know exactly where the products are, sometimes the low grade client for nothing, and instacart only listens to the client's version and does not listen to the shopper. I think I could listen to both, the customer and the shopper and then draw a conclusion because if I deliver all the items to the customer and he says that I did not deliver any, the products that the customer said will enter my account. just listen to the two versions and then draw a conclusion. Because it gets in the way of getting higher batches and better orders for a long time. Thank you.

- Struggling

I have been doing instacart for a while now and take pride in what I do. I recently started doing this due to lack of work with COVID and I started off doing really well. Over the last two months it has been very up and down I would consider myself a good shopper but customer rating are making my rating go up and down mind you I only have 5 (35) and 4 (7) and I am not seeing any quality orders I have two children that I take care basically on my own with help with some family but my earnings have dropped tremendously and is becoming very stress full not knowing what the next day I’ll be able to bring in. Please look into ways that new shopper are getting all the access to the big orders due to having. A 5 star rating from the beginning. I really do enjoy this and take pride in all I do. But I find that I’m spending more in gas and car maintenance than What I’d be making if I worked a 10 dollar an hour job.

- Embarrassed and Humiliated

Today I went for my first shopper experience. The batch was laid out fairly well from point of entry, but check out was the most embarrassing and humiliating check out of my life. Friday afternoon at 3pm I am told the card they gave me will not authorize. We ran it 3 times as customers, people I know, pile up in line waiting. I call the help center and after 20 minutes of waiting the support contact tells me the order has to be rescanned again. ( my buggy was bagged and ready to push out). The. She said 8 times that I had to rescan my barcode. I tried 8 times to tell her the app would not let me return to checkout I was stuck in delivery. Finally my husband came into the store saw my distress and told them I was done. That this was a disgrace and no one deserved to be put in a situation, especially in a small town where you know everyone. I abandoned the cart and left. I felt horrible about walking away but I was made to look a bumbling fool by this company. They should have all the bugs worked out of this before they put individuals out with no way of quickly assessing and solving the problems that could arise. $29 is not worth being embarrassed.

- Customers Decreasing Tips POST DELIVERY

I would like to make a recommendation to instacart “that allowing customers to significantly decrease the tip after delivery is TOTALLY UNFAIR” & should be analyze more! After Investigation If shopper is not at fault then the tip or some amount should be returned! I’m only speaking on situations to where the tip has decreased to zero from a greater Number! Especially, on the shoppers end because a person like myself communicate effectively with the customer and deliver the groceries exactly as they instructed.. and furthermore the amount is more so the reason I pick up a batch at Any given time! Along with satisfying the customers who are absolutely in need and who are grateful for the service! Last week Instacart supposedly updated their policy, requiring customers who significantly decrease they tip post delivery must leave an explanation! I have yet to receive a explanation from two separate incidence after This policy has been updated!

- No batches available, would not recommend working for Instacart

I’ve been working for Instacart for a few weeks and haven’t had a problem until yesterday. I’m no longer seeing batches come up and I’ve been on the app waiting for the past three hours. My brother is also a shopper and has been working for the same amount of time as I have, and even when we are sitting a few feet from each other, he gets plenty of batches offered to him and I get none. I messaged support to see if there was a technical problem, but all I got was a canned form response that didn’t solve my problem or explain what was going on. There is obviously some reason that they are not allowing me to see orders, but I can’t figure out what it would be (I have a 5 star rating) and looking at what is online, I’m not the only shopper who is having the same problem, but Instacart refuses to remedy the situation or even explain why this is happening. I would not recommend working for Instacart as it is an unreliable source of income and they clearly don’t care about their workers at all. I just downloaded the Shipt shopper app and look forward to working with them instead!

- Instacart

They deactivated my account because they said that there was a misuse of the instacart card which supposedly they had information on saying that I overpaid on the customer orders if a customer had a big order don’t you thinks it’s gonna be over the amount that you selected I’m very disappointed that they didn’t reactive my account because they had proof and when I asked them to show me the information they did not I always strive to make the customers happy and always communicate with them if they don’t have any replacement I will refund the customer and let them know about it I always been a good shopper but unfortunately they won’t reactive my account which I think they should because they didn’t give me a chance I wouldn’t recommend it to any of my friends after what happen to me I’m very disappointed because I loved doing this I like making my own schedule and shopping for customers

- Shoppers need to be able to rate the customer

I think that insta cart is great but unfair. You get orders based on your statistics and rating and if you get a bad rating then you get bad orders. How is this fair when a customer rates you unfairly. For something that is either the stores fault. Insta carts fault. Or thé customer's fault. They get to say we commit fraud even when they lie and we get blamed. Or how about when we have to deal with awful costumers who make everything difficult ANS throw fits and get petty And decide to rate us bad just because they can?? What makes that okay??? They don’t like you? So they rate you a 3 ANS ruin your earnings for the next month. They think they are entitled to that because as one insta cart costumer said “we are the help”. They don’t get what a bad ANS untrue or unfair or something that wasn’t our faults does to our jobs. Some people use this app to feed their family’s. Like I do. And it’s very heartbreaking when entitled people get to rate us falsely just because they can? Uber and Lyft let the costumers rate their driver right ? Yes. They do, BUT, uber and Lyft let the DRIVERS rate the costumers. Therefore, the system is equal and balanced. Fix your system insta cart.

- It’s cool...

It’s cool and all, but I don’t understand why we don’t get paid directly after we finish an order. They make it where you have to keep instacarting to get the first payout which you don’t get until finishing you second instacart order. Leaves you thinking like are they keeping the money from the last batch or am I really getting paid what I am supposed to. The app itself have bugs that they need to correct. Example, I feel like they made it where you cannot contact the customer in the store when you really need to, especially when the customer takes forever to reply. But it’s cool. Car Mileage!!! Ohhhh... and they should take a page out of Uber book and try to keep you within the same location. It absolutely makes NO SENSE for me to have a batch in DC and they take me far out deep VA. There should be a way to have available batches every time I open the app so I can have a productive day. There are times where I get a lot of arches then boom. None at all. You have to ride around to an area you think might have some batches available. Waste of time and gas.

- Thank You Instacart

Thank you Instacart for giving me a way in life to learn and earn outside my slave and grind 40hrs a week job. Thank you for having caring support available to speak with when I call the 1-888- number . I really do appreciate them all for taking their time to help me show a problem . Thank you for having a help section where there is so much informational topics to read. I've learned enough to know that customers it's all about them. Our customers choose us. It's my duty to everything possible to fill their lists. After all they are ultimately the ones paying us.. Yes in the beginning things where not always smooth. If I whined and cried about it though in this app review I'm sure I wouldn't be where I am now my earnings are good. Most of all though thank you for taking care of your serious shoppers who take care of our customers. Customers should always come first not some newbie cry babies earnings.

- Recently edited to five stars

I gave a very low rating to instacart shopper app due to its poor reimbursement system, parking issues and referral bonus problem. Lately 2 of the issues have been resolved. My reimbursement was approved thanks to very helpful and friendly shopper support. My friend referrals became able to view batches now, since some of the technical issues were solved. Parking issues are still there, but I guess this is a big city issue in general. You need to shop more in the region to know which supermarkets have paid parking lot. (However, a reminder from the app will still be helpful) I lately discovered one surprisingly good thing about working for instacart, besides earning extra money. When an order is cancelled because the supermarket doesn’t have what the customer wants, you still get paid for your efforts. This shows respect from the company to its employees, which is very much appreciated.

- Eh

So... I used to like Instacart, but now I don’t. The way they changed their policy on the amount of people scheduled is ridiculous. Some of my coworkers rely on this job in order to live. It is difficult to get the hours we want because of the way our economy is. It is hard for people to live comfortably. When our hours got cut, I hate that everyone is fighting over the hours we want. Not to mention, the manager who schedules us has shown us that she is not organized in the way she does things. She does not know how to manage or schedule because she skipped over our store twice. I understand things happen, but skipping our store twice? If you are a manager, you need to know how to manage properly. You do not mess with people’s money, especially if they are living off of it. Most of all, the reliability incidents are ridiculously stupid. People have lives, and life happens. Some people have emergencies to attend to, and to get punished with a reliability incident because of it... Just why? Then we have to have worked 30 days to get rid of one reliability incident.. No. I wish you guys will fix this, and not send one of your automated messages.

- Terrible update on the new way of getting batches

Literally ruined the job for me it was way easier to depend on yourself to actually accept and get the batches than just to wait for the app to offer you batches, been waiting for hours and not a single batch offered, i would have 1300$ weeks easily if i really wanted now i can only imagine getting like 300 a week with this new update, you guys tried solving a problem with third party apps that only affected the people who really doesn’t even take this job serious and you guys affected the ones who actually work this full time which is a great percentage of shoppers, none of the shoppers in my area are happy about this update you guys are just deciding to feed the users who barely even work which means more liability instead of focusing more on the real shoppers who work full time, please get this app back to was before in my area which is Honolulu.

- Awesome but still needs some improvements

I want to say that switching to on demand is the best decision instacart has made. I hated signing up for hours and then sometimes getting batches and sometimes not and then if I didn’t, I drove all the way into town for nothing. I love being able to work literally whenever I want and stop whenever I want. Being able to choose your batches means you don’t need to drive for literally hours and hours going from store to store and you can opt not to take batches that have you driving nearly 30 miles for a $2 tip. This also means you have to sometimes be a quick draw to get the “good” batches but it’s better than getting assigned batches and you either do them or you get dinged. I do wish they had kept the option to report issues with items so that you could tell them when items are grouped in the wrong category or have the wrong photo, or the correct item is not scanning properly.

- Instacart Saved Me!

On March 19th I had to let 713 of my Temporary Contractors go. I own a Staffing company in Denver Colorado. We specialize in Concerts, Festivals and other “SOCIAL” gatherings. Well we know how that has turned out so far. One year prior we were celebrating 4th year in business on our own. Worked very hard to get it to that point. By the end of 2019 we hit an all time high in sales $1.2 Million. We kept pushing through. I had applied for Instacart just after the new year. Little did I know that I would become a full time shopper. To date we have had $1.65 Million in canceled contracts. If it wasn’t for instacart I’m not sure where I would be. I’m still pumping my staffing business. Working with Instacart allows me the time to continue to save my dream. But more importantly allows me to be of service too many others during this pandemic. My Motto is “Take Care of One Another, But Take Care of Yoursels First.

- I’ve used the app for 5 months have had more issues than ever now

Full time shopper here. I’ve used the app since December 2019 and this past month have had the most amount of issues while shopping. Obviously with everything going on, there’s more activity than ever, but it’s apparent instcart hasn’t figured out how to handle it. Multiple times every week I’ve had the app “kick me off” the order I’m working on and I have to wait 10+ minutes for it to load and work again. During this time it either gives me an error message or has a loading circle at where available batches would be. It’s incredibly frustrating when I’m shopping mid-order or trying to deliver, but can’t even message the customer to tell them I’m having issues or use the app at all. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Otherwise, I enjoy shopping with instcart and am grateful for the income. But it’s frustrating having to add time to an order I’m working on because of something out of my control. Hopefully things get fixed soon!

- I love this

An amazing way to make money, though a couple ways i think it could improve. I think the implement of having customers say why they lowered a tip is a great idea, but I think it would also be great if shoppers can like rate customers. The reason being there was this one time where this person had a order and a fairly large one for $7. No tip so i thought perhaps this person will add a tip later. Nothing and it was very disappointing. If there was a way to see that he wouldn't have given a tip by a customer rating thing. Then i wouldn't have wasted my time doing his order. I think by like giving customers incentive for example if customers have a 5 star customer rating and they have 100 5 star reviews they get an order for free. I think that would be a great idea for shoppers and for customers d to do more orders and give good tips. Also I cant see what im writing the app is messed up for me so sorry for any misspelling or grammar mistakes.

- Fun but pay isn’t guaranteed

Let me start by saying this is very time consuming and unlike food delivery services we not only deliver but have to spend a lot of time and hard work to find items and shop and stand in lines such as the meat service dept line. These trips take a lot of work. Now with that being said.. They need to stop promising what you might make and if they show you how much you will get for a shopping order, that’s how much you should get. What do I mean? They show you total amount of how much they give plus the tip of what the customer promises. On the lure screen it’s only the total amount. So you can’t even tell what is a tip and what is their pay. Customers can change the tip up to 3 days! Plus if the store is sold out of a item or you cannot find an item, they subtract money from how much you were promised. And they rush you with a timer at the bottom and when it gets close to how long they expect it to take it turns red rushing you even more, making it a little more of a challenge finding the items. Yes, you can go into an order and look at the details before accepting. However, usually within 2 seconds it says that someone else took the order. And for some reason, when you refresh, it most of the time comes back. Meaning someone did NOT take the order. Stop tip baiting us. And stop lowering what YOU promised because a store ran out of an item and there’s no good alternates. We work hard for you instacart!

- hacked account and poor customer service

When I first started shopping for instacart i loved it and i still love the concept. but the execution is poor. over hiring is causing us that have been doing it for a long time a lot of money. i understand that everyone is going thru hard times but it doesn’t help anybody if everyone is only get a couple orders a day. and when you’re hiring just anybody and not taking the ratings into consideration you have the people that are bad at being shoppers making the rest of us look bad therefore the tips are less and less each day. you should prioritize batches to people with high ratings. the company is putting its own selfish needs before the employees. you still get paid so i’m sure you don’t care. and the app is constantly crashing. batches won’t appear for hours, then 10 will pop up and they’re all gone within seconds. and i’m pretty sure my account has been hacked. can never get in touch with customer service, if it even actually exists. you all should be ashamed of yourself absolutely disgusting.

- Absolutely no customer service!

I was able to set up Apple Pay since everything all went through today. The app said the card was active but when I tried to pay it sent me to my Apple Pay and in my wallet the card said activating: the card is being activated. I called twice but instacart has to know there is no customer service. I called twice and was place on hold with an automated message saying my wait time was 59min. The first call I was on hold 20 min before being disconnected, where I heard 2x the the wait was 59 min still. The 2nd call lasted 55 min where I heard after 40 min of wait time that it was now 52 min. During that time I tried to do the support chat through the app. Still no response. This is this worse experience ever of customer service I’ve ever faced, which was no answer or no customer service at all. So therefore I wasn’t able to pay for the customers groceries. There has to be better policies and more service agents(if any) to help shoppers get help. Instacart should read all of their 1star reviews which clearly they don’t! Or they should hire customer service reps/agents instead shoppers left to the wild

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Instacart Shopper: Earn money 4.207.1 Screenshots & Images

Instacart Shopper: Earn money iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Instacart Shopper: Earn money iphone images
Instacart Shopper: Earn money iphone images
Instacart Shopper: Earn money iphone images
Instacart Shopper: Earn money iphone images
Instacart Shopper: Earn money iphone images
Instacart Shopper: Earn money iphone images

Instacart Shopper: Earn money (Version 4.207.1) Install & Download

The applications Instacart Shopper: Earn money was published in the category Business on 2019-05-01 and was developed by Maplebear Inc [Developer ID: 545599259]. This application file size is 262.89 MB. Instacart Shopper: Earn money - Business app posted on 2020-12-16 current version is 4.207.1 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.instacart.shopper

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