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A single app for all your privacy needs.
Jumbo lets you clean your personal data – across all social media apps and internet services – from one app. It's simple and efficient.

· Make your tweets ephemeral

Social media platforms like Twitter were built to emulate real-life communication, where the things you say aren’t recorded eternally, then resurrected later, out of context. Today, millions of people want to enjoy the freedom of social media expression without the downside of creating an endless trail of thoughts and feelings, that will follow them forever.

That’s why we’ve built the easiest way to make your tweets ephemeral – meaning they exist online for a time period you choose, then they’re gone and save on your iPhone, for you only to enjoy.

· Smart Privacy, for Facebook

Another complaint we frequently hear is how difficult and confusing is to modify Facebook privacy settings, maybe because there are more than 30 settings available.

That’s why we’ve built our Smart Facebook Privacy Settings feature, which represents our aspiration to become an integrated, one-stop shop for all your privacy needs, helping you not only clean your digital data, but protect yourself moving forward.

· Delete your Google Search, Alexa voice recordings

Jumbo also supports Google Search, and Alexa. For Google, you can clean old searches that Google keeps. Alexa is storing all the voice recordings of your requests (!), and Amazon do not let you turn off that collection of data. With Jumbo, you can clean all your Alexa voice recording in one tap!

· Should I trust Jumbo?

Good question! Trust is a foundation of what we do. I think trust is only earned over time, and we need to prove at every decision we are making that we are one of the most trustable brand when it comes to privacy.

The first decision we have made while building Jumbo is not to have any server-side storage or processing of your data. All your data never leaves your iPhone, and is never stored or processed in a remote server (of course, except the server of the original service, like Facebook’s servers).


Ask us more questions on Twitter at @jumboprivacy, or via email at [email protected]

Jumbo: Privacy+ App Description & Overview

The applications Jumbo: Privacy+ was published in the category Utilities on 2019-04-03 and was developed by 2121 Atelier, Inc. The file size is 54.89 MB. The current version is 1.0.9 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

Good morning with some good news! We’ve heard from some of you about issues where the app would stay on the cleaning screen for ever. We’re sorry. We think we’ve fixed most of these issues with this update. Give it a try when you have a chance!
Thanks for being part of our movement to make privacy stronger and easier to manage.

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Big fan, can you export your twitter archive?  nickdlevi  5 star

Hi, I really like the idea for this app. I wish there were more granular options for the privacy settings and I also can’t tell if there is anyway to export the twitter archive that was made into anything? That would be really great if it could be exported to different formats or something. Thanks! And keep up the great work!


Facebook  andrewornot  4 star

Managing privacy settings for Facebook is nice, but I wish the app deleted posts and removed reactions too.


Deleted all my tweets, can't get them back  TheDonk15  1 star

As I was experimenting with the app, I turned on the Twitter switch. The app then proceeded to delete my entire history of tweets! No warning. Cannot get them back. Total UX fail.


No possible way to log out of the services you connect  RJHS44  2 star

I feel bad about giving this app a review but the developers left out a very essential feature: there’s no way to disconnect the services you log into from the app. Unless there’s a non-obvious way to accomplish this, this is a big oversight.


Great app  Ben52646  5 star

From what I can tell the terms of service for this app are secure and privacy focused, and minimal to no information is saved on their servers. I would love the ability to clear out old Facebook posts/pictures. Overall a great start and nothing else compares.

alec foster

Really awesome, love the new design  alec foster  5 star

Very user friendly and easy to recommend to others. Had some issues at first but the last update made cleaning Google and Alexa history easier


Off to a great start  charlesrc  5 star

Very user-friendly and nicely designed. Worked perfectly fine on my Facebook/Google accounts.


Stuck  hshgso  1 star

Gets stuck, even after the update, does nothing literally.


Awesome App!!  toxiczer0  5 star

This app is very helpful!🙏


Garbage  Lento  1 star

Stays stuck. No idea what it’s doing. Appears to be nothing.


Does what it says it does  Manfreddy135  5 star

Can’t complain, works perfectly. Definitely recommend for all concerned about privacy.


Good App  Alexx0005  5 star

Does as it says, looking forward to more App integrations coming soon.


Account Security  Tston3  5 star

Awesome app that is extremely easy to use

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