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What is spotify stations: stream radio app? Create stations based on the music you love, all for free with Spotify Stations.

Select an artist, genre or even decade and Spotify Stations does the hard work for you. Plus, the more Spotify Stations learn about what you love to listen to, you’ll get even more personalized recommendations.

Rock, Rap, Pop, EDM, Classical, RnB, Jazz, Alternative, Top 40, Country music and much more! Choose from many different genres and spend less time searching and more time enjoying your music.

Whether you’re driving on the road or sound tracking your workday, Spotify Stations has mixes just waiting for you.

Tuning in with Spotify Stations couldn’t be easier:

Choose the style of music you love
Get personalized recommendations based on your tastes and preference
You can even name your stations and make them totally unique to you
Easily switch between genres when you want to mix things up
Create a station based on one or more of your favorite artists
Use it on mobile, web or connect it to your car for your next roadtrip

Log in with your Spotify account or create one to access Stations for free.

Download Spotify Stations today to get access to a whole new listening experience from Spotify.

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Spotify Stations: Stream radio Version 2.0.3814 June 2021

We’re always making changes and improvements to Spotify Stations. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, just keep your Updates turned on. What's New: -Bug fixes and performance improvements..

Spotify Stations: Stream radio Version 2.0.3726 March 2021

We’re always making changes and improvements to Spotify Stations. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, just keep your Updates turned on. What's New: -Bug fixes and performance improvements..

Spotify Stations: Stream radio Version 2.0.3601 March 2021

We’re always making changes and improvements to Spotify Stations. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, just keep your Updates turned on. What's New: -Bug fixes and performance improvements..

Spotify Stations: Stream radio Comments & Reviews 2022

- Awesome tool

I was so surprised today to find this in the App Store. I’ve never been a huge fan of apps like Pandora but this is awesome! I’ve been a premium member for about 4 years now and this is such a cool extension of the main app. One thing I never do in the main app is listen to radio stations it builds for me because I can’t customize it based off of multiple artists I like. I always find myself frantically skipping through songs or just going back to my main library but not anymore! I’ve made 6 stations now and everyone of them has played a lot of my favorite stuff but also a lot of stuff I’ve never heard but very closely related. I totally recommend this app!

- This app is perfect for my art gallery

I have a studio along with 30 other artists in a large art gallery in Tequesta FL. We don’t have a professional sound system so we use our cell phone connected through Bluetooth to a speaker near the front door. The artist that is “on”, working in the gallery, chooses what ever music they would like to play, appropriate for a gallery, and I get to pick exactly the kind of music I like that I think others would as well because I use this site. The commercials are short so nobody minds at all and we have great music playing all day long.

- Good app needs minor tweaks

Very straight forward, clean and simple app. Nice when you don’t want to fiddle through playlists or your saved songs. Although, when I lock my phone and unlock it shortly after to either change the song the app is closed and I have to reopen the app by selecting it on my home screen. It’s a minor thing but it is annoying after two or three times. Another thing is the location of the downvote button. Why is it right in the center next to pause button. It should be (from left to right) downvote button, skip, pause, upvote. Doesn’t have to be that order but downvote button should be all the way to the left keep it out of the way. I accidentally downvoted a song I really liked 😡.

- nice

okay i has low expectations bc i liked the other app so much but in all honesty i’ve been using Stations exclusively for a few weeks now and i LOVE it. i wish in some of my stations there was a wider variety of songs played (sometimes i just get the same few songs on rotation) but otherwise i really enjoy it. the layout is simple and very appealing to look at and there are just enough buttons to make the app useful but not cluttered. i totally love this and i don’t wanna go anywhere else for music

- Needs work

Been using this a good bit today. Seems to work like Pandora used to. Some limitations though. First it is definitely streaming at a lower bit rate. Even in my car it was obvious. Once I connected to my home theatre it was blatant, even on WiFi. Next the interface is too small when in the car. A larger playback screen with large icons would help here. It also goes to sleep. Hitting thumbs up for a track adds it to your library which is not necessarily what I want. Finally I don’t understand why this is a separate app. It could easily be part of the regular application. Also, these do not show up under “stations” in the main app.

- Needs a lot of work

The stations seem to only play recent albums from bands that still make music. The first station I made had a band that has been around since 2007. It has only played about 4 songs each from the last two albums and nothing older or even the entire track listing from those two newer albums. It has major problems with genres. I added a “Classic Metal” station and it keeps playing newer bands like Avenged Sevenfold. I made a station with several funny bands like Bloodhound Gang, Starbomb, etc. it constantly plays serious bands. Pandora was smart enough to know I only wanted funny stuff. It played a band on another station I didn’t like. I thumbed it down. The next song was by the same band.

- Not dependable.

Works once in awhile. Even with a strong signal, all I usually see on the screen is “Loading Stations.” Then after about 30 seconds, a message pops up “Unable to load your stations. Try again later.” So far, trying again later has not worked. Stations app deleted....problem solved!

- Alphabetize Stations/Profile/Privacy

The only improvements would be maybe alphabetizing stations, while keeping the Favorites at the top, playing more songs by the artists a user has in their stations; maybe add the ability to click on stations to change them, instead of scrolling; also, maybe users could have a profile that displays their name/username and stations and the ability to either keep their profile public or make it private and have the ability to check out other people’s profiles and follow them

- Like it!

I’m a very passive music listener so my preferred method of listening is with stations. The main app is very busy. I just like to thumbs up and down songs and keep listening. I’m liking this new app. A few things I’d change is the main view. While interesting and fast, I’d rather have the usual full screen album art and name of the artist and song. I’d also prefer to have crossfade. I do like that it doesn’t take out the top iOS bar with signal, battery life, etc. that drives me nuts on the main app.

- Update: nearly perfect

So adding artists to previous stations is possible now, just tapping/holding the existing station. Wonderful. Although there isn’t a way to select/combine all stations, it is sufficient the way it is now. I think a last missing feature is an off timer so people can listen to music for 20 or “x” minutes and then it automatically stops. Useful for listening before sleeping, pandora has this setting.

- Great but one thing

Honestly I love this idea and I always tried to use stations in the app but it wasn’t the best. Now that there is a whole dedicated app to it it works much better and helps me find new music much easier. One thing tho is that there should be an a button to where if you like the song it automatically adds it to your music library that way you don’t have to switch between apps. Other than that is great!

- Love it. Needs a lot of work

I love the whole entire concept, especially just making a station and then just playing. Nothing else. Just pure music. The songs rotate lovely. The problem that I have is the quality of the songs are just so poor. They must be coming through at 128 kb because it is terrible. Also, it is just really laggy and buggy which I am sure it will be fixed in the future. I look forward to a lot of improvements. Very promising app

- Love with a couple minor fixes

Love this new stations app. So easy to use. Only a couple of changes I would like to see. I would like to be able to sort my stations. And I would like to toggle between stations without it auto changing. I would like to have to make it play or leave current one on. Along with that I would like to be able to add/remove artist without it switching to that station when I am done.

- Missing some key features

Sometimes I am not able to like a song and I would like the ability to go back and rate previous songs. Also where the heck is Google chromecast support. Unbelievable it hasn’t been included. Would like to be able to share songs with friends.

- Great for discovery

I primarily listen to jazz, and I like listening to artists I’m not familiar with, or who might not be in my personal music collection. This app is great for that. One suggestion for improvement: while the app is integrated with CarPlay now, it rarely can be started from CarPlay if you were using another audio app before you get in the car. You have to use your phone to get out started.

- Great app for minimalists and nosurfers!

I’v been trying to eliminate as much distractions out of my life as possible. One of those being how cluttered every music app is. Now it’s not just music. It’s podcasts, books, video, etc. etc. then you make playlist after playlist and search for more and more. This app is great for someone like me.

- The best way to listen to music for free

This is by far way way better than any of the other free music apps loaded with ads and with limitations. You can pick all your fav artists and then like the songs you like to form a favorites playlist. The best part is, its free and there no ads! Highly recommend

- Not working on iPhone 7 Plus

Not sure what the difference is but the app is not working properly on my 7 Plus vs SE. On my SE, everything is perfect, the stations change as I scroll and I can pause at any moment. On my 7 Plus, it’s just the opposite, stations do not change as I scroll, can’t pause the music. Seems kind of odd why the same app would behave so differently on different iPhone models.

- Great Concept, a few tweaks needed

- Make it easier to add a song to an existing playlist: I barely use the "Likes" feature but always add to my main playlist - More moods: morning, angry, roadtrip, sexytime, etc. - reorganize order of stations - album art is so small :(, holding on it does make it bigger but seems not ideal - option to preload a few stations for a few hours of offline use

- Randomly stopping

I think this app is really cool and I was super excited to use it, but I had an issue with the app that starting to really get on my nerves. Whenever my phone locks the song no longer plays. I would have to go back to the app and start the song again, it would also start from the beginning. It did the same thing whenever I go on to another app. The song plays for a bit then stops after sometime. It’s really annoying.

- Great App but needs Refinement

1. The list of songs should be made available, with our being able to Blacklist songs so that they they do not play. Alternatively we can select our favourite songs which would only play. 2. If an artiste is associated with more than one language, one should be able to select which ones. For that, it would be best if the song is given an indication of the language. 3. When playing that music, one should be able to select more than one artiste and music should be shuffled from the selected. 4. The order of artistes is how you add them. One should be able to reorder them at any time. This is such a great app that people would be willing to pay a small sum with the refinements suggested.

- Kinda works

Mostly works like pandora but the music selected for a station is not as good as pandora. But the biggest problem for me is that it doesn’t work well with Apple CarPlay. The app doesn’t appear on the CarPlay UI, the only way to open it is to either open the app in the phone or click on now playing which requires you to go home first and then click now playing which is too many clicks for CarPlay

- Awesome App

My experience with Stations has been great. As a long time Pandora user, Stations does a lot of things right. The UI is clean and efficient. It doesn’t have bloat and is quick and snappy. Creating custom stations is a pleasant process. Please develop CarPlay functionality so I can continue the experience in the car.

- Great curated music app!

I really like this. It works the way Pandora used to. One suggestion is that I'd like to be able to thumbs up/down music for the station I'm currently listening to. Maybe I don't dislike a song, it just doesn't fit on my "workout" station, for example.

- Amazing

Was taking one of the biggest poo’s in the world and was bumping this app, even after my poo, I stayed in the restroom listening to music because song after song was straight fuego. Definitely recommend when you’re on the toilet.

- Great app except for one thing

The setting for a specific stations where you can set it to play similar artists or not just doesn’t work for me. I have a station for one artist that I want only to play that artist, but it doesn’t matter which way I set the switch, it always ends up playing stuff by other artists

- I love this app when it actually works

This app works great and plays great music playlists. however it’s super frustrating that every single time I go to open the app, I’ve been logged out and it’s forgotten my login information (multiple times in the same day in some instances). For this reason I end up using other apps instead to play music because this one is such a pain in the neck to get into each time.

- Cool, but...

Look if you like radio this is for you. I’ve added an unknown artist station then added artists from major labels, like Lewis Capaldi and James Arthur. Now when I listen to the station( even named after him) all I get is major label artists. I want to listen to the artist i made the station around; not only artists that he’s similar too. I’ve gone through 50 songs now and hasn’t popped up once. It feels like top 40 radio that strangles out indie artists. Boring.

- One thing

If there was a way to add music from the radio to a playlist that would be very nice. Then when you go to the music app you can listen to the songs you liked from the station. Using this app to help me discover new music and artists would be much easier with a feature like that!

- Love the app, few issues

Overall the app is amazing. Would love to have to ability to sort my stations alphabetically. Also would love the ability to change the quality of the songs streaming. Other than those 2 things I think the app is amazing. Keep up the great work.

- Ok

The app is ok, but the ads are much longer than Pandora. Also, adding artists to a station is cumbersome. For example, I search for an artist and add them then click a couple other suggested ones. Then when I search and add another one to the same station, it bumps most of the others I already chose out and I have to add them again.

- Idea for improvement

The next update should offer the ability to change the order of stations. I would like to put my favorites at the top or perhaps organize by genre. Thanks

- Outstanding!!!

I will be honest,it took me a while 🤔to sign up to this music 🎶 app but when I kept observing🧐 it and of course my daughter bugging me 🙄to change music 🎼 app it’s simply is an awesome 😎 site!!! I just love the music 🎼 how it blends in some songz I haven’t heard in so long!!! Thanx alot*SPOTIFY*

- Amazing except for one thing...

Overall this is a really great app and I’ve found so much good music with it in a short amount of time. The only thing I wish it had was the ability to reorder the stations. Other than that it’s really good.

- Nice functionality

Big fan of being able to make stations of my favorite artists. Wish we could add a couple more artists before reaching the maximum, but overall it’s pretty solid.

- Love this app

It’s so simple and visually pleasing. I find the full spot app too much visual noise. My only qualm is on an iPad, the UI is one direction only, vertical. Ok, one other qualm, the spot commercials: i know you have to have them, but make some new ones. That cassette / 8-track one, oy.

- How many time I need to vote down a song

If I vote down a song in the radio I expect that particular song and similar songs not to appear again in my version of the radio. That is not the case

- Love it

Love the user interface. Been waiting a long time for something like this. So far liking it more than Pandora. Can’t wait for it to get full voice integration with Alexa (and maybe one day Siri god willing)

- signs me out constantly

I like the app for having “channels“ to just listen to a style of music, but the fact that it constantly signs me out is very frustrating. I’ve started using its competitors (like Pandora) because when I choose Pandora in my CarPlay, it actually plays and doesn’t require me to login. Every. Time.

- Amazing app with some customization.

Amazing app with some customization. As I said. I wish you could also rename the pre-made stations in your inbox. I also would like to add at least 20 bands, or even unlimited artists. But other than that, this is an awesome app.

- Needs a lot of work

As another review pointed out thumbs up shouldn’t add to library. It gets stuck a lot and I have to log in again. Really needs a desktop version so we can listen on multiple speaker sets. Happy they finally addressed radio issues after a decade but it still seems halfway done.

- Stations are great love it

The stations will let you pick your own there is all kind of music in order awesome 😎. Can this be ad free and played offline for free with no lacks I really want to enjoy every music I have here please.

- Back button

I love my favorite playlist option. Works great creating playlists based on favorite bands however, I wish it had a back button.

- Great choice of music. Don’t need any other app.

I use it for work and I don’t get distracted from any ads or random changes in music themes. The music is great for background and helps me stay focused throughout the day.

- CarPlay is an afterthought

It doesn’t appear in CarPlay‘s app switcher, album artwork in the list view doesn’t load (happens when I have strong internet connection), I consistently have to tap a station more than once for it to play and when it does start to play I get a nondescript error message on my CarPlay screen, and the “now playing” just doesn’t show at all.

- Good radio

I love this app! I was able to link my accounts so I already some stations that I loved. One thing though, if you could add an explicit content filter that would be great.

- So smart, so simple

In terms of a free music streaming service, Stations is actually a nice choice. Good sound quality, easy one button play and fully customizable stations. I really hope for a bigger album art presentation besides the lively beautiful colors.

- It’s okay

The music plays great and everything but when I play a song for a bit it pauses and takes me out of the app and then I get back on and it plays it from the start again but plays it just for a few more seconds less.

- Something a little +More

A Nice Alternative / 2nd option to their main APP interface. Change your listening experience uP^

- Kmart123

I love it but I use to be able to listen to it without being connected to the internet or WiFI that needs to be fixed because I not been able to have to listen to it without being connected to the internet or WIFI but love having if they can fixes it to where I can listen to it without being connected to the internet or WIFI . #YouAreworthit.

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- Why I like listening to music everyday

Hi there! I like listening to music everyday because it helps me feel very relaxed and I like have peace and quiet and listening to music is a very good strategy! See you soon!

- Lots of potential, needs more settings

I think this app has lots of potential. My only issue is that there is no way to stop “liked” tracks from automatically saving to my library. If the songs only saved to a playlist, it wouldn’t be too much of an issue. The songs are individually saved, which makes my album or song sections cluttered and I have to spend extra time deleting these songs.

- it’s so much fun and has a good vibe

you know when you’re in the car listen to the radio and you wished the radio played a certain genre or artist/artists? this app is amazing because it’s almost likes it’s the radio but u can choose what types of songs there are (if that makes sense). it also is a great way to discover new artists, find your favourite taste in music and amazing for a party.

- Very buggy

Im running in iphone 8+, i have a proper internet connection and stuff but some artists just crash instead of playing. Some take a long time to load aswell and they just crash when they do.

- So good, please add widgets

So good, needs widgets for ios 14. ✌️

- Be nice if you could preview stations

Be good if you could preview a station before you selected it so the song presently playing doesn’t change until you select a new station.

- Awesome, but keeps crashing :(

I’m on an XS Max and every time I use it, it crashes after playing for 10 seconds :( Really annoying! It could be an awesome app. Gives me Pandora feels!

- Offline

awesome app, would be great if we could download our stations and listen offline

- Love it

I can’t wait for the day there’s an iPad version of this!!

- Songs in favorites list hasn’t been able to play for a few days

As above

- Car play

Car play disappeared and repetitive

- Love it except for no Chromecast support

If that feature was added, I’d give it 5 stars!

- DONT update, now ADS!!! Not worth it.

NOT good enough for Ads. Bad enough given NO CHOICE in Oz and NZ now Pandora gone, n 'mysteriously' still available EVERYWHERE else. N now Apple Moozak makes a BIG push here...hmmmmmm. 🤔

- Perfect but.....

Where is the Apple car play??? :(

- ABBA Fernando

Love the songs in play.

- Stations

Super supportive

- Cool

I LOVE IT!!!!!!

- Facebook login

Is not letting me login with my Facebook account

- Stations still an option

Sad that Spotify are dropping stations from their main app. Thankfully we still have Stations. Although only available for IPhone. Be nice to get an update with native IPad support.

- Brilliant

This is exactly what an app should be! Well done Spotify. Easy and simple interface, fast and responsive, does one job and does it incredibly well!!

- Spotify Premium users

I think it’s only essential to have the ability to go back tracks, fast forward, and add a song to a playlist for Spotify premium users

- Would Recommend!

Great idea for an app. An easy way to find new songs similar to your taste however it’s difficult to connect with my Spotify premium account.

- Horrible audio quality

A very awesome app that spews out awful audio quality. Can’t find any settings like the main Spotify to change the quality, and doesn’t seem to respect the settings set in your Spotify profile. Makes me sad that a great experience outputs unlistenable audio.

- Music Discovery

This app is great for Spotify users who want more opportunities to find new music. You can create stations based on several artists with the option to add mix in similar artists. My only complaint is that I wish I could use songs in the creation of my station.

- Spotify

Yes it’s great but the list just has a whole random songs when you do not have V.I.P

- Good concept / Needs work

Surely bring a Spotify app means they have the framework of the Spotify app? Connect to a device can’t find google home groups.. why? It means I can only play the app through one single speaker 😐 I’m sure it’ll be rectified.

- Spotify

......... .... .... is epic JD

- Hopeful!

I love Spotify but I find Stations needs a ton of work!! I’m not sure what the goal is, but it’s way short of what I thought what you were trying to achieve. Very clunky and exits when I am just looking through and starting the artist that I may inadvertently land on. Best of luck

- Love it

Fantastic app, fills a gap after Pandora left Australia. Well designed, easy to use and the song mix is fantastic. Great to use if you just want general music rather than using the Spotify app itself

- Loving this app

Have recommended to friends who use another app, and they love it to. It comes up on my hands free car play screen and I can like the song or plays the music I like and adds to my Favourites list. I haven’t had an issue with connectivity nor signing in so I it would be fair to say these problems have been resolved. I love bopping away on my commute to work it prepares me for a very stimulating day in customer service and believe me I love unwinding on the way home to my tunes as well.. very therapeutic. Thanks guys and team at Spotify..

- Cool up just get to the updates please 😁

I’ve tried using it with google maps but it just wants to use normal Spotify please fix. It’s just new so it’s understandable but this is a great idea so please keep making it better and I know we will keep the support coming!

- Great... When it works

Often I'm stuck with a spinning circle and no amount of restarts fixes it, then suddenly it'll work fine. Not a reliable experience though, more work needed Spotify

- Problems logging in

The app does not allow me to log in. I was able to log in to the main Spotify app and on my browser - but not on this app. Support was not informative.

- Won’t log in

Logged into Spotify fine, but this app won’t log in

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Spotify Stations: Stream radio 2.0.38 Screenshots & Images

Spotify Stations: Stream radio iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Spotify Stations: Stream radio iphone images
Spotify Stations: Stream radio iphone images
Spotify Stations: Stream radio iphone images
Spotify Stations: Stream radio iphone images
Spotify Stations: Stream radio iphone images

Spotify Stations: Stream radio (Version 2.0.38) Install & Download

The applications Spotify Stations: Stream radio was published in the category Music on 2019-06-04 and was developed by Spotify [Developer ID: 324684583]. This application file size is 77.15 MB. Spotify Stations: Stream radio - Music app posted on 2021-06-14 current version is 2.0.38 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.spotify.stations