Spotify Stations

Spotify Stations [Music] App Description & Overview

Easily create stations for all the music you love, all for free.

With the world’s music at your fingertips, finding the right thing to play can feel like a challenge. Stations gets you to music instantly—no searching or typing needed. As Stations learns more about what you like, it creates stations packed with the music you love, made just for you.

Stations is an experiment by Spotify, and we’re always looking for ways to make it better.

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Spotify Stations Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We’re always making changes and improvements to Spotify Stations. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, just keep your Updates turned on. What's New: -Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Spotify Stations Comments & Reviews

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- Why?

It’s a good concept but why does it exist? This worked perfectly fine as part of the original Spotify app. Now you just have to switch apps more often.

- Confusing searches

I can’t search for the song, only the artist.

- Lower quality streaming

Not a bad app at all! I prefer listening over this one for the variety in music. The audio quality streams lower than Spotify app. Hopefully there will be improvements in that aspect, otherwise it’s great! I leave it on primarily for my dog when I’m not home because it keeps him a lot more calm.

- Awesome...!!!

Better than Pandora, iHeart and so on. Works great with android auto.

- 5 Star Radio app

Love the app and Spotify product as a whole. What i would like to add is a Clean edit Version of stations

- Free spotify/ pandora done better!

What’s different with this app? Why is it useful? Ok so its hybrid of Spotify and pandora. Premium is a better experience on both apps. This is the best app for free music I’ll tell you why. Spotify stations plays the kind of music your looking for instead of music you don’t want. Spotify free at allowing to listen to more music choices through better playlists to the content you choose, but often shuffle so far outside what you want because it doesn’t stick to the playlist or artist or album. Those random songs are not ones close to The music you were listening to. Pandora free tries to do the same but only through stations so it gives you even less control you listen to and stays Outside the music you listen too. With pandora you can add music to que to listen next, you can also play a specific song with an add but not much. For long term music listening with better playlist that is Spotify stations. Spotify free is not good at intuitively learning to stay in your playlist unless you keep disliking music which if you can’t always do practically. Spotify stations lets you add artist to a playlist and give Spotify a better frame work to play the music you want. Basically Spotify stations allows you to build better stations! The music you want not the music you don’t. Request to Spotify: please add explicit filter, Haven’t needed it yet because of the genres i listen to but it is safe to have for everyone.

- Good mixes

I love the song mixes

- good, but..

I was surprised to get an email from spotify, saying that something called “spotify stations” is now out. out of curiosity, I downloaded it and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was like pandora, but better (imo). what I’m confused about is, why make this a completely separate app? this would fuse very well together with the original spotify app. I like the app, but if it were apart of the regular app, I’d like it more - more of a convenience thing.

- Love music

I enjoy it free especially. Am finding great selections thank you

- Good start

I like the app, it just needs some work and better integration with the desktop Spotify


I already had this app installed but when I try to open it, it just stays on the main page and exits out back to my home screen. My playlists don’t even come up, the app just closes !!PLEASE FIX IT!!!!!!!!!

- Minor Adjustments

This is a great app if you want a radio music sort of vibe. Currently you are only able to make stations by searching artists names and playing the songs related to those artists. If Spotify added the feature of searching a song and then playing songs related to that specific song then my rating would be a five star!

- Make an iPad version and I’ll unsubscribe from Pandora

This is actually soooo much better than Pandora. Just make an iPad version.

- App broken on CarPlay

Every time I try to open this app from my CarPlay screen, it gives me an error. Then I open it on my phone and it asks me to log in. Worse yet, the login page doesn’t have the Spotify (or any) URL associated, so I can’t use 1Password to auto fill my login details. All of this while I’m driving?! That’s a bad experience. (If I remember to open the app on my phone first, it stays logged in and then the app works on my CarPlay screen. But I obviously prefer to just tap on my car’s screen than fish for my phone.)

- I get to hear bts ❤️❤️

It’s really good I get to hear bts and more artists that I like it’s really good

- Good ish

I like it a lot it’s just that the adds are kinda annoying and sometimes I really hate it but other than that it’s a great app👍🏻

- Fantastic Selections

Love Spotify... Great array of all the different music I love.

- Needs some work.

Despite being from Spotify, it doesn’t import your Spotify artists to select from - so you know how you’ve gone through selecting artists on the main app? It’s useless here. Come on Spotify, this should be more tightly integrated & allow for station generation based on my artists...

- Love this app

It’s so simple and visually pleasing. I find the full spot app too much visual noise. My only qualm is on an iPad, the UI is one direction only, vertical. Ok, one other qualm, the spot commercials: i know you have to have them, but make some new ones. That cassette / 8-track one, oy.

- Love Music

I love your station because it has it all, And thanks keep up the good work ❤️❤️❤️

- Idea for improvement

The next update should offer the ability to change the order of stations. I would like to put my favorites at the top or perhaps organize by genre. Thanks

- Useful

You can make many stations and it can give you notifications for new stations. If you download stations you should download Spotify so based on the music you listen to stations will make stations of music and artist and albums you like😛!

- Love

I love this app it is amazeing. I get everybody that I like to listen to.

- 60ties

I really enjoy the early 60’sNeil Diamond, mamas papas, SIMOND & Garfunkel, letterman, Monkees. I found out by accident I can listen in my truck. Keep up the good work. How much does this cost me???

- Google Home support & glitches

Great concept, it’s fun putting together stations based on certain groups of artists.. I only have two issues. 1. I can’t cast to my Google Home like I can on the regular Spotify app, speaking of which I wish it would recognize my premium Spotify subscription and stop playing ads. 2. Sometimes it glitches and doesn’t add an artist, doesn’t confirm a playlist which wastes your time or simply doesn’t let you select anymore artists without being maxed out. Often the selections get moved over when you scroll or search.. glitchy and irritating.

- Works

I love this app it helps with mah videos!!!

- Music in the bathroom

Awesome App. Put a ceiling vent fan w/Bluetooth in bathroom & granddaughter suggested this app. Great Music.

- Excelent

Very good

- Love the app

I love the app. Can you please make a native ipad app? The size / rotate restriction is kinda funny. Cheers,


Love it has everything I want though I don’t like how you can’t skip more than 4 times a day but that’s the only downside

- Hate it

Not available in my country? So why I'm even able to download it?

- Stations

Why??? Did you get rid of stations on the original app? It wa so much better than this generic version

- Works great for a proper internet radio-like experience

Could use a proper iPad app

- Needs work

The idea of the app is cool, but when I picked a certain artist to listen to, like Billie Eilish, I was expecting to hear her music, and only her music, no one else’s. I was really frustrated because I would skip the random artists that I didn’t want to listen to, and then it told me that I couldn’t skip anymore. I understand that, but I’m just trying to listen to my favorite artist and I was not able to do that properly. This is probably why I’ll just stick to Spotify because there, I can at least listen to the one artist I want to and not have to worry about some other artists that I don’t want being added to my playlist. If this issue gets fixed, I’ll definitely be getting this app again.

- Choose 4 me

I pick the emotional beat, and it chooses the mood! Brainstorming

- Prefer Pandora

It’s ok but the thumbs down keeps playing the thumbed down songs and my stations don’t seem to have much variety normally just plays the same songs in a loop

- Weird scrolling behavior

Overall the app is great, but when you scroll the list of stations the music changes. It’s maddening!

- I Love Spotify

Great Playlists With Great Artists! Great Quality!

- Stations App

I love how easy it is to personalize the stations by choosing the performers that you want to hear. The combinations are endless.

- Qué tengan mejor calidad

De sonido

- Great App

Feature request: tap a song and go to Spotify to listen to full album

- Spotify

I love love Love this App. Definitely my go to music App.

- 😒 meh

Not my favorite it is okay though! I don’t ever use this app! Something about it just isn’t clicking for me! Thank you!


i love this app so much, helps me look for new songs while listening to my favorites!! highly reccomend:)

- iPad App

Hi I would love to see an iPad app I don’t like using the iPhone app on the iPad. Please thank you

- Great App

Lots of new music and variety, Love the look and feel

- Audio Normalization

Please add the ability to turn off audio normalization

- How many time I need to vote down a song

If I vote down a song in the radio I expect that particular song and similar songs not to appear again in my version of the radio. That is not the case

- No Gospel Station?!

Love the concept. However, after leaving multiple surveys, I am disappointed they don’t offer ONE Gospel station. Only Christian/contemporary Christian. I do like those stations, however Gospel is a genre of it’s own. I am truly disappointed. 😒😔

- Problems with Bluetooth connect

Will not connect to my x box

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- Awesome app!

Best app for any kind of music and just calming yourself down!

- !!

Amar cada minuto !!

- Cool

Hi this rebecca

- Yeah....

“We are always making improvements’. Waiting. Finally started using car mode (didn’t have Bluetooth in old car). No thumbs down in car mode?!!!

- Skips

We should be able to skip as many songs as we like, it makes no sense. Otherwise i really like Spotify stations! :)

- Hunter

Tho has great music

- google home

No google home support?!💔

- Great app maybe the best music app on right now

The app is amazing great quality just what Spotify needs only thing is I get really good songs in all my radios there should be a way to pause music on other stations when you are listening to a different station

- Missing some key features

Sometimes I am not able to like a song and I would like the ability to go back and rate previous songs. Also where the heck is Google chromecast support. Unbelievable it hasn’t been included. Would like to be able to share songs with friends.

- Lame! My stations are gone

I guess I’m supposed to recreate the carefully curated stations I’ve built over the years as a Spotify Pro customer.

- amazing app just wish it had some more!!

i love the app so much!!! it’s awesome for finding new music or just listening especially if you don’t have Spotify Premium. there’s some things i want added though, like being able to rearrange your stations and the ability to add a song that’s playing straight to a playlist you have on Spotify! other than that it’s amazing!!!

- Back button

I love my favorite playlist option. Works great creating playlists based on favorite bands however, I wish it had a back button.

- Needs Improvement

I like this app but it needs improvement. I’m used to Pandora. I think Pandora’s app is more user friendly. I would like to be able to make the artwork, artist name & song larger. That’s the whole point of these music streaming apps is so we find new artists and music we like. How am I supposed to find new artists if I can’t see their name. Also you need to work for on the like and dislike feature. Even after I dislike the song you still play it 🤦🏽‍♀️ Also you don’t pay attention to the songs I do like. You’re not getting a feel for what I like. Pandora did this and more within a few days. You haven’t mixed other genres even though I have that option checked off. Most importantly I listen to Spotify Stations at work and I have the explicit option off so I don’t have curses playing at my job but I still songs that have curse words in it. Please step up your game.

- Bug

Keep getting signed out for no reason when I open the app

- App is great but has a minor issue

I love this app. I’ve learned new songs and mostly enjoyed this app while in the car during a road trip. Like I said I’ve learned so many new songs but when I favorited them, they didn’t save. There’s one song in particular that i loved and when I saved it, it didn’t save to my Spotify.

- Very very good !

Definitely the best

- Always pausing

This app always seems to pause. What is going on here? Terrible experience. This never happens on the other Spotify app

- Just what Spotify needed

Better than pandora and can be used with Spotify account so it’s technically free to get something better than pandora.

- Great simple radio app

Main qualm is 80s hits channel includes German and Spanish language songs frequently despite giving them all thumbs down. Submitted feedback as well. 70s hits doesn’t have this problem.

- Nice concept. Should tone down the bright colors.

I’ve had Spotify for a while. I love it and I tried this because of that. It is a nice concept but the UI is just not that great. Also the background colors are too bright/neon for me. But otherwise good.

- 好简单 好好用 好精美

简单好用极致的设计… 北欧的公司啊~

- Use this in my car all the time

It’s the easiest way to listen to great and diverse music of a particular artist or genre.

- Housewife favorite.


- Yeah Boyee 👍

👍very goood 😁

- Handy. Simple is best.

Good to use.

- Stations app issue with spark email

Stations will stop playing music when spark app email is received. I have to open my phone back up to continue playing music. Please fix.

- Hmm 🤔

Started to like it ( SPOTIFY) get with the program; upgrade with society BUT... not to convincing... bc can’t adjust my list; No 👎 replays.. can’t see the artists find out whom they are...LOVE 💕 THE COLORS tho MUSIC 🎼 is GRReat Thanx,SPOTIFY

- Good in theory

This app is great in theory. However, having to log back in EVERY SINGLE TIME I USE IT makes it 1 star.

- A+

Addicted starting day 1. An essential part of my music streaming experience. A must-have for sure. 🤘

- Good app needs minor tweaks

Very straight forward, clean and simple app. Nice when you don’t want to fiddle through playlists or your saved songs. Although, when I lock my phone and unlock it shortly after to either change the song the app is closed and I have to reopen the app by selecting it on my home screen. It’s a minor thing but it is annoying after two or three times. Another thing is the location of the downvote button. Why is it right in the center next to pause button. It should be (from left to right) downvote button, skip, pause, upvote. Doesn’t have to be that order but downvote button should be all the way to the left keep it out of the way. I accidentally downvoted a song I really liked 😡.

- Why???

Why do we need two separate apps the listen Spotify. I have a premium subscription and you’re telling me i have to use the Spotify stations app to get features that were in the main app. This is stupid. I don’t want to use two apps to listen music. Everything should be in the main app.

- Awkward to use on an iPad

works like an iPhone app on an iPad.

- Spotify

This is the only app for music, u will ever need another music app..... Period. I am so pleased too listen to my old favs’, and all the bit hen new bands. Thanks an God bless u all. loliving the dream, always positive always optimistic

- Watch App? Ads on sleep station? 👎🏻 Sleep timer?

I really like this app for music. It's free, I can set my favorite artists or types of music (yes I have a sleep station) just a few things missing... 1) need the watch app - on the go must 2) ads on sleep channel? - really guys? 🤨 I'm listening to calm relaxing music to fall asleep and every 5-6 songs is interrupted with an ad for CVS (which I shop at) but seriously 🙄 Sleep & meditation/relaxation channels shouldn't have ads PERIOD At most play one when app first opened. Then if set to one of those - NO ADS #TrumpPence2020 3) a sleep timer - right now I can listen to music for falling asleep but there's nothing to shut it off after an hour or so to save battery 👎🏻

- The best app for Music Stations

It is amazing and that is my honest opinion

- 50’s

Love this songs and singers. Some great memories but also a few that tug at your heart. Either way, I can listen to these for a long,long time.

- Mood lifter

I am uplifted by most all of the music and songs played. Reminds me of carefree days relaxes me and brings joy and peace to my life, heart, mind, body and spirit. Thank you for being there. Joyce Davis

- WiFi

The only thing I don’t like about is that is only works on certain WiFi areas

- I recommend this app

its a really good app. it plays music well and you can like what videos you want and it shuffles them well. it doesn't work without internet or data but it still is good. you can add channels to it that only play music from that artist/band. i personally like the favorites playlist better because it only plays the songs i liked but that's just me. you can even go on spotify and search and like songs there and then you will have them on the favorites. ok that's all for me, i recommend it unless you want an offline one in that case you could get spotify premium

- Poor search function

If you like stuff that isn’t mainstream you might have issues searching for stuff. Cannot find my favorite bands because the search won’t return a result for their name.

- Keeps crashing with CarPlay

Works ok on iPhone but crashes on carplay

- So far, spot-on and better than main Spotify app

For what this app intends to do, it’s great. The recommendations are excellent. I find in the main Spotify app, the stations tend to play the same songs artists over and over. This makes it hard to find new music to listen to that fits your tastes. Spotify Stations does a great job at showing you music from a variety of artists, which fit right in with your taste. The interface is extremely simple and feature-less, but I think that’s also the point. You can easily just start listening as if it’s a radio station. The focus is playing music fitting to you, not anything else. Here’s to hoping Spotify doesn’t kill this project.

- With a little more work it’ll be my go to music app

Great app. Exactly what I’m looking for. Just need to add chrome cast support and support for higher bitrates. Get that added, and it’s a 5 star app

- Can’t google cast, connect shows phone twice

I really like this app, I’m going to start using it more. Main problem is bugs - it can’t cast to google home even though the main Spotify app can. And it shows my phone twice under the Connect menu for some reason.

- Nice!

A nice way to listen to tunes!

- no sleep timer

it really needs a sleep timer i love to go to sleep with music but needs it to go off after a while and pls add an equalizer like the actually spotify app other than these it’s drop dead perfect

- Music Quality/Bitrate is bad, even as Premium Subscriber

I prefer the highest quality bitrate. I use 320kbps on the main Spotify app. The quality on Stations is noticeably bad. It sounds like 96kbps. I can't use it until it is improved. Gross.

- Celso Reyes.

Me gusta. Esa estación tiene lo máximo

- Cool, but...

Look if you like radio this is for you. I’ve added an unknown artist station then added artists from major labels, like Lewis Capaldi and James Arthur. Now when I listen to the station( even named after him) all I get is major label artists. I want to listen to the artist i made the station around; not only artists that he’s similar too. I’ve gone through 50 songs now and hasn’t popped up once. It feels like top 40 radio that strangles out indie artists. Boring.

- I love stations....

Got love this addition to Spotify.

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Spotify Stations 1.23 Screenshots & Images

Spotify Stations iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Spotify Stations iphone images
Spotify Stations iphone images
Spotify Stations iphone images
Spotify Stations iphone images
Spotify Stations iphone images
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Spotify Stations Music application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Spotify Stations Music application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Spotify Stations (Version 1.23) Install & Download

The applications Spotify Stations was published in the category Music on 2019-06-04 and was developed by Spotify Ltd. [Developer ID: 324684583]. This application file size is 41.23 MB. Spotify Stations - Music posted on 2020-05-08 current version is 1.23 and works well on IOS 11.4 and high versions.

Spotify Stations Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor
Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References
Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes

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