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Ready to solve amazing painting puzzles?

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AMAZE!!! App Description & Overview

The applications AMAZE!!! was published in the category Games on 2019-02-16 and was developed by Crazy Labs. The file size is 117.52 MB. The current version is 1.6.2 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

> Bug fixes and level improvements.
> Update now to enjoy a smoother game performance!

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AMAZE!!! Reviews

Find my watch

Amaze  Find my watch  5 star

Hi I am Violet l like app amaze because it is really really really fun but it is hard too!


Good  b🍪  5 star

It is so fun

ssssyyygbdhd eue

I just got it today  ssssyyygbdhd eue  4 star

This game is awsome😛😉🙃🧐🙃😝🙃🤣😝🤣🧐🤣🙃

unique magicL me

Awesome  unique magicL me  5 star

I think it’s a great game but it reminds me of house paint


Isaiah  CrazyCbear12  5 star

It’s so dang addicting


AMAZE IS AMAZING  minnie900500  5 star

It's the best on day 3 I was on level 238!Its so mesmerizing

Corey Tinnell

Great game  Corey Tinnell  5 star

This game is really fun. I’m currently on level 3000. I do wish there was a more variety of levels, but overall I enjoy the game.


Amaz!  seechrole  5 star

The best


Amaze  dcrhxrj  4 star

Theres to many adds

ggghh liurw

Ads  ggghh liurw  1 star

I got this game off an ad and now its gonna flood me with ads for other games


PERFECT 👌  FELISHA567  5 star

Hi I loved the game but it would be better if you added a way to play a level again so if you skipped a level you could play it again


levels??  Redrubies7  2 star

there are so many freaking ads that i have to turn my data/wifi off and when i do, it takes me back 40 levels! i just got to level 1399 and when i completed the level it went back to level 1359? idk why but it’s really annoying so please fix this

a l e i s h a 0 3

it’s so good!!!  a l e i s h a 0 3  5 star

i’m literally upto level 3148 and planning to go higher and the game hasn’t even gotten harder but other than that it’s so addicting and yeah i love this game


So good  Shadow_Wolf5  5 star

I am on level 682 and I’m so addicted to it

Kenny Cockroach

Please Make it harder  Kenny Cockroach  2 star

You should add a Limited amount of moves each level I think that would make it more hard and more fun :P another thing way to many ads please cut down on the adds!


Good but...  D‘va  3 star

This game is good but there is to many adds and it is not that hard like I want it to be harder because when I saw the add for the game it was hard but when I got it it was so easy like seriously


Hmmm  demonikdannie  2 star

After a certain amount of levels they seem to repeat themselves, I’ve completed over 1000 levels and I know them all, also they don’t get harder. Very addictive but also very repetitive

Mr Mo Jo Risen

2 Easy  Mr Mo Jo Risen  2 star

Way to easy. Passed 100 levels in 40mins

Olivia isdabest

AMAZE!!!  Olivia isdabest  5 star

It is a fun and entertaining game to play when you are stressed

Kym & Gaz

T  Kym & Gaz  5 star

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Adriana Vinayrd

Thanks  Adriana Vinayrd  5 star

This is a amazing game I love it

hd. jx

Favorite game  hd. jx  5 star

It is a good game there are endless levels and it is very addicting


Incredibly disappointing  ApacheAttackHelicopterSquid  1 star

I’ll admit, I downloaded this game because of the ads. I was sick and tired of them, and I wanted to prove once and for all that it was as easy as it seemed. And guess what? I was correct in my assumption. The levels don’t even increase in difficulty as you continue, in fact, some levels are actually easier than the one before them. Levels even repeat, although this is usually rare. So to all the ads saying it’s “harder than it looks,” it’s not. It’s actually easier than it looks. Save yourself some time and energy, don’t download this game.

viyglcshhdbmvgjvjm bcg.

Great  viyglcshhdbmvgjvjm bcg.  5 star

So fun!!!!!

player 762

Awesome game  player 762  5 star

I absolutely love this game I play every day and have gotten to over level 1000 it so fun to play when you are bored it is amazing


Love it!!  MakaylanScott  5 star

I saw this game within an ad in different games I play. This game is so addicting and simple. When I have to pass time, it’s my go to game. I’m so glad it’s not overrun with ad’s after every single level like a lot of apps/games are these days.


Fun Game!  paarpy27  5 star

Great game and is super fun and easy to play in your spare time.


It is a fun game  1234560q  5 star

I play this game bc i am bird and annoyed by ppl so I just put 5 stars bc I feel like it


Great game  •¥€€t•  5 star

I already am on level 700 Something and I have noticed that the levels go from a few hard levels, to super simple ones, Other than that, I love this game, it’s fun, fairly easy, addictive, and a great time killer. I play this game while listening to music, how I see it, it feels better for some reason, That’s my review.

Lilah Perkins

Best game  Lilah Perkins  5 star

I thought this would be tricky but it is not

loly lily

It’s best game ever  loly lily  4 star

It’s a very good game


The game  shjsjshjxjskakosjdjdj  2 star

The game is enjoyable but at the same time sometimes to easy. The skip level should have to be paid for and you can pay for it by every time you win a game you get 25 coins and then you can skip a level. Also the amounts of adds is shocking,, every time I go into the game I go out of it as I have tons of adds every time 😤😤

Jones BourKe

Amaze!  Jones BourKe  3 star

Very boring game but a little bit interesting to.But for car travel oKay. Thanks ‘Sofia.


It’s amazing  Gerharry  5 star

It’s the best I think it needs work 🙂


ADS,ADS,ADS AND ADS  rubel67  1 star

The name of this game should be replaced with ads


My review xx  paws400  4 star

This app is very good but I wish they had skins it would be very good and if you got to see how they did it what you skip it 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


Its too easy  lmaopetlover  3 star

I want something challenging something hard not too easy not normal hard and challenging


Awesome  poopydildo  4 star

Really good game, very stress relieving and i’ve seen people comment about too many ads, Tip: Turn off your wifi and they won’t show!


Enjoyable but not difficult  Hugihu1  1 star

Only downloaded the game as i was waiting to get my haircut took me about 30 minutes to do the first 100 levels. The levels don't gradually become more difficult usually there will be a couple challenging ones then a good few easy ones that take seconds to solve. Ads are shown every 4/5 levels- quite annoying. Enjoyable for the first 100 levels then you get bored.


Ads ads ads ads ads ads  sammy963  1 star

Ads ads ads

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