AMAZE!!! [Games] App Description & Overview

Ready to solve amazing painting puzzles?

This game will AMAZE you!

Swipe to move the ball and paint - you’ve got to color and paint your way across the AMAZE maze puzzles.

To fill in puzzles, fill each square to unlock more addictive AMAZE maze paint puzzles.
Watch out! AMAZE gets harder as you play, color and paint the maze, and fill in puzzles!
Painting the maze puzzles sounds easy, but you have to be super strategic to color and fill every square.

Make sure you fill in puzzles COMPLETELY! If you don’t fill even one square, you’re stuck in the paint maze FOREVER!

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AMAZE!!! Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Are you ready for an AMAZING update? NEW SKINS! Play levels, get coins and collect all the skins!

AMAZE!!! Comments & Reviews

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- Not the best

I open up a mystery box and then where It said TRIPLE it only doubles your prize. To many ads.

- What I think

It helps my kid and I love it too!

- I wish it had more of a challenge

The game is fun to play just it needs more of a challenge I just got the game and it has been really easy

- Deleted my progress

I was on level 2,103 and the app totally glitched out and put me back to level 1!!!

- It was my favorite game but...

This is my go to game when I feel like I need to fidget while watching tv. But with this new update, I feel like I’m really playing a kids game. I want to move onto levels smoothly, not earn coins and skins I don’t care about. Call me boring but I like the classic game better. When it had only different levels to choose from, that was fine, fun even. But yeah there’s my two cents.

- It is a wonderful app!!

But you do get a oddly amount of ads and it is pretty much the same as other apps tho

- Ok app

There is one problem there are so many Fricken ads

- Best. Game. Ever.

I downloaded this game in late December and I’m already on level 1735! This game is so addictive and I highly recommend it!

- Too good to be true


- Amaze review

Have only played a few minutes. Right away without venturing further, it’s too easy. Could benefit from stepping up the complexity a bit. Or adding repercussions for too many moves. Besides that it’s a fun time waster. Relaxing.

- App stop working

At the end of some levels app stop working

- My thoughts

I love this game. It is easy and fun to play to reduce stress or when you’re bored at home. I’ve been playing this game for nearly two years and noticed a few things. They keep changing the game as in they keep updating the game with more “childish” style. When I first started playing this game it was just the normal levels, then they added the extra levels which I found extra and unnecessary. I was playing the game today and noticed how they added different colored balls. Now Amaze seems like a game for 6 year old to me. Other than that, I love this game. I play it on airplanes and car rides and before I go to sleep. I enjoy bragging to my friends and family how fast I get through the levels. Lol😂. I’m almost on level 7000 because I lost all my data when I broke my phone or else I would be on level 13000 by now. But anyways, if you’re doubting whether to get this game or not, it will not disappoint you. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! :)

- Nice

Nice game

- Fun but ads are incessant

Don’t play much because ads are relentless

- Fun / challenging

It is so fun🤘🏽

- Amazing🙂

This app is super fun there is ads every like, 9 levels. The levels aren’t that hard so it’s not stressing at all like other apps. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is always stressed and tired. And if you don’t like it, then just delete it! But I will never delete this app because it is amazing!🙂

- Games trash

If you are simple minded and can’t solve a problem this is the game for you. If you like a challenge don’t download this game I got to level 100 in 20 mins not worth it ive already uninstalled

- YES!!!!

This game is literally Amaze I love it but what concerns me is why if I’m on level 126 it gives me one that could be a level 8?

- This game is sooooo fun

I love this game I’m already on level 448 or so thing like that and when I reached to level 300 it said that I passed 45% of the players that play the game and when it reached to level 400 it said that I had passed 48% of the game and honestly these levels are pretty easy some of them are little difficult but this game is sooooooo perfect for when you want to pass time:)(:

- Amaze

Thais games is awsome

- .

The only reason I played this game was to relax and take a breather from stuff it is addictive but other like other games that have a billion ads this only has a few so if you need to relax I recommend this game

- Not to many adds

This game is nothing like other games there is not many adds so I get past so many levels so fast

- Awoseme you need to get soooo good

It was easy fun addicting and some time frustrating but still good 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

- I love this game some much 👍🏼👍🏼

I love this so much

- Relaxed

Those game makes me happy and relaxed

- Love ❤️

I love this game it is very addictive and it really makes you think 🤔 - Naomi Herold

- I LOVE IT!! 😍😍😍


- Hairy

So good

- It’s ok


- So fun

These tricky art puzzles are a great way to pass the time I recommend getting it 🖼🧩👩🏻‍💻🧑🏼‍💻⏰

- Happiest evening

Just got it and my happy chart went straight up!!!

- It won’t load!😡😡😡

So I get this game because of the “only 3 can beat this” ad and it would not load I turned on my internet and nothing happened I tried 3 more times and still it would not load!!! Please fix this game I would love to play it.

- Hey 👋 was the time


- Amaze

Stop making people have to watch a ad to open the mystery box

- Too easy and too repetitive

I’ve played this game for a while now, and after deleting and redownloading (currently on level 989) I can say I do enjoy the game, but the levels keep repeating themselves and I’m just bored. They’re also too easy for my personal preference.

- Guess what

This game is so addictive and fun! There are no ads what so ever, and there are many different balls you can unlock as you pass the levels! I mean, I got to level 721 in 1 week! I recommend it and give it a 5 star rate!!! Great work creators of amaze!!❤️

- It’s ok 👌🏻

DISLIKES AT THE TOP Now if you are someone smart and you look at ratings and reviews before you buy a game I hope this is helpful! So, this game was cool at first.... but then it kept freezing up after about level 283. I think! (In one week) #addictive That is the other downside. If you are someone like me who can not control addiction then you should really rethink getting this game. I know I was drawn to it and found myself sneaking into my desk to get out my iPod and play at night. Which led to trouble! I mean yes you have to make the game a bit addictive so people don’t get bored and delete it. But this is very very addictive. So if you are someone like me who can not control that then this might not be the game for you or you might find yourself in a situation like me where you end up getting in trouble for it. I know I HATE getting in trouble and I would not want that to happen to you so I am warning you now! Anyway it kept freezing up and it was getting annoying and I was losing. (on the timed mode) Love that by the way there are four modes to choose from! So, I went to see if there was an update and there was! The problem was fixed until the next day and it did it again. And again the next day. Yes the updates help but is getting sort of annoying to have to keep checking the App Store for updates and there is not always one and even if there is one it may not fix your problem. The other thing is that (I am on an iPod) don’t know if that has anything to do with it but I know I can not open the “mystery box” at the end of the I am pretty sure the nine levels you have to complete to get it and the ninth level is the final level you complete for the mystery box. I just have to hope it is an easy level because it is for nothing. I don’t like this. Also (suggestion) put hints you can buy with coins to help you with being stuck!!!!!! Also add button where you can get free coins so you don’t get stuck that way either! Please fix these problems if you can and then I can have so much fun from here on out! I just want to say thank you to the AMAZE! Team and all the other developers. I hope to hear from you soon!👍🏻😃 Sincerely, Peachy NEXT DAY : Since this COVID-19 stuff is going around I am giving you two months to fix this problem! I assume you know what will happen if you don’t address this problem. Sadly I may have to delete this game.I am not TRYING to be mean but this is a big problem for me. Truly sorry! 😐 Sincerely, Peachy

- Sooo good

👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😻 😻😻😻😻😻.


The game is cool.

- This game is awesome

This game is really fun hands down

- Fun

This game is really fun and I play it literally everyday whenever I’m bored. Or I just wanna play a game I go to this game. The one thing is that the system has told me I beat 99.99 percent of players like 20 times 🤣 so I’m confused with that. Btw I’m so addicted to this game I never put it down I’m no level 14,202!

- Great Game!

I love the game and I’m currently on level 13715. Perfect to play while waiting, since the levels aren’t too hard. The only thing that bugs me is the newest update. In my opinion the skins and money system isn’t good. I’ve been playing the game since 2019 and I think the old version was better.

- Review

I got to level 100 and deleted the game, wasn’t bad

- Amazing!!!

My friend is insane at this game he’s on level 3,000. I love what you’ve done with the new update. This game never gets boring, you never do the same levels, and there is more types of stuff to on the game. Amazing game!!

- Amazing

It is absolutely amazing and very addictive.Im on level 702 in less then a week.The levels are pretty neutral.There is a skip button.Theres some ads not a lot but I guess you would expect it.Over all its amazing and definitely worth it

- Best game ever

Best Game EVER

- Great Game!

Love the game!😘

- Ads Ads Ads

With the new update those who have paid for the feature to remove ads no longer applies. To receive coins the user must watch ads which contradicts the purchasing of the remove ads option.


I I I hate the game

- Best Game

I’ve had this game for a little over a year and I’m currently on level 4,801. I’m in the top 99.51% of players and I promise you I will be in the time. This is one of the best games I’ve ever played. 11/10

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- Way to easy

I’m on level 2026 and I’ve only been playing it for 3 weeks

- Used to be better

The game used to be better then they added to many ads and the mystery boxes

- Amazing ❤️

I love this game so much fun whenever I am bored I play it but U completed the whole game so I just start again

- Not getting any harder

Too easy

- This game is the worst

I am so fed up with the ads but actual game is amazing and I am addicted. I do not recommend this game though

- Ewwww

I don't love it because it's way to easy and in the adds (which pop up to much) it makes it look so hard

- Fun but...

This game is fun and easy but there is so much ads!

- To easy

I am at level 612 and is really easy but still fun

- Fun

It’s really really fun you should try it😁

- Bad

It sucks way to much ads and way to easy

- No silent mode

Turns on volume when on silent still


It’s the best game ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Super fun barely any ads I likes it!!!

- This is a fun game

This game is relaxing and easy and it’s fun so download it now

- It’s ok I guess

I’m level 15319 and would really appreciate a leaderboard other then that’s it’s ok

- Amaze

The best cool good awesome great nice

- Pff...

Umm... I am at level 178 and the level is like for level 1.Do I have high IQ or anyone else feel that easy?

- A good game

Awesome game but too many adds

- Loooooooooove it I’m a creeper a mob

More mods 💧🌫🌦❄️🌦☀️☄️💥🔥🌪🌈🌨🌥⛈🌧☃️⛈🌨🌨💨⛄️☃️💦☂️☂️🌊

- Love it

I love it fits my Curiosity

- Fun but the ads

There is a lot of ads in this game but I found a way if u want no ads just turn off ur wifi and then there is no ads

- It was good

Tip dudes out there. If you’re having a problem with ads TURN YOUR PHONE ON AIRPLANE MODE AND PLAY THE GAME!!!!

- The best game ever

Vary easy so it made fun and if u want to remove adds for free just turn off data and wifi

- -oop

Its addicting but as the levels get higher they start repeating

- Leila i

I love this app it helps me forget about my bad memories I love it so you should play it too

- Nice game

The levels are way to easy and repetitive I’m on level 1000 and it’s super easy. Other than that it’s a great game

- I’m the number one player in the game

I’m the number one player. It says I’ve beaten 100% of players

- Great Game 😃👍

This game is amazing. It’s simple, relaxing and fun. I play this game almost everyday. I downloaded it January 1, 2020 and I just passed Level 500. Another thing I like about it is that it shows you the percentage of players you’ve beat after every 100 levels. (Level 100, 200, 300 etc.) The only thing is you have to either turn off your Wi-Fi or not be connected in the first place. Otherwise, you’ll get an ad within 3 levels. There are ads at the bottom of the screen, but they’re easily avoidable and practically negligible.

- Game

Good game

- This is the best game everl

I love this game so much I want to know who made it

- Not bad game but....

I feel the levels feel redundant after a while they don’t seem to get more challenging...

- Amazing

I got rid of it bc I got a new phone but I was level 936

- to many adds

there is way to many adds

- 4 ⭐️

Really awesome app but it glitches

- Anyone higher than level 1043???

Really cool game but I would like to know who’s at the highest level in the game. Thanks!

- I hate it

Most levels are merely impossible and when you reach level 42 it IS impossible it sucks I give it one star

- Easy

Its so easy it just repeats

- Addictive

Very good

- Hi


- Ads

I LOVE amaze. It’s a great way to distract you during class. 🤣 Only issue I have with it are the ads. Every 2 levels there comes an ad. And they repeat often. So maybe less ads would be an AMAZING improvement. And if that’s not possible, maybe change up the ads a bit more please. Other than that, it’s a SPECTACULAR game. 👍🏼

- Addictive

Reach lvl 15300 today, when you start you can’t stop! Can you guys please add more level, I have done the same lvl a couple of time lol. Thank you for more than 50 hours wasted. Very good game.

- Way too easy

I am literally passed level 100 and it’s still easy.

- Eh

It is very good but the ads pop up every minute and it is soooooo annoying. If they would get rid of the ads it would be better.🙀😾😾🙀😾😾😄😁

- Addicting

I just finished level 1000 it’s so addictive it’s the only game I’ve played for a long time

- Limited moves games - AMAZE

NEED MORE GAMES ADDED TO “LIMITED MOVES”. PASSED LEVEL 300 and that’s the last game. Please add more games soon!!!!

- Ads

Other then that this is a fun game 👍

- Meh

Too many ads otherwise a really fun and easy game

- My opinion


- Not a challenge

So many ads. Not a puzzle, just moving your finger

- Egg

I just love this game so

- Amazing

This game is absolutely epic and amazing and awesome thanks for creating it

- Best game

Everyday I play this game (best game)

- Ehhh game

This game is good when you are really bored but other than that you don’t need to play. The limited moves should have hints that you can use if you get stuck you should also be able to earn coins by finishing levels(you could use these coins to buy hints)there is also way toooo many adds And they never vary that much!! But Istill like this game I’m surprised that I haven’t raged at either the limited moves level or time rush level and deleted the game The levels never vary they are just varying in size making them look easier or harder

- The ads are triggering

I love this game, it’s so fun and varying in level difficulty! ...but, then there’s the ads. The ads are very triggering. In one of the most recent ones I’ve seen, the caption says “Only 3% can beat this level!” On Level 4. There are moves on the ball—which aren’t even in the game, by the way—and the person keeps retracing their steps and using up moves. This repeats a few times and anyone can see how to beat the level. So yeah. 1 star off because of the ads, but otherwise, I highly recommend this game!

- Great job

Keep working on it

- AMAZE is awesome!

I love this game because it is relaxing and is really soothing. I love to to play this game after school when I am tired This game is the best!

- Ads

Its a bit annoying every time you finish a level you get an ad but its relly fun

- Dhdhhd


- Amazing app

It’s an amazing app. Kids use their brains to think how to the do challenges and accept it when they fail.

- 50%

So easy but amazing

- I don’t like the update

I like the game but I don’t like what you have done with the update.. it was better before because it was more simple each time you beat a level it was easy to click to the next one.. I hate how every game gets ruined because they have to add prizes to it, it’s better when it’s just simple.

- Could you fix this?

I love this game and all that but after updating it, the game sometimes glitches and makes it so you can move the ball and it take up a whole row.



- Great game- 1 thing

I absolutely love this game! I have 1 problem tho: when I play the music mode I can’t hear any music!! I would love the game even more if this could be fixed.

- I LOVE IT!!!!😍😍😍

It’s so good but I don’t know what it will be like after a few years.

- Impossible

Some levels are easy but the others are impossible

- Amaz

I love 💝 it!!!!!!

- Amaze

To many ads

- Just a review

You have hidden the swastica in level 67.

- Amazing

Awesome awesome game

- Heck

It’s a copy

- I like

I would recommend for people that have not a lot to do


I really enjoy this game.

- Yay ❤️😁

I really like this app.For me there is nothing wrong with it.I completed TEN levels without a single problem or ad. I recommend it to anyone who loves strategy games 👌🏼

- I’m better then all of you

Just letting you all know that you shouldn’t buy this game cause I just got the top 99.9% of the world and I’m going for 100% so don’t bother spastics

- Boring

Boring this games is horrible there is so many ads and u do nothing do not buy this game it’s horrible.

- It’s da best game eva

I loveeeee this game bcs it improves my brain skills and I love it. The 2nd reason I love it is bcs it’s satisfying and stuff thanks for making the game dude

- It’s Okay

I’ve gotten up to level 640 and I realise the levels I’m playing I’ve done before and you know exactly what to do and it’s not a challenge anymore. Also there is an ad like every 3 levels that you can’t get out of and you are forced to watch it, apart from that the game is ok.

- AmAZiNG GamE

This game is so addictive and awesome I always play it when I’m board but technically I’m never bored Walst playing this game because it’s so hard yee so interactive at the same time. Really so happy I stumbled soon the ad!

- This game is great

I love this game it has so many levels and is so much fun you definitely should download it


Hi guys I feel like this game was made for me I’m so good at it I’m almost at level One-hundred thanks for bringing this game to life

- Amazeing

I love this game I was playing subway surf and there was a ad and it looked fun so My dad downloaded it and it was fun by happy holidays

- Adds ?

So on the app it says no adds but unfortunately that’s not the case , after almost every round I play I get adds, adds, adds😠! IT IS VERY ANNOYING PLEASE FIX ☹️

- Good Game

I’ve been playing this game for a while now, I think it’s a good puzzle solving game. When I saw the advert on my other game I thought I could pass level 9, but it took me like 20min to solve. I was shocked 😮 at how good this game is. The only bad thing that it has lots of adverts, but most games do unless you subscribed, but this game didn’t have as much adverts as other games that I have downloaded . Please get this app😄 I am fussy about games and I give this on a five star review!😃😋👍

- I luv it

I like it. But they should add more difficult ones in the classic levels.

- Great game but need more levels

Good game for the 1st few levels but there are ads after every maze and all the levels keep repeating

- Great

My friends think I’m the smartest kid at school

- Thx

It’s really fun and when I’m up set I use it to calm me down so thanks

- suggestion

i love how everyone complains about the ads bit no one has actually found a solution . 1.go into settings 2.go into amaze 3.turn off mobile data and don’t use wifi. this also works for all games. a suggestion is to make more different levels, because i’m on level 3524 and the levels just keep on repeating. k bye

- Okay but to many adds

I Love the app but there are to many adds. Every ten seconds an add pops up. But other then that it’s awesome 😎.

- Great game

This game is great game but some of the levels repeat themselves but otherwise this game is great and makes you think

- Suggestions

This is a very fun and entertaining game! I love the very few adds which will make people play longer. But I think you should be able To customise your ball and have backgrounds. Maybe also multiplayer version to verse your friends or online players and bots. Edit: Okay the game is defiantly getting super boring. Make the levels harder please

- Review

It so fun 👍👍👍to play when board 💗💗

- Noice

I find this game fun. Is a simple strategy game that I like to play now and then. It has different modes (my favourite so far is the music one). I recommend it if you are like me.

- Hi there,

Amaze is such a fun app to play and it is such a great way to kill time. However I bring myself here very disappointed that with every two to three levels I play there always seems to be an ad. Although this is your way of promoting other games and websites it is hard not to click out of the game because I feel as though every game I play there will me an ad. I hope you take this into consideration as there are many other games I could play with not as near and many ads.

- Wow

So good game

- The new update

This game was great to me in my opinion but there was just one downside..the number of turns you get. Now I know that is to challenge the gamer on this app but I personally don’t like it so I’ve fallen out of love with this app, I am very sorry but maybe in the next update add a button that changes it to infinite turns. Have a nice day ☺️

- I love this game!

This game is amazing I just got it and I'm already on level 100. The only problem with this game is it is a little laggy but I'm not sure if it is just my phone. And they put in adds in the middle of the game but other that that it is a great game

- Best game ever

I think that this game is totally amazing. Once I got the game I could not stop playing it because it is so satisfying and I am already up to level 100. My brother and I always fight over the phone to play this game cause it is soooooooo good.

- So addivtiveee

This Game is so addictive and amazing. It’s just a calm little game to chill you out whenever and even tho there are ads, because it doesn’t need wifi to work just turn of you wifi and data and the ads won’t come up. Bam easy way to fix that problem. But other then that the only thing I’d want to change is the difficulty. I got up to level 3000 and the levels keep repeating so it’s more fun to have a challenge. But everything else is amazing. I guess you can say it really can “AMAZE” people if you get what I mean :)

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- Amaze

Amaze is the best game ever it is so satisfying and so relaxing so go and download this app

- great


- A good game

I highly recommend you install this game. There’s only one thing l would change make it a little more challenging

- Awesome but cool

It keeps making ads pop up but I like how you can Easily click out of it. I enjoy it but I’m not sure how far I can go.

- There poop stinks

They itchy

- Amaze

This is a relaxing game to play. I really like it

- Add leaderboards

I have made it to level 16000 and it tells me that I’ve beaten 99.9% of player I would like to know the highest score so I can beat it but other than that the game is great

- Addictive in a bad way.

The levels are addictive, but they don’t get hard. They stay at the same level. This is a terrible combination; it’s hard to put it down but you don’t ever get frustrated because of them. This means you play for too long, go to bed too late, etc etc.

- Horrible Horrible Update

I’m on level 12,550 and I greatly have enjoyed it until these new gimmicky updates. I just want to play level by level. I don’t need it changed. It’s been great till this last update.

- 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Great game good for people to test there brain!!👍🏼👍🏼

- Fart


- The best❤️❤️❤️ I’m at 451

Rates 55

- Great!

It’s super fun and addicting! When I got the game I thought that the levels would get harder but, it just picks random levels. It could use some work!

- Not amaze-ing

Boring and too easy. Levels keep recycling and do not get any harder as you progress.

- Pretty cool

So I'm on level 4540 and it's a great game to play when you have a lot of spare time or are super bored obviously I've been bored a lot but yeah it's cool and I was in a competition with my friend but now I've beaten 98.78% of people in the game so thats a thing

- wonderful app

one of the best games I have ever played, highly addictive! I love it \ (•◡•) / I will literally never delete this app in my life

- I can’t stop playing this game!!!

This game is my fav game!! I’ve been playing this game for only 2 days and I’m already on level 62!! It’s so addicting!!❤️

- Needs more

My brother had this game before I did and I wanted to get it so I could beat him and prove that I could get farther than him in the game even though I started late. I think it is really fun and it is a great way to pass the time. But it gets kind of boring sometimes. We don’t even get to customize the colors or go back in levels. And my brother is not playing much now because he can only play three levels without getting super bored. I am already 100 levels ahead of him and now the game has no meaning. I hope you can do something to this game. I know your probably like why did she give this a four star review with this awful feedback. But I can’t write that many sentences saying that this is an awesome game and I recommend it to everyone. It is really fun to play and now i am on level 1117. You should definitely get this game because it is supper fun. It’s just a little bit predictable.

- Amaze

I love amaze it is so fun.

- BuyIt

Buy it

- Porn hud live


- Trash

This game is so lame

- Remove

Too much ads

- Xbox


- Great game for passing time

This game is so good for passing time. I’ve had it for about 7 months and I’ve gotten to level 10458 and I’m still not bored with it. There’s a pattern of I think about 150 levels that repeats. It’s fun to kinda quiz yourself on what level is coming next once you know most of them. I haven’t had any bugs, just a little lag here and there.

- Good game

This game is a really good game because there is not a lot of adds, so you get to play the game a lot. I'm almost on level 500 and still enjoying the game. The game is easy but not too easy. Some levels are easier than others, and I like the game for that reason. The game can keep you entertained for a long time. It is also just a really fun game.

- Pizza pizza

If you are reading this you might see I put 5 star well yea it is amazing get it amaze amazing any way you should download this good luck

- It’s ok

It’s alright it’s just that l’m on level 284 and for me it feels like the levels are getting easier 😒 now that may just be for me level 1 is not the hardest but the levels just get easier so try to make the levels harder 😁👍🏻


This is one of my favorite games in my phone, when I am bored I love to play this it wakes me up and gets my brain awake.

- the way next level plays

When going on to a next level I have to press next level and not just tap the screen which is so annoying. Please fix this

- $@&! Ads

Ads everywhere!!!

- Surprisingly Addictive

I was looking for a game that was fun and didn’t get boring easily like most of my past games and apps. An add for this game popped up when I was on one of my apps. At the time I was actually looking for a new game and this one looked a little boring in the ad, but I decided why not give it a shot? After all, I needed a new game. So I did a quick download and started playing. Two hours later, I was still playing. This game is so simple yet so addictive! I’m not sure how anyone came up with the idea of moving a small ball along a path, but this game was so satisfying I got addicted immediately. Definitely give it five stars! 😁👍

- 👍🏽

I really like this game


I like this game I really do but all the ads gotta stop. Every time I do a maze there is an ad after it like seriously! It’s very annoying especially if your trying go listen to music while on the app! Other than the ads I personally love the app and enjoy it a lot. I would recommend this app to all my friends too!

- A little problem

I was playing the game as normally then it was getting slower and slower.., but I kept playing but then my ball stretched out so long it broke out of the maze please fix this if you can

- This game is amazing 😊😊😊

This Game is so amazing I’m almost at level 500 the levels get easier than harder it is really good for competitive people I recommend you get this game.

- Amaze

It is a really calm and easy game, it is the best during quarantine

- AMAZING!!!!!

This game is really fun really easy and I love it because it doesn’t have any ads!!

- Cool game

This is a good game because it is fun to play with love u guys

- great app but...

i love this app very much. i use it almost every day but ive noticed that the levels start to repeat itself and it gets kinda boring. im on level 640 and im 99% ive played most of the levels at least twice. would really appreciate if you guys could change it up a bit. thats my only complaint, and if it werent for that i wouldve give. this app 5 stars

- Good game!

I have been playing for over a year now and I have to say this game is awesome, I am level 5000 now! I highly recommend this game to people who want to pass time and be satisfied.

- Already have 550 coins when I started just like three minutes

Go to play in a carried

- Felicidades

Me encanta es juego es uno de los mejores porque te entretiene y es educativo

- Great

Keep doin yo thang

- Why Amaze is Great

I play amaze on my phone. It takes skill to get really far. I’ve been playing for about 2 years. I am on Level 166 on classic mode. On music mode, I am on level 43. On limited moves mode I am on level 5. And on time rush mode, I am on level 8. I know the last two are really sad for two years. But I don’t play them a lot. So, Amaze is great. But I experience one bad thing that almost gave the rating a four star. So,the problem is that ,most of the time,music mode doesn’t work!!!!!!:( I turn on the volume. All the way up!!! And I checked if the phone was on silent. It wasn’t!!! I use my new iPhone and my old iPhone. Please, check about this bug,developers. Please leave a response. Yours Truely, Sapphire Sydney23 PS:pls recommend some of your games in the response. Peace!!! !;)

- The best game ever

This game is is amazing I am making a video about it

- Thank you

This app is so addicting I can’t stop using it 💞💞💞

- Not worth it

This game is not worth it the levels are to easy and never get hard games are easy to hard that it how this game should be but it is not.🙁😕

- how many levels omg

how many levels are there? as soon as it started giving me frickin percentage of how much i have done i’ve been playing this game like a crackhead, like literally at all times. i’m on level 14453. i’ve been on 99.99% forever and i just want to know is 100% possible. please tell me it’s possible and when it is. i’m literally going crazy trying to get to 100%


This game is like so cool you should go check it out like I’m telling you it’s like so fun and you have to move the ball to places to complete the game it’s like fun

- More challenging

It is an amazing game!!!😃❤️ But it needs to be more challenging But it is a great app

- 😊


- Ads

Way to many ads

- AMAZE-ing 😂

The game is amazing. I am almost on level 4000. You guys should make a score board. One thing that bothers me is that there’s too many adds

- Way to many ads


- Lvl 1000

I have just reached level 1000 in the game (yes with 3 zeros) it is easy but fun and if your ever bored you can do challenges with it and maybe see how quick you can pass a level

- Change game

You can maybe change that you have 15 moves in limed moves



- Wow

Such a fun fun game

- This is the best game ever!🤩

Hi this morning I was playing with my sister and it’s so FUN!!!!!!!! 😍🥰😘😍🥰😘😍🥰😘🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🥳🥳🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🎉

- Super fun

I love this game!! I practically play it every day and I am on level 1040!!! I find it fun to play when I am bored and I am basically always bored so I gat a lot of levels finished!!!😊

- Easy to play

Also very fun game but the game has to many adds

- Amaze is the best game ever

I love this game because it is fun and there are many different levels

- Too easy

More like paint the toilet bowl while I’m playing this.

- Leaderboard

Level 73000 add leaderboard so I can see if I’m #1

- I feel that none of the levels get harder

none of the lev last

- Weird ad problem

It’s a good app but I been having a problem where I get a ad and I can’t exit it, so then I have delete and download the app over and over again and lose all my progress.

- Really good game

This game is awesome I LOVE it

- Love it

I love this game so much it’s just really glitchy


This is the easiest game I have ever played. It’s only my first day and I am already on level 50!!!!!

- Going to number 1??

Im past 81% out of how many people??

- So good keep on doing this it’s fun


- add more levels

add more levels add more levels also can you make a leaderboard so we can see who has the highest level in the world

- Cool

This game is fin

- Stefano

Very fun game and comm

- Omg 😳

It’s awesome 😎😜😜😜😜😜😜

- This game is fun to pass time I like it a lot and I hope there’s more levels Up head


- good app

it’s quite fun and therapeutic, but it has way too many adds.

- Garbage

The game is trash because of all the ads🤦🏾‍♂️

- Great

Simple, fun, and addicting.

- Good

It’s good but it needs harder levels

- Ooooooof

Reee ooof sido

- Good but...

I love the way this game is formatted and I love the simplicity of the game itself but the over excessive ads are starting to wear on me. I’ve had you game for almost half a year now and I’m not board of it or haven’t completed it like others but if the ad content does not go down I will be deleting it. Also can you make some of the levels harder sooner on normal mode?

- !!!

if your sick of the ads,simply turn off your wifi!!!

- Missing some items

Fun and addictive but lacks a scoring board a lot of fun to be had though! It doesn’t get any harder, I should know, I’m on level 763.

- Fun


- Cool

I think you are twinkies

- Yeah

I love the game


It is Avery fun game, yet it has too many ads and it makes me want try on leave the game alot.

- I love it 🥰

This game is so easy and if you need help you can press the button that has a light ball💡

- Nice app

It’s a great app for kids and adults

- Amazing

I love this game

- This game is aMAZEing

So challanging and fun that you wouldn’t expect. Even my rabbit could do it😀😀😀 Love it

- Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads

Ads every 3 rounds. Good game. But I hate the gree.

- Good!!!!!!


- Fun

Really fun I can play it for hours! Keep doing what you do best! 😀

- I love the game

This is a really relaxing game and I just started playing it 10 minutes ago and I am already on level 70

- (Title)

It’s an addicting game. Good job developers!👍🏻

- Great Game!

Considering this is one of those arcade games you play in your spare time, it is surprisingly impressive. First of all, this games graphics are so good it looks like a game from Apple Arcade. Second, the several different game modes enhance the gameplay greatly by making the gameplay deeper and more challenging. The only thing I would recommend for the game developers is to make it more customizable by creating a way to make players able to switch the colour of the ball, or even the colour of the course.

- Hi


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- ℋ𝒶𝓅𝓅𝓎 𝓂𝓊𝓂🥳🥳🥳


- Poo

Not fun and very weird

- I love this game just maybe too many adverts

I got this game a week ago and it is so addicting and fun but every thing requires adverts

- Amaze

I love the game at the moment to cure my Bordem and it’s just an all round good game to play when you need entertainment. I’m on level 8177 and I still really enjoy it

- Great game

I loved the game and I loved the new game modes

- great but one problem

I love this game but just one problem, there are too many ads but I love this game and would recommend it to anyone.

- It’s good but..

It’s a very nice game to play but, I don’t recommend to play this game if your sick or have just been sick because it just makes you feel worse, way worse in my experience.

- Amazing

I love this app it is teally fun and super adictive i also love how many levels there like time limit ect i also like how it keeps it easy but hard at the same time so i definetly recomend but the thing that is annoying is the ads so just to help mabye lower down the ads ♥︎♡︎

- I love this game

I like this game because I spend all my free time on it and it is super easy ,can you make it harder please ?

- Ah lol

game just normal bad mobile game where they want money so juste pleas eeew shoot downs loads this game jsjsjsk

- Amaze game

This game is very entertaining but whatch out for those adds

- Hehehff


- Revere

It’s the hardest but fun game I have ever played

- Fans

Thiz game is da best dud3

- That Girl Na’ila

This game is so amazing 😉. It is really concentrating as well

- A game for idiots

This is a game for idiots. So you’ll probably love it.

- Very boring doing the same thing

Very boring there is no fun to it probably,the worst game I’ve ever played,a decent game if your very bored!not recommended!

- It would of got 5 star if.........

I am very annoyed with the amount of time I have spent watching adverts instead of playing the game I had actually got. My ads show up before I finish the level and it finishes for me. 😔😔 It would have been a 5 star 🌟 game for me but I HAD to rate it 🌟🌟🌟🌟 (four stars)

- Rolling ball I 💭 think

Very welcome to a person but I’m 👌 ok with it but the only boring thing is the ball and I like the ball because some people want a different shape like me!!

- Happy

I love it

- My game

It’s a amazing game😅

- Game

Truly the best game

- Ads

I love this game except from the ads that don’t ever end

- Why I hate the ad

The advert just annoys me because it’s so stupid the child is clearly in need of going to school not being homeschooled by a slag and sugar daddy

- Perfect for all ages!

I’m a 68yr old grandmother playing Amaze with my 4 year old granddaughter... We love it!

- It should have an amount of u can do it in


- Maze

I like it but it has too much ads, it’s really annoying. It’s a really great game.

- Review

To be totally honest it is really good if u get stressed or anxious just takes all the feeling away because you are concentrating on this game would highly recommend thanks

- Amaze

It is fun It is easy It is hard I gave it 5 stars

- 😊

I really like it. You can use it if ur stressed or sad it really calms you down

- Can’t put it down!

The game is really addicting and is really fun to play, so far I’m on level 2601 and continue to play!

- Amaze

Me and my son love this game

- I got a pizza and I was just getting

Ya I don’t have a

- Faith

I play all night and don’t go to sleep always on this game u should download this game

- -

This game is so addicting and I love it but there is a bit too much ads


This is the best game I've ever played and it is free also it's easy for me and my younger sister and I really love this game thank you that you made this game

- I love this game❤️

This game is so addictive I am on level 1030! It does get harder as the levels go up but you also get these easy levels like bonus levels all I can do is recommend it to everyone

- Good game

I’m on level 32100 and still going


Best free game ever! But not better than roblox

- Adequate game

Great and addictive game, however many levels are repeated. It’s hard to notice... but they are.

- Amaze

5 star keeps people will actually everyone happy and interested

- Amazing

I really love the game it helps me focus in school and I play it before bed time

- Helped my anxiety! :)

I’ve been playing this game for around a year now and it’s been something I’ve used to calm my nerves or distract myself, and it always helps no matter what. It’s such a simple game yet so addicting and relaxing, I’m now on level 16,000 ish so you can tell it’s working 😂 The levels do repeat themselves and it’s kinda just muscle memory at this point but that doesn’t make the game any less fun :)

- Happy

I like how it makes me pulsed and ready to understand how hard levels can be 😀😎


I really like this game because sometimes it’s really easy but normally it is really fun and quite difficult but other than that it’s great.:) and it is kind of satisfying.And after every go it dose not have an add after it like Peale the fruit game. So I think this is a really good game and I definitely recommend it to you.😉

- Good game easy levels

Don’t get me wrong this game is great but as I played through it I realised that the levels are a bit too easy to complete and they’re not really challenging at all. The levels need to gain difficulty as you play through the game instead of being the same difficulty all the time.

- Good but....TO MANY ADDS.

I like this game but it’s just so boring and I’d like a menu at the start and harder levels because I’m currently on level 56 and it’s just not hard enough for my liking but otherwise it’s a cool game and gets you brain going. And now for my biggest complaint, this is barely a real game there is SO many adds and every level I pass has another add waiting for me. My good news, This is a nice game to play it’s very relaxing and addictive, it’s also great for my brain to get working in the morning before my school day and I’m hoping for feedback from the creators of this app- Freya

- I enjoy this game so much

I really enjoy this game because when I play other quiz games they are really confusing (kind of) but when I play this game I fell like I'm enjoying myself and I'm learning something and I'm moving up levels really quickly. I also love the new levels that you added like the time rush and limited moves etc, they are so fun Thank you, Your sincerely, Rowan 😁

- Good Game

Meh,it’s good, but I wish ud do a harder levels option

- Awful

This app started full of promice, but once it went on, it got worse worse. Now, I can't go on this app because it won't let me. DON'T get AMAZE

- Addictive but needs work

I love AMAZE!!! but I think it would be better if you could put some music and mini games!please consider my request AMAZE!!!thanks bye!

- 🥰😍


- False cost advertising

Really annoyed that there was no payment indicated with this purchase.

- Amaze

Harder than you think

- So good

It is an amazing game but I don’t like the mode with limited moves but overall it is the best game ever and it is really addictive 🤩🥳🤩🥳🤩👍👍👍👍💓💓💓🍰😛😋

- Review

The app was fun, but then it got repetitive. The same level over and over and over again. One other thing that frustrated me was that after each level you would get an ad.

- Awesome game 12/10

This game is awesome. It takes some skill to pass the level but it’s not too easy or too hard either. Just this game is awesome. No ads. Just 5 star because I love it. I will love this game and only this game. Any plagiarisers will get a bee sting in the behind.

- Happy to play non-stop?

Highly addictive. Great puzzles. Few double ups but somehow you just want to keep playing. Doesn’t take long to figure out how it works but the puzzles are all possible without need to restart if you think you did a mistake! Love this game!

- There is no 100% completion!!!

I’m at level 12400. Ever since level 12200 I get a “you have beaten 99.99% of players”. It stops increasing at 99.99%!! Intentional I think due to lazy coding...

- To boring

Toto many ads

- Amazes Good Report N Advice!

“I just got amaze!! and it’s the best game ever honestly if you don’t have amaze, your missing out!”. “But I do think that the game should have something were you can, VS you’re friends online!.”

- This game is great but it lags

I’m not sure if it’s just for my iPhone 6 that’s doing this but I really like the game and I want to play this game without any lag (btw there are too many ads)


Very fun and challenging ❤️

- Love maze

I love this game so much

- Soooooo many ads

Remove the ads

- Bad

There is toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch Addddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddsssss I HATE THIS GAME I WISH I HAD NEVER DOWNLOADED THIS STPID GAME

- They play the same ad all the time

It would be a great game if they didn’t play the same ad every 5 seconds! That one tik tok ad that stops the music I’m playing just to play some random song to match a tik tok. I haven’t seen this ad on any other apps so why this one.

- Awesome

This is a spectacular app that I could play all day! The only problem is the tiktok ads. I cringe at tiktok. I just can’t stand it!

- Amaze

I am addicted to this in a good way

- Ads

Its a good game but the amount of ads is on an another level

- Its Asome


- Question

Why do the adds put it like it’s so hard but in reality it’s so so so so so so so easy.Also can you fail???

- Best game ever


- Hello

Your work is great whenever my wifi is not working I always go on amaze because it amazes me so much good job From maci

- Easy and fun

This is a great game 🤩and good fun when you are bored😔 it is very addictive but not that hard even at level 1000 however good to get your brain working in the morning highly recommend you try this game 🎮 having so much fun playing this game keep up the good work guys

- Only had it for 30 minutes

Love this game so much. I only had it for half an hour(30mins) and I’m already on level 100. Wish there wasn’t as many ads as there are. I love this game so, so much. 🖤🖤

- Wow

On the add I watch I had amaze and I can beat level 4 I’m on 882 currently

- Amaze

Needs more levels

- Yes!

I only just started and I’m already on level 20!!!

- Adds

When ever you finish a round a add pops up and I understand they’re doing it for money but they just need to lower it a bit

- Ok let’s be honest this is a great app

Ok let’s get down to business let’s start with how simple but brain work this is to figure out we’re ur supposed to go to get there and weird shapes u can make. Ok next, I think it can be improved by not as much ads as like every 10th level I will get an ad but it’s really not a big deal to me for others wanting to purchase this app one thing I will tell u right don’t get frustrated if u do and can’t pass a level just take a step back and let ur mind focus I love this app and I hope u will too!! Ok well thx for this app and peace out!!!!

- Hi


- To easy

Bad game

- fun you should get it is a good app

Ffun and a good app

- Great

But level 183 in the new game mode “limited moves” is literally impossible.


Okay.. so I’m a bit obsessed with this game 😂😱 I just made it to level 500 🤦‍♀️😜

- Good but...

The game is fun but can you please add a button for hints because level 253 is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohard!

- Upgrade levels

Im nearly at level 20000! But there are no new levels, they are just repeating over and over.It will be so much fun if you put some new challenges although it’s still amazing for me.

- Da best

This is the best game ever it so fun and goes on forever it is enjoyable for the hole family I would give the age rating 3- 45

- vibrant

having rouble with vibrations as it's not working please help also putting a tip box in the game would be great Just now I deleted the game trying to fix this error and I have lost all my levels which is unfortunate as I have about 1000level and it's gone and still now vibration, extremely dissatisfied would be truely grateful to even get me my levels back

- Adds

I think u should remove all adds freely so that ppl won’t have to waist there time one them and more ppl will get this app if it’s like the only one with out adds I mean u can remove them for free it would be way better ;)

- OKAY...

This game is good but needs more pazzasz

- WHY!?

Hey I have been trying to download this game but it saying to me that there is abuse in the game so what ever it is make it go away

- Amaze

Sooooooo fuuuunnnnnn

- Pretty good

It is pretty good and has less adds Which is wonderful but it would be better if you could maybe Create skins and add a home screen where you can choose what level to play plus a Reset button every level. THANK YOU!

- Awesome!!!

This is the best game in the whole wide world! I am enjoying it a lot.

- AMAZEing Game

Almost level 2000 in top 10% of players globally!

- Too quiet

Look. This game is really good but having no sound is just weird for me. I would like it if your game had sound because right now it’s boring.

- 🔥🔥🔥

Very exclusive like BOOM🔥

- So good

I’m currently on level 2097 and I’m so addicted. Such a fun game!!!

@whyesselday Neva my peoples tell me a lot bout y’all I kno sum shit that will amaze yo mind Brodie bro

@dotswap: not to toot my own horn but i sometimes amaze myself of how i can turn the left one into the right one... 👉👈 …

She was too big to eat because of pregnancy

So this female Corba wasn’t letting the male mate with her because she mated with someone else so he killed her and tried to eat her 😱

*amaze 😶

@YOGESHGR10: Proof that #prabhas didn't just act in BAAHUBALI... He LIVED IT... Because IT WAS HIS REAL CHARACTER. THAT'S WHY PEOPLE W…

@RascalTweets: It never ceases to amaze me the self-justifications people are capable of when it serves their own interest.

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AMAZE!!! 2.4.0 Screenshots & Images

AMAZE!!! iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

AMAZE!!! iphone images
AMAZE!!! iphone images
AMAZE!!! iphone images
AMAZE!!! iphone images
AMAZE!!! iphone images
AMAZE!!! ipad images
AMAZE!!! ipad images
AMAZE!!! ipad images
AMAZE!!! ipad images
AMAZE!!! ipad images
AMAZE!!! Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
AMAZE!!! Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

AMAZE!!! (Version 2.4.0) Install & Download

The applications AMAZE!!! was published in the category Games on 2019-02-16 and was developed by Crazy Labs [Developer ID: 721307559]. This application file size is 136.12 MB. AMAZE!!! - Games posted on 2020-03-26 current version is 2.4.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

AMAZE!!! Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Medical/Treatment Information
Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence
Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes
Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes

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