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JUMP Starter offers you a flexible way to earn. Plus, you’ll help keep electric scooters in good condition and ready to ride—when people need them—in your city.

Use the app to:

- Sign up and create an account
- Find low-battery scooters nearby
- Pick up and drop off fully-charged scooters at zones throughout your city

Visit https://jump.com/jumpstarter_faqs_ios for more information.

JUMP Starter: Charge & Earn App Description & Overview

The applications JUMP Starter: Charge & Earn was published in the category Business on 2019-04-10 and was developed by Uber Technologies, Inc.. This application file size is 97.99 MB. JUMP Starter: Charge & Earn current version is 1.4.4 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

We update the app regularly so we can make it better for you. Get the latest version for all of the available JUMP Starter features. This version includes several bug fixes and performance improvements.

JUMP Starter: Charge & Earn App Tips, Tricks and Rules

JUMP Starter: Charge & Earn Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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Joenniel   1 star

White screen. There was an update hoping that they will fix the loading screen when you want to charge but no they didn’t it’s still there. And it’s been like that for months. They need to address the problem.

Chappy1978   1 star

Spinning wheel of death. Need I say more. Ok there is no technical support. Stay clear.

rachel27s   1 star

Doesn’t work. Always freezes

JimmyNoBahls   1 star

The app is broken. Everyone appears to be struggling with this so I’m not alone. I can’t scan to pick up a scooter and a white screen takes over the app when I first open it. How are the scooters getting charged is you’re not letting your jump starters do their jobs????

Tylerfromtexas   1 star

Trying to use it, only spinner/pinwheel. As soon as I launch it, it starts a pinwheel. I guess that’s the same as everyone else’s experience the past month or more. Oh well, I tried to charge.

KeedTalk2Em   1 star

Does not work !. Terrible app! It has not been working for over a month now. You can not scan scooters not manually type them in.

phr0stbyt3   1 star

Spent $200 on chargers and can’t even use the app to pick up scooters. I guess I’m going to be charging for Uber’s competitors for a while. Apparently, there is a known issue affecting only iOS users rendering the app completely inoperable. I can see the map, all of my verification has completed, but I am presented with an infinite loading screen when I scan a QR code on a scooter. Same thing happens when entering the number manually. At the present time, it is not possible for iOS users to use this app to pick up scooters at all. There was supposed to be a fix “this week” according to uber support. We shall see.

i_dont_play_about_my_money   1 star

Stop accepting applications. If y’all know that people are unable to pick up or drop off them y’all need to send out a mass email letting people know you have people that is using time and money they don’t have to be kicked in the face and say well if you couldn’t scan a pickup then you won’t be paid for it. If you can’t scan at pickup location leave it they will not pay you for it.

TryingAtl   1 star

Only Loading. When I try to scan a scooter it says loading and that’s it. I hope they fix this issue soon.

Camel the Scout   3 star

Curious???. Apparently other people are having the same issue as I with the app. for quite sometime. I assume they read the same Craigslist add for employment that I did, I am still interested. Has the problem been addressed and I just missed it? Please reply.

furthest green   1 star

Eternally loading. I've never been able to use the app after signing in. For a split second the app shows controls/a map, but quickly transitions to a never-ending loading pinwheel

Set el bey   1 star

App not working. I’m a charger and rely on charging as a source of income : for the past 4 days the apps has had technical Difficulties keeping people from being able to scan any scooters. No one can ride them or pick them up or drop Them off after charger. It seems jump has no idea what’s wrong with the app and sadly this looks like the end of jump or the beginning of its Downfall .

JJtheTidalWaveXM   1 star

Eternal Loading. The update does not work. It won’t let me scan any available scooter - it just goes to load forever.

jae bae 305   1 star

Not working. App is not working at all

qwue12   1 star

Loading problems. There needs to be someone that checks the site daily. All the app is doing right now is continuously loading and nothing else.

Mary Poppins the third   1 star

App needs to be fixed. Once opening the app, it just loads all day long. I haven’t been able to use it for days. I hope someone fixes this issue soon.

Dope_a_meen_rush   1 star

So, does this not work?. I open the app and the screen to find scooters pops up for a second then an ad, to drive Uber, pops up and after that a loading screen. I’ve let the loading screen load for 10 minutes before giving up.

JaiilaAmor   1 star

Spinning wheel of death. I Open the app and sign in, but it just loads forever.

DemonHarris   3 star

Love it normally. Is there something happening with the app? It keeps telling me to update although I have the most recent version.

jasmine1592   5 star

Love it!. I can’t live without the app now. So far so good.

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