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Earn extra money as a delivery driver with the DoorDash Driver app. You’ll have the flexibility and freedom to drive when you want, where you want.

Sign up to become a driver and choose your own hours. You can dash near your home or in a city you’re just visiting. Driver jobs are a great alternative to an hourly, seasonal, or full-time gigs.

Millions of people order food through DoorDash. When customers place an order, our app offers the deliveries to drivers (aka Dashers), who earn money by picking up and delivering them.

To start earning money, all you need is a smartphone and a mode of transportation, such as a car, bike, scooter, or motorcycle. We’ll take care of everything else!

Our signup process takes just a few minutes. After signing up, it’ll take 1-2 weeks to get your account fully activated.

DoorDash is available in over 4,000 cities in all 50 U.S. states, including Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico; over 80 cities in Canada; and Melbourne, Australia, with more coming soon.

Find out if we’re in your area or learn more here:

DoorDash - Driver App Description & Overview

The applications DoorDash - Driver was published in the category Business on 2019-03-13 and was developed by DoorDash, Inc.. This application file size is 106.39 MB. DoorDash - Driver current version is 2.34.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

- Performance enhancements
- Improvements to the pause and end dash experience
- Minor tweaks to the customer unavailable experience
- Bug fixes galore

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DoorDash - Driver Comments & Reviews

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singh2310   1 star

New pay model is worst and using customer tip on base pay. Doordash using customer tip on base pay.. when someone customer pay tip the doordash base pay is only $2 and $3 only.. i same way and same miles when customer pay no tip the. He switched the base to $5 and $6 dollars.. its means doordash is stoling money and using customer tip..

Trikera   2 star

Just drive for Bite Squad instead.. I’ve been driving for about two weeks now and I’ve had one night where it felt worth it. However, most of the time you can spend around thirty minutes to and hour on an order and make about $10. That might be nice some places but in Hawaii that’s nothing. Earlier today I made about $7 in an hour and a half. One of those orders taking about 45 minutes to complete for only $3. Customers don’t have to tip on the app and because of this they usually don’t. This is my biggest complaint so far. Door dash should make tips mandatory. You can tell when an order doesn’t have a tip because of the absurdly pay when it pops up. If you don’t accept it because it’s not worth the trouble then your acceptance rate drops. Save yourself the trouble and just drive for Bite Squad because they guarantee an hourly wage as well as tips. Out here bite squad pays $20 an hour for the same amount of work. I have yet to earn $20 in one hour driving for door dash. Like I said I live on Oahu, HI so the bad pay has nothing to do with me being somewhere where no ones ordering. I started driving for Bite Squad to check it out and so far I’m already making way more money than I was with Door Dash. Maybe if Door Dash stops neglecting their drivers and being so greedy I’ll start driving for them again.

rina12125811   1 star

App does not work. I keep getting error messages every time I try to dash, claims my account is not activated that is the error message I keep getting. I emailed them and they said its activated and that I should be able to deliver, but I keep getting error message 😢

F4YD3D   3 star

Fix your scheduling. Everything about this app is amazing. EXCEPT for the scheduling. Every-time I try to change my start time to later, the app turns into trash. It never works, and it always gives me an error message. If I already have a shift, there should be no problem with changing the shift to a later start time. Logically, that makes literally no sense. Please fix this, because it’s cost me hundreds of dollars, and I’m tired of calling doordash support and them telling me that there’s nothing that they can do on their end. It’s a simple programming fix. I can even help you if you can’t figure it out SMH

Mr101Motivation   1 star


ibsmlxusjslams   5 star

Doesn’t work with iphone 8. It’s doesn’t work with iPhone 8....

MiltonMAPSMilton   2 star

Loosing money. This app is full of malfunction lately, idk how many times I got an sms saying I have a delivery, app shows nothing, then 30 seconds later another sms saying I did not respond to a delivery! 10hrs in Boston to make 50$!!! It’s a real bad joke

Kolby Somers   1 star

don’t work for doordash lol. I work for postmates ubereats and grubhub and they are all much better than doordash. the app is super glitchy, and you get paid less

Plaid11   3 star

Rating is an issue. If I get a bad review, I would like to know why so I can try to fix it. Was it something I did or was it the restaurant? If it’s one where something was missing, I can’t always check because the order goes straight to the restaurant and I don’t see what was ordered. It’s really that I want to know what I’m doing good and what I’m not. A bad rating needs to be justified by the customer. They can give a poor rating just because it’s DoorDash and they don’t like how much it cost or how the process was. They can give a poor rating because a hard taco isn’t crunchy by the time they get it, nothing can be done about that. Plus, the main reviews will be the bad ones and on occasion a good one. I can go out of my way for a delivery but the customer will never know because I’m not going to tell them because they don’t want to know. I’m not going to unwrap a burger to see if it was made properly. McDonald’s seals their bag so I can’t always double check it, and they put the drink inside the bag. I can’t control what happens inside the bag with a drink in there. The rating system needs a lot of work!

Nelle Belle 💖   1 star

Won’t open!!!. I just updated and tried to log in and it won’t let me!!! What is going on?! How can I do this if it doesn’t work correctly?!

Bittten   1 star

Glitchy. Glitchy app, company won’t reimburse you for their credit card failing after they stall for more than a few days. 0 stars if I could

Boogyman_kiss   3 star

Not my favorite app in food delivery. I like door Dash the only problem is I cannot log on and off whenever I want to. I have to schedule times and work the full amount of time not like Uber eats and postmates where you can log in and out whenever you want. I also don’t like using a card to order and pay for peoples food. Also if you work late night after 10 P.m. all you get is fast food orders and most of the time you have to sit in long lines at the drive-through that can be up to an hour per delivery at most fast food places such as McDonald’s and Burger King which are the top orders at that time. Don’t get me wrong you can’t make money I like DoorDash but I seem to like Uber eats a little more because it’s easier and pays better and you can login and off whenever you want

Estebanzazu   1 star

The app falls too much. the app falls too much, that makes working with Door dash very difficult, it has too many failures

okok201920192019nanana   1 star

Rate system is really bad. I dont like they rating system beacuse the more delivers i do, my rating keep going low and low

Ugh58315   2 star

Undo. Please put back automatic scroll to scheduled dash. The new total dashes number is meaningless.   2 star

Not The Same, Pay Stinks Like Gas. Minimum base pay for any delivery should be $4 or $5, plus DoorDash delivery pay, plus customer tip. In the last two weeks or so, Dasher pay has gone down the drain. No sensible dasher is going to be willing to do a petty $5 delivery given the conditions/nature of this job: traffic, driving, waiting, confirming items, parking, language barriers (at merchants), carrying items and drinks, restaurant lines, PARKING, waiting, merchant delays, GPS/navigation, hands-free driving, general safety. The restaurant should be pinged when a dasher arrives and needs to confirm delivery. Once food picked up, restaurant needs to confirm which pings to driver to accept or deny to continue onto the delivery. 15 mins worth of waiting should be compensated, waiting times at the merchant should be compensated. I cannot count how many times I have not been compensated for waiting 15 minutes + for food and time IS money. I want to see DoorDash do better and succeed. Currently, however, the risk is not worth the reward and DoorDash MUST permanently increase their pay & solidify their pay model(s) as in due time future competition and new food delivery tech companies will eventually knock them into oblivion.

oriental.ramen   3 star

Scheduled dashes???. Okay so I haven’t been able to schedule any dashes...anytime I open the schedule it says that a error occurred. Everything else works fine but this feature and I would really like to be able to schedule dashes. :(

mmmmmmmhbv   1 star

Fast Pay. I should not have to wait 7 days for confirmation of a debit card for Fast Pay. Uber give you access for the money you’ve made right away.

Eff&ARR   2 star

Not every driver is treated equally. What happened? as to your Horrible rating system, I am very respectful and I value myself along with others, I know my worth and this app doesn’t care how human you are . Not impressed.

chenkailing777   2 star

Florida. It’ll send you far out of the way to deliver and for little pay. This also makes it impossible and not worth it to travel back to your area to accept more deliveries.

Isaac Hughes74   1 star

Trying to work. I am logged out nearly every time I open the app and met with an error that says “The operation couldn’t be completed”

jreal561   1 star

Glitchy. So unstable

Lei Bay   5 star

Great side gig. Very easy to use, fair pay, not so competitive, and overall makes me money

MMarxer94   1 star

Why can’t DoorDash create a working app for drivers?. I don’t understand why a multi-billion dollar company cannot create a functioning app for drivers. It’s horrendous.

munkin93   1 star

Horrible Experience. Not only is the app glitchy and causes me to constantly lose scheduled dashes, but the customer service is awful. If you try to reach out for any reason, you are given the run-around and treated like a dispensable resource. They care more about customers than dashers. Not to mention this garbage app that doesn’t work. Do better.

Aprilann4282   2 star

Recent pay decreases. I’ve only been using Doordash for maybe a month and I LOVED it to start out!! Loved the freedom, the app, and the ease. The whole process to set it up was so easy. The app makes a lot of sense and is usually really efficient. But the last week or so something about the pay has changed because it has consistently been really poor money and no other factors have changed (traffic, time of day, day of week). I’ll average about $12/hr which isn’t worth it after gas and taxes. If I could guess, I’d say that maybe they lowered their minimum requirements for order totals. But either way I’m not sure I can use this for a second source of income anymore which is a bummer cause I really enjoyed it!

tomatu_yukota   1 star

change schedule. I can't change the schedules

annoyed driver ok   1 star

Fix your app!. Horrible app. I was banking on a SCHEDULED 12 hour shift I had today. The app keeps saying “Login error we are unable to process your request at this time, please try again later” I lost my entire shift. It’s 2am and I still can’t login. I probably won’t be able to Dash tomorrow either. I’m so over this app.

Iltapp   1 star

LESS THAN MINIMUM WAGE!!!!. Do not and I mean absolutely do not drive for doordash! Not only is the pay horrible for the amount of time you put in but they steal tips.

Writers_high   2 star

Scammers. Doordash honestly doesn’t pay its dasher enough. Before I accepted an order it said guarantee 8.68 for the order I accepted it checked my breakdown and seen that I received a 10$ tip from the customer. Which would be 18$ in total for the ride. Doordash only paid me a 1$ 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 doordash definitely takes customer tips and honestly I noticed if the customer tips door dash will pay you 1 maybe 2 dollars. If the customer doesn't tip door dash pay you the most MAYBE 4 dollar you only make 7 of it's a nig peak time. Not worth the gas, mileage you put on your car.

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AmbyMtl   4 star

A big problem. Hi, you need to let the drivers start shift any where in the city, not in the area only, this is bad

vishnevetsky   1 star

Can’t go to dasher support!!!. Using iPhone 6s Plus and the app shuts down when I try to get dasher support. Pls fix this bug

Nakkkkk   4 star

DD. Good for earning quick money.

Boonz1340   1 star

Bad business ever!. I just joined Doordash driver couple days. The orientation was good. Everything sounded promising. But when it comes to the app experience, it is such a worst experience ever. App crash during delivery time, there will be no support number that you can find even online and their website. Such a cheap company, that can’t even afford to hire people for call support and keep their app works properly. Even the app crash but orders keep coming in like crazy, but hopeless to pick them up. Any order that you missed, it will affect your matching score (this is even not my fault). don’t know how could Doordash compete with other companies in the market.

Ahnaf345   1 star

Stole the money i earned. The worst app ever and the worst customer service ever, they stole the money i earned and blaming the app for it.

jenchsbw d   1 star

App does not open. Error code 1 and it does not wanna open thats not the first time, and it have been like that for 4 hours. I even tried uninstalling and installing it again but with no use

Mahjesty   3 star

Xr. DoorDash doesn’t work well for iPhone XR for Dashers.

bitoyworld   1 star

No delivery at all. 2hours of waiting to receive orders in their hot spot nothing came in. 😭

Amrit farmah   3 star

A dasher. Everything is on road just they are not focusing on travel and waiting time for dashers and not compensating. All dashers I recommend shoot an email probably they will look at it or not ! If u have G go for uber eats the best in waiting time even thoughfor 15 mins wait they pay straight $15, Competitors are better they are good too just have to focus on this and long distance deliveries sucks.

JSByron   1 star

Still looses my location and ends my dashes. Still looses my location and ends my dashes

Snboud2   5 star

Abboud2. Hi

fruttose   1 star

Notifications but not no orders. Keep getting app and sms notifications about available order but the app does not show anything! Using IPhone 6.

Femo T   1 star

Long distance. The app can use improvements on tip, base pay, and dash pay breakdown before i accept the order and display customer distance from restaurant. I took one delivery that was 17 min to restaurant then 13 min to customer plus restaurant wait time. I got paid $9.50 which is not worth my travel and wait time. I called to complain they said its a common dashers issue and extra compensation is not an option. In summary travel time vs compensation is not worth it. Competitors pay better.

lone walf   1 star

App bugs worst, tech support worst. When I sign in the App on the very first day, I get to schedule page, the App was showing unable to load data. I sent email to support team, they replied saying specialist in Phoenix will contact me and solve this issue. It’s been two weeks now, no specialist contact me, no one solve the issue.

asdarmaan   1 star

Worst. Worst app in one day u cant earn more than 20$

Khilji08   1 star

Not reliable at all. A total time waste for the Winnipeggers. They already have 2500+ dashers in Winnipeg when maximum on-road dasher requirement is 150. Getting scheduled is really hard. They offer half hours slots once or twice a week which are good for just a single order. Dear doordash, set a limit to the number of delivery persons you hire so that they can rely on doordash and earn something. Ten people earning $300 a week is better than hundred people earning $30 a week. Otherwise the dashers will start walking away to other platforms that offer better scheduling options and are bit reliable.

javi876   5 star

Awesome p. Great app

sheida shaghaghi   1 star

Veryyy bad experience. I have set up my application for working on door dash, i worked for one week and when i wanted to update my bank account it keeps saying unable to verify you!!! When i contact support they are very unhelpful so ... i havent get paid yet The orders also are very less , 5$,6$,7$ maximum 9$ ! There are better delivery jobs than this

pixiepie17   1 star

There is literally no way for me to accept dashes. Just get a text saying to accept go to the app says i have no orders then gets a text saying i didnt accept and it was sent to someone else. Really frustrating. Missed 6 orders during peak hour and made 0.00 in a full day. I could literally cry. There is no one on chat, no one responds to email. And no phone number can someone please help

lRyzen   3 star

Little Disappointed. Here in Windsor they tried launching when Uber and Skip control the market. You should have hosted a event to announce it like a Funraiser. I’m working for them I only made 2 orders they’re giving all the other orders to first 10 people in Windsor who signed up. The system needs to give each driver a order in a Rotation format till it becomes busier because I was Shift for 8 hours with nada

Htee30   5 star

Where to????. It would be great if we dashers can know before hand where to deliver the food we take from the restaurants.

yas11227   2 star

Low system. All the time system crashes 5* for the support team how ever application sucks a lot of wrong address

mohanad1974   1 star

Not. Just half an hour does it make sense to work half an hour

ashley.ann420   1 star

The app. This app does not work at all I can’t even make an account. There are no sign up buttons at all.

alpclkk   1 star

Not recommended. They’re not helpful and many glitches!

glendha diniz   1 star

Problems with the app all way round.. My app never worked well, I have opened some complaints about on help service, but no one has been able to solve my problem. So, now I cannot start the delivery once the start dashing is not available for me. Even though I’ve already scheduled.

hawd20   5 star

Mo ali. I love using this app but the customers must put their buzz numbers.

ch1g0   1 star

Very bad apps support. I sign as dasher it’s been two week but account not activated yet , and apps support not find my account , they said I have to sign up again... UberEats is much easier.....

adilxo   1 star

They keep your tips. Horrible app. Would recommend Uber since they dont rip you off and keep all your earnings and tips. I had a customer who told me he tipped me $60 dollars on the app he even showed me on his phone but all i received was the guaranteed earnings which was $9.60. Horrible business, how do you run a business when you treat employees like this. Filing for fraud.

walkyne   1 star

bad experience door dashing. the gps is not accurate I have to drive over 3-4 miles to pick up an order Many times I am sent to a restaurant that is not at the correct address Tips are not transparent I was not reimbursed 2 orders that I paid out of pocket

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fjdoe28   2 star

2 stars is generous. Is a decent way to make money when the app actually works. Constantly doesn’t. The new pay system isn’t that great either allowing way too small of base pays. Constantly things randomly go wrong with the app, and they delete features actually helpful for drivers. Terribly designed, please fix.

thecrimeisrealbro   1 star

DoorTRASH. App crashes every time you work. DO NOT drive for them.

Djnacho101   1 star

The app is terrible. I’m a dasher and no orders will come up. Then all of the sudden I get a text saying that I missed an order. I think they do this to not guarantee you money. I try to get help from the help center but there is no way of contacting anyone about it. Please fix it. I’m losing money bc of it and my ratings are going down!!

Blackthoughtz   1 star

Buggier by the update. They lowered the time from 90 to about 30 seconds. Which makes it impossible to accept an app if you have any cell connection issues and need to restart the app or something. Awful change.

Penelope the dog   3 star

Application has several errors. I just completed my first two dashes two weeks ago. Both deliveries the address given did not match up correctly with GPS and caused deliveries to take longer than needed. I have not been paid, the section where you add your bank info requires a picture of your ID but the camera function does not work and there is no help screen. I cannot find a contact number to even be able to call Dash to rectify this issue.

Jr Wanner   1 star

Log in error. I’ve been getting a log in error for the past two days trying to log into the app. (DoorDashDriver.Response-StatusCodeError error 1.). Very frustrating. Just uninstalled and reinstalled app.

valdez014   5 star

Lo mejor. Es la mejor aplicación para trabajar en tu tiempo libre y mejor pagada..

applesmoneywhore   1 star

App is trash. This app needs help. I’m done dashing until it’s fixed.

Lexie1193   2 star

Not happy anymore. I’ve been using DoorDash since April and I’ve loved it. I was making really good extra money. Everything was going good until mid October. I meet all of the requirements so that I can do the advanced scheduling for the next week. All of a sudden even though I meet all of the requirements for advanced scheduling the next week I’m not given any available hours. I haven’t been given any availability for over 3 weeks. It’s the beginning of November and I haven’t been given anything. I’ve emailed DoorDash twice about this and they haven’t done anything to help. How am I supposed to make a certain amount of deliveries so that I can qualify for advanced scheduling if I’m not being given any available hours. All of my ratings are good, I just need to make 5 deliveries but I’m not being given any hours. And if I am given any available hours it’s at random times like midnight or 2am, etc. It’s so frustrating. I deleted the app multiple times thinking that would help, but it doesn’t. I’m so close to giving up and going to UberEats or Grubhub.

TomeishaLJ   1 star

New Dasher. I’m a new dasher and it will not let me download the app so I can start my first delivery

jcvj62   1 star

App doesn’t benefit unless you’re top performer. Unless you are doing orders back to back even if the distance is 30+ minutes to merchant and back they will only pay you 3$-4$ depending! I would recommend postulates or Uber eats where you can earn way more money and put in miles worth the bucks

ahmarih   1 star

User review. One of the most glitchy and frustrating apps I’ve ever had to deal with

VKMEHRA   5 star

Wreck. This app is wreck. It crashes a few times a day.

Doihaf2haf1   1 star

An acceptable service, a terrible app. Pros: Quick money Steady if in the right area Doesn’t involve as many miles as Uber or Lyft Cons: One of the worst apps I’ve ever experienced. Frequently glitches out and freezes. When transferring to other navigation apps it will input the wrong address or no address at all. Not at all driver oriented. Buttons. Please. It is impossible to swipe when you are juggling parking, aggressive drivers, grabbing orders, etc. The service is hit or miss: some restaurants have a very clear cut mobile pickup, however I’m finding a lot of places are only placing the order when I arrive or, even worse, they don’t even receive the order at all. This results in wasted time and wasted money. If you need a quick dollar and don’t mind a slight headache at the end, it’s okay. But set your expectations low.

Tracyej   3 star

Can't Contact Customer. I have been reporting the fact that I cannot contact customer for TWO DAYS and I still can't! All I told is no one else is having a problem! I am having a problem! Fix it!!!

Jaray97   3 star

Communication and Double Orders. Often times when I do a double order, the second customer is unaware of what’s going on and will begin to think the dasher is up to something when that’s not the case at all. Then the 2nd customer will call wondering where I’m going because they can see me driving in a different direction, and that could potentially make me miss a turn since the call takes over the screen temporarily and finally impacting my delivery time. If there was something communicating to the customer know that the dasher is doing 2 or more orders and that they’ll receive their food in the order they were received.

hardworker7   1 star

Less Pay, doesn’t care about workers. Need to freaking pay more !!! It’s waste of time getting paid low money and depending on people’s tip !! Do something if you want to keep loyal workers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jorm60   4 star

Soy Dasher. Hace tres meses empecé con este trabajo, con el cual utilizo mi tiempo libre y aumento mis ingresos. No le doy 5 estrellas por que todavía no es perfecto, como todo en esta vida y sobre todo en todo trabajo. Problemas existen y existirán. Lo tomo del lado positivo y cada circunstancia adversa la sumo a mi experiencia de trabajo. Si tiene que en algún momento se cayó el sistema y te deja en el aire con el pedido o órdenes. Pero la compañía lo asume y te paga a ti Dasher y al cliente cubre su pedido de todas maneras. Están mejorando como el que tu te puedas comunicar con el cliente cuando la dirección está errada o cuando el restaurante no tiene el artículo o se le término, tu puedes cambiarlo o remplazarlo. Recordemos que este es un medio de Servicio al Cliente y tendrás que acordarte que tu también eres un cliente y que te gustaría que te traten bien y con una sonrisa. No hay nada mas feo que tú como cliente recibas a un empleado con tu cara amargada. Si tomamos la decisión de servir al cliente, hagámoslo con gusto.

Booooooieeeee23   5 star

Cash. When you’re done with your shift it should got your bank account once you’re done with your shift

zzz12345zzzzz   5 star

Thank you Doordash.. I have a lot of health Issues, & it’s hard to find anyone that will hire me. I have been denied disability for years. With door dash, I can actually work and earn money in my own time. Especially around doctors appointments and procedures. I don’t have to worry about being fired, for taking care of my health. Thank you! Even if it isn’t as much as I’d like, it’s still something. Something is ALWAYS better than nothing. It’s definitely not a career, or a FT job. It will be whatever you make it to be. I usually try to snag schedule time slots. And when I am signed in, I usually stay pretty busy. Some days will be busier than others. That’s any job. But if you do try to work hard, you communicate with your customers, and you are timely in your deliveries, it will pay off.

Sh1nyy3   5 star

DASHER APP. need improvement for update with frozen, keep missing from order and refused let me into this apps.

leaskteyssier   1 star

Friday night. App won't load properly. Sends me texts for jobs but I'm getting nothing on the app so no way to accept a job.

Yvng Quanti   2 star

Quick and easy money.. I’ve decided to leave this review, as I sit here not getting any orders in a peak area/busy for the past 30 minutes and I’m not able to end the dash. I honestly would only recommend dashing, if your in need for quick and easy money. - After 25 deliveries, they give you the option for Fast Pay, which allows you to receive your earnings in a matter of minutes. - Base pay is SOMETIMES decent if customers don’t tip. ($2-7) - You’re able to see how much you’re going to make from a dash before even accepting it. - The app itself is absolute TRASH/GARBAGE. As previously stated, at this very moment I’m unable to end the dash since the app is malfunctioning. 🙄 So, if you have patience then you’re great. 2 weeks ago, their whole system crashed and wasn’t working for about 2-4 hours. &&I was again unable to complete a delivery, not getting any orders and unable to end the dash. I jokingly asked if they were going to compensate dashers for their wasted time. I pretty much got a no, and if they do they’d notify every via email. As much as they charge customers you would like a gas card, credit for free deliver on yo next order or something... Nothing. I wish they had a way of notifying drivers, when areas are no longer busy. For instance, say you’re driver to a very busy area 15-30 minutes away, then half there or once you’re there you’re just SOL. If you’re considering dashing, I would do it at your own discretion. I probably spend half of the earnings I make on gas alone. Again, I’d probably only recommend if you’re in desperate need for quick cash. 🤷🏽‍♀️ -

Ki2daBizzle   2 star

Something wrong everytime. Why is it this app can work pretty good until they update it. Now my offers don’t come in in a timely manner and now sometimes they give you maybe 12 seconds to decline or accept. And if you miss that window then it’s a pain because they pause you and that’s another decline that goes against your stats. It would be nice if everything worked as it should.

earthcour   1 star

App doesn’t work. Huge waste of time and gas. The app glitches every five minutes. I log in and it says “error cannot start dash”. Then it says “oops! There’s a problem!” With no explanation. It is impossible to connect with customer service for help. If you want to be extremely stressed out and waste your gas on buying lazy people food, this job is for you. The people who run doordash do not care about you. They care about money. This is a horrible company and a glitchy, terrible app.

spectrummaster   1 star

Was super excited at first now really disappointed!. Please explain how I keep missing orders when I’m right there accepting them...??! Failed, lag, check connection when it worked fine all day. And what’s up with having to wait and make 100 orders before you can get paid??? I would like that money now so I can keep working...

bugeyeview   1 star

Fight for deliveries. There are way too many dashers there are never any deliveries you literally gotta watch the app 24/7 to catch one and then they text you and say it’s “very busy” you open the app immediately after and there’s nothing there I hate it when people waste my time

qwerrrtr   1 star

The issue with my iPhone11. I was unable to work as dasher since Saturday, October 2019 due to a change of the phone. I changed to the new iPhone 11. Version 13.2.. Door dash has not updated their system to work with the newest version of the Iphone. All effort to resolve this issue by the support team have been proofing abortive.. Using this medium to escalate to the developer of doordash to intervene and resolve this issue asap. Thanks . Adebayo

Awsome soxs   3 star

Doesnt tell you all the info you need. The app is good, when its good. But what bothers me the most is when i get to a Resturant that isnt a fast food or chain and then it tells me thar i need to order in person. LET ME ORDER LVER THE PHONE. DONT WAIT UNTIL I GET HERE AND THEN ME AND THE CUSTOMER HAVE TO WAIT EVEN LONGER. SO DUMB.

peterbug82   1 star

Horrible pay now. They use to pay fairly decent! I decided to dash the other day cause I was bored and they gave me $2 each for 3 diff deliveries what a rip off and they up charge for all the food on the reg app! 😂😂 I want be dashing anymore lol

Mini kayon   4 star

Great place to work. I wonder about the reviews here coz since I joined Dash I been making 500 plus a week. I’m a mum of 2 and work around my kids and this has been the best thing. My target is always 100 dollars a day and I always meet that plus more. I enjoy every bit of it. You work on your own schedule. What’s not to like?

aqusbw   1 star

Useless. They will never pay you what they say normally you will get deliveries for 6-8$ and the main thing is most of the restaurants don’t care about doordash they will start making food when driver show up which takes 10-15 minutes. There normal delivery takes 40-50 minutes. There customer care is useless. There rating system is crap.

pnarwal   1 star

Wrost company i have ever seen. I didnt lik the work with door dash they put advertise for $24 per hr but when i start work i hot the order very low with very less price they pay u $7 or $8 for the 20 km u drive thats include tips as well

mnayyar3   1 star

worst company in the market.. they are snakes. dont give you the pay they promise. if you work without peak pay. its just absolutely worthless. they send you an order all the way opposite to downtown for $6. dont go for this peice of garbage. app keeps on crashing. and there is actually a law suit against this company for showing the wrong compensation for drivers. when it comes to support. there isn’t any.

Rajatraja786   1 star

Doordash sucks. The whole app and the whole system of doordash sucks So many issues with the app No help support for the dasher Noone available for help waiting is almost forever I called them for help regarding a delivery almost stayed 2 hours on line still didn’t got response from anyone.

Anonymus2013   1 star

Too many bugs & no support. Never was this app able to display my total earnings, bonuses in zones, and also has issues loading the zone information so I can’t sign in. Already tried contacting their support. All just bots responding, or they just throw you some copy and paste answer and ignore you whether you have the issue resolved or not. Virtually there is no support whatsoever when something goes wrong with an order. In the end, it just cost you a lot of time standing around trying to solve a problem for 45 mins to an hour and only get paid for less than $10 CAD.

tannernh   1 star

Working for them. So I went to my orientation it was 30-45min drive I was 10mins late so they said I had to reschedule. I came back a diff day and did it and the lady set a dash for me for 3 hours the following day and I did it and did not get one dash in 3 hours. Then they call me and ask why I haven’t been dashing I told them why obviously^ and after 10 mins she was like oh you need to add a car to your account instead of a bike. She said she updated it and may take a few days. I emailed them twice more trying to add the vehicle by clicking “to add new vehicles contact driver support tap here” so I emailed them twice days apart. Week later I called them (20min call)they told me I have to go back to where my orientation was and show them my drivers licence when I already did that. Hella waste of time and money probably 7 hours and ~20 dollars in gas. I was paid for nothing. Do not waste your time.

foodie#33   1 star

Useless app. They couldn’t find any restaurants that deliver to a downtown Montreal address... an area that’s surrounded by restaurants! A useless that’s wasting digital space!

ip4izbest   3 star

Not great. So in my area its not very busy, or in just not getting orders sent to me I've wireless for about a week and 3-4 hours I've gotten no more than 2 deliveries in those time periods, also had a scheduled Dash till 8:30pm literally received an order at 8:30 and it wouldn't let me accept it, so the app sent me a delivery then wouldn't let me accept and reduced my acceptance rate.. It's a good idea and I know they haven't expanded enough in this area but the app needs some minor adjustments, hopefully more places start to get this app, might start skip the dishes.

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