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Blogg for Blogger [Social Networking] App Description & Overview

Blogg gives you the full power of Google's Blogger platform on the go. You can manage your blog from anywhere.


- Create blog posts including viewing, updating and deleting
- Upload picture(s) and video(s)
- View/Delete/Add Comments
- Schedule post publishing
- Multiple accounts
- Multiple blogs
- Offline Support

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Blogg for Blogger Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Added new tab "Feed". Share your posts with other users of the Blogg app. When you save a post in the Published status, you can add it to the "Feed". • Improved work with photo gallery. Photos selected in the gallery when added to the post will be added in the order in which they were selected.

Blogg for Blogger Comments & Reviews

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- Very useful but be careful

So glad there’s finally another Blogger app and it really is great, do download it. I mostly use it for writing a draft post when away from the desktop so I don’t use all the features. But it’s exactly like writing from the desktop, everything is there. For draft it’s great. Unfortunately sometimes it publishes a draft if I’m not paying attention which is hugely frustrating. It sometimes times out and I can’t save or copy/paste to salvage what I wrote. Or sometimes it takes a few tries to connect to my blog. Overall though, the good outweighs the bad.

- Great app for blogspot

This app has been handy so far. The blogspot website on mobile can be frustrating to use. This app fixed a lot of the problems I had with not being able to edit my whole post on mobile. I had read a lot of complaints, was cautious but since I couldn't deal with the website on mobile I took a chance on it and don't regret it. They seemed to have patched out the bad things I read in the reviews. It works smoothly. The features are enough for me to use this app solely. It has headers, subs, links, text editing, photo positioning, picture captions and everything you need to blog. My photos load to my blog just fine. No complaints so far.

- Images

For the most part, I have been impressed with the convenience of publishing from this app on my phone. However, one of the glitches I have found to be quite frustrating is the inability to upload images. I understand the restrictions with attempting to upload images that are not my own. But it won’t even allow me to upload any of the photos that are my own. So I don’t understand what the issue is now. I’ve tried trouble-shooting it to no avail so far. But I’m still hopeful for a solution. It would also be nice if the app included an added feature to manage pages on my blog as well. Thanks for taking these requests into consideration. - 𝒢𝓇𝒶𝓉ℯ𝒻𝓊𝓁 𝒢𝓌ℯ𝓃

- GOOD but cannot add edited photos

I would give this app 5 ⭐️ if i could add EDITED photos. Sometimes my photos on my phone are ok, but most of the times I need to crop them or brighten them. Unfortunately, this app will revert all my edited photos when i add them. If the creator can fix this glitch, I’d def change the rating to a 5 star.

- Crashes = Lost Blogs

I really appreciate having this app at my finger tips but it seems like it crashes or freezes up during my writing process. Sometimes it’s when I’m adding a picture, others it’s when I try to save and exit. When i reopen the app, all writing is gone. Which as a blogger, that is heartbreaking. I get in a ‘groove’ and it’s hard to get back into it after losing the last 3 paragraphs. Having an automatic save in place would help. If the app would save changes automatically every minute or so, that would help this entire concern. Thanks.

- Ok but Errors

Simple to use and I like the share feature. I bought this app because I wanted to be able to easily add photos to my posts, however, this is NOT working. I select a photo from my phones library and the app loads with a white circle but the image never shows up. I also had difficulty adding tags to my posts. If these features were fixed/improved then I would definitely recommend, but at the moment it is not worth the money! Hoping there will be an update soon :)

- Doesn’t save pics

I bought this for one reason - to add pics to a blogger post from the iPhone. It would have saved me from having to airdrop pics to my Mac first. This app goes through the motions of allowing you to pic photos to add to the blog entry, including a spinner to show that upload to blogger is happening. But when you check the draft post on blogger (or in the app) there are no photos. There’s no message to tell you it did or didn’t happen. I want my money back.

- Crashes

I love how easy this app makes blogging; but for something I paid for, I’m frustrated with how often it crashes; especially when uploading pictures. BTW this happens when I have a strong internet connection.

- I Like It, But...

Hi, I am BlindStormy and I wanted to tell I feel about your app. I have been waiting a long time to find a app that allows me to follow my “Blogger” accounts. Thanks, for creating this app. however, I have just one issue. There isn’t a share option, nor was I able to copy a link to share my post to Facebook. Can you fix please.

- Great app

I absolutely love using this app to do my blogs it makes it so much easier to do everything directly from my phone. I do beauty services in los Angeles and sometimes don’t have time to get on the computer! Christinereedla

- Great blogging app

I would give this app 5 stars if it let me move pictures to the left and right and wrap text. That is a feature of blogger that I love. It is easy to use, let’s me write on my phone without problems. I have had no trouble.

- Restoring earlier saved version of post

I literally just cried when I realized I had accidentally saved a pst with half the content missing. Enough that it can not be rewritten. This is an app designed for writers so I’m sure y’all must have covered your angles. Can you please respond explaining how to view post history?

- Easy to use

This app is easy to use and I haven’t had any issues so far but it would be VERY helpful for a landscape/screen transition for iPads with keyboards. Please update it to move to landscape when tilted/attached to a keyboard.

- View Blog

I wish I was able to view my blog as a whole and use all of the layout and edit features. Being able to write a post away from my computer is nice but not that important because I am able to schedule things to post from my laptop. All in all I would not have paid for this app:/

- Horrible!

I don’t know what happened, I’ve used this app just fine and then tonight, I tried to edit a picture on a blog I was working on and every blog I’ve created this year just lost all the pictures!! I’ve gone back in and can’t figure out what happened. Where is the support for this app? This is a horrible bug and I am praying it gets fixed!! I don’t know what to do and don’t know how to fix it.

- Almost useless

While you can post with the app, it seems that’s about the extent of useful work you can do. Useless features such as the feed take space that could be better used for accessing stats or other functions. I’m going to fiddle with it some more, but it’s looking like a waste of money at this point.

- Pleasantly Surprised

I put iff trying this app for over a year because of the mixed reviews but the desire to be able to write my blog on my iPad finally won out and I made the plunge. Happy I did it!

- Ok but need more options like Wordpress client

The blogger client is good, but it lacks image editing options, which does not match in responsive mode, for example, you adjust the paragraph in the app and in the pc version, it comes out different from mobile mode. Please update as soon as possible. It's got everything to be a great app. For now, 2 stars.

- My app gives me a hard time

I enjoy having an app to post to my blog, however my app always gives me difficulty. Especially when posting pictures. It’s not terrible definitely something I can deal with, but just not an “exceptional app”

- How can I search the very blog

Hi I come here cos I thought it’s useful when I want start to read some of blog that I focus on, but, unfortunately, I have to read what ever they push to me and painful I could not search or focus the person or blogs I m looking for? Any help on this? I do not want see so many trash info pls, Otherwise I m going to delete this app

- Won’t Upload Edited Photos

Everything about this app is great except if you upload a photo that’s been edited on your phone (cropped, color changes, etc.) the app will only upload the original, unedited, uncropped photo. So frustrating. Blogg app, can you fix this please!?!?

- Update

Please update this app. When I upload images from the app it doesn’t show on blogger page.

- My suggestion

It’s a good software,but try to make it show the amount of views per posts,and if I post a content that contains a lot of words it do force close alone.

- So close.. but when you lose content it’s lost :(

Had great hopes with this app (still kind of do). I was particularly jazzed that when the app crashed, i was led right back into the interrupted Draft— with pics! But... me being scientific, i immediately repeated the steps to crash, successfully crashed, and i lost that draft forever now :( :( :( Steps to reproduce: -Add photos to a new Draft -Put time and energy into a blog post -highlight and “cut” first image - Go to top of doc, Paste (image): CRASH. App disappears and you’re back on iPhone home screen :(

- Hard time with the app loading up

I have been having a hard time for the app to load. I constantly get cannot download because of server. And I only use this app to do the voice to text writing and then I edit it on my laptop. Hopefully an update will fix the issue

- Annoying

Bought this app specifically because I was having issues uploading photos to blogger via mobile browser, only to not be able to do so on this app either. Should have read the reviews and not just looked at the starred rating. Blech. Save your $3.

- Ugh!

I hate this app! But my laptop is broken and I’ve been made to try to write my blog post from my iPhone (if I try to write on my phone from the website it won’t allow me to preview all of my draft!). But the app has none of the fullness what the blogger dashboard is on the website. In addition, well, let me keep it simple: this app is a mess! #frustrated

- Bought but not able to use

Purchase the app because I am starting a blog for a personal brand of mine but for some reason, the app will not allow me to do anything. Not something I want to use.

- Great app that works smoothly

I can write a blog post, upload pictures from my phone in seconds. This app is great!!!

- Misleading Information

App description says it’s iPad compatible and even shows up under the “iPad only” search parameter, however it’s not optimized for iPad at all. Rather, it’s just the standard iPhone app that appears in vertical orientation only with the ability to scale up at poor quality. Not worth the time or money.

- Crashes 24-7

Good app but if I’m paying 2.99 for an app where I can just type for free on my laptop the least you could do is make sure it doesn’t crash. Literally lose writing every time if I’m not saving every 2 minutes. Cmon guys

- It Works and satisfying.

The app is simple, but there is nothing wrong with posting on the blog andIf there is oIf there is one to be desired that doesn't support landscape mode.

- Cannot upload photos

While I’m able to write and upload posts, the upload a photo button allows me to see my photos in my library, select if, then once you press done nothing happens...

- It Needs...

I am glad there is an app for Blogger. But I was hoping there would be a way for me to edit my profile. All I can see are the posts I have already made, honestly was a waste of money.

- Photo glitch

I can’t seem to upload photos.

- Won’t open: 404 error

I purchased Blogg for blogger by Google, which was $2.99 and not free as the ads said. I have tried to log in with my Google account and every time I am given a 404 error message and it won’t respond to anything from there. Useless unless I can get in somehow.

- Almost Good but often images will not load

Most of the time when I try to add images from my phone I get done cryptic JASON error. It’s Ok and simple to use as long as you only want to do text.

- Photos won’t upload

So annoyed that I spent money for another broken blogger app. The main feature a blogger would like to have, photo upload, doesn’t work.

- Not bad

Well it lets me write. But it’s not as user-friendly as one would wish it to be. For example, if I wanted to update a post and add a photo, the photo doesn’t show up. I have to open up my laptop and visit the website that way. Figure out what’s up. So the app lets me write but I can’t upload a photo. Thanks anyways though, The website will be good.

- Pictures don’t load

I’ve tried a second post with this app, and the pictures (an intergalactic part of the content) won’t and don’t load. Need to fix it or to find an app that works when I’m on the road

- Waste of Money! Do not purchase!!

This app is a complete waste of money. You cannot upload pictures. I wish I wouldn’t have bought the app after reading some of the other reviews. Don’t make the same mistake I did!

- Phone blogging!

This app makes it as easy to blog on the go as to post to Facebook or instagram. LOVE!

- Yup

Still playing with this app however it’s good so far for what I need it for. Simple drafts and edits on the fly.

- Beware this app! RUSSIAN HACKING!

I tried out this app to allow me to use blogger on an iPad. It did not work. More disturbing my private invitation only now shows that it has been viewed repeatedly in Russia and the Ukraine. Note that this app is made in Russia. ‘Nuf said.

- One and Done

I used this app successfully twice and then ever after it hasn’t work. I contacted support and was told there would be a fix for that soon. Still not working. It was convenient when it worked.

- High Hopes - Zero Execution

When trying to write a post the toolbar functions do not work, and the post will not save. When trying to save, a prompt comes up saying - “Please add Post Content”, when content is already there.

- Great for writing blog posts on the go!

This app is so easy to use for writing blog posts on the go!

- Amazing app

This is a great app, it allows me to update my blog very easily and add photos

- The Worst App Ever Created By Google

This app is outdated. It crashes everyday. Can’t upload photos. Very limited access to format a basic blog. No customer service at all. Horrible

- Be careful!!!

It doesn’t allow you to insert photos into you post. The reason I wanted to buy this app is because I want to edit my post on my phone and insert photos from my phone album directly. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!

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- Does it

Works exactly as advertised. After years of looking, finally an app that allows multiple photo selection

- I will be insisting in a refund from Apple. Does not work.

Cannot even log in. Completely useless. Does not work. Refund my money please. I will ask Apple for a refund.

- Doesn’t work at all

Won’t connect to blogger, just gives you an error code. Waste of money at this stage. Maybe they’ll fix it! Edited In response to developer. That doesn’t work either. And not does the link to contact you directly. Please refund me ASAP

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- L’app plante occasionnellement

L’app plante occasionnellement

- bad experience in iPad

Cannot match iPad 11👎 wasting my time😪

- Not possible to upload videos from device

And does not tell you that before buying it. It is only possible to give a link to a you tube video. Description is misleading.

- Shit

This app is horrible and I will be getting a refund. Do not buy it.

- This did make blogging easier however

About three weeks ago it stopped up loading pictures from my phone I can create the narrative and not the entire post. Can this be fixed please


App doesn’t work it’s a scam, I already reported it to Apple and requested a refund.

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- Tökéletes!

Minden kézre áll, akár új blog-ot is nyithatsz vele. Igaz, csak a Google blog motorját kezeli, de őszintén, nem tök mindegy? A magamfajta maradi srácnak, aki jobban szeret írni, mint videó blogot csinálni, tökéletes. Egyszerű, minden eszköz kényelmesen elérhető és nincsenek benne a felesleges sallangok.

- photos uploading is not working

Paid app and the photos uploading is not working. Tried multiple times on my iPhone. Really bad experience.

- Not thrilled

If I had WiFi it would be much easier on my computer. This app doesn’t even keep words together it’s broken up by a certain amount of characters to a line. Also I am constantly getting error 400 and have to restart the app and start my writing over again. Scheduling posts is tricky to do from a draft. **app no longer works even if I restart. Same 400 error. SUPER IRRITATING! ** I do not recommend.

- Cannot see comments

This app is nice and simple and all but one cannot comment on ones own posts nor can one see any comments on the posts.

- Easy

Apps makes you business blogging easey as pie

- I’d like my money back

This app is clunky. The FIRST TIME USING IT I wrote an entire post, edited it, and bam- it crashed and lost the *almost* finished post. What a waste of my very limited time. Forget it if you need it on your iPad (it looks like a tiny phone shaped square in the middle of the screen). You cannot view what your blog looks like to the public, just edit on your phone, so if that’s all you need it for, great. Not for me.

- Cannot load more than one picture at a time

Takes a lot of time to keep a child’s journal

- Unable to upload any photos


- Want my money back

It would not add the pictures. I tried adding them to the draft several times and it published my blog without the pictures.

- it’s NOT working

i brought this app for uploading pictures but unfortunately it doesn’t work. i wish i knew it before i purchased.

- Unable to insert images

I got the appt to be able to insert images, fast on the go, however, I haven’t been able to, I reached out to support and haven’t heard from them.

- Cannot upload photos

Cannot upload photos


In order for someone to use this app they are required to allow google to manage both files on your personal drive account AND to manage your blogger account. DO NOT BUY. It’s a scam.

- Cost but no profit

I can’t believe that this app isn’t free and you can not manage your Blogg fully. This is such a basic bare bones version it’s not even worth the 2.99. I am very disappointed.

- Can’t publish pictures

It’s so annoying when I can’t publish pictures on my posts. Every blogger app is like this.

- Won’t add photos

Bought this app hoping it would work. Can’t add photos to my posts, and when I attempt to add a photo to post to the feed it refuses to add one there either.

- Err... App didn’t work for me

Tried logging in and linking my google account and immediately received an error message. I’m sure it works for some, but it didn’t for me.

- Failed photo upload

I purchased this app so I can add my photos. I can add photos to the draft but it does not show up on the page. I’m greatly disappointed.

- Waste of 3 dollars cant even uplod pics properly

Not worth buying just use your browser for full functionality

- Editing option only

Unable to view my blog from the app?

- Links do not work, nor do photos

The photo I added to my post showed up As a blank square and the link said “bad address” when clicked on. Yikes!

- Very frustrating

The app won’t work on my iPad with the screen in lansdscape. I got an all in one keyboard and case and it is difficult for me to use the keyboard in its proper position.

- Worst 3$ ever.

Get the blog touch app. That one at least puts the picture in choosing order. Both apps glitches. Wish I could get a refund 😒

- Sorry

The 2 star is generous. You can do better blogging on blogspot using Google Chrome. Which is free. A waste of $2.99 + tax

- Awesome

Love the app!

- Is this app supposed to work?

I couldn’t even get this app to access my account/blog. Basically gave away $3... not fun

- Does not work

Will not load on iPhone at all. On iPad photos do not show.

- Swindled

I paid for the app, but unable to access it. Then I noticed everyone has a blogger app for 2.99 smh

- App is Brocken don’t buy!

It Will not let you upload photos in the app! Read reviews!

- Disappointing

Save your money if youre thinking you’ll have any real blog editing capability. Very thin program

- Terrible app

Doesn’t allow me to manage anything.

- Shutting down

The app keeps shutting down on me while I’m in the middle of writing something.

- Hmmm

I’m not seeing what I’m supposed to be seeing. No color, just a blank white square. Can someone help?

- Hopeless

I can’t copy/paste html Prost and change it to rich text. Secondly no option to add photos and pics

- Photos?

I haven’t been able to publish photos!

- Wasted money

Can’t even figure out how to insert photos.

- Forced you to title every post

That’s a deal breaker already.

- Waste of $2.99

This app did not help me at all. All it did was frustrate me.

- Not good

Can’t post photos using iPhone.

- crap

awful. awkward UI. what a waste of money.

- Rotating pics

Can’t rotate pics

- You can not upload videos from your phone

I bought the app because it offered to be able to upload videos. You can put a link to a YouTube channel but not upload from your phone

- Error code 400

This app is not intuitive to use. Finally, after adding comments to photos and trying to save, it gives me “Error Code 400, unacceptable” message. I could only get out of this loop by saving offline. I have no idea if anything I added will actually be there when I am able to get back to my laptop in a few weeks. I have no idea why I got the error code or what it means or how to fix it.

- Not working 2/2020

The app will access my camera roll/photos but won’t upload them to a post. I also can’t adjust the date I want on the post. Not really functioning for me.

- Doesn't work, support has stopped replying

I contacted support about the app being unable to load my posts and comments (keep getting the error "Response status code was unacceptable: 500") and got one response to try logging out and back in. Of course that didn't work any of the times I tried it and support has ignored my emails since. If only I could get a refund on this app. Congrats on earning the first app store review I've ever written!

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Blogg for Blogger 1.3.0 Screenshots & Images

Blogg for Blogger iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Blogg for Blogger iphone images
Blogg for Blogger iphone images
Blogg for Blogger iphone images
Blogg for Blogger iphone images

Blogg for Blogger (Version 1.3.0) Install & Download

The applications Blogg for Blogger was published in the category Social Networking on 2019-04-01 and was developed by Made in Russia [Developer ID: 535954084]. This application file size is 43.78 MB. Blogg for Blogger - Social Networking app posted on 2019-11-26 current version is 1.3.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.contentf.blogger

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