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Enso is an AudioUnit V3 plugin; it requires an AUv3 host like Cubasis, Garageband, AUM, etc.

An architecturally unique and sonically characterful looping toolkit for producers and live performers, inspired by both modern looper pedals and vintage tape-based setups, Enso combines elegant and intuitive UI design with a deep but accessible feature set and stellar sound quality.

Enso’s operation will be immediately familiar to users of hardware looper pedals or plugins such as Ableton Live’s bundled Looper. Start playback of the host DAW, hit Enso’s record button and capture your instrumental performance into a loop of whatever length you like, up to ten minutes (five minutes on iOS). Then, without stopping playback, overdub further passes to create layered grooves, complex harmonic textures, or dense, evolving soundscapes.

Beyond those basics, though, Enso takes software looping into new territory. Two Overdub modes configure the plugin for conventional looper pedal behaviour or Frippertronics-style ‘dual tape deck’ manoeuvres, affecting the handling of the Feedback parameter for an endless range of layering possibilities; and up to four Sectors can be effortlessly defined, each with its own start and end points, for on-the-fly rearrangement of the loop.

With Enso, time and motion become truly fluid, as speed and direction are handled completely independently for playback and recording, the ‘through-zero’ bipolar Speed controls smoothly transitioning from forwards to backwards, and vice versa, in real time. Want to record forwards at half speed, while simultaneously playing the buffered loop in reverse at 1.25x? Of course you do…

Onboard tape-style saturation, filtering and chorus effects bring dirt, frequency-shaping and stereo thickening to the party; and a comprehensive MIDI assignment system makes it a snap to set your MIDI pedal or button controller up for operation of all Enso’s buttons and switches. With its animated play and record heads, meanwhile, the looping waveform display provides a clean, clear visual representation of the potentially mind-bending temporal acrobatics taking place, letting you get a handle on exactly what’s happening at a glance.

Giving you everything you need for limitlessly creative looping, on stage and in the studio, Enso is one of Audio Damage’s most beautifully realized plugins yet, and an empowering addition to any musician’s arsenal of effects

Enso Looper App Description & Overview

The applications Enso Looper was published in the category Music on 2019-03-14 and was developed by Audio Damage, Inc.. The file size is 14.34 MB. The current version is 1.0 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

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Babble on One

👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻  Babble on One  5 star

Doug Woods sold me on this!


Excellent  HaiKitty  5 star

This effects app is excellent and has so many uses aside from simply looping. It’s also very sad to see how many bad reviews that here from people who simply don’t understand how auv3 effects work.


Great possibilities but it does not work  alvarado786  1 star

Opens fine in AUM, Cubasis, Auria pro, and through Audiobus. Signal comes in, but any of the buttons work. I cannot activate any recording nor obviously playback. I am using an iPad Pro 12.9 with an Apogee One or IRig duo. Very disappointing

Oceans in space

An unbelievable looper  Oceans in space  5 star

Auv3 and a great layout make this perfect for multi app use. I rock an iPad 4 so it’s old but can loop and use AUM with a few apps well. I know loopers are cpu heavy, so I hope they keep it optimized for us oldies (and iPhone 7). The options are great and every option from ambient to Keller Williams style looping this is ace. I do think they could make more colors coded buttons or bigger loop on loop overdub but it’s cool. I guess with midi mapping I can make those on a synth too ehh, sweet. Thanks for really looking into what loopers want you have done well so cheers yawl!


Bravo  Cshriner  5 star

Another wonderful instrument/tool from AudioDamage. Clear, intuitive interface. Unique looping functionality. This thing is deep. Keep up the great work.


Guess I don’t have need of one.  Eriptron  3 star

Since I create ambient music and sound scapes I thought getting this app was a no brainer. But, even though it seems plenty versatile, at the current stage of my music development I can’t find any real use for it. I’ll leave it on my bag of tricks though in case I have an epiphany or something.

Wave Orchid

Runs loops around other maps  Wave Orchid  5 star

Now I can’t ask what you’re using on your instagram videos. Bummer. Ace app btw, mate.


Dream looper for AUM  bqiu86  5 star

This is probably the most fully featured looper that I’ve used. Now I can just place ENSO on any channel and loop everything. Best part is that I can use the looper to “freeze” the tracks and free up so much cpu on my old iPad.


Cannot open in AUM  leokuma  1 star

I was excited to purchase and use this app. I look forward to it actually working in my DAW of choice, AUM.


The desktop version has moved to iOS!  👍!WOW!  5 star

Highly recommended, very deep, innovative developer.










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