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Poche Empire, where you can build your own exclusive empire with your monster team! You are the king In Poche Empire. The amazing 3D images and its story line are highly impressive!

- Complete the Daily Tasks
To avoid you getting bored or play without purpose, there are well prepared daily tasks for you. Completion for certain points will grant you rewards and active points, by which you can earn some useful items.

- Hatch and Grow your Monster
You can hatch your own monster and feed them so they could grow up well. Do not forget to cultiave or trainer, they will be a good partner for you in the journey.

- Intense Battles around
Here there are various intense battles around. Either PVE or PVP, you can level up yourself and show your Power. Dungeons are open time-limited, don’t miss it!

- Hunt for Big Price
Big Price is prepared for winners. Or you can hunt for it during some dungeon challenges. Enjoy the fun opening the mystic chests with bounty rewards inside!

- Build your own Empire
You can build your own Empire with your friends, monsters inside. Strengthen your own empire by recruiting more members and make contribution together!

Poche Empire App Description & Overview

The applications Poche Empire was published in the category Games on 2019-02-11 and was developed by feng lei. The file size is 942.28 MB. The current version is 3.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

1. Fixed some bugs
2. Some game play experience improved

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Poche Empire Reviews


Missing Diamonds  XchristianX8  4 star

Game is awesome. Can maybe turn down the pay to win a little. Game expects you to put hundreds of dollars to get best stuff. Don’t mind the recharges just over priced. Also I bought a recharge for 9.99 and I got charged the money but did not receive any diamonds. There is no customer support in app at all you should add that.


bug?? maybe??  yagirlscar  1 star

it opens the app but just shows flashes of backgrounds and won’t give me the option to do anything.


Nine games  chohaong  5 star

I like this game it so funny


I got scammed from my purchase  Asian_Nish  1 star

I made a transaction for a monthly subscription and when I made the purchase it went through, but it never gave me my rewards. Update: I decided to upgrade to permanent subscription and I got my transaction through Apple but the game declined the service, please fix this.


Purchase  Thomasblade8915  1 star

I recently purchased a 100$ diamond pack and it never went through the game but I was charged for it. Please help me


Cringe  jsol_03  1 star

Not sure how many apps do this cuz I hardly ever have to look at reviews before I download a game, but 90+% of these reviews are clearly fake, using the same titles and broken English, and unnecessarily addressing the app as a “Pokémon game” several times per review. Cheap marketing strategies like having bots do reviews shows the game probably isn’t worth my time and data. Haven’t played myself but these are the things that turn people away from your product even if your trailer looks interesting.


Lost money  Minaiix  1 star

I also bought monthly and have received nothing. There are glitches and it’s a money black hole. It was fun but now I know, get out while you can and for those who are about to play, don’t.

lovesteen's girl

Game crashed  lovesteen's girl  4 star

I was playing the game and I had 2,011 gems/diamonds so I went to go do the advanced capture 10x and my game crashed in the middle of me doing it. I got no Pokémon from it and lost my gems/diamonds. Id greatly appreciate if I could get them back. My username on the game is Jessica E just incase you need it.


Unable to load??  Dbz-san22  1 star

I can’t even load the game I just installed it and it just doesn’t load check my setting data there all set I’m just unable to play which is sad because I really wanted to try this app out.


Come on dude  Mara_Lilim  1 star

I’m writing this in response to one of the five star review but also wanted to give my honest opinion on this. Mopinator, faking reviews to boost the apps popularity is against the App Store TOS for developers and can even result in the developer(s)/developing company to be banned from submitting apps in the future. Now to the developer: This app feels like you’re just giving a big middle finger to Nintendo and are just begging to be sued by them. It doesn’t matter if copyright laws work differently in China, Nintendo takes copyright for their IP’s very seriously. Look at the people who owned LOVEroms they had to pay Nintendo $12 million in damage for all the ROMS that were downloaded to the website. It’s not worth it. If Nintendo does end up suing (and to be honest they should) you’re not going to win. I mean you are using sprites and animations from the recent Pokémon games and even using the names of the individual characters (Kyogre, Ho-oh, etc;). Just make your own creatures, a lot of Pokemon knock off apps do.











good pokemon game  nttaAbeziie  5 star

I like Pokémon, but not all Pokémon. Specifically gen 4 and on. I believe there should be a gen lock (gen 1 only, gen 1, 2 only, gen 2, 3 only etc.) I only want Pokémon out of the first 3 gens, because it is my preference and I enjoy them the most. Also I believe the same should be done in reverse. Locking it to only gen 4 and on, gen 5 only, etc. Younger players may be more familiar with these Pokémon, and that might be there preference as well. I think in part that’s why most people have walked away from it because it does not offers enough control, and there will get to a point you will just rarely ever see your preferred Pokémon that makes the pokemon game worth wiled to the trainers.


interesting pokemon game  -SlyteCsYN  5 star

Pokemon go was very different when it first launched. The trailer promised trading and pvp. In 2018, we finally got both of those features and more. Adventure sync allows players to count walking distance even if the pokemon go app isnt open. Trading is available now and can be performed with friends. Go and find pokemon you want to share with others. No tradebacks is understandable. Pvp was also added this year. There are some issues, but it can be quite fun at times. The rewards are great, win or lose. So go battle other players for bragging rights or just for fun. Niantic keeps a constant flow of events for players to participate in. Community days ensure players always have something to do. Daily quests are fun objectives that nicely go alongside the daily battles at gyms which are also joined by raids to capture strong and rare pokemon. Level 1-3 raids can be completed solo if you dare or you can join up with other players for more fun, regardless of team affiliation. Pokemon go is growing healthy. I cant wait to see what comes next.


pikachu is so cute  ink5pgJn2  5 star

I really love this fantastic pokemon game but I really think that you should add this feature where you can see your friends trainers walking around ONLY when they are playing Pokémon Go. And if you would prefer not to show your trainer, you click this disable trainer button to take it off. But it could only show the trainers if they are close to you and if they aren’t, there would be a bubble with their Pokémon trainer face like the one in the bottom left corner. And it should say how far they are. Although I think that this is a great pokemon game, I think that this will make it better! I hope you read this Niantic, probably won’t read it anyways.


The pikachu quality of the game is very high, but the picture of the Appstore is not good.  agamiwSsa  5 star

I absolutely love this pokemon game, it’s an amazing pokemon game for a free pokemon game it brings the community together that’s why I like to spend money on it to support something I love. I just have a couple suggestions right now. With updates in the pokemon game they’ve taken things like training at gyms out, but there’s still a badge for training gyms that I’ll never complete and it’s just sitting there. Also with gyms that have been taken out, the badges still stay. I think with the next update niantic should go through and get rid of those little annoying things they’ve forgotten about. Also, they really need to change the loading screen it’s not summer anymore its December.


Very funny Pokemon game  2oyo2170l34  5 star

This pokemon game is really worth it for the price tag of zero dollars. Very entertaining and can keep you on your phone for hours. If you are a Pokémon fan and you have cellular data on your iPhone YOU NEED this pokemon game. Share it with your friends and you can help them and work together with them in the pokemon game. Sometimes it becomes hard because you have no space for Pokémon or need Pokéballs to catch a rare Pokémon and it kind of forces you to buy items with your money but really good pokemon game. To become the best trainer you must walk to find Pokéstops and gyms but you get exercise while playing a pokemon game. Fun for all ages and very fun to play around your house on a nice afternoon. FIVE STARS!!! Thank you Niantic!!!


The pikachu quality of the game is very high, but the picture of the Appstore is not good.  hdmha59211  5 star

We meet so many different age people while playing this pokemon game. With the continued updates and new features it does not make the app seem old and boring. Keep up the updates. A small suggestion. It would be quicker if when you are attempting to catch a Pokémon that the berries and the balls are already shown on the screen on the bottom or the left and right sides. When you are trying to catch them quicker, having to go into the other screen to choose the berry and then another screen for the ball, it takes to much time. Having them available right in the one screen would be quicker and great. Thanks for all the updates.


good pokemon game  Jsshi#ye'oMommH  5 star

I love this pokemon game so much! It has brought our community together and we are always participating in raids and community days together! I just wish Lures and Incense worked better, I wish there was a way to know when players are live when wanting to battle etc, like a green/grey dot next to your friends name would be nice, and I wish for more special researches soon! Another thing I may add is that when I’m trying to fight a raid boss, it sometimes glitches mid pokemon game. I had problems where it says I’m fighting with three people but then they’d be eight people in the lobby. I wish you can fix this glitch! I’ve lost several raid passes because of this.


good pokemon game  Ywgdheg2edh08h4  5 star

After a few weeks of this pokemon game being out I wasn’t able to walk. I had just come out of the hospital because of a cancer diagnosis and they had me stuck to the bed there. When I had to learn to walk again I used this. Now I am already someone who enjoys Pokémon so I really wanted to be able to play. I’m walking again and I play everyday! This pokemon game is more than a pokemon game for me. I find it therapeutic, also I’ve gone places I never thought I’d go to just to play and catch new Pokémon! It dragged out more of my adventurous side. I do a lot of walking everyday and it has definitely helped with my depression. I’m out more instead of struggling.


interesting pokemon game  Avery-EAM60SJ24  5 star

I love playing this pokemon game, I’m a level 33 and almost a 34. There’s a great community in LA, where I live, with that being said I think there should be a friends list option within the pokemon game so you can message each other and see where everyone is at. I think it would be very smart and make the pokemon game more interactive. It’ll also make it easier to coordinate meeting spots for raids, which is a very big part of the pokemon game. Yes people do that already, but wouldn’t it be great to have something like that within the pokemon game so you don’t have to do that outside of the pokemon game. Adding friend groups would be very smart especially with the social media world so huge.


pikachu is so cute  bmrrldaB  5 star

I’ve been a dedicated player since Day 1. When PGo was first released, it felt like we were playing an alpha version. There weren’t any features and the existing ones were rudimentary at best. With the Gym revamp last summer, it finally gave this pokemon game some substance and it entered its “early beta” phase. Now with community day, the quest system and Mew story, and now Friends and Trading, I can happily say this pokemon game has made it to “full release” status. Are there things that can be added or improved? Yeah, of course. But these last 2-3 updates have been MONUMENTAL for Pokémon Go. I really hope this provides an uptick in playing again, since this pokemon game really deserves more credit than it gets.

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