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If you like caring games for girls with levels and horse farm games then this is the princess horse game for you!

Tooth Fairy Princess trust the magical caring of her unicorns, horses and the pony family to a complete horse farm with all you can think of: From simple farming levels to all kinds of fun riding, horse breeding, horse dash, horse park, rainbow hair salon, pony beauty adventure or any other wild farm exciting challenges!

While you play on the rainbow beauty salon of the farm in these girl games for free, you will discover a sort of pony beauty salon and hair salon for horses in a stable in which you can explore more than just a cute horse braiding hair activity... You will have the chance to visit a horseland with all kinds of fairy princess unicorns, horses for kids, ponies and all kinds of fairy tale animals, which a girl like you will find very interesting. Visit this horse haven and enjoy this farm game like never before!

Join the ponies and horses in the Tooth Fairy magical kingdom and take a trip to the horse magical rainbow hair salon and spa, where you can try the new pony horse grooming and makeover, hair styler, hairdos, horse dress up, pony dress up, dress up games for girls, dressup fairy, dressup the rainbow magic unicorn and give the pony a special braided hairstyle combined with its dress design. Enjoy taking care of their little pony tail too!

Join the Tooth Fairy horse braiding academy to learn all about caring horse, braiding hair and braiding hairstyles, how to ride them and how to love and give them the best attention in the world.
Start this fairy and pony adventure in the fairy farm cleaning the pony horse stable. In this stable, all kind of horses as the mare or the stallion, and even the wild horse get ready for their adventures. Live the magic of the horse riding and dressage and become an equestrian in this pony adventure! Observe your horse evolution from the beginning!

Prepare the mane of the horse as a professional hairdresser! Clean and comb the mane hair style. Mane caring is essential for a girl unicorn as it represents the perfect breeding and grooming when the caring animals are taking a horse carriage! Try with mane braiding or different hair cuts! Become an innovative hairstyle changer in these hairstyle games for girls! There are many hairstyles in this mane beauty salon! Use some perfume and decoration on your pony baby too!

Continue now with the hooves. They need to be healthy and strong to run all over the kingdom. The horseshoes are vital for the unicorn evolution. Remove the old ones and brush the hoof. Replace the horseshoe with a new one. Now it is time to apply decorations in this pony creator of dress up ponies. Show your best pony look to take the Tooth fairy carriage! Change your dressing and saddle as you prefer and start living unicorn and pony horse adventures!

Features of this Tooth Fairy horse beauty adventure and spa games for girls:

- Stable games: works smooth on different devices. Enjoy this unircorn horse game!
- One of the best caring games for kids.
- Complete riding horse games with all you can think of!
- These horses breeding games are easy for kids of any age!
- One of the best free horse caring games all around the world!
- Complete the horse training and finish all the quests in this pony beauty adventure!
- Enjoy the painting and drawing arts with us! Start drawing cartoons in the drawing books free you will find in the beauty salon!

The ultimate horse rider will love this horse and rainbow Tooth fairy unicorn care app because of its gameplay and all the great rainbow features!

Unicorn Baby Care: Make up! App Description & Overview

The applications Unicorn Baby Care: Make up! was published in the category Games on 2019-04-15 and was developed by Tania San Vicente. The file size is 93.29 MB. The current version is 1.0.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- New features added!

Enjoy this enhanced version of the game and play with the latest upgrades!

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Unicorn Baby Care: Make up! Reviews


Too many ads, pass on it  GogglesPisano  1 star

Far too many adds my child even said she doesn’t like the game. I am deleting.


Again too many ads  Hmiddleb  1 star

I’d gladly pay to have them removed but there’s no option. It’s terrible.


It’s okay too repetitive  innv8ndijvvireji  1 star

It kind of fun but after a while you see that each level is the same every time


Adult porn ads  Fabin  1 star

This game is loaded with ads every 25-30 seconds and my 7 year old daughter was confused by a PORN ad! Yes PORN on an app cleared by Apple. This should be illegal for kids games - this game needs to be removed and the developer forever blocked from Apple for eternity. Porn is unacceptable to promote to children.


Needs less ads  Bopbopkat  1 star

My kid loves unicorns so I was excited to get this app. This app is covered in ads and they are in your face. The ads are so long and every level you do (30 seconds) you have to watch an ad. Half the time you are watching ads. There is not even an option to buy it without ads. This app would be so much better if the ads were not as obnoxious, less often and way to pay for no ads.


Play in Airplane Mode!  Nname0216  1 star

The ads really are bad to be happening in a children's game. Play it in airplane mode and avoid the ads.


Inapropriate  tambeja  1 star

Completely inapropriate adds for kids!!!!


Adult rated ads  flAmmAble_dOGes  1 star

My 6 year old daughter was playing this game when I looked over and saw a game advertisement for adult themed slots. I am so angry that my daughter was exposed to this that none of my children will be allowed to download games from this developer ever again. They should be ashamed of themselves to promote adult themed advertisements in a game rated 4+.


Disturbing pornographer ads  slipperyteeth  1 star

My 3 year old was enjoying this game until a video ad came on for “adult play” I’m sure you can imagine how vulgar that was and inappropriate for any child. Deleted this app immediately.


Totally inappropriate ads  Ronin__9  1 star

My 6 Y-O got to see an ad for an adult fantasy game.

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