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Quibi: All New Original Shows [Entertainment] App Description & Overview

Quibi delivers quick-bite entertainment that fits into any moment of your day. Watch shows featuring the world's biggest stars. Episodes in 10 minutes or less. All designed for your phone.

Watch original comedies, movie-quality action & drama, inspiring documentaries, and daily shows to stay informed on news, sports, finance and culture. Fresh new shows premiere every week, with new episodes available every day.

Check your personalized feed to see what’s new, discover trending episodes, or search for shows based on your mood. Download episodes to enjoy from the comfort of anywhere.

You’re in full control of what you watch and how you watch it. Vertical, horizontal; no matter how you hold your phone, everything is framed to fit your screen.

Want to watch Quibi on your TV? Use AirPlay or Chromecast to stream shows on the big screen directly from your phone.

More info on Quibi subscriptions:
• If you choose to subscribe after your free trial ends, your subscription will auto renew every month.
• Have a change of heart? You can switch plans in your in-app settings. Or cancel your subscription anytime via the App Store.
• Payment will be charged to your App Store account each month unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the renewal date.
• You can manage your subscription and auto-renewal by going to your App Store account settings and selecting Subscriptions.
• If your subscription is canceled, the cancellation will be effective at the end of the current subscription period.
• No refunds will be offered, and any unused portion of a free trial will be forfeited when you change your existing subscription to Quibi (Ad-Free).


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Check out our new iPad app. Download the latest version on your iPad to enjoy Quibi on a larger screen, and turn your down time into quality time.

Quibi: All New Original Shows Comments & Reviews

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- A triumphant return and idk what else is on here... yet

Whatever else is on this app, they scored big with Reno 911. The short form sketch format of the show remains true to the original while fitting perfectly into Quibi’s premise. The fact that most of the original cast has made a return is incredible. Finally, it’s 2020. This is the show we need, now more than ever. Your gonna see bits centered around some pretty poignant topics like policing in the presence of heavily armed religious militias, what “sanctuary status” really means and, my favorite, 21st century hate speech talk radio! Tom Lennon and co. don’t seem to have missed a beat during their time off and considering the space they have to operate in their second season, this could be the most important show on here. So Quibeing slow about it and gimme a S2 already! Like what happened to the kittens and the grape slushees?!?

- Not much too watch

You find a show too watch it has 4 episodes that are 7 minutes a piece, your done watching within the hour at least 2 shows then the app just sits there and you wait for tomorrow for another 7-14 minutes of stuff too watch, then play the waiting game for another episode the next day I understand the app just came out and you guys (gals) are trying sum new but 7-14 minutes of something too watch a day just isn’t worth having the app the least you could do too make the app more worth having is putting out 2 episodes of a show to watch a day or something idk or make the episodes longer I just can’t see myself or people I know watching 6-7 minutes of a show a day and staying interested in the show and you have some great shows just can’t get into watching them if there’s only a couple minutes of it too watch daily , other then the extra short episodes and 24hour wait time for the next episode you have a great app hear just give the people more to watch to keep them interested.

- I Don’t Get It...

I’m not sure I get why this app even exists. I’m sure it will probably get traction because of how many A List celebrities there are, but why charge $4.99 and still show ads. How about make this app free and show ads. The content, being that it’s under 10 minutes, seems gimmicky as well as the portrait to landscape. I’m not sure what value I get out of being able to actively turn my phone during a show I’m passively watching on my phone, and that I can ONLY watch on my phone. Note to the founders: People don’t prefer to watch video content on their phone, they do it because it’s convenient for them when they are out and about. People prefer to binge watch video content, passively, and preferably on a 4K TV or ANY device I choose(laptop, tablet, desktop, Apple TV, etc...). It’s like Quibi wants to give you the least amount of content, and least flexibility of how you consume the content, and on top of that show you ads. Then, expects you to pay for that service monthly...I don’t get it.

- Cancel until AirPlay!

Quibi is a cool service with solid content but their “mobile only” mantra is a complete joke in 2020. If Netflix thought the world anything, the goal for any content company should be to get it on as many platforms as humanly possible. I was okay they didn’t launch with an Apple TV or Web Browser option but I assumed I could AirPlay when I wanted a bigger screen. I thought wrong. Quibi went out of their way to not allow consumers to airplay or chrome cast the mobile app just so they can prove their mobile strategy. This is a huge mistake, especially during Covid-19 when we are all stuck at home. Me and my wife are not going to huddle around our phone to watch these new shows together. I will not be subscribing after the 90 day trial unless they bring the app to more platforms and enable AirPly/Chromecast. Amazing they spent millions on building content and then shoot themselves in the foot by not allowing people to choose where they watch it. I will update the review and subscribe if they smarten up.

- Good content but not intuitive.

Firstly, I love this content. I love the idea of short bites for short breaks. I do not like, however, not being able to control what I’m watching. I have the ability to follow specific shows but when I play them the app queues up other shows I’m not following. I want control of curating my own queue. I want the ability to turn auto play off and I want the ability to cast to my tv. I would also like to have the ability to easily reset my watch history if I want to re-watch a program instead of auto play jumping to the last episode. Lastly, I want the ability to hide or remove or archive programs that I’m not interested in watching. If I cannot remove them it will eventually become a cesspool of content that I do not want to watch. That will drive me away quickly. These are very basic needs in a viewing platform. I can’t believe you rushed this out without considering more options.

- Holy meow

I hate rating stuff. It takes time out of my day that I just don’t like it to while I think up a response to something. However. This app is freaking great. I get really tired of really long shows all the time. I don’t want to watch them or I get bored or lose focus like half way through an episode. So this is freaking fantastic for me. On my lunch break or my 15 min break I can very easily catch up on something as well instead of wondering what to do with that annoyingly short amount of time that doesn’t lend me to watching even some of my favorite you tubers. So I don’t care what the other annoying people have to say. The people that don’t get what this app was intended for. But I love it. Adore it. Was skeptical but man have I seen the light. Can’t wait to see what else this app will come out with.

- It’s Great

If you are debating whether you should get this app or not GET IT! The 1 rated reviews are probably just bugs that every app has. For the first day Quibi is doing a good job! I love pretty much all the shows and how they are short but jam packed so they just feel filling after you watch it. I recommend signing up for the 90 day free trial and see how it goes from there. I think this app will be more useful when the disease goes away and we go back to our regular schedules and become more busy. The reason I gave this review a 4 star is because there is no TV Support! Like Seriously? The app looks great, is easy to use, and just works well on phone but please add it to the tv! It’s great to watch it on a bigger screen as that’s what people use tv for nowadays and EVERYBODY HAS TV! I do feel that they will eventually ad TV support as it is heavily requested and will finally make the app complete.

- Shockingly Good Content

After only downloading this app as late as September 2020, I feel like where have I been. Who knew that such great content had been forged into 10-minute intervals and that entire seasons were already in the can. I learned about Quibi after seeing a Facebook ad for Dummy. That show’s writing made me think “Mary Taylor Moore” for the age of Internet porn. After that, I laughed at everything I watched, except for the horror shows. Three cheers for Jeffery and Meg. I have no idea whether the shortened productions drive the quality of the shows, or if it’s just the money they brought to the enterprise, but I do know that I love what I see, and I’m looking forward to binge watching everything they have.

- Terrible

This app feels like it was designed by boomers for their idea of what a young person was. Some of the content is good but most of it is just the worst. They also have no way of letting you customize what you see. If you start a show they just assume you’re the biggest fan even if you only watched one episode and never went back to it. Let me give shows Thumbs up or Down so I don’t have to see shows I didn’t like anymore. Let me dismiss new shows you recommend because nobody should be forced to look at Liza Koshy if they don’t want to. Also, all of the scripted shows are just plain terrible. The documentaries are the best thing on here but there aren’t enough to justify it over something like Curiosity stream. The news shows are so filtered it’s impossible to gain real perspective on anything. Absolutely no way I’m renewing my free trial. Also also, convinced every one of the good reviews for this app are fake. No way anyone could love something this pointless so much.

- Pretty good start

The free trial is really what got me into this, as I like the idea and concept of having high quality content outside of social media that’s delivered in quickly consumable chunks. The app experience overall is pretty good. I haven’t found it to be buggy, the UI makes sense and has features that you’d expect compared to other content services. However, two BIG things missing - #1 a dedicated iPad app and #2 the ability to AirPlay or mirror to an Apple TV. On the content side, the mix is pretty decent right now, but I have to say, I can’t see myself paying $5/month for this when the trial ends. There just isn’t enough content to justify that when social media platforms have free content, and even services like Disney+ are pretty close in price to this and have FAR more content.

- Great initial content but one deal breaker!

Quibi's content is great! There are many great shows. I get Quibi — it is very different from regular streaming services and is meant for taking quick breaks on the go / home and I thoroughly enjoyed the initial shows. But the policy on the new shows will be a deal breaker for most people (e.g. Fugitive released recently). With new shows you get to watch 3 episodes, then only 1 episode per day (none on weekends!). I don't binge-watch — but curtailing your freedom by reducing to 1 episode per day is so unsatisfying. It's back to ancient cable days for such a forward thinking short form video platform. You could even lock all shows but allow the freedom of watching 1 entire show at a time at my own pace. I encourage Quibi UX team to try and watch these shows in exactly this fashion over 3 weeks to see how annoying it is. You have a great new streaming idea — please don't mess it up!

- How is this not 5 stars?! WOW! 🤩

I started with Dishmantled and ended off with NightGowns. What an awesome app! This is like Netflix, but with daily micro originals. How cool! I enjoyed everything I saw and the fact that they are short is just so unique and easy to add in here or there, or before bed. The thing that blew me away was the unique concept used for landscape or vertical viewing. Too cool! Every single shot is zoomed on a different part of the widescreen video frame to keep the important visuals zoomed in on the vertical screen. And they use different layered editing techniques while flipped verticals. I found myself enjoying both viewing angles. Love it! Definitely ready to be paying for this alongside my Netflix And Apple TV+ subscriptions. Job well done! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

- Addicting!!!

I only read a few reviews and people just wanna complain! This concept is awesome. If you’ve ever watched internet short videos and enjoyed them?...Then this is for you! Plenty of diverse content! The app is ok, could be better UI, but the whole concept hits the nail on the head! “Most Dangerous Game” was short and super addicting, it felt like I was watching a longer show based on the way they filmed it. I love this!!! Give this app time, it will explode! An option to cast it to your tv would be nice, but as short as these are, I throw my Air Pods in and give a listen for less than 10 min and enjoy a short episode while on the go or board in general. This is a great start to something big!

- Mirroring now...but... streamer beware

So initially I wasn’t thinking about even purchasing Quibi for my viewing pleasures because I already pay for 6-7 streaming platforms. But after viewing the free trial I realized that this app may have something to offer me. I was all excited then I found out you can’t stream or that The new Apple TV does not and should have an app so I can watch. Now new developments happen and now you are available to stream. I mean cmon who wouldn’t want that. Bad news is it is the worse thing even. There is always an error message telling me it cannot stream at this time. This makes my streaming experience a joke. I want to fall in love with this app but the capabilities are so limited and it’s a complete turn off. I know that it was made for the phones and iPads but the content is good and sometimes I want the big screen in my living room to play these awesome shows. But ... I digress... streamer beware!!!!!

- Interesting start

While the concept of this is something phone users should be happy with, the shows all are so bad. Most feeling like no effort or acting is going into making the shows enjoyable. Sophie Turner’s epic adventure series was so poorly done and the acting so bad I cancelled the free trial after seeing it. Judge Chrissy seems like it has such opportunity to be so funny and so good, yet I feel like she’s being held back in commentary and reaction by the corporation rather than allowing her to be herself. Game shows seem so rushed due to the time limit so the execution of them on this format just don’t work at this time. Many of the shows are so recycled and bad that it’s nowhere close to being an application I would pay to use every month. As the app matures I may give it another look but as of now Quibi just does not have the shows and content to be interesting or good.

- best with coffee

I wake up, pour a cup of coffee and start my day with the Quibi daily news show and then a quick episode of one of their series. If you’re in the mood for a heavy drama #FreeRayshawn (Laurence Fisburne), a smart, meta comedy Dummy (Anna Kendrick) or just passive mindless fun (Punk’d) this new streamer for your phone is easy to use and filled with a huge assortment of shows. I open the app for another ep or two around lunch and then one final time just before bed when I don’t feel like watching a show on TV. This is not a replacement to Netflix, Disney+ etc. It’s a welcomed addition that brings quality and convenience together for the small moments I have through out my busy day. Just devoured the bone dry comedy Agua Donkeys today.

- Excellent programming. Horrible Restrictions.

I love the idea of bite-sized content made for on-the-go consumption, but entertainment is often a group activity, and this service’s inability to meet users where they are could very well lead to me unsubscribing after 90 days. Cater to mobile—that makes sense. But don’t go out of your way to exclude traditional viewing scenarios. It’s not hard to bake in Chromecast or AirPlay functionality. If you’re going to force mobile, the least you can do is add a sort of “group watch” feature where you and a friend see the same show on your screens at the same time without having to crowd over one cell phone. The good news is that the content is top-notch. The bad news is that these filmmakers’ works are shackled to the lowest common denominator. 90 days. Let’s see how it goes.

- It’s Great For a Start

I downloaded this morning and have already watched over 12 episodes of different shows. The quality of the shows varies, some shows don’t have as good of actors. And some have poor video quality in parts of the show. I’m hoping this app takes off and gaining profit will help produce higher quality shows! As of right now I like mobile only streaming as I would not put a ten minute show on my tv. But as more episodes and series come out maybe an option to cast to a tv would be nice. Also if Family Sharing is available, having multiple users on one account should be an option as well.

- It’s a maybe from a GenXer. Expand device support

I’m not in the target demographic for this app but I thought I would try it anyway. I was interested in The Fugitive and I like the show after 5 (8 min) episodes. The story line is not very plausible because I believe police do a much better job of investigating. It is entertaining and I like the action sequences. I’m a big movie consumer so I like to see movies all in one sitting. The 8-10 minute episodes are growing on me a bit. Short bursts of content throughout the day do break the monotony of the daily grind. Like I said I’m a fan of the big screen so my small iPhone is not enough. My only criticism of Quibi because of the device support. I would like to cast it to my TV at home or to my Mac when I have down time to watch more than a few episodes. I think more options for watching is always better.

- Quibi the best/limited service

I personally love quibi the sleek design the high end quality shows with so much star power and more on the way. And there are new episodes daily and new shows daily crazy but there are some problems like why can’t people take screenshots this will be able to connect to the youth that you are so trying to appeal to my especially and maybe extend it to iPad and have people be able to cast and maybe in the coming if you survive you have to be more competitive Disney+ is the same price as you and has wayyyyy more firepower so quibi I love you man but you got plat cards get more in the meme culture let us screenshot and have a good day

- Great Start

I was iffy about Quibi; but it’s actually pretty cool. Chrissy’s Court is pretty funny, the pranks on Punk’d are awesome, and Survive seems to have a deep storyline with awesome acting. The short clips work well in between breaks, when on the go, or just when you need some quick de-stressing (which there’s a show for - The Daily Chill). At first I was annoyed that the app isn’t designed for iPads; but I get why - yet, I could see an iPad version or AppleTV version being a nice future expansion for Quibi. I’d also like the ability to add other accounts for family, or maybe it’s there and I just can’t find it. Quibi is worth it, and can’t wait to see what they bring in the future!!

- Decent shows - mobile only prevents keeping subscription past trial

I like the idea of the short form show and some of the shows they have are very good. However the lack of support to watch on a computer or Apple TV kills the experience for me and prevents me from keeping my subscription. Really enjoying getting to quickly watch on show on my phone when I have a few free minutes but the inability to be flexible on where I watch feels more frustrating than innovative. If I’m working on my computer and want to take a quick break, why can’t I watch quickly on my computer? If I’m taking a break on the couch, why can’t I throw it up on my TV? I have more often wanted to watch on a device other than my phone than on my phone. Until this limitation is address, I’ll hold off on subscribing.

- Really good content

I confess that it’s frustrating that Quibi isn’t on Roku and other steaming platforms. And they shouldn’t have attempted a “mobile-only” business model. But once I was able to airplay it (again, why on opening day would they not allow that much?), I enjoyed almost everything I watched. Reno 911, Flipped, and Kirby Jenner all had me laughing very hard. #freerayshawn is an incredible show too. And I am really excited for what’s more to come. People will give it flak now, but I think at a certain point (if Quibi can last through the year), it will be hard for anyone to deny that there is a lot to enjoy on this app

- Q

I absolutely love this app and all it’s seemingly endless content. There is something for everyone! I think the format is great and the fact that it keeps track of your favorites and you can access them immediately is an added bonus. I definitely appreciate and become a fan of the episodes being 10 minutes and under because sometimes that is all the time or attention span I have. This is a busy world and this app is progressive and the future of programming. I would recommend that if you have even thought about this app... download and see what you never knew you were missing!

- Please read this..

When I pre-ordered the app, I didn’t know how I felt. I watched almost everything yesterday (the day of the release) and I really liked the option to switch between portrait and landscape. I really liked it at first but I didn’t like that there was only three episodes per show with ridiculously good stories acting and unfortunately good cliffhangers. However, what I didn’t realize is that they uploaded the next episodes this morning. If it’s going to be a day between episodes I will most definitely be paying for this app. You can watch TV quality shows from literally anywhere.

- High quality bite-sized episodes

I love this app! I think the quality of the series I’ve seen so far are impressive. It is not easy to tell stories that are engaging and interesting that are less than 10 minutes each, but they are doing it well. I’m a visual person and I love how it’s shot to fit either portrait or landscape on your phone. Even though I’m currently working from home right now, I’m still busy and this is perfect entertainment during my breaks. I loved Nikki Fresh, Chrissy’s Court, and Run This City so far. And I’m probably not in the demo, I’m 44. I still find it very enjoyable. I will add this to my entertainment subscriptions :)

- I have concerns

So far, I think this is a great streaming service and a well designed app. I have enjoyed a number of the shows. I am an avid wildlife video watcher and Fierce Queens was outstanding. My concern relates to the overall show selection and my feeling that as a person over 50, that there is an age and even more worrisome, race bias in the programming. Most of the selections cater to a late teen- 25 crowd, mostly people of color. I guess that’s where the marketing gurus are directing the content and so be it. I don’t watch MTV, VH1 and I think the Kardashians are rich moron trash. I don’t expect to be the center of their attention, but if they want me to pay up, then I expect to get some value for my cash.

- Fantastic App

I really love this app, it’s very easy to use, fantastic user interface, and easy to find what i’m looking for. I think all of these one star reviews are pretty pointless. The app wasn’t designed to be watched on a TV! That’s the whole point. It’s designed for people to use when they have a break at work, or when you’re eating lunch, or on bus etc. The app wasn’t designed for you to watch it at your house or on the tv, that’s why the episodes are only 7-10 minutes! I think the shows are excellent, and as more shows come out it will be even better.

- You can only watch by yourself...

I downloaded it out of curiosity, but honestly, I don’t find much excitement out of a show on my phone. My boyfriend and I wanted to check out 50 States of Fright, so I tried mirroring my screen to the tv and it will not allow us to. So your only option is to watch this on your phone by yourself unless you both want to try to hit play at the same time and watch it and know that it won’t be synched. It’s incredibly inconvenient. So now instead of watching Quibi, we are watching something else so we can watch it together. Definitely seems like something they didn’t think about. I will say the quality seems great and there are tons of good actors, but to only be able to watch it on your phone is just not worth it for us.

- Started strong, seems confused

I gave it my all. It started strong with the Murder House makeovers and 50 States of Fright. I watched some of the other stuff but it didn’t hold my interest, which is kinda sad to say. I tried most of the shows but instead of focusing on content, they focused on quantity. How many MORE different shows can we put out to appeal to everyone instead of focusing on the good shows and making more of them AND making them better? Yeah the Kardashian show is funny but ugh. I like the news shows but the newscasters sound like they have guns to their heads. Give us more horror and stop giving us new shows every week. Quality. I’m looking for quality not quantity. It’s like Peter’s Six Second Show in Family Guy. Good in the beginning and falling off.

- Back and forth

The app has a lot of good shows and story lines. Right now I’m loving it but the only problem is only one episode a day! I’m currently on my free trial so it’s worth waiting a day to see what’s next and it’s okay to have all the adds. My only issue is if it is worth 4.99 a month especially when only one episode is released a day plus the fact that there are only 5 ish shows that have content other than news stuff. Also the episodes are so short and sometimes feel like they are cut to end at a point that doesn’t make sense. And then having to wait an entire day I forget that even happened. So for the free trial aspect I’d say get it. Just not sure if it’s worth the money after that.

- The content is awesome!

First let me say the content is great. The editing and cinematography required to make a quick bite really work the way this does is phenomenal. The idea is of filming in both portrait and landscape mode is genius. On the other hand I was dismayed when I couldn’t watch some of this stuff at home on my tv. I’m glad you’ve addressed that and continue to because frankly speaking some shows are meant to be watched in 4K UHD on the biggest tv in your home such as “Most Dangerous Game”. The Apple TV mirroring works great venue with Apple remote and I’m looking forward to the iPad app, Apple TV app, Fire TV app and Samsung TV app. Nicely done. And good work on listening to feedback.

- Please help

I installed the quibi app because i wanna check out its UI so after i created my account they told me to subscribe then i closed the app because i was gonna check my messages then when i went back to the app i suddenly was bought to the homescreen of the app and told me i had a 14 day free trial i was really confused because i never put a single information on play store for subscriptions so i went to play store to cancel my plan then suddenly they said I haven’t purchased any subscriptions yet , please help me i really have no interest of subscribing to quibi.

- Why no support for screen mirroring

Love Quibi but it’s losing my interest because I understand it’s for times when your on break or waiting on your oil to get changed or waiting rooms.. but imagine watching something and get addicted and get home and having to watch it on your phone and not on your 65inch tv.... I just wish we could screen mirror or even airplay or heck hook up the Apple connector to an hdmi. It would take away from the fact u can still watch it on the go as intended but added feature idk for 2 extra dollars your able to Apple play or chrome cast , ruku cast to your tv would be a major bonus and very lucrative.

- Ehh, I don’t know

Like most people, I’ve seen quite a few compelling ads for Quibi so I downloaded the app the day it came out. Unfortunately I just don’t like it, And I’m really trying. The problem lies with the length of the content, not the contents of the shows. Each show is about 10 minutes long and is started with an ad. As you finish the show the next one auto plays on a giant cliff hanger. The annoying thing is there’s not enough build up or anything, the show just ends. Plus, because the shows are released daily you can only watch 10 minutes. While this is sorta the nature of the app, it just not enough bang for the metaphorical buck. I want a show that I can get into and binge, not something that goes by in a flash. The shows are actually great, I just wish I could have more then 10 minutes a day. If you like short form media try it out, but if you get bored really quickly, or hate the color purple, maybe this isn’t the app for you. As for me, I’m going to keep watching until I die from seeing to many ads or until my trial runs out.

- Decent app!

This Quibi app is pretty decent! I give it 3 out of 5 stars right now because I haven't watched all of the shows I want to check out and I think this app should not only be for mobile devices. I just finished watching one of the exclusive shows called ”dummy” and I thought it was very creative! I will have to dive into this app more before I can give it a higher rating if it actually deserves more than 3 stars based on my opinion. I’m curious to see what the future will look like for this company and app. My Cleo senses tells me that Quibi is here to stay as long as the app can continue to bring good exclusive content to their viewers. Netflix and other companies have some competition!

- Good content, also bad content

When I started watching this app I was really intrigued by the most dangerous game, as I had read the movie. I was honestly blown away by how good it was and it is a must see if you’re reading this. However I started watching other shows such as, Dummy, and Hello America. While watching these shows I noticed that they are talking about politics and society in both. I like to watch things to escape from political drama, if I wanted to watch something about politics, I would go online and do that. I wouldn’t have a problem with this if the politics mentioned on the site were bipartisan and non biased, however, I have only seen things that support one party and that’s upsetting.

- Good quality programming, but limited in depth

The app is solid and the way the shows are shot is really cool. Whether you watch in landscape or portrait, the focus adjusts so that you don’t miss any of the action. That’s awesome. I watched a few shows - The Most Dangerous Game and #FreeRayshawn - and they were excellently produced. There’s a couple of other shows that look good that I plan on checking out, but other then that, it’s mostly just fluff programming - either highly niched or typical reality TV programming that I don’t bother with. I doubt I’ll be a paying subscriber but it’s nice to have something extra to waste time with while locked down for the long haul.

- Absolutely amazing!

This app is truly addicting. Punk’d is so addicting to watch and I can’t put my phone down. I think this is going to be the next big thing. The only feature that would be cool is like a profile to share what you’re watching on your feed. It kind of makes it like a social platform. We don’t have an app like that and I think it would be very unique. The app design is flawless and easy to navigate around the app! I also just love the concept of the app. It’s very convenient if you don’t have time to watch a 40 minute episode on the show.


Dear Quibi, You’re awesome and I love you. Heard something on the radio today about how your company launched at the wrong time, and just couldn’t more strongly disagree. In my opinion, you launched at the perfect time! During quarantine were craving new content and my days are brightened with your perfectly timed short form content. I’m a busy lady, and love that I can still get some fun shows in without having to spend as much time watching a full format show. Flipped is my favorite for sure, second would be the cute animal content (Dodo) but have enjoyed SO many other shows too! My 3 month free trial ends in July but I fully intend to keep the app and am happy to pay for it moving forward bc It’s so different and fun and I really like it! Cheers to you and boo on the haters, you’ve got a customer in me and just love what you’re doing. It’s awesome and have been telling all my friends and neighbors about it too! All the best! - Whitney

- For Quibi Developers!

Guys, Quibi is a great idea. I love the shows, however, the fact that it is missing the iPad app and the Apple TV app is dissatisfying. I am a customer and I am paying for this service and I expect and want to watch it on all my Apple ecosystem devices. You are prohibiting me from accessing content that I am paying for (using iPhone app on the iPad or Airplaying iPhone to Apple TV is ridiculous, doesn’t connect or disconnects etc. ) The debate that this app is for ‘mobile’ or ‘iPhone only’ is ridiculous because it is for me to decide which devices I will be watching the content I am paying for!! Doesn’t matter how you slice it, Quibi is in the streaming wars with others and this only alleviates customers like me. So I am ending my subscription until the business people in your office will see the light of the day and let me watch this content on the devices I want, since I am paying for it. You can continue using the ill logic of justifying iPhone app only but this will only diminish you in the eyes of customers like myself. Respectfully, Eugene

- Could be great with a few changes

Love the concept and the initial content is good but I would like to see a few changes. Namely the ability to have profiles so that I can keep my shows straight from what the rest of my family is watching. A stand alone iPad and Apple TV app would also be great. I like watching the shows by myself but some would be nice to watch together and that is really tough on a phone. A landscape mode for navigating inside the app would be nice as well as a continue watching tab so I can easily find the shows I’ve been watching recently. I will see how the app changes over the next few months and update my review as I use it more.

- Orientation and Airplay Issues

It’s incredibly frustrating that the video will appropriately crop for orientation but the app itself is portrait only. The orientation is frequently wrong, requiring a reorientation of the device. Frequent video without audio, which decides on it’s own when to function. Also, previews automatically have sound but if you have the mute switch on, you have to hit volume to turn on sound in a video. This app is so half baked at the moment. With the amount of money sunk by investors into this service it should have been far better at launch. Airplay chokes at the loading screen, though sometimes broadcasts audio only with a frozen loading wheel. I hope T-Mobile users enjoy this service for free but I wouldn’t recommend subscribing at this moment.

- A promising start

The app itself is really well made. I haven’t run into any glitches yet, the videos run about as well or better than other streaming apps I use. I love how the video can switch between landscape and portrait mode pretty seamlessly. There isn’t a whole lot of content yet but the some of the stuff that’s there is surprisingly good. Kaitlin Olson and Will Forte are hilarious in Flipped, and I’m loving the horror anthology series about the fifty states. If Quibi keeps developing content of this caliber, I could see the platform doing very well in the near future.

- Revolutionizing Entertainment!

Just when you didn’t think there was a new way to view content, here comes Quibi. I absolutely love that you can watch any show in either horizontal or vertical. I love switching back and forth! The content is also beautiful. It’s amazing to see everything both vertical and using the entire phone screen. How was this not done sooner?! Lastly, short episodes are perfect for me these days. WFH can make for long days, so it’s been perfect to be able to stop down for 10mins and watch a fun episode as a break.

- I’ve only had this for 20 minutes...

And that’s all it took for me to fall in love with this app. Love the format of 6 minute episodes, so convenient, and the UI looks stunning. One thing though, maybe when you first open the app to the for you page, you should be able to swipe sideways to switch to the browse and following tabs. Maybe when we change the time of the video, we could have the scrubbing feature in iPhones safari. It would be nice to see some 3D touch features in such a beautiful app.

- No AirPlay or Mirroring allowed! Still cool though.

For a paid service being restricted to one viewer at a time on a mobile device is silly. The content starting out is good and plentiful. However there is a future content issue due to the pandemic. After the initial pre-recorded shows are over, I do not see how new weekly shows and daily content will be as robust as planned. Still fun for the free 90 day trial and the dual views for panoramic and landscape modes are nice to use. I hope quibi takes away restrictions for other devices one day (even if they don’t support dual view). If that happens and the new content is able to start production again, then quibi may be promising.

- Lovely App

Well i saw a lot people complaining about the ads well i tried the free trials ( ad free) and it was great! I was very skeptical about watching a show with episode lasting less than 10 min but the first show i watch ( Most dangerous game) was well done! I love the idea and i think it is a great! Now you can only watch it on your phone yes because it is a new concept. I am not sure if you are able to watch it on your tv using apple TV but you can always it a shot! I like the app and i am intending yo watch Survivor next! Well done Developers.

- Great, but could be better

I gave in to trying this app after being inundated with ads on every social media platform. I have been pleasantly surprised by the shows on here. I can watch a thriller and then switch to cute animals in a second. And the short episodes! Love it. The landscape/portrait compatibility is also really cool and seamless. The only thing I would like to change is the ability to “hide” or choose “not interested” on some shows so I only have a dedicated feed of shows I’m interested in on the main page. Other than that I’m very happy with this service!

- It’s Worth the Download! +(‘The Stranger’ Review)

I’m sure you’ve seen trailers/ads for Quibi and if you’ve made it this far, and are thinking about downloading it... I say go for it. 🥳 First....yes the app is *FREE* All you have to do is sign up with an email. ✅ In Quibi the movies come in parts (Example: part 1/20...) in between are short 5~10 second ads. Which is fine with me. [I guess] that’s what makes the app free. The apps content is really good. From comedy to suspense ~ Quibi has a great variety. 🎥 ⚠️I must say. If you want to download it to watch “THE STRANGER”..that movie sucked 😡 Maika Monroe’s acting was terrible. It was similar to / worse than Kristen Stewart’s acting. (She was great in Villains though) 🥰 The story line was okay. But...really predicable. Sorta waste of my time. But....Dan DeHaan’s acting was pretty good tho. That’s the only reason why I watched it completely. I give the movie a 2/10 🍿🍿 I recommend watching ‘Dummy’ with Anna Kendrick. That movie is a 7.5/10 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿

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- Some good shows but not convinced

Hi, there are some really good shows and from what I have read, many more to come in next few months. I like catching up on short videos of news and entertainment. There are some good shows but I feel they are not that entertaining as they are cut to make short videos to be in line with company’s vision. The app has good interface and works really great (with lending support for chromecast). For a newly launched company they are doing really good and hopefully it will catchup with other streaming services.

- Decent launch, promising future

This streaming service is not intended for the lounge room but to provide you some entertainment when you’re out with your phone and have a few minutes to spare. Considering all the content is new, their number of shows is decent. Obviously, it’s not comparable to Netflix, but their model of new episodes every weekday and their short length (~5 mins each) makes for an interesting way to digest shows. Quibi’s approach to allowing the viewer to watch in portrait or landscape mode is interesting. I’m not a fan of viewing shows vertically but I see the appeal. They have framed each shot to show you the important details. The user interface is refined and responsive too. Overall a solid start to a new streaming service, one that does something different and I’m sure will gain a following for certain shows. (I’m enjoying Flipped at the moment!) Currently rated as 4 stars, but will raise to 5 if their content continues to grow, be appealing and they keep their promise of regular episodes.

- Enjoyable content but includes ads and 10min episodes

The content is really great however the ‘seasons’ of content are only 10min episodes with two 10-15second ads between each episode. I still can’t work out weather I have to pay monthly or it’s one off or it was free?! I’m not sure haha if it’s free I don’t care about the ads but I don’t like paying for a streaming service and then getting ads in it. It feels like they are doubling up on income. Also in one of the tmz ads (I think it’s tmz) they are talking about gigi Hadid and showing pictures of Sophie turner and joe Jonas 😂 you guys got the wrong blonde girl haha


I love this app and there are a few reasons why: IT’S FREE! This app is 100% free. Good Actors. They spared no expense when it came to picking actors and actresses. Like Liam Hemsworth and Kevin Hart. Good TV show plots and good quality shows. New Shows All The Time! There are a few cons too: 30 secs ads in front of each episode. But that’s fair considering that it’s free Not Long Episodes. I really would’ve enjoyed longer episodes but it’s still fine. IN CONCLUSION: The fact that it’s free and it had good tv shows, proves the fact that this app is worth it. Yes you need to create an account but you have to for Netflix as well. And Netflix is paid. So I would also say that Quibi is better than Netflix when it comes to someone that likes tv. If you LOVE tv then maybe get a Netflix subscription but otherwise GET QUIBI.

- The most dangerous game S2

I think it would be a cool idea if the rule is that all prey that survives becomes a hunter until they die, so that is the irony that they were talking about...thus Dodge has to hunt and the rule is if a hunter dies they die, if they survive and the prey lives they are still hunters, if the prey dies and they survive they are still hunters...so they are basically hunters till death, i think it would be a cool twist and it’d be nice to see Dodge and British Guy work together and become friends

- New and big opportunity to grow

Amazing quality story telling in short quantity bites. I love the concept, and whilst there isn’t a whole heap of content to begin, with the ease and shortness of episodes I’m sure there will be tonnes released in no time. I’d also like to watch on my computer in future releases as it currently is mobile only for now.

- Every 7-10 minutes ads

Not sure I like the concept of this app. 7-10 minutes watching a movie or show, then you have to contend with two advertisements. To bad if you accidentally close the app or window by a swipe, you have to go throw other two ads! Every 7 minutes then wait for next 7 minutes. It’s just not long enough, interrupts that flow and energy of the movie. It’s like broken sleep. Kind of annoying. Not sure I’m a fan of this app and it’s concept.

- Love it! But some criticism

I love this app! There isn’t many free websites to watch shows/movies so I can’t complain about advertisements. But I’m a little disappointed with the variety of shows. Just wondering if you could get keeping up with the kardashians on there along with Gilmore girls. Please get back to this message 🙂

- Amazing app

This is not an app, this is a piece of art. The most amazing implements of Movie service I have ever seen. Such an incredible attention to details with smooth animations and creative screen rotation support. Content is great as well, I like the idea that I can now watch a movie in just 10 mins. Well done 👍 💯 👏

- Yesss! Lovin’ it (BUT)

This is so great. Short form video in all its glory! BUT what happens when you’ve finished a series & want to know more. Will there be another series? Who are the actors? What’s the background to it? Etc. Can’t find any info on anything! Wish it was a bit more user-friendly finding stuff. Still love it though! (Would love you see some Australian news.)

- The best!!!

The best idea I ever seen! So easy to watch on my phone and can connect to my tv! Idea of short tv shows is so good! I am the type of the person who can’t watch anything longer than 15 min and this app was made for me! Love it!

- Needs Auto-Play While On Lockscreen

It would be better if each episode could continue automatically when playing on the TV through Chromecast while my phone’s on lockscreen. I’d have to go on my phone to play or pause the episode, or wait for it to auto-play while on the app.

- Chromecast option Added!!

I was hesitant to download as I saw comments about there not being a chromecast option, but I downloaded today and was able to play it on my tv through chromecast! So far so good

- Good app

This app is good because its absolutely free no money no nothing love it thanks creators luv ya

- Quick Bites, sloppy app

The quality of shows varies, but there is something for everyone. Frustrating part is the lack of anything ongoing. Was happy to see that programs now have total episode count - but considering there’s an expectation for Quibi to pay month by month, seems ridiculous when most shows can be watched within an hour.

- Great content.. no chromecast?

Love the content so far. But no chromecast function? Will be the difference between paying and stopping after 90 days. Without chromecast support I can’t use this while I cook, do housework, use my phone for zoom ... I need to be able to stream it to tv or nest hub.

- Bug

No option for skipping intro when tv show initially starts. But skip intro button starts to display after the next in iteration of the series starts It’s a good app. Good content. Put it on Xbox!

- Not Convinced

The content seems ok but there is no native iPad app which seems like a bit of a missed opportunity seeing as there no other option to watch on a larger screen than your phone. Doubt I’ll continue past the free trial.

- Great content but too many ads too often.

Great content but too many ads too often.

- No movies

There’s only tv shows no movies I’m not a fan of shows rather into movies hopefully Quibi will have movies soon Also you can’t stream on tv only mobile or tablets

- Pathetic content

Unless you have a very short attention span, don’t bother... Signed up for the 90-day free trial - just curious. Make sure you unsubscribe straight away, so you don’t get slugged with a subscription fee for stuff you don’t want.

- Awesome and some

Very entertaining

- Has potential

3 stars for the 3 shows worth the download

- Quibi : Brilliant

Just joined with a free 90-day trial and I’d have to say the offering is impressive in its diversity. Really enjoying #LiamHemsworth in ‘Most Dangerous Game’ - totally recommend that show! Bite size episodes keep you entertained AND wanting more - can’t wait to see what happens next. Oddly enough, this phone viewing really draws you into the action more so than big screen viewing - amazing stuff! Thanks Quibi Love it but the $12.99 AUD monthly fee is rather excessive - costs more than our Netflix! So, 4 stars for Quibi and 5 stars for Liam Hemsworth’s Most Dangerous Game!! :)

- Unsubscribing

The content is great, but it constantly freezes when casting to my TV. - New TV (Samsung Q80) - Internet has great speed

- Pointless app. Problem with downloading.

So when I download series on wifi to watch later, the app says it needs an internet connection to view them. So what the hell is the point of downloading shows for later? Absolutely pointless. Tried reinstalling the app three times.

- No Chromecast function

No chromecast function, I will not be continuing my subscription after the 3 month trial.


A lot of the reviews I saw were saying this is a completely free app but that is false and it is 14/99 a month, similar to Netflix.

- This app is pointless

This is literally so dumb, 10 min episodes? Nang. No thanks bub

- It costs MONEY

No one wants an app that costs money

- Make up your mind

The promotion I saw was that this was free. I’ve just downloaded it and it wants me to sign up for $4.99 p/month after a 2 week trial but my friend downloaded it at the same time and got straight in, no trial, no money, full access. Then I read others are 90 day trials and $12.99 p/month?? What’s going on?? And btw...she has a chromecast option too.

- Upset

I was promised a free trial of 14 days before paying a monthly fee of $12.99. I had just signed up for a free trial as instructed through the app. Little did I know that a transaction has been made and I have lost $12.99 out of nowhere straight away. I have tried twice to report the problem to their help service team but for some odd and suspicious reasons it would glitch and delete the messages randomly and was told that I might not even get a refund which is ridiculous! All I want is a refund😡

- Worth trying!

Excellent app with great user experience. Some great and interesting shows with good production values. But the price should be way lower, or even free with advertisements in the future like YouTube is.

- Nope from me

Boring. Not much there, even less of interest. Though I admire the fact they give you a 3 month free trial, after the fact it’ll be $12.99 a month. For what they’ve got? No thanks. Not worth it.

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- Growing on me

Thought this was pointless at first but figured I’d give it a try. Really impressed by how many shows there are and love the short format! 2 things I’d like to see: * AirPlay isn’t working for audio and there’s no option to select it while watching a video * There’s no way to follow a show that I’m currently watching. You have to go back to the main screen and select the three little dots.

- Great! But not enough to watch

I love the graphics already but I assumed there would be deep and interesting shows that I could binge watch, to be fair; the app came out a couple hours ago.

- Completely unnecessary and buggy

App is extremely glitchy and there is little to no content. Paying $8 a month for an app that doesn’t work half the time is a joke. Pro tip stick to Netflix.

- rough

me in québec like 👁👄👁

- Wow. 6.99 with ads

That's what happens when you have a brainless greedy CEo running a company. 6.99 with ads and 9.99 without. Unrealistic payment plan I've ever seen. I normally don't leave a review but no thanks. Deleted right away.

- No iPad support...really?

I get that you’re trying a concept of shows you can watch on the go in portrait mode....but the fact that landscape is an option means you can make an iPad app...🙄🙄

- Offer an actual free trail

If I have to put my credit card info in before I even find out what the app offers, you lose me... offer an actual free trail with no commitment and if you have good offerings, people will continue to pay.


It won’t let met log in with Apple ID

- Lies

I pre-ordered the app and was sent an email letting me know that I would receive a 90 day trial if I signed up. Once I had signed up I was only given the standard 1 month membership that you must pay for. I contacted Quibi and they told me there was nothing they could do to help me. I immediately cancelled my membership and will no longer use this app.

- Tom65476

No free trials

- Terrible app. They just want your money.

I figured I’d give this app a chance. It’s for morons who have a short attention span and who live for Reno 911. $6.99 WITH ADS?! Are you kidding? These stupid, greasy app developers need to relax on these subscription charges. They all think they’re worth a piece of the pie. THIS APP IS UTTER GARBAGE.

- Bait and switch

I clicked on an ad for a 90-day free trial and when I opened the app it was for 14 days. Instantly uninstalled. If you can’t get your marketing right I have serious doubts about what is beyond that paywall.

- Doesn’t even work

This seems like a great idea. But I can’t even watch the shows. The video is glitched and doesn’t fill up the screen at all, making it unwatchable with a small square in the corner.

- Cool content but fix air play

Content seems great but can’t airplay and no Apple TV app seems short sighted

- Fart

Fart Not even available in Quebec

- No binging

Why can’t I watch an entire series from start to finish? Very disappointing

- Dumb

I would love to be able to watch the shows but I do not enjoy watching shows on my phone. I think it’s dumb that you can’t chromecast with it. Already cancelled.

- trial not available in Quebec

It is very disappointing to see that Quibi excludes Quebec from promotions available everywhere else in North America.

- Poor design

I understand that this is meant as mobile app but so are all other streaming apps., which are compliant with HDMI convertors. Please make this compatible with an HDMI convertors. I want to watch Nightgowns and it just seems wrong to me that I have no choice but to watch it on the smallest screen I own.

- Paedophilia warning! Child Luring and sexual fantasy about a child

Avoid Dummy with Anna Kendrick!! It is disgusting!!!!!! It’s a story of a Writer Who has a fantasy relationship with a sex doll that talks. In one episode, the sex doll watches and is sexually aroused by a 14-year-old boy as he exits a pool andExpresses a desire to have sex with him.This is couched as OK since theCharacter is allegedly a sex doll however it is a sex doll that has been humanized so that she has human feelings and desires. Doesn’t stop there but gets worse! In the next scene we see that the character played by Anna Kendrick has lured the boy to her apartment on the pretence that she requires assistance moving furniture. The clear intent is to provide the child to the sex doll can have sex with him. She lures The child into her bedroom where the humanized sex toy is waiting lounging on the bed dressed in lingerie and in a suggestive position. The clear intent is that the human sex toy intends to have sex with a child. Absolutely shocked and disgusted that this would be acceptable by many levels of a production staff and of a seemingly intelligent modern day actress.Unforgivable lapse of judgment. I don’t know how to report something like this. Is it exactly. Jeffery Epstein and his sidekick Maxwell did this to 14 year-old girls. Why would it be considered acceptable that the child is a boy. Is that supposedly make it funny! This is child pornography plain and simple and shame shame shame on this being allowed out in public.

- Don’t download

Charged me $12 for a free trial!

- Great app, great shows, needs airplay support!

Great app, great variety of shows. Love the 90 day free trial but hate that I can’t watch through my Apple TV on airplay or screen mirroring! Would be nice to watch with friends and not just solo on my phone, hoping they add that feature.

- What The Heck!

What the hell is even this? Honestly, this isn’t what most consider a “streaming service” by far. You charge people 7$ for your services with ads and 10$ for the service without ads. The content from little ads I’ve seen here and there is what made me want to try this service out. Thank god there’s a 14 day free trial. I don’t see the need to charge people 7$ or 10$ for 6 to 9min episodes of shows when I can watch full length movies and full length shows for the same price or less without ads on other popular streaming services. This is complete garbage and should be free or non existent. I get the concept of trying to copy popular apps that have quick videos like TikTok or Snapchat but come on, those apps are free and for a good reason. TikTok and Snapchat wouldn’t be the way they are today unless they were free because it’s useless entertainment at no cost.

- Not worth trying

I’m just saying, the 2 weeks free trial is not working in Quebec. So it’s not a interest for me. Do not download this app in Quebec.

- False Trial advertising

👎👎👎 Greedy While signing-up for the app I was offered a 14 days free trial and asked to choose for between two subscriptions options post-trial (6.99 or 9.99). I choose the former thinking I could always cancel within 14 days but Quibi charged me while stipulating that I was offered the free trial. Either a human error or a growth hack to bump your revenue numbers, this will bite you back.

- Doesnt work on ipad or landscape orientation

Doesnt work on anything other than my iphone, doesnt work with airpods, doesnt go into landscape mode. Doesnt properly fill the screen on ipad. Cant bookmark shows you are watching. Very dissapointed that they charge for this product.

- No Chromecast?

I can’t cast this to my TV which makes this app stupid. I’m 43 years old and I watch Television on a Television, not my phone.

- Awful

Terrible app. You sign up for free 90 day trial and then 10 seconds later your card gets charged for the 3 months. Once you try to reach out they advise you that they have nothing to do with payments taken out of your card. It’s a scam and they’re a third party who will eventually get shut down and sued. Watch out

- Won,t work free zero Apple Pay absolute scam


- $9.99 Clickbait

$9.99 Clickbait, subscription not worth it.

- Kiss of Death

This will not survive. They can’t even make a web version . The gimmic is a nothing burger just a crop . I’ve been waiting 2 months for a web or smart TV version. The app interface is poor and hard to navigate it would probably work better if they put less effort into it and just made it a massive list and let users like and dislike as they please. Make your own list and fav actors etc. But you'll spend more time navigating the other tent than watching

- STUPID APP !!!! 😡😡😡


- Yet an other streaming app

$1.8B in funding and can’t get a lawyer to comply with local regulations to offer a free trial in Quebec? Yikes.

- Why not available in Quebec? 😡

Why is the 90 day free trial not being offered in Quebec???

- Issues

Can't register for the free trial says I'm in quebec.

- Stupid

One of the stupidest apps I’ve ever seen six minute videos just play full videos unless you’re leading to that but mostly the shows would be good if they’re longer

- I agree with MSamra89 and RS iBooks

You should 101% make a free version because your company will get more people to enjoy the app so please make a free version. Thanks

- Review

Not enough content for a monthly fee of 6.99.

- It’s a joke.

It asked me to start a 14-day free trail, but then you have to pay 6.99 and if you don’t want ads, it’s 9.99. This sucks. You can’t even see what shows are on this stupid app unless you pay for it, don’t waste your time. While I was reading reviews, I was thinking that you only have to pay for certain shows, NOPE. You have to pay without even seeing what’s on the app. I was so excited once I found out Die Hart was on Quibi, then I realize everything sucks. Stick to Netflix and Tubi.

- Why?

You have to pay money to watch a episode? I can’t even see what there is because wen after signing in it says I have to play! That’s bull crap! I’m deleting this app for good!

- Stupid

Give me full 30 minute episodes. Thanks

- Works in Quebec 90 days trial

It works in Quebec and I was able to get the 90 days trial. However, I am not interested in any of the available shows. 😔

- Concept is a rip off

Ok. So quibi wants to be like Netflix and others while charging 9.99$ minimum for you to get 8 episodes of a show for instance at 5-7 minutes an episode leading a whole season to equal out to one 40 minute regular show episode - so they’re giving you 1/10 of the product for the same price as full streaming services. On top of that they don’t let you watch on your laptop. Marketing here was like “let’s create a steaming service and make it different by, heres the catch, we give them less and say it’s for their own benefit”. Terrible concept. Some decent ideas for shows but no “season” of a tv show is 40 minutes. Stop ripping people off.

- Dumb AF

This app is nonsense

- Free trial

Was offered a free trial however What I want is to see if the program is any good or not I shouldn’t have to give access to payment for a free trial. Poor rollout

- So much potential

I was really excited to watch ‘Flipped’ with my husband, however not being able to cast to tv or watch on Firestick makes it useless to us. We are not going to both sit and watch 10 minute episodes together on one of our phones. Sadly, the content seems enjoyable, but really only works if your by yourself which is no fun.... it’s nice to watch with others and laugh together.

- Purchased Failed?

I can’t sign up! Clicked the “Start 90 day free trial” a sign popped up “Purchase Failed Purchase not enabled” why?

- Decent app but charged for free trial

Thought I’d try this app out with all that ads I’ve been seeing. Good shows great concept but BEING CHARGED FOR A FREE TRAIL IS NOT A FREE TRAIL !!!!!

- No free trial

Only options are 6.99 or 9.99 a month, no mentions of any free trial whatsoever.

- Cast

No chrome cast!?!? Well if that wasn’t the biggest oversight...

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- Was skeptical about another streaming service

But this thing is pretty legit (and free for me at the moment with T-mobile). I like that you can rotate your phone and the aspect of the video changes to match like they shot everything with two cameras. And the short episodes. Love that too, more than I thought! Makes little breaks that much better. One other feature I like is how quick it resumes where it left off. Great original content that you can consume easily and with very little time. I’m a fan!


I LOVE this app the stories the comedy the drama is good for a starting app it’s pretty great favorite show right now is SURVIVE I recommend completely, For the people saying that they episodes aren’t long enough, that’s the point you supposed to be able to watch shows in between things that aren’t to long so your not interrupted by other things when watching Tv support would be great because as of right now we are all home and not on the go but other than that no lag no audio errors no bugs ITS AMAZING!

- Not worth it!

Quibi doesn’t feel like an actual streaming service. There’s ads included if you pay for the cheaper option unless you shell out an additional $3 just to get no ads. The no cast functionality to watch content on a big screen is a major disappointment for me and others. You know how small an iPhone’s screen is? It will be extremely hard to share what you’re watching with family and friends unless you have them watch it on their phones instead. I only gave it a 2 stars because of the selection of content. There is definitely some major improvements that could be made and casting is definitely a priority.

- Wish there was less MA content

This App looked like it was going to be good but everything my teenaged kids and I want to watch is rated MA. I know there are some who will tell me to grow up or stop being offended by that kind of stuff, but when I want to watch an amazing show like The Most Dangerous Game or something, there’s no need for all of the language. 3 F-bombs = an R rating. It makes it too hard to watch with my teenage kids. I’m going to have to cancel my subscription because it’s just not worth it. How hard would it be to bleep or rewrite the content like they do on mainstream channels so that it can be enjoyed by more people? I know I might be in the minority but I also know I’m not alone.

- Cool new app

I have been given the opportune to be one off the firstborn download the app. I love the details they put like left hand mode, the rotated screen option etc. It’s clean and price wise seems reasonable so far. We’ll have to wait to see the number of shows and movies which will be available to see if the price is still right. The quality is excellent and I love the option of downloading episodes to watch later with the ability to lower the quality to minimize data usage.

- Meh

I’m down with the short episodes, but come on, let me watch on the devices I want. If I have 2 hours to binge a show in chunks on the tv, cool. If I have 7 mins to watch an episode while doing something else, cool. Dishmantled, Stranger, and Streetlights are good Update: Airplay and Chromecast are now supported. I haven’t tried chromecast, but AirPlay is a bit wonky. Once it’s playing, I have to interact with the phone for each episode. It’d be nice to have some basic auto play bursts, so you aren’t picking up your phone every 7 minutes. Glad the option is there though.

- Quibi is essential

All the shows were well put together with big production. They took their time before rushing out a app and I feel that will pay off in the long run. I think it would be cool to implement like an incentive for how many quibi episodes you watch. Like quibi coins or something. This may also draw people to watch shows they otherwise wouldn’t and the app would gain more screen time per customer. All just ideas though✌️ I’m excited to see how quibi evolves over time

- Great app! More shows please!!

The app works well overall. The only issue I have had, which is not a problem really, is that the view doesn’t want to flip from portrait to landscape when I flip my phone on its side. It does flip after a slight delay though. I like the quality of the titles available, but I would like to see more quality programs, and also more episodes of the shows that have been produced so far. I realize that building a library will take time, but that’s why I have rated the app four stars instead of five.

- Needs more shows

I would’ve gave this app 5 stars if it had more shows. They turned movies & divided it up into small episodes which is nice to watch if you’re on a quick break or waiting for something like take out or an appointment. I feel like I can be done watching everything I wanna watch in a month or two because there’s not much options. I probably won’t be renewing my subscription unless they get a lot more shows on here but the ones they have a good to watch for the next month.

- No TV support? Not worth the money!!!

I was so happy that Reno 911 was coming out again... I love that show! I would gladly pay $7+ a month for new episodes. I downloaded this app and am so frustrated I can only watch the episodes on my phone. Who came up with this idea? Yeah streaming content on your phone is great, but many people still have TVs and prefer to consume the content on something larger than an iPhone. The fact that they prevent me from casting the audio/video from my phone to my Apple TV or my LG TV directly is what really bothers me. Whoever came up with this app should rethink their business model, before everyone’s 14 day trial runs out. This will fail miserably if people are limited to watching content on their phones.

- Great Platform bad time to launch

Love what you have done , shame that we are all stuck at home watching out big screen TVs right now. My prediction is that Quibi will take off as soon as we are back to normal ! Consuming news, shows and original content has never been that fun!!!! WELL DONE!! Typing this as I am taking off to my first flight on 5 month, normally I fly twice a week and then some ! Don’t lose your focus and push trough, you are heading in the right direction !

- Awesome stories

I love the shows currently out, and it doesn’t feel like I’m missing that much from it being in a short form factor. The videos are concise, and intriguing. Quite possibly the best part is watching the first couple episodes and having your mind blown by the amount a show can draw you in immediately. My only worry is that the shows are unsustainable, meaning that they’ll run out of ideas relatively quickly because of how many are available day 1.

- Like channel surfing, but with perfect timing between commercial breaks

Instead of scrolling endlessly through options, this platform is instant gratification without the commitment. It’s like ADHD and Netflix had a child and named it Quibi. The content is unique, lighthearted, and fun (though certainly not perfect). Some shows make clever use of the screen orientation, which provides an element of engagement to the watching itself. For example, the hilarious traffic stops in Reno 911 may be filmed outside, but you can watch the “dash cam” footage from the vertical orientation. In another show, a character is on a FaceTime call, which can be viewed from the perspective of their phone’s screen simply by holding your upright. It has room for growth, no doubt, but so did every other streaming service we love. Give it a chance; trust me! I’m a doctor.

- So much potential, so little right now

I had the Quibi launch date on my calendar and plunged in right away. Okay “plunged” isn't exactly the word, since there isn’t much there. The amount of content advertised is actually less than it appears, as they are trying to please so many people at once that there is very little of interest for any given person. I watched the first couple of episodes of Most Dangerous Game, which is great, by the way, but then - whaaat? A new episode drops each weekday. So basically I’m getting about 8-10 minutes a day of this binge-worthy show? Not so appealing. Also - star-studded by itself just isn’t enough.

- Love this App!

I’m really enjoying the shows this app has to offer. Dummy is absolutely hilarious. 50 States of Fright is chilling. The format is what I love best. I appreciate that the shows are around 6 minutes each. And I love that I have to look forward to the next episode being released the next morning. Due to the current orders to stay home, I’d love to be able to cast my shows to my TV, but I also understand that was not the intended purpose of the app. Well done, Quibi! I’m hooked!

- A GREAT start!

I would normally not review an app within the first couple of days but this is perfect for someone like me. I’m constantly busy and on the go. It hurts to sit still for too long and invest hours in tv like some people and yet, I want to be entertained. I’ve only watched 4 episodes of Most Dangerous Game and I am hooked. It is well written and the plot fits like a glove without poor conveniences and filler. I can’t wait to check out some more shows! Keep it coming!

- Hard To Binge Watch

You’ve got content that works for 10 minutes or less, to watch whenever you have a few minutes free... However, the shows like Flipped & Most Dangerous Game are hard to watch and get into even though I really like them and would love to continue watching. I like to binge watch shows. It’s impossible to do on your platform. You can wait a week, get 5 episodes to binge watch but that’s really just 30-40 minutes of content. I don’t think I’ll be continuing after the 90 day free trial...

- The streaming train has departed.

You can definitely see the amount of money this company has inserted into marketing and grabbing big starts and directors. But seriously flawed, they are trying to enter a market that already is taken by giants. The app is a good idea but the shows are poorly done. Sounds great to have 90 days of free trial but you are watching a tv shows that are 10 minutes long that get released twice a week, by the time you get to the 90 days you have watched a few hours of poorly done shows that seems to have been written by people who want to appeal to “millenials” with the fellow teenager vibes. Overall it’s not a an app that I personally would reccomend.

- Ridiculous waste of time, regardless of content

I don’t normally write reviews but had to this time. I’ll start with what I liked, it has some really good original content. What I don’t like is a show that is just over 100 minutes broken up in to 15 “episodes”. Some episodes are as short as 4 min and the longest was about 11 min. Then there is a pause before the next one starts and also commercials. It seemed I just jet hooked and the episode was over, I prefer to stay engaged for a bit longer. If this format is ok for you, then this is for you. Not for me, not paying and then still have ads and still have lots of pauses between shows .

- Needs improvement, but I’m impressed

Wasn’t a fan of their marketing, but you can’t beat a 90 day free trial. Signed up, and have to say, I’m enjoying it. Some of their series don’t appeal to me, but there are a few I really enjoyed, and I love how they aren’t a 30 to 60 minute commitment. Also, something small but I actually really like how you can watch everything either in landscape or portrait mode. Looking forward to when they add more content. May actually keep the subscription when the trial ends.

- Brilliant!

Quinoa (that’s autocorrect for “Quibi”) has gotten some big names involved in their programming and They’re easy to watch. Their are plenty of shows that don’t draw my interest, but I’ve opted to follow at least 10 that excite me. At $5-8, Quibi is a great deal. I’m not a fan of the way technology has shortened our attention spans, but as a parent to a toddler and a teen (at the same time!!), I find that Quibi-sized content means I can (usually) watch shows in their entirety without interruption.

- Only 9-10 minutes long why???

I dont really understand the purpose of having a show only 10 minutes how can we really know any details if its 10 minutes long???? At least if your going to charge people for having an app that show barely anything of the show at least put the shows for 30-45 minutes long maybe hour long episodes and do like one a day so people come back because the content on here is awesome, the show “Dont look deeper” is honestly amazing BUT I NEEEED DETAILS. please please change this i need to know all the little details about the story line because its really good.

- WORTH!!!

I was extremely hesitant about this and thought it was pointless but after giving it a try my mind has changed. There are a TON of great shows with 5-9 minute lengths but many of these shows feel longer due to how well they are made. Every category you are looking for is here and no doubt more will keeps being added. These shows aren't low busy either, they have an absolute ton of A list actors/actresses and directors. Some of my faves are Speedrun, Flipped, Murder House, and many more. It's worth $5 at least for the first 2 months, of they keep up the content then it'll be a good subscription to have. If they don't then drop the sub after a month or two. I'm hoping they keep the shows rolling in because they are great. Fingers crossed.

- Love, love, love Quibi!!!

I appreciate Quibi’s format so much, all the most important, best stuff is condensed! It’s a great way to stay informed or take a break and escape, even if you only have a few minutes. There is a huge variety of content, something for everyone and for whatever you’re in the mood for. The Rachel Hollis show is definitely one of my daily favorites, authentic and motivating. Quibi has so much to offer, highly recommend, check it out!

- Awesome experience but just a few details missing

Love the bite-sized media for the price of a latte with extras. The only issues: the episodes don’t stream automatically without the app being open on your screen for it to load (so you can’t be in another app), and you can’t exit out of an episode to explore the app without it quitting the whole episode being cast. These little seamless things will make it solid.

- No Landscape Mode for iPad

I guess I just don’t get this app. The whole concept seems really stupid, from the whole 10 minute episodes to the lack of landscape support for the iPad and on top of all that, they want to charge about the same as the other platforms, or still charge $$ with ads. I have serious health issues that affect my vision...there’s no way in hell I'm going to huddle over my iPhone and struggle to see. The absolute smallest screen I can view things clearly on (WITH vision correction) is the 12.9” iPad Pro. Theres not even an option watch it on my TV....like all the other platforms. Maybe this works for a younger crowd, but I am in my 40s and will never be watching a show/movie on an iPhone in the bathroom at my job (as depicted on their ads) nor am I willing to pay either the same as Netflix or pay a slightly lesser amount AND have to watch ads for such a moronic concept. I hope the actors on their shows got paid already because I’m having a hard time seeing this last.

- Love shows, not the app

I really do enjoy the shows, but the app itself I dont much like. It gets uncomfortable watching the shows on my phone all the time. I tried streaming on my tv and there wasn’t anyway to connect, then I tried getting it to work on my computer, nope. The website takes you to the link to download it onto your phone. Im actually quite upset that theres no other way to stream this other than on your phone. I wont continue using the app until more streaming options are included. A shame.

- Excellent entertainment in a new format

Quibi surprised me; I don’t watch a lot on my phone, but The Most Dangerous Game really hooked me. I hope they make a sequel. Being a student of old school film-making, I was surprised to find the visual format - made to fit both portrait and landscape viewing - broke out of the mold of traditional mise en scene in a refreshing way. Quibi could really use some short form animated content, but I’m liking what I’m seeing.

- Annoying email verification

Why does clicking on the email verification require it to open the app? Absolutely absurd. You just need to know that the email works. I was on a different device and it forced me to download the app and sign in. Then it still wouldn’t verify. Closed, reopen on other device and old device with no change. I tried clicking the verification email again but it still wouldn’t verify. So I had it resend a new one and it finally worked. What an annoying experience that makes you want to delete this.

- Need option to play all/Remove Ads for paid service

I know this app is designed for mobile viewing in bites instead of full episodes/movie but my recommendation to increase your subscriptions would be an option to play all bites when streaming to your tv at home. You’re shows are good! We really like quite a few but having to pick up your phone 8-10 times to play one movie is highly annoying!!!! Oh and REMOVE THE ADDS FOR PAID SUBSCRIBERS!!!!!

- So-so at best

Some content is great and works in small chunks, like Reno 911. But having to wait daily for each new 7 minute episode to be released is ridiculous. Some content is good like Dangerous Game. But this “movie” with a long story arc is awful to experience in small chunks. And it’s too cinematic to be limited to a small mobile screen. Some content is complete garbage like Survive, which was poorly written, and again, frustrating to watch a “movie” in chunks. But the biggest issue is the App’s UX which is horrible. Navigation is unintuitive, and functionality is extremely lacking. How do stop a show from auto playing the next episode? If there’s way, it’s very unclear. So if you doze off you might sleep thru 5 episodes of a show, then try to back up and watch them again, but when your current episode ends, the app’s default is to fast forward to the episode that was playing while you were asleep.

- Bad Luck but it’s got staying power

The intended audience was meant to be on their way to work when viewing this and not WFH. I think that’s where all the complaints about iPad and airplay are coming from. When life returns to normal and people commute or are sneaking a break from their jobs in their only screen - their phone- this will succeed as intended. Great job on the tech. I believe in the concept and I’m excited for the content.

- Interesting concept / good execution (so far)

I mean honestly, so far, I kind of really like it. Well designed app and the videos are just long enough to get enough content in but not too long you can’t watch something during a break. Now... will I continue to pay $4.99 - $7.99/month to continue watching the content Quibi offers? We’ll see. That’s kind of up to Quibi now with what they can offer with the shows so... you’re on team Quibi. Let’s see what you’ve got!

- Amazing Content

I didn’t really grasp the concept at first and ending up cancelling. Came back a few months later and I now really enjoy Quibi. Rather than mindlessly scrolling Facebook or constantly looking at work stuff, I turn on Quibi while eating lunch, having a smoke or when waiting. The content is really exceptional. The shows draw you in and make you want to keep watching. Best subscription of 2020.

- Quibi is here to stay

This is a great app with a great idea with great execution. Of course there will be good shows, average shows and stupid ones. But it has great potential. I love quick bites during the day. And 1 season of content for one show is equal to one episode of normal tv shows. I can only imagine the shows that we will get. 2020 could be a problematic one for quibi but it is here to stay. This is the future of television.

- Great idea!

I was a bit hesitant to try Quibi because I couldn’t get my mind around the point of it. Now that I have it, I love it. Quick to watch with all the same intensity & plot twists of a full length movie (without the commitment). I note can see why the commercials for this service seemed so... vague. The commercials weren’t vague at all, that’s just exactly what Quibi is. I’m now recruiting all of my friends & family members to try it!

- Interesting Design but Not for me

It’s really cool to see the different perspectives when changing the orientation on my phone and I liked Dummy, but it doesn’t feel like it has a lot of content like other subscription services but they charge the same amount (?) I wish they had an adult cartoon series, but it seems really limited at the moment. I can’t wait to see how they develop but I don’t think this is the right subscription service for me.

- Bugs and lack of tv mirroring?

I was very excited to try this service but the inability to mirror my screen onto my television via Apple TV or google chromecast really stinks. Another issue I’ve been experiencing since day 1 is an issue with my screen where I can only see the bottom right corner of whatever is airing. This bug also inhibits my ability to use the dashboard features (play/pause, forward/rewind, etc.) I’ve spoken with customer support twice concerning the bug and have not been able to find a resolution. Patch the bugs and add some casting abilities please!

- Love it - but wish I could get on other devices

The app works great and has beautiful design. I downloaded it specifically to watch Gayme Show (and Let’s Go, Atsuko when it comes out!) and was impressed that the shortened version retained the feel of the hour-plus long live show. I watched some other shows and have enjoyed them. I just wish they were longer. My only major complaint is that I can’t watch these on other devices or my smart TV.

- No casting to TV

I understand the need to differentiate yourself in the market by making this mobile first but can you please make it able to be cast to a TV? I’m not going to sit with my partner and watch something on a phone and the content on Quibi looks great so we were definitely interested. Who knows, maybe when the world returns to normal I would enjoy watching in this style when commuting but until then surely Quibi will need to allow casting to get users interested. It seems like the company chose a direction without evaluating what users actually wanted. Pretty disappointed.

- Pleasantly Surprised

Quibi just might be what we needed without knowing it. It’s my first day of the trial service and I have already enjoyed watching 3 different shows. I really had no idea how much I would actually appreciate the quick bites. After finishing the chapters, I’m happily satisfied and on to the next. It’s easy to navigate through and understand what I’m most interested in. Finally, an app that gets me.

- Ok⁉️

First of I signed up because I’m with Sprint/TMobile. I participated in the Tuesday’s deals we get with Tmobile. It say I’ll get 6months free but when I create my account, it’s telling me do I wanna accept their offer for 6 months && after there will be a $4.99 charge. I declined the offer && then it said you’ll only have it for 14 days or that’s when it expire since I declined. Mind you I read the reviews on this app && they weren’t good. Basically it wasn’t worth downloading. But I judge accordingly. I guess I should’ve listened && I haven’t even watch anything on here. It’s the little things for me.


Waste of your time do not bother. Poorly designed and poorly executed. This cost nearly $2 billion. How and why could that ever happen? Ridiculous format. Very bad programming. Broken into unwatchable 10 minute bites of horrible content. This app, it’s design, it’s purpose, unbelievably bad. The big dogs behind this can blame Covid 19 all they want but, the real blame belongs with them. I cannot believe they even thought for a minute this would be a success! If it were free they would have trouble getting viewers. Why in the world would someone pay to watch ads that are almost as long as the program episodes? Beware!


With so many great actors and great shows all 10 minutes each episode, it all feels like watching a movie but in 10 minutes segments. As a mother and a no ex movie goer due to covid and the baby, Quibi is the perfect app that gives me that movie fix whenever I have the chance. Gone are my days of binge watching days since the birth of my child, but here is Quibi that saves my day with quality content

- Revolutionary

In this fast paced world it is hard to find time to watch decent shows. Being able to watch short 10 minute episodes with a star studded cast has really changed the game. Sometimes I lose interest in the dull moments of an episode of a normal show but the short time frame of these shows means that every minute is put to good use. I can’t wait to watch more!

- Where’s the promised cast to tv option (AppleTV)?

Articles from a month ago and even one week ago (5/12) said that Quibi would be offering up cast to tv within “the week” - ??? Unless this option is added I will most likely dump the app which is a shame because there are plenty of shows my husband and I are interested in. I’ve had the app from day 1 but haven’t watched any shows, why? Because we’re not going to sit and try to watch 7-10 min shows on a small phone screen. Please get the tv casting option added or an AppleTV app. Thanks.

- Nice but needs more work on the software !

The two series I saw were great but somehow every episode at 5min into the episode there was a glitch, it started buffering, very annoying,... mind that I have 500mb internet speed and a NetGear mesh with with over 450mb download at the device! Also it won’t continue to the next episode automatically, they have to work on it!

- Over it in a quibi

If I want to watch shows in ten minute chunks (as opposed to 10 minute shows), I can just hit pause and come back. Not much to be seen here. No value add (other than an attempt to grab some A-listers before they realize the bad rep that will be coming). I don’t really care about $10-$20 a month if something is a good service, but it’s a bit offensive to throw ads on top. Anyway, just don’t want others to waste their time. Make sure to cancel your subscription if you do try and don’t like it or it will re-bill forever.

- Actually terrible

If you’d like to pay a Netflix size monthly fee to watch A- and B+ list celebrities act out writing that is trying way to hard then this is your new favorite app. If you’re brainwashed into following the ‘stars’ no matter what they do, then you’ll love it. But, if you’re a logical person that enjoys good content that is entertaining, sublime, and thought provoking while being uniquely creative then you’ll hate it. Everything on the app is topical and has an agenda. Just really lazy. I would LOVE to see the P/L along side their marketing spend VS revenue since launch. Who is funding this when they are obviously losing money?

- Its an app for teens.

While the app is well designed and the idea of media that fits both horizontal and vertical viewing is intriguing, I just flipped through all the shows and i’m just not interested in any of them. Every show seems aimed at teens, and seems to play out like long snapchat story. It might be great for teens but if your not in high school I don’t think you will find much of interest. I have already canceled my subscription and Im less than 20 minutes in. We will see if they add more content, or widen their offerings. For now it gets 2 stars.

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New APK: Quibi: All New Original Shows 1.11.1 by Quibi Holdings LLC

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Uh-huh, @Quibi - “All New Original Shows?” Like this retread of a 1960’s TV show and a Harrison Ford feature film. Yeah. That’s “original,” alright.

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Quibi: All New Original Shows - Quibi Holdings, LLC

Quibi: All New Original Shows 1.11.0 Screenshots & Images

Quibi: All New Original Shows iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Quibi: All New Original Shows iphone images
Quibi: All New Original Shows iphone images
Quibi: All New Original Shows iphone images
Quibi: All New Original Shows iphone images
Quibi: All New Original Shows iphone images
Quibi: All New Original Shows iphone images
Quibi: All New Original Shows iphone images
Quibi: All New Original Shows iphone images
Quibi: All New Original Shows iphone images
Quibi: All New Original Shows ipad images
Quibi: All New Original Shows ipad images
Quibi: All New Original Shows ipad images
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Quibi: All New Original Shows Entertainment application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

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The applications Quibi: All New Original Shows was published in the category Entertainment on 2020-04-06 and was developed by Quibi Holdings, LLC [Developer ID: 1445204307]. This application file size is 66.63 MB. Quibi: All New Original Shows - Entertainment posted on 2020-09-15 current version is 1.11.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.quibi.qlient

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