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What is pixel shot 3d app? Swipe and shoot to drop blocks!
Challenge yourself with special bosses!
Master all the tricky shots!

Can you finish all levels?

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Pixel Shot 3D Version 2.909 July 2019

- New levels - Bug fixes and improvements.

Pixel Shot 3D Comments & Reviews 2022

- A(I)DS

This game has so many ads, I can understand when a free game has ads here or there, but this game is littered with them. After each level, each retry of a level, even something as simple as going back to the start screen, there’s an ad in between it. This game has so much potential as a free game to pass the time, but the developers have killed it with the ads. I suggest adding something like in app purchases to substitute for the ads, it will at least make the game more playable, rather than having to spend more time watching ads than playing the actual game

- Fun but needs something more

Let me start by saying it is a really satisfying game. But there are a ton of ads, which I think we all need to realize is how they make their living, but I usually just pay the $2.99 to get rid of them on games that I play a lot anyway (I’m awful with money, I know). But more importantly, they repeat the same levels as you get higher. Me and my boyfriend have had the game for a while and we’re in the 500-levels, and it’s just the same ones over and over. The boss levels are easier than some of regular levels, and the bonus levels come up wayyyy too much. Like, I have all these gems and I already bought every ball and every skin. There’s nothing else to do with them. They need like missions or daily goals or something, and a lot more offers to buy with gems. Game has potential!

- Impossible bug on one level

The game is really fun, but also really annoying because there’s this one level where idk how to describe it...but you hit the tnt and the ball shoots up and it’s one of those chain reaction levels but sometimes there’s like one or two bricks that don’t get hit and then it’s impossible to beat. And it’s really annoying because I had a score of 116mil and then I got the impossible bug and I lost it all, so if you could fix that that would be so awesome thank you so much, hopefully you can find the level I’m talking about, I think the colors are purple, green, and red, but besides that the game is really fun and addicting thank you so much :)

- Easy

The game is quite enjoyable but with a few drawbacks: First off, it’s way too easy. With the rapid fire and revives available, it’s impossible to lose many levels. Not to mention the brick pattern is laid out to complete the level in one to three shots in many cases. Second, way too many reused levels. I’ve surpassed 1000 and I’ve seen levels used over and over again. It’s easy to learn the pattern and perfect your shot to fly through levels. Thirdly, there’s not much content. I understand a free game on a mobile device is not supposed to be loaded with unlockables, but with constant boss levels and a daily spin it’s easy to get skins to use. For a free game it’s a good time waster but it’s repetitive and trivial.

- Too many ads

At first it was very enjoyable. I understand the creator wants ads to make money and normally it’s not a problem. But when you complete each level (literally takes like 5-10 seconds to do so) and an ad pops up after each level and a fortnite ad comes up trying to make you download the game automatically after every boss (about every 2-3 levels) it’s just ridiculous. I’m spending more time trying to close ads than enjoy the actual game. I don’t want to discourage people from playing because I DO enjoy it BUT these ads gotta become less frequent. Btw creators make less when people purchase the ability to take off ads, and like I said, I’m all for watching them and helping the creators make money BUT.... too many ads....

- Please fix this annoying issue

The game is super addictive yes, but the only problem.. is the ads, AFTER ABOUT every single level, there’s an ad, I read some reviews that before this you could play for a long time before even seeing one ad pop up, I downloaded the same yesterday and yes I’m already pretty far, but the ads are just so annoying that it’s hard to really enjoy the game anymore.

- A “Nothing New” Review

While I’ve seen the plethora of reviews talking about this after I downloaded it... I have to add that the ads are awful! I didn’t make it very far into the game before getting ready to delete it because I was spending more time with ads than I was the game. The game itself is a simple fun idea that I enjoyed as a time killer when I was waiting on someone or if I had a few free minutes. But thanks to the ads and the stupid amount of time I was spending trying to bypass ads, I will not recommend this game to anyone until they stop being greedy with ad money and make the ad amounts more reasonable. I understand that this is a free game and they need to make revenue somewhere, but how much is too much?

- Inappropriate ads!! Sexual content shown to children!

I have had this game for a few weeks and have loved it so much that I downloaded it to two of my kids’ iPads. I was playing the game this morning when an ad came on for the game “Moments”. The two characters in the ad were clearly naked and clearly having sex. Only the woman’s breasts and vagina were slightly blurred. I will not have my kids exposed to this kind of app so will be deleting this game from my phone and both iPads. If you ever get a handle on the ads displayed during your game, e.g. making them kid-friendly, let me know and I’ll add the game back. Until then I am not only very angry but very disappointed as well!

- Perfect!

Great game! Easy, some levels are more difficult to get the least amount of moves on it but it’s all just easy, satisfying, and if you have an ad problem? Turn off your data for it and turn data off and WiFi and there will be none. Great for when you’re bored and just wanna kill some time.

- It’s alright

While I do like this game and think it’s fun to play. The ads are absolutely insane. These developers are definitely just in it to make as much money as possible. The game itself is very easy to pass and has glitched a ton on me. I was like level 100 and then it started glitching and saying I passed the level when I hadn’t even gotten them all and next thing I knew it said I was level 525. I for sure didn’t get to level 525 in one day it just jumped me way ahead. This game needs some fixing but has potential.

- Super fun and addictive just...

This game is really fun and addicting but I really just cant play it anymore im on level 558 and everytime i get to the bonus levels i cringe because its 9 hits. Like that such a weird number why not just make it 10, I literally kept playing hoping that one of the bonus levels will be 10 but no every bonus level is 9, i cant handle the feeling it gives me anymore

- Used to be fun

I got to over level 1000 before the crazy amount of ads started. I remember when you could play almost forever without an ad popping up or it would be very very occasional. This was a nice relaxing game, now you can’t go two levels or more without seeing stupid ads popping up and many of them are not skippable. I understand the ads help keep this game free but there comes a point when it makes the game unplayable. Y’all have ruined this game for me and many others. You’ve become the advertisement trash like many other mobile games.

- This is a good game

This is a good game because I did it fast and I like it it’s a good game you should get this game I am very very very very very recommend this game and if you don’t read the reviews I’m sorry I give it A five I really really really really really recommend this game if you don’t read the reviews I’m sorry that is all what I had to say get this game

- Ad every two levels

There is an ad every two levels you play. It takes about 5 seconds or less to complete a level. So you are getting an ad every 10 seconds or less. It’s apps like this that really kill mobile games. Developers are no longer trying to make an entertaining game. They’ve sold themselves out to make an ad machine that will pay them, hidden under an simple and (hopefully for them) addictive game. Most of these are so basic the if someone were to just describe what they were playing you would think “wow, what boring sounding game”. These are only useful to the people who always have to be on their phone, doing mindless games that don’t take any thought or real concentration or someone who got curious while pooping and deleted before they finished. The developer probably has a couple dozen more basic games like this.


This is such a good game I love it it’s not like that break out of jail scam it amazing!!!!! When I get games the always have a good ad but A HORRIBLE GAME but this has a normal not fake and it’s what it looks like in the ad it is a good game (tiers of fake game that look fun on the ad but not a real fun game when u get it download this game to solve your problem and be happy :)

- Ads Killed the Video Game

When I downloaded the app, it was not yet the 3D version. There was one ad for maybe every five levels. This was the golden age for this app. Then the 3D update came and ruined everything. Now, the 3D part of the update is not a bad thing. If anything, I think it is a major improvement. However, the ads are now much more frequent and kills the game. They show up after every level and will not allow you to close until a certain amount of time has passed. Long story short; what was once a fun game was murdered by the desire to monetize and the overwhelming number of ads. I strongly suggest that you re-evaluate your priorities, because you are only harming yourselves and your sales. If this gets addressed and corrected, I will give a much higher rating.

- Started out fun

It is a fun game to play while trying to kill time....or for people like me that can’t just sit and watch tv. I am on level 585...the puzzles start to repeat themselves. I also have no idea what the bonus round is for. I get all 50’gems every single time. And the bonus round comes up way to much. Game has potential and it keeps my busy while I sit and watch the news.

- Very entertaining, way too many ads

The game is great for passing time, but you end up spending an equal amount of time playing as you do watching ads. Other games have periodic ads, but this game includes an advertisement after literally every level. Ads for games I will never play by the way. But still a fun game.

- Ads

Tip on how to bypass ads : when you complete a level close out your app and start again and you can play the next level immediately atleast it’s better than waiting through long ads :)

- Please answer this

I got to a score of about 2 million the. I was on like level 400 and all the numbers on the screen were weird and each level had like 50 piñatas and each level gave me like 1600 gems and brought me 10 levels up 😆😆🧐

- Way too many ads

I get that a game should have ads so that they can make money, but these ads are way longer than any other kinds of ads I’ve experienced before. These ads are each 30 seconds long, and they come up either when I die or when I retry a level. It makes the game not even fun anymore and I hesitate every time I think about tapping on the app. The game is really fun, but at least make your ads come by a little less frequently...

- Great game but...

There's a big issue for mine where after ever level or two the game either freezes making me close it and restart it or completely crashes. Please fix!

- It’s “FUN”...?

It was definitely a fun game, with great gameplay, but there were so many ads!!! I literally got to the point that after every level I’d click the watch ad for 50 diamonds because I knew there would be an ad anyway. There’s one after almost every level. And I understand that you have to make money somehow but you can make money when your whole game is basically one big ad.

- So many ads

The game itself is a lot of fun but you can’t complete one level without getting an ad. In the earlier levels it’s annoying considering it’s pretty easy to clear the level in a shot or two so they happen within a minute of each other. I understand they gotta make money somehow but it seems excessive.

- Too many Ads

I downloaded the game today, and I was expecting the occasional ad as one does when they see a game that’s normally advertised on different platforms. But by the time I made it to level 60 I was getting an Ad after every level. It made the game really annoying to play. The game itself is fun for the first few levels and then becomes very repetitive as well.

- Game is fun when you can actually play

Downloaded the game just something to kinda pass the time by but found out very quickly that in between each level there are so many ads. Game would be better if the ads were cut back some. I personally close it out sometimes when one of those long ads come on. Yea I know they disappear after like 10 seconds but it’s still annoying

- I like but…

I like it but… TO MANY ADDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I click to the next level an add pops up and if your lucky enough you dont have to watch an add if you go too the next level. But it’s just really annoying that adds keep popping up like JUST GIVE ME A BRAKE PLEASE. Please put less adds.

- A game on the App Store that isn’t anti consumer

It’s rare that a game doesn’t bombard you with ads or artificially increases the difficulty so you’re forced into in app purchases. This game respects the player and is addicting and fun

- Was great...until update?

I loved this game, just kept my mind distracted sometimes. I was on level 467 and ever since the update, when I open the game it lets me press play but then brings me to a blank level. No blocks, no balls. But you are supposed to drag the balls when there are none. It just doesn’t work for me now. Deleted.


Hey, want to play a game that looks fun, well to bad we are just gunna bombard you with ads. Good game I like it, fun addictive. BUT THE ADS ARE SO CONSISTENT, every time I die, ever time I beat a level and ad pops up, and for about 10 seconds you can’t even exit the ad. Please fix this, and if you guys don’t this rating will go lower and lower. Edit: the ads have freaking increased, my rating is down to two. ALSO HOW TF DIES THIS HAVE A 4.6 STAR RATING?

- Annoying

The thing after the boss level where you hit the thing for the gems to come out is so annoying and pointless. It’s a waste of time and the gems are pointless in this game, who cares you can buy stickers wow so fun. It’s an enjoyable game except for that and that you have to put on airplane mode because how many ads there are.

- Too many ads

Please have less ads, like every other 10 levels. Ads every level is way too much! Game is interesting and fun but with the ads in always in your face just ruins the fun.

- Great Game!

I Love these types of games! Great graphics! This one is very unique and not like the others you find in the App Store. The developers really put a lot of thought into it. Thank you!

- Ads...

I just can’t do it with all of these ads. It’s absolutely insane that they do this. You should be allowed to play a game without an ad every 7 seconds. And sometimes the ad won’t load so it kicks you out of the game. The game creators need to change this so you can actually play and not watch an ad every second.

- New levels

Love the game please make new levels I’m on level 1143 and the levels are just repeated my score is also over 28 million

- Addictive

As I completely understand free apps need the advertising to pay for it, you will spend more time watching ads vs playing the game. The game itself is addicting. If you can handle watching ads constantly this game is for you.

- ADS !!

The game is fun, yes. But the amount of ads I see when I play just makes me bored and not want to play anymore. This game would be 5 star rating if there were ads about after every 5 levels. But after every single level I play is just another ad and quite annoying. 👎🏻

- seriously??

i am currently at level 2474 and have been playing for a month and a half now. it use to be so calming and i would love to spend hours playing it (mostly during road trips i took). but now after every level there’s an ad. the people who decided to do that RUINED the game. i love the game its self but do not recommend playing it.

- Eh

This game is so fun and addicting and cool I like the idea but the. The only thing I don’t like is all the adds. there are soooo many adds. But I guess you could turn your internet off so it can’t give you adds

- Keeps asking me to leave a review

It’s a fine game, though it gets repetitive. The bonus levels are a waste of time because you always get 50 rubies regardless of performance, and you can’t spend the rubies on anything. Mostly I give this 1-star because it asked me to write a review 3 times in the last 10 minutes.

- Addictive

I can’t stop playing this game. I had been up till two in the morning. These people need to stop! I’m addicted!😂

- Ads ads ads

Wow, so much ads, at least for me after every single level there’s an ad so make it like, i don’t know 2 ads every 2 levels that would be great.

- Way to many ads

I downloaded this game because it looked like very fun and relaxing, it took me about 3 levels to see the ads. It’s after almost every level and it’s almost unplayable at this point. A level takes around 5 seconds to complete but then you are forced to watch a 10-15 second ad. The ads ruined the game.

- Amazing

I am so glad that I am on this game and it is so fun to be able to play it m other people than my sister.

- So. Many. Advertisements.

The game itself is very fun but I wish I could play it more! The amount of ads in the game is unreasonable. I feel like I’m watching ads 80% of the time and playing for 20% of the time. Play this if you love ads!

- 4% gameplay time 96% ads

Levels are defeated in a couple seconds, then you have to watch a long commercial after every single level. Totally not worth the time you spend watching Ads to hardly play a game for a few mere seconds.

- Shady developers.

They released this game with very few ads then an “update” made you watch at LEAST one ad every level, trying to strongarm you into paying for no ads. I don’t mind paying to remove ads, but I refuse to give a cent of my money to a company that intentionally abuses their fan base. Before the update this would have been an amazing game.

- More ads than game

You get an ad after EVERY SINGLE LEVEL. You barely even get to play at all because the levels are pretty easy and you have a 10-30 second ad between each. Very annoying. Love the game, but I’m deleting it because I’m tired of watching ads for other games instead of playing the one I downloaded.

- fun, but serious déja vu with this one

i was really enjoying this game, until i started noticing that the level i was on was so similar to one i had already done. it kept happening until i definitely knew that i had played the exact level before. i don’t know if this is a glitch, or if the developers were just too lazy to make unique levels. don’t get me wrong, it’s still fun.

- Annoyed

I’m kinda tired of the ads. Especially when I’m playing a level. I think that’s unnecessary for the ad to do that while I’m playing a game. But other than that this game is satisfying and relaxing

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- Skips levels

Good game but skips levels, you can be on level 10 next level 45 then the next level your in 100’s. Took me no time at all due to level skips to been on the 400’s level. Deleted app and re download and had the same issue. Has a lots of ads but sadly all games seem to 😑

- Too many ads

There’s an ad after ever level and the levels are too easy and only take 20 seconds max to complete

- More time watching ads than playing

The game forces you to watch a 10-30 second ad after almost every level, and it only takes a few seconds to complete a level. It also uses dark UX practices to trick you into watching ads by swapping the position of buttons around. For those reasons I uninstalled the game after a couple minutes.

- Too many ads

Please limit your ads as it feels every game there’s a new one that pops up!

- Too many adds

You put an add after every level

- Ads

Quite literally flooded with ads and is not fun

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- Ads ads and more ads

To many ads in an effort to get a person to buy the bad free version.

- Repetitive

It’s so repetitive and there is no goal, You get a few levels then a “boss” then a bonus again and again and most levels are the same Also Ads

- 😡

Ad after ad after ad

- Ruined by ads

Ads are a part of our daily life these days, and obviously supplying a free game only works if you get some return revenue in ads, but the amount of advertisements in this game is absolutely ridiculous by any standard. One ad every two levels at the least, and often only one level between ads.

- Ads

Ya, there is a crazy amount of ads in an otherwise fairly enjoyable game...

- To many ads

Every level starts with a ad

- Boo

The amount of ads is unbearable I deleted the game. An ad after every level is to much.

- Fun game, horrible ad frequency

I quite enjoy this game, but the overwhelming amount of ads after every usually 20 seconds of play is absurd. Whenever an ad appears I close the app and re-open it which takes 5 seconds rather than the 30 for an ad. I sincerely hope this causes your app to not recieve the revenue from those ads. I am happy to watch an ad every so often, or as an incentive for an extra shot or something, but not after nearly every level.

- Pixel shot 3D

The empire ads don’t have a X to get rid of them.

- ADtastic

This AD game AD is AD kind AD of AD fun AD to AD play

- To many advertisements

It’s fun to play but it literally has an ad after every level

- Do not get

There is an ad after every you do

- Add

TOO MUCH ADDS, two adds, back to back, at each 2 level

- To many ads

There are ads every 2 levels and it gets repetitive after awhile

- Horrible

The game glitches way too much, when I did one level, I finished it one shot, and I only too one block down, and when I moved to the next level, all the obstacles from the last level was flying around!

- ADS...


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Pixel Shot 3D iphone images
Pixel Shot 3D iphone images
Pixel Shot 3D iphone images
Pixel Shot 3D iphone images
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The applications Pixel Shot 3D was published in the category Games on 2019-01-11 and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This application file size is 240.43 MB. Pixel Shot 3D - Games app posted on 2019-07-09 current version is 2.9 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.rubygames.blockbreaker